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I got together with Krisslanza, the genderswap guy, and another writer to make a present for someone. He really liked it, so I figured I'd share it here. Don't mind the shipgirls, they're not hurting anyone.


For a moment after the recording begins, the only things visible are a pair of blurry blobs pressed against a pure white wall beneath the bright floodlights. The image sharpens quickly, however, bringing the two figures into vivid and lurid detail. Neither could really be called 'blobs' at all; one is thick with muscle and exceptionally tall, and the other is visibly soft and curvy.

Evidently, a certain green-haired girl has landed herself in yet another sexy situation. In the flurry of their movements, and the slight bobbing of the perspective, it appears for a moment as though she is struggling. This impression is quickly corrected when a pair of large hands reaches down to cup her rear end, squeezing and sinking visibly into the soft flesh. Her reaction is to pull her feet off the ground, allowing herself to be supported only by the white-haired man's body, and wrap her long legs around his hips. The angle of the camera is perfect to catch Sanae's eyes fluttering closed as Momiji presses into her for a kiss. Both of them have some trouble keeping their mouths together, though, given the violent movements of their rest of their bodies.

The only word to describe the cheerleader's treatment would be 'pounding'. After hilting himself inside of her, the white-haired boy immediately pulls out, only to press back in. Each thrust is more forceful than the last, but the wet slapping noises that should accompany them are drowned out by various other moans, cries, and messy kisses from outside the frame.

If a worse angle had been chosen, it would be impossible to see anything of Sanae but the curvy, athletic legs she uses to such great effect on the field. Her partner is huge even for a guy, his upper body a V of pure, hard muscle. With every thrust, he visibly flexes, and his broad shoulders are consistently hard. While he has to work to support Sanae's weight, he doesn't seem troubled by this at all, easily holding her at the correct height to keep their hips aligned.

At first it looks like both of them are in the nude, right in the middle of this party. That would be far too lewd, however; the camera's high resolution caught the narrow black 'swimsuit' around Momiji's hips, which is of course pushed aside. As it does for Sanae; her sling bikini, matched exactly to the color of her hair, still desperately clings to her body but covers next to nothing. Every aspect of her fucking is on total display.

With every forceful thrust, her huge, pillowy breasts jiggle, the hard nipples rubbing against Momiji's chest. Every time their bodies press together, sandwiching her between a hard wall of brick and a hard wall of flesh, her chest squishes out against him, yielding like everything else about her... aside from her eyes, which eventually spot the camera after nearly a minute. She gives a wink, but forgoes any other gestures; her body is too busy being turned into a twitching, writhing mess by her friend. Even her hands, draped over his shoulders, can only paw at the hard muscles, as though inviting the camera to admire him instead of her.

"I can't get what they're saying," a womanly voice near the microphone says.

"Mmmph... Oh, use the-"

"Turn on the zoom!" One cheery voice interrupts another. The second is slightly lower-pitched than the first.

"The zoom?"

"Yeah, it's the button on top."

"This one?"


"No, further forward." a fourth voice, one that had been caught up in a rich, muffled moaning, picks up for the others.

"Oh, you - mmm - mean this one."

In the midst of some very detailed close-ups of those back muscles and their powerful flexing, the audio changes. At first, it cuts out completely; then, the same noises are distorted as if the camera is in a huge cave. Finally, the view sweeps back up to Sanae's face, now capturing more than just her lustful, proud expression or the way her eyes haze with animal lust. It also catches her heavy, deep breaths, and the way she cutely gasps every single time Momiji's hard cock bottoms out inside her. With the power of her lover's thrusts, it's possible she is simply getting the air fucked out of her. In fact, when Momiji realizes this, his pace slows for the first time since the recording started. He doesn't stop fucking her, but the longer, slower strokes instead draw rolling moans.

And a deep groan of frustration. "'Miji, come on, I'm fine. Better than fine," she murmurs.

Once again pressing her into the wall, Momiji pulls her into another passionate kiss. If he actually says anything back to her, it's doubtless right into her mouth, and the mic only records the lewd, wet noises of them making out.

Their forms are suddenly still, as Momiji remains buried inside of her while they kiss. The only sources of movement are Sanae's arms and legs, which fidget while she attempts to adjust her grip. Lesser boys wouldn't be strong enough to handle her, and would feel like they're the ones being captured when she tightens her powerful thighs. If Momiji feels that way, it doesn't show in the way he possessively covers her with his body.

The camera faithfully stays on them, zooming in to catch the way Sanae's face grows redder with each passing second. Her soft, creamy, sun-kissed skin is flushed as well, and a sheen of pool-water runs down her form in tiny rivers. The recording tracks a droplet's path down from her hair towards the valley between her hips, where she and Momiji are still so deeply joined.

The perspective suddenly shakes slightly, and a sigh can be heard from what sounds like miles away. After another moment watching the display, and how it has turned strangely tender in the midst of such debauchery, the camera shakes again and tilts down to stare at nothing but the ground.

The frame shakes for a moment, but then whips back up so quickly that the light-correction is dazed. Even before the light clears away, it's clear that Sanae has gotten her way again, as usual. Momiji is in the midst of pulling back from the wall and taking Sanae with him, still holding her by her generous rear end. The camera regains its crisp focus just as he presses both of them back into the wall, causing Sanae's silky green hair to spread out over the brick. The zoom-mic clearly records a wet, messy impact this time, as well as Sanae's womanly moans. She tosses her head back, nearly hitting it against the wall too, and stares straight up at the sky for a moment.

Despite the show he's put on already, it seems that Momiji had been restraining himself before Sanae's objection. Freed of his worries by her assurances, or perhaps just overwhelmed by his own lusts, he proceeded to mate with her. Demonstrating a vigor rarely seen even among the strong, athletic types the cheerleaders prize, he fucks her into the wall again and again, his tempo and pace furious as he works his hips like a living press. Unlike its issues with light and sound, the camera is obviously built to handle an extensive amount of motion; there is no blur visible despite the speed of Momiji's hips, and the drops of sweat and water that fly from their bodies gleam as they arc through the air.

Momiji frees up one of his hands, bringing it up behind Sanae's head. The mating continues for some time, interspersed with bouts of deep kissing and a quiet moment or two before going right back to pounding. The timestamp up on one edge of the screen advances by several minutes, although to the two of them, time clearly has little meaning... until Momiji says something to her, this time not muffled by making out. In his current state, he sounds like he is growling at her, his voice as imposing as his tall figure. "I'm coming."

The camera suddenly adjusts and zooms, once again focusing on the place the couple is joined at. In the split-seconds when his erect cock is not buried inside the a cheerleader, one can see that it is clearly large, thick... and bare. The only thing covering it is his own precum, and the much thicker coating of Sanae's own juices. They join the water from the pool in running down his thighs, until it is difficult to tell the fluids apart.

If Sanae has anything to say to that, she is too far gone to give a coherent reply. He takes note of her lack of reaction aside from tightening her two grips on his powerful body, and pulls back one final time. Then he smashes into her, and she smashes into the wall, yet again. Buried deep inside of the curvy cheerleader, he unloads. This is first obvious in her own twitching, then in the way she wails delightedly and holds onto him for dear life. Her expression also shifts from its urgency before, and she winks at the camera again just as it catches something leaking out between them.

Though it looks impossible, given how tightly they were pressed together, his cum does indeed leak out. The camera gets a close-up of that before traveling back up the expanse of Momiji's body to capture his own expression. In quite an uncommon catch, he is blushing as well. Despite her face looking like it was wiped blank by the pleasure of being filled so completely, Sanae does him a favor and catches him in yet another kiss.

This one does not break. Neither does their embrace, for as long as the camera lingers.

Another round of crackling and popping signals the zoom mic's deactivation. Not a moment too soon, as someone speaks up from off-camera.

"Heey, Keine! How long are you going to point that thing over there?" one of the voices from before asks. Its tomboyish tone hovers on the boundary between playfully annoyed and truly annoyed.

"Yeah! Guys would kill for what we're doing to you right now. Show some appreciation!" the more girlish one chimes in.

"Yes, yes, I was just about to give you your turn." The camera rapidly zooms out, flooding the picture in light from above and drowning out several briefly-glimpsed scenes of pale flesh and bright, tight swimsuits in the building's courtyard pool.


"Wait, wait, it's still adjusting."


The white balance settles down soon after Keine speaks. Now, the camera is pointed straight down her body. In contrast to Sanae's blossoming young frame, Keine is a mature, well-developed woman with full, firm curves. Her large, heavy breasts do not perk up and squeeze together between the tight bikini; instead, the bands of nylon sink in just a bit and pull her mounds slightly outwards.

Her womanly figure only occupies a small part of the frame, though. While it could certainly turn any number of heads, especially in a bikini that barely covers even her nipples, the view is dominated by her very formidable penis. It stands at a full twelve inches in length, but more than half of those inches are presently squeezed between the large, pillowy breasts of three girls. Spaced evenly around her cock, the three of them all stare down the camera with differing amounts of anticipation and impatience. On the left is the dark-haired Agano, puffing out a cheek and drumming her fingers on one breast, which barely jiggles under the pressure. Urakaze kneels on the other side, fidgeting in place as she unconsciously kneads her puffy chest with her hands. The middle belongs to the redhead Koakuma, whose bust is more than ample enough to fill the space between them; the redhead stares at the camera at first, but her hazy eyes gradually turn downwards towards Keine's penis as if dragged down by some lewd weight. Her soft, moist lips part of their own accord, and she leans almost imperceptibly forward towards the gleaming tip of Keine's cock before she's interrupted.

"There we go," Keine says. Immediately, the girls straighten up and snap off a trio of yearbook-worthy smiles, winks, and cheers. It also forces their breasts tight against Keine's cock, the soft flesh squishing and molding all around the thick, veined shaft. They've all slipped their sling bikinis to the sides of their chests, and the strong elastic squeezes their breasts together even when they remove their hands.

"A bit early for that pose, isn't it? I'm still not ready to cum yet."

Koakuma chuckles, making her breasts bounce against Keine's length. Compared to the older woman's, they seem as plush and lightweight as pillows. "You should know better than to taunt a group of cheerleaders like that, Director~"

Agano is the first one to start moving; Urakaze and Koakuma both exclaim in surprise, just before joining in themselves. Even though they're all pleasuring the same length, they make no attempt to coordinate their movements, each stroking her as they please. Urakaze focuses entirely on speed, the lubricant on her breasts gleaming in the light as her chest presses tight and bounces up and down. Koakuma's technique is slower but no less sensual, working her marshmallowy tits up and down through a dozen smaller up-and-down movements. Lastly, Agano opts to use her breasts separately, holding each one from below and rubbing the two slick, firm mounds up and down in two independent rhythms. At least one pair of soft lips kisses, licks, or otherwise worships Keine's tip at all times, and the girls' moans seem to blend right in with the slippery, squishy noises of their lustful triple paizuri.

"Ah, that's more forceful than before... does being filmed excite you that much...?"

"Oh, don't try to distract us, Keine. You're finally feeling it!" Urakaze teases.

The girls' hard pink nipples come into view whenever they slide their breasts up far enough, a brief respite from grinding into either Keine's steely length or another girl's plush chest. The stimulation keep them all moaning constantly, and ensures that no girl can keep her mouth wrapped around the tip for long. The sheer pressure and the size of their chests keeps Keine's heavy cock in place, even when they're all moving in completely different, uncoordinated ways.

Keine herself zooms in on the tip, capturing every detail in high resolution: the distinct flattening of Koa's plush lips, the trails of saliva left by Urakaze's tongue, even the sticky, messy sounds of Agano's rapid kisses.

"Heh, look at the face you're making. You're gonna blow soon, huh?" Urakaze asks from out of the frame.

