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34555 No. 34555
Strength! Beauty! Power! Passion! Spirit against spirit, body against body! By virtue of might and courage, they are forged in the twin fires of ravenous lust and fearsome combat! Mikos, Taoists, Buddhists, night stalkers, dwellers of towns and wilderness: this is the Bodacious Touhou Wrestling League!

Here, your body and your competitor's will be intimately joined, twisting and bending one another, pleasuring and feasting with wild abandon, in battles of both martial skill and sexual prowess. If your mouth will not admit defeat, then your body will oblige!

This is a celebration, an enshrining of the body and its majesty as wrestlers from all walks of life engage in the age-old struggle of the hunter and prey, the dominant and dominated. The ring holds no promises beyond a spectacle for the ages!


"... Really, now." Youmu Konpaku shook his head and let out a long, slow breath. This recruiting brochure was quite silly, but he couldn't deny that his half-ghost heart was beating just a tiny bit faster than normal. The thought of two elegant women casting aside all semblance of restraint to settle things in a more direct manner appealed to his warrior spirit in a way that danmaku and spellcards could not.

The pamphlet offered more than just words. The text he'd read had been spread over a number of spiked word balloons, which where arranged around a single colored photograph. The full-body shot depicted two of the League's very finest locked in a fierce struggle, half-naked in extravagant and revealing costumes. They pressed themselves firmly into each other while their hands interlocked in a white-knuckle grip, arms pumping and pushing on each other as unstoppable force and immovable object. Two heads' worth of long hair billowed dramatically around them as bright spotlights and flashbulbs glared in the distance.

On the left was the famed Yukari Yakumo, a woman he'd seen in person many times, though never in a state quite like this. Locked in a martial stance, the normally refined woman looked positively amazonian. Her tall, flawless body was packed with raw power, her huge breasts and firm abs straining furiously against the frilly blue bustier that struggled to keep them in. Her strong legs stood resolute and taut, correlating with her confident smirk and narrowed eyes. I've already won, the gap youkai's smirk said, so you'd best lower your hands and let me take control.

The second goddess was a woman he'd never seen before: a tall, radiant beauty with long wavy hair that changed from rich violet to brilliant gold. Her face was smooth and calm even in the midst of combat, though that calmness belied a fearsome determination. Her muscles were etched quite clearly onto her tall frame, flaring out like a layer of armor on her fertility goddess-style body. A mighty prow of a rack crashed violently into her opponent's; her chest seemed like the stronger of the two, retaining more of its shape as it pressed and smushed into Yukari's, but the contest with her wily opponent was far from decided. Face to face, bust to bust, straining both of their gorgeous bodies to the very limit...

Was it the desire to win burning in those eyes, or something far more carnal? The other woman wasn't looking at Yukari, Youmu noted, now sweating and breathing heavily. Her eyes were fixed on him, calling to him, daring him to reach out and caress her flexing skin. He could see it now, between his panting and shaking: her dominant form lying flat on the ground, squashing the once-proud Yukari beneath her, making the blonde woman moan and wail and beg for mercy. Then, the woman slowly rising to her feet and turning towards him, top removed, breasts proud and free, letting all the world see her in her natural splendor. Every inch of her strong core, those round, massive tits, and that face of maternal calmness, all wordlessly beckoning him to-


"Gah!" Shocked by the sound of the playful sing-song voice, Youmu's ghost and human halves both jumped straight into the air. It was only then that he felt at chill as his precum stained his undergarments. Squeezing the paper and casting it onto the ground, the gardener whirled around to face the intruder with more anger than one might expect. "M-mistress! It is supremely rude to interrupt-- I mean, intrude upon someone's privacy!"

Of course, the one who had snuck Youmu behind him while he was "inspecting" the picture was none other than his mistress, Yuyuko Saigyouji. A playful grin adorned her ladylike face, and her pink eyes gleamed with a mischievous excitement that he knew all too well.

His cheeks burned as they stared at each other for a few long seconds. "What do you have there, Youmu? Is that the... material I ordered?"

"... Yes."

Her eyes flicked a bit further down Youmu's body. "Ooh, and I see you've been getting some good use from it." She focused for a moment on his erection, and visibly licked her lips.

"Just because I'm your gardener doesn't give you the right to walk in me," Youmu huffed, cheeks reddening even further. He would have liked to cover the bulge in his pants, but that only would have drawn even more attention to it.

"... It doesn't?" She put up her hands immediately before he could snap. "Kidding! I don't hear you disagreeing, though~"

Yuyuko chose that moment to snap open a fan and hide her grin behind it. She was dressed in her usual light-blue kimono, which concealed almost all of her form save for the curve of her breasts. However, after "inspecting" that pamphlet for so long, he couldn't help but picture the figure underneath, one that he'd seen and ravished many times before. A silky smooth and voluptuous body, one that couldn't possibly be just flesh, but instead something finer than the most expensive fabrics. Was she truly planning to bare a figure like that to thousands of horny spectators?

"Hmph!" Realizing that he was staring like a fool, Youmu crossed his arms and turned away from her. "W-well, anyone would react that way to something so shameless. You're not actually planning to sign up for that... that... debauchery, are you?" he asked, shaking the visions out of his head as he gestured at the crumpled leaflet.

"Mhm! Everybody's doing it now, and even though we don't usually get caught up in these sorts of things... this seems like a lot of fun!" She cooled herself a bit with her fan, looking quite calm about the idea of getting punched and tossed around and ogled in front of huge crowds of people. "In fact... if you're so interested, then it might be a fun for you too. You should come with me, and sign up as well! If nothing else, it'll work some of that tension out of you. You'll learn to enjoy life more, I think."

"What? But..." Youmu didn't know where to start. "...How? This is... I mean, it looks like only women are involved."

"Well in fact, despite the name, male wrestlers do compete sometimes before. They always prove quite popular with the crowds... and the other wrestlers." Yuyuko's grin was so wide it threatened to peek out around the corners of her fan.

"...Really? It seems like the women would get most of the attention." That's certainly where he'd been giving his attention to.

"But that's just the thing! There's lots of gorgeous women, and it's nice to see them go up against an attractive man sometimes... Women watch this sort of stuff too, after all~"

She explained more and more about this, more or less trying to sell her gardener boy on the idea, but he couldn't help a bit of healthy skepticism... as well as some nervousness about stepping into the ring with women like her and Yukari. However, he still hadn't gotten his shaking under control, and it seemed at times that he was trying to talk himself out of it.

Finally, Yuyuko closed the fan with a theatrical sigh. "Well, it looks like you still have some doubts in your mind. That's perfectly understandable. Maybe some... personal experience will show you how wonderful it can be?"

"Eh? You're suggesting that we..."

"Exactly! I just so happen to have some wrestling gear that will fit me, and you as well. It could just be a friendly little spar! No pressure, just something to ease you in."

"Then why do you look like you've just spotted a tasty meal?"

"Because you're paranoid! Now come on, get changed, get changed. I'll roll out the mat~"


Hello there, welcome to the beginning of what will hopefully be a sprawling, body-slamming, leg-twisting, and epic saga of wrestling mayhem inside and outside of the ring. The second update is in progress and you can expect some audience choice to pop up soon. In the meantime, any suggestions and requests for awesomely sexy femdom, critique, and questions are welcome.
No. 34556
Only "suggestion" I have is full speed ahead.
No. 34557
On a side note, if anyone has links to "Exhibition Match Underground" and "Exhibition Match 2" by Kupala (his art is a fairly big inspiration for this), that woukd be hugely appreciated.
No. 34558
I have an E-hentai link for "Exhibition Match":

It's not Exhibition Match 2 or Exhibition Match Underground though. Is that OK?
No. 34564

Ah, seen the first before but it is appreciated nonetheless.
No. 34565
Are you allowing requests? If so I wouldn't mind seeing Youmu facing off against Kaguya with Kaguya using her time manipulation powers for some fun shenanigans, either during the match or after.

Are the wrestlers allowed to use their powers during a match?
No. 34566

Possibly. They'll have to be considered and we'll have to see if they can fit into the grand scheme of things. The one you suggested sounds really fun but strange to implement - I'm at times a bit confused on the nature of her powers (ability to create multiple different time-threads?) but it sounds bizarre and interesting enough to warrant considering.

Powers are usable in matches, although at the moment we are working on a general balancing system for them. At the moment, they're something that has to be "unlocked" via arousal and to be safe, they aren't unlocked quite fully lest we have some matches that would end a bit too one-sided.
No. 34567
From what I remember about Kaguya, and I may be wrong, her power is to essentially put something in stasis, as in she can make something last forever without entropy or time affecting it. She can make a moment last for an eternity for example, like say making an orgasm drag on and on. To the affected it'd feel like forever. I may be wrong though, but that's what little I remember.
No. 34568

That would be a strange power to try an implement but if anyone can think of a way for it to be done so in a scaled down, less powerful way that would suit a wrestling setting, that would be appreciated!
No. 34571
Another thing, IIRC since she also has control over the instantaneous she can also perform actions in time intervals that are too small to be detected. That I got from TV Tropes, though considering it's TV Tropes I'd rather have someone actually verify what I've written.

But even so from what I remember you saying, not all sex does occur during the wrestling matches so maybe said powers could be utilized outside the matches?
No. 34572

If that's so, then she'd have a fairly powerful unlockable even if won't necessarily be an instant match-decider.

Yes, powers are a bit more lenient outside of the ring and of course, there are the unofficial matches, usually settled at the gym. There may be shorts in the future featuring this area prominently along with these matches.
No. 34573
BTWL best WL.
No. 34582
File 139485672678.jpg - (471.92KB, 1027x1500, 008.jpg) [iqdb]
Will we get to see a match between Youmu and Reisen, official or unofficial, with some eye fun with Reisen's eye abilities?
No. 34583
Very likely. Don't expect Reisen to be all nice and soft though. And yes, her powers will come into play; quite tricky even if partially repressed.

I hope you like legs. Meaty, mighty, dominating legs.
No. 34585
I certainly do! It makes sense considering she's a rabbit.

Will she also have a lot of breast meat as well?
No. 34591

Then it'll be more than just Reisen you'll be pleased to see.

She will be fairly busty. Not Komachi/Yukari tier, but nice and puffy.
No. 34593
File 139492196285.jpg - (99.27KB, 1200x831, 03.jpg) [iqdb]
Regarding matches, the first "unofficial match" will be with Yuyuko right?
No. 34594
Oh and will there be any sex scenes that aren't even an unofficial match, just Youmu and whoever his partner is just wanting to fuck for whatever reason?
No. 34595

I think you're using "match" very liberally here!


One lucky young man in a wrestling league full of horny scantily Touhous.
No. 34596
No. 34594 and No. 34593

Sexytimes is extremely likely, that's all I'll say.
No. 34605
>However, after "inspecting" that pamphlet for so long, he couldn't help but picture the figure underneath, one that he'd seen and ravished many times before.
So wait Youmu here has had sex with Yuyuko before?
No. 34606
so what are the rules exactly? I suspect they are pretty much the same as wrestling but how will powers, weapons, sex and any other thing not in wrestling normally be handled?
No. 34607

The rules can be similar depending on the match type but most of these matches aren't really based around pin counts. You could say it's a bit more akin to seeing whose endurance goes out first.

Everyone's powers in the ring, as part of an agreement, are held back to an extent through the usage of magical charms and seals. In order to be used, a certain degree of arousal is needed. The more turned on one gets, the more the magical restraints weaken. Once weakened enough, powers can be activated albeit on a much smaller scale, something akin to buffs or debuffs.

Sexual tactics basically work a bit like submission holds, although they (usually) aren't as painful. Breasts, pussy, neck, collarbone, thighs, stomach - everyone's got their weak spots. Of course, they have further applications beyond merely getting one's daily kicks - they're good for keeping one's opponent's off balance or clouding their mind with carnal thoughts, although there is the chance of this backfiring.

Weapons won't be too common, save for a certain few matches.
No. 34608
File 139499586837.jpg - (49.78KB, 543x800, c7fee70997bdeb098b711c658267b253.jpg) [iqdb]
Hakugyokurou wasn't lacking when it came to facilities. Any one of the manor's vast empty rooms could easily be repurposed. There was one that Youmu had used as a dojo for years, filled with weapon racks, training dummies, and all other manner of martial apparatus. For this little "spar" of Yuyuko's, all they needed was a large judo mat and a lot of empty space, both of which the large hall provided.

This is really happening, Youmu thought as he stood in his corner, clad only in shoes and shorts. A wrestling match with Yuyuko seemed like something he'd dream about in the crude hours of the morning, yet here it was, plain as day and nearly as naked as his mistress. A single glossy photo didn't compare to the real thing; pictures didn't jiggle, after all.

Now that she'd dressed down to a simple rosy pink two-piece, Yuyuko's venusian figure was fully visible to his hungry eyes. One could call her statuesque, if statues could ever be so fair-skinned and pull off such gentle curves. Her huge, proud breasts did not sag; rather, they almost seemed to almost float before her, the slightest of breaths making them shake and jiggle. That breathtaking chest was much broader than her slim but toned waist, which curved gracefully inwards before flaring out to accommodate her child-bearing hips and plump, bubbly tush. And he hadn't even gotten to those and warm, plush thighs and long, curvy legs! Oh, how he wanted to beg for their pacifying embrace, to run his hands and tongue all over her soft skin and her naughty, mois-

"Yoo-hoo~! Don't be turning into a full ghost now, Youmu!" Yuyuko's singsong voice tore the gardener away from his pleasant dreams and back to the Real Deal. Swearing under his breath, he straightened up and hastily stretched to appear at ease.

"You won't get far if I can stun you just by standing here!" she chirped, jogging very, very distractingly towards him. Was the gravity around her lower or something?

"Is that really a proper outfit to spar in? A sports bra would have been less of a... um, liability." Youmu groused, trying not to stare at the boing-boing of her two Myon-sized mounds. "They'll start floating away mid-match like that."

"Oh, loosen up a little!" She stopped crossed her arms, seemingly unaware that it made her peaches of paradise bulge out around them. "Besides, you don't really want me to change, do you~?"

"My brain's up here, not in my pants," Youmu sighed.

Yuyuko didn't advance any further, so Youmu stepped forward to meet his Mistress in the center of their makeshift arena. The mats they'd set out were fairly soft, but they offered a better grip than the tatami beneath. Clearing her throat, Yuyuko faced Youmu in a more formal manner, hands behind her back.

"As you know, in the League, we are partaking in a sport quite distinct from danmaku." Her stately tone detracted a bit from her allure, but just the sight of her was still enough to make Youmu shift around in place, trying to appease the itch in his pants. Her eyes focused straight into his, and her smile was that of a teacher lecturing her class. He had to admit, he was really looking forwards to the hands-on examples.

"Now, you may be familiar with wrestling in a vague sense from drunken brawls, scuffles in the woods, and fistfights in the Human Village. However, the League's wrestling is much different from that undignified tumbling." She was acting proud and prim now, raising her nose like a self-important bureaucrat. "For we do not aim to solely crush our opponents, but to... to... ah, how did she say it..." Yuyuko trailed off, snapping her fingers to jog her memory, and Youmu snickered as the princess's usual ditziness returned.

The pause seemed to stretch on for far too long, so Youmu decided to move things along. "... 'Dominate'?" he offered.

"Mmmm~?" she purred, cocking her head to her side. "Just what is going on in that strange little mind of yours? 'Dominate' is such a strong word. I was just going to suggest 'entice'..." She stressed the last syllable with a serpentine hiss. "Enthrall, arouse, control, seduce..."

That was the beauty of Yuyuko. She had the looks of a wet dream made manifest, and voiced all the thoughts he'd dare not speak aloud. She and Yukari often traded techniques and tales of how they would lure men and women to her arms, and Youmu had listened through the door more than once. His erection seemed to be nodding at her words; he stiffened quickly and spoke up, hoping she hadn't noticed.

"... I'm fine with 'enthrall.'" He was hoping they could actually get to the wrestling soon. That outfit of hers was making him feel antsy, to say the least.

"So, as I was saying, one must be skilled in arts both sensual and martial to obtain victory..." She closed the short distance between them, all but shoving her chest into his face. Even though it wasn't touching him, he could still feel the warmth radiating from it. "The rule of the ring is simple: you tap out..." A tender hand caressed his collarbone, dragging fingers over tensed bone. "Or fap-out."

"... I'm sorry?" Youmu raised an eyebrow, and Yuyuko paused as the gardener turned to look at her incredulously. "Please tell me those are Yukari's words, and that it doesn't mean what I think it does."

"It's the easiest way I could explain it!" She pouted, letting out a little 'hmmmph' and looking away.

"Oh, let's just get to the sparring. I'll pick up what I need to know."

That drew Yuyuko's eyes back to him. "Oh~? Well, if that's your decision. But you'll only have yourself to blame when you lose!"

Moments later, they'd returned to their corners of the mat. Yuyuko waited with her hands on her hips with one foot before the other, leaning forth enough for her ripe breasts to hang deliciously from her chest. Youmu, half-crouched across from her in a samurai's ready position, confident in his training and his experience. After all, these wrestlers were anything but precise. They had brawn and toughness, but that couldn't compare to the speed, discipline, or the tenacity of a swordsman! It had been cold steel and hardened minds that had won the great battles of the past, not mindless hammerblows and suplexes!

Youmu pursed his lips and began to close in. There was something a bit intimidating about approaching her head-on, so he slowly sidestepped back and forth as he advanced. Yuyuko merely watched with a faint smirk, just turning her head to face him. She didn't seem intent on attacking, instead inviting him to make the first move. If that was the case, then he was certainly going to deliver.

Youmu's swung out with his right hand, and Yuyuko quickly raised her arm to block. His arm glanced across the outside of hers, gracing him with the hot, smooth friction of skin against skin. However, that was just what he'd planned; Yuyuko's eyes widened as Youmu's other hand suddenly shot up over her shoulder and began to hook around her neck. A burst of excitement shot through him, and he had to resist a smirk with trembling lips as he prepared to lock his hands over her the back of her head.

Yuyuko's own lips curled, and she responded in turn. Youmu's attack was cut short as Yuyuko's arms wrapped around his back and pressed him into her heavenly form, forcefully mashing his head into her waiting chest.

"Nice try~!" she called, nuzzling Youmu with her breasts and flushing his face red. Youmu squirmed in her arms, but there wasn't much he could do; she'd lifted his feet off the ground, and both of his arms were trapped against his sides. She wasn't really crushing him, but her grip was firm enough to leave him trapped as she pulled him further up her body.

"Guh!" Youmu kicked down, trying to break free of the grip, but her arms held him firmly in place. Not only that, but his struggling only heightened his arousal as he rubbed his bare chest and raging erection against her gorgeous form. Just where had this strength come from? Yuyuko was smooth and curved, but the slight muscle tone she possessed didn't suggest this amount of power.

"Wrestling isn't a single-stroke fight. You need to worry about how your opponent can counter you... and what they'll do if they catch you. Now, down we go!"

"Wha-?" Suddenly, Youmu felt them both falling. The surroundings blurred and a feeling of vertigo and helplessness kicked in, Yuyuko's bright smile the only thing that stayed clear. A loud smack then resounded as her body slammed down, smashing him flat between the soft mat and her voluptuous form.

"Goomph!" Youmu coughed as his mistress's full weight slammed onto his torso. His eyes widened in surprise as his body shuddered, not just from the crushing impact, but also at the firmness of her abs. They were so soft a month ago! Now they were like a battering ram, crashing into his own smooth core and forcing out his breath!

Yuyuko chortled happily at his reaction, pressing down until his chest and stomach buckled under hers. It was humiliating, but also kind of comfortable now that the shock of the impact was fading. His erection agreed, but he mentally slapped himself for having such a lewd thought. He was in the middle of a fight!

