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What am I doing. Yes, period.


A king of spades. An eight of spades. Yuyuko has a nine of spades face-up. The other is face down covering the nine halfway.

"Yukari? Draw or stay?"

The mental cogs in your mind turn. This is a tricky one. There are fifteen out of forty nine cards left that could be a ten. Disregarding any calculation error, that means there's about a thirty percent chance of losing when staying. However, assuming Yuyuko has another nine, then there are thirty six bad cards that will cause a defeat. A seventy five percent chance of a loss if one chooses to draw. Reversing that, it means Yuyuko has a twenty five percent chance of winning when drawing. Yuyuko's favorable outcomes are nearly identical. So why not take a gamble?

"I suppose I'll draw a card."

"Really?" Yuyuko brings a hand to her mouth. "That's not like you."

"I wonder? The stakes are high for the game we've chosen."


It's a little game the two of you have decided to play. Not blackjack. But gambling bodies on such games of thought and luck.

Yes. It cures the boredom.

"Here you go, Yukari. Oh my."

As Yuyuko flips the card over to your side of the table, she gasps.

And for good reason. A three of clovers!

"Oh my." Yuyuko brings a hand to her card. "I don't suppose you'll decide to draw another card?"

You chuckle.

"Why, I'd offer something to raise the stakes in return for drawing one more card for your sake. But I will take the victory if it is given to me."


Turning her card over, the ghost sings. "Blackja~ck!"

You chuckle once more. If only it could be that a nine becomes an ace. A king of clovers. That would have been bad, if not considering Yukari's nine being an ace, but for the possible defeat upon choosing to stay. You grin at Yuyuko.

"Well, then that's one for me."

"I hope you'll do something amazing for me soon, too."

Hovering over the table, she kisses you. A second later, you open your mouth for her tongue. A slow "aaahn" comes from Yuyuko, as though she were treating you to a spoon of food. Your shoulders sag from the weight of the pleasure. Small as it may be, it is still quite an intimate act. It's not cold. A common misconception.

A pucker of lips and moisture on the skin ends the moment.

"Then shall we play again?"

"Why not? We've only just begun."

Yuyuko waves her hand once over the table, and the cards move back on top of the deck.

"What are the stakes this time?" The ghost begins a rather spectacular display of putting the cards in a torrent of an orb. Moving her open hand in a circular motion, she creates a hurricane of cards. When she stops, the cards swirl onto the table in a neat pile.

One of her many methods of shuffling cards, you think.

"The stakes? They will be...."

[] Winner gets to taste the other's breast. Small steps. Savory steps.
[] The loser gives a body massage. Front to front. That would be nice.
[] Write-in. Step it up?


By the way. You'll have to take me for my word that I'm playing fair. I don't have cards or anything like with me, but I've set the situations up to be fair.
 No. 37712
[X] The loser gives a body massage. Front to front. That would be nice.

Play fair, play dirty, all I ask is that OP delivers.
 No. 37713
[x] Umm... Winner gets to keep her family name (if you know what I mean!)
 No. 37714
[x] The loser gives a body massage. Front to front. That would be nice.
 No. 37715
[X] The loser gives a body massage. Front to front. That would be nice.

Win or lose I'd like to see where things go from here
 No. 37716
[x] The loser gives a body massage. Front to front. That would be nice.
 No. 37717
[x] Winner gets to taste the other's breast. Small steps. Savory steps.
 No. 37718
File 145654381823.jpg - (201.95KB, 480x640, 80117ab49006850bbdef56085343d133.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] The loser gives a body massage. Front to front. That would be nice.


“How about a body massage?” You lean forward, hand supporting your chin. “The loser servicing the winner from above? Facing each other?”

Yuyuko covers her mouth. “My. How bold. Does that mean you'll win? I'm afraid I don't have any oils.”

“Hmm. That is a problem. But it's not like we're doing anything serious. Yet. So doing it bare should be fine for now. And not for too long, since we should continue with our game.”

