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4665 No. 4665
[X] Go find Nazrin and let her know you're here.


Finding Nazrin seems like a reasonable idea right now. You slip out of the room and leave Kogasa to rest. The most likely place for Nazrin to be is her room. Knocking quietly at her door, you wait patiently.

A familiar voice calls out from inside. “Come in,” it says. You slide open the door and enter Nazrin's room. She stands before you with a look of surprise on her face, blushing slightly as you gaze upon her nude body.

“Oh, sorry, Nazrin,” you apologize, turning away slightly. You find it difficult to not stare at Nazrin's body.

“I was changing, I didn't expect you'd be the one to walk in.” Nazrin sets her clothes down and poses for you. “It's okay though, I don't mind having you see me,” she giggles. “I do need to get dressed, though. Maybe later we'll have a little fun.” Nazrin picks her clothes up and dresses, chatting idly. “So, what do you think of mother?”

You shrug. “She's weird, but I like her. I brought Kogasa along with me, by the way,” you tell her.

Nazrin grins widely. “You already did it, didn't you?” she asks, laughing when you answer affirmatively. “Hey, you haven't met Shou yet, right?”

Shaking your head no, you smile to Nazrin. “I wanted to come find you first,” you say. Nazrin, now dressed, fidgets and blushes. She walks up and throws her arms around your waist. You laugh and put yours around her back.

“I want to introduce you to her!” Nazrin releases your waist and grabs your hand. “I told her all about you, she wanted to meet you, but, um,” she scratches her arm nervously. “She was kinda upset when I told her you taught me stuff, and she wants to fight, so it's better you came to me first.”

You look at Nazrin, taken aback. “She wants to fight me?” you ask incredulously.

Nazrin nods. “She's a nice person but she's protective and likes to fight, but look at the bright side, she's really good and you can learn some stuff,” she says cheerfully. “She's probably in the room with all the weapons, it's not too far from here.” She tugs on your hand.

You shake your head. “I'm not so sure I want to fight her, but...”

She interrupts you. “You have to, she doesn't respect anyone who doesn't fight, and I want you to be friends,” she pleads. Nazrin looks up to you, eyes watering slightly. “At least go hear her out for me?”

You sigh loudly and nod. “If I'm going to fight her, let me get my sword, Nazrin.” You jerk your head in the direction of your room. “Come on,” you direct her. You leave the room with Nazrin and briefly visit yours. You retrieve the sword, being careful not to wake Kogasa. That strange umbrella watches you carefully.

Nazrin smiles and leads you on. The sound of wood clacking against wood can be heard from down the hall, growing louder as you approach. “This is Shou's training room, she spends most of her time in here.” She stands before the door, looking from you to the sword. “She's nice once you get to know her, but this is the best way to get to know her,” Nazrin assures you.

You nod to her. “Alright, Nazrin.” You slide the door open and enter, Nazrin right behind you. The room is lined with plain looking weapons, save for one. An ornate spear rests against one wall.

A tall woman stands in the center of the room. She has short, blonde hair which is topped with some sort of ornament. A long, flowing robe covers her body, pieces of tiger-print material attached to it. She's currently engaged in beating the tar out of a training dummy with a wooden pole, but notices you immediately. “So, you're the man who took it upon himself to use Nazrin,” she says flatly. “I don't know if I should be impressed or angry.”

“He didn't use me,” Nazrin insists.

Shou scowls at Nazrin, then at you. “Now you come to my home. I don't know what your intent is here, but I know that if you're going to stay you have to deal with me.” Shou knocks the dummy down and pushes it away with her foot. She points at you with the pole. “I challenge you,” she states proudly. “You may use your sword, I will be generous enough to use this pole.” Shou chuckles ruefully. “Or, perhaps you can choose how we fight.” She takes on a grim look. “No danmaku, though.”

[ ] Accept her challenge, use her terms.
[ ] Accept her challenge, allow her to use that ornate spear.
[ ] Accept her challenge, unarmed combat.
[ ] Decline the challenge.
[ ] Be brutally honest, tell her you're here to sleep with the inhabitants.

No. 4667
[X] Accept her challenge, use her terms.

Hey we'll get our ass kicked but at least it won't be lethal and we might earn her respect.
No. 4668
[x] Accept her challenge, use her terms.

Let's show her what we're made of and perhaps surprise her.
No. 4669
>“No danmaku, though.”
interesting, we could of used our invisibility against danmaku for our advantage.
[x] Accept her challenge, allow her to use that ornate spear.
[x] "On one condition, the loser must obey the winner till midnight. I'm sure you can think of some use for me, and this isn't a poor deal on my end either with a marvelous lady on stake."
it wouldn't be fair to make her go unarmed in a round, and even though im pretty sure she's stronger, we always have that sword wave as a trump card. That and the gamble makes it o so much funner, but again this can cause us some problems. I hope she's into the challenge.
No. 4671

No write-ins for this.
No. 4672

I think after a good fight, Shou'll go deredere so the write in's pointless.
No. 4673
[X] Be brutally honest, tell her you're here to sleep with the inhabitants.
[X] Accept her challenge, use her terms.

I know, no vote combining, but I kinda want to do both: tell her our intent, since she asked, and then fight. They don't seem exclusive to me; will it pass, or should I just pick one?
No. 4675

Sorry for being unclear: Every option except #4 (decline) will result in a fight.

So no need to combine, [ ] Be brutally honest, tell her you're here to sleep with the inhabitants. will result in a battle.
No. 4677
Yeah, but on what terms? If it does result in battle, it's going to be options 1, 2 or 3 anyway, right? Option 5 just sounds like it's there to get her riled up.
No. 4678

On her terms.
No. 4679

I figured he'd say that after he was finished, and it was more like sleeping with Byakuren, but Nazrin and Nue as nice bonuses.
No. 4680
In that case,

[X] Be brutally honest, tell her you're here to sleep with the inhabitants.

Riled up, and perhaps off her guard as a result. And what's more, these warrior types are always suckers for honesty~
No. 4681

even if she gets so enraged that she'd try to kill you? I'd rather save the truth until after the battle. I'd like to avoid a bad end you know.
No. 4682

>I'd like to avoid a bad end you know.

I really hate this line of thinking because it prevents people from trying different things. Not necessarily regarding this post, but generally speaking.

1. This story has no 'limited continue' shit.
2. I am probably the most generous writer on the boards.
No. 4683
[x] Accept her challenge, use her terms.
i take it back i thought she was still going to use that pole, if its made out of wood we might have a chance but HER spear?
unless you guys believe we're bad ass enough dudes to fight her at full power i don't want to die yet.
No. 4685
[x] Be brutally honest, tell her you're here to sleep with the inhabitants.
This Story is probably the msot active and read on the whole board.

I am not sure what to think of this.
No. 4687
[x] Accept her challenge, allow her to use that ornate spear.

Pussies. Let me translate something for you.

>“You may use your sword, I will be generous enough to use this pole.”
>“Go ahead and use your metal sword, faggot. I've got more man in this WOOD POLE than you've got in that needle you call a dick.”

>[ ] Accept her challenge, use her terms.
>[ ] Accept her challenge, cop out like a bitch.

Shou is an actual warrior, and if she wanted you to die really badly she would have charged you the moment you stuck your fool head inside her dojo.
No. 4688
Something tells me that allowing her to use her real weapon might earn a bit more of her respect. It might also cause us to unleash some of our hidden potential since there is a real danger involved.

Also, if we get a cut on our shoulder or something, 'mother' will 'nurse' us back to health. Then Shou would come in late that night feeling sorry for hurting us, and lick our wounds.

Besides, I doubt she'd try to kill us with how much Nazrin likes us, or without knowing the consequences of her actions. This is a duel, not a fight to the death.
No. 4689
[x] Be brutally honest, tell her you're here to sleep with the inhabitants.
No. 4690
To this point, using a tiny bit of logic was enough to avoid any possible "bad end" by lightyears.
For example, in this case, i vote
[X] Accept her challenge, use her terms.

If we decline, It'll probably be harder to get along with her later.
If Rick gets too cocky and goes all like "use the spear, blah blah blah, don't hold back" we might really get our ass kicked seriously, and then something bad MIGHT happen.
No. 4691
[+] Accept her challenge, allow her to use that ornate spear.

We've got a special weapon, so should she.
No. 4692
[x] Accept her challenge, allow her to use that ornate spear.
Game on!
No. 4693
[X] Be brutally honest, tell her you're here to sleep with the inhabitants.
No. 4694
[x] Be brutally honest, tell her you're here to sleep with the inhabitants.

Why the hell not? If we're gonna die, might as well be honest about it~
No. 4695
[x] Be brutally honest, tell her you're here to sleep with the inhabitants.
Because honesty is the best policy with someone like Shou.
No. 4696
[x] Accept her challenge, allow her to use that ornate spear.
No. 4697
I've gotten a surprising amount of votes in a short time and hey, maybe I can fit in another update tonight.

Votes closed, I'll tally and start writing in a few minutes.
No. 4698
Honesty won with 7, writing commences.
No. 4701
The umbrella of Kogasa has only one eye...
No. 4702

Jesus christ, thank you, I probably typed two eyes out of habit from dealing with, y'know, things that normally have two eyes. I found the gaffe in the prior thread and fixed it in my personal log file.
No. 4704

and I thought I imagined seeing that typo my god...
No. 4707
Seriously? That won. Wish I had gotten here a little sooner, so I could go ahead with the obvious [X] Accept her challenge, allow her to use that ornate spear.

It's a fucking porn story, guys. You don't need to over-think this. Damn.
No. 4709

Yeah but the author has said that certain choices lead to a bad end, and potientally pissing off a warrior Youkai could easily result in this. And we also risk on missing out on Shou sex due to coming off as more horndog than honorable warrior.
No. 4710

The fuck? What did you think I was going to vote for? Did you even read what I posted? Or do you honestly think that somehow telling the warrior woman that we're here to bone everyone in the household when she's already pissed off at us for boning Nazrin will make a better impression than accepting her terms and asking her to fight us without a handicap?
No. 4711
Ha ha oh man this is gonna hurt.
No. 4713
File 126456544710.jpg - (1.55MB , 1200x1750 , 83e7b91ba6b8df9ba16b142a357f8e71.jpg ) [iqdb]
Also, I meant to put this in the OP, but here will do:

irc://irc.rizon.net/touhouporn Quick link to the channel I mentioned in the prior thread.

[x] Be brutally honest, tell her you're here to sleep with the inhabitants.


“You question my motives and you challenge my honor, Shou,” you say to her. Shou stands there and watches you, arms crossed defiantly. “I'll tell you my intent, Shou, for I have nothing to hide.” She raises an eyebrow curiously. “I have come here to sleep with everyone who lives in this house,” you state brazenly with no shame. Nazrin giggles and covers her mouth.

Shou's eyebrow twitches slightly and she stares stoically at you for a few moments. Her expression softens slightly. “You've got the biggest pair on you that I've ever seen, human,” she laughs heartily. “You come here in the face of danger and answer with the truth. I respect that, and maybe Nazrin was right about you.”

You flash Shou a grin. “But with that said, you did challenge my honor, and I accept.”

She laughs again and assumes a stance with the wooden pole. “You have the heart and spirit of a warrior, don't you?” she asks.

“I may not be the most skilled combatant, Shou, but I will fight you to the best of my ability.” You brandish the sword and steady yourself.

Shou nods firmly. “Nazrin, leave,” she calls out to her. The quiet clack of the door sliding shut tells you that Nazrin is gone. “You're a respectful man, so I'll start slow. Perhaps you can consider this training, even.” Shou sidesteps around the room, starting to circle around. You match the movement to prevent her from flanking you. “I will not hold back once we've warmed up, though.” Shou lunges forward with the pole, not particularly quick. You easily sidestep the attack and swing as she passes by. The sword leaves a superficial wound on her clothing. “Well, you're not completely helpless,” she comments, having returned to the circling match.

You smile and respond. “I've had some practicing dodging things, Shou.” Another attack comes, this one a bit faster. The same motions are repeated as before, another slice to her clothing.

“You need to move faster, human. You're catching naught but fabric,” she teases. Shou slides to the side and leaps in, swinging low with the pole. You barely manage to leap above it and have no time for a retaliatory strike. This time, you press the attack before she can, pushing forward with the sword and slicing at her midriff. It leaves a large gash in her shirt but causes no damage. “Give me all you have, don't worry about harming me.” Another attack on your end, this time Shou slides out of the way, moves past and slaps you in the back with her pole.

You spin around to face her, a light sweat breaking out. “This is good practice,” you say to Shou. You charge her and swing, but the pole deflects your blade. Shou laughs and follows up to your attack, but you manage to sidestep it and swing again. She attempts to move out of the way but isn't quite quick enough. Your sword tears a long gash through a sleeve and part of her top.

She chuckles and backs off a bit. “Are you trying to hurt me or disrobe me?” she inquires playfully.

“Neither, I'm just poor with the sword,” you respond with a wink.

