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File 144803721745.jpg - (420.46KB, 850x1158, 3877e410027c48e98b65243a61e2cae1.jpg) [iqdb]
This thread belongs to everyone. Feel free to post any short or multi-part voteless things you write here. If you're a new writer, sticking to shorts is a good way to get experience.
File 144803777443.jpg - (219.86KB, 850x1189, continuing adventures.jpg) [iqdb]
Your care and concern for “dick” brought you a delicious victory.

The words stick in your head as you wake up, resonating with the sort of mystical importance you only find in dreams. For once, no other college morning sounds compete with them – no ringing, beeping, vibrating, stomping, moaning, singing, swearing, knocking…


Oh, but you’re getting a blowjob. It’s still pretty dark, but you can just make out some movement if you shake your pink bangs to the side and squint. Someone under the covers is bobbing up and down, gently sucking your cock as it hardens in her mouth. You consider pulling off the blanket to see who it is, but you don’t feel like moving any limbs yet.

Instead, you glance around in the twilit room for clues. It’s a double with a downward-slanting ceiling, two sewing machines, and extra racks of clothing outside the stuffed closets, so that narrows it down to Alice or Hina. You’re in the right-side bed, but you forget whose that is… they share so often, especially when you visit. The other bed is empty, too.

“Mmm… mmm…”

The blankets muffle her voice too much to recognize. Maybe you can figure out who she is from her technique? She’s taking it nice and slow with your cock, letting her soft lips creep up one centimeter at a time and sucking in slow, loving pulses. Her tongue just lovingly slides up and down your shaft, painting the underside with one warm coat of saliva after another. When she reaches the tip, she pauses to focus purely on sucking out your precum and smothering your glans with affection for the better part of a minute. One of her warm, tender hands softly massages your balls, mostly just to feel their size; you were busy all week, so they’ve gotten pretty big. It feels really good…

… Oh, you were trying to figure out who’s doing it. Maybe it’s whoever you didn’t do it with last night? Let’s see… you came straight to this dorm after you finished your test, and Hina was trying on the outfit from Chen’s latest single, so you folded her in half and – it’s Alice. But no, wait, then Alice came in and started cleaning you off, and you were still horny so you made her deepthroat you. Then Hina got back up, and you ended up sandwiched between them…

Ah, forget it.

The girl under the covers has most of your cock in her mouth, rubbing it against the inside of her cheek while she sucks on it. The rest of your length is thrust in as well when you sit up and throw off the covers, prompting her to tighten up all over it.


Lying on her stomach between your legs, lips and throat wrapped tight around your shaft, is Hina Kagiyama. Her usual hairdo is still undone from last night, leaving her green hair flowing down past her pale shoulders and over her curvy sides. Her emerald eyes shoot up towards you, but you’ve already glanced away.

“Morning, Hina.”

“Mhng,” she replies, once she’s pulled back a few inches. You don’t make any more moves, so she goes back to sucking you off. It’s a little more forceful this time, with her head bouncing at a faster but still laid-back tempo.

Now that you see it clearly, it makes more sense that Hina was the one. Alice’s breasts would get in the way in flat-on-the-bed position like that; she probably would’ve given you a titfuck instead, the way Ran likes to do. Hina has most of her width focused below her narrow waist, with an eyecatching set of hips that fill out any skirt or dress she makes. There’s nothing covering her plump, perky ass right now, so you’re free to watch its faint tensing and jiggling while she moans around your cock. Her hands both grip your thighs for support as she speeds up even more; she keeps her thumbnails short, but the others dig in a bit painfully, their green polish shining dully in the steadily-growing light.

You can hear her wet pink lips sliding up and down now, along with a messy suction whenever she tightens her cheeks. Her lips don’t stop clinging to you for a second, keeping your penis sealed inside her sweltering mouth. Whenever your tip the reaches her throat, her loving moans vibrate gently through your cock... and the same goes for when she focuses entirely on the tip. After a few minutes of that, you grip the sheets tightly and feel a blush come on as your balls start to churn.

“I’m gonna cum, Hina.”

At the edge of your vision, you see Hina’s eyes light up. She pauses for a moment to breathe in deep, then thrusts her head down to take in your whole cock. Having the full length engulfed in her hot, wet mouth sends you over the edge and makes your penis throb uncontrollably, but Hina isn’t done. She fits in another two quick, tight, throat-deep plunges before your semen starts to shoot out, leaving you moaning and writhing on your back as you empty out in long, thick bursts.

“Mmmm!” Hina moans in delight at the taste of your cum, pulling back to the tip and letting it coat every inch of her mouth. You’re too busy arching your back to look at her, but you feel her lips tighten up every time she swallows another mouthful. There’s no counting the waves of pleasure that roll through your cock and into your shuddering body, but you’re pretty sure she swallows three or four times before you finally finish.

It’s hard to move after an orgasm, especially one so early in the morning. You lie flat and limp on the bed while Hina crawls up to kiss you on the cheek, tenderly wrapping her arms around you. She feels nice and warm against you, and she smells like fabric softener.

On instinct, you reach down and grab a plush handful of her butt. You can move that much.

“Ah~! Good morning, Kokoro.”


“You don’t have any classes today, right?”


“… Not until three.”

“Ah, too bad for Alice then. She won’t be back for a whole two hours~” Hina hugs you tighter, wrapping her long legs around one of your own. You squeeze her ass a little harder.

… a delicious victory.
Oh my God, it's BSD!
File 145144699553.jpg - (146.31KB, 850x716, ac69f728ac5d7e1172add652b4c1fcbe.jpg) [iqdb]
Written with the fellow who does M4.

It was a small miracle that the doors stayed on their hinges when a blast of danmaku blew Nue into the Hakurei Shrine's altar room. They scarcely had time to swing shut before a second figure knocked them apart: a tall, green-haired spirit-woman, clothed in a pointed hat and flowing blue robes. Casting her staff onto the floor, she spread her arms wide and charged the black-haired youkai straight on.


Nue was suddenly caught from behind and tackled roughly to the ground, skidding a few feet over the floorboards. As soon as they came to a stop, Mima promptly resumed what she'd been doing before Nue attacked her - namely, grinding her large, soft chest against Nue's firm back, and nibbling the youkai's cute ear. Even with half of her ghostly body missing, Mima's soft weight was considerable; it took a good deal of grunting and struggling before the trembling Nue could throw her off and scramble away.

"C'mon, gorgeous, don't you wanna have a good time?" Mima called out.

"No! Go away!"

Not that Nue managed to get that far. Unlike the youkai, who was gasping for air and staggering towards the door, Mima was still as energetic and willful as the first time she grabbed Nue's ass. It helped that didn't have any legs at the moment; instead of wasting time untangling her limbs and getting up, Mima simply floated back upright and seized Nue's wrists from behind.

"You crazy witch! Get off me, I was just trying to deliver a message!" Nue shouted, struggling furiously. Despite all of the angry bluster, however, Mima couldn't take her captive seriously. The kid was just too cute; the black dress that hugged Nue's body was tight and skimpy, and just barely long enough to cover the youkai's plump, gyrating ass from view. The matching stockings were nice and taut on long, smooth legs, and even without a garter belt they did a perfect job of highlighting Nue's femininity. It contrasted quite well with how vicious Mima's prey was being. There wasn't any chance of overpowering Mima's magically-enhanced grip, but that didn't stop Nue from struggling against Mima's ghostly body. It wouldn't stop until Mima made it stop... so she tugged Nue's wrists back and stopped it, with a simple spell and a ringing click.

The sudden sound was loud and sharp, and even Nue froze once Mima pulled away from the magical handcuffs she'd just attached. The cuffs looked deceptively simple, made out of a dull, faintly-glowing blue steel, but not even a youkai could break them. The evil spirit stepped back a bit, all the better to watch Nue squirm against the wall and the handcuffs, before turning her captive around.

"C'mon, try and see things my way. I'm stuck hauntin' this old junk heap here, and Reimu sure ain't about to put out. It's not every day someone wanders in while no one's around..." Mima floated in closer, appraising Nue's face with a wide grin. The spirit's green eyes glowed bright with dangerous excitement, and Nue trembled lightly just trying to stand up to their intensity... but it was no more comfortable when Mima's eyes trailed downwards. Her gaze was almost tactile as it flowed down Nue's flat chest and wide, soft hips, lingering on the strip of pale skin between the dress and stockings. A teasingly sweet scent surrounded her well-endowed form, making Nue shiver with each breath. "... And even rarer to find such a cutie. Don't you worry, you're gonna get the VIP treatment~" Mima extended an arm to the side, drawing Nue's eyes to the pointed tips of her long, emerald-green nails. With a loud snap of her slender fingers, the spirit's body suddenly flashed a bright white.

"Agh!" Nue was forced to squint and turn away from the brilliant glow as Mima's soft moans filled the room. When the light finally subsided...

"Mmm, now we're talkin'." Mima stood proudly with her hands on her hips and her chest pushed out, dressed in an outfit that made Nue's short dress and stockings look like a winter coat. Her tall, peaked cap remained perched atop her head, but the rest had changed completely.

A short blue mantle around Mima's shoulders was all that remained of her long, flowing robe. The large, heavy breasts that her dress had teasingly outlined were now completely out in the open, with only a tiny micro-bikini to cover them. Pink areolae peeked around the tiny triangles of star-adorned fabric, which were pulled taut enough to clearly reveal the shape of her round, hard nipples. The straps were clearly too short for her as well, nearly invisible as they sunk liberally into the heaving plush of her chest. Her smooth, toned stomach was bare beneath that, with its hourglass curve shamelessly flaunted.

MIma was clearly fit, but stopped short of showing any obvious muscle. Her mound of Venus was well-defined, contrasting sharply with the motherly swell of her hips. Only its nadir was hidden, covered by a two-inch-long blue skirt. That flimsy garment was easily lifted away by Mima's huge, throbbing cock, revealing the thin blue G-string that barely covered her pussy. A blue garter was tied around one of her thighs, squeezing the meaty flesh ever so slightly, but nothing else to covered her long, supple legs - not until her feet, where two sets of blue straps crisscrossed her shins to secure a pair of blue sandals. A small yellow bow was tied over each of her firm calves, barely sinking into the dense muscle...

Wait, she had a cock?

Nue's eyes shot back up to the woman's crotch. Sure enough, a massive shaft stood erect, with a heavy pair of balls hanging just over the rim of the woman's underwear. Nue hadn't even processed it at first - nobody would expect such a bombshell to have something like that - but there it was, throbbing and leaking precum right before the youkai's eyes.

"Hey, my breasts are up here, you know."

Nue's head rocketed back up, cheeks quickly flushing with embarrassment... but now it was Mima who was glancing down, grinning wickedly at the young youkai's crotch.

"Ohh, I see. You've got one too, huh? No wonder you were interested."

"N-no, I'm not a-!" Nue protested.

"C'mon, there's no hiding that thing." Mima leaned in, making her breasts nearly engulf her undersized bikini, and flipped up the youkai's skirt with a small flick of her wrist. Sure enough, there was a cock under there as well, though it only looked to be half the size of Mima's. It was shorter and thinner several degrees, and it lacked the intense hardness that left Mima's glans and veins bulging with arousal. A thin trickle of precum had reached down to the youkai's round scrotum, though it paled in comparison to the steady flow that poured down Mima's burly shaft and clearly-defined balls. Even the woman's pheromones were stronger; the smell of precum mixed with Mima's thick, womanly musk and left Nue's knees shaking.

"Pretty impressive for a kid your age. You're gonna drive all the girls crazy when you're older." Mima smiled as she took a closer look at Nue's cock. Just cradling the shaft in her hand was enough to force weak moans past Nue's lips, and even Nue's thin precum coated Mima's palm in seconds. It wasn't completely erect quite yet, but a few kisses, or even just some extra stroking, would be more than enough to coax Nue to play along.

Mima began with a gentle squeeze, prodding her hard nails across her captive's delicate shaft, but she stopped when she noticed where Nue's eyes were focused. "Oh? My, are you jealous?" Even though Mima had put her proud, luscious breasts on full display, held in place by the thinnest, flimsiest fabric Nue had ever seen, the youkai's gaze was completely focused on the spirit's thicker, harder cock.

"...What? Wait, no, I'm just-!"

"Hey, I understand. Even if you have one of your own, mine is pretty gorgeous." Mima's laughter was as rich and smooth as the rest of her, as she finally let go of Nue's cock to grab her own. Despite the constant denials, Nue seemed incapable of looking away from the witch's throbbing, sculpted length. The rich precum that flowed from Mima's tip had left a thick glaze all over her veined cock, outlining each delicate contour as Mima gave herself a few teasing strokes. Her bright green nails were quickly painted over with cloudy liquid... and then thrust into the youkai's inviting pink mouth.

"Mmmm-mmmh!?" Instinct beat reason to the punch, and Nue couldn't resist moaning at the hot, gooey taste of Mima's arousal. Nue couldn't keep from swallowing, either... and the slow gulps left Mima smiling wider than ever. The witch didn't even give her partner a chance to yelp before she thrust her hips forward to grind against Nue's girlish form. The poor youkai was sandwiched between the shrine's thick wooden walls and Mima's soft body, with no way to get any sort of leverage. All struggling did was grind their hips, and their cocks, together.

Mima was moaning into Nue's ear now, and not a single bit of it was exaggerated. She could feel Nue's cock throbbing against her, radiating a sticky heat that was only enhanced by their mixed precum. Their hard cocks were both terribly sensitive, and the hot friction of their shafts rubbing against another sent sparks of pleasure up their spines. She could feel Nue panting against her neck, even leaning onto her shoulder for support - if it wasn't for the wall and Mima herself, Nue would have slid right down.

That was easily fixed; all Mima needed to do was slide her hands down from the wall and cup Nue's thick, juicy cheeks. The witch chuckled with approval as she felt her fingers sink into Nue's meaty ass, and the first few experimental gropes were rewarded with even more moans from the virgin youkai. Just a few firm squeezes was enough to force Nue to tense up - and throb harder than ever, pushing Mima's cock back a tiny bit. The floor between their legs was slick with hot, dripping juices, and even the hems of their clothing were stained with errant trails of fluid.

Soon enough, Nue had stopped randomly flailing, and instead began to push back in time with Mima's own bucking. The extra pressure had Mima happily moaning, and Nue's pitiful whimpers were becoming sharper and needier with every desperate thrust. The sticky slapping of their cocks and thighs was enough to desecrate any holy place, let alone the small altar room they were in, and as the fragrant, burning musk of sex filled the air, Mima stole Nue's lips, and had a taste of herself in the process.

"Mmmm... Mm?" Mima's predatory moaning halted just seconds into the kiss. There wasn't any fault with Nue's mouth - it was just as soft and warm as expected - but something was amiss with the youkai's chest. They were pressed together there as well now, and Mima had expected to feel a petite, sensitive pair of breasts flattening beneath the weight of her massive chest...

"Waaait a minute."

Mima slid a hand down past the bottom of Nue's plump ass, reaching between the youkai's legs... where there was no pussy to be found. Nue seized up almost completely, looking on in terror as a wide smirk formed on Mima's face.

"Ahaa, so that's your game."


"Just dressin' like a girl to fit in, huh?"

"That's right, so let me go!" Nue shouted, his face redder than ever. He grunted and started to struggle again, but the bombshell had no intention of releasing him.

"Well, I would, but..." Mima nodded downwards. The one part of Nue that hadn't seized up was his hips - and those were still gently moving, seemingly against his will, continuing to grind his hard length into the spirit's thick, meaty shaft. Mima pushed her hips forward in a long, rolling grind, forcing a high-pitched moan from Nue as his cock was pressed back into his stomach. "... You seem to be enjoying this an awful lot."

"Nngh... A-anyone would, if a girl--!"

"Alright, alright, I got it. You're a boy, so I'll treat you like one."

Nue's cock drew a thin line of precum over Mima's skin as she descended to her knees. She didn't need to adjust her tiny bikini for him; his cock simply slipped between her huge, plushy breasts, disappearing from view completely when she pressed her chest forward. The tips of her breasts flattened readily against Nue's smooth, pale skin - but that compression was transmitted straight to his cock when she hugged her arms around both her breasts and his hips, crushing his shaft from every angle with dense, doughy pressure.


Mima heard a small clank as Nue's back arched, his spasming arms pulling the cuffs taut. His cock clenched and twitched forcefully between her breasts, and a small dribble of precum leaked out of her squished cleavage. Wrapped and molded so tightly around him, her breasts could feel every detail of his throbbing length, every little vein pulsing with heat as he hardened even further. At the same time, hugging his waist had put her hands over his wide ass once again - and she wasted no time tightly closing her fingers, driving a second tremor through his body when she mauled those plump, sensitive cheeks.

"Sheesh. Even when I have your cock between my tits, it's still hard to believe you're a boy." Mima smirked up at her captive, winking as his hips weakly twitched. Any sort of movement at all stimulated his cock from base to tip, making it clench up deliciously as he moaned in a faint, girlish voice.

Hugging tightly against the boy, Mima began to teasingly slide her chest up and down. Nue's precum may not have matched the sheer amount that dripped to the floor from Mima's tip, but there was enough to thoroughly lubricate a cock his size. Soon, the fluid was leaking out of Mima's cleavage as well, smearing his waist and adding a lewd squishing sound to the spirit's titfuck. His penis stayed completely enveloped whether she loosened or tightened her grip, the only difference being whether she lovingly cradled or forcefully crushed him with her huge, pillowy bust.

"I mean, I can't even lick the tip while I'm doin' this."

Mima constantly varied the strength of her squeezes, for both Nue's cock and his ass, but she never slowed down one bit. Nue's voice only climbed higher and higher as her titfuck intensified, his moans and pleas becoming increasingly slurred. If he ever tried to pull his hips back, Mima only had to give his ass another sharp, lustful squeeze to cage him in her chest once again. Her kneading and stroking came faster and faster, the luxurious pressure of her warm, soft chest turning Nue's legs to jelly.

"Aaahh... I'm, I'm gonna--!" Nue exclaimed, his back arching and his head tilting back.

"Oh, no you don't." Mima twirled her finger in a tight, quick circle, conjuring a small cloud of blue sparks in the air. They followed her finger as she brought it beneath her chest - and when she tapped the base of Nue's cock with a nailtip, the sparks surrounded it and solidified.

"Ahh-Hiiih?!" Just as Nue's first shot was about to burst out, a steel ring formed and tighened around his cock. It was made of the same material as the cuffs Mima had put on him - and by the same token, it was just as unbreakable. His red eyes shot wide open as his jaw squeezed shut, and he nearly doubled over as his cock was wracked with painful, yet intoxicating tension.

"Wh-huh? Why...?"

"Please, you got 'one and done' written all over you. I can't let you blow until I've had my fill."
File 145144704671.jpg - (443.80KB, 810x1080, 51075788_p0_master1200.jpg) [iqdb]
With the cockring squeezing tight on Nue's thick shaft, there was no way he'd be able to cum properly. And with his shaft still buried in her chest, he was beginning to beg, his sweet girlish voice echoing in the room as he helplessly bucked his hips. Mima couldn't keep her eyes off him, not when the poor thing was so delightfully plaintive. Feeling his cock throb with need only made her own harder than ever, and even the green-haired witch had the urge to rub their shafts together again and see just how much he'd grown...

But the throbbing of Mima's cock was wracking her whole body, and Nue's beauty demanded a proper fucking. With a snap of her fingers, Mima summoned a plain plastic bottle into existence; the sound, alongside the faint creaking of wooden boards, was Nue's only warning before his tormentor jumped to her feet and grabbed him by the arms. Nue couldn't possibly hope to fight back; his body was limp with pleasure as Mima bent him over the shrine's empty altar.

"Reimu probably wouldn't like me doing this here," Mima mused, as she caught the taut hem of Nue's dress with her polished nails. "But you don't mind, do you?" Not that she waited for a response - instead, she simply began to drag the youkai's clothing up his slender back, running her sharpened nails up his spine and revealing his soft, plump ass in the process. It was gorgeously pale from top to bottom, and as smooth as any girl's. With the child-rearing hips framing his peachy cleavage, and the high pitched whimpers leaving Nue's throat, he was the perfect picture of an innocent little girl... except for the hot, aching cock pointed downbetween his legs, and the hefty pair of balls cradled between his soft thighs.

With one orgasm skillfully deferred, Nue's shaft was starting to look genuinely presentable. The richly colored blue of the ring stood out in contrast to Nue's porcelain skin, and as time passed his cock would only get thicker and harder. Nue himself was shaking now, the mix of fear, pleasure, and frustration leaving him completely powerless. All he could do was whimper... and shriek, as something cold as ice splattered onto his ass.

Mima was rewarded with a few more squeals whenever she squeezed her plastic bottle, sending shot after shot of thick, slick lube onto Nue's sensitive cheeks. Gravity took care of the rest; thick trails of lube were soon running down the curve of Nue's ass, leaving his skin gleaming in the dim light. There was more work to be done for proper anal, but Mima didn't mind the preperation. Not when it meant grabbing Nue's delicate hips and thrusting her cock between his cheeks.

Mima's cock was practically radiating warmth, and Nue couldn't stop himself from clenching his ass around it. Compared to the ice cold lube, that hot, thick cock felt like heaven, and the poor boy's shrieks soon turned into moans as Mima began to thrust.

"You're just a little degenerate, ain'tcha? Boys shouldn't feel good from havin' a cock press into their butt, you know..." Mima never stopped teasing him as she lubed up his ass, and she did more than simply thrust between his cheeks. With her hands dug so possessively into his ass, it was child's play to spread him, revealing both his deep cleavage and the tight, puckering rosebud hidden away. Underneath her fingers, she could feel Nue trying and failing to clench his body, fighting against her grip with all of his might.

It was adorable and annoying in equal measure. Struggling was all well and good, but she needed him to relax if they were going to get anywhere. A number of options came to mind, both magical and mundane, but only one fit the mood perfectly.

"Sorry, kid, but if you're not gonna calm down...~"

Instead of hypnotizing Nue with her magic, or using another potion to relax his muscles, Mima used the oldest trick in the book. She reared back her hand, and with one quick swing, spanked Nue hard on the ass.

"Eeeeek!" The boy' arched his back and yelped... which only encouraged his tormentor. As Mima continued to abuse her boytoy, she alternated between his cheeks, making sure to switch so that Nue wouldn't go numb from the repeated smacks. Soon, his pale ass was decorated with red palmprints all over, and even a gentle, soothing massage from the spirit's lube-soaked hands left Nue writhing and exhausted. He was too tired to fight back; tensing up even the slightest bit was agonizing, and all of Nue's dwindling energy was focused on getting more air into his lungs. All of his cries had left his throat parched and hoarse - even his whimpers were faint, and Mima could only hear them if she strained her ears.

But now, Nue's ass was more malleable than ever, and Mima started to soothe the pain with soft, loving gropes while her tip prodded into Nue's virgin entrance. The witch's cock was covered in lube, but even then Nue's ass was wonderfully tight. Mima could barely get her tip in before she needed to pull out, but just the smallest taste of the boy's softness and heat was enough to urge Mima on. She assaulted his cheeks with deep, lascivious squeezes, forcing bountiful amounts of the boy's soft pink flesh to bulge between her fingers.

Soon, her tip spent more time inside Nue than out. The constant, teasing stimulation was too much to handle, and soon even the tight rim of Nue's virgin ass was forced to relax to the point where Mima could fill him whenever she wanted. That was just the beginning for Mima, but it seemed that all the groping and teasing has taken its toll on the boy.

"Ahh, no... I'm... I'm...!"

It took Mima only a moment to grab Nue's wrists and pull them back. Before Nue could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by Mima's bitchbreaker cock spearing deep into his ass - and instead he screamed, as Mima's cock stretched his lubed walls to their limit, and his own cock throbbed against the ring's merciless tightness. It left Nue spasming all over, and he could hear Mima blisffully groan as his tight walls squeezed and milked her massive shaft.

Even when the pressure around his cock began to peter out, Nue couldn't help but pant and squirm from Mima's embrace. He could feel her still throbbing inside him, scraping his walls and molding him to the shape of her cock in the process. His pillowy, spanked cheeks were just as sensitive too, and feeling the weight of Mima's womanly hips as they pressed against him left him moaning like a virgin girl.

"Oh, did you cum?" Mima asked, letting go of Nue's left hand to reach around to the front. Nue was so dazed that he let his hand go limp, but feeling Mima's slick fingers cradling his balls left the boy whimpering and shaking his hips once again. Of course, without anything to push off of, all Nue did was pleasure Mima's cock more, sliding it in and out of his ass as he tried to buck himself off the thick, powerful length.

It would take far more to get Mima to cum, but that didn't make Nue any less enjoyable. Even though most of his attention was on the thick throbbing buried inside his plump ass, Nue was still able to balance on tiptoes to support his own weight. Without it, he'd be completely impaled on Mima's monstrous shaft, turned into the witch's personal buttslut...and as the thought entered his head, Nue felt a sick pleasure surge through his ass and length.