"Mmm... W-well, when you girls are all so eager..."

The camera zooms out in time to catch Koakuma's grin and nod. "Hope you weren't planning to last the night, Keine... you're gonna pass out before we're through with you!"

The three girls nod to each other and simultaneously stop their movements, leaving Keine's long, swollen cock throbbing visibly while their plush, round breasts encircle it. Then, Koakuma raises herself further up, allowing her slick breasts to sponge up over her friends' and decompress to their full pillowy size. Urakaze and Agano scoot together and enclose the base between their two gorgeous chests, large and dense enough to support Koa's fluffy breasts with their own. Now, Keine's massive cock is completely enclosed from base to tip.

"Ahh! S-so... you can work together..."

"Eheh~" Koakuma smiles gleefully before pressing down on her smooth, shining chest and lowering her lips to Keine's barely-visible glans. The girls can't all stroke her like this, but the varying pressure from three pairs of plush young breasts takes its toll. The slick, plush mounds all grind and rub and press in varying rhythms, transmitting every bit of friction and pleasure to the hard length buried beneath them. Koa's lips stay tight around the tip, while Urakaze and Agano turn their blushing faces towards the camera.

"C'mon, Director, let it all out~" Agano coos.

"Right onto our faces~" Urakaze adds, just as the camera starts to shake uncontrollably

"Ohh... ahh... nnn ...nn-Nnngh!"

All three faces light up with excitement as the camera shakes. Koakuma has time for one final kiss before the girls excitedly back away and reveal Keine's soaked, wildly-throbbing cock. Koakuma wraps her arms around both of her friends' shoulders, slipping one hand under Agano's bikini for a shameless grab and flashing a peace sign with the other. Urakaze puts a sign up right next to Koa's and preemptively licks her lips, snuggling close enough to squish the side of her bust together with the redhead's. Agano happily accepts her squeeze and sandwiches Koakuma's breasts from the other side as she closes an eye with a happy smile.

The camera dips down and captures one of Keine's rapidly hands stroking her cock, nearly overwhelming the mic. They start out low in pitch, but suddenly rise with the first long spurt of thick, white cum. The girls all open their mouths and moan happily at the sight; the first shot splatters right across Koakuma's face, giving her a bit to drink in the process. Keine lets out one burst after another, aiming her cock at a different angle each time to make sure each girl gets her share of the woman's thick seed. All three of them are swallowing and moaning before the orgasm has even ended, and their second and third coatings of cum only make them shiver and moan all the louder. By the time it's over, everything from their hair to their cleavage has been soaked in Keine's semen, and it takes a few moments of wiping before they can even open their eyes.

"Mmm, it's stuck in my throat~ I'll be tasting this for days~" Urakaze gushes.

"Wow... You were right, Koa, Keine really is worth it..." The gears in Agano's mind are clearly working when she smirks up at the older woman.

"I know~! Some of the best shots on the wall were thanks to her, you know... Hey, Keine, don't just sit there! Hurry, before it dries!"

"Hm? A-ah, right." The camera is lowered to the ground and released, removing the girls' faces from the frame. However, it does capture a view of all three girls' soft, curvy thighs. Their large breasts cast shadows over their toned, athletic stomachs, and trails of Keine's thick semen gradually trickle down the undersides of their cleavage and roll down over the faint, tanned contours of their abs. Agano's pale body shows the most definition in this light, followed by Urakaze's firm young curves and then by Koakuma's soft but well-maintained form. Keine mutters her way through some process, telling the girls to pose each time. Their muscles flex subtly but visibly each time, and two distinct shutter sounds and a small jingle capture the aftermath of their efforts.

"There, all done."

"With that, at least. You can't shoot out a load like that and expect me to leave you alone..." Agano rises to her feet and lunges out of the frame, and the chair creaks under a sudden weight.

"Ah! I-I would appreciate a moment to rest..."

"What are you talking about? This thing's rock-hard again already," Urakaze teases. She crawls toward the chair, briefly framing the shot with her curvy young body; her breasts begin to sway in midair as she rocks her body back and forth, her voice soon muffling itself with something large and heavy.

Just when it seems that the camera will be abandoned, it's gently lifted from the ground. Briefly, it turns around to identify its holder as Koakuma, who smiles again and brushes back a cum-slicked lock of vibrant red hair. Then, it turns back to the chair to catch sight of Agano, now on all fours with her bare pussy poised over the tip of Keine's cock while Urakaze worships the woman's balls.

"Hmm, seems there's no room for me here. You two have fun. Don't tire yourself out too early!" Koa says.

"Don't worry, I'll be ready," Agano calls over her shoulder. "That camera's gonna see a whooole lot of me~"

"Yeah, we'll take turns. Bye, Koa!" Urakaze cheerfully waves farewell before the camera turns away for good.

Rather than pan around the courtyard, the camera simply turns downward. "Ahh, that smells so nice..." Koa murmurs distantly. A wet sucking sound follows, capping itself off with a loud pop and a happy purr. The view lingers on Koakuma's bare feet, with large shadows occasionally casting both them and the grass in shadow.

"Hmhm, hmhm, what's a good lewd thing..." Koa raises herself to her tiptoes. "Hmmmmm... Aha!" Slamming her feet back down, she jerks the camera up with disorienting speed, zooming in as she does so. When the picture finally settles, there are only two people in the frame: the purple-haired Reisen, and her uniquely-endowed partner Orin.

At first, the zoom has the camera shaking with every bouncing step, and Koa makes little effort to keep it steady. However, it's clear enough that Reisen kneels at Orin's feet, gripping the redhead's thighs and thrusting her head back and forth in the unmistakable motions of a blowjob. Her bright red sling contrasts with both her soft purple hair and the pale color of her nearly-nude body, and her ample breasts bounce lightly every time she forces her lips forward. As the background expands and the scene stabilizes, another detail comes into view; Orin was clearly a futanari, but now it is plain to see that the lean, girl has two dicks, one right on top of the other. Reisen services the lower one with a healthy blush, leaving the upper length to throb steadily and leak precum onto her soft, vibrant hair.

"Mmm, you've got it now. Just use your cheeks a little more, don't suck it the same way every time..." Orin purrs.

"Hey, Orin!" Koakuma calls out. The futa snaps to awareness and straightens up, forcing her length deep into Reisen's mouth and drawing an audible gagging noise as Reisen's red eyes widen. Once Orin's gaze flicks over to the camera, however, she relaxes back into her languid posture and waves with her free hand. "Hey there. Looks like you've enjoyed yourself."

"Mhm! Jealous~? Keine can cum like a fountain, you know..."

Orin chuckles and smirks, almost absentmindedly pushing and pulling Reisen's head. "Oh, I see you pressing those thighs together. You're already planning to take a turn after the newbie, aren't you?"

The camera suddenly turns to Reisen with renewed interest. At this angle, it's clear just how little the cheerleader's bikinis cover, even when they're worn properly; the slightest disruption of the elastic bares the edges of Reisen's areolae, and all but the very bottom of her mound of Venus is exposed to the night air. Closing her eyes and sucking tightly on Orin's cock seems to be the only thing that can distract her from how little she's wearing.

"Ahh, now that you mention it, this is Reisen's first party, isn't it?" Koa says.


"My, but you already seem like a natural at this. I remember the face you made when we first showed you that swimsuit; now you're wearing it like I'm not filming every inch..." The camera zooms in lovingly, capturing the sheen of precum that's dripped on Reisen's cleavage and the firm, steely muscles partly shadowed by her bikini. Despite her inexperience as a cheerleader, her musculature already surpasses that of the three girls who serviced Keine. At this attention, however, she suddenly freezes up and groans, nearly pulling off before Orin's hand stops her.

"Hey, hey. You wanna get a picture on the wall, don't you? You can't let something like this embarrass you." Orin's other penis hardens a bit further as she speaks. "You're on camera now. Put on a good show!"

Reisen nods, but fails to instantly overcome her anxiety. The first thrusts slow, stilted thrusts of her head barely reach halfway down Orin's length, and deep gaze stays locked on to the camera's single glass eye.

"Hmm..." Koa shifts the view away from Reisen, off to the side to stare at nothing in particular.

"Oh, showing some mercy?"

Koakuma chuckles in response. "I wonder. Say... if you're not using this one, do you mind if I...?"

"Mmm, go ahead." The faint sliding of Reisen's lips is soon joined by a second, messier friction - and then by the lustful moans and smacks of a kiss. Orin occasionally breaks off, barking some order for Reisen to go faster or deeper or more carefully before diving right back between Koakuma's lips.

Once the timestamp has advanced by a lewd, moan-filled minute, the view finally turns back to the action. It first focuses on Orin's upper penis, held straight up by Koakuma's precum-coated hand. She strokes it with quick, practiced movements that leave it constantly clenching in pleasure, just grazing the tip with each stroke and gradually varying the pressure. The camera stares at the tip head on, capturing the steady flow of precum that leaks all over shaft.

"Hey, don't be so full of yourself. Point it over - there you go." A small upward correction points the camera towards Reisen's head, which comes into clear focus a few seconds later. Now, her eyes are glazed over, and her body flushed even further as she wholeheartedly sucks Orin's other cock. The camera can't capture the intricacies of her tongueplay, but it clearly show the tight squeeze of her lips and cheeks, the speed with which her head slides back and forth, and the glazed, lustful look in her eyes. When the camera moves a bit further forward, it stares down her smooth back instead, capturing the slight but firm outward curve of her ass - and the way it subtly clenches and unclenches, massaging the taut piece of elastic wedged between the pale, pert mounds.

"Wow... how can you hold it in when two people do you at once?" Koa asks. "Reisen's sucking like your cum's the tastiest thing in the world-"

"-Which it is-"

"-And Robin couldn't take a quarter minute of one of my handjobs. How come you haven't blown your load already?"

"That's my little secret. Now that you mention it, though, I'm think I'm about ready to cum..."

"Ooh! Hear that, Reisen? It's time for your very first selfie~"

"Gonna be a double-thick one, too... nnngh, here it comes!"

Orin sharply pulls her hips back, her long shaft popping out of Reisen's soft lips and swinging back up. Her hand squeezes the saliva-soaked shaft, pumping a bit faster than Koa's hand on her other cock.

"Make a good face for us, Reisen~"

"A-ah, ah, umm..." Not surprisingly, Reisen's first words on camera are little more than nervous stammering. Rather than smile or flash a peace sign like her fellow cheerleaders, however, Reisen decides to cup her hands beneath her chin and open her mouth wide. "Ah, p-please cum a lot..."

"Ohh, that's a good one... C--cu-ahhhh!"

Orin's upper cock is the first one to go, followed by the other a second later. The two ejaculations overlap perfectly, ensuring that there's always at least one shot of Orin's seed in the air. Koakuma keeps one cock pointed high, allowing the load to shower all over Reisen's face and hands, while Orin aims her other cock directly at Reisen's outstretched tongue. One shot after another splatters over the girl's face, leaking down her cheeks and dripping from her tongue to pool in her upturned hands. She raises them to her lips as soon as Orin's orgasm ends, moaning openly as she pours the thick, milky-white seed past her lips.

"Ahhh... Mmmgh..." Reisen closes her lips and tries to swallow, her eyes even cloudier than before. Rather than gagging on the semen that's filled her mouth and coated her face, the cheerleader just moans in a deep, husky voice.

"Phew... You look great like that, Reisen. Just a sec, I'll get your phone." Orin pulls herself out of Koakuma's grip and leaves the frame for a moment, then returns holding a pink cellphone with a rabbit-shaped charm on the strap. The video camera doesn't quite capture the phone's screen properly as Orin aims it squarely at Reisen's face.

