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“And then they fucked.” Akyuu raises one eyebrow, and stares directly at the fidgeting, blushing Kosuzu.

The silence is long and awkward, with Kosuzu fidgeting under her steely gaze.

Finally, Akyuu breaks the silence. “Is this what you'd call good writing?”

Kosuzu's voice is a stuttery squeak. “I... I thought you could... you know, help me proofread it?”

Akyuu looks back down at the manuscript, and clears her throat. “I put my pen0r, and yes, that's pen0r written with a zero, into her vagoo.” She pauses, gives Kosuzu a meaningful look, and then continues. “It felt really good, putting my meat sword into her meat scabbard.” Akyuu shakes her head. “This is crap.”

“B-but I... It would feel good, right? To have a... a...” Kosuzu trails off, embarrassed.

“Penis, Kosuzu. You can say it. Repeat after me. Penis.”

Kosuzu whispers inaudibly.

“I can't hear you. Penis!” Akyuu says, louder than the last time.

“P... penis,” Kosuzu mumbles.

“Louder! Penis!” Akyuu shouts.

“Penis,” Kosuzu says, ears redder than Komachi's hair beads.

Penis!” Akyuu shouts at the top of her lungs, to the point where Kosuzu is certain that everyone within a mile of Suzunaan heard. She cringes visibly.

“Pe- Look, Akyuu!” Kosuzu shouts, trying to change the subject away from one that involves loudly shouted genitalia. “Can you help me or not?”

Akyuu rubs her chin thoughtfully, staring at the manuscript. “Well... There are problems. You repeat yourself far too much to make this an enjoyable read. Meat sword and meat scabbard? I, for one, am a fan of other words than penis or vagina, keeps it from sounding clinical, and spices it up. But these just suck. They're not even funny. 'Hyper Weapon' is funny. 'Meat sword' is not. If you're going to use the term 'meat sword', you've got to build it up. It's like a pyramid, you put the top on without the base.”

“How would you use it?”

“Depends on the tone you're going for. But since you used 'meat sword' at all, I'll assume you were going for comedy. So, let's see. 'Her lower mouth hungrily swallowed my meat sword, as a starving orphan would devour takoyaki. It was the kind of thing, where I was mildly surprised that it didn't come back, hat in hand, and in a touching British voice, say in a quaver, 'M-may I have some m-more, sir?'” Akyuu sighs. “We're probably going to have to chuck the whole thing and write it anew.”

Kosuzu is shaken by the pronouncement- it's as though Akyuu was a policeman at her door, informing her that her child had died in a terrible accident. For Akyuu, this was more of an act of mercy- unplugging the story-Schiavo, saving it from its pain.

“I've got a few questions for you.”

Hope sparks anew in Kosuzu's breast, the thought that the story isn't actually dead bringing light to her eyes. “Oh? Please, ask!”

“First of all, why do you have a penis in this story?”

Kosuzu immediately blushes a fiery crimson again. “B-because... I wanted to think about how that would feel... You know, see how the other side lives and all that?” She looks up at Akyuu shyly.

Akyuu snorts. “More like how the other side fucks.” Kosuzu gasps a little bit at the use of profanity. “Second question. Why did story-you put your penis into me?

Kosuzu looks down at her folded legs, underneath the kotatsu, ears burning and fingers poking against each other. “I-I- You're my best friend, Akyuu. I... I wouldn't trust anyone else.”

Akyuu picks up the manuscript. “Trust anyone else to, and I quote, 'give her my first-time baby juice. I heard it tastes like cherries.'”

Kosuzu silently waits, shame across her face, embarrassment written into every line of her features, the pain of rejection displayed prominently in her slumping shoulders. “I... Akyuu,”

“Shh,” Akyuu says, reaching across the kotatsu and placing one elegant finger on her friend's soft lips. “Look at you, jumping to conclusions already. Me, reject you? Perish the thought.” Kosuzu looks up and smiles, seeing Akyuu pulling her kimono down, to reveal a hint of milky-white shoulder under the cloth. “Also, 'baby juice' does not taste like cherries. Even if the guy had been eating nothing but cherries for the week before. And, just like penis and vagina, you can use the word 'semen'. It's porn already, you're not going to offend anyone.” She pauses. “But don't call it sperm. Sperm are the things in semen. There's a clear distinction.”

Kosuzu chuckles. “Pedant.”

Akyuu smiles, and withdraws her finger. “Besides, I think yuri is a more... pure form of love, anyway. No need for fake dicks. Er. Well, I mean, I'd still use a fake dick. I've got a great big double dildo that I've been wanting to try.” Kosuzu is wide-eyed and trembling. “Well, first, we'd have to take off our clothes. We can figure it out from there.”

“T-take off our clothes?”

Akyuu rolls her eyes. “I'm helping you write your crap-ass porn, Kosuzu. Learning by doing is the best way.” She stands up, walks around the kotatsu, and kneels behind Kosuzu. Her whispered breath tickles Kosuzu's ear. “And I'm the best teacher in all of Gensokyo.” She hooks a finger under Kosuzu's chin and draws her in for a long kiss, Akyuu's expert tongue dancing with her inexperienced one. Like any good dancer, Akyuu can make up for inexpert stumblings on the part of her partner. And make it look good. More importantly, make it feel good.

The two separate in the kiss, a string of saliva trailing between them, broken by Kosuzu trying to speak. Akyuu once again puts a finger to her lips. “Shh. Don't talk. Just get naked.” Kosuzu frantically tears at the bow on the front of her apron, in her haste to get naked, and flings it aside. Akyuu grasps Kosuzu's hands in her own, sotfness against softness. “Slow down. Don't you know that the majority of the story is in the tease? Once you get into actual fucking, the story's as good as over. Take it slow. Enjoy the moment.”

Akyuu slides around to face Kosuzu, kimono already loosened, showing the white of her shoulders and the barest hint of her bosom, and the wonders that lie within. “Now. Reach around me, and undo my obi.”

Kosuzu leans in, arms going around Akyuu, making sure not to touch her, with a hint of trembling to them. Akyuu frowns. “No, no. This won't do. Relax. Take a deep breath.”

Kosuzu nervously chuckles. “H-heh, okay, I, haah,” and she takes a deep breath, inhaling the sweet floral scent of Akyuu, so close to her. She smells of lilies. Kosuzu reaches forward again, and then Akyuu suddenly presses Kosuzu's face into her chest. “Eep!” Kosuzu squeaks, and her hands freeze.

Akyuu chuckles, a sultry sound. “Surprised? Well, don't stop. This won't be your last surprise tonight.” Kosuzu swallows nervously, and grasps the loose ends of the obi, and pulls them to untie it. The obi falls, and Akyuu's kimono loosens along with it.

Kosuzu pulls her hands back, and starts to move them towards Akyuu's chest, obviously going to grab her breasts. Akyuu chuckles at Kosuzu's clumsy groping through her clothes, and then Kosuzu tries to slip a hand under Akyuu's kimono. “No. Stop,” Akyuu says, commandingly. “Sex is a give and take. And, well... I'm going to take the liberty to do this.” Akyuu's hand had snuck under Kosuzu's skirt while she was preoccupied with Akyuu's breasts, and one long, delicate finger, and the impeccably purple-painted nail atop it teases Kosuzu's clitoris through her wet panties with the lightest of pressure. She gasps in surprise. “D-don't! My... my dirty place!”

Akyuu groans in displeasure. “Never use that term. Ever. Seriously, it sounds like a terribly-translated foreign porn rag. You can call it a pussy. Maybe a vagina, but that's really clinical if you use it too often. It stops looking like a word.” Each of these sentences was punctuated by a pressing of Akyuu's finger into Kosuzu's still en-pantied vagina, soaking it further. She chuckles as each of these elicits a gasp and shudder from Kosuzu.

“Sensitive, eh? I wonder what happens if I do this.” Akyuu grasps Kosuzu's panties firmly and pulls them down to her knees, where Kosuzu squeezes her legs together in astonishment and embarrassment. “Now, to touch directly, where feels best?” She moves her finger in lazy circles around Kosuzu's slit, playfully tangling her fingers in pubic hair, while Kosuzu trembles.

When Akyuu's finger traces over a small bump, Kosuzu yelps. Akyuu laughs. “Oh, you like it here, do you?” She continues to tease the squirming Kosuzu, until she's had enough.

She jumps on top of Akyuu, and pins her to the floor. “My, my. So assertive. See? A good story doesn't have one person taking the lead the whole time.” Akyuu smiles. “Even good rape stories don't do that.” She thinks for a moment. “But then it ends up not really being rape.”

Kosuzu turns white as a sheet and stutters out, “A-am I... r-ra-” and Akyuu silences her with a chuckle, and a soft stroke on the side of the head.

“Kosuzu, you couldn't rape me if you tried. Where's that assertiveness I just saw? Turns me on.”

“F-fine!” Kosuzu shouts, and roughly pulls Akyuu's kimono open to the waist. “N-no bra? How lewd!” she squeaks.

Akyuu rolls her eyes. “You don't wear a bra under a kimono, stupid. Now give it a nibble.” Kosuzu jumps a bit with how forward Akyuu is being. Her stories were never like this! She aggressively dives down and bites Akyuu's pink nipple.

“Ah!” Akyuu cries, “Not so hard! What are you doing, trying to bite it off?”

Kosuzu looks up, tears in eyes, nipple in mouth. “I-I, don't know...” Akyuu sighs, and rolls Kosuzu under her. She unbuttons Kosuzu's blouse slowly. “Don't need this,” she says, as she bares Kosuzu's bra and small breasts to her eyes. She reaches down and plucks Kosuzu's panties off of her legs. “Don't need these,” she continues.

Kosuzu's bra is small, to match her petite breasts. Pure white, with a pink bow in the middle. “Could you get any more cliché?” Akyuu realizes something, and looks over at the panties she threw away. “Striped. Of course. Would it kill you to try something new? Oh, I know striped panties are a classic, but...” Akyuu sighs. “You've seen one pair, you've seen them all, you know? Flandre has this one pair of panties that are pink and have 'Hello Cherry Boy' printed on the back. Adorable, really.”

