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File 140718401946.jpg - (142.01KB, 695x827, 08ffd4d347e576b8ddaca0018299d578.jpg) [iqdb]
35811No. 35811
Previous thread: >>31646
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>>No. 35813
Don't worry, next thing's a fair bit lighter.

Pesu's...alright. Expensive and the limits on what they'll do is a huge pain, but work rate is really good, especially considering the competition.
>>No. 35815
Yeah, that's pretty much my take on him as well. Another translator commented that he is pretty good, albeit overly literal at times (but that's a style kind of thing sometimes).

So yeah, good but expensive. Oh well. I sent him MAGIC MAGIC to do and that'll be it from me for a long while.
>>No. 35818
>Now I don't have to worry about my tomorrow's article.
This is improper grammar, right? Or am I crazy?
>>No. 35819
"Now I don't have to worry about tomorrow's article"
"Now I don't have to worry about my article for tomorrow"
>>No. 35867
File 140779172324.jpg - (877.54KB, 1000x707, 4b61e7279d98bc114202388e5e64ed97.jpg) [iqdb]
Anyone else ordering for C86? Here's what I have planned. It's not all C86, I'm also getting some older stuff. 3 are worksafe, all touhou.


I might make changes to this, and will post anything I do change. But this is mostly accurate
>>No. 35869


Looks like Sabre.Anime will be doing that one, and he's a competent enough scanner.

Shame his old stuff is sold out already. Oh well.
>>No. 35870

I see this, dunno about the rest.
>>No. 35871
See what where?
>>No. 35872
I meant the byakuren doujin in that link, which to my uninformed eyes doesn't look sold out.
>>No. 35874
Oh. I was talking about Team Twin Devils.

e.g. http://shop.melonbooks.co.jp/shop/detail/212001069497
and several others that are on pixiv only.
>>No. 35875
Ah. Wasn't aware of that artist doing porn until I saw that story.
>>No. 35877
Bought http://www.toranoana.jp/mailorder/article/04/0030/13/95/040030139510.html a while ago. It's in Kalevala's to-do pile.
>>No. 35879
so, ETA 3 years?

Whatever, he'll do it eventually. Maybe. Replaced with: http://shop.melonbooks.co.jp/shop/detail/212001074819 (worksafe). Thanks.
>>No. 35890
Wished that Nagana sayui's first Momiji and nazrin doujin would get scanned, but I'm not sure if they're sold out or not. hopefully next time there'll be an ordering spree where I have extra money.
>>No. 35897
isn't actually available yet. It looks like it won't be available on online stores until sometime in september. And I don't feel like waiting.

Sold out. Which sucks, because Retrograde Touhou was a fantastic pool. Dammit.

Sold out. But it's a recent doujin, so I'm going to send it to the guy in the hopes that it gets restocked. But I doubt I'll be so lucky. Dammit.

So, final order:
21 items.
>>No. 35904

someone else might pick that up considering how the other two Iku doujins by him were scanned at a decent rate.
>>No. 35908
One of which was scanned by me, although an alternate scan did show up later.

Then there's a third Iku doujin that I commissioned Kalevala to scan, but he hasn't posted it yet because of course he hasn't.
>>No. 35909
>>No. 35910
ok nevermind on the order I decided to delay it until September. The schoolgirl Reimu doujin isn't available for sale until next week, and Neropaso's other Tenshi doujin isn't available until September. So I'll just wait. Especially since the Retrograde touhou book sold out (dammit!).

Plus, this gives Shaolan-kun time to join in my order. Just in case you're reading this.
>>No. 35915
The what and the what and the what?
>>No. 35951
God that's got such an insanely downer ending...
>>No. 35960
Final order. It was just made. Changed some books a bit.

>>No. 35968
which ones are new?
>>No. 35975
File 140978964080.jpg - (464.13KB, 800x1119, 39022492_p0.jpg) [iqdb]
>None of the Irodori books have been scanned
>>No. 35984
I need a good pdf unlocker and converter. Know any?
>>No. 35985
As strange as it may sound, try Gimp, it worked for me.
>>No. 35986
I once used http://www.guapdf.com/ to remove restrictions on a PDF, worked like a charm. If your PDF needs a password on opening it may be tough.
>>No. 35987
A good free pdf unlocker. This hobby is expensive enough already.

This works somehow. Tedious to do one image at a time, but can't complain that much.
>>No. 35988
It's just a regular pdf, not any of the DRM shit?


Use process.bat from the command line, e.g.
"process.bat 桃色仙術" for "桃色仙術.pdf". It will extract the files, either as JPG or PPM, and attempt to convert all PPM to PNG using ImageMagick. If you don't have ImageMagick installed, you can manually do it yourself.
>>No. 35989
You lost me.
>>No. 35990
Get on IRC after like 3 pm EST and I'll walk you through it.
>>No. 35991
Don't count on it any time soon. Real busy.
>>No. 35994
File 141035868686.jpg - (848.95KB, 1642x922, jLu0tE2.jpg) [iqdb]
>>No. 35996
Is that a Paranoia Cat doujin? He hasn't done Touhou in a long time.
>>No. 35997
It's a compilation of older stuff.

>>No. 35998
Actually he did a Reimu doujin for r11

But yeah, that's just a compilation. I like his older stuff better, and some of it had bad scans. I thought it also had a new doujin/short, but maybe that was just the other huge compilation.
>>No. 36016
File 141115544038.png - (1.79MB, 2150x3036, %E8%A7%A6%E7%B8%9B%E3%82%B7%E3%83%AA%E3%83%BC%E3%8.png) [iqdb]
Finally found a PDF unlocker that reliably works, and now I can't find PDF converter that doesn't spit out pixely shit-quality images like so.
>>No. 36017
Post the PDF?

