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35220 No. 35220
No. 35221
I do final checks on my appearance in the mirror. The short kimono I'm wearing leaves little to the imagination, with the belt hugging the deep blue silk cloth tight to my torso. The costume comes down just enough to hide my panties and the top is loose enough to show my shoulders and give a glorious visage of my cleavage. My hair is set up on my customary hair loops, with my artefact hair "needle" as a decoration. I finish the look by establishing absolute territory with black thigh-high socks.

Perfect; not too scary and properly erotic while being technically modest.

My guest for the next couple of hours is Kirisame Marisa, one of the founders of the Three Witches "exotics" shop. Also the most maidenly of the three. I was asked to by her friends Patchouli and Alice to help her get over her reservations. All for the sake of running the shop better. Well, since our brothel has extensive arrangements with them, they've collected quite a bit of store credit on our end. Enough to get Marisa a VIP account here at the Naughty Nectar Mansion and several sessions with me. Pretty nice arrangement for all, really.

I just hope the elder witches didn't have to tie up Marisa to haul her ass over here. Well, on second thought, that wouldn't be too bad. Except I prefer my customers to be voluntarily here. Usually, at least.

The room is in order, a couple of cozy leather chairs and a table for the introduction interview next to the door. My huge bed is on the outer wall, next to the window. Most of my training equipment is either on the shelves around the room or in an adjacent storage room. The room and its adjunct toilet, bathroom and storage room take the entire front end of the mansion wings seventh, and top, floor.

Everything looks good, the only thing missing now is my victim customer. Preparing for a bit of a wait while she dithers in coming here, I take a comfortable position in one of the chairs and pour myself a glass of wine.

Barely half a glass later a knock sounds at the door, followed by a hasty entry by Marisa. She is dressed in her usual cliched witch attire. So very conservative, the long black skirt and loose white shirt with a black vest do a good job at hiding her figure.

"Hi... uh..." Marisa's halting speech, flushed cheeks and twitchy movements tell volumes about how nervous she is. Oh boy, this is going to take a bit of work to calm her down, isn't it?

"Please, take a seat. We'll just be talking for a bit to begin with. Would you like to have some wine?" I gesture at the seat across the table and give Marisa a welcoming smile. She quickly takes the offered seat and looks down so that the wide brim of her hat conceals her face. Her hands grip her skirt with white knuckles.

"Is this going to hurt?" Hmm. Well, that's a fair question.

"That depends entirely on what you want. And I mean what you really want, not what you necessarily declare as your desire. Do you have any special requests?" Marisa shakes her head, causing the top of her pointy hat to swing in the air.

"You don't have any, or you cannot say it out loud?" The poor girl doesn't really want to be here. Well, time for Gensoukyou's most important social lubricant. "Would you like some wine? It's quite excellent." Marisa nods in response and I pour her a glass. She grabs it hastily throws back her head and drinks the contents down her throat like she was dying of thirst.

"Another." Marisa commands as she holds out the glass over the table. I oblige and fill her glass. She downs it again. This is starting to look like a waste of good wine, but it's a worthy sacrifice, getting her to loosen up just the right amount is a priority. But too much would make certain other things too difficult or downright harmful, so when she demands another refill I just rebuke her.

"I think that's enough for now. These sessions really won't do what they are supposed to if you are wasted through them."

"But I want to be wasted!" Marisa screams, directing a glare my way. She visibly shakes to calm herself. "I mean... Sorry. It's just that I'm not really comfortable with this stuff. Alice and Patche kind of forced me here, and the way you hacked this entire plan together with them. Do you have any idea how humiliating it was to listen to my friends recommending all kinds of lewd things. Planning with you like that..."

"Marisa, it's fine, I understand. But you also need to remember, your friends are worried about you. They think that you have too much unreleased stress. That you are denying yourself too many pleasures just to chase them in magical craft."

"But they're so far ahead of me! How can I catch up to them if every day I catch up to them they move one day ahead themselves?"

"Have you considered that perhaps your single minded dedication to your craft itself is hampering your ability to think? From what I hear you've had your nose in the same tomes for quite a while now without any progress."

"Of course I have! Alice has said as much. But I don't... I can't take the time off. Whenever I try to I just end up thinking the same things over and over again. I have to try harder."

"Yet that very trying is what is keeping you from actually taking the time to relax. And as long as you can't relax, you're not going to be able to learn the material. Am I wrong?"

"No..." Marisa doubles over as she grabs her legs to her body. "But I don't believe you can snap me out of this either."

"Oh really now." I smile predatorily at her. Good thing she can't see it. "I'm quite adept at making sure people reconsider things."

"Perhaps rather than asking for your preferences, I should ask what you absolutely will not allow." I rise from the chair and walk over to one of the shelves to grab a thin stack of forms and a pen. I put them down in front of Marisa.

"Huh, what's this then?" Marisa rises up from her miserable position and looks confusedly at the form.

"It's a list of general and specific events and activities that we can do here. Basically, the point here is to mark down what you absolutely will not allow or want to do under any circumstance. The descriptions for many of the terms are on the last page of the form, please feel free to refer to them if there's something you do not understand." I take my lecturing tone. "The more common thing to use is to have qualifications for those things with hard and soft limits and a rating of preferences, but I don't think you know quite enough to name your preferences."

"Okay." Marisa takes her hat off and sets it on the table beside her and starts to go over the list.