By now, Nue's precum had started to dry, and it was only Mima's lubed fingers that kept Nue hard and slick. She didn't even move her hips to pull out or thrust deeper inside - instead, she stood completely still, and gently tortured Nue's manhood with gleaming fingers and richly colored nails. It was just a matter of time before Nue began to do all the work for the futanari... and sure enough, the pretty boy began to rock back and forth on the balls of his feet, thrusting his abused cock into Mima's hand - and helping her thicker, manlier cock pound his yielding ass in the process.

Once Nue began to surrender, Mima gripped his hips and began to fuck his soft, pillowy bottom harder in earnest. She was supposed to be a magician, but she had plenty of strength to call on - enough to pull back and slam into Nue's asshole again and again, no matter how tightly it squeezed against her cock. The pressure around her penis never let up, but the tension elsewhere in Nue's body did; whether he liked it or not, the pleasure was steadily taming him.

"Say..." Mima leaned in and whispered into Nue's ear, still slowly thrusting. "...I hear that boys have a weak spot in their ass. Would you happen to know anything about that~?"


Mima had already figured by watching Nue's reactions - he tightened up and moaned especially hard when her thick shaft ground over a certain part of his asshole, just behind his cock. She'd been going easy on it so far, but now...

"I think it's supposed to be... right around... here!" Mima declared, slamming her cock in once again. Her engorged tip struck right into Nue's prostate, and the full meaty length of her cock ground over it right after. She could just picture Nue's eyes rolling up as he threw his head back and shrieked, his girlish muscles tightening all over before going limp. It sent a thrill running throughout Mima's entire body - that single thrust left Nue's cock so much harder than any of her stroking had ever managed.

"Ah, you held on," Mima whispered, slowly pulling back out. Nue almost smiled, until he realized that Mima's cock was lined up in the exact same way. "But, I bet if I did it again..."


Nue's entire body clenched up as Mima ravished his prostate again, putting an intense amount of pressure on Mima's cock - but still failing to budge it. Mima felt the convulsions that wracked his curvy form, and saw the mad twitching of his cock as it struggled to get a load past the magically-tightened seal. It was just as futile as the last few times, though, and Nue was left with an unberable ache in his cock and balls once again.

"Mmm... If you're tryin' to make me lose interest in you, you're doin' an awful poor job~" Mima reached down and grabbed the backs of the youkai's knees, then yanked him off the ground in a simple motion. Nue's head landed softly between Mima's soft, cozy breasts as his feet left the floor, putting his full weight atop the spirit's hard, thick cock.

Now, Mima worked both her arms and hips to work, pulling her cock out while lifting Nue off before thrusting and dropping him at once. The resulting impact made both of them cry out, Nue's body tightening with incredible force before going slack once again. "Stop it! Stoppit! Lemme go!" he wailed.

"Heh." Mima paused her movements for a moment, leaving herself buried inside Nue as she nipped his ear. "Didn't you notice? I took the cuffs off a while ago."

"Ah?!" Nue wrenched his arms in disbelief - and sure enough, they swung out in front of him.

"Well, go on. If you hate it so much, get away!" Mima laughed, pulling out just slowly enough to make Nue shiver from head to toe. The youkai's eyes flashed with anger, and he raised his fists to push her off - but the moment she slammed back into his tight, sensitive ass, his arms fell limp at his sides. His angry growl turned into a submissive moan - and try as he might, he couldn't muster any strength, not when the pleasure mercilessly assaulted him. "Thought so~"

With that, the rambunctious youkai was tamed at last. Mima laid back down on the floor and hugged her arms around Nue's hourglass waist, making herself a full-body pillow for the cute boy atop her. She could still thrust just fine from below in this position, and Nue was free to buck his hips as well - which he did with shameless enthusiasm, driving Mima's massive cock deeper and deeper into his ass.

Even if he'd given in, the pleasure was still too much for Nue to handle. A single thrust over his prostate brought him near to the edge, and his thoroughly-lubed ass had been stretched wide enough for Mima to pound it with impunity. While the boy was wracked by one orgasm after another, Mima savored the slowly-rising pressure in her cock as Nue's hot, tight walls massaged her. After so many failed orgasms, Nue's balls were nearly the size of Mima's; both sets bounced with each loud smack of their hips, easily matching the forceful twitching and shuddering of Nue's bound cock. Mima could have stroked his penis while they fucked, but there wasn't any need - not when simply scratching his frenulum could drive him right to the edge. Even a girl's clitoris wasn't that sensitive, and Mima couldn't torment and frustrate any girl quite like this...

"Oh, I'm gonna get addicted~"

"Ah?" Nue moaned weakly.

Mima chuckled in reply, bouncing her pillowy chest around Nue's head. "Oh, nothing. I think I'm gonna cum now."

That made the youkai bolt back to awareness. "Eh? I-inside...?!"

"Well, obviously. You'll take care of the outside." Mima reached down and tapped the ring around Nue's cock... and just like that, it vanished. The boy hissed and clenched up instantly, treating Mima to a heavenly tightness for her to thrust against as she went over the edge at last...

"Hyahhhhhhn!" Nue cried out and arched his back, shooting out the thickest ribbon of seed he'd ever released - one that splattered right onto his face and chest with a hot, messy splash. Then he felt the Mima's thick length seize up as well, and an even larger, thicker burst of hot, sticky cum exploded deep inside him.

"Mmmmn!" Mima moaned in pure delight as her own orgasm took over. Nue's body tightened with every shot he let out, massaging Mima with an intensity that she'd never felt from any girl. No matter how much she let out, Nue's tight walls kept squeezing down on her sensitive shaft and milking out even more. His body was coated in seed by the time his backed-up balls had finally emptied, and Mima's cum was leaking out in thick streams, trailing down the curve of her cock in the process.

Finally, after a dozen oversized spurts of cum and several minutes of blissful afterglow, Mima rolled over and pulled out her softened length. The boy's asshole was left gaping open, cum pouring out onto the floorboards, and his cock was completely limp. The deep red handprints still hadn't left his pale cheeks, completing the image of his defeat as he lie on the ground with his ass in the air.

"Phew... Wow, that was a great fuck. You're gonna have to come by more often, kid~" After she'd taken her time enjoying the sight, Mima pulled the dazed boy into her arms. Nue's dress had been ruined with lrage, thick cum-stains, but Mima was hardly wearing anything at all. She barely minded the gooey warmth as their bodies pressed together, nestling Nue's head between her large, soft breasts. Even though he'd just been violated so thoroughly, Nue couldn't keep from nuzzling into Mima's warm, soft figure.

But then, the quiet was suddenly shattered by the sound of a door slamming open.

"Mima! What in the hell do you think you're doing!?" a new voice shrieked. Mima and Nue both looked over to see Reimu standing in the doorway, her knuckles white as she gripped the doorframe in one hand and her gohei in the other.

I was kind of disappointed it wasn't a huge cocked Mima plowing a boy Marisa's asshole until he could't walk, then immobilizing him with magic while she anally violates him with a bundle of brooms and writes crude sex things on his ass.
File 145147023259.jpg - (57.85KB, 582x444, ls72gokd0y-t.jpg) [iqdb]
Futadom on male?

I could get used to this!
Futadom on male. YES!

Futadom on male?

Apparently it's more likely than you think round these here parts. Good job.
I just realized Mima didn't even let Nue squirt between her (Mima's) breasts here. Man she should've let him cum between her tits at least!
The biggest dissapointment is that Nue didn't get a shot at Mima's ghost pussy.
Yeah it really is.

I kinda want to see Reimu comforting Nue here after this. Or Byakuren.
Mima's a pretty selfish partner it seems.
Yay? Does he get a prize?
I'm bisexual, thank you very much.
That feel when everything I write is obscure and niche fetish smut.

But maybe I'll try something for this thread.
I want Nue to continue being treated like a sex sleeve by Mima, her magical essence pouring into him every time they fuck, influencing his physiology so his hips start growing wider, his thighs get more plump, and he starts growing a ripe pair of beasts while his prostate becomes even more sensitive to the feeling of cock pounding against it
I don't think Reimu would let Mima do that. Heck Reimu will probably heal Nue's ravaged ass and such.

I'd be down to read it
I can only get so erect man!
File 145261331967.png - (1.02MB, 700x994, 925cdf89cd656f19ddfc5811cb7a796a.png) [iqdb]
Flowers or ideas. Which do I prefer? I guess it’d depend on how well both are portrayed.

Also. I don’t think I’ll post every story here at once. I completed several shorts at the same time, this one being the first. So I think I’ll consider this part of a series I’ll call “After Week New Year’s Series of Shorts”, or to be relevant to Touhou, “Last Year’s Eastern Memories”. I don’t know. Names are being names, and with extra time, I'll read through my stuff again. Now I’ll be quiet.


She opens the door to their home, and without a moment lost, I take her lips. The kiss, chaste and light. It is how she prefers to start. The more unsightly acts will come later.

“Kaguya.” She whispers before we come together again. I cannot quite identify any emotion from her one utterance.

Fujiwara no Mokou. I have seen much in this endless life. I have experienced many types of pains and pleasures. It is not as though I do not know of this particular happening.

How it feels to betray one’s love.

Mokou kisses me several times, retreating and advancing, closing and opening her eyes. Though receptive of her ministrations, I simply wait for her to stop. If I have learned to tolerate one thing, it is that Mokou seems to enjoy acting as though we were truly lovers. Perhaps the thrill is that much greater for her? I admit I find the rush in my chest a source of delight. Mokou casts her gaze over my shoulder.

“Is she…?”

I flick my eyes behind me, though I cannot see Eirin. It is a literal question, not one of confirmation.

“Yes.” I answer. “Is something the matter?”

Perhaps I finally introduce something Mokou will not perform. She knows well that Eirin and I share a mutual relationship. I told her so after one of our sessions. Well. If that is the case….

“Eirin.” I prompt as I expected. “You are not upset by this, are you?”

Eirin walks beside me and places a kiss on my cheek.

“Not at all.”

Mokou swallows. She’s excited. I will assume that to be the case.

“Show us in.” I remove my sandals, waiting for Eirin to do the same.

I believe Mokou utters “follow me” while she takes us to her…their, room. I sit just outside of the room and remove my socks. Eirin does as well.

“So…How are we going to—?”

Mokou does not finish speaking before I walk in front of her and place another kiss on her lips. I insert my tongue, running it over hers.

Eirin’s hands roam over and into Mokou’s clothes, grabbing her breasts as she nibbles on one of her ears. Mokou releases a pitiful moan as her legs give way. As she falls to her knees, I give Mokou a moment to catch her breath.

“Why do you even ask? Do you think us unfamiliar to the pleasures of the flesh?”

“No, I…Rrrgh….” Mokou falls back into Eirin’s embrace as her words are forgotten.

I observe as Eirin’s fingers massage Mokou under her clothes, pinching and circling her nipples. Eirin takes her lips when the girl turns her head. From the small gap between their mouths, Mokou hesitates before allowing their tongues to meet. At the edge of the bed, I shift my legs on top of the blanket to approach Mokou. I take both of her legs and raise one to undo the lower half of her clothes while Eirin removes her share above.

“Have you two done anything after last time?”

Assuming Mokou to know of what I speak, I say these words before planting a kiss on the inner of her bare thigh. She winces and groans as Eirin’s teeth graze her neck.

“We…we have….”

“How many?”



Her skin is rough, and I can taste a hint of tea leaves. Made by that girl, no doubt. Eirin’s fingers mesh into the small mounds that are Mokou’s chest. With a look at Eirin, I pull Mokou closer to her sleeping place so that I am almost sitting on a pillow. I always wonder which of the two has slept on it last when she invites me here.

Eirin and I lay Mokou down for a moment to remove our clothes. When we finish, Mokou stares at my face, and her eyes plead to me.


I cannot help but laugh at the failed calling of my name.

“A guilty conscience?” I part Mokou’s legs, sliding my hands up along the inside of her legs toward her womanhood. Eirin mimics my actions, running hers down from Mokou’s arms, then to her hips and waist. “Do not be. Not when you were and still are the first to commit to this.”

Without a warning, I run my tongue along her folds. Or more precisely, Eirin and I kiss atop her womanhood. Mokou moans disgracefully as the sides of my tongue trace her sides, and sometimes I nip at her folds. As I move up, the tip of my tongue meets with Eirin’s as she flicks her own across Mokou’s most sensitive spot, the small nub that has surfaced. The both of us alternate turning our heads sideways to properly pleasure Mokou, stopping now and again to kiss her here and there. Mokou does not last long before her orgasm, shivering for a moment before going limp.

Her first for tonight.

I rise to share a kiss with Eirin, trading the illusory sweet taste of the girl below us. When we pull apart, I cast a glance at Mokou.

“Finished so soon?” A thought crosses my mind. “Are you left so unsatisfied by that girl that you cannot last but a few days without another’s touch?”

Mokou does not stop staring into the empty room. I mount one of her legs and lie on Mokou, my stomach now on her waist.

“Tend to Eirin while I please myself.”

Eirin crawls backward until she hovers above Mokou’s face. I slide myself across her knee, shiver as I move over her thigh, and finally gasp when I meet with Mokou’s entrance. Despite there being a third party, she knows to lift her right leg over my left. As I begin to rock to and fro, Eirin takes a sharp breath when Mokou begins moving her tongue.

I wonder, Keine Kamishirasawa. How would you react to seeing Mokou right now?

I breathe in rhythm with my rocking. I reach with my left arm to raise Mokou’s right leg, kissing the side, biting when Mokou doesn’t respond. Mokou groans in pain, but continues to suck and flick her tongue inside of Eirin. My body grows warmer at the sight. It amuses me to take advantage of Mokou’s willingness for adopting a passive nature in bed. Amusing, and therefore arousing. I am grateful for her initial talk, informing me of her small fetishes. The small joys she shares with that woman to pleasure herself.

Eirin leans forward and reaches for me. She takes my cheek in one hand and beckons me toward her. I allow her to explore my mouth as I continue pushing my waist against Mokou. I can hear her muffled shouts as Eirin presses herself against the girl underneath. So, Mokou begins grinding her hips left and right. It takes a few moments for her and me to align ourselves so that our folds brush against each other on every movement.

I throw my head back and moan into the noise of muffled grunts and Eirin’s groans. I squeeze harder on the underside of Mokou’s thigh with every shock that runs through my body. The shocks come with the sight of Eirin reaching down to squeeze the tips of Mokou’s breasts. Now I take hold of Mokou’s leg with both hands.

“Do you enjoy this pleasure? Indulging in the pleasures of the flesh with two women while your loved one is away?”

I know she won’t answer. Not until I prod at her guilty desire further.

“Does your current pleasure stain the bed more than it does with her?” I breathe into her leg. My fingernails curve and trail down her leg. “I can feel it. How aroused you are. Even more so than before. Perhaps you expected this progression? Would you like it if I invited more? We could add another.”

Perhaps that is a lie, considering that rabbit’s interests. But Mokou’s hips push up and she releases a long moan.

“That excites you, doesn’t it?” I continue. I nip behind her leg, teeth pinching the skin. “And perhaps in the future, we could start using toys. Maybe you’d like to simulate a man’s pleasure with me? Then I could return the favor after you’ve finished ravaging me?” I press my teeth harder. “Perhaps you’d like to skip straight to an orgy service? Or dare I say it, be violated by many at once?”

Mokou’s utters a yelp, and Eirin gasps in pleasure while encouraging my words with a quick kiss.

“Or maybe you’ve decided to end your little play entirely.” I peck toward her knee, teasing her skin with the tip of my tongue. Mokou’s groans are consumed by Eirin’s womanhood, which begin to leak her secretions. “Maybe you’d like to be caught this instant. And then you’d reach the throes of pleasure while she watches. Can you see it? The look on her face as you peak, writhing under the body of who you despise and her faithful aide? ”

With a grunt and a scream of release, Mokou’s body thrashes, nearly throwing me off of her body. Unlike her low utterance, I release a sweeter scream of release as the waves of pleasure crash through me. Every wave intensifies as we continue to brush our folds against each other. My mind’s eye flashes white without end.

I hear Eirin’s voice as well. There are muffled shouts and grunts, but I pay them no mind. The waves die down as my movements slow, yet I savor every lingering movement before the sensations dull. When they do, I cease to move. The soothing calm flows over my skin and through my body as I stare at the ceiling.

Eirin lifts herself from her place, and I glance down at Mokou’s face. I would imagine a trail of liquid to be dripping from the corner of her mouth, if not her own saliva. And normally, she should be looking at me. But I admire the mix of shame, satisfaction, and nothingness in her eyes. The guilt is as expected. After all, some part of her must still loathe her own willingness to betray. Dwarfed as it is against her despicable want for sex.

And yet she will continue to do so.


She sits up and moves toward me. I lie back onto the pillow, previously unused until now.


“Let me.”

“Of course. But.”

“`But`, what?”

I look toward Eirin, who is already crawling behind her. I comfort Mokou with a smile.

“Perhaps you’d like to indulge in something else, as well?”

Mokou has no time to wonder or ask what I know is coming as Eirin places one hand on her shoulder. The other—


That is all Mokou says before she screams. What is greater, the revolting delight or largely uncomfortable shock, even I cannot discern.

“Focus.” Is all I say before Mokou looks back down at me.

Mokou’s eyes are unsteady as she moves a hand toward my womanhood. “But…this….Why…?”

I have only ever allowed Eirin to penetrate my other orifice with a finger. Despite that limitation, she has come to be quite experienced at it. Of course, since Mokou is new to such an act, perhaps the pleasure will be supplementary at best.

Not that it will be a problem.

“Come.” I take hold of Mokou’s wrist as I snake my other hand toward her own womanhood.

I lead Mokou to act as I push two fingers in while Mokou bends two of hers inside of me. One of her eyes narrows as she lurches forward in tandem with Eirin’s finger.

“This is…weird.” Mokou grunts and her eyes shoot open. I suppose Eirin has pushed her entire finger inside.

I laugh at her virgin reactions. Mokou finally decides to close her eyes as she tries to thrust her fingers in and out in a steady pace. I return the favor by fully withdrawing to massage her nub while pulling out before thrusting in again. Eirin seems pleased with unceremoniously humping the back of Mokou’s leg. She times her movements with penetrating Mokou.

“I assume,” I press my forehead against Mokou’s, “you’ve never indulged two places at once with her? Much less that place?”

“No. I’m not....”

“You would question Eirin’s actions, but not your own?”

Mokou kisses me. An appropriate response. Aside from the lack of comfort, her eyes are filled with a satisfaction that I understand well. A satisfaction that, as her tongue flicks up and then down against mine, can only be understood when given such a life. And perhaps that is also why Eirin, whose breathing now matches her hip’s movements, has decided to join me tonight.

Mokou kisses me deeper. Either Eirin’s ministrations now please her body, or likely because Mokou reaches the limits of her resistance. The wetness between our legs and the tight grasp that both she and I have around our fingers are proof of our approaching orgasms. I pull away to breathe while Mokou groans. Her eyes are shut, the pleasure assaulting her front and back likely overwhelming her senses.

And thus, I begin my words to her.

“Again, this night.” I whisper as I stare at Mokou.


I continue as Eirin starts to sing her release. “You will betray her again.”

“Don’t!” Mokou struggles to speak as she moans.

“And in this endless eternity….” I join the chorus as I release a few shorts gasps. Mokou’s fingers now move in a fevered pace, a useless attempt to silence me. “…You indulge yourself in something that can never be found again.”

There is that instant where it seems time itself has stopped, an illusion created from our simultaneous cease of breathing. I take in the picture in front of me as it is presented. Mokou, her sweat and forehead on my chest, and her face contorted from the sensations only she feels at the moment. Eirin, her eyes shut, though the small, repeated movements of her arm tell much of her efforts behind Mokou’s body. I cannot tell, or choose not to differentiate, whose legs are whose, except that they are a mess of tangled ecstasy and desire. But that sight brings clarity to this situation. That we are simply three women indulging…no, who have indulged, upon someone’s treachery.

I arch my back as Mokou screams, her breath a scorching heat on my breast. Eirin rests her head upon Mokou’s shoulder. Yet the combined weight does not stop my body from rising above the sheets below. Warmth flows out of me and onto Mokou’s hand. Mokou, in turn, squeezes the length of my fingers as I continue to please her. My movements continue as she rides my hand and I hers. Our other hands grab and clench the sheets beside each other, tearing at the fabric to help release the desire coursing through our veins. Eirin suddenly pushes her body toward ours, pinning Mokou to myself. I feel Eirin grind herself against Mokou’s leg now and again, and something warm falls onto my leg underneath theirs. Though Mokou and I are too sensitive to move our fingers any longer, Mokou cries out in rhythm to Eirin’s continued violation of her other orifice. And with a low hum from Mokou’s throat, all movements slow to a stop.

Mokou grunts in discomfort as Eirin withdraws her hand to pet the poor girl’s backside. My breath trails past Mokou’s ear as I hear hers beside my own.

“She won’t be home tonight, will she?” I whisper.

Mokou’s cheek touches my own ear, as I hear her breath on the fabric below. “…No. She’s busy somewhere else.”

“That is all I need to know.”

“I don’t want you to stay.”

The words are not true. To clarify, they are filled with regret.

“Hm.” I admire the ceiling. “It is good that we are here then, isn’t it?”

Eirin runs her hand along the blankets and my hair. “It would have been a lonely night otherwise, would it not?”

Mokou does not respond to this. She slides herself to my right, while Eirin moves so that Mokou is between us. The girl does not release my arm, letting her arms remain entwined with it.

“But I must ask.” Eirin says. “Why?”

“Yes.” I muse while Mokou’s gaze trails down toward my body, but not actually staring at any part of me. “Why?”

I know the answer. And Mokou knows well that I know.

“Do you revel in the pleasure? You certainly do not like me.” I bring my palm to her chin, tracing her lips with my thumb. “You do not feel pleasure in the act of sex by itself. Yet you enjoy it with her. And though you could choose any other person, man or woman, you chose me. Please explain to Eirin if you could.”

Mokou remains unmoving in her expression. A reaction to commend.

“Is it the knowledge of knowing you are betraying her?” I lower my hand to one of her breasts, harassing it. “Betraying her with someone you loathe?”

More silence. The sadist in me cannot stop.


Then she answers. With all the hate she has directed toward me in the past, she regrets her own truth. The awkward words that define her very reason for her own atrocity.

“Because…I wanted to.”
File 145293484679.jpg - (101.86KB, 850x638, sample-2d1b13802c98b2ea4f22bc5008142e44.jpg) [iqdb]
There’s sweet. And there’s dirty. So would it be trying to be sweet and dirty? Or dirty and sweet? Hmmmm…well, I guess turned out sweeter than I thought.


In the field of flowers that are like an illusion, Yuuka walks along the path. It is an endless path, but one she knows well. Not because it is a place Yuuka is familiar with. True, but not the purpose for this reality within a dream.

Yes, that is what it is. To reach this place, one has to dream. When they do, they enter a place built for a single purpose. A sacred ground created through the combination of good and bad will.

And yet, as shock and surprise flash on Yuuka’s face, someone else stands before her.

“Why, hello there.”


The killing intent would have brought any lower being to their knees. Or perhaps kill them on the spot.

To prevent any bloodshed, Yukari spoke promptly.

“Do not worry. I am here for expository purposes.”

The silent response from Yuuka is clear.

Leave, or else.

“Why,” Yukari opens a fan in front of her face, “do you wish to repeat what happened that time? I did nothing for my rudeness, but I will retaliate if anything were to happen this time.”

"You were talking with her for quite a while."


"I wonder. When you finish talking, whispering sweet words to each other, does it always end with you on your knees?—"

Yukari fell to the ground as Yuuka's fist made contact with her face. Yukari chuckled to herself. Yuuka, slap someone? Of course it would be a punch.

It wasn't that Yukari was weak. Only those who were dead and an unknowing fool would believe that. It was just that Yuuka had been fueled by a mixture of uncontrolled rage and raw emotion. Much more than Yukari, who had no reason to be filled with such things at the moment. Yukari diminished most of the force behind the blow, but not all of it.

Normally, that punch would have destroyed a human where they stood.

"Oh my." Yukari spoke in a manner too calm for her appearance, standing on unsteady legs. "Perhaps I took it a bit too far."

"Just a little. Please take care of yourself."

“Where is she?”

A lesser person would flee from the threat.

“That is all I need to do.” Yukari turns away. “I will take responsibility and report to that person. Please think nothing of this, as it is a troublesome action I needed to take.”

Yuuka blinks, and Yukari is gone. Whether it is a method of the dream or Yukari’s own power, she doesn’t care.


When she hears this voice, Yuuka turns with a smile saved for one person.


The name is a muffle to everyone but the two. The girl, with hair as blond as the sunflowers around them, twirls in Yuuka’s embrace. Wearing a white dress. Probably thanks to the shinigami.

“I was wondering when you’d come.” The girl smiles for Yuuka, snuggling into a shoulder. “Miss Shiki came to me a while ago. She said that you might have been delayed seeing me.”

Yuuka frowns, expression growing dark. “I know.”

