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White Day special number two of two. Deadlines are deadlines.


I, Mononobe no Futo, am currently quite troubled at present.

I twirl this chocolate delicacy between my fingers. A compact sweet shaped like a heart. I had not the courage to make one myself, but am even more troubled by simply holding it. Am I not a fool? This impulse is much too brash for someone of my stature….


I jump, shoving the chocolate into my sleeves before I turn around.

“Crown Prince!”

The Crown Prince stands before me, nodding to me in greeting. Though, I would not prefer for her to catch me in the hallway.

“I assume you’ve been learning about current trends in your spare time?” She casts her gaze to my sleeves.

Ah, why does my mind falter so?

“Y-Yes, verily.” My mouth forms words. “I have spoke with many a person, who have taught me much about trends current.”

Oh, how humiliating. Why can I put everything to mind, but not to speech?

“Is that so?”

Very humiliating.

“Th-Then! Where dost thou plan to go today?”

I cannot stop myself. But, I do not wish to leave things so awkwardly silent!

“I have a few errands to take care of with those in training.” The Crown Prince looks outside of the mausoleum. “But I do plan to spend time with everyone else at some point.”

Something sticks to the walls of my throat. I do not know how to continue the conversation. The chocolate container is hard between my fingertips.

For a moment, the Crown Prince’s eyes shift toward my own while still facing outside. Then, her head follows with a kind smile.

“If you want,” She holds her shaku in front of her lips, “we can talk later. It would not be right to avoid spending time with those who are important to me today.”

My mind clears.

“Y-Yes! Please do!”


Against the walls of my room, I hug myself tighter against my knees. There is no larger veil of shame I can throw myself behind. The Crown Prince must surely know of my predicament. Why else would she stay silent but for my own sake? That alone speaks wonders about her generosity. I have been careful thus far to place my duty before my desires. So it is with a delicate balance that I maintain my composure so that the Crown Prince can speak on even terms with me.

I raise my head and hand to inspect the chocolate meant for the Crown Prince. I rub the white surface of the box with my thumb, shaped like a human's heart. A set of twelve smaller chocolate sweets lie inside ready to be consumed.

How foolish I am to be caught in the rumors of youkai! Their influence is but poison to my livelihood! The outside world aside, had it not been for my sudden fancy for upcoming events, had brought my mind into this turmoil. The day of Valentine's has long passed. The Crown Prince had not done what had been said, which is to hand chocolates to those close to her. But are her very presence and actions not enough to warrant a return? Even more so, for I know the burden the Crown Prince must bear knowing my lack of progress in current endeavors.

A knock on the entrance to my room. I lean forward and fold my legs under themselves.


“Futo. What a surprise.”


“What brings you here?”

Closing the door behind her, Tojiko sits in front of me.

“I'm still surprised.”

“Why would you be surprised?” I rise and lower my hips, chocolate in my sleeves.

“Because you have yet to give Lady Miko your gift.”

All feeling in my fingers is lost. I cannot respond, paralyzed as I am at the words this woman speaks. How does she know?

Tojiko breathes in. “Anyone could see that you are hiding something in your clothes. I don't think it's wise to try and hide it. And if so, why carry it with you?”

“I...That is...” I slip the chocolates into Tojiko's view, parting my sleeves, “I did not think about that. Was I so flustered?”

“More so than if you were normally taken by surprise.”

I hang my head toward the floor. Oh, the shame! How foolish I must have appeared before the Crown Prince in passing! This darkness within me, I wish I could fall into it deep to its endless abyss. My body crumples to the side onto the floor. Face down, I hide my face with my arms.

“Your emotions are your weak point, if you don't already know.” Tojiko places a hand on my arm. “Much like how you made me what I am today, you let yourself be carried away by that instinct.”

I pull myself away from the floor to stare at Tojiko. “I...I am sorry, but I honestly thought....”

I lose my words as they rise within me. Tojiko speaks after my silence.

“That I loved Lady Miko? True, I have an adoration for her. But not in the romantic sense. And long since has Lady Miko forgiven you, if you have forgotten. As I have for you.”

“Then why visit me now?” I lurk back to a sitting position, hands on my thighs and gaze toward the floor between us. “Perhaps I deserve this. I do not have the courage to give the Crown Prince what she deserves.”

“Because,” Tojiko comes forward to place one of my hands between hers, “I cannot stand by while both of those close to me agonize themselves so.”

The words cut into me. I am not surprised my own cowardice has affected the Crown Prince. The solution is a simple one, yet I cannot act upon it. Because I know the outcome.

“She will refuse my affection.” I say.

“But she will accept your intentions.” Tojiko responds.

“So what good will it do?”

“It is better than rotting away alone in this room.”

“Not if it harms the both of us.”

“As a hermit, you know that pain is unavoidable.”

“It is different.”

“So you would run away?”

“Thy words are not things I have not already thought of before.” I cross my legs and arms. “I thank thee for thy advice, but methinks I need more time to prepare myself.”

I close my eyes.

“If that's what you think.” Tojiko's voice rises above me when she stands.

She moves to exit my room. But before she leaves, she speaks once more.

“But I beseech you to reconsider thine actions, Futo. Thou art not alone in thy pain.”

When Tojiko leaves, I open my eyes to gaze at my chocolate.

I am aware of my own weaknesses. But being unable to face that which I fear is something that has been long rooted in me since I was aware of my surroundings. Youkai. Religion. Politics. And my own emotions, of which my brashness compounds on my initial fears. I am not as ignorant as to say I am a great person. But the will to act and the decision to act are two different things.

I throw myself backwards, lying on my back. My head falls on my hands, and I tap my foot in the air as my leg lies across my other knee. I try to picture the situation: The Crown Prince, accepting my chocolate, but refusing any further relationship between us.

That result is what I expect. It is the only result to expect.

Rocking myself forward, I rise to my feet.

But perhaps Tojiko's visit is enough to make me act. For that is the responsibility of one who has quelled the love of another.
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“Crown Prince.”

I bow before the door in front of me. The Crown Prince had taken care of her errands in the two hours since we had last talked. Afterward, Tojiko and Mistress Seiga had each spent a period of time with the Crown Prince enjoying the day. Whether it was an arbitrary decision or coincidence, I would be the last person the Crown Prince sees today. The night darkens the entrance to her room.

“Enter, Futo. You need not wait for my approval.”

Before I can open the door, it slides open on its own. Or to clarify, from the Crown Prince's arm sweeping to her side, it was opened for me.

“Please do not make exceptions for me.” I bow as I enter. “I am also a follower under you.”

“I do not ask for Tojiko nor Seiga to formally greet me. I understand it is your nature, but I would like to repeat that you need no reservation when you're with me.”

A notion that I would like to accept, but cannot. If not because my body is accustomed to the actions, then because I still treat the Crown Prince as her title suggests.

“In any case,” The Crown Prince reaches behind her to present two small cups, “let us begin. You know what day it is today, do you not?”

“Yes,” I take a cup with both hands while sitting, already partially filled with sake, “it is called White Day, if I have not forgotten somehow.”

“Yes, that is so.”

We both drink. The Crown Prince takes a sake gourd and pours between us, ignoring my wordless offer to do the same.

“As I said, allow me.” The Crown Prince pours. “Though as you know, White Day is an occasion where those who received gifts on Valentine's Day return the favor. The gift itself is also chocolate, given by those who received such one month prior.”

