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-[X]Stay the night and do “something” with Mokou.

You turn to Mokou, who is trying not to look at you. “Uh, I-I’ll let you take the couch and I’ll take a recliner. Okay?”

There’s no response.


Mokou spends a few moments fiddling with her hands, then turns to you. Her red eyes are wide and nervous.

“Um, actually… Do you think we could… sleep together?” she stammers.

“I-in the same bed, of course! Not like that! I-it’s just, the movie was kind of scary, and it’ll be dark down here, and…” Mokou nervously taps her fingers together, blushing harder than you’ve ever seen. You can practically see the steam coming out of her ears.

You can’t resist a face like that, can you?

“Uh, well, if that’s what you really want, then I guess I wouldn’t mind...” You’re pretty embarrassed yourself, but it hardly compares to how Mokou is.

She brightens up immediately, but her blush doesn’t go anywhere. “T-thanks! I, um, I’ll try not to bother you or anything…”

The basement doesn’t have any beds, but that doesn’t stop you. By taking the large, flat cushions from the couch and recliner and fitting them all together, you’re able to make a little bed on the floor that’s big enough for the two of you. You manage to keep your mind busy for a minute while you put it together, but that doesn’t last for long.

Mokou… wants to sleep with you. What’s she thinking, asking you to do something like this? She couldn’t be thinking of something like that, could she? No, she’s too innocent. You’re sure she’s just scared to sleep alone.

“Okay.” Mokou’s voice pulls you back to reality. “So, do you want the left side, or…?”

“Yeah, I’ll take the left.” You lie down face-up on one of the long couch cushions, letting the one from the recliner support your lower legs and feet. Mokou turns off the lights, then takes a deep breath and lies down beside you; the bed is wide enough that you don’t have to touch, but she still ends up just a few feet away from you. Even if you can’t see her, you can still feel her presence, knowing that she’s close enough that you could reach out and touch her.

“Uh, thanks again,” she says.

You try to put a smile in your voice. “No problem, Mokou. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, Alex.”

Mokou spreads Kaguya’s blanket over the two of you, then settles down into your little bed. You try to do the same, tugging back a bit of blanket for yourself. After a little while, the two of you are settled, with Mokou curled up on her side and facing you while you continue to lie on your back.

And then, there’s nothing to do but fall asleep. The trick is not thinking of her like a girl, but you’ve never had to pretend when there’s one so close to you. You can almost feel her quiet breathing on your shirt, and it’s easy to smell her faintly sweet scent. A few strands of her long hair lie near your fingers, as well.

As much as you don’t want to, you wind up getting an erection. One that won’t go away no matter how hard you try. There’s no escaping from the sound of her breath, or the warmth she’s sharing under the blanket, and every little shift in her sleep makes you wonder if she’s going to scoot even closer. More than a few times, you seriously consider just getting out and sleeping on the floor.

… But you said you’d sleep with her, and she’d feel bad if she woke up and found that you’d left her. You can handle this. All you need to do is close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, empty your mind…


You wake up without opening your eyes. You’re still in the same position as before, but…

Mokou’s hand is right between your legs, pressed into your still-hard penis. It’s not just lying there, either; she’s slowly and gently moving it up and down, and giving you gentle squeezes. You can’t really feel her hand through your jeans, but… it’s warm. It doesn’t feel too bad…

“Wow…” Mokou whispers. Now that you’re awake, you can feel yourself getting even harder.

But that’s not the point! You need to… say something. But you don’t want to scare her off, either. Maybe she’s just curious.


“Ah!” Mokou practically jumps out of the bed, and you see her silhouette flailing its arms as she struggles to keep her balance. You sit up and turn your head to face her, grateful that position conceals your raging erection.

“I’m sorry! I don’t know what I was thinking! I just, kinda, touched it by accident, and I’d never felt one before, so… No, what am I saying! I’m sorry! I’ll get out!” Mokou turns away from you and prepares to bolt from the bed.

“Uh, w-wait!” That stops her mid-escape. Without changing her awkward half-standing position, Mokou turns back to face you. It’s a good thing the lights are off; this would be even more awkward if you could see each other’s faces.

“Um, it… didn’t feel bad or anything.”


“Well, I mean…” You nervously rub the back of your head. “If it’s you… I guess I don’t really mind. Just don’t do it without permission, okay?”

“R-really? You don’t mind?” Her voice is filled with relief, as well as an unusual excitement.

“Not… really. But, if you’re going to--“ Wait, what are you saying?

“In fact?”