It's very possible that's just what it looks like, and there's nothing you can do about it.
>>No. 36018
The image looks fine on my computer. It only looks pixilated when I zoom in really far, and there's no reason anyone reading it would be so far zoomed in.
>>No. 36019
Probably images within are quite low resolution. I just use Acrobat's "Export all images" to extract native JPGs from PDFs without resampling. If you don't have it you can post the file and I'll take care of it.
>>No. 36025
So is that part 3 of the Shokubaku Series? Although.. what is part 1?
>>No. 36033
I'm fed up. Please do.

>>No. 36038
Here you go:

>>No. 36039
>Glue marks

Good job cleaning it up. Does look better, and smaller too.
>>No. 36042
Thank you so much.
>>No. 36098
Is it just me or are links to melonbooks weird lately? Everything redirects to the front page.
>>No. 36099
They did a site overhaul. It's pretty annoying because everything is now a dead link, including my artist bookmarks.
>>No. 36100
That's annoying. Any way to convert old links to new links?
>>No. 36101
File 141275440742.png - (53.09KB, 604x379, a_master_is_out.png) [iqdb]
Yeah actually. http://newdoujin.com/doujin.php?c=####### replace the hashes with the numbers from a Melonbooks URL. That works for recent stuff. If that doesn't work feed the numbers to Google, you'll sometimes find them referenced on an artist's Pixiv, or something else that tells you what it is.

Also a tip for new Melonbooks links: Add &adult_view=1 to skip the R-18 check.
>>No. 36102
File 141280200445.jpg - (148.17KB, 600x426, 46436760_p0.jpg) [iqdb]
>>No. 36106
So on Melonbooks, what does 好評受付中 mean for stock?
Google translate gets "Popular acceptance in." Not very helpful.
>>No. 36107
What's the book? I assume it means something like "Accepting pre-orders" or "awaiting initial stock"
>>No. 36108
File 141305522563.jpg - (394.04KB, 653x900, resize_image_php.jpg) [iqdb]
This one.

I'd assume so too, but want to be sure. It could mean out of stock forever for all I know.
>>No. 36110
Well, it's released. And you can select a quantity from the dropdown, which used to mean it was available for purchase.

But in stock is "在庫あり". So I honestly have no idea.
>>No. 36125
Has anyone been able to get a hold of desudesu? He's active again, but isn't returning my calls.
>>No. 36126
I gave up on him, since he stopped answering my emails well before his past disappearance.
>>No. 36138
Kalevala says it's taking reservations.
>>No. 36177
Oh, whoops, ran out. Oh well.
>>No. 36198
So with Melonbooks DL how does it work for international sales? Since I know they don't do overseas sales but shouldn't Digital download work?
>>No. 36201
Digital works fine, and they should accept your credit card. I've bought tons of stuff through them.

Easiest way to register is to just link your pixiv account.
>>No. 36202
No Paypal, though.
>>No. 36244
Anyone got experience with Rinruririn for translation (I got a typesetter already lined up)
>>No. 36256
Yes. He's done a few touhou books for me, and is the translator for Kenchinroku as well. I think he's fine.
>>No. 36257
Any idea of what to expect for a cost range?
>>No. 36259
was $20.

I dunno, just send him some things and ask. It's text-only, so it's comparatively less expensive.
>>No. 36266
Tasked Sabre on a few books.


Had >>36102 (https://www.melonbooks.co.jp/detail/detail.php?product_id=74399) too, but it sold out the day before. Anyone else get it, by any chance?
>>No. 36374
Ok, nevermind about the Toranoana books in this, he forgot to include them in the order. For fuck's sake...
>>No. 36394
Sent things to him but got a message he was gonna be out of the loop a bit and waiting for him to get back to me. Got any alternatives if he's got too huge a backlog as I just need translator as I have an editor already
>>No. 36395
Not really. I tried biribiri, but he took forever. That was because he relies of AfroThunda for proofreading, but that still raises other issues. I get the feeling his English is pretty bad.
>>No. 36399
Damn. I just wonder if I'm in line or if I needed to send a second message to him. As he's not gotten back to me other than an auto reply that he was away until midmonth (November)
>>No. 36400
I'd just send another message if you haven't gotten an actual response from him. He hasn't messaged me yet with the next Kenchinroku block.

Actually, why'd you stop using Pesu+Ean?
>>No. 36401
I've never used that group. I'm just looking for a first time for commissioning a translation for something and that person seemed to be one who doesn't seem to care what content he's translating for
>>No. 36402
Oh. Sorry, thought you were someone else.
>>No. 36414
File 141741635112.jpg - (388.89KB, 1200x1696, 00000.jpg) [iqdb]
Yea not sure if anyone else would be up to translating Bounyuu Hina Momiji

>>No. 36419
Who, then?
>>No. 36420
>>35813 and a bunch of other posts in here.

On a related note, I sent Pesu some titles a few days ago, and he hasn't gotten back to me. I also haven't seen any translations from him recently, so he may have stopped/taken a break.
>>No. 36421
Yea the restrictions is why I didn't bother with Pesu as I think hyper BE might be 'extreme content' although it's funny how breast expansion is viewed as more extreme as rape/mindbreak...
>>No. 36438
I stopped at first because I got sick of his limits and high price, but now he's just not answering my calls. You're probably right.

In this case extreme means niche.
>>No. 36450
You think biribiri+AfroThunder would take that book or should I keep waiting on Rinruririn to get back to me?
>>No. 36451
Did you ever send him that followup email?

But yes, I'm almost positive biribiri would accept it. I repeat, though, his English and/or Japanese don't seem to be the best.