“It was Yukari, right?” The girl shakes Yuuka gently. ”You shouldn’t do anything. She’s a really nice person.”

Yuuka’s expression doesn’t change for a moment. Then, she sighs.

“I wish I could say the same.”

She’d kill herself right now if she had any reason to believe Yukari could eavesdrop.

“I think Miss Yukari thinks so too. You youkai, being like that. But Miss Shiki said to worry more about being human than worrying about youkai. So I guess I won’t worry too much.”

Yuuka smirks. So Yukari spoke the truth about taking responsibility. She is likely being preached to at this very moment. Not that Yuuka ever has to worry about that.

“So you know,” The girl begins walking on the path, and Yuuka does the same, “I went on a journey with Komachi.”

“Is that so?”

“She showed me more of the river. Well, she tried. Most of the time she was protecting me from the bad spirits that went out of control. She always has to apologize to Miss Shiki, going `Lady Eiki will punish me if I mess up, oh no!`”


“I wasn’t scared! But it was cool to see Komachi fight. I asked her if she ever fought you before, but she didn’t want to say. She wanted me to ask you instead.”

“But of course.”

“And so? How was it fighting Komachi?”

“She’s pretty strong. If she were fighting with that woman, I’d have a lot more fun.”

“Boo.” The girl shoots a gaze at Yuuka while pouting. “That doesn’t tell me anything. Maybe you did lose to her before.”

Yuuka’s grin grows wider. “I didn’t say she won, either.”

“Then tell me about how many fights you’ve won recently.”

“Hmm.” Yuuka cocks her head. “There were some fairies.”


The girl kept pouting. Yuuka laughs.

“What? Those were fights I won.”

“Fairies? Really?”

“Well, if I said anything else, you’d wonder if I lost to a fairy instead, wouldn’t you?”

“But even I could beat a fairy!”

“No you couldn’t.”

“…No, I couldn’t.”

The girl’s shoulders drooped as she turns away with crooked, pursed lips. Yuuka wraps an arm around the girl.

“But that’s why you have me. Fairies would never be able to touch you in the first place.”

The girl rocks her head left and right in Yuuka’s embrace.

“And if someone stronger tries to?”

“Well,” Yuuka leans her head onto the girl’s, “we’ve seen what happens, haven’t we?”

The girl giggles, rubbing her face onto Yuuka’s body.

“We have.”

Then, the girl pulls away. She holds a finger to Yuuka’s face.

“But don’t go wild ever again! You hurt all the poor sunflowers, we had to get so many people to help! Even the fire was hard to stop! I’m sure you don’t want to ask for help from all of those people ever again.”

Yuuka bent her mouth, making a noise between a groan and a hum.

“I didn’t. And I don’t.”

The girl tugs on Yuuka’s hand, leading her off the path toward the endless sea of sunflowers. Sitting onto the grass, the girl invites Yuuka to do the same. Yuuka slowly descends, feet outstretched in front. The girl sits with her knees out and legs to the side.



“Do you think I’ll be able to see Gensokyo again?”

“You’re not having fun exploring over there?”

“I am. But….”

The girl leans her head onto Yuuka’s shoulder.

“…I’d like to see those people again. And be with you more.”


There is a moment of silence. Yuuka spoke.

“I miss you, too.”

“Don’t die when you aren’t ready to.”

“Is that a serious statement?”

“Well. Then if you do something stupid, I’ll get really angry.”

“I won’t then.”

“Really? Even though you don’t like being with Miss Yukari?”

“That’s different.”

The girl shifts her head on Yuuka’s shoulder. Yuuka looks at the girl, who is now staring into her eyes. Yuuka stops breathing for a second.

Then they kiss.

Yuuka opens her eyes. She rubs her lips together. Her mind doesn’t even understand that she had just kissed. So she does so again.

And again.

And again.

“Hey.” The girl’s voice comes with an air of lust as she pulls back for the third time. “I love you, Yuuka.”

“Mm.” Is all Yuuka says.

After a fourth, Yuuka begins to alternate between her lips and her tongue as she trails across the girl’s cheek. Then down her neck.

The girl’s breath shakes, then she tugs at her dress to prepare for when Yuuka reaches her lower body. As soon as she does, her cock stands erect in front of Yuuka’s face. No words are exchanged as Yuuka opens her mouth, proceeding to wrap her lips for the amount of girth the girl has.

The girl releases a scream into the empty sky. She pushes her hips up in an attempt to fit more of her bulging erection into the warm, slick hole that is Yuuka’s mouth. Yuuka sucks as she bobs up, and releases a warm breath of air as she descends. Precum begins to slather her tongue. Her tongue licks each side of the cock in her mouth, even as the head approaches the back of her mouth towards her throat.

“Yuuka,” The girl places a hand on Yuuka’s head, “It feels so good….”

Yuuka closes her eyes, realigning herself so she is now on all fours in front of the girl. She places her hands on the girl’s hips as the girl leans backward. The girl’s legs twitch as she prepares to come.

“Oh! Oh….”

Yuuka pushes herself as far as she can go as the first shot of semen fires into the back of her mouth. Swallowing as quickly as possible, the second and third shots land on her tongue. Pushing the girl’s cock—and the currently collected strands of cum—up against the roof of her mouth, Yuuka drains as much as she can while the girl spasms and twitches. When seconds pass after the girl finishes ejaculating, she opens her eyes and lets go of the girl’s cock with a soft popping noise.

The girl watches Yuuka swallow whatever remains in her mouth, cock twitching as the other woman licks her lips left and right.

“Oh….” Is all the girl can say while Yuuka leans in to kiss her again.

There’s a small thrill of tasting her own cum, and slight disappointment when the girl tastes nothing out of the ordinary. Yuuka strokes her hand on the girl’s cheek.

“Your turn.”

As much as the girl wished Yuuka had a penis, she decides that it is just as well that she leans back for Yuuka to straddle her head. Taking a moment to remove and throw her clothes to the side, Yuuka’s pussy, glistening with juices, hovers an inch from her mouth.

Yuuka gasps as the girl begins licking without hesitation. She slowly rises forward, then falls backward, pushing and relaxing her legs in rhythm with the girl’s pace. A small gust tickles Yuuka’s skin, and she shivers both from the cool air and the wet tongue probing deeper inside of her.

“Yes, like that.” Yuuka leans forward to place her hands on the earth. “Deeper….”

In response to Yuuka’s new position, the girl lifts her head so she can continue licking. The girl feels her cock becoming erect again as she flicks her tongue into and on Yuuka’s most sensitive places. Places where, when she does touch, Yuuka pushes herself into the girl’s face. Or maybe jerks up and away. And sometimes, screams.

Yuuka, screaming! The girl would love to tease Yuuka, but her lover would sooner leave the girl’s now re-erect cock as it is. That is the fear. The worst that happened was that Yuuka made a threat in the guise of a flippant joke. No more teasing Yuuka after that.

At the same time, with a face burning with lust, Yuuka comes by letting her hips fall onto the girl’s head. There’s a small noise of dissatisfaction, likely the girl yelling a mental “You big jerk!” to her. Of course, Yuuka is also certain that the girl would have teased her for moaning out loud to the empty sky. If she does, then she has no regrets crushing the girl under the weight of her body, with the girl’s tongue reaching deep into her pussy.

“Yuuka…you….” The girl makes out after Yuuka slides off and onto her chest, juices seeping on her tongue. “You jerk….”

Laughing, Yuuka raises a hand to her mouth. “Sorry. But it felt good.”

Sliding even further so she is lying on top of the girl, Yuuka kisses the girl once more. Her thigh comes into contact with the girl’s cock.

“How much time do you think we have?” The girl shifts her body up and down, pushing her nipples into Yuuka’s. The other woman’s breasts smother her own, eliciting a pathetic moan that signals a defeat somewhere in the back of the girl’s mind.

“Why, after the trouble we’ve been through,” Yuuka dips her head to suckle on a breast for a moment, “it should be a given that we have all the time we want.”

With a small whine, the girl brushes her hand through Yuuka’s hair. “But Miss Shiki scolded us last time for taking too long….”

Licking down the girl’s stomach, Yuuka spoke. “And she was rather red-faced. I think she knows better not to pry into our affairs.”

“`Our affairs`? Don’t you mean `your`—Ow!”

Yuuka bites the girl’s cock. Kissing the tip in apology, the other woman rose to insert herself.

“Sorry. But this is our time.” Yuuka aligns herself with the girl below her. “And I love you.”

Yuuka hisses as she lowers her hips, straddling the girl’s thighs with her own. The girl rises, wrapping her arms around Yuuka’s waist.

“Yuuka….” The girl murmurs, lips brushing against Yuuka’s chest as she speaks. “Yuuka!”

Rotating her hips, Yuuka lets herself go from the sensation of her love’s cock in her pussy. Though she likes being roughly fucked from behind or being driven into with the girl on top, she also enjoys squeezing the girl’s cock and feeling that moment of being filled completely. Every part of it felt great: Grinding back and forth until she covers the girl’s cock with her juices. Burying her nose onto the girl’s head, that scent that can’t be found anywhere else. The girl crying out into her body. Yes, this kind of sex is more than enough. Had Yuuka desired lust itself like a human whore, she might consider planting her feet on the ground to bounce up and down. But not for her.

Not for the only one she loves.

Placing her hands on the girl’s shoulders, Yuuka grinds harder, the warm ball of a climax building inside. Every now and again, the girl bucks upward. And sometimes, from these moments, the girl’s cock hits something deep inside of Yuuka’s body. Something that almost makes her want to leap off of the girl’s body, despite how contradictory it is to the pleasure she feels.


Yuuka lets out a low moan, then a high-pitched breath of a sigh. No, this won’t do. She wants her love’s name to be heard for all to know. Yuuka aims her hand in front of her, concentrating on something she knows exists somewhere in the sky.

A light shoots out, and Yuuka whispers the girl’s name again.


The girl’s eyes widen. Even a human like her can hear the odd echo that comes after her name. Which means only one thing.

However, the feeling of Yuuka’s now wet pussy squeezing tight around her cock breaks the moment of surprise. The warm secretions of Yuuka’s love now covers her rock-hard erection, a pleasure coat of heat mixed with the equally pleasant tightness of her lover’s pussy.


Just calling each other’s names brings them ever closer to a climax. It isn’t long, and both of them know it. So the only thing they can do is make sure the other hears them calling their name. The trigger that leads to their release.

“Kanna. Kanna! Kanna!!!”
“Yuuka. Yuukaaa. YUUKA!!!”

Their voices blend into one along with their orgasms. Yuuka wraps her arms around Kanna’s head just as the girl holds the other woman’s body tight against her own. The girl’s cock fires several loads of semen into Yuuka’s accepting body, which squeezes eagerly and comfortably as Yuuka’s mouth had earlier.

With a mix of secretions seeping down her penis, Kanna leans forward onto Yuuka’s body. The other woman leans back into the grass, letting the girl lie on her body. The cool air and warm sunlight are still as they were when they met. The reality inside a dream continues without end. And they fall asleep.


“My, you two were in there for a while.”

Yuuka stops walking, and Kanna does the same. From the gap that opened in front of them, Yukari steps through. In the middle of the endless path between the boundless field of sunflowers, the youkai of boundaries opens her fan in front of her face.

As Kanna smiles at Yukari, Yuuka does the same in her normal way. “I assume it’s your duty, then?”

“Why, yes.” Yukari looks at the sky. “Repairing a barrier of that caliber requires someone who is of its equal or greater.”

Kanna’s smile droops a bit. “I’m sorry, Miss Yukari. We…I’m sorry.”

“Do not be concerned.” Yukari lowers her fan, her small grin an acknowledgement on what transpired. “It is not your fault for the actions of someone who is fueled by emotion.”

“Oh?” Yuuka brings her hand to her mouth in surprise. “I thought that was for certain. Emotions are what drive every living being to do as they please.”

“Yes. Although some living beings love being driven by something, do they not?”

“Yes. Just as some living beings are driven by the ghosts of their past.”

Kanna begins to back away from the other two women, who laugh simultaneously. And when the two women open their eyes—

Yuuka and Yukari float into the air, the very fabric of the reality within a dream breaking between them. Kanna struggles to hide her laughter.

And fear.


It was ultimately Eiki Shiki who saw to the proper return of Kanna and the repairing of the barrier. The latter of which became the responsibility of a very angry miko. Like this, the girl was allowed to temporary live with Yuuka. This was due to the danger to Gensokyo if a danmaku fight were to occur again inside that private area.

And today, Yuuka walks with Kanna somewhere in Gensokyo.
File 145332228341.jpg - (423.00KB, 959x1526, this gave me the idea.jpg) [iqdb]
I finally finished this.

Be warned, this is fucking *depraved.*


Sukuna squirmed helplessly against the heads of the t-pins crushing her slender wrists deep into the tatami mats. Her struggles gained only the giggles of Reimu, who was lying on her belly, chin resting on crossed arms, bare feet kicking lazily in the warm summer air.

“Buut an ant – can't – mooove a rubber tree plaaant~” she crooned off-key, then giggled. Reimu was rather drunk. “Yer kinda cute when you ain't bein a bitch.” Reimu reached out and roughly poked at Sukuna's belly, forcing the air out of her with a tiny grunt. “Wunner whatcha looklike unnerdat ol bag,” she said thoughtfully, rubbing one fingertip over Sukuna's chest in figure-eights; around one breast, down her breastbone, up around the other, repeat. The prisoner stared straight at the ceiling, her jaw taut, making no sound.

“Ohh, yer so toooough,” Reimu giggled as she rotated one breast round and around under her dainty fingertip. “Small, 'n firm. Bigger than Marisa, t'least,” she slurred thoughtfully, dragging her finger down to Sukuna's belly and depressing it a few more times for experiment. “Tiiiight,” she leered, before sliding down to Sukuna's crotch and pressing upwards against the mound of her sex roughly enough that Sukuna gasped. “Oops,” Reimu giggled, shifting her fingertip around almost imperceptibly as she felt up her prisoner. “Oooohh, cuuute,” she slurred with relish, then pinched one of Sukuna's legs between thumb and forefinger and dragged them down its length. “Slender,” she said, her voice a little lower now. “Even'er feet 're cute... so small...” she sighed, trying to rub Sukuna's diminutive foot; but even her slender fingers were big compared to the inchling. She pouted, cheek cradled in one palm as she slapped her feet down behind her. “Now 'm horny. Whassa point a-havin a slave if I can't fukker?”

Reimu ceased her torments long enough to drag over a flat wooden box clinking and clanking with stationary tools. She rummaged around idly, and came up with a letter opener. Sukuna sucked in her breath when she saw the silver blade glinting in the golden light of the coming dusk. Reimu pinched the small grip and let the tip dangle, then carefully moved it towards her captive; savoring the tiny girl's wide eyes as she followed the razor-sharp tip's descent. Still resting her cheek in one hand, head tilted, Reimu smirked with lazy satisfaction as she toyed with her prize, feinting and brushing at her with the point. Pinned spreadeagle to the mats, Sukuna could only flinch and shiver at each thrust with tiny whimpers of terror.

Reimu let the point rest on the hollow of Sukuna's throat, forcing her to freeze entirely, not even daring to breathe or cry lest the weight of the blade alone offered enough resistance to pierce her. Reimu waited until Sukuna started to turn red in the face before slowly tugging the letter opener down her chest, the point dragging over her breastbone, down her belly and finally over her little mound before snagging in the loose fabric of her dress. Sukuna gasped for air, her chest heaving as Reimu watched the motion of her tiny body with interest.

“Ghads, I wish yuh was bigger 'gain,” she sighed. “Sso fukkin hot. “Day I beatcha, I fought this mermaid in the lake...” she tapped the letter opener against the mats idly as she reminisced. “Beat the shit outta her, 'bout to finish 'er off, she starts beggin and grabbin m'leg and pressin dem tittys against m'thigh, so I sit down in the water, all cool 'roun m'hips and she...” Reimu bit her lip at the memory, staring off into space. “Sucked 'n me like her life depended on it, cuz it did, eh, and all the while starin at me w'theez big blue turquoise eyes, all wide'n cryin, dun kill me, dun kill me...” Reimu sighed wistfully. “T'fuck'er you good 'fer?”

Without warning the priestess slipped the tip of the letter opener underneath the hem of Sukuna's kimono, sliding the flat of the cold steel up the length of the inchling's quivering frame. She turned the blade slightly as she raised it, wrenching Sukuna's body upward. She cried out as her wrists and ankles screamed in protest for a long second before the steel bit into the silk and ripped her clothing open from top to bottom. Turning her face aside, blushing with shame, she refused to look as Reimu flicked the torn garment aside, exposing the inchling's slender figure to the air.

“Nnnh,” Reimu said in frustration. “Why 'ainchu bigger?” On impulse, she dropped her mouth to Sukuna's body and licked her, a quick swipe up her torso. “Mmm.” Reimu took her time now, flicking one bare foot with the tip of her tongue, then running up one slender, pale leg. She used the tip to press slowly and firmly against Sukuna's bare crotch, savoring the contours of her mound. Flattening her tongue, she dragged it with slow relish up the tiny girl's body, closing her eyes to focus on the faint quivering of her belly; the small, firm bumps of her breasts.

“Mmm,” Reimu said, the faint bitterness of Sukuna's salty sweat lingering. “Errythin' does feel bigger in yer mouth, heheh.” She scooched forward on the mats, bracing her elbows wide on each side of her victim as she got comfortable for an extended session. After a few more slow licks she refined her technique; flexing her tongue just right to narrow the tip, slip it in-between the miniscule gap between mound and slender thigh, then sliding it under to rub against her firm little asscheeks. Reimu pressed upwards, flattening her tongue against Sukuna's rump, squishing the wet muscle into the crevice of her cheeks. The inchling squealed helplessly as her body was flexed to its limits against the t-pins. Then Reimu moved northward, letting her tongue wrap around Sukuna's groin limply before dragging it up her body, the tip of Reimu's nose brushing Sukuna's cheek with each pass. Her prisoner was wet and slick and shapely and squirmed so prettily under her tongue; it felt like kissing, but so much more distinct, the sensations so crisp. Eyes closed, she slipped into a blissful haze of lazy licking, licking, licking.


Reimu stopped, cracking her eyelids open to look at Sukuna's flushed face over the length of her sticky, nude body. “Please... please stop,” Sukuna gasped out, managing to lift her head and look Reimu in the eye. “When I'm bigger again, I'll be obedient,” she said, chest heaving. “I w-won't g-give you any trouble, I'll- I'll d-do my b-best.” She swallowed. “Please. Not like this. Please.”

Reimu leered at her captive, the girl blushing crimson in shame as the priestess trailed her eyes up the saliva-slicked legs, the rosy glow on her mound, the distinct pink quivering of her tiny areola and nipples. To confirm her suspicion she lunged forward and gave her another slow lick; and this time she noticed the little bracing gasp just before she made contact, the tensing of the tiny frame under her mouth, the heat in her groin, so apparent against her lips, the fresh quiver as the wet, malleable muscle of her tongue dragged over tiny, stiff nipples. She rose, propping her chin in both palms again and stared at the heaving chest of her toy.

“You havin fun, cunt?” she asked, shifting on the mats a bit and feeling her thighs glide against each other with a maddening lack of friction. She was getting warm down there herself just looking at Sukuna; thinking of being the lickee, every inch of her body being stroked by a wet, hot, rippling wall of muscle with just enough grittiness on it to stimulate-

“Stop?” Reimu spat suddenly, dragging the stationary kit closer again and snatching a few calligraphy brushes out of it. “Yer a tool. Tool yuh stop using gets thrown out.” Sukuna saw the brushes coming and cried out; “NO NO PLEASE WAIT WAIT WAIT-! but Reimu just began swiping at her tiny body with quick, firm strokes of the dry brushes.

At first Sukuna just stared straight at the ceiling, her jaw twitching as she grit her teeth against the feather-fine teasing bristles, but the shrine maiden's calligraphy was well-honed by years of drawing stacks of seals before every battle. She handled the brushes with marvelous precision, undiminished by the drinking, using tiny strokes of the brushtips to feel her victim out. Sukuna, it seemed, was most vulnerable under her armpits, along her sides, especially at her graceful little waist, and at the soles of her feet. Reimu used a few bristles to lightly brush over Sukuna's groin and over her pussy; the inchling hissing against the light, feathery sensation; unbearably intense to the point of pain against her most sensitive spots. Reimu applied those few bristles to her belly, her throat, her breasts, working with swift and skilled precision as Sukuna squeezed out miserable tears under torment.

A slow, heavy stroke of the brush down her side caused her eyes to pop wide open. Reimu attacked the other, and a faint giggle finally escaped the rigid prisoner. Reimu kept going, relentlessly, slow strokes, then little pokes, moving all over Sukuna's body to keep her guessing. She lightly teased her nipples while tickling her armpits with heavy strokes; she sent lightning through her inner thighs while brutally attacking her feet. The laughter finally burst from the tormented girl, full-throated and desperate from a spasming diaphragm.

Reimu kept going.

Ten minutes later, every light brush of bristle-tip against Sukuna's crotch drew a quavering shriek with the laughter; the intense sensation truly agonizing against her aroused sex. Reimu alternated with slow, firm strokes against her mound to keep building the heat in her loins; but the other brush never relented; always running quick and firm down Sukuna's sides and armpits; keeping her laughing constantly. Tears were pouring from Sukuna's wild eyes; streaming over her beet red face as her laughter began to grow hoarse. Remiu was enjoying herself, aglow with fascination at how easily she could stroke every sound and scream from her helpless toy. She grew curious – just how far could Sukuna go?

What would happen when she broke?

Minutes passed. Sukuna's laughing grew ragged as she fought for breath; unable to gasp for the involuntary giggling squeezing her lungs dry. Little coughs interrupted her shrill, ever-more-wild laughter, rising to wild wails when Reimu launched a full assault on her sides and soles, the little inchling's sweat-soaked hair flying about as she thrashed her head wildly, and dropping to quavering, throaty guffaws when she stroked the fine bristles firmly over her pussy. Sukuna was making a breathless wheeze as Reimu tickled her armpits, a “Nheeeh! Nheeeh!” when her bladder finally let go. A little stream jetted from her swollen pussy as she lost all control over her muscles, spreading in a little dark blotch beneath her. Reimu redoubled her assault with a giggle of her own until the coughing began to dominate; the laughing turning into fast, hysterical sobbing.

Deciding it was time to finish, Reimu applied the coup de grace. Applying the brush to Sukuna's pussy and quivering little breasts simultaneously, she stroked for all she was worth, drawing quick, hoarse little gasps from the inchling that had to fight past her coughing sobs. Reimu watched the shivering of Sukuna closely as the pitch of her mad gasps rose, and just as her eyes were rolling back in her head; Reimu pulled her brushes back and pushed Sukuna over the edge with those maddeningly, painfully intense, feathery little strokes. The inchling's swollen little mound dripped wetly as the orgasm ripped through her; Reimu's awful little touches still going and going and going, teasing and dragging it out as long as possible – which proved to be a long time indeed.

Entranced by the ruined little thing gasping before her, Reimu shuffled a little closer, squinting at Sukuna's pussy. She fished two tiny finish brushes out of her stationary kit, and using the narrow wooden end of one to gingerly pull Sukuna's pussy open, she carefully stroked the other brush up the inchling's exposed core.

Sukuna screamed. Reimu bit her lip, clenching her thighs together over her wet sex and quickly stroked again, and again and again, the wild shrieks of the inchling making her breathing come ever quicker. Reimu started wiggling her hips a little, trying to massage her mound with her own thighs in unconscious desire as she stroked the inchling's invisible clit towards another orgasm. At last Sukuna gave in, her fisted hands flying open to twitch helplessly as she came, Reimu's relentless, agonizingly intense strokes driving it on unbearably long. With a final, breathless shriek, Sukuna's eyes rolled up and she fainted dead away.

Reimu dropped her brushes, her forehead plopping against the mats as she fought to slow her own heaving breath. Almost unconsciously, she grabbed her own slick crotch and groaned miserably as she squeezed herself – but she'd been fingering herself for a week straight, every other hour it felt like, and she was still unsatisfied and on-edge. She struggled to her feet and stared down at the tiny, limp form of Sukuna pinned to the mats – and scowled.

The little cunt would pay her dues.

Reimu walked around the room slowly, lighting lamps as she went as the last rays of dusk faded into night. She peeled off her shirt first, tossing it away and savoring the warm night breeze on her bare, sweaty breasts – then grabbed them and squeezed with an anxious moan. God, she needed this, didn't she? She'd mentioned the lake story to Marisa; a hint blunt enough even for the blonde but she'd just said something like “does a mermaid's vagina taste like people?” and proceeded to chase a woodchuck with a butterfly net or something stupid like that. She tossed away her skirt before rustling up her sewing kit and returning to Sukuna, kneeling by her prisoner wearing only her wet panties. The t-pins slid out of the mats easily, and she finished tearing away Sukuna's ruined clothing with the tip of a seam-ripper. Then, with a snigger at the irony, she carefully lashed her wrists together behind her back with a length of thick black thread, careful to make the knot snug, but not tight. Another loop went around her middle, cinching her elbows in tight against her back, a third around her knees and a fourth lashed her ankles together. She left a few feet of string dangling off the last one for later, and pinching about six inches of it, dipped Sukuna in her sake bowl.