The chirpy ghost rolled off, quite content with her performance as she let Youmu regain his senses. "Quick as a bullet, clumsy as a schoolgirl. Tsk tsk."

"You were lucky there, don't lie to yourself. Next time!" he grumbled. That was an easy one to counter, now that he thought about it. He was just going easy on her, that's all! Youmu rose to his feet and began to pace about, one hand raised to block and the other pulled back to strike.

"Mmmm, whatever motivates you," she giggled, not even bothering to raise her arms. She hopped back out of Youmu's reach, looking away with an oh-so-innocent smile.

Breaking from his stance, Youmu sprinted into a blur, blowing past Yuyuko and turning around to swing a leg at her back. Yuyuko gasped but simply twirled away, narrowly escaping the kick. Youmu choked on his breath in frustration; was she really fighting back with dance moves? He charged again immediately, throwing a flurry of punches and kicks, but only met empty air for his troubles. Yuyuko weaved, dodged, and spun away from all of his attacks, but she was nearing the edge of the mat. Pushing forward, he shot a palm right into her surprisingly-firm trunk, staggering her to the edge of the mat. This time, he surely had her!

As Youmu crouched and readied himself to pounce, he saw Yuyuko's foot slip and her balance falter. The sight made his blood freeze on the spot; he couldn't possibly allow his Mistress to hit her head on the floor! He tried to reach out and catch her hand, but Yuyuko had other plans. She suddenly threw her body to the side, landing safely on the mat and then rolling right into Youmu. The aggressive maneuver swept Youmu's legs right out from under him, and panicked as he found himself falling face first towards a painful landing.

Youmu closed his eyes and braced for impact, but stopped a foot from the ground as his stomach landed unexpectedly on Yuyuko's arm. He didn't even have a chance to thank her before she grabbed his wrist with her other hand and pulled him back on his feet. Winded and off-balance, the gardener made an easy target for her to pull up into another bearhug. He jerked and stiffened as her arms locked around his back, smacking him into her chest and stomach once again.

"All that running and flailing, and look where it brought you." Yuyuko stepped away from the edge and arched her back, the embrace turning into a crushing grip. Youmu gasped as the pressure quickly mounted, rubbing him right up against her sensual texture. "You move like greased lightning, Youmu, but your technique is too... sloppy."

Youmu would have made a dry retort if he wasn't being compacted by her arms and abs, which quickly forced the air out of his lungs. Instead, he could only grit his teeth and growl in frustration. The mockery she was making of him would not go unanswered! He kicked downwards with all his might, grunting and cringing as the action rubbed his member against her crotch. However, he soon slipped an elbow under her arm, giving him enough room to grab her bicep from below and push himself out of her grip.

Yuyuko held back a pleasurable sigh as the boy freed himself, running his lean, smooth muscles down her front in the process. She closed her eyes, savoring the short moment, and opened them just in time to see Youmu charging right at her.

"Now now, Youmu, I did not mean to-" She swerved and barely dodged a clumsy grab. "-insult your capacities and clear talent-" A snaking hand speared past her neck, bumped off target by her arm just in time. "-or imply-" Youmu came at her with a mighty leap. "-a weakness!"

Yuyuko caught his hands to stop his wild tackle, her muscles flaring as she resisted his sudden burst of strength. She seemed perfectly reserved, even as Youmu slowly forced her back. His face was flushed, and his breaths were a fiery panting.

"Youmu, Youmu..." She kept her voice calm as she could, holding her ground. Youmu's arms were stiff as stone, as were his eyes and face. "Don't be so grumpy. I was praising you!" Her words did little to soothe his pride. "You're very fast, Youmu. That might not seem like much at the moment, but it's really something to be proud of."

Now she felt a little bad for her teasing. Youmu was cute when he got worked up, but that wild, aggressive look in his eyes elicited pity more than arousal. He flinched when she disengaged, but exhaled and tried to calm himself down. Yuyuko took a step forward with her hands raised, palms facing him.

"Every little punch, kick, and throw you can do brings your opponent closer and closer to the edge," Yuyuko explained. Youmu was starting to nod along, no longer focused purely on combat. "When you throw out relentless attacks like that, it keeps your opponent on the defensive and gives you more of a chance to land something. You just need to plan out your attacks better, so they aren't so easy to dodge and turn around."

"Haaaah... haah... th... thank you, Yuyuko... You aren't so clumsy yourself..." he heaved out. Looking back, he began to realize how fast he'd been moving. That was the sort of speed he only brought out in danmaku fights; this silly sport really was getting him fired up.

"I didn't gain this position just because of my looks," she boasted, playfully bumping her forehead against his. "Most wrestlers couldn't throw out a third as many strikes as you did. They might not show it, but on the inside they're flinching at every hit."

"They can't all be heavyweights, though." The backside of the brochure had showed him a few shorter girls engaged in relatively nimble combat. The celestial daughter and that short-haired tengu reporter didn't exactly seem like plodding hulks. Could he outpace opponents who regularly travelled faster than the eye could see?

"Well, some might be faster, but I doubt they'll be smarter! With a bit of forethought, you'll be able to stop them as easily as I stopped you." She waltzed up, rewarding his chest with that familiar cushioning. Her arms wrapped around him in a familiar position, but restraint was not on her mind. "And another thing. You're a slippery one... and not just when you're sweaty."

"Well, uh... comes with the territory, I guess." He'd wormed his way out of many a humiliating hug in his time.

"My Youmu is a tough boy, moreso than most would give him credit for. But can he hold it in his pants...?" Yuyuko pulled him head-first right into her ample cleavage. He slapped and flailed instinctively against her pale skin, but his soon his arms felt reluctant. The cherry-scented bosom whispered to him with a wordless squishing as it enveloped his head. Her breasts were so large and yet so gentle, swaying left and right and rubbing themselves against him until they'd grown firmer and more erect, trapping his head in a purgatory of pillows. "I guess not, teehee~"

It was pleasant at first, but the lack of oxygen snapped Youmu out of his daze and into a panic. His eyes shot wide as he groped around randomly, felling the puttiness of her breasts to the familiarity of her soft and caring hands.

This was no time for softness or caring, though. He grabbed her thumb and unceremoniously pulled it back. Yuyuko cried out and staggered forward, but her smother-hug had been broken. Youmu's face slid down her belly as he slipped out of the hold, unintentially kissing a trail down her firm core. Snapping back to his fighting instincts, he quickly stepped behind her. She was off balance and just so tasty... now was the time to strike!

The half-ghost darted around her, aiming for her unprotected back, but he didn't see her catching a glance from behind her pink locks. Nor did he see the smirk on her lips.
No. 34609
File 139499594198.jpg - (1.79MB, 2863x2000, 00cb4c3b24e101b5daf052fcd1beb2b1.jpg) [iqdb]
Going low for her waist, Youmu was surprised to see her plush rump shoot out right at the last moment. It rammed right into his stomach, knocking the air out of him. He doubled over and coughed wildly, shocked once more at her deceptive strength. Still reeling and gasping, he cursed inwardly as a shapely shadow was cast over him.

Youmu tried to scramble out of the way, but cried out as his right arm was grabbed and twisted upwards, perpendicular to his back. He glanced over his shoulder but saw only a plump thigh raised over him, moments before Yuyuko clamped her leg shut around his head. The constricting squeeze muffled his cry of anguish as Yuyuko pushed down, painfully bending his body forwards.

"Now, submission holds are one of the two ways to beat an opponent, so you'll need to learn how to escape from them. This one's called the Japanese Twist!" Yuyuko proudly announced, as Youmu's feet shook pitifully under her weight. "Now, how will you escape from this predicament~?"

"Urgh-" Youmu tried to voice a complaint, but his voice couldn't get around the calf that covered his mouth. At least, not until Yuyuko gave his captured arm a slight crank while keeping up the weight on his neck. Then Youmu wailed and shuddered, stunned by raw pain. "Yuy-AGH! Dammit-!"

"Oh it's not that bad, is it now~?" Yuyuko chuckled lightly and leaned over, pressing her trunk into his back and sliding it to and fro. The little polishing did precious little to warm over the sting. The red on his face grew a darker shade as he tried to think of a way out. He could try to fall... but that wouldn't free his arm from her grip, and then she'd be in an even more advantageous position. "You may have forgotten, but you're a lot tougher than you think!"

That certainly wasn't how he felt at the moment. He slapped against her belly with his free hand but, it was no use. He might as well have been punching a bear.

"Your half-ghost nature is a blessing. I can try and twist you all I want..." She hummed happily as she pulled back on his arm and he cried out into her soft left. His arm shouldn't be cranking back like that! He desperately tried to buck up against her, but Yuyuko merely put a bit more weight on his neck, her leg squeezing like a serpent's coil. "But your body will be just fine! Mostly."

"Easy for you to say!" he managed to hoarsely cry. Yuyuko just twisted the arm and pressed with the leg once again, ignoring the scream that leaked out. That would teach him to interrupt.

"Oh, don't be so upset! You're doing great. Since you're half-ghost, you'll only feel half as much pain from a hold as you normally would. You're still tight as a lock, holding up just fine! They'll waste so much effort trying to wear you down that they'll get worn out instead!"

Somehow, Youmu couldn't see someone like Yukari growing bored testing out the thousand different ways she could bend his body... or a thousand different sexual positions.

"Now, show me that dexterity of yours. See if you can escape!"

"I'm trying!" he managed to shout, frantically moving his free arm about and skittering his legs back and forth in place. There had to be something he could do; his upper body felt like it was going to fall apart any second now! Was it his arm or his leg that had it worse? Both seemed to be two different worlds comprised solely of pain! He just wanted to thrash back, push her off, anything, anywhere! But the more he struggled, the harder her leg and arms squeezed and tightened!


The leg... she was using one to squeeze him, and relying on the other one to hold herself up. His position was painful, but hers was precarious! All he had to do was untangle her grip...

His vision was partially blurred with sweating, and his knees were close to buckling, but he knew it was now or never!

Youmu's free hand reached up to Yuyuko’s ankle. Yuyuko mistook it for more blind struggling at first, and soon she was the one grunting. He clutched her foot in a closed fist and twisted it to the side, painfully bending it in its socket.

"Ow! Owww, Youmu...!" She tried to reach over and stop him with her own free arm, but it was too little, too late. Her hands found no purchase as he wrenched her leg off his head and pushed her off balance. He finally straightened up with a gasp of relief, but he wasted no time catching his breath.

Turning around and forcing himself into a standing position, he yanked his arm out from under Yuyuko's armpit and sent a slicing chop to her shoulder. A dull thud and a pained grunt rewarded him, and Yuyuko's legs bent under the force. His other hand flew right after, smashing his knuckles into her collarbone for a second staggering blow. Yuyuko stumbled, jarred back to an alert state, and finally raised her arms. Youmu aimed at her face now, peppering her guard with lightning fisticuffs. He's put her on the defensive, just like she said! A hammerblow punch sent her sprawling to the left, right into the path of a sweeping reverse kick!

"Agh!" Yuyuko let out a gasp of surprise as her back crashed into the mat. She cradled her arms against her body, rubbing her shoulder and the side he'd hammered. Youmu had really unloaded on her there, and it showed. She twisted awkwardly back and forth, but it looked like that was hurting her more than anything. Her once-smiling face was scrunched in a visage of pain, as she groaned and writhing in agony.

"Owww... Youmu, you hit me too hard..."

Had he gone too far? He breathed in deep as his heart raced with panic, cursing himself for letting his martial frenzy get the better of him. Quickly, he went to kneel at his master's side as he'd always done in times of sadness and pain.

"Yuyuko! I'm sorry, are you alright?" He didn't hesitate to hold her, placing a hand on her shoulder and cradling her against . He could feel the warmth radiating; ghosts ended to bodily express pain not just with sweat but the emission of heat as opposed to chill.

"Ohhhhh... oh this pain..." she cried out, her hands grabbing for his shoulders as they always have. "It huuuurrrrrts, Youmu! You're so cruel..." Youmu was taken aback, the words stinging his heart. Just what had happened to the well mannered se- "Teehee~"

Youmu pulled back as fast as he could, but it was already too late. Yuyuko's thighs clamped around his torso, and a simple pull from her arms returned him to Yuyuko's expectant smothering embrace.

"Hehe, I'm not that fragile Youmu! You look so cute when you're worried~" she teased, her thighs scissor-clamping around his sides. She'd played dirty!

With a mighty strain, they squeezed, compacting him inwards. His arms struggled but now both her arms had them trapped to his sides. She playfully rubbed her breasts left and right, giggling as he squirmed at the caress of her soft flesh and hard nipples. He was enjoying a part of this, she knew. The little poking sensation near her crotch told her more than his flushed features. “Do you really think these girls are delicate little flowers? You saw that picture of Yukari and Byakuren."

She squeezed once more to emphasize her point. Her whole body like a great big hand that was tightly holding its hard-earned reward. And yet, Yuyuko seemed to hold him in effortlessly - he could feel her musculature, but it wasn't bulging or tightening, merely resting dormant until he was pressed through her fair skin to feel it beneath.

"You don't need to worry about hurting us with mere punches and slams. Beauty and resilience go hand-in-hand here, after all. But you've been a bad, rude boy. You know you have, bruising me up like that. Doesn't that entail a little bit of reprimanding?"

"W-well, I thought you were-" Youmu's voice was cut off as the full-body squeeze returned, pressing his whole front into Yuyuko's softness. Chest, belly, crotch, all of it mashed hungrily onto him. Soft and welcoming warmth, frictious, sensual grinding, and the slow rub of sex on sex, all wrapped up in a package of crushing, squeezing control - Yuyuko had him trapped for good now and she knew it, smiling at him in a way that only a Mistress could.

Seconds stretched out to minutes as Youmu was hypnotized by Yuyuko's embrace, doing little to resist beyond shifting left and right. All that did was make them both warmer, their skin starting to make peeling sounds as their slick bodies and grinded together. She chuckled softly at his weakness, and he could only groan in return as her heavenly body rubbed his mind away and tortured his throbbing erection.

"Your punishment is now complete!" she eventually replied, a small bounce in her voice. She finally released her possessive hold, but Youmu didn't pounce. No, he was near spent, brain clogged up with lustful thoughts and his body feeling jello-soft and as tough as wet tissue. His Mistress' body made for such a fine bed. He tried to find the words and spoke half-hearted mumbles: "Yuyuko, is this... can we..."

Yuyuko could only giggle at his verbal fumbling. Without warning, she flipped them both over, pressing down on top of him. Her tits enveloped his blushing face, the scent of cherries now intermixed with that of salty sweat. The soft and squishy mounds were truly a marshmallow heaven, and Yuyuko brought up her arms to close the gates. She hugged her bust around sides, packing her tits together and squashing them prominently against his face. He breathed deep as Youmu chirped happily, speaking little more than the quiet, implied language of intimate interaction.

"Sometimes... another woman will have you in a position like this..." She specifically used 'woman,' not opponent, and Youmu was glad her breasts obscured the sudden fearful look on his face. Yuyuko, however, was neither judging nor warning. She knew it was just a part of the organization. "Don't run from it, though. You won't last long."

She pulled her breasts away and leaned down close to his face, gracing his tired lips with a long and passionate kiss. "If you can make me scream, you can dominate any woman."

Slowly, she started to rub his body with hers, every inch of contact lighting small fires under the skin. He was hardening, cock and muscles alike throbbing and yearning to burst, and she licked her lips at the sight

"You remember what I said about 'fapping out,' right? Well, it means exactly what you think. And it's the only way to bring down your most powerful opponents~"

Yuyuko raised herself just a bit, enough to trail a hand down Youmu's lean, bare stomach and down to his shorts. Hooking her fingers around the waistband, she stripped him with a long, sensual pull, finally freeing his long-suffering manhood. Youmu hissed as his throbbing cock was exposed to the cool air, but it quickly turned to a grunt of surprise as Yuyuko smothered his erection with her crotch. Without his pants in the way, he could feel the softness of her swimsuit and the softer lips behind it... as well as a great deal of warm moisture.

"Don't be so surprised, Youmu. You're not the only one who found this exciting~"

Yuyuko playfully humped him for a moment longer, pressing tight enough that each grind forced out fresh moans and a fresh spurt of precum.

"Mmm, such a splendid cock, Youmu. I don't think your opponents will be able to hold themselves back. I know I can't..." She reached down and tugged her clothing to the side, then pushed herself upright to straddle his waist. Looking down, Youmu could see her drenched pink sex perched on the tip of his erection, her rosy-pink clitoris swollen after all that rubbing. "... So you'd better learn to resist this sort of treatment, or else..."

"O-Or else what?

"They'll take what they want after a match. I know you read about that part of the league quite thoroughly~ Now then, it's time to finish you off~!"

Yuyuko dropped her hips, her hungry pussy devouring his entire length in a second. Suddenly enveloped by his Mistress' warm, plush depths, Youmu threw his head back and moaned, grateful that the mat had been properly pulverized just as he had.

Yuyuko did the same, her eyes suddenly wide and glassy. She twisted her hips back and forth a few times, purring richly as her velvety folds slid back and forth along Youmu's rock-hard cock.

"Mmmm...! I don't think you've ever been this hard before, Youmu..."


"But that's fine! Lots of the League's girls are the same way too. Wrestling gets them so worked up they just want to fuck the night away..." Yuyuko's hips stayed hard at work as she spoke. quickly bouncing into a fierce, hungry rhythm that filled the large room with lewd squishing.

"Y-you're a lot more excited, too... aren't you... one of them?" Youmu stammered.

Yuyuko chuckled giddily before reaching down to snatch up his hands. "Yep! How'd you guess, Youmu~?" She laced her fingers together with his and leaned forwards, putting her weight on his arms until his elbows pressed down in to the mat.

She was usually content to just lie back and let herself be pleasured. but this was completely different. All that strength she'd shown earlier was now being put to use riding him like an animal, ravishing him with her soft, slippery pussy without the slightest pause between strokes. Her hands and hips were more than enough to hold him down and in place, making him just as helpless as he'd been in her full smothering grip. Part of him was embarrassed at being used like this, especially after everything else she's put him through, but the rest of him felt too good to care. He had to agree, he did feel more excited than usual...

The bikini had somehow managed to hold her breasts in thus far, but this fierce pistoning and jiggling finally proved too much for the flimsy clothing. One breast and then the other slipped from its confinement, and Youmu's lust-addled mind was entranced by the sight of the huge pale orbs as they bounced and jiggled in every direction.

"Ahh, my servant's cock is so good! Youmu, Youmu...! Cum for me, Youmu!"

Yuyuko slammed herself down and tightened what felt like every one of her muscles, suddenly squeezing his cock harder than he'd ever felt before. He'd been hanging on the edge already, so this was more than enough to send him barreling over. Hours' worth of frustration erupted all at once as his thick load burst out, finding a welcome home in his Mistress' womb.

"Youmuuuu!" Yuyuko went over the edge moments later, her velvety walls clenching tight around him as they began their usual hungry massage. However, their movements seemed more intense than usual, and Yuyuko's cries were loud enough to pierce right through the manor's walls.

There didn't seem to be any stopping it. Both orgasms continued long after they normally would have ended, a groaning Youmu pumping out shot after shot of sperm until it was flowing right back out of his wailing Mistress' convulsing pussy. When the pleasurable twitching and moaning finally did come to an end, Youmu felt as if he'd lost every ounce of his strength. The same seemed to be true for Yuyuko, who suddenly toppled forward; Youmu was buried under his soft, sweaty Mistress one last time, and she rubbed it in quite literally before rolling off of him. They lied there side by side on the mat, both soaked with sweat and panting desperately for air.

