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File 146213370869.png - (300.70KB, 442x470, 9ebf698029cc61504fd2d846f8ce782.png) [iqdb]
Who's to blame?

I'm not supposed to be like that. I know.
I should be better than that. Better than this.
I can't control myself, I couldn't stop myself.
And I'm ashamed of the pleasure I get from it.

My master knows me. My friend warned me.
But I still forced myself on a man.
His discarded ring I tore off in the forest,
maybe that, too, was exciting for me then.

I'm not sure...what I should do anymore....

You didn't think one night would be the last.
You were just fooling around with men like always.
Oni are honest, straight-forward. Powerful.
Then why did it hurt so much to make her sad?

Maybe you deserved it. After all, she's made to be like that.
Jealous to everything, jealous to the end.
Honest...and straight-forward, huh?
It's hard to be like that when you remember being surrounded by men.
One night of satisfaction.

And then, when you're staring at her back,
after the fact,
trying to console her,
She doesn't turn around.
And she tells you to leave with one word:


With fingers like magnetism, if that innocent girl winded their threads,
The abundance of dolls would start their mysterious dance.
The dolls' love for each other is a fairy tale,
of which the magician cannot witness.

To the black-white human who sees the dolls' romance,
will she commit to that magician's path?
To the black-white human who knows the dolls' truth,
will she destroy that magician's path?

The dream of one fairy tale will be destroyed
by the terrible human, of which no tale has ever told.

It's second nature.
[] Reisen
[] Yuugi
[] Shanghai/Hourai

[X] Yuugi

Well damn man, why do all the prompts have to be so damned good?
[X] Shanghai/Hourai
[X] Shanghai/Hourai
[x] Reisen

What should you do, little rabbit.

Forbidden love.
[X] Shanghai/Hourai
Oh boy why do I see this becoming a smutless thread on a smut board with melodrama turned up to 11.

Praying I'm wrong but the pretentiousness is already here

[X] Shanghai/Hourai

I don't know about you, but the blue-balling could in-and-of-itself be exciting. Which is another way of saying I'm a sucker for sappy writing AND doll girls.

[X] Shanghai/Hourai

But god damn, man, I see three REALLY good prompts here, and I want all three... I feel something almost akin to shame for denying a Reisen vote.
[x] Reisen

here we go
[X] Shanghai/Hourai

File 146225946231.jpg - (130.25KB, 850x642, c3148a7dfc170e94529774b92692a21d.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Shanghai/Hourai


The first time Alice succeeded, she didn't see her efforts as a success.

The Shanghai doll's back rose from the table. Her head and feet pressed on the table, the doll's fingers twitched. A light shined between Alice's finger and the doll's stomach. The magician sighed.

Was it that Alice didn't see? Shanghai's opened eyes, her mouth open in a soundless scream. The magic coursing through her body, an uplifting heat that was akin to an orgasm.

In fact, to Shanghai, that was exactly what it was.

“Haaa.” Alice withdrew her finger. “A failure.”

Shanghai panted on the wooden table, looking up the person who gave her life.


Shanghai stared down at the doll on the table. The second attempt by Alice.

This time, the Hourai doll lay facing down on the table, cheek pressed onto the surface. Had Shanghai been able to blush, her cheeks would burn from the sensation coursing through her. Her eyes narrowed, the doll's face spoke enough about the arousal in her body. She watched as Alice poured magical energy into the bottom of the Hourai doll's spine.

Maybe Alice couldn't see the doll's face. If she could, then maybe she would think that the expression on Hourai's face was pain. With the back of her hands useless on the table's surface, Hourai could only cry in a doll's voice as the energy shot through her body.

Peeking from behind Alice's shoulder, Shanghai's legs fidgeted. Alice hadn't given her any more energy since she had given her life. Shanghai closed her eyes and placed her hands across her body. She snaked her hands underneath her clothes. The wood of her tiny hands smoothed against the almost non-existent curve of wood that was her chest. Without Alice's knowledge, Shanghai watched Hourai come while pouring her own energy into her body.

“I don't get it. Why isn't it working...?”

Alice didn't stop. Hourai's eyes shot wide as her body was assaulted with endless waves of magical energy.

Shanghai rubbed one hand over her chest, and another between her legs. And then, jerking her head up, Shanghai came. A silent, discreet whirl of energy small enough for only her to notice.

Alice sighed, withdrawing her finger.


Sometime after Alice moved into the Forest of Magic, the some hundredth doll Alice worked on finally made a sound.


Alice blinked. So did Shanghai and Hourai. The two dolls' heads turned when the doll made the sound. So did the dozen other Shanghai and Hourai dolls around the room.

Then, fear shot through their bodies as Alice's eyes narrowed.

“This is a disaster.”

Hate. Fear. Sadness.

Shanghai and Hourai could only watch as the wood under Alice's finger cracked. The auditory doll's eyes opened in shock before her stomach broke into pieces under the magician's hand. The life in the doll's eyes faded.

Alice had no idea of the stares she received from Shanghai and Hourai. She clasped her fingers together and rested her forehead onto her hands.

“Why are they all failures?”

A Heart-Broken Trio Called Second Nature – Shanghai and Hourai

Marisa landed on the grass in front of the house.

“Hey, Alice!”

She peeked into a window. There she is. Sleeping over her desk, probably finished with looking over another doll. The someteen thousandth one.

Marisa approached the front door. She tapped the doorknob with her mini-hakkero, and a click came from the other side of the door.

“I'm coming in~.”

The instant she opened the door, the tip of a lance thrusted in front of her throat.

“Whoa, hey!” Marisa held up her hands. The Shanghai doll glared at the human, the lance less than an inch from her throat. “I asked if anyone was home!”

Shanghai pouted, as if to say “that's no excuse”. Hourai peeked from around a corner, and Shanghai turned and nodded to the other doll. Lowering her weapon, Shanghai flew back and followed Hourai around the corner.

Marisa tipped and raised her hat. “Geez. Pretty touchy.”

Wiping her feet on the mat, she took two steps and closed the door.

“You could at least clean up around here.” Marisa looked around at the floor. Books, flasks, and even a chair lay upturned on the floor. Three dolls cleaned some of the smaller items, putting them back on tables and shelves. Marisa laughed to herself. “Mind if I take some of you back with me?”

All three of the dolls, two dressed like Shanghai and one like Hourai, shot a glare at the human. Marisa snorted.


Sneaking into the room Alice was in, Marisa spotted the Shanghai and Hourai doll sitting together on another table. Alice slept on her crossed arms, mouth parted in slight weariness. Marisa turned between the magician and the two dolls.

“I swear she was supposed to be out by now.” She scratched her head through her hat. “Oh well. Maybe she'll make breakfast, then.”

“No, I won't.”

Jumping, Marisa stepped back. Alice's eyes had snapped open, staring over at the other girl's direction. The magician raised her head, placing a hand in front of her mouth to yawn.

“Trying to steal from me again?”

“What are you talking about?” Marisa took another step back to let Alice pass. “I was just wondering if you would treat me to breakfast.”

“Sure, sure.”

At Alice's dismissal, Marisa turned to the Shanghai and Hourai doll siting beside her. Their eyes were closed, leaning against each other.

Holding hands?

“Close, aren't you two?” Marisa scoffed.

The two dolls don't move.

“I'm going out.” Alice leaned back so Marisa could see her. “Take anything, and I'll know. I'll treat you if you decide to stay without making any trouble.”

“Don't worry, I won't take anything.” Marisa lied.

Alice opened the door after she sighed. The door closed.

Moving from the study room into the main room, Marisa hopped into a chair. With a book in her hand, Marisa plopped her feet on the table in front of her before opening to a page.

Ten pages later, Marisa fell asleep.


When Marisa opened her eyes, her back hurt. She looked around for her book. But before she even turned her head, she stopped looking for it.

There was an influx of magic in the house.

And not only that, there was light knocking of some sort coming from somewhere. Like the clicking of a tongue. It came from the study room, and the sound didn't come at regular intervals. Sometimes there were three clicks in a second. Sometimes, the sound stopped for a few seconds.

Marisa's eyes froze on the corner leading into the small hallway. Was someone inside the house with her? It wasn't Alice. Placing her feet on the floor, Marisa slipped into the hall. A ray of light streamed to the right in the study room. There wasn't any shadow that she could see. Marisa sneaked closer. Right before she peeked to the left, something caught her eye to the right.


Marisa's fingers retreated back behind the wall. Inching her head, she managed to hold in her exclamation.

On top of the table, two people were having sex. Well, not people. But they were definitely doing something rather unlike what they should have been doing.

