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File 150992367529.jpg - (143.43KB, 595x842, Magnel - Koga 1.jpg) [iqdb]
38360 No. 38360
Quiet and swift, you step across the soft grass, guided by the brilliance of a full moon. Every shop, stall, and public office has long since closed, but you are still far from home. Small, humble headstones pass by, but you pay them no mind, or at least, you try not to. Youkai visit the graveyard. One might already be here, hiding in the dark. Watching, listening.

One of them spends entirely too much time here, especially on nights like these. You’ve crossed paths before, but only ever briefly. As brief as you could possibly make it. Youkai tend to get weird around you, after a while, and you can’t let that happen with her. Just need to clear the graves and reach the walls.

Soft, wet grass yields to your sandals you ease them down, one step at a time. You catch a glimpse of flickering torchlight ahead. It’s the main gate, maybe a couple minutes away if you sprint. You feel like you’re home already-


The deafeningly cheery voice slams into you, just as her generous breasts crash against your stiffening back. Kogasa Tatara. Local blacksmith, part-time pseudo babysitter. Youkai. Your body locks up. You can’t move. Maybe this is just your second encounter. Breath shaking, you run though plans. She needs to leave. Soon.

Then she wraps her right hand around your breast, and the following squeeze shatters your thoughts. Her short hair brushes against your neck as she leans over your shoulder. A soft lilac scent wafts in, as time slows down. Fabric folds and pinches under her fingers, rubbing against your flesh. Then she giggles.


You flinch, jerking forward. Another hand wraps around your waist, pressing you back against her stomach. Her hard, abdominal muscles and her large breasts force your own torso out, as she lays her head down on your neck.

“It’s dangerous to be alone out here, you know.”

You can’t help but squirm at that, hoping to pry off a hand, or somehow just slip through her grip. Your body twists and turns as much as her vice-grip allows. No luck. An out-of-shape human like you, versus a youkai, even one as otherwise harmless as her, isn’t a contest.

“Please, let me go.” It’s the strongest, most confidant tone you could muster, and it still sounds almost like you’re begging.

“Hmm…. Nope!” That bubbly, cheery voice should have been soothing. But it just drains what energy you had left; you can’t help but slump into her grasp. “Just kidding!”

And suddenly you spring free of her. For a moment, all you can do is just stand there. Stand and stare.

She’s still standing right in front of you, allowing you to make out a face that’s beaming with… pride? Experimentally, you place one foot behind the other, bracing for a full sprint. Only for her to continue.

“But! It’s really dangerous for you out here. So, you gotta stick close, okay?” She offers her hand. Your heart thumps. If you run, will she chase you? If you stay together, will you get another chance to separate? Another heartbeat.

Would it really be so terrible to let her do wh…?

A flash of short hair invades your mind. Short hair and slender, suffocating lips.

Yes, it would, and you’ve wasted too much time already. You wrap your hand around Kogasa’s wrist and march toward the walls. Don’t spook her, but don’t give her time to get ideas. You got her to let go once. You’ll just need to do so again.

“Whaa!” Her cute, girlish squeal loosens tense muscles and sets your nerves at ease. Only for another figure to appear on the road. The pale moonlight reveals a dark cloak over a pale dress. Wild, dark hair cascades over her face and down her back. As you approach, two points appear on her crown. Animal ears.

Kogasa waves. You look the other way. You already have one youkai to shake off tonight.

“Hey, you there!” The woman says, in a voice that’s almost elegant.

“Who, me?” Kogasa asks.

“No.” A pair of hands grip your shoulders, turning you just slightly. White mountains fill your vision, until the woman gets on one knee. Brilliant red eyes bore into you, their intensity less concerning than the tongue sliding between her lips.

A hand cups your chin, and the woman plants a quick kiss on your lips. Brief, but gentle. Pulling back, she speaks.

“My name is Kagerou. May I ask for yours?” Her face would be the picture of graceful confidence, were it not for the slight tremors to her smile.

Kogasa yanks you back, twisting you and pulling you into her arms. One hand on your back and the other gripping your head, her lips press against yours. Rigid nipples grind against your flesh as a pair of smooth thighs press down on one of your own. There’s a slight, smoky flavor to her, when she presses her tongue between your lips and against your teeth.

Then, awkwardly, she breaks the kiss.

“A-Anyway. I saw her first. You don’t get to do weird things with her!”



Your stomach drops at that sound. Only one other youkai ever sounded so ominous. And she was only half this woman’s height.

You need to get out of here now.

“Isn’t that right?” Kogasa’s staring at you.

Just gotta cooperate with one. Get away from one and lower the other’s guard. It’s a long shot, but you don’t have a prayer of escaping both at once. Unless you can get them to go after each other and run away in the confusion. But then you’re trapped in between them. Could you really slip out?

On the other hand, the gate is close enough that, with a loud enough scream, you might just get the guard’s attention. But what will your captors do before they arrive? …Assuming anyone even does hear you.

[X] “Yes.” Side with Kogasa
[X] “No.” Side with Kagerou
[X] “Maybe.” Try to play them both off each other.
[X] Scream. The Guards are your only hope now.
[X] Write In

What is your name?

[X] Naoko Honda
[X] Write-In
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>> No. 39381
[X] Head for Okina. You’re still hoping for access to her realm anyway.
>> No. 39382
[X] Hunt down books. Maybe you’ll solve at least one of your other problems on the way.

>> No. 39383
We're going for the books.
>> No. 39387
File 153359361438.png - (685.49KB, 600x839, ShameiBoob.png) [iqdb]
[X] Hunt down books. Maybe you’ll solve at least one of your other problems on the way.

You take a breath. “Let’s get that book.”

“Great, let’s go.” Aya swings a hand around your hip.

You flinch. “Uh, wait. Just one second.” She lets you step away. You jog back to the room you’d left.

You pull the door open, finding a calmer Kagerou sitting inside. “I’ve got something to take care of. I’ll see you…” You think. “At some point.”

“If it’s important, I could come with you. I’m sure there’s something I could help with.”

You glance back. Her brow furrows and her arms sit, rigid, in her lap. Her eyes aren’t quite manic, but they’re very tense. As if her very soul’s been stretched taut. As much as you’d like another helper or ally with you, especially for this, you’re not entirely certain you trust her. Plus, as much as the memories of her smothering mound bother you, you’re not quite ready to risk condemning even her to that book’s attentions.

“I’ll… keep you in mind. Another time.” You move to close the door just as another thought interrupts you. “But if I’m not back by this time tomorrow, could you come to the village? Just to make sure I’m okay?”

She nods, determined, and you close the door.

You catch barely a blink of Aya before she sweeps you off your feet, cradling you in her arms. She strides down the hall, toward the exit. Then she flinches and turns around, turning you with her to face Hijiri’s hard stare.

Aya bows, smushing her tits against your face. “Personal business, right, Naoko?” She straightens up.


Hijiri sighs. “I’m not entirely certain what that means, and I wish to urge that you stay here. But if you intend to leave, I’ll merely insist that you exercise caution. Especially around Ms. Shameimaru.”

Aya just huffs and turns on her heel. She jogs forward, kicking open a wide door.

Polished wood gives way to darkened grass.

Crickets chirp and the heavy evening heat beats down on you. Grass rustles beneath you as Aya adjusts your weight, just before the air slams you into her stomach. In an instant, the grass drops away. The trees plummet beneath you as she rockets up, carrying you into the evening sky.

Aya climbs high above the forest, slowing only slightly as she changes direction. Trees whiz past as the wind deafens you. Her arms twitch, one hand sliding down your thighs before it jerks back up.

The wind eases and you glance ahead. The brilliant orange of the setting sun burns against the deep purple clouds, set against the indigo sky. You have less than an hour before the sun’s gone, but you’re still coming off a full moon, so the night won’t be too dark if it rises soon. Of course, full moons also mean wilder youkai. They shouldn’t be as wild as Kogasa and Kagerou were, but any travel alone will be out of the question.

Trees still rush beneath you, but not at the breakneck pace they did moments before. Pinpricks of light appear among the trees, soon resolving into glow of village lanterns.

Aya shifts your weight. “Let’s get this taken care of.”

You find yourself pressed tight against Aya once more as she slows again. The trees rush toward you as she descends. There’s a jolt, blurring your vision as she rushes to the side. In an instant, you’re descending not into trees, but among the tiled roofs of village structures. Once your own feet hit the ground, you separate, a little light-headed.

Aya grabs your hand and leads you through the streets. You try to ignore, at least for now, what this all implies about the reliability of the village walls.

You find enough closed or dimly lit shopfronts to tell you you’re in the commercial district. Though, judging by the vacant streets, you must be at the very edge, likely near the walls.

You find the hard-packed dirt of village streets an odd comfort.

Still walking, Aya rubs her hair. “Sorry about that mess with the forest. I was a bit distracted.”

“It’s… fine.” Details can wait. There’s something else that’s not right. Something like-

Aya pushes you forward, snagging an arm around your shoulder and pushing you into a crouch. The sounds of evening chatter and closing shops float in from up ahead. You’re still a ways away from the main thoroughfare, but you’re approaching busier streets.

She glances left and right, waiting. Then she lets go, standing up again but placing a finger to her lips.

It takes you a moment to recover, but you catch onto a worrying thought when you do. Whispering, you ask, “Aya, what about that book? The one I warned you about?”

She waves, dismissive. “I’ve got it under control.”

She passes by a few shops, scrutinizing the entrances. Then stops. You follow her gaze, recognizing the entrance.


What the hell are you doing back here?

She inches toward it, carrying you with her.

“Aya, why are we here?”

She grins. Not cocky, but not forced either. More a smug curiosity, somehow.

