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3844 No. 3844
So, I asked one of my friends what he wanted for Christmas, and he said "A translated touhou porn doujin." I know he was joking, but I think it would be hilarious to get it for him anyway.

The problem is that I have no idea which one I should get translated, so I'm building a thread here for you all to nominate your favorite doujins.

Post a download link to your favorite untranslated doujin here. I'll pick one of the ones posted, and get it translated.

No. 3845
For maximum exposure, I mirrored this thread here, and on iiichan's t-h. the other thread is here:

No. 3846
No. 3847
Who are his favorite characters? Since you should have asked that first. That'd help narrow it down.


I'd like to see this translated, and this would be a favorite of any Komachi fan.
No. 3848
I have about five million different doujins to recommend, but really, who are your friend's favorite characters? I'd feel better about recommending something that would suit your friend's tastes, and it would really help narrow things down.
No. 3849
>>3848 would be helpful to know, first.

Also, I would recommend http://www.mediafire.com/?ugztqmmmnhn because it is my favoritest touhou porn doujin fucking ever.
No. 3850
Having read that one, and being able to read the moonrunes (to an extent; I admit to some difficulty with Komachi's speech patterns at times), I can definitely recommend it.
No. 3852
There's always Extend Party.
No. 3853
That's already translated and is (slowly) being edited.
No. 3854
File 125995428253.jpg - (1.23MB , 1070x1517 , 005 copy.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm still doing it. It seems that we hit a block with the transparency but thankfully someone is helping me to cover that.

Well, slow but we got 8 pages done.
No. 3856
CirFla, I guess.
No. 3857
Oh, his favorites are Satori, Shikieiki, Alice, and Byakuren in no particular order.
No. 3859

looked in the doujin thread here already? Since That has a couple of Byakuren doujins (ToraTone's a nice Byakuren/Shou one.) Though nothing else comes to mind when I think of the other three girls

What's the plot of it in a nutshell?
No. 3860
Well, except those are already translated. In fact, I think the two featuring byakuren that are translated are the only H doujins containing byakuren so far.

Here's a rather bizarre one containing "sikieiki" >>1557
No. 3861
File 125996688050.jpg - (825.72KB , 2153x1516 , 000a_2aar.jpg ) [iqdb]

In that case, I can think of a few things.

"Oppai Brothers," a collection of various circles working in collaboration, put out an entire Alice anthology.

The circle "gallop" has two nice doujins I could recommend:

[gallop] アイシテルフォール
[gallop] 東方萃ネ帳2

The first doujin is a very nice Alice doujin featuring some very tender sex. The second is a collection of shorts, the first one starring Satori, and the third starring Alice; the other three shorts include Sanae, Suwako, and Yukari.

"Raidenrabo" has quite a number of Alice doujins.

There is an excellent doujin out there starring Rin and Satori engaging in some group activities, though I can't remember the name of it. If I do, I'll go ahead and post it here.

I'm afraid nothing with Shikieiki proper springs to mind. She is sadly an uncommon in H. A fact that very nearly brings me to tears on a routine basis. Very recently this came out:

[Hashiya & Regenza] Zecchou Saiban

A nice doujin starring Komachi and Shikieiki.

Not much else I can think of at the moment. If you don't know where to find these, I can upload most any of them, but I'll have to do it later. I'm in a bit of a rush at the moment.
No. 3862

Raidenrabo (robo, lobo, etc) has a fondness of drawning girls quite busty, and he is sometimes fond of rape; just keep that in mind.
No. 3863
Short summary: Komachi ferries a deceased virgin boy across the Sanzu. He helps her out against one of the Sanzu river-dwellers' attacks, she offers him a favor out of gratitude, and he chooses to feel her breasts as his reward. One thing leads to another.
No. 3865
Damn, it looks good.
Please, upload the translated version when you've finished.
No. 3866

Thanks for the description that's something like the best after left moment ever.

Also on the note of Alice doujins: there's no lack of them (being a favorite of causal Touhou fnas, no doubt due to that IOSYS flash)
No. 3869
The file here is broken, one of the pictures is malformed...

Also, I need download links for things to be considered.
No. 3870

That's weird. I'll upload it again.
No. 3871

Here's two additional links.



Tell me if they don't work.
No. 3874
That mediafire link is AOK, thanks!
No. 3875

No problem.
No. 3876
Any of these three:

And also this which I don't know the name of because it got fucked up when I extracted it or something, but it's only like four pages so shouldn't be hard to translate.
No. 3878
That title is "Youyou Rinjuuken" or "Bewitching Special Liquid Sword".

