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File 152124019491.jpg - (439.06KB, 1000x707, 548d328d26d3804211972c7fef37318c.jpg) [iqdb]
Previous thread: >>35811
I don't really have anything to contribute, I just felt like there should be a new thread.
The lack of Kaiou/Fukutsuu Okosu at the past Comiket distressed me. I know it was because he fell through on the space raffle, but still.
File 152529808199.jpg - (59.78KB, 322x450, resize_image.jpg) [iqdb]
File 152757225960.jpg - (653.57KB, 700x948, 68574803_p0.jpg) [iqdb]
Year after year, I wait to long to order my books and crucial items run out. Again and again, like clockwork, it's never not like this. Fuck.
Someone tell me they got this.
I miss when it was those two on Yamame and Kisume.

Now it's back to generic faceless man rape
File 152823909037.jpg - (1.02MB, 972x1359, Cover.jpg) [iqdb]
Bought this in an instant during this Reitaisai.

>Meiling on Sakuya and vice versa
>time stop
>that damn paizuri with Meiling!

I love this. Can't wait to read it.
>Kaiou fell through on the space lottery again

Gonna get that being a good scan right?

I'd love to, man. Really.

But I have to wait until the end of summer to ship it to where I live from my inbox in Japan. So probably you'll see it from someone else.

Why this isn't already online baffles me. No more love for Itou Yuuji or Meiling?
I was gonna request it but it didn't show up on shops until like, the day after I talked to Kouya
Damn that's unfortunate. I am still waiting for it...
Well a shitscan is available now. There's also going to be a replacement ~~soon~~ (not by me)
File 153739610958.jpg - (35.80KB, 576x384, DndxKB3U8AAIO8t.jpg) [iqdb]
Vitamin Rice just released a free trial of a Reimu eroge he's been working on.


As far as I can tell, it's a bunch of disjointed scenes of Reimu happy sex with a faceless guy. I can't read so I have no idea if the writing is any good, but it's probably decent fluff.
So just to confirm, these are all just text-based RPGs, right? There's no pictures at all, cover aside. Right?
There's nothing to positively indicate that in the description there, but based on what I could find from the circle and their previous works, that looks to be a likely case.
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