“That is so.”

“Typically, for the first event, females give their gifts to males. And today, males return the favor.”

I nod.

“However,” The Crown Prince straightens herself, “as we do not necessarily fulfill the gender requirements, I believe some leniency is in order.”

I nod again.

“Then. Do you have a gift for me, by any chance?”

Direct to the matter of importance. I reach inside my clothes and pull out the white heart of chocolate, laying it before me, closer to the Crown Prince. The Crown Prince sets the gourd down to pick up my present.

My face burns with an unbearable heat. It was not so the moment I presented my gift. Yet as the Crown Prince takes the chocolate into her hands, I cannot help but acknowledge the flames burning inside of me. Figurative as it is, even reality would cool me more than the mental assault beneath my skin. A hermit's duty fighting off calamities is its own trouble. But how docile one becomes when faced with a personal affair! Even one as brave as I struggle to break the bind my shame ties around my limbs.

“Quite the flourish of choice, Futo.” The Crown Prince opens the heart, taking a chocolate in hand. She places one in her mouth, chews, and swallows. “A white heart container. And a peculiar taste for the dark chocolate. I believe it is called `mint flavor`.”

“Is it not to your liking?”

“It is.” The Crown Prince graces my present. “I am progressed enough to survive even with this much. But I think I will indulge myself more, seeing as it is good will for me to accept your gift.”


Something traps the air inside of my lungs.

“Yes, Futo? Speak freely.”

With the Crown Prince's words, the air flows through my body once more.

“What do you think of me?”

As the Crown Prince is still chewing, I wait in the unbearable quiet.

Such timing. I would rather not have preferred to torture myself with the wait. Even the prospect of death is not as suffocating as the atmosphere this silence brings. As I think that, I do note it odd that my body feels awfully heavy. In fact—

“Forgive me, Futo.”

“H-Huh? What....”

The suffocating feeling grips every part of my body, though my breathing remains normal. Despite this, the Crown Prince continues eating the chocolates as I begin to panic.

“Do not panic.” The Crown Prince reads into my voice. “You have simply consumed medicine that the lady Seiga and I have made earlier.”

“Crown Prince?” My gaze lowers, as I'm unable to raise my head. My body cannot move as I will it. “What...is the meaning of this?”

“Do not panic.” The Crown Prince repeats. She stands. “You are not in any danger. It is simply a concoction meant to still your body's movements. Your senses will remain the same, and your bodily functions are normal.”

As she speaks, I do as she says and relax. Indeed, I sense nothing wrong with my body. I simply cannot move certain parts of my body. To clarify, my arms and legs. My head can turn left and right to some degree, but I cannot look up and down. When the Crown Prince places a hand on my head, my head lowers even farther without resistance.

“Forgive my cowardice, Futo. I...I just feel that I must take every measure given to me to ensure everything goes according to plan.”

“And...And that is?” I ask while the Crown Prince moves behind me.

I cease to move as one of her hands touches my neck.

“I would not have you doing anything for me today. Instead.”

The Crown Prince's breath runs over my neck above where her hand is. An excitement that I have only experienced several times for myself falls toward my loins. My fingers and toes shift and bend.

“B-But, this is not....”



My eyes close to brace against the hand on my neck as it snakes under my clothes. Her fingers explore the center of my chest. Each digit spreads to touch as much of my skin as possible. Low exclamations crack through my mouth all the while.

The Crown Prince leans by my ear. “You would have me allow you to service me. But if your desires are truly as I hear them, then I cannot allow you to do what you would have me do.”

“That's because...it is only right for me to do so.”

I grunt again as the Crown Prince finds my breast, her thumb and two forefingers running over a hardening nipple. She proceeds to let her hands roam across my flesh.

I hear a voice moan high and sweet.

It is...my own.

“So the brave and fearless Futo can act docile and meek? Good. Let that desire be fulfilled. I am glad I can do so.”

“No—that's not—oh....”

I moan again as her other hand slips to my side, beneath my clothes yet again.

The Crown Prince hushes me. “Lay bare your desires. As perverse as you may think them to be, embrace them.”

My waist unrestricted, I lean forward and fall. The Crown Prince follows my motion, but pulls me back to my knees as she continues to touch my body.

My back shudders. I do find erotic pleasure in picturing my current situation. A leader with a follower. A scandal. An object of pleasure to be used as desired. The core of my pleasure, though, lies with my love for the Crown Prince. And without that core, this very act would have no meaning. No enjoyment. So because it exists, as supplementary as my fantasies are, I leave my body in the hands of the one I love.

“Would you accept staying like this?”

I feel the warmth seep from me as I imagine the Crown Prince's words. Like a snare to an animal, her arms trap my body. Her hands press against my chest, Her fingers fan the flames on my skin, while her nails spark the fires beneath.

The Crown Prince was correct. Had I not been confined as I am now, I would refuse this only to please her instead. And that would betray my inner-most desires. A love that I wish could be fulfilled. Yet my very self prevents that. My ideals. My own policy. But the Crown Prince. She can face her own fears and attempt to overcome them.

With a few more flicks across both of my nipples, my head falls back onto one of the Crown Prince's shoulders. Her lips touch my ear as my breath shakes. The shocks fall from where she holds my chest down to my nether regions. The beating in my lower body releases the spasms within me, my hips jerk to and fro when the Crown Prince rubs my breasts at the right time.

I have already gone silent. A haze sweeps over my eyes, yet my stomach contracts in response to a hand sliding down to my womanhood. To compensate, the Crown Prince's other arm lies across one breast while the hand on the end grabs the other. My neck yields to one side as her lips find my neck.

Long since have I let the pleasure take control. But still I find the Crown Prince's words a primary source of that pleasure.

“Dost thy body accept me?” I close my eyes to her words. “Thou seem'st to want not otherwise.”

As a finger bends into me, my hips push away from the Crown Prince's body. Yet, her arm pulls me back into her embrace.

A tear falls from my eye to the floor. I would not believe it unless I truly felt hurt. But this was a strange sort of happiness. A desire fulfilled.

My clothes fall around my knees as the Crown Prince undoes the rest of my attire.

“I'm sorry. Does it hurt?”

“No. Not at all.” I reassure her.

I need not explain the reason, as the Crown Prince nods and hums in understanding.

“I see. Then, allow me.”

More of her finger plunges inside of me, and I moan anew. Even the fingers splayed beside the digit inside bring pleasure, resting on the inside of my thighs or beside my womanhood. I need not hear the act, silent as it is. The sensation alone, despite my ongoing state of paralysis, is enough to force my voice from my body. To gather the desire inside of me and release it through my skin.

My body falls forward again, but this time, the Crown Prince leaves me with my head against the ground. In this position, she still manages to push and pull with her finger. Her other hand slides between my face and the ground, my cheek against the back of her hand. Now, the Crown Prince plants kisses as far down my back as she possibly can without moving her hand from beneath my head. All the while still plunging herself inside of me.

The feeling and control in my body begins to return as I cry out. My leg straightens as my knee scrapes against the floor. I bite one of the fingers raised in front of my mouth on the knuckle. My body twists and stretches, tensing in more places than my mind could keep track of. I breathe hard on the finger between my teeth as I try to regain my composure. The Crown Prince kisses between my shoulders.

“That was the second time?”

I nod, letting go of her finger. “Did I hurt you?”