"Fufu... You can't deny it any longer, Youmu. You really do want to be a wrestler..."

"Y-you're a lot better at it than I am..."

"And you'll have a lot of fun with the other girls, too~"

Youmu turned away and shook his head. "Tch. I'd never be able to do that with another woman, Yuyuko..."

A soft laugh floated out behind him. "Oh, do you think I'm a jealous mistress? Well, I might be, just a little... But you're a strong young man, and you deserve to enjoy the prime of your youth! Just be sure to tell me about it afterwards~"


One particular tumble had ended, but the night was still young. Yuyuko had a great many more' techniques' to teach her young disciple, and many more rewards for his patience. After all, affection and encouragement were among the best of teachers.
No. 34610
too bad he wasn't able to touch her boobs after they got free.
No. 34611
Wonderful priorities you have there.
No. 34612
Regarding opponents Youmu will be facing, do we vote for an opponent to pick or have you already made your choices about that?
No. 34613

Most of Youmu's matchups will be planned out in advance, but we're thinking of having some "exhibition matches" that don't affect the plot. Youmu can participate in those, if people want.
No. 34614


Some of these matches MIGHT end up being done as separate shorts or in a side-story thread.
No. 34615
maybe so, though considering it was something of a 'loss', it's a why not thing and odds are Yuyuko would have liked it.

That and he might need to work on that area in case he has to do that to turn things to his advantage.
No. 34617

Regarding the Kaguya powers stuff I mentioned here are two links that tell a little more about her powers. You can draw whatever conclusions from there: (http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Perfect_Memento_in_Strict_Sense/Kaguya_Houraisan) & (http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Cage_in_Lunatic_Runagate/Second_Chapter)
No. 34618
She'd essentially kept Eientei in stasis and thus nothing within ever changed or experienced issues like decaying.
No. 34624
Considering that in the original idea post that started this story there was mention of femdom, will Youmu be losing most matches? It's just something I'm wondering.
No. 34625

He'll lose... some of them, yes. Deliciously so. Of course, he will improve with time.
No. 34626
No. 34629
File 139524962857.jpg - (159.96KB, 850x1182, megane.jpg) [iqdb]
Maybe they got a little carried away in their training. They had practiced their skills quite a bit, but even Yuyuko admitted, after some prodding, that they might have spent too much time making love. Youmu had great difficulty moving the next day, and the day after that. And once he'd finally recovered, Yuyuko pulled him right back to the training room. As a result, it was nearly a week before the ghost and half-ghost finally set out to formally register for the League.

Youmu hefted a pair of gym bags and led the way over the Netherworld's great sealed door, taking them out of their comfortable realm and into the skies of Gensokyo proper. It was late afternoon in this world, giving the slightest tint of yellow to the great sea of clouds below.

"So, you know where the arena is?" Youmu asked, glancing around for troublemakers. The coast was clear, for now.

"Of course! I've been there quite a few times now, you know~"

"Ah, so that's where you'd been sneaking off to with Yukari."

"Yep! And from now on, you'll be joining me. Now, let's go!"

Yuyuko wrapped her warm, soft hand around Youmu's wrist and surged on ahead, plunging through the clouds towards the ground below. Youmu's arm was nearly yanked out of its socket, but he soon caught up to his Mistress' speed. She'd been even more bubbly than usual since this morning.

Breaking through the clouds, Youmu's eyes were greeted by the verdant scenery of Gensokyo. At this height, he could see all the way from Youkai Mountain to the misty shores of Muenzuka. The Human Village stood as a beacon of order to the east, while the untamed Forest of Magic sprawled out beneath him. Yuyuko guided him over the village to the empty plains beyond, where he soon noticed a large, unusual structure standing in the middle of the wilderness.

Even from a distance, Youmu was impressed by the building's size. After a bit of thought, he realized that its circular roof was wide enough to contain the entirety of the Hakurei Shrine twice over. It was large enough to house an enormous illusory mural, which depicted a devastating cross-counter between a tall, ripped oni with wild blonde hair and a similarly mountainous blue-haired woman. The two titans were situated on the rocky peak of a mountain, which seemed to be exploding from the force of their struggle.

However, Youmu couldn't assess the building's height from above. When they finally touched down in front of it, he was amazed by what he saw. The arena must have been six or seven stories high, shorter only than the Scarlet Devil Mansion's great clocktower. Massive windows lined the outer walls, and a long flight of stone stairs led up to an entrance as wide as the Village's main gate. Great banners hung down from the roof, boldly denoting the building as the "Bodacious Touhou Wrestling League Headquarters, Gym, and Arena."

"They need all this... to wrestle?" Youmu muttered.

"That's right!" Yuyuko said, the pride obvious in her voice. "This is a very popular sport, you know. On big nights, the whole place fills up! It's not all for wrestling, though; on the bottom floor, there's a big space for the wrestlers to work out in as well."

Monolithic as it was, the structure looked lonely out in the barren wilds. "This seems like an odd place to put it, though. The Human Village is miles away."

"Ah, but this is Yukari we're talking about! She keeps it here on off-days so the youkai can get in without trouble, and moves it closer to the Village when it's time for a show. She even took it up Youkai Mountain once!"

"I... see." He tried to imagine the building standing on Tengu territory, and couldn't help but picture it tipping over the mountain's edge.

Now that they'd touched The two of them made their way up the long main staircase, passing a few other people with gym bags along the way. Passing through the oversized front doors, they entered into a wide lobby with lofty arched ceiling. A row of empty ticket booths guarded the far side, barring entry to the arena proper. He could faintly make out a huge, darkened open space past the gates, but he didn't have long to look.

Instead, Yuyuko pulled him down a side pathway, into a long corridor lined with posters. They seemed to be advertisements for old events: "THE BESTIAL UPRISING"; "FOUR SEASONS SMACKDOWN"; "THE HOT SPRINGS HUMDINGER." Each one showed a variety of gorgeous, powerful wrestlers in menacing poses, most of whom he didn't recognize. Reimu's silhouette was easy to make out on one for "THE NEXT HAKUREI," though.

One in particular caught his eye. Promoting the "UNSEALING OF DESIRE," it prominently featured the same purple-and brown-haired woman form the pamphlet. She was sitting cross-legged in a vaguely meditative pose, but she was dressed in her revealing wrestling attire, and her smiling, tempting face seemed to desire something more carnal than transcendent. He couldn't resist running his eyes over her round, bulging breasts and firm, chiseled stomach. The empty lap formed by her strong yet curvy legs seemed unacceptably lonely; if only he could-

"Come along, Youmu."

the gardener thought he heard a faint chuckle as Yuyuko jerked him away.

They soon reached the end of the hall. There, they found an imposing wooden door, which bore an unusual number of cracks and scratched. Affixed to the wood was a large golden plaque: YUKARI YAKUMO, GENERAL MANAGER. It seemed like the kind of door that required a thorough knocking, but Yuyuko simply cranked the doorknob and barged right in, one arm already extended in greeting.


"Yuyuko! I've been waiting!"

Yuyuko ran ahead to hug her friend, and Youmu slowly followed her in. Yukari certainly had a respectable office, one that was easily large enough to host at least a half-dozen people. Photos inside of golden frames, explosively detailed posters, and jam-packed bookshelves lined the pale white walls, and there seemed to be an expensive kappa-model video camera resting on a tripod in one corner.

"Ah, and you've come as well, Youmu! What a pleasure to meet you again," came the alluring and authoritative voice of the general manager herself.

Yukari was by far the room's most impressive feature, sitting behind a mahogany desk. She clad in one of her usual outfits, a deep purple dress with frilly white trim that hung casually on her generous frame. The loose fabric left the figure underneath to the imagination, and the young man was more than capable of filling it in. It almost seemed like a blasphemy to cover up that

"... Youmu?"

"Yes! It's a pleasure to see you too, Yukari."

Youmu straightened up and tried to focus, but his eyes soon wandered again. Yukari might have been covering up for some token degree of professionalism, but the parts he could see were sufficiently bewitching on their own. Her devious purple eyes were magnified by a pair of elegant gold-rimmed glasses, and she appeared to be on the verge of licking her full, perpetually-smirking lips when she saw him. Flowing locks of shining blonde hair framed both her heart-shaped face and a truly staggering amount of pale cleavage; Her massive breasts protruded from her chest like a pair of ripe melons, unrepentant and unashamed of their size and shape. They were big, big breasts that looked too powerful for her slinky dress, jiggling and threatening to spill out with every movement. It was almost as if her clothing was struggling to contain their power, stretched and almost to its limits by her raw voluptuousness.

"We've come to sign up, Yukari! Youmu and I want to start as soon as possible," Yuyuko declared. Without any input from Youmu, as usual.

Yukari's eyes were bright already, but they became positively dazzling when she heard that. Bright enough to draw Youmu's eyes away from her awe-inspiring chest. "Really I'm very pleased to hear that! And Youmu, as well? That's a bit of a surprise, if I might say so."

"Well, after a couple of practice sessions, he started to see the upsides to being a wrestler..."

"Oh, my. I'm impressed you're still standing then, Youmu!" Suddenly, the gardener was faced with two smirking faces.

"... Yeah, me too," he answered, as seriously as he could. both women giggled at his reply.

"But I'm quite sincere when I say I'm glad, you know. This is a co-ed league, but it's largely a woman's domain, so to speak. Males willing to step into the ring are shockingly rare... and most don't come back after their first match. You know about supply and demand, hm? Lots of people will be very excited for your debut!"


"That's right. A lot of promising rookies who we think are interesting get billed ahead of time. So for next week's show, we'll send out fliers and kappa-radio broadcasts, talking all about the new male warrior~"

"R-really, now..." Youmu wasn't comfortable with the thought of being the center of attention, especially when he wasn't that optimistic about his prospects. He doubted he'd be able to dissuade her, though.

"Ah, before we get into that, Yukari, you should probably explain how things work to Youmu. We only went over the, ah, basics of wrestling. Quite thoroughly, I might add~"

"Oh my~ You'll have to tell me all about it later." Yukari swiveled her chair towards Youmu and leaned forward on her desk, happily resting her massive cleavage on the wood where he'd have to stare at it. "So, Youmu-kun, you know about matches and sex and submissions. That's the core of our show. Our official shows are weekly, with an average of six matches a night. Of course, that's not counting the seasonal events, or the special 'exhibitions' for VIPs. If you make a name for yourself, you can expect to wrestle in at least three matches a month... and I suspect that that'll be the case for both of you.

"Officially, every wrestler strives to win the title of Bodacious Touhou Wrestling League Champion. Though, to be honest, I doubt you'll be getting a shot at that, Youmu," she stated calmly, fingers tapping against one another.

Youmu was going to take offense at her matter-of-fact tone, but then he pictured himself trying to even budge a woman like Yukari. "... I see."

"However, we do have a Junior Championship for wrestlers more in your weight class. If you win enough matches and garner enough popularity, you could certainly earn a shot at that."

"What do you think my prospects are?" Yuyuko asked, a bit impatiently.

"Ah, for you...? Hmm, hard to say. It'll depend on how well you can put those sultry curves of yours to use."

"Oho~" Youmu glanced back at Yuyuko with narrowed eyes, finding a bubbly smile on the princess's face.

"Now, if you'll wait just a moment, I'll fill out the paperwork to admit you." Straightening herself up again, Yukari adjusted her glasses and pulled back her hair. Her smirk disappeared completely, changing her expression to a hawk-like stare as she fished out a few sheets of paper and began to furiously write down their details.

"Do you need my measurements, Yukari?" Yuyuko asked.

"It's fine, I know them already," Yukari said without a hint of teasing. "Youmu's, too."

For a time, the room was silent save for the frenzied yet artful scratching of Yukari's pen. The ghost and youkai were certainly easy on the eyes, but Youmu had gotten more than a few eyefuls of them already. He let his eyes wander around the room, inspecting some of the pictures she had hung up.

One depicted a woman who resembled an older, much more attractive Reimu, her features weathered with time but molded into a subtle, understated grace. Even though she was beaten and scratched, something resilient and unbending still shone on in her bold face. A tight hakama hugged her muscular body and large, firm breasts as she held a brilliant golden belt above her head.

In another one, a purple-haired woman he recognized as Iku Nagae was sliding herself all over a blue-haired woman, both of them slathered in some shining substance. Both looked seductive and serpentine in their grace, but the messenger's toned back and legs made her seem like the more dangerous of the two. The other woman had a strange "8"-shaped braid in her hair, and she seemed to enjoy the slippery, sensual grind of their bodies even though she was on the bottom.

A third picture showed a mature woman with short green hair and gleaming red eyes, flushed and wearing an unsettling smile as she sat atop a pile of groaning tengu men. More than a few of them seemed to be bleeding, and many of their limbs were twisted in unlikely directions.

Lastly, he noticed a new-looking photo of the shinigami Komachi Onozuka, who was standing triumphantly before a roaring crowd while practically covered in semen. At the edge of the frame, a naked brown-haired young man seemed to be on the verge of death.
No. 34630
File 139524967731.jpg - (119.16KB, 850x638, carried away.jpg) [iqdb]
"There. Now, I just need your signatures here." Youmu's focus was drawn away from the wall as Yukari pushed a pair of contracts to the edge of her desk. Rather than sign the document right away as Yuyuko did, Youmu decided to briefly scan through the terms. He could tell right away that their contracts were at least a bit different...

"Say, Yukari, what's this about 'weekly semen tests'?"

"Oh, that? It's nothing, just a little formality to make sure you're in top fighting shape." Yukari and Yuyuko were looking at him expectantly; he suspected she'd be giving the same answer to every question.

Well, if this was the cost of getting in...

With a sigh of resignation, Youmu signed the contract in his usual neat handwriting. Of course, Yuyuko had made hers a masterwork of calligraphy, with a graceful butterfly thrown in for good measure.

"Excellent. Welcome to the League! I'm sure you'll both enjoy yourselves to the fullest." Suddenly bright and cheerful again, Yukari grabbed the contracts and filed them away in her desk. "So, for your debut, you'll both need something amazing to wear. You know how much work we put into our outfits here, right Youmu?

"Right." Her advertisements certainly liked to show them off, not that he was complaining.. "So you'd do that for guys too, huh. Makes sense..." He wasn't exactly comfortable with wearing one himself, but there didn't seem to be a way around it.

"For instance, I think a fundoshi would bring out your manly charm quite well~"

Maybe signing had been a mistake after all. "... N-No way."

To his relief, Yukari didn't try to force him. "Oh? I can't convince you?"

"Maybe I could~" Yuyuko suggested, but a dry glare from her gardener made her back off a step and giggle uncontrollably.

"We're just kidding with you, Youmu," Yukari assured him. "... Besides, there will be time to decide that later, when you're too deep in to refuse. As for you, Yuyuko... A bustier would do wonders to slim down that figure of yours. It could use a bit of slimming, don't you think?" Yukari asked, a corner of her mouth threatening to twist right off her face.

Yuyuko quickly snapped open a fan, smiling wide behind it while keeping her eyes serious. "No, no, that's too stiff. Good for an old hag like you, maybe, but I deserve something more graceful."

"Hmph. Just what do you have in mind, then?"

"Hmm... a swimsuit would be nice, but those are so overdone. Perhaps... a sling bikini?"

Yukari answered with a derisive laugh. "Ha! Oh, that's been taken for a long time, dear. You'll need to be more... daring if you want to be original."

"A micro bikini, then?"

"Well, if you're going that far, why not wrestle topless?"

"Or nude!"

"Even that can seem boring, though. Perhaps we should give you a pair of..." Yukari's eyes flicked back to Youmu's fiercely blushing face. "... Mm, maybe we should discuss this when we're alone. Your poor gardener looks like he's about to burst."

Yuyuko glanced at Youmu's face, and then his crotch, and confirmed that this was indeed the case. "Fair enough. I want it to be a surprise for my Youmu~"

They shared a small chuckle, and Youmu joined in. He suspected he'd be seeing a lot of teasing from now on, so his best choice was likely to go along with it. "Oh well, we'll come up with something. Now, who should we book for your opening match? Someone who will show off your talents quite nicely, and provide a thrilling match for the audience..."

The two women brought fans to their mouths, "hmmm"-ing in perfect sync.

"Perhaps you set me up with... Miss Whiterock," Yuyuko eventually said. Yukari's face brightened instantly, her lips widening into a brilliant smile.

"Hmm! She's definitely free for next week. And she has been getting complacent... more complacent than usual, that is."

"Lovely! I'm sure she'd love a chance to pick on somebody her own size for once."

"Ohoho~ I don't know if you two are quite even in size, Yuyuko."

"Hmph!" Yuyuko crossed her arms under her chest and straightened up, pushing out her ample bust as far as possible. "I won't lose to anybody in terms of that."

Oh no, there was absolutely no way for Youmu to avoid imagining his lewdly-dressed mistress locked up with another curvaceous woman in an a test of strength and beauty, the two of them grunting and moaning as they strained to conquer each others' bodies, their breasts pressing, massaging, and pancaking one another...

"We'll have a lot of fun finding out, won't we? And as for you, Youmu! Your opponent must be chosen with the utmost care."

"Eh? O-Of course."

"Your debut will surely be the centerpiece of our next show. For you, the best would be..." Yukari's eyes flicked to the walls, glancing over her photographs. "... Our reigning champion, Yuugi! Oh, but she wouldn't. She never did like squash matches, for some reason. Yuuka, perhaps? She always loves the cute ones to death... hmm, or perhaps I should break you in myself." She leaned forward on the desk towards Youmu, her face suddenly changing to pure, predatory lust as her breasts pillowed out suggestively beneath her.

Yuyuko grabbed Youmu from behind, pulling him snug against her body. His head sank slightly into her bust which cuddled him protectively. "Hey! You said it yourself, my Youmu is precious! Don't you dare break him... too quickly."

Yukari sighed with feigned disappointment. "Very well, very well. Then, someone who would be at his level... let's see..." The gap youkai pulled a heavy binder down from a shelf and began to leaf through it. Yuyuko still hadn't stopped her hug; Youmu tried to gently nudge his way out of it, but she seemed intent on holding him close. At least she wasn't going to bodyslam him this time.

"Ahh, this will do!" Yukari turned the binder around and pushed it to the edge of the desk. It was open to a profile for one "Rin Kaenbyou"; the attached headshot showed a young girl with fiery red hair styled into twin braids, offset by a pair of pointy black cat ears. Her bright red eyes matched the color of her hair, and she was smirking wide enough that Youmu could see the glint of a sharp fang.

"Hm? I've never heard of her before." He crossed his arms and looked her over. The picture didn't show her body, but she didn't seem like a behemoth of a woman like, well, Yuyuko or Yukari... she looked manageable. "Is she a rookie, as well?"

"Well, in a sense. She's not the most experienced wrestler we have, but she's thrown down a few times by now. She wrangles her opponents quite well, and she's quite skilled at... 'handling spirits'~"

That was hardly encouraging, but Yukari would say little else. "Well, I could tell you more, but I'd prefer that you learn from your fellow wrestlers. There's a good number of them in the gym downstairs right now. Now that you're both members, why don't you go and introduce yourselves? Build some bridges!"

"Oh, that sounds lovely! Thanks for everything, Yukari!" Yuyuko exclaimed, almost bursting with eagerness. Yukari nodded and waved back.

"I'll see you both next week! Not to worry, we'll have your uniforms and entrances ready by then! Oh, it's going to be so much fun. Especially with you, Youmu. I'm expecting great things from you~"

Youmu didn't bother asking what she meant. Instead, he simply nodded at the seductive smiling youkai and followed his Mistress out the door.

