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Here we go again.

IRC: irc://irc.rizon.net/touhouporn

[X] Ask Shou and Kogasa to give you a tour of the place after everyone gets dressed.


You sigh and shake your head, body still aching a bit. “Nothing too stressful, I'm begging you.” Shou simply grins in silence. “How about we get some clothes on and take a walk around this place? I wouldn't mind seeing the rest of the house.”

“A walk might do you some good,” Shou says. “It's not the most interesting place, but it's better than sitting here.”

Smiling, you nod and begin to stand up tentatively. “Well, maybe I'll return the favor and give you a tour of my home some time.”

Kogasa gathers the few dishes and utensils from everyone and sets them aside. “Let's go, let's go,” she cheerfully calls out, hopping up from her position.

Shou watches your nude body with a lascivious grin on her face. “That's a sight for sore eyes,” she chuckles. “Kogasa, would you get him some clothes?” The other girl nods and leaves the room. Shou stands up and moves in behind you. Her naked body presses against your own as she wraps her arms around you. “She's a sweet girl, isn't she?” Shou asks you. You nod in response and relax in her grip. “I was always good at sharing though,” she says with a laugh. She releases you and gathers some of her own clothing, starting to slowly dress. “Hey, I was wondering something about you and Kogasa.”

You turn around to Shou. “Sure, go ahead.”

“Have you had sex with her yet?” she asks rather bluntly, watching your reaction.

You shake your head. “No, I'm not going to press her on that until she's ready.” Shou smiles in response and returns to dressing.

Kogasa enters the room again after a few moments, now carrying your usual clothing. “We got your stuff washed, it was all dirty,” she says, although there is a hint of disappointment in her voice. You thank her, take the clothing and begin dressing yourself.

Once the three of you are all set, Shou gestures you out of the door and into the hallway. “Let's see, maybe we should start with the bedrooms. It'd give you a better idea of who we all are, right?”

“Well, what about privacy?” you inquire.

Shou laughs and slaps you on the back, causing you to wince. “Oh, sorry. In any case, privacy isn't much of a concern around here, so don't worry.”

Kogasa tugs on your arm. “Come see my room,” she insists.

“Be patient, Kogasa, we'll get there,” Shou tells her. “Let's just start with mother's room, she won't mind.” You take a few steps towards Byakuren's room, stumbling slightly as you walk. “Hey, careful,” she says with concern. Shou grabs you and hooks an arm around your back to provide support.

“I'm fine, just a little shaken up still,” you reassure her. “I'm actually sort of curious now, even if it's still sort of weird to check out people's bedrooms.” Shou laughs in response and directs Kogasa to open the door. The three of you stand in front of the open bedroom, staring at Byakuren's naked body. “Byakuren?” you say in surprise.

Byakuren looks up, eyes wide in shock. “Oh, it's good to see you're awake and feeling...” She realizes the situation at hand and cuts herself off, covering her body in embarrassment. “Stop staring at me!” she cries out. You're surprised she is acting like this, especially after what happened last night. The others turn away rather quickly. Byakuren shoots you a wink when they're not looking, allowing a bit of nipple to slip out. You blush and turn away to leave the room.

Kogasa coughs and shuts the bedroom door. “Okay, next room!” she shouts happily.

Shou laughs raucously. “I wasn't expecting her to be in there. How about Nazrin's room?”

You shake your head. “I've seen her room already, what else is there on the list?” you ask.

Shou raises an eyebrow in response to you having been in Nazrin's room, but she doesn't comment. “Well, there is Kogasa's room, and the girls you haven't met. I have no idea where they are right now, actually.” Kogasa moves to your free side and grabs your arm. The three of you walk, somewhat awkwardly, down the hallway. “Well, here, this is Ichirin's room. She's probably the most normal of us all,” Shou says with a laugh.

“I've been wondering what passes for normal around here,” you joke. Kogasa giggles and opens Ichirin's bedroom. The three of you peek inside. It is a rather plain room, save for a few various religious icons and such adorning the walls and one of the dressers. A strange bottle sits on a small table off to the side.

“Ichirin's a nice girl,” Shou speaks up. “She's pretty average, likes to read and study religion with Byakuren.” She sighs loudly and rolls her eyes. “Mother always gives her perverted looks when her guardian isn't paying attention.” Shou shuts the door and turns to the other side of the hall with you. “Maybe it's the innocence thing, Ichirin is a bit naïve at times.”

Kogasa nods excitedly. “Ichirin is really nice, she always reads her books to me.”

Shou gestures towards the door opposite of Ichirin's room. “This is Minamitsu's room, she's probably what I'd call a best friend, even though we fight a lot.”

“Yeah, she always beats Shou up,” Kogasa says teasingly to Shou.

Shou scoffs loudly. “You've got that backwards, and hey, shut up Kogasa.”

Kogasa sticks her tongue out at Shou. “You're just mad 'cause I'm right,” she giggles. Kogasa opens the door to Minamitsu's room. The floor is a mess and the walls are covered in various maritime objects. Anchors, life preservers, a few paintings of ships and other things along those lines. “She's so weird, she acts like a sailor and not a girl.”

“A sailor? Seriously?” you ask in surprise.

Shou nods. “Seriously, she's pretty much a tomboy. It's actually kind of funny to watch her and mother interact, you'll have to see for yourself one day.”

Kogasa tugs on your arm again. “Come on, my room is next,” she urges you.

“Alright, alright, your room next, Kogasa,” you reply with a chuckle.

Shutting the door behind the three of you, Kogasa drags you down the hall to the next door. “This is mine,” she says with excitement in her voice. She slides the door open and drags you in, along with Shou. Shou rolls her eyes and follows. “I don't really stay here much, though.” The room is, surprisingly, fairly neat. You didn't expect that from Kogasa of all people. A few pieces of furniture are scattered around the room, but what catches your eye is the wall covered in childish drawings. They remind you of something that would be tacked on the front of a refrigerator. “I like to draw and stuff,” she tells you.

You glance around the room, looking at the various pictures. “It's nice, Kogasa.” You spot a strange drawing off to the side of the main cluster of art. It's a rather crude image, although you can make out what it is. A sword and umbrella are side by side, surrounded by a large heart and the word 'mine'. “Very interesting, maybe you can draw something for me one day,” you say with a smile.

“Sure, that'd be fun,” Kogasa responds with a sweet grin. “So, it looks like we're done with the rooms,” she says while the three of you leave her bedroom.

You stare at the door opposite of her room. “What about this door, Kogasa? We didn't go in here yet.”

Kogasa frowns slightly. “That's, uh, that's...”

“Nue's room,” Shou finishes for her. “Kogasa and Nue simply don't get along, for a few reasons.” Kogasa fidgets nervously. “You can wait out here while we go in,” she says to Kogasa.

“Um, okay,” Kogasa whispers, slumping down against the door behind her. You apologize and turn back to Nue's room.

Shou nods to you and opens the door. You step inside and look about. “Nue is a bit of a trouble maker,” Shou grumbles. “She's not a bad person, just very mischievous. The room is rather normal, yet out of place. No matter how many times you see it, the presence of western furniture in a Japanese-styled home is odd. A big, fluffy canopy bed takes up the majority of the room. A few dressers are around the edge. You step up to the bed and place a hand on it. A few pieces of worn clothing are discarded on the top of the blankets. “She thinks its cute to pretend to be somebody else.” Shou turns around to leave. “Come on, let's go.” She steps out of the room, leaving you alone in it.

Out of the corner of your eye you spot a pair of black, lacy panties. Looking at them, they seem strangely familiar. A strong desire to take them fills your mind, and you can feel yourself stirring below. You gingerly pick them up and investigate the crotch. It's damp and stained, and lust seems to briefly overtake you. Pressing your nose to them, you inhale deeply. A thick, heady scent floods your senses and causes you to moan softly.

“Hey, hurry up and get out here,” calls the voice of Shou. You snap out of your trance and quickly pocket the panties. As you leave the room, a soft giggle can be heard. You're used to such spying by Yukari, but this voice is unknown to you. You shake your head and join the others, closing the door behind you.

You laugh sheepishly. “Sorry about that, I was just being nosy,” you tell the pair.

Kogasa nods to you. “Can we go now? There's more to the house to show you still,” she says, standing up and brushing herself off.

Smiling to Kogasa, you put your arm around her. “Lead on, you two.”

Shou wraps her own arm around your back again. “Well, let's see, you've been to the dojo, and the baths already.”

“And the kitchen!” Kogasa interjects happily.

“Right, that leaves the gardens and the study, I guess,” Shou adds. “I'll leave that up to you to decide which to visit first,” she says to you.

[ ] Visit the gardens.
[ ] Visit the study.
[ ] Write in.

No. 5054
[x] Visit the gardens.

Fresh air never hurts
No. 5055
[x] Visit the study.
No. 5056
[x] Visit the gardens.
No. 5057
[X] Visit the gardens.

>>You spot a strange drawing off to the side of the main cluster of art. It's a rather crude image, although you can make out what it is. A sword and umbrella are side by side, surrounded by a large heart and the word 'mine'.

No. 5058
[X] Visit the gardens.

Despite going to various places he does not seem to actually get out as much.
No. 5059
[x] Visit the study
[x] Like a boss
No. 5060
[X] Visit the gardens.
No. 5061
[X] Visit the gardens.
No. 5062
[x] Visit the gardens.
No. 5063
[X] Visit the gardens.
No. 5064
File 126710071811.jpg - (50.80KB , 618x496 , so moe.jpg ) [iqdb]
>A sword and umbrella are side by side, surrounded by a large heart and the word 'mine'

Posting from Hakugyokurou, here. This is exactly what caused my fatal heart attack. It was just so...pic related.

[X] Visit the gardens.
No. 5065
[X] Visit the gardens.

I can't be the only one who wants to give Kogasa a big hug and cuddle her and brush her hair out. I mean, yeah, sexy time too of course. Still, great job conveying total cute moe Kogasa.
No. 5067
The last thing we want to is break her heart; so we'll tell her that we're Yukari's pet as gently as she can. That and I'm sure Yukari wouldn't mind another cute pet.
No. 5068
[x] Visit the gardens.
Setting up for Nue to retrieve her panties, neh?
No. 5069
As long as things don't end up like what happened in the dream, I'm all for sexing up Nue.
No. 5074
I'm surprised there wasn't a bunch of upset over me deleting the last thread and railroading the panty taking.
No. 5075
I'm sure you have a good reason for taking that choice out of our hands.
No. 5076
{}visit the study
No. 5078
>(sniffed wet panties)
>“Sorry about that, I was just being nosy.”
I groaned, but smiled.

[+] Visit the gardens.
Sounds pretty relaxing, unless there are freaky mutant plants there - and even if there are, Shou's there, and we know she can kick ass... and wreck their shit with curving lasers.
No. 5079

I try to seed in the occasional clever or awesome line to make things less monotonous.

Also, I might write today, depends if people try to take up all my time with birthday crap.
No. 5080
happy birthday writefriend don't be surprise if a random gap pops out a present.
No. 5081

Man, mutant plants need love too, and you know what our job is...
No. 5082
>(sniffed wet panties)
>“Sorry about that, I was just being..."
No. 5083
File 126721707050.jpg - (37.15KB , 492x424 , nuclearcakeisnuclear.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 5084

Oh man, someone did not do their research when setting up that birthday party. Everyone knows that Utsuho's favorite type of cake is yellow cake.
No. 5085
>It's a rather crude image, although you can make out what it is. A sword and umbrella are side by side, surrounded by a large heart and the word 'mine'.
I am dead.

Also, happy birthday.

Yeah, I'm not too happy about the panty thing. Given Kogasa and her thing for smells, she may not be very happy about that at all.

On the upside, there's possible potential for using them to surprise her (Nue) somehow. Maybe.

...Definitely not happy about taking them.

Oh, you!

Nicely done.
No. 5096

the smell thing isn't kogasa unique. Keep in mind some of the other characters commented on his scent.
No. 5114
Weekend sucked. Will try to write tomorrow. I did, at least, think up some wonderful H scene ideas for a variety of characters.
No. 5130
I wrote. Now to get it proof read.
No. 5132
I don't have a relevant image for this. Sorry!

[X] Visit the gardens.


“Some fresh air would be nice, let's check out the garden,” you tell them. Kogasa and Shou both nod and lead the way. The door to the garden slides open to reveal a large, lush garden with a stone path through it.

Shou chuckles to herself. “This is actually rather convenient, the study is on the opposite side of the house anyway, and the garden leads that way.” A huge tangle of beautiful plants fills the area, parting to reveal the occasional path or bench. A stream with a small foot bridge winds through the garden ahead. “A little bit of assistance from an odd youkai helped us develop this garden quickly,” Shou idly comments as the three of you stroll through. The sun hangs in the sky still, although it is clearly beginning to set.

“It's quite beautiful, I'd love to meet the person behind it,” you say.

Shou glances back with a nervous look on her face. “That might not be the best idea, though I have a feeling you'll run in to her eventually.”

You give Shou a curious look, and Kogasa interjects suddenly. “She's kinda weird and, um, not really fond of humans.”

