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You are Jonathan Jones, a young man whose family moved to Japan for business purposes. You had been bitter about the move and being forced to give up your connections with your friends, and found it extremely difficult to form new friendships in the whole new country you’d been moved into by your father. It didn’t really help that you’d suddenly been moved into the core of a large city when you’d lived most of your life in the country up until then, allowed to roam in the woods freely and enjoy nature’s bounty to its fullest. This wasn’t something that was possible when you lived in the urban jungle, surrounded by concrete and steel.

It didn’t really help that most of the people you knew in school had issues with you for being a foreigner or being a ‘pretty boy’. You put up with it since there wasn’t really much of a choice, but it wasn’t long before you were getting into fights on a regular basis, both on and off school grounds. You might have been a 'foreign pretty boy', but you showed them that you were more than capable of pounding their faces into their dirt if they pissed you off, and soon enough you were left alone. Which was just fine, in your opinion. The school didn’t care about the bullying or how you dealt with them as long as it was kept discrete and your grades didn’t go down, and keeping a B+ average was easy for you even if you weren’t trying. Besides, it’s not like your parents would care even if you did have problems.

One day though, everything changed.

You’d been sent on some multi-day long fieldtrip with your classmates to somewhere outside of the city, you don’t even remember the name of the place really. The one thing you do remember is being incredibly happy with how forested it was. Trees and mountains and fields as far as you could see, once you got past the tourist trap town and its trappings. Strictly speaking you probably weren’t supposed to leave your group like you did regularly, but as long as you came back in time for headcount and didn’t get them in trouble, the teachers didn’t really seem to care what the crazy foreign kid did, which worked just fine for you. There were amazing things up in those hills, abandoned buildings that had to be positively ancient with how they were designed. Sprawling manors with grounds eerily well cared for and buildings that hadn’t fallen to rot despite looking like no one had lived in it for decades. You managed to work up the courage to look around it just a bit, but something about it just put you on edge and you ended up not going back after hearing the wind whispering through the holes in the buildings. At least, that’s what you thought it was at the time.

On the last day before you were going to head back to that concrete cage, you decided to make a longer trip than usual to a place you’d heard about in town. An ancient, abandoned shrine that no one ever went to yet was somehow never fully seemed to collapse. Some people said that the shrine’s gods still lived there, but you just wanted to see something interesting and would take any chance to get away from your classmates. This…didn’t end up working out the way you’d expected it to. You’d climbed the mountain and found the old stone steps and then climbed those the rest of the way up to find your way to the summit and the shrine that sat there. The place didn’t really look very special. A few decently sized buildings in so-so shape and a donation box in pristine condition. There was a small lake outback of what looked to be the main shrine building too. You’re still not sure why, but for some reason you decided to make a donation to the shrine, even though it was abandoned like it was. Maybe you were just trying to be polite to the ‘gods’ that lived there. You learned not to take those thoughts lightly. After tossing the coins into the box you took a step back to leave and then fell.

And then fell some more.

And then kept falling down, down and deeper down into the swirling pit you’d fallen into. Things get a little bit…confusing at this point. You think you can remember countless eyes staring at you as you fell, but you’re not sure whether that was real or a dream.


The first thing you can remember after that is the sound of someone’s voice, a girl’s. It was a nice voice, but one you weren’t familiar with. Then someone started shaking your shoulders as you groaned, waking from your fall induced slumber to see a girl looking down at you, hair silhouetted by the sun hanging above her.

It was, perhaps, the most cliched moment you’d ever experienced in your life up until that point.

“…Oh great, I’ve died and gone to heaven.”

What you said afterward managed to trump it though.

Thankfully she found what you said funny more than anything else, and helped you up. And that’s how you met Reina Roots on the first day of your new life. She apparently felt sympathy for your situation and took you in while you were dazed and confused. She’d explained things, about the nature of the world that you’d fallen into and just what had probably happened to you after she got you to share your own story with her. Of course, you only mentioned the parts important for her to know, namely you went to a spooky shrine, gave it money and fell through hole in reality. You were somewhat skeptical of her story, at least parts of it, right up until another girl flew up to her window and started knocking on it. That’s how you were introduced to the first of Reina’s friends, an apparently honest and pure hearted reporter or something along those lines.