"Bwuh?!" The list is quite through. And undoubtedly shocking to someone as inexperienced as Marisa. "Drinking blood?! You have vampires here? I thought they were all at Remilia's place." Very through. "Fisting? What's this then..." Marisa scans the final page and her face promptly colours a deep red. "You can do that?!"

Marisa finally finishes after about ten minutes if filling out the form. There's a disappointing amount of crosses on the list, but it looks like I can still work with it. The poor girl looks at me like I've raped her and taken her virginity. Oh well, the list does have some extreme content on it. Let's see what we have to work with here. I need to plan out Marisa's first training menu. I will need to ensure that she gets her money's worth, gets distracted from her obsession with work enough that the other witches don't complain yet not too hard to make her run away for good.

Feel free to request something specific outside of the list, though within reason.
[] Pain
-[] Needle play
-[] Candle waxing
-[] Whipping
-[] Electricity
-[] Ropes
-[] Gag
[] Humiliation
-[] Enema
-[] Dog play
[] Pleasure
-[] Anal
-[] Vaginal
-[] Breasts
-[] Clitoris
[] Service
[] Alice's gift
No. 35223
[x] Pleasure
-[x] Breasts

Start slow, we don't wanna scare her off right?
No. 35225
[x] Pleasure
-[x] Breasts
-[x] Clitoris
[x] Service

No idea what "service" is, but it sounds interesting enough.
No. 35226
[X] Humiliation
-[X] Dog play
No. 35229
You'd want to start slow for something like this. But "Service" has me too intrigued to not vote for it
No. 35231
[X] Pleasure
-[X] Breasts
-[X] Clitoris
[X] Service

If the poor girl is still virgin, it's better to start soft and let her enjoy. No need to scare her now with an aphrodisiac injection on her buttocks. We'll reserve it for later.
No. 35233
[x] Pleasure
-[x] Breasts
No. 35234
[x] Pleasure
-[x] Breasts
-[x] Clitoris
[x] Service
Gotta start off slow lest we spook her.
No. 35235
We should avoid pain as well... She is still Marisa. She may come back and burn the place down if we're too rough (Or just blast the place to bits with Master Spark).
No. 35236
[x] Pleasure
-[x] Breasts
-[x] Clitoris
[x] Service

Whoo hoo Marisa route is go.
No. 35237
File 140131750628.jpg- (33.48KB , 350x261 , mystery_box_3543_6880.jpg ) [iqdb]
[] Alice's gift

No. 35238
[X] Humiliation
-[X] Dog play

I really want to see Marisa with a dog tail plug. And barking like a dog. And being taken out for walks.
No. 35245
Starting slow is good. Then you can ramp things up gradually, when she's too out of it to resist.
No. 35247
[X] Humiliation
-[X] Dog play

I want to just cut to the chase. We'll see if Seiga is charismatic enough to pull it off.
No. 35248
[x] Pain
-[x] Electricity
[x] Pleasure
-[x] Anal
-[x] Vaginal
-[x] Breasts
-[x] Clitoris

Marisa needs something to shock her out of her rut after all.
No. 35250
The writing is getting to the point where I need to close the votes.
No. 35259
File 140143356649.jpg- (326.35KB , 1003x706 , 41487629_big_p12.jpg ) [iqdb]
Menu selection:
[x] Pain
-[x] Electricity
[x] Humiliation
-[x] Dog play
[x] Pleasure
-[x] Breasts
-[x] Vaginal
-[x] Clitoris
[x] Service

I do one final check of the list Marisa handed me before I file it away. It's liable to change as she gets more experience, but it's a good idea to keep her hard limits in mind. The menu I came up with is actually pretty decent for a first session. At least, I hope so.

"Let us begin, then. Undress." My tone of voice makes it clear to Marisa that it's a command.


"No buts. You knew what you were in for coming here. Hurry up, while I get your equipment ready." I get up from my chair and walk to the storeroom.

"Fine." Marisa quietly mumbles behind me.

Let's see, some pet play to set the tone. I'm going to need these. I grab the box for dog play accessories from the shelf. Somewhat longingly I run my hand over the headrest of a piece of furniture that resembles a chair - if chairs were made of steel, had separate rests for both legs, and had a bunch of leather belts that you can use to immobilise the user.

"Your time will come." I whisper to the chair. Turning around, I march back to the training room.

Marisa has not followed orders. Not completely at any rate. She's fidgeting in her seat, wearing just her underwear, desperately hiding her body with her removed clothes. Pretty bland choices for underwear too, just plain white pieces. No wonder Alice wants me to shock her a bit.

"Marisa, what do you think you're doing?"

"I did what you asked, didn't I?"

"You're still wearing your underwear. Also, you're hiding your body. Stop that." I give her a hard look. "Stand up so that I can get a good look of you."

"Uuh... Why did I let myself get talked into this?" She grumbles into her pile of clothes.

"Because deep inside, even with all those complaints, you know you need this. Now hurry up already, we don't have the entire day and you have an entire training menu to go through."

Marisa roughly slams the clothes she was holding to her body on the table, jumps up and starts fiddling with her bra. She's too flustered to actually take it off, though. I put the box I'm holding on the table and embrace her from behind.

"Calm down. It's all going to be fine." I whisper into her ear. "I have trained dozens of people, you're safe in my hands, all you need to do is trust me."