You shake your head in response. “I'm sure I'll manage if it comes to that, don't worry about me,” you reassure them. “Besides, I have my sword, right?” Kogasa offers you a small smile and nods briefly. Silently, everyone continues walking. It isn't long before something catches your eye as you look around, though. The plants seem to shift and change, never quite the same when you look at them a second time. An odd feeling of being watched washes over you. The feeling is different from Yukari's voyeurism, though; that, you've come to expect. “It's nice to be out in the sun, isn't it?” you ask, trying to distract yourself.

“Yeah, after sleeping in most of the day, getting out and stretching is kind of nice,” Shou answers. Her pace slows up as she approaches a grassy path through the plants off to the right. “Follow me, I've got a little spot over here that I like to relax in.” Kogasa looks at you and shrugs, following Shou and pushing through the brush. The path opens up into a small, grass covered area that is surrounded on all sides by a wall of plants. Shou immediately flops down on the ground and sighs happily, stretching out on the grass. “I usually come out here by myself and just lay in the grass for a while.”

You and Kogasa walk over to Shou and rest beside her. Shou beckons Kogasa a bit closer and leans up to whisper in her ear. The girls giggle uncontrollably and talk back and forth for a while. You turn your attention towards the surrounding plants. That unnerving feeling of being watched still pervades your senses. A slight swaying of the plants catches your eye, but the girls seem to not notice. You watch the movement as it passes around the area. Despite your efforts you can't seem to see anything in the dense foliage. You give up and look back to the girls. Shou points in your direction and says whispers something. Kogasa's eyes go wide and she grins happily. “Hey, do you want to have a little fun?” she asks you.

You raise an eyebrow in response. “Have I ever said no, Kogasa?” you reply with a laugh.

Shou smiles and immediately grabs you, sitting up and pulling you into her lap. “Good answer,” she says playfully. “Get his pants off, Kogasa, and take your shirt off.” Kogasa nods and follows orders, grasping at your pants and tugging them off. Your slowly hardening penis is now exposed to the warm air of the late afternoon. That feeling of being watched lingers in the back of your mind and is rather exciting. Kogasa slides her shirt over her head and drops it on the ground nearby, exposing her moderate breasts and hardening nipples. She sits on your lap, just above your erection. Kogasa giggles as your cock presses against the clothing covering her rear. “Good girl, Kogasa. Let him taste your body while I enjoy his,” Shou whispers seductively. Kogasa nods and presses her breasts against your face.

“Oh, God,” you groan quietly, lapping at Kogasa's erect nipples briefly before sucking one between your lips. She inhales sharply and wraps her arms around your shoulders. Shou grips you at the waist tightly with one arm, the other one reaching behind Kogasa and grabbing a hold of your penis. Her gentle fingers peel the foreskin down and run along the head of your cock. Shou's soft breasts press against your back as her mouth clamps down on your neck. She lets out a soft moan and sucks on your neck lustfully. Kogasa's crotch grinds against your waist and her head rests atop your own. You release her nipple and let your head slip to one side, gasping for breath while the girls molest your body. Shou's hand slides along the length of your cock and causes you to moan happily.

Shou lets out a muffled giggle. “Just enjoy us,” she insists quietly. You relax in their embrace and your eyes wander lazily across the surrounding area. Their advances dull your mind with pleasure, but you retain enough cognizance to realize something is wrong. Not with them, but something else. The plants shift silently and part, just out of view of the two girls. An oddly familiar girl, clad in a sexy black dress, appears between the plants and watches you. She mouths something to you and lifts the front of her skirt to reveal her crotch. A pair of panties, identical to the ones you took, cover it. The girl slides them halfway down her milky white, pale legs. She grins seductively and runs a finger along the slit of her neatly kept pussy. A second finger joins the first and parts her lips, allowing you to see the moist, pink interior of her cunt. She winks, and then as quickly as the girl came she is gone, the plants returning to their place. Shou's voice in your ear steals your attention. “Are you okay?” she asks while slowly pumping at your shaft.

You moan quietly and nod. “I'm just enjoying it like you told me to, Shou,” you say in return.

Kogasa giggles and presses firmly against your body. “Touch me, touch me,” she repeats insistently. Your lips envelop one of her stiff little nipples against. You close your eyes and sigh contentedly, placing your hands around her back and sliding them down it. Kogasa shudders slightly at your touch. “It makes me happy when you touch me,” Kogasa whispers. She lovingly kisses the top of your head and runs her fingers through your hair. Your hands reach the top edge of the skirt covering her ass. Groping your way down, you lift the skirt up and place your hands on her panties. Kogasa giggles and arches her back to force a bit more of her breast against your mouth. “More, more,” she cries. You moan into her chest as Shou's hand works your cock tenderly. Roughly clawing at Kogasa's panties, you manage to tear the fabric and expose her puckered anus. She inhales sharply when two of your fingers suddenly thrust their way inside. “Feels good,” she whispers raggedly. Kogasa whines sharply when you force another pair of fingers inside. The palms of your hands massage her ass and you tug at the ring of her anus. She squeals loudly and loses her stability. Kogasa's body slides down your own to the point where she is now face to face with you. Her eyes are heavy-lidded, glazed over, and the sensation of fluid trickling down your crotch can be felt. She smiles softly and those beautiful, multicolored eyes stare into your own.

Shou laughs at the exchange between Kogasa and yourself. “Really getting into it, aren't you two?” she asks rhetorically. Her affectionate stroking picks up pace suddenly. Your lips part slightly as you moan. Kogasa breathes heavily and slowly brings her lips to your own. Moments before they touch, Shou's hand squeezes your cock and she bites down on your neck. You cry out sharply in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Your head reels back out of reach of Kogasa's lips. Despite this, she pursues you relentlessly. Kogasa forces her mouth to your own, closing her eyes and letting out a variety of content noises. A slight trickle of blood leaves your neck and is quickly cleaned up by Shou's hungry tongue. “Delicious,” is all she says after a brief pause. Shou returns to your neck, her hand furiously stroking your hard penis. Kogasa roughly pushes against your chest and manages to knock both you and Shou backwards. Kogasa lays on top of you with her lips locked to your own. You grunt and moan through the kiss in response to Shou's loving touch. One final squeeze on your shaft is all it takes to tip you over the edge. You tense up and your body thrusts uncontrollably upwards into Shou's grip. Your hands dig into Kogasa's rear and anus as your cock empties itself towards the sky. A splattering sound can be heard as your sticky semen lands on her lower back and ass. Shou sits everyone up, chuckling quietly. You breathe heavily through your nose and look into Kogasa's eyes. They seem to widen suddenly, and the realization as to why sets in when you feel a stream of cum slowly rolling down the fingers holding her open. A quiet slurping noise signals her asshole closing up and swallowing the fluid as your fingers retreat.

The three of you simply rest there together with you in Shou's lap, and Kogasa in yours. Shou's tongue still runs across your neck and cleans the wound she left there. Kogasa's lips finally part from your own. She smiles at you in silence, and then suddenly giggles. “You tore them again,” is all she says.

You can't help but grin and laugh in response. “I'm sorry, Kogasa, I just can't help it.”

“Well, maybe I should stop wearing them?” she inquires playfully.

You raise an eyebrow. “Dirty girl, aren't you?” you reply, spanking Kogasa gently on the rump. She yelps and giggles. “I wouldn't mind that.”

Shou leaves your neck now that the blood has stopped flowing. She sighs loudly and rolls her eyes. “You're definitely a pair of perverts,” she says in mock exasperation. “Come on you two,” Shou laughs. Her lips briefly brush over your ear lobe. “By the way, you owe me for that one,” she whispers. She slides out from beneath you and stands up. Shou stretches briefly and then gathers the discarded clothing. Kogasa's arms tighten around you as she stands up tentatively. The two of you, still recovering, stumble slightly. Kogasa giggles and kisses your chest before stepping away. A few minutes later and everyone is dressed, back on the main path and ready to go.

[ ] Continue on to the study.
[ ] Tell the others to go on ahead, stay back to search for that girl.
[ ] Write-in.
No. 5135
[x] Continue on to the study.

I'm sure if she wants to make herself found, she'd do so. I doubt she'd want to risk drawing Shou's attention.
No. 5136
[x] Continue on to the study.
No. 5137
I also realized who made the Garden: Yuuka. Though it should have been more obvious (Plants, dislikes humans)
No. 5138
[x] Continue on to the study.
No. 5139
[x] Continue on to the study.
No. 5140
[x] Continue on to the study.
Something tells me we're going to have an "encounter" with Yuuka not too long from now.
No. 5141
[x] Continue on to the study.
No. 5143
[X] Continue on to the study.

Unless by "Tell the others to go on ahead, stay back to search for that girl." you mean Yuuka and not Nue, in which case I vote for that.
No. 5144
By the way, for those who are curious, the story is currently on Day 7 as far as I can tell from my log(Day 1 starting from post #3).
No. 5146
File 126763024192.jpg - (916.60KB , 1000x2200 , 8530350.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Tell the others to go on ahead, stay back to search for that girl.

Delicious Nue is worth pissing against the tide for.
No. 5147
Doh, I missed that part, forget I said anything.
No. 5149
[X] Continue on to the study.

Nue wants to play, who are we to end the game so quickly? She's having fun with the chase.
No. 5154
File 126765623917.jpg - (146.52KB , 750x750 , yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah.jpg ) [iqdb]
You know, with the way she can blend into the surrounding environment, stalking her prey, as well as her ability to mimic others, Nue is turning out to be a real Sexual Predator.
No. 5155
Expect update tonight. Maybe late.
No. 5158
So, this update is turning into a wall pretty much. Delayed til tomorrow since it's unfinished! Sorry!
No. 5163
File 126772892083.jpg - (1.02MB , 1425x1200 , nazrin14.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Continue on to the study.


The thought of abandoning the others to search for that girl briefly crosses your mind. You shake it off, as you can simply look around for her later. You continue on behind Kogasa and Shou in silence. The stone path eventually ends at an entrance to the house.

“Honestly, I don't know why Byakuren insisted on such a large garden,” Shou comments. She sighs loudly and opens the door, gesturing Kogasa and yourself inside. “It just gives the house an awkward layout. Most of the place is empty rooms as a result.” Kogasa reaches back to grab your hand and tugs on it impatiently. Shou shuts the door behind her and moves ahead to take the lead again. “And of course, she insists on having the study on the opposite side of the house, as far from everything else as possible,” she complains. “At least it's quiet.” Shou pushes the door open to the study. You peer into the large room, walls lined with books. The center of the room has a few tables, one of which has Nazrin seated at it.

Nazrin looks up in surprise when the three of you enter the room. “Oh, I didn't expect anyone out here. What's up?” she asks.

“The girls are giving me a tour of the house,” you reply. “What're you doing out here, Nazrin?”

She smiles and lifts up a book. “Mother makes me read books and learn things. I'd rather be outside, but this is fine too.”

Shou and Kogasa sit at Nazrin's table across from her. You join them and sit beside Kogasa. “She's a good little student, aren't you Nazrin?” Shou asks with a pleased tone. She definitely acts like a big sister towards the girl. Nazrin nods excitedly and looks back to her book.

Kogasa fidgets a bit and seems rather uncomfortable in the room. She blushes in embarrassment and clutches your hand. “Something wrong, Kogasa?” you inquire.

She looks up in surprise and shakes her head. “No, I'm fine, it's just I don't really like this room,” Kogasa says quietly. She looks back down to her feet.

Shou lets out a soft cough and glances to Kogasa and yourself. “She can't read very well, and Byakuren tends to take it upon herself to force a proper education on Kogasa.” Nazrin nods in agreement while continuing her studies.

“Hey, Kogasa, don't feel so down about that,” you say in a comforting tone. You place an arm around her shoulders. “If you force a person to do something they don't want, the result will always be poor.” Kogasa and Shou both watch you curiously. “You're a smart girl, Kogasa, you just have to do it of your own will and not be pressed by Byakuren.”

Shou seems particularly surprised at your comment. “That's rather...” she says, pausing for a moment. “Rather wise. I didn't expect that sort of thing from you,” she chuckles.

You give her an exasperated look. “Oh, come on, you thought that little of me, Shou?”

She laughs loudly in response and slaps a hand down on the table. “No, no, that came out wrong,” she apologizes, although the stupid grin on her face isn't very reassuring.

Kogasa blinks a few times and blushes. She turns her face away from you shyly. “Th, thanks,” she stutters out. “Maybe some time you could read a book to me,” Kogasa suggests in a quiet voice.

Smiling, you tighten your arm around her. “Sure thing, I'd be happy to.”

Shou rolls her eyes in response. “Alright, well, I think that's it for the tour, right Kogasa?”

Kogasa looks up at Shou and nods. “Yeah, I think so,” she says. Her stomach rumbles rather loudly and she grabs at it. “Byakuren should be cooking soon, maybe we should go help her?”

“Yeah, that's a good idea. Of course, when you say 'help her', you mean eat the food she's trying to prepare, right?” Shou teases Kogasa. The butt of her joke seems rather upset at the remark.