“I said we’d be getting a book, didn’t I?”

She holds up the flap, scooting you inside. She slips in behind you, scanning the nearest bookshelf.

It’s… dark. The store’s empty, the lamp’s out, and no one’s home.

You don’t belong here.

You turn back to the entrance. What have you just gotten yourself into? What did Aya mean by having the book ‘under control?’ Is it gone, or just limited in some way? You’d love to wait outside while Aya does whatever questionably legal activity she has in mind, but the book could be just around the corner for all you know.

And that doesn’t even get into what other artifacts could lurk around the corners in here.

You glance across the shelves yourself, hoping for glowing purple runes or something. If you could at least get your hands on that book, you’d have one concern taken care of.

“So, about your progress.”

A dim, earthy light illuminates the building. Aya rests against the desk, a lit lamp atop it. She crosses her admittedly beautiful legs. “How are we doing?”

You scan the now visible shelves for a purple binding. “I can feel how much someone wants me, I think.”

“So how bad do I have it, then?”

You turn back, shutting your eyes. It takes a moment, but then you’re bathed in waves of foul, disgusting lust. It seeps from Aya like an overstuffed jar, packed tight but ready to explode. More disturbingly, there’s another distinct source further away, deeper in the city. Distant, but far greater and less restrained.

Either the black book’s still around, or there’s something similarly terrible lurking in the village.

You open your eyes, trembling.

Aya tuts. “That bad, huh?” She glances left and right. “Alright, let’s just do this.”

She snags your wrist and yanks you into a cubby. Working her buttons off with one hand, she places a finger against your lips with the other.

You stay silent as her shirt falls open again. You look aside as she pops her smooth black bra up.

Then a pair of fingers pinches your cheeks, dragging your face back to her naked breasts.

Aya groans. “Once we’re done, you’ll tell no one about this.”

Still holding your cheeks, she yanks her panties down and lifts her skirt. There’s an inscription next to her thin, bare pussy. ‘Naoko.’

You flush, squirming as she holds your head in place.

Then she lets go, hiking her panties back up and dropping her skirt back into place. Her shirt hangs open and her bra still sits near her neck.

Aya searches the shelf behind her, yanking books out, turning them over, and stuffing them back.

You’re left staggered, but eager for some distance, so you scoot over to a shelf near the back. You catch a mix of burgundy, ochre, and even violet books, but nothing matching your last visit.

A book clatters to the floor. You spin back, only to find Aya shrugging and moving on.

You can only pray she knows what she’s doing.

You search through a few more shelves but find little else. More books and scrolls, but nothing you recognize. Frustrated, you look back to find Aya holding a scroll to her nose, sniffing it.

She then sniffs another. What is she looking for?

And where, exactly, was that book before? Back when Kosuzu, possessed by that demonic tome, had you at her mercy. It held you near the entrance, and near the desk, specifically. You retrace your steps, returning to the desk and sliding your hand along it.

Absently, you finger the corner you’d been pressed against. In one of your life’s few mercies, it’s smooth and dry.

You scan the bookshelves nearby, recognizing a vaguely familiar pattern in their distribution.

You flinch at the sound of a scroll unrolling. Spinning around, you find Aya reading one, rubbing one of its edges between her fingers. Turning back to the shelves, you follow the patterns, looking for…

There. You find the spot where you’d last seen it. Which is now a small gap between the books. Crouching down for a closer inspection only confirms it. The purple book’s gone, at least from this spot. Unless the owner decided to do some rearranging, someone must have bought, rented, or stolen it.

Either way, you’re still no closer to solving that dilemma.

Aya rolls her scroll back up behind you.

You turn back to her. “By the way, Aya, what exactly are you looking for?”

Aya hums, striding forward. She pulls a paper seal from her shirt pocket. “Doesn’t matter; it’s not here. I found this though.” She holds it before you. “Recognize it?”

You stare at it. As far as you can tell, it’s just a paper seal. Nothing more, nothing less. “No?”

Aya folds it and stuffs it back in her shirt. “Came off that book monster. It’s a bit worn down, but it’ll suit our purposes just fine.” She peeks over your shoulder. “You’re not so lucky though, huh?”

You glance back. “Well, I wouldn’t want to steal anything, so it doesn’t matter, does it?”

Aya clicks her tongue. “It does. You’re looking for a magician’s book, aren’t you? Purple cover?”

“Yes. Does that matter?”

Aya circles you. “All the books I could feasibly use are gone, so I’d hoped yours would be an exception. Seems it’s not.” She turns to face you again, putting one hand on her hip. “For them all to disappear in less than a day, there’s only one likely explanation. The puppet must’ve taken them. A gutsier move than I would’ve expected, but maybe something set it off.”


“The evil book’s puppet. Which means we’re not solving my problem without confronting it.” She turns and rests her ass against the desk, planting her hands beneath her. Which just so happens to push her still bare breasts out. “I’ve got at best another day where I can help you and about one, maybe two more before I lose it.”

…How, exactly, is this book ‘under control?’

Aya stares at you. “I can run in and try to find your magician’s book, but only if someone else keeps the puppet distracted.” She rests a hand on her thigh. “But I don’t know exactly where the book would be, and we don’t even have any decoys anyway. So, either we hunt for volunteers, risking the exposure of our only plan, or we wait another day for better leads.”

“But then you’d be less reliable, right?”

Aya groans. “It’s worse than that.” She looks you over. “Urgh, yep. If we wait, you and I will need to do a little something first.”

Your hands fly to your breasts and crotch, pinching the apron to your skin and belt.

“I know. It’s gross. Ick, humans.” She glances away. “But I can’t spend an entire day setting this up, and then expect to pull it off, if I can’t focus.” She shrugs. “If it helps, my reputation’s on the line here, so I’d need to be very gentle.”

“What if I was the decoy?”

Aya stares at you. “What if you were to put yourself in front of the creature that most wants to fuck you.”

“If it hasn’t been caught yet, it must be trying to avoid attention, right? If I kept us somewhere public…”

Aya drums a hand on the desk. “It’s gutsy enough to raid this place. Besides, there’d be no way to keep you in the open for long at night, so we’d need to wait until morning. I might be able to get a little research in before we move, but you could bet the puppet would work hard to get you alone.”

She puts a finger up, shutting her eyes. “On the other hand, our only hope for short term recruits is either the schoolteacher or an exterminator. The teacher should be easy enough to convince but it’ll blow our cover wide open. An exterminator gives us some leeway, but we may need to offer something big for such short notice.”

She sighs, opening her eyes. “Well, it’s your ass on the line, so I guess I’ll let you make the call.”


[X] Get friends. Get this done before Aya gets any weirder.

- [X] Schoolteacher. Play it safe.

- [X] Exterminator. Try to keep your options open.

[X] Play decoy. Maybe you’ll learn something about it.

[X] Sleep with Aya. If it means staying away from that book…

[X] Write-in.
>> No. 39388
[X] Sleep with Aya. If it means staying away from that book…
>> No. 39389
[X] Sleep with Aya. If it means staying away from that book…
>> No. 39390
[X] Sleep with Aya. If it means staying away from that book…

She seems to be on the straight and narrow.
>> No. 39391
We're sleeping with Aya.
>> No. 39392
File 153411662037.jpg - (369.58KB, 600x750, AyaStrip.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Sleep with Aya. If it means staying away from that book…

Jittery, you reach a shaking hand out and lay it on Aya’s thigh. “Let’s do it, I mean, you can, well, if you want to…”

She lays a hand on your shoulder, pushing her breasts to one side. “You’ll let me do you.”

You sigh. “Yes. Please be gentle.”

She scoffs, standing and turning away. “I will. But…” she turns back to you, biting her lip, “well, that doesn’t matter anymore, anyway.”

You step back, fidgeting with your apron as you scan the shelves again. You take one last glance, seeking out that book one last time. As you do so, the cool, unyielding steel rubs against your crotch. You’ll need to work around that somehow.

Aya’s already buttoning her shirt back up when you turn back to her. She soon pops the last button back in, then offers you a grin and an open hand. You accept it, which she uses to pull you in, bumping the side of her ass against your own and draping a hand across your back, settling on your hip.

Awkwardly, you slide your own across her back to grip her side. Just to keep it away from her ass.

Letting go of your arm, she guides you back to the entrance, slipping past the drape and walking out into the evening streets. A distant, violet light still shines across the horizon, leaving the village smothered a deep, dark blue, punctuated only by the wavering amber light of lanterns.

Squirming in her embrace, something bothers you. “Didn’t you dislike humans?”

She groans. “No, they’re fascinating. I just…” She waves a finger, almost drunkenly, through the air. “No offense, but I find the idea of fucking one weird and a little gross, that’s all.”

You feel yourself pout at that. “Sorry for being gross.”

She flinches. “It’s not… not that.”

She takes a deep breath. “It’s just not the kind of story I want going around.”

The two of you walk in silence, straying away from both the walls and the still-active streets.

“So, who is this puppet?”

Aya looks away. “Trust me. I’ll be with you all night and have you out of here first thing in the morning.”

“But who is she and what happens if she leaves the village?”

“She won’t, I promise.”

“Even if she finds out I’m not here. The person that you said she really wants to fuck?”

“Well…” Aya trails off, looking ahead.

Warm light pours from an open door. A shop that hasn’t yet closed.

Aya glances back, twisting you around to scan the road behind you. She looks forward again. The light flickers.

“Please, Aya. How can I trust anyone if I can’t be sure they’re not possessed by that monster?”

Aya groans. The door closes, cutting off the light.

She strides forward, carrying you with her. She slows back down once you’ve crossed the door and turns into a side alley.