They walked in silence for a while, until Yuyuko broke it with a sigh. "Ah, you're all tense and embarrassed again. I guess that's partially my fault, too... you know I'm just kidding around, though, right?"

"... Of course. So is Yukari." Aside from that one moment when she'd eyed him like a piece of meat, she'd been enjoying herself the whole time. would be way more scary if she ever got serious about something. "That doesn't mean it's okay to just... I'm fine, okay? I'm just going to need to get adjusted to... this. All of this."

They made their way down the stairs towards the gym, passing a few other women along the way. Yuyuko greeted them fondly, and Youmu got a few sidelong glances, but the two of them didn't speak for some time.

"If you're just doing this for me and don't really want to, now's the time to speak up and back out," Yuyuko finally said.

She was expecting some kind of reply, but Youmu wasn't sure exactly how to phrase it. His Mistress took it in stride, simply patting him on the head.

"Good! I'll go on ahead to the ladies' locker room, Youmu. See you inside!"


Not surprisingly, the men's locker room was empty. However, fresh puddles in the shower-stalls and a few open lockers suggested that Youmu wasn't the first person to use it in ages. He quickly changed into his workout shorts and shoes, the same ones he'd used before. Faint and suggestive commotion and voices through the walls, vague and muddied but undeniably feminine.

Youmu was struck with another bout of nervousness as he faced the entrance gym. On the other side of the door were dozens of powerful women, who his new friends and competitors, all putting their bodies on full display. Even from here, he could smell the deep scents of dozens of women, and a great number of grunts and... not-grunts that leaked through the door.

But if he couldn't face them here, what chance would he have in the ring? Something about this sport excited him. He wanted to experience firsthand the thrill and struggle of raw, bodily combat, match his strength against others, and grow ever stronger alongside them... and appreciate a few bodies in the process.

After another moment to steel himself mentally, he opened the door and tensed instinctively, expecting some hound-eyed glare to meet his scrawny form. Immediately, he was bombarded by a very intensive array of stimuli.

The gym was a large, wide-open space twice the size of his dojo back home. A full-size wrestling ring dominated the center of the room, while the rest of the area was divided between practice mats and various haphazardly-arranged pieces of exercise equipment. Punching bags, tread mills, leg extensions, dumbbells, ab crunchers - if a body part could be maintained, there was a tool here to maintain it.

From wall to wall, rack to rack, at least twenty bodies flexed and hammered away at the art of self-improvement. Hard, muscular bodies for which the standard of dress was a sports bra and very short shorts. There were muscular juggernauts, voluptuous temptresses, compact bruisers... bodies of all types were represented here, all at the peak of fitness. And their activities went far beyond simply flexing and straining themselves. Sensual forms slammed into mats and rubbed across one another, heavy pants and loud cries puncturing the air. It looked ritualistic, feral, overwhelmingly natural - like animals they tussled, crushing one and grinding the next. They ground, slapped, tensed, and shuddered, and judging from the wild and enthusiastic shouts... they weren't from pain. Far, far from it.

It was truly a feast for Youmu's eyes, pitching up a stiff and unflagging tent in his pants. He was torn between wanting to stare, and feebly pretending he didn't want to stare. The women seemed to consider him "delicious" as well. Many of them glanced back at the young man with interest, or curiosity, or open lust. Youmu tried to return their looks as best he could, feeling more and more uncomfortable as he surveyed the room. However, it was a relief to see that there were a number of women there that he recognized.

One was none other than Rin Kaenbyou, the woman he'd been booked to debut against. The photograph had only shown her head, and he now saw that she had an impressive body to match. Every bit feline in how she simply jogged, the catgirl packed her strength into a gymnast's frame. Her smooth legs lithe, compact, and sharp as they pounded the treadmill, and slight strains in her smooth belly hinted at a tight net of hidden power ready to spring at any moment. She was lacking the smile he'd seen in her picture, though. Instead, her face was completely serious, eyebrows furrowed and mouth frowning. Youmu was clearly in her line of sight, but she didn't seem to notice him at all.

Elsewhere, on a practice mat similar to the one he'd "trained" on with Yuyuko, he saw the widely-known faces of Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame. More specifically, he saw Marisa's blooming young form rising off the ground, hugged tightly from behind by Reimu. Seconds later, a loud thud sounded out as the witch was fiercely suplexed into the mat. Reimu stood bridged over backwards, standing on the tips of her toes, her compact body and small breasts tensed up harder than stone. He didn't remember her having that much sideboob... It seemed for a moment like Marisa was about to start foaming at the mouth, but then she regained her sight and shook it off. As she stood up and rubbed her neck, she finally noticed Youmu; a quick shoulder-tap and finger-point alerted Reimu as well. The two of them waved with slightly-raised eyebrows and a friendly smile from Marisa, and Youmu politely returned the courtesy. They returned to their tumbling a moment later, Marisa seeming to line Reimu up for something even more painful.

Yuyuko was at the far end of the gym, among a cluster of exercise machines. To his relief, she was dressed in a slightly more conservative sports bra and gym shorts today. However, any added modesty was more than offset by the way she was jogging spiritedly on a treadmill. Her enormous assets bounced hypnotically despite her clothing's best effort, such that he needed a moment to realize that she wasn't alone. Iku was using a nearby machine to work her long, muscular legs, and another ghost woman pale green hair was lifting weights nearby. All three of them were chatting together, with Yuyuko and Iku seeming to tease their friend about something. Yuyuko found time to wink at her servant before returning to the conversation, and she seemed to speed up her pace just a bit.

In another part of the gym, Reisen Udongein Inaba was going to town on a punching bag. Her rapid strikes kept the person-sized sack off-center, but then she backed up and unloaded a flawless roundhouse kick that sent it flying three times as far, slamming into a poorly-placed rack of dumbbells and sending them clattering onto the floor. She froze with a clear flush on her features, both embarrassed and impressed, and gingerly began to pick them up. Youmu had to admit, he felt a little dirty watching her bend over; her slightly-curvy legs and thighs seemed to be made of pure condensed muscle, and her long lavender hair clearly outlined the shape of her firm yet rounded butt. Her arms were far from overdeveloped or bulky, though they still flexed appreciably slightly as she picked up the heavy weights one after another. She mouthed a bunch of thank-yous as a white-haired wolf tengu came to pick up the rest, finally giving her a chance to look around and notice Youmu. She waved at him with a sheepish smile, and Youmu waved back a little awkwardly, almost immediately distracted by the sight of her sizable breasts and budding abdominal muscles.

Just then, Youmu was startled by an exchange of slams and shouts from the ring. Four women took turns leaping in and out, slamming one another to the mat and sometimes going for a quick pin afterwards before rolling out and calling in another. It was as fast paced as it was suggestive - a young ponytailed brunette slammed down a silver haired girl, one slightly older and more spry than she. The second girl rolled away and tagged in another brunette, this one with longer hair, pointy ears, and a bushy tail, who slammed the human in return. Then, out came largest of the four: a raw, buxom powerhouse of a woman, with wild green hair and a pair of sharp white horns. She lifted and slammed her fellow beast before squashing her with a pounce, grinding her whole front up and down with a vigorous friction that left the wolf stunned and moaning.

The victor in that exchange was the Village teacher, Keine Kamishirasawa. Rising from the wolf-girl's well-tended body, she walked away from the group and invited Youmu with a friendly yet slightly seductive hand.

It was a relief to see that they weren't all strangers, thought Youmu wasn't used to seeing them like this. He decided to pay a visit to...

[ ] Rin
[ ] Reimu & Marisa
[ ] Yuyuko
[ ] Reisen
[ ] Keine
No. 34631
[X] Reimu and Marisa
No. 34632

She invited us to go and talk to her or to wrestle with her. I feel that it would be rude to refuse her invitation.
No. 34634

To play the devil's advocate, Rin might also be analyzing Youmu's strategies but then again, you could say that's where curve balls come in. For both opponents of course.

Remember, these ladies can at times be as devilishly cunning as Yuyuko (and in some cases, nowhere near as nice).
No. 34635
She could also analyze Youmu's strategies if he was sparring with someone else. So in the end, either way she could analyze his strategies.
No. 34636

Well, you could say that a more direct opportunity for both would lead to better insights into one another's strategy and that there could be visual obstructions, but that is a distinct possiblity you mention.
No. 34637
[X] Rin

Let's go introduce ourselves.
No. 34638

Fuck it. We have an invite, time to dive right in.
No. 34639

And yes, her body is notably slimmer and less voluptuous.
No. 34641
[x] Reisen

Shes always got my vote.
No. 34642
[x] Reisen

I want to see what develops however futile as I think there might be something there between them.
No. 34644
[X] Keine

You know I think I'll change my vote. We actually got an invite from Keine.
No. 34645
Speaking of Keine, who were her opponents? I only recognized Kagerou.
No. 34647
[X] Keine

Yeah, it'd be rude to just brush her off after that.
No. 34648
[X] Keine
No. 34668
File 139543348015.jpg - (353.35KB, 872x619, 1a793dca56c005f98f729b82589346f8.jpg) [iqdb]
Calling the vote here.

Teach me, sensei-
No. 34703
File 13961279868.jpg - (128.48KB, 426x600, 7c95891357e54403894a538d5a808bef.jpg) [iqdb]
While you all wait for the next update, me and one of the other writers have prepared a little one-shot. It's in the same setting but isn't necessarily vital to the over-arching plot. Think of these as just the day to day happenings within the League.
Squash Match Winter is ComingSmothering Avalanche - Falling Letty, Humping Houjuu

"Oi! People call me a jerk, but you're the one going around picking on girls smaller than you. What's up with that, huh?" Nue asked, her rude voice loud and clear in the gym. Few others would speak up that way to a living mountain like Letty.

"I do as I please, and as Miss Gaps demands," the Yuki-onna yawned, taking a few lazy swings at a battered punching bag. "Your words are no more effective than your attempts to throw me. Perhaps you need to spend a few long hours at the weights, little girl." Eyes were turning, looking away from dumbbells and treadmills, right onto the little David and her purple-haired Goliath.

Nue's face reddened. She tossed of a lot of barbs, but she still wasn't very good at taking them. Okay, so she had tried out some of her new judo moves Letty... and ended up straining to move a ton of woman while Letty yawned and the crowd just laughed... "Well! At least I bother to train, instead of just relying on having a big, fat ass I can drop on people."

The snap of Letty's fist colliding with bag broke the monotony of dull, repeated thuds. She looked over her head, incredulous in her expression. She knew Nue's little game - flew like a butterfly, stung like a bee. Soon, she'd be crushed like an ant. Sticks and stones would break against her bones, but those acidic little words still irked her. "For your own good, it's best to watch your words. A little rude of Byakuren's follower, now."

Well, she'd wanted to provoke the titan into a fight. All Nue could do was hope she could back up her mouth as it ran on ahead of her, as usual. She'd have such an easier time of it if she learned some manners... but Letty deserved every scrap of it. "Oho. Not as frozen as you want people to believe, huh? "And as for that nun... Pbbbbbt." Byakuren's lectures were boring, even if she had been spicing them up lately with her 'discipline presses.' "I'm sure she wouldn't mind me taking on a big, dumb, bully."

"You're so adorable when you try to bite." The smirking giantess had turned around, throwing back her shoulders and jutting out her hefty bust. Letty's choice of undergarments were conservative by most standards, but her hefty rack made even those strain to hold back her voluptuous form. She certainly was tall and hefty, but a renewed exercise regimen had honed the soft plush into respectable cliffsides of disciplined muscle. She stepped closer to Nue, darkening the smaller youkai's entire body with the great shadow cast by her mountainous form. "I don't think Byakuren would mind, either. She does tend to discipline unruly children, after all." All eyes settled on the two of them as Letty stopped inches away from her challenger. "Unless they wriggle away, as they tend to do when trouble rears its head."

"Tch." She balled her fists up at her side, gripping the hem of her shirt. Rather than her usual slim black dress, Nue had come to the gym in her exercise outfit, a tight shirt and a pair of athletic shorts that hugged her hips and rear end. That was probably the only part of her that wasn't lean and mean... but she looked flat everywhere compared with this snow monster. Provoking her was probably a bad idea, but if she won... then everybody would be talking about her!

All she had to do was not run away, and that was proving to be difficult, seeing as she had had to crane her neck up just to look Letty in the eye. That woman did the tranquil-fury thing far too well. "Big talk from a big girl! Let's make this a thing, then. Right here, no rules... first woman to pass out wins." An unofficial 'match'. It was a hardcore way to settle things, and dangerous if either combatant didn't have a sense of honour... "And I'll get some payback!"

And Nue knew she'd probably have to play dirty to win.

"Oh?" Letty had to raise her brows, and she wasn't the only one to do so. Already the heat rose around them in choruses of murmurs. Some of the older girls sighed and looked away; she could understand but they'd already made up their minds. Letty had to smile in her slow, certain way as surprise turned to satisfaction. She exhaled through her nose, relaxing her tense body.

"Why, how kind of you to have thought this out, little Houjuu," she replied ever so sweetly. She walked past the smaller competitor with a strut in her step as some thoughtful girl flicked on the lights above the ring. "Normally, my meals are a little harder to come by, but oh, such a sweet little treat..." She looked out to a few of her onlookers. "A dish best served twice. I'll eat you again, then."

Most of the others were probably neutral, but Letty's cruel words bade them to laugh. She was speaking from a position of power, like some great leader or tyrant.

"Sheesh. At least take me a little seriously..." The spotlights seemed hotter than usual as Nue entered the ring. She didn't recognize some of the faces in the dim surroundings, but that wasn't really the focus right now. This big bitch was acting like the fight was already over. Somebody had to teach her a lesson! Right? She hopped around a bit on her strong, compact legs, rolling her shoulders to keep the tenseness away. She was going to need her manoeuvrability for this one.

"Ready when you are!"

"Then let us begin. Do hurry up, slow-poke," Letty taunted. She simply leaned back in her corner and waited, her monstrous bosom rising and falling with each deep breath. She knew her projected lethargy annoyed the pint-sized punk. People liked to think her a mere brute, but what did they know of yuki-onna, those proud temptresses who bewitched and feasted on the souls of wayward men? "Though I must warn you... your friends will not be here to pull you out this time. You are so lucky, to have such a caring monk as your stable's queen - how ashamed she must be of your delinquent ways."

That one got past what was left of Nue's composure, making her eyes widen in shock. Letty was going to fucking pay for everything, every smug little look, all the bullying... Before she knew it, she was barrelling right towards her much larger opponent, letting out a roar that was much larger than she was.

This attack was a pretty simple one, but Nue was fast, quite fast indeed; her strong legs were her asset here. She would run forward and then just deliver a big jumping kick right to Letty's her face; huge, strong, whatever; nobody could take a direct boot to the head and keep trucking along. She was going to feel this one!

For all her arrogance, Letty still had some degree of cleverness. After all, she was among giants herself - Byakuren, Kanako, and Eirin weren't opponents she could simply squeeze until she won. As a result, she was quick to see exactly what Nue was planning. The girl's intentions had been clear the moment she'd started sprinting.

In a few seconds, Nue was airborne, aiming a killer blow right for Letty's skull! And yet, the yuki-onna simply swerved to the left, sending Nue's foot sailing past the corner.


However, she never got a chance to crash. In a split second, a strong arm clamped over Nue's stomach. She tried to throw herself away, but it was too late. Bundling her against her body like so much bramble, Letty smirked as she took control. Her powerful pulled inwards, squeezing and tightening around Nue's torso.

"Nnngh!" All of Nue's momentum had stopped in that moment, absorbed effortlessly by Letty's arm. And if that wasn't enough, the casual squeeze afterwards forced more precious air from her lungs. Her body wasn't built to handle this, and her shock wore off just as Letty murmured threateningly, now so intimately close.

"What brilliant speed you possess. But if only you hadn't broadcasted your strike so openly. Now..."

"No-!" Before she could do anything more than squirm, Letty brought her other arm up and s locked her fingers together, forming a huge, living bear trap with Nue's thin body caught right in the middle. This couldn't be happening like this, she had to think of something, she had to get away before...

Letty had just been playing around until that very moment, but now, she was deadly serious, and all that Nue could do was let out a strangled, desperate cry as she prepared for the bearhug to start crushing the life from her body-

"Oh? What am I thinking. It's too early to wring you dry." The pressure disappeared, allowing a series of desperate, burning breaths into Nue's lungs. Letty had loosened her grip, but now she was taking a few careful steps forwards. Nue realized what was about to happen, pushing and thrashing against the still-iron grip.

Letty soon broke into a sprint and jumped, briefly stunning Nue with vertigo. The big woman slammed front first into the mat, throwing her full weight right on Nue's back! The heavy thud sent an explosion of pain all throughout Nue's body. Her spine felt as if it was on fire, but she could only flail about her limbs, inescapably pinned under the towering heavyweight. The mighty blow elicited sharp gasps and excited calls. Now, things were getting serious.

Nue jolted and cried as Letty leaned forward, placing more weight on her strained back. She soon fell limp, actually blacking out for a moment from the pain.

Rising up, Letty grabbed Nue's shirt, roughly yanking it off the stunned girl's limp body. Swinging it in her arms, she nonchalantly flung it over her head. "I thought you'd be willing to show off those cute little speedbumps. I like having some eye candy to gaze at. Keeps me... motivated," she chuckled, slowly circling around Nue. She was in no rush.

After having Letty's weight pitilessly crush her body, Nue was barely in a condition to stand, much less resist any of this. It took her a moment to realize that she was now shirtless in front of the crowd, which went wild at the sight. Her face was red, either from lack of air or humiliation. Or both. All she could do was cough, sputter, and suck in that precious air as she tried to sit up.

A few moments later, though, she had to bend over, clutching her stomach. It honestly felt like she'd been run over. Coughing and gasping, she glanced up at Letty, who was just walking around her... letting her recover, for all the good it would do. Her mobility wasn't going to help like this, if her stamina gave out and she just sat there... "Nnnnngh..."

Her body felt so heavy, though.

"Should I feel pity... I wonder..." Letty spoke just loud enough for Nue to hear, while keeping her words away from the crowd.. "To squash or to forfeit out of honour..."

Nue managed to shove herself to her feet, her back yelling in protest as she straightened. Letty stopped her movements when she saw that her opponent was now standing, albeit shakily. Curiosity spread over her features. Nue might not have had brute strength, but she did have willpower. Right now, that seemed synonymous with foolishness.

"How delicious it will be, to extinguish that flame..." she mused, walking towards Nue. The seething shapeshifter charged, planning a knee-strike to her gut... but instead, the gut struck her.

In what could only be described as an explosive movement, Letty's whole body lurched forth. Spreading arms and legs, the wall of hulking power flew forth towards Nue's widened eyes. A loud smack echoed as her hard core collided with Nue, sending her tumbling head over heels.

Landing in a heap on the mat, Nue knew pain, and the desperation to breathe in and out properly, feeling her chest burn. This was ridiculous. At least in their earlier match, she'd landed a freaking hit! Now it was like Letty was some kind of freaking wrestling savant. Did she play dumb for the crowds or something?

Not that it mattered now; if she lost this fight, she would be flattened like a pancake, and so she struggled to get back up again. It was tough, though. Her body wasn't designed to just absorb punishment; she was built for speed and sex appeal, dammit. She wouldn't have even minded having her heaving chest on full display, if she'd been the one to do it...

Nue got to her feet again, bent over and gasping. At this point, she was just afraid of what would happen if she just stopped moving and submitted to Letty's punishments, because she'd seen and even felt them before.

"Oh, you should know, I've made my decision." Letty's voice was intimate in her ear, and as Nue turned her head to look, she saw the giant looming behind her... right before feeling a pair of arms wrap tightly around her waist again and press two huge, soft breasts right into her back. "I'll be leaving you flat... more flat, that is."