Quote from my last commission with him;
>Yeah, I was more or less aware of "evil bug" meaning something different, but I wouldn't call him a lover at that point either, so I tried to come up with something that would fit and wouldn't break the flow too much.
in response to him translating 悪い虫 as "evil bugs". I don't know Japanese, but I was informed on IRC that this is an idiom referring to "someone who is a poor lover, or not deserving of a relationship". He couldn't make that flow, so he just translated it literally instead of finding a real solution.

Also Pesu responded to me. I sent him two doujins:
(C84) [さぺろんブラック] #露出蓮子ちゃん

(C83) [ありぃすいべりぃ] 華扇のOL屈辱日誌

His price for http://exhentai.org/g/673018/9c7fab4adf/ was way too high, bleh.
>>No. 36453
I never sent that followup as I was waiting for the month to end.

Should I just effectively resend my old email or just have it being rewarded as a bit of a 'Hey did you get my previous mail' style
>>No. 36454
Personally I'd do:

"Hello, I sent you an email <timeframe> ago, but only received an automatic response. If you missed it, here's my request again

<original email>"
>>No. 36474
Well it's sent so I guess I'll be hoping to get a response
>>No. 36497
Got a response. Should have the script in a few days
>>No. 36512

Did anyone get this book? Place to be 4? It's marked as taken care of in my head, but I apparently never ordered it.
>>No. 36527
Got the Script waiting for the editor I have to get going
>>No. 36528
Also for Hina what sounds better as a change for 'Bad Luck' Curses or Misfortune.

"What happened to the Goddess of Bad Luck, Kagiyama Hina!"

"Hina! The bad luck is going wild!"
>>No. 36532

Curses are more Mishaguji than Hina
>>No. 36541
Well it's done: http://g.e-hentai.org/g/768014/ae708d50dc/
>>No. 36622
Anyone got an order list coming up?

Wondering if that Anchors book is on it
>>No. 36627
...eh, sooner or latter. Not much really grabbing my attention this year. Anchors book?
>>No. 36628
Anyone able to translate this? It's the password or something for the full versions of Namamo Nanase's Touhou sex animations.
>>No. 36630
File 142014663236.jpg - (349.83KB, 1350x904, 47690650_p0.jpg) [iqdb]
Another of his Suika/Kogasa stuff


Might be getting a digital DL. Not sure yet
>>No. 36649
I wonder if someone will work to be able to transfer most of the good translations to that so we can figure what's left to translate
>>No. 36650
Well the first thing is to find out what's good and what isn't. CGRascal did two of them, so those aren't. Someone confirmed that the patchy one isn't. No idea about the Alice book. IIRC desudesu did the rest and he's probably good enough.
>>No. 36652
Any plans for anyone to get Rock Chime/Danbo's other doujin? One was scanned.


Didn't disapoint (two curvy cuties in consenual sex)
>>No. 36684

This one's been scanned to e-hentai: http://g.e-hentai.org/g/775111/518ecb266d/

It's untranslated though.
>>No. 36685
Judging by the filesize and uploader, that is almost certainly a low quality downsize of the digital version:

That uploader is ripping from some other site that either doesn't know how to properly extract from PDFs or just doesn't give a shit about quality.
>>No. 36688
Similar size than the first so I'm not sure and the resolution looks to be the same as the first

Still good catch on the file size

Expected Size: 40mb
Uploaded size: 28mb

Is that uploader known to be a lazy/shit uploader
>>No. 36689
It's not technically the uploader's fault, but the uploader is still an uncaring ass who shouldn't be uploading the downscales in the first place.

See the comments in http://exhentai.org/g/762769/94d5c4e068/
If I'm not mistaken (I can't read Japanese), that uploader is ripping files from a blog that rips files from another site that re-sells digital versions and other people's scans. And at some point in the chain, someone is downscaling (or upscaling) the files, or just resaving as lower quality JPGs.

And, of course, the exhentai users don't give a shit, even when you have abominations like:
>>No. 36690
They removed the 'Expunge this for being shit quality' feature so you can't get rid of it.

So should I buy the DLs myself to replace his shitty uploads? Just not sure how much of a change it would be
>>No. 36691
I've re-uploaded some of them, so try comparing yourself.

Bad: http://exhentai.org/g/775112/0500b41ec7/
Good: http://exhentai.org/g/775411/a34d70bfd3/
>>No. 36722
Just a heads up, it seems like nanamo's password is located somewhere in his books. Have fun finding them though, I'm pretty sure that's not upped as of late.
>>No. 36732
Roaming the internet and found this フランちゃんが触手でオナニーする本. Anyone got the download?
>>No. 36734
The book's uploaded. Password is Nyaa. Thanks, Biribiri.
The latest bunch has a different password, though, apparently from a book that isn't even out yet. This guy is a dick.
>>No. 36907
Putting the password in plain sight is being a dick?
>>No. 36908
The problem is the book was yet to be released at that comment. Even if it did, it's hard to get.

Plain sight? The password in the images they show is airbrushed.
>>No. 36909
File 14253999374.jpg - (347.75KB, 1137x1570, alicepass.jpg) [iqdb]
case in point.
>>No. 36924
Desudesu fucking finally started answering my calls again, then finished what I commissioned him in, like, half a day. I don't know what to think anymore.
>>No. 36925
You sound annoying.
>>No. 36927
I do? How?
>>No. 36955
Ordered this a while back and completely forgot to post it. Sorry.

>>No. 37098
File 143086824788.jpg - (63.53KB, 456x600, 706784.jpg) [iqdb]
So i found this satori x koishi futa doujin awhile ago and have searched for it but its like it doesn't exist. I was wondering if anyone here knows anything about it or has a link.
>>No. 37099
It does


It's possible that no one scanned it.