The title is silly, I know, even if it does make a little sense.
No. 4104
Any updates on this one?
No. 4107

Still being worked on. However, my lappie just suffered from a weird HDD crash so I might have to redo pages 03-012 if they are corrupt.

Also long wait too because the cleaner make it four pages once two weeks or so.
No. 4108
I wonder if anything has been decided yet or not.
No. 4110
Two weeks exactly since the last update from him. I suppose I should send him an email to ask if something else came up.
No. 4123
File 126143029960.jpg - (445.25KB , 1027x1514 , IMG_0002.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sorry for the long update time, finals were owning me.

In any case, the doujin I decided on is this one:

I sent out the commission request today, so I expect to hear back from desudesu within a few days.
No. 4186

Huh. It's been a little while now. Any word back yet?
No. 4187
>Azure Xuchilbara
>Mother of f*ck!!! Answer my e-mails already, desudesu..!

He also hasn't responded to my emails about commisions, which I sent like a month ago. It seems he's ignoring a good number of people. Maybe he's sick of touhou? I dunno.
No. 4188

Huh. One of the pages on his website mentions that he has a huge backlog of work to do, but I would think that he would still have the time to at least let people know he had received their e-mails. Maybe he is ignoring people.

Ah, well, shitsux, I guess.
No. 4189
>Akiko-san to Issho 5
>DATE: 2009-12-31
He just released a C77 doujin. I sent him a big list of stuff I eventually wanted done on 11/11 and never got a response. Maybe he's blacklisting me for sending so many things at once. Or maybe he doesn't want to deal with Azure, whom supposedly commision the massive Fancy Girls' Equipment anthology 4 months ago. Fuck if I know what his deal is. SaHa is still responding, at least.
No. 4190
More than five weeks now. He must really be occupied.
No. 4247

>*ps: I have no idea why, but I seem to get hundreds of spam everyday recently. So if I didn’t reply your email after 5~7 days, chances are your mail have been classified as spam by gmail for one reason or another, and got dumped in the spam folder, never to be seen by me forever. When that happens, please change the title of the email or something and resend the mail.

No. 4249
Thread-starting anon here again.

Yeah, my email disappeared into the spam void, so I sent him another one and that got through. However, I was on a two-week trip to France at the time, so I told him to take his time with translating it. As far as I know, hew's working on it now.
No. 4250
Maybe I'll start sending him emails as replies from the emails I've received from him. Unless he just uses gmail for POP3, that should work.
No. 4267
File 126331519836.jpg - (527.72KB , 1011x1518 , IMG_0011.jpg ) [iqdb]
OK, it's finished! Download link here:


In any case, this was a lot of fun, so I may do this again every few months. How does March sound for the next Nominate A Doujin?
No. 4268

Sure but can we resubmit entries that didn't win this time?
No. 4282
Huzzah! I'm in! Just sent him a request for Maid in Witch
No. 4302
Ooh, looking forward to that.

Unless something more interesting from c77 comes along, I'll nominate the same thing for next time.
No. 4304
Oh, I was thinking I'd keep all the old nominations, and just add in any new ones I get. A larger pool should give better results!
No. 5113
Not making a new thread to avoid cluttering up the board. It's that time again. March is here, and that's porn doujin translation month!

In any case, I still have all of the entries from last time, from both here and the thread on iiichan that aren't translated yet.

any new submissions would be great, I'll be accepting them until March 15, when I'll make my decision and ship it off to desudesu or SaHa...
No. 5115

For this month, I believe I will be nominating pretty much anything by Yumemi Gokoti, but particularly the excellent doujins Miso Ramen Zenbu, MAX LOVE, Momiji no Omanju, and the most recent Otona no Tei Arerugen.

Miso Ramen Zenbu features a section dedicated to Suika and Rumia (sadly under-appreciated in H doujins), a section dedicated to Keine, and a few pages of miscellaneous characters.

MAX LOVE is a steady stream of delicious, delicious Okuu.

Momiji no Omanju is... well, mostly Momiji. In heat or something. She seems to really enjoy being screwed senseless, anyway.

Otona no Tei Arerugen is all about Koishi and Satori being subjected to group fun.

I'll have links to the doujins posted up some time tomorrow, unless you already have them.
No. 5117
File 126745069822.jpg - (0.96MB , 2314x1600 , 000a_000b.jpg ) [iqdb]
[Shimoyakedou] 胡蝶の舞.
No. 5118
Oh, I should probably remind you that I need download links for the ones you submit...


For instance, this one looks really nice, but where can I find it?
No. 5119
File 12674593928.jpg - (552.25KB , 1134x1600 , MAX_LOVE_01.jpg ) [iqdb]
Right, well, here are the doujins I put forward:


The .rar includes MAX LOVE, Miso Ramen Zenbu, and Momiji no Omanju. Unfortunately I seem to have misplaced Otona no Tei Arerugen, so that's not in the pack. If there's a problem with the files then let me know.