Those friends of hers you met were all pretty nice people, and all of them seemed to like you for some reason. Aya had a personality that could win you over with just exuberance and had a wicked sense of humor in her paper. Marisa was funny and a bit weird, and seemed to have trouble understanding the concept of your personal space. She also seemed to really like that your hair was the same color. Reimu was a bit stand offish at first, but after Reina explained your story and circumstances she warmed up considerably to you and even gave you a hug.

The last friend of hers you met happened a bit later, a few days after you ended up at Reina’s house. You’d insisted that you had to help her since you were staying with her and managed to wriggle your way into helping take care of her garden. While you were weeding you noticed someone come up behind you and found a green haired woman with a parasol standing there, smiling pleasantly. That was the first time you met Yuuka Kazami, and you honestly don’t understand people who are afraid of her. She’s been nothing but friendly and polite to you and Reina, though she could get a bit scary when talking about people who hurt plants.

She gave you a sunflower to take care of, and some extremely vital advice. It was the day that her friends weren’t going to be able to sleep over with her anymore, and it would be just you and her now. She’d knelt down in front of you and put her hands on your shoulders, “Jonathan.” Her voice was quiet and very serious, “I need you to listen to me and do what I’m telling you to do. When Reina goes to bed, you need to go to the room you’re staying and stay there for the night. Do you understand? Don’t come out, no matter what you hear.”

You’d tried to ask why but she wouldn’t explain, just telling you it was something very important and that you needed to listen to her. In the end, that’s exactly what you did.

Time passed, as it has a way of doing, and you grew more used to your life with Reina and made friendships of your own there. Despite the circumstances that lead to you arriving here, you’re far happier in this land called Gensokyo than you are anywhere else. You were able to convince Reina to take you on as an apprentice of sorts so you could earn your keep by doing more than just chores around the house. After you’d demonstrated your knack for wood working she-well…you can’t really lie. She called your little carvings passable for an amateur and then told you how you could fix it and make them better, which just drove you to improve. You strove to meet her standards and exceed them, and eventually you were good enough that she allowed you to help her with projects she was working on for her job. Admittedly, you were only allowed to work on the simpler things while the more complicated and delicate work she handled on her own, but you still made her job easier and allowed her to spend more time on what she wanted to do rather than always working, which meant that she could spend more time with her friends and more time with you as a result, which was a perfect situation in your opinion.

One day though, things went very, very differently. Or rather, one night.


This day had been just like any other since you’d come here, except maybe just a bit more boring since none of Miss Reina’s friends had come by, and you hadn’t had much in the way of work to do. Summer had come and gone and the coolness of Fall was starting to make itself known, which meant that you got a new set of clothing meant to handle the cold, one you paid for yourself. Sorta. Well, Reina insisted that you’d paid for it yourself because of all the work you do to help her out around the house, but you think it’s just because she doesn’t want you taking more of her job from her even though you’re getting better and better at woodworking.

Currently, you are lounging about at the dining room table as the sun starts to set. You’ve had your meal for the day and what little work there was to do was done much earlier after the both of you had gotten up, leaving you to this. Lounging about. Since you can’t explore the forest without running the risk of running into that terrifying monstrous tree again, your area of roaming is fairly limited. That and it would seem Reina is still a bit leery of letting you roam at all after what happened. Not that you can blame her since…monster tree.

Seriously, you hope that thing enjoyed burning down to its roots.

Reina stretches languidly across from you, letting out a hum as she bends backwards and stretches her arms out over her head, “Geez, I’m going to go to bed early Jonathan. I didn’t sleep well last night.”

You suspect it’s because she hasn’t had any of her friends over lately. When she has one of them over for the night, she’s always peppier in the morning, usually one of them spends the night with her at least once a week which seems to do the trick. This time though, they’ve all been busy with something or another and it’s been about ten days. “I’ll head to my own room then.” You respond, standing up from your chair and heading for the door, “Good night Reina.”