>>No. 37103
so its been around for a while, why has no one scanned it?
>>No. 37105
Most doujins are never scanned.
>>No. 37106
likely beacuse it didn't catch anyone's interest or something else did so more.
>>No. 37112
I just placed an order.



also possibly ke-ta's new book, but I'm not getting my hopes up.
>>No. 37114
Koadom on Sakuya AND Meling? This is gonna be go-nope just faceless males. Boner killed

I'm so fucking tired of faceless males just wrecked concepts which looked fun...
>>No. 37117
The password is somewhere in this book
>>No. 37124
With the Patchouli one (originally as a stand alone called 'Touhou Ukiyo Emaki - Patchouli Knowledge') if it's retranslated should I keep the front cover and back cover? with it or just keep the segment only as it's one of the only ones of the collection I care about as the translation is acutally missing a pile of pages
>>No. 37125
>the translation is acutally missing a pile of pages
If you're planning on retranslating it, please do the whole thing, not just those pages. I asked someone about translating just those pages... and the general response was that the entire translation was lacking overall.

I would keep the original cover and back, personally. At least until someone is willing to compile the translations into the full tank. Everything except the Reimu chapter is translated (I'm kinda working on getting that done), but most of the others are CGRascal, and fuck that.
>>No. 37126
Oh it would be the entirety of that story just that one story and not the entire anthology as my god that'd be expensive as fuck and a buncha the stories I just can't bring myself to care about.
>>No. 37127
Yeah, that's what I expected. Just wanted to make certain it wasn't just the missing pages.

And there's no need to retranslate the whole thing, anyway, just the CGRascal parts. desudesu did some of them; at least the Eirin and Yukari parts off the top of my head.
>>No. 37128
Made an order.


>>No. 37129
Damn, is that already fully ordered? Too late to ask you to tack on one more?


I only noticed it after ordering my own stuff. I'd love it if you could get it, although it's not a problem if it's too late/you're just not interested.
>>No. 37130
I'll try, but it's probably to late. Said he was going to place the order right away.
>>No. 37131
Yeah, no such luck. Sorry.
>>No. 37132
Drat. Oh well.
>>No. 37153
So... It was Koa writing porn?
>>No. 37154
Yep. Koa writing a "fanfiction diary".

It's horribly unrealistic; she didn't start masturbating to her own writing.
>>No. 37155
Well you finish writing THEN you fap to it.
>>No. 37160
if anything she'd fap/slick to research material than the writing itself.
>>No. 37297
Anyone know some good editors as I'm looking at a few possible things to get translated and well they're featuring transparency hell which my usual editor doesn't have the photoshopping skills to handle
>>No. 37299
Dead-ed and Hiryune did a fantastic job with MAGIC MAGIC. bitleech did a good job with the PARANOIA CAT Reimu doujin, although that wasn't nearly as troublesome. rockginger did a good job with Wish's Yuyuko book, which is full color.

Dead-ed's computer exploded last I heard from him, and Hiryune hasn't been on e-h since april according to the forum. Everyone I mentioned is also an e-h user, so they'd probably expect payment in e-h fakemoney. Although if it's something I like, I'd be willing to donate towards it.

What is the doujin, anyway?
>>No. 37301
File 143816868824.jpg - (499.42KB, 1200x1723, 006.jpg) [iqdb]
In part it was looking towards the future as some of the ones I were looking at were having more floating effects or being placed over nonstandard textboxes which are designed for vertical text and I don't know if you could fit words in it an example being here.

There are a few where it's a single character line wide with the burst background
>>No. 37304
Yeah, that does look kinda bad. I don't know any free editors besides Afro, and I'm pretty sure he's pretty much booked with other work+real life.

If you have e-h bullshit money, you could make a bounty for it. There are certainly skilled editors there. And that's unfortunately the only way I know to find them anymore.
>>No. 37306
Ask translators. Desudesu, Biribiri. Someone's doing their editing, if not them themselves, and maybe they could hook you up.
>>No. 37307
Welp time to grind

I'll ask them next time I put in a commission
>>No. 37308
Try hentai@home if you have internet/CPU to spare.
>>No. 37309
Not really up to seeding torrents (I think that's what Hentai@home is that)
>>No. 37310
It's like seeding, but not really. If you aren't up to seeding, though, you probably aren't up for h@h.

What it does is runs a webserver on your computer. When people browse gallery images, they contact a h@h server running on someone's computer (probably) and that is what serves the image.

It requires a lot of disk space, since you need to store a large number of files from random galleries. It works best with fast internet, since that means you send files to people quickly. It's not as internet-intensive as popular torrents, which are always going,but it can really use up your internet.

And to reward the people who do this, they get 1 GP per pageview (worth ~0.16 credits each now) and generate hath at a daily rate, ranging from 3/day to I think a max of 25. I got it up to like 15/day or something, IIRC.
>>No. 37311
I'm sitting either on close to a million GP and I don't know how to run their selling thing as I got no clue on the silly premium credit numbers I'd need to commission someone to do editing there.
>>No. 37312
>how to run their selling thing

Go to this page: http://g.e-hentai.org/exchange.php?t=gp
Look to the right column, that's for people selling GP (to get credits)
Under sell count, enter "1000" (that's 1 million GP).
Under "Ask Price", enter 168. That should be a good value for now.
Click "Sell GP!"

It's basically a stock exchange kind of thing. What this does is put in a sell order; you let people know you have 1000 KGP, and are looking to sell it at 168 credits per kgp. If someone wants to buy any amount of GP for a rate of 168 credits/kgp or more, you'll automatically sell them that GP and get an appropriate number of credits. It won't necessarily be all at once, you might get something like 5 kgp to one guy, 100 to another, etc.