My preference here is definitely MAX LOVE, but any one of these would make me happy.
No. 5120
C'mon, dude. I know you've been to /t-h/. (Which lives now, by the way.)
No. 5122
Seconding this one; the style's good, but what makes it really excellent is that the artist really knew how to use clothing and positions to their maximum effect. Read it and see.
No. 5123
Also, SaHa has done several Shimoyakedo doujins in the past, so you can take a look at those for a idea of how it might read.
No. 5266
File 126853225984.jpg - (205.95KB , 1200x840 , 000a_000b.jpg ) [iqdb]
I really would like to see this one getting translated.
No. 5284
Are the as of now untranslated ones from the doujin thread nominated already?
No. 5285
File 126862240683.png - (372.29KB , 1133x1600 , 032.png ) [iqdb]

I'll need a download link for this one, I'll add it to the next round, since I've made my decision for this one.


Nope, I don't look at many that aren't translated so I didn't think to include those.

In any case, I chose [Shimoyakedou] 胡蝶の舞 out of the submissions for this time. I'll ship this off for translation today!
No. 5296
Looking forward to it.
No. 5877
OK, so it took me more than a month to get a response from desudesu, but I finally did.

Translators are working, please watch warmly.
No. 6053
God damn it, looks like the green light got lost. Will someone who Desu's spam filter doesn't block email him at desudesu2@gmail.com and tell him that Gandalph sends his green light, and wants to get a way other than email to contact him? I'd be much obliged to anyone who could do that for me.
No. 6056
>wants to get a way other than email to contact him?
I don't think he has anything like that. In any event I'm blocked too.
No. 6070
You could try posting a comment on his blog, maybe?
No. 6077

Did that already. Nothing.

Did get a response from a secondary gmail account that I set up though. So now I think it's going down.

He said he had finals to take care of, and that he would be done with it by next Friday.

It's kind of a pain though, that this took almost 2 months to get rolling.
No. 6293
Kouchou no Mai was totally worth the wait. Thanks for getting it done.
No. 6295
File 127458442216.jpg - (329.35KB , 1133x1600 , 032.jpg ) [iqdb]

You're welcome, tohru. I'm sorry it took so long, but I had problems getting in contact with desudesu as I mentioned. In any case, the next contest will be in June, so in about two weeks. The final product is available here:

No. 6297
You have my thanks good man.
No. 6517
Is it really that time again? Well, it's June so the answer is yes. I still have all the old nominations from the last two times around the block, and I'm opening it up again for the next two weeks for any more you might have in mind.

That means that you should post download links for the untranslated doujins that you feel should be translated in this thread until midnight between Saturday, June 19, and Sunday, June 20. At that time, I'll make a choice and send the doujin I pick from those nominated out to get translated.
No. 6518

Also, the thread on T-H is gone, so I made a new one here:

No. 6519
File 127579388481.jpg - (1.17MB , 2288x1600 , 001-999.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 6523
I'd like to nominate Cir_Fla again (for now). I was going to mix it up and go with Merry Merry Re, but that just got done, so yeah.
No. 6527
File 127590810657.jpg - (499.91KB , 1067x1513 , mokomoko.jpg ) [iqdb]
[Kuma-tan Flash!] Moko-tan to fushigi na heya

This is a new favorite of mine, decent size too.
No. 6550

Thanks for the nominations, I'll add these to the folder for consideration.


I was pleased by how Merry Merry Re turned out. In any case, I've still got CirFla in my folder for consideration, so I'll give it another look.
No. 6698
File 127695328080.jpg - (834.47KB , 1413x2000 , ëâëné+ìsé¦éñ_001.jpg ) [iqdb]
OK, so I chose this doujin this time around. What can I say? I like Alice, and apparently a large portion of Gensokyo's population does too...

In any case, I'll send this out for quotes with UMAD and desudesu today.
No. 6710
Good choice!
No. 6713
Looks to be potentially nice, but just about everyone likes Alice.
No. 6734
Could you post the download link too? I'm too impatient to wait from both translator.
No. 6747

Sure thing, it's right here:

No. 6892
Not H, but it's something of a crime how this went untranslated for so long


Seems to be the red volume.

http://www.pooshlmer.com/wakaba/res/452553.html cover pics found here.

I'll try to get a link to the prologue soon.
No. 7360
File 128188453517.jpg - (738.75KB , 800x1119 , Ask Tohru.jpg ) [iqdb]
OK, I'm impetuous to start the next round of nominations, so nominations are now open again for the next round of doujins that could be translated! Nominations will close on Sept. 1st, and then I'll make a decision and get one translated.

