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From her vantage point high up in the air, Yakumo Yukari watched the man with no small amount of amusement as he nervously made his way into Hakugyokurou. His clumsy attempts at stealth as he quickly darted between cherry blossom trees made her chuckle heartily. His footsteps sounded incredibly loud as he crossed the stone pavement under the cover of darkness. The night was cold and he shivered.

Yukari could see Youmu watching him from behind one of the manor's many statues. The diligent little gardener looked agitated at the thought of letting someone run loose in her master's residence. She had been aware of his presence ever since he began climbing the many steps that lead to Yuyuko's home but made no moves to intercept the intruder.

Yukari loved teasing Youmu and her serious disposition. The look of utter disdain on her cold features as she watched the human pull open a sliding door and step inside was utterly priceless. Youmu's hand fell to the pommel of her trusted sword, her jaw tightening.

It wasn't her place to question her master's motives, she repeated to herself as her every instinct urged her to cut down this blundering fool before his presence befouled the household any further.

She didn't of course, because this whole masquerade had been arranged by Yukari. Everyone knew except the hapless human of course, but that was part of the excitement. Yuyuko's many whimsical appetite's required constant attention and her dearest friend was more than happy to help out.

The human male slid the door closed behind him and let out a sigh. He looked around the room which looked relatively normal for a supposed shrine of the afterlife. A chest of draws and display case, a few scrolls and candles here and there.

It could have almost passed for normal if not for the floating, pale spirits that floated around everywhere. They appeared innocent enough, like marshmallows that flickered with white flames. They phased in and out of existence apparently at random.

He shuddered, thinking how stupid he was for agreeing to this but what choice did he really have? Waking up to find yourself in this crazy world known as Gensokyo where the impossible seemed possible and the rules of reality made no sense, what else could he do?

After waking up here, he had wondered around as psychedelic rivers of colour flowed throughout the sky as small fairies taunted his ignorance. A land where the very grass he walked on whispered in unspoken words. Where shadowy beings stalked the night, never seen but always present like bad omens made manifest.

Utter despair wrapped around him like a blanket of nightmares and he had collapsed to his knees. Was he doomed to wonder this strange land for eternity? Apparently not, for a woman wearing extravagant clothing had appeared before him and offered him a deal.

She looked human, with blonde hair tied with many ribbons and deep purple eyes but despite this, her unnerving smile and unnatural beauty was downright scary. She had offered to return him, for a price. Simply retrieve a smoking pipe and return it to her undamaged.

And so here he was, rummaging around in a shrine swarming with ghosts while looking for a small trinket that could be practically anywhere. Why did it feel like he had made a deal with the devil? At least her mastery of dimensions was real, judging by the way that they had miraculously appeared outside the steps leading up to Hakugyokurou. Perhaps there was hope after all.

So preoccupied was he with his thoughts that when the sliding door opened, the man almost jumped right out of his skin. He spun around to see a surprised looking woman wearing a loose fitting Kimono that exposed her generous cleavage.

Her wavy, shoulder length hair was a bright shade of pink and looked untidy, like she had just woken up. She opened her mouth, as if to scream and the man panicked, rushed up to her and placed a hand over her mouth.

"Please," he said, looking into her frightened eyes. "I'm just here to find something. I'm not going to hurt you so please don't make any noise."

This close, he could smell the pleasing scent that surrounded her, like roses on a summer day. Her chest heaved, her ample breasts pushing against his chest in an alluring rhythm. The adorable way her watery eyes looked up at him made him gulp awkwardly.

Was this woman a priestess? Her mumbling voice felt sweet as it brushed up against his fingers. Eventually, she nodded and he sighed with relief before releasing her.

"Thank you," he said. "Really, thank you for not screaming. I'm sorry for startling you. What's you're name, if you don't mind me asking?"

"Yuyuko," she replied, smiling inwardly at his genuine concern. As innocently as she could manage, Yuyuko looked behind her and took a single hesitant step backwards.

"Yuyuko," said the man. "That's a lovely name."

He held out his hand, as if to snatch up the woman before she slipped through his fingers completely. "Please, don't leave me. I need your help!"

Yuyuko fidgeted uncertainly. "My help? Aren't you a burglar?"

"No, no of course not. I'm just looking for something, honest. Something that belongs to another. I promised them that I'd find it so would it be possible for you to help me?"

Yuyuko pursed her lips thoughtfully. Those full pink lips that looked seductive enough to turn even the most loyal husband astray. She turned around and closed the sliding door. While her face was hidden, she grinned mischievously. She would have to thank Yukari later for providing her with such a tasty little morsel. Oh, she just wanted to eat him up!