Shou charges you, seemingly leaving herself open. You move to swing but find your arm and sword suddenly held up in the air by her pole. Her breasts press against your chest. “You're not that bad,” she whispers. “You just need...” Your sword slices through the pole and down the front of her garment, exposing the cleavage of her bust. She laughs and jumps back, now holding two halves of the staff. “I was going to say you needed practice, but it seems you really are trying to disrobe me.” Beads of sweat have started forming on Shou's body as well.

You laugh and step in for another attack while she's slightly off balance. A sleeve of her top is torn off, exposing the smooth and toned flesh of her arm. “Would that be the worst thing in the world?” you laugh.

She throws the two pieces away and grabs another pole from the wall. “No more play,” she says with a serious tone. Shou charges and swings wide. You block the attempt with your sword, but the force unbalances you. She makes another high, wide swing, although this time you manage to duck it. The pole slams into a few objects behind you and sends them flying against the wall. You take the opening and slice upwards at her. She leaps backwards, losing more of her clothing in the process.

Shou stands there, breathing heavily. Her tattered clothes reveal patches of smooth skin, soaked in sweat. She maintains a combat stance, circling you and watching. “You've got a lot of stamina for a human,” she remarks in amusement. Shou makes a predictable lunge at you. You drop and slide out of the way, catching her clothing as you pass by. It tears easily, exposing Shou's strong legs and part of her panties. She growls and whirls around as you climb to your feet. She resumes her stance, unintentionally exposing her crotch. Her body may be coated in a layer of sweat, but the crotch of her panties are soaked through with more than sweat.
No. 4714
File 126456550572.jpg - (808.74KB , 1004x800 , 926fd3b59c2d30c96eef4db37e1121be.jpg ) [iqdb]
You stare at Shou in shock. “Shou, are you getting off on this?” you ask her in surprise. She glances down, blushing as she realizes. Taking advantage of the situation, Shou charges you. She knocks you over and the sword flies from your hand, clattering to the floor.

“Now you're mine,” she growls. Shou tosses her weapon away and stands over you. She drops to her hands and knees, grabbing at your shirt and pants. She tears them off easily and then does the same to her tattered top and panties. Shou pins your arms to the floor, eyes filled with lust as she licks her lips. Her moderate bust sways back and forth above you, fluids dripping from her cunt. “I love a man who fights.” She presses her sweaty body to your own and slides a hand down between the two of you. Her hand firmly grips your cock and positions it against the slippery lips of her pussy. “I was mad when Nazrin told me what you did to her.” The tip of your cock parts her lips. “But she insisted you made her happy.” An inch sinks in. “A man who can fight, and a man who can make Nazrin happy.” Shou's cunt grips your shaft. “That's good enough for me.” She grits her teeth as her pussy takes the rest of you inside.

You moan loudly as she impales herself upon you. “Shou,” you cry out. She laughs and grinds her soaked cunt against you. You try to move, but her strong arms hold you firmly in place while she takes you.

“Struggle all you want, but you're my reward for winning,” she laughs. The muscles of her pussy contract around you. Shou presses her breasts into your chest, moaning and grunting as she rides your hard cock. “You've got a good, strong body,” she says over the noise of her sloppy cunt smacking your crotch. She groans again as she thrusts herself onto you. Shou's mouth finds yours, her tongue forcing its way past your lips. She moans through the kiss and picks up the pace. Her toned thighs slap against yours loudly, her moans growing in volume. She breaks the kiss, gasping for air.

You cry out in response to Shou forcing herself on you. “I'm going to cum, Shou,” you warn her.

She laughs loudly and bucks her hips harder. “Cum inside me, then,” she urges you. You moan and cry in pleasure, your body tensing up and your toes curling. Shou's own cry of pleasure rings out as your cum courses through her slick pussy. She continues bouncing on your lap and riding you as she squeezes your cock dry. She screams as her own orgasm hits, the mixture of your juices and hers streaming from her. Shou's grip on your arms falters and she collapses on top of you.

Immediately, you take advantage of the situation. You grab at Shou's back and roll her over. With renewed vigor, you take control. “The fight isn't over, and you let down your guard,” you tell her with a grin. Shou's eyes go wide and she laughs. You press your still erect cock back into her depths. Shou's mouth hangs open as she tries to catch her breath. You embrace her tightly and she does the same, throwing her arms over your back. Her toned legs wrap around your waist and draw her up against you.

“Fuck me then,” she insists with a chuckle. You press your weight down onto Shou's sturdy frame. Her head rests on your shoulder, the sounds of her pleasure filling your ears. “Give me more,” she whispers as your hard shaft pounds the depths of her drenched pussy. Shou alternates between cries of pleasure and laughter. “Harder!” she cries. You lean into her, pounding her with your cock. Her gasps and grunts are drowned out by the loud squishing noise caused by you driving yourself into her cum-filled hole. She screams again as another orgasm hits her. The new flood of juices force out the old ones, causing them to splatter the floor beneath. You lay on top of Shou and catch your breath. “That feels so good, but I wonder how much more you have.”

You laugh weakly between breaths. “I'll give it all I've got, Shou,” you tell her.

She grins, that lustful fire still burning in her voice. “Good, this time fuck me here,” she says. Shou shifts herself and causes your cock to pop free with a loud slurp. She positions her asshole against the head of your penis. “Take me,” she demands. You hold Shou's body tightly against your own and push your slimy, cum coated length inside of her tight anus. She gasps loudly as you penetrate her and sink all the way inside. Your sweaty skin slides against Shou's, her breasts pressing up against your chest. She breathes raggedly while you plow her. Her fingers dig into your back and her legs flex around your waist, attempting to draw you deeper in with each thrust. “Harder!” she shouts. “Break me, fill me!” You echo her own moans and screams of pleasure. With a loud grunt you cum inside of her, although you can feel your stamina waning. “So good,” Shou moans. She rolls you over and slides off of you in one moment. Cum drains from her thoroughly fucked holes as she lay beside you.

You close your eyes. “God damn, Shou,” you mutter. The sound of her moving beside you can be heard, along with her laughter. You open your eyes and glance down to find Shou's head between your legs. You groan quietly as her mouth takes your cock inside of it. “No more, Shou, you win,” you call out weakly.

Shou laps at your penis and cleans the cum from it. She makes a quiet 'mm', then creates loud slurping noises as her tongue slides over your cock. It slips from her mouth and she swallows the juices from it. “Delicious,” she says happily. “I'm going to suck you dry.”

You groan loudly and rest a hand on her head. “Shou, haven't I had enough?” you ask wearily. She laughs in response and returns to sucking on your semi-erect length. You wearily open your eyes and let your head roll to the side. You glance around the room until your eyes rest on the entrance. Byakuren, Nazrin and Kogasa sit by the door together, watching you and Shou. Nazrin smiles and waves, Kogasa offers you a seductive wink and squeezes her breasts. Byakuren gives you a supportive nod and smiles. “How long have you been watching?” you ask them wearily.

Kogasa cheerfully speaks up. “Three times!” she says excitedly. “You're pretty good for a human.” Nazrin nods in agreement.

Byakuren giggles. “I'm quite proud of you, my dear.” Her hands, resting in her lap, are shifting ever so slightly as she continues to watch. A slight blush covers Byakuren's face. “Shou! Give the man some rest,” she orders.

Shou pulls off of you and sighs loudly. “Alright, mother,” she responds in an annoyed tone.

Byakuren shakes her head. “You've worn him out, the least you could do is carry him to his room, dear.” She stands and gestures for the other two to do so as well. “It's across the hall from mine, go on Shou.”

Shou shrugs and stands up, looking down at you. “That was probably the best fuck I've had,” she comments, pulling you to your feet and placing an arm around you for support. “I may have over did it, but you are definitely a few cuts above the average human.” Shou laughs and helps you past the group by the door. You glance back behind you. Kogasa floats along behind, smiling and waving at you. “Mm, I can't wait to do it again,” she says to herself. “You're a good man, both as a person and physically.”

You look at Shou. “All we've done since we met was fight each other, how can you know what sort of person I am?” you ask her.

She laughs at the question. “A lot can be told about somebody by the way they carry themselves in a fight,” she answers.

“You're absolutely amazing, Shou,” you tell her, leaning your head against her shoulder as you walk beside her.

She chuckles softly and slides open the door to your room. “You're a mess, we'll see about getting you a bath later. Get some rest, I'll take care of the futon when you're done,” she says with a smile. You sit down on the futon and lay back. “Hey, listen, I wasn't too fond of you at first, but you've definitely made yourself a friend here.” Shou turns to leave the room, but stops to glance over her shoulder. “Any time you want some of this, let me know,” she giggles, spreading her ass to show off the cum still dripping from both holes.
No. 4715
File 126456554621.jpg - (725.28KB , 767x767 , ce01d05141644ceed737555c350e9f84.jpg ) [iqdb]
Kogasa slips into the room as Shou leaves. She smiles and closes the door behind her, running over to your side and kneeling. “That was incredible,” she says in amazement. “I was asleep but you guys woke me up,” Kogasa pouts. “But that's okay, because I get to take a nap with my human now!” She hops up and begins stripping as she talks. “It's hot under the blankets, and you're probably warm too now. You don't mind, right?” she asks.

You smile slightly at Kogasa. “How can I say no to a beautiful girl like you, Kogasa?” you question her in return.

She grins and blushes. “You're such a nice human, but I'm really not that pretty,” she mutters. Kogasa lays down beside you on the futon.

Shaking your head to Kogasa, you continue. “Nonsense, you're one of the prettiest girls around,” you reassure her. You roll on to your side to face her.

Kogasa fidgets and averts her eyes. “Really?” she asks tentatively. You nod and slip your arms around her waist. “Thanks,” she whispers in a happy tone. Kogasa yawns and hooks her arms beneath yours and around your back. “I'm sleepy,” she whines tiredly, embracing you and cuddling up against you. “You're warm...” Kogasa sighs happily in your arms. “Such a nice human,” she mumbles as she starts dropping off to sleep. “Always wanted one like you...” Just like that, she is out like a light. Your own consciousness begins to fade, though your tight embrace against her body never falters.

Darkness surrounds you. The faint outline of objects can be seen nearby. You grope through the dark until your hands hit something. The object feels familiar. Yukari's 'favorite chair', as she put it. You sigh with relief and seat yourself. A light clicks on in front of you and illuminates an ornate, wooden desk. Yukari is seated at it and is wearing a pair of glasses. She glances up at you from a binder and then returns to reading it.

“Yukari?” you call out questioningly.

She snaps the book shut and smiles. “Hello, my pet,” she says cheerfully. “I was just reading this wonderful piece of literature.” She holds up the binder which is marked with your name.

You cock your head. “What's in there, master?”

Yukari smiles and opens the binder, reading aloud. “Let's see here,” she begins, “slept with me, slept with Chen.” She flips a few pages ahead. “Why, this is an index of all of your exploits,” she exclaims. “Slept with Byakuren...” Yukari lets out a soft 'hmm'. “No, that hasn't happened yet.”

“Can I have a look?” you ask her.

She shakes her head and tosses the book up into the air. It disappears from sight and she kicks her legs up onto the desk. “No, if I did that I'd get in trouble for telling you the future,” she laughs. “I can tell you, though, that there are an awful lot of pages in that binder.” She shrugs and leans back in the chair. “What that means is up to interpretation.”

You sigh and relax in your seat. “So, another dream with my conscience, is it?” You wave your hand dismissively. “I don't need my conscience to get on my case for being hopeful, just go away.” Yukari laughs loudly and snaps her fingers. The darkness returns.

The soft lips of a woman pressed to your own is what rouses you from your sleep. You open your eyes to find Kogasa kissing you. She giggles and pulls back. “I was watching you, and you looked restless.” She blushes and smiles sweetly. “I wanted to give you something happy to wake up to!” she says cheerfully.

You return the smile and nod in understanding. “Hey, Kogasa, what time is it? And how long was I out?” you ask tiredly.

Kogasa blinks a few times. “Uh, I dunno exactly, we got here this morning and it's evening now, I think.” She shrugs. “I woke up a little bit before you, I wanted to wait for you!”

You laugh and kiss her on the cheek. “You're sweet, Kogasa.”

She giggles quietly. “Thanks. Anyway, we should get up, Byakuren probably has food out.” Kogasa presses her nose to you suddenly and inhales. “You know, you smell really good after sex,” she comments randomly.

“What?” you say in confusion.

Kogasa nods excitedly. “That's sort of why I wanted to sleep with you, so I could smell you.” She looks slightly downcast though. “But I know you gotta take a bath,” she says sadly. “Anyway, like I said, let's get up.” Kogasa pushes down the covers and gets up. “Um, your clothes kinda got messed up, but I was peeking in the drawers earlier and there's a robe for you,” she gestures to a dresser. You yawn and get up as well, heading over to the drawer.

You dig through the drawer while mumbling to yourself tiredly. “Oh, here it is.” You produce the simple, white robe. “It's not much, but it's better than nothing,” you say to yourself.

“I don't think they'd mind if you were walking around naked,” Kogasa pipes up.

You laugh at her comment. “You're probably right.” You turn around to her as you put on the robe. Kogasa stands before you with a cheery smile on her face, now fully dressed.