You guys know the drill by now. Nominate doujins that you would like to see translated by posting DOWNLOAD LINKS in this thread. I will pick one of the nominations from this round as well as previous ones that are still not translated, and send it out for translation.

Also, a friend of mine is looking for the doujin whose cover is pictured in this post. Any download links would be appreciated.

There is a thread that mirrors this one on wakaba's touhou porn board here:

No. 7361
File 128188538833.jpg - (36.12KB , 403x550 , 114625.jpg ) [iqdb]

C78 release. Sequel to >>5674, if you didn't know. Check the doujin upload thread on /t-h/, it'll be posted there as soon as it gets uploaded.
No. 7366
I'm hoping that SAZ's Komachi doujin is choosen, mainly due to the fact it's not rape for once.
No. 7418

Yeah, that's the main reason I'm still running this, maybe we'll get something translated that's not a horrible rape scene.

In any case, I already had "Hole in my Lovers" from an earlier round, but I'll be sure to reconsider it! Thanks for participating!
No. 7423
I know, but I really want see it translated. But yeah too much depressing rape is translated as opposed to happier stuff like Shigunyan's works

>>3847 is what I'm referring to just for reference.
No. 7424
link is coming up with a forbidden error for me
No. 7432
I'll try to see if I can find a link to the 2nd Kogasa doujin, since I've only seen it on places that I can't easily download from.
No. 7433

If you can download it, and then upload it to mediafire, it would be a boon to the community.
No. 7434
There's what I found in terms of Shigunyan's works (If you read the first Kogasa one, it kinda sets the pace for his H doujins; the girls look like they're enjoying the sex too)

(C77) [Shigunyan] Paizutsumi Okasa-nyan

Cover: http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/show/594313

Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=9S0EAD4G

(C76) [Shigunyan] Torofuwa Oppai (Touhou)

Cover: http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/show/566448

Link: http://rapidshare.com/files/294284372/_hentaifan.3a2.com__Shigunyan__Torofuwa_Oppai__Touhou_.rar

Title: (Comic Treasure 14) [MILK BAR, Soyoking, Shigunyan (Shirogane Hina, Soyoki, Shigunyan)] Sweetie Pink (Touhou Project)
Note: This is a mix of stuff, but no rape

Cover: http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/show/547676/

Links: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=DQXK4VQT

(C76) [Shigunyan & PINK] Mikko Miko (Touhou)

Cover: http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/show/556215

Link: http://rapidshare.com/files/294270729/_hentaifan.3a2.com__Shigunyan___PINK__Mikkomiko__Touhou_.rar

that's all the stuff I could for Shigunyan

Itou Life's also pretty good about happy sex (Most of his work is translated though; check out his Reisen and Tewi one for an example); also Best Wriggle ever.

shockingly, there's a couple things of his never translated.

I hope this helps.
No. 7442

I will add these to the consideration. Thanks very much.

Also, I'm remembering the first Touhou doujin I ever read, one with futa Marisa and Reimu, Alice walks in and gets very embarassed, but eventually gets in on the action.

I'd like to find that one again if I can. Can anyone find that one for me? Unfortunately, I can't moonspeak, so I have no idea what the title was, and I mistakenly deleted it almost a year ago. I've been unable to find it for a while, and I'd appreciate adding it to the consideration if anyone can find the one I'm talking about.
No. 7443
File 128236377174.jpg - (561.39KB , 1056x1500 , 011.jpg ) [iqdb]

I desperately want this translated.
No. 7447
Ah it's one of the few untranslated Itou Life Wriggle doujins I mentioned.

Sorry, those three are terrible common. if you can find a page or cover That'd help. But I'll try to see what i can dig up.
No. 7449

I'm not sure if this is it, but I did find a "[Lemon Maiden] Lunatics" on exhentai (I think you'd be able to find it on G.e-hentai); just saying as to confirm it yourself.
No. 7452
So would I. But I'm sure whatever is chosen I'll find delicious.
No. 7453

Yeah, I realized after I described it that I could have been describing about four or five different doujins. Sorry about that.


Fuck yeah, that's the one! Thanks very much.


OK, I'll add this one to the list.
No. 7471
Glad to be of service... though I have no idea how to quite go about finding a download link to it. Hope you have a copy already.
No. 7472

I just went through and saved every image, it took about 5 minutes, but what-ever, I got my porn, so I'm happy.
No. 7498

[SAZ] Yawaraka Komachi

Cover: http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/show/518139

This topic prompted me to find a download link to get a copy for myself.