Nazrin looks up from her book at you. “Hey, will you help me with my stuff before dinner?” she asks in a pleading tone.

You nod slowly and look to the others. “Sure, I guess. You two don't mind, right?”

Shou shakes her head. “Nah, that's fine, Nazrin can bring you to the kitchen when dinner is done anyway.” She hops up from the table and heads to the door. “Come on, Kogasa.”

Kogasa follows suit and walks along behind Shou. She turns back to you briefly and waves. “Have fun, I'll see you later,” she says cheerfully.

You stand up after the two women leave and move to Nazrin's side of the table. As you settle down beside her, she scoots up against you. “So, what are you studying?” you ask, placing an arm around her in a light embrace.

“Mother says I need to learn about the geography and inhabitants of Gensokyo,” she answers. “I got some books from a girl in town named Akyu. She writes all this stuff, and was nice enough to let us borrow them.” Nazrin looks at one of the pages uneasily. You glance down at the page; it's a write-up of Chen. “Some of these things are just wrong, though.”

“I wouldn't mind checking this book out, but judging from what you've said I'd be better off meeting them in person,” you say. “Actually, look something up for me, Nazrin?” She nods and looks at you expectantly. “Do you know the name of the woman who did the garden out back?” you ask her.

Nazrin nods. “Yeah, mother said we had to call her Miss Kazami. You want me to find her?”

“Please do,” you request politely. Nazrin flips through the book and opens to a page regarding someone named Yuuka Kazami. “Let's see here,” you say mostly to yourself. “Violent, dislikes humans, obsessed with plants...” You roll your eyes and sigh loudly. “Oh, come on, if the Chen page was any indication then most of this is probably a load of garbage.”

Nazrin shrugs and looks up to you again. “Well, she was really nice to me, as long as I didn't hurt the plants.”

You squeeze Nazrin lightly. “Well, if this is accurate, maybe that's because you aren't human?” you suggest. “I could think of a variety of reasons why she doesn't like humans.”

“I think she'd like you, you're a good human,” she says with a quiet giggle. Nazrin's left hand comes down to rest on your right thigh.

Raising an eyebrow in curiosity, you look to her briefly. “In any case, I'd like to meet the kind of woman that can create such an amazing garden.”

Nazrin flips through the book idly for a few moments. “I wonder if Akyu would write anything about me and the others.” She closes the book and sets it aside. “I bet she'd write about you, too.”

You laugh and reach up to pat Nazrin's head. “I'm not that interesting, but we'll see,” you say with a grin. “Are you done studying already? I didn't even get to really help you.”

She looks up at you with a wide smile. “I wasn't entirely honest with you, actually,” she giggles. “I didn't want you to stay around to study with me, but you can teach me a few things if you'd like.” That hand on your thigh slides down between your legs and gropes your crotch. Nazrin turns a bit and slides into your lap, wrapping her legs around your waist and looking up with a mischievous grin.

You immediately place your hands on her rump and squeeze it. “I've got a few things I could teach you, but I'll have to punish you later for not finishing your studies,” you say with a wink. Nazrin wiggles her butt in response to your touch.

Her legs release you and she slips from your grip, standing up and stepping off to the side. Nazrin starts stripping down and gives you an expectant look. “You did something that felt really good when we were with Chen, and I want more,” she says as you stand up and pull off your shirt. Now that she's nearly naked, Nazrin grabs your pants by the waist and tugs them down. She moves back to the table and bends over it. “Remember putting your finger in there?” she asks, presenting her bare ass to you. You nod and grab Nazrin's slim waist. She shakes her butt at you seductively. “I want something bigger,” she insists in a sultry voice. Your cock now stands fully erect as you rest it between the cheeks of her rump.

“I'll fill you up, Nazrin, but let's have a bit of fun before that,” you suggest. She nods, then lets out a surprised yelp as you push her down against the table. Nazrin groans slightly as your finger penetrates her anus. You pull the finger out and grip her ass with both hands. She turns her head and gives you an embarrassed look. Your hands squeeze her butt against your hard shaft. You moan as her soft flesh envelops your cock, slowly thrusting yourself against her rear.

You withdraw yourself from Nazrin's ass briefly. She moans softly when the tip of your cock teases the entrance of her asshole and slips past it. “What are you doing?” she asks quietly.

“You're tight Nazrin, this will just make it easier on you,” you answer. You grunt as you thrust your penis between the cheeks of her ass. With each pass you fully pull out from them, gently pressing your cock head against her opening as you move back in for more. Nazrin moans and presses her ass back, grinding herself against you. “That feels good, Nazrin.” You pick up the pace, putting a little more pressure on her anus with every stroke. “I'm going to cum soon,” you warn her.

Nazrin nods, watching you as your cock slides between her cheeks. You moan and press her tighter against you. “Give me lots and lots,” she insists in a sweet voice. Nazrin pushes back once more, her ass slapping against your thighs. You cry out loudly with one last thrust, emptying yourself onto Nazrin's back. She gasps and smiles as your warm cum splatters on to her back and ass.

You pull some of the sticky fluid from Nazrin and rub it all over your still erect penis. “Are you ready, Nazrin?” you inquire. Nazrin moans and nods vigorously as a cum-soaked finger enters her. You run the finger around her insides, lubing her up. Your finger withdraws and the tip of your cock replaces it, resting against the tight, puckered ring of her anus. You wrap your hands around her waist. “Just relax,” you whisper to her reassuringly. She takes a deep breath and turns her head away. She groans loudly as you push into her tight opening. The head of your cock, lubed with your cum, slips inside of her easily.

“That feels incredible,” she mutters. Slowly, her asshole consumes your entire length. She shudders and breathes heavily as your shaft fills her. Her legs shake and tremble, seeming to lose strength. “Please, more,” she cries out happily. You slide from her tight, slippery asshole and thrust back into her depths. Nazrin's body tenses up and she moans loudly as you fill her. Your thick cock rubs against the walls of her asshole as you slide in and out of her. Nazrin reflexively clenches as you pump into her small frame. “More!” she screams as her hole tightens around you. Nazrin moans and pushes back against your crotch. She grits her teeth while you fuck her roughly from behind.

“Nazrin,” you moan out. “Nazrin, I'm going to cum inside of you.” She squeals loudly as your cock continues to penetrate her tight asshole. The sounds of her muffled groans and the wet slapping of your body against hers fills the room. You moan and arch your back, pressing as deeply inside of her as you can. Your body tenses up and your hot cum soaks the inside of Nazrin's asshole. Nazrin scratches at the table and screams in pleasure as the cum fills her. You groan and pull out of her, your semi-erect penis trailing semen out. She moans in ecstasy, her hand reaching down between her legs. Your cum oozes and leaks from Nazrin's anus. Her fingers dig the cum out, rubbing it on and between the lips of her dripping cunt.

Nazrin laughs and rolls on to her back, spreading her legs and her pussy lips. “I know you can fuck me more,” she says. “I want you to cum inside of here next.” Her other hand grabs your spent cock and rubs it. “You're a human but you have the energy of something that isn't,” she giggles. “I wonder how you got this way, but maybe I should just appreciate it.” You lean over, placing your hands on either side of her. She gasps and giggles as the head of your cock rests against the entrance of her young pussy. “I want you to make me feel good,” she insists. You slowly push the tip of your erect penis between the slick lips of her cunt. Her head rolls to the side as your hard shaft slowly fills her. You slip your arms beneath her back to support her. Your crotch now rests against her own, your cock fully enveloped by Nazrin's tight hole. Gently, you press your weight down and grind against her.

“You feel amazing, Nazrin,” you whisper. Your lips press against her exposed neck, kissing it affectionately. Nazrin's arms weakly reach up and embrace you. You slip your cock a few inches out of her and then press it back in. She grunts quietly as your thighs smack against her.

Nazrin groans quietly and tightens her grip around you. Her soft, small breasts press against your bare chest, the hard tips of her nipples digging into your flesh. She moans and wiggles beneath you. “I love...” she begins to say, cut off by another thrust. Your eyes go wide in shock. “I love it when you do this to me,” she moans happily. You sigh in relief and slowly begin to kiss up the side of her neck. Nazrin lets out a sharp gasp every time your cock impales her. “Don't stop,” she whines. You moan into the soft flesh of her neck while you pump into her light frame. She moans and lightly scratches at your back. The slight pain simply serves to fuel your lust and provoke you into moving quicker. Nazrin's breathing becomes labored and heavy, her arms going limp and sliding from your back.

The pain from earlier had disappeared some time ago, but your body is becoming exhausted again after everything you've gone through. You're determined not to give out before fulfilling Nazrin's desires, though. You can feel it approaching and welling up within you. “Nazrin, Nazrin,” you call out between moans. She responds with a quiet, pleased groan. Nazrin seems content to simply lie there beneath you. You tightly embrace Nazrin, grunting loudly and filling her needy cunt with your warm, sticky semen. The two of you both moan happily and rest on the table. Your lips slide across her neck, up her chin and rest on her own lips. She watches you through exhausted eyes and you can tell from the look upon her face that she is satisfied. Nazrin closes her eyes and rests her head on the table. You close your eyes, your head slides off of hers and rests beside it. The two of you quietly relax on the table. Although it isn't the most comfortable position, you do manage to drift off to some sort of sleep.

“Somehow I find it rather difficult to believe that you've met my mother,” Alice says with an incredulous tone. “I don't mean to be rude, but do you have proof?” She finishes cleaning up the mess of the broken teacup and sets it on the table. “For all I know, you've read one of the various history books and decided to play a cruel trick on me.”

You shake your head and take a brief sip of tea. “Your mother gave me a sword that belonged to her servant, but I don't have it with me right now.”

Alice nods. “That's a bit more believable, I doubt that sword was very well known.” She leans back in the chair and relaxes. “So, why did she send you to me?”

“There are two reasons I'm here, Alice,” you say. She watches you with anticipation. “The first is that Shinki misses you, and she'd like you to come home.”

She seems rather shocked and taken aback. “Home? To Makai? Well, I didn't really expect that, but I don't know.” Alice fidgets nervously. “Anyway, how about the second reason?” she asks.

You produce the small box from your pocket. “I wanted to ask your permission,” you answer, releasing the clasp on the box. You hold the box out to Alice and open it before her. Alice's eyes go wide in surprise.

A loud pounding noise rouses you from your slumber. “Hey, dinner's almost ready,” calls out the voice of Shou. The sound of the door sliding open can be heard, followed by a loud sigh. “I leave you two alone and this happens. I should've expected it.” You look towards Shou, your face covered with a blush.

Nazrin squeaks in surprise. “S-Shou, I, uh,” she stammers.

“Don't worry about it, Nazrin,” Shou says to her. She gathers the various discarded clothing and pulls you off of Nazrin. “Come on, we can get you two fixed up and to the dinner table before anyone is suspicious.” Shou tosses Nazrin's clothes on the table beside her. “I'll dress you if I have to.” She takes the initiative, pulling your pants up.

Nazrin groans and sits up. She briefly rubs her pussy as the cum drains from it. “Needed that,” she mumbles while beginning to dress herself.

Shou laughs and pulls your shirt down over your head. “I'm surrounded by perverts on every side. First Kogasa and now you, Nazrin.” Once everyone is dressed again, Shou walks over to the door and opens it. “Get going, it's a bit of a walk over there.” The two of you give her a tired nod and step out into the long hallway. This side of the house is rather barren in comparison to the one you're staying on. Open doors line the walls and give way to empty, unused rooms.

“Why have a house this large if you aren't going to use half of it?” you ask.

Nazrin speaks up before Shou can. “Mother said she wanted extra space for the future, or something like that.”

“Sometimes I don't get how Byakuren thinks,” Shou says. The rest of the trip continues in silence. A familiar section of the house finally comes into view. The hallway you were walking through leads to the front entrance. A moment later and the three of you are standing before the open door of the kitchen. Wonderful scents waft out of the room. Inside, you spot Kogasa helping Byakuren with the table. Both of them look up, smile and offer a friendly wave. Byakuren opens her mouth to say something, but stops, blinks a few times and returns to her work.

Kogasa waves you all over excitedly. “Sit, sit, food's almost done,” she shouts with glee. While Byakuren is distracted, Kogasa grabs a piece of food and scarfs it down hungrily. Everyone slowly takes their seats. By sheer fortune, or perhaps misfortune, you're the only one seated beside Byakuren. There are free seats away from her, but moving at this point would come off as rude towards her.

Byakuren seems rather elated to be beside you. She smiles warmly and sets about filling your plate. “Let mother feed you,” she says with joy in her voice. You hesitantly nod and open your mouth. On the edge of your vision, you spot Shou rolling her eyes. Byakuren pops some of the warm, delicious food inside of your mouth.

“This is great,” you say, the words muffled by a mouthful of food. Byakuren takes turns between feeding you and herself. She says nothing, simply humming happily the whole time. As for the other girls, they quietly talk amongst themselves while eating. You were a bit worried about being seated beside her, but it turned out to be better than expected.