She grabs your hand. “By the way, I brought the sword with me when I followed you to the room.” You don't remember her bringing it along, but you were exhausted. She points to the corner. “My umbrella and your sword are friends, see? Just like us.” She smiles and tugs on your hand. “So, what now?”

[ ] Check out the kitchen for food.
[ ] Go see about that bath, you're sweaty and sticky from earlier.
[ ] Spend some more alone time with Kogasa before you bathe.
[ ] Explore the house.
[ ] Check out Byakuren's room, maybe you'll learn more about her.
[ ] Write-in.
No. 4716
[x] Go get that bath you wanted and ask if Kogasa would like to join...

Getting secks with Kogasa in the bath while getting clean is like fucking two girls with one cock~
No. 4718
>>“My umbrella and your sword are friends, see? Just like us.”

No. 4719
[x] Go get that bath you wanted and ask if Kogasa would like to join...
-[x] If not, kindly ask her to check on the status of the food while you're in the bath.

It'd have to be something of a quickie, though if the other girls aren't interested tonight, I'd have no problem spending quality time with Kogasa.

I am reminded of my overwhelming urge to take Kogasa home. That might be interesting seeing how our master reacts to bringing home Kogasa.
No. 4720
[X] Check out the kitchen for food.

Rick is Iron Chef Ero. Whips up an awesome feast with a heaping serving of getting his fuck on for dessert.
No. 4721
Shall I assume there was at least a little bit of spite for the nay-sayers in that one?

Good scene with Shou. Female felines tend to prefer it rough in their mating habits; I suppose she's not different in that respect.

[+] Spend some more alone time with Kogasa before you bathe.

I'm going to take it that this implicitly includes a bath at some point. Kogasa may like the smell, but in my experience, the feeling of dried sweat (and other fluids) on the skin is very unpleasant, and I'd want to get rid of it before long.
No. 4722
[x] Go get that bath you wanted and ask if Kogasa would like to join...

I agree with what you said about being generous. Dude gets laid at the drop of a hat. Plus, the way you write Kogasa is loev. Sexy and HNNNNG-inducingly cute at the same time.
No. 4723
>Shall I assume there was at least a little bit of spite for the nay-sayers in that one?

There was not, I don't see a point in spiting readers. I had ideas in my head for every choice regardless of reader opinion of them.
No. 4724
[x] Go get that bath you wanted and ask if Kogasa would like to join...

GOD DAMN. That update blew my mind. Great stuff.
No. 4725
[x] Go see about that bath, you're sweaty and sticky from earlier.
No. 4727
[X] Go see about that bath, you're sweaty and sticky from earlier.

Works for me~!
No. 4728

>Sexy and HNNNNG-inducingly cute at the same time.

Yeah that's this Kogasa in a nut-shell; this might be the best Kogasa seen on here.

I wonder what nay sayers, I think those that thought honesty was a bad choice are now eating their words.
No. 4729
>“Now you're mine,” she growls.
God damn, that was just too hot.

[x] Go get that bath you wanted and ask if Kogasa would like to join.
This will probably end up a in three or foursome. We need to get some pills from Eirin to have enough energy for 4 or 5 girls all night long.
No. 4730

You assume that Yukari didn't tweak our borders as to optimize our sexual performance. We are her pet after all.
No. 4731
[x] Go get that bath you wanted and ask if Kogasa would like to join...

Having a spare umbrella that's also a cute girl sounds like something Yukari would love.
No. 4732
Ah. I had a niggling thought that maybe you intended to cut off the usual "paranoia vs. fun" arguments with that (though, I hope this happened regardless).

It was hot all the same, and the flow of events made perfect sense for Shou, a priori of any other discussions.
No. 4733
Do want umbrella/sword H-scene.
No. 4734
[x] Spend some more alone time with Kogasa before you bathe.

I like your Kogasa a lot. Easily my most favorite character (after Shinki) so far, and I hope we see plenty of her throughout the story, if at all possible.

And because I haven't checked /at/ in a while, here's some delayed reactions:

>You get your ultimate skill and make 200 clones of yourself and fuck the whole Touhou cast at once?
And then the main character was Krishna.

>>“Thanks!” she shouts. “I always wanted a human of my own.”

my teeth

First GM and now you

>that picture
Oh god

>“What, made me call her 'mother'?” you ask. She nods excitedly and eats a bit more. “Yeah, it's weird, but I don't mind. I never knew mine,
Weak point is now exposed. Byakuren will wreck him.

>Kogasa's shoulders droop. “Sanae was mean to me,” she whines. You tuck that name away into memory in case you encounter this priestess.
Sanae is a bad girl.

>Kogasa takes the sword from your hand and sets it, along with her umbrella, in a corner of the room. “There we go,” she mumbles to herself and crosses her arms in satisfaction.

/at/ - Sex and Grammar

>“By the way, I brought the sword with me when I followed you to the room.” You don't remember her bringing it along, but you were exhausted. She points to the corner. “My umbrella and your sword are friends, see? Just like us.”
Saw that coming, and still d'awwwwed again.
No. 4735
You mean Kogasa x Yumeko?;_;
No. 4738
File 126457874276.jpg - (25.22KB , 550x414 , image.jpg ) [iqdb]
Forget it, Jake. It's Wiseman.
No. 4739
[x] Accept her challenge, allow her to use that ornate spear.
Though the unarmed option might lead to sexy results.
No. 4740

The slowest of pokes?
No. 4741
[x] Go get that bath you wanted and ask if Kogasa would like to join...

Damn that Shou scene was good.
No. 4742
[x] Go get that bath you wanted and ask if Kogasa would like to join...
-[x] If not, kindly ask her to check on the status of the food while you're in the bath.
No. 4743
[x] Go get that bath you wanted and ask if Kogasa would like to join... wins. Writing today, votes closed, etc.
No. 4744
>First GM and now you
Expect, Cirno would have never done that.
>Sanae is a bad girl.
We have to punish her for being a bad girl and help to bring Youkai and Humans closer together. A Threesome with Sanae and Kogasa will do the job.
No. 4745
So, is Kogasa like our sidekick now? She's so attached to us that I imagine it'd be difficult to keep her from following us when we go somewhere. She is planning on living with us, after all. She's adorable, so I wouldn't mind having her tag along most of the time from now on. Plus, it could open up threesome possibilities with characters who live alone.
No. 4747
[x] Go get that bath you wanted and ask if Kogasa would like to join...

Shou gets turned on by fighting?

...that's hot.
No. 4748
Considering the nature of the story, wouldn't "sidefuck" be a more appropriate term?
No. 4750
Home, update coming tonight.


>First GM and now you

I read GM's stuff ages ago, what did I do that GM also did? Aside from making egg references, which was intentional.
No. 4751
GM's Cirno referred to anon as her human as well.

I kinda hope Rick doesn't fuck Cirno too.
No. 4752

Cirno isn't planned.
No. 4753
>>I read GM's stuff ages ago, what did I do that GM also did? Aside from making egg references, which was intentional.

I think they mean introducing a HNNNNG-inducing companion who refers to the protagonist as "my human".
No. 4754
>Cirno isn't planned.
You have to be joking. Why will there be no Cirno scenes?
No. 4755

For the same reason there will be not be scenes of a couple other characters. Either I don't have a solid plan or idea for them (Cirno, Rumia) or I simply dislike them (Tewi).
No. 4756

What kind of pedo would want sex with Cirno?
No. 4757
File 126463822323.jpg - (0.96MB , 1224x1632 , 6b248d1322e2fcfbf4458772568d4b35.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Go get that bath you wanted and ask if Kogasa would like to join.


“Now we take a bath, Kogasa,” you answer.

She stares at you for a moment. “We?” she asks, fidgeting nervously. “With my human?”

You nod and take Kogasa's hand. “We're friends, right? Friends can bathe together, Kogasa.”

Kogasa smiles, a faint blush overtaking her face. “I guess you're right, we are friends,” she says as she glances over her shoulder towards the sword and umbrella. “Okay, let's take a bath!” Kogasa tugs on your hand and drags you out the door. “The bath here is really awesome, it's a huge outdoor communal thing,” she tells you.

“Kogasa, I was wondering why you liked me so much,” you ask her while walking through the house.

She pauses and looks at you. Her face wrinkles adorably as she picks her brain. “Lots of reasons,” she replies. You stare at her expectantly, desiring a real answer. “Um, well, you were nice to me and a lot of people aren't,” she nervously fidgets. “You kept me, you didn't throw me away,” she adds in a sad voice. “And you're like me, except human.”

You raise an eyebrow. “I'm like you, Kogasa?” you say curiously.

“Yeah, I have my umbrella and you have your sword,” she cheerfully answers. The hallway comes to an end and so does the conversation.

You're led outside and into the bath. It expands outward from the house for some distance until it reaches a high, stone wall that surrounds it. “This is amazing,” you say in awe. Turning to Kogasa, you spot her now standing by a short bench and stripping. She glances in your direction and gives you a wink.

Kogasa gestures you over to her after setting the pile of her clothes on the bench. “Just one more before it's gone,” she giggles. She slides your robe off and sets it down. Kogasa leans into your chest, inhaling deeply. Her tongue slides down your chest and stomach. “Smells so good,” she mutters to herself. “Sorry,” she apologizes, standing up.

You laugh and wave dismissively. “It's okay, Kogasa. Now, how about that bath?” You lead Kogasa over towards the water and step down in.

She shakes her head. “Hold on, I gotta get something.” Kogasa walks off and returns with arms full of soap, sponges and a few towels. “I didn't know how much we needed so I just grabbed all of this.” She sets it down at the water's edge and takes your extended hand, climbing down to join you. Her chest presses against yours as she pushes you up against the wall of the bath. “I get to wash my human real good,” she says cheerfully.

Grinning, you give Kogasa a playful kiss on the cheek. “I'll wash your back if you wash mine,” you offer.

Kogasa nods excitedly. “Okay, but I wanna wash yours first!” She grabs some soap and a sponge as you turn around. Her hands begin to wash your back, although Kogasa is rather rough.

“Ouch, Kogasa, a bit more gentle, you're going to take the skin off,” you say in a pained voice.

She gasps and drops the soap. “Um, sorry, I'm just not used to washing people,” she speaks in a quiet, disappointed tone.

Another familiar voice can be heard. “Oh, Kogasa, didn't I teach you better?” Byakuren calls out, stepping outside wearing naught but a tight, short towel. You stare at her nearly nude form. It wasn't apparent while she was dressed in her regular outfit, but Byakuren has an incredibly sexy and shapely body. From large breasts that seemingly want to pop free from the towel, down to curvaceous hips and thick, smooth thighs. She licks her lips as she stares at your nude body. “I was going to wash him myself, but this would be a good opportunity to teach you how to treat a man, Kogasa,” she chuckles. Byakuren casts the towel off and exposes her naked body. Her large breasts sway slightly as they're released.

You stare at her body in shock, stumbling backwards from the wall and knocking both yourself and Kogasa over. Byakuren laughs and rests her eyes on your erection poking out from the surface of the water. “I, uh, Byakuren, what?” you stammer in surprise and confusion.

Kogasa seems much less surprised though. In fact, she isn't even fazed by the appearance of Byakuren. “Hey, surprising humans is my job!” Kogasa says with a huff.

“I'm sorry, dear, I know,” Byakuren replies to Kogasa. She steps down into the bath and moves closer to you. One soft, gentle hand slides across your chest. The other runs up your inner thigh and cups your crotch. “A mother knows how to take care of her son,” she says to you, “and a woman knows how to take care of a man.” Kogasa watches the exchange with curiosity. Byakuren's plump breasts press against your arm as she leans in towards your head. “I think you'll find I'm both, my dear,” she whispers huskily into your ear. She looks up towards your companion. “You're a good girl, you'll follow my lead, yes?”

Kogasa smiles and nods cheerfully. “Yes, mother,” she answers.

Byakuren giggles and looks back down to you. “You'll indulge the desires of your mother, won't you?” she inquires.

[ ] Tell her yes, call her Byakuren.
[ ] Tell her yes, call her mother.
[ ] This is too much, try to escape.
[ ] Write-in.
No. 4758
File 126463846126.jpg - (31.64KB , 354x354 , freakazoid.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] This is too much, freak out.
No. 4760
[X] Tell her yes, call her mother.

Yes, yes, yes.
No. 4761
[X] Tell her yes, call her mother.
No. 4762
[X] Tell her yes, call her mother.
No. 4763
[x] Tell her yes, call her mother.

time to be a good boy. That and she wants us to call her mother.
No. 4764
[x] Tell her yes, call her mother

If it helps her get in the mood.

Just steer Rick clear of 'Norman Bates' territory and it should be just fine.

A rather serious post extension but hidden for the sake of not spoiling the fun for those that are not concerned or wondering at all.
Just a thought, while it's awesome that Rick is relatively amicable to every one as well as open to various forms of foreplay and ideas, he can't possibly be cool with everything can he. Could have something happened to him at a much younger age that allowed him to have something of an unrestricted mind. Surely there must be somethings that make him question things but he simply pushes them in the back of his mind away for the time being right?
No. 4765
[ ] Tell her yes, call her mother.
No. 4766

There are going to be things that Rick is unhappy with. However, a combination of factors plays into being rather accepting.

