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File 150372321365.png - (640.20KB, 917x627, c63e4d51.png) [iqdb]
38288No. 38288
Sooo, I'm not really good about starting threads (or naming them for that matter) but I found something interesting while browsing twitter, thought you guys could check it out, name's apparently アリスと不思議な館 (or Alice's Wonderful House, dunno, that's what google translate tells me)
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>>No. 38289
Ok, I checked it out. The concept of seeing the Alice's affection level increase and decrease in real time is kinda interesting. Besides that and a few amusing facial expressions, the game is pretty mediocre. Was there something about it you wanted to discuss?
>>No. 38290
Not that guy, but what are some good Touhou H-games out there?
>>No. 38291
File 150379428340.jpg - (58.32KB, 816x624, C4XrSXwVcAUhkqy.jpg) [iqdb]
It looks interesting and all but I can't read Japanese, so that kinda kills any interest I might have in it.

Also you can play it online here:
>>No. 38292
OP here, just wondering what your thoughts were about it, I mean it is still an H-game, especially where you can strip her, ironic, given that I was browsing Diisuke's twitter for news of the "invisible" fourth game and stumbled in this, there's also a download link in the link you provided.
Anyway like I said I only thought it would be interesting to share this if only to stir some activity around here, if anything it may convince some to share some other discoveries similar to this one, just curious is all.
As for the Anon who asked, like I said above I was checking Diisuke's twitter for news regarding the fourth game in the series called Touhou Kenchinroku, a good VN series if only because it's the only translated Touhou H-games I know, check a couple of threads below this one for more info.
Oh, here's the link for the nude patch if anyone's interested
>>No. 38296
Not particularly exciting in the end. You solve easy puzzles that don't have any particular background given to them, and sometimes that can involve fondling Alice until she can magic the problem away, assuming you don't feel like finding the particular item that does the same thing. The setting itself is an afterthought that the ending throws a big cop-out about by pulling the equivalent of "it was all a dream". Most of the dialogue is generic and more functional than anything. You probably could have swapped Alice out for anyone else and it would have been about the same.

Most of the fun is finding different ways of teasing Alice. The sad part is that you never get to flip her skirt up after stealing her underwear, and you can't even make her walk around bottomless. It's a very Abubu-like tease.

Don't get me wrong, it's a good way to burn a few minutes to an hour, but it's nothing special.
>>No. 38297
Oh, also, the title is "Touch to Escape! Alice and the Mysterious Mansion". One of the few bits of setting stuff that pops up in the beginning is a note that explains that you've got to fondle Alice to make her magic work.
>>No. 38302
Okay, revising some of my opinion because I'm dumb and couldn't figure out the true end without a couple of hints. If you can find the hidden room, there's a (hasty) explanation for what the deal with the mansion is. I still feel like it's a bit of a cop-out, and it doesn't integrate well with the rest of the game. Is that kind of nit-picky when dealing with a porn(?) game? Maybe. It still kind of stands as a point of "this could've been better".

Plus, the true ending is just a dress-up/sex scene theatre option. Not much of a reward.
>>No. 38304
Played this last year or so, was pretty cool for an hour, but then my browser crashed and I lost all my progress so I didn't finish it.

I rather liked the concept and the flow of it though, even if the puzzles were mundane. Anyone know something similar? Maybe with slightly more real H to it. Doesn't need to be touhou.
>>No. 38338
Someone uploaded the images to sadpanda: https://exhentai.org/g/1129826/ef1891af83/

Also there's a nude patch now: https://www.axfc.net/u/3838435.zip

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