She leans down, and grasps the small bit of connecting fabric between the cups of the bra with her teeth. Deftly, with one hand she lifts Kosuzu off the floor slightly, and uses the other hand to unhook her bra, and tosses it aside, as a horse would toss its head. “Now, gently, Kosuzu,” she says as she teases Kosuzu's nipple with her tongue, before lightly grazing it with her teeth. Kosuzu's nipple hardens and stands proud, as Kosuzu's breath becomes more ragged and gasping. Akyuu slips one hand under Kosuzu's skirt and into her. She gasps and twists under Akyuu, as her expert fingers do their work.

“Akyuu, I...” Kosuzu places her hand on the chest of Akyuu, and squeezes, bosom soft beneath her fingers, with a little bit of hardness from the tip of the nipple.

“My, getting familiar, are we?” Akyuu leaves the one hand on her chest, but guides Kosuzu's other hand between her legs. Unlike Kosuzu, Akyuu shaves, and Kosuzu's hand slides up her leg, through her juices, until suddenly Kosuzu thrusts four fingers into Akyuu's tight pussy.

“Ahn~!” Akyuu gasps. “You dirty bint!”

“No panties either, Akyuu?” She just laughs in response.

She laughs, and moans as Kosuzu clumsily moves her fingers within her. The two of them writhe against each other, and Akyuu leans in for a kiss, as their breasts brush against each other. When their nipples touch and flick, both of them shudder in sudden pleasure. Kosuzu keeps into the kiss, but removes her hand from within Akyuu, to remove the rest of her kimono. Akyuu moves to help, eager to have Kosuzu back inside her. When that's done, Kosuzu slips her fingers back into Akyuu's pussy, easier this time.

Akyuu simply tears Kosuzu's skirt off, breaking the button off. “Hey!” Kosuzu protests. “I like that skirt!”

Akyuu laughs, and slaps Kosuzu's thigh. “Shut up,” she says, playfully.

Kosuzu growls, pulls Akyuu in for a rough kiss, and rolls over to put Akyuu on the bottom once again. Her moans are muffled by having Kosuzu's mouth on hers.

The two of them are locked in a passionate kiss, hands moving more quickly, exploring pussy, clitoris, and the ample breasts of Akyuu, and the smaller, petite bosom of Kosuzu.

They move faster and faster, breathing becoming more and more ragged, passions enflamed, and occasional tongue-biting. The bit of blood just turns them more on, and it doesn't take long until their moans turn louder and louder, and as Akyuu's back arches in orgasm, Kosuzu does the same, clenching Akyuu's hand in between her thighs in a smooth, soft vice grip.

Through it all, they don't part the kiss until the crashing wave of the orgasm has swept over them both, and slowly they relax, and part lips. Kosuzu's eyes are gazing into the satisfied and slightly mocking purple gaze of Akyuu.

“How was I?” she asked.

Akyuu smiles. “I do believe your writing will take a turn for the better.”

Kosuzu breaks into a bright smile, white teeth contrasting with her flushed face. “I'm- I'm so glad, Akyuu. I've always- always wanted to do... this... with you.”

“Do what?” Akyuu responds, mockingly.

“Do... this,” Kosuzu says, evasively.

“Say it.”

“I... wanted to... f...”

“Wanted to what?”

Kosuzu blushes furiously, but says it brazenly and loudly, doing her best to break her inhibitions. “I- I wanted to fuck you in half, Akyuu!”

Akyuu laughs. “My, so bold!” Her expression turns devious, and focused on the sweaty, naked Kosuzu atop her, as she caresses her soft butt, tracing flowers on her twitching, callipygian ass.

With a pinch, Akyuu says, “We could do some more... research, you know.”


“I've got this great double dildo that I've been wanting to try out...”
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Satori Komeiji liked to think of herself as a reasonable person. Straight-laced, professional, composed.

But being the lone receiving mind of the unbridled, crippling lust of roughly fifty-three animal girls in heat was straining, to say the least. Satori once again resisted the urge to shift her thighs, tapping the porcelain of her teacup irritably as the clock ticked second by agonizing second away.

Mind reading, the problem was, didn't just work off of thoughts, fully formed and discrete--I want to go to the park, or the fires sure are hot today, or even I need to have sex right now. No, they also came in hot flashes of impulse and instinct. Base urges and hunger and dripping wet need. Satori wondered dryly whether she would be leaving puddles everywhere she sat, and not for the first time.

Not that she could help it, of course--no more than her pets could. They were living beings, and they had their desires and compulsions, just as much as the most lecherous oni. Could do with one of those here anDAMMIT.

Finally, the doorbell rang bringing with it a thrill of adrenaline and a hopeful expectation. Satori sprang up to receive her long-awaited guest, trying to drive out the constant bombardment of her animals' ever-present, omnidirectional sex compulsion.

In came the visitor, as expected, and--despite the feeling to the contrary--over half an hour early. Inwardly she sighed in relief. Outwardly, she resumed the affectation she had met him with each mating season for the past five years. Aloof. Professional. Distant. Helping this was a complete lack of thoughts from him--not that he didn't have them, but that they were drowned out by the endless bombardment of the season. She nodded at him wordlessly, before turning crisply on her heel to present her rear for hNO and marching back into the dining room she had been lurking miserably in for the last week and a half.

"Thank you for arriving so promptly," she said stiffly, motioning to the seat at the head of the table and briefly considering sitting on his lap as she returned to her own, across it. Each measured step echoed on the marble tile and further drove home the image she had carefully sculpted and maintained. Distance. Her fingers idly brushed the smooth wooden tabletop, the barest physical contact sending sparks up her nerve endings as her chemise suddenly felt a size too tight until she reached her chair and sat back, staring across the table's long, hardBAD length.

"Hey, no problem," he said. "So, ah, I assume your next line is 'let's dispense with the pleasantries?'"

"And get down to business," she agreed. Good. "My terms are as they have been, and I shall repeat them as they stand." Clearing her throat, she took a deep breath through her nose and her inhumanly sharp senses carried the scent of his cologne to her clear across the room and began.

"'I, Satori Komeiji, having penned this agreement while healthy of body and sound of mind, hereby provide explicit consent to Osamu Nobori for any sexual activity within the Palace (or on its surrounding property) for the duration of the youkai mating season of the Ancient City of Oni (and its surrounding environs in the Gensokyo Underground). I testify that this agreement, tendered in writing, was penned and agreed to by both parties and will be recited as written yearly at the commencement of the aforestated season. This document has been read and ratified by the presiding authority of the City and will be reviewed no less often than every other year for the duration of the agreement. Any changes to said agreement must be agreed to by both parties outside of the mating season and with a City magistrate presiding to ratify any and all changes made.'" Perfectly recited, as always, from memory, as she forced down the piano string tightness of the sinews over her collarbone, the thud of her heart against her ribcage. Looking up at her ... partner, she discretely steadied herself against the edge of the table where she had fought down the urge to grind her crotch hundreds of times and asked the final, most pressing oh please press me, press me-- question. "Do you agree to the terms as stated?"

Nobori nodded. "I do."

Relief and arousal spread through Satori, as she checked the urge to sigh loudly. "Then, if you're ready...?"

"I do want to ask you something, though," he said.

Satori froze up, her heart seizing as she struggled not to betray anything outwardly. "...And that is?" she managed, after a moment.

"Why don't you just cut loose?"

Her knuckles whitened as she gripped the table. "I beg your pardon?"

"Come on. We've done this for years. Five of them. And even the first time, I could tell. You're holding yourself back."

"I assure you," she lied, "there is absolutely nothing..."

"Come on," Nobori insisted. "You try to keep everyone distant, but we've both been..." he paused, fishing for a word while she watched his lips purse and longed for them on herCONTROL. "Close. Close enough that--I mean, come on, Satori, look at you!"

Satori did look at herself, her reflection panting back at her in the stained glass. She was almost bent over the table, clutching the edge for support, her modest chest rising and falling, her cheeks as rosey as the red pieces in the window. She needed this. She needed this. Who was she fooling? Not even herself, any more. Satori always valued self-awareness, and tried, even in the hormonal maelstrom, to center herself and find why she was so adamant about remaining so glacial.

Embarrassment. Embarrassment over who might see her. Perhaps not so much what they thought of her--she had walked enough streets full of drunken, lusty oni to be mentally undressed and ravished more than a few times--but still, there was a barrier, one she dimly remembered throwing up herself when she was a newcomer to the Underground, and a mind-reader met only suspicion and hostility.

"Satori? I'm not trying to pressure you. If you don't want to, we can just go to the..." She silenced him with a raised hand, gathering her thoughts and preparing a response. She let her severity slip and fall away as her scowl lightened, and she gave him the warmest smile she could muster that didn't cross into a lecherous grin. His thoughts--earnest, sincere, concerned--and dirty, so dirty--drove into her brain like nails, spikes of direct thought punching through the foggy directionless haze of lust that had blanketed her home like a red mist.

"I appreciate that," Satori replied, "but I could never put a collar on me and fill me with your babies!"

All other sound died away in the wake of the blurt. Satori clapped a hand over her mouth, mortified, the flush in her cheeks rising into cherry red embers as Nobori's eyes widened, possibly even more shocked than she.

Did she...? Did she really just...?

Oh, fuck it.

"...You heard me," Satori panted, feeling the last barrier between the world and her psyche crumble, a strange calm washing over her. "Fuck me. Fuck me."

Still taken aback, a blush matching her own in his cheeks, Nobori tried to muster a response. "I, uh--the bedroom is--"

Satori wasn't in the bedroom. Satori was right here, right now, in the moment. And right now, in the moment, Satori was in the dining room. Satori was crawling onto the table. Satori was topless, her shirt sailing over her mate's head. Satori was free.

