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Timeline-wise, this is a sequel to “Master, Master”.


I turn the page. For a while, Remi's been jabbering on about what she's heard about today. She's repeated it twice in case I wasn't listening. Which I was. I'm not listening more than I am waiting, though. Yes.

I'm waiting for her to turn in for the night.

“...That's why I was wondering if there was going to be something happening later today,” Remi taps her elbow against the table while waving her palm up, “but nothing ever did.”

With one ear, I process what my friend has said. I stare over my book. “And you heard this from...?”

“Sakuya, of course.”

Hm. The likely cause of her presence here. Most certainly to entertain Remi.

Placing the book on the table, I yawn. “Well, I think I'm going to turn myself in for the night.”

“This early?”

“Please remember I'm not like you.”

“That's why I'm wondering why.”

Without remarking on that sentence, I answer without pause.

“Because I require sleep as well. My body isn't the best, as you know.”

I can feel her stare from the table as I stop just short of the aisle between bookcases.

“Something wrong, Remi?”

“Nothing, Patchy.” I hear her yawn as well. “You haven't put a spell on me, have you?”

“You would know best, I think.” I leave as I hear her stand and leave the library.

My mind wanders to the next stage of the night. Koakuma would be busy cleaning the library until dawn. Normally, I would do as I had told my friend and rest.

I arrive inside my room before my thoughts reassemble in my mind. My face grows warm.

But when did I start becoming a deviant?

My eyes dart to the book by my nightstand. One lamp illuminates the thick book. But what lies inside isn't knowledge of any kind. Though words are indeed written, its primary function is not a vessel of knowledge. Taking the book into my hands, I sit on my bed.

My mouth swallows. Anytime now. Not immediately. But soon. My fingers grip the edges of the book. I peel it open to the bookmarked page.

This book is not a book. It is more like a telescope. A telescope that sees through to its other end. Like a telescope, looking through the other end is useless The book I hold is the proper end. What I see as I look into it makes me hold my breath.

Remi looks up at Sakuya, who cups her chin in one hand. The maid speaks.


“Yes, Sakuya?”

I know. I had known since it began. How long ago, I don't remember. It could've been when Sakuya was employed here, or sometime after. But the fact that it happens in the first place is something I keep to myself. I know it's unhealthy. To me, to Remi, or even her sister. It is. But I wouldn't act without knowing all there is to know about the situation. Not because it would upset any “balance”, or because I'm “Remi's friend”. It's common sense. That's all.

Remi falls back onto her bed, arms covering herself through her nightgown. Sakuya leans forward to place a hand under one of Remi's legs, letting her fingers run up the limb and into her heels.

I'm not aroused because it's Remi, or because it's Sakuya. I don't feel anything from spying on people. It's just...beautiful material. Rough, yes. But something takes your breath away watching it. One of many things I don't quite understand seeing Remi and Sakuya together during the night. So it intrigues me as well.

I breathe against my pillow. The sweet scent of pomegranate hastens the rising twist in myself. If anything, the scent hazes my mind. An intoxication deeper than being drunk, the primary source of which is my own salacious thoughts. I slide my hand down to lift my dress above the waist.

I'll need a lot more, but for now, this will do. Taking my clothes off wasn't an option. I'd manage without being questioned by Koakuma in the morning.

With a hand in my undergarments and the book in the other, I angle the book to see what's happening. Sakuya also lifts Remi's dress up, high enough for her nipples to come into view. Kneeling between her legs, Sakuya covers one with her mouth. The fingers of her other hand clench onto the skin around the other nipple, an act between groping and scratching. My middle finger rotates on my entrance, brushing inside a fingernail's length and against my folds.

I sigh out a long breath of air. No one would enter my room, so there's no need to throw a blanket over myself. The warmth would help. But watching Remi and Sakuya more than makes up for that comfort. Mainly because the book can relay sound, as I knew was working when the two called to each other.


Still petting myself with my finger, I keep my eyes and ears focused on the book. The bangs of Sakuya's hair drag along Remi's dress as she continues to suck on skin and sensitive flesh. The maid bites every few seconds, and Remi pants at the ceiling when she does. In fact, she never does look down at Sakuya. At least, not until she squeezes her eyes shut and climaxes.

As Remi jerks her hips from the bed, I thrust one joint of my finger inside of myself. My lips seal my groan. I don't come, but my insides don't immediately register that my finger is what is brushing against my walls. Breathing twice through my nose, I swallow before concentrating on the book again.

A shiver rises up my thighs. What is Sakuya planning to do tonight? Toys? Touch? How much of both? Behind my closed mouth, my tongue licks left to right between my teeth.

“On all fours.” Sakuya says, kneeling between Remi's legs again.

Without a nod, Remi brings her knees up to avoid touching Sakuya while turning onto her hands and knees. My finger slows, savoring the detail.

“Spread your legs.”

Remi spreads her legs. When she does, her body lowers even further, but doesn't quite touch the blankets.

It does make Sakuya appear much more powerful, though.