“I'll be sure to ask Youmu later.” Yuyuko begins passing you your cards.

Grinning, you raise your fan and spread it in front of your face.

A ten of clubs and a king of hearts. This is quite the hand.

At the same time, Yuyuko deals herself a ten of spades and her second card.

Hmmm. This may be a problem, though.

“Neither of us will be cheating, of course.” You lean back while looking at Yuyuko. The ghost raises her hands beside her head.

“Why of course. It's no fun if we can't do this much. How badly could either of us want the other to give a massage?”

You blow a gust of cool air. It's a shame Ran isn't here to take the fall. Yuyuko may be okay, but it is a bit of a stretch to exert all of that energy doing something like a massage. You reconsider the stakes you said this hand would be for. Yuyuko probably didn't care so much, especially if you are involved.

The ghost hovers her hand over the deck of cards.

“Ooo! What will you dooo, Yukariii~?”

The card on top spins and moves in a circle.

She's not doing anything strange, at least. Well, if this is black jack, it's viable to ask for a split. Or, one could be risky and stay. Or draw another card, suicidal as it may be.

“I believe, since you're the dealer,” You say to Yuyuko, “you will be forced to stay at seventeen or higher?”

“Correct. It's what you said I need to do, right? I will accept my loss if your hand beats mine. Or, since I believe you can split your hand, if either hand wins. You can have. My. Body. On yours, that is.” Yuyuko taps her fingers on her lips.

Your heart jumps for a beat. Right. So, then.

[] Split your hand. A ten and a ten. Maybe something good will happen?
[] Stay. Yuyuko's hand won't be better than twenty.
[] Draw a card. Ace?
 No. 37719
[X] Stay. Yuyuko's hand won't be better than twenty.

Our position's good. Hold steady and let her take the risk.
 No. 37722
[x] Split your hand. A ten and a ten. Maybe something good will happen?

A no brainer
 No. 37723
Anyone know how to count cards?
 No. 37724
[x] Split your hand. A ten and a ten. Maybe something good will happen?

Go for it.
 No. 37725
[X] Split your hand. A ten and a ten. Maybe something good will happen?

Calling it.
 No. 37729
File 145675563483.jpg - (57.97KB, 416x608, 7edda9371b61c0ff8262ff0bc4868bbd.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Split your hand. A ten and a ten. Maybe something good will happen?

Why so long for so short? Because reasons.


“I'll split, of course. I believe my chances of winning lie with this.”

“Of course you will. Running is in your best interest.”

Ignoring your friend, you separate your ten of clubs and a king of hearts by an inch to indicate your split. Yuyuko picks up a card and flips it over next to your ten. A jack of diamonds. She does the same for your king, placing an eight of hearts to make eighteen.

Twenty and eighteen. Not much room from drawing, but certainly room for victory.

“You're sca~ring me, Yukari.” Yuyuko leans over the table, very slowly swaying her hips left and right. Her eyes travel to her card face-down.

“Am I?” You tap a finger on the table between your hands. Of cards. “You don't seem to mind giving me a body massage.”

“How good could a body massage from a ghost possibly feel? You should know best.”

She's not cold. You know that's what she's implying.

Again, you're in trouble if Yuyuko has a blackjack. It makes every decision here worthless. Then again, is there any reason to gamble your twenty? Or maybe even your eighteen? The worse situation after a blackjack would be Yuyuko drawing into twenty one because of dealer rules. Sixteen or lower, Yuyuko will draw.

Now Yuyuko slowly tilts her head left and right in her hands, which are cupped under her chin. “I would really love it if Yukari gave me a massage.”


For your twenty....
[] Draw.
[] Stay.

For your eighteen....
[] Draw.
[] Stay.
 No. 37730

20 and 18? Don't lose it man! I'm doubting she got blackjack
 No. 37731
[X] Stay
[X] Stay

Play it safe
 No. 37733
[X] Stay.
[X] Stay.