The thread thrummed as Sukuna thrashed awake, wiggling about wildly under the liquid's surface. Reimu counted to three – slowly – before pulling her out to dangle at eye-level. She gave Sukuna a minute to finish coughing and wheezing before waving her side-to-side for attention.

“Rise'n'shine, bitch.”

Sukuna's glassy gaze slowly focused on Reimu's face – and then slid down her body, the inchling's tiny mouth hanging open as she ogled drunkenly. The priestess obligingly lowered her on her string, until Sukuna was dangling on-level with Reimu's hips. She tugged at the elastic band of her only remaining garment, slipping it under one hip, slowly peeling her sodden panties off her clean-shaven pussy as Sukuna watched. The priestess gently spread herself with one fingertip so her prisoner could see her sex; swollen and slick with arousal.

The inchling's eyes finally began to focus on the tableau before her. She began wiggling wildly in her bindings. “Nuuh. Nooo!” she wailed. “You can't! You can't possibly! There's no way!”

“Ahgotta few ideas,” Reimu said with a smirk, and took a seat on the mats in a loose cross-legged posture. Pinching Sukuna's head gingerly, she let the prisoner's feet drop and the laid her carefully against her slit. Hooking a fingertip under her ass for purchase, Reimu began rubbing Sukuna against her pussy.

“Hnngh,” Reimu groaned as the inchling wiggled and wailed in shame and disgust. And she thought her tongue had been good-! Every tiny contour of Sukuna's body, every contrast of firm and soft was deliciously evident against her sensitive pussy; the girl's every shiver and cry easily detectable. She pulled her labia open and pressed Sukuna against her core, ignoring the coughing from the inchling as she fought to breathe through Reimu's sticky arousal. The priestess kept jiggling Sukuna's ass; moving her just enough for sensation, then tried sliding her up-

Reimu hissed in a gasp as Sukuna's slick little body rubbed over her clit. She stopped for a moment, the shivering of the little creature seeming to flow through Reimu's, connected by the delicate flower of her womanhood. Reimu gave her victim another little shift and felt her miniscule, firm little breasts hugging her clit – and gods, gods she could even feel Sukuna's racing heartbeat, a fast little pitterpatterpitterpatter that felt incredible. She rubbed Sukuna up and down for a little bit, staring down at her victim as sweat dripped from her brow, careful to manhandle her just-so - then turned her around to try the other side. Sukuna's tight, firm little figure seemed made for this; nestling into the clean pink folds of Reimu's pussy like a missing puzzle piece. She leaned her head back against the priestess's mound, purple hair pasted to her forehead by her rapist's juices, and gave Reimu a blank, pleading stare as her firm little asscheeks were parted by the shrine maiden's swollen clit. Reimu was wheezing for breath now, the prickling wildfire in her loins almost painful as she applied her victim with precision and care, focusing on the task to avoid coming too soon. It'd be good, but she was running this show – she wanted a bombshell.

When she was ready, the priestess peeled Sukuna off her pussy just like her panties and let the inchling catch her breath as she hung in air, dangling by the thread binding her ankles. She slipped two fingers into her pussy and groaned softly.

“Finally,” she said huskily. “C'mere, bint-”

Sukuna's dainty little feet slid in first, her miniscule toes scratching and tugging at Reimu's inner walls wonderfully. Then her calves, firm but smooth, and her thighs, and then, best of all, the small, delicious bump of her ass, wedging just inside her opening. Sukunka shivered helplessly as Reimu's sex squeezed her legs and ass jealously, eager for stimulation. When she finally came down from the sensations of initial insertion, Reimu looked down to find Sukuna sitting in her pussy, torso leaning against her labia. When the priestess gave her little rump another bump inward, the inchling looked up at her, tears cutting a clean path through the sticky juices on her cheeks, and shook her head with agonizing, pleading slowness.

Reimu's cheeks flushed with pleasure – finally, finally, what she'd seen in those pleading turquoise eyes, here again. She unfolded her legs slowly, stretching them out flat on the floor, spread wide; she wanted to enjoy the finish properly. “Eh? Got sumthin t'say?” she asked with a lazy smile.

“N-no d-d-eeper. D-d-d-rown, I'll-”

“Sure, honey,” Reimu said sweetly, and with one fingertip, pressed Sukuna's face against her clit. “If you suck.”

The inchling gazed up at her, her tiny face filled with broken begging.

“Suck, or you go all the way in,” Reimu said with a wicked smile.

“It's too big!”

Reimu just pressed against Sukuna's ass; forcing her to slide in a few millimeters more. The inchling leaned forward and pressed her lips against Reimu's clit immediately, unsure of what to do, but desperate to do it.

“Stiffen yer tongue, sthupid,” Reimu slurred impatiently. “An if ah fheel any teeth I'mma shove you in head-first, gottit?”

Sukuna got it. Her tiny tongue slid out and caressed the underside of Reimu's swollen clit, guiding its way into her mouth. Reimu hissed as the inchling's lips touched her core - then let out a low quavering moan as her toy began to suck, as ordered. Reimu slid a finger up the tiny girl's bare back to press against her head, forcing her to take it deeper. She didn't stop till she felt Sukuna's tiny nose against the edge of her hood. The tiny girl was staring up at her with wide, terrified eyes as she sucked and slurped on Reimu's womanhood.

“Oooooooooh,” Reimu moaned. Her pussy felt like liquid fire, the firm, graceful lines of Sukuna's bond legs the core of a volcano. She felt the muscles in her inner thighs shivering as she built towards orgasm, the inchling's desperate ministrations sending jolts of pleasure through her body. Reimu's stiff nipples quivered in the sultry evening air as she leaned back, face turned to a ceiling she couldn't quite focus on. Now she did feel teeth; tiny little scrapes against her clit - but they felt amazingly intense, light and brief. Reimu felt her supporting arm quivering as her strength began to fail. Pinching Sukuna's soaked hair 'twixt thumb and forefinger, she pulled the poor inchling off her clit with a tiny wet *pop.*

“Nnnnggghhhh,” Reimu moaned as she squeezed her breast, rolling her nipple in her fingers. “Ahh, yes...” Sukuna's mouth had been a little too good; it would've been over too soon. And her pussy was aching for attention. Reimu slid her hand down her belly and pinched Sukuna's head between middle and index fingers. Still gasping for air and coughing out Reimu's sticky fluids, she barely had a chance to squeal before the shrine maiden plunged her deep into her pussy.

Reimu's gasps and squeals became frantic as she used the little inchling as a dildo. She could feel every last millimeter of her squirming, writhing body as her slick walls clamped onto her greedily, her tiny stiff nipples tracing trails of fire as they dragged against Reimu's flesh. Sukuna stared at Reimu blankly, her face flushed beet-red, mouth lolling open as the shrine maiden's wet pussy squeezed every inch of her tightly. She coughed and retched when Reimu's wetness filled her mouth too fully, but it was pure reflex - the tiny girl wasn't entirely present anymore.

Reimu yanked Sukuna out of her pussy and held her up to her face. Her toy was dripping from head to toe, drooling from a slack mouth. The shrine maiden was on the brink of an orgasm to end all orgasms, and after weeks of going without, she intended to make it one to remember.

“I told yuh,” Reimu slurred as her heart accelerated to a frenzied tempo. “No teeth.

Even in her dazed state, Sukuna managed a single, strangled scream as her head slipped into Reimu's pussy.

The miko gave up on sitting, no longer having the strength to prop herself up. She sprawled out on the tatami mats, squeezing and kneading her breasts one at a time while her other hand, pinching Sukuna by her miniscule feet, thrust the hapless inching in and out of her pussy at breakneck pace. The inchling was thrashing and wiggling and writhing in pure panic, fighting back against the firm pressure of Reimu's interior walls. Reimu bit her lip and tried to focus on a ceiling rafter, fighting to stave off the orgasm for as long as possible, to build it to the greatest heights possible.

Sukuna's struggles became jerkier and sharper as her lungs began to burn. With hot, wet, slick muscle squeezing and rubbing her entire nude body, and the euphoria of asphyxiation creeping up on her, the tiny inchling finally succumbed. Her back arched violently as she came, her entire tiny form shaking and vibrating like a leaf.

Reimu felt her toy's contortion, lifting a bump beneath her clit - and then the shaking started. The shrine maiden's eyes rolled back in her head as her own back arched. One hand on her breast, the other squeezing her mound desperately, she shrieked as the orgasm rippled through her. The world spun and spun and spun as every muscle in her body fired at random - and just as she was winding down to blessed release, she felt Sukuna's tiny body arch again, battered into another orgasm by Reimu's spasming pussy. The shrine maiden lost count of how many times they drove each other on, all the world spinning like a top as her head swam about the clouds.

Reimu lay spread-eagle on the tatami mats, chest heaving as she basked in the afterglow. Almost as an afterthought, she found the thread dangling from her sex and tugged. Sukuna slid out of her slick pussy with ease, and the shrine maiden dangled the girl over her chest for examination. The inchlings eyes were blank, Reimu's juices dripping from her every orfice. Reimu twirled her toy about and flicked her finger against her back, ejecting a gout of liquid from deep within the girl. Sukuna wheezed and gasped and coughed and sputtered, then dangled limply, eyes rolled back in her head as her chest heaved for air.

Reimu lay the unconscious inchling down her breastbone and closed her eyes, enjoying the minute vibration of Sukuna's body as it was jostled by Reimu's steady heartbeat. She wondered if she could make her into a pendant, keeping her close and secret always, cradled between her breasts, her heartbeat thumping a steady metronome against her back in the darkness.

The shrine maiden drifted off to sleep... and dreamed of new ideas.
File 145481782047.jpg - (498.68KB, 717x1000, 03202eb9c807fd965cc4d18b9cd4f20c.jpg) [iqdb]
Hoo, hah! Hoo hah! Not. Enough. BEWBIES!


Scarlet Order 「Answer Me」

Time Stop 「I’m Here」

Three knives, four knives, and another three knives line up in the order they’re thrown. Sakuya responds to her master’s spell card, three thin, red blades of power that cut through the air.

Six knives, eight knives, and another six.

This time, four blades sail past Remilia’s face as Sakuya dives backward over the next volley.

Twelve knives, sixteen, twelve.

One last, thicker blade comes from Remilia’s nails, just as Sakuya spins after throwing her knives. The concentration of power formed into a blade licks the top of Sakuya’s hair, despite the maid having her back turned toward her master.

Finally, an explosion. It bursts from Remilia, raw power that slams into the night air. The audience knows before it happens: Sakuya disappears, then reappears behind Remilia. The content is apparent on the vampire’s face.

“Well done.”

“Thank you, milady.”

On the veranda, Patchouli closes her book while Koakuma and Meiling applaud. Behind them is a crossing of arms.

“Fancy as always.” Patchouli places her book in her lap while Remilia and Sakuya descend.

Remilia laughs out loud. “Of course. It’s only fitting.”

Then, an eyebrow twitches.

“Well then,” Sakuya bows, “I shall get back to work. I suppose everyone else should do the same.”

Without needing further clarification, Meiling jumps before disappearing (returning to the gate at break neck speed). Koakuma returns the maid’s bow.

“Lady Patchouli. Would you like to me to prepare more books in the library?”

“Ah.” Patchouli yawns. “No, I believe that will be all. I will retire to my room for the night.”

“Well then.” Remilia speaks after. “I suppose I will call it a night as well. Ahem.”

Sakuya opens her eyes. The gaze shifts to her sister.

“Sakuya, will you help me into bed?”

There it is.


And she doesn’t add it again.

“And Flan?” Remilia says while everyone starts to go inside. “Make sure you don’t break anything before going to bed.”

The worst of Flandre’s expressions was a blank one. Never of anger, or sadness, or otherwise. So it’s only with a blank response that Flandre acknowledges her sister.

“Yeah.” Flandre stares up at the moon.

In disgust.


I have a problem.

I know. She says it differently when she needs it. No one’s stupid. It should have been like this:

“Sakuya, you will help me get prepared for bed.”

”Yes, milady.”

Even the “training” itself was a message. Or perhaps it was a mercy.

Because believe me. It is.

Before I leave my room, I clench a hand near my body and destroy “my existence that can be sensed by others”. Just think of it as a way to hide myself from everyone and accept it for what it is. It’s complicated to explain. I’d rather take the risk of destroying myself than not being witness to the atrocity about to happen upstairs.

The mansion is quiet. Any of the fairies who are cleaning are nowhere near my sister’s room. The rest are asleep. Only the important people around the mansion are likely awake, but they have no business wandering near my sister’s room. Just like she could care less what they do all the time by themselves. Common decency, isn’t it?

I’m in the room before I know it. I walk beside the door. And stand there. It’s not like I’m a freak or anything like that. I just want this to go toward another night where I know what I think is happening is happening. Because it’s happening right now. Does that make sense?

Sakuya’s already in the room. Are you ready? Try and judge for yourself how sick this is, because I think you’ll agree that it’s absurd. You have to believe me.

And before you think of it, I’m sure that my sister isn’t influencing me in any way. That is an impossibility. How do I know that with so much certainty? Hee hee hee.

Because she’s not the one in control.

Oh look. Sakuya’s talking.

“Have I kept you waiting, milady?”

Sakuya runs a thumb over my sister’s lips, eying her body sitting on the bed.

“Sakuya…Do it….”

Sakuya looms closer until her lips meet my sister’s. As my sister closes her eyes, the maid wastes no time forcing her tongue inside. Within seconds, my sister falls back onto the bed, her head tilting back from the kiss.

“Sak…augh….” My sister gasps for air while Sakuya undoes the buttons to her nightgown.

It’s a pretty twisted reason for putting a nightgown on in the first place, but some nights, Sakuya leaves her fully clothed. Tonight isn’t one of those nights, I guess. The maid clasps a hand around my sister’s mouth, thumb pressing up against the vampire’s chin.

“Lick them.”

See how pitiful my sister looks? She’s so focused on licking that I can hear that hollow echo in her mouth. You know, when you open your mouth and yawn or go “Aaah” to check your teeth. Oh, and my sister’s not hating this. Especially not when that maid is thrusting two fingers in and out of her pussy like that. All while sucking those flat breasts, really just biting her skin. Until my sister breathes through her nose from how intense it all must feel and all that.

Sakuya takes her hand away from my sister’s mouth. She slides it down, with so much saliva on her hand that it leaves a trail from my sister’s chin almost to her stomach. Yes, I can see that much. My sister must like that, too, because she’s wiggling her body like it’s some kind of relaxing bath. That’s pretty sick, if you ask me.

Well, okay. Sakuya hasn’t stopped finger fucking her yet, so maybe that’s why my sister’s shaking so much.

With the sound of blankets shifting under her, my sister comes, twisting her body on her side. Sakuya follows by positioning herself with the movement, and I can see the naughty dripping of fluids on her fingers.

Sister. You’re going to continue falling, aren’t you?

“Sakuya, SAKUYA!” My sister begs, now on her stomach. “Stop!!!”


Stupid. Of course she’d answer like that if you’re her property.

I can’t explain how my sister screams, other than it sounds like a bad impression of an agitated cat. No hissing, just yowling. Trying to escape what has to be smaller than a man’s penis still thrusting in and out as she grips the headboard of her bed. I’ve never actually seen this. Sakuya slaps my sister’s ass without much trouble, which somehow makes my sister scream louder than she already is.

My ears hurt.

In a last ditch effort of some kind, my sister throws herself back at Sakuya. It seems to work, at least in that the maid stops to catch her. I assume Sakuya stopped time at some point to remove her outer garmets, since she’s now in her underwear. Bland. It’s black tonight.

“You told me to stop?”


My sister freezes. Her body, still twitching from coming earlier, twitches even less now that she’s conditioning herself to obey Sakuya.

“You,” Sakuya pauses here, “told me to stop?”

“N-No, I—umph!”

My sister plops face first into a pillow. Sakuya plants her hands on each of my sister’s butt cheeks and squeezes the flesh. I wince while my sister shoots her head up to shout.

Sakuya is now wearing a strap-on. I don’t actually know where she got it. I learned about what it was the first time she used it a long time ago. I still haven’t found out how Sakuya gets all of her toys. I’ll admit: Sakuya is exceptional at obtaining what she wants without other people knowing how. Over three years of trying to find out is long enough for me to say that.

“Are you ready?” Sakuya positions herself in front of my sister’s pussy.

It would normally be the ass if she were punishing my sister. But considering how sensitive she is right now, it would probably be worse for getting it up that end instead.

My sister doesn’t say anything and nods.

So while Sakuya starts fucking my sister into the bed, let me explain something really quick. It’s important. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know when it gets interesting again. You see, it’s all the same. Sakuya is the maid who can stop time. Remilia is a vampire who can control fate. Big deal, right? But you see, even though my sister’s older than Sakuya, even though she’s supposed to be stronger than Sakuya, blah blah blah, I’ll skip to the point. This is how it is. It’s not some play, or something with someone pulling the strings.

My sister is, both figuratively and literally, Sakuya’s bitch.

You’re not going to get an explanation from me, because I don’t know what the deal is. The best I know is that Sakuya has been in control of my sister since she’s been here. I could ask that librarian, but she’s probably minding her own business and knows just as much as I do. Or chooses to, on both accounts. The gatekeeper wouldn’t know, though she’d be shocked. And any fairy who does know is probably dead.

So last, why am I telling you this now? Well, shouldn’t that be obvious? Some part of you must like the reality of this situation. And that’s all I’ll say about that. Good timing, too. It’s becoming rough.

Sakuya builds her pace to the point that every second she plows forward, my sister’s butt shakes and shivers on impact. It’s a thing she likes to do, going slow like that. If they were actually making love and not just fucking, it’d be…beautiful, I guess? The librarian told me once that many human males like it rough and fast. So that’s what I’m using as a comparison for speed. So I have to guess Sakuya uses it to show my sister and say, “Hey, if I wanted to, I’d fuck you even harder” or something like that. That and the way Sakuya stares at my sister’s back like someone who wants something leads me to think so.

All the while, my sister is either on the verge of passing out, or coming repeatedly and is just unable to make any more noise. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think she was looking at me. (She’s not.) She’s taking in breaths faster than Sakuya is fucking her, her mouth open and fangs bared for air. The bed rocks forward twice and back one, or that’s what it looks like to me. And it smells.

I watch for a minute. Two minutes. Four. Ten. I think my sister passes out at two. It’s no longer than thirty that Sakuya stops, buried to the hilt. She bends over and runs her hand along my sister’s spine.


Yes, she doesn’t even bother. That’s what she calls my sister during this time.

Sakuya and my sister move oddly, as if their bodies snap to a position without moving. But this means that Sakuya stopped time. I know why. She does it to “wake” my sister up using that stopped time. A cruel, but efficient way to wake someone up, right?

My sister’s eyes are already focused now, staring at the wall I’m standing in front of.


“Remilia. There’s still another hour.”

If this was a punishment night, it would be until dawn. With the fake excuse that “Milady is sleeping in today.” That line wouldn’t work over a hundred times if it weren’t for the fact that she was a maid. Prim, proper, and graceful.

I don’t have a good angle this time as Sakuya turns my sister to her side, positioning herself behind her. Throwing one of my sister’s legs back and over her own, the maid starts fucking my sister anew while biting her neck. This is normal, too. A good way to show a vampire you’re more powerful than them. That you’re more dominant. At least I think so. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

I don’t have to see it to know that Sakuya is grabbing my sister’s breasts from behind. She’s rubbing them up and down—or right and left from my point of view— while moving her body up and down the bed. My sister’s moans are long and audible, a continuous stream of noise that’s loud when she’s filled and softer when Sakuya draws back. By now I’m used to it, but there’s always that small pool of disgust simmering in my stomach.

My sister comes once. Twice. Three times in two minutes. It really smells now. There are wet puddles on the bed that trail to where they’re lying down now. Another minute or two passes, and Sakuya doesn’t stop or change her pace. My sister passes out again. I know because she stops making noise. But Sakuya doesn’t stop.

It’s not scary. Sakuya knows, and I know. My sister’s body continues to receive pleasure. I will probably never know what that feels like. But since my sister has no say in the matter, and Sakuya likes pushing past my sister’s limits, this is how it plays out.


That’s because my sister will respond after passing out once.

“Remilia.” Sakuya whispers again.

“…Huh…? Oh…ah…Ah!”

My sister wakes right back up to be fucked again. Sakuya wraps her arms around my sister’s waist and turns onto her back.

“Sakuya. Sakuyaaaa.”

My sister tries to lift her body up, but the dozens of orgasms she had in the past hour keeps her in Sakuya’s embrace. And Sakuya still doesn’t stop fucking her. Every slow insertion of the strap-on back into my sister pushes another orgasm from her body. My sister’s head leans back over Sakuya’s shoulder, and Sakuya bites the other side of her neck. My sister squirms in her arms. Her back rubs against Sakuya’s breasts, a nipple poking and rubbing back on my sister’s arm and side.

After my sister comes one more time, Sakuya stops. She lifts my sister and places her on the bed, and I assume she stops time again to retrieve one more toy for the night. The strap-on Sakuya has now is double-ended. My sister whines before she can look down at Sakuya pushing one end of the strap-on into her. Placing her legs on the bed, Sakuya positions herself to ride my sister.

“Touch me.”

I cross my arms while my sister obeys by reaching for Sakuya’s chest. The maid could make it easier by leaning over, but I guess she enjoys seeing my sister fail.

“Try harder.”

That’s impossible. My sister settles for Sakuya’s legs, but the maid slams her hands onto my sister’s shoulders.

“I said touch me, not hold me.”


That’s the sound of “I know but I can’t”. Which makes Sakuya even angrier.

The maid doesn’t say anything. She just starts slamming her hips up and down.

My sister throws her head back and moans. Not scream. Moan. I’ve seen pictures of men riding horses, and I imagine if I saw them riding in front of me, this is what it’d look like. Or at least, that’s always how Sakuya rides my sister, when they’re doing it like this. With legs spread wide, my sister just takes the fucking in her blissful state. Either her body is finally out of juice, in both meanings, or I just can’t hear it for some reason. All I hear now is the creaking of the bed, one two three, and my sister moaning as loud as she can. Which is to say, squeaking like a mouse.

Sakuya stops eventually. Pushing it full hilt into both of them, she slowly draws back by crawling up on the bed. My sister twitches once, but that’s it. Sakuya kisses my sister. Not lightly. Not deeply. It’s enough to make the maid look as though she were tasting something that she made. Maybe it’s the hands. How she presses a hand to one of my sister’s cheeks. I’m pretty sure she’s aligning my sister, though. Seeing how out of it she is, anyway.

This is how it usually ends. My sister’s so sensitive by this time that Sakuya just eats her. And by that, I mean she kisses my sister, sucks on her nipples, licks her, sucks her toes, her fingers, bites an ear, pets her hair. All this for a good thirty minutes. She’ll flip my sister on her back and lick her back. Bite a shoulder. Lots of stuff.

You’d think this is normally how a servent “serves” their master in bed. This last part, I mean. But this is the truth. My sister and Sakuya. This is when I leave, because there’s nothing else that comes after. Sakuya will leave, and my sister will sleep. And everything will change by the time everyone’s awake.

This is how it is.


“Sakuya, tea.”

“Yes, Milady.”

Sakuya pours the tea into the cup outstretched by her master.

“And the state of affairs today?”

“There is nothing worthy of mention to you as of yet.”

Remilia groans. Then, she spots something outside the living room door.

“Oh. Flan.”

The younger sister stares, hand on the open doorway. She takes one look at her sister, then Sakuya. Without a word, Flandre leaves.

Setting the tea down, Sakuya speaks. “Is there something on your mind, Milady?”

Remilia frowns, leaning a cheek onto her fist while crossing her legs on the armchair.

“Not really. Well, actually,” The vampire raises her head off of her fist, “one thing. I just can’t understand why that girl doesn’t look at me right.”

Sakuya bows once for Remilia.

“She’s still young. Perhaps she needs more time?”

At this, Remilia shrugs, eyes closed and hands outstretched to the air.


You know, while the writing is good, it's kind of hard to get a boner when seeing the act through the eyes of someone disgusted by it, thus colouring my perception as well.

Just saying my opinion, so someone else may like it
I didn't really understand why she was disgusted. A few possible explanations spring to mind, but the text didn't actually support them so it was indeed hard to get into the mind of the Flanchan. That didn't stop my enjoyment of the Remi/Sakuya scene, though. Just wish she'd been a little clearer.

Maybe it was the inter-species thing? I mean...I don't want to trigger anyone's fetish or anything, but it would probably be pretty weird to see your sister getting fucked by a monkey or something. Depending on the way Flandre was raised in isolation, we can begin to somewhat understand Flandre's obviously biased perception of the event.
No. Youkai are far too similar to humans. They're created by humans. Most of them look like humans.