"Shit shit shit!" This was the single worst possible case scenario. Punching forward to try and free herself, Nue was like a swimmer caught in a riptide's grip.

The crowd laughed at her wild and exaggerated movements. Her eyes wide in panic, Nue looked just like a caricature in some bawdy play. Letty's massive breasts spread over her back like dough as she hugged harder, making Nue spit out a cough. With a single movement, she yanked back, lifting Nue right off of her feet.

"Such a foul mouth... I'll have to discipline you for that." Her hot breath teased Nue's earlobes and made her tense internally. Letty threw herself back, hurling Nue right up and over into a suplex-throw. The crowd gasped as Nue, slammed into the mat a second time, this time landing on her upper back. She slumped down and panted, her shoulders feeling pulverized by the hard landing.

Letty grabbed her by the arm almost immediately. She'd been softened enough. Now, it was time for the part their audience would have paid to see.

"I hope you're all watching this," Letty said, although there wasn't any need. All eyes were on her and her victim. "I've seen some of you treat a bearhug like it's just a basic move, thinking that there's nothing more to it than squeezing your opponent. That's good, but watch what you can do with some practice."

She'd been putting this off for so long, savouring the small moves; although Nue was in no position to realize it, Letty had really been going soft on her, given her loud mouth earlier. That was over. Pulling her upright with only the hand on her arm, Letty held the limp Nue close and locked her into her overpowering arms.

This time, though, she didn't toss her around, or jump up for a slam, or any of that. This was what she'd been wanting to do ever since Nue first mouthed off to her... She tightened slowly but steadily, like a constrictor snake ready to squeeze the life out of some small wild animal. Nue recovered herself enough to struggle, but it was pointless; her body hung immobile.

Letty would savour this.

"Gggghhhhh!" Nue tried to scream and shout but only a choked cry came out. Standing like a statue of antiquity, Letty had angled herself back, partially laying Nue over her toned form. Letty's arms seemed to squeeze hard, it was truly only enough to lock the smaller girl into place. She had purposefully slipped her tree-trunks of arms under Nue's, but wasn't going full on power.

As the girls watching noted, Letty wasn't just soft plushiness, and she certainly wasn't "flabby." The wild anger in Nue's eyes turned to surprise as Letty flexed. Her whole body jerked as Letty tightened; biceps emerged like ambushing soldiers, clamping down around Nue as she mouthed a silent cry, all but moaning as her taut body was crushed into Letty's.

"Now, this is a little something I learned from our old friend Hoshiguma," Letty began as she casually strode across the ring. Loosening her grip, she let the dazed Nue slump back, dizzy from pain and shortness of breath. One arm moved down near the base of her back, while the other stayed behind her breasts. "And something for all of you who think there's nothing solid beneath this vessel."

Nue's eyes bulged as Letty's abdominal muscles rippled, joining her flexing arms for a crushing clamp. Her own skin whitened against this cage of power, bulging out and caving her in, trapping her torso in an embrace of honed prowess. The black-haired girl kicked, slapped and punched, but those packs of tensed mass shrugged off her desperate blows. She was imprisoned, Letty's calm features mocking her as breath and will slowly exited her form.

This move was deadly, but there was more going on than simply draining Nue of strength and squeezing her into a helpless state. Letty's favourite type of hug was just like this, belly to belly; the opponents could look at each other, and their bodies were pressed together in what could only be called an intimate fashion. Her huge breasts pressed eagerly into Nue's chest, as though laying claim to her body.

"When we're like this, you aren't just weakening an enemy's body. They see that they are inferior to you... and they feel it. They feel their body, unable to resist being squeezed... and they feel themselves getting turned on while they're helpless." She could feel Nue's nipples quite clearly now, as if they were desperately trying to fend off this full-body attack. It wouldn't work; it wasn't even painful to Letty. She'd done this with much better girls.

"You can even lean forward just a bit-" She paused to allow a choking groan as Nue and her spine complained, forced to bend right along with her captor, until it looked to the crowd as though they were in a loving dance move and Letty was just dipping her for a kiss. "And kiss them, too~ Ooh, she really liked that. Look, she's pouting!"

All that red probably wasn't just from the fact that Nue could hardly breathe anymore.

Nue fumed, but all the anger bubbling inside was fizzling away. The slightest frictious grind, the way those massive breasts enveloped her own, it was so humiliating! Nue had to try. She kicked, squirmed, and wriggled, but her thrashing and desperate attempts only rubbed her in all those ways that felt so wrong yet so right at once. Actions had failed her, and now words offered no defence.

"Now, sometimes I prefer to have it a little raw. Clothing is just so..." She inhaled and brought Nue close, mashing her tightly to her form. Nue's stuttered words were impossible to hear - Letty's flesh almost looked like it was flattening with how hard she squeezed! She took a few steps back, leaning against the ropes. Looking over at Komachi, she nodded at her and shook left and right. "...Bothersome, wouldn't you say? Here, we undress to impress. Would you be so kind, Komachi?"

The big redhead complied, undoing the clasp and pulling off Letty's bra. Raw titflesh suddenly kissed, ice cold at first contact, but warm as a summer night in mere seconds. Free of their constraints, Letty's mountainous duo moved almost like liquid, every little inch they covered and tended to eliciting a tightening, quivering response. Nue's eyes shut and she looked away. Her hands pushed against Letty's collarbone in another feeble attempt.

Sighing, Letty responded by straightening up and pressing at the small of Nue's back. Arching out her stomach and squeezing Nue against it, Letty unleashed a big abdominal grind made her captive shudder with pleasure. Nue's lesser body stiffened in response, feeling like a spark would ignite between them if she so much as inhaled.

"At first I couldn't believe I'd found such a foolish girl. Most wrestlers see what I do to my opponents and stay away. I've actually had some refuse to show up for a match with me! And here you are... picking." Tighter. "A." Tighter still. "Fight." She was going to break her in half. Nue's body spasmed with pain and desperation, and she was grateful Letty only held that intensity for a moment before going back to merely crushing her.

W-was she getting used to this oddly sensual torture? "But now I've figured it out! It's so obvious, but I was mad and just thought you were a stupid, stupid little girl. But you're actually pretty smart, huh? You want a real woman to crush you flat. You want to be treated exactly like this. You want me to overwhelm you in front of all of these people." Nue violently shook her head, using energy she didn't have, and strained again, to no avail. She couldn't get away.

She was trapped, and she was going to be punished. "So normally I'd show mercy, even to you... but if you want it, then there's nothing to worry about. I don't have to hold back at all!" Nue tried to tell her that she was wrong, that she didn't like what she was doing to her body, but she had no air. Her head was swimming with lust and need. All that came out was a pitiful little wheeze.

Letty pulled her captive further up, the sensuous rub making Nue shake in her grip, and began to lick over her cheeks. "Now... as I was saying about a bearhug... it is not your strength that is the greatest asset... but that reluctant, nagging desire it creates, silently whispering at the back of one's head. Seeding little sprouts of submissiveness beneath those bravely defiant glares... but sometimes, to merely embrace is not enough. The bearhug, for all its simplicity... sets up the opponent for further applications of intimacy."

Letty's body turned, facing Nue's back towards the corner. The crowd let out low intonations, oooh's and aaaahs, gasps as they knew what was coming next. Bracing her legs, Letty broke into a wild sprint. Nue bumped up and down against her, her tortured tits and abdominals blinding her vision with murky spectres of sapphic delight. It was when she suddenly did not feel those strong, grasping arms that a part of her jolted awake in surprise.

In her adrenaline-ridden body, the world seemed so slow. Letty had leapt, spread-eagled, her mighty body on display, Nue pressed against it, still carried by its force...

Right into the corner.
No. 34704
File 139612809032.jpg - (850.22KB, 1300x1800, 4f283a027b2b66a5184e7df520cde840.jpg) [iqdb]
A loud CRAWCK reverberated through the ring as the lightweight was pancaked. She wailed and cried, cut short once more by heaving breasts and stern core, flattening her right against Letty's body! The crowd gasped and winced, howling approval - the mighty body splash was a favourite in squash matches. The crushing impact, the sense of one's own flesh spreading beneath the toned muscle of a stronger woman, and the sight of one body sinking into another, almost admitting its dominance - that was the essence of the League itself, in one powerful, crushing movement.

Letty lay leaning, arms hanging over the turnbuckle, as Nue lay docked up against her - her cutely toned tummy and perky, defiant breasts all enveloped by Letty. Only her head shook left and right as a woman in a fever might. Letty raised her head, not even looking into the flattened girl's eyes. Here, in the ring, she was a queen and she had found Nue wanting.

She was now effectively buried upright, trapped in a situation completely outside of her own control. Even if her mind hadn't been a mess of pain, humiliation and simple need for a single good gasp of air, she couldn't have fought back. Her hands, balled up lightly, tried to strike Letty in her belly, but it was barely more forceful than a cute little massage. She couldn't even reach up to headbutt her now; she'd just be planting her face in Letty's overwhelming cleavage.

Unable to hold back her groans, she moaned in pain as though Letty was physically squeezing the noises out of her. That wasn't just to hold her in place, after all; her body was pressing inwards, weight and power focused on one goal. She only fell silent when she literally ran out of air, and twitched in panic.

There was no way for her to resist, or escape, or even defy Letty anymore; her world was that corner. She'd watched other people put in this position, and had even experienced something like it herself during her fight.... But this was different. Letty had just wanted to defeat her in a match then. This was personal, and she was getting that across in every way imaginable, up to the way that the snow queen's dominant hands were reaching down to pull off her shorts. To do that, she had to pull back for just a moment, allowing Nue to gasp pathetically, and then lift her up with one arm ram her back into the turnbuckle.

Thus, she was soon stripped of her shorts and the panties underneath, allowing everybody in the club to see how wet her thighs had become. "I knew it!" Letty said triumphantly, the very act of her speaking forcing her chest even deeper into Nue's slender and soon-to-be-slenderer waist. "I'm not the bitch here, my little treat. You are.

"And you're mine." Again the pressure relented, but again, this was only to set her up for more pain. Letty effortlessly scooped the shivering smaller girl into her arms, and after a few moments holding her sideways and appreciating the feel of their bellies together, she put her back against the corner... upside down, and hanging by her legs from the top turnbuckle, facing outwards.

Now her bare pussy was on full display. Nue was afraid to struggle even weakly, lest she fall on her head and suffer more. Instead, she could only look up from beneath at Letty's towering form... until the yuki-onna pressed back in, and air was once again a thing that Nue needed and couldn't get.

"What a naughty, dirty cunt." Letty almost wanted to laugh at the small hole and its small tuft of hair. Nue's wishes hardly mattered now, but Letty decided she would do her a small favour.

Letty's hips thrust forward, squashing into Nue's face. Her own mound had started to swell from the constant crushing and rubbing, making it quite sensitive and needy. Her short hair bobbed back and forth, and small moans escaped her lips as she began to ride the younger woman's face. With shut eyes and bouncing hips, she looked more to be enjoying then wrestling the pitiful youkai.

"All of this tussling and rumbling, when she just could have asked!" she called out. Some of the crowd were shocked by her brazen act, but she knew that many of them were enjoying it.

Meanwhile, Nue couldn't even squirm. Letty's belly pressed like an anvil of flesh, crushing the relative softness of her Nue's form. all could see her barely convulse, skin whitening from the frictious grind. Her pussy quivered as well, twitching like an unsure mouth having lost its words after its owner was caught red-handed. Soon, a small sheen of fluid had developed.

"Thank you dearly for the meal~"

Letty's skilful tongue drew a line; Nue's oxygen-deprived throat let out a hoarse moan as it found what little air it could between Letty's thighs. The yuki-onna's lips came next, kissing the tightening hole. She suckled and slurped, brushing her lips left and right, and tended to Nue's fine thighs with her hands. Meanwhile, her hips and cunt dominated the punk girl's face through an overwhelming, smothering assault.

"Mmm... Sweet, like sugared wine," she announced, looking up from the messy, sticky meal. "I would normally share, ladies, but alas, this is a private date."

It wasn't the pain of being crushed that bothered Nue now, although she was actually twitching from how her body was flattened without pity. It was how good it felt when Letty enjoyed her, and how exciting it was to be forced to service her.

Maybe if she satisfied this beast, she'd back off a little bit or show some mercy? Letty knew that sort of thinking well, and never rewarded it, instead just keeping at it until her opponent passed out. For a normal opponent, even an annoying one, she'd be satisfied with that, but she wasn't satisfied yet. Today the sadism and sexual tension combined in Letty in a very dangerous manner. The yuki-onna backed off, stretching a bit, as the crowd roared its approval for her.

"I win," Letty announced, as though it wasn't a foregone conclusion. She raised her fist and giggled in a way that shook her huge, curvy body for all to see. "The match is over, but I didn't get to enjoy my prize enough... Let's give her some time to wake up, everybody!"

Laying Nue flat on her back now in the center of the mat, she begins to make a very simple plan. When the girl returned to life, she was going to be Letty's living body pillow.

The shapeshifter was delirious, dizzy with agony and ecstasy. She'd been hurting, clinging to that hurt, telling herself it'd be over soon. Now she was writhing and naked, pure in her body's honest sweatiness, her body quivering and begging for more.

The leers and appraisals felt so distant and bore no embarrassment for her, not after having been ravaged by Letty. Nue reached to her face, pulling away matted hair and wincing at the glaring lights above. She felt as stiff and drying as a morning after, the ring and the skin of the crowd little more than a strangely-coloured blur.

She could hear something, whoops and rising intonations, warnings almost. Nue raised a flaccid arm that felt twice as heavy as usual to cover her eyes from the glare, not seeing her lavender-haired opponent. Had she left? She felt too weak to stand, heavy with desire and ready to burst at the slightest bump. Her legs were jelly from the thighs down, and she felt the first warm hints of precum creeping down.

However, the stretch-stretch sound of ropes did catch her attention. Groaning as she turned her head, she saw Letty silhouetted upon the turnbuckle, her panties laying at their base. Her bright hair seemed to glow with light, while her body loomed in the shadow. Her massive rack jiggled as if it were underwater as her feet balanced precariously on the top ropes.

Nue's eyes widened, and she fought to get away. Her legs kicked and pushed, but the mat seemed to slip from her feet, her legs groaning in protest. With one last bounce, Letty threw herself from the top of the ropes and down onto her hapless target.

Her arms and legs spread, powerful body flexed, Letty landed with a sharp thwack like two sweaty palms smacking together. Nue's limbs flapped upwards as she cried out in pain, but even the cry fell short as a hard, toned belly crushed the air out of her. Letty's massive tits did not merely flatten her own - they conquered them, crushing them back into her chest.

Her whole belly felt like it had been punished by a giant hand. She wanted to thrash, roll, struggle, but the hard body of Letty was a prison and a ruler. Her own belly tensed painfully hard, yet the raw weight and power of Letty spread her muscles wide and bony white, leaving her soft and sensitive for the imperious crush that would come. And the feel of Letty's raw cunt crashing onto hers made her tear up in explosive ecstasy, her thoughts disrupted by an onslaught of erotic mania.

"You win." Nue breathlessly admitted, her voice straining to get out past Letty's deadly pressure. It was her only chance to avoid what was coming next... she knew that, as bad as this was, Letty was only getting warmed up. The match was already way past being over, anyhow. This had been a terrible idea.

"Hm? Well, I know that." Letty lifted herself up just enough to let Nue draw one full breath before crashing back down onto her like a living avalanche, weight and power casually dominant. She delighted in the groan from the smaller woman beneath her, as she always did. "We're just having some fun now. Think of it as a post-match celebration, if you want."

Nue could barely think at all like this. She was going to pass out, either from pain, lack of air, or just humiliation. She pounded against Letty, but her feeble attacks weren't even felt, and soon her arms were too heavy to move at all. She couldn't even beg or plead anymore, and at this point, she'd say anything to get this sadistic bitch off of her!

Nue wasn't going anywhere soon, but for once, Letty found herself hesitating.

"How shall I serve you up today?" Confident in her victory, she propped up her arms by the elbows, resting her head on her palms. A sudden inspiration hit her and she turned to their crowd. "What do you all think? A fine and flattened crepe or a nice and creamy paste?"

"Another big splash! Crush her through the mat!"

"Show her that yuki-onna loving!"

"Rub her flat as a board!"

"Make her moan!"

Nue's shook frenetically, shivering in spite of the moist warmth. She'd suffered so much already, why did it have to go on? Her whole torso throbbed with soreness every time Letty so much as inhaled.

"Thanks for your suggestions, but I'm quite comfortable as I am!" she shouted over them, her belly pressing out. Nue forcibly exhaled, body tensing in response. Letty glanced down at her, content the girl would follow her body's every whim. Nue mewled as her abs were grated, leaving Letty's curves more room to grind. "But I'll tend to her well, don't you all fret~!"

Nue tried to hit her, going so far as to aim for the throat, but with her vision swimming and limbs feeling lifeless, it came off as a feeble slap. Letty was unstoppable, as she'd secretly feared and expected it from the start, but she had no time to feel regrets now when Letty dropped back down.

Her tender tits had barely enough time to reinflate before the bigger pair rolled over them. Letty's mounds enveloped them completely, scraping her nipples and molding around the sensitive undersides. The arousing feeling was a momentary respite, but her squeaks turned to wheezes as Letty followed up.

The crowd calmed and watched Letty closely, paying special attention to the look in her eyes. It wasn't one of sadism or contempt anymore, but an artist's calm visage as she worked on a masterpiece. Letty, getting comfortable, shook left and right first, rubbing side to side on Nue's belly. The poor girl could only bend her knees and clench her fingers around vain hopes, tightening ever harder.

While it appeared to be her attempting mere intercourse, Letty was sending a message, one that she had practiced many times in the ring and with less than willing demonstrators. Oh, how she loved post-match penalties. The ease with which she grinded was intentional; merely shifting left and right, given her great size and strength, and being rewarded with more pleasured groans, demonstrated not just her strength, but her prowess. Sexual prowess, the prowess of a queen and a dominator, making her opponent mewl through the most mundane of actions.

Harder and harder Nue became, her moist crotch starting to drip once again. The smell of juice and sweat mixing rose and like sharks to blood, the crowd started to watch more intently, jostling and murmuring. Their words were watery and vague, the scene feeling more surreal with each suffocating press.

Letty lowered her head, brushing her lips across Nue's slick face. "Why the shame, treat~?" she muttered between slurps and kisses. Nue tried to throw her off, shaking her head from left to right but Letty pressed down cheek on cheek. "You've been a good girl today, even your Hijiri would be proud. Going out of your way to make a mortal enemy smile."

"Just... just end it, please..." she grunted.

"Do have some patience," Letty said in reply. "You did say it would end when one of us was unconscious, after all." Letty's form rippled with flexing muscle, the ring thumping as she jerked down, burying Nue in a pancake-press. Nue cried out, cut off yet again as Letty kissed her on the mouth.

Yet it wasn't merely to arouse. She certainly felt arousal in the way Nue's tummy begged her with side-to-side rubs, and in how her crotch shifted in place, but that was not her aim. No, this was a kiss to dominate. Nue coughed and threw her head to the side when it ended, coughing and spitting, trying to get Letty's taste out of her mouth.

"A short repose..." Letty said, more to the crowd as she pushed up her body. "Before we continue!"


Nue coughed out her freshly reacquired air, yet this time, she was not utterly squashed. Letty was slouching forwards, only their fronts fully docked. The warmth between them now rose and grew, swelling greatly with Letty's quick movements. She grinded deep, pressing down before rolling her mass forwards, forcing out breaths and making Nue boil inside. The heat from the friction, like two landscapes cresting along one another, made that lurking moistness grow more prominent and it yearned to release.