Yuyuko brushed a hand seductively through her curly hair and let her kimono fall more loosely around one of her shoulders. She enjoyed the uncomfortable look she received as the man tried to consciously avert his gaze but her alluring figure proved to be too much of a temptation.

"How can I trust you," she asked softly as she walked closer. "I'm afraid."

"I'm not lying," the man promised, eager to reassure his potential savour. "I would never do anything that would hurt a lady, not now and not ever so please, will you help me?"

Yuyuko licked her wet lips. She couldn't help but drool a little as her mind raced with possibilities. A single sparkling strand fell down between her curvaceous melons and disappeared into that sweet spot inside her cleavage.

"I want to believe you, I really do but I'm still a little hesitant. A strange man breaks into my home and strings together a story about needing my help? It sounds like you're trying to take advantage of me. Are you a demon, per chance?"

He shook his head fervently. That couldn't be further from the truth. He was desperate for a friendly face to help guide him in this mysterious place. Yuyuko moved closer, close enough for her warm breath to brush against his face. She smelled nice and comforting, like a mother welcoming home a long lost child but the way she smiled was anything but maternal.

"You look cute," she whispered in his ear. "I'm still scared but I'm willing to let you earn my trust."

The atmosphere in the room had chanced and the man gulped audibly. Yuyuko enjoyed the nervous way in which he fidgeted.

"W-what do you what me to do?" he asked hesitantly. He shouldn't be doing this, he thought. He was one scream away from possibly waking the dead or worse. This was a shrine right on the edge of life in a strange, magical land and he was an intruder. What would happen if he was found? How about while defiling a holy priestess?

"Oh, how about you wrap your arms around me?" she asked, edging closer. When he didn't reply, Yuyuko grumbled and squirmed her legs together. She hadn't indulged her sexual urges in perpetration for this night's entertainment, not even with Youmu's tender caresses.

She wouldn't be denied her meal.

Yuyuko reached down and grabbed his bulging member which was pushing uncomfortably against his trousers. She really did enjoy acting the damsel in distress but her body yearned for more. He gasped as her hand gave it a playful squeeze.

"Oh my," she said in mock surprise, happy at the effect she was having on him. "Is this all because of me? Are you this excited with these faint glimpses of flesh? You're a naughty little boy, aren't you?"

For some strange reason, this man attempted to break away from her. Yuyuko frowned and clutched him tightly, entangling their bodies together in a loving embrace. Didn't this mortal know how lucky he was to touch such a well refined and beautiful woman as herself? You could live several lifetimes and not meet a woman as desirable as Yuyuko.

"Where do you think you're going, human?"

"We shouldn't be doing this! What if someone-"

Yuyuko silenced him by covering his lips with her own. She moaned, the vibrations only adding to the pleasing kiss. Her snaking tongue pushed it's way into his mouth and coiled around his own.

The lewd sounds of smooching filled the otherwise silent room. Her saliva tasted nicer than mint and made him feel light-headed. All the while, her slender hand continued to rub his penis underneath the fabric.

The ghostly princess grew increasingly lustful like a switch had been flipped inside her head. She had always had an addictive personality and sex was no exception. She slipped one of his fingers inside her mouth and hungrily sucked on it like a lollipop while rubbing her chest up against him, unable to control her more primal urges.

Yuyuko's smile suddenly took on a sinister quality as her pink eyes began to glow lustfully. The floating spirits above grew more agitated as they were overwhelmed by her infectious influence. Even though the man was dining in the lap of luxury, he just couldn't ignore this sudden change. An ethereal demon was nibbling on his finger while poisoning his mind with sinful temptation.

Suddenly overcome by panic as all the horror stories about succubus hit him over the head like a sledgehammer, he attempted to struggle free but Yuyuko squeezed his cock hard enough to take his breath away and held him as tightly as a long lost lover. Perhaps a little more forceful than he intended, he unceremoniously pushed the seductress onto the wooden panelled flooring.

"I'm s-sorry," he began, unable to speak with a straight voice. Yuyuko didn't move, her expression hidden from view. He tried to apologise again but all he received was the unsettling feeling that he had made a very misguided mistake. The uncomfortable silence became almost unbearable, like waiting for an impending tidal wave to come and sweep you away. When she did eventually spoke, her words sent a shiver running up his spine.

"I knew you were a naughty boy, but I never imagined that you'd be quite this foolish."