I think it's more that it was Sukuya in control rather than Remilia that disgusted her.
File 145964596499.jpg - (1.11MB, 1521x1000, 5a0fa84f5300ba4107b1dc844470e910.jpg) [iqdb]
“Ah, medicine seller. I'll take one _______, please.”

“Yes, right away. Here you are!”

“I could use a _______ for my ____, dearie.”

“Of course, ma'am. Here you are.”

“I need a _______.”

“Here you go, sir.”

“_______, please.”

“Here you are.”

“A _______, if you would.”

“Here, sir.”

“Could I get a _______?”

“Of course, sir.”


“Huh?!” The unexpected comment, not part of the usual script, suddenly shocks you out of your trance. Selling medicine in the village is easy and requires no real thought, so you tend to just go on autopilot. People just ask for whatever they need, and you'd need to bring them back to Eientei for any kind of real diagnosis. “Um, sorry, what was that, sir?”

“Oh, I just asked if you were tired.” Suddenly forced to pay attention to your work, you take a quick look around. Your current customer is a young man, probably in his mid twenties, tall, black hair, average build, bit of muscle on his arms but nothing too prominent. Probably a farmer. He requested a _______ and you already have your hand on the packet, so you didn't mess up his request or anything. You're still in the human village on your route, and haven't wandered off or anything – which would be quite worrying.

“No? I don't feel tired. Why do you ask?” You feel fine, but it's always possible there's some problem that's invisible to you but not to others. It might be necessary to return to Eientei early and ask Master for a checkup, or even to find lodging in the human village...

“Well, your face is red, your breathing is a bit heavy, you're fidgeting a little, and it looks like you're having trouble focusing. I was worried the summer heat was getting to you.”

Red face, heavy breathing... “Oh, there's no need to worry about that.” You pause and take another look at the man. Big and decently strong, probably lots of stamina from working in the fields, would therefore also appreciate a break, and seems to be interested in you. He seems perfect. A quick look around shows that no one else is within earshot of you. “Actually, it may be something you can help me with, if you have some time to spare. Are you interested?”

“Sure, I'll help you if I can. What do you need, some cool water?” He smiles a bit nervously, embarrassed but also eager to help you.

“No no, nothing like that. If you didn't know, I'm a rabbit youkai,” you say while lifting your hat to expose your perky ears. Then you cover them again, since while most villagers don't mind, it still prevents problems. “And right now is mating season for rabbits.” Being so close to so many men while selling medicine has made your body flush with desire. Ironically, this man's concern for you has suddenly made you conscious of the growing heat in your pussy.

“Yes, it's mating season right now and... er, wait, then... when you asked for help...”

“I want you to fuck me and cum in my pussy,” you say simply. Subtlety isn't your strong point. The man stares at you with his mouth agape, then swallows after a few seconds. “Well?”

“Yes, I'll, um, I mean, I'd love to. How, or, uh, where, should we-”

“Just follow me,” you say, cutting off his stammering. “I know a good place for this.”

You take the lead and head towards the place. It's not far from here, but the aching in your crotch still urges you to walk quickly. The man doesn't say anything and just follows you, his footsteps the only clue that he hasn't run off scared. After turning onto deserted street, you step into a small alleyway, well away from any prying eyes. A bit of sunlight streams down from the top, partially obscured by the surrounding buildings. That's about the only flavor to this empty alley. No one comes to this street this time of year.

“Ready?” you ask, mostly to confirm that he's still willing.

He takes a second to look around. “Here?” he asks, bewildered. “I was expecting something a little more, well, romantic.”

“I am not a romantic. Do you want to put it in or not?”

Despite his apparent concerns, he voices his affirmation almost instantly. Smiling at his new found eagerness, you pull on your sash to unfasten your outer vest, then quickly pull your pants off. You want to hurry up and get penetrated, but you put on a small show for removing your panties. First you slowly slide them down to your ankles, then you lift each leg up far higher than necessary, giving him short flashes of your slit before finally turning to face him, completely bottomless and already dripping wet.

He's still not naked, and spent the duration of your time-wasting show staring at your naked flesh instead of taking off his own clothes. It wasn't useless, at least, as you can see a bulge in his kimono. He might be expecting you to undress him yourself or some other nonsense; you put an end to any thoughts of that by leaning against the wall and sticking your ass out towards him.

“Hey... hurry up and stick it in me,” you try to beg. You don't really know how to make your voice “sweet” or anything, but that shouldn't really be necessary when you're presenting yourself this directly.

The gentle rustling of clothes from behind you tells you that he's doing his job and getting his cock out. A short while later, the sound of his footsteps approaching you can be heard as he overcomes any nervousness and prepares to shove his thick, meaty cock into your hungry cunt. He stops moving right behind you...

And his hand touches your base ass. Not to grip your waist for support or anything useful, just a simple grab of your posterior. His fingers sink into your supple flesh, firmly grabbing onto your buttocks, then move around to sample more of your back. It doesn't feel bad or anything, but... it's not fucking.

“Hey...” you try again, “I'm begging you. I need your cock inside me!” Geez, you even told him you're in heat, so why's he still fooling around?

Maybe it's just foreplay? You saw a bulge, but maybe that still wasn't fully erect, and he needs some more time to get ready.

“Sorry, did you need help getting it up?” you ask while looking back to face him again. As you thought, he's still red with embarrassment. “I'm pretty good with my mouth, so I think that'll work-” You stop when you glance down and see his penis, which is unquestionably erect and very nearly throbbing with desire. It's a good length, good thickness, has a wonderful slight upward curve, so why isn't it inside you yet? Just looking at it is making the constant throbbing worse. “Please just fuck me,” you say simply.

“I can't just, just penetrate you like that! I mean, you gotta get ready, and, uh, the mood!”

“I told you, I'm in heat. It is extremely uncomfortable. My entire body is crying out for you to fuck my pussy and fill my womb with your thick cum. I need it. I'm already past ready and there is no mood: just fuck me. I asked for your help, so please give it to me. All you need to do is plunge it in.”

The man finally gives in. He places both his hands on your waist, lines his tip up with your quivering slit, and pushes forward until his hips slap against your ass, driving the full length of his cock into your depths. Your legs nearly give out and you let out a drawn out moan of pleasure as a quick orgasm washes over your body. His delay made you far more sensitive than usual.

Your pussy constricts around his shaft, as if trying to stop it from escaping, but he stills pulls it out and quickly slams it back in. Another wave of pleasure flows through your body as the bulging tip of his cock spreads your insides. The excessive lubrication makes it easy for him to move despite your tightness, which he takes full advantage of by repeatedly plunging in and out of your cunt. The fierceness of his assault makes you moan up against the building, as the combination of pleasure and the impact makes your arms give out.

His thick cock scrapes against your sensitive walls, eliciting a moan of pleasure from you with every thrust. The rhythmic movements leave you gasping for air, and every time he pulls back makes you yearn to be filled again. It feels amazing to finally have that burning itch scratched, but there's still something missing.

A second orgasm starts to build. You're extra receptive today, thanks to the frustration of how long it's been since you last got laid, plus the man's earlier groping. He seems to be close as well, judging by how much his cock is trembling inside of you. Your body craves release, so it's time you took matters into your own hands.

You clench your thighs while his dick is buried deep inside of you and caress his length with your folds, alternating squeezing and releasing motions to stimulate his shaft. The sudden movement brings him over the edge and he climaxes. His first shot of hot, thick semen sprays against your womb and your legs nearly give out from the overwhelming relief. It still causes you to fall forward, but your arms against the building and the support from his hands on your hips lets you catch yourself, although you still end up horizontal. This also pushes your ass towards him, sinking his cock slightly deeper into your pussy.

His cum pours into you in thick bursts, filling your lower body with an intoxicating warmth. It feels like every shot brings you to orgasm, and the intense pleasure makes your vision flash white. And then it ends all too quickly. You lost track after around the sixth shot, but your womb isn't full. He tries to pull out after he's spent, but your tight walls resist for a few more seconds, desperately hoping to squeeze out another drop. But you give up after a few seconds and let his softening penis out. There's enough inside you to sate you for a few days, but...

“Hey,” you say suddenly, without moving away from the wall. “You're up for a second round, right?”

“Huh? Oh, yeah. Yeah! Definitely am. Just, uh, gimme a minute or two, okay?” You're no stranger to the male refractory period, so the delay isn't surprising. “Hey, can I rub it against your butt while we wait? I think it'll get hard faster that way.”

“Go ahead.” Anything that gets you penetrated quicker is good.

“Thanks. You have a gorgeous butt.” You thank him for the compliment. He places both his hands on your hips, as if he was about to enter you again, but obviously doesn't. “And a cute tail, too.” You thank him again. Then something suddenly occurs to you.

“Just don't rub your dick against my tail or anything. It's just really hard to clean.”

He assures you that he won't and begins pressing his partially flaccid penis against you. First he pokes it against your slit, covering it in even more of your pussy juice and the small bit of his cum that leaked out. It's not hard enough to really feel good, and if anything just makes you more anxious for a proper fucking.

After a few back and forths, he takes a step backwards and presses his dick against your left butt cheek. The gooey sex fluids slowly run down your curves as he works them into your skin; the warmth is pleasant although it does feel a little odd. But if it gets him excited, he's welcome to do it. At the same time, he grabs onto your right cheek and gently kneads his fingers into your firm flesh, just like before.

His shaft gradually stiffens as he touches your butt. After a short while, he switches cheeks and begins rubbing it against your right side, repeating the same motions. Instead of groping you, his free hand instead moves up and abruptly grabs onto your tail. You wonder if he was hoping for some dramatic reaction out of you, as he keeps his hand still for a bit before moving onto to rubbing his palm against your fluff.

“Hey, isn't it hard enough already?” While your butt is not capable of exact measurements, his penis feels ready for proper sex now. “Hurry up and fuck me!”

“Hmm? Oh, sorry. Your butt is just too cute.” He gives an insincere-sounding apology, but does stop rubbing his penis against your ass. His shaft presses against your slit a few seconds later and he pushes it forward, gently pressing it against your swollen lips. Is he teasing me again? you think to yourself, but after the third time, he raises his hips slightly and pushes his tip into your pussy.

His length slowly scrapes against your walls as he gently moves forward, driving it deep into your body. You moan as your pussy is slowly filled by his hard cock. Despite already being loosened up and his leftover cum lubricating your insides, his insertion is still almost painfully slow. It didn't sound like he was fatigued or anything, and he was certainly excited to go another round, so where did his earlier ferocity go?

He stops moving for a brief but agonizing moment once his entire length is inside of you. You hoped that he was just taking it easy for the first thrust and would resume pounding you with vigor, but he pulls out and back in with the same slowness. It still feels good, but much like his easier teasing, it simply leaves you craving more.

It's clear that he's not going to pound you in earnest again. His gentle thrusts make you moan despite yourself, but it's clear that you'll have to handle your satisfaction yourself. You inch forward while he's pulling back, then quickly slam backwards and drive his thick cock into your depths as soon as he starts moving forward. Being filled so quickly after a few minutes of teasingly slow sex makes you gasp out in pleasure, and his tip throbs invitingly against your womb as if it's about to unload already and fill you to the brim. It doesn't, but it won't take much longer.

You drive your hips back and forth, matching the man's movements but with far greater intensity. He neither slows down from the surprise of your sudden initiative, nor speeds up to match your faster pace, forcing you to match his steady rhythm. This is just as well, as it makes it a lot easier to move your hips, especially since you can't see what he's doing from this position.

His hips slap against yours as your rough movements drive his long shaft deep into your soaked pussy. He's forcing you to move instead of just letting you enjoy yourself, so you at least want him to cum again soon. You think you can hear him moaning, but it's hard to tell over your own grunts of pleasure. But there's no way he isn't enjoying your body.

Your body tenses up as you can feel another orgasm building. But you force yourself to endure it. You need his cum deep inside of you, and you don't know how close he is. The burning pleasure makes your movements uncoordinated and rough, but you still shake your hips back and forth to desperately milk his cock. Every throb inside of you makes you quiver with relief, making you think he's about to burst. But he doesn't.

The searing pleasure overwhelms you and you cry out as you climax, your back arching in response to the thick cock deep inside of you. He finally releases as your pussy clamps down on his shaft, ejaculating thick and hot semen directly into your womb. The overwhelming feeling of relief of being cured of your affliction, at least for another week, pairs with the explosive pleasure of your orgasm, and you slump against the wall and moan wordlessly as more and more cum pours into you. A small bit of drool drips down from your mouth, a final testament to the intensity of your orgasm.

He pulls out of you once his dick stops twitching inside your pussy. Some of his cum pools out and drips down your thighs a bit, but the vast majority of his massive load stays in your womb where it belongs.

It takes a small bit of time before you can stand again, although you find yourself able to think more clearly as soon as the afterglow subsides. Your stupid body's unending urges to ride a dick have faded now that you've been properly fucked, letting you focus your thoughts on more important matters. You'll probably be able to help Master tonight with her research, rather than needing to go to bed right after selling medicine to masturbate.

“Haaaaa.... Ah, haaaaa... Oh man. That was amazing.” The young man suddenly grabs your attention with his labored breathing. He's sitting on the ground, his dick still out but completely flaccid, and looking up at you with a stupid grin on his face. “Thank you. You were incredible.”

“Hmm? Yeah, you were pretty good too. Thank you for helping me deal with my urges.”

“Oh, yeah. About that. Um, you said it was mating season... and you were in heat, and I just... um, so, are you pregnant now?”

“No. There's no need to worry about anything like that. We're fundamentally different species, even though I have the form of a human, so it isn't possible for you to impregnate me. I wouldn't ask for your help if there was any chance of pregnancy, as having children would be too troublesome. However, having sex and being filled with semen as if to cause pregnancy fools my body into thinking that it may become pregnant, despite the sperm being wholly incompatible. Thus, it stops sending me signals to find a buck and present myself. It's basically a placebo, and will only last for about a week or two, but it's very effective and non-invasive.”

“Er, oh.” The man sits there and watches you for a bit without saying anything. You watch him back for a few seconds, in case he wanted to continue that conversation, but doesn't. Instead you reach down and pick up your discarded panties and pants. He's still watching you, but whatever – it doesn't really bother you.

You slide your panties back on and notice him finally taking care of his own appearance. Not that he has much to do – he just straightens out his pants and tucks his cock away, then stands up and brushes off his butt. Once you've put your pants back on, he looks back towards you and takes a step closer.

“Um, I hope this isn't too presumptuous or anything, but... will I get to see you again sometime?” He asks hopefully.

“I don't see why not,” you respond. “I'll still be around selling medicine almost every day.”

“Huh? Oh. Oh, right, of course.” He seems disappointed for some reason. “Thank you.”

“Now, please excuse me. I do need to return to my duties.” With that, you bow towards him and return to the more populated streets.

After you finish selling medicine, you return to Eientei. You feel a lot better now that your body has calmed down, allowing you to help out Master over the next few days, have a relaxing tea ceremony with the Princess, finish reading two books you picked up in the human village, clean your room, and practice your calligraphy.

Of course, the year is not yet over.


You walk through the streets of the human village, selling medicine to people in need. The air is getting colder and the days are getting shorter, but it's still summer. The beneficial effects of getting laid wore off a few days ago, and as a result your body has been assaulted by a weak but constant aching. It's mild enough to endure it, but it does stop you from doing anything more interesting than masturbating at night.

Still, the year is almost over, so the urges should go away on their own if you can just bear it a little longer. Every day out here selling medicine among the crowd is another day closer to peace and quiet. Even if you'd rather be back at Eientei, sliding a thick dildo in and out of your cunt to dull the ache.

“Tired?” A man's voice suddenly snaps you out of your distracted daydreaming.

“Huh?! Ah, no, not really.” This seems familiar. You give the man a closer look: tall, black hair, kinda muscular... “Oh, you're that man from the other day. Hello again.”

“Ah, you remember me!” he exclaims happily. “Well, I thought your face was a little flushed again, and it has been two weeks, so I was honestly wondering if you, ahem, needed a little more help.”

You take a moment to think it over. Mating season is almost over, so you didn't think it would be necessary to have sex again until spring. Being told of visible symptoms is a bit of a surprise, as you thought everything was under control. On the other hand, even if your urges aren't too bad, they're still annoying, and are negatively affecting your concentration. Plus, he was pretty good.

“Hmm,” you mutter. “I think that would be good, yes. But not now. I'm still busy, and need to finish my work. How about tonight; is that fine with you?”

“Yeah, that'd be great. But where and when would we meet?”

“I was just going to come over to your house when I was finished. Is that a problem?”

“Huh? No, not at all! I live at ____________. I'll see you tonight, then!”

“Yes. Good day. I do need to get back to work now.” You give him a quick bow and turn away, heading to another busy street where people might need medicine.

Once the sun starts to set, you pack up and head back to Eientei. It's a little early, but you sold plenty today. And you have somewhere to be tonight. Upon arriving, you put away the remaining medicine, change into your usual blazer and miniskirt, and immediately head back to the village to find the man's house.

You walk up to what should be his house and knock on the door. The quarter moon is the only source of natural light, but it's not so late that he would be asleep already. After you knock a second time, the man opens the door and greets you with a smile.

“Ah, hello! I'm glad you're here. Come in, come in.” You do so and step into the house, returning his greetings. “Can I get you anything, tea perhaps?”

“No,” you say immediately, as you're just here to get fucked. But maybe it'd be better to be more diplomatic about this. “Perhaps after sex? I'm sure we both want to get to it quickly.”

“Ah, yeah, of course. I'll show you to my room.” He starts walking further into the house, and you follow after him. “By the way, that's a nice outfit. It's looks great on you. Did you change into that just for tonight?”

“No, this is what I usually wear. I change back into this after day after selling medicine. It's just a very uncommon outfit in Gensokyo, and it leaves my ears visible, so it attracts too much unwanted attention.” You don't think you'll ever get used to wearing pants. A miniskirt is just so much more comfortable and breezy, not to mention how much easier it is to change into than your medicine seller getup.

“Oh. Well, it still looks great.”

You take a quick look around once you step inside his room. There's a few scattered books lying around, some clothes on the floor, a broom and a shovel leaning against the wall, two calligraphy scrolls hung up, and most importantly, a futon wide enough for two.

“Sorry about the mess, haha...” he says sheepishly, thinking you were being critical of him for looking around.

“No, it's no problem at all. There's plenty of space for us. Well, shall we begin?”

You take off your skirt and panties with a single movement once he gives the affirmative. This time he doesn't faff about and starts undressing as well, and his penis comes out quickly. It's also flaccid.

“Don't worry, I can take care of that,” you say while eyeing his dick, and step onto the futon, then get down on your knees, facing him. “Could you come closer? It's a lot more comfortable to do this on something soft.”

“Eh? A blowjob? Yeah, of course, thank you!” He says excitedly, but doesn't actually move. Instead he just looks you over for a second. “Um, if it isn't too much to ask, could you take your shirt off too?”

You don't really have any reason to keep it on, so you reply in the affirmative and unbutton it from the top. The man watches with bated breath and lets out an audible gasp when your cleavage comes into view. Your bra comes off shortly after your shirt, letting your heavy breasts drop against your chest. He's stuck there, his eyes glued to your tits and feet stuck to the floor. The only part of him that's moving is his dick, which is slowly coming to life. But not quickly enough, so you raise your index finger and beckon him closer, reminding him that he can do more than just watch.

He finally comes close enough for you to attend to him. You wrap one arm around his waist for support and gently lift his penis with your other hand, then run your tongue over its entire length. It's still too soft, making licking it uncomfortable, so you simply take it all into your mouth. The penis twitches and throbs invitingly as it hardens against your tongue, and its owner groans from the moist caress. You think you can hear him muttering some compliments and moans, but you focus entirely on sucking and teasing his cock, urging him to become ready.

It hardens quickly, and you start to use your tongue as well, alternating between slowly brushing it against his corona and underside and gentle suckling. You keep your movements slow and drawn out, lest he accidentally cum in your mouth, but the man's pleased groans make it clear he's enjoying your work. Now that it's longer, you're forced to adjust your movements, and glide your lips back and forth along his cock, stopping when the tip touches your throat. The forward movement causes your breasts to bump against his leg, and you catch him moving a tiny bit closer in order to feel more of your soft cleavage. His shaft throbs invitingly against your tongue, now fully hard and eager for release.

You pull away from his shaft and abruptly stop your fellatio, leaving his shaft glistening with your saliva and throbbing for more. The comparatively cold air stings the man, who looks down in a mix of surprise and annoyance that you aren't continuing. Meanwhile, you scoot backwards to get into a better position on the futon.

“Why'd you have to stop? I was so close!”

You lie down on the futon and raise your ass, presenting your dripping pussy to the man. “Do you want to cum in my mouth that badly? Wouldn't you rather finish down here?” To further drive the point, you press your index finger against your slit and push it in to the first knuckle and back out. Your overflowing juices coat your digit and slowly drip down toward your hand, demonstrating your readiness.

He answers by grabbing onto your hips and pressing his cock against your entrance. Despite your wetness and the saliva coating his dick, the suddenly insertion is still difficult. Your walls expand quickly to accept him, but they're still incredibly tight and resist his slow but relentless advance. It's a little painful, but the pleasure of having your hot cunt churned up by a strong, thick cock more than overpowers the relatively mild discomfort. Really, you shouldn't have waited this long to relieve your mating urges.

His tip kisses your womb once his full length is finally inside of you. He holds this for a second, and you can feel a tiny drop of his precum dripping against your insides. The taste of what's to come excites you, and you find yourself gently rocking your hips back and forth despite yourself, as if urging him to resume violating you. He gets the message and promptly pulls back out, your tight walls clinging to the bumps on his cock, and begins fucking you with a fast-paced rhythm that makes you moan deeply with every plunge.

Thanks to your interrupted blowjob, his endurance is weakened, and he quickly climaxes, filling your pussy with his thick semen. His cock twitches inside you as it continues to ejaculate and stain your walls. It's not enough to make you cum as well, but the heat still makes you groan with a mixture of pleasure and relief.

The man pulls out of you once his penis calms down and plops down onto the futon with a groan. After a few seconds, you get up as well and sit down near him. Both of you are breathing heavily from the exertion, but hardly exhausted. You know from your previous experience with him that he's good for another round. Since your symptoms were so mild, the large amount he released inside you should be enough to cure you, probably until the end of the year. On the other hand, it never hurts to get laid again, and you didn't even reach orgasm.
File 145964599823.png - (869.20KB, 1068x808, 3764499ed2d220310dedc84dbaadb44a.png) [iqdb]
“Hey,” the man suddenly says after a short silence, “can we do it missionary next?”

“What, from the front?” you ask. He's already decided that there's going to be a second round... not that you have any reason to decline. Although you might decline on the position, as you do prefer doing it from behind.

“Yeah. If it isn't too much to ask. I mean, I'd like to be able to see your beautiful face while we make love,” he says, his eyes occasionally drifting to your boobs.

“Well, alright. Are you ready now?” You don't really care either way about his insincere flattery, especially when his true intentions are so obvious. Having sex in a different position once in a while won't hurt anything, so you might as well let him enjoy himself.

“Yep!” With that, he places both his hands on your shoulders and gently pushes you back down onto the futon, this time on your back. His face is uncomfortably close to yours, but it moves back a bit as he positions himself on top of you. The tip of his penis brushes against your engorged pussy lips just for a second before he drops his hips and plunges deep inside of you. His cum and your wetness make insertion easy this time, and his cock forces open your sensitive walls and makes your body shudder from the intense pleasure. Immediate penetration with no hesitation or delays; just how you like it.

You moan as his thick shaft scrapes against your walls. His fierce thrusts already have you feeling like you're going to cum, although there's no way you'd let yourself before he finishes inside you. Despite his earlier interest in your chest, his eyes are now firmly locked on your parted lips, and he pays no attention to your tits even as they bounce up and down in tune with his thrusts. It's somewhat odd how much attention he's giving to your face, and you find yourself automatically averting your eyes from his. You can still feel your face glowing crimson, but you want him to keep pounding you, so you don't say anything.

A moist heat on your nipple pulls your attention back, and you find that the man has moved down and begun playing with your tits. He roughly squeezes and caresses your left breast with one hand while using his mouth on your other breast, alternating between light kisses and suckling your erect nipple. Despite his seemingly single-minded focus on your boobs, he keeps shaking his hips at a consistent pace and varies his movements to scrape his penis against different parts of your pussy with each thrust.

The man's attentions have you quivering in place as the pleasure threatens to make you orgasm without him. Even though your boobs aren't especially sensitive, the stimulation there plus his grinding against your slick and aching walls is more than you can bear. You really don't want to climax by yourself without another hot load inside of you to keep your urges suppressed, so you try to at least think of something other than his thick cock plunging in and out of your dripping cunt, bumping against the entrance to your womb, radiating an intoxicating heat in your depths.

