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This is non-canon. If you take this as canon, I likely will look at you oddly.

Alrighty, now, with the advent of hopefully joking /at/ requests, looks like, while I wait for votes, I'll be doing little ditties here in an effort to not make people think I'm unfairly forcing their hand. You guys are either going to hate this or love it.

I'm not sure which I'd prefer, though, but we'll soon find out!

Expect gore, vore and maybe even death by bore! Or other things, too, such as monster girls and the like, which are common in my story. Honestly not sure how all these things will go, but we'll see.

I mean by way of drill, not boredom, by the way. Although, I'm sure someone out there has a bore dom fetish, but we'll hopefully not be dealing with drill dominatrices, so I won't be becoming their go-to author.

Right, puns and word plays, too.

Depending on reception to my horrifying/silly sex scenes, this may be a project that keeps going and going, like the lovely chocolate bunny of a protagonist we have.

I hope you guys reject me like a back alley organ transfer, but we'll see.

And, at the end of each and every one, I'm going to put a vote to make me stop writing these.

This way, I can see just how much you guys actually want my twisted sex scenes. I will enjoy this a great deal.

I hope it's good for you, too.

First part of first entry coming shortly. Consider this a tutorial in its own right!

If things progress well, I may even introduce votes! How fun!

I will also twist those votes to my whims! How fun!

Although, if you want to try and throw out votes anyways, I may consider them.

[X]Put your Soul in it

For later...

[X]Bitten by a Lovebug
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File 146720580566.png - (116.97KB, 350x702, You're breaking up.png) [iqdb]
DT0/15/Base 15.8

You feel her hand grip your rear, and you blush as her tar-coated, ethereal tongue slips and slides along yours, leaving a strong taste of horrible in your mouth.

But it’s a good kind of horrible. By now, you’ve gotten used to it, and it begins to be the only thing you sense.


Your vision darkens as that taste lingers.


Your eyes slowly drift shut, and you feel as if you feel less and less. Senses deadened, eyes heavy, you close them. You can’t see so well anymore anyways.


You feel the coldness in your rear leave it, and you feel like you’ve lost something precious.

Yet, at the same time, you feel a vile hatred towards that very same thing.

Your eyes slowly open as you look to your precious cargo: the small bottle of what once was a fairy.

Why can’t you shake the feeling that she’s done something horrible…

You can’t feel so well.

You don’t feel so well, either...

Why can’t you feel your toes? Or anything else, for that matter?

And yet, the cold remains, even with the bottle of Cirno gone.

Lunasa eyes the bottle in her hand, dropping you from her frigid embrace, her hand finally letting go of her death grip on your liver.

You feel.

You feel horrible, but you feel.

Like your skin has been burned by ice, but deeper. Far, far deeper…

Like every inch of every inch has been frozen solid and defrosted in a microwave. The surface is warm, and yet… the inside is still icy and frozen.

You gulp air down, and fall on your back as you watch in horror as she uncorks the bottle, sniffing it.

She then puts the bottle to your lips. “Pleassse… Destroy thisss monster…” Her hiss-like whispers are filled with venom and hate, her eyes burning with a life not there before.

You comply, tears running down your cheeks as you feel the icy liquid roll down your throat, burning all it touches with its chill.

These aren’t tears of sorrow, though, are they? These are tears of something else entirely. Pain. Vindication. Desperation. Determination.

A fire builds in your belly as it bottoms out, filling you in an instant.


And yet, why are you smiling? You drank… ...Well, okay, she tried to kill you a little, but, well… who hasn’t? Maybe Satori, but… she’s practically your mother, so it’d be strange if she tried to hurt you.

You watch as color returns to the world, her eyes burning yellow instead of blazing white. Her golden hair seems… somehow sharper. Her everything does.

Save for her stylish hat. That stays as corporeal as everOHHGODSHE’SHUGGINGYOUAGAINANDWHILENOTNEARLYASCOLDIT’SSTILLCOLDyou take a deep breath as you smile up at her.


She smiles down at you.


Your lips touch, hers slimy with the tar that once ran like a river, sticking to your lips like sap. It’s…


It’s actually not as bad as before… It’s cold, definitely. But it’s not as painful. It feels like a weight is placed on your chest, sure, but that's not painful either.