Better chance she doesn't have blackjack then you going over.
 No. 37734
 No. 37735
File 145684612236.jpg - (327.50KB, 572x800, 30ea60de09214dde80c3c8661ed7acfa.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Stay
[X] Stay


“I think I'll stay. With both of my hands.”

If Yuyuko has a blackjack, then you've lost anyway. Might as well hasten the result.

Holding a finger to her lips, Yuyuko flips over her other card without delay.

A seven of clubs.

For a moment, you stare at the card with your friend. Then, Yuyuko speaks.

“Can I draw a card?”

Before you can answer, your friend draws.

A jack of hearts.

You rub your big toe against the ground as your friend continues to draw more cards.

A five of diamonds.

An ace of diamonds.

A seven of hearts.

You laugh at the absurdity.

“Why,” You sit with your legs out front, side-by-side, while leaning back, “I thought you shuffled the deck? Is that not why you were so confident?”

Yuyuko stares at the drawn cards. Then.

“Fufufu. I suppose I've lost, haven't I?”

“Yes. Unfortunately.”

“Why, don't be so humble, Yukari.” Yuyuko crawls around the table. She slides and twists her body in ways that her somewhat plump frame seems uncapable of doing. She sits close enough so your knees almost touch. As she scoots onto her legs once more, the ghost mistress places her hands on your shoulders. “Now relax. This is your. Re. Ward. ”

Your arms tingle as a chill from Yuyuko's breath and fingertips scuttles across your skin. This is excitement. The thrill of victory. Despite how small and menial the game is. And will be. Whether it is you or Yuyuko that eases your body onto its back, it's not that important, is it? You take in a whiff of your friend, who begins disrobing from the shoulders down.

“This is just a part of the game.” Your eyes peek down the gap between her clothes and her chest. “Right?”

“Why,” Yuyuko closes her eyes as she peels her kimono off, “what a tease you are, Yukari. Of course this is a game.”

Your hands clench once. You don't wait to begin stripping yourself. Not too fast. That would give Yuyuko a reason to tease you. No, you'll be just a bit faster. Enough to match her timing.

After a moment, Yuyuko steps on the toes of her socks and lifts her leg, the sock peeling off of her foot. Somehow, the strip show seems to be the reward, but you don't say a word. Your friend's hands plant themselves beside both of your arms. You know Yuyuko will perform her duty. You take in the illusionary glow between your bodies, exaggerated further by Yuyuko's breasts hanging a hair's distance from your own. Yuyuko breathes through her nose, a quiet whisper in the silence.

“Then, shall we?”

You swallow. Her thighs. Besides her knees, the way the fat of her thighs touch your own. Simply wonderful. It's like the flesh is testing itself against your own legs, as though your legs were scalding hot or ice cold. Then, what about her breasts—

“Do it.”

With a sigh as though she were breathing out, Yuyuko lowers herself onto your front, closing her eyes.

Your body shifts and squirms from the weight. Wow. The hardness of flesh is almost non-existent. Without mentioning her breasts, Yuyuko's stomach is not unlike warm water being poured onto your skin. Or the thing that is called a marshmallow. Not exactly melting, but tender enough that one could use their fingers to enjoy the sponge-like texture. The core is simply not there. Bone, flesh, the material that makes a living being. Your friend's breasts melt into yours, though hers are just larger. Her nipples prick you, pressed as they are due to Yuyuko's lack of movement. Your arms and hands flat out on the ground.

“Are you going to move?”

“Fufu.” Your ear tickles. “How would you prefer?”

“Why, any movement is better than none.”

You take a sharp breath. A second hadn't even passed and you could already feel your excitement gathering in your nether regions.

Despite Yuyuko shifting up and down, her breasts refuse to budge from their spot on your own. Much like a ball stuck to a surface, her nipples press into the same spot while her mounds of flesh roll over in a vertical oval on your breasts. Despite the softness, you feel the muscles in your chest begin to relax and loosen. The only other spot in contact between you two is the area below your navels. And even that place is losing its tenseness.

