Archived Thread
File 139392330134.jpg - (926.91KB, 730x1061, Upside-Down.jpg) [iqdb]
34437 No. 34437
You are one of the girls of Gensokyo. Today is going to be a day just like any other; one that will be filled with multicolored bullets and a few healthy doses of tea.

Or so you think, but you can't help but feel that it's all been very strange ever since you woke up. It's as if you're doing things that you're not supposed to do at places you're not supposed to be. And so is everybody around you.

You look radically different too. Probably. You can't really tell...

Maybe if you calm down and think for a bit, you can figure this out. You just need to take baby steps, you thought. At least you know for sure that you are...

[] Flandre Scarlet (The Great Outdoors)
[] Chen (Master and Sage)
[] Tewi Inaba (Visitor from the Outer Space)
[] Medicine Melancholy (The Art of Control)
[] Suwako Moriya (The Virtue of Humanity)
[] Satori Komeiji (Domestication)
[] Nazrin (Avatar)
[] Yoshika Miyako (Secret of Life)

(The first to five, or the one with the most votes if it takes too long, wins.)
No. 34438
[X] Satori Komeiji
No. 34439
[x] Yoshika Miyako

Zombie moe~
No. 34440
[x] Satori Komeiji
I... have no idea what to expect.
No. 34442
[X] Satori Komeiji

Let's see where OP will take us.
No. 34443
[X] Seija Kijin

Okay, okay, I'm sure there's a reason she's not an option, but the story title makes a man wonder.

[X] Yoshika Miyako

Best zombie!
No. 34444
[X] Flandre Scarlet
No. 34446
[X] Flandre Scarlet
No. 34447
[x] Yoshika Miyako

I wish to see rigid, unmoving limbs incorporated into an /at/ story.
No. 34448
[X] Satori Komeiji
because I don't feel like pissing in the wind for suwako.
No. 34449
[X] Yoshika Miyako

Poor girl gets precisely zero attention from /at/, and barely any doujins. Let's not be having with that kind of treatment for any of the ladies of Gensokyo.
No. 34451
File 139395007471.jpg - (382.77KB, 700x826, d0724ea117ad25189d29ffc33d742a2d.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Chen (Master and Sage)

I've always wanted to see more of this.
No. 34452
[X] Flandre Scarlet
No. 34453
[X] Satori Komeiji (Domestication)

Dis gonna be good.
No. 34455
[X]Tewi Inaba

Rabbits need more love, man.
No. 34456
[x] Yoshika Miyako (Secret of Life)

Because a Moe Zombie Apocalypse is fine too.

The Satori one I'd go with but man that's brings up too many bad end Doujins.
No. 34458
[x] Satori Komeiji
No. 34460
[X] Satori Komeiji (Domestication)

Domestication, you say?
No. 34461
So I see the Satori route being bad end city for her.
No. 34462
[] Yoshika Miyako (Secret of Life)
We must learn the secret of Thriller
No. 34463
Now you got me thinking of a Pornographic Musical complete with choreographed fucking. This is now relevant to my interests.
No. 34464
[x] Tewi Inaba (Visitor from the Outer Space)

Fuck your tides.
No. 34465
[x] Yoshika Miyako (Secret of Life)

Yoshika is barely in anything on this site period.
No. 34466
[x] Medicine Melancholy (The Art of Control)

Medicine joke here*
No. 34467
File 139397263635.jpg - (145.60KB, 800x1200, catori.jpg) [iqdb]
The phrase after a character's name has nothing to do with their ultimate fate, just their new starting position. Any mind-breaking will only occur if it's voted by the majority, I suppose.


[X] Satori Komeiji

That's right, you're Satori Komeiji. You do think that something is wrong with you, but that's not exactly what you feel. In fact, you feel ridiculously great. Your body is brimming with more energy than it's ever been, but it's nothing like a sugar rush. You're completely calm and collected, and the only thing that's distracting your thought is this mysterious warmth that pervades through your entire body.

It's not so strange, when you think more about it, considering that you always have a lot of things to do. All those exercise from pushing your cart in and out of the Old Hell have done wonders to your health. You're nowhere as robust as the oni, obviously, but you're still very fit--

Wait, was that something that you're supposed to do...?

"Ugh..." Your head throbs a little. No, there's something very strange going on here...

Before you can indulge your feeling of unease any further, your ears twitch a couple of times. You hear someone coming from the distance, and sure enough - just as you turn around, you see a familiar face walking toward you.

"Oi, Satori," the cat waves her hand lazily to greet you. "I know you like to be alone at these times, but Mistress Orin's waiting for you."

Your heart skips a beat. What did she just say...?!

"Better hurry up or something," she said. Your jaw is still hanging, but you try to come up with a response.

[] "Orin...?! No, this is wrong. What is going on here?! And why are my ears--"
[] "...That's fine, but I have some work to do. Mistress Orin can wait, can't she?"
[] "Alright. I'll see her at once."
[] Something else.
No. 34468
[x] "Alright. I'll see her at once."
Maybe Orin knows what's going on.
No. 34469
[x] "...That's fine, but I have some work to do. Mistress Orin can wait, can't she?"

We are a proud satori-cat, not about to be pushed around by some haughty cat-satori.

Seems the phrases meant something a bit different from what I thought. Miko Suwako would've been fun.
No. 34471
[x] "Alright. I'll see her at once."
No. 34472
[x] "Alright. I'll see her at once."
No. 34473
[X] "...That's fine, but I have some work to do. Mistress Orin can wait, can't she?"
No. 34474
[x] "Orin...?! No, this is wrong. What is going on here?! And why are my ears--"

I am suddenly really wishing Chen had won. Who's the familiar of a familiar now, Yukariiiiiiiiii?
No. 34475
[x] "Orin...?! No, this is wrong. What is going on here?! And why are my ears--"
No. 34476
File 139400041310.jpg - (205.29KB, 850x1133, orinrin.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] "Alright. I'll see her at once."

The cat nods at you and goes along her merry way, while you, despite looking outwardly cool, is confused beyond belief. Why did you feel so apprehensive on hearing your Mistress' name? All sorts of questions are popping up in your head, but you can't come up with the faintest answer to any of them. You heave a sigh and run your hand through your hair, rubbing the back of your ears as your fingers pass them by. Maybe you should go and ask Mistress Orin about this; she is a bit wiser than you, after all.

The Palace of Earth Spirits is your place of residence, but it's more of Mistress Orin's home than your own. Even though you always pass your reverence off as feline pride whenever you explore its interior, you've never been unaffected by how spacious it is, as well as the beautiful stained glasses that decorate its many halls. Your owner has a really good taste, if you have to say so yourself.