“Hey.” She calls out to you from behind you, “You know you don’t need to go to your room just because I’m going to bed, right? Just because I’m tired doesn’t mean you always need to lock yourself up.”

You stop. You know that you don’t, but you’d told Yuuka that you’d follow her request and you don’t want to disappoint the green haired woman. “I know, I’m just tired myself.” You assure Reina as you continue to leave, “Good night Reina.”

“Sleep tight Jonathan!” Reina calls out to you from behind as you hear her get up from the table herself. By the time she leaves the room though, you’ve already scampered up to your little private bedroom that you had set up. It may not be big, and it may actually be more than a bit cramped sometimes, but you love this room more than you cared about the one you had back Outside. You toss yourself onto the bed and heave out a sigh. You’re really not tired at all, but you said you’d do this when Miss Yuuka asked you too, so… you sit here, in your small room on your smallish bed and wait as the sun slowly starts to go down. You try to sleep, you really do. You’d gotten changed into your thing and light sleeping pants and you’re resting with your head on the pillow but…you just can’t.

And to make matters worse, you’re really thirsty too! Your lips and throat feel parched and it’s getting to the point that you just can’t stand it anymore. Why do you have to stay cooped up in your room when Reina’s sleeping anyway. It’s not like you’re loud when you move around the house so you won’t wake her up. Yuuka would never tell you when you asked, and you never really had the chance to ask any of the other girls.

You decide that you’re finally tired of this. Besides, all you’re going to go do is get a glass of water and head right back to your bedroom, what could possibly go wrong during that? Just a quiet and fast trip downstairs.

Softly and gently you push open the door to your room and peer down the hall. It’s lit only by the light of the full moon coming through the windows, but that’s enough for you to see by. It doesn’t look like Reina’s up and about, so you’re clear to go. You tip toe out into the hallway and star to make your way down the stairs, carefully avoiding the squeaky spots on them as you make your way down.

Once you reach the first floor you slide off into the kitchen, moving along using the heel-toe stepping style to avoid making even the slightest amount of noise. Carefully and quietly you reach into the cupboard with the glasses and retrieve your chalice and go and get yourself a glass of nice, cold refreshing water. Oh yes, that hits the spot. You drink another glass of water after the first. You really were just desperately parched. You probably should have gotten a drink before bud, but she surprised you with wanting to go to bed so early. You hope Miss Reina feels better soon-

You hear the floor creak behind you and whirl around with your hands up to find…Reina? Oh no, did you wake her up? You didn’t think she slept that lightly, but maybe this is why Yuuka told you to stay in your room. “Reina, what are you doing up?” You ask her as she steps towards you, her form still shrouded in darkness as her bare feet enter the light coming in through the window.

“…Reina?” You speak up again when she doesn’t respond, still shuffling forward in the darkness as her creamy legs come into view. You suddenly find yourself desperately hoping she’s wearing something. As she comes closer still you’re thankful that yes, she is, yet it’s…is it that gift that odd vampire gave her at some point? That’s certainly a very…brief sleeping gown. “Reina, I’m sorry if I woke you up.” You step towards her as she shuffles into the moonlight fully and you can see her staring at you with half-closed glazed over eyes. Is she…still sleeping?

Unsure, you raise one hand in front of her face and wave it there, “Reina, hello?” You get up on your toes a bit to wave your hand in front of her eyes, only to have her grab your hand, getting a cry of surprise out of you. Reina holds your hand in front of her as those glazed eyes focus on you. “Ah, Reina?” You tug away from her, barely managing to break her grip on your hand as you try to slide around her now. Just head back to bed Jonathan and this will all be over in the morning, that’s what you tell yourself.

She doesn’t seem to follow you, thankfully. You remember being told that you shouldn’t wake a sleep walker up. This must be why Yuuka asked you to not leave your room when she was asleep, Reina wanders around while she sleeps! She must be so tired because she does this, and when her friends sleep over they must manage to keep her in bed. You have to wonder why they didn’t ask you to help though as you scamper as quietly as you can up the stairs, you spot Reina watching you from the kitchen as you do so and feel a thrill run down your spine. This is just creepy kinda creepy. Reina shouldn’t act all silent and staring, it’s not like her.

