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File 145101096391.jpg - (1.07MB, 1199x848, RJ166834_img_smp1.jpg) [iqdb]
37600No. 37600
links to these?
most have been out for months now except for the patchouli doujinshi from november2015.

searching the japanese name or anything else does not bring up any useful results about seeing these.

the art in these sets is refined , when compared to the first few cg sets from this group DaiNhonpo.
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>>No. 37601
Shit's DRMed, man.

Well, most of them in any event. The first two aren't. The DRMed ones are much harder to deal with, since you need someone that can actually remove the DRM.
>>No. 37602
Holy shit OP, I just downloaded all his works I could find at ex-hentai.

Those look delicious.
I wish someone could un-DRM them.
>>No. 37604
I've bought and uploaded a few of these. Kinda hit or miss. Don't remember doing much to un-DRM them, though. When did that start? What sort of DRM do they have now?
>>No. 37612
His first set has no DRM, but the 2nd does. So he started right away. Although the Keine and Nitori ones have no DRM, nor the first two in the OP. No idea why.

Incidentally, genl on the e-hentai forums has the tools to remove DRM. You'll need to pay him, of course.
>>No. 37619
How do you know the Nitori and Keine sets don't have any DRM?
>>No. 37620
File 145160316941.png - (4.07KB, 476x64, Untitled.png) [iqdb]
If you see this on the page, it has DRM.
>>No. 37658
Ah. Duh.

Anyway, use this for DLsite DRM.

It's got some problems, and might not work on newer versions of DLsite viewer, but it still gets the pictures of that crap and into some workable form.

Got a couple of these, the Patchouli and Byakuren ones, in my last digital batch. Will upload them soonish; getting these to upload with everything in order is a bitch and a half.
>>No. 37660
Thank you very much

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