Shanghai shoved her hips between Hourai's legs. Hourai's clothes lay in a heap beside their joined bodies. Shanghai's fit snug around her body, besides the scrunched up sleeve Shanghai had pulled back to reveal her pale arm. Though there wasn't anything between their legs, the elder doll's fingers drummed the area where there was supposed to be something. Hourai's face was scrunched up in pleasure. She raised a leg onto Shanghai's shoulder. Her mouth opened, but no noise came out.

To Marisa, it was every action relating to sex. But it made no sense. That was, until she sensed the magic flow between the two dolls' bodies.

Amazement and shock grew inside of her mind. Transferring magic so quickly and abruptly is...that's the result? What kind of twisted thing is Alice doing to her dolls? Marisa slid a step back, making sure less of her body could be seen from the two dolls' position.

Marisa jumped when a ball of light sparked from Shanghai's hand. When the light sparked, Hourai squeezed her legs into Shanghai. Her foot bent into the other doll's back while her free leg wrapped around Shanhai's waist. The elder doll leaned forward to stick her tongue inside the younger doll's mouth, reciprocated by Hourai holding the other doll's hips while doing the same. Hourai's shut eyes squeezed tighter at the magic energy shooting into her crotch.

Marisa was still stunned. No. Alice wouldn't do this. She's talked so much about getting rid of everything that she couldn't control. Things that didn't turn out like she thought. Variables and all that. Why that was a problem, probably Alice was being an idiot. Although seeing dolls do...this, was kind of weird to see.

Shanghai pulled up her dress, hiding Hourai's head from Marisa's view. But from the position they were in, and how the other doll kept her hands on Shanghai's hips, Marisa didn't need to see everything. A soft glow brightened between Shanghai's legs.

Hourai lapped at Shanghai's crotch. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the energy flowing out of her tongue into Shanghai. Every few seconds, Hourai dipped her mouth to close her lips around the smooth wood of the elder doll's skin. At the same time, the strings of energy coming out from inside of her back burned into her spine.

Shanghai tugged on the three strings in her hand, feeling Hourai moan into her waist. She pulled at the energy flowing inside of Hourai. Out and away when she wanted to see Hourai scream. Up and toward when she wanted Hourai to pour more energy into her. Shanghai aimed one string at her mouth, then closed her lips around the string. She swirled her tongue around the string, the heat trailing around it. She licked at the string of energy, one end coming out of her mouth, the other entering.

Then, Shanghai bit down.

Hourai came, flattening her tongue in long strokes to expand the flow of energy to Shanghai. Raw magical energy burst from the elder doll's body as she followed suit, and Hourai's mouth opened into a scream. The younger doll sent what Shanghai had given back into her body.

Sweat dropped from Marisa's head as the magic looped into and out of their bodies. A strange cycle of pleasure. That's what it was. Marisa knew that feeling, but it was never something to...get off to. Heck, power was supposed to be powerful, like, BOOM. Not that kind of boom, but the painful kind. These dolls...they actually went there.

Marisa's heel kicked into the wall instead of stepping back.

The dolls froze. Marisa froze.

“Ah crap.”

Marisa made to hold onto her hat and turn toward the door. But when she turned around, the stares and many weapons of over three dozen Shanghai and Hourai dolls stabbed an inch from her face. They weren't dressed as elegantly as their original counterparts, but their magical power was high enough to pose a threat.

“Wh-What?” Marisa looked at the wall of dolls blocking her way. “Is it really okay that you guys are moving on your own? I mean, without Alice?” The words stumbled around her mouth.

Alice was capable of that. But she'd never allow her Shanghai and Hourai dolls to do...that. Marisa eased herself into the study room when the dolls didn't react to her first step backwards. She turned her body to face the original dolls.

Shanghai flung her hair back with the back of her hands. Hourai glared up at Marisa, clothes scrunched in her arms while covering her nude body. Or as nude as a doll could be in Marisa's eyes. The black-white human mustered up the nerve to glare back at the two.

“So? What are you going to do with me? Huh?” Marisa chuckled once. “Shut me up?”

With a smile that would send a man running, Shanghai floated toward the human's face. The doll raised her arms, her hands approaching Marisa's cheeks.

Marisa's gaze dulled, trying to track both hands. The sharp, illusory prick of the doll's hands on her skin preceded a small turn of Marisa's head.

“What?” Marisa muttered through her squished cheeks. “What are you—”

Marisa stopped speaking.

There, before her eyes, the dozens of dolls began touching each other. The amount of magic energy, the very flux, made Marisa dizzy. One doll slid its hands into the shoulder sleeves of another, fondling the other's breasts. Another rubbed its thigh against its partner's crotch against the wall.

A literal orgy of dolls was taking place.

Shanghai's fist knocked against Marisa's shoulder. The human turned around.

“So what? You guys are just a bunch of perverted dolls looking for comfort? Is that...?”

Her eyes fell. Hourai embraced Shanghai from behind, peeking behind the elder doll's neck. Shanghai's eyes were narrowed. Her gaze was distant, but piercing, as she stared at Marisa. Into Marisa.

“Alice won't like this.” Marisa chuckled again. But this time, it was with the nervousness of an unbeliever. “You guys, do you understand what she's gonna do if she finds out? A magician has a way of doing things.”

At these words, Shanghai's gaze sharpens. She shoots forward, clapping her palms down at one of Marisa's fingers. The doll drags the finger up to eye level for her.

Marisa didn't need to ask to know what it wanted.

“No.” The chuckle became almost lunatic. “You're kidding me, right?”

With that dreadful smile, Shanghai shook her head. Hourai's face froze in a moment of desire and awe. Marisa, on the other hand, wanted to bite her lip.

“Alice, what the hell? Take better care of your stuff, like I do.”

It...She, only wanted a little bit. A little bit of magic. That would give it more freedom. But for what? So it could keep on doing things like this? Not to mention that if Alice did any serious work looking into her dolls, she might sense that Marisa had given them some of her energy. Of course, that would mean she “tampered” with her work, and that might not end well. Even if Alice was an idiot for not noticing this sooner.

The orgy of dolls continued behind her. Marisa didn't need screams to know; she could feel the small flickers of energy shooting into the air.

So what? If Marisa didn't help, she'd be dragged into this anyhow? This was probably how Shanghai and Hourai were collecting more power. Not thinking about how it was being done, what the two dolls did, Marisa could tell. They were recycling energy, refining it, whenever they passed it through each other. So if that mass of dolls did the same, eventually, and theoretically, they'd get what they want. The difference was that Alice was still Alice. There's no way she wouldn't notice given enough time.

Plus, who knew when Alice would return? It could be any second now.

“You know what?” Marisa looked into the alluring Shanghai's eyes.

The first nature.
[] Shoot it into her. Get it over with, and just because. Screw it.
[] Refuse. Let them continue. They're on their own.
[X] Shoot it into her. Get it over with, and just because. Screw it.

Prepare to take responsibility, though...
Well this is a thing. I'm not sure what it is This is just uh maybe the weirdest thing I've seen in a while.

[x] Shoot it into her. Get it over with, and just because. Screw it.
[X] Shoot it into her. Get it over with, and just because. Screw it.

Might as well see what happens here.
[x] Shoot it into her. Get it over with, and just because. Screw it.
[x] Offer the Mini-Hakkero
[X] Shoot it into her. Get it over with, and just because. Screw it.

Ok this wasn't what I was expecting at all. But I'm intrigued, it's... different. And I want to see what will happen.
File 146260398987.jpg - (189.60KB, 707x960, 2b865ab177ea141cbb88a915597d3efe.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Shoot it into her. Get it over with, and just because. Screw it.


Shanghai panted, a silent expression of want in her eyes. Hourai flew back to allow Marisa to do as she pleased.

“Here.” Marisa raised her finger.

At the same time, Shanghai turned around and lowered her clothes past her shoulders. Marisa stopped for a second as the doll undressed herself.

Hourai glanced down and up Shanghai's body. There was something...majestic, about seeing the dress slip past Shanghai's shoulders, down the paler skin of her arm, then past that slight curve of her waist and back out her hips. None of the dolls had nipples, yet Hourai thought it strange they had curves at all. Shanghai's breasts...bigger than her own.

Marisa sighed. She ignored Hourai's goggling and pressed her finger onto Shanghai's back, where the middle of her spine would be. The magical energy channeled into the tip of her finger. With a thought of concentration, a light transferred its contents to Shanghai.

Shanghai squeezed her eyes shut. Unlike refining energy between herself and Hourai, energy from someone who could generate it forced a feeling of ecstasy inside of her body. The doll hummed, lips sealed tight, as the energy threatened to burst out.

