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File 140401983347.png - (107.25KB, 300x169, _mmd__yakumo_ran_nude_model_by_sotasystems-d76r78i.png) [iqdb]
I was wondering if you guys could provide some NSFW MMD's? The ones that have nude models or have sex scenes.Similar to this one


As for that video, I am looking for any download links of it.I am tired of viewing videos from FC2.

here you go. I'm sure you can figure out how to download from fc2 easily.
Does anyone have premium on fc2?
File 140414793196.jpg - (8.33KB, 295x166, 457957137_295x166.jpg) [iqdb]
There's lot of nude dancing on vimeo. Unfortunately, no sex and tags, so just look through the list.
C'mon, gather the best models and make some SFMs already.
That tool is not really useful, you know. It neither allows you to download the best version nor even the full video when it's one of those time-limited ones that stop at 30 secs.
The easiest way is to grab the cached video. All you need is just provide enough disk space for it in browser options, set required quality in media player and wait until buffering is done. Some sites have direct .mp4/.flv link in source code.
Mind reminding how this is done? I recall there being some sort of shortcut for it, and I can't remember if I needed any additional Firefox plugins or add-ons...

Go nuts. I don't know if you know about this guy cause you were already on fc2 but I only found him off from pixiv. fc2's search system is pretty damn crappy.
No one really tags their things so its searching kinda sucks ass
File 14043974825.png - (506.21KB, 800x600, sanae toisshoni tore ningu_avi_snapshot_00_50_[201.png) [iqdb]
Google it for certain browser. Sure you can find some plugins, but all downloaded files are kept in cache folder, so you just need to find it and pick required file by date or size (as for opera, they don't have extensions, rename it afterwards).
File 140445801126.png - (335.56KB, 1393x818, Sin título.png) [iqdb]
to download we need FVD Downloader

apply in FC2video xvideos and more except for Youtube
Is registering to fc2 really the only way to get access to the full quality videos?
Yeah, I seem to be offered tiny .flv by using FVD on a FCD video page.
I used DownloadHelper on OP's video link and snatched a 1920x1080 FLV, 270 MB big.

I don't have to wait for it to be fully cached either.
yep, with DownloadHelper is easy download them
I sure hope someone is compiling these touhou sex MMD's.

I am digging on FC2, hoping to find some gems in the past.Would gladly link some if I find a decent vid.
What are some search words you can use to track down more videos? I'm kind of lost on how to use fc2 to find more.
What helps me out a lot of the time in finding Touhou sex-related MMDs is to search for other series instead. Some of the MMD artists who do stuff like Vocaloid MMDs or im@s MMDs may have had Touhou stuff back-logged in their uploads without proper tags to find them.
File 140693994922.png - (174.33KB, 320x447, 4qj3hk.png) [iqdb]
>Video with Remi
>mfw she dances
>not fapping furiously to dat vaginal prolapse
File 142232972363.png - (422.73KB, 646x513, c4e4ae3f59a990a17a765565106cd995.png) [iqdb]
you could please provide me with models for mmd?
The MMD models scene is a fucking mess, but the easist way to start hunting for models is probably to go to:
It has a compilation that links to most of the available models. But you'll have to figure out how to download them. Plenty are locked behind passwords, some are told outright, some you have to figure out, and it's all a pain in the ass. One of the primary reasons why I stopped paying attention to that shit.
Not to try to necro anything seeing as this hasn't been touched in almost 4 months, but I thought I might bring this thing to attention.

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