In moments you find yourself amid small, musty houses. Still rubbing sides, she takes you through a few winding alleys until you’re standing before one such house, tucked tight between its neighbors. Aya lets go and pulls a key from her skirt, using it to unlock the door.

“I’ll tell you soon, okay?”

“…Alright.” You’re still not sure why she’s so evasive, but at least you’ll be getting an answer now. Hopefully.

She opens the door and you follow her inside. She closes it behind you, plunging the room into shadow.

You stand against the wall, next to the door, as Aya scoots something heavy around. Metal scrapes against stone and tiny sparks fly out, illuminating parts of the room in tiny, fitful pinpricks.

A second later, a warm, orange light bathes the room, emanating from a simple, heavy lantern atop a large crate.

This isn’t even a house. It’s just a well-built shed. There’s a pile of similar crates to one corner of the room, near the door. Notebooks, nails, dolls, and other objects litter the floor. In a distant corner, across from the crates, lie several coils of heavy rope. A pile of shirts, pants, and other garments sits against the other far corner. And, across the door from the crates, lies a single, heavy futon, rolled up and propped against the wall.

Aya shuffles about the room, gathering up the nails and dolls, then dropping them near the ropes. You find yourself drawn to the crate in the center. Scattered around the candle are loose papers. Scooting forward for a closer look, you find they’re notes, written in a language you don’t recognize.

Some Tengu script, perhaps?

Aya unrolls the futon behind you. “We’re really doing this, aren’t we?”

Your belt itches. “We don’t have to. You could just drop me off in the temple.” You find yourself tense, twitching and half-tempted to trade the threat of gang rape for this.

Aya sighs. “No, I can’t.” She strides back, circling the box until she stands across from you.

“Wait. If we’re really going to…” You swallow. “Do you have any drinks? Sake, perhaps?”

Aya grins. “Of course, Ms. Honda.” She hops over to the boxes, pries one open, and pulls out a bottle. She then pulls out a clay cup and carries both to the crate. Scooting the notes together with her forearms, she sets the cup and bottle down on an empty spot. She then shuffles all the notes together and sets them in a neat pile.

She pops the bottle open and fills the cup, handing the cup to you. As you accept it, she walks back to the crates and pulls out a box, which she carries back to the table.

She opens the box, revealing a series of plain dango skewers and a small black bottle. Popping the bottle open, she drizzles a brown syrup over the skewers, then sets the box in front of you.

She grins again. “Enjoy.”

You take a sip of the sake.

Aya clears her throat, standing across from you again and wearing what you can only describe as a ‘business face.’ “Now, we’re here so I can get my work done and stay out of your hair tomorrow. So, to that end.” Aya stares at you, wearing the kind of smile that’s excited, but gives you the feeling she’s hiding a stomach full of butterflies. “Naoko, keep your eyes on me.”

Aya grabs the sake bottle and presses it to her lips, flipping her head up. She chugs it, draining it to the last drop, then slaps it back on the crate, letting out a satisfied sigh.

You feel a bit of relief that she didn’t try feeding you any of that the way Mystia would.

She pops the red tokin cap off her head, leaning over to settle it on yours. She sways backward, away from you. It’s slow and shaky, but deliberate. You settle down, grabbing a skewer and sliding the first ball into your mouth.

It’s soft and chewy, with the right balance of sweet and salty.

Aya reaches behind her back, fiddling with something near her waist. A moment later, she slides a black belt our from her shirt, dropping it on the floor. She starts to sway again, undoing the bow underneath her collar. She drops it on the discarded belt.

She starts humming and swinging her hips back and forth.

She clears her throat, fixing her flushed face at you as she slides the top button free of her shirt. The next two follow, one after the other, slowly revealing the plain bra she’d already shown off before.

She had no problem shoving her raw pussy and tits in your face before, so why’s she worried now?

Though as the next button follows, you find yourself better able to appreciate the full weight of her breasts and the shiny fabric holding them back. You munch on the next ball as she tugs the last button free. She steps forward and leans onto the crate, providing a deep, close view of her cleavage.

It’s not as deep as others, but their firm, smooth curve makes your mouth water.

Her next grin’s still flushed and shaky, but it shows more of the cockiness you’re used to from her.

Aya pulls back, spinning slowly as she shrugs the shirt off one arm, then the other, and tosses it away.

You take another sip of sake as she faces away, her bra strap being the only barrier between your eyes and her sculpted back. She flexes, showcasing her light, toned muscles.

That’s when you notice her shimmying her skirt down her legs. But the shiny black panties atop that round ass draws your attention away. Your heart pounds as you feel the heat and moisture build. You wonder if it would really be so bad for her to pin you down and have her way with you.

You need a release. Soon.

Aya kicks her skirt off to one side and turns around. You finish your skewer, munching both balls in quick succession as she steps forward and leans toward you. Reaching around her back, she works her bra, snapping the clasp open. Gently, she reaches with one arm to pull the strap off the other. Then, sliding the other strap off, she holds the bra up against her chest, squishing her breasts together. You start munching on another skewer.

Still grinning, she slowly lifts the bra up and off, her nipples and puffy areola finally free.

She stands up straight, stepping back and tossing her bra aside. She slides her thumbs into the waistband of her black panties. She cocks her hips to one side and leans forward, largely obscuring her crotch.

As she slides the panties down her legs, your mind wanders to the thought of playing with the pussy she so brazenly shoved in your face before yet teases you with now. Oh, to make someone beg for your touch, just once. You down a long, deep gulp of sake as you start to quiver.

The panties slide over her shoes and off completely. Once discarded, she straightens back up, planting her hands behind her neck and spreading her legs.

There’s a trickle already slipping down one leg, from the pussy splayed out before you.

And you’re not too far off yourself.

But something changes when Aya straightens up and leans in. Her bedroom eyes and devious smirk bring other, darker thoughts to the fore.

She slides a hand along your cheek.

You jolt upright, spin around, and sprint for the door. Her tokin clatters to the floor behind you.

In a flash, Aya’s hard, puffy nipples press against your back as she wraps her arms around you. She spins around, drags you back, then turns and dumps you on the futon.

She drops to her hands and knees, crawling over you until her head hangs over yours.

“Idiot.” She doesn’t glare, but her lip trembles. “What the hell were you thinking?”

Your mouth opens. Then closes. “I… I don’t know. I just, I got scared. I’ve seen that kind of face before.”

She grimaces. “That’s, understandable. Maybe. But you know what’ll happen if you go out without an escort, right?”

“The puppet?”

“The puppet. She’s got people all over the village. She’s…” Aya looks at the wall, then back to you. She drops her voice to a whisper. “It’s Akyuu. She’s the puppet.”

You stare at her, she scowls back.

That’s… impossible. Anyone else. You’d accept anyone else. Without Akyuu’s work, you’d have wound up in some youkai’s basement months ago. Sure, you had some close calls from rabbits, foxes, and tsukogami who weren’t on the Memento, but Byakuren? Hell, even Aya would’ve already taken you if not for her profile.

“Look, Naoko. I promised I’ll be gentle, and that I won’t do anything you don’t allow. But you and I both know this needs to happen. And getting caught certainly won’t help either of us.” She shifts her weight, just slightly jostling her tits. “So, will you let me take your clothes off?”

You take a deep breath. Your body’s still warm and your slit still wet. You might need this almost as much as she does. “Okay.”

Aya’s face flushes, but she gives you one more, cocky grin. “I thought you’d say that.” Before you can respond, she flicks your swollen nipple. Which, now that you’re looking, pokes up through your apron. She sets her hands on your collarbone, undoing the clasp. Then, gently, she peels the cloak from your shoulders and knocks it away from your arms.

She leans down, brushing her nipples against your bust as she slides her hands under your back. You lift if up, allowing her to grab your apron’s knot.

“Trust me, I’ll make you feel good.”

“I, I’ll try to make you feel good too.”

She giggles. “Well, that’s the goal.”

In a second, she has the knot undone and pulls the tassels out. Then she leans forward, dragging her breasts near your face as she grabs the apron collar. The smell of ink and downy feathers washes over you. She slides it up and over your head, then pulls back, taking the apron with her.

Slowly, she peels it back across your body, first exposing your own bust, then your belly.

She then tosses it to the side, exposing you completely before her.

Except for your pussy, still locked behind your belt. Aya stares at it, perplexed.

“You don’t have the key, do you?”

You swallow, your mouth suddenly dry. “No, I don’t.”

“Hmm…” Aya leans forward again, until your noses touch. She plants a light, soft kiss on your lips. “So, what do you suppose we do about it?”

“We can’t just keep going with it on?”

“Hmm…” Aya presses her lips to yours again. She hums, sliding them from side to side. She pulls back.

“I don’t know. I can’t make you feel so good like this, can I?”

“Is there anything you can do about it, though?”

Aya plants one more peck on your lips, then sits up, resting her thighs on your knees. She puts a hand to her chin, looking up.

Then turns back to you. “Yes, actually. I think I can. It would break the belt, though.”

You might convince her to cuddle anyway, then try to find a better solution in the morning, but that’s playing with fire at this point. Maybe tell her where the key was last and hope she finds it.


[X] Refuse and focus on Aya. Protection over pleasure.

[X] Smash the belt. Frustration’s a worse danger.

[X] Cuddle. You need to come, but you also need the belt.

[X] Write-in.
>> No. 39393
File 153411765168.png - (1.18MB, 800x1067, top_fluff (small).png) [iqdb]
Also, credit for choice of sweet.
>> No. 39394
[x] Blast Aya with your orgasm beam just like you did to Murasa earlier
-[x] Blast yourself with your orgasm beam if you still feel horny.