Byakuren leans in closely to kiss you lightly on the cheek. Her lips brush up your face and press against your ear. “I'm sorry for earlier, I truly am,” she tells you sincerely. “I want to talk to you later, after dinner. Please, come by my room.” Her lips retreat and she returns her focus to dinner. It isn't very long before the table is cleaned up by the various hungry diners. Shou and Kogasa pick up the table and walk off to handle the dishes. Nazrin yawns and crosses her arms on the table top, resting her head in them tiredly. Byakuren smiles and stands up from the table. “I've got something to take care of in my room, I'll see everyone in the morning,” she announces. The girls all mutter some sort of acknowledgment. She heads towards the door, turning briefly to smile at you, and leaves the kitchen.

[ ] Go talk to Byakuren as she requested.
[ ] Hang out with the others for a while.
[ ] Forget it, go to bed.
[ ] Go off on your own, head to...
[ ] Write in.
No. 5164
So, a few things while I'm here.

First, some time ago I mentioned that I'd go over old options and mention missed opportunities. I'll be doing that again after I finish the Byakuren segment.

Second, I wanted to cover a few questions I keep getting asked by people off-site.

One thing I get asked a lot is questions regarding the images I post. People have been wondering if I write to adapt to the images, using them as inspiration, or if I look for them after the fact. The answer is: Both. I draw some inspiration from pictures for the occasional H scene. However, the vast majority of what I pick for images is done after the fact (which is why I didn't have one for the last update).

I also frequently get asked what my logic is behind handing out H scenes. There is and there isn't. Some of the scenes have a clear lead up and choice to get them. Others, such as the prior garden scene, went like this: I am writing, I have a sudden inspiration for a scene and I end up putting it in.

A couple different people also have inquired as to where I get my inspiration or where I learned to write this stuff from. Basically, I've been writing smut for 12 years, over half of my life. You pick it up as you go along. Inspiration is drawn from an endless variety of sources, but does include doujinshi and artwork. I don't think I've ever explicitly copied a doujin, though, nor would I try to.
No. 5166
[X] Go off on your own, head to...
[X] The garden

Nue rape~
No. 5168
[X] Go off on your own, head to...
[X] Nue's Room
No. 5169
[x] Go talk to Byakuren as she requested.
No. 5170
[X] Go talk to Byakuren as she requested.
No. 5171
[x] Go talk to Byakuren as she requested.
No. 5173
>Nazrin flips through the book idly for a few moments. “I wonder if Akyu would write anything about me and the others.” She closes the book and sets it aside. “I bet she'd write about you, too.”

>You laugh and reach up to pat Nazrin's head. “I'm not that interesting, but we'll see,” you say with a grin.

I really, really hope that this is foreshadowing an interview with Akyuu in which we demonstrate our "talents" for her. The full range of our talents. Over the course of a day or longer if necessary.

[X] Go talk to Byakuren as she requested.

Not only do I find this Byakuren ludicrously hot, but this is her house. If mother wants a private talk, mother gets a private talk.
No. 5174
[X] Go off on your own, head to...
[X] The garden
No. 5175
> I find this Byakuren ludicrously hot.
I do too, but I voted the Nue option because we haven't had Nue yet. I'll be happy no matter which option wins.

That's really the mark of a good story, isn't it?
No. 5176
I imagine that with 8 lifetimes under her belt that she'll be the one teaching us!
No. 5177
Let's not be hasty about Nue, when she wants us, she'll find us. We'll be fucking her sooner or later without a doubt.
No. 5178
[X] Go talk to Byakuren as she requested.
No. 5179
[x] Go talk to Byakuren as she requested.
No. 5180
[X] Go talk to Byakuren as she requested.
btw anyone else interested about the random alice dreams which im guessing that was a wedding ring?
never saw that coming, hell he already slept with her mother so what's up with this?
also double spoilers
No. 5181

He's asking permission to marry her mother.
No. 5182
[x] Go talk to Byakuren as she requested.
No. 5183
[X] Go talk to Byakuren as she requested.
No. 5184
[x] Go talk to Byakuren as she requested.
[x] but subtly take a whiff of Nue's panties on the way.

Of course Nue's likely to be watching. Her hunger will still grow, so why not foster it a little?
No. 5185
[x] Go talk to Byakuren as she requested.
[x] but subtly take a whiff of Nue's panties on the way.
No. 5187
[x] Go talk to Byakuren as she requested.
[x] but subtly take a whiff of Nue's panties on the way.

I approve of this choice.
No. 5188
[X] Go talk to Byakuren as she requested.
No. 5189
inb4 caught, killed, bad end. or maybe not.
No. 5190
Thing is I think Nue knows we took them, she's just enjoying the game.
No. 5191

8 sad, short lifetimes, spent writing and preparing.
No. 5192

Preparing to ensure there were descendants to continue the Hieda line and the Gensokyo Chronicle.

Akyuu should be a sexual dynamo. Hell, at least one of her incarnations was male, which means she ought to know exactly what the most effective maneuvers for both parties are. I wouldn't be surprised if Yukari shipped us off to Akyuu for a while in order to get us some lessons, and to ensure the Hieda line is long.
No. 5193
[x] Go talk to Byakuren as she requested.
[x] but subtly take a whiff of Nue's panties on the way.

What could go wrong?
No. 5194
There are no bad ends.
No. 5195
>to ensure the Hieda line is long.
Oh, something's gonna be long alright.
No. 5196
[x] Go talk to Byakuren as she requested.
Well, this is what yukarin sent us here for, so might as well get it done.
No. 5197
[x] Go talk to Byakuren as she requested.
[x] but subtly take a whiff of Nue's panties on the way.
No. 5198
Votes closed, I'm going to throw in the panty sniffing too. Because it's awesome.
No. 5202
File 126783718512.jpg - (278.46KB , 1223x1743 , a741bfc5543f0ca633e2e231ad33f76a.jpg ) [iqdb]
>I'm going to throw in the panty sniffing too. Because it's awesome.
Do want Nue, although an Ichirin is fine, too. (I suppose you haven't planned anything on her yet?)
No. 5203

I have plans for Ichirin.
No. 5204
She needs some love too (that and she does have a pretty nice figure in fanart, just that she's overshadowed by about everyone else. Including in sheer curves the cute yet motherly 'Youkai Jesus')
No. 5207
File 126785514767.jpg - (483.82KB , 1048x1200 , 3591ba581ceb615ba0ce86dad2253c13.jpg ) [iqdb]
Most of this wasn't proof read. I might end up deleting and reposting a fixed version tomorrow as a result. Any votes will be kept though.

[X] Go talk to Byakuren as she requested.
[X] But subtly take a whiff of Nue's panties on the way.


You stand up from the table and take a few steps towards the door. “I've got some personal things to take care of before bed, I'll see you all later,” you say to the girls. Though it comes off as rather suspicious, they simply nod. You step out into the hallway and start off in the direction of Byakuren's room. Your thoughts drift as you walk. What could she possibly want to talk to you about? Sighing quietly, you stick your hands in your pockets. You inhale sharply when the soft, silky fabric of the panties touches against your fingers. The memory of that wonderful scent is still fresh in your mind. You stop in your tracks and glance around, making sure that nobody is following. Digging the panties from your pocket, you bring the crotch of them up to your nose. Inhaling deeply, the smell floods your nose. “Oh, God,” you moan, lapping at the crotch with your eyes closed.

“What a strange human,” a voice says quietly. Your eyes snap open in surprise. That familiar girl is standing, no, hovering, slightly in front of you. She's probably a foot shorter than you, but her face is level with your own. Your pull the panties from your face in embarrassment and your mouth hangs agape. “I'd introduce myself, but you seem to know who I am, don't you?” she asks in amusement.

“N, Nue,” you stammer.

She giggles and nods. “That's right. You know, this is the first time we've actually spoken, face to face,” she whispers. “And yet, before having even met me, you invade my room and steal my underwear.” Nue daintily takes the panties from your hand. She investigates the crotch and smiles. “Can't say I blame you,” she chuckles, handing the panties back. “Tell me why, though? Why pursue me when you've got all of the other girls hanging from you?” she asks insistently.

You stare at her and swallow nervously. “Uh, dreams, Nue, panties,” you manage to blurt out nonsensically. She raises an eyebrow in curiosity. “I saw you in my dreams.”

Nue's face twists into a pleased grin. “What a strange human,” she repeats. “Perhaps it was some strange act of fate, or maybe something else.” Her pale, beautiful hand comes up to your cheek. Nue's fingers gently stroke your face. The presence of fingers running up your crotch can be felt as well. “If you desire my scent so very much, perhaps you would enjoy it from the source,” she says, her voice dripping with lust. Nue's hands leave you as she floats up. One hand hikes up the front of her dress, the other peeling down a pair of lacy, black panties that are identical to the ones you now own. She releases the panties and gently takes a hold of the back of your head. “Drink deep,” she instructs you, pressing your nose into the folds of her pussy. You take a deep breath and moan loudly. Your body shudders in pleasure as her scent flows through you. Instinctively, you attempt to lap her slit, but before the tongue finds its mark she has retreated. “Not yet,” she teases. “But don't worry, we're going to see each other again.”

“When?” is all you can ask.

She laughs and smiles. “So eager,” Nue says with a pleased tone. She continues to speak, however she seems to be fading away as she does so. “Very soon, very soon. You've piqued my interest, human.” Nothing of Nue remains, save for the sweet sound of her voice in your ear. “Perhaps we'll have some fun, or perhaps we'll simply talk. I'd like to learn more of the human who desires me.”

You're left in silence, still standing in the hallway. “Nue?” you call out quietly. No response comes from her. You look down to both the panties and the raging erection in your pants. You nearly forgot about the task at hand. Hopefully, your body will calm down before reaching Byakuren's room. After sticking the panties back in your pocket, you continue on. Now standing in front of the door, you knock and await a response.

“Come in,” Byakuren shouts from inside the room. You slide open the door, half expecting to see her naked like before. Much to your disappointment, she is clothed. “Please, enter and close the door behind you,” she insists.

You nod and do as told. “What did you want to talk to me about, mother?” you ask, making sure to play along with her game.

Byakuren offers you a pleased smile in response to being called mother. “First things first, I wanted to apologize to you, again.” You wave your hand dismissively and shake your head. “No, no, it was wrong of me to do that to you.” Byakuren walks over to a table and picks two objects up from it. “I got these from one of Yukari's friends,” she tells you, shaking two small pill bottles.

“What are they?” you ask curiously.

Byakuren holds one up and reads off the odd name on the bottle. “This one makes me produce the milk you drank.” She now holds the other up. “And this one interacts with the first to turn it into an aphrodisiac.” Byakuren throws the second bottle against the wall. It breaks open and scatters small pills everywhere.

You're a bit taken aback by her actions. “Why are you telling me this?”

“I want you, but I want it to be proper and without drugging you,” she says, a blush covering her face. Byakuren opens the first bottle and consumes a pill from it. “Would you indulge a woman like me, please?” She takes a few steps in your direction. You didn't notice it until now, but Byakuren is only wearing the outer layer of her dress. Her hands slowly unlace the top of her outfit in order to release those large, milk-filled breasts.

You don't trust her, but denying her wouldn't help the situation. Even if you did want to deny her, your penis says otherwise. After Nue's appearance, you could definitely use the release. “I'd be happy to,” you answer her. Byakuren is quite pleased by your answer. The last lace holding her breasts back is released and the dress slips from her arms and falls to the floor. She moves to her futon and pulls the covers back. As she sits down upon the bedding, Byakuren gives you an expectant look. You quickly remove your shirt and drop your pants on the floor in a heap.

She gasps in surprise. “You must really need this,” she says with concern. “Let mother help you.” Nodding to Byakuren, you sit down beside her on the futon. She immediately takes you into her arms. Her hand goes straight for your penis and wraps around it tenderly. “Drink from me while I take care of you,” she instructs you. Byakuren gasps sharply when you grab her breasts, eagerly sucking on the nipples. Milk flows into your mouth, but it tastes different this time. The milk is a bit lighter and sweet, untainted by the aphrodisiac. Your cock stiffens within her soft hands. As you drink from her body, Byakuren's other hand joins the first. She slowly strokes your length. Gentle fingers caress the engorged head of your shaft while one hand pumps away. “Does mother make you happy?” she asks.

You release her breasts, milk dribbling down from the nipples. “Yes,” is all you say, and is all that needs to be said. Her pleasuring of your cock intensifies after hearing your answer. Byakuren is a twisted woman, and this whole situation is twisted. But you enjoy it, regardless. Your mouth clamps down around her nipples again.

Byakuren gasps loudly, her hands squeezing down on your penis reflexively in response to your advances. “That's enough dear,” she groans. You free her large breasts from your grip and look up to her face. She looks so sexy with her flushed cheeks, her heavy bosom rising and falling slowly as she breathes heavily. One hand continues to attend to your engorged shaft, the other moving down between her legs. Byakuren's body wiggles and shifts while she works the underwear off. Finally, her crotch is exposed, showing off that neat mat of hair around her delicious, damp cunt. “The last time was wild and driven by that drug,” she says quietly. “I want to have sex with you, not with a drug-addled beast.” Her hand leaves your cock and she lays on her back. Byakuren spreads her legs and runs a hand down between them. “Please, take care of me,” she begs.

