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I rewrote a scene from my story, so here's some short context if you don't read it: Kisume, the narrator, is a stray living in the underground. She usually has issues with physical contact and open spaces. Koishi has poor impulse control and a fondness for girls.

Contains yuri and way more foreplay than anything else.

She's right, anyway. We're both girls, so there's not much to be embarrassed about. We're just having a bath together, I’m sure she and her sister do it all the time.

That's what I'm going to tell myself, anyway. The younger Komeiji is well intentioned, I’m sure, but… she doesn’t exactly inspire a lot of confidence in things like this.

Still, it’s been a while since I’ve had a nice bath, and I don’t think she’d actually hurt me — not intentionally, anyway. Nevertheless, I drop my bucket down to the floor and step out, only hesitating a little. She must’ve worked her mind magic again, because there’s no tightness in my chest, no instant urge to go back inside. By the time I direct my attention back to Koishi, she’s already shed the rest of her clothes.

Koishi is… hard to parse, at first glance. You might use some standard word of praise like ‘beautiful’ or ‘cute’, but that wouldn’t be quite right. Not that she isn’t those things, but just saying that feels like it’s missing something.
Even in the nude, I still can’t at all see where those blue… things connect to her. In her sister, it was clear enough if you bothered to look: head, arms, legs. Here though, it’s like a floating mass accompanying her. I don’t quite get it.
She’s tanned a healthy colour (or perhaps just a shade above that) from her time aboveground so completely and flawlessly that I wouldn’t at all be surprised if she went a few days completely naked under the sun. She’s not at all big, being maybe only half again as tall as me, but still looks awkward-tall, and I. She seems to have no excess flesh or fat at all except where a woman ought to — and even then, not that much.

...Not that I can say much about that, though.

I look down.
Yeah. I’m not one to be judging beauty. In the clear lights of the Palace, the bruises marring my otherwise completely pale skin total lack of any meat beyond the bare minimum are more in display than ever. I’m about as far from desirable as can be.

Koishi giggles.
“Aww. don’t look at yourself like that that. You have your good points too. Better hips than mine, even. Now, come on.”

Right, the bath. She goes in first, making more of a splash than strictly necessary and gently pulling me inside. When did she take my hand? Damn mind magic.

The warm water is just as heavenly as I remember. This is the one great positive of living in the underground: hot springs are everywhere, if you care to look. I can’t think of anything much more comfortable than this. Maybe if I had both a book and a hot bath?
Koishi pulls me onto her lap, and I settle like I did when we were over the ancient city together. She’s kind of bony, but it doesn’t detract from how comfortable she is. Comfort comfortable. I wanted to be alone at first, but... I don’t think I’m about to complain about this, either. The water relaxes all my muscles, I close my eyes almost unconsciously.
Her cords brush against me. They feel smooth, cold and light enough that it barely feels like they’re there when I push them aside. It's weird, but not unpleasant.
The bathtub isn’t made for two people, but we’re both on the small size, so it's not much of a squeeze. Koishi hums happily behind me as she removes my hair clips and tosses them aside. “Right at home, aren't you?”

W-well, can you blame me? We’re not doing anything wrong, so it’s okay, right?

“You look like a mess. Dip your head in so I can wash your hair for you.”
I do, feeling my hair sticking in clumps to my neck and shoulders. This is... how life is supposed to be, right? Normally? It's how I wish it was for me, at least. It'd be great. I better enjoy this while I can, because I know it's not going to be permanent.

Very Koishily humming a clearly made-up song,she pours a generous amount of some sweet-smelling liquid directly onto my head from a bottle. Hmm… This is how it feels to have someone attend to you, is it? I think I understand how people get used to this. Now that I don't have to worry about my thoughts wandering or much else at all, it feels... really good. She scratches and massages, undoing the knots on my hair and spreading the bubbling liquid everywhere.
It's amazing. By the time I notice what’s happening, I'm already far leaned back against her, eyes closed and breathing deep. It even makes me sigh unintentionally. Just a little though!

She moves down, pressing and trailing her fingers down the back and sides of my neck, then my shoulders. Just strong enough to be nice. “Look at this,” she whispers, much closer to me than I expected. I can’t complain: I’m the one slumping against her. There's an exceptionally strong squeeze to my shoulders that nearly makes me half cry out before I catch myself. Nearly. “Look at how tense you are, Shoulders, neck, everything, hard as rocks. You know what you need? A massage. I can do it while I clean you up!”

Um... Okay, I guess. I haven’t really seen one, but I scoot forward to give her easier access by way of consent. At once she's at it, spreading some mysterious cold, slippery liquid from yet another bottle on my back. She's really forceful about it, like she's trying to rub it into my skin. Not that it feels bad, she’s actually great at it.
Thorough, too. She traces along my spine, sides, ribs, nearly all the way to the front. She squeezes and even scratches. Kind of ticklish. She follows on through to my lower back, under the water.
But there’s something weird going on. Almost immediately, my entire back, everywhere she touched is hot, hotter than it should be, even with the steam and what else. It burns, but doesn’t burn. What’s —

I spot the bottle she was using just a second before, sitting lonely beside the tub.
Labeled with a couple of little red hearts.