"Trust... That is easier said than done, you know." Despite her protest, she does relax somewhat in my arms, leaning back towards me.

I take that as permission to start gently exploring her body. A fit stomach, mmm, although she does need to eat more; her ribs are poking out a bit on her upper stomach. She has a pleasant aroma around her that reminds me of a forest. Not a surprise, given where she lives. Overall, she's in very good shape physically. Her tight, well formed muscles reveal far more strength than would otherwise be apparent in such a lithe frame. Also, that pillowy ass. I've got to remember to use her butt as a headrest at some point.

Time for a sensitivity test. I cup Marisa's breasts over her brassiere. Clearly padded; I guess she feels the need to make them look larger. Though with the baggy clothes she wears, it's kind of pointless to use padding, isn't it? Maybe I should ask her about it sometime. I pull the bra up to her armpits and Marisa moans quietly as my fingers brush against her nipples. She's not very well formed, there's just enough there to fill my hands. At least she's not entirely insensitive here.

"Would you get on with it already?!" Quite demanding, isn't she. Or she's just covering her frail nerves with aggressiveness.

"Marisa, please. First of all, you need to learn patience. The best results come only with time. Second, I'm the one leading here, not you. Since the session has now begun, you will call me 'mistress.'" I pause for a moment.

"And?" She prompts me.

"And I'm just doing necessary exploratory work here. I want to find out all your sensitive spots."


"You're visiting a brothel and you're asking a professional why they want to know how to pleasure you the best?" Marisa sighs at my obvious observation. "Look, you don't need to try to act tough in front of me. This session is private, and as long as you don't say anything about it to anybody, nobody will know. Also, I can see through your bluster just fine."

"Bluster? I'm not... Ow!" I pinch Marisa's nipples roughly with my blue-lacquered fingernails.

"Honesty, please."

"Ok ok ok, just please stop pinching like that." I don't yield. "Fine, 'mistress'." I release some of the pressure and change my attack into using my fingertips instead of the hard nails. The effect is immediate, Marisa's complaints stop and she leans more on me. This girl is really weak to pleasure, isn't she?

I think she'll be quite amenable to carrot and stick methods of training.

Breasts are done now, time to move on to other areas. I start probing the rest of Marisa's upper body with my hands, methodically testing different kinds of touches from gentle swipes that barely touch her skin to rough grabs. No critical hit zones here, apparently. Somewhat sensitive underarms aside. Let's see how the bottom is.

The instant I move my hands to Marisa's lower torso she draws a sharp breath. Bingo. Several more strokes later it's clear that this is a good place for her, inner thighs and buttocks are especially sensitive. I massage her weak points for a few more moments. Just to make sure.

Honestly, it's all in the name of science.

Fine, I want to make this ass mine.

Moving on, I start rubbing Marisa's privates through her panties, pushing the fabric between her buttocks. Gently massaging her anus through the fabric provides me with more evidence on my longtime running thesis. All witches have super-sensitive assholes.

"Do you really have to do that? My panties will get all dirty like this."

"Oh, you're still complaining? Time for a bit of punishment for a naughty girl." I roughly grab Marisa's panties with both hands at the sides and pull the material taut across her crotch. Her reaction is a scream, a mix between delight and pain. Good, that's exploitable. The more she confuses the two, the better.

I shift my hold from the sides to both ends of the crotch piece and begin roughly yanking the soft cloth back and forth. Marisa tries to grab my hands to make me stop, but her strength is nowhere near what she'd need to overcome mine. Every movement back and forth makes her resistance weaker. After a few more rubs I release the cloth.

"By the way, don't worry about the panties, I've got plenty of replacements here." Best to not mention now that the selection sides heavily on the erotic side.

"Uuh... But I like these ones..."

After a few moments of uncomfortable silence I finish liberating Marisa from her underwear. I take a couple of steps back to admire her body while she squirms under my gaze.

"Would you get on with it already?"

"Oh ho~. So eager now. Good to see that you're getting into this."

"That's not what I meant! Damn it..." This girl should learn not to leave herself open for teasing~.

I open the box of equipment for dog play and lay out the equipment on the table and direct Marisa to sit back down on the chair. A pair of long, black leather gloves, padded at the elbow with a construction that forces the wearer's hand into a fist. A matching pair of long boots, for the lack of a better word, with moulded metal plates that forces the feet straight, terminating in rounded tips. They have some heavy padding at the knees for comfort. Four lockable shackles for the ankles and wrists and a massive red collar. The shackles and collar all have the same kind of a locking mechanism, they terminate at one end on a thick, steel box with a shaped entry port and a round lock, and at a somewhat thinner metallic plate with holes that fits perfectly into the entry port.

"You've got to be kidding me." Marisa stares at the equipment in horror.

"Your right hand, please." My please is not a request. Marisa obeys, and I slide the glove up her arm, bunching it up a bit every now and then to help draw it up. It is a very snug fit. "Don't try to fight with your fingers, you might break your nails."

Marisa does not resist and lets the glove sort her digits into their own compartments. I pull the glove up to near Marisa's shoulder and then run my hands upwards from her fist towards the shoulder to make sure I've gotten all the kinks in the material out. As a finishing touch I tighten the garment in place with a belt that's integrated into the top part of the glove.

Marisa tries to flex her fingers underneath the skin of the glove, to no avail. The material is far too strong for her to have even the slightest of chance of breaking or stretching it.