That didn't work, so you're left with just uselessly panting on the floor, waiting for him to finish pleasuring himself with your vagina. This position is just too foreign for you to properly enjoy yourself. It feels great, but that's the problem: it feels too good. The position lets him thrust deeper and harder into your pussy, and there's nothing you need to do, since your weight is supported by your back, not your arms and legs. Just having them sit against the floor is rather awkward on their own, so maybe if you held on to something it'd help take your mind off the searing pleasure. But all that's available is...

You wrap your arms around the man, criss-crossing them around his back and lightly grabbing onto his shoulders, then do the same with your legs and hold on to his waist. The unexpected contact causes him to stumble and lose his rhythm, planting his face between your breasts and completely pulling out of your pussy. Maybe you should've said something first. He places both hands on the futon to fix his position and quickly plunges his cock back inside of you before you can even think to move your legs back to make it easier for him.

His dick ejaculates as soon as its all the way inside you, finally filling you with the semen you've been waiting for. You immediately give in to the pleasure and let yourself orgasm together with him, your body convulsing as you both moan together in ecstasy. Your arms and legs, already wrapped around him, tighten on their own and hold him against you, pressing his warm chest against your voluptuous tits and stops him from being able to pull out of you until you're satisfied. His cock continues to throb and fill you with his hot semen, and you don't release him until it finally stops a full minute later. Exhausted and fully satisfied, you lie flat on the futon, sprawled out, awake but with your eyes closed.

The weight disappears from your chest and you can hear some moving about as the man gets off of you. A few seconds pass before he speaks.

“Oh, did you want to spend the night?” His tone makes you think that he's joking, but...

“Would it be alright if I did?” You are, quite frankly, exhausted. Today wasn't an especially long day or anything, but maybe getting fucked so hard took a lot out of you. In any event, you have no desire to go out into the cold night and try to find your way through the bamboo forest back to Eientei. While you wouldn't be in any danger and have no difficulty at all seeing in the dark, you'd much rather just sleep here, in a stranger's house, than sleep alone in your normal bed.

“Huh? Oh, no, I mean yes, it's no trouble at all! Well, that is the only futon, so as long as you don't...”

“We've already had sex,” you say, cutting him off. “Twice. Of course I don't mind sleeping together.”

“Ah, right. That is true.” He pauses for a few seconds. “Did you want to go to sleep now?”

“Yes, I'm pretty tired, and I usually go to sleep early. But don't feel obligated to turn in yourself. I can sleep with the lights on if there's still anything you need to do.”

“Not really, so I'll join you now.” You can hear him walking through the room and blowing out the candles. The dim light on your closed eyes fades with each loud breath until it becomes total darkness, followed by the man's footsteps approaching you. He lies down next to you, pulls a blanket over the two of you, and huddles close to you. His left arm drapes across your chest, touching the bottoms of your breasts, while his face nuzzles close to your cheek. Even his flaccid dick touches your leg, since you're both still naked. Not that you mind any of this. A few minutes later, you drift off to sleep.

You wake up before the sun rises, as usual, and spend a few seconds lying still to remind yourself why you're in an unfamiliar house. Your partner from last night is still sound asleep close to you, but shifted away a bit in his slumber. He's currently on his back and his arm is still draped over your chest, but his face isn't so close to your own anymore. Which is good, as it makes things convenient for you.

Moving carefully to avoid waking him, you gently lift his hand and scoot away from him you're off the futon, then carefully lower his hand to the floor. Then you stand up, quietly gather your discarded clothes and put them on, and head out the door. Fortunately you did all this without interrupting the man's sleep; it's important for humans to sleep undisturbed, after all, and they aren't well suited for a lunar rabbit's sleeping schedule.

The sun is just barely starting to rise as you step outside, the first orange rays barely illuminating the village. You'll be late in returning to Eientei, but hopefully Master won't be upset. You didn't tell her your plans when you stopped by to drop off your medicine and change your clothes, but hopefully she'll understand what kept you from returning last night.

You make the long journey back to Eientei, change your clothes, and head back to the village to sell medicine. It's nearly noon by the time you return, leaving you busy for the remainder of the day while you make up for lost time.

Time passes and the shorter and colder days mean no biological urges interrupting your focus with constant thoughts of impregnation. You're able to focus on selling medicine to the villagers to help prevent winter illnesses and working with Master to develop new ones. It's a time of peace and tranquility for you.

Then spring comes.

After an uneventful day of trying to sell medicine at the village, you return to Eientei much earlier than usual. Perhaps everyone is too busy enjoying the warm spring air and bountiful sunlight to get sick. Whatever the case, almost no one needed any medicine, so you managed to complete your rounds around the village in record time.

You head to your room to change into your casual clothes, but stop just outside the door. Noises. Someone is in your room. It's probably nothing dangerous, but you aren't going to risk barging in unprepared.

Holding your ear up against the wall, you listen in for a few seconds. There's plenty of movement, so it can't be any kind of ambush. Maybe searching for something – a thief? Your room is probably the last place a thief would look, however. Some voices... multiple people, unless they just enjoy talking to themselves.

And then you make out a woman moaning. So it's just some jerks having sex in your room. Hopefully it isn't Master again, seducing the youth by trying to squeeze herself into your clothes. You open the door a crack and look in so you can determine how angry you should be at the perpetrators.

Oh, it's just Tewi. She's lying on her back with a male rabbit gripping her leg, and taking a relatively large penis considering her petite frame. Their sides are facing you so there's no way for them to notice you like this, especially considering how enraptured both seem to be. Your eyes are drawn to Tewi's small breasts as they sway with every powerful thrust, the way she grips the fabric of your semen-stained bed, the sweat and sexual fluids dripping down her thighs and cheeks, the slightly dazed look in her eyes as she stares lovingly at her partner, her slightly parted lips as she softly moans with his every move...


You slam open and door and barge in, practically ripping off your clothes as you stomp through the room. Tewi and her partner practically fall over from shock and stumble upon themselves.

“Huh? Reisen?! What're you doing back al- why are you stripping?!”

“Shut up! This is your fault!” you yell, pausing to unwind your bandages. Can't walk and remove these damned things at the same time. So inconvenient. Once that's done you head to your chest of drawers.

“Well I'm not gonna let you steal him from me. I found him first, and we've already jo- wait, huh?” She yelling as you get dressed, hurriedly buttoning your shirt over your bare breasts. No time for underwear, and you won't have them on for too long, so hopefully it won't be a problem.

Once your skirt is on, you turn around and walk back to the door. You then lean forward and yell, “And stop having sex in other people's rooms!” and then slam the door closed.

It's already twilight when you leave. The aching in your pussy compels you to walk quickly, but the human village is still far away. You don't arrive until the sun has gone down completely. It's still early in the year, so the nights are still long and cool, but that doesn't seem to matter to your womb. There weren't any symptoms until just now, but seeing Tewi's expressions of absolute rapture and her exceptionally virile partner made you want to kick her off your bed and ride that long cock until it came inside you twenty times and knocked you up.

Which is precisely why you're hurrying back to the human village. It's too late in the day to really hunt for a man, but you're pretty sure you know where one lives. Even if it's been five months, you're confident that you can find his house again.

You knock on the door and wait for him to answer. It occurs to you that you have no idea if he's home or not, and even if he is, he's certainly not expecting you. You ran into him in the village a few times, but since you weren't in heat, you never did anything with him beyond exchanging a few forced greetings. Regardless, there's no harm in trying, as you have no idea what to do about this sudden ache if he isn't available to fuck you until you can't walk.

The sound of approaching footsteps from inside the house tells you that is he, at the very least, home. You breathe a sigh of relief, even though he hasn't actually agreed to anything yet.

“Yes? Can I h- huh?!”

A quick glance behind him doesn't show anyone else within earshot, although they certainly could still be behind a corner or something. You really don't know anything about this man, so it's perfectly possible that asking for sex could be troublesome for him. The best you can do in this situation is to keep your voice down. “Hi. Can we fuck?”

The man blinks in surprise, but recovers quickly. “Does this mean you're in heat again?” he asks.

“Yes,” you answer succinctly. He doesn't say anything else immediately so you add, “So can I come in?”

“Of course, of course,” he says, gesturing for you to enter. You do so and stop in the hallway after taking off your shoes. “It'll be a few minutes before I can get out the futon. Would you like some tea or-”

“No,” you interrupt, but catch yourself. “Sorry, can we just do it right here?” you ask a bit more politely, and unhook your skirt without waiting for his response. His eyes are naturally drawn to the movement of your falling garment, but remain fixated on your exposed pussy. It's soaked wet and waiting for his cock, and your thighs are dripping wet from walking around in this state.

“Ah, yeah... yeah, here's fine. I'm not erect, thought, so it'll still take a few minutes.”

“I figured as much. Just rub it against my pussy again or something.”

You lean up against the wall and stick your ass out, giving him a good view of your nether regions. This isn't the most comfortable area, but the hallway is just barely wide enough to accommodate two people. It doesn't matter how little time is needed to set up the futon for a more relaxed environment, as any amount of time is too much. At the very least, rubbing himself against your pussy should get him harder and ready for sex much quicker than laying out a futon.

The man grabs your hips from behind and begins slowly rubbing his penis against your pussy lips and thighs. It's mostly flaccid but you can feel it growing erect quickly. His gentle movements still have you breathing heavily in just a few seconds, both from the pleasure and the anticipation of what's to come. Not satisfied with holding on to your bare hips, he moves one hand up and gropes your right tit, giving it a firm squeeze through your shirt. After quickly discovering that you aren't wearing a bra, he moves on to pinching your erect nipple, and the odd sensation of his fingers through the fabric makes you gasp.

“Hey, can I ask you something?” the man suddenly asks. He continues stimulating himself against you without faltering, so it shouldn't hurt anything. You answer in the affirmative. “Do you enjoy sex?”

Where'd that come from? “Of course I do.” Just him rubbing his dick against your pussy lips feels pleasurable, even if it mostly makes you yearn to be filled. “So please get hard quickly, so we can move on to real sex.”

“That's not quite what I mean. You're a rabbit, so you have urges during mating season, and need to have sex. That's what you told me, if I remember correctly. But you don't have sex when you don't need to, do you?” Is he upset because you didn't sleep with him for almost half a year? “I don't need to have sex or anything, but I still want to have sex with you, because you're beautiful and have a great body. In other words, I enjoy having sex with you. A lot. And it may be selfish, but I'd like for you to enjoy having sex with me as well. So, do you?”

“By that criteria, no. I'm just not really interested in having sex when I don't need to.”

“I see.” You imagine he's disappointed, although he doesn't really sound it. Nor does your answer interrupt his steady rhythm of slowly thrusting back and forth, gently pressing his hard shaft against your engorged lips. Perhaps he just expected your response. “Well, I still plan to fuck you until neither of us can move. So hopefully you'll enjoy tonight at least.”

The tip of his cock just barely pushes past your lips, causing your pussy to quiver with expectation. Your hips shake on their own, desperately trying to push the thick rod inside of you, but it remains just barely out of reach, constantly pressing against your entrance and doing nothing more. “Yes, please do. I'm looking forward to it.”

“One more thing,” he says. The heat from his shaft alone is becoming unbearable, and the constant rubbing but nothing more is making your pussy ache more than when you first arrived. You want his cock inside you. “I'd like to try a bunch of different positions. I get the feeling that you only like doing it from behind like this. You might enjoy sex more if you experiment a bit, even if it means doing things you aren't immediately comfortable with. Like looking at your partner during sex.”

“Yes... that's fine,” you manage to say between gasps. The angle of his thrusts changes slightly and his tip brushes against your erect clitoris, causing you to cry out from the sharp pleasure coursing through your body. Come to think of it, hasn't his cock been fully erect for a while now? “...Isn't it time for you to put it in yet?”

“Hmm... not quite. You're not ready just yet.”

.........Huh? “You're not ready”? What about him?! Your pussy is wants, needs to be filled, and has been soaking wet since you walked in on Tewi. “What do you mean by that? I'm ready! Hurry up and fuck me!”

“The longer I wait, the better it'll feel when I finally put it in. Remember our first time in the alley, and it felt incredible after I rubbed it against you? It's like that. Part of the experimentation I mentioned earlier. Just bear with it a little longer.”

And how long is that going to be? No, that doesn't matter – any amount of time is too long. This buildup is ridiculous and unnecessary, given how badly you've needed a dick since before even coming to the village. You try to lower your hips and force his cock inside of you, but the position is too bad for you to do any kind of effective movement. All you manage to do is push your vagina against his throbbing shaft, accomplishing exactly what he's trying to do himself.

“I'm not going to wait,” you try to state plainly, but your voice is undoubtedly far more sultry than you intend. It's not good for making demands, but you're stuck. “If you aren't going to fuck me, then I'll just find someone else to care care of my needs.”

“No you won't,” he replies with complete certainty. “Think about it: how long do you really think I can go like this? I'm near my limit, I assure you. And do you really think you could find someone else to sleep with in the middle of the night in less time than it'd take me to give in?”

He's right. Even if you knew anyone else in the village – and you don't – there's no way you'd be able to get to them in less time than it'd take for this man to give in. Even his neighbors would be too far away, comparatively. Trying to explain your situation to a stranger in the middle of the night would probably just result in Reimu having an unpleasant “talk” with you. But that means you don't have a bargaining chip, leaving you at his mercy.

“What will it take for you to fuck me right now? Please!” you plead. The problem with his assurance of “how long can I really last?” is that you don't know how long that is. Most men wouldn't even try to endure.

“Hmm, well,” he thinks aloud, “if a super-sexy girl like you were to spread her legs and earnestly beg for my dick, there's no way I could hold out for another second.” His dick finally stops rubbing moving, staying still against your lips. It's up to you to act now.

Your legs are already spread, but you make an effort to widen them a bit without losing your balance. “Please shove your big, thick cock into my dripping wet cunt, stir up my insides with your powerful thrusts until my legs give out, and fill my hungry womb with your hot semen and impregnate me!”

For a single agonizing second, nothing happens. The man remains perfectly still, not making a single sound or movement, while the ridiculous words you just let out echo through your head.

The man firmly grabs onto of your hips and slams his cock into your pussy, spreading open your slick walls and kissing the entrance to your womb with a drop of his precum. Finally having a thick shaft inside of you after so much teasing is far more than you could hope to bear, and just that alone brings you to climax. You cry out in pleasure and relief as your walls constrict around his shaft, desperate to milk a load of cum out of his dick. Despite teasing you for so long, he's able to hold himself back, and the only reaction you get out of his penis is a deep throbbing as it yearns to ejaculate inside you.

He doesn't move during your intense orgasm, and simply waits patiently for you to calm down. You get the feeling he expected this exact outcome. After a short wait, he wraps one arm around your stomach and lowers the other to your thighs and prepares to begin thrusting into you.

Except that doesn't happen. With an “alley-oop!” he lifts you up off the ground and away from the wall, pulling you towards his chest. It takes a few moments for your dazed mind to comprehend what just happened, by which time he has you're being held up by both of his hands on your thighs with your back leaning against his chest. He did all this without pulling out of you, and begins lifting your body up and down in rhythm with the shaking of his hips to plunge his cock deep inside of you.

His arms lift you up and down, bouncing you along his long shaft. The most intense part of your earlier orgasm has faded, but you're still basking in the afterglow, and his rough movements have you melting with pleasure. Needing to lift you up after every thrust means he can't penetrate you as often, but the extra force from gravity as he lowers you onto his cock makes the insertions deeper and more powerful. You're completely as his mercy as his hold prevents you from making any useful movements of your own, and the exhilaration brings you back to the brink of orgasm in seconds.

Maybe trying out different positions won't be so bad after all.

The man's earlier teasing catches up to him, and he climaxes far too quickly. With a final plunge that slaps his hips against your butt, he gives in to his pleasure and ejaculates deep inside of you, shooting several thick globs of cum into your womb. The heat brings out your own orgasm, and you join his grunts with your own cries of pleasure

He's not able to hold the position any longer, and quickly sets you down on the floor and pulls out of you before stumbling onto the floor. He didn't even finish cumming, and lets out some semen onto your thighs and leg, as well as the floor before his dick stops twitching. Your legs are weak as well, but you barely manage to catch yourself and stay standing while leaning against the wall.
File 145964601573.jpg - (511.75KB, 1000x733, 781bff88337ec6e2553675345b424d4d.jpg) [iqdb]
After a short break where the two of you catch your breath, the man looks up at you from the floor and says, “I'm gonna lay out the futon now, so the next round will be more comfortable. How about missionary again?” You voice your agreement and the man slowly stands up and stumbles towards his room. You follow after him, but stop and wait just outside, while he sets up the futon. Missionary wasn't too bad last time, and maybe it'll feel better with practice. It's definitely more appealing than some other strange and totally foreign position he might want to try out.

He returns a bit later with the futon and sets it down on the floor. “Ah, could you take your shirt off again? It's better if we're naked for this, right?” he says, interrupting you as you're about to lie down on the futon. It doesn't really matter to you, but the man does seem to love breasts. You unbutton your shirt and drop it to the floor, and notice that the man is stripping as well. When you lie down on your back and face him you're given a view of his nude body. He's not unattractive, with his muscular chest and somewhat tanned skin, but you're mostly interested in his rock-hard cock that's dripping with precum and aching to enter your equally ready vagina.

You spread your legs wide and wait for him to get on top of you. He sits down on the futon in front of you and stares at you for a few seconds, admiring your naked body. Then he crawls towards you, as if to get on top of you, but instead reaches down to your thighs and tries to lifts them up. You stop him, of course, and even though you're not in the best position, you're still a good deal stronger than he is.

“Um, what are you doing?” you ask him. Touching is fine, but why is he trying to actually lift you up?

“Just trying to get into position. It'll be better if you put your legs up.”

“I thought you said 'missionary.'”

“It's still missionary,” he insists. “It's just adding some changes to a boring position to make it more interesting. I'm confident that it'll feel better for you. Are you willing to try? It's fine to do it normally if you really aren't interested.”

“...I guess it's fine. Just tell me what I should do.” Just lifting your legs seems harmless enough, although you're also not certain of what the benefit is. You do wish he had said something before grabbing your leg... although maybe you wouldn't have agreed to this if he had just asked first.

“Nah, it'll be simpler if you just let me do it on my own.” He once again reaches underneath your thighs and lifts them up, this time without you providing any resistance, and crawls on top of you with his legs spread wide. This position presses his thighs against yours, keeping your legs held in place, while he holds himself up with both hands at either side of your shoulders. It doesn't look like the most comfortable position for him to be in, but he's not complaining.

It takes him a few attempts to properly line his penis up with your entrance, each failure poking his tip against your thighs or butt. He doesn't seem to be experienced in this, despite his assurances that you'll enjoy it. Once he finally gets it in, he slowly lowers his entire body, gradually sinking his erect shaft past your lips. The gradual insertion makes you let out a subdued moan as his length pushes open your walls. It's not the rough fucking you're looking for, but he seems to be adjusting to this position as well, so you're willing to cut him some slack.

The weight of his legs pushes yours down until they won't bend any further back. It's not painful, as he's not forcing anything, but it does stop the full length of his penis from entering you. He keeps it buried inside you for a few seconds without moving, presumably still getting used to the awkward position, before he finally starts moving.

He lifts his hips and lowers them once again to plunge his penis back inside your vagina, awkwardly at first but he manages to settle into a reasonably quick rhythm. Your legs stop him from reaching your hips, so he's forced to lift his upper body with every thrust to get a decent angle and then lower it again while pulling out. The effect resembles an odd form of pushups or some other exercise, so it's understandable that he's having trouble.

It starts to feel much better as his speed picks up and his awkwardness fades. The way his weight presses down on your legs makes it feel like his entire body is being used to thrust into you, even though his penis can't reach as deeply compared to regular missionary. Your breasts and legs both shake in tune with his movements as your entire body is rocked by and forth constantly. His slow but powerful thrusts leave both of you gasping and moaning for more. And yet, it spares you from the burning and mind-numbing pleasure from last time; where his thrusts were so fierce and rapid that it just made you worry about cumming without him.

He was right; this is definitely better.

“Hey,” the man says suddenly between his gasps and moans, “Can we kiss?”

“Huh?” It takes your addled brain a few moments to understand his question. Why is he asking you that? For one thing, it seems like the kind of thing you'd do before sex, not during. Not that you'd need anything like that to “get into the mood.” You don't really have any interest in kissing... but apparently he does.

“If you really want to,” you answer between moans. “I don't mind.”

He leans forward, trying to carefully approach you while both your bodies rock back and forth from his powerful thrusts, and winds up smushing his lips against your own. It doesn't hurt or anything, but it does mean he kissed you without you properly anticipating it. Your lips stay together like this for a few seconds until he slightly parts his lips and gently tastes yours.

His tongue slips past your lips and begins exploring your mouth. Shallowly at first, but he becomes bolder after seeing your lack of resistance. The moistness of his tongue touches your lips, teeth, and tongue as it ravishes your mouth. Focusing on kissing you slows the frequency and power of his cock, but he's still going quickly enough to make you quiver in pleasure and moan into his greedy mouth.

He leans back and breaks the kiss after about a minute, leaving a thin trail of saliva that connects the two of you for a brief second. He's gasping for breath after kissing you for so long while also pounding your cunt. But instead of slowing down, he speeds up, and begins ramming into you with such force that would hurt if it didn't feel so good. Your body shakes back and forth as you approach orgasm, his rapid thrusts filling you with pleasure even as he forgoes positioning in favor of speed.

“Gonna...” he says immediately before groaning loudly as the two of you climax together, and he shoots his thick cum deep into your womb. Your pussy clamps down on his shaft, keeping it buried deep inside of you while it continues to twitch with each ejaculation and sends shivers of pleasure through your body. You collapse against the futon from your third orgasm of the night and try to let your legs drop to the ground, but they still can't move from their position. Either from noticing this or simply from his own exhaustion, the man pulls out of you early and lies down on the futon himself, shooting a few loads of semen onto your thighs in the process. With his weight gone, you finally let your legs return to a neutral position, draping your calves next to his head.

“Are you feeling better now?” the man suddenly asks you after a minute of restful silence. He's still lying on his back, and it doesn't look like he's ready to get up yet.

“Yes, I am. Thank you,” you reply. The aching is pretty much gone, replaced with the pleasant afterglow of both orgasm and physical exertion. It's enough to keep your mind off Tewi and her partner.

“Did you want to go another round?”

“Sure,” you reply after thinking it over for a second. “But are you really up for it? You seem, well, exhausted.”

“Ah, I'm fine. I have plenty stored up.” You take a glance at his penis. Despite its owners obvious fatigue, his penis is still erect and ready to go. “I just had a long day today, and probably went a little overboard.” After another few seconds of silence, he sits up and adds, “Hey, I have a question, if you don't mind.” You don't. “You need sex to calm your mating urges, right? I believe that's what you told me. But does it have to be vaginal sex?”

“Huh? What do you mean?” Where's he going with this?

“For example, could the scent of semen help calm your urges, if you were to, say, give me a blowjob and I came on your face? Or the taste, if you swallowed it?”

...In other words, he just wants a blowjob. “Er, well, I can't say I've ever really tried it, but I don't think it'd help any. I couldn't ever get pregnant from a blowjob, so it wouldn't trick my body at all.”

“But it's entirely a mental thing in the first place. You said it's impossible for you to get pregnant anyway, so it shouldn't really be necessary to cum inside you. Cumming on your face wouldn't change anything in the end.”

You pause to think it over. He is right about it being a strictly mental thing, since it's entirely a placebo reaction. So maybe it would be enough? You honestly haven't tried it, as you'd only fellate a man to get him ready for normal vaginal sex. As far as you can remember, no one has actually ejaculated on your face or in your mouth.

“Plus, I am still tired, so I don't think I could manage another round of full sex, but I'm definitely energetic enough for a blowjob!”

You suppose that means you have nothing to lose by trying it, so you somewhat reluctantly agree to let him ejaculate on your face. It probably won't ease your remaining urges, but if nothing else it'll be a good way to thank him for all of his help. You crawl between his legs, bringing your face close to his penis.

It's still erect despite cumming twice already and twitches softly in the air while waiting for your attentions. Normally you only perform fellatio on flaccid or semi-flaccid cocks to get them ready for the real thing, so having a fully-erect one right in front of your face is quite surprising. It reeks of sex and the man's sweat, and glistens with sexual fluids in the candlelight.

You part your lips and take his tip into your mouth, caressing the backside with your tongue as you lower your head. The man groans from your slightest movement as you slowly take more of his length into your mouth. This gives you a taste of the sex juices that were coating his penis, and makes the smell stronger as you approach the base. It's not a bad taste, but it's also not exactly fine cuisine. You're definitely going to have him ejaculate onto your face, rather than in your mouth.

His tip touches the back of your mouth and you stop, pursing your lips about halfway down his full length. That's as far as you can take it. You wrap your fingers around the remainder to stimulate every part of his cock, and the simple touch makes his penis twitch, even without moving your fingers. Keeping your lips closed, you raise your head and suck, cleaning off his shaft while you pleasure him. Once you reach the top, you open your mouth with a pop and swallow the sexual juices you picked up. His cock is mostly clean now, not counting your saliva, but you immediately run your tongue against his urethra to get the last of his cum and swallow that too.