“We'll do it right this time,” you tell her. Sliding between her legs, you place the tip of your hard cock against her wet pussy lips. Before penetrating her, you lean forward and down to Byakuren's blushing face. She smiles happily as your lips near her own. When they connect, Byakuren closes her eyes and kisses back. You sit back up and grab hold of your penis. After stroking it briefly, you ease the head inside of her slippery hole. Byakuren takes a deep breath. “Are you ready?” you ask, gripping her thick thighs for support.

Byakuren nods and places her hand on your own. “Take your mother's body,” she pleads. You hold tightly on to her curvaceous body and thrust the remainder of your penis into her. She moans loudly when her crotch hits your own, Byakuren's hard clit rubbing against your skin. “Good boy,” she murmurs while moving a hand to her crotch. Her fingers stroke the base of your cock and the slick folds of her cunt. You slip from her warm depths, her hand grabbing and pulling on your penis as it leaves. Another deep thrust causes her to gasp for air. Byakuren arches her back and raises her heavy chest into the air. You let go of her thighs and instead grab on to those supple breasts. A light squeeze causes a trickle of milk to flow from her rock-hard nipples.

“It's really incredible,” you say with a grin. Squishing them beneath your fingers results in a short squirt of liquid.

Byakuren whines softly. “Stop teasing me,” she cries out. You nod and slowly begin to rhythmically slide your cock in and out of her body. You massage the soft breasts beneath your hands. Milk trickles down past your fingers and onto her stomach. She groans softly in response to your touch. The wet walls of her pussy seem to constrict around your penis with each thrust inside. Byakuren's breathing becomes heavier and more labored as you pound into her body. Her eyes are shut tight, quiet moans and squeals leaving her lips. Those thick thighs and her ample bosom jiggle slightly when your body strikes hers. “Feels so good,” she gasps out.

You remove yourself from Byakuren and take hold of her right side. She whines quietly when you leave her. Carefully, you roll her left and lay down behind her. “Don't worry, mother,” you reassure her, kissing her on the back of the neck. She calms a bit at your kind touch. You hook one arm beneath her top leg and raise it up to allow yourself access to her. Your penis, heavily lubicrated with a mixture of her juices and your own, pushes easily into her dripping cunt once more. Your other arm is slowly pushed beneath her side, wraps up around her chest and grips one of her breasts. The leg is pulled back across your lower body and she lays back against you slightly. It's a bit harder to get at her in this position, but Byakuren seems to be enjoying it more. Her moans have increased in intensity and quantity while you plunge into her body.

“Harder, harder,” she shouts out in pleasure. Your thick shaft relentlessly pumps into her greedy pussy. “I don't care if you do it inside of me, just give it to me,” she demands. Her body pushes back against your own and were you a lesser man she would probably roll on top of you. Byakuren groans happily, but the erotic squishing sound of your cock driving itself into her sloppy cunt nearly drowns it out. You can feel your legs going rigid and your body tensing up. Your grip on Byakuren's body tightens up, pulling her body taut against your own. “Cum in me!” she screams over the sound of your moans. You give in to her desires, unable to hold back any longer. Your own shout of pleasure fills the room as you empty yourself inside of her drenched pussy. The both of you quiet down, seemingly content to lie there in silence and catch your breaths.

You embrace her tenderly and rub your cheek against the back of her neck. “Felt so good,” you mumble, shattering the silence. Byakuren responds with a quiet 'mm'. The mixture of juices inside of her body flow out and soak the futon below. Your drained penis slips from her body and your grip weakens a bit.

Her body relaxes and slackens a bit as well, her leg resting on top of yours. The two of you are entwined within one another, arms and legs wrapped together. “Do you forgive me?” she whispers.

“You're not the kind of person I could stay upset with,” you answer, nuzzling the back of her neck affectionately.

She sighs happily. “Will you sleep with me tonight?” she asks. “I just want to be held like this for a while.” You don't answer, instead opting to reach for the blankets and pull them over the two of you. “Thank you,” is the last thing she says. You close your eyes, lulled to sleep by the soft breathing of Byakuren.

Alice stares at you as if she were a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car. If she hadn't dropped the tea cup earlier, she would now. “Are you...” Alice shakes her head. “Are you serious?” She stares at the ring inside of the box.

“If I wasn't serious, I wouldn't be here, would I?” you ask her.

She sighs loudly. “I suppose not. It's just a shock to me, you know.” Alice rubs her forehead. “You tell me my mother is alive, and then you ask my permission to marry her,” she says. “It's sort of funny to ask the daughter for her blessing, but I suppose it's appropriate in a way.”

You pick up the tea cup and take another sip. “I wasn't entirely honest with you, Alice,” you say with a grin. She cocks her head in curiosity. “I'd like you to live with us in Makai, if you'd like.”

Alice is rather taken aback by your suggestion. “But you barely know me, why would you want such a thing?”

“Because it would make Shinki happy, of course,” is your answer.

She blushes and smiles, watching you with appraising eyes. “I suppose I have to give you my permission, then.”

You groan softly and open your eyes. The room is mostly dark, save for the dim light from a nearly burnt out candle. Byakuren shifted during her sleep and is now facing you. Her head is just beneath your chin and rests on your chest. A quiet rapping comes from the bedroom door.

[ ] Write-in.
No. 5208
[x] Get up, gently placing her head upon a pillow
[x] Go see what this knocking is about. If it's not that important, it can wait until the morning.
[x] Go to the bathroom (Chances are it's partially why you're awake)
[x] Go back to bed and Byakuren.

Here's my shot at it.
No. 5209
[x] Get up, gently placing her head upon a pillow
[x] Go see what this knocking is about. If it's not that important, it can wait until the morning.
[x] Go to the bathroom (Chances are it's partially why you're awake)
[x] Go back to bed and Byakuren.

Do not want Nue, honestly. I hate the thought of making Kogasa upset.
No. 5211
It seems a man's work is never done.

[x] Go to the bathroom (Chances are it's partially why you're awake)
[x] Get up, gently placing her head upon a pillow
[x] Go see what this knocking is about. If it's not Kogasa, it can wait until the morning.
No. 5212
[x] Get up, gently placing her head upon a pillow
[x] Go see what this knocking is about. If it's not that important, it can wait until the morning.
[x] Go to the bathroom (Chances are it's partially why you're awake)
[x] Go back to bed and Byakuren.
No. 5214

There's nothing explicitly stating you have to hurt Kogasa to have some Nue.
No. 5218
I think it's because of that dream, everybody's trying to avoid getting into such a situation.

[x] Get up, gently placing her head upon a pillow
[x] Go see what this knocking is about. If it's not that important, it can wait until the morning.
[x] Go to the bathroom (Chances are it's partially why you're awake)
[x] Go back to bed and Byakuren
No. 5219
[x] Get up, gently placing her head upon a pillow
[x] Go see what this knocking is about. If it's not that important, it can wait until the morning.
[x] Go to the bathroom (Chances are it's partially why you're awake)
[x] Go back to bed and Byakuren
No. 5220
[X] Check that the panties are still in our pocket.
[x] Get up, gently placing her head upon a pillow
[x] Go see what this knocking is about. If it's not that important, it can wait until the morning.
[x] Go to the bathroom (Chances are it's partially why you're awake)
[x] Go back to bed and Byakuren
No. 5221
[check out the noise, if nothing return back to bed)
will going to the washroom or placing her head down gentle really do anything?
doubt it but it shows how much you care for her but i prefer if the detailing is left to the writer.
also for the idea that nue cancels kogasa's route, you could think it as a up and make them get along together during a "session".
No. 5222
'specially considering she's had sex with us at the same time as Shou and byakuren.
No. 5223
But the fact that Kogasa doesn't like being around Nue will spoil any chance of having both of them at the same time.
No. 5224
Well I'm sure Rick will find a way to deal with that... he has to. Remember he has a certain nicely endowed Miko to talk to about her treatment of Kogasa.
No. 5225
[x] open the door
[x] get on the floor
[x] do the dinosaur

Pardon me, but I just couldn't help myself.

But yes.

[x] open the door
No. 5229
...Which has what to do with Nue?
No. 5231
Mending unpleasantness in regards to Kogasa.
No. 5232
Votes closed. Looks like this variant won:

[x] Get up, gently placing her head upon a pillow
[x] Go see what this knocking is about. If it's not that important, it can wait until the morning.
[x] Go to the bathroom (Chances are it's partially why you're awake)
[x] Go back to bed and Byakuren.
No. 5233
I spent all of my writing time during the past 2 days playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon on my DS. This shit is addictive. Hopefully that will assuage fears that I've stopped writing due to being stuck/uninspired.
No. 5234

I myself have been sucked in by STALKER, so I know how that feels.
No. 5235
i blame BC2 and MW2 for my current shortcomings in work...
haven't played a family friendly pokemon game in years
No. 5236
I'm assuming your talking about Mystery Dungeon 2.
God, don't you just hate how much they make you go back for level ups, reviver seeds, ect.?
In Mystery Dungeon 1 you might have had to do that for oh, say, the final boss or maybe a 99 floor dungeon, but Dungeon 2 just gets ridiculous.
Also, Dungeon 2s floors take a lot longer to get through, again adding more playtime in that time wasting scam of a game.
No. 5239
No. But I do hate people who never learned the difference between your/you're.

We have standards here, believe it or not.
No. 5240

I never intentionally back tracked for levels/items in Explorers of Sky, outside of doing the occasional job from the boards to raise my rank. I even blazed through most dungeons just shooting for the floor exits. Maybe it was me, maybe it was the pokemon I chose to start with (Pikachu with Totodile as partner), but I found the main story easy and I ended around level 40. Now, the post-game is a different matter. That shit has some hard fights.
No. 5241
File 12683199309.jpg - (255.66KB , 960x720 , 1268231075206.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 5243

When I finish eating this delicious bowl of soup.
No. 5244
Must be one godly bowl of soup if it takes several hours to eat.
No. 5246
That went riiiiiiight over your head.
No. 5247
I kinda miss Luize.
No. 5250
I laughed even though i shouldn't
No. 5251
So, the plan is this: Write an update tomorrow for the main story and get some writing done on a secret one-shot i'm doing on the side.
No. 5253
Does this one-shot have a character that's in the main story or not?
No. 5258

The one-shot involves Remilia who will be in the main story.

Today I got some writing done for both stories, but I had a semi-busy day. More will commence tomorrow.

Would my readers prefer the Remilia one-shot first or a main story update?
No. 5259
I think the Remi story would be nice for a change of pace right after our nap, i mean what better place is there for a quick save?
No. 5260
both are nice, but remi
No. 5261
main story then the one shot. The suspense is killing me about who's at the door.
No. 5262
I'd like to see the one-shot.
No. 5263
I'd prefer to shoot several times into Remilia, and on a number of occasions, rather than just one shot.

But yeah, main story first, please.
No. 5268
like the Alice flashes? I find it kinda weird having scenes into the furture.
voting for side story first.
No. 5270
Seeing as how we're going to marry Shinki in the future, I find it sort of awesome.

Unless it's Yukari saying "You can dream it, sure. Because that's all it's ever going to be: a dream."

Kinda hoping that isn't the case.
No. 5271
I would think Yukari would show up in our dreams herself and tell us if that were the case.

Also, another vote for side story first. Remi~
No. 5272
Another vote for side story. Can't resist Remi.
No. 5273
File 126855792615.jpg - (461.51KB , 1055x1500 , f621a379bf08a220f7bb764f0d52a784.jpg ) [iqdb]
I can't wait to see how you'll depict Remi.
No. 5274
I am also fine with Remi. Variety is always good.
No. 5275
Sometimes dreams are just dreams. Sometimes dreams are premonitions. I leave that to my readers to determine for themselves.

As for Remilia, I may be writing her different in the one shot compared to how she will be in the story here. The one shot is going to be a first-person account through her eyes.
No. 5279

Forgot my trip.
No. 5280
>The one shot is going to be a first-person account through her eyes.
This sounds like a fantastic idea.
No. 5281
>as his massive rod enter deep into my insides
yea this is gonna be weird. will we know the pleasure of being come inside?
No. 5282

Writing first person is a new experience for me. But this one shot was a friend's request, and that's how they wanted it.
No. 5286

So does your friend wish to be the little girl?
No. 5287
File 126863931387.jpg - (33.36KB , 851x471 , remi fascinating.jpg ) [iqdb]
Remilia seems like she'd be more verbose than that, and this writeanon can write better than that too.
No. 5288
I have been writing the past two days, just that I've been unusually busy due to a variety of factors. And today I'll be busy too.

No, I'm not wasting all the time on my DS, either.
No. 5289
File 126866715110.jpg - (44.44KB , 799x799 , aya oh ho ho.jpg ) [iqdb]
Wasting time on DS instead? I approve of this.
No. 5290
File 126866957648.jpg - (345.95KB , 830x750 , 9122843.jpg ) [iqdb]
>The one shot is going to be a first-person account through her eyes.