It's plotless (seemingly) thing where Komachi shows some lucky bastard a few more tricks that she could do with her breasts.

I wished this guy did more Touhou.
No. 7708
[Ito Life] Sagariguru
Cover: http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/show/737321

More Itou Life, also doing this for Patchwork's sake.
No. 7780
So, it looks like this time around will be a SAZ Komachifest. I had an older doujin from this guy also featuring Komachi lying around that I almost picked over Musou Fuuin in the second contest, and since the one that was submitted this time is so short, I'm going to get both of them translated.

They are being sent to UMAD now, but here's a refresher for those who can't wait:
No. 7824

But a suggestion to the next round: Looking for some re-translations of stuff CGRascal has done, since while he's done some interesting stuff, some people are VERY butthurt by the rather sloppy translating.
No. 7829
This is so soon as I still can't find the RAW yet, but Shimoyakedou should always be high in the nominating list: http://doujinshi.mugimugi.org/book/361490/

This artist know what is hot, and never disappoint.
No. 7832
Wait until next round, guys. December, I believe.
No. 7944
Sorry about this taking a while, but UMAD has a big backlog of things that they have to translate from C78. My stuff's been added to the queue, but I'm not sure how close they are to the front.


Yeah, I never really had a problem understanding his translations, but the latest one of that Yamame doujin was almost incomprehensible. I still don't really understand what was going on with that.

So if someone submits the raws, I'll consider them.


Yeah, these guys are a favorite circle of mine along with Reverse Noise and O4U.

To avoid discouraging people from posing things that they want translated, I won't say which circles I don't like, but there are a few artists whose doujin's I wouldn't even consider commissioning unless the work was massively different from everything else they have done.
No. 7984

OK, first one's out, he says the second one will be done by tomorrow:

No. 7997

And here's the second one! Thanks, everyone. The next contest will be in November, I'm moving it up a month so that I can get in 6 contests in a year.

No. 8127
The C78 Shimoyakedou I mentioned was already translated, see >>8034 (so fast!).

Now you got me interested, could you give some example of circle/doujin you don't like? Not for refraining from posting them, but for curiosity in a fellow's opinion.

Besides, if someone really think a doujin is so good they'll just take a chance to nominate it. Don't worry.
No. 8128

If you want to know, email me at the address in the link field of this post. I'd rather not post openly on this board about which artists I like or don't, but I have no problem discussing it via email with a single person.
No. 8133
Too bad, I'd have liked to hear your input somehow in the discussion thread, then again you could post there with no one knowing.

But it's still shame.
No. 8136

Things I say in internets has been getting me into trouble and losing me a lot of credibility lately, so I'm going to remain silent as to which artists I would not pay to have translated unless the tone of their work changed drastically.

Again, if you want to know, email me and I'll talk about it freely, but my opinions have been fueling too many shitstorms lately for me to want to come out bashing someone's favorite artist here.
No. 8493
File 128823675029.png - (600.63KB , 1134x1600 , soft_komachi_03.png ) [iqdb]
That's right, I'm still going with this contest, and it's time for the 5th round to start.

I still have many doujins from previous contests that I will consider, but I'm opening up nominations again for the next two weeks. that means that from now until midnight on Wednesday, Nov. 10th, I'll be accepting nominations to add to the collection of possible things to translate.

Keep in mind that I'm likely to choose things that don't include rape, and where the art is good. It's nothing personal, I'm just not going to pay for something to be translated if I wouldn't read it.

Extra points for futanari, Alice, Shikieiki, and Shinki. But I don't think that any Shinki doujins even exist...

The mirror of this thread on /t-h/ is here:
No. 8504
File 128829481671.jpg - (529.79KB , 1121x1600 , IMG_0001.jpg ) [iqdb]
I chose stories that actually need translations, not the normal "100 ah~". My nomination:

[D・N・A.Lab.] Lethal Dose (Koakuma x Patchouli, futa)

[FRAC] しろくゆる (Youmu x Yuyuko, futa)

[おいもと] 宵闇の子守唄 (Yukari x Reimu, yuri, futa)

[RUMP] 永鈴戯 参 (Eirin x Reisen, yuri) (see pic)

Non-related matter: If you like Shikieiki, have a look at Rengeza's doujinshi discography. It's my collection, and I remember he is her fan. It's 99% work-safe though, so don't bother if you don't like Touhou in general :P.
No. 8722
Considering past entries still? I'd post some CGRascal'd stories but I don't have an idea where to find the raws.
No. 8730

Yeah, I'll consider especially bad CGRascal translations as well if you can find the raws.
No. 8731

I can probably find the raws from Share if you post some titles. Japanese titles preferably, or a doujindb link.
No. 8777
Do we have a winner yet?
No. 8779

Shoot, I derped and forgot to decide on one. Sorry, I've had many exams this week and have been distracted.