You can't stop yourself from breathing in rhythm with Yuyuko's movements. True, hands have the advantage of strength and accuracy. But surely nothing replaces the romantic embrace that is a body against your own?

"So." Yuyuko pushes her body into yours, then begins to draw back to repeat herself. "Does it feel good?"

[] "Mmm. It's just how I imagined."
[] "I wonder if you can do better?"
 No. 37737
[x] "I wonder if you can do better?"

Let's see what else you've got, ghost girl~
 No. 37739
File 145687351632.png - (245.54KB, 296x405, mfw.png) [iqdb]
[X] "I wonder if you can do better?"

Not gonna lie, pic related.
 No. 37742
[x] "I wonder if you can do better?"
 No. 37745
[X] "I wonder if you can do better?"

Show us what you are capable of, lovely ghost princess~
 No. 37749
File 145745744937.jpg - (146.13KB, 600x800, 263d08c694324ab961b7c1551dc171a1.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] "I wonder if you can do better?"


Yuyuko blinks.



A yelp comes from your mouth. Your hands grab Yuyuko's waist, but you will yourself not to push her away. Not when the pleasure shoots into your womanhood and through your thighs like that. It's not simply a matter of weight, but Yuyuko's technique in grinding your nether regions together. And merely once. You chuckle.

“And we're still playing around?”

Yuyuko circles her fingernail along your cheek. “Of cooourse we aaare.”

Despite Yuyuko's tone, you purse your lips when she begins grinding against you again. Both above and below, Yuyuko's breasts and her womanhood tenderize two separate areas of muscle on your body.

That's because it's been long since that the effects of Yuyuko's previous rubbing dug past your breasts and into your chest. A vast difference, comparing two separate points to their larger, common plane. Your breasts are certainly “like mush” by now. Now, much like two ends of a rope, your chest and your waist unravel at the ends and begin to converge on a point: Your stomach. And when it does, an orgasm doesn't seem too far off. Which is fine, by the way.

Your friend dips her nose and mouth into your neck. Your fingernails trail up her side, and Yuyuko giggles.

“Feels good?” A third pleasure area trembles in your neck when she speaks.

“Feels good.” You lean your head back for your friend to nuzzle into.

The ghost's movement evolve from the rotation performed earlier to pressing into your body. There are slight buzzes forming in every muscle in your body. With every other press of Yuyuko's body into your own, the buzzing grows into a vibration. Then a tremor. Of which your breath escapes. A second after, Yuyuko inhales through her nose.

“Feels good?”

Impossible as it is, the whisper tastes sweet on the roof of your mouth.


Yuyuko's mouth closes on your neck.


Your eyes squeeze shut as the first, small orgasm pricks your skin. You freeze, paralyzed by the pleasure. Yet Yuyuko continues to press her body against yours, breasts upon breasts, lower lips brushing across yours, sipping on your neck and not exactly biting or sucking.

A thought: Never let Yuyuko tickle you. Lest one become excited from her touch.

Despite your ongoing climax, Yuyuko places her hand behind your knee and lifts up. You peek as your friend parts from your neck and chest, only to start thrusting her hips into—

Your hips jerk away from Yuyuko, but she denies you freedom by wrapping her arms around your leg. Not that you wanted to escape. Why would you, when your partner is doing all she can to make you orgasm again? When every push of her hips sends a wave of pleasure up and down your entire body? Like dropping a rock into water, the pleasure sends ripples throughout your body.

“Does it feel better?” You feel Yuyuko grin against you.

You let out a stuttered breath as you orgasm for a second time. Yuyuko slows her pace, yet continues to roll her hips up and down against your own. Your breath out in long, frequent gusts, as though cooling a fire.

Which isn't too far from the truth, figuratively speaking. And that, too, is fine.