The only problem with the place is that it's too huge for you to conveniently find anyone. You run your eyes from ceiling to floor and up and down the staircases. Well, at least you can read her mi--

A dull pain appears at the back of your mind.

"Ow," you grunt quietly. These headaches are starting to worry you. At any rate, you start to sniff the air for your Mistress' smell and listen for any sign of her activity inside the palace. It's a rather distinct smell - you would describe it as a spunky sort of smell, if it makes any sort of sense - doesn't take you long to follow the trail to her bedroom. You knock on the door a couple of times.

"...Hmm? C'mon in, Satori." It's her voice. She really is in there. With a gulp, you push the door open and slip inside.

Your Mistress is sitting on her bed with nothing but a nightgown, and the first thing that you see her do is taking a big, undignified yawn. "Mhaaahhn~ Well, if it ain't my favorite kasha in the whole wide world." She grins at you and taps on the spot beside her. "C'mere, lemme take a look at ya!"

You can't help but smile as you start to make your way over to her. It's hard to believe that a demure lady like her could carry herself in such a brash and cute manner, but that's the way your Mistress is: always candid and cheerful, never letting her position getting in the way of her acts.

"Hey, that's mighty rude. I'll have you know that I am pretty cute!" She said in mock anger, even as she smoothens your hair and scratches at the back of your neck as soon as you plop yourself down by her side. You let out a happy sigh as you lean against her.

Since when is sleeping the entire day cute, at any rate?

"Well, what can I say? I love my naps," she giggled. "I thought you would've understood, bein' a cat and all..."

Of course, she could read your mind. It's an ability that comes naturally to a satori, and you only need to look at the third eye floating by her chest to know that she is one--

--Actually, no, you can't. It doesn't hurt you as much as earlier, but you still feel a little strange looking at that reddish orb. It looks so strange on her, and you can't help but shiver a little.

"Oh, geez, your emotions are already goin' all haywire, huh?" Orin sighs. "Turn over here and take a look at me, Satori."

Not knowing what else to do, you obey her... and are promptly greeted with a sudden kiss. Your mind barely registers what's going on when her tongue makes her way in, pushing forcefully through your lips to tease you. She keeps tilting her head one way or another in her eagerness to enjoy the insides of your mouth, and you can't help but follow her along. Your Mistress tastes so good, and the warmth of her breath and the closeness of her skin are causing your heartbeats to go into overdrive...

It's still beating like mad when Mistress Orin finally pulls back from you to catch her breath, panting and gazing straight into your eyes with an expression that can melt you in an instant - but as the initial pleasure subsides, your mind manages to recover enough of its sanity for you to feel panicked and confused.

"W-w-wha... What's going on...?" You managed to whisper out.

"I'm - I'm takin' care of ya. It's time for your heat, right? If ya went to the upside frustrated like that..."

Of course, your heat. That must be what's making you feel strange this entire day. Now that you reaize what's going on, you do feel your passion running a bit high, and with your beautiful Mistress sitting so close to you, her skin all to visible underneath her thin clothing...

[] You move forward to ravish her.
[] You choose to let her ravish you.

[] Double cunnilingus.
[] Scissoring.
[] Have her use her power of recollection to grow a cock.
- [] On you.
- [] On her.
[] Some other position.
No. 34478
[x] You choose to let her ravish you.
[x] Have her use her power of recollection to grow a cock.
-[x] On her
No. 34479
[x] You choose to let her ravish you.
[x] Have her use her power of recollection to grow a cock.
-[x] On her

Watch those past/present tenses, bro. Couple typos as well.
No. 34481
[X] You move forward to ravish her.
[X] Have her use her power of recollection to grow a cock.
- [X] On you.

I would rather take the lead. And if we're supposed to turn back to normal, this will help too.
No. 34483
[x] You choose to let her ravish you.
[x] Have her use her power of recollection to grow a cock.
-[x] On her
No. 34484
[x] Have her use her power of recollection to grow a cock. -[x] On her
No. 34487
[X] You choose to let her ravish you.
[X] Have her use her power of recollection to grow a cock.
- [x] On her.

This is pretty interesting so far. Saw a couple typos and questionable phrasings, though. If you come over to #touhouporn on Rizon, we'll be happy to proofread and discuss ideas with you.
No. 34488
[x] You choose to let her ravish you.
[x] Have her use her power of recollection to grow a cock.
-[x] On her
No. 34489
[X] You move forward to ravish her.
[X] Have her use her power of recollection to grow a cock.
- [X] On you.
No. 34491

There is no way this could end badly
No. 34492
[X] You choose to let her ravish you.
[X] Have her use her power of recollection to grow a cock.
- [X] On you.
- [X] On her.
No. 34493
[X] You choose to let her ravish you.
[X] Have her use her power of recollection to grow a cock.
- [X] On you.
- [X] On her.

I like this idea!
No. 34494
[x] You choose to let her ravish you.
[x] Have her use her power of recollection to grow a cock.
- [x] On you.
- [x] On her.
No. 34495
[X] You choose to let her ravish you.
[X] Have her use her power of recollection to grow a cock.
- [X] On you.
- [X] On her.

Bandwagoning in that little cart kasha push around.
No. 34496
[X] You choose to let her ravish you.
[X] Have her use her power of recollection to grow a cock.
- [X] On you.
- [X] On her
No. 34499
[X] You choose to let her ravish you.
[X] Have her use her power of recollection to grow a cock.
- [X] On you.
- [X] On her.

Changed my vote to this.
No. 34500
[X] You choose to let her ravish you.
[X] Have her use her power of recollection to grow a cock.
- [X] On you.
- [X] On her.
No. 34501
Which Ironically is refereed to as a Cat-Cart. So it's a Cat pushing a Cat-Cart
No. 34502
File 139409418496.jpg - (281.15KB, 630x900, SatoRin.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] You choose to let her ravish you.
[X] Have her use her power of recollection to grow a cock.
- [X] On you.
- [X] On her.

You want her. Whatever thoughts and worries that you might have had are quickly replaced by a throbbing sensation of lust, and you can't move your eyes away from that shapely figure of hers. Your Mistress, on the other hand, is all too aware about what her pet is feeling. With a predatory grin on her lips, she sidles closer to you, moving in such a way that you can catch the glimpses of her curves, as well as that soft-looking cleavage...

Nervous, you run your tongue along your lips and gulp down, only to be reminded of the taste of your previous kiss with her. Mistress Orin giggles as you begin to blush.

The last coherent thought in your head screams at you to not give in completely to your feline instincts. As satisfying as it might be to jump your Mistress, you somehow realize that it's not something that you should do. Instead, you merely lower your guard and turn your upper body ever so slightly to her. Looking as tender and vulnerable as a cat can be, you gaze at her with upturned eyes.