Pulling back her finger, Marisa stepped back. The other dolls had stopped what they were doing to fly beside her. Shanghai opened her eyes.

The elder doll dragged her body through the air, body filled to the brim with energy. Her eyes stared at Hourai, who was holding her clothes covering her front.

Hourai dropped her clothes and held out her arms to accept Shanghai.

Shanghai barreled into the other doll, spinning her once before laying her down onto the other table Alice had been sleeping on. Taking Hourai's hand into hers, she raised two of the doll's fingers to her mouth. Her tongue presses against the front of the digits, and Shanghai closes her lips around their joints.

Making note of the elder doll's actions in her mind, Marisa turned her gaze away. Regardless of how uncomfortable she was, she did understand the reason behind Shanghai's actions. But could a doll handle it? The concept made sense: If she was going to take some of Hourai's energy, Shanghai could infuse it with her own. Shanghai would become more powerful refining Hourai's energy with what she had given her. On top of that, if Shanghai was planning to give some of that energy back to Hourai? Sighing, Marisa leaned on the wall and tried to concentrate on sensing if Alice was coming back.

With a face that deserved a blush, Hourai watched as Shanghai bobbed up and down her fingers. Every now and again Shanghai would lick up from her palm before sucking again. Even less of a pattern was when Shanghai gazed into Hourai's eyes and dragged her tongue up in-between her fingers. As the elder doll's intentions requested, Hourai concentrated in pouring her energy into Shanghai, into the mouth that couldn't suck, but still drew energy from her body. The gentle light inside of Shanghai's mouth began to congeal, forming a drip of energy that leaked down Hourai's forefinger. Not a second after Shanghai could feel the leak, the elder doll used her tongue to lap and absorb it.

Again, ignoring the lewdness of the act, Marisa couldn't help but notice how their act had progressed from the one time she had seen earlier.

Hourai's face made an expression, as though crying out, before she felt a spike of energy leave her fingertips. Then, the energy in her hand swirled.

Shanghai sensed the abundance of energy and popped her mouth from the other doll's fingers. A fluid of energy burst from Hourai's palm, splashing onto Shanghai's face. Akin to an explosion, the drops of energy splattered onto Shanghai and Hourai, stuck to the table, and even the floor. Shanghai started using her mouth to take in the energy dripping from Hourai's hand and arm, up her shoulder, then everywhere else along Hourai's front where it had landed. With an apologetic and euphoric gaze, Hourai rubbed her hands along Shanghai's face. She coated the energy on the elder doll's face on her fingers, then sucked them back into her body with her mouth.

As the spilled energy began to fade, Shanghai finished what she could on Hourai's thighs before she positioned herself above the other doll. Her hips returned to a familiar position between Hourai's thighs, on top of her crotch.

“Well,” Marisa tipped her hat, turning her back this time, “excuse me. I'll still be standing here, if you don't mind.”

As though the human hadn't said a word, Shanghai closed her eyes and thrust her hips forward. Hourai grasped at the table's surface as a wave of energy shot into her. It was the quantity of a pebble, but its power was much greater than it had been before. And as Shanghai thrust a few more times, Hourai could feel the pebble become a rock, then a rod, then an entire body. She was being filled with something she hadn't experienced since Alice had looked into them a long time ago. Back when their master had given them her power to sustain what she thought was their animation.

Mesmerized by the sight, the other dolls hovered toward them. No sooner was Shanghai almost pushing Hourai across the table did the other dolls group around.

If Shanghai could sweat, she would have been. Though, the refined energy from Hourai, her own reserves, and Marisa was more than enough to emulate the dancing shocks running through her body. Never before did she feel so powerful. And with every push of power into Hourai, she could sense Hourai becoming stronger in turn. Shanghai's hands slammed beside Hourai's head, eager to give her loved one the power within her. Make her whole. Make them, whole.

Hourai's leg hugged the side of Shanghai's hips, eager to let her love have the position of pumping as much power into her as possible. Hourai placed her hands on Shanghai's shoulders. She looked down at where the energy was coming from. The pleasure of having it come into her came with an equal sensation of feeling a trail of excess energy leak down her and Shanghai's legs. Hourai knew she couldn't possibly take it all, but concentrated on doing as much as she could.

Shanghai also knew that some of the energy was escaping, feeling the drip of energy down her thighs. Half of her mind wanted to prevent the dolls surrounding them from coming closer. But she decided against it, allowing one to go behind her and lap at the trickle of energy. After all, it was a combined cause. It was also safer, as Hourai was already receiving a hefty amount of energy.

As more energy sparked out from where Shanghai's hips met Hourai's, more of the other dolls closed in. Unlike the first doll between Shanghai's legs, the others used their fingers to collect the excess drops splashing around the table or onto Shanghai and Hourai's stomachs. They brought whatever they could collect to their naked bodies—or even to their mouths—and absorbed what they could, savoring the increase in power.

Shanghai could feel the energy threatening to burst from inside her. But that was alright. She sent this information to Hourai. When Hourai looked into her eyes and nodded, Shanghai couldn't hold herself back. A ball of light formed between her and Hourai's waists, where Shanghai had concentrated on transferring her energy.

A soundless cry formed at Shanghai's open mouth as the light burst.

The burst came in pulses, every previous burst stronger than the last. The first burst, globs of congealed energy landed along Shanghai and Hourai's chests. The doll whose face was between Shanghai's legs flinched in surprise as her face was drenched in energy. The proceeding bursts shot forth instead of all around. The faces of some of the other dolls were hit by smaller drops. Where their hands had been placed on the table, strands of energy landed on the back of their fingers along the table. Hourai closed her eyes as a thin drop landed across her eyes, cheeks, into her hair.

The other dolls stared at the energy on their bodies for a moment. Then, they each began absorbing the spilled energy.

Hanging her head for a moment, Shanghai hooked her hands beside both of Hourai's knees. Hourai cuddled her fists in front of her mouth, aware of the elder doll's intention.

She wanted to give Hourai everything she had to spare.

So when Shanghai thrust anew, Hourai shut every sense available to her to focus on drawing on the energy pounding into her. Shanghai buried her face into Hourai's ankles as she pressed in with her hands, bringing Hourai's legs together. Each knock of Shanghai's hips against Hourai's thighs came with a shot of energy. Shanghai closed her own legs inward, allowing the energy to direct itself along a smaller surface to another small point of transfer. Small drops of energy sparked from the furious transfer, but Shanghai could care less. What she wanted most was when the burst occurred once more.

Using one arm to keep Hourai's legs pinned beside each other, Shanghai extended an arm toward Hourai's chest. Clasping her hand and fingers, she felt Hourai's strings of energy and pulled on them. Within the span of three thrusts, Shanghai sent all the energy she could spare through the four or five strings in her hand.

Hourai's hips bucked into the air. Her eyes tight, she sent one simple message to Shanghai.

Fill me.

Shanghai felt something burst out of her.

Hourai relaxed as she felt Shanghai's energy pour inside of her. Nothing had escaped this time. All of the energy pulsed in waves into her waist, up toward the center of her chest, then dispersed throughout her body. Shanghai froze with her arm still wrapped around Hourai's legs, concentrating on filling Hourai's body. Hourai lowered her hips back onto the table. She placed a hand on her stomach, near where Shanghai had shot her energy inside of her.

Feeling Shanghai's grip on her legs slacken, Hourai spread her legs to allow Shanghai to rest on top of her. Shanghai opened her eyes, looking at Hourai. She joined one of her hands with Hourai's, locking their fingers together. With a silent giggle, Hourai closed her eyes. She offered her lips to the elder doll, which Shanghai accepted with her own. When their tongues touched each other, their kiss flickered with sparks of energy, trading small shocks between them.

It was at this moment that the hat hidden Marisa and every doll but Shanghai and Hourai jumped at the sound of knocks on the door.

“She's back!”

The other dolls flustered around for a moment. With an opening and narrowing of the eyes that said 'what a bother', Shanghai waved her free hand. Clothes re-materialized on every doll, and Hourai did the same for her own.

Stunned, another knock on the door brought Marisa to her senses. She ran to the door and opened it.

“Heeey.” Marisa drawled at the sight of Alice glaring with two bags of groceries.

The magician raised an eyebrow. “What did you do?”


Marisa's heart shook inside her chest, pumping her words out of her mouth.

“I met some people in the village who were somewhat out of place. So I'm late because I spoke with them for a bit.” Alice walked in, setting her bags down by the wall. “It was then I had a bad feeling.”

The other dolls flew from the study room back into the main room. Marisa raised her arm to scratch her head. She also did it to hide something she knew was pointless trying to hide.

“What's this...?” Alice's eyes tracked the line of dolls flying back to their places.