You hurry your way up stairs and-

Why won’t your door open? You give it another push and jiggle the doorknob but it still refuses to budge, not opening despite you leaning against it and pushing with your shoulder. What in the world…? You turn to look for something to help you and you spot Reina most of the way up the stairs, those lidded and glazed over eyes watching you from almost within arm’s reach. There’s a small smile on her face as you feel the beginnings of fear start to well up in your gut. This is really, really not normal right now. You push on the door just a bit harder and, yep, it doesn’t move. While you do that Reina comes closer to you, leading to you scampering away from her and being funneled right down the hallway that leads to one place and one place only. Reina’s room. Reina just keeps walking towards you at a shuffling pace, leading to you slowly backing up as you’ve no other options but to go towards the oddly smiling Reina, and that’s just not something you’re willing to do right now.

You try to come up with some clever plan or a ruse or something while you’re backed into a corner like a rat before the cat, but you can’t find anything. You can’t even figure out why she’s acting the way she is. You bump into Reina’s door and struggle with its handle, hoping to maybe get more room to maneuver, but suddenly she closes the difference and grabs you by the shoulders and pushes you through the open door to her bedroom, carrying you across the room and pinning you against the wall. “Reina, please get up!” You beg as she leans closer to you, making you stare right into her eyes as she just smiles at you. She spends so much time around that weird vampire, could she have been turned into one herself!?

She just leans closer to you and presses her body up against yours, her breasts rubbing up against your chest as she leans down and buries her face in your neck. Oh god she actually has turned into a vampire, you’re so fucked! You panic as you feel her tongue slide out of her mouth and run over your skin, tickling your skin and giving it a coating of saliva as you shiver with fear even as a part of your mind wonders if this is going to feel good. You remember hearing at one point that supposedly a vampire feeding on you is supposed to feel good.

You also remember hearing that a vampire is supposed to bite into the neck, not tenderly kiss and suck on it like Reina is doing to you now, using her position to keep you pinned as she teases you. You feel a jolt of panic as you feel her teeth touch your neck, but she just gently nips you before pulling back and kissing the spot, working her way up from near your collar bone to past your jugular when you speak up, “Reina, please…” You try and plead as you squirm under her kisses.

She seems to listen though, as she pulls back and looks you in the eyes again before leaning forward, her lips parting slightly as you realize what she’s planning. You don’t have any time to react though as she forces her warm, soft lips onto yours and silences your protests before they leave your lips. You squirm as she kisses you shocking gentleness, pinning your arms above your head with one hand while her other starts to rove over your bare chest, her nails trailing along your skin and making you squeak and squirm, “Reina-!” You open your mouth and try to beg only to be silenced as she kisses you more firmly and forcefully, silencing your complaints yet again with her passionate kissing. You feel her tongue press past your lips and slip into your mouth as you realize with a sense of growing shame that you’re enjoying this. You can feel parts of your anatomy stir as your beautiful caretaker takes advantage of you in her sleep. You can’t even resist now, she’s amazingly strong for the state she’s in and has you easily pinned to the wall as her roving hand starts to roam lower, tickling across your stomach and headed for-oh no.

You squirm and buck in her hold, but she’ll have none of it as she just presses harder against you and keeps you from fighting back effectively as her hand reaches your waist and slips down to your crotch. You suppress a moan as her fingers run along your shaft, rubbing you through your thin sleeping pants, stroking your shaft a few times before fiddling with your tip and giving you a squeeze as the sleep molesting Reina hums appreciatively, her hand pulling away and giving you a brief feeling of relief before you feel it pull back your waist band and dive into your pants. You can’t even push her away from you with your arms pinned as they are, and with her leaning on you and pressing her breasts dangerously close to your face now you can barely even squirm as she forces your pants down and out of the way and reveals your shame.