“Not at all.” The Crown Prince flips her hand to caress my cheek. “More so, I was surprised. Although I did not expect you to be stoic in bed, I find your reception to pleasure quite...arousing.”

“But would you not like to be pleasured as well?” I stare as far back as I can to the Crown Prince. She shakes her head.

“I find listening to your desires, your voice, to be more than enough to satisfy me. And besides,” The Crown Prince turns me over onto my back, facing her, “this moment is specifically for you.”

With my entire front laid bare for the Crown Prince, I feel a heat rise in my face. Although embarrassed, I do not feel humiliated. Rather...it is an invigorating feeling. To be looked upon by the one you love, and so affectionately, the moment provides a rush of warmth within my breast. And now that I have control of my body again, I raise my arms beside the Crown Prince's head.

“Then, if thou would'st desire.” My hands find their place on her back past her shoulders. “My body dost belong to thee...my Crown Prince.”

Both I and the Crown Prince come together. The kiss, meaningful as it may be to others, is but a small delight due to what I had experienced a moment ago. Lesser so when the Crown Prince's hands roam my body once more. One hand finds its way behind my neck, supporting my head. The other rubs along my front for a time. Along my stomach is most sensitive, perhaps because the touch is all but familiar from a source other than myself. Indeed, how the Crown Prince holds me is much like a prince, and I the princess. Perish the thought of how true it could be. I yelp as the Crown Prince brushes behind my left ear.

“Oh?” The Crown Prince muses, stopping her hand from touching me below my waist for the moment. “Are you most sensitive here?”

My head turns left. A strange sense of pride rises in me at the boastful words.

“P-Perhaps so. I do not spend time with such matters.”

“Yet your voice belies your experience. Though I will believe that you have not explored your body completely.”

I wince when the Crown Prince rubs two fingers against my entrance. However, it is her thumb that catches my attention.

“So you do know of the sensitive areas of your body? At least to a good extent.” The Crown Prince lowers her thumb and presses down on that place

My lips seal themselves as my mouth traps a pitiful squeal. My body convulses. Never did I suspect that another's touch would affect me so! Yet I still do not dislike it. Maybe my previous two finishes have some fault for my current sensitivity. My eyes lower to where the Crown Prince's hand is.

I brace myself when she begins circling her thumb in rhythm with moving her two fingers. My voice escapes into a moan once more. The Crown Prince kisses my breast, then begins sucking from it. With only my shoulders and feet to support my weight, I offer my body to the throes of pleasure once more.

A minute passes. My body starts to rise whenever the Crown Prince draws breath on my breast. Likewise, my hips have already begun to tweak with her fingers' movements. Her other hand takes hold of the other side of my chest the Crown Prince is not servicing with her mouth. The overwhelming shock from her thumb's movement draws a short burst of elation from my lips. My eboshi had long fallen from my head. My hair is slick from the exertion in my body. Sweat drops behind my ear, down my neck. Though I do not create any fluids, the heat in my loins is more than enough to signal my end.

“Crown Prince....” I make out. I pray my words are enough to convey my desires.

And without a reply, the Crown Prince hastens her movements.

Then, without making noise, my mouth opens in my release.

My feet press onto the floor as my shoulders harden against the floor. Although my head bends forward, my eyes are shut as the shock sends a different sort of paralysis through my body. My ankles dig into cloth, and I find that somewhere in the white haze of my finish, I had wrapped my legs around the Crown Prince's waist. The same for my arms, which squeeze tight around her shoulders, my head against her neck.

Then, air rushes back into my body. I fall back onto the floor, splayed in a rather unsightly display. Upon further reflection, my whole demeanor during the act was quite unsightly. With the Crown Prince over my body on all fours, that would have to be the judgment. It would not be over-exaggeration to say I had been—as some would call it—eaten. Yet my love for the Crown Prince washes away any shame I may have for such circumstances.

“Rest, Futo.” The Crown Prince's words are like a spell. I close my eyes as she continues to speak. “May your affection be known to me and show worth through your actions from here on.”

And as the Crown Prince says, I fall asleep.


I awaken. Raising my head without sitting up, I note the blanket draped over my naked body.

“Are you awake, Futo?”

At this, I sit up without delay.

“H-How long have I been asleep?”

“It is morning.”

I find my clothes beside the futon, piled neatly for me to wear. But first, I wrap the blanket around my form and prostrate myself to the Crown Prince's back.

“M-My most humble apologies. I did not mean to take the Crown Prince's bed for my own.”

“Do not be alarmed.” The Crown Prince finishes writing something and sets her brush down. “If anyone is to forgive someone, then it would be me. I found much delight in seeing your sleeping face.”


At a loss for words, I turn around and reach for my clothes. An odd fusion of embarrassment and happiness flow through my head, bringing warmth to my face.

After a quick moment of dressing, I stand.

“I thank you for...your kindness.” The events from yesterday flash through my mind. “But as this was a fleeting desire, please accept my rudeness for....”

I stop. Is this not what I desired, though? No, this is what I came for. Not particularly how I was drugged and...that. But at least to confess. Perhaps the Crown Prince's boldness was a tad bit too much for me to comprehend at the moment.



I turn to face the Crown Prince's back. She turns to me as well. Rising to her feet, the Crown Prince approaches me.

“I was afraid of giving you the answer you predicted. For we both know I have an agenda I must fulfill for my goal. However, even with that said.”

The Crown Prince leans forward.

She plants a kiss on my cheek.

My face burns warm.

“If we are talking about the general,” The Crown Prince reaches inside her clothes, “then I say we are hermits, not Buddhists. Though I may become a saint, I see no reason why we cannot have material desires.”

She reveals the white heart container I gave her yesterday. Opening it, she draws out the last chocolate. I observe as she brings it to my lips, and I let her push the chocolate in. As the Crown Prince steps back, she raises her shaku in front of her lips.

“I believe in our strength to remain steadfast. Despite our personal relationship. I hope you will remain vigilant, as I know you are, Futo.”

I chew a few times before consuming the sweet, chocolate piece. The Crown Prince's smile is more than I could ask for, almost moving me to tears.

“Yes, Crown Prince!”

As I stride out of the room, the weight in my chest lightens. The taste of the chocolate lingers in my mouth. Whatever may happen in the future, I, Mononobe no Futo, will remember this moment for eternity.
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Pretty damn cute.
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An interesting character dynamic that deserves so much more than Eirin's shady drugs lol. Not a bad read though, all things considered
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Admittedly with Miko's ability she probably did pick up on the desires and how Futo wanted and really this cuts down on a lot of Futo wanting to focus purely on getting Miko off when Miko wanted to actually get to doing what she wanted.

"Futo stop eating me out I want to get you off!" would be the problem if didn't hit her with the drugs I'd think
 No. 37783

I'm not saying I have a problem with the way the author presented Miko's ability as a justification. It's just that I, personally, would have loved to see the master/servant thing take it's righful course.
 No. 37784
Maybe we'll get a sequel since they both have acknowledged their feelings.
 No. 37786
Fuck yeah.
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A continuation. Or rather, an extension. It's random, but it's here, so why not.


It is Mononobe no Futo. Though life is fair, a small problem vexes me. It is not as serious as giving a present to the Crown Prince. Yet, sleep often leaves me most nights. The darkness provides merely an illusion, of which I must concentrate to recover the rest I am denied.