"Exciting, isn't it, feeling your sense of control slip away." I whisper in her ear, Marisa shivers. I wonder, is it fear or expectation? "One by one, parts of your physical freedom disappear." I hold her gloved fist with my hands. "See this paw here? It is no longer a tool for grasping, for manipulating things, for caressing a lover. Just a nearly useless lump of flesh, wrapped in a leather prison. Not a hand." Marisa stares dumbfoundedly at her paw.

"Your other hand, please." I repeat the motions for the second glove, this one goes on faster since I already have fresh memory of how to use it and Marisa offers even less resistance than for the first arm.

Then come the boots. Marisa grunts in discomfort as her feet are forced into a position she's not at all accustomed to. She's probably never even worn high heels before, judging by her reaction. Then again, this restraint is even more extreme that even the highest heels give. They force her feet backwards, almost into a straight line with her tibiae. Walking upwards with these would distribute her weight very uncomfortably on her toes. And balacing on the rounded tips would be almost impossible anyway. I finish up the boots by pulling the leather belt on their top portion tight, causing the soft leather to dig into Marisa's upper thighs.

"Is this really necessary? I wasn't planning on running away, you know."

"It's not about necessity, it's about the mood and the feelings. Don't you think these bindings give a nice feel of desperation, a tingle in the back of your neck. Fear. And as a counterpoint of that fear, trust." One by one, I take the leather shackles from the table and lock them in place. Marisa shivers at every click, conflicted emotions fight on her face. "See, with every shackle, you lose control. But I gain it. With every shackle, you give your trust to me." I lean next to her ear. "With every shackle, you become mine." Marisa lets out a pitiable whine.

"And now for the finishing touch. This collar is a nice enchanted artefact, you'll learn to love it soon." That said, I strain a bit to unwind the stiff restraint enough to slip it around Marisa's neck, making sure to brush her hair out of the way so it doesn't get stuck. The collar locks with a terminally loud metallic noise. Without possessing a key, Marisa will not be able to escape her restraints. The wide collar fits very snugly around her neck, given all the padding it's line with it's a comfortable thing to wear for extended perioids.

As soon as the collar is secured on Marisa's neck she screams in surprise, nearly falling out of the chair. She grabs at me for support.

"What is going on!? My butt hurts!"

"Shh, calm down, I told you it's an enchanted tool. You are now growing a tail and ears."

"What? Like those wolf tengu?"

"Kind of." Surely enough a pair of ears start pushing out of the top of Marisa's head, covered in smooth fur that resembles the rest of her hair. A matching curly tail spouts from the end of her tailbone. Marisa breathes heavily and groans in pain, but luckily for her it's over pretty quickly. She sits uncomfortably back into her chair, trying to figure out a way to sit with her new tail. A process accompanied by some cute butt-wiggling-

"There we go! A brand new dog Marisa! Would you like to see yourself in a mirror?" As I look at my new pet, my hand automatically goes to her hair. Such beautiful ears-.

"Do I really have to?" I stop just short of petting Marisa, my face turns stony.

"Oh, almost forgot. Marisa, pain." Marisa screams falls off the chair as an electric shock runs through her body, causing it to convulse. "Last time I checked, dogs don't speak human language." I wiggle my index finger at her. She has a frightened look on her face as she looks up to me from the floor.

"So, let's try that again, would you like to see yourself in a mirror?"

"Woof!" Marisa barks quietly while shaking her head.

"Good girl. Let's go anyway." I pick up the final item from the equipment box, a leash, and attach it to a loop in the collar.

There's a huge mirror for humiliation play on a wall between the bathroom's and storage closet's doors. I start leading Marisa over to it and give the leash a bit of a yank to make sure she follows, only to hear a thump and a groan of pain behind me. The silly girl had tried to stand up. With tears in her eyes Marisa tries her best to move upright on her padded knees.

"Come on now, what kind of a dog walks on two legs? Do you really want to be punished that bad?"

With this Marisa crumbles down into a fetal position and starts sobbing.

"I can't... *sniff* I can't... it's too much...."

Oh boy. I heave a deep sigh. So what should I do now? I could punish her hard and make her do what I want by violence, or I could be a strict mistress who guides Marisa to her ultimate fate as my dog. Or maybe there's some other option?

[] Write-in.
No. 35260
Really you went with the minority votes for this?

Yea I'm out. OP is incompetent
No. 35261
[ ] Violence!

This is really good. I like this. I'm always in for some BDSM play. And I like your Seiga.

also, inability to count doesn't always mean incompetent. Maybe.
No. 35262
Hmm? I just went with some of the more popular options there. I never said this vote was exclusive, after all. Also, please note that neither is this next one. I'll see what kinds of ideas people get, if there are votes that are best grouped, I'll do some kind of amalgam of them. If there are exclusive ideas, I'll probably pick the one with most votes, unless some combination of similar ideas works better.

I don't really like first past the post voting anyways, if that was the voting style, we'd be massaging Marisa's breasts until the end of time.
No. 35263

Was the winning vote but you just went with Pet play and pain.

I wonder if the voting doesn't even matter
No. 35264
[x] Firm but gentle. Ease her into it. Remind her that this wasn't one of her hard limits so she must have been at least a little curious.
No. 35265
And as you can see, the particular subjects that people voted for the most were included in the menu. What exactly is the problem? Like I said, that vote was NOT exclusive. And the votes do matter, the things that were voted for the most will get the most attention.