"Take me, Mistress." You whisper to her. You can feel a soft smile gracing your lips.

Mistress Orin seems to be taken aback by that, but with a few shakes of her head, she faces you with a renewed look of aggression. Your sharp senses are able to catch her pouncing toward you with a loud "Nyaahahaa!" but instead of dodging away or blocking her, you let her push you down and bounce a little on her bed.

"Ahh, Satori, Satori..." She fervently repeats your name as she takes your blouse off and pulls your skirt down, although with that much force and enthusiasm, she might as well tear them apart with her own bare hands. "Why're ya so damn cute..." Every now and then, she leans in to nuzzle against your neck and give you a few passioned pecks on your lips and your cheek, and you try to let her do all of those to you unobstructed - even as you start to shiver in excitement yourself.

Before long, you are lying fully unwrapped on the bed, your perky breasts rising and falling as you begin to pant under your Mistress' gaze. Her stare is so intense, you can feel yourself getting more aroused just with her looking and breathing on you. It is, however, not enough for her. She finally dives down to glide her tongue along the curve of your breast - and as you release a moan from having her tongue flick against your hardening nipple, she's already moving her hand down to touch at your slit.

It feels so good. You are already moist down there, but even though Mistress Orin is already rubbing her finger hard against your folds, you can't help but shake and grind your hips back, staining her hand with your juices. You just need something more - something bigger and harder to fill your insides...

A depraved idea appears in your mind, and it's pretty obvious that Mistress Orin has caught on, judging from the surprised stare she's giving you in the middle of pleasuring your breast. You want to be fucked with a thick, throbbing cock, and yes, it is perfectly possible for her to fulfill your wish. You even help her out by thinking about the exact way to do so.

"It'll definitely feel great," you add with your spoken voice, just to drive the point home.

Mistress Orin looks a little hesitant, but in the end she gives you a nod and straightens herself up. She appears unsure as she reaches for her crotch, but with a little encouraging thought from you, her doubt is quickly replaced with a look of concentration on her face. Her hand begins to glow.

It's the power of Recollection. The satori are not a physically powerful youkai species; their power instead revolves around the mind. Aside from reading the thoughts of others, they can also manifest them into the physical reality for some duration of time. In spellcard duels, usually, that power is usually used to recreate the most terrifying bullet patterns that the opponent has ever faced, but in this case...

Mistress Orin pants as the magical light subsides, leaving a large and powerful-looking penis above her slit - just the way you imagine it. She stares at her new appendage, wide-eyed, and blushes as it stirs and grows erect right before her very eyes, pushing from underneath her gown. It's as if she can't believe that she manages to make that thing grow with her own power, and she remains entranced as it twitches and throbs from her arousal.

Now the table has turned, and it's you who can't stand to merely stare at things. While she's still distracted by her cock, you lean in and gently stroke the underside of that shaft.

"Ihiih...?!" She tenses up and lets out a cute yelp. You simply smile at her response and recline back on the bed, spreading your leg apart to give her the full view of your swollen and moist entrance. That's enough to get her to scramble back on top of you, her hand gripping the base of her erection so that she can point it toward your slit. Her lust and unbridled passion, unfortunately, work against the two of you, as she continues to miss your hole - despite her forceful effort to put her cock inside you, she only manages to rub its tip against your outer folds instead.

She starts to whine in frustration at her new and unfamiliar appendage, but you reach out and gently caress her cheek. Just stay calm, you thought to her. She nods to you, takes a deep breath, and... successfully drives the entire length in.

Both of you let out a loud, pleased shriek. You can feel your walls clenching around her impressive girth, wrapping and squeezing at her cock. The sensation overwhelms your mind. Meanwhile, Mistress Orin is moaning and panting as she tries to find a secure hold to keep herself from falling on top of you, but she gives up in the end and clings at your waist instead. With her negligee-clad body pressed against yours, you can feel how cool and soft she really is, a direct contrast to the hard, throbbing thing inside of you.

And that's before she starts to move. Mistress Orin, with her face buried in your cleavage, pulls back her hips and tears herself from your needy insides, right before slamming back inside and sending jolts of pleasure through your entire body. You can feel her tender body rubbing and grinding against you with each time she repeats her thrusts, and in-between your moans and fading sight, you can see her hips lewdly bucking up and down in the least ladylike manner possible.

Not that you're faring any better. The pleased mewls and sighs you're letting out are charged with lust, but you can't keep yourself from holding them back - not when your Mistress is pounding you rough and hard like this, sending you ever closer to your climax...

You scream. You can't take it any longer. The warm, tingling feeling of your orgasm spreads throughout your body, causing your muscles to tense up for a moment while your Mistress, trembling and writhing on top of you, releases her load inside you, letting out shot after shot of her seed.

Feeling full and satisfied, you look at your owner with love and adoration while she slowly pulls out from you. Your Mistress seems to be more astonished than tired from what she has done - and as she looks on the globs of her fluid, which dribbles out of your hole and sticks onto her member alike, she looks so happy and accomplished that you're moved to congratulate her in your mind as well.

"Gee, thanks, Satori." Her smile is so bright, you have to avert you eyes for a bit if you don't want to blush like crazy from it. When you look down, however, you notice that her penis, wet and glistening as it is, is still as hard as ever.

If you're not one yourself, your cheeky grin can probably be described as cat-like. "Well, someone's full of energy today," you say, teasing her. Mistress Orin's smile immediately turns into an adorable pout, and she looks rather embarrassed when she realizes that you're talking about her not-so-little friend down there. You let out a chuckle, but you become worried yourself when you notice the gradual change in her expression.

She now has the same devious look that you had when you got your bright idea. Before you can guard yourself from whatever plot she's hatching, she has already leaned in and clasped her hands at the spot between your legs. It feels... It feels really strange to have something growing out of there, but it's not really that bad a sensation. In fact, you can't stop yourself from moaning as a faint realization of what's going on emerges in your mind, and keeping you focused on the alien but pleasant feeling of that something becoming hard and big...

You are now sporting an erection. You gape and stare at what Mistress Orin has done to your body, but she only laughs and cackles at your predicament. "Nyahahaa~! It's time for payback...!"

She grabs on your cock with more power than care or tenderness, but it still feels awfully good - so much that you're letting out a squeak as you twitch in her hands. Mistress Orin smiles as she pumps at the length of your sensitive shaft, but even though you can tell that she's awfully amused at the way you squirm and shiver, she is far too horny to torture you without letting herself join in on the fun.