My gaze shifts to the Crown Prince as she addresses over a hundred people in the great hall. She is five steps to my side, yet the heat I sense around me is as though she were...like that time, close to me.

“Then Futo, do you have a few words to say?”

I bow. I maintain enough composure to deliver my words. Ten minutes pass as I speak of the current events around the mausoleum. Another ten for events I have experienced in recent times.

“So it goes without saying,” I swing an arm to the audience, palm extended for all to see, “we should all keep in mind when listening to...the Crown Prince....”

As though ice freezes my blood. Three seconds pass before my mind gathers what my thoughts had prepared.

“...The Crown Prince's advice, for the wisdom she has to offer will do you well!”

As I finish my speech, I feel stares from three individuals behind me. I transfer the right to speak to Tojiko and make for my position standing behind the place of address. The Crown Prince nods to me. The hermit beside her curls her forefinger in front of her lips, eyes on me. Tojiko, in passing, sighs without another glance at me.

The chill lingers in my body. It will be several hours before I will be meeting the Crown Prince for a session after this. But it is not as though I am afraid to face her. Far from it. The past week I have had the same problem. It is not an issue of emotion. I raise a hand to my mouth before rubbing my lips with a finger.

When the address is finished, everyone departs as normal. I leave to reflect upon myself in my room.


“Something is troubling you?”

My lips fold in at the voice.

“Mistress Seiga.” I turn on my heels as I depart from my room.

“I didn't know how to confront you the past month,” The hermit crosses one foot over her other, picking a hair on the side of her head, “with your condition and all. I trust everything went well.”

I do not trust that this woman complied with any wish of the Crown Prince in terms of my personal relationships. Her suggestions trickle as sweet as the concoction she helped prepare.

“That is a personal matter between the Crown Prince and me.” I avoid affirming my response.

Though she likely knows.

“So it went well.” The smile crawls to her lips.

My gaze travels just above the woman's shoulder.

“If it relieves you,” The hermit prattles on, “then she will not tell me anything either. I don't particularly have an interest in this matter, to let you know.”

“Then why speak with me?”

Though her stance does not change, a chill surrounds me. I know well that her intentions are not honest. But even I realize the words she speaks before she says them.

The hermit runs a hand through her hair, never looking away from me. “Because the relationship between you and her has importance. As we've seen from your speech today.”

Something inside of my stomach lurches around.

“Before,” She continues despite my unease, “it was only a spark waiting to be lit aflame. It did not need to be stoked nor put out. At present, though, it is a flame that desires to grow. A flame which can no longer be extinguished.”

“So you wish to give advice?” I make sure I am standing straight, hands folded in my sleeves.

“Yes, that is what I offer.”

She answered without pause. I am aware of this woman's faults. Yet I must accept that she holds much wisdom and power despite them.

“Your energy flows around and through without obstacle. That much is well and good.” Her eyes violate the private space of my body. “But it is not as pure as it should be. The origin lies in the self. Correct me if I'm mistaken.”

“No,” I hold my breath for a second, “you are correct.”

Something in my chest tightens. Her confidence in herself is matched only by her interpretation of the body. Not the body in physical form, but reading into the information provided by one's spirit. Humans may call it the “atmosphere”. I know my delay in my speech earlier was detected by the three who could.

“Don't misunderstand. You're in a much better condition than you were before.” The hermit speaks. “But you could be more attuned to good fortune if you made an approach.”

“Made an approach?” I fold my arms in my sleeves. “Were my actions that day not enough of an approach already?”

“I'm not saying what you've done isn't enough. What I'm saying is that you should confront Miko again.”

My nails scratch against my arms. Something in her words irks me.

“That's all I wanted to say.” The hermit says. “I have business to do somewhere else, but do let me know if you need help.”

I hum and nod as the woman turns and leaves.

“Confront the Crown Prince again...?”

That woman's help will not be wanted. To the greater matter, my own words irk me.

“Crown Prince.” I whisper to myself.

Yes. It is that. That is the problem.


“That will do, Futo.” The Crown Prince's voice comes from behind me.

Seated with legs crossed, my eyes open. The Crown Prince evaluates my meditation during the hour, reading into my spirit. I normally do not permit anything to interrupt me. Yet, I understand. So as I brace myself for what is to come, I calm myself with the assurance that my reason for being here is meaningful. My thoughts collect and form as still as the water's surface.

“You kept yourself tranquil through the middle.” The Crown Prince sits in front of me. “But a small part of you refuses to be at peace.”

“Yes, you are correct.” My hands grip my knees.

“Hm. I see.”

The Crown Prince hears my desires. It is her way. Her head lowers a hair's width to concentrate. Her eyes stare at nothing, a blank slate of which her mind has access. Her ears, though still, work the hardest of her senses. Less than ten seconds pass. I wish for her to hear my innermost desires.

She speaks. “Did I make a mistake?”

“...I am sorry?”

“No, it's my fault.” The Crown Prince scratches her ear. “I spoke ahead of the conversation.”

“O-Oh, is that so?”

“I, too, was troubled.” The Crown Prince faces me. “I was so focused on listening to you whenever I could that I may have ignored myself. My own desires.”

I nod.

I would thank the Crown Prince, but I also wish to consider her feelings when we meet. As such, I have been teaching myself not to be as formal when the two of us are alone.

“I know you are unsure of how we should conduct ourselves both in public and in private.” The Crown Prince continues. “What I am unsure of is whether or not I know how to do so myself.”

“Then,” I speak, assured that I am not interrupting, “allow me to make a proposition.”

“Yes. It sounds as though you have one.” The Crown Princes nods. Then, her eyebrows lower. “Wait, that's—”

Courage, grant me fortune.

Leaning forward onto my knees, I approach the Crown Prince. My hands round her cheeks as they pull her face toward mine. The Crown Prince rises on her knees. She shuts her eyes before I do, and my tongue parts her lips.

The tip of my tongue grazes along the center of hers. A moderate tinge of sourness spreads on my tongue. No less the Crown Prince soon uses her own to partake me. The Crown Prince's aroma, in contrast, wraps its fragrance around my body. It is both her hair and her mantle that create the scent. I press my mouth ever more forward.

But then, the Crown Prince retreats.

“...I-Is something wrong?” I sit back on my knees.

Perhaps I was not as prepared as I thought. Perhaps I was a bit too brash.

“F-Forgive me, Futo.” The Crown Prince breathes out, bringing two fingers inside of and on top of her lips. “I did not expect...You were....”

My heart jumps. A pink blush surfaces on Crown Prince's cheeks.

“I see.” A smile forms behind the Crown Prince's fingers. “But if that's what it is....”

This time, the Crown Prince is the one who comes forward. Her hands find my shoulders as she lays me on the floor.

“...C-Crown Prince.”

“No, Futo.”

She focuses on my desires once more. Yet my mind refuses to say otherwise.

“You gather the courage to surprise me,” She lays a hand on my front, undressing me, “yet you cannot follow through. Correct?”

The air brushes against my naked chest. The Crown Prince's words echo into my ears. Her stare entrances me.

The air cools my lungs. I must take but a small step. One of many. The will to make our relationship pure and honest. If the Crown Prince is willing to make known our love, then I must also cast away my bindings. I am not...cannot, allow myself to be the one who receives the good will of love. Because I love the Crown Prince. And to do so, I must make use of my mental fortitude to do what must be done. My lips part.