"Annnd... there!" The phone makes a small shutter sound. "Congrats, Reisen, you're a full club member now."

"Congratulations!" Koa adds.

"Ah... Th-thank you!" Reisen says, smiling and blushing sincerely through the white cum on her cheeks. "I'll do my best from now on."
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"We can't just leave it there, though, can we?" Orin suddenly pushes Reisen flat on the ground, and the camera pans down past her soft, heaving breasts and over her smooth abs... right to the dark spot on her bright red swimsuit where it's rode up deep between her legs. Reisen is surprised, but not displeased - in a moment, her surprised expression turns to an embarrassed smile.

"Hey, you're not going to make me watch again, are you?"

"'Course not. Come on, there's room for one more... Hm?" Orin suddenly looks away from the camera. Following her gaze, the view pans off to the side where Kokoro stands watching. Her short, small-chested, gracefully-curvy figure matches well with her tight pink sling, and a cock larger than either of Orin's stands framed by the straps. Only the slightest blush colors her impassive face.

"Ah, Kokoro! Liked what you saw?" Koa asks cheerfully.

"... Hello," Kokoro replies quietly.

The camera zooms in on her penis, close enough to capture its subtle throbbing. A coating of dried cum and juices gleams under the lights, and there's a small blob of fresh cum lingering on the tip. "Hmm, I see you've enjoyed yourself a few times already. Who didn't bother to clean you up?"


"Really? Oh, that's just like her, running off as soon as she's satisfied... Oh! Since you're here, you wanna hold onto this for a bit? I get the feeling my hands won't gonna be working right in a bit..."

"You got that right!" Orin calls over Reisen's moans.

"Just find a nice girl and film yourself fucking her silly. It'll be fun!"

"Okay." Kokoro reaches out with both hands and carefully takes the camera, staring straight into the lens for a long moment.

"Thanks, Kokoro!" Koa calls out, right before the unmistakable sounds of a pounce and a yelp.

Kokoro proves to be a silent operator, unlike the camera's previous holder. She begins to survey the scene with the slow precision of a nature documentary, but that only lasts a few seconds. The camera only sweeps a few degrees before it stops on something just around the corner of the pool: a short blonde straddling a pool chair, servicing two tall, strong men who stand on either side of her.

The men face towards her and away from the camera, leaving her as the natural subject as the camera steadily approaches. Her wavy hair and single braid quickly identify her as Marisa Kirisame. Her bust is the smallest of the cheerleaders seen so far, almost completely covered by the bands of her sling, but her fit, compact body compensates elsewhere. Rather than approach her head on, the camera skirts the edge of the scene to approach Marisa from behind. Just for a moment, it camera captures a view of Marisa’s backside; her petite chest and narrow waist both magnify the visual impact of her extremely wide hips, and her large, round, flawless ass that constantly tightens in a show of powerful muscle.

The two men seem ill at ease with their arrangement, pointedly avoiding eye contact with each other and only barely glancing down at the girl working their long, thick cocks. On the right is Parsee Mizuhashi, a blonde with the firm, streamlined form of a sprinter. Marisa's head bobs steadily at his crotch, leaking out a constant stream of wet, sucking moans while the light rolls over her blonde hair in gleaming waves. To the left is Reimu Hakurei, a more broad-shouldered man with a musculature that would easily match Momiji’s with a little more effort at the gym. Marisa's hand covers less than half of his throbbing length, which gleams from base to tip with a thick lather of precum as she rapidly strokes him. His hard-set, faintly-blushing face is where the camera finally settles, and he is the first to notice his observer.

“Ah. Hello, Kokoro.”

“Hello,” she responds.

In contrast to Reimu's subdued reaction, the blonde next to him jumps with enough force to pull his cock from Marisa's mouth. "Gah! Don't just sneak up like that!" Parsee exclaims, before glancing down. "Dammit, you'll scare me soft..."

"Puah! Huh? What's the matter, Pars... oh, hey, Kokoro!” The camera pans down to catch Marisa glancing over her smooth, bare shoulder, tossing her head to get her golden locks out of the way. “Didn’t see you there. Tryin’ to get my best side, huh?” She asks with a little shake of her ass. The camera dutifully records her cheeks’ visible jiggling, and the way the strip of golden elastic is tossed about between them. “Heh. Well, you don't just have to watch..."

"Hey-!" Parsee objects, but Marisa ignores him.

"... I still have room for more. Don’t be shy, step on up~”

"But you were-!"

"Oh, you had your turn, Parsee."

The camera crosses back around, once again on Reimu's side, and comes to rest staring straight down at Marisa's bright yellow eyes. The blonde's small bust is even more apparent now, compared to Reisen before her now.

Marisa has been idly stroking Reimu's length this whole time, but now she brings her other hand to bear as well, stretching her fingers for a moment before wrapping them Parsee's cock with an audible squish. She takes a moment to enjoy the two cocks' throbbing blushing and chuckling at her partners' eagerness as she glances back and forth. Kokoro's penis is the smallest of the three by a couple of inches, but its eager throbbing outmatches the two men put together.

“Mmm, looks like there’s a bit left from last time.” Marisa says, starting to stroke as she leans forward. Her pink lips capture Kokoro's tip and tighten forcefully, prompting the camera to shake as its holder lets out a dispassionate moan. Marisa pulls off after several seconds of forceful sucking and admires the futanari's gleaming tip. "I can't wait to taste some more~"

In true cheerleader form, Marisa swallows Kokoro's length in a single motion and lets out a deep, lustful moan as soon as it's buried inside her. Kokoro matches it with one of her own, starting to pump her hips almost immediately. Ignoring Parsee's continued complaints, Marisa matches her partner's movements with a gentle bobbing of her head. Her lips stay flattened against the curve of Kokoro's shaft, which displays a thicker coating of saliva and precum every time it's revealed to the camera.

Despite this display, however, the camera subtly stilts to the right, where Reimu stands as solidly as ever. Despite her spirited fellatio, Marisa is still stroking his cock with as much speed and pressure as before. Kokoro's addition to the scene has not made him feel any more comfortable, though, and he continues to stare straight ahead... until Kokoro suddenly reaches out, closing a thumb and forefinger around the base. Reimu finally lets out a grunt of surprise, but stays still as she and Marisa stroke his impressive shaft simultaneously. This continues for some time, gradually melting his stony composure, until he's finally forced to turn his head and acknowledge the camera.

“Hey, Kokoro. Do you… want this?” he asks.

“Eh?” All three of the others pause at this development.

“I’ll do you from behind, and you can have Marisa’s mouth. How does that sound?”

“Hold on, what about-“

Reimu cuts Parsee off. “You can have Marisa's other end. She looks like she needs it.”

“Eheh~” Marisa closes an eye and rubs the back of her head with exaggerated embarrassment.

"... Fine." For once, Parsee's displeasure seems a bit forced. He makes his way to the other side of the chair and kneels behind Marisa, sinking his large hands into her plump bubble butt and shifting her sling aside. There's a pause as he tries to line himself up with her entrance, but he doesn't even bother to ask if she's ready before he slams his full length in with a loud, wet slap.

"Mmmgh!" Kokoro's cock muffles most of Marisa's groan, but it's perfectly clear how her hazy eyes roll up in pleasure. The camera has drifted off-center again, though, as if Kokoro's attention is directed elsewhere.

"Ready, Kokoro?"


"Alright... and... there!"


Just as Marisa's wits are starting to return, Kokoro's hips drive forward and bury her to the hilt in the blonde's mouth. Even Marisa nearly gags on the shaft, especially when Parsee follows up with a thrust of his own. However, the camera quickly loses track of the scene, rising and twisting about in Kokoro's grip. At the edge of the frame, one can see Reimu's large cock buried inside Kokoro, her mouth hanging open and her body tremble from head to toe as it stretches her.

“H-hey, you’re gonna drop that! Hold it – be more – Oh, just give it here.” The camera is roughly wrenched away in a dizzying blur of light and motion; for a time, the ever-increasing grunts and moans of the cheerleader and her studs are the only thing the camera captures properly. Kokoro is bent over Marisa’s head, her fingers threaded through the blonde’s hair as her strong, wide hips buck uncontrollably. Reimu’s own thrusts are stronger and slower-paced, driving both the futa and the girl in front of him to moan loudly The camera shies away from his tense, hard abs and pecs, as well as the slick length that Kokoro forces down Marisa’s throat again and again.

Instead, it settles purely on the spot where Parsee and Marisa are connected. The tips of her long blonde hair are just visible on the small of her trembling back, bouncing every time Parsee's thick cock drives in and twists back and forth. Her bubble-butt is large and soft enough to flatten against Parsee’s hips, though a single flex makes it regain its flawless round shape until her strength ebbs again.

“Dammit, why’d I give up a hand…”

His free hand relentlessly mauls the girl’s ass while he thrusts, forcing the voluminous flesh to squish between his fingers. A few drops of pool-water combine the precum on Parsee's hand to give her ass a bright sheen of moisture. She barely needs to move at all, with the way he pulls her onto his cock with every deep, forceful thrust.

“You’re so tight, Kokoro… I can barely move,” Reimu grunts from off-camera.

“Y-you’re too big… I’m stretching too far… and… when Marisa uses her tongue like that…”


After a moment's pause, Parsee pulls his hips all the way back, and forces his whole length in at once.

“Mmmgh!” Marisa is the first to moan, followed by Kokoro, and finally Reimu. The wet slaps from Reimu’s side grow larger and faster as well, leaving the sandwiched girl and futa both wailing in pleasure. Parsee follows the first thrust with a jackhammer-like barrage that leaves Marisa's pillowy ass jiggling unceasingly. From the way her rich moans suddenly change into rough, strangled gasps, it's clear that her throat is receiving the same treatment.

“Ahhhhh… Reimu… I can’t…”

“Me neither. Do you mind if Marisa gets it?”

“Aw… okay…”

“Nngh… D-dammit, Marisa!"

Parsee's hips smash forward with enough force to lift Marisa to her tiptoes, and powerful tremors rattle both his body and hers. His loud, orgasmic groan briefly drowns out all other sounds, and the camera catches a single thick shot splashing back out of Marisa’s pussy before it snaps upwards. Reimu has grabbed a limp, shuddering Kokoro by her bare legs and lifted her into the air, pulling out of her drenched depths in the process. Both of their hard, slick cocks spurt upwards, and Marisa angles her head up to catch their loads on her face. A few shots go high and land in messy streaks on Marisa’s radiant hair, but most them splatter right over her face - and, knowing her, her open mouth as well.

Parsee doesn’t pull out until all four orgasms have subsided. Marisa falls onto her ass as soon as his softening length slips out, immediately staining the chair beneath her with his semen. However, she only allows herself a few gasping breaths before she speaks up hoarsely.

"Ah... camera... Who's got the camera?" her dazed voice asks.

"Oh, um..." Reimu deposits his limp, pink-haired partner on the ground and glance over the grass.

"I've got it." Parsee's free hand enters the frame holding a stylish black-and-white phone. Reimu nods and steps aside, allowing Parsee to return to the front.

"Sheesh, you didn't hold anything back."

Marisa's dazed face is completely coated in two loads' worth of virile semen. One of her eyes is stuck shut, as is her mouth, and long strings of it drip from her pale chin and rich lips. A few splatters adorn her chest as well, staining both her skin and her shining bikini. She seems content to bask in the taste and aroma at first, but her brow furrows after Parsee spends half a minute

"Hurry up and take it!"

"No, no, the framing's not right... and who thought this lighting was a good idea? Makes everything look like it's coated in spunk..."

"It helps the contrast. Angle it down a bit," Reimu says.

"Oh, huh. Hey, get your shadow out of the way! You're crowding her."