I did make a minor mistake in including the pain part in the menu, since it was only voted on once. So you got me there. An honest mistake that is an artefact of my chaotic writing habits.

The reason I use, and will continue to use inclusive voting for menu selections is quite simple: it prevents extreme homogenisation of outputs. In my experience on this site, the stories that do exclusive voting all the time tend to end up with results that are sometimes quite stupid and out of touch, just because a certain vote gets bandwagoned on.

Also it prevents certain vanilla tendencies from dominating the content of a story by giving the somewhat less popular ideas and votes at least a chance to be heard.
No. 35267
So pretty much check all the boxes you put in or just take away player input then. Kind of defeats the point of writing this as CYOA.

So just remove our input and write the story you want as it looks like that's what you want.

Of course you may also find that people don't want the extreme options here if you're whining about us wanting 'vanilla'.

Since it only takes one vote to get things why not we just do write ins.

[x]Take a Break
-[x]Tea Time

Let's make this nice and soft as the Author seems to be wanting to 100% Full Ahead to hard S&M.
No. 35269
I see what the problem is now. You are under the impression that I'm intentionally blocking or abandoning vanilla content. This is not true. The Marisa scene and the associated training menu will persist for at least a couple more posts. I included the training menu in the post to indicate that these parts will be included, they will simply play out over couple of posts. This vote is purely to decide what kind of an attitude Seiga should take for now.
No. 35270
My vote is unchanged.

Valina Touhou is best Touhou (And yes I consider Futanari to be Vanilla)
No. 35272
write-in [x]orgasm denial

You have an interesting way of tallying votes here. While I like the fact that you're giving every vote a chance to shine I would have preferred that you at least have given the more voted options more screen time while the less voted options less. I feel the bulk of the people here aren't against hardcore stuff but in the context of the story it felt more fitting to east Marisa into it rather then just going all in on the first post.

Anyways to that end I'm voting for Seiga to try some orgasm denial on Marisa. At this point she needs something soft to calm her down after what she's been through in a few short minutes, but at the same time to not quite give her the satisfaction of release. If the idea is to train Marisa then it would feel better to put her in a position where she's begging Seiga to do anything to her.
No. 35274
Honestly with his idea it's going to lead to amusing derails with write ins as if EVERYTHING counts we're going to have strange derails since really I don't get the point of this one outside mindbreak Marisa for no good reason
No. 35275
Well it doesn't need to be mind break. Ironically I suggested that because it felt like a less mind breaking way to get Marisa to admit to what she wants. As opposed to say "make her do what I want through violence" which was a suggested possibility.
No. 35276
This thread looks to be really aiming for that being the endgame especially with how the OP started it.

This one seems to have that be the explicit goal which really makes the thread lose a lot of promise. Since right off the bat it read like a Faceless Man Mindbreak story.

At least 'Doing better' the OP actively aimed to avoid it. Even though that story kinda went downhill to Medicine could just walk around naked and people would join her Harem...
No. 35283
Yeah, no. This is not a mind break story. There's only so much fun to be extracted from someone who is just broken, so Seiga won't take that path unless votes clearly support that direction.

In addition, when there are votes that actually require choosing between distinct possibilities, I will use a more traditional voting. Or to be more precise, this voting method collapses to a classical one, since only one outcome is possible.

I'm ok with amending the menu with orgasm denial if you can get others to vote for it. But for now, please vote on Seiga's attitude first so that I can get the ball rolling again from this shitfest.
No. 35286
[x] Firm but gentle. Ease her into it. Remind her that this wasn't one of her hard limits so she must have been at least a little curious.
No. 35287
Excellent, thank you. Votes closed, writing.
No. 35288
I'm too late to vote, but I wanted to thank you and ask you to keep going as you are.
No. 35295
One thing that bugs me with that vote is that you might NOT know your hard limits until you hit it. Or are you ONLY going to pick write ins you want to get there. Thus leading us to blindly guess what you wanted us to say.
No. 35299
>only 2 people vote pet play
>write it anyway
Wow, fuck you. I didn't vote for it because I didn't want to see it.
No. 35303
I chose not to publish the list since that gives me some freedom to move around. Basically you can assume that Marisa checked off most of the extreme contents and I'd have just called out if people had voted for menu options that included something hairy. The alternative would have been to publish a massive list of hard limits for people to parse, spend tons of time pondering every detail, and waste writing time and effort on something that is effectively a waste of time.

Three people voted for it. Stop lying.
No. 35304
Since we didn't set hard limits we're pretty much set for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING since we didn't come in with list of stuff no Okay. It really is showing the rails are very apparent.

Note how fast your vote base dropped after one update
No. 35307
[x] Have a safe word.
For the love of Dragon.
No. 35310
[x] Have a safe word.
Add that to my vote.

This is a MUST as this can go to bad end territory fast without one.
No. 35311
I wouldn't mind a bad end for Marisa, but then again I fucking love a good bad end.
No. 35312
[x] Firm but gentle. Ease her into it. Remind her that this wasn't one of her hard limits so she must have been at least a little curious.
[x] Have a safe word.

No bondage EVER without one of these. There's way too many ways for things to go wrong otherwise.
No. 35313
Without a safe word we could have this become Snuff.