He caught on quick. Satori kicked her shoes off frantically as his wonderful, strong hands lifted her slender rear off the table and slipped her skirt off. She tore at her panties, the fabric straining and finally yielding with a loud rip, going the way of Satori's reservations as she struggled and writhed and fought to be completely naked.
Her bra clasp came undone roughly the same time she managed to flail her last sock free, and he climbed atop her, letting her tilt her head back and shiver in giddy, needful excitement. She looked down over herself, already shining with sweat, the soft patch of pink hair between her legs already matted with arousal. She met his eyes again as his trousers came down, and this time, there was nothing between them, no obstacles. She smiled grandly, feeling like an empress and a dirty, lascivious, glorious whore as she felt his tip, blazing hot, rub against her slit. She bit her lower lip and closed her eyes in eager anticipation, waiting... and waiting... and waiting what the HELL--

In her, on her, in her, on her, she needed both and he was giving her neither. Her fault, she realized--even lining up to penetrate her, she had spent the last five years insisting they go about it as clinically as was (in)humanly possible. He fumbled awkwardly, trying to minimize physical contact, despite their single point of contact being the dirtiest thing possible. So, being the reasonable sort she was, Satori promptly grabbed him by the lapels and hauled him down on top of herself.

"Come on," she insisted, feeling her skin tingle with the heat of his breath. "Do what you've wanted to do to me all these years."

He paused again. "...Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure," she huffed, exasperated with how ... civil he was being. "Whatever you do, don't hold b--"

With his lips to hers, his tongue ransacking her mouth, holding back was officially off the table and they were on it. Satori gave a throaty moan and pushed back, eyes rolling back at the sudden, rough move. Much better. She groped somewhere southwards for his dick, found it, and once again pushed it to where it needed to go.

The instant it parted her, Nobori bucked his hips, driving into Satori's soaking insides to the hilt. She spasmed, toes scrunching hard as she wrapped her legs around him.


A thought, and it wasn't hers. She opened her eyes at the tickle of his breath on her chest, an instant before he gently nipped her breast, drawing a pleasant little shock.

Gods, she's so cute.

Another feeling started to push its way through the pheromone haze--dimly, Satori realized that she'd had a small climax on penetration. Not enough--not nearly enough--but the endless drone of fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck was reduced to a slightly duller sort of roar. Enough that a more intimate thought could squeeze its way from his mind into hers. It came with the warm bubbly glow of genuine fondness, the kind a mind-reader only got from coming home to a room full of loving animal friends. When they weren't hungry, anyway.

Lucidity slowly crept into the room, as lust grudgingly turned to let it pass. The need was gone. The last four years, this had been roughly where Satori had sent her poor partner home. She could feel other thoughts, common sense, and even that miserable embarrassment coming back to her. Yes, the need was gone.

The desire, though...

She pushed herself back against Nobori, her hand finding itself on his face. She tilted his chin, gently lifting his eyes to meet hers.

Oh gods her eyes are intense. Somewhere in there she felt his impulse to stiffen his pelvic muscles, trying not to cum just from her gaze. She felt a cat-like smirk growing at that.

"Think at me a little more," she hummed, stroking his cheek.

Oh, right. She suppressed a giggle at the momentary panic in his brainwaves.

"Don't force it," she offered. "Just..." She gestured down at herself. "Let it flow. In the meantime..." she gave a sultry grin and shifted her hips, grinding on him. He grunted, pulling back from her nape to steady himself.

Does your previous offer still stand? he asked/thought, carefully, precisely--directly.

"Of course," Satori replied. She only had a brief flash of intent as warning before he abruptly flipped her over, earning a half-surprised shriek, thought and action only a fraction of a second apart.

Then I'm going to pound your prim little ass silly, he roared in her head. She gave an undignified, delighted squeal as he slammed back into her from behind. Somewhere in the shuffle she'd slid halfway off the table and now was rather thoroughly enjoying being bent over it, up on tiptoe as each slap of his body against her backside sent thuds through the floor and shudders through her body. She tried to pull herself up, slipped, and fell flat across the surface. Nobori's weight pressed down against her, pinning her against the wood as his movements grew shorter and faster. The porcelain teacups clacked their disapproval in their saucers from either end of the room, loudly counting each thrust.

Another flash of intent and a lurch as he upended her again, twisting her over on the table, one leg in his hand and the other dangling over the side. Satori looked up at him as he entered again with an impish grin, hair matted with sweat. "What, can't decide where you want me?"

Nobori replied by lifting her by the leg and giving her a light, sharp swat across the rear. She jumped with another pleased squeak, feeling her walls clench around him from the sudden sting.

"Oh, no," he replied, "I know exactly where I want you." Taking her other leg, he raised them both over her head, giving Satori a flash of her own pale thighs (drenched in sweat and sex, of course). Taking a moment to catch his breath, he gently kissed her ankle. She wiggled her toes, sighing in pleasure at the sudden tenderness of the gesture. Their eyes met again and he gave her a handsome, tired grin.

You have no idea how long I've wanted to do this to you.

"The spanking, or the ankle, or..." Satori's glib remark stifled in her throat as she caught another wave of fondness and warmth radiating off Nobori. "...Oh."

He started moving again, slowly leaning back over until they were chest to chest. Those, too. Satori purred, wrapping a hand around the back of his head and pulling him closer.

"I have a question for you, now," she said. "Why are you holding back?"

"Holding back? I, er..." Really don't want to have to stop oh damn it I thought it.

She burst out laughing at that. "I've been terrible, haven't I? Tossing you out as soon as I could."

Terrible? He thought. No, not terrible, just... okay, maybe a little terrible, yes.

Satori's hand moved down his back, admiring the strong, tense muscle as she traced his form. "This time, we can keep going," she murmured.

Really? Okay! The results were instantaneous, as he abruptly pushed one knee up on the table beside her and thrust down into her, fast and hard. Satori's wry quip turned into a strangled cry in her throat as he made good on his promise to pound her silly, the wet slap of flesh on flesh bounding off the walls as he drove her further and further over.

She came first again, the release passing over her in an intense ripple. It started deep inside her and surged out from her middle, her stomach tightening, legs stretching, toes curling. Her back arched as he worked a hand under her ass and pulled her up against himself as tightly as he could, even as electric shocks ran through her sensitive chest. Her head and eyes tilted back, as she gave her loudest gasp yet. His followed soon after, her pussy clamping down hard on his shaft. Satori enjoyed a cascade of primal sensation through his mind as she felt each contraction of her climax push him to his own. Satori's gasp became a formless cry as she was racked by an orgasm in stereo. She felt the hot pulses of his feeling match the ones inside her, as his length twitched and jumped with each spurt of cum. Nobori's body, taut with exertion and strain, finally relaxed as he collapsed atop her, the last aftershocks of their orgasms running their course.

They lay there together for who knows how long, catching their breath and enjoying one another's heartbeats until the room and the puddle of sex they were mingling on grew cold. Nobori tried to move and Satori realized he'd managed to get himself tangled up in the vessels of her third eye during the festivities. She met his gaze again and both began to break out into happy, tired giggles. She ran her fingers through his hair, letting herself float along on the hot-air current of the afterglow. The warmth and fondness radiating from Nobori were like a sunbeam to tumble through, and she felt almost drunk on it.

Nobori, surrendering to the impossibility of extricating himself from the snarl of tubes, idly (and gently) twirled one of them between his fingers, even as he let his other hand rest on her backside. He gave it a gentle squeeze, massaging away the faint redness where he had smacked it. Satori gave a pleased coo and let her own free hand wander down to play with his still half-hard penis.

"So what did you mean, you were waiting for this?" she asked, enjoying the feeling of rolling his member in her slender fingertips.

He frowned. "Well, it's... kind of hard to explain."

"Think on it," she suggested, touching her forehead to his.

Sure enough, there were those fleeting feelings, thoughts, and images. A bored, lonely life, idling away on the surface. Moving job to job, sleeping behind the docks. No house, no real money, just time and labor. Orin's coquettish smirk, and a message from a Ms. Komeiji about some unusual work. Orin trying not to laugh each time he stumbled on the rocks down into Gensokyo's underground. A fantastic city. An opulent mansion.



She smiled at him, feeling his skin heat up as he blushed at the intimate thought being bared. "It's okay," she assured, already resolving to ask him to stay a few days, maybe a month. "Osamu--Nabori." Shifting around to sit on top of him, she rested his hardening shaft between her thighs, sitting back on her knees as she straddled him.

"Let's get to know each other better."
No. 36024
File 141119729770.jpg- (1.03MB , 1374x1000 , ss_inbound.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sometimes you suspect that, somehow, whoever came up with the notion of purifying evil spirits must have actually managed the inhuman feat of ignoring Mima.

The deck of seals you generally slap onto her ass when she acts up lies to one side, not that they usually provoke much of a reaction from her beyond a coquettish wiggling of said ass. As for the purifying salts and the rice... well, from the way she is slowly licking her fingers clean, you have to suspect that she has, in fact, eaten them. It would probably be for the best to just not think about what she might get up to with the gohei.

"You are a snake, Mima."

The evil spirit graces you with one of her usual smiles, somewhere between playful and malicious. Finishing one last, long draw of her tongue along her slender finger, she leans forward and presses her—distinctly still very substantial—bosom against your chest, as her arms languidly drape themselves over your shoulders. Cascades of her long, deep green hair drape over you and shade your vision, leaving you unable to see much more than the ethereal pale of her face, emerald eyes glittering with a familiar glee. That said, while you are unable to see it, you can certainly feel the long, ghostly tail that makes up the majority of her body from the waist down as it tightens around your lower body, locking you in place as if you were prey.

Which, at the moment, you are.

"That's the idea, yes." There was a time, once, when the way she cooed to you in that sweet, deeply rich voice of hers would have sent blood rushing to your cheeks and made your heart flutter. It still does, more or less, excepting that now the blood tends to rush somewhere else, and very quickly indeed. In a way, the familiar predatory gleam in her eye as her phantom tail coils around you more tightly, squeezing your lower body perilously closer, is comforting. "... and you love it."

You squirm a bit, not giving her the satisfaction of getting another rise out of you, fixing her with a flat stare instead. The defiance only seems to encourage her, her teeth gleaming as her smile turns into an unrestrained grin. You can already feel your trousers being tugged down as the malleable form of her ethereal tail expertly disrobes you with practiced ease, and a small shiver runs up your body as your sensitive length is exposed to the cool, crisp morning air... and the cooler, still somewhat surreal touch of ghostly body and coiled tail. One of her elegant fingers traces its way down you spine as the small spasm passes, until it rubs idly against your tailbone.