We learned to do this during Shou's training so we might as well make use of it. We get to keep the belt intact too. Using our powers, we only cum when we want to cum, not when some youkai makes us. Lets turn the tables on them for once.
>> No. 39396
We're trying the magic.
>> No. 39397
File 153446999759.png - (375.57KB, 700x980, AyaTitGrab.png) [iqdb]
[x] Blast Aya with your orgasm beam just like you did to Murasa earlier
- [x] Blast yourself with your orgasm beam if you still feel horny.

You run your hands along her thighs. You need release and so does she, but you need to keep this belt. Aya stares back at you, half pouting, as she drags your hands to her ass. “Can I break it or not?”

Your own pulse quickens. Your pussy aches for attention, the dormant toy still sitting within its folds. Unconsciously, you squeeze her ass cheeks. You need to resolve this now, before something new interrupts your chance. But you have nothing to work with, save your own naked body and your…

Magic. You brought Murasa to an instantaneous climax using only the power you hold. Drawing your mind back, you find that reservoir still resting within you. If you shot a similar blast at Aya, you should win similar results.

She’s not the problem, really. You’re getting so needy you sort of look forward to feeling and tasting her. But if you could then fire a similar blast at yourself…

Well, you’ve no other viable options, so you might as well try.

“We don’t need to touch my belt.”

She blinks, eyes narrowing at you.

You take a deep breath, sliding one hand off her ass. You hold it over your heart, drawing streams of lush, primal energy from your core to that hand. Working from memory, you ramp up its intensity, then point one finger at Aya’s heaving tits.

“What are you doing?”

“I made a girl climax on the spot and, well, you didn’t want to fuck a human, right?”

Aya massages your sides, glancing away. “Well, yes.” Strange, she looks half disappointed. She shrugs. “This won’t make me any worse, right?”

The energy nears its peak. “Hm?”

“Your influence, this won’t make me completely addicted, right?”

The energy falters. “I… probably won’t?”


Aya slides a hand down, rubbing the stubble just above your mound. She bumps her palm against your slit, cracking your focus. “You’re not really going to take that chance with me, right?”

You suck in a breath, regathering lost power. “It’ll be fine, I think.”

Her eyes narrow further, but you don’t think she’ll stop you from firing it off.

You’ve never used it on anyone but Murasa, but you’d know if it made her worse, right? You’ve never met since then, but you’d have woken up on her thighs, or Hijiri would’ve warned you about her, or something.

You also collapsed when you used it, but it was your first real use of any magic powers. Besides, Mystia and Wriggle had already beaten you down by then. Here you’d be fresh and focused. At the very least, if something terrible happens, you’d know immediately.


[x] Keep going.

[x] Stop.
  [x] Break the belt.
  [x] Leave the belt.
  [x] Wait until Morning.

[x] Write-in.
>> No. 39398
Sorry for the micro-update, but it felt wrong to declare by fiat how Naoko responds here.

Also, I've got a potentially ugly 3 weeks coming up, so updates could be sporadic until about the 7th of September.
>> No. 39399
[x] Keep going.

At this point we might as well. By her own admission Aya is going to try to rape us eventually anyway, and if our only defense makes things worse then we are screwed either way.
>> No. 39400
[x] Keep going.
>> No. 39401
We're going through with the original plan.
>> No. 39425
File 153618809975.jpg - (238.21KB, 700x700, AyaPleased.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Keep going.

You shut your eyes and fire the beam, point blank, into Aya’s chest. Her breath hitches and she locks up. Time slows and a little mewl escapes her lips. You open your eyes.

Aya remains, limbs locked, looming over you. Her breasts hang just above you and her hair grazes your cheeks. She takes a tight, shuddering breath. Then, like Murasa, she screams. High pitched and wailing, ecstatic right from the start. Then she collapses, her bust crashing down and knocking the air from your lungs. Her head thumps into the futon beside you as you wheeze, hoping to refill your lungs.

In an instant she’s quaking, wrapping her arms around you and squeezing you tight as her body convulses atop you. You force small, shallow breaths out from under her heavy bust and locked limbs. Her quaking body sends shivers through your own, inflaming the burning heat inside you.

Hopeful, you regather your waning strength, drawing energy once more to your center. It slips and flickers through the haze, but it gathers. Aya’s sweat seeps across your skin. You just need to fire off one more shot to complete this.

Aya gasps and sputters. Then, shuddering, she pulls herself back up. Hovering over you, she glances down, eyes glazed over in sheer bliss.

Well, at least you know the beam works. Now if you could just get yourself off.

Aya sighs, dreamy. She drags her lips to yours, slobbering over your mouth without the slightest care. Her tongue drags along your lips as you try to get your power back together.

Her tongue pokes your teeth. Still focused on your body, you let her slip inside. She presses her lips down as she flicks your tongue with her own. Filling your mouth, she bats at your tongue, distracting you. Hoping to calm her down, you lick hers. She drifts back. Regathering your power, you plant a hand against your side and fire.

You hiss into Aya’s throat as a warm pleasure ripples through you. Then dissipates.

Groaning, you prod her tongue again, which pulls back. You regather your strength for another shot, poking your tongue further up.

Then she pulls out from your lips entirely. You follow, licking near the base of her own tongue.

She clamps down, tugging at your tongue with her lips. You’re almost there again. She sucks down, her cheeks pressing your tongue flat against hers.

Your power snaps loose. In a panic, you drag it back together as your saliva glides up her throat.

You have it back together just as she releases you. You pat your hip and fire again.

You gasp as your own body twists and hitches, knocking Aya’s jaw from your face. You feel good, but not good enough, and you already feel the shock waning. Aya leans back as you twist and shiver. Your whole body feels warm, but the burning heat fades away, exposing only a dull need.

For a moment, you lie there, covered in your own cooling sweat, a mix of both your sticky juices pooling across your crotch and lower belly. You drag your power together again. Aya exhales as you grab your side and fire it off again. A tingle of pleasure, then nothing. Perhaps you’ll find a way to perfect it later, but it’s not working here. Not with this… distraction now fingering your hair.

You look back up to her, eyes pleading. Your only remaining hope of release tonight. “Please, I need to come. You’ll help me, right?”

She leans down again, stroking your chin. There’s a feral tint to her grin. “With pleasure.” She plants a hand on your belly.

“But…” She trails her finger down, bumping against your belt. She leans in close, eyes narrowing over her grin. “What will I do?”

You turn away, shuddering. “I don’t know. I just need this.”

Aya twists to face you, giving your lips a peck. “Aw, you’re cute.” She slides her fingers over the belt’s cross and down the grill, rubbing the flesh beneath each side.

You shiver at her touch, arching your back. Of course, all that achieves is pressing the metal of your belt to her palm. Aya glances to it, then back to you.

She grins again.

“I’ve got an idea. It’s not a good one, but it’s the best you’re getting if you insist on keeping the belt on.”

She turns and swings a leg over you. More juice drips from the pussy now hovering over your head. She leans down, kissing the grill over your pussy. Her dripping fluid hits your lips, giving you the first full taste of her desire.

You’re so needy you don’t even mind.

Aya runs her tongue down your belt, traces of her saliva dripping through. Your pulse quickens. “Wha- what are you doing?”

Aya runs her tongue in a few more circuits. “I’m doing what I can.” She wiggles her hips. “Besides, if I can’t get myself inside you…”

She lowers her hips and for once, you look forward to what awaits.

Her pussy lands on your lips. The smooth, taut skin offers welcome relief to Kagerou’s scraggly muff or Mystia’s fat mound. It’s simple, smooth and slender. Aya presses down on your crotch as you take your first, tentative lick of her leaking slit. The tight flesh resists your touch.

You rock your hips as Aya presses her knuckles to your belt, as if she’s trying to get a finger underneath it.

You slide your tongue back down her slit. Maybe, if you shove yourself deep enough in, bury yourself in her flesh and her scent, it’ll be enough.

Aya’s thighs twitch, nudging your cheeks as she lets out a moan. She pokes at your belt a couple more times. Then gives up.

She stands up, dragging her shimmering pussy out of reach as she steps over you and away. You twist and squirm as the heat dies back down. You moan, almost praying for her touch.

Then she comes back with a feathered, five-pointed fan. She leans over your crotch, running the feathers along the belt. Your thighs shake as they tickle your skin.

She pulls it up, then swats the air above your belt. A gust of air blows through the grill, tickling your pussy and reigniting your lust.

She runs a hand down your belly as she sets the fan down. Your thighs twitch and your breath hitches. She scoots forward, once more leaning over you and squeezing your left breast to support her weight. She gives you a quick peck, then lifts the fan up.

You wince, bracing yourself as she drags it back down. Wind rushes through your pussy, brushing against your flesh. You jerk, breathing out through clenched teeth. You’re shivering and warm.

Aya coos into your ear, rubbing your breast in circles.

“You said you want to come, right?”

You gulp. “Y-yes. Please.”

She chuckles, patting your belt with light, teasing swats. The wind tingles, forcing you to clench your legs together in pure desire.

“Well then…” She licks her lips. “How do I look?”

You twist to one side, splaying your legs out. You lift your back again, pushing her hand against her own bust.

“You’re… pretty.”

“Hm…” Aya drags the fan up your belt, your thighs still twitching at its touch.

“You’re very healthy, and…”

Aya lets go of your breast to pinch your cheeks together. She drags your eyes back to her chest.

“Try again.”

“Your… your breasts?”

She lets go, running the hand down your side.

“You’ve got sexy, perky tits?”

She leans back down, kissing your neck. She swats the fan across your belt, bringing another rush of pleasant but frustrating wind.

“And, and you’ve got a tight, inviting pussy.”

She swats your belt again. You gasp as a wave of pleasure ripples down your body. You’re panting now.

“And a great ass.”