"Good girls get to be rewarded warmly..." she murmured, licking across Nue's face. Her breasts had touched down, nipple on nipple, and Nue shivered as the cold turned to heat. Her own breasts had grown erect and perked, poking into Letty's... only for the larger pair to slowly force them down. She shoved and slid them up and down, driving over Nue's callously. The teasing and asymmetrical dockings made her feel humiliated, like the other small girls whose tiny cute breasts were only there to remind the bigger girls of their superiority!

It was her belly, however, that received the most attention. Like a sensual massage, Letty rubbed up and down, letting her weight and muscles nick and press. Nue desperately flexed all she could, pouring all her pent up frustration, embarrassment, and anger into her arms. Veins bulged and skin tensed, muscle and bone pumping at full power, doing anything they could to try and lessen the pain.

Letty, however, rewarded that defiance with a crush.

"Naughty naughty, don't you think it's a bit rude?" she began, squashing onto Nue's belly. The smaller girl cried out, reluctant tears of sensual confusion dripping at the edges of her eyes. "Rude... I offer you the gift of my love..." Nue's muscles buckled as she gagged, starting to flatten under her. "Bad girls, bad girls get punished."

The last of Nue's energy emerged in a great bodily twitch, jerking her left and right, but that was all that arose from her dominated form. Letty soon regained traction and the mighty crushing, the end of the match, began!

Letty pressed on, not like a woman, but a living wave of power. Her back muscles visibly flexed, transforming into a network of crests and valleys. Her soft curves became steely, looseness turning into tight power, shaking under her exertion. Nue felt the already-hard abs turn into an insurmountable barrier and she coughed out the last of her air.

Pain and arousal shocked and arched across her and she could not control the wild, begging, aroused cries that escaped her slaving mouth. Her mind had disappeared, entranced by the immediacy of the force of nature upon her. Her own body... it was visibly compressing, yet it felt so intimate, as if two were becoming one through virtue of pure force. Force that now had controlled all of her.

Letty's palms lay above Nue's head, her legs spread out for balance, her body proudly displaying itself in this scene of prowess and domination, so base and simple it was practically bestial. The larger member of the pack, a chiselled and unmoving ruler, passing her sensual judgment on an unruly and now remorseful subject. Nue's head shook, not in fear or refusal, but in defeat; it was all she could do as Letty looked at her audience contently.

Even when she stopped, the poor shapeshifter was still shaking her head, more by reflex than conscious will... until she had finally stopped. Only the barest of breaths told Letty the younger girl was deeply unconscious.

"... Sheesh." Letting out a little breath, the behemoth slowly rolled off of her victim, their skin making an audible peeling noise by now. She was covered in sweat, and some of it was even her own, and she had to admit, that wasn't the easiest match she'd ever had. "She lasted for a bit."

The little crowd that had assembled cheered her latest conquest, of course. With a tiny little grin on her frigid face, Letty reached over to take one of Nue's delicate-seeming wrists, finding a pulse. That was a relief! They could still have so much fun later, after all.

Everybody had a different feel when they were under her, and this spunky girl's was delicious.


The gym was rather empty by the time Nue awoke, not on a hard and sweat drenched mat, but a nice and soft mattress. A hand stroked her head delicately and a familiar caramel smell slowly roused her to wake.

"You're so belligerent, Nue..." sighed Byakuren, visibly upset at her friend's bold move. "Does it always have to be this? Vainly clawing at revenge for your wounded pride?"

Nue pouted and looked away, skin tensing under her soft touch. It stung... a large part because she was right. "But that damn... I mean that Letty... she's just so in everyone's face about it! And Yukari doesn't do anything! She just feeds her people like me, and if we refuse, we get laughed at!"

She'd seen at least one girl, put into a match with Letty, get halfway down the ramp, and then just take off into the stands, only for the crowd to actually try and block her way with taunts and jeers. It was like everybody just accepted what she did to girls smaller than herself.

"It's not fair..." The words sounded childish, even to her, and she hated that.. She hated being weak in front of Byakuren, and right now she felt like Yukari had sent a train to run her over. Her body remembered the overwhelming pressure, and her face got just a little more red.

Rather than reply with a big speech or anything, Byakuren reached out and drew Nue into her huge chest, very gently, a world apart from Letty's grip. Was she going to compare every girl to that avalanche now? She'd rather just disappear into Byakuren's body at the moment.

She'd also beat up anybody who said that she liked it when Byakuren nearly smothered her with cuddling. Flat chests were the best, big chests were stupid and useless and they made people act mean.

Byakuren herself was just glad that Nue was accepting her hug for once without any squirming or complaints or shoulder-punching fits. "I know it's not fair."

"But you have to learn to pick your battles, Nue. Everybody was so worried when they heard the news..."

"Tch. If the other heavies won't stop that bitch, who will?"

Although the monk could barely hear Nue under her own chest, she had a point. Her grip tensed just a bit out of reflex, although her motherly smile never faltered.

Who indeed.


Questions and such are welcome during the wait period.
No. 34705
Letty is an asshole
No. 34707

I agree with you.

That actually killed any chance for a boner I had with how it went.

Heck, she would have probably treated killing Nue as minor accident, gone 'oh well' and have left, with the rest of the crowd not caring either. I was wondering when she would drop all pretensions and just start to rape Nue.

Though I'm not surprised that people are attracted to this sort of thing. After all, there are people who are sexually aroused by imagining themselves getting digested.

And of course Byakuren isn't going to stop Letty, that's not how this sort of plot goes. Not without some sort of mind break at least.
No. 34708
File 139618778737.jpg - (178.75KB, 700x700, 271b7dae3b07767f418cecd4a8c12c85.jpg) [iqdb]
Very understandable reaction. Everybody's into different things, after all, that's how it goes. Anyhow, this was just a little side-thing, the main story update with lovely Keine (plus friends) time is coming.
No. 34710
Every league needs its heels. Clearly Yukari knows this.
No. 34711
Man this story really went to dark and unsexy places fast
No. 34712
And just think, our little half ghost has to fight her at some point.
No. 34713

Not all of the lightweights or smaller characters will be utterly helpless against the heavyweights. If any of you are familiar with high flying luchadors, then you might have an idea of how "giant-slaying" cn go in the League.
No. 34741
No. 34763
File 13967558264.jpg - (581.82KB, 800x1200, 8c9974512c7d4121fe7cc22bd280a0d3.jpg) [iqdb]
There was no mistaking it. The busty, confident lady in the ring was Keine Kamishirasawa, the village's teacher and protector. She'd seemed calm and kind-hearted whenever he saw her at the Village, not at all the kind of person who'd engage in this sort of 'sport.' It was a surprise to see her here, and in that beastly state as well. He'd only seen her in her horned, green-haired form once before, when he'd embarked on that ill-advised "trial of guts" with Yuyuko.

She was the only woman in the gym to offer an outright invitation, and her... experience made it seem like she'd have a lot to teach him.

The were-hakutaku leaned on the ropes and watched Youmu's approach with a gentle smile. Her friends soon noticed and joined her at her sides, eyeing him up with a variety expressions that ranged from feigned disinterest to carnal curiosity.

A second glance let him recognize the silver-haired girl as the immortal Mokou Fujiwara; the stoic woman was a rare sight around Gensokyo, and her baggy garments usually covered up most of her figure. Now that she'd dressed down to her workout clothes, she seemed a good deal healthier than he remembered. She looked almost masculine next to her friends, with a tough looking row of abdominals, a small but stout rack, and partially scarred arms that put even a few youkai to shame. She was the far from intrigued, she instead seemed annoyed that he'd interrupted her practice.

However, the brunettes remained unfamiliar. One was clearly a wolf-youkai, with pointed ears prominent atop her flowing waist-length hair. Her ruby-red eyes glinted with a feral light, and she was still panting rather heavily after the rubbing she'd received from Keine. Her body wasn't as muscular as Mokou's, but she was clearly strong in her own subtle, sinewy way. Her sleek, well-kept tail stood up behind her, clearly wagging as she eyed his movements. She opened her mouth to whisper something to Mokou, and he glimpsed the glimmer of sharp incisors alongside an expectant smile and wink.

The last girl seemed like a human, keeping her long hair in a simple ponytail. She was the least-developed of the group by far, at least in terms of muscles. Her bust was larger than the average woman's, though it didn't seem so out of place here; without looking too closely, Youmu put her on nearly the same level as Keine. Rather than stay in the ring to greet him, she muttered a polite excuse and made her way to the bench; Youmu didn't consider himself imposing, but she seemed slightly spooked at the sight of him.

Youmu tried not to stare at any of the women more than necessary, but Keine's friends had no such reservations. He could feel those fiery gazes, making a simple walk towards the ring feel as tense as grazing through a thick volley of danmaku. He finally reached the apron after what felt like half an hour under their eyes, setting his eyes firmly upon the half-beast.

"It's a pleasure to see you, Youmu! Have you decided to join the League?" Keine greeted him politely as soon as he came into earshot, easily raising her voice above the grunting, groaning and moaning that pervaded the gym.

"Same for you, Keine. And, that's right. I look forward to working with you in the future!" Youmu replied with a smile and a crisp bow. The bow gave him a chance to catch his breath; up close, the Village teacher made for quite a sight. Her polite demeanor contrasted sharply with her raw and powerful form. Her stomach was a stern, flat board of muscle, and her muscular arms were no strangers to the hard work of protecting a Village. Her ample breasts looked to be perfectly tear-shaped and dense enough to knock him unconscious, a far cry from his mistress' bubbly pillows. Combinig all of that with her bushy tail, sharp horns sheathed in an smoky blue light, and long, slightly unkempt hair, she truly looked like an insurmountable beast of legend.

Albeit one with very good manners. Keine returned his bow as best she could, spilling some hair over her shoulder and into her ample, slightly-sweaty cleavage. "I'm sure we'll get on very well together. Allow me to introduce my friends, as well..." Keine gestured to her sides, but her two companions in the ring spoke up almost immediately.

"Kagerou Imaizumi, fair damsel of the Bamboo Forest~" The wolf spoke in a husky tone that was somehow both burlesque and refined. She struck an elegant bow, arms outstretched. "Mmmm, you look even better up close. Your mistress must-"

"Mokou Fujiwara. It's been a while, gardener-boy," Mokou suddenly grunted. Kagerou coughed and uttered a complaint, but Mokou ignored her completely. "Hope you'll last longer than the last guy. Word of advice - babyfaces don't get it easy." Her lips curled microscopically, enough to hint at the faintest of smiles. She looked over her shoulder to shout at the girl on the bench. "Hey, you aren't exempt from the welcoming comitee!"

Jolted, the brunette dropped her book and fumbled around to grab it, quickly stuffing it into her gym bag. Her breasts bounced energetically within her tank top as she jumped up. After a quick bow and a string of quick apologies, she raised a hand in greeting. "Reina, Reina Roots! I think I might have seen you in the Village a few times, buying groceries. Never thought you'd be trying your hand at this!"

"W-well, things have an interesting way of happening. Nice to meet you all," Youmu said, bowing to each of the girls in turn.

"Well, if you've come here, you must be looking to train. Would you like me to be your partner?" Keine asked. She saved him the trouble of asking, but putting it like that made him feel a bit uncomfortable. Especially with the looks her friends were giving him...

"Y-yes, that's right. If you would be so kind." The wolf and immortal were whispering again, but Keine smiled and pointedly ignored them. To the side, he could see the other brunette bringing up an odd book and leafing through it. She spared him the occasional glance, but seemed to be making herself look as busy as possible.

"Why, it would be my pleasure! Come, get into the ring." Keine turned around and began to walk away, her bushy tail swishing about behind her.

"Oh my, going straight for Keine? Not much survival instinct on this one," the wolf-woman said, half to Mokou and half to him.

"I dunno, seems like he'll need all the help he can get," Mokou replied, yawning audibly.

"I can hear you both, you know. Unlike you, I'm actually intending to help him," Keine called out over her shoulder. The two smiled back, Kagerou cocking her head sideways and smiling innocently.

"Sure, sure. Just try not to grind him to pieces yourself." Mokou called back.

"That's right! I want there to be enough of him left to play with after you're done~"

Keine just sighed as the two smaller girls left the ring. Mokou simply jumped over the ropes and landed with a heavy thump, while Kagerou bent over and made a show of sensually squeezing herself through them. What a show-off, he thought.

As the two of them left, Youmu hopped up onto the ringside and slid himself under the ropes. A raw, womanly smell hit him as soon as he did, making him tense up and wrinkle his nose; Keine and her friends couldn't have made it this strong by themselves. This ring must have played host to a great many contests, more than a few of which had turned intimate. That alone made his hairs stand on end. As if he was surrounded by a thousand ravenous ghosts...

"I must admit, it is a surprise to see you here, Youmu." Keine was stretching her arms above her head, exhaling slowly as her impressive features tightened. Simultaneously, the tent in Youmu's pants tightened a bit as well. Those gorgeous breasts, they looked ready to tear open her sports bra any moment! "What made you decide to join the League?"

"Oh? Ah, nothing special," he replied, doing some stretches that wouldn't emphasize his insistent bulge. "I just saw a brochure of Yukari's, and it... looked like fun."

"Oh, I bet!" Kagerou called from the bench. "Wanna get yourself wedged between Yukari and Byakuren, huh?"

"Nah, he just wants to get milked dry in the ring," Mokou replied. "You know, like Komachi did to Reina's brother."

The brunette in question blushed and looked away, her interest in some spectacle on the far end of the gym increasing tenfold

Keine simply rolled her eyes at their words, letting out a long sigh. "Don't mind them, Youmu. They mean well, but they can't resist a bit of teasing. They'll back off a little once you earn their respect." She stopped to ponder for a moment, placing a hand on her chin. "Come to think of it, that's the case for most of the girls here. It is a competitive league, after all, and everyone's always looking for signs of weakness."

Keine finished up her preparations with a few shoulder and leg exercises. Her long, slightly-rounded horns cut through the air as she rolled her head, sheathed in a watery field of blue. A protective field, Youmu imagined; nobody wanted their blood to be mixed in with all the cum and sweat. Kagerou and Mokou had settled next to their friend on the bench, and Youmu saw them all scoot to the side as a new arrival strode boldly towards them.

Youmu had a hard time believing his eyes, but she could only have been Eirin Yagokoro. The silver-haired woman was tall, pale, and powerful, but not bulky or stereotypically large. Of all the women present, she was the most powerfully muscled - from head to toe, every part of her form was carefully sculpted like a masterpiece bust. Her fine legs seemed to pulse with power at every step, while her breasts looked tough enough to ram down even a tengu warrior. Rather than the sports bra and short-shorts that everyone else had, she wore an extremely revealing x-shaped bikini top/thong that was a mixture of deep blue and red. Youmu heard the others ribbing her about it, moments before their conversation turned to him.

"Now, why don't you show me what you're capable of? Don't worry about holding back; hit me with everything you've got." Keine said with surprising calmness.

Youmu's head snapped away from those beauties and back to the one in front of him. Yuyuko's warning drifted back to him, and a glance towards her corner of the gym showed that she and her friends were watching him. No pressure.

Keine put up both of her arms like a boxer, one of them sinking slightly into the side of her breast. Youmu raised his up his own and began to pace around her, watching her footwork and her body language as they circled. He tried to analyze her stance to find some sort of weakness, but his eyes kept drifting elsewhere... He needed to work on that.

At this rate, she'd jump him while he was looking! Abandoning his caution, Youmu shot towards her in a sudden dash. Keine's eyes widened for a split scond before she regained her focus and backstepped, lowering her arms to block a dart-fast punch to the gut. Youmu's first strike glanced off of her elbow , but he already had two more blows on the way. First came a furious left hook, which she easily swatted with her other arm. Then came a chest-level kick; rather than flexing to stop it, Keine simply allowed his foot to smack into her side, where it barely made a dent in her dense, muscular flesh. She swung back with a hook almost immediately; still on one leg, Youmu's only choice was to catch her arm with one of his. The impact sent him hopping to the right, struggling to maintain his balance.

Keine followed and slid a foot along the mat, hoping for an easy trip, but Youmu saw it coming. The girls on the bench oooh'd when Youmu regained his balance and leapt forward, keeping low, and rammed an elbow into her stomach. It was enough to force her to step back, but Youmu grunted in pain as well - those abs felt like they were made of stone! He stepped to Keine's left and aimed a flurry of blows at her side, but she wasn't as slow as he'd expected.

Youmu's first few strikes met the solid guard of her arms, but he kept up the pressure and forced her on the defensive. He then weaved away to the side, landing a succession of blows near her stomach and lower ribs. Rock-hard muscle greeted his fists, making him wince as a stinging pain tingled through his fingers, but he could feel her skin giving ever so slightly with each hit. Keine stopped the volley by swinging out with an elbow, but Youmu merely ducked away before countering with a roundouse kick that caught her right below the chin, missing her cleavage by inches. That was enough to make her cough and grunt, but not enough to make her stagger; she held her ground and hit his exposed shoulder with a fierce palm strike in return. Youmu gritted his teeth as he stumbled back, kicking a foot against the ground to force a stop.

Youmu took the chance to catch his breath. He'd hurt his hands, elbow, shoulder, and shin doing all that, but Keine...

Keine was just fine. She'd only landed one hit, but he was still worse off than she was!

"Good, good! I can see you're an accomplished striker!" Keine countered his fears with an encouraging smile, still standing tense on her feet. She was surprisingly fast for her size, good enough to keep with his attacks and throw out a few staggering blows in return. "Now, how well do you do with grapples?"

Suddenly charging towards him, she spread her arms and caught Youmu, tackling him onto the ground. Immediately, Youmu brought up his legs to kick at her face, refusing to get into a ground game. Keine saw it coming and shifted to the side, making his tense legs brush harmlessly over her shoulder instead. She quickly grabbed them both under one arm and placed a palm under his back, holding him straight out as she rose to her feet.

"Fast, but predictable. You'll need to vary your patterns." Keine said. Her voice was encouraging, but that didn't change the fact that he was seconds away from a violent impact.

The captured ghost flailed his arms and tried to throw himself out of her grip, but he didn't have time to roll off of the toned arm that supported him. Keine dropped onto her knees and released her arms, slamming him down into the mat and eliciting a pained, gasping cough.

It hurt, but at least he was free. This time, he'd topple her before she could catch him! Jumping back to his feet, Youmu hopped left before spinning back right, throwing all of his momentum into a slicing kick at Keine's side. Keine, however, dashed forward, her enormous cleavage suddenly filling his vision. His kick impacted with far less force than he'd hoped for, merely knocking her with the side of his knee and thigh for a pitiful thwap. Then her arm clamped over it, and he was struggling to balance on one foot! She'd gotten quite close as well, enough that his struggling made his .

"That was powerful, but easy to counter. You just need to be a bit more careful..."

"Gah...!" Just like Yuyuko had warned him!

The half-ghost threw a few quick jabs, but they weren't nearly enough to dislodge a were-hakutaku. Keine shifted forwards, sending him into freefall, and pressed a firm hand into his stomach.

He clenched his teeth but couldn't muffle a cry as his back slammed hard into the mat, the full force of Keine's arm landing on top of him and pressing the air out of his lungs. Keine quickly straightened up and pulled back, dragging him across the mat, and fell to her back as well.

Keine's strong thighs clamped shut and flexed around his own. He flushed red, feeling the surprisingly-soft interior her legs grinding around him. Embarrassment turned into pain as Keine tightened the hold, grabbing his ankle and pulling it with both hands while flexing and grinding her thighs ever more forcefully.