“Crown Prince.”

I pray it is enough. No, I know it is enough.

The Crown Prince leans back, kneeling between my legs. She stares just beneath my face.


Her hands find my inner thighs.

A pitiful cry rings out.

The Crown Prince urges my legs to spread a finger's width apart. What remains of my clothes wraps around my waist, bundled covering the last of my skin.

“Then,” The Crown Prince's fingernails drag upward, “allow me to help.”

Her hands travel underneath where I cannot see. My toes scrunch against the floor from the shocks running inside of my thighs.

“What can I do to have you say my name proper?” The Crown Prince scratches an inch from my folds.

My mouth releases a sigh as my eyes stare at the ceiling. What could I call the Crown Prince but that? The chains that bind me drag on my voice, prevent me from saying anything less. Yet my heart cries for something dearer than “Crown Prince”. In my mind, the freedom is of respect and love. But my address to the one I love requires devotion. I remain without words for the Crown Prince.

Her hands roam underneath my backside. I shiver. Her palms rub upward, then down to adjust. She raises me level to her face. My hands clasp over my mouth as they muffle my cry.

If I hoped the Crown Prince was a romantic before, the shuddering across my whole backside has shattered any such thought.

A second later, my fingers push against the floor as I try to grab something. The Crown Prince's tongue wastes no time entering me, her head dipping forward. The tip probes inside. But what makes me cry out in pleasure are the sides of her tongue, rubbing against my folds. Her palms and fingers keep me as still as they can. My heels tap the Crown Prince's back every now and again.

Had I known the Crown Prince had such vigor. I would not have been so bold. My devotion to the Crown Prince hinders my expressions of love. I would not mind servicing her with my mouth. But to attempt to control...no, hold her body as she does mine. I even will myself not to throw my hands to her head.

So I remain under the mercy of the Crown Prince's assault.

My stomach rises and falls as the Crown Prince begins thrusting her tongue in and out. The clothes that remained on my waist have now come loose, falling beneath me. My hips rise as every shock shooting down my chest and through my neck becomes stronger. The shocks intensify when the Crown Prince trails her hands up my back. The Crown Prince's touch does not surprise me. Her hands. They roam up my back. The fingernails tip down to my backside. Her palms control my hips. My shivers evolve into tremors. From my toes, my thighs, to my stomach. My voice leaks out a squeal. The pleasure the Crown Prince fills me with is more than my body can handle.

Especially when I look up to find her staring at me.

A cry rings throughout the room as I release. The Crown Prince's mouth encloses the nub above my entrance, and I wail with a sweetness that I only recall once before. My eyes shut, my body shudders once as what remains of the shocks pass through my skin into the air. The muscles in my limbs twitch. Another illusory sweetness lingers in the saliva in my mouth. I swallow. Somewhere in my ears, I hear the Crown Prince undress herself.

Then, I take in a sharp breath as the Crown Prince raises my legs. She positions herself over my body, and I hold in my voice as her private area touches mine.

“Don't be afraid, Futo.” The Crown Prince listens to my desires through my trapped voice.

The Crown Prince requests me to speak her name. In a matter befitting our relationship.

A squeak rises through my head. The Crown Prince traced her genitals along my sensitive part. She positions herself just above it, preparing to bring me pleasure once more.

I will my eyes to the Crown Prince. “I am thinking.”

This time, I grip the sheets and let out a shallow moan. However, the Crown Prince does not stop grinding against me this time.

Within the haze of ecstasy, I gaze up at the Crown Prince. Her stare requests the same of me.

“Don’t be afraid.”

Her hand rests on my breast, her palm pushing against a nipple.

I pant.

“Speak, Futo.” She says.

She lowers herself onto me.

My lips close tight.

“Speak. Futo.”

The Crown Prince leans in, planting her lips on my cheek. On my neck. On my throat.


Her voice on my shoulder.

Something bursts inside of me.

“…Lord Miko….”

A surging heat rises from my nether regions as the Crown Prince grinds into me. A fluid start to rocking her hips onto mine.

Words lost, the Crown Prince nibbles next to and on my left ear. A buzz vibrates inside my me, out from my voice. My clothes underneath me bundle higher on my back while the Crown Prince pushes into me. By the time my clothes nearly become a pillow, I’m staring into her eyes. Our lips do not meet, but even swallowing in her gaze is enough to arouse me. One of her extended legs spreads one of my own apart. She rises from her hunched position, leaning back while thrusting forward. My moans die down from the lack of friction on my sensitive nub, but sweat falls from my brow as our act continues. The small shuffle of clothes compounds with the cool air rushing into me.

At some point, the Crown Prince angles herself straighter. Enough to where she does grind against my nub. I yelp twice, one for both movements after her change in position.

“Your voice is lovely, Futo.” The Crown Prince lays her hands around my leg. “Forgive me if you cannot hear my own.”

Indeed I can. If only you did more than pant at every grind of your hips could I enjoy it more than not at all. That, and my own voice that is multitudes louder than yours.

“Yes, it is a shame, isn’t it?” The Crown Prince hunches over again, staring into my eyes. “I’m sorry, Futo.”

“Lord Miko….”

I manage to call her name before I seal a scream behind my closed lips. I fail to do so again when the Crown Prince places a finger on my lips. A joint dips inside of my mouth.

“Futo.” I hear her call me. “Are you going to come?”

My head thrown back, I can only pant as my mind begins to fill with a dull fog. Every grind of her folds against my own bursts each of my senses.

“Are you?”

Her voice seems to thunder in my ears. I feel that her breath enters my mouth as a sweet substance that entices my release. My scent and her own mix in a fusion of lust and desire.


I think my mind will disappear. I will faint—

“Call my name.”

I do.

With a short burst from my lips, without any proper moniker, I scream her name. The Crown Prince continues to grind against me, into and onto me, slow yet forceful in her desire to pleasure me. Every part of my being seems to break apart as the Crown Prince rests her forehead upon my shoulder. Pushing. Moving. Breaking me apart further. I shudder against her body, a warm focus in the cold of the room.

I don’t even realize my eyes had closed.

Resting an arm on the sweat of my forehead, my heart beats against the Crown Prince’s head.


“…Yes, Lord Miko?”

The name comes naturally. For now.

“I love you.”

“As do I, my lord.” The happiness wells within me. “I love you, as well.”

I should say the words.


Something prods at my mind.


The Crown Prince pulls away from my body. Her hands find my bottom.

“I am not finished.”
 No. 37950
File 146623198929.jpg - (114.40KB, 850x602, b0a4cd79f204af38ca2592dff484c845.jpg) [iqdb]
I blink once before I feel my lower body rise.


With a deep breath, the Crown Prince has my bottom on top of her lap. Then, she heaves my nether regions at level with her face.


My mind blanks out. I can only feel fire coursing through inside. Inside. My heart burns. My face burns. The Crown Prince’s tongue thrashes within me. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I know she isn’t being so violent. But my sensitivity tells me otherwise.

“I beg, stop!”

My mind and words are divided. And only the former is true to my desire. Which is why the Crown Prince continues to dive into me.

Leaning against the ground, my head pushes hard enough to raise my back. My legs wrap around the Crown Prince’s neck. My nether regions have only the ministrations of the Crown Prince around them, along my thighs. But if this keeps up, my body will lose control.

“L-Lord Miko!”