She winds up for another one, only to halt it halfway down.

She places a finger across your lips, then leans back down. Her face blocks out the weak lantern light and her hot breath glides down your nose.

“One last little thing.” She flicks the fan across your belt. Your crotch jerks and the tingling rush of air. “Who’s giving you your release?”

Shuddering, you breathe out, “you.”

“And since I’m risking my reputation here, I’m sure you could do me a little favor once we’re done, right?”

You squirm. “Yes. Please just-”

“Good.” She pulls back, her breasts heaving as she leans up. She raises her fan.

She slams her fan down, stopping it just above your belt.

The air crashes through you, tearing at the soft, tender walls inside. You don’t care. You choke as your entire body arches high. A second blast of air hits you, blinding you with pleasure.

You sputter as your body burns. Tiny, gasping breathes eek through your throat as you fight through the bliss.

Then another gust hits. You scream, twisting and stretching as the climax hits. Your sight and thoughts melt away in the face of this ecstasy.

Then there’s a click and a flash, searing the room in white for a split second. You gasp, still riding it out as Aya leans back down, holding that black and gray ‘camera’ of hers. She lies beside you, pressing her breasts and cheek to your side as she holds the device out.

There’s another click and another flash.

She rolls atop you, still holding it out as her panting, sweating body presses down on you. Sliding her spare hand under your head, she presses her lips to yours once more.

Another click.

Your body eases back down as she frees your lips. You heave and moan, twitching and shivering as the lingering pleasure flows through you. For the first time in what feels like months, you feel good.

Aya sets the camera aside to cradle your head with both hands. Her eyes twinkle in the lantern light as she moves in for one more kiss.

You close your eyes, parting your lips. Her chest heaves and subsides atop you as she caresses your hair. For a split-second, her weight disappears, before her breasts and legs once more settle atop your body.

She presses a wad of sticky, elastic fabric through.

Your eyes fly open. She winces, holding a finger to her lips. She’s got a roll of rope in her hand.

“I’m very sorry, but you did just finish the job.”

She reaches down. You grab her wrists, holding them back. She stares you down.

Your arms already quake, weakened by your moment of ecstasy. The taste of sweat and pussy fills your mouth.

She pushes her hands down, pressing a strand of rope over the cloth. She then eases up, letting you push her arms back. “I don’t have to tie you up, though. Well, not if I know you’ll behave.”

You look back to her, hopeful.

“Aww, don’t go enslaving me then turn around and give me the puppy-dog eyes.” She shakes her head. “Like I keep saying, I don’t want to do anything terrible. You just keep forcing my hand.”

There’s a knock on the door.

She leans further, whispering. “Tell you what, you made me feel pretty damn good. I’m sure we can still work something out if you keep your head down.”

“Aya! I know you’re in there!”

You both freeze. You know that salty but silvery voice.


Aya continues. “You know, there’s a few youkai who’d have found you by now if not for me. I want to keep things that way, but if I can’t find you…”

She hops up, jogging back to her clothes and working her bra back on. You find her shirt and skirt but can’t spot any panties on the floor.


[x] Run. Trust in Shizuha to keep you away from her. And away from the puppet.

[x] Call out. Shizuha needs to know you’re here, at least.

[x] Stay quiet. You’ll give her a chance.

[x] Write-in.
>> No. 39426
[x] Stay quiet. You’ll give her a chance.
>> No. 39427
[x] Stay quiet. You’ll give her a chance.
>> No. 39428
[x] Stay quiet. You’ll give her a chance.
>> No. 39429
[X] See if you can listen in on them.
>> No. 39430
Naoko's keeping her mouth shut but her ears open.


In other news, would you mind if I ask you all a question? That is, if there's any particular kink, trend, event, or idea in this story that you've found particularly enjoyable or off-putting?

I hope the question isn't presumptuous or anything, and I don't mind if you'd rather not respond, or if you consider your position already sufficiently explained in previous votes.
>> No. 39431
I can only speak for myself as ive enjoyed the first part with Kagerou and the later part with Wriggle the most as i generally like beeing the bottom and feet. Offputting for me was the tentacle-ish book but thats just my opinion of course
>> No. 39432
Update's taking a bit longer than I hoped, but should still be up somewhere around the weekend.

I also wish to emphasize that as far as feedback goes, personal preference, vague impression, or lopsided (all negative or all positive) comments are all a-ok. I'd intended to clarify this in the initial post, but it appears to have slipped my mind at the time.

I may also respond to your comments more often in the near future. In particular, I may respond to the answers I get to this question (if you don't mind), but might wait until I close the next vote, just to be safe. Finally, I wish to clarify that I do appreciate the rest of the feedback I've received, negative or critical comments included.

I hope I didn't waste too much of your time with this and I hope it wasn't too sappy or weird or anything, but I felt the need to make myself clear here. As previously stated, your (semi)regularly scheduled erotica should return in a few days.
>> No. 39436
Had some computer troubles recently that shut me down for about a day. I'm mostly back up, but probably won't have the update ready until Wednesday. I apologize for the mess, but this update should hit around then.
>> No. 39439
File 153741541875.jpg - (105.77KB, 784x1095, Rumia Frenzied.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Stay quiet. You’ll give her a chance.

In moments, Aya has her full complement back together. She glances back to you, pressing a finger to her lips. Then, after a couple surreptitious whips of her fan, she opens the door, leaning out with it.

“What is it?”

“Where’s Naoko?”

You quiver. There’s an urgency to her voice, either hungry or worried. It must be concern. That someone else is getting close or something.

“She’s safe, Shizuha. Don’t you trust me?”

“Where, Aya?”

Aya groans. “Where’s the puppet?”

There’s a moment of silence. “Home. Probably asleep. You smell like her, do you know that?”

Aya shivers. “What about her minions?”

“Minions? How the hell am I supposed to know? About you-”

“Rough guess.”

“I don’t know. Most people are asleep. She talked about helping ‘lost villagers’ earlier, but hasn’t mentioned anyone by name. Not publicly, at least.”

“Good, good.”

An evening breeze picks up outside, blowing against the walls.

“She’s here, isn’t she?”

Aya grumbles, then whispers something. You strain to listen in. You catch a warning, almost chiding tone from Aya, and something about ‘control.’

More silence. Shizuha coughs. “And you’re better?”

Aya fidgets. “Better than the puppet.” Aya leans further, only her skirt and her long, healthy legs remaining in view. “Are you going to do your part, or demand I give you a turn?”

The wind dies down. You listen further. Silence.

Then hasty, stumbling footfalls. She ran away.

You’re alone with Aya.

She swings back inside and shuts the door. She swaggers back toward you, then steps over you and leans down. Peeling your sheets back, she flicks a pair of fingers over your mouth and lifts her panties out.

She pats your head. “Good job. Buuut…” She squats down next to you, dropping her panties on your stomach. “We’ve got somewhere to be.” She stands up, kicks off her skirt, and drops it on your face.

“Put those on. We’re...” She scrunches her brow for a long moment, then fixes a stare on you. “Oh screw it, I just want an excuse to show off a little bit longer.”

“Show off?”

She looks left and right, groaning. “Just get dressed, Naoko.”

You lift her wet panties off your stomach. You swallow, but scrunch up your legs and slide them up. The belt presses out against the fabric. A bra flutters over your face as you grab the skirt. Peeling the bra off, you find Aya already naked again and pulling your apron over her head.

You tug Aya’s skirt up your legs and sit up to pull the bra down your arms. Then a pair of hands grabs the straps behind you, snapping it shut. You suck in a breath. It's a bit too tight this time, but you'll bear with it. Anything to make assault just that little bit more difficult.

Aya throws her shirt over you and pulls you up. Pushing your arms through the sleeves, you button it up. She ties off a slender ribbon in the skirt and pats you down, straightening it all out. She slaps your ass, then circles around.

“Wow. You look like a smaller, more timid me.” She leans down, away from you and all but shoving her ass in your face as she picks your cloak up. Throwing it over her shoulders, she shuts the clasp and grabs your hand.

You give your new shirt a sniff. You smell like an Aya-scented orgy.

Satisfied, she pulls you to the door and, pulling it open, she steps out into the night, taking you with her.

You open your mouth, only for her to shush you. “I want to hear a lot more about my body, but first things first.” She turns around, pulling a key from inside her cloak, and locks the door. Then, dropping the key back in the cloak, she spins back around and grabs your hand.

She drags that hand inside the cloak and presses it to her far ass-cheek. Then, draping her other arm over your hip, she marches down the road.

At least she’s got a firm ass.

“So, I’ve got a special present for you. Want to guess what it is?”

“Somewhere safe to hide?”

Aya glances aside. “Well, you’re on the right track. Anyway, sorry about the whole ‘Shizuha’ thing. It just wouldn’t have looked good. She’s really attached, you know. I can’t say her heart’s entirely in the right place, but...” She looks into the sky. You’re passing into proper neighborhoods now. “It’s close. She’s been so worried though, and she already knows how bad I’ve got it.”

Her stilted shoes click across the smooth stones. You wander some moments in silence. She stops.

“Remember what Shizuha did last night?”

“Which part?”

Aya grins. Then sweeps a leg under you, knocking your knees out in front of you. Then, facing the village center, she scoops you into her arms and leaps into the air. She performs a backflip, sailing over a couple houses, then clearing the wall. She lands just outside, staring at the village’s stonework, then turns in the opposite direction.

“That part.” She adjusts your weight, then takes off running. Lights flare to life around you as her pumping feet jostle you against her bouncing breasts. The warm yellow of fireflies dances near you while the more kaleidoscopic lights in the distance suggest fairies.