Next, you flick your tongue against his penis, using the tip sparingly against his frenulum and glans and spending most of your time using the meat of your tongue on his less-sensitive areas. The gentle pleasure contrasts with the harsher sucking you treated him to initially, making him groan and yearn for the full embrace of your mouth. But your tongue feels good enough to make his cock twitch by itself, leaving him conflicted. After about two minutes of this teasing, his heavy breathing and the throbbing of his penis suggest that he's about to ejaculate.

“Please tell me when you're about to cum,” you instruct, and then bring your lips back to his tip and slowly take his penis into your mouth. You keep your closed fingers just in front of your mouth and gently stroke his length as you move further down. He moans from the moist embrace, but doesn't say anything. Once his penis is in as deeply as you can take it, you close your lips around his shaft and start bobbing your head up and down as you suck. Your tongue brushes against the front of his cock while you move, and you stroke your hand in tune with your mouth in order to make him melt from the pleasure.

“Ahhh! Gonna cum!” he warns, and you promptly lift your head and keep it in front of his throbbing tip. The air is freezing compared to the hot moistness of your mouth, and it stings his saliva-coated shaft. You keep pumping your hand back and forth, encouraging him to ejaculate onto your waiting face.

After a few seconds of waiting, he finally gives in and climaxes, shooting out a thick glob of semen that hits your cheek as he groans and arches his back. The hot liquid splattering against your face almost makes you gasp, but you make certain to keep your mouth closed. More and more semen flies out of his urethra, staining your lips, nose, cheeks, and chin white. It finally stops after what feels like minutes, twitching in the air but without releasing anything. Some of his cum drips back down onto his thighs and penis, but most of it stays on your face.

You sit up and stay still for a moment, basking in the heat and smell of the semen plastered all over your face. The powerful aroma assault your nose, filling your mind with the raw stench of male sexuality. Having it this close is certainly an experience, and while it's normally not unpleasant, this is simply too much. But most importantly...

“It's not working,” you say simply. If this semen had been released inside your womb, you'd be experiencing a familiar mix or euphoria and relief. As it slowly drips down your face, all you feel is mild discomfort. It's not too bad, somewhat akin to having mud on your face – although this certainly does smell better than mud – but it's certainly not something you'll ask for again.

“No?” the man replies, sounding somewhat disappointed.

“No,” you echo. “Could I get a towel or something? I'd like to clean my face now.”

“Oh, yeah sure. Just a second.” You sit and wait patiently while he dashes into another room, then returns shortly with a cloth. He hands it to you, and you rub and pat it against your face, trying to pick up all the cum he let out. Naturally, you can't get all of it with a dry towel, but the moistness and weight that was clinging to your skin has vanished, replaced with a mere stickiness. You'll need a bath or something to get it all out, but that's good enough for now. You thank him, fold the towel, and set it down on the floor.

“So what now?” he asks. “You still haven't fully recovered, right?”

“I haven't,” you say, eyeing his still-erect penis. “You're up for another round of vaginal, right?”

“As long as I don't need to move. Do you mind being on top?”

“On top?”

“Yes. You'll need to do all the movement yourself,” he clarifies.

You pause for a second to think it over. It's not something you've ever done before. But how hard could it be? You still need to get laid, so you might as well try it.

“Well, alright. Please assist me if I have trouble.”

He lies down on his back, returning to his earlier position with his dick pointing up in the air. You straddle him with your knees on the futon while facing him, holding your hips just above his tip. This lets you look down and see his penis, which is important when you have no idea what you're doing. Gently holding it with your hand, you lower your hips to try and drive it past your entrance. It misses the first time, but the tip pushes apart your lips when you try again.

You slowly squat down, letting his shaft sink into your dripping pussy. This should be straightforward, but it doesn't hurt to be careful considering your inexperience. After a few seconds, the tip of his cock bumps against the entrance to your womb, meaning it's all the way in. It feels even deeper than usual.

...Now what? The obvious answer is to use your knees to lift yourself up and down along his shaft, but you're not certain that'll work right. Normally, since the man is taking the initiative, he can seek out his own pleasure and orgasm from that. But you aren't him, so you don't know for certain what will make him cum. Just leaving his dick buried inside you like this isn't going to cut it, either. You look up at the man's face, and he's gently smiling and looking up at you expectantly. He enjoyed the insertion, at least.

“Um, how do I make you orgasm? I don't really know how to move properly.”

“Hmm, well,” he says, pausing to think it over. It's probably extremely obvious and he's trying to figure out how to explain something so simple. “Just do whatever feels good for you. It'll feel just as good for me too.”

That isn't as informative as you hoped for, but it gives you someplace to start. You carefully raise your hips, stopping when you can feel his tip against your labia, and then return with the same consideration and lack of speed. It stayed in – that's a good first step. It also didn't feel very good, but that's probably due to the excruciatingly slow speed you're moving at.

You repeat that motion, moving a bit faster each time as you get used to the position and movement. It's not quite enough – if you go any faster, it'll probably pop out and ruin the flow. Maybe if you had a bit more support? Your arms aren't doing anything, so you lean forward a bit and place both hands on his bare chest, trying to avoid putting too much of your weight on him while still holding your upper body up.

Leaning forward like this changes the movement needed, so you start over and carefully raise and lower your hips, this time at a slight angle. His tip scrapes against your sensitive walls with little resistance, easily reaching the entrance to your womb despite your inexperience. Keeping your hands on his chest makes it a lot easier to control yourself, letting you finally reach a pleasant pace. You bounce up and down along his length, savoring the feeling of his cock filling you up and the soft moans of pleasure coming from his lips. He was right: it feels good for him as well as for you.

But not orgasmic. After a few minutes of this, it becomes clear that you'll need to do something more drastic. Something that'll make him quiver from the pleasure and let out tons of his thick cum deep inside you. However, since this is the first time you've ever had to take the initiative, you don't know if there's anything special you should be doing.

So you'll just try moving faster.

You sit still with your hips touching his for a few moments as you steel yourself. Just having his dick inside you is distracting, even if you aren't moving, but you still feel the need to focus. The pleasure has made you start panting, and the early signs of fatigue are becoming apparent thanks to your unfamiliar movements.

Loosely gripping the man's chest, you raise yourself once again and then rapidly plummet back down, sending a wave of pleasure through your body as his cock scrapes against your aching walls. Forcing yourself to move through the wondrous feeling, you raise your hips with equal speed and plunge back down. The intensity has both of you moaning loudly in short order from what finally feels like normal sex. Your hips slap against his as you desperately seek out both greater pleasure and his luscious semen, both of you so tantalizingly close to orgasm from your first time taking the lead.

You give in to the pleasure, crying out in ecstasy as you drop against his waist and let his thick cock fill you up. Your walls tighten around his shaft, squeezing and caressing it to entice him to join you. He holds out for a few seconds, but then comes the familiar and delightful sensation of his semen shooting out and filling your womb. The relief makes your body tremble and you collapse forward, your heavy breasts plopping against his chest while you stay joined. His arms wrap around your back and he holds you close to him, groaning softly from the pleasure of cumming inside you, until his penis finally stops twitching inside you.

The two of you lie still like this for a while, his softening cock still inside of you. Neither of you make any effort to move from this position. It's still early in the night, so you really should get dressed and head back to Eientei. But...

“Are you going to spend the night?”

“If you'll allow me.” You're just too tired. All you want to do now is bask in the afterglow and have a nap, although a nap this late would of course last until morning.

“Of course,” he replies happily. Being connected with him is starting to become uncomfortable, so you get off him and lie back down on the futon beside him. He responds by grabbing a blanket and covering your naked bodies; he's probably just as tired and ready to fall asleep as you are.

“Hey, wanna get married?”

“No.” Where did that come from?

“You didn't even think it over.”

“I didn't have to. I don't even know your name. Nor you mine.”

“But we know other intimate details about each other. We can always get to know each better after getting married. Then, finally, we can introduce ourselves.”

“That's silly.” And backwards.

“Maybe, but I don't think it'd be bad. Will you at least continue coming over for sex?”

“...Yeah,” you answer after a few seconds to think it over. He's good in bed and has plenty of stamina, after all.

“That's good, then. I'll just have to win you over with my dick.” After a short pause, he adds, “Oh, how early were you going to wake up? Before me?”

“Yes, most likely. I'm up before the sun is. And I have a long walk back home.”

“I see. Well, could you wake me up as well so I can say goodbye to you?”

“Are you sure?” You're both going to bed pretty early, but you'll definitely be up before he is.

“Of course I want to see your beautiful, smiling face first thing in the morning.”

“Well, alright.” You probably won't be smiling, but you promise you'll wake him up and at least say goodbye. With nothing else to say, the two of you drift off to sleep with your nude bodies huddled close together under the blanket.
File 146237453729.png - (626.20KB, 1000x1000, eb51bd14554790ec05ecc242357f0f3e.png) [iqdb]
I've been fumbling around in my bed for quite some time now, wondering who to bother on this boring summer day.

Let's see. I've only recently teased my favorite shrine maiden with candy, almost spoiling the girl rotten with them. And I better leaves Yuyuko alone, she is most likely suffering from a hangover after last night's party. Suika is unable to from a hangover and I could bother her, but she'd make me drink. I don't feel like drinking in broad daylight, especially on a hot day and after yesterday's party.

Trading with my favorite shop keeper seems like a good idea, but then I'd have to fetch some stuff myself. Quite frankly, that is too much of an effort for me right now. I don't even feel like changing out of my pajamas. My options are very limited, so I guess I'll bother Ran.

"Ran!" I yelled. Ran is quick to attend to my needs and arrives in my room before I could think of a good prank. She sits down a step away from my futon.

"What do you require, lady Yukari?" she asked. As I eye her from head to toe, I notice that her hat is gleaming, almost sparkling. Did she use that new washing powder I fetched? Intrigued by her hat, I open a gap and snatch it off her head from the comfort of my futon.

Ran is puzzled, her fox ears perch up and her fluffy tails become visibly tense. Then she realizes what happened and appears frustrated, even embarrassed. Before she can say anything, I thoughtfully fondle her hat, taking in its rich and silky texture. The new charms placed on it are smooth and brimming with potent magical forces as well. As I squeeze it in my hand, I notice how it doesn't wrinkle at all!

"Please return my hat," she begs politely. Much to my surprise, her reaction is more intense than I first thought it would be. Is Ran embarrassed by the fact that I took her hat or by my indecent handling of it? I continue to fondle it and notice how it gives off a very pleasant fragrance. After a few sniffs, I realize it is the same as my shampoo, the one with the distinct coconut and hibiscus aroma.

"Ran, have you been using my shampoo?" I ask. Her expression changes quickly and judging by those droopy fox ears and nervous tail twitching, Ran must believe that she's gotten herself into big trouble.

"Don't worry about it," I say. Moving in closer, I gently stroke her hair. As expected, the shampoo made it smooth and shiny. I start playing with her hair, curling it gently around my finger. Ran would look even cuter if her hair was curly! A curl iron would do just the thing! Oh, it appear that my actions have only worsened the poor girl's embarrassment.

"You can use my shampoo more often if you like," I say. Somewhat relieved by what I said, Ran calms down a bit. My hands starts to drift towards her ears. I rub and scratch them lightly, provoking quite the reaction from my foxy servant. Her cheeks gain a pink tint and as I continue to rub this sensitive area, she yelps in a playful tune. I might have taken this a bit too far, so I slow down for a moment.

"Please, don't stop," she says. To tease her, I stop patting her head entirely. I even return her hat, placing it in her lap. Ran doesn't respond to the teasing too well and reaches for my hand. Our fingers fumble around for a while and then they interlock. Squeezes my hard firmly and looks up. For a moment, our eyes meet, but then she becomes timid and looks away. Even the gentle grip on my hand loosens.

At this point I can't turn down her request. I reach her head once again. Ran closes her eyes and the content smile on her face grows larger as I begin to rub my fingers against her soft fox ears again and again. I stop holding her hand, but only to stroke her silky blonde hair.

My ear rubbing grow bolder with each movement. When I pinch them lightly, she lets out a muffled yelp and bites her lip, showing off her pretty white fangs. My excitement is rising and my hand starts wandering further south to her nape to gently massage her neck. This massage causes quite a reaction, as evident from her restless tails. They're playfully waggling in different directions, all puffed up.

I want to touch them. To do that, I better get into a more comfortable position.

"Ran, sit on my lap," I say. Without any hesitation, Ran gets on my lap, but not quite in the way I imagined. I thought she'd be sitting sideways. Instead, she's straddling me. Her arms are already hugging my neck tightly and our ample chests are pressing against each other. I certainly don't dislike this position and I can reach her tails just fine, even without the assistance of gaps.

I hug her waist tightly and she rests her head on my shoulder. We stay like this for a moment or two, just cuddling. Then I reach for one of her restless tails and start stroking it. It is silky and smooth to the touch, much like her hair. Does she use my shampoo for her tails, too? So it would seems as each stroke releases more and more of the distinct fragrance. Or am I perhaps smelling her hair? It could be either.

The stimulation is making Ran's breathing heavy with excitement. I'm becoming very warm myself, almost uncomfortably so. Suddenly, I feel a hot tingling sensation on my right cheek. Ran is no longer resting her head on my shoulder, but rubbing her warm cheek against mine. At the same time, she begins making circles on my back with her fingers. These tiny movements sent surprisingly strong tingles down my back, it feels great!

I notice that I've started doing bolder movements around her tails and without realizing. While I was petting her lower back, my hand strayed to her shapely behind. Ran almost moans. No, she most definitely moaned when I coped a feel. Her hands stop making circle shapes on my back, her cheek stops rubbing against mine. Ran leans back. My, my! Her cheeks are as red as they can be!

Our eyes meet.

"Your face is r-red, mistress," she says with a slight stutter. Judging from how hot my face feels right now, I must be at my peak redness.

My eyes wander around and I notice how Ran's sizable chest rises and falls with each breath she takes. As I look back at her yellow eyes I realize that she's watching me breathe as well. For her pleasure, I undo a button on my pajama, giving her a generous view of my cleavage. Ran becomes coy for a moment and faces away, peeking only through the corner of her eyes, but then faces me again. She's seen me bathing naked yet she still feels ashamed! I giggled.

Taking the initiative again, I gently grasped her head with both hands. Ran closes her eyes as I begin petting her red hot cheeks. That's not enough for her, it seems. She reaches for my hands and begins rubbing them against her face all by herself. As she's doing this, I can feel her pulsating, smooth face. I bet she feels my heart racing as well.

Next, she reaches for my index finger and places the fingertip on her lips. Then she licks it while making a naughty expression, one I never expected to see on Ran's face! I think I let out an unladylike gasp in surprise, too! Seeing my reaction turns her on, smiling mischievously. Next she takes my middle finger and gives it a lick, then my ring finger, another seductive lick! I'm not excited by the sensation itself, but by her incredibly naughty she is. Bedroom eyes, a lustful smile, indecent lips, cute perky fox ears, my heart is melting away!

Then, as she was about to lick my pinky finger, she opens her mouth widely, stretches out her tongue and licks it from the base to the very tip. Ah, I couldn't contain myself anymore, she's got me this time. We're both panting from licking fingers or getting them licked.

Ran lets go of my hands. I observe how her eyes wander across my body, stopping briefly at my lips and chest. She then leans in, puts her arms underneath mine and hugs me tightly. Resting her head between my breasts, she starts rubbing her face against my bare cleavage. Her furry ears tickle me, much to my excitement.

"Ran," I moaned. My foxy servant doesn't respond, she simply tightens her hug and keeps rubbing against my breasts. The tickles are making me occasionally giggle like a little girl. I can't let her have all the fun, so I reach for her bushy tails once more and fondle them intensively, playing with her fur and going ever closer to the base of the tails, where I start tickling her. This makes Ran wiggle erratically in my chest. The tickles on my chest become very intense, making me giggle even more. Ran then steadily slows down.

"Mistress, please don't stop," she says. I notice I have been massaging and tickling the upper portion of her posterior unintentionally while I was teasing her many fox tails. Then I feel an odd wet sensation on my breast. Looking down, I see Ran drooling from pleasure, her eyes closed, her cheeks as red as before and her hair a mess from all the rubbing and patting. My, she is so cute!

"Let's lie down, Ran," I say. Ran takes the control and gently pushes me to the ground. I never figured she would want to stay on top so badly! As she's straddling me, her tails waggle wildly in ecstasy. There's still some drool on Ran's cheek, which she wipes away in an oddly seductive manner. Next she tries to hold my hand, most likely to pin me down. Our fingers clumsily seek each other before finally interlocking properly. We hold each other's hand tightly.

Ran gazes at my lips and licks hers lustfully. Originally I planned to roll on top and kiss her first, but I'll admit that I don't dislike this particular development. Quite the contrary, I'm all hot and bothered! Closing my eyes and pouting my lips, I can feel Ran leaning in ever so slowly. Her heavy breaths become louder as she gets closer and closer. She's taking her damn time, but this only makes me quiver in anticipation~!

And then, finally, our lips meet and a second later, our breasts squeeze against each other, adding incredible stimulation to an already intensive moment. Ah~! I feel liquid fire spreading through my veins, originating from my lips. Fitting for a kiss with a cutie such as my Ran! Once she breaks the kiss, I immediately return it. When I graze her lips with my tongue, a second eruption of ecstasy washes over me. If I'm not mistaken, Ran trembled, if only for a moment.

Ran sits up and smiles while her tight grip gradually loosens. I smile back and give her a very suggestive smile and a wink, too. This might have been a small climax and yet it is only the beginning!

Then I suddenly notice a familiar figure peeking through the half-closed door.

It is Chen. She must have been watching us for some time now.

Ran and I will need to explain this.
Absoulutely amazing. Ran cuddling is the best. This is great and I demand a sequel, I wanna know how this goes on!

Aye, what that guy said!

File 146264182141.jpg - (489.87KB, 800x800, 18ce8d2def71e44397ba81582ac9700e.jpg) [iqdb]
Duller than a blade, but sharper than a blunt one. Good for medium-rare, at best.


“Let me out of here!”

Seija rattles against the magical chains binding her arms apart. At first, she didn't believe what the yama had said to her. But now that she was stuck in this literal position, the outrage burst from her lungs.

“Are you fucking crazy?!” The amanojaku took a second to bite at her chains. Failing that, she yanks each foot and fails to snap the chains around both of her ankles. The palm of a hand presses on her back, and she tries to turn her bent over body to face the aggressor. “Let. Me. GO!!!”

“You speak of overturning `the society`, yet you pursue a singular individual for your aims.” Eiki bends the girl lower, head now lower than the waist. As Seija yells from the excessive stretching, the yama's hand gropes downward to the rather rough curve of ass. “Do you not regret using your powers on the both of us?”

Seija seals her lips tight. The answer is yes, but she wouldn't admit it. She had to curse herself for her stupidity: Had she assaulted this person without her powers, her punishment would not be so severe. Seija considered how she could possibly escape before the yama had her way, but no options came to mind. She feels a hand rub against her inner thigh and squirms, trying to jerk away.

“Stop! Damn it, stop!” The humiliation crushes her pride.

“You think yourself proud and strong, but you clearly have no sense of humility.” Eiki begins focusing her power on their bodies. “Therefore, allow me to give you experience.”

“What are you doing, you maniac?!” Seija's eyes grow wide with terror as she feels something in her nether regions. “You'd better stop, or I'll—”

Seija screams out loud. She grits her teeth from the stinging heat of a slap on her ass.

“You'll do what, exactly?” The yama's voice commands over her captured prisoner. “Scream? Cry? No. No amount of pleading will excuse you from your punishment.”

The horror sinks into Seija as she feels her body change. Something attached to her body that she wasn't familiar with.

“...The hell is this.” Seija's voice breaks out. “What the hell is this?!”

Before she had even stared between her legs, she could feel the weight of a penis and two balls. What was there before, save for her asshole, had disappeared. However, what Seija did see with her eyes was that the other woman had done the same.

“What kind of shit is this?! Turn me back NOW!”

Without answering the struggling amanojaku, Eiki pants once as she rips the lower part of the girl's clothes from her body. With a single wave of her hand, the rest of their clothes disappears. She presses herself against the puckering entrance in front of her.

“NO!” Seija kicks with a vigor stronger than before. Her bare feet scrape at the cold, stone floor, but the purple chains clinking around her ankles refuse to break. Her fists rotate around the chains on her wrist, but the head of the penis continues to press against her ass. The tip sinks in.

“Do you repent?”

“Nnngh...” Seija feels the head stretch her hole. “...Yes, yes, I repent! So stop!”

“What lies.” Eiki drawls her words. “Even two-faced scoundrels flip slower than you. But I guess that is your nature, isn't it?”

The pain shoots through Seija's body, as though cracks were forming around her asshole. Breaking the skin. Forcing her to do something that shouldn't happen.

The amanojaku growls through the pain for a second. She shuts her eyes. “Stop. Stooop....”

A tear forms in the corner of her eye, but she doesn't sense the yama stop. Instead, the yama continues to push in every few seconds. In between her pushing, she stops to let the entrance relax. As soon as Eiki begins to sink her penis deeper, though, every muscle constricts to deny her.

After her tears fall down her cheeks, Seija concentrates on the numbness behind the unbearable pain. She can feel the yama leaning forward to finish her violation, or end the beginning.

“Phew. You're awfully terrible at self-control, aren't you?” Eiki drags a finger along the length of her own lips. “The least you can do is relax. Else you serve to prolong your punishment.”

To obey is to want to disobey. But to disobey is to wound her pride. Seija decides to be indecisive, trying to escape into her mind. A hand slipping under her scrotum sends blood rushing to her penis.

“Black and white. There is no indecision.” Eiki reads into the amanojaku's actions.

To be black is to want white. But to be white is...something that doesn't deserve a mention. Seija opens her eyes, relaxing every digit in her body.

She murmurs something.

The shadow of Eiki's raised hand comes into her vision. “What did you say?”

“I said you can do my ass!” The humiliation burns across the amanojaku's face faster than the words finish coming from her mouth.

Eiki withdraws to her tip. The numbness rushes through her lower body for a split second.

It lasts for a split second. Eiki shoves herself back in.

Seija's groan evolves to a scream, eyes wide, as she feels the yama's cock thrust three times in two seconds. Within ten, the amanojaku ceases to scream, but returns to moaning in disgrace. By what magic did the pain disappear, Seija doesn't know. Maybe it's the hand reaching around her waist, groping at the base of her own penis. Maybe it's the panting of the yama on her back.

It could even be the chains clanking with every, damn, thrust.

“Just take it quietly.” Eiki manages in a span of ten movements. “And perhaps your silence will reflect well against your sins.”

The promise is empty. Seija knows that best. If the yama had been punishing her under normal circumstances, it wouldn't be. But being pounded from behind, fingers tickling her sack, and standing on the front of her foot and toes, the situation is far from normal.

“Damn it,” Seija feels her penis twitch with life in the yama's palm, “damn it. Damn it!”

With a blush on her face, Seija can't deny that the yama is getting her off. To dislike the treatment is to revel in it. And as much as the amanojaku would like to reverse it, it was near impossible to convince herself to enjoy it. So the ironic conclusion is that she, or at least her body, would start to like the treatment. This punishment.

The chains around Seija's waist slack. The second after, Eiki pushes Seija's body to the floor. The small resistance Seija gave brought her to her knees, yet Eiki's push still laid the amanojaku on her stomach, cheek rubbing against the gray floor. Her erect cock sandwiched between her body and the ground, the amanojaku winces as her foreskin stretches from the rushing sensation. Despite the few seconds of dread that shot through her mind, Seija found that the skin between her cock and the floor brought more of that numbness than actual pain.

Even considering that Eiki's balls were slapping at her ass with every thrust inside of her.

“I have no intent on boasting of my sexual experience.” The yama speaks down to her captive. She takes a few thrusts to enjoy how well she rams into the defiant girl. “But I will observe your end by my body. Though it only adds to your sins.”

The desire to deny that outcome blazes through Seija's mind. But her body refuses to accept that idea. Her mind, too? Maybe...getting fucked by this maniac wasn't such a bad idea—NO! Between getting fucked and fucking the floor, everything in her body was about to explode. In fact—

Seija growls as something shoots through and out of her penis. The growls transform into grunts as the feeling continues to pour from her new organ. The warm strands of semen spread across her stomach and the ground as Eiki continues fucking her into the ground.

The yama notices that Seija's pants have become lighter. Shallower. Eiki stops, buried entirely inside of the amanojaku's ass, as a quiet anger boils within her.

“It can't be.”

Seija's body tenses, tightening around the yama's solid cock.

“Did you...?” Eiki's fist presses against the other girl's back.

Seija's instinct screams danger. But she would rather face the punishment to come than lie and face worse.

“Yes.” Seija grit her teeth. She controls her voice to be as flat as possible. “I came. You were fucking me way too hard.”