“Well, you’re, I mean, we, uh…”

Ah, your hormones are running out of control! You should just tell her to forget it, but…

“I mean… since you did that to me, I should get to touch you too, right?”

“I-if you’re okay with it, that is,” you tack on.

You can almost hear Mokou’s heartbeat. Or maybe it’s yours. She swallows deeply before answering.

“I… guess so. Just… be careful, okay? I’m kind of ticklish…”

Mokou sits back down and scoots up next to you, until she’s pressed right into your side. You can clearly feel how warm she is, even through your clothes.

“O-okay, here goes…” You spread open a hand and carefully lay it on her back. Her hair flattens out beneath your palm, and you tangle it around your fingers to get a better feel for it. It’s much softer than yours, and really smooth as well. She must work hard to take care of it. Leaning in slightly, you smell some herbal-type shampoo mixed in as well. Or maybe it’s floral? You were never good at telling apart those scents that girls use.

“Your hair’s nice, Mokou.”


You slide your hand down to the bottom of her shirt, then release her hair and curve your fingers up to slip them under the fabric. There, they suddenly come into contact with Mokou’s warm, soft skin, forcing her to shiver slightly.

“Mmm! Y-your hands are cold, Alex…”

Or maybe her skin’s just warm. The heat just seems to soak into your hand as you slide it around to her front and up to her chest. Her skin’s really smooth. Softer than yours, but not especially soft. She’s too young and fit for that. If you press your fingers in a little, you can feel her ribs as you move up her front.

Then, you bump into some soft fabric. It seem to be a… rather small bra. No frills or embroidery or anything that you can feel. You pause there, and ask her permission one more time.

“Are you sure, Mokou?”

“I-it’s okay. Go ahead.”

Nodding your head, you pull her bra up out of the way, and move your hand down to cover her breast.

It’s… small, but soft. There’s not much there at all, certainly not enough to... squeeze, or anything, but you definitely feel a slight mound of softness. And then, in the middle, there’s…


… A slightly firmer part, which must be her nipple. You rub it as gently as you can, feeling Mokou tremble under your touch just from that. It quickly get hard enough to stand out on its own, and you keep stroking it while prodding at the rest of her breast with your other fingers. Sometimes you give her a little pinch, forcing out a cute-sounding moan.

“Mm! H-hey… if you’re gonna do that, then I should get to…”

Mokou reaches around your back, pulling you in even closer to her. Her trembling hand unzips your pants, and you shimmy back a bit to get them out of the way. She carefully tugs down your underwear as well, and you let out a quiet little grunt as her soft fingers close around your shaft.

“Wow, it’s… really hard,” she mumbles.

Her hand is nice and warm, just like the rest of her body. She’s able to comfortably fit all five of her fingers around your shaft, and you can feel yourself throbbing against her fingers. It doesn’t take long for your precum to start flowing as well.

“Um, h-how’s this?” She tightens her grip and slowly starts to move her hand up and down, tugging your skin along with it. It’s a bit painful, actually.

“Uh, try moving a bit slower.”

“Ah, sorry!” Mokou quickly loosens her grip, and experiments with the tightness until she finds something that works. In the meantime, you return your attention to her warm chest, kneading her small, sensitive breast as best you can.

It doesn’t take long for Mokou to find a good technique. She holds you tight enough to apply a good deal of soft, warm pressure, but softly enough that her fingers just slide along your length rather than pulling it. Your precum leaks out and lubricates her fingers, making her movements smoother and faster my the second.

“Does that feel good…?”

It’s nice. She’s so gentle, and so eager to please. It’s... better.

In the meantime, you’ve grown more bold with her chest. Reaching a little further around her, you’re able to get to her other breast, and her excited nipple quickly hardens under your touch. You bring up her other hand to grope them both at once, gently tweaking and pinching her nipples and rubbing your hands in little circles over her breasts.

“Mmm…! Th-that’s… ! Aah…”

You’ve both started to let out quiet sounds, somewhere between grunts and moans. Mokou’s voice is usually kind of deep for a girl’s, but these little cries of hers are surprisingly high-pitched. Hearing her moan like that and huddle against your for support, stroking your slippery length all the while, makes you want to please her even more.

“Mokou, can I… touch you down there, too?”

“Uh?” That forces her hand to stop for a second. You pause as well, and hear her quick breathing as you both take a moment to rest. You’re both trembling all over, and you feel your heart beating faster than ever. “Umm… J-just the outside, okay? I’m not ready to…” She’s too shy to finish that sentence.