Aya weaves between trees and leaps over bulging roots. A burst of light explodes just behind you. You glance back to find a red fairy, with two others—one orange, one blue—close by. None of the noteworthy ones, as far as you can tell.

More shots streak by. Small bolts of fire, frost, and various lights. At some point, Aya kicks off and just flies through the woods, greatly easing the motion of her unbound bust. Why does everyone fly so close to the ground?

“I can fly too, you know.”

“Not half as fast as I can.”

Tress and branches whiz past you as Aya keeps ducking and weaving through the increasingly dense canopy. The pale moonlight grows increasingly dim as the trees grow ever larger and closer together.

You must've entered the forest of magic at some point. The light grows ever dimmer, but Aya doesn't even slow. Soon, all is dark save for distant pools of faint moonlight. You must be deep inside by now.

Then those pools of light wink out.

Your weight plunges into Aya’s gut as she brakes, throwing her feet out front to stop on a tree.

A high-pitched, childish giggle echoes around you. Then crashes into you, knocking you out of Aya's arms and into the hard, course roots below. She fumbles over you, hands literally groping over your breasts. She's dazed. And at least a head shorter than you.

“Hey baby, wanna let me ‘eat’ you?” The voice comes out deeper than the giggle, but squeaky.


Aya groans.

The voice rockets back to it’s higher register. “Maybe just a little bit? How about kissing, is that okay? Some petting?”

You shiver, remembering Mystia. “No.”

“What? Come on! It’ll be awesome! Please? I haven’t had a good lay in decades. Do you have any idea what fairies are like in bed? They can’t focus! They’re all excited at first, but…”

Someone lifts her off you.

“She’s already fucked me, let her rest.”

“Aww… How about tomorrow?”

“Ask her then.” Aya’s footsteps move toward you. She grabs your collar and hauls you up. “We're close enough. You like surprise presents, right?”

You're not sure if it's her tone or the utter darkness, but a chill slips down your spine. “What kind of surprise?”

She dusts you off. “Remember what you left the village for?” She spins you around and rubs your back. “Now, just remember that you've got me all enthralled. Go ahead and date or love or marry or fuck whoever you want, but if you ever get a booty call from me...” She whispers. “You'd better come running. Otherwise I might need to make do with... someone else. And I sure as hell won’t be gentle.”

She shoves you forward.

You stumble across dry, dusty dirt. Then trip on plush carpet before tumbling into the side of a deep, wide, and impossibly soft bed. You spend a moment lying there, perplexed. She’d spent just about every moment with you talking about restraints this and kidnapping that, but now that she’s even deeper under, she just lets you go with some vague threat?

A door clicks shut behind you. Light returns, revealing an opulent bedroom. Deep red carpet and sheets. Dark, polished marble walls. A pile of wide pillows at the left end of the bed, flanked by masterwork nightstands. A delicately framed, full-body mirror by the mahogany door you just came from. Another matching door across from it. Then, at the far end of the room, across from the foot of the bed, is one more door, this time decorated in silver and gold.

A suite of full-size mannequins flank that door, each wearing some elaborate dress or lingerie in a range of colors from white and pink, to violet and crimson.

You lie there, sinking into the bed's embrace, almost embarrassed to stain it with your presence. And Aya's sweat.

Then the side door opens, across the bed. Out steps Mystia Lorelei, ears splayed and wings curled around her moist skin, hid only behind the pink towel wrapped around her torso.

You pick yourself up and step, slow and careful, back to the door you came from.

She sees you, freezes, and ducks back into the room she came from, slamming the door behind her.

You turn around and tug open the door you came from, only to find a large closet. More dresses and lingerie hang from poles running along the walls, but so do gorgeous kimonos and more outsider-y tops and bottoms.

The door behind you slides open in slow, shuddering movements. You turn around to find Mystia steal a glance at you before ducking back inside.

You’re finally where you wanted to be, but you’re stuck with Mystia and one door that might get you away from her. Her timidity could suggest she’s calmed down like Aya seemed to, but it may only mean she fears scaring you off again.


[x] Talk. See if you can reason with her.

[x] Ambush. You have magic, maybe you can still get the drop on her.

[x] Hide. See if you can learn anything without exposing yourself.

[x] Leave. Get as much distance from her as you can manage.

[x] Write-in.


Cleaned up a technical error
>> No. 39440
[x] Leave. Get as much distance from her as you can manage
>> No. 39441
[x] Ambush. You have magic, maybe you can still get the drop on her.

Constantly being the sub is gettin old.
>> No. 39442
I expect to be closing votes in a few hours. As there currently happens to be a tie, I'd like to request yet another tie-breaker with the usual rules.

In an admittedly quite late response to >>39431, I just want to say it's good to know those things were appreciated, and I appreciate hearing about what you disliked, regardless of how carefully thought-out or technically precise your feelings may be.

More generally, I wish to note that I feel like I've been a bit more quiet in response to feedback than perhaps I ought. I sometimes find direct expression of my feelings difficult, but nonetheless wish to note a few.

First and foremost, while I suspect that I sometimes react clumsily and perhaps even excessively, I seriously appreciate your complaints and at least desire to respond as best I can. To put it simply, I wish to put forward my best effort, but cannot hope to see every mistake. Even gut feelings can provide some insight into where these might have cropped up. I appreciate the positive feedback too, though I suspect this goes without saying. But more specifically, I find it helps to remind me of what not to neglect in my efforts to improve.

Secondly, however you happen to feel about the story at this point, I sincerely appreciate your willingness to see it through as far as you have and hope I don't disappoint in the future.

I worry I've overshared, gotten sappy or self-indulgent, or otherwise fumbled something, and wish to apologize if so.
>> No. 39443
[x] Ambush. You have magic, maybe you can still get the drop on her.

Tie broken.
>> No. 39444
Ambush it is.
>> No. 39447
File 153836109559.png - (382.35KB, 650x910, MystiTowel.png) [iqdb]
[x] Ambush. You have magic, maybe you can still get the drop on her.

You decide to keep your mouth shut and lift one foot forward, keeping your eyes peeled on Mystia’s door. You drop that foot down, lifting the other behind it. You wait a moment, almost holding your breath. Silence. You slip around the bed, brushing past the carved oak posts at each corner. Step by quiet, nervous step, you inch toward her door.

The soft light of the ceiling domes does little to ease your rising nerves.

You’re not strong, brilliant, or fast. But maybe she isn’t either. You have a little magic and one particularly bizarre power. You shut your eyes, feeling her rank lust wash over you. Amid all the filth, she holds still, just on the other side. You look down, hovering your hand just over the knob.

It’s sleek, elegant. Shaped like a lever but curving like a sensuous tongue. Your heart hammers its distress into your ears. You breathe out, quiet but shaking.

You grip the knob and twist, slamming the door open. Mystia stares at you, taken aback as her hard, brown nipples pop free of a falling towel. For a split-second, your eyes wander to the bush you’d…

You slam three pink hearts into her gut. You feel it now, just a little. More lust ripples out from the hits but her overflowing reservoir fails to grow.

Thank god.

She spins toward the wall, throwing her hands up. You round on her and swing your arm out, firing off another volley. She ducks away, toward the center. Then a wave of green light bathes the dark marble surrounding you.

Pale balls of light smash into you, knocking you against a hard, stone shelf. Groaning, you stare down the cocky grin of your assailant as she conjures more of those terrible orbs. You fire off another round of hearts. They whiz through the air now, but she still avoids them. You hurl yourself to one side as the next volley crashes down on you.

One of the smaller orbs clips you, burning your side and sending you reeling into the wall. You fire another round. She dodges again, then stops.

Dozens of red and blue spheres pop into existence around her, flying out as they appear. You pump out your own swarm of hearts and fire them off as fast as you can, then dodge to the side.

It’s not even close. A red ball crashes into your shoulder, then a blue into your leg. Then another blue into your head. You crumple, knees splaying as your ass thumps into the wet tile.

She stops. Her grin grows devious. Her bare feet slap across the wet tile as those long, soft legs carry her toward you. She kneels and places a hand on your shoulder.

“Are you… feeling okay, Aya?”

What? You glance down. Right. Her clothes. Her scent. Mystia’s smile darkens again.

You fire another heart into her gut. She staggers back. You haul yourself up and heave forward, grabbing at her shoulders. She slams into the wall beside the door, your hands having landed on her tits instead. She blushes, breathing hard. Her eyes stare deep into yours. Her eyelids fly out.

“Naoko? Is that you?”

You cup her crotch. Hand shaking, you ready another shot, bathing her pussy in pink light.

“Don’t move a muscle.”

She stares back at you, intense and bright red. You keep your eyes hard and steady.

She twitches. Your heart pounds. You’re a hair’s-breadth from becoming her plaything again. Your hand shakes.

Her eyes narrow. You stare her down. Your hand vibrates as you hold the shot. She licks her lips. Small droplets slide from her damp hair, down her neck.

“Feeling frisky, Naoko?” She swats your thigh.

You fire, small hearts exploding across her mound. She screams, collapsing into you. Still gripping her pussy, you force energy through your hand one more time. Your whole arm shakes, but her crotch lights up again.

“Ow, ow, ow. Shit, Naoko. Did you really ha-”

Her pussy starts to vibrate. She leans back, looking down. She winces, giving you a sheepish grin.

“I’ll be good.”

You let go, keeping your shaking hand trained on her. “Turn around.”

She obliges. You grab her ass, reminding her of your vibrating threat.


She obliges. You guide her around the door and back out into what must be the bedroom.

She pants. “You know, Naoko, th-”

“Shut up.” Your body aches. Your hand throbs. You have maybe a couple seconds left to secure her before your last shot winks out. You pick up the pace, marching her to the bed. You eye the posts. They’re not terribly thick, but they’ll have to do.