I try to move, at least sit across from her, but I don’t get two inches from her she grabs me by the stomach and pulls me back towards her. I smack into her with a wet noise, splashing the bathroom with water. She presses all of her front against my body, and I'm suddenly too aware of her delicate curves on my back, the pair of slight swells pressing on me, and of the blue cords that are suddenly a lot tighter on my limbs than I thought they were. My body feels even hotter than before, if that’s possible. She wraps her arms around me, pulls hard, locking me in place and lowers her head next to mine.

She's so close. I feel something cold and wet touch my ear as— Aahh...
“You’re leaving now? That’d just be a huge waste, wouldn’t it?”

It may not be very cool in here, but I still have some difficulty stop shivering.
She just had to whisper in my ear, did she? It had to be the ear.

Okay, this is enough. It— it feels good and all, really good, but this isn’t something you should do with just anyone, is it? I know that much. So, we should just calmly finish our bath and get out.

Of course, I don’t do much more than think that and weakly wriggle in her grip.
This talking thing would be such a useful skill to have.

She must be pleased with my reaction, because she renews her attack as soon as I manage to slow my breathing below ‘heavily panting’. She holds my head in place and blows softly into my other ear, drawing out another long shiver from me.
“You really can’t blame me, you know? I wasn’t planning to do anything.” She talks while dragging her lips along my neck. “But you just make the cutest noises. Really, how am I supposed to resist if you mewl like a kitten just from having your hair washed? Anyone would want to hear more of it.”

I've been making noises?
O...Oh. Well.

I feel her hands leave my stomach and snake up slowly, slowly. She traces my ribs, and farther upwards… There’s a cold feeling for a second, and I realize she’s using more of that oil. The front, now. I— I should stop her, or… or... I don’t know what’s going to happen. It’s not easy to think.

I try and press my arms against my torso to shield myself, but find that I can’t even move them at all. There’s confusion for a second or three, then I realize: her cords, taut, holding my arms at the sides of the tub and my legs down.
I’m pinned. Completely helpless. Something like a tickly feeling raises up on my stomach.

She knows it, too. Her hands move up to my breasts, one on each side, about as slowly as you can go and still call it movement. She presses hard enough to almost hurt, circling, not quite reaching. There’s hot breath on my nape, but everything feels hot right now, with Koishi’s skin ranking close to ‘live coals”.

Slowly, up, left, down, closer.

So slowly.

And then pinches. Hard.

Something echoes in the bathroom, I realize a second later — a moan. A loud, obscene moan.
And it’s not Koishi’s.

She freezes, and I do too. Or I would, if I weren’t heaving, trying to catch my breath.

“Hmmm… Interesting.”
Oh no. What did I do now? I can hear even more amusement in her voice than usual, and that really can’t be a good sign with Koishi.
“Could it be that being tied up made you... excited?”

Ah… what?
No, no way. I wasn’t, definitely wasn’t. Nope, not at all. I shake my head.

There’s a clear laugh right behind me, and the next words are back to whisper level.
“It’s okay, I completely understand. That’s even better, I can make you feel really good. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. It’s even in the name: if it feels good, it can’t be a bad thing, right?”

I… I don't know... Something about that sounds kind of wrong, but it makes sense. It feels good, so why would it be wrong? Good things are good, right…?

No, no, we shouldn’t, I think.

...Why shouldn't we? I—I'm not sure. It's hard to think right now. Everything is burning hot, humid and foggy. Koishi won’t let me move more than an inch and her hands feel like they're everywhere. She strokes my sides, pokes at my navel, rubs the outside of my thighs, the curve of my shoulders, chest and neck. Sometimes light and deliberate, sometimes firm and sudden. I could say I have enough self-control to at least kill my voice, but that’d be a plain lie. Everywhere she touches burns like her fingers are branding irons. Like if I look, there’ll be angry red welts, as if I was whipped.

Why shouldn't we do anything... again? I don't remember... but I'm fairly certain there's a very good reason.
I find that I'm heaving, taking great gulps of more steam than air with every breath. Koishi is still whispering in my ears, and although it's all I hear, I can't understand what she's saying. It's all so— so foggy and unsteady. I try to direct the scrap of my mind that is still functioning into paying attention to her.

“—not new at this. I’ve made looots of girls just like you very happy. I promise you what we’ve done so far isn’t even a tenth of it.”
A hand is lightly placed on my thigh. “Although, do tell me. Is it the helplessness that turns you on?” No, t—that’s not... “Hmm, I see, so it is. Does the humiliation thing figure into it too?” What? No, I didn’t— “That too, huh? You are one right pervert. Oh, and don’t bother trying to deny it. I don’t need my third eye to read you.”