Marisa can't help a chuckle before she winks and smiles with a pair of peace signs, licking her lips just as the camera goes off.

"There. Hope you're happy."

"Thanks, Parsee~" Marisa rises from the chair and leans forward and gives the tall blonde a hug somewhat messy hug.

"Y-you're welcome. So, what do you want to do next? Ditch these two and..."

"Ah, I. I think I could... use a break, actually. Parsee, why don't you give me that for a bit?"

"Oh... okay." The picture shifts forward, jumbles around for a moment, yanks sharply downwards before Marisa curses and catches it, and then returns to a comfortable upright position.

"There we go... phew. Thanks for the fuck, guys! Later."

None of Marisa's partners are known for their conversational skills. Between the three of them, they manage to mutter a passable goodbye.

"Ahh... Man, my hips ache now... and I'll be tasting it all night... But who am I kidding? It was great~" As soon as Marisa's voice fades, a chorus of distant moans and grunts fills in to take its place. "... But the night's still young! Let's see, let's see..."

The picture pans around the pool for a moment, then doubles back and focuses on a particular set of four people on the far side. Marisa pauses for a moment, then begins to make quick, steady steps towards the scene, keeping the camera focused on the group as she walks. The view soon focuses on a pair of lovely behinds and nods slightly.

"Aha, looks like Alice and Yamame are havin' a bit of fun! Let's go have a look on who the lucky ones are, eh?"

The picture shakes wildly with the first few steps, prompting Marisa to zoom out a small 'whoops.' The behinds in question belong to a pair of blondes facing away from the camera on their knees. Alice's short hair is combed straight, though the water has left it a bit curly at the edges; by contrast, Yamame's is wavy from the roots to where it comes to rest halfway down her back, suggesting that it's usually kept tied up. Both girls' bodies gleam with small drops and streaks of water, naked save for their sling bikinis.

Alice kneels on the left, her posture straight and stiff as she focuses on whatever's in front of her. She certainly has her share of curves, though they aren't as pronounced as many of the other girls' - but at the same time, her thinner frame exaggerates the swell of her bust and hips. Her red and blue sling wraps around her pale, slender stretches straight down her spine, before dutifully disappearing beneath the pert, firm, surprisingly plump curve of her ass. Even when she's kneeling sternly, her cheeks barely depress against her lean, smooth legs.

Next to such a tight, sculpted form, Yamame looks a bit chubby by comparison. She wears the same uniform as her friend, so those voluptuous curves clearly hide a formidable amount of firm, flexible muscle... but when she isn't using them, they vanish into the plush, curvy mass of her body. She sways back and forth as she works, offering glimpses of a large, heavy pair of breasts as they sway gently back and forth. Her ass is both wider and thicker, but also round and shapely to balance out the impressive heft of her chest. The shiny black ribbon of her sling vanishes a full inch further up. and the camera lingers on the way her peach molds softly onto her ankles.

The camera is practically right on top of them before it pans over to include two others in the frame: on their knees and bent over a pair of pool chairs are a silver-haired girl and a brown-haired boy, both facing away from the cheerleaders and trembling wildly. The girl's petite figure is certainly slim and attractive, but it barely approaches the level of the two blondes. Similarly, the boy is fit and broad-shouldered enough, but he doesn't measure up to any of the other three men the camera has captured. None of the four have noticed Marisa's approach.

The frame continues to move, eventually circling around and catching the silver-haired girl's and brown-haired boy's faces. Both seem to be quite red and panting from something... the view pans down slightly and catches the source red-handed. Both of them have a lovely lady's hand wrapped around their impressive length - the boy even has two hands on his - and are being vigorously pumped, the swollen tips pointed straight down at a pair of cups.

"Oooh, if it isn't Mokou and Robin! Looks like they're both having a good time!"

Robin lets out a cry of pleasure as his body spasms slightly and he ejaculates, thick ropes of cum shooting out of his cock right into the carefully positioned cup. The camera zooms in a bit on that, before panning to one also in use for Mokou.

"Yo, Alice, Yamame! What are you two up to over here? You're making so much noise, I'm surprised no one else is lookin'!"

Alice offers a polite smile to the camera. "Oh, just a little impromptu competition of sorts. I'm trying to show Yamame how much more semen my technique can wring out. Mokou has so graciously volunteered to be my test subject for this," she says, subtly speeding up the movements of her slick ivory hand.

"Oh? That's not how I remember it starting." Yamame grabs the camera's attention. "She said Robin can only cum about three times while Mokou can shoot for ages, but this boy can go so much longer when you use the right technique. I could fill three more cups with his semen and serve them at this rate," Yamame replies smugly, throwing a quick pointed glance at Alice.

"Well, it hardly matters now. I'll have this cup overflowing before the timer runs out, and that's all there is to it." Alice turns her eyes away dismissively, then closes them and leans in to Mokou's firm, petite ass. Her silver-haired partner gasps and opens her red eyes wide, groaning and trembling with every lick and stroke.

"Hmph. We won't lose to her, right, Robin~?"

"Ahnnn! N-no, of course no-not Yamame... Mo-more...!"

"Ooh, things are -"

"Aaaahn!" A shrill cry from Mokou cuts Marisa off. The camera quickly whips to the right, zooming in on Mokou's thick, lotion-soaked cock as it clenches in Alice's tight grip. One shot after another pours out into the transparent cup, rapidly raising the level of the thick, milky fluid... and a gentle scratch to the frenulum coupled with a noisy kiss adds another two spurts to the load.

"... Things are heating up!" Marisa concludes. "Let's get a closer look at these girls' techniques, why don't we..."

The frame moves to Yamame's side of the action, the image zooming in on Robin's cock which is busily being worked over by Yamame's skillful hands. A lesser camera would have her hand blurring as she furiously pumps the man's slick shaft, and her other hand is busy gently squeezing and massaging his jewels. Robin moans and pants happily as the free hand moves to play with and twist around his tip.

"Man that's some technique there... I think I tried that once, and the guy just popped like a balloon in seconds. I'm kind of amazed Robin is still holdin' on by this point... or maybe he's just cum so soon, he doesn't have anything to shoot out yet!"

"Wouldn't be surprising... but as soon as he's ready, I'll wring it right out." Yamame licks her lips at the thought, not slowing down her pace in the slightest. Gradually, the camera drifts away from Robin's large, throbbing cock and swollen balls, keeping it at the edge of the frame while Yamame's body takes center stage. When she's on her knees and viewed from the sides, her figure is curvy from top to bottom. Her hands move fast enough to make her massive bust jiggle slightly; were the straps not tight enough to dig into her round, plush breasts, they would surely slip out.

At this distance, a white spiderweb pattern is visible on the taut black straps of Yamame's bikini. There is quite a gap between the nylon and her stomach beneath the generous swell of her breasts, which drifts ever closer to Robin's penis. Her pale, child-bearing hips and curvy calves capture the camera's attention as well, nearly filling its field of view completely before Yamame's voice snaps it back up.

"What's wrong, Robin? It feels good, doesn't it~?"

The young man pants and nods his head furiously, helplessly bucking his hips into Yamame's tight, soft grip. "Ye-yes!"

The camera pans back down to see what the blonde is doing now; she has changed her technique from last time. Her hands work in graceful tandem, one hand sliding down the slick cock - rubbing and squeezing every bit as it works its way to the head - and as soon as it releases, her other hand starts its journey from the base to the tip. Without skipping a beat, then the other hand would then return to the top and resume its way down, leaving Robin's cock constantly assaulted by pleasure without end.

"Wow that's some technique... she doesn't even let up for a second! And it's so fast, too... Shoot, you'll make Robin cum before I get a look at Alice!" The camera shakes for a moment, and clumsily bounces its way to the other side before turning back around.

"Ahh! Y-you're licking too much...!" Mokou groans. The camera swishes from Mokou's flushed face to Alice, whose tongue is buried deep in the futa's drenched pussy. She only uses one hand to stroke Mokou's long, swollen cock, simply keeping the other one planted on her partner's ass and pulling at her slit with a thumb. Her hand's technique is simple compared to Yamame's, nothing more than a fast, measured pumping that grazes the crown of Mokou's cock twice a second. However, the endless stream of moans suggests that the blonde's tonguework is extraordinary.

"Wow, look at that efficiency. No need to get fancy when you can work it like a machine, huh?"


"Ahhh!" Alice's curt hum makes Mokou seize up and shudder yet again. Next to the silverette's trembling form, Alice resembles a marble statue. Her dense, youthful breasts barely deform under the pressure of her red-and-blue sling, and her firm, contoured stomach and tightly-closed thighs look powerful enough to wring anyone into submission.

"Wow, Mokou's just a pile of jelly when you work her like that... not that Robin's much better. Both those cocks look about ready to blow..."

As if on cue, Mokou and Robin's cries and moans of pleasure seem to start reaching their peak, both their skilled handlers applying the finishing touches to their respective techniques. Both of them seem to ejaculate in tandem, thick ropes of cum bursting from both their respective cocks.

Amazingly despite Alice's position, Mokou's semen seemed to miss her mostly, landing in the cup as planned and once more filling it bit by bit. Robin's somewhat girlish screams of pleasure went along with his own intense orgasm, his cock pouring out shot after shot of cum.

"Fuahhhn... You're slowing down, Mokou," Alice comments, her lips stained with the futanari's juices.

"S-sorry, Alice..." Mokou pants.

Yamame checks a nearby stopwatch and nods her agreement. "Ah, time's almost out, too... I know you've got plenty more to give, Robin, but I'm gonna have to squeeze a little harder, alright?" The blonde releases all but two of her fingers, which press into the tip of Robin's cock and keep it pointed straight down... right in position for her to sandwich his cock between her massive breasts.

"Ahh! S-so soft...!"

"Aren't they? Why don't you tell Marisa just how good it feels?" Yamame asks, folding her arms and pressing them into the sides of her doughy breasts.

"E-eh? No way... I can't do something like that...!"

"Ah, well. Worth a-"

"Kyahn!" A squeal from Mokou cuts off Yamame's reply. The camera sweeps in her direction and zooms in to find a bright pink dildo shoved into Mokou's drenched pussy... and a matching onahole wrapped around the length of her cock. Alice's hands work the two toys in tandem, forcing Mokou's eyes to roll up at their combined friction.

"Ooh, neither one of these girls is showing a bit of mercy! It's gonna come right down to the wire!" Marisa exclaims. Returning to face the quartet head-on, the camera focuses intently on Yamame and Alice's stroking.

Even Robin's cock is barely visible between Yamame's massive breasts. Rather than stroke them up and down, she saws the soft, slippery mounds back and forth, allowing his exposed tip to swell and redden more and more with every pass. Her arms sink visibly into her chest with every tight squeeze, and the messy, muffled moans behind Robin suggest that Yamame has taken to sucking his balls as well.

On the other side, Alice pumps and squeezes the onahole with intense, rhythmic precision, and thrusts her dildo hard enough to make Mokou's whole body jump forward before sliding back. Mokou's constant throbbing and twitching is visible through the transparent toy, mirroring the uncontrollable tremors that wrack her fit young body. Robin's and Mokou's voices seem to compete for the mic's attention, each growing stronger and more desperate with every passing second.

Still, neither of the two reach orgasm, despite their teary eyes and wild, helpless cries. Yamame grunts and begins at last to slide her breasts up and down, molding them to the shape of Robin's cock and milking him with all her strength. At the same time, Alice shoves her dildo all the way in to fill Mokou's pussy completely and brings both hands down to the futanari's cock; one stays squeezed tight around the onahole and twists with relentless pressure, while her other hand grabs Mokou's tip directly and twists in the opposite direction.