So in the end my vote is

[x]Take a Break
-[x]Tea Time
[x]Establish a Safe Word
No. 35314
Porn is serious business.
No. 35324
Nah it's more about S&M because well things go bad... things can go REALLY bad
No. 35354
[x] Firm but gentle. Ease her into it. Remind her that this wasn't one of her hard limits so she must have been at least a little curious.
[x] Have a safe word.
[x] Take a Break
-[x] Tea Time
-[x] Cuddling

I walk behind Marisa's crying form and get down on my knees. Marisa offers only a token resistance as I gently grab her shoulders and pull her backwards into my embrace. She's shivering with fear. Bad sign. I don't want her broken, that's always in poor form. Breaking something is easy; even a child can do it. Creating something new is the difficult part.

Besides, breaking her won't help Marisa get over her issues. Nor give me the pleasure of training cute girls helping people with their problems.

"Shhh, it's ok." I softly whisper into Marisa's ear. "I'm sorry for starting out so strong. Clearly I went a bit overboard somewhere."

Marisa sniffs and surrenders herself to my embrace. At least she's no longer shivering. I give her dog ears an experimental petting. They don't offer much resistance as my hand brushes them flat to her skull, and then spring back up as I relinquish the pressure. Marisa turns her head around to look at me with an unreadable expression.

"So, what's going on? What broke the camel's back, so to say?" I'm honestly curious now. Her reaction was a bit too extreme from my experience. I've never seen someone start crying out loud like this before. Then again, my customers are usually more voluntary and... impure. This is a most curious learning experience indeed.

Marisa holds up her gloved hands. The shiny, black leather hugs them practically skintight. "These... gloves... I've never been unable to use my hands. Not like this. I started thinking of what if I'll never be able to take these off..." Marisa's voice trails off. She gathers her thoughts for a moment. "I think I just got scared when I fell down. I felt so powerless... And you were being so mean." Ah. So a bit of kindness will definitely pay off with Marisa.

I take her hands into mine and start rubbing them.

"Uh, what are you... wait, are you going to punish me again for speaking?"

"Nah, we'll need to ease you into this first. What I'm doing here is getting your mind to recognise and familiarise itself with the feelings of having limited mobility. Try to stretch your fingers."

Marisa follows my instructions and I feel her fingers straining against the leather.

"Good, now feel the restraint, but don't try to fight it. Understand that it is there. Try to think of how you would perform actions with the gloves on."

Marisa's concentration has pretty much wiped out her earlier distress. Her curious mind has already honed itself on a new target.

"Straighten your legs forward." Marisa follows my directions without a hitch now. "Now feel the extremes that your legs can move. Feel the restraint out, but don't bother fighting it. They're designed to hold greater youkai. A human like you won't be able to do anything about them." Marisa twists her legs around, and the way her muscles bulge, she's apparently trying to bend her ankles, obviously to no avail.

"Are you starting to get a better feel for things now?"

"Yeah, I guess. Uh, sorry about that earlier. I guess I kind of panicked."

"Oh don't worry about it, it happens every now and then." I lie. "By the way, why did you not mark pet play as a hard limit? Were you curious, or was it an oversight?"

"Ergh..." Marisa blushes. So, it's the first one.

"Nothing to be ashamed of, dear. Everybody gets curious about new things every now and then." Marisa looks at me happily.

"Though rarely without being previously primed at it somehow..." I continue my musings. Colour drains from Marisa's face. Bingo~.

"It's all Patchouli's fault." Marisa's voice is barely audible as she turns her head away and mumbles.

"Hmm, what was that?" I prompt her.

"Patchouli and that succubus of hers keeps on pestering me to read all these books."

"But aren't you happy that you have such a great friend then?"

"What do you mean 'great', I don't want to become like the others. They're embarassing!" Oh ho, unresolved issues. Well, nothing I can do about that now.

"By the way, there's a little something that I should have remembered beforehands. Something kind of important." 'Remembered' my ass, it's inconvenient for me. But it would appear that in Marisa's case, I have no choice if I want to avoid future panics.


"There's this concept of a 'safe word'. It's kind of a release valve of sorts. When you say it, we immediately stop what we're doing and we can discuss what is wrong."

"Uh, so, it would have been useful just-"

"Yes, just now." I sigh. Marisa giggles, surprising me. "Huh, what gives?"

"Ahah, I'm just kind of relieved. I've been all tense over this the entire day. But I guess this might not be all bad like this." She smiles radiantly at me over her shoulder. Indeed she feels far less tense now. "So, what is the safe word?"

"I was thinking of something simple, like 'red'. It should not come up often in regular play, and it's quick to say."

"Red... Red... Yeah, I kind of like that. It sounds like one of those traffic light things."

"So, how are you holding up? Feel like you can continue?"

"Yeah, I think I can. So, what's next?"

"Well, I was thinking of tea and cuddling." I quip in good humour.

"What." Marisa looks at me incredulously.

I gently push Marisa upright and stand up.

"Would you like anything with the tea?"

"Errrr... cookies?" Marisa is utterly lost and confused now, the way her face squints makes me want to do things to her. Patience, Seiga.

Tapping a few buttons on the room's digital assistant touchscreen I order a pot of tea and a plate of cookies from the kitchen. I take a seat and motion Marisa to come closer. As she tries to take a seat, I remind her with a grin: "I don't think dogs are allowed at the table."