Oh wow, this will be glorious.
No. 5292
Does this mean Hatate'll get her cherry popped here?
No. 5294
File 12686943362.png - (350.17KB , 768x576 , take that hatete.png ) [iqdb]
You're too slow. The fastest in Gensokyo got there first.
No. 5295
ZUN made a character that is even more slutty than Sanae.
No. 5297
I refuse to acknowledge Hatate's existence in Touhou.

Second worst idea that ZUN has conceived. The first would be giving Aya pointy ears.
No. 5298
No. 5299

Fuck off.
No. 5300
You know a series has gotten too big and ridiculous when fans reject even the creator's changes and additions~
No. 5301

Hatate looks and feels like a poorly designed fan-made character.
No. 5302

You could always have her die a horrible pointless death.


It's more of the fact that Hatate is literally just Aya II with the added trait she steals resources for her paper. In other words she was put in to make Aya look better.
No. 5303

[x] Rocks fall, Hatate dies.
No. 5304
it's what happens when a change occurs that contradicts shittons of material. Though thinking on it, Aya's SWR art could be perhaps interpreted as having slightly pointed ears. And make a "2p" character that's a bit too close to the original.

I blame the quickie nature of the StB sub-series. Do remember that ZUN basically slapped together StB to go with BAiJR. I wonder how things will turn out since for all we know, Hatate will be a one shot character, just like Medicine.

It's scary how Sanae could have turned out in terms of being a 2p Miko.
No. 5306
I miss Medicine. Can you put her in Alice's house? I want Rick to hold her.
No. 5307
File 126871510753.jpg - (112.28KB , 384x512 , 2pSanae.jpg ) [iqdb]
Too late.
No. 5308
That and how she's A) A blogger Tengu basically and B) A Hermit Purple reference.

There's purple color, checkered pattern, spirit photography, and the part about not really leaving home.

And the similar outfit could be explained by Tengu society's insistence on uniforms.
No. 5309
case in point: Lucas and the New Trilogy.
No. 5310
File 126872455180.jpg - (639.44KB , 1206x1524 , aya facebook pose.jpg ) [iqdb]
How many people raged over SSiB?

I don't mind Aya's pointy ears much, but I did prefer her old look. Pic related.
No. 5318
Fan art makes both the ears and new hair look good, though the old outfit is UFO Marisa quality (i.e. not very high) Aya doesn't need a Haruhish armband.

Also in the art I've seen some have mixed her old hair/look with the ears. In Touhou rarely does a outfit change stick. Just look at Marisa's various outfits (Windows normal, CoLA, GoM, UFO) And Reimu's very numerous variations.
No. 5319
I hate Aya's pointy ears.
No. 5320
File 126878432124.png - (1.00MB , 512x512 , normal.png ) [iqdb]
What pointy ears? I don't see any pointy ears. You people are crazy.
No. 5322
File 126878937848.jpg - (190.76KB , 603x493 , Hatate.jpg ) [iqdb]
It's this picture, and if you look in the SRW art, there's a bit of a point to the top of her ears. So it might just be possible.
No. 5323
Aya's ears aren't pointy and Hatate doesn't exist. End of discussion.
No. 5324
yes yes lets remember what's important; having sex with Remi in first person view, afterward we get to open the door.
No. 5326
I think today is my last busy day for a bit. I'll see if I can finish an update. Sorry again for the way.
No. 5327
You guys are so tsun-tsun for Hatty
Yes, this.
No. 5345
File 126909557998.jpg - (439.32KB , 1400x936 , 1267716992265.jpg ) [iqdb]
Charisma where?
No. 5347

Oh hey that's my PSP & PS3 wallpaper~!
No. 5349
I'm struggling with the Remilia scene in first person. I might take the ideas and some of the content from it and just rewrite/roll it into the actual Remilia scenes in this story.
No. 5354
File 126917064486.jpg - (382.00KB , 900x900 , remilia ak-47.jpg ) [iqdb]
Damn fine choice for a wallpaper.
That sounds okay. I liked the idea of a first-person Remilia scene but if you're struggling with it it might be better just to mix it into the main branch of the story.
No. 5356
I personally was looking forward to the change in perspective, and while I imagine this is what's making it difficult to write, that same challenge probably means it's that much more beneficial to you as a writing exercise.

In my humble opinion, you should just keep working on it as you originally planned. Take your time, and if you need help, talk to some of the other writers here. If all else fails, search for material similar to what you want to do; reading another author's work to see what you could use or build on might just be the inspiration you need.
No. 5358
File 126920044341.png - (212.19KB , 550x674 , 59fe0f5ffb50dd24d8e7c3e3f241d520.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Get up, gently placing her head upon a pillow
[x] Go see what this knocking is about. If it's not that important, it can wait until the morning.
[x] Go to the bathroom (Chances are it's partially why you're awake)
[x] Go back to bed and Byakuren.


You yawn quietly, grumbling in response to being woken up by the noise. Regardless, you probably would've been woken up by the desire to pee sooner or later. You shift out from beneath Byakuren carefully so as not to wake her. She moans happily in her sleep. Freeing yourself from her, you gently rest Byakuren's head on the pillow. You stand up, still naked, and grab your pants. Finally, you approach the source of the incessant knocking and slide open the door.

You're now staring at a large, fluffy, pink cloud with the face of a man. It seems surprised to see you standing in the doorway. You rub at your eyes and yawn. The cloud eyes you curiously and you simply shrug your shoulders. “Must be the milk,” you mumble. Brushing off the encounter, you choose to walk through the cloud and shut the door behind you. It sighs quietly and turns away to float down the hall. You're not entirely sure where the toilet is, but you do know how to get to the bushes outside!

Shuffling down the hallway, you pass by a girl dressed in pajamas. She yawns tiredly and doesn't pay you much heed. “Wait up, Unzan,” she sleepily calls out. She continues down the hall past Byakuren's room. After another minute or two of walking, you reach the front door. Fortunately, without any more drug-induced encounters.

You now stand in front of a small bush with your pants pushed down. Sighing contentedly, you proceed to relieve yourself on the local Gensokyo plant life. “Good morning,” whispers the sweet voice of Nue in your ear. A sudden weight drops on to your back as legs and arms wrap themselves around your upper body.

“Come on, Nue,” you whine tiredly. “I'm tired and I'm trying to pee.” She sighs dejectedly, as if hurt, and then laughs. “Can you save it for later, please?”

Her weight shifts slightly as she shrugs. “You asked me nicely, so I suppose I can grant your request,” she says in an amused tone. The weight vanishes as Nue pulls another disappearing act. The presence of her can still be felt, though.

“Do you like watching me piss in the bushes?” you call out. A quiet laugh is the only response you get from her. As you pull up your pants, the presence fades away. “It's barely even morning, what's with all the activity,” you complain. You look towards the rising sun which is beginning to peek over the horizon. It's probably around six in the morning as far as you can tell. “Who is going to show up next,” you start. “No, no, don't even say it.” You sigh softly and return to the house to get a few more hours of sleep before Yukari decides to show up.

Byakuren lays on her back before you, her large breasts rising and falling as she breathes. You drop your pants, settle down beside her and, almost instantly, she rolls on top of you again. Her breasts squish against your chest and her arms wrap around your back. She makes a few quiet, happy noises while embracing you. You're now back in the same position as you were before leaving her. Byakuren's head nuzzles against your chest lovingly. The only difference now is that your arousal is beginning to build up as her body rubs your own. While you are fairly sure she wouldn't complain to being woken up for a quickie, the best course of action seems to be attempting to sleep again.

Yukari sits at a now familiar desk and wears a wide grin. “She makes a beautiful bride, not to mention the excellent camera work at the wedding,” she says amusedly. You stare at Yukari with a look of confusion upon your face. “Shinki and yourself, of course.” The book in her hands is snapped shut and she slides it across the desk towards you. As you reach for it, the book disappears in a puff of smoke. “No wedding photos for you,” she laughs. “That would be against the rules.” She crosses her arms and watches you.

You shake your head. “I'm a bit lost, Yukari. Wedding photos?” you ask her.

“Think back to the recent dreams, my pet,” is her answer.

She is right, after all, the past few dreams have been about Shinki and her daughter. The gold-clasped box drops from above and clatters onto the desk. “They're just dreams though, aren't they?” you say curiously.

Yukari laughs loudly and kicks her feet up on the desk. “Dreams are what you make of them, dear,” she replies cryptically. “A dream can become reality if you work towards it, or it could remain just a dream.” She pouts and feigns upset. “I'm sad you chose Shinki over myself!” she says disappointedly.

You raise an eyebrow and grin. “So, does that mean you'd rather I chose you as a bride?” you inquire.

Her mood and body language shift, the pout being replaced with a smile. “Why would you presume that one such as myself would take a husband?” she asks in return. “Besides, regardless of who you chose, you'd still be my pet in the end.” Her feet are removed from the desk and she leans forward, propping her head up on her hands. Despite how she acts, there is an underlying feeling that she is a little saddened. She may not even realize it herself. Yukari stares at you for a few moments and then sighs loudly. “I suppose I should let you finish sleeping.” She glances at a clock on the desk. “I do need to get up soon and come take my property home,” she chuckles.

You yawn and stretch, realizing quickly that Byakuren is no longer on top of you. A quiet humming and the sound of fabric shuffling can be heard nearby. “Morning,” you manage to call out.

“Good morning,” the cheerful voice of Byakuren says back. “I'm going to be cooking breakfast soon, make sure you tuck your friend away before coming out to eat,” she giggles. You open your eyes and look over to her. She is already fully dressed and stands in front of a mirror doing her hair. Glancing back and down, you realize what 'friend' she is referring to. You blush slightly and grab your nearby clothing.

A minute or two later, the both of you are standing out in the corridor. “I've got a feeling that a mutual friend of ours will be showing up soon,” you state in a slightly amused tone.

Byakuren nods and walks at your pace beside you. “Well, she can eat breakfast with us,” Byakuren says happily. The two of you step into the kitchen and are greeted with the three hungry faces of Nazrin, Shou and Kogasa.

“You're so late and slow,” Kogasa whines.

Shou cuffs Kogasa lightly on the back of the head. “We're all hungry, just be patient,” she says with exasperation. Kogasa turns around and begins arguing with Shou. Nazrin just rolls her eyes and takes a seat at the table.

“Stop fighting, children,” Byakuren says, laughing quietly. “I'll be starting breakfast in a moment.” She turns to look at you. “Perhaps you should go outside and wait for our guest and see if she does arrive?” she suggests. The two girls stop fighting and take seats of their own. Kogasa stretches across a free seat as if saving it for you. You smile and nod, turning to leave the kitchen and head outside.

The bright sun of the morning shines down on you while relaxing on the front step. “I know you're out there, Yukari,” you call out, expecting her to show up. Sure enough, the familiar tear in space can be spotted a few feet away. Your master steps from the opening and it shuts behind her. She's dressed in that lovely white, ruffled outfit. Her hat seems to be missing, but it reveals Yukari's neatly kept blonde hair, which is done up in a sort of bun in the back today.

“Good morning,” Yukari greets you, a radiant smile upon her face. You can't help but return the smile at the sight of her. “You're in a rather good mood today, my dear.” She walks over to you and extends a hand. “Happy to see me?” she asks. You nod and stand up, taking hold of Yukari's soft hand and helping her up onto the exterior walkway. “Thank you, and I'll be sure to thank Byakuren for the food as well.”

The two of you step inside the front door and pause for a moment. She looks at you curiously, as if expecting you to say something.

[ ] Ask how Yukari has been.
[ ] Tell Yukari you've missed her.
[ ] Confront her about the invasion of your dreams.
[ ] Write-in.
No. 5361
>“Why would you presume that one such as myself would take a husband?”
Heh heh, we'll see about that...

Anyway, for the matter at hand:
[X] Ask how Yukari has been.
[X] Confront her about the invasion of your dreams.
[X] Only, gently and not confrontationally, just bring it up in conversation.
No. 5362
[X] Small-talk about your stay.
[X] Tell her about Kogasa and how she might be sticking around.
[X] Confront her about the invasion of your dreams.
- [X] Let her know it's just the implication of needing such a short leash that's bothering you.

The previous write-in seemed a bit... I dunno, "wordy" I guess. Functionally identical, just trying to simmer it down a little.
No. 5364
[X] Ask how Yukari has been.

I don't see any good coming out of confronting her about her dream invasions but that's probably just me.
No. 5367
[X] Small-talk about your stay and what you missed.
[X] Tell her about Kogasa and how she might be sticking around.
[X] Gently confront her about the invasion of your dreams.
- [X] Let her know it's just the implication of needing such a short leash that's bothering you.
No. 5368
[X] Wag your tail. You're a good doggy!
[X] Tell Yukari you've missed her.
[X] Hug!
[X] Oh yeah! You found a cool umbrella you want to keep! Can you keep it, huh, huh? Can you keep it?

... What? What's that look for?
No. 5371

I laughed. Good job.
No. 5372
[X] Small-talk about your stay and what you missed.
[X] Tell her about Kogasa and how she might be sticking around.