I drag my finger out of me to rub at my folds as Sakuya places a hand on Remi's bottom. Her fingers scratch against the cheek.

“Don't make a single noise.”

For some reason, I also follow Sakuya's order. The maid's hand travels between Remi's legs. Remi fails to follow Sakuya's order in the next three seconds as two fingers jab into her.

My hips jolt forward. I didn't have to put two fingers in myself, either. But before I knew it, my forefinger joins my middle finger inside of me. I know I shouldn't be thankful for not making a noise, but I do stop myself from moaning despite opening my mouth.

Remi isn't as lucky, however.

“What did I just say?” Sakuya twists her hand while still inside of her.

My middle finger begins stroking back and forth in a circle as Remi struggles to answer. Or not answer. Her mouth opens, then closes. Then opens. After five seconds of this repetition, she breathes out a long moan.

The worst response for Remi, by far.

What comes next is a clapping sound followed by a scream. Sakuya's other hand, straight and level with her wrist, curls into a fist after slapping past Remi's cheek. I increase my finger's pace as Sakuya drags her tongue along her palm. The maid lowers her hand, rubbing at the light pink of flesh.

“Speak.” Sakuya circles her hand along the skin. “What did I say before touching you?”

“You said,” Remi's chin lowers onto the blankets, “not to make a sound.”

I thrust my fingers past their first joint as I watch Remi scream and moan at the same time. Sakuya had pushed three fingers into her.

“Say it again. Correctly this time.” The maid listens to Remi run out of breath while twisting her fingers upward. “What did I say?”

My fingers withdrew from my entrance to tend to my clitoris. I wanted to time it.

“You said,” Remi stops to moan, placing her hands underneath herself once more, “not to make a noise.”

Her body begins to rock back and forth as Sakuya does the same with her fingers.

“Don't move.” The fingers on Sakuya's other hand dig into Remi's waist.

I close my eyes. I stop myself from moving while my fingers rub against myself. Prodding. Moving around. I open my eyes. Remi has her eyes shut, her mouth agape. But forbidden to make a noise, her attempts at crying out are all but useless. Every other second, Sakuya slides her fingers in. Her pace is torture. But somehow, Remi's expression tells of a pleasure greater than I could ever understand. Her eyes open as well, and I see nothing but ecstasy release as I do at the same time and—

My thighs close against each other, crushing my fingers between the soft flesh. I shudder and sigh. My lower body coils up toward my body. I close my eyes to let the wave of pleasure flow even faster out of my body. A few more waves manifest within my toes and fingers as I open my eyes to see Remi panting, still on her hands and knees.

“You can rest on the bed now.”

I unwind my legs, lying full across my bed again.

My body aches for more. I know it's not over. Satiating whatever desire Sakuya has takes more than a small morsel like this. So when a toy appears in Sakuya's hands, I start moving my fingers over my nub.

“Are you ready?” The toy—a “strap-on”, I believe—snaps to Sakuya's waist.

As expected of the maid's powers. Also, the question isn't really a question. But Remi has no say in that matter, lying on her back while being dragged onto the maid's waist. Sakuya pulls Remi onto the toy.

Every centimeter the toy digs into her entrance, Remi'a voice comes back. A breath. A sigh. Then a squeak. A whine. A grunt. Then a moan. Remi goes backwards when Sakuya drags herself out. Remi skips a few notes when Sakuya prods back in. But my fingers move four times as fast as Sakuya's torturous pace.

I stop for a few seconds to place the book on my night stand. Standing on its own, I lift my dress above my breasts.

I'm proud to say I'm a lot larger than Remi. That means it takes a couple more seconds to get my clothes settled. But it also means they stay that way. I brush my fingers up and down my breast, the shock poking into my body.

I look back up at the book. Sakuya's hands grab Remi's thighs, of which her legs tilt to the side or hang over Sakuya's shoulder. Both were also naked.

Sakuya rises on her knees to thrust into Remi. Her movement looks more like someone rising out of bed. Yet somehow, Remi climaxes. A scream that all of the pleasure Sakuya has pushed into her rushes out of. I start moving my middle finger up and down over my clitoris. On my side, I angle my hand so that I can touch one breast while my arm brushes against the other.

I'm going to need to go faster to avoid being frustrated. Even if they'll be at it for a long time.

Sweat falls past my cheek to the corner of my closed lips. But I keep my eyes on Remi and Sakuya. Every twitch of Remi's toes when she comes again. The third time, she grabs at the sheets, too. Sakuya kisses Remi on the foot. I rub my big toe against the same spot on my foot. I can't replicate Sakuya digging her fingernails into Remi's waist. But I close my eyes and imagine it. Not Sakuya doing it, but just the pain that would come. Sakuya keeps her slow pace, but my finger flicks up and down my nub. The last joint of my finger is more than enough touch for adding to the growing bundle of pleasure, energy, in my lower regions. I bring two fingers from my other hand to my mouth before rubbing my hardened nipple again, watching Remi's harden as much as they can.

I don't feel pleasure from watching them. But what I'm watching is pleasurable.