"Hah. I knew there was a catch." Marisa returns my grin and stops her attempts to get on the seat.

"Besides, I need you down there to do something. Come closer." As she does so, I grab the leash and lightly guide her head between my legs with a pull.

"Uh. Wha-"

"I thought I'd have you service me for a bit. See..." I lift my kimono up to reveal my panties. "You need a bit of an appetiser before the tea." I wiggle my finger under my panties waistline. "Help me take off my panties. With your teeth."

Marisa's face colours deep red as she grabs the fabric between her teeth and pulls it down. I give enough room on the leash to let her finish the process. After the piece comes off, I instruct Marisa to come closer.

"See now." I spread my legs on the chair and use my fingers to lightly open my folds for Marisa to see. "If you do really good, I'll make you feel good as well."

Marisa stares at my privates in rapt attention and moves closer.

"Come on, use your tongue. Start out at the edges, then move inwards, just like mom taught you."

"My mom neve- Mmmph!" Marisa's remark is cut short as I grab the back of her head and pull her in. Marisa doesn't fight back, and instead starts to tentatively lick my outer folds, I give her head a bit of room to work with again. Pleasant tingles start shooting up from my pussy as her tongue traces up, over and over again.

"Good- ahn, now try inserting your too~ngue" Marisa's attentive service is turning aggressive as she lightly nips my clitoris with her teeth. My panting grows heavy and shocks of pleasure shoot up my spine over and over again. It feels like a container is filling up inside of me, waiting to burst. I can't even speak coherently anymore.

"Your order has arrived!" A loud, but clear voice calls out, snapping me out of my trance. Marisa is likewise shocked and quickly turns towards the intruder. A green-haired fairy in a maid costume is standing next to the table with a tray in her hands.

"Damn it." I mutter. "Why didn't you use the buzzer?" I hate being interrupted like this.

"I did. Five times." The fairy shoots back. Oops.

"Ahem. Well thank you-"

"Huh, is that that Kirisame witch?" Marisa, desperately trying to hide herself in my crotch, suddenly freezes in terror.

"Oh, you know her?"

"Only in passing. And by passing I mean she shot me up real good in one of her invasions into Lady Scarlet's mansion, back when I still worked there."

Marisa looks up at me pleadingly, clearly mortified at this turn of events.

I'm not hearing a safe word.

[] Offer the fairy a chance to punish Marisa a bit.
[] Tease Marisa a bit more and then send the fairy away.
[] Send the fairy away right now. She's interrupted enough.


Sorry this took so long, real life and stuff sapped my will to write.
No. 35356
[x]Three Way
[x]Punish Fairy for barging in

Also Marisa really seems to not be wanting this...

Kinda thinking we should let her go. We already got paid
No. 35357
[x] Offer the fairy a chance to punish Marisa a bit.

Fuck it. All in, baby.
No. 35358
[x] Offer the fairy a chance to punish Marisa a bit.

Though we should make sure the fairy doesn't go overboard.

No safe word yet~
No. 35359
[x] Offer the fairy a chance to punish Marisa a bit.

The end goal IS to make Marisa more open to other people and this is oppertunity literally knocking at the door and barging in. It seems a waste not to use this chance.

Though we would need to make sure the fairy doesn't go overboard. On one hand she doesn't know Marisa's limits while on the other hand we do have a safe word in case things go too far.
No. 35360
[X] Tease Marisa a bit more and then send the fairy away.

Let's not push too hard just yet
No. 35364
The fairy gets her chance at a little bit of sexy revenge. Writing.
No. 36476
File 141804454344.jpg- (403.42KB , 460x614 , 46497635_p0.jpg ) [iqdb]
Surprise updates!

[x] Offer the fairy a chance to punish Marisa a bit.

A most wonderful idea pops to my head. If I really want to help Marisa, I need to get her as far outside of her comfort zone as I can without breaking her. The fairy is the perfect tool. Weak, something Marisa probably considers little more than target practice even on the best of days and thus someone she'd never normally subjugate herself to.

It's also good for coworker morale~

"Well then, if that's all, I'll take my leave." The fairy curtsies, but just as she's about to turn around I interrupt her.


"Yes? Was there something else you needed?" The fairy turns her head to the side adorably to question me.

"Would you like to join us for tea?" I wave towards the seat across from me while absentmindedly scratching Marisa's dog ears. She lifts her face and looks at me with a mortified expression, probably having already figured out what I'm planning. She's a sharp girl, I like that.

"But there are only two teacups, there's three of us and-"

"Does it look like she's drinking from a cup?" I lift up Marisa's right hand to show her "paw." "There's a bowl she can use instead."

"Ah, you wish to continue the session with my assistance?"

"At least for a moment. Say, would you like to have a bit of a payback for your pains at the hands of this wicked witch?" I flash the fairy a little grin.

"Now that you put it that way, I think Miss Kirisame has some debts to pay, doesn't she?" The fairy finally starts to pick up the tone I need of her, theatrically holding her hand to her cheek in an exaggerated pondering gesture.

Marisa tries to bury her warm face in my lap to hide herself, the poor girl is probably blushing quite hard. I can't stop myself from lightly rubbing her dog ears.

"Indeed, one could say she does." I reply to her.

"So, how should we do this, Miss Kaku?"