You wrap a leg around her back. Oddly, it doesn’t go through her like before. Weird.


Her smoldering yellow eyes in empty sockets… lid? Is that possible? Sure, she has done it a bit already, but, weOHH! Ohh, wow… That’s…


Why does your chest feel so… weird?


You look down, and find her hand touching a glowing, throbbing heart. It seems to be attached, and yet…


...why does it look so alien? It glows with such bright light, and pulses with every beat, yet feels so familiar. It’s like a part of you you’ve only just noticed. A part of you that you should have seen by now.


She grips your heart, earning a groan out of you. It’s neither pleasure nor pain. It’s just… It feels…



Your soul begins to break apart…

But it refused!

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WTF is this from for a source material as all the game mechanics are kinda killing any boner I'm getting right now.
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Well, I suppose if there's interest, I could show my hand.

Although, I was trying to avoid doing so, but still.

>>/th/188147 There you go~ First thread of three. The story list has yet to update, so literally none of them can be found any way but manually, sadly.

Anywho, this thread is just for when I want to write yet have far too little votes. That said, the first ending isn't complete yet. It'll get hotter, by the standards of some.

Although, they'll all more or less be Dead Ends that never would have happened this way. Think of this as sarcastic comedy with increasingly adult twists.
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Lucky you, game mechanic sex from non-sexual games is my fetish!

Also loving snuff. Which this was a good, non-ridiculously gory way to write. I feel like I've improved as a writer just getting the idea from you.

You've done a terrible thing, but take it as a compliment.

Seriously, though, it wasn't all that bad. I actually WOULD like more.

But only if we earned it. This isn't an /at/ story (as much as I wouldn't mind) and we should try not to get TOO stuck in the gutter, even if it IS fun.
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If it was male (player) getting snuffed I'd be for it even though this is painfully game mechanicsed but female (player) being snuffed is a massive turn off.

Would have rather had female (touhou/Player) snuffing males but Meh... /at/ being mostly kill means gotta deal with bottom of the barrel stuff...
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Thank you~ I do try to be creative in my horribleness.

Honestly, I was mostly writing this to poke fun at the people begging for /at/.


Well, unless Renko snuffs Youki, Wriggle the Catfish, a bakebake, a random bird or an annoying dog or something, I don't see that happening. And, honestly, that would be odd, as she's not particular to men.

These are Bad Ends, after all. They're not likely to be happy things.

There's only one potentially /at/ worthy scene I have planned that isn't, though it's also possible to woo others if one figures it out, but still.

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Time I get back to this for today, it seems! I'd tell you to enjoy, but I'm more making this to sharpen my teeth. ...With porn, apparently. I guess it fits well enough.

Porn's usually full of hard things.

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File 146764142896.png - (962.13KB, 850x993, There are worse ends.png) [iqdb]
You feel more fragile.


You huff and puff as you feel the blood in your fingers and toes rapidly slow and freeze. It’s neither painful nor cold. It doesn’t feel very good, mind you, but it’s that sort of ohh-god-why-are-my-fingers-getting-frostbite kind, not the ohh-oww-god-oww-why-oww-are-oww-my-oww-fingers-oww-getting-oww-frostbite kind.

You lay there, your breathing gradually feeling less like you ran a mile after flirting with people all night, watching frosty clouds form in front of you. It’s like you’re breathing hot air in the winter, but in reverse, and the worst part is, the warm air around you isn’t all that comfortable.

It’s as if you’re in an oven, and you feel… You feel…

You are not going to die. Not to a little hot air. Not here. Not now. Not ever. Never!

Your determination not to die freezes the air around you.


You slowly calm down from your little war on air, relaxing just a bit. While frost rapidly spreads along the ground under you, you look around, barely noticing as your breath stops steaming. As your toes and fingers crinkle with every motion. As the frost on the ground begins to peel away and rise into the air, if only just a bit, gathering in six locations.

Beside you, you find a curious Lunasa. She may lack any sort of reasonable eye-like structure save smoldering yellow lights, but you’re fairly certain about that.

Although, now you’re curious, too. She seems to be a ghost, and she seems to have no eyes… How does she see?

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