Marisa knew the moment two large energy sources came closer behind her that hiding it wasn't possible.

But no harm in trying, right?

“What? What is it?” Marisa wanted Alice to suspect her of anything else.

“What did you do to them?”

That. Was hopeless.

Alice walked past Marisa to come face to face with Shanghai and Hourai. Shanghai smiled. It was a smile she had never shown Alice, yet did for Marisa a while ago. Hourai fidgeted her hands together beside Shanghai, twisting one of her feet in circles in the air.

“What do you mean `what did I do`? I just gave some energy to them, that's all.”The unease broke into Marisa's voice.

Alice spun around. “You....Are you serious? Why would you do a thing like that?!”

“Why would I...?” Marisa's mouth shot open. “I should be asking you the same thing! I thought you had things under control, but I never thought you could be this reckless!”

“You don't get to say that! I'm the one who has to deal with your recklessness!”

Alice held out a hand toward Shanghai and Hourai. Shanghai spun once, before bringing a fist to her chest. Alice's eyes narrowed, her eyebrows twitching. Marisa sensed Alice's intent to sense something, as well as suppress something. A snap clicked between Alice and Shanghai.

Alice's cheeks hollowed as she grit her teeth.

“Damn it. Not you two. I didn't want to do it to you two.”

“Why?” Marisa looked between Alice and Shanghai. “What are you going to do?”

“I'm going to take care of the problem.”

“By killing them?”

Marisa knew that was the solution. Alice snorted in irritation.

“When their energy becomes messed up like this,” Alice's hands glow with a pink light, “I have to remove it from them before they can be fixed. The more out of control they become, the more severe I have to be.”

Marisa snorts. “And if they become too much for you?”

“Then I really have to destroy them.”

Alice said that. But Marisa could see the magician's eyes lower in nervousness.

“You're at fault for this.” Marisa held a hand to her forehead.

“What are you talking about?” Alice whipped her head toward Marisa's direction. “They're not supposed to be like this! It's because of you that they became this way!”

“Seriously? You realize this makes more sense that what you were doing before, right? Just leave them like that.”

“And have them out of my control?” The magician faced Shanghai and Hourai.

Marisa's mouth gaped.

“What's wrong with that? They'll still listen to you, won't they? They just wanted to do what they wanted.”

“You know what I mean!” Alice slammed a fist onto her thigh. “You're jeopardizing a magician's work. MY work. And you know what a wild doll can do, regardless.”

True. But that was still Alice's fault. Marisa heard about it, but if a fairy, a door guard, and a shrine maiden could take care of it, what did she have to care?

“Not my problem.” Marisa shrugged. “In fact, wouldn't it be all the more your problem? You really don't take care of your dolls.”

“You, really.....We're having a talk after this...!”

Marisa could hear the nervousness in Alice's voice. Maybe because she'd given the dolls energy from somewhere other than their master, but Marisa concluded Shanghai alone was much stronger than before. Deadly, even to a magician. At this point, it seemed like a struggle was inevitable. But was the result determined? Giving the dolls some of her magical energy did lead to some...odd things. That did make Marisa responsible to some degree. Even if Alice was guilty of being unable to see her dolls' behavior.

Marisa sighed to herself.

It's second nature.
[] Defend Shanghai and Hourai
[] Watch what happens
- [] Encourage Shanghai and Hourai
- [] Be neutral
[] Side with Alice
[] First Nature: Reisen
[] First Nature: Yuugi
[X] Defend Shanghai and Hourai

Take responsibility, Marisa.
So did we utterly fuck this?

>if a fairy, a door guard, and a shrine maiden could take care of it

What's this a reference to?

Also Why do I smell this being a BAD END Quest now...
I think it's a stretch, but when I read that the only thing I could imagine was what Medicine did in PoFV. So perhaps Marisa just thinks "Eh, the worst that'll happen is she turns into a doll youkai, no big deal"
As I see it and with the prologue, there will be a BAD end alright... Either for Alice or for the dolls.
[X] Defend Shanghai and Hourai
[x] Defend Shanghai and Hourai

If doll orgies are wrong I don't want to be right.
[x] Defend Shanghai and Hourai

BAD END or no, we defend the doll orgies to the end.

For your right to party, one must FIGHT.
I thought we as a community grew out of LOL BAD END Quests years ago. Guess we still got some who don't realize that BAD END + PORN = BAD
> “You, really.....We're having a talk after this...!”

Nah. We're having a talk now.
[X] Defend Shanghai and Hourai

Speak for yourself. BAD AND is perfectly fine in my book as long as I get some porn out of it
Yea but this ain't like Komachi's quest where the bad end is full of porn and we continue this is a MUH DRAMA style BAD END

but it's also a MUH DRAMA bad end in /at/, therefore, I'm holding out hope for a MUH DRAMAtic Final Sex Scene. I'd actually prefer if we end up successfully defending the dolls without either killing Alice or Marisa, but that's probably wishful thinking...
[X] Defend Shanghai and Hourai
[x] "You wouldn't believe me even if you tried, but I literally walked in on a orgy of your dolls. Seriously."
We probably wont even get that man.
[x] "You wouldn't believe me even if you tried, but I literally walked in on a orgy of your dolls. Seriously."
[X] Defend Shanghai and Hourai
[x] Defend Shanghai and Hourai
[x] "You wouldn't believe me even if you tried, but I literally walked in on a orgy of your dolls. Seriously."

Hello? It's a call. Now writing.

Ah! It's NOT dead!

(Is it?)
File 146648278750.jpg - (191.95KB, 595x623, fef07b166c7915312423fccc39e565dc.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Defend Shanghai and Hourai


“You know what? No.”

Marisa faced Alice as she stepped between her and the two dolls.

Alice’s eyebrows lowered. “What is this?”

“Exactly what it looks like. Something wrong with your eyes?” Marisa looked back and tilted her hat at Shanghai and Hourai.

Both dolls’ eyes rounded out in surprise. Then, Shanghai smirked and nodded. Hourai’s face relaxed, a smile growing on her lips.

“Marisa.” Alice gritted her teeth. “You really don’t get it, do you?”

“Of course I do.” Marisa shrugged. “You’re out of commission as a magician.”

“That’s not all! You know that’s not all!” Alice grasped her fist to her chest, a ball of danmaku forming. “But if you’re going to be this stubborn about it, then you’re part of the problem, too!”

“Oh yeah? That mean you’ll get rid of me, too?”

Marisa understands the implication. Alice breaks her dolls when they don’t come out the way she wants them too. If they were to become independent? Well. What else happens to a doll maker who loses control of their dolls? Just like what happens to a bad magician who loses control of their power. And even assuming they don’t lose their life, such an incident ruins their reputation. Might not sound that bad. But a magician’s pride is worth just as much as the power they have. Marisa laughed out loud.

“You know,” The black-white human chuckled the last of her amusement, “I don’t really care about any of that stuff, though. The things you think are important.”

“Is that so?” Alice glared over Marisa’s shoulder at the stance-ready Shanghai. “I know you do, actually. At least to some extent.”

“Actually,” Marisa made a glare of her own toward Alice, “I really don’t. Isn’t that right, Shanghai?” She chanced the moment to call the doll by name.

Shanghai raised an eyebrow at Marisa. But the smirk returns to the doll’s face. She nodded, and Hourai embraced the older doll from behind.

“Stop that!” Alice resisted the urge to stomp her foot. Instead, she grinded her heel on the floor.

“What’s wrong?” Marisa laughed out loud again. “I thought you’d be glad your dolls came to life. Wasn’t it your own stupidity that caused this in the first place?”

The unease scuttled inside of Marisa’s chest. Still not comfortable with what the dolls do. But with Alice being the idiot she was and is, that was even more uncomfortable.

Hourai nodded like Shanghai did, her head leaning down on the older doll’s shoulder. Her arms trailed into Shanghai’s sleeves, across Shanghai’s chest, the embrace becoming more intimate.

“Stop.” Was all Alice made through her teeth.

“Go on.” Marisa answered, not turning around to see what Alice was seeing. “The other dolls, too. They’ve got to have their fun.”


But despite Alice’s cries, over a dozen dolls made their way toward Shanghai and Hourai behind Marisa. Hourai’s head rose inch by inch. Her lips a hair’s distance away from Shanghai’s neck. Shanghai turned her face for her lover. Their lips came close.


Whipping out her mini-hakkero, Marisa slapped the ball of danmaku away. The stray bullet fired off the wall, bouncing into the air before dissipating.

“You’re gonna watch it, and you’re gonna like it.” Marisa took a step toward Alice. “I was forced to, so it’s only fair.”

Mostly true.

