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Hello. Now updating my fileshare on a daily basis, with the goal of uploading my whole collection.


I'm also thinking of making a text file with all the doujins listed and what characters/fetishes they contain.

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I missed you
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>all the doujins listed and what characters/fetishes they contain
do it
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Good to see you man. What happened with that ban was bullcrap.
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China will (help you) grow larger!
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those tumors can't be much of a help in a fight
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You'd be surprised how well some overly busty girls move (look at many fighting games); though I think Meiling usually wears a sports bra when in action.
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>fighting games
These all fully follow the laws of physics and such. It would be insane to think they give characters large breasts for the sake of large breasts.
No. 4085

Especially the Dead or Alive games with how the female character's mostly large chests bounce.

(Their idea of 'small' is Alice grade; and she isn't a small-chested girl at all)
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>I'm also thinking of making a text file with all the doujins listed and what characters/fetishes they contain.

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Oh, I dunno about that...
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That and there's the Marshmellow hell sleeper hold (Hold head in massive cleavage until they pass out)
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couldn't find the circle name in your list, but i think the op pic is from the artist
searching for downloads
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>a text file with all the doujins listed and what characters/fetishes they contain.

That would be awesome. Also I could keep an updated list on this server if you wanted.
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>a text file
This is so pre-1969...
No. 5072
Try again. Dial-up BBSes and their ASCII contents hit their peak popularity in the mid-'90s.

That said, yeah, if you're going to go to the trouble of making something like this, at least use HTML tables or something.
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>a file with all the doujins listed and what characters/fetishes they contain.

Mysterio posted a spreadsheet with this. It's far from complete, but it's a start.
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Are you the Hong Meiling from /jp/?
No. 5110
In case it wasn't very clear, I was >>5048

I am offering to make a page on the site with a current list of doujins and their content (and links if appropriate). A simple text file is possible as is a large sortable table (which would be based off a spreadsheet). If anyone wishes to codify such a thing I'd be glad to implement it. A large index of materials (translated or otherwise) would be a good thing in my opinion.

I don't think I could host direct downloads (not for long anyways) but I could also keep backups on the server that could then be uploaded to other places for download.

So anyone who wants to step up to the task please do, I'll assist however necessary.
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I support this idea. I dunno if I'll have the time or energy to check the list for completeness, especially for older doujins. But I try to help with uploading stuff.
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Right now, as Darth Tohru pointed out, I'm working on a spreadsheet of all the H-doujins that have currently been released. I think it will be quite helpful in compiling a database. If you have comments or additions you'd like me to make, I'll gladly try to accommodate. Note that this document is currently a WIP, I'm still making corrections and filling in data.

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Using your spreadsheet I've put up a quick page: touhou-project.com/h.html

It has sortable tables, but it may be a bit cumbersome for that amount of data. As I said before, it would probably be best if download links were also included somehow, but that's something I can probably help with as well. Aesthetics and all that can also be changed (ie: table borders, colors, and all that jazz).

I'm looking forward to additional input from you or anyone else who wishes to collaborate.
No. 5325
Looks good so far. I'm about 80% done with the spreadsheet now, and I've added some lines between the columns for a little better presentation. I'm not sure what other visual aids I could add though... Using that page's sorting function would make it look weird.
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Godspeed, you guys. Godspeed.
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The H-doujin page is now complete, and about 98% accurate I'd say. The collaboration page is more time-consuming, plus older doujins aren't as friendly for identifying circles, so that's half done.

Incidentally, is providing links a good idea? Sometimes links from Mediafire or 4shared disappear, do they? Plus various people provide them. English doujin links are a good idea though, probably.

No. 5342
>providing links
I think pointing to here and /t-h/ would be better.
No. 5344
Updated it.

The idea of this is to make it as convenient as possible. So adding links, to me, would be a no-brainer. If only for the translated stuff at first, fine.

I wanted to download every doujin there onto this server. Which is easy enough to do with a couple of scripts. That way, when a link died, I could just reupload it to the filesharing site of choice. Bypassing the need for people to trudge through threads here or anywhere else or unwieldy large share folders. The way I see it there's no need to have things scattered around. Making things accessible is always worth it. I hope you agree with me.
No. 5346
I'm wondering if you couldn't put the collaboration and other data on separate pages to reduce the clutter on the page? Also, I'll start putting up links to the side, but that would probably make the sheet pretty damn large... Should I include mirrors when they're available?
No. 5348
I changed a couple of things.

Links don't have to necessarily go in full on the table. I mean we could make links of the file names. Or, this would be better in the case of mirrors, add a bunch of '[mf] [rs] [etc]' with links in a column.

