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Start your dildos! The voting thread for the entries will be opened tomorrow GMT!

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Yukari Yakumo.

From the moment I first laid eyes on her, I knew that I must have her. Her mature womanly voice, as she casually talked with the storeowner. Her long, luscious locks of golden hair. Her deep, alluring eyes. Her glossy, seductive lips. Her curvy hourglass figure. Her large, well-shaped breasts. Her round bottom, and long legs. And that… The most important thing… I want them all.

It’s night. I’ve planned this out carefully, waiting for this chance. The fox has left to the human village on an errand, and she took the cat with her. Yukari, my queen, is sleeping inside. Slowly, quietly, I slide open the window and sneak inside. I’ve plotted this building as best I could from outside. I need to hurry. They won’t be away forever. I make my way through the large house, sneaking on my toes. There’s nobody here. I can relax. I make my way towards her room. The door opens. She is there, asleep. The beauty of Mayohiga sleeps like a hibernating animal. So defenceless. She lies there, in a simple nightgown, arms by her side. I creep over.

I begin by touching her face. No response at all. The only things to indicate her life are the heat from her body and her slow breathing. I kiss her. Her taste enters my mouth. She doesn’t respond. I pull down the sheets covering her. She isn’t wearing a bra. Her breasts are there for me to grab. But I’m not interested in them, nor what lies below. I brush her hair from her face. There, her finest feature. Those thick, bushy eyebrows. They’re absolutely irresistible. I unzip my pants and pull it out. It’s already about to burst with excitement. I bring myself closer to her head, and push into them. The feeling of the hair against my member is amazing. Like nothing I’ve felt before. It doesn’t take long for me to reach my limit. I don’t even bother to aim away. I unload it all over her face. She doesn’t stir.

I leave just in time. I can hear the fox lady screaming from outside. I won’t be able to come back here for a while. But that’s fine. I took a keepsake. The majestic eyebrows in my pocket will be all I need until next time.
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This might just be a stupid question, but is this still open? The one entry that involves eyebrow fucking just doesn't cut it for me.
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No, but I don't think anyone will seriously object if you write something anyways.

It's not like you couldn't write a short if this thread never existed, after all.
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