I will review the doujins I have tonight and make a decision. At the moment, I'm thinking that this doujin will be the one to get translated, but I'll have to look at them all again to be sure:

No. 8780
You're going to start with the 5th in the series? Not the first?

No. 8783

I thought it was somewhat suspicious that the other one had a "5" in the title. I didn't think to ask for the others in the series. Can I get 2-4 and any after 5 as well? these look pretty good, and I'd like to consider them in future contests.

In any case, that is the one that I decided on. I'll send it off to U MAD this evening for a quote.
No. 8784
2: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?sc7sl2c43kub15q
3: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?kt9d11vvnbsg77p
fourth one is called ferumata; will post it once the Share download finishes.
No. 8785
ferumata: http://www.mediafire.com/?hj6cf1yy7pukjjf
No. 8808
I'd say choosing the 5th book to translate is a good choice. We don't have many Reimu x Aya books after all.
No. 8813
He announced on /t-h/ that he did choose the 5th.
No. 8936
No. 8960
File 129071406823.png - (1.02MB , 1394x2000 , kinoko_no_sasoi_5_03.png ) [iqdb]
OK, so the translation is finished, and the doujin is ready.

Get it here:

No. 9573
File 12942915155.png - (801.74KB , 1394x2000 , kinoko_no_sasoi_5_13.png ) [iqdb]
OK, things are shaping up for another round of doujin translations. C79 should give new material to choose from, not that I'm lacking in things that deserve translation from the older contests. I keep everything that was nomintated and that I would consider having translated from these contests, and I think that folder has close to 40 doujins in it now.

To be honest, it isn't fair to include the latest Shimoyakedou doujin in this contest, since I would almost automatically choose that one to translate if it's anything like their previous works.

So if someone can find raws for Shimoyakedou's C79 release, I will get that one translated in addition to whichever one I pick as the winner of this contest, unless the doujin is one that I'd rather not see translated based on the content.

So, the usual rules apply. You nominate doujins that you think should be translated by posting download links to the doujins. A short description of who and what is involved helps too. After two weeks I'll pick one out of those nominated to get translated. This means that the deadline for nominations is midnight on Jan 20.

Don't bother submitting doujins with bad art or graphic rape stories since there's no way that those will be chosen. It's nothing personal, but I'm not going to pay for something to be translated if I'm not going to read it after it's finished.

Doujins with Futanari, Alice, Shikieiki, Byakuren, or Shinki are more likely to be chosen. The more of those that appear, the more likely.

In any case, it seems like wakachan's touhou porn board is down at the moment, so this will be the only place accepting nominations.
No. 9574
>In any case, it seems like wakachan's touhou porn board is down at the moment, so this will be the only place accepting nominations.

Actually wakachan's touhou porn board has been down since last month because some moron spammers posted CP on several wakachan boards.
No. 9575
File 129429793364.jpg - (763.43KB , 845x1200 , _000.jpg ) [iqdb]
Nominating the doujin Borderline from the circle called capo.


It doesn't fit the criteria of your likely picks, but it's an absolutely beautiful Hina doujin, and I'm shocked that it's gone untranslated for so long. It's short, relatively light on text, and the artwork is wonderful.

Please do consider it. I've been waiting ages, hoping someone would get around to it.
No. 9576
I'd suggest Itou Life's new Patchouli doujin but I forgot the download link (I do have a rar of the raws though)
No. 9577
To be honest, the place was kinda dead ever since Darth left. Wonder what happened to him.

It's in the upload thread.


I'd be fine with anything by Ito Life.

Looks kinda nice also.
No. 9578
Dunno but he seemed to have taken down a bunch of stuff everywhere, kinda leaving folks to fill in the gaps.

Ah I see about the upload thread; I might go about looking around for more ideas.

OP, what's your take on Panzer's doujins? They're certainly concensual. Not sure if you'd like the art style though.
No. 9580

Guy just up and left. First THP, then /t-h/, and finally pooshlmer. I get the feeling he just got sick of everyone, but I wish he at least kept his damn mediafire alive.

He's still around somewhere; he still uses his futanari palace account and I saw him post a comment on one of the translator's blogs after he deleted everything.

I'll nominate this doujin this time;
>>9511, it's the sequel to >>4090
No. 9584

Their art isn't anything to jump out of your chair with your hand on your dong about, but it's not bad either. Please submit some if you'd like them translated.