"Nothing to be ashamed of, you know. I am, after all, very familiar with the excitement of being restrained," and as if to punctuate her point, she casually produces one of the sealing charms from your deck, glancing over it in amusement before flicking it away into the spring breeze. The look you give her does little more than provoke a giggle as her tail coils tighter around your body, and your tip presses up against the oddly yielding surface of the powerful appendage... before being abruptly pushed through the permeable ectoplasm and into the chaotic maelstrom of heat that surges about inside of her. You find yourself gasping involuntarily, the contrast between her cool body and the intense heat inside of her making the experience all the more intense, your back arching. One of her hands gently corrects your posture, a deep chuckle escaping the phantom as she chides you softly. "Don't go throwing your back out just yet, love, you're going to need it..."

Rolling your eyes, you slide your arms around the curve of her waist, eliciting an affectionate coo from Mima as she returns your embrace. It takes a moment to adjust to the feel of being inside of her, chaotic whorls of heat ebbing and flowing within her, currents of it running in opposing directions, fluctuating in temperature as they wrap around you and lick at your skin. Even without her making any particular effort, the experience is pleasant, and you can feel a certain amount of tension melt away as the two of you take a moment to pause and collect yourselves.

Then she starts moving.

Her hips sway slightly as she twists her waist back and forth, the heat inside of her shifting about even more wildly as it licks at your skin, wildly different temperatures and movements assaulting you from every angle. A strange pressure grasps you from within her as she manipulates her own ghostly form, stroking slowly and appreciatively along your length, tickling the head of your shaft gently. You have no way to suppress the soft moan that escapes you as your body begins to warm up in response to her gentle motions, provoking a rich, quiet chuckle from the wicked spirit. Your own hips begin to slowly buck on instinct, until her coils seize tightly around you, holding your lower body in place as she continues her rocking motions.

"My pace." Mima murmurs, lips twisted into a lurid, arrogant smirk. Lacking the means to effectively combat that, you settle for wiping the smile off her face by seizing her lips with a kiss. She seems more than content with that, her coils slackening a bit as she begins to grind her hips against yours more earnestly. The phantom grasp within her begins to tug more strongly at you, and long, firm milking motions cause your straining length to ache for release. Relaxing in her grasp, you leave it to her to do as she will, and she smiles warmly as your impromptu kiss comes to an end. Her voice takes on an almost cloyingly sweet tone as she rubs one hand up and down your back. "Good boy."

A flush of heat rushes through your whole body at her praise, leaving you feeling a bit lightheaded, your skin tingling. Your heart flutters for a moment. Picking on your childhood weaknesses is completely unfair. It is also completely Mima. Some things never change.

The faint rustle of cloth brings you back to your senses as her mantle and cloak unfasten themselves, falling to the wayside as the now naked Mima leans back a bit, resting an elbow on her own serpentine, phantom tail. Her free hand reaches out, and guides you forward by your head, pulling your face into her pale skin of her bare cleavage. She plays idly with your hair, looking down at you with an amused warmth. In her own way, it constitutes an affectionate gesture.

Resting against her, you allow yourself to relax as the wicked spirit entertains herself. The gentle tugs at your length inside of her chaotic heat begin to vary wildly as a long, powerful stroke turns into a gentle brush against your sensitive tip, sending small sparks of excitement racing through you, pinpricks running up and down your spine. Each calculated tease makes your blood run a little hotter, as you nestle your face deeper into her welcoming bosom.

Before long her motions change, pick up speed. Slowly, but surely, the grasping force inside of her grows tighter, moves faster. You can feel it making quick, full pumps at you every second, the stimulation blurring into an odd phantom friction that sends heat coursing through your veins and bubbles of numbing warmth through your entire body. Your heart flutters as you begin to feel lighter and lighter, as if the bubbles of warmth are buoying you into the air, almost like the weightlessness you experience when you fly. As you climb higher and higher in her embrace, you feel a sudden slap on your rear. The tip of her tail...?

A moment later, you have to muffle a cry by biting your lip as her tail dips its tip into your rear from behind at high speed. The pliant nature of the phantom appendage allows it to slip inside of you seamlessly, filling you up just enough to remind you of its presence, before... your back arches as the tail presses mercilessly up against something inside of you, and Mima murmurs warmly, holding your face to her breast even as you shudder against her, painfully aware of a sudden pressure in your gut.


Your vision blurs for a moment as a white flash goes off in your head. A surge of overwhelming heat rushes through you, making your whole body feel completely weightless for a moment, even as the pressure you had been holding back inside is released in a wave of relief. Your body spasms and twitches a few times as Mima wrings you dry, one pulse after another of your seed leaving you as the wicked spirit hums and squirms in uncharacteristically girlish delight. As you finally come down from your high, slumping in her embrace with an admittedly satisfied sigh, she laughs and gently ruffles your hair.

"There you go, kid, let it all out. You don't have to worry about it with me..." Mima chuckles, her eyes twinkling as she grins devilishly. "Then again, maybe that's your thing? It would explain why you alway cum inside of—"

"Hi, Mom." You interrupt the wicked ghost as you tiredly lift one hand to wave at the figure looming behind her.

"—Reimu." Mima acknowledges your mother in turn, not bothering to turn around as she continues to idly play with your hair. You can feel her body, such as it is, stiffen against you, though.

"Mima." Your mother remarks calmly in response. You never realized that the sound of knuckles cracking could be quite so loud. A brief silence descends on the three of you.

"... You'll never take me alive." Mima declares cheerily after a moment, and the world becomes a blur as she releases you and dives clean into the very holy ground of the shrine without a second thought, leaving you spinning in the open air. As you reorient yourself mid-air with some basic floating, you notice a spray of purification needles zip by and bury themselves in the ground hard enough to crack the stone path to the shrine door.

Turning your attention away from the admirable use of the so-called "persuasion" needle, you look up at your mother, pants still down. She gazes levelly back at you, as if waiting for you to go first.

"... Hey, Mom?"

"Yes, dear?"

"Did you end up having sex with the responsible parties after all the Incidents you resolved, too?"

"Nah," your mother waves your hand dismissively, replying in an even tone. "That only happened a few times."

Silence descends again, as the two of you glance down at your... rather spent body, a little stray trickle of your semen dripping rather shamefully from your soaked crotch. Glancing back up at your mother, you smile weakly. Your mother smiles back.

"I should probably get cleaned up?"

"Sure. Need any help?"

The dirty look you give her is completely outmatched by the very different, much dirtier look she turns on you.
No. 36040
File 14113502192.jpg- (858.73KB , 1200x1650 , 1d23131bd8abec8bdfdbc3a296494488.jpg ) [iqdb]
“I can guide you to floors you've been to before,” the Spring Fairy said.

“3F, please,” I requested. Same place as yesterday.

“Then I'll cast the transportation spell,” she responded, as usual. “Fly awaaaaaaaay!!”

There was a burst of white light, and I found myself back on the familiar green landscape of the third floor of Ragnard's Dungeon. My next opponent in the Toushin City Tournament is the Guardian Hero of the World... which means I'm stuck here grinding for EXP and gold. How I can defeat someone who is supposed to be invincible?

But I have to try. For Hazuki's sake, and my own as well. Even if that means spending ten hours a day in this dungeon. I'm sure Selena doesn't enjoy waiting for me outside the cave, but... there's not really any choice. At the very least, she hasn't said a word of complaint. She surely understands how necessary this is. I absolutely must win this tournament. At any cost.

I'm already overleveled, so the EXP from this floor isn't anything special... but I also need plenty of gold. Maybe I'll stand a chance against the Hero if I can buy that expensive Japanese Katana in the town shop. I haven't even bought the 4F key from those thieves yet, as I'm trying to save up for it.

But what I really need is more gold. And there's one good way to get it. After slaying a dozen ugly monsters, I finally find what I'm looking for.

A Goat-san.

I've already captured a Frog Witch and a Bee Girl, but a Goat-san has eluded me so far.

“I'm calling my girlfriend.” I hit the Goat-san with another mercy attack, bringing her to almost critical. She's just barely too strong for the S&M capture rope. Just as long as she doesn't follow through with that threat, I'll have her next turn. Something seems odd about this one, though, but I can't quite put my finger on it.

Goat-san played her horn.

(tootoodaloo tootoodaloo)


Something flew down from above, crashing into the ground at an immense speed and sending huge clouds of dust into the air. The Goat-san went and called in her boyfriend; yet another Dragon Knight. Even if I'm overleveled for everything else on this floor, I'm still no match for these things. This is why I hate fighting Goat-sans! And yet I've captured one of all of the other galmonsters, so she's my only potential source of good money.

“I've answered your call, Goat-san. You're safe now that I'm here.” A voice boomed from within the settling dust cloud, announcing both the galmonster's safety, and my doom.

Before me appeared a Dragon...... Knight?

Instead of the fearsome, two meter tall dragon, there was a beautiful woman standing in the midst of the remaining dust. She had long, flowing red hair that went down to her knees, as well as a pair of ribboned braids in front that stopped at her chest. Her extremely large chest. Bigger than anyone else's that I had seen before, even Selena's. Those breasts are covered by a white blouse, and another green vest on top of that. Below that is a green skirt extending to her ankles, but with a slit in the left side that shows off a hint of her long and toned legs.

Is she a new type of galmonster or something? She looks too human for that. Plus, she's definitely a fighter, even someone as weak as myself can see her strength. The way she holds her body, the confidence in her bright blue eyes as she looks me down, the muscle on her arms and legs... she gives the same impression as Billnas; someone who is absolutely out of my reach, with both talent and years of hard training on top of me.

“Hello? Who are you?” I try calling out to the woman. Her presence is too unusual. Maybe she is just a human, another tournament participant that I hadn't noticed until now. But even that wouldn't explain what she's doing here at this moment. The Goat-sans call for their boyfriends and the Dragon Knights come to save them, only this time there's a woman instead.

“Are you the one who was harassing my cute Goat-san?” The woman doesn't answer what I asked, but still gave me some information. She is here for the Goat-san, which means she is not in the Toushin City Tournament.

“Um, yes.” I answer truthfully. The situation is unusual enough that I'd like to get more information, if this strange woman is willing to give me any. “But, who are you?” I try again. “Usually the Goat-sans call in a Dragon Knight, and you don't look like a dragon to me.”