First, arousal. A person who is aroused is much more receptive to something that may normally be a turnoff. That does, of course, leave them open to the after effect of 'Oh god, what did I just do?'.

Second, breaking down of barriers due to having people like Yukari around.
No. 4767
[x] "Of course; Mother knows best."

I... couldn't help myself.
No. 4768

This is good and you should feel good.
No. 4769
[x] "Of course; Mother knows breast."
No. 4771
[x] "Of course; Mother knows best."

No. 4772
[x] "Of course; Mother knows best."
No. 4773
[x] This is too much, try to escape.
No. 4774

[x] "Of course; Mother knows breast... Er, best! I meant best!"
No. 4775
[x] "Of course; Mother knows best."

Anyone else wonder if it's possible for us to, by the time this visit is over, get "mother" to call us "daddy" at the same time?
No. 4776
You, sir, have my full support.
No. 4777
Well if EVERYONE calls her mother and does the nasty with her, I figure we're here to create some change. Anyone else smell ROLE REVERSAL?


[x] Tell her yes, call her Byakuren.
No. 4778

Doubt it with Byakuren, but I'm sure someone has a daddy fetish, Sanae perhaps?
No. 4779
No, no, you don't get it.
We still keep calling her "mother", while she calls us "daddy".

And then we're our own grandpa.
No. 4780
[X] Tell her yes, call her mother.

Not my cup of tea but sure.
No. 4781
[X] "Of course; Mother knows best."
No. 4782

I do get it, but I don't see that happening, for one, the lovely mother figure (And what a figure she has) has countless years on Rick. The dynamics would make that improbable. Now if it was a girl younger than Rick, much different story. And it might be Alice in the likely threesome with her mother in the future. That or some other younger (mentally and/or physically) touhou might do that. I'm sure the author thinks the same way.
No. 4783
[x] "Of course; Mother knows best."
No. 4784
[x] "Of course; Mother knows best."

I hate myself for voting this.
No. 4786
[x] "Of course; Mother knows best."

Wow, didn't see this one coming.
No. 4787
That was an interesting (but not unexpected) shift in votes from last night.

Votes closed, winner is [x] "Of course; Mother knows best."
No. 4788
File 126469291056.jpg - (87.96KB , 541x800 , 7134577_p6.jpg ) [iqdb]
Success! Now the real question is whether the gradient curtains match the carpet.
No. 4789
Ah, I like the sound of that write-in.
No. 4790
File 126470321997.jpg - (121.60KB , 700x1013 , teaching.jpg ) [iqdb]
The mother thing makes me slightly uncomfortable but a generously proportioned Byakuren makes it more than worth it.
No. 4791
Why Byakuren is so mothery is because her womb is shriveled and poisonous and she will never have children of her own.
No. 4792
Dude, 'shriveled and poisonous' is not the accepted nomenclature.
No. 4795
Fuckhuge update coming tonight.
No. 4796

Also, go fuck yourself.
No. 4798
Medicine needs love too.
No. 4799

You'll be getting a taste of Medicine at some point. Or maybe the other way around, who knows?
No. 4800
meaning Yuka must follow too right? House wife are #1.
No. 4801
File 126473867651.jpg - (254.79KB , 1000x960 , e65c80e3e57c106c639509263023aea4.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] “Of course; Mother knows best.”


A voice in the back of your mind says this is wrong. The thought is quickly dispersed as you gaze upon Byakuren's body. You feel that the right thing to do here is give into her desires, and your own. You fix a warm smile on Byakuren. “Of course I will,” you start, “mother knows best, doesn't she?”

Byakuren blinks a few time as if she didn't expect you to be that forward. Her face twists into a lascivious grin. “You're right, my sweet boy, she does.” She stands up from the water and holds up her breasts up with both hands. “I wasn't sure if I was going to give you this, but I can't help but share it with you.” Byakuren steps over your body, straddling you around the stomach. You watch her in curiosity as she leans down with both breasts pushed together, the nipples side by side.

“What are you doing, mother?” you ask her quietly. Kogasa looks back and forth between you and Byakuren.

She shakes her head slowly. “Shh, don't say a word,” Byakuren insists. Her hard nipples brush against your lips. “Open up, and drink deeply from your mother.” You lips part and take in the pair of nipples. Milk fills your mouth as you suck on her heavy breasts. She moans and shudders while you drink from her body. Byakuren squeezes her breasts as if trying to empty them into your mouth. You swallow the liquid eagerly, lapping a few remaining drops from her breasts as she pulls away. Your body feels warm and tingles, blood rushing to your penis which now stands hard and fully erect.

“How?” is all you manage to say.

Byakuren giggles. “A friend of a mutual friend, my dear,” she whispers. Her hands release those full breasts, drops of milk trickling from them. Byakuren stands up and reaches one hand behind herself. “Mother's milk is the best, isn't it?” she asks playfully. A single finger touches the tip of your penis. It jerks suddenly in response. “Oh, it seems your body is very sensitive.” Byakuren's loving gaze turns to Kogasa. “Kogasa, come drink from me as well,” she offers.

Kogasa nods, eager to please. She wades up to Byakuren and clamps her mouth down around one breast, sucking on it roughly. The older woman gasps and throws her head back as Kogasa milks her. You watch Kogasa's body while she drinks. Her nipples harden and her legs quiver slightly. Her grip weakens and she slips to her knees in the water. “It's wonderful,” Kogasa says in a daze. “My body feels like it's on fire.” Byakuren smiles and runs a finger across one of Kogasa's nipples. She shrieks in response, her entire body shaking.

“My girl is sensitive too, isn't she?” Byakuren grins and climbs off you. “Kogasa, I've heard through the grapevine that you want to stay with this sweet man.” Kogasa nods weakly and smiles. “If you're going to be his companion, you need to learn to take care of him.” Byakuren places her arms around you and lovingly embraces you. “What have you done to make him feel good so far?” she asks.

Kogasa points at your hard penis. “I used my mouth on that, mother,” she replies.

Byakuren smiles and nods. “You're a good girl, but there's so much more you can do for a man, Kogasa.” Her hand slides down your body and brushes over the tip of your sensitive cock again. It jerks up, pre-cum dribbling from it. “Is it alright if I use you to teach Kogasa?” she asks you.

“I'll do anything you ask, mother,” you answer. Byakuren is surprisingly strong and she lifts you from the water. She carries you from the bath and sets you down on the floor. Her mind seems to wander as her hands grope your naked body.

“So good,” Byakuren mutters. “Anyway, Kogasa, come to me,” she orders. Kogasa nods and steps from the bath, kneeling beside Byakuren. “You used your mouth before, so we'll review that first, and then some,” she says with a wink. Byakuren gestures Kogasa to the other side of you. The younger girl shifts over and stares at your crotch, breathing heavily. Byakuren kisses your chest once and then lays down beside you, her head resting on your thigh. Kogasa follows suit on the opposite side. “This is such a sensitive, wonderful thing,” she comments regarding your penis. “You need to give it love, Kogasa, and be gentle.” Her breath tickles your shaft and then her lips brush against the side of it. Kogasa kisses your cock and slowly laps it. “Good girl, make him feel good.” Byakuren's mouth wraps around your length and sucks on it.

You groan and shiver as they both work you over. “That feels amazing,” you moan out.

Kogasa's eyes are glazed over as she tastes you. “I want more,” she whines.

Byakuren's lips slide from you and she giggles. “You'll get more, dear.” Her hands squeeze your testicles. “You can suck and play with these, Kogasa.” Her mouth slides between your legs and her tongue slips across your balls lightly. “Mm, delicious.” Byakuren's hand grabs your cock. “Stroke him while you taste him,” she directs Kogasa. Another hand grips you, just above Byakuren's. The two women suck and lick your crotch, their hands stroking your cock. You can do naught but moan in pleasure as they play with you. The whole of your body can be felt tensing up. The pair releases you and return to your shaft. “This is my favorite part, Kogasa.” They pump vigorously at your dripping shaft as you cry out happily. Byakuren pulls you in her direction as you cum, the first shot hitting her in the face. The next spurt is aimed at Kogasa's face, soaking it in thick, sticky semen. She gasps in surprise. Byakuren giggles and leans over to lick your fluids from the other girl's face. “Clean your mother up, dear.” The two girls face each other and clean your cum from one another. “Do you want more?” she asks you.

You nod excitedly, thrusting your hips upwards. “Please, mother, please,” you beg. Her gentle hand takes hold of your still hard, sensitive shaft. Byakuren's lips envelop your head and slide down, deep-throating your entire length. She pulls off and takes in a breath, then gestures at you. Kogasa nods and opens her mouth wide to swallow your cock. She sucks on it briefly and then lets it pop free from her mouth.

“Delicious, isn't it?” Byakuren asks Kogasa. They both grin and glance at you briefly. The pair takes turns driving your hard cock deep into their throats. You groan happily with each pass as their tight throats spread open for you. “I'm going to drink your milk, dear, I hope you're feeling up to feeding us both,” she says during Kogasa's turn. Your eyes shut as they suck hungrily on you. The next two orgasms come quickly, almost seeming to blur together. You open your eyes and look down at the pair. They stare at you with a smile and open their mouths, their tongues hanging out with cum dripping from them.
No. 4802
File 126473875948.jpg - (93.49KB , 655x978 , 1c95e5d260630b3ae9c050f2c3ed4537.jpg ) [iqdb]
Kogasa looks back to Byakuren expectantly. “What's next, mother?” she breathlessly asks.

Byakuren laughs and winks in your direction. “Help me roll him over, Kogasa.” They roll you over and prop you up on your knees. A pair of hands grabs your ass and spreads it for all to see. “This part is dirty, but we can clean him up, right dear?”

Kogasa nods with excitement. “Yeah, he did that to me earlier! It felt so good,” she says, her voice dripping with desire. Without any further encouragement, Kogasa buries her face in your ass. A tongue worms its way inside of you. You yelp and shudder as her tongue slides around in your anus. You look down between your legs, but can't see much aside from two pairs of swaying breasts. A long strand of cum hangs from your cock. Loud slurping noises can be heard as Kogasa eagerly cleans you.

“Oh my, you're a hungry one, aren't you dearie?” Byakuren asks of Kogasa. “Share some with your mother.” Byakuren shoves in beside Kogasa, her own tongue forcing its way inside. You cry and moan, your body shaking and shuddering as they penetrate you. A hand grabs your cock and jerks it down towards the team. You see Byakuren's face push between your legs and force you between her lips. Kogasa's tongue swirls around inside of your asshole, vigorously lapping your insides. Byakuren strokes and nurses on your abused shaft. Her eyes roll back as your cum floods her mouth and slides down her throat. She retreats from you and returns to your tight asshole. The sound of spitting can be heard, joined by the sensation of warm, sticky liquid entering you. “Clean him up nicely, my sweet Kogasa,” Byakuren laughs.

Kogasa makes loud, raunchy slurping noises as she sucks the cum back out from your ass. “I want more of him, mother,” she cries.

Byakuren chuckles and pulls Kogasa back. “I know you do, and we'll both get lots more,” she reassures Kogasa. You're rolled over onto your back, Byakuren crawling up beside you with a lustful grin on her face. “You're going to need more of mother's milk.” She rests on her knees and places your head in her lap. “Drink from me again,” she requests, placing one of her breasts on your face. You moan and suck on the nipple, swallowing the milk from Byakuren's full breasts. “That feels wonderful when you do that,” she moans quietly. You can feel your arousal returning as your cock stands tall once again. “I'll have to thank her again some time,” Byakuren mutters to herself. Her hands gently stroke your hair. “Kogasa, I've always told you that you're a pretty girl, haven't I?” Kogasa looks up with a blush on her face and nods. “And you've got a nice pair of breasts on you,” Byakuren comments idly. “Have you ever used them on a man?”

The other girl cocks her head. “Used them on a man? Huh?” she says with confusion. Kogasa looks at her breasts and squeezes them.

“I'll take that as a no,” Byakuren chuckles. She looks down at you with a warm smile. “You're such a good boy.” She sighs and pulls her breast away reluctantly. “Kogasa, would you be a dear and hold him up for me?” Kogasa complies and comes in behind you. She takes you into her arms, her soft breasts pressing against your back. Byakuren comes around the front of you and presents her large breasts. Her chest rests just below your crotch and then slides up, flattening your cock beneath the soft mounds. She shifts her breasts back down your body and your penis pushes up between them. Byakuren's tongue flicks against the tip poking out from her bosom. You gasp at the pressure of her chest around your sensitive shaft. “You like that, don't you?” Byakuren says, laughing. “I can tell from that look on your face.” She presses her breasts together around you, sliding them up and down your cock. “I love my girls, but I always did want a son like you.” She grins as she picks up the pace and her breasts slap on your crotch loudly. You moan and jerk your hips upward into her squishy breasts. “It's your turn after this, Kogasa!” Byakuren shouts. “Cum all over your mother's breasts,” she urges you.