"Ahh, my dick hurts just watchin', and I don't even have one!" Marisa says. "It's gotta be a matter of seconds now..."

But before the lucky boy and futa can cum themselves senseless, the stopwatch goes off with a loud, harsh beeping. Alice, Yamame, Robin, Mokou, and Marisa all jolt at the sound. The two competitors instantly stop their movements, leaving Robin and Mokou breathless and helpless on the chairs.

"A shocking finish! Neither one could wring out a final shot!"

"Dang, couldn't pull it out," Yamame says, leaning back to sit on her knees. "Should've made it an endurance contest instead."

"Oh, how... disappointing." Alice says, in a tone that makes Mokou twitch on her chair.

"Hey, we still got a lot out, right? Let's see just who squeezed out more..." Yamame and Alice both pick up their cups and hold them together, while Marisa scoots forward to get a closer look. The rims are splattered with wet and dried cum, and each one holds a prodigious quantity of fresh semen. It's a bit difficult to tell from the camera's view, but...

"It's a tie!" proclaims Marisa.

"... Huh."

"Well, I'll be."

After a moment, though, the girls shrug and smile.

"You did well to keep up with me, Yamame."

"You're pretty good too, Alice." The cheerleaders share a handshake that escalates to a kiss, pressing their curvy, scantily-clad bodies and large breasts together. Even before their juicy lips come apart, they're already glancing back at the two thick, meaty cocks they've left teetering on the breaking point.

"Well, we can't just let these all go to waste, can we~?"

Robin and Mokou quickly sit up at Alice and Yamame's orders, eager to get some relief for their swollen, dripping, rock-hard cocks. The two cheerleaders press themselves together, side to side, and start to stroke their partners off. Now that the competition has ended, Robin and Mokou seem to be twice as sensitive; a few simple strokes make them both bolt upright, and a few more have them both moaning breathlessly.

"Ahh, Yamame!"

"Alice... Th-that's so good, Alice!"

Seconds later, Robin and Mokou both blow their biggest, thickest loads yet, throwing their heads back as they shoot all over Alice and Yamame's flushed, creamy skin. With the two girls pressed so close together, they're bathed in both their partners' loads at once, taking it on their smiling faces and soft, heaving breasts from every angle for nearly half a minute. They're both panting by the end of it, Alice licking her lips while Yamame wipes a blob from her pillowy cleavage to loudly suck off. "Wow, that was a lot... You'd have gotten the cups overflowing for sure."

Alice snaps out of her daze at that. "Ah, that's right! We still have the cups, too. Should we see who can drink hers faster...?"
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File 144210335472.jpg- (95.72KB , 850x638 , special guest - marisa's ass.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Heh. I happened to come prepared..." Yamame reaches somewhere and produces a large cappuccino cup. It easily accepts the contents of the two other vessels, which mix together into a thick, cloudy, exceedingly gooey white mixture. Yamame takes a whiff of the scent, and comes up flushed and near drooling; Alice can't help doing the same.

"Ah, here's the shutter chance! Robin, Mokou, get the..." A few sweeps of the camera reveal that the be boy and futa are in no condition to do much of anything." ... I'll do it." Marisa sets the camera down on the chair, pointing it towards the two girls while she retrieves their phones. The angle is a bit off, but it still captures their two smiles as they snuggle together around the cup and smile. Yamame's cum-splattered grin is wide and shameless, while Alice's is more demure but no less lewd.

"Alright, there we go!" Marisa sets down the phones and retrieves the camera, her jiggling cheeks visible for just a moment before she picks it up.. "Great show, girls. That one's gonna be on the highlight reel for sure!"

"Doing it for the cameras made it a lot more exciting. Hey, want to share? Those two let out more than enough~" Yamame says.

"Ooh, that sounds tempting..." The camera peers into the milky white depths of the cup. "... But I'm stuck with this camera. I can't just put it down..."

"Don't worry! You can leave that to me!" a cheery voice announces. The camera whirls around to find Urakaze standing nearby with her hands on her wide, soft hips. Keine's dried cum is still visible on her smiling face and perky breasts, and there's a clear splatter of fresh cum between her legs where her bright blue sling was hastily tugged back into place. "I was the star of my video production class, you know."

"In front of the camera, or behind it?" Marisa teases, drawing a pout.

"Oh, just give me that." Urakaze's hand eclipses the light as she reaches out, causing a few seconds of darkness and loud shuffling noises. When the picture clears up and adjusts, the camera is pointed down at the three blondes, all gathered around the cup of semen. Alice finishes dropping in three straws, and Yamame happily waves farewell.

"See you soon, Ura~"

"Bye, girls~"

The last thing Urakaze catches on film before moving on is a stream of thick white fluid rising towards Marisa's already-messy pink lips, turning away just as it enters her mouth. Like the others before her, Urakaze simply doesn't bother turning the camera off, offering a minute or so of brief, indecipherably shaky footage before training the camera on her new stars. The shot pans up from the edge of the pool, revealing two pairs of swimsuit-clad beauties. Seiga and Tokitsukaze sit at the edge of the pool, while Kagerou and Youmu take up the entirety of a floating pool mat.

"Ah, and here we have Captain Kagerou and the coach!"

Seiga's blue-and-white sling bikini simply sinks between her plump, soft cheeks, almost making her appear bottomless from Urakaze's point of view. Her arm is slung around Tokitsukaze, keeping her close. Kagerou, meanwhile, keeps Youmu held in place with her legs alone, gesturing with her strong arms as she idly chats with her friend. Before the camera can catch any of their conversation, Kagerou looks up and smiles at the camera. "... time someone came with one. Hello there, Urakaze!"

"Hello, Kagerou, Youmu. You all look awfully calm for everything that's happening~" Urakaze teasingly sings, standing behind Seiga. Tokitsukaze can hardly be seen, only her telltale salt-and-pepper hair appearing on the camera.

"There's nothing wrong with taking our time, is there? Although... Now that you're here, maybe there's something you can help us with." Seiga turns, smiling for the camera. "Now that we have the spotlight... You don't mind helping us, correct?"

Urakaze pauses for a moment, circling around to get a better view of both Youmu and Tokitsukaze. She speaks as the camera angle changes, revealing more with each syllable. "Sure, what do you need?"

Tokitsukaze is revealed to be wearing nothing but a speedo, her small, budding breasts on full display, while Youmu wears a sling bikini over his completely flat chest. Tokitsukaze's head lies against Seiga's heavy breasts, pressing into them and making her sling bikini stretch out slightly, while Youmu is firmly held in place by Kagerou's thighs. "I guess it has been long enough..." the wolf-girl muses, straightening out her legs and freeing Youmu as the camera swings around.

It becomes exceedingly obvious that even the most relaxed partiers are still very involved in the action from this new angle. Both Youmu and Tokitsukaze panting softly, each sporting a throbbing, pre-dripping steel-hard erection. Their clothes are visibly stretched with the attempt of containing their incredibly-sized balls, Tokitsukaze's especially seemingly about to tear through the elastic fabric of her speedo.

"Wow... I've heard these two are big, but this couldn't possibly be normal..."

Her suspicions are confirmed as Kagerou lifts herself up and off of the pool float, bringing Youmu along effortlessly to the water's edge. Now that they are seated next to each other, Urakaze is free to get a fair comparison of the two studs. Youmu's throbbing length dribbles slick precum steadily, his long shaft already glistening from how much he'd released, complete with a plump, enticing package below still wrapped up inside his tight sling bikini. Tokitsukaze's member isn't quite as long, but her hips buck in time with each hard throb of her thick, slightly curved cock, a string of precum connecting her tip to her navel and plenty more dripping free with each eager thrust of her hips. Her speedo is impossibly tight around her massive balls, darkened from a mix of precum and sweat. Both whimper softly as they're filmed, showing off what Seiga and Kagerou are capable of.

"Let's start simply," Kagerou says to Urakaze directly. "We've got a little competition in mind. There are a lot of little parts to it, so we'll just go through them one by one... Since these two are so eager, let's just jump straight to comparison, all right? We need someone impartial to tell us who seems more... eager."

"And to tell us if they aren't quite ripe yet!" Seiga cut in, excitedly. "We've been at it for quite a while, but if there's any room left... These two are going to need every drop, let's leave it at that~"

Urakaze gulps, a little nervous if not excited. The camera angle changes yet again, Urakaze approaching Youmu first as Kagerou whispers a command into his ears. With such a closeup, the actual words aren't captured, although the sudden flow of precum and rocking of his hips more than make up for it. Moments later, he is on his knees, sling bikini pulled aside so that the camera can catch all of his magnificent, aching length and swollen, seed-packed balls. They sway very slightly, heavily, Youmu unable to keep still through sheer arousal. The camera descends towards the ground to get the best viewing angle...

Reaching into the frame, Urakaze delicately takes his engorged pair in one hand, gasping in slight surprise at how densely packed they feel, and especially at how weighty they are against her palm. She gently closes her hand, a slight kneading motion making Youmu moan with renewed vigor as his precum already begins to coat her hand. It seems his body is still producing lots of gooey seed, although it had run out of places to store it hours ago, leading to his swollen, incredibly dense and tightly-packed testicles. Kagerou simply smiles in the background as Urakaze admires her work, Youmu himself whining hopelessly as the impromptu massage pushes him closer to, but never over, the edge of orgasm.

A few minutes pass before anything new happens, aside from Youmu's voice gradually leaking out more and more just like his precum, Urakaze's hand dripping with it from only a few minutes of teasing. Kagerou finally breaks this silence, leaning in close to Youmu and letting her firm, youthful breasts slip just slightly into the frame. "So, tell us about him, Urakaze~ I'm sure anyone watching this will be practically dying to know how this feels by now, and Tokitsukaze still hasn't had her turn yet~"

"Well... I don't know how he's enduring this at all... His balls are so heavy and densely packed with sperm, I simply don't think there's any room in his body for more... It's almost as if he's desperately releasing all this precum in an attempt to make room. Right now, all that seed is probably getting thicker, almost... what's a good word for it... almost fermenting in his balls. Like a fine wine, in a way, the more you wait, the better it gets. Thicker, in this case."

Seiga giggles, watching Youmu practically writhe as each of Urakaze's words makes his balls ache mightily. She is spot-on in her description, delivering it without ever once pausing her massaging hand. It isn't hard to believe that she doesn't even know she's doing it. Youmu's pleas for release go unanswered as Seiga casually pushes Tokitsukaze forward, indicating her turn. Kagerou simply grins, pulling her bust - and Youmu - out of the picture despite his objections. Moments later, the camera focuses in on Tokitsukaze's throbbing member, viewing it from the side and watching each frantic thrust of her hips. Urakaze finds herself in the frame this time, Seiga temporarily taking over as camera operator. "Go ahead, tell us how pent up she is~"

Tokitsukaze's balls already appear larger than Youmu's, despite him being filled far past the brim. Urakaze peels away the speedo slowly; Tokitsukaze's balls seeming to swell even larger once free of them, drooping slightly and hanging freely as soon as they've come down far enough. Urakaze recoils slightly- where Youmu had the familiar scent of precum and a faint aroma of musk, Tokitsukaze's balls have been tightly trapped in elastic fabric, obviously sweating the entire time. Now that they were free, her musky pheromones fill the air, Tokitsukaze's eager bucking only causing the scent to spread faster. Her balls sway and bounce with her frantic motion, ensuring that everyone involved gets a nice, strong whiff- none moreso than the now-dazed Urakaze.