You should see the custom icons I've made for the wallpaper on the PS3; wish I could figure out the process for the PSP where as the PS3's pretty much outlined and provided by Sony.
No. 5373
I wanted to add a note about missing her company but it might have made the write in too wordy, but funny write in regardless.
No. 5377
[X] Small-talk about your stay and what you missed.
[X] Tell her about Kogasa and how she might be sticking around.
[X] Gently confront her about the invasion of your dreams.
- [X] Let her know it's just the implication of needing such a short leash that's bothering you.
No. 5378
[X] Tell Yukari you've missed her.
[X] Hug!
[X] Oh yeah! You found a cool umbrella you want to keep! Can you keep it, huh, huh? Can you keep it?

I don't see the problem with the dream-visits, really. At least she has the decency of letting you know she's doing it, which is a good deal more than she might do others.
No. 5379
[X] Small-talk about your stay and what you missed.
[X] Tell her about Kogasa and how she might be sticking around.
[X] Gently confront her about the invasion of your dreams.
- [X] Let her know it's just the implication of needing such a short leash that's bothering you

I'm probably alone on this, but I'm not a big fan of Shinki. I dunno what it is (it's probably just a lack of familiarity).
No. 5381
it's not so much the visits but the implications she's been making.

Read the Mystic Square script on the wikia then, but generally Shinki is shown as a nice cute yet mothery sort of woman.
No. 5382
[x] Small-talk about your stay and what you missed.
[x] Tell her about Kogasa and how she might be sticking around.
[x] Gently confront her about the invasion of your dreams.
- [x] Let her know it's just the implication of needing such a short leash that's bothering you.
No. 5384
There's something both endearing and annoying in the way that my fellow anon seem to leap at the opportunity to combine every option into one.
No. 5385
[X] Tell Yukari you've missed her.
[X] Hug!
[X] Oh yeah! You found a cool umbrella you want to keep! Can you keep it, huh, huh? Can you keep it?
No. 5386
I'm busy today. As a result, I'll actually finish counting votes tomorrow and write this thing then.
No. 5388
[x] Small-talk about your stay and what you missed.
[x] Tell her about Kogasa and how she might be sticking around.
[x] Gently confront her about the invasion of your dreams.
- [x] Let her know it's just the implication of needing such a short leash that's bothering you.
No. 5391
[X] Tell Yukari you've missed her.
[X] Hug!
[X] Oh yeah! You found a cool umbrella you want to keep! Can you keep it, huh, huh? Can you keep it?

Nice call there >>5368
As mischievous and powerful as Yukari is, it just makes her all the more huggable.

As for Shinki, I'm not so sure. She's certainly nice, but needy and ageless can be problematic. Well, we've got lots of Gensokyo left to see.
No. 5392

Since it appears pointless, changing my vote to

[X] Small-talk about your stay and what you missed.
[X] Tell her about Kogasa and how she might be sticking around.
[X] Gently confront her about the invasion of your dreams.
- [X] Let her know it's just the implication of needing such a short leash that's bothering you.
No. 5393
It'd be nice if the general points of the two vote groups could be mixed. since while I voted for the longer one I wanted to tell her that to a degree we did miss her.
No. 5394
[X] Tell Yukari you've missed her (Reality with her is much better than a dream) while hugging her.
[X] Small-talk about your stay and what you missed.
[X] Tell her about Kogasa and how she might be sticking around.
[X] Gently confront her about the invasion of your dreams.
- [X] Let her know it's just the implication of needing such a short leash that's bothering you.

Tenga Toppa Gattai time!
No. 5397
File 126934659741.jpg - (113.10KB , 677x900 , 53a294330cf9e30417234692a4fda5fe.jpg ) [iqdb]
Votes closed. Unless I counted wrong, it looks like:

[X] Small-talk about your stay and what you missed.
[X] Tell her about Kogasa and how she might be sticking around.
[X] Gently confront her about the invasion of your dreams.
- [X] Let her know it's just the implication of needing such a short leash that's bothering you

I'll be nice and include some sort of comment about missing her, though it won't include a warm and loving hug while doing so.
No. 5398
>though it won't include a warm and loving hug while doing so.

Oh great. Nice going, guys.
No. 5399
Oh well... we should have started mixing sooner. But I think it's just as well.
No. 5400

I hope this is meant jokingly.
No. 5401
Oh calm down, it's not like we'll never be able to hug Yukari ever again.
No. 5402
I think hugging would disrupt the mood of the rest of the vote I'd think, and I'm sure we'll spend a few days at home in which we can hug her. That's not including sex with Ran, possibly more sex with Chen (And perhaps some other friends of hers)
No. 5403
Doing my best to get writing in, but these past few weeks (and probably for a bit longer) have been a little hectic. So, if I say 'update tomorrow' and it doesn't happen, that is because I had other obligations. But I'm still writing in some of my spare time.
No. 5404
Hmmmm friends of Yukari? Does the mean a drunken suika encounter?
No. 5405
Hmmmm friends of Yukari? Does the mean a drunken suika encounter?
No. 5406
>Dumb Wolf
Got that right.
No. 5410
>Dumb Wolf
It's like the references are making themselves!
No. 5411
Only in a porn board.
No. 5415
so where are we right now? remi fpv or yukari love?
No. 5416

as I understood it, the remi scenes are going to be rolled into the main story so it'll eventually arrive.
No. 5418

This is correct.
No. 5419
So when are we going to get some Kanako out here?
No. 5420
In due time, patience, good sir, patience.
No. 5421

Once I actually finish this update, the Byakuren segment should be wrapped up within 1-2 posts. The next choices of people to visit are Eirin, Kanako and Yuyuko. I don't think I'm spoiling anything by saying this since most of you should've figured that out by now.
No. 5424
I'm thinking Eirin next.
No. 5425

I'm voting Eirin as well.

I'm actually hoping for some Reisen, though.
No. 5426
There will be a chance to sleep with most of the characters in each section, just maybe not on the first visit.
No. 5427
File 12698033691.jpg - (234.48KB , 756x614 , 1266791039396.jpg ) [iqdb]
I've been waiting through the Byakuren arc for Kanako, but Yuyuko is fine too.

IN is probably my least favorite set of characters Keine and Mokou excluded
No. 5428
I was thinking Kanako or Yuyuko.
No. 5429
I would not mind an Eirin in the slightest.

I'm worried about Tewi, though. Kind of expecting BDSM faggotry, but hoping for rabbity sex drive.

Or no Tewi at all. That would be okay.
No. 5430
I recall in a older thread something about him hating Tewi, i may be mistaken but technically we haven't had loli yet.
I'm not sure if he intended a loli Chen or Nazrin. Can't think of anyone else loli yet.
No. 5431
File 126982620685.jpg - (1.20MB , 1000x1224 , 1269778942859.jpg ) [iqdb]
Have a Yukarin ass to fap to in the meantime.
No. 5433

Chen and Nazrin are loli, and I will be writing Tewi, although it may turn people off.
No. 5437
File 126984384588.jpg - (201.77KB , 618x780 , 126055489434.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm pretty indifferent about the characters but it was my least favorite game.
A Tewi is fine too.
No. 5438
Yeah, I almost never play IN. Even the music gets old somewhat quickly.

But it's fine by me as far as porn goes.
No. 5439
The eientei cast, however, is just about the most boring in the entire setting. Mokou is just fine though, but Kaguya, Eirin and Reisen are all yawnworthy crap as far as characters go, and don't get me started on the pointless extra, tewi.
No. 5440
still waiting to see how you'll do Nue
No. 5441
I've never been able to look at Eirin the same way ever since a friend of mine made a disturbingly convincing argument about her being a Great-Old-One-esque monsterocity dwelling on the moon since before the rise of mankind, and being found there by the Lunarians when they left Earth. Making her a Hastur to Yukari's Yog-Sothoth I suppose.
Oh god I'm drunk posting again
No. 5442
Well I liked Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth...
No. 5444
I like the /eientei/ bunch, it's just that it's the most meme riddled fandoms. Some folks might not like that due to the backlash over how they overshadow Mokou and Keine on the site. I like all characters pretty well.

That was pretty funny, and close to canon (ZUN wrote it), but played far more for silliness than anything else. I think the most normal of the bunch in the comics was Reisen.
No. 5445

Go away YAF
No. 5447
Every drunkposter is now YAF.
No. 5448
Except when he's Norseman.
No. 5450
I've been writing for the past couple hours, yay. Oddly enough, the day I'm sick is the day I feel like writing and have the free time to do so! Probably have an update posted by tonight. I apologize for the delay.
No. 5452
File 126998518842.jpg - (1.26MB , 1500x1857 , bef42a37d16c43e10947deca06c90491.jpg ) [iqdb]
What is this? An early update? Oh dear.

Also, this is the only Kogasa and Yukari picture I can find.

[X] Small-talk about your stay and what you missed.
[X] Tell her about Kogasa and how she might be sticking around.
[X] Gently confront her about the invasion of your dreams.
- [X] Let her know it's just the implication of needing such a short leash that's bothering you


You shrug briefly, unsure what to say. “I missed you, you know,” you start a bit hesitantly. Yukari smiles softly in response. “So, uh, how have you been? What have I missed while I've been gone?” you inquire.

Yukari grins and rests her gloved hand upon her cheek. “I've been fine, perhaps a little bit lonely,” she says. “As for what you've missed, not a whole lot. Chen has been helping Ran loosen up, so to speak,” she laughs. The prospect of Chen and Ran together is intriguing. Perhaps you can catch them in the act some time. “Of course, it's inconvenient when the housework doesn't get finished as a result.”

Laughing quietly, you nod.. “I can understand that,” you say in return. “So, how would you feel if I brought a friend home with me, Master Yukari?”

She seems a bit surprised, but the grin on her face doesn't waver. “A friend?” she asks curiously. “I assume by friend you mean somebody you've slept with?” You blush and give her a sheepish nod. “Well, I suppose I can indulge my pet, but I'll need to meet her in private myself eventually.” Yukari laughs playfully.

“There is something else I need to talk to you about, Yukari,” you say in a serious tone.

She places a finger upon your lips as if to hush you. “It must be awfully important, and I think we should discuss it at home in private,” she suggests. You attempt to object, but she shakes her head. “No, no, we'll talk about it then. Besides, I imagine people are waiting on us.” You sigh quietly and nod. She removes her finger and brings her face closer to you. “First thing when we get back, I promise,” she says sincerely. Yukari briefly presses her lips to your own and lets out a soft, content 'mm'.

You take her hand and gesture towards the kitchen. “All right then, shall we?” you ask. Yukari nods and follows your lead to the kitchen. Stepping inside, the smell of food floods your nose. The girls look over to you and Yukari. Byakuren, Shou and Nazrin greet her with familiarity. Kogasa, on the other hand, looks at her curiously. She pulls her legs up and pats the empty seat beside her. You nod and lead Yukari over to the table, sitting down between Kogasa and your master.

Kogasa tugs on your shirt and leans up to your ear. “Who is that?” she whispers to you.

You chuckle quietly and turn to her. “I'll introduce you two later,” you answer quietly. Byakuren walks over to the table and sets down a stack of bowls, as well as a large dish of food. Within moments, everyone has taken up their bowls and utensils, digging into the meal hungrily. Idle banter flows through the room, save for Kogasa who stares intently at Yukari while eating.

“Is that your little friend?” Yukari asks you quietly. You nod and continue eating. “She's a cute one,” she chuckles. “I wouldn't mind trying her myself.” Raising an eyebrow, you glance at Yukari. She looks Kogasa square in the eyes and licks her lips lustfully. A quiet gasp can be heard from Kogasa and she quickly turns away with a blush on her cheeks. Yukari giggles and shrugs, returning silently to her meal.

Byakuren looks to Yukari and speaks up. “Thank you for letting him visit for the weekend, dear,” she says happily. “He's a wonderful boy, isn't he girls?” Byakuren asks the others. They all nod and voice their agreement.

Yukari waves her hand dismissively. “No need to thank me, it was my pleasure,” she replies. “He could use a bit of a bath, though.”

A short burst of laughter comes from Byakuren. “I suppose you're right, Yukari,” she says. “That's partially my fault, he was so busy that there simply wasn't time for one.” She glances towards you, a look of remorse on her face. Some of the girls fidget uncomfortably.

“I think I understand,” Yukari says, seemingly lost in thought. “In any case, I'm sure he wouldn't mind visiting again, would you?”

You shake your head. “I had fun, I'd love to come back again,” you answer, looking to the girls with a smile. They seem rather pleased, especially Shou in particular. Silence briefly falls back over the table as everyone finishes up their food. Byakuren stands and begins clearing the table with Nazrin's assistance.

Yukari clears her throat. “Well, I suppose I should get going now.” Byakuren gives her a short nod. “Thank you for the meal,” she adds, standing up. She steps over to the doorway and turns about. “Are you two coming?” she asks, a wide grin across her face. You look to Kogasa and then back to Yukari. Taking Kogasa's hand, you stand up from the table and lead her over to Yukari.