"Listen, I just wanted-"

Yuyuko began to chant rape, rape, rape at the top of her lungs. The man's blood ran cold as he desperately tried to calm down the hysterical chanting but to no avail. Running footsteps could be heard from outside and Youmu practically tore the sliding door open, her gleaming Katana already drawn and at the ready. She marched into the room and placed the deadly point of her blade right under the man's chin.

"What's going on here?" she asked.

"That man tried to take advantage of me," Yuyuko lied as she sobbed unconvincingly.

"Why you dirty mongrel!" Youmu spat. "How dare you lay a hand on my mistress!"

"Wait, it isn't like that at all," the man said as the blade prickled his skin. Blood welled up and began to trickle down the weapon's length.

"What did you just say? Are you calling my Mistress a liar, you fiendish criminal? Which hand was it that touched my Mistress! Huh? Answer me! I'll cut it off and burn the ashes!"

"Youmu?" Yuyuko asked. "Kindly restrain this intruder."

Youmu nodded and slammed the pommel of her Katana right into his stomach hard enough to knock the wind out of his lungs. He collapsed to the floor, almost choking on his own bile. Yuyuko crouched over the crumbled human, her eyes still alive with that rosy, obsessive glow.

"You should have behaved yourself, human. I could have sent your soul to the heights of pleasure but now you've forced my hand."

Youmu grimaced as she was instructed to strip the human down to his birthday suit. She hated the idea of touching this filthy man but if it pleased her Mistress, Youmu was willing to suffer any dishonour. Still, this human male was nothing like the frilly, elegant picture of perfection that a true lady represented.

She steeled herself as her hands brushed up against hairy skin. This was nothing like the smoothness of her beloved Mistress and only reinforced the feeling that men were utterly disgusting.

Soon, he was completely naked and resting upon Yuyuko's velvety lap. His many pleas of remorse fell on deaf ears. Yuyuko chastised the man for his wrongful behaviour before bringing her hand down against his defenceless bottom.

She smirked at his pathetic yelps which only served to encourage her sadistic streak. She smacked until his ass was covered with angry looking red marks. The smell of perspiration hung heavy on the air.

This treatment was utterly humiliating and he wanted nothing more than to escape this pain but knew that Youmu would most likely cut him down if he so much as sneezed inappropriately. His abused cheeks suffered smack after smack as Yuyuko gleefully played his ass like a pair of drums.

Yuyuko showed no signs of growing tired and chuckled manically as she put more strength into this wanton violation. She nodded at Youmu who grudgingly removed her trusty scabbard and lathered it up with her own transparent spit.

She positioned it against the captive's anus and slowly and deliberately pushed it inside. The fact that she was dirtying a treasured heirloom for such a perverted purpose made her physically sick but her love of Yuyuko reigned supreme.

Youmu pressed it inside deeper, taking solace in the discomfort that she was causing. If she was forced to do such a depraved thing, then she was going to make sure that he felt it.

The man felt all his strength leave him as Yuyuko sapped at his lifeforce like a spiritual vampire. His raw, powerful sensations flooded her brain like the strongest drug imaginable. She began to giggle incoherently as she reached under her kimono and traced the outline of her dripping pussy. It felt fantastic to tease herself as she rolled his soul around in her mouth like bubblegum.

Youmu sneered at his weakness as he eventually broke down and began to cry. Only at this point did Yuyuko stop.

She rubbed his tortured buttocks and showered him with encouraging, almost motherly words.

"There, there," she said reassuringly. "Did you learn your lesson, young man?"

He whimpered as Yuyuko combed his hair with compassionate fingers.

With care, she turned the man around so that his head was leaning up at her. She slipped her kimono over her smooth shoulders, exposing a mouthwatering pair of breasts. They were large but perfectly proportioned and bounced alluringly as they were finally released; a true feast for the eyes. Yuyuko slipped a tit inside his panting mouth.

He suckled on the proffered nipple like a baby. A hazy feeling overtook him as the stinging pain of his backside was counteracted by the comforting sensation of being nursed by this ethereal beauty.

Youmu nibbled a fingernail jealously. Those sensational mountains that tasted sweeter than honey were only meant for her lips and hers alone. Yuyuko stole a glance at her loyal servant. She loved Youmu's frustrated expression; it was so cute and honest.

Yuyuko knew that this would make the younger girl try extra hard to please her mistress, lest she be taken away by another. She looked forward to the passionate, angry nights of makeup sex as her little gardener attempted to win over such a fickle lover.

So caught up in this slice of heaven, the man clamped his mouth down and sucked hard. He suddenly wanted to taste her milk and fill his belly with her delicious dessert. Yuyuko moaned at his renewed enthusiasm as her pink nipples were assaulted by his ravenous tongue.