To get a real value for sell price and not just use 168, you look at the spread. That shows everyone's current buy/sell requests, grouped by the number. Right now the most expensive buy order is 167 credits, the least expensive sell order is 169. Putting in 168 will mean you're first in line for anyone trading at that value. However, since it's a stock market kind of thing, the prices fluctuate a lot. You might just get someone else wanting to sell 10,000kgp at 167, for example.
>>No. 37321
I'd like to ask something. I recently went to the sadpanda on the search for an old doujin. It was something pretty ridiculous, a story about how Meiling sells out the SDM, gets everyone in it (plus Yukari I think) raped by hordes of faceless men, gets them pregnant, then eats the babies to grow stronger, with some survival of the fittest talk thrown in for good measure. No actual guro onscreen but implied. I think it was part three or two of a series that began with Yukari and Eirin conspiring to have everyone in the SDM raped and it then backfiring on them. Thing is, it seems to have been deleted from sadpanda. Is there any way I can find it, or does any one of you guys still have it?
>>No. 37322
Your memory is a little hazy, but that sounds like Extend Party 3 by Takakuya. It's translated and still on sadpanda.
>>No. 37323

Extend Party series, yes. Also Meiling doesn't sell out the SDM. She's ignorant/lazy at first, takes advantage of the situation later.

All 3 of them are on sadpanda. They're probably all tagged loli, so you need to use exhentai, not g.e-hentai. That may be why you can't find them.
>>No. 37324
I am using exhentai, it was a pain to set up on my smartphone (my PC died yesterday) but it's right here. Maybe something in the settings is off...
>>No. 37325
Ah, found them. Turns out nothing was wrong with the settings, whoever uploaded it just didn't add tags for shit and searching 'meiling pregnant' had no chance of finding it. There's literally no tags about the content and only half of the characters are even listed.
>>No. 37326
That's largely a quirk of the tagging rules on e-hentai. 3 has the pregnant and impregnation tags now, did you add them?

There's only visible pregnancy in the last like 5 pages of the ~60 page doujin. Tags mostly work on a notability system, where things and characters that are only present for a small fraction aren't supposed to be tagged at all. Sometimes it makes sense, sometimes it doesn't. But it's far from the dumbest shit they have on tagging.
>>No. 37327
No, wasn't me. That's good to know man. I'd like to thank you guys for your help. I used to come here a lot about three or so years ago but lost touch with you some time since then. How's things been, how's it going here?
>>No. 37334
You mean /at/, or the site in general?
>>No. 37335
Quiet, unfortunately.
>>No. 37353
I placed an order with Kouya.


3 setoran books, including a compilation, for fans of that circle. Sadly, he wasn't interested in the Reverse Noise full color quadruple miko tentacle doujin, which is lame.
>>No. 37354
>Sadly, he wasn't interested in the Reverse Noise (...) doujin

Shit taste confirmed. I bet he hates Avion Village and Ito Life as well, no?
>>No. 37355
He's uploaded 3 Itou Life books, and Avion Village sux, so his taste isn't completely bad.

There's a Chinese version of the rn book out and it's hot as fuck. Well, they're a popular circle, so someone will probably release raws.
>>No. 37357
Decent haul but needs more Futa
>>No. 37359
Not bad though what's the circle of the Reisen one?

It might be that he doesn't like Tentacle stuff, that and last I checked RN has a good scan record so it's not the end of the world if this guy doesn't do it.

And about Avion life, odds are once you've read one you've read 99% of them due to his fondness of same rape plot set ups and limited art range.

It does pain me to say that Itou Life's gotten a bit samey in terms of his general plot flow of doujins. More so when he actually mixed things up early on.
>>No. 37361

It's a sequel (probably) to http://exhentai.org/g/771329/d92f192929/
>>No. 37384
There's this sketchy, black-and-white pixiv artist who draws a lot of Komachi I've recently lost track of. Variety of fetishes, some bondage. Anyone see what happened to him and his art?
>>No. 37388
God any danbooru links or any pictures you've saved? We can find something from there.
>>No. 37389
No, nothing. Guy's really sketchy; not Danbooru material.
>>No. 37399
File 144245651184.png - (513.50KB, 716x1011, 52567583_p0.png) [iqdb]
Oh, there he is. Speak of the devil and he will post art right when you're looking at the first page of 東方 r-18. Crisis averted.
>>No. 37415
Got a few things that C88 forgot.

>>No. 37416

Those last three have my dick's full attention.
>>No. 37417
Well the Tenshi one got scanned already, so enjoy that.
It's masochist stuff, though. What a tragic waste.
>>No. 37421
>Ootsuki Wataru

>>No. 37447
So tired of the guro doujin spammer.

Will the guy who's paying for the translations just run out of money already? Just so much edgy shit getting translated while so many actually GOOD books get ignored.
>>No. 37448
I think he's translating them himself.
>>No. 37449
What a sad little man.
>>No. 37452
He is doing it by himself.
>>No. 37453
I'm not going to badmouth a quality translator that does stuff without people paying him to. What he's translating is pretty shitty, though.
>>No. 37455
> quality translator

I highly doubt that. If nothing else, he's perfectly fine with making bounties for jp->cn->en translations, which alone makes him shit in my book. Even beyond that, I've noticed a good amount of shitty English in his galleries. I think that's stuff other people translated, but I can't be sure. His bounties explicitly state that he will not credit the translator.

He's definitely doing some stuff himself, but if he's actually a competent translator, he outright chooses not to bother fixing shitty translations he's given.
>>No. 37456
Wait he's rolling off translation parties?
>>No. 37457

He's using the e-hentai bounty system, offering huge amounts of credits (one of the worthless currencies from the in-browser game). Occasionally people will translate shit in exchange for those currencies.

But he also does stuff without bounties, e.g. the recent guro uploads.

One of his JCE bounties.
>>No. 37461
I mean the entire JP>CN>EN translation chain pretty much guarantees the translation will be shoddy as hell
>>No. 37664
Made an order a bit ago, just got confirmed.

