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“Mrr.” You're awakened by the feeling of another person slipping into your futon. It's a cold winter night, and they're probably doing it to gain your warmth. Which would be totally okay. If it didn't always result in them taking all of the blankets.

So you kick them out. Literally. With your foot.

“Muuuuu~,” whines a voice. “But it's cold!”

And you don't care. Not one bit. It's warm in here, and damned if you're going to let anyone steal your blankets. Or let all the warmth out.

A minute or two passes. Then they try to get into your futon again. You force them out with your foot again. Your foot hitting their cold skin is unpleasant. What would be more unpleasant would be them trying to cuddle up to you with as cold as they feel like they are.

“Why do you have to be so mean to me?” she says.

“Mrr,” you respond, only willing to grunt. Go away, girl, it's cold, you're cold, don't go stealin' my warmth.

“Tewi stole my blankets and everything. It's cold out here.”

“D'n care. Go 'way.”

“I just want to be warm.” She pauses. “Can I sleep with you?”

“No. Y'always steal th' blankets. G'way.”


“An' dn' be startin' that 'muuu~' crap n' me. I ain't moved.”

“Mrgrgr?” she replies, hopefully.

“Come back when you've betrayed everyone who ever believed in you. Do it, oh, 60,000 times or so.”

“But I'm cold now!”

“And I told you that I don't care.”

“But I'll sleep with you...”

“I already told you that that ain't happening. You steal blankets, girl.”

“No, no. I mean... I'll sleep with you... in the other sense.”

You crack open one bleary eye to spy a girl, framed by the falling snow outside, rabbit ears and pale purple hair lit by the moon, red eyes lit by their own strange luminescence. She's blushing and averting those eyes from you, and she's only dressed in a half-open button-down shirt and panties. Either she actually sleeps like this, or she's trying to manipulate you subtly. But then again, you've never really known Reisen to be particularly subtle.

[ ] She looks cold...
[ ] Nope! My blankets. Go away, girl.
[ ] Write-in.

Did somebody say Reisen route?
No. 34784
[X] She looks cold...

I'm sure I've heard someone say Reisen route a whole lot of times over the years.
No. 34785
[X] She looks cold...

Make it happen. I hope we're not one of the lame Touhous.
No. 34786
[x] Go find Tewi. Take your blankets with you.

Looks like a giant blanket pile is in order. No Reisens allowed.
No. 34787
[X]She looks cold...

Hell yes Reisen route.
No. 34788
I'd planned for it to be a faceless male, but I suppose if you want it to be a 2hu I can totally do that. That said, this needs to be chosen before the next update. So, uh, I suppose, vote for the 2hu you'd like to be or if you're in favor of faceless male (in which case name suggestions are always welcome.)

So, consider this required for the next update.
No. 34789
[X] She looks cold...
No. 34791

>>34785 here. Given the choice, I'll have to vote for my man,

[x] Faceless, Nameless male.
No. 34792
I voted already for "[X] She looks cold" so for protagonist vote, I'll vote [X] Faceless, Nameless Male.
No. 34793
[X] She looks cold...
[X] Faceless, Nameless Male.

Reisen is always welcome.
No. 34794
[X] She looks cold...
[X] Faceless, Nameless Male.

haha time for reisen route
No. 34795
[X] She looks cold...
[X] Faceless, Nameless Male.

Reisen route! Reisen route!
No. 34796
[X] She looks cold...
[X] Faceless, Nameless Male.

Reisen route good route
No. 34799
>[19:27] <Twibphone> If this isn't a Reisen route I WILL HURT YOU.

Ah, Twib, you know just how to tempt me.

Anyway, updates hopefully tomorrow/day after, fuckin' faceless male winning it.
No. 34801
[X]She looks cold...
No. 34802
[x] She looks cold...
-[x] Give her your blankets. You can go sleep with Kaguya to get warm instead.

I'm helping.
No. 34803
> “Mrgrgr?” she replies, hopefully.

> “Come back when you've betrayed everyone who ever believed in you. Do it, oh, 60,000 times or so.”

Shoutout to Bravely Default?
No. 34804

More likely a shoutout to Rabbit's earlier story, do look it up
No. 34805
[x] She looks cold...
No. 34816
Yes. Don't do what >>34804 says. That story is awful.
No. 34822
It was goin' good there for a while. Events 1 and 2 were pretty good.
No. 34868
[x] She looks cold...
-Have her prevent any bunnies from sleeping on our head.
No. 35103
[X] She looks cold...


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