When no refreshments came, he nibbled her rosy buds. Yuyuko gasped and lightly smacked his head which caused him to more tenderly appreciate the banquet she was so generously proving.

The man's penis stiffened and stood erect. Clearly, this greedy mortal wanted more and wasn't afraid to show it and Yuyuko was only too happy to oblige. She was starting to feel it herself as both of her meaty tits glistened with his spit.

"Youmu," she ordered, her breathing ragged. "Attend to that."

Youmu squirmed uncomfortably at the thought of touching a man's pe-, no, she couldn't even voice the word in her mind. It was unthinkable, totally impossible. She looked down at it through closed fingers at that pulsing member leaking viscous liquid down it's impressive length.

"Youmu," Yuyuko said, a little more forcefully this time.

The sliver haired gardener whimpered as she removed her polished, black shoes and began to awkwardly jack off his cock with unwilling feet. Her lack of knowledge in pleasing men made her efforts rather strained, but the feeling of soft fabric combined with the warmth of her body heat soon sent waves of gratification coursing throughout his body. Yuyuko drank in the reluctant performance like it was the finest wine.

"Disgusting human," Youmu snapped as her flexible toes honed from years of sword fighting wrapped themselves tightly around his trembling pole.

"Wow, you're so wonderful, Youmu," she cooed while breastfeeding . "I don't deserve such a dedicated and hard-working girl such as you. Truly, I'm such a hopeless slave to passion."

"Please, don't say such a thing," Youmu exclaimed while trying to concentrate on making the human bastard cum as quickly as possible. Yuyuko just loved her little gardener's serenity and vowed to shower her with love and kisses, but for now she had other more pressing matters to attend to.

"Here's something that only I can do," Yuyuko said as one of her hands dissipated into a pale outline as it removed itself from the simple confines of material existence. Then, she reached down and gingerly phased through his earthly body until she reached his prostate gland. The man jerked and spasmed as her incorporeal fingers rubbed his internal pleasure centre directly, a once in a lifetime experience.

The man yelled out his muffled cries in a mouthful of titty flesh which caused them to ripple with delightful vibrations. The feeling of having a half-ghost lesbian giving him a footjob was deliriously good but when you combined that with her phantom queen of the afterlife toying with his insides, well no human in history could have held out for long. When Yuyuko tickled the inside of his balls, that was all he could take.

He groaned as his penis erupted her over Youmu's pristine white socks. The poor girl looked positively outraged at the copious amount of sticky semen covering her wiggling toes and creamy thighs. Yuyuko cheered in celebration as she beheld the white fireworks display and clapped her hands together in tandem with every shot. Eventually, his throbbing cock ended it's violation of Youmu's stained, smooth legs and grew limp.

"Ewwww!" Youmu exclaimed, unable to expressive her utter revolution in any other way. She would have to sit under a waterfall in meditation for an entire week to wash away this taint.

Yuyuko on the other hand yearned to taste his salty spunk. Her finger collected up a plentiful helping of the viscous substance before slipping it inside her heaving mouth. She revelled in the strong, almost overpowering flavour and tasted it like a true connoisseur. White liquid dribbled down the edges of her lips.

Youmu snarled, her temper finally boiling over like a cooking pot. She kicked the man right in his deflated balls, the exquisite pain causing him to blackout immediately. His wet dreams were filled with romantic affairs which Yuyuko wrapped herself in like a blanket of sins. She enjoyed the emotional high as she masturbated ferociously over his unconscious form.

When he awoke, the man found himself facing a delicately caved wooden ceiling. Intoxicating incense sticks burned somewhere in the room. Bedposts covered in clear, silken sheets surrounded him on four corners and the springiness underneath suggested that he was laying on a very lavish bed. He tried to move but found his limbs bound by unyielding rope.

"Ah, that's so good," moaned Yuyuko in the throes of intense bliss. Breath caught in the man's throat as he witnessed the unforgettable sight of that scary, silver haired girl kneeing obediently in front of a standing Yuyuko as she licked in between her master's legs.

She licked Yuyuko's dripping pussy and couldn't have been any happier doing so. The way her mouth carefully explored Yuyuko's delicate outlines and lapped up her shining nectar spoke of true love. Yuyuko gasped aloud as Youmu's teeth pulled playfully on her pink pubic hairs before moving onto the main course.