Alice readied a volley. Marisa dashed forward. Two grunts came in succession as Marisa slammed Alice against the wall next to the door.

“You’re firing shots in your own house?” Marisa pinned Alice’s wrists by her side. “A little crazy, aren’t you?”

“You’re the one who’s crazy!” Alice yanked her head forward. Marisa’s shoulder trapped the rest of her body. “Just what about their behavior is normal?! Of course they shouldn’t be allowed to move around!”

Alice tried to turn away. She didn’t want to shut her eyes, though.

The other dolls paired off with their Shanghai and Hourai counterparts. The original Shanghai and Hourai were long lost in their passionate kiss. Leaning Hourai somewhat backwards, Shanghai pressed her tongue forward into her lover’s mouth. Shanghai’s hands pulled on Hourai’s hips. The other doll left her mouth parted for Shanghai to ravish it.

With a scream of despair, Alice wrenched her arm free enough to fire a ray at Shanghai and Hourai.

“Crap!” Marisa took a step back, to the side, reaching for her mini-hakkero.

Half a meter from impact, Shanghai raised her own hand.

A sound much like a loud hush rattled through the air as the ray broke into smaller lights, broken. The astonishment fell on Alice’s face.


Marisa’s mouth gaped open.

With confident eyes, Shanghai planted a swift kiss on Hourai’s lips before clenching her hand once. A thicker, stronger ray of magic shot from her palm. Faster than Alice could react. The heat passed by Marisa’s face as it struck Alice just below her throat. With wide eyes, the doll maker slammed into the wall behind her.

For a second, shock dropped through Marisa’s body as Alice slumped onto the floor on her knees. Her eyes, blank. But the shock faded as Marisa realized Alice hadn’t been hurt. Not physically more than mentally, from how Alice’s chest rose and fell as her blank stare remained steady on her two dolls.

Another realization hit Marisa.

Shanghai used my refined power inside of her.

Withdrawing from Shanghai’s arms and hands, Hourai floated over to the shocked Alice.

If it wasn’t for the other dolls with their hips bashing against another. If it wasn’t for the other dolls where some had taken another down to fondle or lick between their legs. Without these conditions and the sensation of magical energy flowing around the wild group of dolls, Hourai flying over to Alice might’ve looked more majestic than it did.

Now sitting against the wall, Alice watched as Hourai stared down at her. The doll didn’t speak, but sent a message to the magician. Alice heard the voiceless message sent to her.

“Watch us.”

With a turn much like a flourish, she flew back to Shanghai with open arms. The older doll caught her, swinging her once. Both dolls turned to look at Alice.

“Wh-What are they going to do?” Alice relaxed against Marisa’s grip. The human raised an eyebrow.

Marisa let go of Alice. “What do you mean what? You should know better than me what’s going to happen.”

Marisa turned to stand and watch as Shanghai and Hourai gazed at each other. Shanghai’s enchanting eyes and Hourai’s parted lips.

It’s not that it was comfortable watching them, still. But, Alice reaped what she sowed.

“Stop it….”

Despair fell over Alice’s eyes.

But Shanghai leaned in, while Hourai closed her eyes.

Marisa folded her arms and leaned on the wall next to Alice.

One kiss. Then another, fiercer. Shanghai held Hourai as though the younger doll were laying on the air. When the older doll pulled away, Hourai’s lips opened and closed, an expression that would fit breathlessness after a kiss.

Hooking the front of her clothes, Shanghai peeled enough of Hourai’s attire from her chest to drag the tip of her tongue on the front of her collar. Hourai rests her nose on the top of the other doll’s head. Shanghai’s hand slipped under the clothes, and a few seconds later, Shanghai’s clothes fell to the floor with a small, soft flap.

“You really didn’t notice?” Marisa turned to Alice as Shanghai lowered Hourai onto the floor next to the fallen pile.

But Alice only watched.

The older doll slid behind her lover, running her hands to Hourai’s waist. Hourai parted her mouth in a silent moan. Energy from both of Shanghai’s hands ran between her thighs, down her legs or into her crotch. When Shanghai leaned forward to place one hand over where Hourai’s womanhood would be, the younger doll raised her head and cried out without noise. Hourai’s body refined the energy, slowing the flow entering her. The energy now traveling between Shanghai’s hand and Hourai’s body liquefied, trickling down her thighs, onto her knee, onto the ground. Closing her lips, Hourai begin moving her hips back and forth, a meager attempt to relax from the energy overflowing from her body.

More dolls began to come together. Those who were in pairs became three or more. The few groups who were of three became six. The bodies of dolls, all in the likeness of Shanghai or Hourai, littered the floor of the room. Legs, fingers, hair, all entangled amongst the bodies in varied positions. In almost in the center, closer to Alice, were the two who emanated the most power of them all. The pressure enticed every other doll in the house. It glanced over Marisa and Alice’s skin.

Shanghai strummed her fingers over Hourai’s crotch as though she were touching, observing an antique. She poured more of her energy into Hourai. Hourai’s body rose and fell, filled with energy, the front of her stomach now splashed with it. Her head tilted back an inch, she kept her eyes on the person who gave her life. The gaze was a display of love and desire, what she was feeling at the very moment.

Marisa understood what the meaning was. She sighed, turning to Alice.

Does this idiot understand?

“You can’t.” The doll maker’s frustration lit up in her eyes. “You can’t make me believe something like this is right….”

“I’m not saying it’s right, either.” Marisa slapped her forehead. “But you’re the one who didn’t take care of this sooner.”

Alice fell silent. She watched as Shanghai clasped her hands over Hourai’s crotch and the skin of her hip.

The older doll concentrated on the energy running through her body. Inside her, below her stomach, a flux of the most refined energy within her gathered. With a thought, the energy took form, extending from her body. It wasn’t crude in form, merely a simple shape that it became. Hourai could feel it pressing on, into, and through her back. Shanghai concentrated until she was certain it was stable. Then, she pulled Hourai closer, tighter to her, with her hands.

And penetrated Hourai’s body.

Hourai’s eyes shot open, mouth agape. The small pillar of energy dispersed, entering her. Shanghai could feel the rush of energy leave her to become one with her lover. She pressed her nose and mouth onto the back of Hourai’s shoulder.

Marisa grumbled low, clearing her throat while tipping her hat. Alice blushed, despite the frustrated look on her face.

“So what are you gonna do now?” Marisa tipped her hat back upward while Hourai closed her eyes. The two dolls fell forward, Shanghai on top of the younger doll.

Alice gripped her clothes below her into her fists. “What do you mean what do I do now? I’m ruined, aren’t I?”

“So they can live without you. So what?” The human shrugged. The rest of the dolls began to finish one after the other. “Doesn’t mean you can’t do what you always do.”

“If I can’t control them, I’m as good as defenseless, aren’t I?”

“Who said anything about controlling them?”

Alice stared over at Marisa. The human had a grin on her face.

“Oh no. It’s nothing dirty, though.” Marisa faked her shock. “That’d be too much for you.”

“Of course it would!”

But would it, though?


“No no. You can’t sleep at my place.”

Actually, it might.

It hadn’t even been night time on the same day, but Alice dragged Marisa back to her house.

Alice stepped back after opening the door of her house. “Just LOOK at what they’re doing!” She shot her finger behind her.

Marisa’s eyes followed the finger. And then she held her breath.

There really was no way to describe the feeling.

On the desk by the wall, the two dolls were engaged in their love session. On her back, with her legs above her body, Shanghai shut her eyes tight as two tendrils of energy wriggled back and forth into her stomach and across the desk’s surface almost behind her crotch. Her arms and hands pressed and pushed from the near violent movements of the energy transfer. Sitting beside the older doll’s head, her legs over the edge of the desk, Hourai stared into Shanghai’s eyes with a small, bright smile on her face. When Shanghai opened her eyes, she seemed to plead to the younger doll. In response, Hourai cupped her hand onto her lover’s cheek.

And another tendril of energy slipped out of her back into Shanghai’s mouth.

The actual contact wasn’t physical, but Shanghai opened her mouth all the same. Shutting her eyes again, she fought against the torrent of energy shooting into her from three places. In and out, yet the flow continued in despite what the scene looked like.

“They haven’t stopped!” Alice looked back at Marisa. “And you’re telling me to put up with them? Even be nice to them?!”

Marisa opened and closer her mouth twice, forming words with her thoughts.

“How else are you going to be able to use them if trouble happens? Assuming you even ask them to help….”

“Like I would know!” Alice wanted to look away at Marisa. But that meant she had to look at Shanghai and Hourai. The magician brought a hand to her forehead at the thought of doing either.

“Well. That’s going to be something you’re going to have to figure out, isn’t it?”