Just as the pain was about to turn into a blinding fire, she released, letting him roll away into a wobbly kneel. He could hear quiet murmurs from their little audience, but it was Eirin's owl-like eyes, watching them with appetizing interest, that was disturbed him the most.

"C'mon, Keine, we want more! Grind him flat like you did Reimu!" Kagerou called. Her wagging tail brushed against Mokou, who grabbed it and elicited a cry of surprise from the werewolf.

Twisting his head slightly, Youmu glanced up and saw that her face was partially conflicted, the edges of her lips curling upwards. Her eyes weren't quite so calm as they'd been before, and he could hear and feel her panting slightly, smiling to her friends.

But, that was only for a moment. Keine shook her head and composed a stern look on her face before turning towards her friends. "This is a practice bout, not a squash match."

"It wouldn't hurt to give him a taste, though, would it? I'm sure he'll find himself in one before long." A calm yet controlling voice interjected. It was Eirin.

"I'd rather he become a respected wrestler than another one of your stress relievers."

"He's such an appealing target, though..." Her gaze was lascivious, but oddly analytical as well, as if she were trying to pick out all the best spots on his body to punch or lick or rub. It made Youmu feel stark naked in front of her, and had to resist the urge to hide behind his large, warm partner. He could already see her tying him up in the corner with her own undergarments, waist swaying left and right as she decided to check out his near naked body...

"Would you want Yukari to book your Reisen in one? Against someone other than you, this time." Keine calmly retorted. Eirin didn't flinch, but neither did she respond, and her smile clearly lost some of its luster. Youmu could see Mokou and Kagerou recoil in mock pain.

"I'm sorry, Youmu. Eirin's even worse than Mokou and Kagerou and doesn't even act a quarter of her age. Shall we continue?" Keine settled back into her steady fighting stance. She had a slight smirk on, one that derived from Eirin's insulted huff.

Her smile was reassuring, but Youmu was worried. Everyone else seemed to consider him a laughingstock, and he didn't like the thought of hiding behind people like Yuyuko and Keine. They wouldn't be able to protect him in the ring, after all. He had to prove himself somehow, show he wasn't just a cute doormat!

But to do that, he had to somehow harm this monster of a woman. His fists hadn't been able to do much more than massage her so far...

But I'm anything BUT helpless, he mentally shouted at himself. He was a proud swordsman, able to cleave the spirits themselves! Even if he didn't have his weapons, he'd show them that he was still a force to be reckoned with.

"Alright. Here I come!" Youmu took a deep breath and cleared his mind, the way he'd done tens of thousands of times before. All his worries, arousal, and insecurity suddenly seemed strange and alien; a cold, unnatural, and powerful focus replaced them. It was a dangerous thing to unleash in a places like this, but desperate times called for desperate measures. And Keine had told him not to hold back. His senses sharpened further as he bounded forward, until time itself seemed to slow to a crawl. The world quickly faded to a monochrome blur.

Keine's defeneses became insignificant as her movements slowed to a crawl. Curling his fingers into a fist, Youmu cocked his arm back and struck.

As soon as he did, time suddenly rebounded back to its normal speed. His hand shot forth in less than an instant, impacting Keine's stomach with a WHAM that made his ears ring. His opponent's smile collapsed into a surprised grimace, and she was barely able to stay on her feet as she went staggering backwards, going limp as she was caught by the ropes.

Youmu's first thoughts were of triumph. He'd done it! He'd made Keine crumple like a wad of paper! But then the power high died off, and his mind flooded with panic. He rushed over to his stunned partner, but she shook her head and smiled before he could reach him. She rose back onto her feet, and a few deep breaths soon had her back where she was. Even Eirin looked surprised, and some of the other women had stopped their workouts to look. Far away, Yuyuko looked on with a knowing smirk.

"He moved so fast! Was that...?" Reina wondered.

"Figures," Mokou grunted. She wasn't concerned by Keine's apparent pain.

"Aha... so that's what you're capable of," Keine managed to say, her tone still a little shaky. "Very impressive, Youmu!"

"E-eh? What do you mean?" Youmu stuttered.

Keine straightened up further and took on a practiced teacher-like pose, reaching up as if to adjust a nonexistent pair of glasses. It would have looked quite scholarly in her normal clothes, but her size and figue made it was a little intimidating. "It seems you've figured out how to tap into your powers. Every wrestler can adapt their abilities to wrestling in some way or another." Keine gestured towards Mokou, who casually nodded at her. "For example, Mokou can super-heat her body, making her painful to touch for more than a few seconds."

"It's annoying. Makes it really hard to hump her!" Kagerou chirped.

"Ah. I... see." So, there was nothing special about that. Still, he'd actually managed to hurt Keine! If he just fought like that, then he'd be able to--

"Of course, it wouldn't be very fair if every wrestler had free access to their powers. Yukari would never even get a scratch! So, we all have to wear a seal that reins in our powers during a match. It can be broken temporarily under extreme pain or arousal, but I'm afraid you can't rely on your powers to win a match."

"... Oh." Youmu drooped. Then again... perhaps that would mean the heavyweights would have to cut him some slack. They couldn't twist and bend him for a whole match, lest he unleash his innate power and turn things around! Unless their powers were even stronger...

"Don't worry. Even without that, you're still very fast. With some more practice, you'll be a threat to anyone!" Her hands found his chin, raising him up. "You just need to learn to follow through. Once you get to your opponent, there's still the matter of damaging them."

Youmu absentmindedly shook his hand, which still stung from the punch; he had trouble believing it was even possible to 'damage' someone like Keine through normal means.

"It's not as difficult as you might think. Marisa's won against quite a few wrestlers larger than she is, and she's only a bit bigger than you are. It's just a matter of using your opponent's size against her."

"... Okay. Then, please teach me." It sounded strange to hear a heavyweight like Keine talking about using one's weight against herself, but Youmu was willing to take any advice he could get. Keine took a few steps back and raised her arms into the same boxer-stance as before, motioning for Youmu to do the same. She was almost crouching in order to make up for the difference in height. While her form didn't seem as particular as Youmu's precisely-honed style, she clearly had some close-quarters experience of her own.

Keine closed in, her muscles tense, watching him from behind her raised hands. Youmu kept his breathing quiet, not wanting to put any doubts in his teacher. It felt a little pointless doing this, given that Keine could probably pick him up with a hand and bend him six ways until Sunday, but he kept up pacing to her slowly.

"Ladies first," she teased, drawing a chorus of giggles to break the tension. "Just a formality. I'll go soft on you alright?" Youmu chuckled a little before sharpening his look.

In a lightning fast motion he broke into a dash. He stabbed forwards at Keine's midsection, but the beast was more than ready. She took a single step back and raised an arm, just high enough not to block his punch but to glance it off her angled arm. Her forearm crashed right into the intersection of shoulder and neck, making him wince in pain.

Keine quickly wrapped her arms over his right shoulder and under his left armpit, leaving his forearms flailing. In a single mighty movement, she swung him off his feet and sent him crashing into the mat, rolling to a stop near the ropes. He pulled himself to his feet, finding Keine already in front of him. He winced and jerked back into the ropes, but Keine raised her hands.

"As you see, you can get a lot out of a simple counter." She smiled and threw up her arms for a stretch. "Of course, using their weight against them work just as well against smaller opponents. Momentum moreso than weight in this case . All you need is to just them off balance a bit and they'll be helpless. Got an idea of where we're going now?"

"Yeah, yeah. You... didn't muscle me out. You pulled me forward, got me stumbling and then..." he mimicked that same throwing motion.

"Very good, Youmu. Shall we continue?"
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Keine was barreling towards him like a runaway wagon. Youmu couldn't help feeling intimidated, but she'd told him not to worry. He just had to strike first and time things right...

Still, it felt like he was trying to stop a stampede with a twig.

Charging out from the ropes, Youmu ran straight towards his oncoming opponent. His footfalls sounded like a rabbit's compared to hers, but he tried to put all such thoughts out of his head, especially the ones about how magnifiently her rack bounced inside that tight bra.

Just as she was getting within reach, he leapt forth and grabbed the sides of her head, pre-empting any attempts to grab him. He'd been tempted to go for her horns, but that didn't strike him as the best idea.

Keine's advance had seemed unstoppable a moment before, but now her head suddenly jerked back. Youmu's jump and grip were powerful enough to reverse her forward momentum, and the giant came toppling back as Youmu flew forwards. Kicking his legs forward, he landed on the seat of his pants, and he half-beast he'd pulled along for the ride came down hard on her back with a thundering crash. He could feel the ring shake under him.

His heart was pounding, but Keine seemed extremely pleased about how she'd just come crashing down like a load of bricks.

"Good, just like that!" Keine praised, still on the ground. "If you can't budge the core, then try to throw from where you can get more leverage. Even the largest wrestler will have trouble resisting that."


Youmu spun around for a slicing kick into Keine's side but the beast didn't block. She dashed forth past his knee, his leg whapping powerlessly against her side. Wrapping an arm over his leg, she jerked back and Youmu was reduced to hopping awkwardly, trying to strike her face and hands. It was all unpleasantly familiar.

"Alright, pay attention. You jump at this part!" she shouted. Youmu felt panicked and without control but he ignored those alarms in his head. Just as she was about to spring up, Youmu hopped off the ground and sent his heel upwards...


...Slamming right into the side of her head. Keine made a muffled grunt and released him, stumbling backwards. Perfectly open for a counterattack.

Grabbing her by the bicep, Youmu turned around and bent forward, pulling her onto his back and inadvertently cushioning his head beneath her breasts. With a mighty pull, he brought her over his shoulder and back first into the mat, sounding off with a satisfying thud.

Then he stood there, admiring his handiwork, which was still rubbing its head and mumbling lightly.

"You don't have to stop there, you know. A submission would--ghk!"

Keine was silenced as his legs wrapped around her neck, forcing her to grab them by the knees and pry them apart.

"That's better! Now, if you would kindly stop..." Keine's voice turned into a slight growl and Youmu felt himself shiver. Quickly, he released the hold. Given how effortlessly she was separating his knees, he didn't want to see what she could have done in return.


Youmu strained with all of his might, his arms feeling like they were on fire! But it was happening! Keine was lifted onto his shoulders, her firm stomach pressing against the back of his head. The beast-woman grabbed at his head and arm, trying to throw him off, but he was too far in to let her go!

He roared as he flung himself backward, slamming Keine down in a rope-shaking power-drop! He heard her cry out, felt the cold mat smack his back, and threw himself forward for good measure. His upper body felt ready to explode.

Keine lay there, panting hard with a hand over her head.

"... For a first try at a power move, that's pretty good" she said, quickly throwing herself around and hopping to her feet. Youmu opted to stay on the mat until the feeling returned to his arms. "Even if your opponent is large, it's still possible to land a big slam if you stun them first. There's no telling when an opportunity will pop up, so you'll need to learn how to get creative. There was a little something you did wrong, though..."

He couldn't help a groan at the thought of lifting her again.


Youmu must have been throwing punches and kicks for a minute straight, but Keine had managed to block, tank, or dodge every one of them. Still, his constant attacks kept her from circling, and he'd managed to push her into a corner. Soon, he'd be able to just bumrush her and--


Using the last bit of space she had left, Keine weaved left to dodge a forceful right hook. Suddenly grabbing his arm, she pushed it even further to the left, forcing Youmu to spin away from her. Just as he was realizing how bad a thing this was, he felt Keine's massive body smack into him from behind, making the mat rush up to meet him. He closed his eyes and turned his head...

... But the impact was still quite painful. Doubly so since Keine landed right on top of him, crushing his body beneath her. But at least her breasts had landed on his head, giving him something nice to nuzzle while he was dazed.

"Strikers tend to start out careful, but they're bound to slip up if you keep them going long enough. Turning them around like that sets you up for a counter. You probably wouldn't be able to get them quite like this, but..." Keine rose up and helped the stunned half-ghost to his feet. "If you catch them at the right time, a well-placed trip can send them tumbling as well. Keep that in mind, in case someone tries to use it against you."


"Now, all that's left is my specialty... grinding pins!"

Keine reached out to grab him again, but stopped herself at the last second. "That is, if you're comfortable with it," she quickly added, ignoring the snickers from the bench.

Youmu had flinched when she went after him, but he didn't want to look afraid. It couldn't be any worse than what his Mistress had put him through, could it? And after all that, he wouldn't mind a better... taste... of Keine's body. "Th... that's fine. I've trained with Yuyuko already, so... I'm used to it."

He felt his face reddening as Kagerou whistled her approval. Keine seemed pleased at his words, but she kept her movements calm and soon brought back her usual professional smile. "Very well, but don't get any funny ideas. I must warn you, not all the love in the ring is the soft sort."

The soft sort? What did she...

Before Youmu could wonder further, Keine was charging him at full tilt. Her hands grabbed and dug painfully into his sides, moments before she hurled him bodily over her head. The gym flew past his eyes in a sickening swirl, and he felt his limbs flop uselessly as he crashed back-first onto the mat.

Keine must have put some spin on the throw, as he'd landed perpendicular to her. She catapulted off the ropes at the far end and came thundering back towards him, leaping up and spreading herself as her shadow darkened his stunned form.

He was starting to get an idea of what she meant.

Keine flopped down on him sideways, her sweaty skin smacking into Youmu's hard enough to force all the air right out of him. His mind hazy with the sting, he could only vaguely hear Eirin and Kagerou cheering her on.

Quickly, the beast slid herself around to cover him completely. He tried to kick out his legs, but Keine had already spread hers over them; all they did now was brush ineffectually against her heavy thighs. He found himself twitching and shuddering from the constant rub of body on body as Keine pressed down, the gradual nudges turning onto slow, warm domination. Her belly shifted to and fro, up and down, her hard abs nicking his smaller ones and making him pant and groan. He tried to keep his breathing steady, but any efforts were stopped when she flattened him with her strong trunk.

The stars of the show were her breasts. Now that they were slowly molding onto his chest, the pointed nipples almost stinging him with cold, he could appreciate just how different they were from Yuyuko's. His mistress' were soft and puffy, but the half-beast's were dense and imposing. They visibly taxed his ribs, spreading over them into a mushroom-like shape as Keine pressed down. It was somewhat pleasant at first, but soon he felt them almost crushing him from the force. Any harder and he'd be severely bruised! Yet part of him still enjoyed the way they buried him, covering his bare chest like warm dough.

Yuyuko had weighed him down a few times herself, but this was more... dangerous.

However, Keine's attack hadn't even started. Just then, Keine took in a deep breath and flexed. Every muscle from her legs to her arms clenched mightily, turning hard and contoured as the skin drew taut around her muscles. Weighed down as he was, Youmu felt every curve in literally breathtaking detail.

Then, Keine began to move in earnest, pressing and sliding up his compact frame as if he were a tube of toothpaste. She seemed to put extra strength into crushing his cock, which twitched and shuddered under the weight of her firm, slightly moist crotch. Just above it, his bare stomach tingled with pain and arousal as her sweaty, rock-hard abs ground over it. Her hard abs followed suit, bumping up and down across his washboard core. She arched her back downwards right into his stomach, and he felt himself gasp for whatever air he could get, his smooth stomach slowly bending inwards from her dominating crush. Her soft, ample breasts were no less powerful, the malleable mass steamrolling every inch of his chest before they completely smothered his head. All of the while, a creeping fire spread through his body, originating wherever skin kissed skin. His joints felt like they were locking tight and barely moving, his hands visibly shaking as she kept her fingers laced tightly with his.

Then she repeated the motion going downwards, muffling his long, helpless moan with her breasts. His face gradually appeared from beneath her cleavage, his vision unfocused and his mouth hanging open. Slowly, his eyes refocused on hers. That temptation from before had returned to them, and now he knew exactly what she was capable of. Part of him wanted her to keep going too, desiring more of that all-consuming warmth and pressure, even though everyone in the gym would be able to see...

"... Th-there, that's how it's done." she replied, breathing slowly. His stomach quivered from the mere touch of her. "As you can see, they're quite dangerous." Keine shook her head and rolled off of him, helping him up to his feet while her friends bombarded the two with cat-calls. This time, Keine didn't stop them, insteady chuckling with them as he panted and stumbled. "Oh, I'm sorry. You do look very cute like that..."

His body was tense elsewhere as well; everything from his legs to his chest felt stiff as a statue after that vicious friction, and it took him some time and a few deep breaths to untangle his tingling muscles. Of course, his penis was resistant to any attempts at "untangling." If she hadn't stopped then...

Keine took Youmu's hand and pulled him up, leading him to a far corner to recover and leaning back on the ropes alongside him. "Pins and grinds are not very elegant, but their value is undeniable. It's not just the breasts or the pussy that are hot spots, but also the abdomen. Grinding on it will cause your opponent to tighten and harden reflexively, making them stiff and sensitive. It's a great way to weaken strong opponents.

"At the same time, it's also a very direct way of displaying dominance. If you can demonstrate that you have a harder, better body, it does get to their head, especially once they start to enjoy it. Of course, you must be careful not to lose yourself in it as well, or your opponent may find a way out." She chuckled to herself, and her eyes took on a nostalgic shine. "In my old stable, they billed me as the 'savage beast,' and Yukari encouraged me to go wild whenever I had an opponent beneath me. I certainly obliged her more than once..."

"You certainly did. Against me a few times, no less." Eirin was approaching them now, and quickly let herself into the ring. Just when Youmu had managed to calm down, he was faced with the sight of what he could only call a muscle goddess. Even when she was relaxed, her womanly curves were tempered by a hard, sleek tone. When she noticed his eyes were caught by her body, the alleged doctor smiled broadly and briefly flexed for him.

In an instant, her body went from impressive to overwhelming.The bright lights seemed perfectly arranged around her arms and stomanch, highlighted every pec, tricep, ab, and inch of beautiful Lunarian voluptuousness. A chest like hers would stack up evenly against Yuyuko's... no, even Yukari's! They were a matured lady's mounds, voluminous and nearly as dense as muscle, sticking out from her chest like the proud prow of a ship and just barely restrained by two thin, taut strips of spandex. Meanwhile, the gorgeous gams she possessed were shaded in all the the right places, like sunset on an open field. Muscle lined them like a layer of polished steel - he'd be cut in two if she squeezed those around him! It was all so masterfully defined that he wanted, but was too prudent, to reach out and run his fingers gently along every one of those ridges and valleys and curves...

Mercifully, her prideful display was short-lived before she relaxed and turned to Keine. "It'll be some time before Youmu can stand to be your partner for that," she said. Youmu felt slightly intimidated by the muscular beauty's cool yet seductive accent, even when she wasn't speaking directly at him. "Perhaps you'd like to demonstrate the finer points of grinding with me instead~?"

"Can't hold yourself back any longer, huh?" Mokou muttered.

"Are you jealous, Mokou? I already had mine~" Kagerou teased in return.

"... Very well. Watch closely, Youmu." came the teacher's insistent voice. She'd lowered herself to the mat and pressed up against Eirin, raising her chin. "Both how to give, and how to resist."

As if his eyes could be anywhere but on the two tall, gorgeous women as they laid on their sides and faced each other. Their two huge busts ceased to heave quite so much as they both started to control their breathing. Eirin in particular had trouble concealing how excited she was, sending visible ripples through her body.

"Come a bit closer, we're doing this for you." Keine's encouragement got him to step up until he was standing right over the white-haired goddess. How could she sound so calm during such an intimate situation? They both looked up at him with a smile, although Eirin's was devoid of the teacher's warmth. "Yes, that's close enough. Are you ready, Eirin?" she asked. Her words were still formal, but he could sense a certain anticipation that hadn't been there before.