A piercing cry rings throughout the room. It rises and dies in the span of a second. The Crown Prince closes her mouth around my privates. She hums as the back of my knees tighten around her neck, which I attempt to relax.

I manage to pull my hips from the Crown Prince’s grasp. My legs slump on both sides of the Crown Prince as I rub my thighs together. A liquid covers a small area around my innards. I roll to my side, twitching in rather odd places of my body.


My eyes shoot open as I feel something slick and warm glance over my privates once more.

The Crown Prince…She desires more?! A moan escapes me, and the Crown Prince speaks.

“Yes, Futo.” I hear the hum of her voice as she licks me once more. A weak moan passes my lips. “I do.”

“Whyyy….” I sound rather crude.

“Because it may be a while before I hear you call my name once more.”

I do not receive a chance to retort before her tongue enters me once more. This time, her tongue licks across my bottom now and again. Still on my side, I can only feel the Crown Prince’s voice against my nether regions, and more so her tongue brushing against my folds. Perhaps the angle at which she does so gives it a different feel to how it was mere moments ago. My fingers scrape across the floor, my toes clench in and out without my discretion.

I climax once more, calling her name.

A small shudder and a cry like a weakened animal, I curl even tighter into myself. From the corner of my eye, I spot the Crown Prince watch my face. I blush, turning away.

But even as I roll onto my stomach, the Crown Prince cups her hand over me, between my lower cheeks.


That is all I hear behind me before a finger enter. I feel the Crown Prince’s breasts press onto my back, on my left side. Her other hand slides underneath me, grabbing onto one of my breasts. Pinching and rolling a finger. The front of her stomach rubs against my side. My chin planted on my clothes as a pillow, my mouth parts while a soft whine breaks free.

For how long will the Crown Prince continue? If she keeps touching me so fiercely….Everything will disappear. I swallow, smacking my lips to stay sane.

As the thought crosses my mind, the Crown Prince slips a second finger beside the first.

The shock is too much to bear.

Every extremity of my body spreads as long as it can. My eyes widen, yet I see nothing. Rather, my focus turns to the intrusion within me, every inch of my walls quivering against those two fingers. The Crown Prince kisses my shoulder, her thumb and forefinger twisting my nipple.

A rather relaxing sensation, considering the oversensitive shocks assaulting my innards.

The Crown Prince lifts my body from behind my knees and back. I am slightly aware that she carries me to her sleeping place. The very same that I used that time after our first experience together. As she lowers my head onto her pillow, the Crown Prince retreats to my lower half yet again.

I would ask to be saved. But I would not know what higher being I would pray to other than the Crown Prince.

She kisses my bottom, and I clench in response. Her hand runs along my inner thigh once more. I bury my face in the pillow. No sooner after that, I feel myself spread open by a pair of hands. Her tongue—

I scream into the pillow. I also scream again, but say her name.

The tongue licking into me probes further, the Crown Prince’s efforts doubled from my voice. My hands cuddle next to both sides of my head. Her nose brushes against my skin, next to my other hole. Her hands stroke up and down the back of my legs. Hearing her breathe against me embarrasses me more than feeling her warm breath inside of me. I believe I cry out incoherently here, but my hearing begins to dull.

What is time when every part of your being drowns in a sea of pleasure?

My teeth press against the pillow, the sound lost in my voice. What sweat had fallen from me stains the space beneath my body.

The Crown Prince thrusts her tongue as deep inside me as she can muster.

My face plops onto the pillow. The tip of my ponytail lies damp between the back of my shoulders. A shudder runs across my front while the rest of my body convulses in waves. Weights of some sort drop inside of my head, my thoughts dull in my mind. The substance of my desires trickle from my privates, and the Crown Prince moves her tongue in one, slow lick inside of me. My thighs close together as she moves away.

“Are you alright, Futo?”

Every part of me pleads for respite. Yet, I manage to drag an arm and pull myself onto my side. The Crown Prince lies behind me as I whisper.

“I…I think so….”

A tear falls down my eye.

What I have I just done?

“I see.”

My own realization stops me from retorting as the Crown Prince kisses my neck. While snaking her hands under and over the side of my body.

Perhaps I should do what I must, then.

“Lord Miko.”

That is all I can do. For both of us.

“Yes, Futo.”

Either my body has no energy to react, or I simply choose to exhibit my being for the Crown Prince. My legs neither clench nor spread as the Crown Prince smooths her hand over my womanhood for the last time tonight. Her other hand treats my right breast, her fingers pressing across the soft layer of skin and pleasure. The Crown Prince licks my neck.

Then licks behind my left earlobe.

Let it be known that I, Mononobe no Futo, have no fetishes. But I will not say I do not have weaknesses.

“Do you enjoy this, Futo?” The Crown Prince circles all of her fingers together over my nub while licking the bottom of my ear. Her fingernails tease the area around my nipple.

I lean my head into her mouth, as well as shift my hips into her touch. “Yes, Lord Miko.”

She closes her front teeth on my earlobe.


Love is quite peculiar.

The Crown Prince licks up my neck a few more times, her hands quickening on my body. One hand rotates clockwise, the other counter-clockwise. The soft breath inside my ear when she bestows more affection upon it fills my senses.

A kiss, then her tongue, then her teeth. Another kiss.

I am aware that the Crown Prince has thrown her leg over my own. Along with tending to me, she has begun grinding against my backside. A fourth point of pleasure, the least effective of the other three, yet still desirable.

“Will you come for me, Futo?” The Crown Prince’s voice runs through the back of my neck.

“Yes, Lord Miko.”

She grinds against me faster, her hands as well. Her lips close around my ear.

“And will you come as well, Lord Miko?” I sigh, staring what is in front of me, yet my focus on the Crown Prince behind me.

She hums her answer, lost in breath as she does her best to brush her lips against the back of my ear.

The very thought of pleasing Miko—

I shut my eyes and let the climax wash through me. The Crown Prince does as well, holding me tight and sighing over my ear. The hand on my breast rests by my stomach, and my thighs close around the hand attending to me. Trapping it on top of my folds and nub. The very contact alone, without movement, brings additional waves of pleasure up my front, through my spine.

The dull weight spreads across my limbs once more, the heaviest it had been tonight. I can sense a sore ache in my backside, but the elation within the rest of me soothes whatever pain I feel.

I would not mind forgoing my duties if this was the reason.

“Did I hurt you?”

The Crown Prince rests her forehead against the back of my neck. I cross one arm over the other to touch her wrist.

“No. It felt...splendid. Lord Miko.” I add. The Crown Prince’s mouth forms a smile on my skin.

She brushes her lips left and right across my neck before leaning forward into me.

“Please let me know if you wish to take a more active role. I believe I have done more than enough to show I am willing to satisfy you.”

I breathe long and slow through my nose, the fatigue soaking through my body.

“Yes. Please allow…me….”

I close my eyes. A minute passes before rest takes me.


I awaken. A blanket is draped over my naked body. Seconds pass before my face tingles with embarrassment.

Once again. Once again, I find myself here.

“…Crown Prince?” I call out, curled inside of the blankets.

“I am here, Futo.”

Only then do I realize that she is behind me. Blinking once, I shift twice onto my other side. A numbness runs up my arm and side as I turn face to face with the Crown Prince. A soft glow seems to be on her face as she smiles at me.

She is beautiful.

The Crown Prince chuckles.

“So?” She stares into my eyes. “Do you feel better?”