Remi starts screaming in short bursts. I also scream. A long, drawn out wail that pierces into the room. With a hand between my squeezing legs and my arm hugging my breasts together, I climax as hard as I can. Remi wrenches her head left, right, left. My neck cranes up on my pillow, and I scream again. My knees buckle against each other, and I hear Sakuya hum as she kisses something.

Remi's leg? I imagine someone, anyone, doing the same to the back of my leg.

I make sure to rub the front of one leg against the back of my other. A somewhat sour scent blends in with the sweetness, but it's not one that stings. It shivers into my body, and my hips shake with the delight. My finger below stopped moving long ago, lying on the source of the burning shock waves numbing my waist. My fingers above, however, grind my nipple into my breast every second or so. A soothing tremor that cools the heat glowing across my body. Then I hear something.

Even though I'm winding down, Remi's moaning again?

My eyes shift to the book.

Sakuya must have told Remi not to move. She's holding her by the waist, pulling her in.

And before I know it, I'm on all fours.


I'll need to change my pillow myself. I'm an idiot.

I lie face down on my bed, with my teeth biting down on a finger and a hand cupping myself. I pressed half of my face against the pillow while fingering myself to satisfaction again. I also flattened my breasts against the bed because my arms gave out halfway through. With other eye, I watch as Sakuya turns Remi on her back.

I can't change my clothes. Koakuma's going to ask. I'm an idiot. With my lower body in the air like...like some unsightly woman. I'm an idiot and I'm a deviant.

I mumble an enchantment on the book. It glows once before closing, though light emanates through the closed pages.

It'll stay active. Even if I still have a lot of nights recorded in the book. So I really shouldn't need to record any more.

I lick my lips and sigh, closing my eyes.

But curse it all for good material.


“Your tea, Lady Patchouli.”

My eyes look over the book in my hands as Sakuya places a tray onto the table.

“Thank you, Sakuya. I assume Remi's had her share for today?”

“Yes, she has.”

I read for another minute. But Sakuya remains standing to my side.

“Is Remi still entertaining herself with that cube?” I turn a page.

“Yes. She is challenging your attendant as we speak.”

“I see.”

I turn another page.

“Lady Patchouli.”

I feel my eyebrow twitch low.


“May I ask something?”

What is it? The way she said that....

“Yes, you may.” My fingers rub against the book's pages.

My eyes travel to Sakuya's face.

I don't sense anything...hostile. But the air is different. The energy. As if....

“Have you been watching us?”

My gaze shoots to the tea.

As if the hierarchy doesn't exist.

I breathe through my nose before answering, my gaze still fixed on the cup on the table.

There's nothing about it, by the way. It's just that I can't raise my eyes any higher.

“...I have.”

“I see.”

Silence wraps around us. My eyes snap back to Sakuya as she brings the side of her fist to her mouth. She laughs.

“The book on Remilia's table.” The maid coughs before she speaks.

“Did,” I can't begin to think of the possibilities, “you know?”

“No, I did not.” Sakuya stares down at the table, a smile on her face. “Forgive me. Perhaps I shouldn't have asked.”

“No,” My mouth speaks before I think, “I was the one who wanted to know.”

“It certainly is something I will keep in mind now when night comes.”

“You may...can,” The air is thick with something around me, “remove the book from Remi's room.”

I don't sense danger. Then why does everything I sense feel this heavy? Time? No, it doesn't seem to be Sakuya's power.

“If you'd like,” Sakuya brings her hand to her mouth to think before speaking again, “I can keep this a secret.”

It's not a threat, either. But if it's not something from Sakuya...oh.

A heat rises in my face. “No, please do as you wish. I will deal with Remi if she inquires about it.”

It's guilt. Or is it embarrassment?

“Then, may I ask one more question?”

“Go ahead.”

The tension I felt earlier disappears.

“Do you know why Remilia and I do what we do?”

And it returns. But this time, I manage to raise my eyes to Sakuya's.

The smile stays on the maid's face. It's not a large one, but the corners of her mouth are not without direction. I answer.

“I don't.”

“Would you like to?”

For a moment, I want to answer. But then it comes to me.

I know the reason.

As I think this, Sakuya's smile grows just a bit more. But I speak first.

“No. I think I know.”

“I see.”

I look back at the book. I don't know the expression on the maid's face, but I feel I don't need to. Sakuya bows.

“Then allow me to leave.”

“Yes. Please tell Koakuma to prepare tea at noon.”

“Certainly, Lady Patchouli.”

“Ah! But please remove the book from Remi's room as well.”

“As you wish, Lady Patchouli.”

Sakuya disappears. The knot in my mind unwinds. I take a minute to think before returning to my book. During this time, I reach over for a cup on the tray Sakuya had brought me.

Black tea.

I sniff at the drink. Then, I take a sip.

Oh. This is....

From the warmth in my face, I know I'm blushing. My fingers grip the teacup's handle.

I feel at least certain I have more than enough in the book to entertain myself. Let's keep that much a secret. And have Koakuma prepare the tea...this tea, during the morning. After certain nights.
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