You groan loudly. “Mother!” you shout to Byakuren, your body convulsing while Kogasa holds you. Byakuren closes her eyes and turns her head up at an angle. Your cock tenses and twitches, another warm load of cum shooting forth. Byakuren sighs happily as it splatters down on her large breasts. “Mother,” you moan softly. You shut your eyes, breathing heavily.

Byakuren's breasts are pulled from your body. “Kogasa, dear, trade places and make your human feel good.” The two women carefully trade positions, Byakuren's sticky chest pushing firmly against your back. You open your eyes to watch Kogasa as she slides you between her moderately sized breasts.

Kogasa watches your face with concern, her own covered with a blush. “Is it okay?” she asks. “I've never done this before...” She strokes your penis once with her breasts. You moan and your body spasms.

“It feels amazing, Kogasa, keep going,” you tell her insistently. She laughs and begins bouncing her breasts up and down. You grunt with each thrust into her supple bust.

Kogasa continues her task, her face covered with a happy smile. You watch her expression as she pleasures you. “I'm so happy,” Kogasa says exuberantly. She grins widely, seeming to be in heaven as she watches your face contort in pleasure at her touch. “I want to make you happy, too.” She squeezes her breasts tighter around you, pumping away furiously at your shaft.

Byakuren chuckles and idly plays with your hair, pausing from time to time to kiss the top of your head. “Do your best to make him happy.” One hand gently strokes your cheek. “Youkai and humans should be companions, not enemies. You're lucky to have him.” Kogasa nods in response. You moan loudly and shudder as another orgasm builds up, cumming into Kogasa's chest mid-stroke. She stops and watches in amazement as your thick sperm overflows from her cleavage. Her eyes seem to sparkle while you coat her tits in your sticky fluid. “Wonderful, you two. Now we move on to the next lesson, Kogasa.” Kogasa looks at Byakuren with bright, eager eyes. You simply groan in a mixture of exhaustion and pleasure. “Dear, have you let him inside of you?” she asks rather frankly.

Kogasa blinks a few times. “Inside of me? You mean down there?” Kogasa answers with a question of her down, pointing at her crotch. She sits back, unsure of what to do when Byakuren nods. “I, I've never, uh,” she stammers.

Byakuren waves dismissively. “If you aren't ready, then it's okay. But don't you want to give yourself to him, Kogasa?”

The girl between your legs looks unsure. “I do, but, I'm just...” She shakes her head. “No, not yet, I want to do it with him alone,” she whispers, backing off from you and Byakuren. “I don't want to watch, I want to learn that on my own.”

Byakuren smiles warmly at Kogasa and nods. “Of course, dear.” Kogasa stands up and grabs a towel, wrapping it around herself and hesitantly walking away.

Kogasa looks back at you briefly. “I'm sorry,” she calls out, leaving the bath.

“I feel like I did something wrong, mother,” you say.

Byakuren shakes her head. “No, no, she's just not ready, it isn't your fault. Keep treating her right and she'll be ready one day.” She pats your head. “But just because Kogasa isn't ready doesn't mean I'm not,” she laughs. Byakuren reaches for a towel and slides it beneath your head as she moves out from behind you. “I can't remember the last time I had sex with a man,” she mentions, mostly to herself. Byakuren stands in front of you, her nude body coated in your cum in places. You've finally got a moment to inspect her naked form further. She's got a bit of heft to her, something you didn't notice in the zeal earlier. One curiosity, though, is that the neatly kept hair covering her crotch matches the shifting colors on her head. Your cock rouses itself once more in response to her lovely appearance. “I wouldn't mind keeping you around, you respond so well, but I suppose the milk helps with that.”

You give her a curious look. “What's with that milk?” you inquire.

She giggles and gets down on her hands and knees, crawling up your chest. “If I told you, that'd spoil the fun,” she winks. Her soaked slit rests against the tip of your penis. “You've been so well behaved for me.” Your tip parts her lips. “I'm going to let you cum inside both of my holes, sweetheart.” She embeds you inside of her in one, swift motion. The both of you moan loudly in response to the sudden movement. “I see why she keeps a young man like you around,” Byakuren groans. Your hands snap up in response and grab her ass firmly, pressing your body roughly to hers. “Oh, yes!” she cries out. Her large breasts squish against your chest. She moans loudly when you shift inside of her slippery tunnel. “Fuck your mother hard, cum inside of her,” she demands. You take the lead, immediately starting to thrust up into Byakuren's cunt. She moans and pushes back down against you each time you enter. “Give it to me!” she begs. “I don't care if it comes quick, there's always more” Byakuren squeals as you smack against her thighs.

“I'm going to cum!” you shout to Byakuren. You groan and dig your fingers into her soft, squishy butt. You jerk upwards into her, gasping for air while forcefully drilling her needy pussy. She screams loudly, most likely waking up the entire house in the process. Your bodies, pressed tightly together, shake when you cum inside of her. Byakuren lets out a series of short moans, your hot cum filling her up in the process.

Her hands grab at your shoulders and she takes a deep breath. “I need it so badly,” she whines. “I want it to be overflowing.” She tugs on your shoulders and rolls onto her back to swap positions. She pushes you away and pulls her legs up to her chest, hooking her arms under them to keep them aloft. Byakuren presents her asshole and moans in anticipation, wiggling her butt. “Just one more, please, then mother will let you go, I promise,” she pleads. You are mentally exhausted, but your body lusts for Byakuren's heavenly form. You move in like an animal in heat. She grunts loudly as you stretch her tight anus with your cock. Her asshole is extremely tight, but with the lack of male companions it isn't a surprise. You grit your teeth, pushing into her rear as deep as you can go. You cum the moment your hard cock is fully engulfed by her asshole. “Oh!” she gasps in surprise. “It feels so good...” Byakuren's lust seems to be waning, as does her strength. You crawl off of her and sit back, catching your breath. She breathes raggedly, arms and legs spread out on the ground. Semen drains from her slit and anus, cum stains her pretty face and large breasts. “Hold me, please,” she requests. You crawl back towards her and she puts her arms around you once you're above her. Byakuren tightly embraces you and shifts the two of you onto your sides. “You've made an old woman happy.” Her lips briefly press to your own. The two of you lay there, bodies intertwined, kissing one another from time to time.

“Thank you,” she whispers. “Now go, go rest, I'll be fine here,” she insists.

“Shouldn't I take you to your room?” you ask her. Byakuren shakes her head. You nod and get to your feet in a daze. “Alright, alright,” you mutter. “I never did get a proper bath.” She laughs quietly as you stumble off. Your naked body aches and your mind feels dim after that session. You wander the halls, groping along the walls until you come to a corridor you think is familiar. The sound of moans can be heard nearby, though you can't tell where from. Four doors are before you, but you're not sure which room is yours.

[ ] Door 1.
[ ] Door 2
[ ] Door 3
[ ] Door 4
No. 4803
[x] Door 3

I like this update, very kinky.
No. 4804
[x] Door 3

My daughter said so
No. 4805

No. 4806
hmmmmm....which door is shou i wonder.......can i get that door?
No. 4807
[X] Door 4

It calls to me...
No. 4808
[x] Door 3

Lactation was a pleasantly surprise kink. Fantastic update as usual.
No. 4809

with aphrodisiac milk to boot, as if the act wasn't erotic enough. Too bad she didn't take a drink herself.
No. 4810
[x] Door 3

Awesome update is awesome.

Damn, he came eight times in one update? I wonder how long it'll take to break that record?
No. 4811
[X] Door 2
No. 4812
[x] Door 5

[x] Door 1.

Because this is the only one with a period in front of it.
No. 4813

I don't think he'd be doing that today, since I think he's really feeling the toll now, and he didn't get to take a proper bath...
No. 4814
i wonder where the milk came from, also is this your random roulette style of seeing what route we take?
[x] door 1
guessing it is the closest door, plus with us tired we need a room quick, no time to walk those extra steps which could cause our death, plus it would most likely be on the right side, which then Rick like most people should be right handed, making it an easier and stronger to open the door to keep stamina, plus if any thing violent would come out, the left arm which should be the weaker but faster arm, will be able to protect us better than right arm's reaction time.
yep pure bs i hope this convinces you #1 is the best.
No. 4816
[x] Door 3
No. 4817
>Aphrodisiac breast-milk
And here I was worried this update was going to be nothing but age-play. Rock on, writer.

>One curiosity, though, is that the neatly kept hair covering her crotch matches the shifting colors on her head.
At last, the mystery is solved.

This is a sex CYOA. You sure you want to pick the option with a period?

[X] Door 3
No. 4818

I don't think he'd die,he'd just pass out in the hallway if the author was going to go that far, which I doubt he will. Chances are one is his room, one is the moaning room, one might be Kogasa. And I think that period is a typo.
No. 4819
I don't know about >>4812 but you managed to raise my curiosity.

[X] Door 1.
No. 4821
[ ] Door 1.

Awesome update.
No. 4822


[x] Door 2..

I WIN a.. NUE!
No. 4823
[x] Eighty-million blank votes.
No. 4824
[X] Door 1.
No. 4825
[X] Door 1.

Hopefully the one with moaning in it.
No. 4826
The period doesn't matter.

1 and 3 are tied with 6 votes each.
No. 4827
[]door 3
No. 4828
[X] Door 3

so you will atleast let us know what we missed from the other doors some time down the line right?
No. 4829

Probably within a few posts.

Votes closed, Door 3 it is.
No. 4830
Put it in spoilers, would you? Some of us would rather not regret what could have been...
No. 4831

I don't think we could lose much, it would just mean a scene would be delayed or getting another one.
No. 4834
File 126478826156.gif - (26.81KB , 200x228 , ran smirk.gif ) [iqdb]
It might even be like the slippers and we get the same scene no matter which we pick.
No. 4838
Make your choice, adventurous stranger
Strike the bell and bide the danger
Or wonder, till it drives you mad
What would have followed if you had.
No. 4839

No, this isn't the case. I decided after I did that silliness that I wouldn't repeat it.
No. 4840
File 126482220958.jpg - (112.61KB , 400x1209 , dc0bbcd209a4e1a6475adee4a76cbec3.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Door 3


You groan and look from door to door, picking one at random. You enter the room and close the door behind you. The room seems unfamiliar, you haven't been in here before, but the futon in the center appears inviting. You wander over and collapse on it, not even bothering to cover your naked body with the blankets. Exhausted, you quickly drift into sleep.

A vast, green field expands in every direction around. Forests and mountains rise off in the distance. The sound of a familiar voice calls out to you. “Come along, dear, don't fall behind,” shouts the kind voice of Byakuren. You whirl around and spot a group of girls, not too far off. Byakuren can be seen looking back and waving in your direction. You run up to the group, the smiling faces of girls glancing in your direction as you reach them. Three of the girls stand out in particular, unrecognizable to you. The first almost looks like a nun of sorts, though you aren't entirely sure. The second is wearing a sailor outfit, and the third a sexy little black number. The first two turn back with the group, but the third gives you a look that says 'I'm going to fuck you dry later'. The rest of the group is comprised of Nazrin, Kogasa, and Shou. Your ever present companion, Kogasa, drops back to hold your arm.

Kogasa looks up at you with a happy grin. “I hope you're hungry, we cooked a ton!” You look over to Byakuren, whose arms are laden with boxes and containers. Shou appears to be sharing part of the load as well. “I made some of it too, just for you,” she says to you sweetly.

The unidentified girl in the black, form fitting dress steps back and grabs your other arm. “Hey Kogasa, you mind sharing him with me today?”she laughs, licking her lips. Kogasa frowns and shakes her head. “Oh come on, just for a little bit.” The girl presses her light frame and her small, firm breasts against your arm. She maneuvers your hand between her legs and up the short skirt. Her panties rub against your fingers. Kogasa blushes and turns away. “Oh, fine, Kogasa,” the girl shrugs. “I'll catch up with you later,” she winks to you, running off ahead.

Kogasa pouts and looks down at her feet. “She always tries to steal the things I care about,” she mutters.

Byakuren stops ahead and sets down her load. “Here we are,” she calls out cheerfully. Shou sets down her containers and a few of the girls set about pulling various objects out. A large cloth is placed on the ground, various dishes added to the top of that. “Enjoy, children!” The girls split off into groups. Byakuren and the nun-girl sit together talking religion. The one wearing the sailor suit is roughhousing with Shou. Nazrin eats beside the girl in the black dress, who faces away from you with her skirt hiked up and showing off a pair of lacy black panties.

Kogasa gestures for you to sit down and gathers a few dishes before joining you. Off to the side lay her umbrella and your sword, placed on top of one another. “I cooked these for you,” she tells you with a voice full of cheer. Kogasa takes the chopsticks and pokes them, laden with food, into your mouth. “Is it good, is it good?” she asks expectantly. She grins happily when you nod your head. Kogasa sits in your lap and kisses you lightly on the lips before feeding you again. “Byakuren taught me how to cook for you,” she mentions in passing while stuffing your face.