Reina just keeps your lip lock going as she reaches down and without any sort of hesitating or fanfare grabs your shaft and begins to roughly stroke it, pleasuring you despite how you try to resist the sensations. You feel shame well up in you at how much you’re loving this and you can barely bring yourself to put up a token resistance, your body having already surrendered to her at this point. Her hands are those of a working girl, rough and experienced from handling all of the wood that she does. Even so, they’re very well cared for, as you can feel for herself while she strokes your sensitive dick. There’s not a lot of technique in what she’s doing to you now, but for an inexperienced virgin like you she doesn’t really need any, as anyone could plainly see with how you’re already leaking precum out over her hand and dirtying her skin with it, not able to restrain yourself.

Reina pulls back from the kiss she’d forced on you, strings of saliva connecting both of you together still as she shifts up and forces your face between her breasts as she jerks you off. You can’t escape the soft feeling of her breasts pressing down on either side of your head now and can feel it as her smell fills your nose, a mixture of spice and vanilla that drives you wild. You feel your shaft begin to twitch as she pumps you at the same rough, fast pace she’s been going. Desperately you try to hold on and resist, not wanting things to be like this, but your sleep molesting caretaker will have nothing of the sort. She just keeps working you over mercilessly until you finally cum, spraying it out and dirtying her hand even further. You can’t resist the mixture of shame and satisfaction that swirls around within you, and with your face still between her breasts you can feel the first tear slip free and run down your cheek.

You’re not allowed to stew in your miserable feelings though as Reina just pushes you deeper into her bust as the hand that broke you in pulls away. She brings it up to her face and then to your disgust begins to clean it, licking and sucking the mess you made off of it until it’s covered with saliva rather than your cum. You just shudder at that, still left too weak to do anything as she noisily swallows down the mess you’d made. This is just terrible.

But, she doesn’t let you go even when she’s finished. Even though all you want to do now is just crawl into your bed and forget this ever happened or maybe just thing it was just a weird dream. But, she doesn’t let you do that. The sleep molesting Reina just holds you close against her, close enough that you can hear her heart beat as she finishes. The older woman lets out a happy hum as she suddenly pulls you away from the wall and casts you away from her, sending you stumbling onto the bed where you land with a pomf.

You cry out as you crash down on the bed, scrambling to get your limbs underneath you and staring up at the advancing Reina as you ask her in slowly mounting horror, acceptance and anticipation, “Wha…what are we going to do on the bed?” You try to control your ton and not show just how deeply off balance you are, but you cannot manage to keep it completely hidden. Not that it matters, as your depraved sleep walking guardian seems to be wholly focused on one task in specific.

She crawls onto the bed towards you, advancing quickly as she runs her tongue over her lip sin a sensual manner, hungry anticipation on her features as those glazed eyes bore into yours. You try to move but one strong hand pins you back down on the bed as Reina closes the distance and lies half on top of you with her head on your chest. Just what is she doing?

You get your answer when a nimble tongue darts out and runs over a nipple, getting a squeak of shock out of you as her slimy tongue runs all over your sensitive, exposed skin. One hand reaches across your body and grabs your other nipple and promptly gives it a tweak, getting a hiss of pain and pleasure out of you as Reina starts to tease your cruelly. You feel her teeth rub against one of your nipples as she nibbles on it tentatively, seeing how you react to the sensations as her remaining free hand begins to crawl slowly down your body towards your crotch where your shaft is sitting at half mast. Nimble fingers trace light touching patterns across the sensitive skin of your shaft and begin to tease you with quick, fast strokes with next to no pressure behind them at all. Even so, it feels amazing to a boy as inexperienced and exploitable as you.

You bite your lip to hold back the moan of pleasure you desperately want to let out, trying to stay still instead of squirming as Reina nibbles and licks on your nipples in a way that feels strangely good and exciting even as she tweaks and pulls at the other, painfully pleasing you while you try not to cry under the sense of misery and failure that you feel weighing down on you. If you’d just listened to what you were told, this wouldn’t be happening. That thought keeps bouncing around your head as you’re forced to another orgasm by Reina’s skilled hands and mouth. Your hips jerk up as you miserably let out your seed, shooting it out onto her hand and the bed linens as you just close your eyes and try to block it all out rather than be forced to watch.