You let out a weak moan as she hovers above you, teasing you with the slightest taste of her pussy as she lowers herself only enough to let the head of your penis graze against her muff. It takes every bit of your pride and respect to your owner to prevent yourself from swinging your hips upward to pierce deep into her, but the knowledge of your effort is enough to satisfy her.

Mistress Orin allows herself to fall on your cock. You can't believe how tight and hot she is - and before you can recover, she's already lifting herself up and impaling herself on you all over again. It really feels amazing to be inside another girl - and your Mistress at that. As you feel every pulse from both your shaft and the muscles that enclose it, you notice that Mistress Orin is enjoying herself too; her alluring body rises and falls vigorously, causing her breasts and cock to bounce in an almost adorable manner.

You're pretty sure that you can grab and squeeze at it.

A worried look appears on her face amidst her lustful moans. She can read your mind, of course, but she's far too lost in her pleasure to stop you - so you let her know your exact plan to grab at her cock with both hands and rub at it while still fucking her at the same time...

"Ahh... Ah, geez, yer way too cruel," she hisses, not knowing whether to be pleased or annoyed at you for not carrying out that scheme of yours. You laugh a little and slowly move your hands so that she can savor the moment, and finally take hold of the bouncing shaft and squeeze it a little, causing Mistress Orin to spray a bit of her pre-cum on your stomach. It's a bit hard to maintain your grip and pump at her cock while her body continues to move up and down - and the building pleasure that you're feeling certainly doesn't help you any - but you find that you're able to match your rhythm if you concentrate hard enough.

Your handjob is probably nowhere near as good as a pussy is, and you're pretty sure that nothing can match the inside of your Mistress - but she is pleasured from two sides at once, and with your palm occasionally rubbing against her hot, sticky tip, she is soon as ready as you are.

Your voices fill the entire room again as you come to a release at virtually the same time. Your body tightens as you buck upward and continue to spurt into your Mistress, deep and hard - as if to replace her own cum, which shoots out uncontrollably on both your faces, breasts and stomachs for the longest time. The two of you are covered in the oozing white thickness of her cock juice, and as your consciousness is slowly engulfed in whiteness as well, you think you can make out a cry of "Mistress!"

Only, you're not entirely sure if it's your own voice...


After that, you continue to make love with each other until both of you are completely spent. You're now resting your head on your Mistress' lap, licking at her cock every now and then, while she lazily pats and strokes your hair.

"...Wow, that's really something, Satori," she says with a sigh. "Yer really one smart kitty, ya know that? I wouldn't think to use my power in that kinda way."

You become completely quiet at that. You've been feeling really weird at things this entire day, and this just puts the icing on the proverbial cake. Why do you feel like you know so much about your Mistress' power? Now that your lust has subsided, perhaps you should bring that up - along with some other things - to her attention...


[] "I've noticed some weird things recently."
- [] "Somehow, I know a lot about your power... like just now."
- [] "I don't really feel like a kasha. It's like... It's like I'm not really me."
- [] "You're the satori, but I'm the one whose name is Satori. Isn't that really weird?"
- [] Some other things you noticed or wish to bring up.
[] "No... It's nothing. I'm just glad that you're here to take care of me."
[] "Well, I was in heat. Necessity is the mother of invention."
[] "I hope you're going to think to use it more often, then~"
[] Other responses.
No. 34504
[x] "I've noticed some weird things recently."
- [x] "Somehow, I know a lot about your power... like just now."
- [x] "I don't really feel like a kasha. It's like... It's like I'm not really me."
- [x] "You're the satori, but I'm the one whose name is Satori. Isn't that really weird?"

Not complaints, just observations. Something weird is going on, and it's a bit troubling.
[x] "Whatever happens, I'll be right by your side."
and maybe a bit of
[x] "I hope you're going to think to use it more often, then~"
No. 34505
[x] >>34504
No. 34506
[x] >>34504
No. 34507
[x] >>34504
No. 34508
[x] "I've noticed some weird things recently."
- [x] "Somehow, I know a lot about your power... like just now."
- [x] "You're the satori, but I'm the one whose name is Satori. Isn't that really weird?"
[x] "I hope you're going to think to use it more often, then~"

Pretty good scene. Orin's dialogue kind of took away from it, though.
No. 34509
[x] "I hope you're going to think to use it more often, then~"
[x] "I've noticed some weird things recently."
- [x] "Somehow, I know a lot about your power... like just now."
- [x] "You're the satori, but I'm the one whose name is Satori. Isn't that really weird?"
No. 34510
File 139412899315.jpg - (864.35KB, 1500x1380, 6923231db5ec57b6e5fa48670f8572cb.jpg) [iqdb]
So is this what Orin looks like now?

[x] "I've noticed some weird things recently."
- [x] "Somehow, I know a lot about your power... like just now."
- [x] "I don't really feel like a kasha. It's like... It's like I'm not really me."
- [x] "You're the satori, but I'm the one whose name is Satori. Isn't that really weird?"

Not complaints, just observations. Something weird is going on, and it's a bit troubling.
[x] "Whatever happens, I'll be right by your side."
and maybe a bit of
[x] "I hope you're going to think to use it more often, then~"
No. 34512
File 13941747587.png - (620.81KB, 600x600, catori2.png) [iqdb]
Sorry about that. I've had some fear that my sex dialogues are going to be kind of terrible, which is why I kept them to a minimum... But I'll do better next time!
Haha, that picture was uploaded just earlier today too! Quite a coincidence...


"I've noticed some weird things recently." Even though your Mistress can read your mind, you still voice your thoughts out to emphasize your point. That seldom fails to catch her attention; it's one of your little ways to let her know that you have something important to say.

Sure enough, she replies, "Mm, like what?"

"Somehow, I know a lot about your power... like just now."

"I guess you've been hangin' around me for too long, huh?" She says, chuckling a little as she gives you a pat on the head. You smile at her lighthearted comment, but it does nothing to dissuade you from thinking that your familiarity with her power doesn't come from mere observation. Rather, it's more as if you have the perfect knowledge of what she can and cannot do.

"...I guess it's a li'l spooky, but we're family, Satori," she sighs after having undoubtedly read your thought. "We get to know each other stupidly well. I even know the exact day for you to get frisky... like just now." As Mistress Orin mimics your earlier statement, you turn your head away from her in order to conceal your blushing face - but she simply laughs at that. "Oh, yeah. I know that it must've felt all tingly all over your body and down there too, and the only thing that you can think of is to get laid--"

There. She must be having the same experience as you do, too. That idea is only floating in your mind for a short while, but you quickly regret it when you realize who you're dealing with. Unexpectedly, Mistress Orin seems to be taken aback by your thought - but after a moment of deep thought, she lifts her shoulders.