The dream fades from your mind. A quiet clattering can be heard as a person crosses the room towards you. Fingers touch your shoulder carefully. “He's really out,” a voice speaks, sighing loudly. “Well, I don't mind sleeping with him,” she says to herself. “Waking up next to somebody might not be so bad.” You groan quietly as a woman lays down on the futon beside you and pulls the covers up. You roll on to your side, facing away. She giggles quietly and wraps her strong arms around your stomach, resting her hands on your chest. Her breasts press softly against your back as she embraces you from behind. “Good night,” she whispers.

“Come on, I know you've wanted me since you laid eyes on me,” Kogasa says with a laugh. You're standing inside of your room at Byakuren's home now. She stands before you, hands on her hips. The hard nipples of her breasts poke against the top of her outfit. She giggles and leans forward to slide a pair of lacy, black panties down. They dangle from one hand, the other holding the front of her dress up to reveal the hairless slit of her cunt. She walks up to you and stands on the tips of her toes, pulling her panties over the top of your head. Your mind says something is wrong, but your body reacts regardless. “You can keep them,” she laughs. “I was masturbating in them earlier, so go ahead and give them a sniff.” Your erection grows inside of your pants. The girl climbs up your body and wraps her arms and legs around you. The damp opening of her pussy rubs against your cock through the fabric of your clothing. “Come on, you know you want to,” she insists. You retrieve the panties from your head and touch the crotch. They're soaked through with the pussy juice of the girl forcing herself on you. She watches with a smile on her face as you inhale the strong scent on her underwear. A small bit of liquid seems to still be present, which you eagerly lap up. “Dirty man, aren't you?” she giggles. A hand pushes the front of your pants down, your cock slipping free and pressing against her cunt. “Go ahead, take me, you've wanted it from the beginning.”

You moan and grunt loudly, a bit of cum squirting from you. Those strong arms are still around your body as the woman behind you is roused. “Are you okay?” she asks, checking if you're awake. You groan softly, still out of it. Her hands slide down your body. “What? In your sleep?” She sighs and then laughs quietly. “I'll wash it tomorrow, hopefully not before we get some personal time.” She kisses the back of your head. “It'd be embarrassing if somebody saw me like this with you, but if it's just us I don't mind.” You can feel the shifting of her body as she shakes her head. “What am I saying, you're asleep anyway.”

The thick forest surrounds you while standing on the trail through it. You came here to find something, but your mind isn't sure what it was. The feeling of having wandered for hours slowly creeps over your senses. One hand is in your pocket, nervously playing with a small, square object. Your body seems to choose a direction of its own accord and walk from the trail, wandering the forest. The square object, which seems to be a box, is rolled over and over again in your hand as if you were trying to glean something from it. You pull the box from your pocket. It's a solid black box with a little, golden clasp on the front. Try as you might, you can't open it.

Your legs carry you through the forest for an indeterminable amount of time. Finally, you exit from the forest to a small clearing. A cobblestone path leads up a short hill to a house, and as you spot the house you feel a weight in the other pocket of your pants. You reach down and produce a small replica of the portrait from Shinki's house. The word 'Alice' echoes through your mind and you feel compelled to approach the house, your eyes fixated on the portrait. Something about the house is eerily familiar. You climb up onto the porch and stand in front of the door. The box falls from your other hand and tumbles to the porch flooring. You pick it up and dust it off, noticing the clasp is now released. You glance to the portrait again and then back to the box. An overwhelming desire urges you to open it. Inside, a small diamond ring glitters.

You nearly collapse as your mind reels from the realization of why you are here. You close the box and stow it, then knock on the door. After a few moments, a woman answers. Her hair is a bright blonde, and two dolls flank her. She eyes you curiously as you hold up the portrait to compare side by side. “Can I help you?” she asks.

You stare at her, dumbstruck. “Alice?” is all you manage to say.

Those strong arms accommodate you as you roll onto your back. You groan in pain, your body still aching. The woman in bed with you kisses your cheek. Her hands gently massage your body. “Showing compassion for those you care about is an important part of being a warrior,” she quietly speaks into your ear. She rolls on top of your body and embraces you. Your arms instinctively move to her back in return. “You're a good man,” she whispers, “I wouldn't want the others seeing my weakness with you, though.” She laughs softly. “I could never say it to your face while you were awake, but you would make a good lover for me.” Her lips kiss your neck, followed by the light sensation of teeth nipping you in the same spot. “I've never felt that way about another person, but there's something about you.” She rests her head on your chest. “I wouldn't use 'that' word yet, though.” She sighs quietly, her breath flowing across you. “Look at me, sharing my feelings with a sleeping man and talking to myself.”

A massive crowd surrounds yourself and Yukari on both sides. She stands before you, a dazzling smile upon her face, dressed in a long, white wedding gown. She gestures you towards a woman in a shrine maiden outfit. The woman focuses on the books in her hands. The first is a bible, the second is a book in Japanese that explains western weddings. “You really want me to do it this way, Yukari? Why not have a traditional wedding?” the priestess asks.

Yukari laughs and waves her fan at the woman. ”Oh, but this is so much more different and fun,” she responds, “and besides, you owe me.”

The priestess sighs loudly. ”All right, fine, Yukari.” She fixes her eyes on you. ”Why couldn't you have just married a human woman instead of her?”

Your wife-to-be laughs. ”Like who? Would you rather he marry you?” she says teasingly.

The priestess turns away with a huff, trying without success to hide her blush. ”That's ridiculous, I wouldn't marry him in a thousand years.”

Yukari turns to you. “I hope you're enjoying your dream here, my pet.” She laughs loudly, the crowds seeming to ignore the sudden outburst.

“I have to be gentle,” speaks the voice of the woman on top of you, briefly rousing you from your sleep. She inhales deeply and her tongue slides up your chest. “Such a strong scent...” You groan out quietly in pain. “Shh, it's okay, go back to sleep,” she whispers. Lips press to your own. “Still tastes like her, can't believe she did that to him,” the woman complains. Darkness returns once again.

The familiar looking blonde girl stares at you. “That's my name, yes. Do I know you?” she asks curiously.

You shake your head. “No, no, we've never met.”

She watches you, slightly confused at the situation. “What can I help you with?”

“I was wondering if you could give me directions back to civilization,” you say. You're not sure if you are ready to introduce Shinki into the mix, but knowing how to leave would tell you how to return. Alice smiles and nods her head, explaining in detail how to reach the village from her home. “Thank you, I appreciate it.”

“It's not a problem, though you're a bit of a strange one, aren't you?” she calls out as you start walking off. You turn back to her. “You show up at my house, you know my name and you immediately leave. Why don't you stay for a moment and explain yourself?” she asks with no ill intent in her voice.

You take a few steps closer. “Alright, I suppose I could do that, Alice.”

The first light of dawn peeks into the room where you rest and rouses you from sleep. You groan in pain, your entire body aching. The room appears blurry when you open your eyes. “You're finally awake,” comes the voice of a woman. You look to your side to find Shou laying beside you in the futon.

“Shou?” you say with uncertainty.

She puts a finger to her lips. “Shh, rest. I'll explain things.” She slides out from under the covers and kneels beside you on the futon. Despite her nudity, she seems to have no shame in you seeing her. Shou's hands gently massage the parts of your body that ache the most. “Byakuren made you drink from her body, didn't she?” she asks of you.

You nod to Shou. “It felt amazing, but I hurt so badly now.”

Shou sighs quietly. “A friend of hers gave her something that makes her body produce milk like that. Unfortunately, it acts as an aphrodisiac. She worked you too hard.” Her hands are gentle, yet strong, the pain in your muscles seeming to ease up as she takes care of you. “I know from experience.” She pulls the covers down from your body slowly, exposing you. Shou tries to keep her gaze from your crotch while massaging you. “You must've stumbled into my room on accident and fell asleep,” she tells you. “When I got here, you were cold and in pain.” Shou blushes slightly. “So, like a good warrior, I decided to take care of my wounded companion.”

“Shou...” you start to say. You heard her words on the edge of consciousness last night and you know she's simply putting on a performance. Groaning in pain, you sit up and grab her head. You pull it down to you and press your lips to hers. Shou's eyes go wide in surprise at the sudden attack. Sharp pains run through your body and you flop back to the futon.

A deep blush has overtaken her face. “Why did you do that? You're going to hurt yourself worse,” she says with concern.

[ ] Tell her that you heard her words last night while she lay with you.
[ ] Tell her that you simply wanted to thank her for taking care of you.
[ ] Tell her you don't know, it just felt like the right thing to do.
[ ] Confess to Shou.
[ ] Write-in.
No. 4841
File 126482286114.jpg - (785.13KB , 1290x1821 , walking the path of heaven.jpg ) [iqdb]
Grandmother said this.

Once you know the real thing... you won’t be fooled by an imitation.

[x] Tell her that you simply wanted to thank her for taking care of you.
No. 4842
[x] Thank her for her care.
[x] Tell her that you heard her words last night while she lay with you, and that you're flattered by them.
[x] Say there's no shame in relying on another for support; you'd be certainly glad to support her.

We started out on a honest foot, might as well continue on it.
No. 4843
[X] Tell her that you heard her words last night while she lay with you.

Embarrassed Shou is cute, like a more bitey Ran.
No. 4844

Honesty worked with Shou specifically, even.

[x] Thank her for her care.
[x] Tell her that you heard her words last night while she lay with you, and that you're flattered by them.
[x] Say there's no shame in relying on another for support; you'd be certainly glad to support her.
No. 4845
i am so confused of what happen, but most of it was a dream containing alice, yukari and a bride?
[x] Tell her that you simply wanted to thank her for taking care of you.
[x] ask her if she had a similar experience with the milk as yourself (get more info on that dream)
No. 4846
[x] Confess to Shou.
Because nothing could possibly go wrong. Ever.

[x] Thank her for her care.
[x] Tell her that you heard her words last night while she lay with you, and that you're flattered by them.
[x] Say there's no shame in relying on another for support; you'd be certainly glad to support her.

ShouxRan in heat.
No. 4847
[x] Thank her for her care.
[x] Tell her that you heard her words last night while she lay with you, and that you're flattered by them.
[x] Say there's no shame in relying on another for support; you'd be certainly glad to support her.
No. 4848
[x] Thank her for her care.
[x] Tell her that you heard her words last night while she lay with you, and that you're flattered by them.
[x] Say there's no shame in relying on another for support; you'd be certainly glad to support her.

>ShouxRan in heat.
Fuck, I got hard so fast I just tore a hole in my pants.
No. 4849
[x] Tell her that you simply wanted to thank her for taking care of you.
[x] ask her if she had a similar experience with the milk as yourself (get more info on that dream)
No. 4850
[x] Thank her for her care.
[x] Tell her that you heard her words last night while she lay with you, and that you're flattered by them.
[x] Say there's no shame in relying on another for support; you'd be certainly glad to support her.
No. 4851
[X] Thank her for her care.
[X] Tell her that you heard her words last night while she lay with you, and that you're flattered by them.
[X] Say there's no shame in relying on another for support; you'd be certainly glad to support her.
Eh, why not?

>>“Come on, I know you've wanted me since you laid eyes on me,” Kogasa says with a laugh. You're standing inside of your room at Byakuren's home now. She stands before you, hands on her hips. The hard nipples of her breasts poke against the top of her outfit. She giggles and leans forward to slide a pair of lacy, black panties down.
>>Your mind says something is wrong, but your body reacts regardless.

>>Nazrin eats beside the girl in the black dress, who faces away from you with her skirt hiked up and showing off a pair of lacy black panties.

>>“She always tries to steal the things I care about,”

I get the horrible feeling that the part of that dream sequence we didn't witness was when, at the moment of climax, the door opens and we see the real Kogasa standing there in shock before running off sobbing.
No. 4852
Yeah; we do need to be careful of that in the future, not to get dragged into any mix ups. But we can ask her "What do we have in common" to see if she's Kogasa or not (only she would know about "I have my umbrella and you have your sword")
No. 4853
[X] Thank her for her care.
[X] Tell her that you heard her words last night while she lay with you, and that you're flattered by them.
[X] Say there's no shame in relying on another for support; you'd be certainly glad to support her.

Add another one to the pile.
No. 4854
[x] Thank her for her care.
[x] Tell her that you heard her words last night while she lay with you, and that you're flattered by them.
[x] Say there's no shame in relying on another for support; you'd be certainly glad to support her.
No. 4855
Motherfucker. What is wrong with me? I didn't notice that. Too dense to make the connection.

God am I an idiot.
No. 4856
What, you don't want to sleep with the girl in the black dress?

Anyway, votes closed:

[x] Thank her for her care.
[x] Tell her that you heard her words last night while she lay with you, and that you're flattered by them.
[x] Say there's no shame in relying on another for support; you'd be certainly glad to support her.
No. 4859

Considering how Kogasa refers Rick as hers, she's going to be in for a huge surprise when she finds out that he's technically already spoken for in terms of ownership...

No. 4860
File 126486766364.png - (449.57KB , 1171x1653 , 8480493.png ) [iqdb]
>What, you don't want to sleep with the girl in the black dress?