“What do ya mean? I'm a dragon!” the woman replies, indignantly. “See? Look at this.” She then points to a gold star on the front of her green beret. “It says right here: Dragon. And since I'm a fully qualified dragon, it's time for me to kick your ass for harassing my precious Goat-san!” She raises her fists and lowers her body into a fighting stance.

Her strangeness caught me off guard, but seeing my opponent readying for combat brings me to my senses. I'll take her word that the symbol on her hat says “dragon,” but that doesn't mean anything on its own. That strange language, and her weaponless fighting style... she must be JAPANese. I've heard stories of their fearsome martial arts, stronger than any sword. I think there's a JAPANese warrior in the tournament as well; fighting her may prove to be valuable experience.

I raise my Longsword 2 and stare her down. She grins in response, clearly the type to find joy in battle, and not at all intimidated by my weapon.

If she's not going to move, then I will.

I charge towards her, closing the distance in a few seconds. She doesn't make any attempt to dodge, and waits for me to attack. I swing my sword in a downward arc, aiming for her right shoulder. With lightning fast moves, she steps backward, almost completely dodging my attack. Almost. The tip of the blade still nicked her outfit, as she must have misjudged how far to step. I felt resistance to my swing, so it must have scratched her body as well. But she seems unharmed.

“Hmm, so is that all you got? This is going to be too easy. Oh well.” She throws out a casual insult, then charges towards me. Her little speech gave me time to recover from my attack, but it wasn't nearly enough. She seamlessly transitions into an attack and charges towards me, stopping her feet just in front of mine and using the momentum to throw out a powerful punch. I could barely see her movements, which shows how dangerous her attacks are. I barely managed to leap aside and avoid her fist, but she immediately threw another without giving me any hope of dodging it as well. It slammed into my chest, knocking the wind out of me and throwing me back. Far enough that I was out of her range... for now.

I landed on my feet and struggled to catch my breath. My armor helped soften the blow; good thing I had recently upgraded it from what I came into the city with. This woman was immensely dangerous. So much so that she was completely carefree. Even the Dragon Knights I had fought before at least treated me as a threat while I ran away.

“Gahhh... what level are you?!” I grunted, trying to stall her for a second to give me more time to recover.

“Level? Master, of course. No one can match me when it comes to martial arts!” She boasted.

Huh? “No, I mean, what's your current level. What number?”

Now it was her turn to be confused. “Number one?” she hazarded. We didn't seem to be speaking the same language, or something. Everything has a level, so why doesn't she know hers? It doesn't seem like she's just pretending to be clueless. “Enough of this, prepare yourself!”

I was mostly okay at this point, so I opted to use this opening to charge at her. I lowered my sword to a thrusting position and ran at her, hoping to catch her off guard and strike a deciding blow. She wasn't paying close attention, but still noticed my attack. Instead of moving out of the way, she simply struck the tip of my sword when it came into her range and brushed it aside, then threw a punch at me with her right fist.

The parry caught me off guard, but she used too much force. Rather than trying to fight it, I threw my weight into the same direction, using her strength to avoid her incoming fist. It sailed harmlessly to the side of my head, although the sound of it was terrifying, and I think it even cut off a few hairs.

But this was my chance: both her hands were overextended, so I was free to attack her while I was this close. I put my strength into my sword and swung it away from her left hand, aiming for her thighs. It was a wide swing, but I was so close that she couldn't hope to dodge it.

She didn't have to. My attack was stopped suddenly by the woman lifting her foot and catching the blade with the bottom of her shoe. Her balance was flawless. Even after absorbing the impact, she stood perfectly firm and appeared absolutely impregnable.

And then she finished it. First she lowered her foot, stomping my sword to the ground with incredible strength, easily knocking it out of my grip. This left me helpless, and her fist collided with my chest while I was mentally stunned, throwing me into the air and knocking me onto my back.

I was in no shape to move. The woman walked up to me and stared down, no longer in a fighting stance. She didn't need one, of course.

“Hmm, is that all?” she asked. I could only groan in response. My body wasn’t in that much pain – I’d had worse training with Billnas – but the hard landing stunned me. There’s no chance for me to evade her attacks while on my back like this. “Well, I guess it’s time to claim my prize,” she said, with a lilt in her voice.

I expected her to drop a lightning-fast fist onto my helpless face, but it never came. Instead, she crouched down beside me…

…And quickly took off my pants.

“Huh?! Hey, what’re you doing?!” I protested, unable to even sit up and properly look at her while I cried out in a mix of surprise and anger.

“Hmm? I’m claiming my prize. I just said that.” With that, she grabbed my flaccid penis and stroked it with her fingers. I had experienced the immense strength in her hands just a minute ago, but her fingers were still deceptively soft and feminine. A jolt of pleasure shot through my body, despite myself. “Not bad. Not bad at all. But it looks like you still need some time. This should help.”

She stood back up and faced me, then unfastened the first clasp on the front of her vest. I didn’t realize what she was doing until the second came off as well. As the supports came off, the strain from her impressive breasts pushed open her vest. When the last one came off, she unceremoniously removed it and tossed it onto the ground. Her white blouse better emphasized her tits, and even in my compromised position I found myself gulping in awe. She grinned in response.

The white blouse came off even quicker. She untied a small ribbon close to her neck and loosened the garment, then lifted it over her head in one swift motion. Underneath that was another unusual item – a white sash, wrapped around her chest repeatedly to cover her breasts. Not something I had ever seen before, but the function was obvious enough: it supported her breasts, much like Selena's black bra. Although not nearly as pleasant to look at. Still, the fabric did not completely cover her tits, so I was treated to a tantalizing glimpse of their bottoms.

“So, like what you see?” She asked, still grinning. Her hand grabbed the edge of the sash and gently lifted it, showing off to me that she was preparing to undress further. “Wanna see more?”

“Yes!” I answered dumbly, captivated by her appearance. I was already completely at her mercy after our fight, so I couldn't see any harm in going along with her “playing.” If she wanted to finish me off, she could do it at any time.

“Good answer!” she said, and began quickly unwrapping the sash. “I like your enthusiasm, boy.” Even with her speed, there's a lot of cloth. But after a few seconds, it loosened up enough for her to simply tear it off. She tossed the item onto the ground and leaned over me, giving me the first view of her completely bare breasts as they hung delectably over me.

They were beautiful and very large. Much bigger than I thought when I first saw her. It's probably because of that cloth – it looked like it was tight, and must have flattened them somewhat. But now they were free, and just barely out of my reach. Not that I dared to try and touch them. They looked big enough that my entire palm could just sink into them.

Her breasts were fair skinned, a good deal lighter than her somewhat tanned arms and legs. The skin was perfectly smooth, with not a single blemish visible. A beautiful pink nipple pointed towards me on each, already erect, and the first proof I've seen of her arousal. I wanted to take those nubs into my mouth and suck on them and tease them with my teeth, but she's the one in charge right now.

“Mmm, I see you like my breasts,” she purred. I certainly did, as they were wonderful tits. She crouched back down and a jolt of pleasure shot through my body. I sat up and looked down to see her gently running her fingers around my partially erect penis. So that's what she meant. Her touch didn't last long, however, and she crawled back towards my face. “Wanna touch them?”

“Yes! Um, please.” I answered frantically.

“Go ahead,” she sang, and puffed her chest out towards me. I didn't waste any time and raised both of my hands and squeezed her bountiful tits. She lets out a cute “Ah” as my palms press against her nipples and my fingers sink into her flesh.

They're every bit as wonderful as I dreamed. Amazingly soft, but with a hint of firmness, and a tangible weight that causes them to almost envelop my fingers. I race my palms around their surface, giddily trying to touch every inch of her silky smooth skin. After a few seconds, I realize that I need to do more. Those cute nipples are just begging to be played with. My index fingers and thumbs close around both nubs, causing her to let out another cry. I give them a few light pinches, rotating my hands as well and letting the three remaining fingers sink into her soft tits.

“There, that did it.” The woman abruptly pulled herself away from my grasp. Barely any time at all had passed, leaving my hands hungry for more of their incredible softness. I let out a small cry of protest, which caught her attention. “What, you wanted more of my boobs? Are you suuuuuuure?” she asked, with a playful tone. She unfastened her skirt as she drew the last word out, and let it drop onto the ground.

She isn't wearing any underwear. Her bare pussy was visible as soon as I looked up at her, and the sight of the beautiful folds instantly cured my longing for her breasts. A visible sheen of moisture can be seen, reflecting off the dungeon light. Just how far is she planning on going while “playing” with me?

Once again she crouches down, close to my now fully erect penis. “Mmm, just as big as I thought.” She places her hand on my shaft and gives it another slow, tantalizing stroke. I grunt in response to her soft caress. “Is this your first time with a woman, boy?”

“N-no... it's not.” Her hand continues to gently trace a path up and down my throbbing dick. The intense pleasure forces me to pant, and makes talking difficult.

“Mmm.” She says, simply. I get the impression that she doesn't believe me. On the other hand, I did only lose my virginity a week ago, so my paltry experience isn't that much different from having none at all. “That's a shame; I would've enjoyed being your first.”

She removes her hand from my shaft, but before I can protest, she brings her head down lower. Her lips part and she takes the head of my penis into her mouth. Another surge of pleasure shoots through my body from the contact with her hot and wet mouth. It feels amazing, just as good as Selena's pussy, or even better. I moan as her tongue twirls around my tip, encircling the entirety of my head. She doesn't linger, however, and pulls away from my after just a few seconds. The sudden absence of the heat and pleasure makes me pant, yearning for more. She obliges, but in a different way. This time she runs her tongue up and down my length, giving it a few drawn out licks. My cock throbs in response, continuing to yearn for the all-encompassing heat of her mouth, while simultaneous not wanting to stop her current caress.

But she stops entirely. Pleased with her work, she lifts her head back up, making it clear she doesn't intend to continue. My shaft is now wet and sticky with her saliva, left to dry in the comparatively freezing dungeon air.

I don't have time to complain. The woman swings one of her toned legs over my body and quickly lowers herself, stopping just before my penis would enter her. Her eyes lock with mine, and she stares me down with a predatory smile. I think she was hoping that I was lying about not being a virgin, and wanted me to be a bit more anxious. But with how gorgeous she is, how could I be anything but excited?