Tokitsukaze loudly whimpers and whines, her legs trembling and her hips shaking as Urakaze's careful massaging begins. The veins on her bulging, curved cock seem to pulse, her thick shaft and wide tip glistening with slick precum as it twitches madly, almost as though Tokitsukaze is already cumming. Despite the show, however, nothing more than clear, slick fluid escapes her tip, even as Urakaze's massaging continues and quickens. She'd released even more precum than Youmu, her body absolutely drenched in it, and her balls are absolutely massive, rivaling that of futanari older and larger than she is...

"Hmmm~" Urakaze hums loudly, blushing a bright red from inhaling Tokitsukaze's intoxicating scent. "You're so much bigger, and you've let out so much precum, Tokitsukaze! So why does it feel like you could handle some more teasing?" Urakaze nearly slurs, smiling up at the smaller girl.

The camera catches a surprised noise from Seiga as Tokitsukaze struggled to make a sensible plea for mercy. She'd endured hours of Seiga's intense blueballing, feeling her already large balls swelling with fresh, steaming, ultra-thick spunk with each passing minute. Just imagining what even a little more would do to her makes her hips buck wildly, her balls aching with only the thought of more pressure. Urakaze continues her massaging, her free hand tracing a single finger up from her base to her tip.

"I can even feel them swelling in my hand, you know~ They're nice and densely packed, but Seiga said you'd need every drop. But don't worry, I'm sure a few more minutes of my massaging will have you so pent up that these heavy balls of yours just can't get any larger."

"Ha, looks like the first round goes to me!" Kagerou taunts.

Only the camera manages to keep an accurate timer of what happens next, missing some details but catching all of the most important ones. For almost eight minutes, Urakaze keeps Tokitsukaze on edge, massaging her balls and showing off their steady expansion while Kagerou and Seiga make sure Tokitsukaze doesn't go over the edge. It catches Tokitsukaze's eyes tearing up as her hips rock forward, the heat and ache in her balls becoming more and more unbearable. It catches Urakaze licking and kissing the heavy, musky, seed-packed orbs as they grow, close enough to the action for lewd slurping and smacking to drown out most of Kagerou's tips on proper ball-worship. Lastly, it catches a very aroused, very musk-addled Urakaze planting a dangerously lewd kiss on Tokitsukaze's tip, bringing her so close to cumming that for a moment everyone assumes that she's cumming... until not a single drop of white seed escapes, still churning angrily in her massively swollen balls. Only after eight minutes of footage do the "games" finally continue.

Urakaze once more takes control of the camera, Seiga returning into frame and tugging at her sling bikini to straighten it once more. The resulting snap of the elastic fabric makes a satisfying sound against Seiga's curvy form, causing her round butt to wobble more than ever before as she walks back over to Tokitsukaze. Her breasts are visible even from behind, offering a very bouncy show for Urakaze and her camera before she turns to face them, standing behind a tearful, extremely frustrated Tokitsukaze.

"Kagerou, the selfie competition is next, isn't it? Why don't we add a little something before that, make this a best two out of three? It might be a tie if we don't, you know..."

"Well, that's true... I don't think it would be a problem, but I want to know what your idea is."

"Well, why don't we see which of our cuties can endure the most before cumming? Since we know that they're both as full as they can possibly be, we'll test their endurance, too~"

Tokitsukaze whines loudly upon hearing Seiga's plan, Youmu himself shifting uncomfortably. He hadn't exactly rested easy while Tokitsukaze was topped off, though looking at her, he can't help but give a slight, confident smirk. Kagerou herself seems more than happy with the idea. "I'll accept. You don't actually think poor Tokitsukaze can take any more, do you? I've never seen such a small girl sporting such a huge erection, and her balls have to feel like they're holding lakes of seed." Tokitsukaze's legs visibly tremble at the word "lakes."

"We'll see. You can do anything you want, so long as you don't stop touching your girl's penis! Well, Youmu's a boy, but you both know what I'm saying. Ready?"

Kagerou simply nods, beckoning Youmu over to sit at the edge of the pool once more, while Seiga commands Tokitsukaze to lie down, her cock pointing stiffly upwards.

"You too, Urakaze?"

The camera bobs slightly, ensuring both scenes are more or less in frame. "On my count," her voice rings, clearly picked up by the camera. "Ready... set... Go!"

Neither girl wastes any time. Kagerou slips into the pool at "ready" and places herself between Youmu's legs by the time the game actually starts, while Seiga chooses to simply face Tokitsukaze and straddle her. Urakaze zooms in on Seiga, focusing on her plump, soft curves. Tokitsukaze's curved shaft quickly finds itself pushing between Seiga's incredibly plush cheeks, her position over Tokitsukaze making her wide hips and bouncy butt seem that much larger. While zoomed, the camera catches every little detail; Tokitsukaze's pre spurts out eagerly as she pokes against Seiga's tight rosebud, sliding against and occasionally prodding into it very slightly as Seiga works herself into a slow but steady rhythm. Before long, she leans forward, her new angle and Tokitsukaze's precum ensuring a smooth, gliding buttjob as Tokitsukaze's whines are silenced under Seiga's heavy breasts.

Panning over to Kagerou reveals her bouncing slightly in the pool. Her tongue wraps over and around Youmu's shaft each time she comes up. Each time her feet touch the bottom, she plants a kiss on Youmu's swollen balls, before licking all the way up and back down again. Somewhat more fascinating is the sling bikini floating nearby, which Kagerou must removed at some point before starting; from the current angle, Youmu's leg blocks a good view of her breasts, although some amount of firm bounce was visible with each long lick.

The camera zoom once again pulls back, revealing both lewd acts happening in tandem. Tokitsukaze's balls bounce somewhat, looking particularly tight, almost as though they're mere seconds away from pulling up and releasing a huge load all over Seiga's bouncing butt and back, though she isn't quite there yet. Kagerou, meanwhile, is pacing herself expertly, keeping Youmu nearing the edge of orgasm at a snail's pace.

Still, minutes pass. Youmu grips the edge of the pool tightly, feeling the rising orgasm in his loins rapidly approaching and doing all that he can to stave it off. Meanwhile, Seiga continues grinding her ass against Tokitsukaze's throbbing erection, occasionally stopping when the tip prods her twitching, pre-soaked pucker. Even from between Seiga's breasts, Tokitsukaze's pleas can be heard...

Urakaze has barely managed to take the camera away from Tokitsukaze's tightening balls when she hears Youmu's breathy moan, his hips bucking forward as a string of hot, white spunk shoots into the air. Many more follow it as Kagerou pulls back slightly, the first white rope catching her directly in the cheek as the rest begin to rain down around her. Her face and breasts are both coated, and a number of strands are left floating in the pool as well. Urakaze zooms in on the show, watching each strand shoot up before landing across Kagerou.

The camera catches Kagerou reaching out over the edge of the pool to grab her phone as well, then zooms out to see Seiga lean back and slide all the way down to Tokitsukaze's base, her first huge burst of seed timed perfectly with the flash of Kagerou's phone. Seiga remains firmly seated as Tokitsukaze's hard cock spurts shot after huge shot of hot, gooey spunk deep inside her ass, Tokitsukaze trying to thrust deeper even as her balls slap against Seiga's soft, round bubble butt. Thick, bubbly sperm begins to drip down across Tokitsukaze's still-swollen blueballs even as she pumps more inside Seiga, only finishing after more than thirty seconds of desperate hip-thrusting. Without skipping a beat, Seiga retrieves her own phone and snaps a picture of her backside.

"All right, all right, you win that one. Time for the selfie contest then, isn't it, Seiga? Hey, Urakaze, just do your best filming us, okay~? We're each going to take a picture when we wring a shot out of these two, and whoever gets the most likes from the other cheerleaders wins."

Seiga is already riding Tokitsukaze at a rapid pace, thick seed working as excess lube as her huge ass bounces up and down, rippling and wobbling in a way reserved for only the juiciest of fat asses. Despite having already released her first volley of thick sperm, Tokitsukaze's balls haven't changed size at all; still bouncing weightily in time with each buck of Seiga's hips. Even though Seiga barely paused after the first load, Tokitsukaze appears as hard as ever, throbbing visibly whenever Seiga lifts up, her plump, jiggling curves offering a different tantalizing picture whenever she slams down all the way to Tokitsukaze's base.

Kagerou, meanwhile, has slipped out of the pool entirely naked, discarding even the slight modesty offered by the sling bikini as she approaches her prey. Her large, firm breasts are the first thing visible over the edge of the pool, swaying gently as her arms pull her up and over onto dry land. Her abs flex as she swings her legs up and over onto the concrete poolside, offering flashes of both her stone-cut stomach and thick, firm thighs in motion. With practiced, powerful movement, she catches Youmu between her powerful thighs, trapping him underneath her wide hips and gazing down upon him hungrily.

It is rather clear that the glistening, thick, off-white strands of Youmu's seed is having an effect on her, no small amount of it still dripping from her cleavage. A single gooey string remains splattered across her cheek, further accenting her lewd, hungry gaze. Urakaze is sure to catch it in no small detail, zooming out just in time to catch Kagerou begin in earnest.

Youmu has been rock-hard the entire time, his throbbing tip less than an inch away from Kagerou's now-visible slick thighs and furnace-like slit. The scent of Youmu's pent-up, virile seed is enough to awaken her primal desires, and having it all over her breasts and face ensures that every breath she takes only made her more and more aroused. Youmu himself has already begun to pour precum out with each throb, being held mere centimeters away from Kagerou's flushed pink folds.

Kagerou's hips shake from side to side as she eases herself down, slowly taking Youmu into her extremely slick, eagerly pulsating folds in a way that ensures he'll feel every inch of her. She takes him deeper seemingly effortlessly, taking her time while keeping up the motion of her hips. Youmu's own body tenses and pushes up against her, back arching as he mewls senselessly from Kagerou's intense heat and tightness. His is already on the cusp of orgasm, before she'd even fully hilted him. Even so, he still hasn't recovered from his last orgasm, increasing his sensitivity even further and preventing him from exploding just yet. His balls churn with a fresh, eager, virile load, demanding to be released into Kagerou's more-than-willing womb...

Kagerou herself, normally somewhat calm and ladylike, can hardly handle the sensations assaulting her mind with pleasure from every angle. Every muscle in her core grows tight, the tightening coil of impending orgasm building like a tsunami inside her to the point of nearly being visible on camera, her abs slightly pulsing with each vice-like squeeze of her folds. Despite usually being enough to send her into orgasmic spasms, the excitement only continues to grow as her white-hot explosion of pleasure continues to dance just out of reach.

Between Youmu's insistent thrusting and Kagerou's steady descent from above, it isn't long until the two find themselves in a similar position to Seiga and Tokitsukaze, although at a slightly different angle. Seiga has been pumping up and down for a while now, Tokitsukaze's own orgasm visibly building as she thrusts harder, her hips pressing up more insistently as her cock seemed to swell slightly thicker with anticipation. Seiga's bouncing becomes a bit more unsteady and ragged as she spends more time with Tokitsukaze's thick member buried deep inside, all the way to her base. Her breathing comes sharper and heavier, in time with each thick, meaty slap as Seiga pushes herself as far down onto Tokitsukaze's length as she can. Urakaze struggles slightly with the camera, trying to make sure she'll be able to catch both climaxes on camera.