I am particularly attentive to my heart beating within me.

But the unease deep within me is gone. At least, for now.

I believe I smile for Lord Miko.

“Yes…Lord Miko.”


In a hallway, I run into Tojiko while walking with the Crown Prince. I stop, almost failing to notice her.

“Greetings, Tojiko.” The Crown Prince says the words before I do. “I take it everything went okay?”

“Yes.” Tojiko’s eyes flash at mine for an instant.

The almost blank expression on her face is almost unreadable. Beside me, the Crown Prince presents a small smile to Tojiko.

“That’s good. Please let me know if I can do anything to help.”

“I will…Miko.”

Though she speaks to the Crown Prince, Tojiko stares at me when she says this.

I am not a fool. At the least, I will not be fooled by the truth Tojiko wishes to present to me.

I take a step forward, this time catching the Crown Prince’s gaze.

“I love the Crown Prince.”

A very simple declaration. Yet my mind races with unease.

For a few seconds, no one acts. Then, Tojiko does.

“I see.” Tojiko looks over to the Crown Prince. ”And you feel the same way?”

I do not look away from Tojiko. I hear the Crown Prince speak.

“I do.” The Crown Prince nods. “I love Futo, and accept all the feelings she has for me.”

Tojiko stares at the Crown Prince. At Miko.

“Congratulations.” She bows. When she rises, a smile is on her face. “I’m happy for you two.”

Though the Crown Prince stares downward, I keep my eyes on Tojiko. Her smile diminishes.

“Then, excuse me.” She bows once more. “I wish you two happiness from here on.” She rises before nodding once at me.

I lower my head as she takes her leave, passing by us. Her footsteps fade into the distance.

“I’m sorry.” I say to the Crown Prince.

The Crown Prince takes a breath. Then, she faces me, and I her.

“I love you, Futo.” She smiles at me. “Let me apologize for not clearing the air sooner. Also, Tojiko will be alright.”

“Did you hear her desires?”

“It is and was impossible not to.” The Crown Prince sighs with a closed mouth. “But I do not need to hear desires to know that she loved me. However, I choose you, Futo.”

I lower my head at the floor.

“Then you won’t hurt her, will you?”

My desires are clear in my voice, as is my love for the Crown Prince.

“No.” She answers, smiling again. “I will love you forever.”

The words glow into my chest. We continue walking together through the hallway, to where we will begin letting everyone know.

“And,” The Crown Prince says one more thing, “I will love you.”

Her hand grabs mine, a finger scratching the middle of my palm. She leans over and kisses my left ear.

My face brightens with a blush.

I am Mononobe no Futo. I face a more dire dilemma than before, a result of love and affection. Peace will come to my nights once more. However, I pray those nights be merciful on my body and soul.


[] Write-in sexy situation.

I don’t guarantee that I will deliver right away, though.
 No. 37951
Waiting for a clever write-in because I'm too tired to think one myself. This was really good through, I'm eager to see where it'll go.
 No. 37952
Get Tojika realize that she's still loved so threesome!
 No. 39023
File 152106279994.jpg - (495.54KB, 595x850, f75e4b18924e999437541a5bb3cb5e89.jpg) [iqdb]
It’s out of nowhere. But I can only do what I can. So here’s something.

It also doesn’t follow any write-in. This is a standalone standalone. Standing alone.


It is Mononobe no Futo. I sit with the Crown Prince as she cultivates her mind. Her eyes rest closed as though asleep, our arms touching by the clothes. I thought to also cultivate with her, but that was impossible to do.

”It is alright. You may simply sit next to me if you wish.”

The Crown Prince considers my situation, knowing well the chocolate I have for her today. It pains me to know that she knows without wanting to know.

How can I say it? A woman has her thoughts, yet the Crown Prince cannot help her own nature. I know she knows I wish to give her the chocolate. I know she knows I wish to seriously cultivate with her. And she also knows I know that she knows I cannot do so with my feelings toward her. But she shows consideration for my desires by not speaking of them. But she also knows that I know she knows about that.

A true conundrum in the matters of love.

“I am finished, Futo.”

Her whisper runs through my chest in a rush of warmth. Yet I tame myself to avoid being too obvious, knowing well the Crown Prince already knows.

“Um. Ah….” I fail to think of how to approach the subject of handing the item of my affection within my sleeve.

The tone of the Crown Prince’s voice lightens due to the shape of her mouth, which must form a smile. “It is alright, Futo. I will wait.”

“Yes!” I almost shout as I fumble with the chocolate in my hand. I draw it almost into view. “If the Crown Prince would….I mean.”

No. I must show her the proper emotion as...her partner.

“This is for you.”

I crane my head, then my eyes toward the Crown Prince. I look up, and my heart flutters within my breast.

The smile of someone who loves another. Who loves me. Her hands feel somewhat harder when she accepts my chocolate. Warmer. Yes, there is a lot of warmth, but I cannot describe it otherwise. The heat of the sun. The flush of a fire. Is that too much?

“Forgive me,” The Crown Prince apologizes to me for some reason, “I should have been the one to await your chocolate before, but I could not help being the one to do so.”

“No! It is alright! The Crown Prince also wishes to experience the Valentine’s Day tradition. So I will gladly….” My face burns hot. “….I do not mind returning my affection.”

Ah. It is nighttime. The Crown Prince’s breathing is light in this silence.


Turning the small, thumb-sized treat within her hands once, she unwraps the chocolate before my eyes. After a moment, her fingers push it past her lips.

I am somewhat lewd. Watching her cheeks move with her tongue. Watching her throat swallow the treat. The Crown Prince wetting her lips after swallowing with a flick.

Then, she shifts closer with a short buck of her legs. Her eyes remain on me.

“Crown Prince.”

Palms stroke my cheeks.

“Could you say my name.”


For the most part, our relationship remained tame for the past year. On some occasions, I laid my head upon her shoulders for a time. On others, the Crown Prince placed a kiss upon my cheeks. So it may be long past the moment for something more...passionate.

The Crown...Miko’s, lips, push against my own. One of her hands drops to her side, though the other uses its fingers to graze my skin in their stationary position. It is her tongue that slips through my defenses, urging me to do the same. I do hesitate, but answer her in kind. Our bodies lean forward in an attempt to come closer. I can only imagine, with my eyes closed. My breath shivering.

...I would loathe for someone to barge in. For I am now lost in this torrent of emotion.

Miko’s lips leave me, and I open my eyes. Her parted mouth and focused gaze strums against my heartstrings. She whispers, slipping her clothes over her shoulders.

“Come, Futo.”

“Is it alright?” I whisper back to her. “Dost my desire...unnerve you?”

Miko’s eyes flash with a light of thought. But her smile glows brighter with another stroke of her hand on my cheek.

“Thou hast no need to question thysef. And.”

Miko rises higher on her knees. She places a kiss next to my nose, just beneath my eye.

“You don’t need to speak like that.”

I cannot collect my thoughts before she kisses me once more. I believe I manage to stutter my affirmation before Miko undresses herself in full. She folds her legs beside her knees as I give her a second glance, my head wavering forward.

“Come, Futo.”

I feel I do not need to hear those words again before I place my lips upon her body. I start at her neck and travel down. Her shoulders. The skin around her breasts. Between them. I stop above her stomach.

“Should we,” I swallow, “move to a more comfortable place?”