As your second orgasm begins to die, Yuyuko's expression remains a smile somewhat hidden in your leg. Her lips are dull on your skin. More effective than that small touch is your friend's return to grinding herself against your lower body. Your fluids begin to drizzle out, yet Yuyuko forces the pleasure from inside your body by pushing harder into you. The ghost pushes the ball of warmth from below your loins and toward where your bodies are joined.

It's working. For if the sensation from before was a rock dropping into water, it is now as though Yuyuko were willing the ripples to form as she pleases. Tidal waves, to be exact as can be. It may not be healthy that every nerve in your body is screaming to stop. But the body is simply a vessel. And right now, that vessel needs to be filled with this pleasure.

You only decipher Yuyuko's words when she speaks into your skin.

“Does it feel better now?”

You sacrifice the opportunity to speak to grow the ball of pleasure in your body. Experiencing the satisfaction thus far is a greater victory than a response to your friend's teasing. Even if your back aches from being pushed against the ground again and again, and Yuyuko places her leg on your stomach and starts brushing against you from side to side now and oh—

You come, screaming. Your free leg straightens, your back stretches and rises, your arms bend as your fingers attempt to grab at the hard, flat ground. Your head grinds against the floor, and your other foot clenches due to Yuyuko's grasp on its leg. Your friend stops moving and keeps herself in contact with you, which is more than enough for your sensitive womanhood. Your shoulders jerk as a small gasp twitches through your lungs.

It is one thing to attempt to pleasure oneself. It is entirely another to experience someone else's body against your own. After all, it is Yuyuko who fuels this pleasure coursing through your veins. And if she can double that pleasure? You shudder as the orgasm begins to subside.

Your body begins to unwind from the moment, relaxing back onto the floor. When you do, you hold your breath as Yuyuko shifts her body against yours. Slow and delicate. A way to intensify the dying waves.

Yuyuko knows the body well.

When you relax, Yuyuko lies down on top of you and plants a kiss on your cheek.

“Did you like the reward?”

You clear your throat. But the ghost speaks first again.

“I'm glad. Now then.”

You nod to Yuyuko. You did a good job avoiding the thought to experience the full amount of pleasure, but it still needed to be addressed.

Whether it is you or Yuyuko who did so, both of you extend a hand toward the door and pull. The door slides open.


In the passageway, you and your friend grin at the servant. Although since she isn't yours, Yuyuko speaks instead.

“It's not nice to pee~p, Youmu.”

“I...I just. I didn't....”

Knowing that no possible explanation could excuse her deviancy, Youmu prostrates herself.

“...I'm sorry.”

But you know full well what this entails.

“Forgive me for the intrusion.” Yuyuko sits up as you both reassemble your clothes. “But perhaps you'd like to help decide her fate?”

If this had been Ran, she would not have gotten off clean. Of that you know. But for your dear friend's servant, perhaps she deserves mercy. After all, not many could stomach the games you and Yuyuko play. Not that that thought matters in this situation.

[] Invite (Force) Youmu to play together.
[] Have Yuyuko and Youmu face off.
[] Pardon her. But, she needs to do something for the rest of the day.
 No. 37750
[x] Pardon her. But, she needs to do something for the rest of the day.
 No. 37751
[x] Pardon her. But, she needs to do something for the rest of the day.

Not in the mood for forcing her.
 No. 37752
[x] Pardon her. But, she needs to do something for the rest of the day.

I'd rather not force her too hard.
 No. 37754
[X] Pardon her. But, she needs to do something for the rest of the day.

Like have sex with us...
 No. 37755
[x] Invite (Force) Youmu to play together.

Youmu 2cute
 No. 37756
[x] Invite (Force) Yümoo to play together.

More like 3cute
 No. 37757
[X] Invite (Force) Youmu to play together.

I wonder what these two would have planned for her
 No. 37759
[x] Invite (Force) Youmu to play together.
 No. 37764
[X] Pardon her. But, she needs to do something for the rest of the day.
 No. 37765
[X] Pardon her. But, she needs to do something for the rest of the day.

Calling. Writing. Nyagh. Unless things happen or have happened.

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