"Huh... Well, it's probably a bit strange to you, but I can read minds, remember?" She grins, sounding more sure of herself with every word. "It's probably a bit rude to y'all, but there are only you and a buncha other kasha around here that I could learn that from." She's probably right, but nevertheless...

"That's the thing," you say again. "I don't really feel like a kasha. It's like... It's like I'm not really me."

"You're not in a mid-life crisis, are ya?" You return that comment with an icy stare. Even though you are a youkai, you're definitely not that old. "Nyahahaa, I kid, I kid. But it sounds like you're feeling under the weather or something." You suppose that it's possible, considering the strange headaches that you've had recently.

"Eh? Headaches? Are ya alright?"

Yes, you've been feeling fine for some time now, you told her through your mind. Still, you wonder if she ever felt the same thing: not feeling like yourself.

"Hmm." She idly rubs at your ears as she thinks. It feels rather nice, so you close your eyes to better enjoy the feeling and the sound of her fingers. "I guess I might've... When I'm feeling extra tired from working in the mansion, or something. It's probably nice to be able to go out with you guys every now and then, you know?"

She sighs. "...That's a bad idea, though. I don't think anyone would be too keen to have a mind-reading satori walking around them."

When you open your eyes again, you can see that she's still smiling - but there's no mistake about what you've just heard. There is a bit of sadness mixed in her voice, and no matter how she tries to hide it, you can still feel her emotion seeping through her words. You don't know what to say - or think - about that. Just like before, you somehow realize how that must have been like for her, to have no other choice than staying indoors for most of her time.

You can't help but feel a twinge of guilt for your Mistress.

"Hey, don't worry about it!" She ruffles your hair. "I have you and the rest of our family. That's way, way better than anything that I could've asked for." You give her a smile of your own. She's always so infectiously cheerful, and you can't help liking her for that.

"H-hey, hey, don't get sappy on me here."

Well, she's the one who started it first.

Mistress Orin sticks her tongue at you. You let out a small laugh, but already your mind is distracted by one last curiosity - and it's a rather big one, too. "You're the satori, but I'm the one whose name is Satori. Isn't that really weird?"

"Ah, well..." Mistress Orin has a sheepish look on her face. "It's a pretty silly story, actually."

That only makes you even more curious.

"Mmnnn... Alright, fine. I guess you've the right to hear about it." She heaves a sigh. "...Me an' Okuu are never really that good with names, y'see. It's why we keep telling you to just call us Orin and Okuu too. Long names like Kaenbyou and Reiuji and whatnot are way too much of a mouthful. So when we took you in, we decided to just call you Satori, since... since, well, you're one of us, now."

She lets out a nervous laugh. "Aheheh... That's probably a bad call on my part. Do you hate your name or something?"

You shake your head. Of course not - especially if it's a name that your Mistresses have picked for you. Your owner is still embarrassed, but she finally giggles and gives you another pat on the head. "You're way too good a girl to us, Satori."

"But really, I think it's just the heat messing with your brain," she says again after a while. You nod at her, but deep inside, that strange feeling of unease continues to bother you. You don't have any sort of discontent, and your life with your Mistress and the rest of your family is as best as it can be, but there is definitely something strange going on.

Mistress Orin looks conflicted upon reading your thoughts, but in the end, she runs a hand through her hair and exhales loudly. "Ahh, what the heck. If you feel like something's off, you're probably right. You're one smart cat, like I said - so I'll see if I can find things out when I have some free time and all that." She scratches at the back of your neck. "I don't want you to get worried sick over anything, ever."

She's really good to you. "Thank you, Mistress," you look up and give her a resolute nod. "I hope that it's nothing important too... But whatever happens, I'll be by your side."

"Ah..." She seems to be stunned by your words, and when you raise your eyebrows in curiosity of her reaction, she only averts her eyes away from you. You're starting to get worried. Did you say something wrong? "No, no! Nothing like that - it's just that... that you look awfully serious there that I dunno what to say, you know."

Now you're the one who doesn't know how to react. "It's a pretty good look for you, actually, lookin' kinda cool like that," she giggles. Damn it. You're pretty sure your face is burning red because of that, but you manage to keep your expression as calm and stoic as usual - if only barely.

"You know I can tell what you're feeling."

Right. Again, damn it all.

She laughs. "Don't get too worked up about it, though. You're my pet, after all; I'm the one who's supposed to be takin' care of you."

"...Like what you've been doing to me this entire time," you say teasingly as you nuzzle a little against her crotch, leaving no room for doubt as to what you're talking about. This causes her to stumble over her words a little.

"N-no... Yes - Well, fine, maybe," she ends her stutter with a huff.

"I would certainly like it if you use your power like this more often, Mistress~"

"You'd like it, huh?" She grins and shakes her head. "...Perverted cat. Well, fine, I can't really say I hate it either, so just give me a holler if you need my power for whatever." She stretches her arms and yawns. "Man, that really takes a lot outta me... Stay with me for a while, Satori. If you want, you can rest a bit more after that - today's sorta like your sick day, after all."

You accept her invitation and lies there on the cum-stained bed together with your Mistress, embracing each other closely as the two of you slowly drift into sleep. Today is your sick day, you drowsily repeat that phrase in your head. That may be true - perhaps on more levels than you even realize - but you know that you're going to need to do something to get to the bottom of this strangeness.

As soon as you wake up, you're going to...

[] Do your work anyway. You feel relatively fine, after all.
- [] Pick a location on the surface world.
[] Laze around in the Underground a little bit more.
- [] Explore the Palace of the Earth Spirits more.
- [] You wonder if there's something you can find in the Fusion Reactor.
- [] Take a walk around the Former Capital.
[] Do some other things.

[] Stay futa.
[] Let it go.
No. 34513
I though the sex dialogues actually bad intentionally to show something was a bit ... off about things. Kind of an tell.

[x] Laze around in the Underground a little bit more.
- [x] You wonder if there's something you can find in the Fusion Reactor.

[x] Stay Futa
No. 34514
[X] Do your work anyway. You feel relatively fine, after all.
- [X] Scarlet Devil Mansion.
[X] Stay futa.
No. 34515
[x] Laze around in the Underground a little bit more.
- [x] You wonder if there's something you can find in the Fusion Reactor.
[x] Stay Futa
No. 34516
[x] Laze around in the Underground a little bit more.
- [x] You wonder if there's something you can find in the Fusion Reactor.
[x] Stay Futa
No. 34517
[x] Laze around in the Underground a little bit more.
- [x] You wonder if there's something you can find in the Fusion Reactor.
[x] Stay Futa
No. 34518
[X] Laze around in the Underground some more.
- [x] Explore the Palace of the Earth Spirits more.