“No thanks to you!”

Alice blushed and Marisa covered her mouth with a fist as they resigned to watching the two dolls finish.

The two tendrils assaulting Shanghai’s lower body each wrapped around and behind each of the doll’s knees. The third looped over Hourai’s back straight into the older doll’s mouth. Smaller tendrils snaked here and there over Shanghai’s arms, behind her back, over her throat. A sort of soft bondage that neither squeezed nor lazed while injecting the doll with refined magic.

At least, not until Shanghai couldn’t take anymore.

Shanghai’s legs straightened and her toes clenched as much as they could as her body filled to the brim with energy. The magical essence seemed to push from inside of every part of her skin, threatening to burst. Shanghai’s fingers grabbed at the flat surface of the desk. Her thighs closed against each other, while her legs extended outward. All the while, Hourai ran a hand over one of Shanghai’s breasts with that same smile. Her love.

As the tendrils withdrew, Shanghai opened her eyes. Hourai threw herself onto Shanghai’s chest. The older doll wrapped her arm over her lover’s, a satisfied grin on her face before shutting her eyes again.

“See?” Alice raised an eyebrow to Marisa.

The irritation scratched at Marisa’s thoughts. It’s not that it was a bad thing. But it does mean Alice will hound at me. I mean, she hasn’t even gone a day! How hard could it be? It’s not like these two’ll cause any more trouble….

She shrugged.

Well, for now.

“If it gets really bad, you can come over. But you CAN’T sleep over!”

With a grumble, Alice slumped over to her study room. Marisa looked over at the two dolls. Shanghai peeked her eyes open, looking at the human upside-down.

The triumph drew on the doll’s mouth.

The first of the ripples stop.
[] First Nature: Yuugi
[] First Nature: Reisen
Man this is just wow that's impressively letdown.

I mean really weak ending.

Let's get back on the CHOO CHOO train for the next thing.

Intense and laborious study of your post seems to indicate you're somewhat dissatisfied with the update. Were you expecting something other than the doll sex scene we voted for?

[X] Bunny
I personally liked this a lot. And I want to see Reisen fight against her own instincts.

[X] First Nature: Reisen
It's how it ended is the problem. Alice just raves around not explaining ANYTHING about how this might actually BE a bad thing or what.

It's a massive letdown with the doll sex as it tended to so damn bland and jumping around it just didn't work

I do agree that the disjointed nature of sex inter-spaced with Marisa/Alice actions and dialogue wasn't really conducive for a good fap.

However, depending on how /at/ the author really intends for this story to be, it may be been entirely appropriate for the dialog/exposition to take precedence.
File 146662478229.jpg - (538.54KB, 640x1024, 27784ea0a4f1937b357629473ff5eec4.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] First Nature: Reisen

Fluffy bunny.


Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in.

I’m running. It’s not even a clearing, but it’s still a straight run to him. He swings around to face me, but I crash into his shoulders. He yells as we fall to the ground.

I can’t hold it in anymore.

“Just…Just hold still…!”

A Heart-Broken Trio Called Second Nature – Reisen

He screams. Shouts. They’re not pathetic. His voice is delicious, coarse, as he pushes at my arms and body. Somewhere in the frantic tangle of arms, his instinct moves his hands to repel my own. He’s not handsome, but he’s not scrawny, either.

He was good enough. Because I need it. I need him in me. I need it, need it, badly.

My hands slip under his shirt, yanking at his pants. They’re supposed to come off without much resistance. But he grabs at my wrists, and I lose my grip. With a frustrated growl, I grab at his wrists. My hands hold them from the front, forcing him to try and push without much success. He attempts to sit up, but I grind down at his waist with my hips. My shoes dig into the earth as I lean over him.

I can feel it through his clothes. It’s not hard, unfortunately. Not yet, anyway. But I can feel it. It’s grinding up against me. But I need it IN me.

Even though he’s quiet now, his panting shows the strain he’s under trying to get me off of him.

The terrified look in his eyes like something’s going to kill him.

Releasing one of his hands, I shoot my hand under his pants. He grabs at my arm, but I lean over his chest. Kicking off a shoe, I bend my leg high enough to lodge my foot under his pants before kicking them off as well. Past his knees. With those out of the way, and a limp cock waiting for me, I lower my hand to rub at the base of his penis. My fingers wrap over the skin of his balls. His screams ring into my ears.

There’s also an ache in my leg from the effort I used to get to his manhood. But I’m dying under the heat burning me from the inside out.

I release his other wrist to slide my other hand under his shirt, scratching the middle of his chest. All the while, my palm rubs down and up his awakening cock. Each of my fingers tap at his sack, eager to get him ready by any means possible. He pushes on my shoulders, but through sheer desire to fuck, I only sway as though moving under some low bamboo leaves.

I need to fuck. Now. But I can’t if he’s not hard. He’s not hard! All I can do is—

Tearing my skirt and underwear down my legs, I hump at his limp dick with my entrance. It flaps up and down against me.

It’s not entering me, but it does relieve some of the heat. It still burns, but the pain dies down. For now.

The relief also makes me more aware. Horny, but aware. The male under me holds his breath. Like he’s in pain.

But I know why.

“I’ve been watching you.” I breathe the words. “I know you’ve got someone already.”

He’s stopped struggling. But I’m pretty sure he’s not enjoying this. How could he? My eyes find the ring on his right hand.

“But you need to understand.” I’m burning again. “You’re the only person around. And you didn’t leave the forest immediately. With her. And I’m…I can’t…I need you. I need it!” I shift back, enough to grab at his cock.

It’s hard. But it could be harder.

I lick the palm of my hand, then wrap that hand around him again. I stroke him, steady, feeling the blood rush into his penis.

I’m sure he can feel the saliva on my hand. At least, he’s breathing harder. Trying not to think about it? I take another three seconds to reapply another tongue of saliva on the palm of my hand before stroking his hardening cock again.

“I’ll keep this a secret.” I wrench at his shirt with my other hand. Enough to see more skin. And muscle. “So, just let me do this as quick as I can. Please.”

His cock stands almost bending backward toward his stomach. I jerk him enough to move his skin, peeling it to expose the head. His eyes remain shut. Slow breaths in and out.

At the same time, my eyes return to the ring on his finger. One second after, my hand on his chest reaches over to his ring finger.


His eyes snap open. He reaches with his other hand to stop me, but I already yank off the ring. With a fling of my arm, I hear it tumble against the ground somewhere nearby.

“Don’t think.” My hand on his cock grips him by the base as I position myself over him. A clear drop of fluid leaks from the tip. “Just let me fuck you and come inside me.”

With those simple orders, I swallow his cock with my entrance.

Not exactly wet, but definitely warm.

Hugging his hard rod with my insides, I snap back and forth, up and down his body. Every inch of him scrapes against me. Tugging the skin from his cock. The head of his penis poking my walls. Left, right, up, down. I watch him pant. I watch him groan. Not moan. But the pleasure runs through his body. Into mine. My knees and palms push against the ground as I ride him harder.

My shirt is tight.

Rising up straight, I unbutton the last of my clothing. At the same moment, he opens his eyes. Still using my knees to fuck, I pull my shirt out and off my body, and it falls behind me between the young man’s legs. I lean back over him, my hands free to ride him into the ground again. This time, my breasts full in his face.

“You don’t want my body?” I stop moving back and forth, leaving my hips to move up and down. Enough to stare him in the eyes. “If you want this to end, you have to give me what I want. And it’ll help to take as much of my body as you want.” I run a hand from the bottom of my breast, brushing up over my nipple. The mound jiggles after my hand leaves. My tongue flicks the corner of my lips.

I’m coming onto him hard. But that’s because I want him to come hard. The way he shuts his eyes tells me he doesn’t want this. But regardless of what he wants, I’m going to get what he doesn’t want to give me.

“You getting ready to come?” I lower my chest onto his, my nipples brushing next to his. My hips still move, eager to coax his semen from his rod. “Come then. Come inside me. Shoot it inside. I need it. I need it.” I moan the last part, slow and soft.

But his eyes are still shut.

I NEED it, though.

My teeth grind as my hands, with dirt on the palms, I wrestle his shoulders from the ground. He yells, but I pull him up into a sitting position. With a swift kick of my legs, I wrap them around his body. Foot over foot. For a few thrusts, I grind into his crotch. Then, throwing my arms over his shoulders and clasping my hands behind his back, I start fucking him again. As fast as I can blink, I pull my hips back and up, almost pulling him out of me. Then I slam them back down, balls deep. A soft pat. Sometimes a clap, if my ass and stomach hits his skin just right.