You shove her forward. She crawls onto the plush crimson blanket. You freeze. You throw your gaze around. Fancy clothes near the untested door, with a few more in the closet. You look down your own body. Nothing useful.

Mystia coughs, almost demurely. “There are-”

You hold an open palm out. “Wait here.” You step back, away from her and toward the closet. Taking one last glance at her, you throw the door open again and rush in. You throw rows of hanged clothes aside, finding chests of accessories you don’t recognize. Not immediately, at least. You rush from one side to the other. Then from there to the back. Finally, you find something recognizable. A slick, shiny pair of deep red handcuffs. You snatch them from the chest, spotting a matching, heavy collar nearby. That thing must reach from the chin to the shoulder. You grab it too and rush back out.

Mystia sits at the edge of the bed, stretching her wings as her feet swing out, thumping a lazy rhythm against the base.

You march forward. You snag one wrist, pulling it to the nearest post. She sets it by the post herself, sliding the other next to it. You wrap a cuff around one wrist and snap it shut, then snap the other cuff on her.

You step back, letting out a shaking, relieved breath. Mystia tugs her wrists back, catching on the bedpost. She pulls. The post holds firm. She arches her back, heaving against the post. It holds. A disbelieving giggle tumbles off your dry tongue. You’ve done it. You’ve…

She squeezes her thighs. She flutters her eyes, still flushed. She’s already stained the blanket underneath her.

She twists her wrists. “So, uh, what now?”

You have no fucking clue. You could just… leave her there, probably. The post connects to a rectangle of wood above her, so she’s not likely to escape. You could just find Lady Matara or her lackeys, work out habitation arrangements, wait out the village fiasco, and so on. Maybe come back later if you really want to worry about Mystia’s feelings.

But there’s something that puzzles you. Besides the fact that this room just happened to have those cuffs and… you’re still holding the collar. Which is where Mystia’s eyes rest right now. She licks her lips.

You laugh, a little nervous. “You didn’t buy my bluff, did you?”

Mystia blinks, flexing her arms around the post and focusing back on you. “Bluff? You mean you’re not going to play with me?”

What? “No. I mean, I never intended…” You suck in a breath, trying to figure out how to explain…

Mystia giggles, light and soft. “Sorry, sorry. But hey,” she bows her head, “would now be a bad time to apologize for earlier?”


“When I raped you.” She sucks in a breath. “Sorry about that. My bad.”

You stare, disbelieving. “That’s it?”

She tilts her head, her voice dropping to an almost sensual tone. “Well, if you want a little more contrition, you could always try to ‘extract’ some.” Her shoulders twist and shiver, rippling out to her wings.

A moment passes. Did she just try to egg you on? Pull you into some weird roleplay? Is there even a good way to respond?

She shakes her head. “I mean, I’m really sorry. Honest.” She looks down. Her ears flutter. “I don’t suppose you could give me another try?”

There’s a voice in your head, screaming at you not to say it. But you can’t resist. “No.”

Mystia sags, letting out a sad sigh. You feel euphoric. You’re in control. You got to say ‘no’ to her and watch her squirm.

And she probably won’t get to gut you or rape you for it.

She looks up, giving you a nervous smile. “You remember what Wriggle wanted to make you?”

You don’t quite glare at her. “Is it really that different from what you wanted?”

She shrinks into herself. “She wanted a slave, right? For you to be her personal property?”

You let out a tight, clipped breath. “That’s the impression I got, yes.”

“What if we started off like that?”

You pause, staring at her. She hugs her legs and wings to her body, covering her nipples and pussy. “I do whatever you want. If I step out of line, you leave.”

“You’d just pin me down if I tried.”

Mystia looks away. “That’s not true! I…” She looks the other way, dropping her wrists near her feet. “You need someone watching your back. I know I don’t seem like anyone you could trust right now, but I swear that if you even tried to leave, it would hurt. You could hold that over me, if you have to.”

No, no, no. You’re not buying it. “And just why would you want that?”

She hurls her gaze away, burning red. “I…” She fidgets her wrists. “I want your heart more than your body.”

“And you’d just do anything I said for that?”

There she goes, blushing again. “Anything. I could help carry things for you or negotiate for you. Or help navigate strange places.”

“Like here?”

Mystia sweeps her eyes across the roof, then the silver door, before turning back to you. “A little. I also know you’ll need someone to help you fight people. Especially,” she smirks, “given your performance here.”

Now it’s your turn to blush. “I panicked!”

She giggles. “It’s fine, it’s fine. Trust me, these things take time to learn. Besides, I’m sure I could give you a few tips.” She quiets down, staring at you. But stealing glances to the collar.

“So, what do you say? Want your own personal songbird?”

“But seriously, anything?” You give her a hard stare.

“Anything.” She fixes you with a firm and resolute, but decidedly red stare of her own.

It’s tempting. You’re still not sure you’re safe yet and the thought of having a youkai at your beck and call does allure you. But a youkai’s just about the last thing you want watching your back, especially after what she pulled. You don’t have the keys for her cuffs on hand, but they’re probably somewhere back in the closet.

Mulling it over, you…


[x] Leave her. She’s neutralized, and you need to resolve your stay here.

[x] Make her chirp. See if she’s willing to embarrass herself.
  [x] Actually, no. Make her bark instead.

[x] Find more restraints. You like the idea, but you’re not taking any big risks.

[x] Make her beg. What the hell, make her fuck the post, too.

[x] Write-in.
>> No. 39448
[x] Find more restraints. You like the idea, but you’re not taking any big risks.

Not throwing away control once it's in your grasp sounds good.
>> No. 39449
[x] Make her chirp.

But like...in a sexy way that doesn't risk getting splinters from a bedpost.
>> No. 39450
[x] Find more restraints. You like the idea, but you’re not taking any big risks
>> No. 39451
[x] Make her chirp. See if she’s willing to embarrass herself.
[x] Find more restraints. You like the idea, but you’re not taking any big risks.
[x] Make her beg. What the hell, make her fuck the post, too.

In that order.
>> No. 39452
[x] Make her chirp. See if she’s willing to embarrass herself.
>> No. 39453
We've currently got a tie between bondage and chirping. Normally I'd flip a coin or request a tie-breaker, but >>39451 gave me an idea.

I'll combine the first two votes so that we make Mystia chirp, then bind her before we let her off.

Feel free to let me know if you take issue with your vote being combined like this. I'd prefer not to, but I can do a coin flip instead if there's enough disagreement.
>> No. 39456
File 153920759424.jpg - (76.74KB, 800x640, MystiBound.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Make her chirp. See if she’s willing to embarrass herself.
[x] Find more restraints. You like the idea, but you’re not taking any big risks.

You know what, you can do two things at once. You step to the side and deposit the collar beside Mystia’s bare ass. She glances at it, the barest hint of a smile beneath her twitching eyes.

You return to your previous position at the foot and adopt a wide stance, planting your hands on your hips.

The small chain between Mystia’s wrists clinks as she rubs them together, giving you a pensive smile. You decide to start this off simple.


She chirps, a questioning tone to her voice.

You step forward. “Again.”

She chirps again, audibly nervous. You advance.

She has her knees folded on the bed before her, her big breasts facing you behind an arm hanging to the side. Her wings fold behind her.


Mystia stares at you, blank. “I… can’t do that.”


Her throat wobbles, then she chirps again, shriller this time.

You fold your arms. She gives you a wobbling but cocky grin. It makes you feel just a little like Wriggle, but you need to wipe that smile off her face. Not because she captured, confined, and raped you of course. It’s just that you need to know she’s serious.


She gives you a soft, warbling tweet. Her arms twist, baring those rigid brown nipples again. Maybe she’s just cold, but her body just sets you on edge.

You plant your hands on the mattress on either side of her thighs and stare into her flitting eyes. She wiggles her arms, thumping the post next to her.

“Sing for me.”

She stutters a bit, coughs, then belts out a screeching refrain. “Well we can’…”

You plant two fingers on her lips and she quiets back down. “You’ll speak when I let you. Give me some birdsong.”

You pull back, standing straight and folding your arms again. Her eyes go straight to your still clothed bust when you do.

She opens her mouth, then coughs. She clears her throat, shutting her eyes and wiggling her hips.

She tweets once, then twice. She chirps, shrill and clipped. Then again, a bit lower. She turns her head away, eyes still shut, and lets out a long series of low, warbling chirps. She’s turning red again.


Her wings extend outward as her chirps rise back up in pitch. It sounds at first like a quiet conversation in a strange language, but as her tone rises and falls, it takes a more melodic turn.

She sways back and forth, producing an interlude of slow tweets.

“Now dance.”

She chirps again, strangled and shrill. She opens her eyes and looks back to you.

You stare back. “Well?”

Mystia’s eyes flit between you and her wrists. She tilts her head and blinks, somewhere between pleading and confused. You remain silent.

She shuts her eyes and sways from side to side, sliding her legs over the edge. She swings each one out, thumping against the bed as her hum grows louder. She stops, rubs her hands, and swings her legs together from side to side. She stops again, hunching down. She clears her throat, faces the post, and hums, her wings bouncing just slightly as she opens her eyes and looks around. She rolls her shoulders.

Mystia shifts across the mattress and swings one leg off the other side, putting the post directly between her thighs. She opens her mouth, the faint stirrings of her voice slipping out before she shuts it again.

You step around her, positioning the post directly between her and you.

She closes her eyes and starts tweeting again. She sways from side to side, sliding her hands up the post. She pulls herself up, then slides back down. She chirps and twirls around it, sliding her legs over and off the bed as she turns her bare back to you.