Uu, this is so unfair.
The hand on resting on my leg starts tracing circles under the water. Moving, little by little. “So, there’s that and your ears. You’re already more fun than I’ve had in a year. I can’t wait to find out allll about you after this.”

After this?

“I have a spare room, you see, and there’s all kinds of fun stuff there we’re going to play with once we’re done here.” Her fingers keep drawing little circles on my skin, from outer to inner thigh. K-Koishi, you’re getting a little close to, um…

She doesn’t stop, of course. “For you, I have rope, a blindfold… I think you might like those.”
...Right, I should be trying to escape right about now. I put as much strength as I can into my arms, but all it accomplishes is making her giggle at me for a second.

“The bedposts are pretty sturdy. I can tie you down nicely, belly down right where you belong: on my bed, below me.”
Her hand stops. Why did—

Then she touches me. Touches me. It crashes against all my nerves like a rampaging oni. It hurts, but doesn’t hurt. It’s…
It’s amazing. If I wasn't entirely red already from the heat and... everything else, that would have done it for sure. There's probably not a part of me that's not red with rushing blood right now.

“Oh my. Eager, aren’t you?”
No, that’s not—
“You don’t have to be shy. Here, I’ll help you.”

I have no time to wonder about that. There’s a feeling of pressure, and the next moment, theres another wave of pleasure. I feel full. Again, I pull against the cords with all my strength, more out of reflex than anything else, but it still doesn’t do anything.
“It’s so cute how you try to hold your voice in.” There’s a half-laugh in her voice. “And did you feel how smoothly that went? That’s talent.”

Of course, she doesn’t stop there. She moves: draws her finger out, then back again, and again, and again, into a rhythm. I can’t pretend I’m at all in control of anything right now, it just feels way too good. I give up, going slack in my bonds. Moans and whimpers and sighs resound in the spacious bathroom, and not a single one of them is Koishi’s. She kisses my cheek, my ear (!), my neck, my hair, whispers to me things like “You’re a good girl”, “We can do this whenever”, “You’re mine from now on”.
It burns. I don’t know where my skin ends and hers begin, we’ve been glued together for so long. She pets my head with her free hand, and for some reason that makes my mind even foggier.

I… I feel weird. Weirder.
“Are you getting close?”

Close…? Close to what?

“Good, hold still.”

She brings a single hand to my chin, too strong for how slim she is, and seizes. Aah, I think I know what's coming. I make no move to resist. Don’t think I could even if I wanted to. I just move along with it as she gently tips my head her way. Her still mostly dry hair brushes my cheek and her breath, even hotter than the surrounding air, tickles my own lips. She's really going to do it.

I’m halfway through a moan when she seals my lips with her cold, soft ones. Her tongue pushes its way inside with no effort. She thoroughly dominates me there, too: I can’t do more than just lamely react.

She speeds up her rhythm.

I— Um, I don’t…
Something is— My stomach kind of feels cold. Something’s weird.

Ah. Ah, ah.

The tingly feeling that’s been building in my stomach explodes. I go blind, or the entire world goes white. My whole body is on fire. One of my feet cramp as my toes curl the hardest they’ve ever curled. I scream into Koishi’s mouth, claw at my own palms, exhort all my strength in a second. The sound of her whispers floods my head, as if the only thing I’ve heard for my entire life.

It’s the best thing I’ve ever felt.

Koishi giggles as she breaks the kiss. “Hmm… You’re not a very good kisser, are you?”
S...sorry. That was my first time. Finally my aching limbs feel free, and the only thing I manage to do before I collapse completely is turn and wrap my arms around her, burying my head in her chest.

“There, there,” she coos, kissing my forehead. “You did very well. You’re a good girl.”

I am?

...Ehehe. I’m a good girl. Miss Koishi said so.

2014/02/14 (Fri) 17:30 No. 34228
..Well. That's a thing.
I'm guessing that this is a followup to the unchosen [x] Koishi Yuri option waaay back when we decided to stop the rape for whatever reason? That's what it seems like to me.

I thought it was fairly good, at least, although I'm not that into erotica so take my review with a grain of salt.
2014/02/14 (Fri) 18:59 No. 34230
It's nice but...I dunno, rape just doesn't seem to get my blood flowing. Know what I'm sayin?
2014/02/14 (Fri) 19:54 No. 34231
>It’s the best thing I’ve ever felt.
She sounds okay with it to me.
2014/02/15 (Sat) 08:58 No. 34242
>surprise aphrodisiacs
>satori mindscrew
And Isolist continues the Kisume Carnival of Suffering.
2014/02/15 (Sat) 16:28 No. 34247

I think you may have missed the part where Kisume was drugged.