HOLY SHIT YES. I remember that doujin, and I was hoping that the sequel would show up at some point.
No. 9633
You're the OP, correct? You should really get a tripcode.
No. 9635
alright; though someone should find >>4090 's raws so a GOOD translator could translated it.
No. 9637
No. 9639

OP here, that was me. Unfortunately, it looks like lightning hasn't struck twice. I'm not too hot about this sequel after having a look through it, but I'll add it to the nominees.
No. 9651
I'm going to nominate the older Ito Life work.


Given that the recent one with Patchouli was already done, and I don't think it warrants retranslation.
No. 9662
the worry is that with CGRascal's tendencies, he might curn out a really awful translation (see his translation of the Yamame Doujin)
No. 9663
Yeah I did read it first, and it doesn't seem that bad. Definitely not bad enough to call for it to be translated again.

That's just my opinion. I welcome others to say otherwise.
No. 9664

YES, I second this nomination. I have wanted this translated for so long
No. 9897
It's getting close to judgement day. Bumping.
No. 9901
Is that the "Megane" Ito Life doujin?
No. 9902
This was the filename of my version, and I can't read it. Check and find out maybe?

[Ito Life] うりぐる
No. 9908
How about


Black Angel: Misdirection

Remilia x Sakuya, Futa
No. 9913

Don't do that, you fucking faggot.
No. 9917
Well, I have some unfortunate news to announce. I'm shutting down this contest. I won't be picking a nominee in a few days, nor will I be translating any more doujins.

The reason? Well, take a look at the culture of this place. There's been a sea change since I first arrived here.

When I was getting my start on this board, there was a friendly community that would help you find links. The doujins in the translated doujin thread were a mix of all types. People were generally above massive rage and trolling.

Contrast that with the current state of affairs. Look through the Translated Doujins thread and count how many of the last 25 doujins were ones involving consensual sex. Not many. Look through the stories, and you'll find despair in most of them. Look around in the discussion thread, and you'll find rage on par with /v/.

Please note that my intention here is not to make value judgments on the current state of this community, only to say that it has changed from the one that I used to like being a part of, and that I no longer feel that it is a good use of my time to try to bring back what this place used to be. I can't stem a tide, so I need to stop trying.

This will be my last post here, and I will not read the responses to it, because I already know what they will contain. I also fully expect the admin to ban me for making this post, but he can do as he wishes. I had to get this off my chest before I go.
No. 9918
File 129539549097.jpg - (20.17KB , 234x293 , 1216173757993.jpg ) [iqdb]

How dare #THP want to move away from the utterly horrible place it started as.

> Look through the Translated Doujins thread and count how many of the last 25 doujins were ones involving consensual sex. Not many.
>implying that has anything to do with this site
>implying you're not still reading this thread
No. 9919
>Look through the Translated Doujins thread and count how many of the last 25 doujins were ones involving consensual sex.

How, exactly, is this our fault, when RAPE RAPE RAPE is pretty much all that's coming out of Japan these days? Look at C79, it was flooded with the stuff.

I think there's some sort of 'shooting the messenger' metaphor I could build up here (unless there's a more appropriate one), but you're not going to read this anyway so I won't even bother. People are just posting things they get their hands on. If you had bothered reading the responses to said doujins, you'd have noticed that most other people would prefer something non-rape for a change, too.

Bah, whatever. OP is buttdevastated, not much that can be done about that.
No. 9920

I'm... not entirely sure what it is exactly that has prompted this. You seem to be taking issue with the content of the translated doujin thread, but... you know that we don't pick those, right? We have very little involvement with what actually gets translated beyond your contests, and all the nominations are non-rape. We just post everything we find. If the content is not to your liking, it's no fault of ours, that's just what happens to have been translated recently.

If it's about links, then... people still post them. We still look for them. Doujin of all stripes gets posted. If someone asks for something, someone generally makes an effort to provide.

And I have no idea why you think the admin would ban you. Kapow is extremely reasonable, and our moderators are Mode and Vodka, who are both really great guys. Just where would you get a bad opinion of them?

I almost wonder if you are even the Anonymous who holds the contest, on the grounds that Contest Anonymous always seemed more sensible than this. Or at the very least, more detached from the board than this.

Well, sage, I guess. Since apparently this will go unread. Shame about that.
No. 9922
File 129539776457.jpg - (220.12KB , 700x700 , 122922282236.jpg ) [iqdb]
So wait, because you wish more consensual doujins were translated, you're not going to translate any doujins? You could be getting more consensual doujins translated and restoring the balance, but instead you blame everyone else and go back on your offer.

Well, from someone who hates rape doujins, thanks a fucking lot.
No. 9924
Can the admin or something confirm that as the OP? Because until then, I'm calling troll.
No. 9926
Indeed, and contrary to what some might think, this site has very little in the say of what gets translated, especially CGRascal's stuff. If we had our way he'd stop and send the work to someone that does a consistently good job.