She lucks out slightly, as Youmu reaches climax first, giving her a nice, close angle as the pair reaches heaven together. They had been locked together at the base ever since Kagerou had managed to take Youmu in that far, unable to separate due to Kagerou's vice-like tightness, intense rutting instinct, and their sheer lack of the mental power needed to reassert control over their muscles. Only Youmu's high-pitched squeal of pleasure as he thrusts as hard as he can, lifting Kagerou slightly, serves as warning for his orgasm. The camera can't see any of it, but it isn't hard to imagine at all- Youmu's cock throbbing madly inside of Kagerou's burning-hot pussy, hardly able to move at all as her strong muscles clench harder than ever in their own approaching climax. The buildup of thick, virile seed causes Youmu's cock to thicken slightly when there's already less than enough room, his tip already pressed into Kagerou's cervix and pumping out his first shot powerfully enough to slam into the top of her womb. Feeling Youmu's seed begin to fill her triggers Kagerou's own orgasm in full, ensuring that every one of his many spurts will slam home with incredible force. Blast after blast of steaming hot spunk begins to pool in her tight womb, Youmu's balls pulled tight and emptying what should be entire weeks' worth of achingly virile sperm deeply into Kagerou to the point of overflowing. Thick sperm bubbles around the spot where they connect, seething with heat as more is forced out, no room left in Kagerou as Youmu's last spurts still attempted to flood inside her. Her rock-hard abs seem ever so slightly distended, the slight bulge in her stomach due entirely to Youmu's prodigious load...

Kagerou falls over Youmu somewhat, latching onto him as their climaxes finally begin to wane. She's milked him of everything she can, all of her teasing paying off in the form of a stretched-full womb packed tightly with thick, sticky, cloyingly virile spunk. A few moments of their basking in the afterglow makes its way onto the camera footage, before another cute, pleasured squeal draws Urakaze's attention to Seiga and Tokitsukaze. The camera shifts away, although a single picture of Kagerou with an extremely full womb, semen dripping down her thick thighs and connected with a few strands to Youmu's still temporarily stiff shaft will soon surface for all of the cheerleaders to enjoy.

The camera turns to Tokitsukaze groping and squeezing Seiga's ass, her hands sinking into it as she whines, her lower body tensing in anticipation of another huge orgasm. Seiga doesn't even bother trying to slow down or tease her this time, greatly enjoying the eager girl and her thick cock pounding away at her rear. Every time she comes down, she's met with Tokitsukaze's own hips thrusting upwards, her thick length slamming deep and stirring up the seed already trapped inside Seiga's round, plush, squishy butt. Tokitsukaze's hand digs deeper as she tenses, leaving a slight red mark where her hand had been as Seiga drops her heavy ass down on Tokitsukaze one last time. As deep as she can possibly go and twitching in climax, Tokitsukaze mewls as more thick jets of gooey spunk meet the ones she'd already filled Seiga with. Seiga's expression is one of mixed pleasure and slight discomfort as one huge load becomes two. The churning motions reach deeper than Seiga has ever explored, her belly beginning to round slightly as she's filled rapidly. Tokitsukaze pumps and pumps and pumps, her cock thickening slightly with each burst of gooey spunk, ensuring none escaped. Seiga mewls and trembles as she feels those hot jets of churning spunk invade her deeper and deeper, arching her back and causing even more stirring and swirling with each movement. Her tight pucker clenches tightly as she reaches a climax of her own, tightening around Tokitsukaze's base and forcing her last shot to be particularly large and powerful. Seiga shivers as that last huge burst of spunk shoots deep into her, setting every last drop of seed she'd been holding into deep, internal motion she simply can't ignore. Her hips and ass shake from the stimulation, legs quivering as the sensation in her full belly keeps her from thinking clearly.

It's hard for her to move, although she does manage to slide up and off of Tokitsukaze's twitching, still rock-hard shaft before toppling forward, pushing her plump, cum-stained ass up in the air as she breathily moans. Her last picture is somewhat shakier: one of her huge, plush, naked rear swaying from side to side above a particularly large cock, barely visible between her expansive cleavage. A pool of gooey semen also lurks somewhere behind her curves, her full belly not exactly seen but heavily implied. Tokitsukaze's balls just barely make it into the frame, and despite all the seed she'd clearly released, they still resemble particularly large, ripe fruit.

It isn't too long before Seiga and Kagerou find more relaxed positions in lounge chairs, returning to their colorful drinks as though they weren't currently dripping thick, gooey semen everywhere. All pretense of competition has dropped, the two sharing each of the selfies they'd managed to take. They both seem quite satisfied with the results...

"Oh, is it this hour already? My, time does fly," Seiga suddenly says, her voice slightly concerned.

"Eh?" Kagerou follows Seiga's gaze. "Ah, you're right! We gotta go get it started!"

"Ah? You mean...? Whoa, it is! I can't miss out, not after last time!" Urakaze exclaims, leaving the camera aimed at the ground.

"Why don't you let me have that, dear? The two of you can run along and set everything up," Seiga says in a motherly tone.

"Ah, thanks!" The camera jerks away, then pauses and turns back towards Seiga. The blue-haired woman isn't its focus, however; that honor belongs to Tokitsukaze. "...Hmm, but maybe I don't have to go too far, huh?"

"Oho. I shouldn't be surprised, with how well you filmed her," Seiga taunts.

"C'mon, Tokitsukaze, we're gonna have some fun together~"
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"Eh? W-wah!" Urakaze yanks Tokitsukaze up by the arm and runs off, jiggling gleefully.

Still leaking massive amounts of cum down her thighs, Kagerou gives the camera a happy wink and chases after her friend. "Guess we'll have to wait a bit to find out who won. Don't hold your breath, though! It'll definitely be me!"

"Ah, to be young..." Seiga aims her breathy sigh right into the microphone.

"Hmm, I'd say you're rather enjoying your retirement." The camera pans up and over to the blurry figure of Keine, whose mature body dominates the frame after a few moments of zooming and focusing. Her height hadn't been apparent before; now, with the camera level with her heavy breasts, her dense form is imposing enough to rival that of Reimu. Her bare shaft looks much messier but no softer than before, covered by many different streaks of cum and juices in various states of dryness.

"I could say the same for you," Seiga says, zooming in on the woman's thick, gently-throbbing cock. "How much did they squeeze from you, I wonder? And you're still hard. Why don't I take care of that...?"

Seiga's hand begins to reach for the massive length, but she stops short at the distant sound of Kagerou's voice.

"Seiga, we're ready!"

"Ah, that was fast. Seems they were all waiting for this..."

Keine chuckles. "The joys of youth, right? I'll take care of the tripod. You be sure to film every one of them."

The scene that Seiga turns to is no less debauched than before, but clearly more organized. Nine chairs have been pushed close together, and a vigorously-fucking pair occupies each one. Pale, fit bodies, brightly-colored hair, and forceful hammering motions fill the frame, to the point that individual actions are hard to discern... but there isn't a single swimsuit in sight. The camera makes its way towards the left edge of the scene, bobbing with each one of Seiga's steps until only a single couple is visible.

This first pair has presented itself well for the camera. Reimu sits back on his chair like a king, trying for all the world to appear cool and aloof... while also holding two handfuls of Marisa, who's doing her best to ride him. The raunchy blonde's round, soft ass fills Reimu's hands, which hungrily knead it and conveniently show off for the camera. The view zooms in close as his fingers sink deep into the pale flesh, forceful and possessive. The violent bucking of Marisa's child-bearing hips, and the way she takes his thick cock into the deepest parts of her ass, are both clearly displayed. What's not is who's responsible for that; Marisa's expression is one of pure pride and ecstasy, but she can barely catch her breath enough to speak. She clearly doesn't care who sees all of her, and in fact comes close to winking at the camera more than once. Her motions are twitchy, particularly every time Reimu slams into her pussy.

"Ah! Haahn! Your cock's so good, Reimu!" she moans. To investigate that claim, the view pans downwards, traversing Marisa's small, pert chest and flat, toned stomach, down to the valley between her plushy thighs. From the front, her connection with Reimu is difficult to see, although when Marisa is fully hilted it's obvious. When she lifts herself, or when Reimu lifts her, the base of his dick is visible, soaked with her juices.

"Parsee might hear that, you know," Reimu grunts. Given the difference in size between the two of them, Reimu has no problem sitting up and kissing her neck, even while she's lifted over his lap. The gentle suckling noise, and her resulting gasp, is somehow faintly audible beneath the numerous other, lewder sounds to the right. His deep voice rumbles into her body as well, sending tremors down it.

Marisa takes a moment to compose herself while only his tip is inside of her, before giving a reply meant more for the camera. "Oh, he was good too~" Marisa protests, before she plunges down again, taking every inch of Reimu with pride and crying out. The blonde does retain enough sanity to give a peace-sign to the camera before it leaves her.

Beside the two lovebirds is a stark and lewd contrast. The next couple looks more like a pair of animals mating then young people making love. Kokoro has flattened out the back of her beach chair, providing enough of a flat surface to fuck a pretty girl into. She's proceeding to do that with the intensity of a machine, exerting every effort to fuck Sanae as hard, and as fast, as she can manage. At first the sight is difficult to process as two pale, soft bodies press together. The flurry of movement is difficult for even a high-end camera to follow. However, it's clear that Kokoro has placed herself in a primal and dominant position. Sanae's long legs have been folded them back up, held in place in place by Kokoro's surprisingly-strong arms as she pounds straight down into Sanae's drenched hole.

Unable to even wrap her strong legs together, Sanae writhes beneath this rough treatment. While she's larger than Kokoro and could presumably toss her off, her struggles now are obviously a token effort. Soon devolving into more passive twitching and squirming, she lets out her shameless, and loud, voice. Her loud, girlish moans are only interrupted by hasty gasps to prepare for more.

Having already cum enough to totally fill her up is something most boys would let slow them down or wear them out. Kokoro's movements, however, remain vital, urgent, and completely at odds with her impassive expression. The cute blush on her soft, young face says it all though; along with the position she's trapped Sanae in. The cheerleader's eyes are growing unfocused, and her expression is best described as a 'hazy smile'. Even when it's right beside her face, she doesn't acknowledge the presence of the camera. Her bright green hair is splayed about beneath her, and already tinged and tarnished with patches of pure white. Her large breasts bounce with every single press, but Kokoro's own small chest holds them in place. They mesh together so seamlessly, even though the pink-haired girl is clearly dictating the pace.

Finally, Kokoro looks up and directly towards the camera. Even while she's looking away from her dear, deep, tight friend, she still keeps up her relentless pace, and the built in mic clearly captures her words despite the noise of Sanae's own wailing.

"I won't lose to him."

Somehow, Agano seems even more out of it than Marisa or Sanae. Her head is tilted back, her eyes fluttering and her voice spilling out in loud, lust-drenched moans that heave her perky, cum-soaked breasts. That’s only natural for someone who’s taking Orin’s long, thick cocks in both of her holes; the spasming of her firm, sweaty muscles is clearly visible on camera, clenching and squeezing Orin’s cocks with every bounce of her hips. A steady trickle of old semen flows out around the length in her pussy, but her ass seems to be receiving its first cock of the night.

“You sure you don’t want me to take over?” Orin asks with a grin. “Seems like you can barely handle both at once.”

“Nnngh… I… I can take it!” Agano exclaims, slamming her hips down with a meaty smack. Both girls have to arch their backs and cry out at that, though Orin’s voice is still smug.

“Kuh! Oh, man… Lyin’ back like this is the best…”

Agano’s fingers tighten around the rim of the chair as she tilts her body forward and back with each thrust. She tries to focus her movements on one hole at a time, but it doesn’t seem to make the stretching of her tight young holes any more bearable. A simple buck of Orin’s hips when she least expects it makes her eyes open wide and drive the air from her lungs.

“Ahhn! Ahh… why won’t you cum already? I wanna feel it shoot out from both cocks at once…”

“Oh, you’ll get all you can handle once Seiga finishes her sweep. And don’t think one round’s gonna be the end of it, cutie,” Orin says, with another buck that leaves Agano red-faced and breathless.