It's probably Koishi in the reactor if she got flipped with Okuu. Meanwhile, Okuu could be anywhere. Might as well check here first, then Myouren.

[X] Stay futa.
Satori seems like an S here, so I'd prefer to have her getting railed, but I don't know about the dick-growing capabilities of other characters and don't like normal girl-on-girl.
No. 34519
[X] Laze around in the Underground some more.
- [X] Explore the Palace of the Earth Spirits more.

[X] Stay futa.
No. 34521
Well we've not done much FutaSub here anyhow
No. 34522
Well I'm curious to see if Koishi got the Yatagarasu's power how does she look now
No. 34524
File 139429663487.png - (385.55KB, 512x512, Th11NuclearFurnace.png) [iqdb]
The first thing that you realize as you slowly return to wakefulness is that your Mistress is no longer there with you; in fact, you are completely alone in her room, undressed and unattended. It doesn't bother you too much though, as you figure that she must have had important to take care of.

Well, you had a good rest. You climb off the bed and stretches all your muscles as you take a look around, standing on the balls of your feet. You're so familiar with Mistress Orin's room that you can probably call it your own, but the strange forgetfulness that you've been feeling makes its return when you notice the full-length mirror at the corner of the room. It occurs to you that you're not sure what you look like at the moment.

It sounds rather silly, but being unable to recall your appearance beyond what you've seen when you had sex earlier is certainly not a good sign. Beyond that, your body feels like nothing more beyond a hazy blur within your mind. It would probably scare you out of your wits if you haven't put some thoughts about your problems and discussed them with your Mistress... But as things stand, you are mostly curious, and perhaps a little bit anxious, about your own image.

You might as well get it over with. You can feel yourself shaking a little as you step before the mirror. What do you look like...?

"...Hmm." You have no idea what to say about your own appearance. The girl in the mirror is certainly you, but at the same time, there is something unfamiliar about her. You can't tell what it is that makes your reflection looks so strange, though...

You heave a sigh. That was such a wishy-washy and unhelpful assessment. At least, if there's actually something different about you, you don't think that you look too bad. You're not too tall for a kasha - your height is somewhere around Mistress Orin's, if you recall - but your build is definitely lean and athletic enough to qualify you as a cat. On that matter, all your feline parts are also accounted for: you have your two cat ears in addition to your human ones, and as you turn around to check your backside, you can see a pair of black tails flowing from the end of your spine, just as they should.

And of course, you still have the penis that you got from earlier. That could be useful for later, you note with some amusement.

You decide that you've admired yourself enough, and go ahead to put your clothes back on. You manage to fit your flaccid member into your panties with some fair bit of adjusting, and aside from the sticky, slightly uncomfortable feeling from all the sex you had, you successfully slip into your blouse and skirt with no complications at all.

Now you're ready to laze around.


Your workplace is perhaps one of the strangest choices for a place to loaf around, even for someone who isn't actually working there. It is literally Hell, after all, even if it is one that is mostly abandoned... if not for you and your sister. While she's the one who controls and powers the furnace, you still have the all-important task of supplying her with fuel. Really, you're not too bothered with all the fire and brimstone, and you actually find it rather enjoyable to move back and forth from this place to the surface world.

Or so you think you should feel. You shake your head, and decide to pay a visit to the Nuclear Furnace. Perhaps your sister can help you out with your unfamiliarity with everything that should be part of your usual routine - and even if not, it will certainly be nice for you to see each other again.

The clanking sound that your feet make every time you step forward is a reminder of the artificial nature of the furnace. It's really quite different from the rest of the Former Hell, as it is far more eerie than any other place under the earth. That's what you think as you cross the wide and spacious corridor that leads to the Core Reactor; it may superficially resemble the hallways of the palace, but the crude ceiling and walls of this place offer nothing in the way of hospitality.

At least it's easy to get to the center. While the entire furnace is mostly poorly-lit, the core is bright enough that there is no way that you can miss it if you follow the light. Before long, you arrive at the blazing orb of light in the middle of the structure. Supposedly, it has something to do with nuclear fusion, but you've never understood its exact mechanism. It certainly is rather pretty to look at, though, in contrast of everything in its immediate surroundings.

"Foreign substance sighted!"

That sudden shout causes you to jump a little. You snap your head left and right to find the one who has surprised you so, but it's only when you look straight forward again that you notice a figure floating between you and the fiery orb at the distance. It looks as if she's surrounded by a divine halo, when you think about it."

"Koishi--" You try to call to her, but you suddenly feel a violent rush of wind from behind you. It's pulling you in, and despite your efforts in maintaining your stance, you are slowly compelled to move forward, toward the center. Is it her power of Fusion?

You know that she's attacking you for no good reason, though. "Koishi, it's me!" You yell out again, but your words seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

"Upon contamination within the nuclear reactor core, reactor operations are to be halted...!"

It's too bright for you to make anything out, but you see something shooting out at you - and another, and another - and you immediately raise your arms to shield you head from the incoming barrage. Those bullets cut through your clothes and graze against your skin, but you quickly realize that they are not as dangerous as you think, albeit quite painful. There's no way those projectiles could be nuclear fire or anything so destructive. What is she throwing at you? You risk a peek...

...and see that you are cut by the thorns and brambles of blue and burgundy roses, their petals wafting through the air.

Despite your resistance, you have taken several steps closer toward a certain fiery death, but on the positive side, from this angle, you can see everything in a much better light. You've just recognized her voice, too, and you realize that you're not facing Koishi at all.

"...and the foreign substance is to be eradicated immediately!"

It's Mistress Okuu.

[] You suppose you should bring the fight to her, then.
- [] You have claws. Engage her in close combat.
- [] You can't fight her alone! You have to somehow call your friends.
- [] Some other battle strategy.
[] No...! You have to run away from here, somehow.
[] Try to talk to her again.
- [] About what?
[] Some other things.
No. 34525
So Okuu has Koishi's style.. but Thinks like Okuu?
No. 34535
[X] No...! You have to run away from here, somehow.

My head hurts.
No. 34537
[X] No...! You have to run away from here, somehow.
[X] Might wanna wait untill she's off duty.

New vote. My previous one was a sleep med induced derp moment.
No. 34550
[x] No...! You have to run away from here, somehow.
No. 34673
[x] No...! You have to run away from here, somehow.
[x] Try to talk to her again.
- [x] Can you help me with my being in heat?
No. 34731
File 139643864040.jpg - (56.10KB, 500x500, eb19fa660c27a08035577e77a3e46dd6.jpg) [iqdb]
This is crazy. You turn around and start to make your way out of the reactor - and away from the berserk satori that wants you dead. Even without her declaring it out loud, you can sense her intent to obliterate you. There's no reasoning with her when she's like this, and you don't want to have a fight where you must suffer the full extent of her power... or even worse, hurting her with yours.