"I have a few ideas, but I think you should suggest something. After all, you're the one with the gripe."

"I see what you mean. Well, I'm pretty good at keeping my sisters in line. Of sorts, at least, so maybe it's a wavy line? How about some spanking with a side dish of strap on? That seems to work pretty well for me."

"Not a bad idea at all, if a bit on the bland side."

"Given the circumstances, even a relatively bland thing is spiced up, yes?" Marisa groans at our corny banter, still hiding her face in my lap.

"You'll get the punishment you want soon, Marisa, no need to be so impatient~" I tell her in a sing-song voice, deliberately misunderstanding her reaction. I reicieve another groan in response.

I nod to the fairy and she kneels at Marisa's side.

"Huh, I never noticed Miss Kirisame had such a nice behind." She traces her fingertips over Marisa's plump behind, eliciting a shiver from her. "It's a shame that she hides it under those baggy clothes. This is really something that should be showed off instead of being hidden." She takes an almost studious tone as she gently tests Marisa's ass's firmess with her fingers.

I softly tousle Marisa's hair as her head rests on my lap. "In that case, perhaps we should take her out for a walk?" Marisa freezes up at the joke. "If she were to go outside like this we could present her assets to all the world to see~" Marisa does her best impression of shaking her head while hugging her face to my thighs just a bit too forcefully.

I wave my hand at the fairy to signal that she can begin.

On cue, the fairy pulls back her hand and drives her open palm onto Marisa's defenseless buttock, causing a dry crack of skin striking skin to reverbrate in the room. Marisa lets out a low whining sound, but manages to keep her composure. Another slap hits the other cheek, and a dribble of warm drool escapes from the corner of Marisa's mouth on my lap along with a sharp intake of breath.

The fairy looks up at me and I nod at her to continue. Which she does, delivering a steady stream of sharp slaps that fill the otherwise quiet room. Marisa's cream-coloured butt begins to take a tone closer to that of a tomato. She tries her best to breathe through her mouth to avoid making noises, probably desperate to avoid giving away that she's in pain. Her hot breath tingles my thighs as a small puddle of her drool collects between them.

I gently rub Marisa's ears and pet her head while the fairy works her magic on her ass, hoping that the mixed messages will confuse her even further. Part of the point of the excercise is, after all, to unwind Marisa's usual thoughts in a way that will establish new experiences. Pain is a good teacher. So is pleasure. Mixing them like this, however, is even better. It causes confusion and makes her less able to concentrate on just resisting the pain.

Indeed, that seems to be the case, as Marisa's composure is beginning to break. First she lets out just a small grunt. She manages to rally by closing her mouth and trying to not breathe. Naturally, this only works for a short time. A few more impacts and her resistance breaks. Nasal, almost whiny sounds escape from Marisa.

After some more punishment, the sounds begin to take an almost erotic tone.

Oh, ho~. So, I've got a natural one. The fairy's noticed it too, as she flashes a look at me. Hmm, how to proceed. I motion at her to stop for a bit.

I gently wedge my fingers under Marisa's chin and make her look up at me. Her cheeks are almost as red as her glowing butt, and tears of humiliation glisten in her eyes. But somehow she still manages to look at me defiantly. Or is that perhaps desperation?

"Marisa, would you like miss fairy here to stop?" I can't really read her like this, her previous expression collapses into an almost a relieved one, though it's clear that she's conflicted. "Perhaps she would forgive you if you just threw yourself at her feet, begging for mercy~. Oh, and don't forget swearing never to attack her again." A sufficiently conflicting set of demands, I hope. On one hand, pain and being semi-publically unmasked as a masochist. On the other, utter humiliation.

The great ordinary magician Kirisame Marisa, humbled in front of a mere fairy. With a witness, to boot.

Marisa's eyes flit all over the place, desperately trying to avoid looking at me. Finally, after I sternly call her name, she answers.

"That's unfair!" Ahh, so refreshingly straight to the point, just as expected of her. Instead of trying to avoid the trap, she sees it and barrels through it, not choosing either option.

"My, you like getting spanked that much?" I carefully test the waters with a tease.

"You know perfectly well what I mean! You're just being mean to me. Did losing to me back then really hurt your pride so much you had to use Patche and Alice to force me here?" Oh Marisa, it has nothing to do with my pride, I just love cute girls like you~.

I wonder, how to best defuse this? If I let her go off on a rant she'll escape the trap by default.

[] Refocus, retain control, light discipline.
[] Use force.
[] Try to ruse her back to the trap. (Write in how.)

Sorry for the long delay guys.
No. 36481
[x] Use force.

Well, getting into an argument would be just as bad. We've established that she's an M, so why not go hard.
No. 36482
[x] Refocus, retain control, light discipline.
Need to make her want it, after all.
No. 36485
[X] Try to ruse her back to the trap. (Write in how.)
-[X] Oh? You speak of unfairness? The same Marisa Kirisame, who some might say to be the equal of Gods and greater Youkai alike brings her might to bear on a single fairy, and even still has the gall to speak of unfairness?
-[X] The wheel of Karma comes full circle for you Marisa. Either accept your due punishment or beg this sweet fairy for an ounce of compassion you wouldn't deign to show her.
No. 36496
[x] Refocus, retain control, light discipline.
No. 36499
[x] Refocus, retain control, light discipline.
it is. Writing, updates soon.
In before 6 month wait.

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