>She maneuvers your hand between her legs and up the short skirt. Her panties rub against your fingers.

Yes. I mean no. Wait... I would love if the girl in the black dress fucked us until we were a withered husk
No. 4861
With a track record of this kind of honesty, such deception would just feel wrong. With great penis comes great responsibility.
No. 4863

Of course I want Nue, but I don't want to fall for a trick and break Kogasa's heart like what would have happened in that dream.
No. 4866
File 126490652753.jpg - (110.67KB , 400x1209 , 0497ecfeb6103d8f2f575cb7c7d96032.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Thank her for her care.
[x] Tell her that you heard her words last night while she lay with you, and that you're flattered by them.
[x] Say there's no shame in relying on another for support; you'd be certainly glad to support her.


You offer Shou a soft smile. “I wanted to thank you for being here,” you tell her. You reach down, wincing slightly in pain, and take her hand.

Shou sighs and shakes her head. “You could've just said thank you.”

“No, Shou, kissing you was necessary,” you say with a quiet chuckle. She looks both embarrassed and confused at the same time. “I bet you want to know why, don't you?”

She nods. “It was a bit sudden, and now you're saying that,” she responds, a bit flustered.

You gesture to Shou and she leans down to you. “I heard what you said last night,” you whisper. Her eyes go wide in surprise. “Don't say a word.” You lean up slightly and kiss Shou gently on the lips. “I'm very flattered by what you said last night.” Forcing yourself past the pain, you sit up and face Shou. You embrace her with one arm, the other reaching up to rest your hand on her cheek. She moans slightly and closes her eyes while you kiss her.

When you pull away, her eyes open and she blinks a few times. “Why?” she asks, breathing heavily.

You stare into Shou's eyes and stroke her cheek. “You show concern for what you perceive as weakness.” Your lips brush over hers. “Shou, there's no shame in relying on other people for support,” you start to say, briefly pausing to kiss her again. She shivers slightly at your touch. “You've shown me that support, and I'd be more than glad to support you when you need it most.” You rest your forehead against her own and smile.

A tear forms in the corner of Shou's eye. “Thank you,” she whispers to you. Shou gently places her arms around your back. She takes the initiative and pushes her body against you, laying you back down. She breathes heavily as she inches her lips closer to yours. The moment her lips connect to your own, she breathes out through her nose in a sigh of relief. “I meant what I said last night.”

“I know you did, Shou,” you say in return. Her lips slide down from your mouth, kissing you along the way. You lean your head back and expose your neck.

She licks your neck. “You're one of the very few people who have seen this side of me,” Shou says quietly. She moves above you, her mouth never once leaving your neck. Shou lays down very slowly, her body relaxing on top of your own. “Saying it isn't so hard once the other person knows,” she giggles, “but I'd enjoy...” She shakes her head, tickling your chin with her hair. “No, I want you to be my lover,” Shou whispers insistently. Her tongue runs along your neck and is followed by her mouth clamping around it. She sucks lightly on your neck.

You groan quietly as Shou teases you affectionately. “It's my turn to ask you why, Shou.”

Her mouth retreats briefly. “It's many things that create this attraction,” she answers. “You're kind and honest.” Shou's tongue slides across your neck again. “You have the heart of a warrior,” she continues, “and you're fairly strong.” Her firm breasts push against your chest, the hard nipples digging into your skin. “You're young and virile,” she whispers as a leg slips between your own and rubs on your crotch. “And so, I can't help but want you for myself.” Shou giggles and clamps her mouth around your neck. Her teeth graze your throat gently. You gasp sharply as she nips your neck. A slight trickle of flowing blood can be felt. “That's going to leave a tiny mark, and you can think of it as me claiming my stake.” Shou cleans the blood from your neck, gently lapping it away until the flow stops. “There's one more thing about you that draws me in.”

You moan in a mixture of pleasure and pain in response to her love bite. You slowly stiffen down below and poke against her inner thigh.“What would that be?” you inquire.

Shou chuckles at the presence of your penis. “I excite you, don't I?” Shou says with amusement. “As for your question, though...” She presses her nose to your body and inhales deeply. “So good,” she mumbles. “You have this scent, something I haven't smelled on another human before.” Shou inhales again, moaning quietly. “Not like a youkai, either. But it's addicting and I feel like I can't get enough.” Her crotch grinds against your body. “Maybe I'm just sensitive, but think back for me, has anybody else mentioned this smell?” she asks.

You think back as far as you can. “Master Yukari and Kogasa both said they loved my scent, Shou,” you reply to her. “Kogasa said she loved how I smell after sex, though.”

She lays there quietly for a moment and then shakes her head. “No, no, it was there as soon as I saw you for the first time.” Shou lifts herself from you and looks into your eyes. Her own are filled with a burning desire and lust. “As badly as I want you right now, I know you're in pain.” She moves back to your side and lays down. “You'll probably be out for most of the day, but I'd be happy to stay with you,” she says, her voice filled with care and concern.

You reach out and stroke her cheek. “It's okay, I can deal with a little pain if it will fulfill your needs.”

Shou blushes and nods. “Maybe just a little bit, and I'll try to be gentle,” she assures you. She sits up and crawls down towards your crotch. “I never did get to finish the job down here,” she giggles. “And I think it won't exert you too badly.” Her hand gently wraps around your erection and strokes it. “Mm, maybe it isn't something that everyone notices,” she comments idly while playing with you. “That scent, I mean.” Shou's peels the foreskin down and releases your cock, her fingers moving up to softly rub the crown. You grunt and your erection jumps as she teases it. Those fingers lightly play with the sensitive head of your cock. “I don't think you should go around asking everyone to sniff you, but try and figure out who else notices it,” she recommends, gripping your length below the head with her free hand. Slowly, her hand begins to tug at your shaft.

You moan quietly in response to her touch. “Feels good, Shou,” you mumble. “I can't even begin to imagine where you learned that sort of stuff.” She laughs and strokes your cock vigorously with one hand. The other roughly rubs on the tip of your cock. Cum dribbles from the tip and Shou rubs her fingers through the sticky fluid. She hungrily sucks the salty pre-cum from her fingers and goes back for more.

“That tastes wonderful,” she giggles, continuing the process of pumping your cock with her hand and eating the cum that drips forth. “I loved it when you came inside of me, but nothing beats the taste.” Shou glances in your direction with a hungry look on her face. “Don't worry, you'll get to fill me more later,” she winks. Her fingers leave your cock head and she bends down to replace them with her mouth. Her lips kiss the tip and then part to take the head in, stopping just below the crown of your shaft. Shou's wet tongue slips across the underside of your penis and rubs on the sensitive muscle that resides there. She pulls her head from you to speak. “Oh, this is so nasty, I love it,” she says with a laugh. “Maybe you're better off without properly bathing.” Her warm mouth engulfs you again. Shou's hand slides up and down your hard cock as her lips suck on the top of it. She moans and her eyes go wide the moment you cum inside of her mouth. She gags and tries to swallow it all. Semen pours from her mouth when she opens it to gasp for air. She squeezes your cock and strokes it a few more times, cum still spurting forth and hitting her face. “Amazing,” she says in awe, “the milk must still be affecting you.” Your spent penis goes limp in her hand after being drained. Shou looks in your direction with her mouth open. Her face is coated in cum and the sticky fluid flows down her chin. Shou throws her head back and swallows, allowing you to watch the muscles in her throat push it down. She moans happily and proceeds to clean her fingers and face.

You relax on the futon and take a deep breath. You feel a bit better now, although your body still aches. “You're a beast, aren't you, Shou?”

She laughs and moves to lay down beside you. “I'll take that as a compliment,” she says with a grin. Shou yawns briefly and rests her body against yours. “Still a bit tired, I wouldn't mind sleeping in for a day with you.” She kisses your cheek and closes her eyes. You smile at her and bring a hand up to touch the mark she left on your neck. Sighing quietly, you rest your head against Shou's and close your eyes.

Alice ushers you through the door of her home. Looking about inside, everything seems familiar in a way, yet not. The details of the home seem to blur and shift, but the layout reminds you of somewhere you've been. “So, I'm going to guess you came looking for me,” she says.

You nod to Alice. “Yeah, I did, actually.”

She gives you a curious look and shakes her head. “Well, you're here now. Have a bit of tea with me, would you?” she offers. You follow her into the sitting room and settle in. Alice pours a cup of tea and passes it over to you.

“Thank you, Alice.” You take a sip of the tea.

Alice clears her throat to get your attention. “So, why are you here?” she inquires.

You set the cup of tea down. “Alice, I'm here on behalf of your mother.” She coughs and drops the tea cup, which shatters on the floor.

“Oh, dear,” she mutters, grabbing a cloth to clean up the mess. “My mother?” she asks in surprise. “I haven't seen her in years, I thought she was dead.”

You shake your head. “I spoke to her recently, and she sent me to find you, Alice,” you tell her. Your hand slips into your pocket and touches the small box.

Yawning quietly, you open your eyes. Shou sits beside you and faces away, seemingly lost in thought. “Shou?” you say as you touch her back.

She glances in your direction with a smile on her face. “Hey, you're awake again.” Shou turns around to face you. “You were out a while longer than I was.” She stretches her arms up and groans softly. “Kogasa stopped by, she told me to let you know she'd be cooking you something,” she informs you. You nod and sit up, now feeling significantly better. “It's late afternoon,” she says with a short yawn, “we spent most of the day in bed together, you know.”

You chuckle and embrace Shou. “That's not such a bad thing, is it?” you ask. She blushes and shakes her head. “It's nice that you and Kogasa show such concern. How about the others?”

She offers you a grin. “Nazrin peeked in to say hello, but you were asleep at the time.” Shou lets out a loud and annoyed sigh. “Of course, Byakuren tried to stop in, but I sent her off before she could do any more damage. She seemed apologetic, though.”

“I don't think Byakuren meant any harm, she just got carried away, Shou,” you say in an attempt to calm her. Shou sighs and shakes her head. “Hey, let's change the subject for a moment,” you suggest. She looks at you expectantly. “I can't stay here forever, you know.”

“Yeah, I know,” she responds. “But I figure you'll come back some time, or I could visit you,” she shrugs. “It doesn't bother me, it's not like you're going to be that far away.”

You nod to her. “Yeah, I figured you'd feel as such, but I wanted to make sure you were keeping in mind that I'd be leaving within another day or two.”

She raises an eyebrow. “That soon?” she says in surprise. “Well, like I said, you'll be around”

The door to the bedroom slides open and Kogasa steps inside with a small pot on a platter. “Hello!” she shouts cheerfully. “I decided to make a bit extra so we could all eat together,” Kogasa says with a wide smile. She seems to not really care about the lack of clothes in the room and is simply happy to see you awake. “Thank you for helping my human feel better, Shou.” She uncovers the pot and hands Shou a pair of chopsticks. Kogasa picks up the other pair on the tray and grabs a bit of food. “Open up wide for me!” she insists, stuffing the food into your mouth.

“Deja vu,” you mutter to yourself after swallowing the food.

“Huh?” Kogasa says in confusion. Shou picks at the food, eating bit by bit.

You laugh and take another bite from Kogasa's chopsticks. “Don't worry about it,” you mumble, mouth full of food.

Shou seems to perk up after eating for a bit. “This is delicious, Kogasa, I had no idea you could cook.”

Kogasa grins proudly at her feat. “I told Byakuren I wanted to cook something for him and she said she would help me out!” She takes a big bite of the food. “I did most of the work, sort of.”

“Sort of?” Shou says with a laugh. “Sounds like you told her what you wanted and she made it.” Kogasa pouts cutely in response. The three of you continue eating for a bit. Shou pats her stomach, seemingly satisfied. “Well, that was good, Kogasa.” You nod in agreement with Shou.

“Thanks, one of these days I'll learn to cook by myself,” Kogasa says with determination in her voice. You sigh contentedly and lay back on the futon. “Hey, you've both been in here all day, shouldn't we go do something?”

Shou looks to Kogasa with a smile. “Of course, there's plenty to do, if our friend here is feeling up to it.” Both girls look at you expectantly.

[ ] Write in.
No. 4867
[x] Ask Shou and Kogasa to give you a tour of the place after everyone gets dressed.

I think a little break from sex wouldn't hurt.
No. 4868
By the way, I won't be updating tomorrow, so votes will be closed on Monday at 8 AM EST. Lots of time for my readers to come up with creative write ins (especially the day time readers who may miss the chance to vote on occasion).
No. 4870
[x] Ask Shou and Kogasa to give you a tour of the place after everyone gets dressed.

Rick's dick needs a rest.
No. 4871
Okay, so people haven't been able to vote due to the whole IP thing. I'm going to let this rest for a bit until the new information has propagated and the site is accessible to the masses (who don't use the hosts file) again.

Of course, the time won't be wasted, I assure you.
No. 4872
[X] Ask Shou and Kogasa to give you a tour of the place after everyone gets dressed.