She’s shaking as she swings her head from side to side and twirls again, sliding her legs back over the bed. She stops chirping and tweeting, dropping to a low hum as she throws her legs out. Still blatantly red, she slides her ass back into the bed, sliding the post between her engorged breasts. She gives you a low, drawn out tweet as she straightens back up.

She swings around the pole again and spreads her wings and legs, jutting her ass out at you. She pants, chest heaving and wings twitching. She looks down and away from you.


This… does not reassure you.

You haul back and bring your open palm crashing onto her ass. She yelps and bolts upright. Shivering, she turns around again, once more planting that ass on the bed.

She positions the pole to one side and shuts her legs, giving you a defensive, sheepish grin.

You step around the post and place a hand on her head. You stroke her hair.

Her ears flutter.

“Spread your legs.”

She blinks. Then she blinks again. Her grin drops all defenses as it breaks out across her cheeks. Breathing heavy, her thighs part, opening the lips just slightly.

You stand between her legs.

You drag your hand from her hair to her face, presenting its back to her lips.

“Give me a kiss.”

She gives your hand a soft, almost reverent peck.

That’s better. Hopefully.

You wait. She smiles back up to you, expectant.

Her eyes flick from her spread pussy to your hands to your face.

Her cuffs jingle as she stretches her arms.

You lean down, bringing your face a hair’s breadth from her own, feeling her lavender-scented breath blow across your face. You rub her thighs.

You watch her nostrils inflate and deflate, her eyes dancing from side to side, her face red. Her legs twitch. You lean back.

You give her pussy a light swat and take two steps backward.

She gives you a disappointed chirp.

You turn away, looking back to the closet. “Rule number one. You will wait as long as I damn well please for the privilege of my touch or my body.” You sigh, turning back to her. “Understood?”

She nods, submissive.

You turn around and walk back to the closet. Her blatant desire leaves you nervous, but she’s shown a willingness to follow embarrassing orders. It’s almost more than you dare hope for.

It takes only a little digging to find a host of ‘toys’ like what you just used on her. Behind the dresses and lingerie rests a series of fancy but heavy-duty boxes of different colors. The box you got your first batch from happens to be colored the same red as the cuffs and collar. And the contents all show a similar hue. Color-coordinated padlocks hang from the closed latches of other boxes.

Yet this one’s wide open. Did someone open it before you arrived? If so, who had they intended to use these on? Are there any other restraints lying around?

You root through the box for a few moments, debating on which contents to pull from it. But you decide not to make the choice yet. Instead you close the lid and sink into a squat. Slipping your fingers underneath it, you haul it up and plant it against your gut.

It’s heavy, but with a quick turn and a few hurried steps, you have it out of the closet and about a pace away from Mystia. With a hard thump, you let it down.

Mystia’s eyes go wide. Her mouth twitches. She looks at you and tweets, inquisitive.

You stare back at her. “You want me to give you another chance, right?”

She nods.

“Good.” You sort through the box, finding a corset with a strap running underneath, two straps hanging off the top, and cuffs attached to the sides with more padlocks. Figuring it’s as good a place to start as any, you pull it out and approach her. It doesn’t open in the back, so you bring it to her feet.

She lifts them off the ground, letting you slide it up. She stands up, letting you slide it all they up until the bottom pulls taut over her crotch and the top bumps against the underside of her breasts. You drop onto the bed and fiddle with the straps on her back.

“Are you really sure about this, Mystia?”

She gives you a quiet tweet.

You blush. “You can speak now.” You work around the strap dangling off her back to tighten and secure the first buckle.

Subdued, she speaks. “Yes.”

For a moment, your heart pounds. You work through the next few buckles, tightening them. There’s an intensity to her voice that warms your heart. And chills your spine.

You finish the last buckle and return to the box. You rifle through the assortment of cuffs, eying her legs the whole time. You find a matching set of cuffs with a similarly short chain and return to her, bringing them up near her knees.

Her veil of nervous dedication evaporates into wide-eyed panic. She sputters. “It’s okay! I promise. I won’t…”

You send her a muted glare. “You said you’d do anything, right?”

She looks down, rubbing her thighs. “It’s completely unnecessary, isn’t it? You know I’d never run from you.”

You eye the zipper running down her crotch strap. “Anything. Yes or no.”

She groans. “Okay.”

You pat her hip. “We can take them off later. If you behave, of course.”

She gulps, then slides one leg out.

You fix one cuff around the thigh and tighten it, then seal the padlock hanging from it. You swing around the other side to affix the other cuff. You rub Mystia’s side.

Finishing that, you step back. That strap still hangs off the front of her corset. Mystia’s legs squirm, now tied together.

Returning to the box, you root through the side compartments until you find a silver key. You return to Mystia and take a deep breath. You hear her heartbeat.

You insert the key into one wrist-cuff.

It clicks.

She pulls her hand free.

You stand and stare at her, one foot poised to flee.

She presents her other hand.

You take the cuffs off and toss them back in the chest.

She stands up, stretching her wings and arms wide out. She looks at you.

She sighs.

She sets her wrists inside the open cuffs hanging from her corset.

You step near and close one cuff. You tighten and lock it. She smiles at you, warm but tight. You seal her other wrist to its side.

She pulls at her cuffs. They hold.

She pouts. “That’s enough, right?”

You eye her up and down. She can’t hold you or force-feed you her pussy. But you’re not quite happy.

You reach around her and pull the collar from the bed. She looks at it.

“Do I have to?”

“Yes.” You wrap it around her neck and seal it shut.

With yet another padlock.

You lift the corset strap and run it between her breasts, finding that it attaches to the collar. You attach it and walk behind her, finding the matching strap to have a similar link that the back of the collar matches. You run that strap between her wings and attach it.

Finally, you return to the chest and after a quick search, you find a red ribbon leash and what appears to be a ball-type gag. You grab both and close the box, where you find one more padlock hanging off the edge. Your key fits it.

You lock the box and drop your key in Aya’s shirt pocket. You then attach the leash to Mystia’s collar and give it a light tug, holding the gag in one hand.

“How do you feel?”

Mystia squirms, half her body now immobilized.

“Cramped.” Then she blushes. Again. “I don’t mind being the bottom here, but did you have to use so many of these?”

You cock an eyebrow. “I could’ve sworn you wanted me to tie you up.”

She twists from side to side, wiggling her elbows as she pulls at her cuffs. “I… well, that’s half true…”

“The other half?”

She pouts again, mumbling. “Well, you know. I wanted you to, to tie me down and fuck me.” She looks to the bed. “But I did say we’d do some pet-play. I’d love to be your pet, by the way. At least until we upgrade to lovers again.”

You look to the door.

You look back at her and her obscene breasts still hanging out over the corset. You look to the gag still lying in your hand.

You think you’re back somewhere in that backdoor realm, which is great. So long as your new hosts don’t get any weird ideas themselves. You poke through your shirt at her bra straps, still pressing into your skin. You…


[x] Play around a little. You’ve still got some frustration to work out on your would-be ‘lover.’

[x] Look for that goddess. Try to get everything sorted while you still can.

[x] Bathe. You should make yourself presentable for your hosts first.

[x] Write-in.
>> No. 39457
[x] Blast Mystia with your orgasm beam for so long, and make her cum so hard, that Mystia reaches a level of pleasure and ecstasy she never thought possible.
-[x] Tell Mystia that we will never use the orgasm beam on her ever again unless she never tries to rape us ever again, and does whatever we say for the rest of her life.

We need some way to control this bird, and I don't trust those restraints to last forever. Giving out orgasm beams for good behavior might be the only method of controlling her we've got.
>> No. 39458
[x] Look for that goddess. Try to get everything sorted while you still can.

Back to work.
>> No. 39459
[x] Play around a little. You’ve still got some frustration to work out on your would-be ‘lover.’
[x] Blast Mystia with your orgasm beam for so long, and make her cum so hard, that Mystia reaches a level of pleasure and ecstasy she never thought possible.
-[x] Tell Mystia that we will never use the orgasm beam on her ever again unless she never tries to rape us ever again, and does whatever we say for the rest of her life.

Let's mess around first.
>> No. 39460
[x] Look for that goddess. Try to get everything sorted while you still can.
>> No. 39461
[x] Play around a little. You’ve still got some frustration to work out on your would-be ‘lover.’
[x] Bathe. You should make yourself presentable for your hosts first.

>Tell Mystia that we will never use the orgasm beam on her ever again unless she never tries to rape us ever again

What the flying fuck am I reading?
>> No. 39462

>Getting raped makes me feel bad

>Orgasm beams make you feel good

>Don't make me feel bad and I will make you feel good

That's what the flying fuck you are reading.
>> No. 39463
I'll be calling the votes in about 10 hours. We currently have a 3-way tie between playing, searching, and using our beam again. I'm not declaring first-in rules this time, but if there's still a tie by then, I may be forced to choose a random vote from among the leaders. (currently, that's all five.)
>> No. 39464
I am >>39457

If I were to add "play around a little" to my vote, so that we play around with Mystia by using the beam on her, would that break the tie?

[x] Play around a little. You’ve still got some frustration to work out on your would-be ‘lover.’
[x] Blast Mystia with your orgasm beam for so long, and make her cum so hard, that Mystia reaches a level of pleasure and ecstasy she never thought possible.
-[x] Tell Mystia that we will never use the orgasm beam on her ever again unless she never tries to rape us ever again, and does whatever we say for the rest of her life.

If it doesn't break the tie, feel free to ignore this post.
>> No. 39465
This does, in fact, break the tie. That's three for playing, two for blasting and searching. Both blasting votes tie back to the playing votes now.

We're playing with Mystia, then blasting her. Next update will be a link to the new thread.
>> No. 39476
Next Thread: >>39475
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