“I guess this is goodbye for now,” you announce to the room. Kogasa nods excitedly. Yukari slides the door open and gestures toward it. Byakuren and the other two wave goodbye as you exit the room.

Yukari moves up beside Kogasa and looks down to her. “So, you must be the friend coming home with us, then?” she asks with a sweet smile.

Kogasa looks up to Yukari and nods. “Yeah, I want to go with my human,” she answers happily.

You chuckle quietly. “You'll be coming with us, don't worry,” you reassure her, placing a hand on Kogasa's shoulder.

“Oh, don't forget to gather your belongings, my pet,” Yukari suggests.

Kogasa speaks up before you have a chance to. “I'll go get them!” she says cheerfully, quickly taking off down the hall.

Yukari laughs and takes your hand. “Excitable girl, isn't she? I think I like her already.” You grin and squeeze her hand. “I wonder what she meant by 'my human', though,” Yukari wonders aloud.

You let out a quiet, sheepish laugh. “I'll explain everything later, Master,” you tell her. Kogasa quickly returns with both umbrella and sword in hand. She seems reticent to let it go, but holds out the sword to you. You thank her and take it.

The three of you step outside into the morning sun. “I suppose I should introduce myself if you're going to be coming with us,” Yukari says to Kogasa. Turning toward the other girl, she extends a hand. “My name is Yukari, and I am his owner.” She waves her hand towards you.

“Owner?” Kogasa questions, a bit confused. “Anyway, I'm Kogasa, nice to meet you!” She bows briefly and then takes Yukari's hand. “Thanks for letting me come with you.”

Yukari giggles and brings a hand up to cover her mouth. “Such a sweet girl, aren't you?” She looks over to you briefly. “Be a dear and hold her umbrella for a moment,” she requests. Kogasa happily hands over the umbrella, seemingly content that you are the one taking it. “Now, before I can bring you with us, there is something I have to do.”

Kogasa looks at Yukari and cocks her head in curiosity. Yukari moves a bit closer into Kogasa and looks down to her. Those gloved hands reach up and, to Kogasa's surprise, grab her breasts firmly. “Wha, what are you doing?” she asks in shock. Yukari doesn't answer, choosing to continue exploring Kogasa's body. You're reminded of when you were taken by your master, she appraised your body as if you were a piece of meat. Now Kogasa is going through the same process. A soft moan leaves her lips when Yukari's fingers brush over the crotch of her panties. Two fingers gently slip around the edge of the fabric and push between the damp lips of Kogasa's pussy.

Bringing her hand back up, Yukari inspects the fluid on it and then tastes it. “Very good,” is all she says. Yukari gently leans Kogasa's head back and kisses her on the lips. The two women moan happily for a few moments. Yukari pulls back and her tongue hangs out, connected to Kogasa's by a strand of saliva. “Oh, yes, I'll definitely be taking you home with us,” Yukari chuckles. Kogasa slumps forward and buries her head in the breasts of your master. Yukari places her hands on the smaller girl's rump and squeezes it. “As much as I'd love to take you right here, Kogasa, I really must get us all home.” Yukari releases her and steps back, allowing Kogasa to collect herself. “Let's see, I'm going to send you to his bedroom,” Yukari says to her. “And those will go with you as well,” she gestures toward the umbrella and sword. Within moments a large gap envelops Kogasa, and a smaller one takes the two items from your hands.

“What of us, Master?” you ask, taking a few steps towards Yukari.

Yukari takes your hands and plants a brief kiss on your cheek. “Well, first I'm going to thank you for having such good taste,” she says playfully. “You need a bath, but you also wanted to talk, so that means I'm going to do this!” she exclaims. You find yourself naked in the bathroom at Mayohiga. The warm water of the bath surrounds your body. “So, I'm going to wash my pet, and he's going to talk to me about what's so important,” Yukari says with a grin, picking up some soap and a wash cloth.

You sigh happily as the wash cloth passes over your back. “I wanted to talk to you about my dreams, Yukari,” you say, turning toward her. She pauses and watches you carefully, listening to you. “Yukari, I'd like you to stop invading my dreams constantly.” A look of surprise and shock cross her face. The soap in her hand makes a loud 'plop' as it drops into the tub.

Yukari stares at you for a few moments with an incredulous look on her face. “Invading your dreams? What?” she asks in a confused tone.

Nodding to Yukari, you continue. “Almost every night you come into my dreams and tease me, Yukari,” you tell her. “It's not the worst thing, but I feel like I'm being kept on a short leash.”

She stares into your eyes. Her gaze is intense and serious yet not unkind or upset. “You are my pet, and you belong to me. However,” she pauses, her eyes softening, “I am not entering your dreams,” she finishes in a gentle voice. She drops the wash cloth and takes your hand in both of hers. “I will admit, I watch you from time to time with the other women, but I would never, ever take that privacy from you.” Her face is sincere and honest. Her right hand releases your own and comes up to stroke your cheek. It's a bit strange, you've never seen her act like this towards you. Yukari closes her eyes and leans across the edge of the tub, her lips lightly pressing to your own. You're used to being kissed by her, but this is different. It's a kiss backed by emotion and care rather than the usual lust.

You smile to Yukari as she pulls back from you. “I believe you, but that means I have to figure out what's going on with my dreams, then.”

She grips your hand tightly and nods. “Would you mind telling me about some of your dreams one day?” she requests. “Maybe I can help you determine what's happening.”

You nod hesitantly to her. “I don't know, maybe, it's something to think about,” you say.

“I understand,” is all she says, releasing your hand and reaching into the tub to fish for the lost soap. “You really should've taken a bath there!” she teases you jokingly, attempting to lighten the mood.

You laugh in response. “Hey, it's not my fault, I was too busy having fun.”

Yukari laughs at the remark. “We both know what you mean by that,” she says with a grin. “You'll be having a lot more fun, though I'll probably keep you at home for a bit before sending you off again.” You groan contentedly as she washes your back. “Oh, by the way, you'll be in your room tonight, I've got a guest to entertain,” Yukari mentions. “But we can spend some quality time together tomorrow.”

“Entertain, Master?” you inquire with a chuckle. “We both know what you mean by that,” you repeat, a wide smile across your face. She descends into a brief fit of giggles. “Do I know this guest?”

She shakes her head. “No, you've never met her, but I should probably introduce you one day.” Yukari wrings the wet rag out onto your hair. “Oh, and don't peek tonight, dear,” she adds. “Though I wouldn't punish you too much for being curious.” You're not quite sure of Yukari's intent, but it almost sounds like an invitation. “So, I don't want to rush you, but do you know who you'd like to visit next?” she asks of you. “There are three left I believe, although I have a few errands I wouldn't mind you taking care of.” She pauses and then shakes her head. “No, you can handle those later.”

[ ] The dead princess.
[ ] The 'dangerous' pharmacist.
[ ] The goddess.
[ ] Ask for details on the errands.
No. 5453
[x] The goddess.

Sounds like while Yukari 'entertains' her guest, that'd be idea for some fun with the other 3 ladies.
No. 5454
[X] The dead princess.
[X] Ask for details on the errands.

Looking forward to some time with Ran now we're home.
No. 5455
[x] The goddess.
No. 5456
[x] The goddess.
No. 5457
[X] Ask for details on the errands.
No. 5458
[†] The goddess.
No. 5459
[X] The goddess.
[X] Ask for details on the errands.
No. 5460
[x] The 'dangerous' pharmacist.
No. 5462
[x] The goddess.
No. 5464
[x] The goddess.
No. 5465
[X] The goddess.
No. 5466
[x] The 'dangerous' pharmacist.

Punishment time~
No. 5468
[X] Ask for details on the errands.
-[X] The goddess.

It seems these alleged invasions by Yukari may not actually be Yukari but possibly a psychological manifestation. basically using an image of her to have questions he himself may not be able to ask himself personally.

Or I may be talking out of my ass, through my fingers and onto the keyboard...

Nonetheless perhaps a slight break and taking care of some errands may help him sort his mind out.
No. 5469
[X] Ask for details on the errands.
- [X] The goddess.
No. 5470
I don't mind if you guys merge the details option with a character choice, by the way.
No. 5471
what's with all the Kanako love? Out of the 3, I can't really say, but Yuyuko does have Youmu route which I really want, but it does look like we are going from the latest bosses, set aside Shiki for the trippy dream plot.
Poor Okuu, Yukari doesn't consider her a friend. Would be nice if we get to see Satori but maybe for another time.
No. 5472

The friends are the 'old maids alliance' plus Shinki. Yukari obviously has more 'friends' than these 5.
No. 5473
Hard to tell, though with the first few choices I sense a bit of a old maid alliance motif. I'm sure we'll have some fun underground.
No. 5474

See? This man gets it!

The story will expand beyond the Old Maids Alliance, hence the errands.
No. 5475
[ ] The 'dangerous' pharmacist.
[ ] Ask for details on the errands.

Where did all these Kanako fans come from?
No. 5477
[ ] The dead princess.
No. 5478
[ø] The 'dangerous' pharmacist.
Although I'm choosing this, all 3 choices are fine with me.
No. 5479
[x] The 'dangerous' pharmacist.

We're gonna fuck...


like rabbits.
No. 5480
[X] The goddess.
[X] Ask for details on the errands.
No. 5481
[x] The goddess.
No. 5482
[x] The goddess.
No. 5483
We Kanako/Sanae fans were always here, now that we've whittled down the obvious first results, Shinki, who along with Mima are the two most popular PC98 characters, and Nyakuren, the new girl in town, it's finally time for the real fun. The eienteifriends can go fuck themselves for a while.
No. 5484
Save the best for last!
No. 5485
Calm down already, this is no place to be starting shitstorms. We'll get around to do doing just about everyone, so just chill out already.
No. 5487
File 127001124796.jpg - (221.35KB , 500x500 , Nyakuren.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 5488
Man, that was an honest typo there.
No. 5489
[x] The 'dangerous' pharmacist.
No. 5490
>>Poor Okuu, Yukari doesn't consider her a friend.

Why would she? She's a house-pet, not a grannie.
No. 5491
[X] The 'dangerous' pharmacist.

Details be damned, that will come soon enough. I'm not particularly fond of Eirin, nor do I usually chute for the pooper, butt I have this overwhelming urge for a piece of Tewi's ass.
No. 5492
File 12700164769.jpg - (208.83KB , 600x450 , dat ass.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] The goddess.

Kanako route, yeeeees.
No. 5493
File 127001725134.png - (73.60KB , 200x293 , 1262903251338.png ) [iqdb]
We were probably all voting tactically and weighing in on one of the more popular choices instead of pissing against the tide, previously. We were always there.
No. 5495
So? That picture is nice.
No. 5496
[X] The dead princess.
[X] Ask for details on the errands.
No. 5497
[+] The goddess.
[+] Ask for details on the errands.

Going to the mountain gives us a chance at a lot of good ones. The Moriya Shrine trio, Aya and Momiji, Nitori, Hina... Possibly the underground crew as well (though it's more likely that will be for another time). Iku and Tenshi are also a possibility.

Yuyuko and the Hakugyokurou crew come in a close second, but second nonetheless.

Eirin... To be honest, I'm still not completely over the dick-breaking thing from way back. If I voted for her, it'd be a vote for Mokou, and that's all.
(Mind you, it's entirely possible that Our Dear Author will write the rest in a way that charms me into liking them; in fact, I'm hoping for this when the Eientei crew's turn comes around.)

In general, though, I'd rather go Mountain-climbing for now.
No. 5498
Also, the thread is on autosage.
No. 5499
[x] The dead princess.

I hope we get to have some time with Ran before we leave~ <3
No. 5502
I guess I'll close votes. I'd count them but that's sort of a waste of time, Kanako got like 15-20 votes. I'll probably toss in the errands question anyway.

So, with that said, I feel sick this morning, but that seems to be a good time to write for me. We'll see what happens, but probably new thread tonight if I do write.


Dick breaking thing?

Also, Eirin is going to have a rather unique and unexpected take on her personality.
No. 5504
DoLF's first run in /eientei/; I can't explain it but it's something considered a first timer's mistake in terms of writing.

I'd thought you'd know better than to let one version of a character affect your overall opinion of her.
No. 5505
>>Dick breaking thing?

Don't mind it. It's one of those things that happened ages ago in a completely unrelated story, yet for some reason some people absolutely refuse to let it go.
No. 5506
By the way, I'm lumping in the other option since I imagine more people would've combined it if they knew they could, and it's not really going to change the story, just provide information.


Oh, wait, now I remember. I forgot about Teruyo's story. That was pretty funny.
No. 5507
So true, even if said writer has improved since them. Perhaps there's basis to the bit "Anonymous never forgives, never forgets"
No. 5509
Update is pretty much done, am waiting on proof reader. I came up with some interesting spur of the moment ideas while writing today, too.
No. 5515
new thread: http://www.touhou-project.com/at/res/5514.html
No. 5529
Not that I don't know better; I do. It just stands out so much in my mind that, between that and (moreso) Happy Fun Needle Time Master Eirin from Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth, I've been left with a fairly bad impression of her character.