"I was born ready." Eirin slid forward, bridging the tiny remaining space between them, and their bodies pressed together like a pair of particularly shapely puzzle pieces. Rather than clashing directly, their chests went over and under, thanks to Eirin's advantage in height, giving both women a soft and squishy reminder that the other was just as endowed. Eirin's touched the tip of Keine's chin, while the half-beast's amazingly firm chest visibly flattened against the lunarian's even firmer stomach.

The two of them quickly entered a struggle for dominance, both flexing and pressing themselves together with much grunting and huffing. Despite the seemingly absolute confidence radiating from the taller woman, however, she wasn't the one to take charge. Like it or not, she'd stepped into Keine's domain, and her immaculate muscles weren't enough to save her. This was made apparent from the very first real grind, as Keine forced a loud moan from the Lunarian with nothing but her chest, belly, and strong arms.

"Remember..." Keine spoke up, trying to keep her voice casual even though she was now locked in a primal struggle against somebody who could bend him in half. ..."The harder somebody is, the more aroused or excited they probably are. You want an opponent in that state!"

"Assuming, of course, you can handle them," Eirin interjected with a straining voice, directing all of her vast might towards humbling the beastly woman. She let out an undignified groan as their bodies met and rubbed and smashed together. The abdominal clash had a low and muffled sound, the squishing and peeling barely reaching his ears.

"More tightness..." Keine grunted, shifting upwards and bumping Eirin's chest nearly into her own face. Eirin tried to push Keine back, but the beast was sticking to her like glue. "... Means more sensitivity!"

Both of their bodies had clenched and stiffened, and Eirin looked as wild as her opponent. All traces of the refined doctor he remembered had vanished; he couldn't tell if she was mad, lustful, or both. Regardless of which, her abs looked ready to tear themselves apart with how much they were flexing, trying to hold off Keine's less-defined but more aggressive set.

"Now, unlike Eirin here, you have to remember there's a technique to grinding!" she called out. He tilted his head, trying to figure out how rubbing to and fro like that could be tactical. "Sit up close if you have to, but don't touch."

In spite of her visibly greater musculature, Eirin seemed to be stunned and at a standstill. Keine pushed forth and rolled over, getting her onto her back. Arresting her wrists and squeezing her thighs between her own, Keine had her fully clamped. Eirin's bountiful breasts, thick as they were, were slowly spreading out to the sides while Keine's massive mounds settled onto and then into them. Closer than ever, the slightest contact of their breasts or muscles caused them to pant with barely-concealed hunger. Youmu wasn't sure if this was really wrestling at this point.

"Give their crotch some attention..." Keine stated, her breaths growing more unsteady. He watched her thrust forward and back, and saw the parts in question get very moist. A slick, sloppy sound accompanied the action, growing even louder on the downstroke. Eirin suddenly twisted to the side, half bent but unable to fully twist from the weight on top of her. "...And they'll get all woozy, twisting and turning. See how much she's softened?"

Eirin tried to growl, but it sounded like a woozy moan. Youmu looked down to see where the grinding clash had begun, only to see Eirin's mighty abs seemingly melting away into a soft river-stone smooth stomach. Keine's on the other hand, looked like they'd leave an impression there.

"Alternatively, you can focus on the breasts to perk her up." Keine suddenly shook her chest, and all four of the ladies' breasts jiggled and bounced, halfway between factory pistons and water-balloons. Eirin let out a very unsultry cry, her head shaking against the mat. Her once-firm breasts pushed back what little they could, squishing into Keine's like two liquids unable to mix. "Perkier breasts are more sensitive breasts."

She angled her chest and Eirin gasped, moaning as their nipples ran across one another. Keine pressed down and Eirin's pair gave way, the protrudant rack flattening quite a bit before the remainder seemed to condense and harden. Keine gave it some more pressure, trying to grind them down even more, but it was clear she wasn't going to get much further. Her own breasts were starting to spread to the sides nearly to the same degree as Eirin's. "Breasts aren't just all soft plush; there's a denser core inside. Gets all nice and squeezable after some attention."

Youmu thought of Yuyuko, and envisioned himself doing this to her while Keine and Eirin watched. did Yuyuko's breasts have a "denser core"?

"But don't forget!" Keine lifted herself for a brief moment before flopping back down. Her flattened friend cried out, but it turned into a slurred moan halfway through. He had to squeeze his thighs together to suppress his reaction to the sound. Keine growled loudly, arching up her round, firm butt, but the real star of the show here was her core. Like one great landscape of raw beauty, it pressed down hard and visibly started to pancake Eirin's body. Keine looked so open to attack, but all Eirin was doing was lock up as if she'd been electrocuted. "Your trunk is a bigger part of your body than crotch or breasts. And more surface area means..." She winked at him in an almost uncharactersitically self-aware way.

"... More room to play," he murmured. Keine grinned as she began her tortutrous upward climb. It was as if she had commanded her muscles to rise from her skin, tightening into the network of musculature that had made him hard as a stone. Now that same array mashed over Eirin's, making the sculpted woman shake from head to toe. Keine calmly held her shaking hands as she worked, savoring the feeling of that bodily work of art's many nuances, secrets, and sweet spots all becoming obedient to her. Her tail was wagging quite eagerly behind her, and her panting was audible even above the din of the gym.

"Mmmm, will you look at that? All it takes is a nice little nudge and she's all stiff and still~" Keine's face descended to Eirin's, the doctor's eyes shut as she tossed her head and groaned.

Youmu felt a bead of sweat drop down his head. Was Keine starting to lose control now?

"Ohhhhh!" A long, sustained moan broke from Eirin's mouth, a few pitches higher than what such a matured woman should make. Her body quivering, muscles flattening, Eirin squirmed and mewled, crying out in barely coherent half-words and wildly impatient mumble-speak. Her eyes opened and gazed into Keine's with manic hunger,

"... Eirin, I know you're not that easily carried away." Her eyebrows were furrowed at the doctor, whose pleasure-ridden face suddenly returned to its former foxy smile. She shook her head left and right, panting from the exertion but still moaning lightly.

"I decided to put on a show. Unless you'd prefer I withold my affections." The teacher loosened her press and Eirin seemed to reinflate a little, arching up a little to stretch her back.

"You're truly impossible sometimes." Keine's eyes rolled as she gave her one last hump, the doctor clenching her jaws to hold it back.
No. 34765
File 139675641279.jpg - (143.77KB, 850x859, sample-23e5720f5a1632f7999ae2adcbd0aa9e.jpg) [iqdb]
"Aw, you stopped it too early!" shouted one of the more youthful voices. It was Reina's. As Youmu, Keine and Eirin glanced back at her, she quickly retreated behind her book, cheeks flushed a bright red.

"C'mon, that humpfest was weak! You forgot a very vital part of the training process! Youmu won't learn if he just sits on the sidelines," Kagerou added. The wolf girl had taken to standing up, putting a hand on her hips. "If you really want to teach him, you gotta give him a chance to practice! Preferably while he's stuck between the two of you."

"... No, that won't be happening." Keine grunted after a bit too much hesitation. She finally dismounted and rose to her feet, her body look a bit red after all that friction. Youmu could feel the slight heat radiating from her.

"Oh please, Keine..." Eirin huffed, stumbling to her feet. Her breasts visibly reinflated, but looked rather less proud than before. It was a wonder her bikini hadn't been worked off in all of that. "I know you enjoyed it when the wolf tengu was caught between us, squirming to and fro. He'll do just fine, no need to play up the modesty."

"Oh, so eager for more. Do you want to make up for your earlier performance?" Keine's bubbly smile underscored her sarcasm. Eirin sighed, leaning over the ropes.

"You're no fun sometimes. Always reprimanding me like that..."

"Perhaps you should listen to yourself talk for once. So, Youmu..."

"Yes?" The half ghost stood there awkwardly, his erection not even trying to hide. She only spared it a cursory glance before continuing.

"Now... as a lightweight and a male one at that-"

"With such a cutely hard body!" sang Kagerou's buttery voice. Youmu mumbled something about people not knowing when to can it.

"... You'll be seen as a rather... precious item to many of our more exploitative ladies." She slid under the ropes alongside Eirin and went to her gym bag, pulling out a water bottle. "You're very firm. Toned for your age and body type, which is certainly admirable, but it also means that just a few hard rubs will make you as stiff as a lock."

"Um... I take it that's not all bad right? I mean, I can rub them too, can't I?"

"That probably shouldn't be on your mind if you're against someone like Eirin." Keine paused and smirked as Eirin threw her hair around, her ponytail whapping Reina in the face. Giggles ensued. "Or Letty, Momiji, Iku, Ran, Yukari... Maybe even Seiga. Even if they're down, it might be best to go for a submission. Trust me, Letty might fall as hard as she hits, but if she gets on top of you, it's nearly impossible to get her off."

"Not if you have 'D' or 'G' cups of course," Eirin yawned. "Your udders kept her at bay quite admirably, dear."

"Yours would have been better suited." Keine's eyebrows furrowed at 'udders'. "Anyway, Youmu, grinding is useful, but for you, just use it on girls in your weight range. If you really want to do it on a heavy, use your speed. Rub fast and hard, but don't rub long. You won't last through a game of attrition."

"Okay. So, speed and power, but don't stick around?" he asked. Keine nodded back, looking away as she started to pack her things up. Next to her, he noticed that only Reina sat on the bench now.

"That's so. I have to handle some match arrangements with Yukari now, something about a beast-themed battle with her shikigami. Good luck, Youmu!" And with that she was off, waving to a few others as she disappeared into the changing room.

Eirin looked at him appraisingly, throwing one last flex his way before turning around. "I'll be seeing you again, you handsome devil. Stay fresh for me~"

"I'll se-"

"Think fast!" shouted a voice behind him. And then Youmu was sailing forward, crashing face first into the mat as a very excited woman pounced on him.

Before he could utter a groan, Kagerou pulled him up by his arms. A wicked smirk adorned her face, and he saw Mokou in a menacing pose out of the corner of his eye.

"Keine went much too easy on you. It's time for the two of us to break you in properly~" Kagerou said.

Youmu panicked for a moment, but only a moment. These two had been eyeing him up like a piece of meat all night; if they wanted to play rough, he'd show them just what he could do!

Kagerou was certainly strong, but her sleek muscles couldn't compare to Keine's overwhelming strength. Youmu quickly muscled out of her left arm's grip before jerking on down with the other, very nearly freeing it as well.

"Ah! Oh, you're feisty!"

Youmu smirked. Taking the restraining limb with both hands, he twisted it sharply in place. She yelped in pain and lost her grip, allowing him to quickly grab her by the shoulders. Pulling the pleasantly-light wolf in close, Youmu hefted up over his shoulders before turning her in midair and slamming her back down.

"Gah!" Kagerou let out a panicked cough, and her limbs bounced and splayed out from the impact.

He was barely able to catch a breath before Mokou charged at him, arms raised and muscles flexing. He stumbled back but dug in his heels, catching an arm behind her neck and one on her shoulder. Unfortunately, she had done the same! Her abs and biceps bulged from the exertion as her hands dug in painfully and started to crush him.

"Hmph. Lucky shot."

Youmu pushed back with all his might, but he was being steadily and painfully forced towards the corner. There was no turning back a muscular body like that...

If you can't budge the core...

... Not from there, at least.

Youmu stared right into Mokou's eyes. There were a deep, fiery red, practically smoldering with aggression, and he didn't much enjoy looking into them. Still, she couldn't help staring back, and that little contest gave Youmu the opening he needed.

Without looking, he hooked a heel around the back of Mokou's leg and wrenched it backwards. Mokou's squinted eyes suddenly widened as her support was swept out from under her, rendering her mighty arms useless.

Mokou released the grip to try and stabilize herself, but that only made things easier for Youmu. He jammed his arms under her armpits and pulled sideways with all his might, swinging her off her feet and sending her onto the mat with a satisfying kathump.

"Kuh!" Her immortal limbs spasmed and briefly went limp, making the perfect targets for the joint-lock Keine had showed him... but there wouldn't be time for that.

Raising his eyes, he was greeted by the sight of Kagerou pouncing onto him, her lithe form streamlined like a missile in flight. The two of them hit the mat with an equally loud kathump, the hyperactive canine-lady landing right on top of him.

"Now, why don't I pick up where Keine left off before?" she wondered, pressing herself onto him in a way that was quite familiar. Her body was less toned than the one Mokou had just shown off, but her pale skin was still still firm and lean enough to generate a hot friction.

"Jeeze, what's wrong with you two? Couldn't you have asked?" he exclaimed, trying to throw her off. Bouncing up and down on his throbbing crotch, Kagerou shook both her head and her average-sized chest. Even when he was clothed, the stimulation burned pleasurably. "I guess that's a no."

She flopped back down, thankfully lighter than Keine but far more energetic. Like a happy dog welcoming its owner, Kagerou was all over him. She swayed left and right, rubbed her breasts incessantly like a wild painter on canvas, and wouldn't stop hammering his cock. His brain felt like it was turning to mush, and it took all his effort to deny her a confused moan.

"What's wrong, cutie?" He tried to spit something back, but she'd made him stiffen up like before, making it hard to speak. He had to get out somehow! He was going to get eroded here! "I'm sure a spry lass like me can treat you better than that saggy old teacher."

But... now that he thought about it, Kagerou didn't seem that hard. Better toned than him, but not by that much!

Youmu braced against the ground, thankful the werewolf had forgottten to secure his legs.

Gritting his teeth and tightening his own toned abs. She jabbed her belly into him, and he grunted but held as her skin slapping against his. Kagerou went for a straight press, then trying to rub the fight out of him, but he wasn't going down so easily. He smirked at her and clenched his teeth as he forcibly shifted left and right, grinding sideways against her. Not like her own quick sandpapering motions, but a slow, surprisingly sensual scouring.

"NNnnn!? H-hey! That's... Mmm... What do you think you're...?!"

He felt himself getting dangerously close to orgasm, but it paid off; Kagerou's grip on his hands weakened, enough that a sharp yank broke him free while she was distracted. Not wasting any time, Youmu grabbed her waist and rolled them both over, putting the confused and aroused wolf on the bottom. Now, he'd--hurk!

"Forgot about me, did you? Gonna take more than a pansy throw like that to beat me."

Mokou's powerful arm locked tight around his neck, pulling him back upright against her hot, hard body. Youmu scrabbled at her arm, but the skin and muscle might as well have been forged from iron. Mokou applied a similar hold to one of his arms, twisting it back and leaving it pointed up helplessly in the air. He wouldn't pass out as quickly as a human would've, but Youmu could still feel his strength and consciousness fading as Mokou's arm tightened and crushed his windpipe. His free arm soon fell limp at his side, his fingers twitching erratically. Mokou's tough tits pressed into his back as she rested her chin on his collarbone, adding a strangely out-of-place bit of eroticism.

"Ooh, the katahajime!" A blushing Kagerou rose to her feet, the fresh arousal only widening the naughty grin on her face. "Haven't seen that in awhile. And as for you, Youmu... You're a frisky one, aren't you~?"

A slight nudge from Mokou pushed Youmu's hips and bulge right out into the open. Kagerou bent over began to stroke it with her nimble fingers, the feather-light touches contrasting sharply with Mokou's hard body and harder hold. After everything he'd been through tonight, he felt just about ready to burst, right into that dog's face.

He was feeling very light-headed now, his vision fading, but that only made it harder to resist the pleasure. He could hear her chuckling to herself as she stroked him faster and faster, and the two argued as to whether he'd cum or pass out first...

"That's enough, you two!"

... But Kagerou's hand stopped just short of bringing Youmu over the edge, and Mokou's iron arm suddenly slackened as well. Youmu nearly collapsed when Mokou released him, but he managed to look back and see Keine towering over her two misbehaving friends. Eirin stood off in the distance, arms folded and a bemused look on her face.

"It's a good thing I came back to check. I should've figured you'd try something like this!"

"Aww. We were just getting to the good part, too..." The wolf and immortal turned around, and Youmu expected to see looks of contempt on their faces... but instead, he found a friendly smirk on Kagerou's and a not-hostile look on Mokou's. From the bench he could see Reina looking away guiltily but Keine's eyes were only focused on the phoenix and the wolf.

"... But you held up pretty well there. Wasn't expecting you to pick up grinding so quickly!" Kagerou had gone from a hungry wolf to a happy puppy, her deep eyes unambiguously bright.

"It... wasn't the pansiest throw I've seen, either," Mokou added, glancing away and possibly even blushing a little. "We'll... make it a fair fight next time."

"And we won't go so easy on you, either!" Kagerou chimed in. She smiled, patting him on the shoulder, and he weakly smiled back.

"Um... thanks?" he replied sheepishly. It was embarrassing that he'd lost so quickly, but he had landed a few good hits. That part he was proud of. Keine gave the two a stern look and they raised their hands in surrender, moving off the ring. She turned back to him, smiling with a slight huff.

"I see my training didn't go to waste. Feel free to come around again, it wouldn't hurt to find other partners. Land enough matches under your belt and by then you'll have a very wide range to choose from." She sounded confident in his skills, and it was rubbing off already.

"Maybe one day I'll be the one teaching you a thing or two about good footwork, Keine." He rubbed the arm Mokou had squeezed.

"And maybe I will teach you a thing or two about how to service a lady's legs, Konpaku." Eirin sauntered in, keen on seeing him off, rewarding him with a quick flash of flexing thighs. Suddenly blushing again, Youmu laughed nervously and bowed to them both before disappearing into the changing room.

"Oh, was I too upfront?"

Keine let out a very long sigh.


Youmu slept well that night, after sating both Yuyuko's lust and his own. His new league-mates were not to be underestimated, but he still felt a little more confident after trading blows with them. However, it remained to be seen if his training would help him in his debut match.
No. 34766
File 139675763445.jpg - (646.12KB, 850x566, Fun in the Sun.jpg) [iqdb]
I'm curious as to our readers' preferences when it comes to sexualized wrestling of the Touhou sort. It doesn't necessarily have to be fetishes or what you find generally arousing but the things you like and don't like to see.

As this story goes on there might be "interlewds" here and there. They are essentially side stories, related to the main plot and occasionally with a degree of reader choice. While I can't guarantee the suggestions given will necessarily be used, it would be nice to hear some of your ideas for them, just to see how different or similar the authors and readers are.
No. 34767
I already said this in IRC, but I'll put it here as well: I hope we get to see a practice match between Youmu & Keine and Eirin. Alone.
No. 34768

Like Youmu/Keine versus Eirin?
No. 34769
I'll just say try to tone it down on the muscles thing, Touhou Tag dream and such work because the girls are feminine.
No. 34770
File 139676566668.jpg - (657.47KB, 1800x975, sendai hakurei no miko mugen original and touhou d.jpg) [iqdb]

I can see where you're coming from. Personally I don't envision the ladies being too muscular (the attached picture is about as far as I'll go) but all of them are working out more and as such getting more physically fit, but I'll keep it in mind.
No. 34771
Yeah, the descriptions sometimes make them sound like crazy exaggerated muscle porn, not sexy athletic women.

Also, we need some Okuu in here.
No. 34772
Yeah! Or possibly Eirin/Keine vs. Youmu. Whatever way it is.
No. 34773
File 139677472473.jpg - (256.88KB, 941x1200, e179d5d625423720645461d863cbe382.jpg) [iqdb]
Regarding Eirin for example, would you say the image attached would be a good representation of her fitness?
No. 34774

Balancing fitness and the feminine is hardervthan I thought it would be. And trust me, you will enjoy our Okuu.


Yes, mixed in with some of: http://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/1092075?tags=yagokoro_eirin+wrestling_outfit
No. 34776
Who can you say won't be participating in the matches?

For example is Kasen going to be participating?
No. 34777

Unfortunately not, sorry man.
No. 35365
Well this lasted.

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