You have to run. You have to get out of here, no matter what.

The wind blows viciously around you, making your escape more difficult. It's pushing and drawing you back to the center where your Mistress is, and you have to exert all your strength just to keep moving forward. The strangest thing, meanwhile, is happening all around you: as you make your way through the steel-plated hallway, vivid colors burst forth on the ceiling, the floor, and the walls before disappearing as quickly as they come.

At first you thought that the reactor was exploding all around you, but it soon becomes clear to you that the patches of colors are in fact made out of roses. You can see them blooming out of the lifeless metal and wilting away in seconds... and even though you're in the middle of a frantic run for your own life, you can't help but feel a little impressed. Not just because of the flowers, as beautiful as they are in their eerie haste. It's also because you realize that you are seeing all this in almost total darkness.

You're quick. Not only can you notice so much details in such a short moment, you can also move with enough agility to dodge all of the sporadic caltrops made by the roses' thorns. At first, you clumsily stumble and scamper out of the brambles' way, but you slowly take control of your panicked emotion and try to make use of your newfound gift. If you concentrate hard enough, you can see the roses as they grow, and take a step to the side to avoid setting your foot on them...

...Yes, just like that. You smile a little as you've successfully avoid the obstacle with relative ease. It's the first out of many that you're dodging with a semblance of grace, and you keep getting better at it. Whether you decide to make a coiled leap or to simply swerve to the side, it seems that your body is up to the task. It starts to become enjoyable, even, having so much power and elegance in your every movement.

If you're not running for your life, you might think about doing this more often. Still, you know your priorities, and staying alive is very high on your list right now. You glance to the back to make sure that you've covered enough distance - and sure enough, nobody's there to be seen.

It's because, you realize as you turn your eyes back to the front, she's already in front of you.

You can't even manage a gasp before she tackles you down to the floor, pinning you down with her own weight. Mistress Okuu's feral excitement, illuminated by the fiery core of the reactor behind her, is all too visible in her expression. You start to feel fear--

No, hold on. The core? Does that... Does that mean that this entire time you've been running back to where she is instead of going out?

"...No," you whisper. She must have manipulated your subconscious, you realize far too late, and caused you to return to this place so that she can destroy you.

"...Foreign substance must be eradicated," she mumbles again, her hands moving up to your neck. You look into her eyes, terrified, but there doesn't seem to be any spark of recognition as she stares emptily into you.

More than anything else, you actually feel a crushing sadness when you see her like this. You have to... You have to do something to correct her. There's the fact that she'll kill you if you don't, but more importantly, you can't stand seeing her looking so broken.

"...Mistress Okuu," you try to squeak out. "I... I am not a foreign substance. I'm Satori, remember...?"

She continues to look at you, her expression unchanging.

"I am your pet." You try to remind her. "Remember? Mistress Orin and you--"

"...Mistress." She says, releasing her hands from your throat. Thank goodness, at least she can register some of your words.

"That's right," you nod. "I--mpfffh!"

She pushes her own lips against yours with so much force that she slams the back of your head against the floor. Even more than the slight pain from that, you are overcome by how her tongue aggressively plunges into your mouth and causes you to gag a little - and yet, you're unable to push her out. Helpless, you can only listen to her breathing and slobbering into you. She feels so hot and wet...

You choke and sputter for air once she decides to break the kiss. "M-Mistress," you hear her moan. She doesn't even care to wipe the drool from the side of her mouth or put her tongue back in, and instead continues to pant out as she becomes more and more excited.

You gulp. Did you somehow manage to divert her bloodlust into... well, lust? It seems to be the case as she yanks your blouse open and pulls your bra down, exposing your pale, shivering breasts before her intense gaze. The straps dig uncomfortably into your skin, and you're still very much afraid of what she's going to do next - but for some reason, you can't bring yourself to physically resist her. You can only tremble and squirm underneath her, but nothing more.

Mistress Okuu has to be the one responsible for that. She, however, seems to be completely unaware of your anxiety; more concerned with satiating her own passion, she promptly reaches for your boobs. It hurts! You try to not yelp in pain, but you find it to be an impossible task, what with the way her nails pierce into your skin and squeezes hard around your tender mounds. The sensitiveness brought by your heat makes it more unbearable, and - even more than the pain, and to your discomfiture - you begin to feel aroused from it.

You don't know whether it's right to follow your lust in this situation. On one hand, you know that there's something wrong with your Mistress, and she's practically forcing herself on you - but on the other, to see her so lost in her primal urges, her hair falling down from her shoulders to your chest as she shudders in desperation for a taste of your body...

Despite yourself, you can feel your cock getting harder. It starts to become painful as your half-erection is constrained by your panties, but the sensation is not altogether unpleasing. You can't stop yourself from letting out a small mewl, though, as you're unable to contain the still new feeling of your manhood.

She notices it too. For a moment, she stops her assault as your cock pokes against her backside - but any relief that you're feeling from her surprised pause proves to be short-lived. With renewed vigor, she begins to grind her bottom against your cock, smothering it with a softness that you can still feel, barely, through several layers of clothing. You groan, however, as her movements are far too rough and quick to let you enjoy the full extent of her butt. She only wants you to cum and nothing else, you quietly realize in the midst of the overwhelming tightness from your erection.

Being jerked in such an uncomfortable manner is pleasureable and excruciating at the same time. You whimper - you can feel yourself blanking out as you're brought nearing an orgasm against your will--


And an image suddenly appears in your mind.

It's probably more accurate to say that it's a collection of senses and feelings instead of a mere visual stimulus, but it doesn't change the fact that it simply appears in your head, separate from your lust and fear-addled thoughts.

There is a bird, and something is gently, lovingly, running through her feathers. When she looks up, she sees that it's a hand. Its owner, a girl, smiles...


You reach your climax. Thick fluid pours forth from the tip of your cock and dribbles down to your base, staining your underwear with a warm, gooey feeling while your hips twitch and shake beyond your control. "N-no..." You whimper as you continue to spurt, but Mistress Okuu isn't easing her assault any. She is spreading your spilled seed all over your crotch, all while playing with your breasts.

You feel two sharp pokes against your nipples - and to your horror, you notice that they aren't her hands at all. The heart-shaped tips of some tentacles that slither out from her arms are pushing against your nubs, while the warm and pulsing coils are starting to explore your skin, rubbing, grinding, and tightening around your breasts, and your body...