While this fantasy made manifest unfolded before his eyes, he couldn't help but feel that this scene looked scandalously incestuous. Yuyuko had a voluptuous body that had flesh in all the right places. Her skin was quite pale, but healthy like cream. Her chest was large enough to lose yourself in and her inviting curves should have been illegal in the way that they put most professional models to shame.

Youmu looked very much like a daughter with her small, cute breasts and lithe, athletic body. There was something innocent about her which was immediately dispelled by the way in which she brought her mistress to orgasm after screaming orgasm. Still, Youmu looked like a snow white flower and probably smelled just as refreshing.

"Oh, you're awake," said Yuyuko who could feel the weight of his lascivious gaze. "Do you like what you see?"

Youmu tuned a deep shade of red and stood up ramrod straight. A glossy helping of pussy juice coated her pouting lips. Her embarrassment rapidly turned to anger and she glowered at the human.

"How dare you peep on us, you filthy barbarian!"

"Now, now, Youmu," Yuyuko tutted disapprovingly, her tits swaying along with her shaking head. "Do you not owe this poor young man an apology?"

"No!" Youmu snapped, shaking her head. "That man is revolting! He doesn't deserve you!"

Her pouting objections came across as quite endearing to the man, even if she was a little minx.

Yuyuko tutted and walked around to the side of the bed, her hips swaying seductively as she did so. Her eyes still glowed with a pink hue but the man no longer cared about such meaningless things. How could he when faced with such a tempting pair of enchantresses?

His dick certainly appreciated the show which didn't escape the bemused attentions of Yuyuko who giggled and congratulated him for his honesty. She gently mounted the bed, her hands pressing down into the soft fabric. She leaned over him like some benevolent goddess, her supple tits hanging just out of reach.

"Now, what would you like," she asked expectingly. He opened his mouth to speak but was silenced with a finger against his lips.

"No need to speak, human. I know exactly what you want, in fact it couldn't be more obvious to me."

The bed creaked as she straddle his face with her supple, curvy flesh. Darkness overtook him as his vision was filled with her pink flower and curly public hair. Her musky scent was strong but pleasant, a mixture of sweaty sex and natural pheromones that drove him crazy.

Yuyuko yelped passionately as he licked at her pussy which caused her to grind her hips in response. He could taste another girls saliva on her moist cunt which excited him to no end as he imagined Youmu jealously watching the two of them copulate and hating every minute of it.

Yuyuko was already extremely sensitive from Youmu's attentions and couldn't help but savagely hump the man's face, her tits bouncing as her gaping, moaning mouth hung wide open. Drool dribbled down her healthy curves and stained the expensive bedsheets. Droplets of sweat were flung into the air.

He found it difficult to breath with a faceful of ass but he simply didn't care. His wet tongue began to lick around her asshole. He wanted to experience every part of her and burn it into his memory.

Yuyuko smothered his face and rode it like a prized racehorse, her frantic movements providing him with just enough oxygen to continue his services. The many contours of her sexy rear wobbled like jelly, her ass cheeks smacking against each other as well as the man's sultry skin.

Youmu started biting her fingernails again as she couldn't help but feel anxious at the human's technique. She closed her dark blue eyes but her fears only grew as Yuyuko's panting moans increased in intensity. She felt her own urges growing at the thought of being left out. Damn the consequences she thought and jumped onto the rocking bedframe.

Yuyuko gasped in surprise as her servant took matters into her own hands and began to passionately smooch her full on the lips with a wet, passionate kiss. Youmu wouldn't lose her beloved Yuyuko to this human. She moaned her master's name, her eyelashes watery.

Youmu's ticklish pussy rubbed against the human's chest, leaving it glistening with liquid. Yuyuko loved that her stubborn little gardener was growing more assertive and returned her lovingly embrace.

The man grunted as Youmu's weight pressed down on his chest. Yuyuko was all around him, her shapely buttocks covering him like a soft cushion. He pulled against the restraining ropes with all his strength and drove his face right into her crouch. His wiggling tongue penetrated her pussy and pushed against the soft, heavenly walls.

White, glowing butterflies surrounded the room as Yuyuko screamed out as her climax gripped her. She clutched the bedsheets and pulled Youmu's soft body against her as she spurted all over the bed. The man coughed and spluttered as he drank down as much of the sweet, splashing liquid as he could manage before passing out, totally satisfied. Yuyuko caught her breath as she rubbed Youmu's bottom absent-mindedly.

This nights entertainment had certainly lived up to expectations and she looked forward to welcoming the human to the afterlife with welcoming arms whenever his time came around to ascend to the next plane of existence. Who knows, perhaps Youmu would even warm up to him, given enough time.

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