>>No. 37665
Ootsuki Wataru AND Forever and Ever

Today is a good day
>>No. 37675
Surprising amounts of non-H stuff but I'm not complaining as it seems no one scans non-H stuff barring very big circles (ANGELTYPE comes to mind) or Yuri.

As a result, certain formerly Pixiv (then danbooru) comic series have fallen off the map.
>>No. 37679
Do something about it.
>>No. 37855
Sabre's vanished, Kalevala ain't picking up and is behind anyway. Are there any other scanning services around?
>>No. 37859
Fug. Was gonna try and commission some scans I really doubt bounties on g.e-hentai are gonna get me much luck
>>No. 37863
File 146242543064.png - (1.64MB, 1408x2000, _016.png) [iqdb]
Does this sex position have an English name?
The text calls it a "lunchbox fuck." A lunchbox is something very different in English, sex-wise, so that's no good.

Source is http://exhentai.org/g/844367/59e4f214ef/, if more reference is needed.
>>No. 37865
Google suggests "Stand & carry", which is probably as good as anything.
>>No. 37906
Got some shit.


Will be scanned...eventually.
>>No. 37930
File 146444594930.jpg - (142.75KB, 750x1000, --kamishirasawa-keine-touhou-drawn-by-hijikawa-ara.jpg) [iqdb]
According to exh, there's been two Keine-centric translated doujinshi in the past 3 years, which her appearing in 3 others.

This is unacceptable. I might try to commission a few translations to rectify this. Does anyone have recommendations for stuff they'd like to get done?
>>No. 37931
Sadly a lot of Keine stuff is Generic Male Rape so you read one you've read em all.
>>No. 37933
I'd have to go look up if certain artists really did a doujin or not Echo/ICBM had something with Rinnouske and Keine (I think) but it was more a novel.

>Most touhou is generic male rape

fixed for ya.
>>No. 37934
With Melonbooks how big is the markup for overseas shipping?

I'm also trying to figure how to actually navigate through the site to possibly buy but fuck if I can't figure it out (much less how to get a good scan)

Anyone do commissions or bounties for buy and scans?
>>No. 37935
>With Melonbooks how big is the markup for overseas shipping?

You'll have to email them and ask. The overseas thing is from a different company, not melonbooks, so they can probably respond to english emails just fine.

There's a limit of 5 items. That's all I know about them. Couldn't find any other info on their site when I looked.

For scans, you'll have to do it themselves. They obviously won't; they'll only ship it to you.

> Anyone do commissions or bounties for buy and scans?
If you can find me an editor I could do it. I'm lazy and haven't scanned anything in like a year, but if it's just a few items I could probably do it over a weekend. But I can't edit the raw scans, so you'd have to find someone to do it.
>>No. 37936
Oh I can send the stuff to others for the editing. I just need to figure how get in contact.

And it'd only be one book.
>>No. 37937
Well, if you can't find anyone else, I can do it, and pick up 4 books for myself as well.

Two things: I'm going somewhere in 3 weeks for a week, so you'll probably have to wait a month. I don't want to risk a package sitting on my doorstep for a full week, and shipping does take a long time.

Second, just to make certain you know what kind of editing I'm talking about, here's a sample un-edited doujin: https://mega.nz/#!Dh5nWQKA!Np8Nng2mwLD_y91I8pfxN25f1u4xez9EWDQCMhUjHwg
(The edited version is on exh, for comparison). Make sure that whoever you have in mind is able and willing to deal with raw scans, because it's not as simple as erasing text.
>>No. 37942
File 146478802069.jpg - (479.60KB, 580x819, 51569708_p0.jpg) [iqdb]
So how hard was it to get that bounty going for editing or should I try to at least trim it down by hand.

Still aiming to try and get this one. No clue if anyone else is already working it.
>>No. 37943
I forget. Probably should've posted one a volunteer did, e.g. http://exhentai.org/g/797607/a2098306e7/

The important thing is that the editor knows what they're doing. Unfortunately, a lot of e-h people don't. Vetting the submissions was a pain in the ass, especially for the more difficult ones that required the use of various filters and other shit I don't understand.
>>No. 37944
Yea the bounty system there is really unclear how the hell to set it so you don't get fucked. No clue how you can get them to submit their samples and shit.

I mean the basic trim shit down I can figure out because it's just select and crop but the color balancing and all that I got no clue.

That guy in your link do a good job or not? I can't really tell since I looked up the book you did with the sample and that looked pretty good but I got no clue if the work done was really extensive or not because of the filtering and rebalancing and stuff way beyond my knowledge.
>>No. 37945
I think so. I can't really tell, as I really don't have an eye for this kind of thing. That's one of the big reasons why I've never tried it myself.

Try looking at these:

It's essentially a monochrome book, but it uses blue ink, so it had to be scanned in color.
>>No. 37947
Pretty impressive but I just got simple BW outside the cover.
>>No. 37971
Anyone know how to blacklist users on pixiv so their shit doesn't show up on searches?

Tired of this babyfuck spammer spamming shit.
>>No. 38023
File 147181864121.jpg - (71.81KB, 311x450, resize_image.jpg) [iqdb]

The scan is complete garbage, but can anyone tell what the hell is going on here? I wasn't going to, but I might buy this and re-scan it if it sounds interesting.
>>No. 38025
I'm not even sure if it's in fucking order!

It's like that book with the Tengu where you got the guy going "I'm gonna fuck Hatate!" and the next panel he's balls deep in... Momiji.
>>No. 38026
Is that guy who's taking orders around since I'm trying to commission buy and scan of this book

>>37942 Pic here
>>No. 38027
I guess that's me? Also it's sold out on melonbooks, you want toranoana.


That one had page numbers, so it has to be in order. I don't think this recent one is out of order either.
>>No. 38029
Also if you want me to buy that, hurry up and say so, because I'm planning on placing my order tomorrow (i.e. about 20 hours from right now).