After a short pause, she lowers herself onto my penis. Just the tip enters her, but that alone makes me squirm in place and attempt to grip the ground. She continues to stare at me with that lascivious smile, and slowly lowers herself further. I moan as my cock is enveloped by her incredible tightness and heat. Her pussy is wet, making insertion easy despite how powerfully her walls constrict on my penis. I get the feeling she's moving slowly for my sake, not hers. It's for the best – I'd probably cum right away if she moved any faster.

Her hips press against mine. It's all I can do to stop myself from ejaculating inside of her. That ever-present grin makes it clear that she wants a good time, and I don't want to disappoint her. It'll feel better for me as well. But trying to stop the pressure on my dick feels impossible; I'm already close to orgasm, just from being inside of her.

She starts to move. I moan even louder as her walls cling to my shaft with her every movement. She starts off slow, taking a full, excruciating second to raise or lower herself all the way, but speeds up after just a few movements. Her hips slam against mine at a blinding pace, no doubt a side benefit of her years of dedicated training. She continues to stare at me, savoring my expression as my mouth hangs open dumbly while I struggle to catch my breath through my incessant moaning.

It's difficult to focus with the blinding pleasure shooting through me, but my eyes are automatically drawn to this woman's beautiful form. Her huge breasts bounce in sync with her rapid movements, slapping against her chest with every downward motion. The sounds from our flesh slapping together echo throughout the grassy dungeon.

Her breathing has grown heavier; it was perfectly calm when she first started, but she's started to breathe through her mouth now that a few minutes have passed. She's nowhere near my ragged state, but it's still evidence that she's feeling my cock as well.

“Haaa... You're pretty good, boy. You lasted longer than I thought. Mmmm...” The woman speaks finally speaks of several minutes of quietness. Her panting is becoming apparent, and she's no longer able to completely control her breathing. It's nothing short of a miracle that I've lasted this long. “Now, cum!” Her pussy tightens around my cock as she speaks, and her forceful command makes my will fade away. I give in to the pleasure and ejaculate, filling her hungry womb with a massive load of my semen. She stops moving and rests her hips against mine, then moans as she joins me in climaxing. Immense pleasure shoots through my body and my vision flashes white with each twitch of my cock.

The woman sits still on top of me, still panting from her orgasm. She finally lifts herself up off my cock, letting it flop down against my leg, no longer erect. A small bit of semen pools out of her vagina and drips onto my waist. Her skin is flushed red with arousal, and her eyes pierce mine with a hungry gaze. She gets down on top of me, letting her heavy breasts touch my chest, and scoots forward until her face is right next to mine. She's not satisfied yet.

Her lips press against mine, and her tongue immediately forces its way into my mouth. She twists it about, twirling it around mine. I have only a little bit of experience from kissing Selena while drunk, but she seems perfectly happy to have complete control over me. I let her do as she pleases, making a few token movements with my tongue, unsure of what to do anyway. She doesn't care in the least, and aggressively sucks on my tongue and lips. Her body grinds against mine, letting her amazing tits rub against my chest. Even through my light armor I can feel her erect nipples.

She breaks the kiss after a few minutes, leaving a trail of saliva between our tongues that breaks midair. She looks back, and her expression suddenly sours. “What, you're only good for one shot? How boring.”

I follow her earlier gaze and see that my cock is still flaccid. She must have kissed me like that to try and get me erect again. It was certainly invigorating, but...

“You hit me really hard,” I complain, after a few seconds to catch my breath. “Of course I'd have trouble after that.” Not to mention how vigorous she was. Even if she did almost all of the moving, it still took its toll on my stamina.

“Hmph,” she grunts, annoyed. “Well, are you going to be ready again sometime soon, or should I just spend time with my Goat-san instead?”

“Um,” I stop and think. I do have a few Seirogan left, but I'm trying to save those. However, it looks like I don't really have a choice. “Yeah, I have some medicine. Just give me a moment.” I rummage through my pack and search for my healing items. Only ten Seirogan left, and one Seirogan 2. I'll need to buy more tomorrow. I swallow three of the smaller black balls, and also take some Ryukakusan as well. This is probably the only time I'll ever run out of stamina, so it'd be wasteful to not take it.
No. 36041
File 141135028632.jpg- (422.08KB , 720x1000 , eed0d3bb747f841a0d1bb9ad61598c0d.jpg ) [iqdb]

The effects are instantaneous. My bruises disappear in mere seconds, and the Ryukakusan fills me full of energy.

“Huh. Neat!” The woman exclaims as she watches my wounds heal. So, she's really not familiar with these basic healing items either. Just where did she come from? “So... you're good to go, then?” She closes her fingers around the base of my still-flaccid cock and gently pulls it towards her, caressing my length with her fingertips. It twitches in response to her touch, quickly returning to life.

“Yeah, in a minute or so.”

The woman responds by getting down on her knees in front of me. She grabs my dick from the base and rubs it against her soft tits, giving extra attention to her nipple. As impatient as always. “Maybe if I do this, then. You certainly love my boobs.” She continues rubbing my slowly growing shaft against her soft skin. I don't know if it's actually helping speed things up, but it certainly feels good.

She stops stroking it against her breasts once my cock is hard. But she doesn't stand up. Instead, she places both hands under her heavy breasts and supports them, then leans forward and presses them against my waist. An incredible softness envelops my cock as she holds her tits together, causing me to let out a surprised moan.

“Mmm, I bet you've never tried this before. At least, not with a pair this big.” She gently moves her body back and forth as she brags, letting the creamy flesh of her tits caress every inch of my cock. They're so big that my shaft is almost completely covered by her cleavage, with just a tiny area untouched by their warmth. “Go ahead, try thrusting your hips. It'll feel better if you do the moving.”

I follow her suggestion and nearly lose my balance from how good it feels. The pleasure isn't as intense as from being inside her hot pussy, but the contrast between the gentle softness of her skin and the crushing pressure from her heavy breasts is incredible. Every tiny motion I make rubs her smooth skin against my sensitive shaft. I place my hands on her shoulders for support and move quicker, unable to contain my moans from touching her lovely cleavage.

The woman looks up at me and grins with that ever-present lascivious smile of hers. I can't tell if she's enjoying this personally, but she certainly likes my reaction. Both of her hands are preoccupied keeping her breasts together, so all she can do is gently sway her body back and forth to match my motions. My cock twitches from the overbearing heat from her cleavage. Even though the pleasure is subtle enough to make me want to go on forever, my body still has its limits. I grunt as I climax, shooting another load of cum between her breasts.

I still have plenty of stamina, but ejaculating still throws me off balance. I gently pull out of her embrace and drop backwards onto the ground. The woman seems pleased with my performance, especially with how my cock is still erect. She reaches a hand between her breasts and scoops out a large glob of my cum, then holds it above her mouth and allows it to drip onto her outstretched tongue. Her lips close around her stained fingers once no one is falling on its own, and she licks them clean with a satisfied “Mmm.”

The erotic display makes me pant just from watching her, and I'm filled with the desire to have her mouth around my dick again. But the woman has other ideas, and leans backward until she's on the ground. Her legs remain parted, giving me a clear view of her drenched pussy with some of my cum still around her lips. She reaches a hand down and uses two fingers to spread her lips, showing me her pink insides.

“Hey,” she says, her face hidden by her legs but no doubt clouded with lust, “Wanna be on top this time?” she invites.

I jumped at her invitation. Frantically scrambling to get up off the ground, I raced towards her and practically threw myself on top of her naked body. Staying on my knees to support my weight freed up my hands, which I immediately took advantage of by placing on them on her luscious tits. She purred a little in response to my rough caress, but also swayed her hips back and forth, urging me to move on to the main course. Such impatience.

I line my tip up with her entrance and gently push it in. It's just as tight as I remembered, but even wetter now; both with her juices and my remaining semen. Her walls constrict around my shaft as I began to move, and my tip scrapes against her sides as I thrust. She moans from my movements, no longer bothering to hold it in.

Her tits shake with every impact from my hips. I knead them with my hands, not worrying about being rough, but still unable to do much while focusing on her lower body. After a few minutes of just groping, I lower my face towards her bosom and lick one of her delectable nipples. Her entire body is covered in a thin sheen of sweat, and the salty taste adds to her natural flavor.

My cock twitches inside of her. Her body feels too good for me to last much longer. I raise my head and look her in the eye. She glances back, but it takes a few seconds for her eyes to focus on me. Her face is flushed red and she's moaning rapidly from her arousal. It should be safe now.

I thrust as quickly as my depleting stamina will allow, trying to bring us over the edge together. She gets the hint and wraps her legs around my waist, locking them together and holding me tight against her body. This keeps me buried deep in her hot pussy, unable to move on my own. My restraint fails as soon as I lose the rhythm, and I ejaculate once again, shooting into her soaked pussy.

The woman moans as my semen fills her, her legs nearly crushing me in their embrace while she orgasms. It's like she's trying to squeeze every last drop from my cock. Even with how strong her legs are, the position doesn't hurt. Her body is very muscular, but still feminine and soft, and being pressed against it is far from painful.

My cock finally stops cumming, but she doesn't release me just yet. I spend another few minutes in her embrace; just lying on top of her with my penis buried inside of her, and my head resting against her huge and wonderfully soft breasts. She continues to heavily pant for a while, but her breathing slowly returns to normal.

She finally relaxes her legs, letting me get up off of her. Her face is an expression of absolute contentment; calm and relaxed, but she's not actually asleep. Seeing me getting up off of her brings her to her senses, although she remains quite calm.

“Ah, that was fun!” she exclaims while stretching. “Definitely a good catch,” she says to herself.

“Hey, um,” I call out to the woman while putting my pants back on. “You going to be alright? I mean, you're not from around here. Do you have a place to stay?”

“Hmm? Yeah, I'm all set. I have a camp on this floor; I've been meaning to go further up, but I like the environment here.”

“'Up?'” I echo. “How'd you get here, anyway?”

“Beats me. Some creepy old dude summoned me about twenty five floors below here. I punched him in the face since he was disgusting, and started wandering around. I've been having too much fun to really care. Tons of strong people around here. Cute girls, too.”

“Oh. So you can't get back?”