There is a third solution, which would involve me finishing a clone of 4chan's /rs/ that I was working on. I'd have to steal borrow some code floating around in the web. And spend some time ironing out bugs, optimizing, etc. It'll take time and willpower, so for now the first two are better solutions.
No. 5357
Alright, currently I'm adding 5 new columns to the H-doujins page. Four of the columns are for the raw doujins: Mediafire, 4shared, and Megaupload are the most common places I've seen uploads go to. The 4th is other, and the 5th is a link to the English translations when applicable. This step is somewhat time consuming, so this'll take me a bit of time. Again, suggestions are welcome.
No. 5363
Um, I don't think you should bother to add 5 different columns. Just one (or two if you have to separate english and non english) will do. It seems like a whole lotta work for nothing.
No. 5365
Second. There's no point in splitting the multiple sources for dl links into different columns. Just aggregate them all into one.

>I wanted to download every doujin there onto this server.
What's the hosting plan for THP like, anyways?
No. 5369
Good enough to store doujins I think. I somehow don't see them taking up more than 6-7 of storage space.
No. 5370
Don't be so sure. My collection is at 3.5 gig and 275 files now, and I probably delete 75-85% of the stuff I download. How many rows are there in that spreadsheet?
No. 5376
OK, I'll cut down on the mirrors I provide to just one link each and one link for English doujins. If the links do go bad, I suppose we'll have to have a thread to maintain it or something.

Regarding the total size of doujins available right now, my folder contains over 12 gb of H-doujins and over 1,000 items, including both raw and English doujins. It's a sizable lot.
No. 5412

Update: Links are updated up to the end of the Touhou NSFW's third doujin thread. All English links are included, but unfortunately over a third of the old raw doujin downloads are gone. How should we go about this?
No. 5422

You're a good man, Mysterio. You also post good stuff on danbooru, so my hat is off to you.
No. 5501
I've updated the table and am also done with the /rs/ function. It should be working now. So any links entered on this site will show up for querying.

As people post and submit links (there's a submit button) it'll make things more convenient. Though if you have something like a text file with links you can just post it and I'll put them up or whatever.

I'll also maybe eventually get around to putting up the links in the doujin thread here, but for now I'm feeling a bit lazy and need some sleep.
No. 5503
Is it possible to add a link to each /rs/ entry to redirect back to the post the link is from? i.e. link http://www.mediafire.com/?vhzmtwn0vdn to http://touhou-project.com/at/res/1613.html#5436. Such a feature would be useless on 4chan's /rs/, but threads here last a lot longer.
No. 5510
And what would the point of that be? it seems like a needless complication with not much in the way of benefit.
No. 5511
Because most people post doujinshi with covers. I find it near impossible to tell doujinshi apart just from the name.
No. 5512
Sorry, but not going to do it. Seeings as it's a search tool for links, knowing what you were searching for helps. For all the rest there's the table and the recurring threads/sticky.
No. 5513
It might be a good idea to add a link to the Doujinshi Database Project page (http://doujinshi.mugimugi.org/) at the top of the search page, so that users can double-check before downloading. Wouldn't require any new widgets or coding.
No. 5523
Bleh, I mixed up, apparently what I uploaded is no different from the older version of the table. Unfortunately I won't have access to my desktop for the week since I'm away, so hold tight for now. Sorry for the mixup.
No. 5647
Here's the real updated file that I should have uploaded a week ago, now with links. Sorry for the mixup earlier, this chart should be fairly accurate now.

No. 5679
I uploaded the changes but haven't gotten around to implementing some things I wanted to yet. Your continued effort is appreciated though.
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Update to the spreadsheet. Current up to today (May 6). I didn't work on the collaboration section at all, though, that'll be for some other future update.
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What happened to the site? blog not found?
No. 6642

Bots detected spam on it. Gatetrip is trying to get the blog back up.
No. 6647
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File 127800287787.jpg - (589.84KB , 896x735 , ffd414f19298ee37167b962f3ebc0719.jpg ) [iqdb]

Update to the spreadsheet. There's a nice 1130 or so Touhou H-doujins floating around out there now.
No. 6885
Thanks, I'll update it in a bit.
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File 128463573467.jpg - (828.30KB , 1024x768 , 6eeffbe841631287599429a36c056b3e.jpg ) [iqdb]

New update to the Touhou H doujin, however all of Darth Tohru's files were pulled off, so unfortunately a good number of these links are invalid. Some links are bolded, meaning they are verified. A "Recent Additions" tab has also been added, which lists all new doujins uploaded since the last version of this spreadsheet.
No. 8255
Did Tohru remove his own files or did he get reported? Will there be a Tohru restoration project?
No. 8256
He still posts on Pooshlmer, but not on /t-h/. I'm pretty sure he deleted them himself.