Pulling your hands away from her chest for a moment, you unzip her pants and pull them down to her thighs. Underneath, she’s just wearing a pair of soft, plain panties. With your far hand, you reach down into her underwear; she seems to be neatly shaved down there, and your fingertips run over a few inches of smooth skin before you reach…


A thin little slit, with a bit of moisture coming out. This is the real thing, isn’t it? You’ve never felt one of these before. Very carefully, you press your finger against it and start to rub it up and down. The warm liquid quickly coats your fingertip, much like your precum’s doing to Mokou’s fingers. There’s a small bump at the top, and she shivers whenever you touch it…

“Ahh…!” Mokou groans and trembles as you stroke her, both there and over one of her sensitive nipples. The excitement drives her to stroke you even faster, making a quiet squishing sound as the liquid’s churned up under her quick but careful fingers. If… if she strokes you like that…

“M-Mokou, I’m gonna…!”

“Oh!” She doesn’t have any tissues or anything, and you’ll get Kaguya’s blanket dirty if you shoot it out here. There’s probably a few things she could do, but she settles on just grabbing the tip with her free hand.

“Aah!” But you’re really sensitive there, and getting squeezed by both her warm, soft hands at once is all it takes to finish you. Your penis suddenly clenches up tight, and your vision goes hazy as you shoot out half a dozen shots right into Mokou’s palm. Your balance gives out as well, making you slump onto Mokou’s shoulder while you moan and You haven’t had much time to yourself since you moved in, so you really can’t hold yourself back…

“E-eugh...” Once you’re finally finished, Mokou removes her soiled hand and holds it as far away as possible. You guess you’d feel the same way if you got that stuff all over your hand. It’s pretty slimy and smelly, after all.

“Um, excuse me.” Mokou jumps up and runs off to clean herself up. Meanwhile, you find some tissues and use them to wipe off what she didn’t catch. You seem to have left a few moist spots on the cushion beneath you; that’s probably going to leave a stain… Maybe you can just put them on upside-down? Or maybe they’ll dry out?

That matter’s quickly forgotten as Mokou returns, still breathing heavily and fiddling with her clothes. She sits down at the edge of the cushions and take a moment to compose herself.

“It… seemed like you enjoyed that,” she finally says.

“Uh, y-yeah. You were… good.”

“I guess… you were good, too. I’ve never been touched like that, but… it felt nice.”

You’re not sure what to say to that, but you feel a quiet swell of pride.

“So, do you maybe wanna… cuddle? If we did all this, then…”

“S-sure. Go ahead”. You get back down on the cushions and turn away from Mokou, trying to ignore the lingering musky smell. She lies down behind you and scoots up until you feel her touch your back. Her arms cross over your stomach, and you can feel her small but soft breasts pressing into you from behind as she snuggles up against you. Her hair tickles the back of your neck alongside her gentle breath, and her sweet, herbal scent floats lazily into your nose.

You’re not sure how you’ll feel when you see her tomorrow. Looking her in the eyes now would be really awkward. But here, in the dark, you can feel her affection as she hugs you from behind. She’s probably just as confused and excited as you are, but it’s a comfort that she still wants to hold you.

“Goodnight, Alex.”

“Goodnight, Mokou.”


First of all, I'd like to thank Mister BSD for writing this scene for me! I really appreciate this and I hope everyone else does too!

Second! This scene is a "What If" scenario. The scene itself is not canon. There are things in here that are in fact canon. I don't want to say much more than that.

I hope I can do more of these in the future Maybe with me as the author of one! Also, scenes in the future might just be official, depending on your choices!

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Nice little short, though Mokou seriously needs a good meal or two from the sounds of it.
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After finishing another bottle, you take a look around the room. Youmu passed out on top of Momiji earlier, Mokou's head is resting in Kaguya's lap while she's propped up against the bed, and Remilia is asleep in her bed. Medicine is leaning against you, wearing your shirt due to a dare, her face red and warm to the touch. She's holding your hand tightly as she watches you with expectant eyes. With everyone else asleep it wouldn't be hard to slip out unnoticed and find another room.

You tighten you grip on her hand and stand up. She looks confused, but rises too. Quietly, you lead her out of the room and down the hall. You open a door labled "Guest" and lead Medicine in. Flicking the lightswitch on you see that the room is plain with only a bed, a dresser, and a sidetable. Medicine lets go of your hand and walks towards the bed, but stops and turns around. "Aleksh...?" she slurs.