And again, you'll be responsible for editing it. And I'd also like you to reimburse me somehow, and I don't mean simply paying me ~7bux, since that requires exchanging personal information and I'd rather avoid that.
>>No. 38030
Yea I'd want that one and if you want a translation of one of the books I could put the money in to get that.
>>No. 38032
Alright. I'll add it to the list.
>>No. 38033
Order placed.


All but the last item is touhou. Most of it is R13, but also a bunch of C90. Some of them are scanned, but in garbage quality, so I'm trying to fix those.

For translations, I'd like https://exhentai.org/g/957811/d1aa78c318/ . It's on my list, so just get a text translation, and don't do editing. At least not on that version. But this way you can get it done early.
>>No. 38034
What scanner are you using?
>>No. 38036
I scan them myself, with a CanoScan LiDE210 flatbed scanner.
>>No. 38037
Oh. Damn, I've missed out, this would have been perfect.
>>No. 38039
Well, as I mentioned several times, I just scan. You'd need to find a way to take care of editing yourself. And it's a pain in the ass, and hard to do well.
>>No. 38040
Maybe that Anon is an editor.
>>No. 38041
I know.

Nope, but I figure it's easier to find an editor than it is to find a guy willing to proxy-buy and scan stuff.
Oh well, what's done is done.
>>No. 38042
Sent an email to Rinruririn and haven't gotten anything back once I get it I'll probably just pastebin the translation here once I get it
>>No. 38043
Yeah, he might not be available. I sent something to him over a month ago and he never responded.

My package still hasn't even been shipped, and I'll try to scan my C90 stuff first to avoid getting sniped, so there's no real rush if you want to wait on him for a while.
>>No. 38044
Yea I've been using him for my translations I'll give him a week or two before poking again.
>>No. 38046

Package has arrived.
>>No. 38047
Anyone know of other translation only guys outside rinruririn in case I can't get in contact with him?
>>No. 38057
Not really. But you don't need a text translator specifically; almost anyone who does translation+editing will be willing to give just a script, and should charge less too.

I don't really know that I can recommend anyone. Desudesu is "okay", but tends to fuck up translations far more often than I'd like. BiriBiri seems to suffer from this too. SaHa is slow as shit due to his backlog and knows nothing about touhou. Pesu was good, but he vanished. And there's various clowns on e-hentai who seem to be barely literate.
>>No. 38058
Well fuck.

With Saha how easy is it to fix the not having any touhou knowledge with his stuff?
>>No. 38059
File 147394122867.jpg - (341.09KB, 1070x1517, [SaHa] Inaba Box 4 - 15.jpg) [iqdb]
Oh. Rin just responded to me.

> With Saha how easy is it to fix the not having any touhou knowledge with his stuff?

Fairly easy. He's not nearly as bad as he used to be with it. Pic related.

Personal examples I can think of:
Mistranslating "Koakumanko" (combination of "Koakuma" and "Pussy") as "Koaku pussy", as in, thinking her name is simply "koaku"
Not knowing how to handle "Imouto-sama" for Flandre. He asked what to do, which is why he's better now. I think I told him to use "little mistress", which probably wasn't the best choice. oh well.
And I'm sure he's left sukima as sukima and not gap or anything, but I can't remember if that was in any of my stuff.
>>No. 38071
Yea he got back to me the same day

Also got the Master Girl script here

>>No. 38072
Oh cool. I'll scan your book today.
>>No. 38073

Here you go.
>>No. 38074
Any clue on what the title is as I'm figuring get the translation off the raw and then try and get I guess Afro Thunder to get the raw cleaned up (and put up on sadpanda) and then the editing done with the translation.
>>No. 38075

The title as it'd appear on exhentai would be:
(C88) [捻切シスター (ハネミカッコ)] サブタレイニアンサンバースデイ (東方Project)

If you meant a translation of the title... no. I can't help at all with that, since I don't know any Japanese. I don't really get why'd you want that either.
>>No. 38120
File 148301822840.jpg - (679.75KB, 1415x2000, 01_p_01.jpg) [iqdb]
Update on translators.

Rinruririn still isn't returning my emails.

All The Fallen did https://exhentai.org/g/1009932/f2e0ee4358/ for me. I think they did a pretty good job. However, they're also stupidly expensive, due to having a minimum cost of $1/page for translation and $1/page for editing, regardless of how simple something actually is. Their blog post mentions "research" but I can't see it as being necessary in most situations. Maybe they'd be suitable for some deep philosophical doujin, but they're way too expensive for most stuff.
>>No. 38121
Looks like the guy who's putting up sub-megabyte uploads is back on exhentai again and just shitting out JPG artifact hell again.
>>No. 38122
File 148375357736.jpg - (480.21KB, 643x900, 60387666_p0_master1200.jpg) [iqdb]
And now an update on scans.

Kouya agreed to scan the following:

https://exhentai.org/g/1014840/d972ff34a9/ (already done).

All are replacements of recently posted shit scans.

Then I'm going to try placing an order through the deputy service advertised on melonbooks and toranoana, mostly to see how it works. This will include Diisuke's P-cup Eirin book (it should go back in stock soon), since I'm fairly certain that will get a shit scan, and said shit scan will probably get translated as well (like the patchykoa and komaeiki books).

And then I'm not going to be fighting these garbage scans any more. A lot of my last order was stuff already scanned, but that will be it. I'm not doing more. What I have sitting in my room is probably going to last me 2-3 years as well, if more editors don't drop out of the sky.
>>No. 38129
Sad thing is people eat it up because apparently they like Chinese scans which would be acceptable only in the early 90s when everyone was on dialup.
>>No. 38130
Okay, so

Diisuke's book goes for 756 on melonbooks. This includes tax.