Is this place the Buddhist temple, or just Byakuren's home?
No. 4873
[x] Ask Shou and Kogasa to give you a tour of the place after everyone gets dressed.
No. 4874

Just Byakuren's home, not the temple.
No. 4876
[x] Ask Shou and Kogasa to give you a tour of the place after everyone gets dressed.

>Okay, so people haven't been able to vote due to the whole IP thing.

I hate it when this happens.

seriously making a visit to the site is one of my greatest highlights of each and every day among other awesome things.;_;
No. 4878
[x] Ask Shou and Kogasa to give you a tour of the place after everyone gets dressed.
No. 4879
[X] Ask Shou and Kogasa to give you a tour of the place after everyone gets dressed.

Thank god this site is back. ;_;
No. 4880
>“You have this scent, something I haven't smelled on another human before.” Shou inhales again, moaning quietly. “Not like a youkai, either. But it's addicting and I feel like I can't get enough.” Her crotch grinds against your body. “Maybe I'm just sensitive, but think back for me, has anybody else mentioned this smell?” she asks.
Rick confirmed for Tohno Gland.

[X] Ask Shou and Kogasa to give you a tour of the place after everyone gets dressed.
No. 4881
[X] Ask Shou and Kogasa to give you a tour of the place before everyone gets dressed.

No. 4882
This story updates more frequently than most of the other stories on the site.
No. 4883
Well that was some fun downtime.

[x] Ask Shou and Kogasa to give you a tour of the place after everyone gets dressed.
No. 4884

What happened yesterday?
[X] Ask Shou and Kogasa to give you a tour of the place before everyone gets dressed.
No. 4885

Explain please?
No. 4886
"Tohno Gland" is what's used to explain why every female is Tsukihime wants to bang Shiki so badly. It's obviously never mentioned in game, and I don't recall any special mention of Shiki's scent, just his sleeping face.
No. 4887

Oh, well, I think this case is a little different, especially since not everyone smells it, and they have their own reasons aside from him being a little more enticing.
No. 4888
Writing will resume tomorrow morning.
No. 4892
Tomorrow morning has come and gone, is something up?
No. 4893
Check /gensokyo/.
No. 4894
File 126526016229.jpg - (303.33KB , 800x1400 , b98adb2b84cbd124f6860272b22a38af.jpg ) [iqdb]
This is what happened.
No. 4895

Things are just progressing slowly. I am writing, though.
No. 4898
File 126566148181.png - (774.29KB , 1000x1500 , 4f98261d160cce0edc3da4594287d2c1.png ) [iqdb]
This needs a different kind of bait.
No. 4899
File 12656615065.jpg - (150.35KB , 800x792 , 6cb6c6ebae37718263276b7779d92c77.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 4900
File 126566154995.png - (547.87KB , 720x800 , d2f94e153451e8e75d0d9a4846897bb7.png ) [iqdb]
No. 4901
File 126566740949.png - (1.12MB , 800x1000 , yuuka glance.png ) [iqdb]
Needs more real women.
No. 4902
File 126566752529.png - (0.98MB , 715x800 , yukari's cpr is best cpr.png ) [iqdb]
Yukari's CPR is best CPR.
No. 4903
File 126566759194.jpg - (196.16KB , 715x1000 , kanako hold.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 4904
File 126566773444.jpg - (90.20KB , 629x648 , 1242284960925.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 4905
File 126566780096.jpg - (434.50KB , 1200x900 , dat ass yuuka.jpg ) [iqdb]
And some more Yuuka for the road.
No. 4906
just notice how every final boss except remi and osuu are healthy mature women, which seems to be the only routes open to us in this thread.
Early vote for PCB route.
No. 4907
So, like what happened a few weeks ago, I'm not feeling it at the moment and I've got some other things on my plate currently. Writing will resume in a few days probably.


>tempting me with wriggle

Wrong writer.


I assume you mean Okuu and not 'osuu'. Well, at the very least she isn't mature.

Also, I'd love my readers to realize the five initial paths presented aren't the only ones. There are a beginning, that is all.

Do you know why I picked those 5 women? Because they're all (except Shinki, who is sometimes but not often put with them) part of the old ladies group. Japan basically said 'Hey, these 5 characters (Yukari, Yuyuko, Eirin, Kanako, Byakuren) belong together!'.
No. 4908
>implying that you aren't Patchwork
No. 4909

mm... His writing so far does not have the same feeling as Patchwork; perhaps similar territory and consistent writing but not the same style/feeling if that makes any sense.
No. 4910
Wriggle appeals to all.

Also, good luck with whatever has you down.
No. 4911
File 126570031530.jpg - (231.02KB , 800x775 , Kogasa trick.jpg ) [iqdb]
I figured that quite some time ago.
I also figured that those choices were given because of the
>[ ] Mature and experienced women. Breasts are a plus.
choice back in the first thread. Am I wrong, or would we have gotten a different set of options had one of the other two choices been picked?

Pic unrelated, but perhaps useful.
No. 4912
File 12657344361.jpg - (1.94MB , 2126x1500 , 9200c5c33fa8d136cc7ba42054e45e43.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm pretty sure he's not Patchwork.
No. 4913
He isn't.
No. 4916
It's HY.
No. 4917
He's not HY. He's not Patchwork. I don't think he's used a name on this site before this story.
No. 4920

Actually, I have. I just didn't get very far.

But you're right, I am definitely not them (although they are in the list of people I'd consult if needed).
No. 4922
Any news about updates? We are closing in to two weeks without any.
No. 4923

When I feel like it. That or I'll probably start next monday.
No. 4924
Oh man, just caught up from the very beginning. I would have done it all last night but reading that entire Chen sequence in one sitting was just too much.

I wish I was a drawfag, so I could contribute some well earned. Instead I'll settle for assuring you this is awesome.
No. 4925
Some well earned fanart. I'm a faggot and left a word out.
No. 4928
No Valentine's Day update? ;_;
No. 4929
While we're waiting, which Touhou is everyone most looking forward to?

Personally I can't wait for Parsee to fall in love with the guy banging every chick in Gensokyo.
No. 4930
File 126617889126.png - (333.85KB , 600x800 , 1264702211268.png ) [iqdb]
I've been looking forward to Kanako since she was mentioned.
No. 4931
Me too
No. 4932
File 126618199025.jpg - (281.48KB , 700x1000 , 7feb6cfbee79f9dc687aa82e1fd0ce5e.jpg ) [iqdb]

Yuyuko although something tells me she's going to have a food fetish of sorts, honestly I'm not sure if I want or not.
No. 4933
File 126618739350.jpg - (1.29MB , 1280x1024 , 1249840377679.jpg ) [iqdb]
Definitely Suika, her powers allow for a lot of exploration.

I'm wondering who our first futa is going to be, though.
No. 4934

You assume it wouldn't be Yukari; no one's going to be taking her pet's cherry other than her.
No. 4935
I've got a thing for the onee-san types, so Yuugi's my pick. She's getting a lot of attention on the romance front in /underground/, but there hasn't been much in the way of smut featuring her.

Wriggle would be too obvious. And, honestly, I thought Shou might have been, but that was proven wrong.

Maybe Okuu. Third leg.
No. 4936
Me? Komachi and Keine, it's been too long without any GOOD scene scenes.

I remember there being a Yuugi attempt, but your mileage might vary about that piece.
No. 4937
File 12662035439.jpg - (278.30KB , 1154x1488 , e5de47c8be2aae8fb4b792929bf42774.jpg ) [iqdb]
I can't wait to come back home and see Ran, personally. <3
No. 4938
Oh I'm definitely looking forward to that eagerly, not to say I'm not enjoying the hell out of this little arc.
No. 4939
I for one find this particular arc more than a bit boring, the UFO cast just doesn't have enough spice for me.
No. 4940
I was kind of hoping she'd have more of a 'dominating Youmu' fetish.
No. 4941
As in being dominant over Youmu or training Youmu to be dominant herself?

Both are good.
No. 4942
File 126624465045.jpg - (188.88KB , 287x828 , inside my butt.jpg ) [iqdb]
I had the first in mind but both are good.
No. 4944
Definitely both. Youmu has such magnificient SM potential. Plus she'd look downright perfect dressed only in a collar and a frilly, translucent dress. Perhaps add a buttplug tail for spice?
No. 4945
I always thought the buttplug tails looked silly, to be honest.
No. 4946
So, I was going to write today and a very hectic morning basically dashed that to pieces. Sorry. Soon, really.
No. 4947
Are you sure you aren't Patchwork, trying out a new writing style?
No. 4948
You should probably cut back on that old "author X is really author Y under another tripcode" shtick. It irritates some of them, and irritated writers tend to be less productive.
No. 4950
File 126631417950.jpg - (67.54KB , 177x219 , that's so stupid i can't even see stra.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 4951
File 126632249441.png - (35.77KB , 285x186 , chen lookin to rumble.png ) [iqdb]
Hey, it's okay. Lord knows I haven't been able to keep up with anything lately. I like to blame the weather but it's not really that.
No. 4952
If they don't leave the site Grue ;_;
No. 4953

Doesn't bother me. In fact, it makes me laugh.
No. 4963
File 126645411997.jpg - (145.64KB , 600x800 , 678c0ae7c53a46f411ac94977239116e.jpg ) [iqdb]
When will we get to this part
No. 4964

Rick may or may not have a pissing contest with Suika, as far as drinking alcohol goes.
No. 4965
As long as there's no piss drinking.

No. 4971
There's already been ass-licking. The hygiene-friendliness line has already been crossed far more than mere watersports.
No. 4972

not from suika, at least.

I'm probably going to cover the vast majority of fetishes, with a few big exceptions.

No guro. No vore. No asphyxiation. There were a few others I told myself I wouldn't write that I can't remember off hand.
No. 4973
>No guro.
>No vore.
>No asphyxiation.

They could have been hilarious bad end though!

Unless you had something else in mind for that?
No. 4974

Nah, bad ends are pretty shitty.
No. 4975
Are we going to get something soon?
No. 4976

Yes. Just not tonight. Life has been shitty lately. Of course, I love writing this, so it's not 'dead'.
No. 4977
File 126655541320.jpg - (245.86KB , 600x726 , 8619564.jpg ) [iqdb]

Be of good cheer, writefriend.
No. 4978
>There were a few others I told myself I wouldn't write that I can't remember off hand.
Stockholm Syndrome Sanae?
No. 4981

Fuck you.
No. 4982
File 126662493776.jpg - (36.69KB , 1052x800 , asadaku.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 4983

Haha on wow I didn't see that coming!

Just as well, no fun (in all meanings of the word imo) if the fair maiden's nothing more than an empty shell of her former self, or meat puppet if you will.
No. 4984
Rick is not that big of an asshole at all.
No. 4985

That should be a given, though it does make one wonder. Considering how close Rick became with Shinki and now he seems just as close to Shou in regards to being lovers. Then again it just seems that Rick's merely creating ties to certain people. How important this may become towards the plot is still unknown imo.

assuming there is a rather grand plot after establishing things first

For now though, damn enjoyable.
No. 4986
Stockholm Syndrome Sanae was an extremely BAD idea that came up while I was thinking of how to punish her when that scene comes around.

It's why I don't watch SVU while I write any more.
No. 4987
I might suspect Rick might end of Gensokyo's plaything, favored more by some than others. A lifetime (then some?) filled with sex; not the worse fate I'd imagine.
No. 4990
Death by over excertion.

Speaking of which, if Rick ends up at SDM, remember to kick each and every sink. Actually he could try it now.
No. 4991
>kick each and every sink

Either you made a mistake somewhere, or I'm missing something.
No. 4993
No, I believe that's the best way to summon a mima.
No. 4994

I thought that only happened at Reimu's.
No. 4995
Play more nethack
Mima isnt a succubus.
No. 4996
You sure about that? She could be taken for a genie too. Or a snake for that matter. Too bad nethack doesn't have shrimp, I guess the dev team didn't think of everything after all...
No. 4997
>Or a snake for that matter
Drink from a fountain

Receive swarm of Mima
No. 4998
No. 5001
Koakuma is a succubus. (allegedly)
No. 5010
I am going to try and finish an update today. New week, hopefully less stress.
No. 5011
File 126686496282.jpg - (556.07KB , 650x800 , 7961032.jpg ) [iqdb]
New thread too?
No. 5012
For some reason, that face seems more Yamame than Shou.

Lovely ass all the same.
No. 5013
So, I usually have a nice big slice of 8 hours to write. Today I spent 7 of them out on town. Tomorrow I'll be out as well, but not as long, so I'll actually have a chance to write.

Excuses, etc.
No. 5016
I wrote an update. I finished it. Now it needs to be proof read.
No. 5017

new thread here we come!
No. 5037
No. 5043
You'll get it back tomorrow.
No. 5044
Didn't come out how you wanted it or something?
No. 5046
File 126699712937.jpg - (30.78KB , 272x339 , cirno drool.jpg ) [iqdb]
I am fine with this.
No. 5049
Waiting on rewritten section to be checked.
No. 5050

So what exactly had been wrong with the previous version? Not up to snuff with your quality or just a retconning needing to be done?
No. 5051

Author rage.
No. 5053