This contest is among the few ways to get overlooked doujins translated (most of which are consensual) and I know the folks here have tried their best to provide just that.
No. 9944
It's the OP, I've been talking to him in IRC for the past week or two (he was asking me to find him doujinshi to order and be scanned). He contacted me about this yesterday so I wouldn't keep looking for him.
No. 9946
OK thanks for confirming. Well, this is a shame.

Unfortunately, I can only agree with him that there's too much /v/ level bitching. The rest, too bad.
No. 9952
Not surprise seeing how this has 4chan roots, and I'm sure we get folks from the dregs of 4chan today, including /v/. That and ignoring that, conflicts of options would occur when those anti-rape and those pro rape clash.
No. 9967
The only time anti-rape and the rest crash is when the anti-rape whining gets over our tolerance. While it's kind of sad that the OP decided to leave, quite frankly it's good riddance, as he was obviously a whiny bitch hell bent on creating shitstorms just to satisfy his internal moralfag. Also, culture change? What the hell, the only manner in which the culture in this place has changed over the years has caused people to /mellow down/ as they've lost part of their 4chan roots, claiming that this place has gotten worse is nothing short of ridiculous.
No. 9970
Although I have no proof of this whatsoever, I believe that OP is one of those people that stayed on /at/ and not any of the other boards, so when he says "this place has gotten worse", I think he means "/at/ has gotten worse". He even explicitly talks about how "this place" used to be better, by doing stuff like posting links by request and having doujinshi with consentual sex.

And /at/ has definitely gotten much worse, although the bit about the content of the doujins is probably the dumbest thing I've heard on a porn board in a while.
No. 9971
Anti-rape/Pro-rape clash.

Ahahahaha oh god.
It's t avoid any shitfest like that that we began to label doujin's contents.
And, sincerely, except in the Innocent Maiden's nightmare, I never saw any shitstorm about rape on this board.
No. 9989
And the discussion thread was basically made to funnel all such things into it.

Yeah since we don't decide what gets translated, at least not that we know of. I wouldn't be surprised if some anons commission various doujins.
No. 10005
>I wouldn't be surprised if some anons commission various doujins.
I do. I've done a bunch. A lot of which probably would be classified as rape by OP. However it's not like what I decide to get translated is at all influenced by anyone else on /at/, and if /at/ didn't exist I'd still want them translated.

I seriously don't get why people seem to be completely incapable of NOT downloading every damn doujin that gets posted in the translated thread. Am I the only one that feels like they can reliably judge whether a doujin contains rape or not by the cover?
No. 10008
It's more the dismay that the only doujin with someone's character is a rape one. Like that one with the Akis, not sure if that's rape or not.
No. 10130
If that's the case then I think the issue becomes that we've heard it already. Dozens of times, possibly even hundreds of times if you count other sites.
Speaking for myself I would be perfectly okay with going the rest of my life without being reminded that somebody out there doesn't like rape doujins or that I'm a horrible person for fapping to them.
No. 10229

>I would be perfectly okay with going the rest of my life without being reminded that I'm a horrible person for fapping to them.

No. 10244
No, the thing is it's not the truth. It's an opinion from someone else that in a whole lot of cases nobody asked for that I'm tired of hearing.
No. 10395
And I'm tired of reading butthurt whining from people like you who feel the need to air their laundry about their fetishes being disliked by "the normals".

Can you not just take your own advice and internalize a bit? Y'know, shut up and deal with it in some way that doesn't involve inconveniencing others, like you seem to want to implore others to do?
No. 10403
Next in Nounai Kanojo's excellent doujin series!
"The Melancholy of Kirisame Marisa" is the title.
No. 10446
Nominations are no longer being dealt with. Read up further.

Given this is a hentai board, it's up to you to be tolerant, not us.
No. 10538
Pot, kettle and all that shit. Dude, nobody gives a fuck if you don't like some types of porn. Or in your own words:
Can you not just take your own advice and internalize a bit? Y'know, shut up and deal with it in some way that doesn't involve inconveniencing others, like you seem to want to implore others to do?
No. 10541
Judging by your tone it seems reasonable to assume you're one of the ones who has complained about rape in doujins in the past, but feel free to correct me on that if I'm wrong.
If I'm right though, then the problem is that you're asserting you have every right to condescend to anyone that likes rape, but they aren't given the courtesy to tell you to shut the fuck up right back.
If you don't want to see someone complaining about being insulted, don't insult them in the first place.
No. 10543
Locked by request due to shitstorming.