“Who knows. I'm sure Remi will do something, eventually. Probably.” She sounded neither convinced nor bothered by this.

“Well, since you came up, rather than down, this is only the third floor. It's not much farther to go to town. There's an inn you can stay at, which is probably better than sleeping down here.”

“Oh, is that so? I didn't realize I was so close to the exit. Well, I enjoy the outdoors, which is why I settled here. Maybe I'll head up anyway. Thanks for the tip, boy.”

“No problem. Thanks for, uh, everything. It was amazing.”

“So long!” She said and blew a kiss after me. I left the area, staying on the same floor but heading for the southern area. As exciting as that distraction was, I still had my task at hand. I must get stronger before my next fight.
No. 36043
File 141136245537.png- (294.04KB , 1024x768 , de1c1683930126b73f2c046f274d8397.png ) [iqdb]
“Wakey wakey, Tewi.”

You grumble out a response. “Don' wanna.” Something feels off, but you're tired and you don't care and all you want is to just go back to sleep.

A light tap on your forehead. “Go 'way,” you say. But the tap has illustrated an odd point- normally a tap wouldn't move you out of your bed. But you're moving all the same.

Swinging, even.

The next tap is just as light. But significantly more painful. A burning tap on your arm. “Aaaaaaaaaaigh!” you scream, and your eyes open wide.

A rabbit girl, smiling cruelly, a just-put-out cigarette in her hand. And she's upside down. Or, more accurately, you're upside down. She flicks the cigarette butt into your face and smiles even wider. “Morning, Tewi.” Fuck you, you think. It's the middle of the goddamn night.

“Reisen,” you grumble. “I can understand the trap, a snare trap, very classic. But why the burning and the cigarette?” You look around you. To most, it would look like an endless forest of bamboo with no obvious paths, completely lost. That's why it's called the 'Bamboo Forest of the Lost', you guess. Of course, you figure out within a few seconds where you are.

Not really helpful, though.

She crouches down, to put her face on a level with yours, dangling a foot or so above the ground. “Why the burning and the cigarette? I could ask you the same sort of questions. Why the hammers? Why the being left in a snare trap for two days with my hands tied? Why the goddamn punji trap, Tewi? Do you know how much that shit hurts?”

She stands up and draws a second cigarette from the pack she's keeping between her breasts. With two fingers, she puts it in her mouth, and flicks her Bic to get a light. “Called a friend today, Tewi. Told him he was going to show up or I'd be very displeased. He's not really a fan of me being displeased. Kind of invested in that, really. Didn't work out so well for him last time.”

You stare at her blankly, racking your brain to try and think of who her friend could be. What's more, you're trying to think of who could possibly be her male friend. She just stands there, that maddening smile on her face, cigarette between her lips, and the smell of tobacco in the air.

At least she doesn't smoke menthols. Those smell like utter ass.

You decide to go on the offensive a bit- despite your tenuous position, you can't let her control the whole game. That'd just be against your whole thing. “Ex-boyfriend of yours, Reisen?” She just stares at you with those red, cold eyes. “Ex, of course, because you can't keep a man. 'Frigid bitch', one would say. Then you'd overcorrect on the next, and you'd be 'the stupid bunny only good for her sex appeal'. And you'd ping-pong between relationships because they'd leave you.” Reisen is saying nothing, but she's staying stock still, not smoking her cigarette, just staring. The bamboo rustles in the distance. “Hey, remember that time you were interested in a person and they shot you down, hard, in public? Remember that? Because I do. Man, it was great. Let me down from here, we can go home, we can watch it, we can laugh. Well. I can laugh. You can cry.”

She slaps you, hard, in the face. Pushed a few buttons there, you think, as you spin from the force of the slap, smug grin on your face.

The bamboo rustles again, closer.

“So what'd you promise your ex-boyfriend, Reisen? A pity fuck? Could he even feel it, between his probably tiny dick and your worn-out, stretched-out pussy?” You don't really enjoy doing this to Reisen, but the bitch burned your arm. And then slapped you.

Oh, and trapped you out here. Somehow. Your mind's kind of fuzzy on that one but that's probably the worst offense.

She relaxes, realizing that she should let your words roll over her. “No,” she says, giving each word a loving treatment despite the fact that her smile is completely gone, “I promised them you.” With one hand, she reaches up and tears your dress off, exposing you, hanging upside down in a bra and panties- both white and boring, as you weren't expecting to get any action tonight.

Tonight's looking up.

“Hey, Reisen. I gotta get in the mood, you know what I mean? Do me a solid and slap me again, yeah?” She slaps you again, harder this time, and you're spinning on the rope. “Ohhh yeah. That's the stuff. You know I'm into rough stuff, Reisen, but I'm not really a M, but, well, you already took the S spot tonight.”

She just glares at you, and looks into the bamboo. Which is still rustling, but even closer.

“Reiiiiiiiiiisen~.” you singsong. “I'm in the moooooood and there's nobody plaaaaaaaaaaying with meeeeeeeee~”

And then the bamboo parts to reveal an extremely large jellyfish. Man, you think, that's gonna plug a lot of holes.

“Hey! Asshole!” Reisen shouts. “What took you so goddamned long?!”

The jellyfish cringes at her shouting, and looks back into the bamboo forest, as if contemplating escape. “No you fucking don't,” Reisen says, and punctuates that statement by throwing one of her shoes at it. “You get your stupid tentacle monster ass over here and rape that rabbit!”

“Hey big boy~,” you say. “I'm Little Bunny Foo Foo and I've been a baaaad girl.”

Reisen rolls her eyes, pulls off her other shoe, and hurls it at you. It hits you on the arm and sends you spinning again. “Ahn~”

The jellyfish meanders its way over to you, reluctantly, and waves its tentacles in the air menacingly, but you can tell it's not putting much feeling behind it. It reminds you of a wacky waving arm-flailing inflatable tube man.

“Stop fucking around and slap her!” Reisen shouts. The jellyfish... sighs? Can a jellyfish sigh? It sighs, and slaps you across your bare belly.

“Harder!” both you and Reisen yell, at the same time. She glares at you. You give her a bright smile. The jellyfish gives up, and slaps you again. That one stung. You're going to have welts after this, you think. Ohhhh yes.

“Hey,” you say to Reisen, “You said it was here to rape me. So why am I still semi-clothed and not having my holes violated?”

Reisen smirks. “You look like you're enjoying this a bit too much. So I've got an idea.” She removes her lit cigarette from her mouth and flicks it at the jellyfish, who flinches quite a bit. Someone's afraid of Reisen's cigarettes. “I think I'm going to leave you hanging there for a bit while the jellyfish and I have some fun. Right in front of you.”

Oh, okay. That's some goddamn grade-A bullshit right there. It was just starting to get good! Hell, your panties are even a little wet!

Reisen unbuttons her skirt, and lets it fall, revealing striped blue panties. You roll your eyes and groan. She walks slowly, slowly to you, and undoes the cufflinks on her shirt, and lets her sleeves fall around her wrists loosely and sloppily. As she bends down to your face, her hands undo her necktie a bit, and the top two buttons of her shirt, giving you a view to true happiness. Her breasts are sitting there, barely contained by her bra. Which is also blue and striped.

“Christ, Reisen, do you have any other sets of underw-” and then your voice is cut off by Reisen roughly kissing you, and sliding one hand down your panties. Or up, as the direction would be, because you're still hanging here, upside down, with your hands tied. Her tongue is magic, fighting yours and forcing it down. Of course, you're doing your best to struggle, but not win. That girl's gotta have her victories when she can, you know?

Her finger runs down your slit, and she flicks your clitoris with her fingernail, perfectly manicured. As a shiver runs down your spine, you gotta admit, the girl knows her stuff.

And then she stops. Leaving you even more aroused than last time.

Reisen parts from you slowly, and then turns to the jellyfish. “Strip her and shut her up.” The jellyfish complies, hooking a tentacle under your bra and just pulling until the hooks break, with them slapping into your back as they let go. Shit, you could get used to this.

Another tentacle slowly slides under your now-soaked panties, while a third forces its way into your mouth. If that's how she's going to play it, who are you to argue? A little forced fellatio never hurt anyone. The tentacle in your mouth shivers when you bite it lightly, as the tentacle under your panties simply rips them off.

In retrospect, it's probably a good thing you weren't wearing your good lingerie. That shit's expensive and all your clothes are in a torn and somewhat damp heap. The tentacle in your mouth draws back, but you try to keep it in, sucking as hard as you can. It makes a popping noise as it finally pulls itself free.

Reisen slaps the tentacle, hard, and the jellyfish squeaks in pain. “I see a problem here. Do you? She's naked and aroused, and she's the one who's supposed to be punished. I'm still mostly clothed.” The jellyfish just trembles a bit in fear. “Fix it!” she shouts.

The jellyfish obliges, and slaps her full-force in the face in its haste to strip Reisen of her clothes. She grins maniacally, and bites the tentacle, hard. The jellyfish squeals and tries to pull itself away, but she's grabbed the tentacle with both hands now. “The hell are you doing?! Take off my clothes and fuck me already!

With several pops, the buttons on Reisen's shirt break as it's roughly pulled from her. The sleeves tear off, as she refuses to let go of the tentacle she's got. Her bra is broken in twain, as her breasts spill out into the moonlight, pale skin and bright pink, perky nipples being the vision of heaven that they are. Finally, her stupid, common blue striped panties are roughly pulled down her legs, and she steps out of them, daintily, so as not to harm them.

She lets go of the tentacle, and walks back over to you, her panties in hand. She bends down and drapes them over your face, and you can smell her. Crazy bitch is turned on by having a tentacle monster abuse her. You, you have discerning taste. You're turned on by having both a tentacle monster and a bunny girl abuse you.

You blow the panties off of your face, and see Reisen's frown. She slaps you again. You moan in pleasure. “So when are we getting to the raping and the hole-filling, Reisen? Because I tell you what, I'm excited.”

She opens her mouth to speak, but her voice is cut off by a moan, as her whole body is thrust forward. It seems the tentacle monster dispensed with the foreplay, probably with the intent of getting this whole sordid episode over faster, and jammed two tentacles into her, roughly. She smiles cruelly at you, her breath hot and ragged. “Ah... I thought, ahn, thought that you could use a bit of, oh, yes, time to cool down.”