If she hadn't given a reason, especially if it had instead been one filled with insults, the amanojaku feared the possible repercussions.

Eiki withdraws and thrusts her hips once, and Seija heard the harder grind of her own teeth.

“I see. Then you'd like me to go slower, then?”

With another thrust of her hips, Seija shuts her eyes. She'd admit that since her ass was far beyond numb to the pain of being rammed into twice per second, she'd prefer consistency to change. But the amanojaku remains silent. Not just because she contemplated how bad the situation already was, but because she thought that the yama had decided to punish her in this way. Specifically.

Instead of pounding away at her, Eiki snapped her hips forward, then snailed her entire length back. Seija tried to adjust to the false sense of security that her body thought was happening. But the thick, filling cock that would thrust back into her ripped her mind's will from her body's actions. Every snap of the yama's hips shocked all the nerves down Seija's legs and up into her neck. The remnants of semen pooled underneath her body didn't help either.

“Is this,” Eiki thrust forward, waiting for Seija to finish her grunt to speak again, “better?”

And Seija had to answer.

“Yes.” The amanojaku pants. She didn't know to what extent her pride would break tonight. But this is the lowest in her life.

“It would be problematic if I didn't come,” Eiki increases her pace, now moving back and forth once more, “so unfortunately, I couldn't abide by your request even if I wanted to.”

With the yama's hands on her hips, Seija closes her eyes. In three seconds, the other woman thrusts back and forth at that frantic pace she had earlier. The numbness in the amanojaku's ass grew into a burning fullness.

Seija hated the small jolts hardening her penis with every bounce. The revival of her erection isn't immediate. Eiki's hands grasp higher on her waist. The yama's light pants merge and alternate with Seija's grunts and groans. Seija curses herself during the moment Eiki stops for one second to lean an arm across her spine, positioning herself to fuck the amanojaku with louder claps. By the time all these events occur, Seija recognizes the tight bundle of muscle between her legs: A cock, horny and ready to come again.

The back of Eiki's hand, palm against the other male female's bellybutton, knocks against the hard flesh. Eiki lifts the amanojaku's waist into the air.

“You're prepared to release your seed once more? Good.” Eiki wraps her fingers around Seija's penis. It jumps at the foreign source of warmth.

“No! Stop touching me, damn it!” Seija tries to make the yama stop.

The single hope in her mind lies in that it would be over soon.

“As you suspect,” Eiki grips her hand into a fist, rubbing up and down, “I'm about to come soon. You would do well to follow suit.” She moans the moment she finishes speaking.

Eager to end the humiliation, Seija focuses on the hand jacking her off. How it times it's movements with how she was getting fucked. As ironic and mortifying as it was to think so, Seija releases a light moan. The purple chains in front of her blur as her mind begins to break from the sensation. Every time the yama stretches her ass with the thickness of her cock. Every time the hand on her own squeezes as the base above her balls. Even the cool air passing over her rock-hard nipples, the lack of size of her breasts allowing the air to pass along her whole front. The actions pumped the orgasm closer to the end of her cock inside her body.

A shout booms into Seija's ears.

With three slower, deep thrusts from the yama, Seija holds her breath as warm semen fires inside of her. Her own cock squeezes the first, thick ropes of white onto the floor. Seija tries not to think about the yama emptying herself inside of her, but the spreading warmth inside of her ass forces her to. On top of that, the yama's hand rubs up over the head of her cock. Seija holds back a growl as the hand pumps down and up, spreading a slick coat of seed over her twitching erection. The thick scent of heat rises across Seija's face, and she hears the yama breathe in and out twice.

Seija resists clenching her hands into fists as Eiki claps a hand onto her ass.

“Your existence is rife with unfortunate experiences. However, this one has yet to reach its conclusion.”

A mix of anger and fear beats through Seija's heart.

“What?” Seija shoots her head in the yama's direction. “You said this would be it!”

Eiki slides her half-limp penis from Seija's body. “I said your silence would reflect against your sins. Never that this was to be the end.”

The chains twist and turn.

“Let this be your final judgement.” Eiki walks to Seija's head.

Now hanging with her back in the air, Seija struggles as she stares upside-down at the yama's cock. The chains around her ankles and wrists rise, yet Seija's hair hangs down in front of Eiki.

The yama strokes herself for a few seconds, her erection returning. Sliding her hand off of herself, her cock lands beside Seija's nose.

Flinching, the amanojaku winces at the hard slab of meat on her face. She could smell the thin layer of juices, sour and tart against her nose.

Eiki rubs her cock up and down, the head of the penis laying off of Seija's chin. “You believe yourself in a position to refuse?”

Acknowledging the yama's words, Seija swallows the remains of her pride.

“And what do you expect me to do?”

“You know what to do.” The yama brandishes her rod, a long, pentagonal piece of wood inscribed with words. “Do what you must. Or else.” She extends her arm.

Seija's eyes shoot open as the flat surface of the wood rubs against the length of her own cock. Eiki groans as the amanojaku's breathes on her penis.

Seija didn't want to believe it. But somehow, the rod rubbing against her dick was getting her turned on. Strangely quickly.

“Start.” Is all Eiki says.

Seija loathes the yama stepping closer, placing her balls on the bridge of her nose. But she begins anyway. Poking her tongue out, the amanojaku licks toward Eiki's body, closing her mouth around the base. Her tongue traces into the yama's sack and between her balls. Eiki's free hand drags along Seija's throat, up to her chin, the fingers petting and scratching. When Seija bent her head forward, she could lick the yama's penis, almost reaching the head. When she leaned her head back upside-down, she could tend to the yama's balls.

It was a process that dropped Seija's confidence to zero. Instinct told the amanojaku that if she didn't get the yama off before that damned rod made her come, bad things would happen. The good thing, though, was that the Eiki stepped back at some point to allow Seija to properly suck on her cock. And that the yama enjoyed having her balls tended to.

However, this came at a price.

“That's good.” The yama hums. “Perhaps you should do this to all youkai who are stronger than you. Would that not overturn society in some way?”

The shame brings a blush to Seija's face, nose pressed into Eiki's balls after one stroke filled her mouth with cock. The sour taste dulls down with Seija's saliva covering the member. It slid in and out quicker, easier.

“But perhaps for the women and those willing to stay female for the act,” Eiki went on, Seija's grunting with muffled noise every movement inward, “you'd like kneeling instead. The process would be the same, but your tongue would need more experience. Yes, like that.” She praises Seija when she feels the amanojaku retreat off of her cock to suck at one of her balls. The yama rubs the head of her cock with her palm, her fingers scratching below Seija's lips.

Seija feels the yama push herself back inside her mouth. Combined with the slow rubbing of the rod on her own penis, Seija tilts her head to get the other woman off as soon as possible. Eiki begins bucking an inch forward and back.

“Good. I'm going to come. Take it all, and you as well.”

Eiki taps Seija's cock with her rod.

A heat burst into Seija's crotch. The horror fills the amanojaku's head.

Seija did her best to scream “stop”, but instead, her exclamation came out as a muffle that sent Eiki over the edge a second sooner than expected.

Eiki moans into the air, coming. Seija feels the yama's semen fire inside of her cheeks at the same time her own cock fired its own thick ribbons along her front. Her eyes opened, then closed, as she prepares to swallow. However, before she could, Eiki yanks her throbbing erection from her mouth. As the yama jerks her cock, Seija flinched as several strands of semen landed on her face. One particular strand that had fired midway when Eiki pulled out snapped onto Seija's forehead into her hair. Seija's own cock fires several powerful shots near her neck, while Eiki shoots a few over and down Seija's chin.

By the end of it all, Seija opens her mouth to take a needed breath. The thick smell and warmth radiate on her face, down her throat and neck, and through the line of her own semen on her body. Seija opens her eyes, a thread of semen blurring her view. She could make out Eiki pumping her limping cock, stepping closer.

Eiki pries the amanojaku's mouth open with her penis, pushing it forward with her stroking hand.

“Clean it, and you shall be free.”

Tired from the orgasm, Seija lets the slick member inside of her mouth and brings her tongue along the length. She tilts her head back and bends her head forward to suck, or as much as to do the job.

“Well done.” Eiki praises, tapping the amanojaku's shoulder with her wooden rod. “I pray that have learned your lesson. Despite knowing that you probably have not.”

The limp penis pops out of Seija's mouth. The amonojaku forces herself not to make any expressions on her face, remaining as blank as possible.

The chains clatter as they release, and Seija feels her body being pulled into a transportation spell.


No less than two breaths passed before Seija realized she was staring up at the night sky. The amanojaku rolls onto her front, on all fours. Her arm wipes a trail of semen at the corner of her mouth, finding her clothes piled on the grass in front of her. Her body had also returned to being female. She shudders as the remains of her orgasm died down. The numbness inside of her ass was almost gone. As she plucks one of her clothes from the pile, she spots something inside of them.

It was a white chip.

“Damn it.” Seija murmurs, lowering a hand to remove the semen on her stomach. “Fuck reversing people.”
File 148971488216.png - (702.43KB, 1000x707, Isuke_pressed.png) [iqdb]


“Ahhh, dammit!” Isuke slams down her losing cards with a table-demolishing crash.

“I gotta stop playin’ when I’m drunk…” Fishing through the wreckage, she finds her still-intact sake dish and drains it in an instant. “… Mmm, but this stuff you bring is always too good~”

The night’s friendly game of chance has cost the one-eyed brown oni all of her clothing, save for her tight white sarashi wrapped around her bulging chest… and with her latest defeat, those bindings are forfeit as well. A faint blush tinges her cheeks, but it’s more likely from the bottles of sake she’s drunk than any sort of embarrassment. She’s shown no restraint in flaunting her bronzed, chiseled form up to now, even discarding her panties first because they were easier to take off. The sake’s special ingredient may have helped with that, but it couldn’t change how crude and strong her body was. With a frustrated grumble, she puts her arms behind her back and begins to unfasten the sarashi… but as soon as she pushes out her chest, the man across from her interrupts her.

“Eh? You’ll take them off yourself? Well, alright… You said I just gotta lie down if I lose, right? Yeah, yeah, hands behind my head.” Isuke pushes herself away from the table and sets herself down on the tatami floor, exposing her whole figure to the man’s eyes. Her rich, dark, chocolate-brown skin is a truly exotic sight, contrasting sharply with her long pink hair but nicely matching her curved black horns. Lighter-colored scars mark her body all over, but their presence only accentuates the rich brown of her skin and the steely hardness of her muscles. The faint hourglass of her stomach is adorned by an ever-present six-pack, and her hard, thick biceps flex idly as she rests her head in her hands. Her legs ripple with tight, corded muscle from thigh to calf, while still maintaining a smooth feminine shape. Even though she’s all but nude, she barely shows a hint of hesitation… but, she does cross her powerful thighs to hide her dark brown slit from view.

“Like this, huh? Got a fetish for armpits or something…?”

Isuke starts out smirking at the man’s face, but a powerful force drags her one eye down towards his crotch. He lost much of his clothing in the game as well, making it difficult to hide the massive bulge in his underwear. Even if he were fully clothed, it still would have shown; the garment seems to be stretched to the brim, twitching visibly and staining darker with each powerful throb. The man hooks a thumb into the waistband and tugs sharply downwards; his penis catches on the garment at first, then swings up violently when it finally slips free.

“Eh?!” Rather than the outrage and disgust one would expect, Isuke’s aphrodisiac-addled mind responds only with confused excitement. The man’s cock is massive compared to the others she’s seen, visibly curved and thick as a pole. Hot precum gushes from the tip, trailing straight down to his large, slowly-churning balls. She starts to move an arm towards the huge piece, before remembering her promise and re-fastening her hands behind her head. “Aha, so that’s what you were after. You must have a death wish, thinkin’ you can have your way with an oni,” Isuke says, quickly shaking her head and forcing a grin. Nonplussed, the man grabs his cock by the base and tilts it downwards, pressing the underside right into the oni’s abs.

“Nnn? H-hey,just where do you think you’re touchin’?”

Isuke can’t help but flex at thetouch of the man’s piping-hot length. After he smears his precum over each of her her abs in turn, he begins to grind it into the clear-cut valley between her muscles. His precum gradually accumulates in the stone-cut crevasses, leaving her abs gleaming with lewd, perverted moisture. The friction gradually hardens her muscles even further, but his cock grows thicker and stronger to match.

“Ahh… That thing’s… really hard, huh…?”

Reaching out with his free hand, the man produces a small, suspicious-looking bottle from his discarded clothing. Flicking the top open with his thumb, he upends the bottle and begins to squeeze out a stream of thick, clear liquid… right over the oni’s breasts. Her bindings quickly absorb the viscous fluid, transporting it across the full breadth of her large, dense chest. He moves his arm in slow circles as he squeezes out more and more, darkening every inch of the wrappings. The liquid feels icy cold at first, hardening her dark nipples until they’re visible through the sarashi, but she soon feels her dark-mocha skin begin to heat up intensely. Her breathing deepens and quickens as her face turns red, and it starts to feel as though the soaked bindings are suffocating her chest. “Hey, it’s… it’s… gettin’ hard to breathe… Can’t you take these off yet?” she grumbles.

The man nods after a moment of hesitation, giving Isuke a moment of relief as he stops his frotting against her stomach. With some difficulty, he finds and unties the knot behind her back… but rather than loosening the bandages, he clenches his hands and pulls them tight instead!

“Hiiih!” Isuke’s forced to throw her head back, her eye wide open as she shrieks. Glimpses of slick, doughy skin and rock-hard nipples squish out between the tight, drug-soaked wrappings, which dig into her extra-sensitive mounds without mercy. Still maintaining the pressure, the man offers another challenge.

“Yyy… Y-you’ll make me cum just from these? You’re… gettin’ ahead a’ yourself,” Isuke pants. Moments later, the painful tightness finally relents - but as soon as the wrappings loosen a little, the oni’s chest practically bursts from its confinement. Moisture flies in every direction as her chocolate mounds bounce outwards, already glistening vividly from their pre-coating of lotion. Without the sarashi to bind them, they’re half again as large as they looked, each with its own heaving weight.

The man doesn’t waste much time on staring. Rougher and more forceful than any woman’s, his hands immediately begin to maul her breasts. They are by far the softest parts of her otherwise rock-hard body, yielding to his dominant touch and allowing his fingers to sink deep into their warm, dense, heavy mass.

“Ahh! D-don’t… squeeze so hard! I’ve had ‘em bound all day, so they’re sensitive!”
Every press and rub of his hands works the lotion in even deeper, awakening her chest to ever-greater levels of sensitivity. Soon, they feel like they’re melting in his skilled grip, throbbing with pleasure from core to tip. Her voice grows steadily deeper and huskier, until she lows like a beast in heat. Every breath comes out laced with a groan, her eye soft and hazy and her tongue hanging from her mouth. She constantly shifts back and forth underneath him, partly to find some reprieve from his massage and partly to distract him from how she’s grinding her slick, steely thighs together.

“Hahhh… ohhh… mmmn…!”

Whether he’s pinching her nipples, squeezing her tits, or simply stroking her bust, Isuke shudders and moans uncontrollably. The man hasn’t laid a hand on anything but her chest, but she feels the unmistakable heat of an orgasm starting to rise inside her. Her mind is reeling in disbelief, trying to picture what the man will demand if he wins again… and so, she’s taken completely by surprise when he presses her breasts together and thrusts his massive cock right between them! Thoroughly tenderized by his masterful groping, her chest molds perfectly onto his cock with a lewd, slippery suction. Despite their size, they don’t envelop his length completely, and his soaked, swollen shaft pokes out in front of her mouth. Isuke represses a faint urge to lick it, the mere fact that she could makes her strong body tremble lewdly.

Not waiting for any sort of permission, the man begins to buck his hips. A messy squish accompanies every one of his thrusts, and Isuke can feel her dusky skin cling to every vein on his cock as it slides back and forth. Whenever his tip emerges from between them, it marks her face with a few drops of precum and a whole cloud of pheromones. It feels as though his hard, brutish length is carving a personal space between her sensitive breasts, sending ripples of pleasure throughout her body - especially to the drenched space between her trembling legs.

With a little more pressure, he’s able to sink his hands in deep enough from the sides that his thumbs meet her gleaming nipples. As soon as he can, he presses his rough fingers straight into them and rubs them in forceful circles, all while he ruthlessly massages her lewd, pliant brown flesh. Groping, tweaking and thrusting all at once, he assaults her large breasts with no hint of mercy.

“Fuuuh… Nnnngh…” Isuke looks away and clenches her teeth, trying her hardest to keep him from hearing just how good it feels… but when the man seizes and twists her nipples, the noise bursts out regardless.. She can’t keep the smell of his musk and the force of his thrusts from awakening her basest, most submissive female instincts; every thrust of his hips echoes through her body, and draws a fresh wave of heat and moisture from her aching, throbbing pussy. She desperately clenches her muscles to try and control the pleasure, but her strength leaves her the instant the man pinches down on her nipples…


A hot blast of juice coats Isuke’s thighs, moments before the tingling heat in her breasts explodes into pleasure. Isuke finally opens her mouth and cries out in a lewd, sultry voice, staring down at the swollen tip of his cock before closing her eye at his first shot of seed. The hot, thick blast coats her whole face in an instant, multiplying the strength of his musk sixfold.

Isuke can’t close her mouth at all, despite all her efforts to the contrary. Seeing an opportunity, the man grabs her head and pulls it forward, jamming his tip between her lips. Before she can even process what’s happening, he unloads three shots of hot, thick cum in her mouth, one right after another. The flavor is impossibly rich and salty, and her eye rolls up slightly at the sheer sensation that overwhelms her tongue.

Then the man pulls back and begins to stroke his still-cumming length, spraying hot white cum all over Isuke’s face, breasts, and stomach. Every hot splash on her skin makes her tense up and groan, her steely thighs grinding together with stone-crushing force as she arches her back. The seed in her mouth is still only half-swallowed, reminding her that every ribbon that spurts across her skin is just as rich and flavorful.

“Gmmf! Hmmg… nnnnn…”

Isuke’s orgasm lasts longer than the man’s, but only by a few seconds. When her muscles finally slacken and allow her to slump back onto the ground, her sweaty body seems considerably softer than before. Every inch of her bust is coated with seed, as are the abs she flaunted so proudly. She finally swallows the remaining wad of cum, helpless to resist the lewd tremor that runs through her.

“F-fine, you beat me… And… you’re still hard…?! What’s - eh? Put my legs up, too…? C-come on… how perverted can you get…?”

Isuke grunts and fidgets, still feeling aftershocks from her last orgasm, but she’s honor-bound to obey. The oni spreads her strong legs apart, stretching plentiful lines of lewd juice between them, before raising and pulling them back. The position clearly reveals the bare, deep-brown pussy she’d hidden for so long, and how the titfuck was enough to harden her clit and thoroughly soak her lips. Her large, round, firm brown ass is put on display as well, prompting the man to give each cheek a forceful smack. Isuke squeals at each cheek-jiggling impact, small spurts of juice escaping her pussy, but that’s nothing compared to the excitement that rushes over her when the man lays his massive cock on her slit.

“Ah…! Y-you wanna second match, huh? You… mighta won last time, but I’m not… gonna lose… to some guy’s fat cock!”

A single orgasm wasn’t enough to tire his massive length. If anything, it seems even larger than before, its coating of seed and lotion dazzling in the light. The man rubs it back and forth along Isuke’s slit as she speaks, forcing her words to catch in her throat whenever her grinds into her clit. The mere thought of his dick plunging into her makes her tremble, but she still stares down the engorged length with a confident grin…

“ What’s the matter, sc-Ahhhgh!”

… Which lasts until the man slams his hips forward and fills her in one thrust. Then she cries out and shudders bodily, her eye rolling up as her mouth falls open. As soon as he’s hilted inside her, the man seizes Isuke’s ankles and forces them back even further. The proud oni is left folded neatly in half, with the man laying on top of her… a textbook seeding press, with no chance of escape!

“Hhahh-nnh-wait, hold on-Eek!” Isuke grabs the man’s sides and tries to pull him off, but her strength vanishes the moment he yanks his hips back. Her breasts were incredibly sensitive, and the mere sensation of his cum leaking down their surface still made her tremor, but that’s nothing compared to how vulnerable her pussy is. Her strength and arousal conspire to squeeze the man with every last one of her slick folds, but that only multiplies the pleasure she feels when his thick cock grinds over every last one. The sensation whites out her vision, melting her protest into a shrill moan.

Rather than kiss her, the man lays his head beside hers, the better to hear her proud voice pour out in high-pitched screams. His hips begin to move with piston-like strength, wrenching back against the suction of her hot, tight pussy before slamming straight back down. The curve of his cock makes perfect use of the force, directing it to ensure that each thrust fucks the full length of the oni’s pussy and slams against her womb.

“Ahhh! Too fast! Just wai---Fuaaahh!”

His massive cock doesn’t just fill her, but stretches her as well. The full force of her squeeze fails to budge or slow down his magnificent length, so her pussy has no choice but to mold itself to him. Little by little, over the course of dozens of thrusts, he reshapes her shuddering pussy to fit and pleasure every inch of his cock. At the same time, the lotion slathered onto his penis soaks continuously into her walls, making her more and more sensitive with every hammerblow thrust.

“Hiiih! I’m sorry! Whatever I did, I’m sorry! Just don’t fuck my womb like that!” Isuke moans. In response, the man buries himself for the hundredth time, and roughly twists his hips back and forth. Until then, he’d fucked her at the same angle every time, assaulting her mind with overwhelming but predictable pleasure - but with this, his cock grinds over her sensitive spots in completely different configurations, coloring her moans with a fresh hint of surprise and disbelief.
“Haaau! Okay, you win! I give up!”

After he’s made his point, the man continues his fucking, harder and faster than ever - and now, with a slight shift to the angle of each thrust. A loud, meaty smack accompanies every one, with a weaker sound following it as his heavy balls slap her ass. Each one overloads the oni in a completely different way, giving enough time for the pleasure to rattle through her but not enough for it to dissipate before the next commanding thrust. He doesn’t bother to watch her reactions, instead just enjoying the cute sound of her desperate voice and the feeling of her proud body writhing under him.

“Ohh… ohhhh!” After a few minutes of that kind of treatment, Isuke can only cry out wordlessly, her toes twitching in midair as the man pounds into her. The pleasure weakens her more surely than mere blows ever could, relaxing her muscles into feminine softness and slowly taming the proud rampart of her cervix. She’s unable even to buck her wide, strong hips, and her well-defined ass twitches and jiggles every time the man crashes onto them. He doesn’t even seem to care about pleasing her, simply using her pussy as a glorified onahole… but she’s still drowning in pleasure all the same.

“Gohhh… Mmmngh…Ahhhn… mmmm~” Slowly but surely, her voice sweetens in tone, going from simply overwhelmed to pleasured. A helpless smile pulls at her mouth as she drapes her hands over the man’s back, finally accepting his weight on top of her. “Aheeh~”

This seems to be the man’s cue to finally fuck her at full strength. The forceful rutting they’d done so far seems like a mere warm-up as he begins to move his hips with blinding speed. Isuke opens her eyes wide in disbelief, but she doesn’t even have any breath to spare; one thrust piles on top of another, wracking her pussy with simultaneous waves of pleasure, driving her far past what she thought was her limit…


And then, with a final earth-shattering thrust, the man plunges his full length into her and begins to cum. Isuke’s defeated cervix can’t hold back a single drop of the massive load that fires out, splashing over every inch of her womb. Of course, the instant his seed floods into her deepest, most precious place, she’s driven straight to orgasm as well. She’d suffered through several small orgasms in the course of their mating, but this one blows the rest away. Countless jolts of pleasure subjugate every part of her powerless brown form, her powerful spasms only held in check by the weight of the man still folding her. Her pussy’s tight, milking squeezes intensify even further, as if she’s begging the man to unleash every drop he has. No amount of writhing breaks his cock’s kiss with her womb, though, or nudges a bit of his load off-target.


Even though Isuke’s pussy is stuffed completely by inch after inch of cock, she sheer force of his ejaculation is too much to contain. Eventually, his cum begins to splash back out of her stretched and quivering entrance, creating thick trails of semen that trickle down the vast expanse of her ass. However, at least half of each shot still flows straight into Isuke’s womb, forcing her abdomen to slowly inflate as more and more seed enters her. Her voice is barely audible, but her moans don’t seem dissatisfied in the least.

By the time he finally pulls out and stands up, the oni is completely insensate. A swollen womb distends her formerly wall-like stomach, removing any doubt that her body was meant for breeding with men. Her face, breasts, and stomach are caked in dried cum, while a river pours out and covers the floor between her legs, leaking straight from her stretched and flooded womb.

“Oh… ohhh… I couldn’t… beat… the dick…” she mumbles. Tilting her head forward, she finds the man’s blurry outline with her one hazy eye. Even in the condition she’s in, she still manages to put on a faint smile. “But… I won’t lose… next time~”
Months late, but hey this is really good! I loved how she slowly give herself away to that manliness and stuff.
Waiting for more!
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