The purchase link I got from BuySmart lists the price as 1,296 yen. There is no explanation for this discrepancy, but my best guess is that it includes domestic shipping. According to the last shipment invoice from my deputy, domestic shipping was 520 yen for 7 items from toranoana.

Then there's a 330 yen fee on top of that. Their fee is normally 15%, but due to a special promotion, it's 10% + 200 yen (i.e. more expensive for anything under 4000 yen)

So yeah, fuck them, I'm just gonna see if I can get my usual deputy to buy it.
>>No. 38131
More like they're so hungry for smut that they'll take anything as they fear something not getting scanned otherwise. /at/ is no different for the most part.

Some might see the inferior scans as early access until a better one is made which they favorite. Sad to say this much is in the minority compared to the above.

And as it stands people not bothering with better scans just means the topmost mindset is proven right.
>>No. 38132
I'm just glad more artists are looking at Booth or other digital outlets. I mean some artists I give a tip for Booth.
>>No. 38136
File 148499867744.jpg - (3.28MB, 2112x3000, 12 copy.jpg) [iqdb]
Anyone got any skill editing/redrawing transparent text bubbles

Books getting most of the translation done but the size of these transparent bubbles and just how many of em are on a few pages is the trouble.

I mean the nuclear option is on the table of just filling em in with the background gradient pattern but that's just ugly.
>>No. 38159
File 148622171824.jpg - (1.60MB, 2105x3000, MASTER_0000.jpg) [iqdb]
MASTER GIRL is done and edited, thanks to >>37936 for getting it translated and ZEROGRAVITY-A01 for editing.


Meiling with earrings is so great.

The raw will be up "soon". I wanna try something first.
>>No. 38175
Well, I tried getting the raw uploaded to share. The plan was to see if the regular e-hentai uploaders would notice it and replace the existing shit upload on their own. If not, then there could be replacements for all the garbage that's been showing up. However, I have absolutely no idea if it actually worked, because I can't find anyone to verify that the upload worked at all.. It's not on sharedb but I have no idea what populates that.


If anyone has share, that's the hash - if anyone is able to download it, that means it worked, and there might be more replacement raws floating around on share.
>>No. 38177
Yea it didn't show up on exhentai.

Not sure what went wrong on your end.
>>No. 38178
Yes, I know it's not on exhentai. The question is if it's on share at all.
>>No. 38181
Don't know how to get onto share so can't help you.
>>No. 38219
There's a couple Nagiyamasugi compilations on Toranoana. Particularly these...

I'm PRETTY sure these have unscanned books in them, given the preview pages, but can any more enthusiastic fan confirm?
>>No. 38220
The plague of shit uploaders and people who white knight them is fucking depressing.

Like Scan quality that's like 1990s quality getting OH GOD THIS IS PERFECT even though it's so blurry I can't make out anything
>>No. 38221
questionable actions always have their defenders despite the cons.
>>No. 38222
I'm always so happy to be getting scans of things I really want at all that I overlook any flaws. God knows I don't want them to stop.
>>No. 38223
Even when shit's so blurry and grainy it's a bitch to read and running what's smaller than a fucking thumbnail on danbooru.

If you want more scans them put your money out there to get them and not ripped from a shitty Chinese Paysite
>>No. 38231
Anyone? I know there's at least one big Nagiya fan around here.
>>No. 38246
File 149255880858.png - (447.05KB, 714x1000, 60518015_p0.png) [iqdb]
Anyone know of any good circles that tend to only sell at conventions, or sell out on melonbooks very quickly? Looking for some recommendations.
>>No. 38252
So long time high quality scanner kouya913 has thrown it in because of being given a warning of 'harassment' when complaining about people uploading super low quality rips from Chinese paysites.

Fucking Worst Koreans driving out one of the better Japanese scanners.
>>No. 38253
high-quality RIP
>>No. 38254
Well that's a spirit-crusher.
>>No. 38258
Best shit is that LWND and his ilk can just upload upscales as "Improved" versions of galleries to try and bully people out who actually upload HQ Galleries.

The people who pay 100bux/admins are going "Upload more shit quality more since more books = more ad revenue"

Doesn't matter that they're ass quality books from Chinese paysites
>>No. 38293
Before I try asking on /jp/ again, is there anyone here who would be willing to help me by editing my scans? I'd like to finish all my remaining stuff before I even think about placing another order, Especially those full color A4 art books (Moneti and Rukitsura)

I wonder if I'd have better luck on /h/.
>>No. 38294
In all honesty, you'd probably have better luck asking /h/. The IRC might be another place to check (assuming you already haven't), but that's as much of a long-shot as asking here.

I think half of anybody with any interest in doujins has long since left or just doesn't check the site anymore.
>>No. 38295
I joined the /jp/ IRC once and got banned after like 5 minutes of idling. I don't think I'm going to bother there.
>>No. 38298
I meant THP's IRC. Doesn't surprise me that /jp/'s IRC is shit, though.
>>No. 38299
Oh, THP. I'm on there all day long. No one has both the will and ability to help me; I've asked a few times.
>>No. 38471
File 151520520242.jpg - (827.45KB, 849x1200, 56e710b5b708eceee6b11906498db30c.jpg) [iqdb]
The future is stupid and full of LWND. So I'm looking towards the past.

Placed an order. A lot of older stuff.


in non-touhou news, this includes some older Akiko-san to Issho (which are scanned, but poorly), and Sweet Jam 2, by the same author, which isn't scanned.

Kouya is also doing these:

and the thread is on autosage, so I doubt anyone will notice this! Oh well.
>>No. 39305
Yea I'm currently on standby before putting my order in to prevent collisions.

Really sad I missed so many books over the years by not knowing about how to get middleman for a buy and scan

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