Your headache returns. Those aren't tentacles, you thought amidst the painful throbs in your head. Those are stalks that grow out of her third eye, but - but she's not supposed to have that--


A loud siren blares through the room, and before you can figure out what's going on, something explodes. At least, that's what you think is happening, considering the disorienting light and noise before everything around you descends into chaos. The room is shaking, and with your blurry eyes, you notice Mistress Okuu getting thrown off your body - just as something hits you and blows you away as well.

No, that's not right. You can't be flung off by the explosion - you're gliding through the air too smoothly for that. And you can feel something supporting your back as well.

You blink your eyes repeatedly, and as the blinding light retreats from your vision, you see her: your little sister. "Little" here has nothing to do with the way she now looks, of course. Aside from her being able to carry you in her arms with no trouble, you realize from her upper body alone that she must be quite taller than you. Furthermore, you're pretty sure that you're not imagining the twin feeling of softness pushing against your side.

Your heart is still beating fast, and you're at a loss for words. Koishi only smiles at you with a bright innocence that only she could muster. "Sorry I'm late, Sis."

[] Thank her for rescuing you from Okuu.
[] Scold her for stealing you away from Okuu.
[] Just kiss her already.
[] Something else.
No. 34732
[X] Just kiss her already.
No. 34733
[x] Just kiss her already.

I think I'm tripping balls!
No. 34734
[X] Thank her for rescuing you from Okuu.
-[X] With a kiss.
No. 34736
[X] Thank her for rescuing you from Okuu.
-[X] With a kiss.
No. 34738
[X] Thank her for rescuing you from Okuu.
-[X] With a kiss.

Sex was kind of uncomfortable to read. If that was your intention, then well done. Also, you might do well to prune back some of the "but it feels good"-type thoughts. Don't need them every paragraph.
No. 34739
I think that was supposed to be Okuu using Koishi's mindscrew abilities.
Probably should have been bolded or something.
No. 34740
If it was it really needed such a thing as that entire update really felt kind of meh compared to the previous ones.
No. 34748
File 139662359288.jpg - (384.26KB, 909x1001, 34a94b0ac75cfbd61daeef835fba74a0.jpg) [iqdb]
Yeah, I was trying to find a happy balance between "And so this forced sex isn't different from other sex scenes at all" and "From then on, Satori suffers a mental and physical trauma that could never be healed." Not the best result, but I hope it's still a bit enjoyable. As for the thoughts... I fucked up. I'll try to use more bolds and italics for that from now on.

Anyway, sorry for the short update, but I figure I should include another choice before things really get down.


You begin to blush. Has your sister grown to be so... so dependable, when you weren't looking? She seems to be the same impulsive girl who you last saw some time ago. Even though she has just rescued you in such a bombastic way, the carefree smile on her face makes it look as if she doesn't care that she has just busted through an entire reactor to rescue you - perhaps she's only doing this out of her whim, just like everything else. Yet, there's no denying how strong she looks right now, and you feel so safe and protected to be hold in her arms...

Koishi looks so lovely right now, and you can only think of one way to properly thank her. You place your hands on her shoulders and hoist your body upward. "S-Sis?" Worried that you may be falling, she tries to shift her hold on your back, but with your face moving ever closer to hers, she soon realizes just what it is that you're trying to do.

"Ahh--" Flustered, she starts to open her mouth to say something, but you only take that opportunity to gently wrap around her parted lips. Koishi tries to return the favor and make up for her hesitance by pushing back against your mouth, but in her excitement, her movement becomes rather clumsy and stilted instead. She's clearly giving this kiss her all, tilting her head from side to side as she tries to sneak her tongue into her mouth, but you can tell that she's rather nervous too: her tongue feels stiff and her eyes are squeezed shut.

Your little sister turns out to be quite adorable after all, and you can't resist a small chuckle. "Relax," you whisper to her in between your kissses, and caress her tongue with your own. That seems to work, as she slowly loosens herself and allows you to slip into her mouth as well. For a while, that's what the two of you simply do, savoring each other without any sudden movement. Koishi is making these cute little sounds that are somewhere in between a moan and a yelp every now and then, but you quietly linger in her mouth so that she's free to enjoy herself.

Once you're done, Koishi looks a little giddy, giggling as she tries to catch her breath. "Geez, Sis. Incest is a cultural and social taboo, y'know?"

...Well, it's just like her to say shocking and difficult things out of the blue like this. You raise an eyebrow and say with a mock frown, "What, so I'm not supposed to thank my hero after that daring rescue?"

Koishi shakes her head, still grinning. "Probably not. It feels really good to be thanked like that, though, so I'll try to help you out more from now on."

"What a selfless and morally upright sister I have," you say, smiling back to her.

"Yup," she giggles again. "Your tongue is really rough, Sis... And you feel really warm, too..."

[] You know what? Ask her to help out with your pent-up lust right here, right now.
[] Well, you can give her an even greater reward in your room~
[] Don't say anything yet. You'll wait and see what she's going to do once you're back on land.
[] Something else.
No. 34749
[x] Don't say anything yet. You'll wait and see what she's going to do once you're back on land.

No need to press anything yet - and if it's to be sex, Satori has implied she's interested.
No. 34750
[x] Don't say anything yet. You'll wait and see what she's going to do once you're back on land.

We've been rutting at a pretty fast clip here. Maybe we should slow it down a bit.
No. 34751
A question to the OP. Is Koishi also kasha like Satori or is she a hell raven (to fit the role reversal more)
No. 34752
She's a hell raven with full-fledged yatagarasu powers now, with everything that it entails.
No. 34753
But the mention of Taboo doesn't really work there as one one is crow an the other is cat unless there is some other one
No. 34754
[x] Well, you can give her an even greater reward in your room~
Full speed ahead.
Except it doesn't need to make sense because magic.
No. 34755
File 139665035088.jpg - (111.22KB, 600x600, 56a09fcb9148edd4c369f25e4aa7162a.jpg) [iqdb]

That >>34754 , and the new world Satori's in is pretty strange after all! You can always use the write-in option to talk about the strange things you've noticed with other people, and other stuff too; there's nothing like a learned discourse about the psychological and anthropological aspects of incest with your sister before you rut with her anyway.

(Or you can wait for the conversational prompts which I may or may not prepare later, depending.)
No. 34756
[x] Well, you can give her an even greater reward in your room~
No. 34757
[x] Something else.
[x] Ask to go to her room
[x] Ask how this would be Taboo
[x] Ask about your problems
[x] Ask for Sex afterwards
No. 34870
[x] Well, you can give her an even greater reward in your room~
No. 34872
[x] Well, you can give her an even greater reward in your room~
No. 34873
[x] Don't say anything yet. You'll wait and see what she's going to do once you're back on land.

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