It takes us but a short moment for Miko to rise and me to follow. I disrobe myself, folding my clothes on the floor while she lowers onto her resting place. I turn and do the same. Our positions become not unlike we were earlier, with the difference being that her legs spread before me. Her feet spread the sheets beneath her as she leans back on her arms.

No words need to be exchanged.

With a crawl and a kiss to her knee, I hover forward. I plant a few more kisses along the inner of her thigh before looking up. Miko’s chest rises and falls as she waits.

I do not remember what or how. Only that I do. Maybe the span of a year, despite our lifetimes, was too long of a wait for our kindling flame. So much so that I needed no more than to give Miko what she desired. No more fanning of the flame, but only to help it burn.

Between Miko’s legs, I listen to the sound of her soft panting while my tongue laps within her. My hands find themselves under her thighs as I lie on my front, eager to hear more of her light moans. The wetness leads me to believe her nethers are sweeter than they are. Made more so as her moans reach a higher pitch. I close my eyes and savor the yielding folds and tender skin. Humming above the sensitive nub of flesh. Or thrusting my tongue deeper to stroke her walls.

I would believe I would need to do more, but three, short cries come out before her hips press into my nose.

Fingers travel among my hair as I give Miko her moment of release. I feel nothing different, though her flesh does strain itself on the tip of my tongue. Her waist twists one way, then the other. I raise my eyes to her before blinking twice. Miko holds one hand over her breasts, trapping a nipple between her thumb and forefinger. When she spots my gaze, the blankets shift beneath us before her hands take my shoulders.

“It felt good.” She urges me to turn. “However.”

I feel as though I should know this tremor rising within my stomach.

“Allow me to do the same.”

But I neither reject the meaning nor do I plan to avoid what is to come. I brace my hips as Miko guides me to her position earlier. I sit with my legs spread before me while she settles herself between my thighs.

I am a fool. Why did I not prepare myself knowing full well of the happening last year? That passionate flame in her eyes up at me. The fold her of legs as she lies partly on her side, and on her front for her chest.

If I am to be a lowly animal, then my Lord Miko is a beast.

That thought, with her mouth, forces a loud moan from my chest as she begins to consume me.

It is not so unsightly as one might think. But there is a ferocity in the gentle lapping of her tongue within my body that dissolves my voice into a pitiful wail. Where I placed my hands under her thighs, Miko instead places hers on the inner of my own. She does not do so to spread them, but the difference in our indulgence does much to affect me in a way my body understands.

My toes twitch, curl, flex, and spread with my feet in a feeble attempt to endure the pleasure coursing through me. I cannot even support myself as she did, instead falling to the floor as my arms withdraw to my body. One hugs my chest while the other presses against my forehead. My body cries out as every part of the mouth plunging into and onto me sends the fires of passion through my mind. I bite the flesh of my upper arm in a pitiful attempt to release the waves crashing against me.

And to think. All she is doing is using her mouth. What if she used her fingers?

The thought sends me off of the cliff of no return as I clasp my hand over my mouth. No sound comes regardless, but I do fear the rush of air passing through my lungs as I shut my eyes and pray nothing happens. It is at this time that Miko’s hands caress behind me, and I hollow the palm of my hand to release a shuddered breath.

Time passes to some unknown degree before my hand trails off of my mouth, my fingers twitching down my chin in the aftermath. I travel down my throat and examine my own heartbeat as Miko rises over me.

“Did you enjoy it?”

I cannot stare at her bestial eyes, as the ceiling provides more comfort at the moment. But I can only reply with the obvious answer.


“Good. Then….”

She travels back down.



“Did you not want to?”

Miko kisses my thigh once. Her fingers….

My head falls back before I recover. Two fingers stroke the entrance to my womanhood before my eyes. Miko’s eyes ask me for permission.

She is not forcing me. I know well now of her eagerness to please me. The loyal part of me wishes to practice some degree of restraint.

But I know that is not true to my feelings.


That is all I say. And Miko descends upon me.

What have I done to myself?

I manage to resist the next stroke of my folds before Miko’s tongue forces me to throw my head back for another moment. I shut my lips tight as she begins to explore me anew, this time accompanied by her fingers. Whines and groans force themselves from my voice as I pant in the heat of the moment. Miko does nothing more than rub her fingers shallow within me, as though to apply a salve of some sort. Yet this simple movement sends thunder throughout my entire body. And I begin to cry aloud as she services a sensitive piece of flesh just above her fingers.

I know not what is being done to me. Nor would I dare to ask. All I care about is how I can possibly handle it.

I end up throwing my face to the side, burying my proceeding moan into the pillow. The sudden movement detaches Miko from me for a second, but not for any longer as she returns to her previous ministration. I cry through the pillow as my legs close around Miko’s neck. My hands lie before me, balled into fists against the thumping shock waves dulling my arms into a useless state. The kissing, licking, and shallow thrusting of fingers dissolves my body and mind from the inside out.

The concepts of pain and pleasure are not unfamiliar to me. But this storm of love and affection is an entirely different obstacle. Of which no degree of preparation and meditation could possibly help.

I gasp once. Twice. A third time in succession before I announce my release. Or attempt to.

My nose burrows within the pillow’s soft embrace as my orgasm spills from every pore of my body. The sheets become uncomfortable below me as opposed to Miko’s mouth and finger, which still send me across the stream of pleasure. It is only when both withdraw that I arrive back on the realization of my current situation. Miko rises once again, and I manage to rest my eyes upon her.

But as she rests beside me, I curl toward her body and wrap my arms around her body. And she does the same for me as I fall into a deep slumber.


“In other words, you enjoyed it.”

I do not know why I am accepting tea from this woman inside of the Crown Prince’s room. The Crown Prince herself was not present when I awoke, but she seems to have stepped out for a moment.

I bring the cup to my lips to sip once before speaking.

“It is not a matter of my...enjoyment.” My face grows warm. “If it concerns her, then I love her. That is that.”

“My,” that woman brings a hand over her mouth, “such fierceness. I only made a simple comment.”

“There was nothing simple about it.”

I am also naked under the blanket, so I avoid doing more to embarrass myself by moving as little as possible. The soft tremors of last night remain in my nether region, so I can do even less to move around.

“I shall take over from here. You may leave now.”

The Crown Prince enters the room as that woman rises.

“Yes, yes. Please call me once more if you require my presence.”

When she leaves, the Crown Prince comes beside me. She sits while making sure she does not pull the blanket from me. Her head leans somewhat, her ears on my shoulder. Her hair and my own touch, and I take another sip of the tea.

“Thank you.”


The Crown Prince either feigns ignorance, or wishes me to repeat myself.

“I believe I should say it. Just because I should.” I inspect the remaining warmth of the tea with my palms.

The Crown Princes says nothing, almost enjoying the moment resting upon my shoulder. She takes a short breath in before speaking.

“I love you.”

The words flirt with the skip of a beat in my heart. I take another sip of tea.


The Crown Prince feels as though she leans a bit more against my shoulder.

“Would you like to do the same to me sometime?”


“I love you.”


“I’m sorry.”

“Next time, would you like to do the same? Or do you prefer I continue as I am?”

“Will you?”

...I know I am blushing. A new desire is rising within me. Something inexplainable, yet understandable.

I respond.

“...We shall see.”

Miko rubs her cheek against my shoulder.

I drink the rest of my tea.
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