You don't say anything. It could just be the alcohol talking, but she just looks so cute. Her short blonde hair, her big blue eyes, and her soft looking lips. It's like they're calling to you. You take a couple steps forward, lean down and pull her in for a kiss. She starts to resist, but quickly lets herself give in as she wraps her arms around your neck to keep you from pulling back. Her lips are as soft as they look, but they just taste like the wine you've been drinking all night. You don't care though, yours probably aren't much better.

The two of you shuffle over to the bed, tongues still swirling around each other. You seperate just for a moment as Medicine sits herself on the bed. You lower her to her back and climb on top of her. The height difference makes things a little awkward, but you try to make the two of you comfortable as your lips meet once more. You both moan a bit nervously and passionately as your tongues explore each others' mouths.

You slip your hand under Medicine's blouse and slide it up to her chest. She stops all of sudden when you grab her small, soft breasts; the air gets tense for a moment as you note the apprehension in her eyes. But as you break the kiss and start to remove you hand, she places one of her own over top of it. Taking that as a signal, you begin to massage her through her bra. A bit of squeezing is enough to make her moaning louder and more frequent. Her breasts are pretty small, to the point of barely being there, but you find that size to be cute.

Laying down on your side, you roll up her shirt and bra, revealing her small pink nipples. You slide on arm underneath her, allowing you to both hug her and play with her breast while your free hand reaches down to her crotch. She closes her legs on reflex, but slowly relaxes some as rub your hand along her stomach. Her skin is really smooth and soft, with just enough squish to be healthy without seeming overweight. Your hands take in almost every detail about her. She's almost perfectly proportioned for her size, too.

Medicine is making no attempt to hide her pleasure. Her breathing is erratic, and she lets out long moans and short squeaks as you run your hands along her body. You eventually pull up her skirt and run a hand along the inside of her thighs, causing her to look at you with pleading eyes. Taking the hint, you place your hand over her most private spot and begin stroking it with your fingers. Her panties are almost dripping wet already; you have to wonder if she's already climaxed, but you keep that thought to yourself.

Medicine, who has been just lying there this whole time, tentatively undoes the zipper and button of your pants, but has some trouble with the belt. You stop petting her for a moment to help her remove your pants, but once you're done you go right back to work. Your member shows itself through the slit in your boxers; it isn't massive by any means, but you're comfortable in its size. She pokes it a couple tmes, as if to check that it's real, before gently taking hold of it. She runs her fingers all over its length before wrapping them around it.

She's holding it gingerly, like it might break, so her hand just stays there. You're so hard and excited that you can't wait for her to do something, and you end up making a plaintive sound to encourage her. That finally gets her to start moving her hand along your dick, the touch so light that it tickles. It isn't a bad feeling, just, unexpected.

Wanting to keep pace with her, you slide your hand under her panties and rub your middle finger up and down her slit. Her grip on you tightens insinctively, and a small hiss escapes her lips. She doesn't stop moving her hand, though. You soon slip your finger into her tight, wet depths, and she starts to moan even louder as you explore her insides.

Her soft, slender hand stroking your dick is too much for you to handle. "M-Medicine, I'm going to cum," you manage to pant between moans. Medicine stops suddenly and slides away from you, only to crawl down the bed and level her head above your crotch. She takes hold of your shaft once more, but this time is different. Rather than stroke you some more, she lowers her head and places her soft lips around the tip. She stays like that for a moment before lowering her head and taking in more of you. She doesn't take it very deep, but her mouth is so warm and wet. Her tongue curls around your penis as she sucks on it. Between the softness of her lips, the slickness of her tongue, and the gentle warmth of her mouth, you find yourself unable to hold it any longer.

Letting out a loud moan, you start to shoot your cum out into her mouth. Rather than acting surprised or spitting it out, Medicine just keeps her head down and swallows everything you let out, down to the last drop. When she is sure you're done, she makes sure to clean you off with her tongue, nearly making you cum a second time.

When she finishes, she sits up on her knees and smiles at you. You want to continue and make her cum, it isn't fair that you're the only one who did, but she lays down next to you and wraps her arms around you. She's out like a light within minutes.

Feeling exhausted, you fall asleep shortly afterwards with Medicine in your arms.
All right! I did it! I wrote some porn I'm not ashamed of! A lot of credit goes to BSD though, he proofread it and made quite a few changes as well as offered some advice/encouragement. Now that I feel, moderately, confident about this I think I can do it again in the future. Of course, that means I'll have to update the main story. Which is the plan.
2014/02/15 (Sat) 03:10 No. 34238
Pretty cute scene