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File 153515379643.png - (195.79KB, 427x600, the end.png) [iqdb]
39404No. 39404
A barely-legal bookkeeper does coitus with the hero of this story.
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>>No. 39405
10/10 i cum on Orin she hiss at penis thx OP!!!
>>No. 39406
i want Kosuzu to slam a book closed on my dick
>>No. 39407
File 153515448683.png - (618.15KB, 720x911, __motoori_kosuzu_touhou_drawn_by_hagihara_asami__b.png) [iqdb]
Kosuzu shuts her book closed on your dick.

"Ow," you say. "I think my dick got a paper cut."

"I'll help you treat it," she says.

"Are you going to lick it clean?"

She hands you a bandage.
>>No. 39408
>verbiage led to dick injury
just like it says on the tin

very honest story
>>No. 39409
File 153515514020.jpg - (83.07KB, 850x478, __kaenbyou_rin_touhou_drawn_by_akuma__sample-d9433.jpg) [iqdb]
You came on Rin. She hissed at your penis, but your penis hissed back.

You came on Rin again. She was silent this time.
>>No. 39410
by why was Orin at Suzunaan????
>>No. 39411
Verbiage is the enemy, anon.
>>No. 39413

So we've be told for thousands upon thousands of years. But, what if it wasn't? What if we could somehow learn to understand the verbiage? Though the sins of the father run deep, and old enmity is not soon forgotten, I think we should give co-existence another try.
>>No. 39414
File 153531182867.jpg - (206.84KB, 850x680, __motoori_kosuzu_touhou_drawn_by_ina_inadahime__sa.jpg) [iqdb]
"We've been told for thousands of years that verbiage was the enemy. But what if it wasn't? What if we could co-exist with it? Maybe our ancestors were too naive. You always hear that 'brevity is the soul of wit' but we humans are not witty by nature. We train to be witty, and anybody who says otherwise is a liar. I myself believe that I am a fool. I fumble with words because they do not obey fools. But is that wrong? Is it not human nature to make mistakes and then grow from it? And I have this uncle who, for the love of all gods, does not stop talking about his youkai escapades in every family reunion. But somehow, it wouldn't be the same if he weren't there. He brings a peculiar homeliness with his words. Of course, that brings me along to my next point—"

Kosuzu, who had been silently listening as you thrust into her, brought a slender finger to your lips. "Not another word until you cum inside. Okay?"

You looked at her. "Okay."

No more verbiage was had that night.
>>No. 39415
But if she does coitus with the hero, what is the villain to do? Surely he/she/it must be bored.
>>No. 39417
File 153539016765.jpg - (136.85KB, 658x429, This is now my Kosuzu headcannon.jpg) [iqdb]
Let's see some emotion you damn prude!
>>No. 39419
>No more verbiage was had that night.

Ouch. Always sucks when you can't finish.
>>No. 39420
Come to think of it, I guess everybody in Gensokyo would be raw dogging it, so there's not even the "rubber killed the feeling" excuse. Double ouch.
>>No. 39421
File 153542816144.jpg - (78.75KB, 850x814, the look when she's the villain.jpg) [iqdb]
"I'm bored," said Reimu. "I guess I'll do what I always do."

She enjoyed the night with her index and middle fingers.
>>No. 39422
>She enjoyed the night with her index and middle fingers.

Man, Reimu must love taking her problems in both hands.

...Wait, if Reimu is the villain in this story... does that mean Kosuzu will be NTR'd with the overwhelming power of yuri?
>>No. 39445
But who is the father?
>>No. 39446
The more important question is: who is the sister?
>>No. 39466
File 15395472871.jpg - (209.05KB, 850x1190, KSZ.jpg) [iqdb]
I'm glad you guys asked!
>>No. 39472
If you wanted answers to your question, here you go! >>39467

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