Now he starts moaning. Regretfully. But it means he’s really feeling it. And that’s good. Because, that means—

“Hurry up.” I whisper at his closed eyes. “Come. Come inside me. Yes,” I stop to pant and whine when he brushes against a sensitive spot in me, “make me come, too. Yes…please—”

Pulling my head back to stare at him, I grab at his hair with a hand. The smell of sex in the air dulls the burning ache in my stomach as I thrust faster. My ankles dig into his back. My other hand scratches against his chest.

But he’s not COMING. Why isn’t he COMING?! I’m here, naked, grinding my body against his, and I don’t get why he’s not shooting his semen into me! Just shoot it, please, for the love of everything that makes sense—

“Inside, you need to do it inside.” I grunt. “Or outside, on my breasts, on my face. Just hurry up! Or it won’t, go, away!” I manage to change to more violent, but slower, thrusts. My voice shakes with each one.

These bring out another long, low moan from the male. With nowhere else to run, his hands hold my thighs. Eyes still shut. But groaning. Moaning. Cock rock hard and rubbing everywhere inside me and around me.

It helps to fuck. But I need to come. And he needs to come. I want both of us to writhe and shake in that climax. What else can I do?!

My mind racing, I bring my face close and lick at his lips with the tip of my tongue. His eyes snap open. I don’t care why, but he opens his mouth right after closing his eyes again.

Yes. This helps. This definitely helps. More.

I jam my tongue inside and shove inside every part of his mouth. Panting into him. Breathing into him. My delighted moans escaping through the gap between our lips. I grunt every time I thrust forward, not slowing any more than I already did. He does too, right into my mouth. Every now and again I pull away just enough to run my tongue up his cheek, or over his lips. Along his neck. Up his throat. My saliva glistens in the moonlight on his skin. But I always return to his mouth. And my breasts rub along his body. My legs squeeze tighter against his back. The burning in my stomach starts to become pleasant. From pain to pleasure. A pleasure about to explode.

“Are you going to come?” I stare into his eyes, and he happens to open his and stare back. “I’m going to come. Please, come with me. Just do it, and it’ll all be over.” I moan in front of his face.

It really didn’t need to be inside me. It could be anywhere. But it’d help if he did it inside. It would REALLY help.

The male doesn’t respond, but from his shuddered breaths, I assume he’s close. I place my hands on his shoulders and return to the frantic pace I set before. He moans, continuously now, as I fuck him to full completion. His face lowers onto one of my breasts, and I straighten myself just enough to get as much of him in me with each thrust as I can. A soreness runs through my waist as I fuck him three times in a second. For five seconds. I moan. He moans. Ten seconds. I moan, almost chanting as my voice cries out higher and higher, over and over again.

I’m so close. Actually, I’m just seconds away—

Sooner than I thought, the pleasure shoots into my brain. Overloading myself with some number of final thrusts, I squeeze tight with every part of my body I’m aware of as I come. I cry out into the night of the forest. The male moans low, as if relaxing, his mouth opening just enough to lick my nipple on accident. He comes. Inside of me, somewhere. Somewhere, his semen is there. I imagine he shoots a few thick strands of his substance inside me. Deep inside of me. The pleasure and warmth running through my body dulls whatever actual sensation I could feel of his seed entering me. But from my twitching feet to my bent ears, panting with my cheek against his shoulder, I could care less.

“Yes.” I pull away from his shoulder to lick over his lips. “Yes.”

I kiss him, light. Then trace his upper lip with the tip of my tongue. Kiss. Slip my tongue inside. Lick him again. He accepts whatever acts of tenderness I give to him, his skin and body yielding to my touch. The palm of my hands roam along his chest. The burning heat inside of me cools with every pleasurable shiver. Cooling into nothingness. His cock is still hard inside me. My hips rock, slow and steady, remembering the pleasure just moments before. My legs unfold, then rest with my knees against the ground, almost kneeling over the male’s legs on top of him.

We sit there, trembling against each other for a few more seconds. I breathe out. He breathes out. We do it a few more times, returning to normal. Then, I think. My thoughts come back. My logic and reasoning return.

…No. No no no. No!

Guilt. And terror. Shame. That somewhere, in my body right now, there’s proof that I just raped a man from the village. If it’s not already apparent if somewhere were to walk by. In the middle of the bamboo forest.

I rise back, still on my knees. His penis slips out of me, arching forward as it limps further. A thread of his semen connects the last of him to me, before snapping. Now even the ground has some proof of my crime. My hand shakes as I touch myself.

I don’t know if the lack of semen on my fingers is scarier.

Looking around for my clothes and my shoe, the cold of the bamboo forest seems almost ice cold. The dirt makes it worse, on my sock and on my legs. All of my clothes, too.

But I can’t worry about that now.

I know I put on all of my clothing. But what I’m not sure of is how the man was before I ran.


Although, from the state of my clothes, anyone could tell something was wrong.


And Master would know exactly what it was.

I stand in front of Eientei, facing at the ground. In front of me, Master stands with her arms crossed. Around the corner, I notice Tewi peeking.

“I can sense the scent of a man on you.”


I don’t even deny it.

“By the looks of things, you were not a victim. And I suspect, you were rather the opposite.”

I remain silent.

“I take it you understand why this is a problem?”

She taps her foot once. But that’s not a sign to respond.

“It’s because,” Master goes on, “we must maintain peaceful relations with the humans to assure our position in Gensokyo. Furthermore, such behavior is beneath us. I know you understand this, don’t you?”

“Yes.” My voice is as bland as it should be.

“And on top of that, the one who led him back out of the forest was not you, but that girl.” She means the phoenix. “Do you understand the implications of these circumstances?”

I can feel the color draining from my face.

“Consider this the first and final warning.” Master’s voice plants itself within my brain. “Only because I will be able to negotiate past this situation once. Using whatever trust and resources I had available for such a mishap. If it does happen again….”

I nod at the threat and notice.

“You know, I ran into two individuals today. If I were to say it, I think we’re all in our own little predicaments. Even if yours may be a little worse.” Master pauses for a second. “But that doesn’t excuse what you did.”

I must look so miserable right now. But a small part of my body can’t forget the necessity of that desire. As the silence continues, the mix of guilt and necessity blend into an unknown sense of unease.

A minute must pass by, because by the time I look up, Master is already gone. At this moment, Tewi walks out into the open in front of me. She lets out a frustrated sigh.

“I tried to stop you.”

“I know.”

“You know how many of my traps you set off? I’ll make sure to set up more in case it happens again.”

I seal my lips shut.

So that’s what that pile of ropes and other contraptions are over there? Well, not that it mattered. I should’ve just listened to her and kept in my room.

Shaking her head, Tewi leaves. “Don’t worry. I didn’t do anything to your room. So get some sleep.”

Without anything else to do with my stress, I do what she says. Because it’s the only thing I could do.


It should be simple. So why?

In my bed, I pant and grown. Sweating. My thighs rubbing together weren’t enough. Even a hand to squeeze between them does nothing. I took Master’s medicine.

So why can’t I fight back this heat?

The sweltering heat ties up the inside of my stomach. Although unbearable before, I know it’ll be worse by morning. So my only other option is to suffer, or to take care of it. But choosing to suffer through it will kill me. It’s just part of being a moon rabbit. Whatever protection we had before on the moon, vanished the moment we came to the earth. A protection that made us impure. Different, in simpler terms. I didn’t understand it completely myself, but it meant our bodies had become the way they always were. Which should be fine.

Except, this heat was problematic for me.

Going so far as to bite my pillow, I think back to the man I violated today. But imagination isn’t reality. What was then isn’t now. My body just won’t accept it. That man’s…dick, inside of my private place. The mindset from before is unlike me. But I needed to be in that mindset to take care of it. And just thinking about it…wasn’t enough.

Twisting over to my other side, I throw the blankets over me. Even the warmth of my sweat starts to pass into my nose, and the silence rings in my ears. My damp, sweaty ears. It makes the heat worse.

I can’t stay like this. I need to find someone. But I shouldn’t leave Eientei.

Should it be first nature?
[] Search for Tewi
[] Confront Master
[] Wander (Third nature: Shanghai/Hourai)
[x] Search for Tewi
The problem was just how pretentious it felt.

It's like that guy who just refused to put smut in an /at/ story and was confused how why we told him to shove it.
[ze] Search for Tewi

She has to help poor Reisen.
[X] Search for Tewi

That's very disappointing to hear. If people want porn, surely there are places and avenues to obtain it that don't involve being rude to one of our authors.
[x] Wander (Third nature: Shanghai/Hourai)

Reisen and the dolls? Sounds interesting.
[x] Search for Tewi
File 146871693835.png - (584.98KB, 1024x1024, ae62477cf6e20709e3e858f7f02f2c73.png) [iqdb]
[X] Search for Tewi

I want to fluff the bunny. Hand in the fur, brush up, and go "poof"!