Yamame and Youmu both sit upright on their chair, in contrast to the couples around them. Their sex is no less forceful, however. Yamame has her arms and legs wrapped tight around Youmu’s smaller form as she sits in his lap, mashing her curves into him from both the front and back. Even when they’re squished into his chest, her huge breasts still manage to jiggle almost nonstop as she rides him. Their lips are pressed tight together as well; Yamame’s have Youmu’s neatly entrapped, and the saliva running down his cheek attests to the ferocity of their kissing. His moans are completely absorbed by her full, soft lips, while her rich voice spills out around the edges of their kiss to complement the sloppy smacks of her wide hips.



Yamame’s movements are a mixture of quick, humping thrusts and fierce, slippery grinds that leave the silver-haired boy breathless. Juices and precum pour out in equal measure over the young man’s still-swollen balls, which churn visibly when the camera zooms in. Both his balls and the bottom of Yamame’s large, ceaselessly-bouncing ass are already coated in several layers of his seed, and his helpless twitching and hazy eyes suggest that he’s on the verge of shooting out another load.

“Well, we’ve seen how much he can hold. Now, we need to know how long it takes to empty him out. I’m counting on you, Yamame~”

The curvy blonde seemed to be completely engrossed the task of smothering Youmu in softness and squeezing every drop from his cock, but she gives the camera a wink when she hears her manager's words. Youmu groans loudly just after the camera leaves him; Seiga nearly turns back, but the next sight seems to have captured her attention.

Urakaze has happily taken over for Seiga in wringing out the rest of Tokitsukaze's plentiful unspent seed. She has the smaller girl locked in a reverse mating press, burying the blue-balled futa deep in her soft breasts and folding back her trembling legs. Only the deep, lewd slaps of Urakaze's eager thrusts can be heard, Tokitsukaze's heavy balls bouncing as her thick cock spreads Urakaze's tight depths with each thrust. Thick ropes of seed are already laced across both girls' legs, dripping down and forming a pool underneath their chair.

"Oh, and this pair isn't even close to empty. Actually, has it gotten even bigger...? Well, I suppose I'd better take responsibility for a bit."

The camera is briefly set down at the chair's edge, where it captures Seiga bending over giving everyone a glimpse at her recently-filled ass. She begins to roll her tongue around and over Tokitsukaze's heavy balls, breathing in their strong aroma as she gives them the direct attention they deserve. There is plenty of thick sperm to lap up, with the way Tokitsukaze's lower body is entirely coated in her own seed- Urakaze probably doesn't have room for any more, but it certainly isn't stopping either of them.

Tokitsukaze's seed is just as thick and gooey as ever, leaking down and over her potent sperm-factories for Seiga to lap up between bouts of kissing and sucking on the oversized orbs. With every inhale and every lick, Seiga gets an increasingly strong dose of Tokitsukaze's musk, and it isn't long at all before she has each plump testicle nestled firmly against the inside of her cheeks, sucking on them carefully and lovingly.

The lewd display continues for at least two more orgasms, Urakaze's pussy and Seiga's mouth overwhelming the futa completely. Each long, thick shot is accompanied by a volley of dazed moans that barely escape from Urakaze's cleavage, as well as a fierce show of twitching and shuddering from Tokitsukaze's restrained body. When Seiga pulls away, however, it still isn't clear if Tokitsukaze's balls have shrunk.

While Tokitsukaze is being treated as a cum-fountain, Reisen seems content to serve as Mokou's cumdump instead. For once, the silver-haired girl's pussy is completely untouched, leaving her to focus all her efforts on pounding into Reisen doggystyle. She's eager to make up for lost time, as well; each wet, meaty stroke of her hips slams down with enough force to make Reisen's whole body shake, forcing her perky breasts to sway back and forth while her hands clench tight around the chair. It's a marked difference from the way she timidly sucked on Orin's cock.

"Ahhn, Mokou~! Cum inside me again! Even harder than before!"

"Ah, you girls are so easy to please when you're new. You'll even let this masochist have her way with you, hm?" Seiga teases.

"B-but! I love the way she thrusts... she goes so fast and deep, it doesn't give me a moment to think~" Reisen looks up at the camera, her face stuck in a warm, perverted smile. Several more fierce thrusts from Mokou drive all reason from her mind, forcing her eyes to grow blurry while formless noises escape from her lips. She starts to unconsciously buck back aginst the forceful hammering, and the strength of her hips briefly overwhelms the silver-haired girl... before Mokou's own movements double in intensity.

"Ahhh~! I wanna have lots of sex from now on!" Reisen cries out in delight.

"Hmm, I wonder if we've found Kagerou's successor~?"

Next in line is Alice, whose normally-cool expression evaporates into a light-headed daze as Parsee pounds her from beneath. The two blondes' legs are grapevined together, and his strong, hard arms squeeze tight around Alice's soft but dense bust both above and below.

"Are you okay, Alice? You look like you're about to pass out."

"Ahhhh? Oh, I'm-"

"She's fine. She's the one who asked for this."

Alice barely manages a nod between the hungry, needy thrusts that bounce her whole body. While the camera watches, Parsee switches from squeezing Alice's breasts between his arms to mauling them with his hands; even her dense mounds can't withstand the force of his long, strong fingers, and the softness yields obediently to his possessive touch. No inch of Alice's body is free from his affections, whether she likes it or not.

A loud, boyish cry brings Seiga's attention to the next pair. Robin lies flat on his pool chair, writhing futilely against Koakuma's smooth, toned limbs as yet another load pumps out of his cock and balls. Her soft breasts are squished tight enough to cover his chest completely, and a casual twisting of her hips wrings out one extra shot after another. Even so, Robin's shaft stays completely hard, even when a fresh trickle of cum leaks out over his oversized balls.

"My, you're even more passionate than usual, Koakuma. Will tonight be the night you finally drain Robin's balls?" Seiga asks, wrapping a hand around the oversized pair. Koa finally pulls her lips from Robin's to smile lewdly at the camera.

"It'll be good practice, at least... Yamame was having her fun earlier with him, so I can't take all the credit if I finally wring him dry... It's not fair, don't you think?" The redhead licks her lips. "But I still want to try, though... he's the only one I've found that never seems to run out!"

Robin only moans lewdly and contently in reply, his eyes seeming to be glazed over in pleasure. Koakuma starts to lift her hips and rapidly bring herself down onto the submissive man. Her generous breasts bounce and sway before she leans back down, pressing herself into him and locking lips once more. The image pans and focuses on where the two are connected, and in mere moments, more cum starts to spill out, signaling yet another powerful orgasm from the insatiable Robin,. Koakuma's body tenses slightly as she starts to ride out his ejaculation, basking in every single shot that hits her insides... and resumes her milking immediately after his last shot subsides.

"Hmm, seems that wasn't the last one either. Well, do you your best, Koa~ If you can't finish him, I will." The camera just catches a slight grimace on Robin's pleasure-soaked face before turning away.

Kagerou lies along the length of her chair, turned on her side with her legs spread open. Momiji holds one of the powerful limbs in a single arm as he pounds into her. Both of their bodies are on awe-inspiring display: Momiji’s chiseled body resembles a pure wall of muscle, and all of its strength is directed to the singular task of driving his large cock as deep into Kagerou’s hot, tight depths as possible. Kagerou’s hardened, streamlined form is fully capable of withstanding the force of his lovemaking, while still showing off plenty of feminine curves in the process. Her healthy breasts bounce constantly in time with his thrusts, while her abs and thighs clench up visibly with each pleasurable shudder. The two keep their eyes locked on each other the whole time, their moans underscored by intense and possessive growls.

“Hmm, wanted a real man after Youmu, did you?” Seiga asks. Kagerou simply gives the camera a flushed grin before turning back to her lover, adding the gyrations of her own hips to the already-frantic coupling. Her moaning grows even louder than before, nearly drowning out the couple next to her. Not to be outdone, Momiji begins to fuck her with his entire swollen length rather than the mere half he’d been using before; the camera trembles at the sight, and a low moan of Seiga’s manages to sneak its way into the mic.

"You might make him knot up inside you at that rate. He could be stuck inside you all night!" Seiga exclaims in mock concern. The brunette licks her lips at the thought.

Seiga seems a bit surprised to discover that there’s nobody left after that. Reaching the edge of the line, the camera pauses with Kagerou and Momiji’s rutting still at the edge of the frame.

“Ah, and that’s everyone. Keine, is your camera set up?” the camera-holder asks.

The other woman’s ‘yes’ is barely audible.

“Alright, everyone! Time for the picture!” Seiga calls. The assembled cheerleaders grunt and moan their acknowledgments. The background is filled with messy shuffling as Seiga away and walks over to Keine. The blue-haired woman stands next to a tripod with an expensive-looking camera mounted on top; her penis is as hard as ever, and her nipples are clearly visible through her thin swimsuit as she bends over and stares through the viewfinder.

When their voices cease to occupy the mic, a chorus of wild moans fills in. The noises all seem more frantic, more urgent than before; the reason is quickly revealed when the camera turns back.

Now, all nine of the cheerleaders are lined up in the same position: on their knees and facing the camera, with their partners lying on the chairs and fucking them from below. In some cases, the person on top is clearly driving the action while the girl holds on for dear life, while other times the stud is just lying still and accepting the girl’s milking. Similarly, their breasts all bounce to varying extents; Yamame’s don’t cease their voluptuous jiggling for even a second, Kagerou’s dense mounds bounce with visible force, and Marisa’s petite chest barely jiggles at all. Their rhythms aren’t close to synchronized, but every one is frantic and lustful; every pair seems to be driving itself towards orgasm as quickly as possible.

“Everyone ready?”

For Robin, and Tokitsukaze, and Mokou, it’s a matter of holding on while their partners ride them relentlessly. Kokoro’s powerful cock is swollen and ready to burst inside Sanae’s already-stuffed pussy, and Parsee and Momiji seem to be in perfect sync with their partners. Yamame is clearly edging Youmu, constantly stopping and starting her thrusts, while Agano can barely stop shuddering long enough to bring Orin over the edge. Reimu is the one who holds them all up, churning Marisa into a speechless frenzy with his quick, powerful thrusts.

“Alright, on three. One, two… three!”

The girls all have enough sense left to smile for the camera. A bright flash briefly illuminates them… and then, well over a dozen orgasmic cries and shrieks flood into the microphone. The girls throw their heads back or slump forward with pleasure, and their studs’ large, semen-stuffed balls tighten up to pump all nine of them full at once.

For Koakuma, Kagerou, Reisen, Yamame, and Urakaze, who’ve already taken one load after another, the loads splash right out in an eyecatching burst of pure white. Alice and Agano, whose wombs are still empty, squeeze down hard enough to keep a single drop from escaping. Marisa and Sanae, however, don’t release a bit in spite of how much they’ve already taken; the camera captures a faint but definite swelling of their toned stomachs as their bodies are filled to the brim and beyond with rich, thick seed. Both the cheerleaders and their partners groan and shudder in bliss, completely satisfied in this moment of pure debauchery.

“You’re cumming too much, Kokoro~!”

“Don’t let a drop leak out, Alice.”

“K-Koa, I can’t let out any more…”

However, as climactic as the scene was, it’s clear the party still hasn’t ended. The assembled boys, girls, and futas get right back at it as soon as their orgasms subside; some remain on the chairs, switching positions or partners, while others carry their companions off to someplace more private.

“Seems it’s been a success this year as well,” Keine says.

“You certainly seem to think so. Don’t try to hide that thing from me~”

Keine’s chuckle is throaty and confident. “I doubt I could, with how you’re staring. Shall we rejoin your girls?”

“It would be my pleasure… ah, but carrying this around is a bother.”

“Well, if it’s been running ever since I had it, then I’m sure it’s captured plenty. ”

“Indeed. A worthy addition to the collection, I’m sure.”

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