Which is bullshit. “Fuck you!” you shout. “Fuck you, fuck me!”

She kisses you lightly on the nose. “No.”

The next fifteen minutes are the most frustrating minutes of your life. You can't even masturbate to this- your hands are still tied. Reisen and the jellyfish are having rough, brutal sex in front of you, with Reisen having all the fun. Tentacles binding her limbs while two more attack her from below. Having her breasts slapped. Never seems to try and pull her ears, though.

The orgasm shakes Reisen's body as she contorts against the restraints, and the jellyfish sets her down softly. She stumbles and falls to her knees. “How you doin' over there, Tewi.”

“Fuck you.”

She looks up at the Jellyfish who seems annoyed that this still isn't over, and nods. “Okaaaaaaay~”, and with that one word, there's one tentacle jammed roughly in your vagina, a second right up your ass, and a third in your mouth.

Fucking finally. Jesus.

You try to moan, but your voice is muffled by the tentacle in your mouth. But you can hear Reisen moaning, as she's right in front of you, being hoisted by a pair of tentacles herself, going for round two.

Another tentacle slaps you hard, right across your rock hard nipples. There are tears in your eyes from the pain, but it's a damn sight better than just letting Reisen have all the fun.

You breathe harder and harder, trying to match your breathing to the irregular thrusting of the jellyfish's tentacles, but they're all going at their own rhythm. You can feel yourself clamping down on all three holes- as the jellyfish rides you harder and harder, faster and faster.

You can feel the wave building. You can feel Reisen's second orgasm through the tentacles, as she comes a second time. The jellyfish slaps you again and pulls one of your ears, and you scream into the tentacle.

You scream and you scream, because your body is covered with red welts from all the slapping, because having your ears pulled hurts, and because the jellyfish's tentacles are filling you up inside, from entrance to womb.

Reisen's already smoking a cigarette and watching you, watching you build to your orgasm but you don't care, you're going to lose yourself in the pain and pleasure and it-

just stops.

The jellyfish stops moving inside of you, as you're about to climax. Just... stops.

No more slapping. No more thrusting/

You can feel yourself falling away from the precipice. No. No. No no no no no no nonononononofuck!

Slowly, ever so slowly, to avoid overstimulating you and pushing you over the edge, the tentacles withdraw from within you.

They all pull out, and you've got the absolute worst case of blue balls you've ever had in your life.

Reisen takes a drag on her cigarette. “You like it?” she asks.

Now you have tears of desperation in your eyes, and a ragged edge to your voice. “Let me finish, god damn you!”

Reisen takes her hand, and flicks your clitoris. You shudder all over, but it's not enough. It's not fucking enough! “Nah,” she says, slapping you gently on the cheek. “I think we're good here.” She turns to the jellyfish. “Fuck off,” she says, and gestures into the forest. The jellyfish scrambles all over itself to get out before she changes her mind.

“I think I'll leave you like this, Tewi.” She takes another long drag on her cigarette, and starts getting dressed again. “I'll come get you in the morning. Probably. Maybe.” And she leaves.

Leaves you all alone, unfulfilled, and with no way for you to finish.

The calmness of the night is broken by a plaintive cry. “Reisen, you're such a diiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!
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File 141142753216.jpg- (248.88KB , 500x875 , 00ec63964424acd2afe7b6fb3dd0e1b7.jpg ) [iqdb]
"It's too hooooooooot."

It really was. The sun beamed down with an almost malignant glee, saturating the air with heat and hate. Which was why I was resting under a tree, dripping with sweat that refused dry away in the late summer humidity.

There was not a chance in the underworld that I would finish Keine-sensei's homework at this rate.

"I am going to get thrashed for this. I just know it."

"Is that so?"

I would normally have jumped up with a start at the sound of an unannounced girl talking to me. I would normally be somewhere other than under a tree halfway between school and home right now. I would normally as least be sitting up, not lying on my back with my arms spread.

Since this was not a normal day by any stretch of the imagination, I just turned my head to the side. "Yeah," I replied, "I don't think mother is going to be thrilled that I was hanging around with a youkai instead of getting my homework done."


She was a lot my age, by the look of her. That didn't mean a damn thing to her kind, of course, but that wasn't terribly important to me at the time.

No, what was important to me at the time was how godsdamn adorable she was. Her eyes were wide and full of false innocence, her face round and perfectly framed by soft yellow hair. I watched her chest rise and fall under her dress, the slow, shallow movements of calm breath, and soon realized that my own lungs were subconsciously synchronizing with hers.

"Hello, Rumia."

"Hi, perv-kun~"

I chuckled at that. She had given me that nickname two days ago, when we first met. "You're never going to let me forget the timing of that case of heat stroke, are you?"

"Of course not." Her admission was almost instant. "It's your punishment for being a local kid, instead of some brand new outsider I could've eaten. Really, passing out like that in front of a hungry girl is rude."

"It was too hot altogether. I seem to remember you collapsing at the same time, in fact."

"Yeah, and then I had a dream about chowing down on you, and THEN when I woke up, your stupid mom had put some of that outsider chewing gum in my mouth. It tasted like mint! I hate mint!"

"You're cute while you're complaining."

"I'm cute always, thank you very much."

I couldn't argue with that.

"And more to the point," the youkai girl continued, "shouldn't you be heading home? To that neat air positioning widget of yours?"

"Air conditioning. And it broke last night, so the house is really just providing shade right now. Plus, I have-" and as I said this, I pulled my arm in through my shirt sleeve- "-other ways to mitigate the heat, which I don't think mother would appreciate."

She looked at me, and she watched me pull the other arm clear of its sleeve, and she said to me, "I like your style." Her fingers danced briefly across the front of her dress, and a piece of white cloth soared through the air to execute a perfect landing on my face just as I pulled my shirt the rest of the way off.

As I lifted the thing off of myself - one of those western-style shirts with buttons down the center, like Miss Margatroid in the forest was so fond of making - something nagged at the back of my head. Did she just...?

Yes and no. She had certainly removed her shirt, her bare shoulders proof enough of that, but...

"How did you do that and still keep your dress on?"

"Trade secret~" She turned over onto her side, suddenly very, very close. "But if you want," a whisper gusted over me, "I can help you figure it out..."

She was very, very close.

I felt my throat constrict for a moment, involuntarily gulping down air, and then she giggled - a girlish, unguarded sound fit to match her appearance, so deceitful - and flopped the rest of the way over, on to her belly. On to my belly, my skin suddenly cooling as if there were another layer of shade between the two of us and the harsh radiance of the sun, even though I knew that shade doesn't work that way. "Go on, take a guess."

Something filled my ears with a rushing sound. Blood in my veins, pumping faster as my pulse quickened - that crimson gaze, her eyes boring into me as her breath grew slower and heavier - the strange texture against my chest, like sweat-slicked skin-


Rumia, youkai of darkness. Twelve years ago, was mainly known for eating imported humans and traveling in a ball of darkness to keep the sun away. Still noted for the inexplicably non-removable ribbon in her hair, which mother's co-worker mentioned thinking had gotten bigger since then...

I lifted my arm from my side, brought my hand in and down. Not a single ounce of resistance met my fingertips as I slid them down the back of her neck, then further down her back, noting a distinct lack of any contact with the edge of clothing. "There's no dress." The realization sent waves of conflicting emotions through my brain. "It's just your personal pocket of shade."

"That is so~" Her eyes gleamed with a strange predatory light, seeming to shine brighter as my traitorous fingers continued their downward journey. "Aren't you glad I'm so creative?"

"That is also so." My tension rose as I proceeded across the small of Rumia's back. "Aren't you glad-" I brushed across another conspicuous lack of a clothlike ridge, the little soft swell of her butt forcing me to raise my hand by a fraction of an inch- "-that I'm so clever?"

The youkai girl's mouth opened to form a response, but all she got out was a tiny gasp as I let my figures venture down between her thighs. I was running on pure instinct, the siren scent of sweet summer sweat swamping my senses and silencing my sensibilities.

I want her.

I want to make her mine.
The idea thundered in my head, almost stopping me from processing the soft flesh under my hand. My hands, now, the other rising from my side to rise up along her back. A moment, and then the silken sensation of her hair filled the gaps in my fingers as I guided her head down across those final slivers of distance between us.

Her lips. Warm and plush, parting for me, the space behind them moist and filled with a heat far less oppressive than the summer day’s, but also infinitely more inimical to thought.

Dimly, I felt her hook her fingers under my belt.

Her eyes hovered in front of my own, reflecting my own, identical to my own. Half-lidded, filled with longing and lust.


There was a brief rush of fresh air, and then her fingers gently circled around my freed shaft, guiding it up to meet her other lips. Warm and plush, parting for me, the space behind them moist and filled with a heat far less oppressive than the summer day’s, but also infinitely more inimical to thought.

“You know you want me.”

We both said it at once. We both said it at once.

As her hips swung down, mine rose up, and we met in the middle. Her depths clamped down on me, the pressure, the heat, the slickness, a mad symphony of sensation-

The world went white, vanishing as I failed to hold on for even a dozen thrusts.

The world went black, vanishing as darkness swallowed the air around us.

“Aww, you were so quick.”

“Maybe, but I can do better next time.”

Her eyes glowed in the darkness. “Is that so~?”

I rolled to the side, her body still on top of mine, and kept rolling. “Let’s find out.”

The next two minutes were repetitive, sure, but I’d keep on repeating them in a heartbeat. The sound of her voice coming out in little shrieks, the wet sliding slaps as I pounded down into her, the endless tugging of her folds at my skin... even that godsawful summer heat.

I couldn’t last, though. Eventually, the feeling of her was once again too much for me.

And as I lay on top of her, drained and tired, she whispered something to me.

I poked at her shoulder in response, smiling an invisible smile in the cloak of her endless shadows. “Is that so?”

“It is so~”

“Then-” and I pinched at her cheek, taunting her- “-say it again.”

“You were delicious~”

“And the second part?”

“... Aww, fine. I think I love you.”

I probably would have kept lying there with her if Mom hadn’t chosen that moment to reach into the darkness and grab me by the scruff of the neck. The lecture was legendary, but she couldn’t hide that congratulatory grin.

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