My breath shallows. I push myself off my bed, onto a knee, onto my feet. With every breath, I take another step. The burning tries to drag me back to the floor. My bare feet plop against the mat. My hand slides my door open.

Tewi. Find Tewi.

Down a hall. Around an open area. Down more halls. Time ticks in my head with my footsteps. Silent, and soft. But I’m sure I’m the only one who can hear the thundering heat in my brain. In my body. My stomach, hardening my nipples. Warming up my…place. My entrance. My pussy. Taking a second to lick my upper lip and sigh, my hand plants itself at the corner of another hallway. Almost stumbling around it.

Tewi’s room is isolated.

Which means no interruptions.

I put my palm on the door. Her door. I slide it open.

She's already sitting up on her futon.

Arms to her side, she stares at me standing in the doorway. She blinks. My legs twitch inward. The air coming out of my nose huffs, as loud to me as a strong wind. I take one step.


I lunge with my next step. She scrambles to her feet. She runs three steps before I shoot my arm out. With a grunt, her stomach hooks onto my forearm. Her cry lasts half a second before my other hand closes around her mouth. I yank her back toward her sleeping place. We tumble backward, with her sitting in my lap.

"Shhh." I whisper, a noise lost within her muffled desperation. She kicks and flails. "Tewi, you need to help—"

In the middle of her struggling, her knuckles crack against the side of my head.


That hurt.

That hurt, A LOT.

The heat inside of me turns into a fire.

My teeth chomp on one of her ears. Tewi screams, but then proceeds to bite my hand. On one of my fingers.

"You want to play rough, huh?" I hiss after letting go, the pain shooting into the palm of my hand. I kick one of my legs around in front of her stomach, then drape my non-silencing hand over her chest. With some amount of strength, I drag my nails up her body along her flat breast.

Tewi screams again, letting go of my finger. I take the chance to hollow my palm over her mouth.

"Just let it happen." I snuggle my lips over the back of her ears, her hair.

A fragrant scent. I know what scent she uses while bathing.

The warm air from her nose blasts over the back of my hand. My other hand pets over her abused skin, my middle finger flicking up over her nipple. I just notice that she's still wearing her pink dress. I withdraw my fingers to begin hiking up her dress.

With a tiny squeal, she kicks against the ground. With a heavy breath, I grab tight on her clothes, looking for her panties.

I don't really care. I just need her clothes off.

After a few more seconds, my fingers dig under her underwear, scratching the skin of her hips. With a delighted breath, I pull upward. Her legs kick up from the strength I used, the cloth stretching far enough that I strip it from her legs. Pushing my lips against her cheek, I run my free hand over her body again. Down then up under her dress, I fondle every part of her pale skin I can touch. The flat of my fingers rub back and forth across her stomach. I scratch under her small chest. Or, I reach down and run a finger down in line with her pussy.

I’ll get to making her come in a second. Right now I just need to feel her body. Because she doesn’t have a cock, I’m looking for a different kind of satisfaction. Skin-ship. If she’s good, she’ll put a finger in me. Anything, in me, really. Maybe she’ll even eat me out. I really, really, hope that’ll happen. Really.

Twisting one of her nipples, her voice calms down. I think she’s even moaning into my hand. She’s breathing soft, warm air onto my hand. I’m also pretty sure she’s crying, since the side of my hand brushes against something wet on her face. The heat inside me cools down.

My hand slips downward, enough to reveal her mouth.

“Reisen.” Tewi breathes out. “Stop.”

“I….” The heat rises. “I can’t.”

My hand pushes her cheek.

Her lips. Her mouth. I want it.

My breath comes out in a hiss I jab my tongue into her mouth. She groans, trying to avoid touching me in any way. My hand holds her face, her head, still. I taste every wet, sweet part of her mouth. I can’t lean any further than I can bend, so I seal her mouth with mine. I remember to run my hand along her ass, trying to slide a finger up her cheeks. She squeals, and struggles more. All while kissing her.

And it feels great.

I pull away to breathe, then lick the inside of her mouth. Mostly air, but I feel the tip of her tongue when Tewi tries to catch a breath. I do it again. And again. Then I kiss her in full. Still holding her head still with one hand, my other rubs her long enough that she’s bending her legs in the air. Curled up like a bunny. My panting and moaning echoes in her mouth. The same with her groans and grunts, which echo in mine.

Indulging in this heat feels great. So why not give her more?

Rubbing my hand along the back of her thighs, my fingers approach her pussy. Tewi pants twice, quick and short, whatever resistance she tried to make into words turns into nothing.

It’s not enough to stop me.

My fingers play around her entrance until I hear her moan. Not groan. Not grunt. But moan. A small one, but it’s what it is. I flick my fingertip at the edge of her folds, checking with a thumb for her clit. I twist and lift with my finger inside of her, and she squeals louder and louder. I lick her shoulder blade, along the tender skin of her neck, then kiss her cheek. All while rubbing her, making her moan louder. And louder. And harder. Enough where even I start to hump her ass with my pussy, and I’m wetter than she is. It’s an odd, fluid wave I’m doing with my hips, grinding against her butt while playing with her using a hand. I dip a finger into her mouth, rubbing the center of her tongue. Playing with her voice.

How can I make her voice higher? How can I make it deeper, heavier? All so I can make a sexy little song that turns me on. Makes me hornier. Makes every grind against her cute little ass feel that much better. And I haven’t even used my eyes! Come to think of it, I didn’t use my eyes with that man, either. But even without that, I can make Tewi’s rump shake in the palm of my hand, make her legs stretch tight and straight into the air. And her voice. I want to just devour her throat.

With three, short exclamations, Tewi’s body tenses on top of my own.

She came.

I breath into her neck and close my mouth around her neck. The small vibrations running through her throat run over my lips. The small edge of her folds close in and around my finger, and her thighs close around my fingers, not complete in capturing my hand between her legs. One of her ears twitches next to my eye, flapping on my forehead.

My hand slides up her body, her nipples poke into my palm.


It feels good to say her name.


And it’ll feel even better, once I….

I stop to listen.

She doesn’t answer me. But she’s still breathing hard. It’s like she’s stuck in a trance. But I know I’m not doing anything with my powers. Her mouth breathing in and out is really turning me on. Panting like she’s enjoying it.

Tewi’s hands rub against the floor. “You…You don’t have to do this….”

I raise her head back up to level with mine. Turning her head to face me, my tongue licks over and across her lips.

“I do.”

With two movements, I take off my clothes. My legs press against the sides of Tewi’s. I shift my chest back and forth as I undo my shirt. Then, with everything off, I reach around her chest and rub her waist. Up and down.

She’s so small. So small. Appearances aside, she is mature. She is powerful. But she’s still cute. Enough to spark a bit of lust. And with me the way I am right now, that makes me want to go all the way.

Tewi calms down as I continue to massage her skin. Still keeping one hand over her mouth, my other crawls over to her pussy. With my middle finger over the slit, I push down. My hand feels Tewi take a sharp breath. Looking down her pale skin, I wiggle my finger left and right without going any deeper.

The heat throbs.
[] I want to make her come, over and over again.
[] With my eyes, I want her to pleasure me. Both of us.
[] Ask Tewi how she feels. (Third nature: Shanghai/Hourai)
[X] I want to make her come, over and over again.
[x] I want to make her come, over and over again.

Let's drive Tewi crazy with pleasure.
Oh. Well shit, if this is the case we should have gone Eirin. We really, really, really should have gone Eirin. Damn it!

[x] I want to make her come, over and over again.
-[x]With my eyes.
[x] Ask Tewi how she feels. (Third nature: Shanghai/Hourai)
[x] I want to make her come, over and over again.
[X] I want to make her come, over and over again.

Damn it, to late to pointlessly change my vote.
[X] I want to make her come, over and over again.


It's not too late to change your wrong voting ways.
[x] Ask Tewi how she feels. (Third nature: Shanghai/Hourai)

I mean, yes, but mostly I just want to know what that parenthetical means.
Is it? Well then change >>37999 to
[x] Ask Tewi how she feels. (Third nature: Shanghai/Hourai)
[X] I want to make her come, over and over again.
Any ETA on this?

I liked the idea a lot.
File 154471134241.jpg - (39.38KB, 375x375, 78ce0ba0f84a420191c9a9170f43b5a7.jpg) [iqdb]
I'm about to begin a thread to get back in the works. It'll take a while for me to get back to this and A3STF, though. I've never forgotten, though.
Great. We will wait!

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