Reina doesn’t stop there though. She just takes a firmer hold of your length with the whole of her hand instead of playing with you using only her fingers and begins to stroke you in slow pumps, squeezing you as she does so to make it all the more pleasurably miserable. She pulls her mouth away from your nipple and releases your other nipple from her torturous grip, instead wrapping an arm around you and pulling you close as she buries your face in her breasts again, trapping you in your own personal marshmallow hell as she smothers you with her lustful actions. The hand working on your shaft keeps pumping at that constant pace as she just leans down on you a bit more, pushing your face deeper between her soft breasts and closer to her heart as she cuddles you forcefully closer to her, not giving you any chance of putting those thoughts of escape into action.

Pinned close to Reina’s warm, soft body and assaulted by pleasure like you are, you find yourself not even focusing on those thoughts though. What she’s doing to you just feels so good and pleasurable that you find yourself not wanting them to stop, even though you know you shouldn’t think like that. Her silky soft hands rubbing along your shaft and working you closer and closer to completion and her soft breasts pressing down on your face and smothering you with her scent. Just how many times did you think about her breasts when she hugged you or you saw them? Reina crosses one of her legs over yours, pulling it out of the way just as you can’t hold back any longer. Your hips buck up and your shaft slides along in her grasp as you reach orgasm, spraying out your dirty shame all over her hand and onto the bed sheets as well and leaving you panting in her grasp, head lulling against her breasts as you’re buried between her amazing orbs, only a thin layer of cloth keeping you separate from skin-to-skin contact with them.

You shiver as you here Reina laugh lightly in her sleep, pulling her hand away from your shaft as she shifts and presses her lips down on the tip of your head, rewarding you with a kiss for being so honest about your lust. She pulls away and brings her dirtied hand up past your face and to where you know hers is, noisily beginning to clean it up, slurping up the mess you made as you find yourself becoming aroused again already, much to your shame and dismay as your senses return to you. What were you thinking just then? Reina’s been so kind to you and now you’re lusting after her while she’s doing these things to you while unaware? What would she think if she woke up and found you like this? Invigorated by this realization, you make a lunge for safety…!

…and completely fail to move as Reina wraps a free arm around you and holds you tighter with her leg that she has around your own leg. Between that and this odd sense of exhaustion in most of your body you don’t have much of a chance of escaping. Once again, you’re reminded of how this is all your own fault. If you had just stayed in your room, you wouldn’t be staining Reina like you are now.

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You hear Reina finish up above you, sounding faintly pleased as you hear her run her tongue along her fingers. Her free hand starts to rub along your chest in soothing strokes, calming and relaxing you via the power of tummy rubs. She hums happily to herself as she runs her hand along your stomach in that same soothing motion, keeping it going as you feel her other hand start to run through your hair as well, nails scrapping lightly along your scalp as she pets you, coaxing you to relax as she soothes your quivering spirit and shaken body, and you cannot find it in yourself to resist her commands as she urges you to calm down. Her power over you is too potent for you to do anything but let out a sigh of submission and let the remaining vestiges of your resistance go, lying there and accepting her luxurious petting.

You hear her chuckle in a pleased tone at that just before she places another kiss on your head and unwinds herself from you, standing beside the bed and allowing you full view of her. You know you could try to run now, but…but you just can’t bring yourself to do it, you’re too captivated by Reina now, and her beautiful body in the light of the moon that’s coming through the window. You watch on as she runs her hands along her waist before sliding them down and under that odd and amazingly tantalizing gown she wearing, sliding them and it up to reveal her panty clad rear. You gulp reflexively as she takes hold of those panties and pulls them gently down, revealing her shapely, beautiful rear to you as well as giving you a glance of the moist slit between her legs, obviously aroused if not as much as you are by the sight of her. She steps out of the panties and casually tosses them aside as she turns around and smiles at you sleepily, dreamily as she reaches up to the shoulders of her nightgown and shifts them aside, allowing it to slide down and off of her form, revealing her full naked body to you. It’s like…something out of a dream. Reina must surely have the body of a goddess. Even though her work is long and hard, her curves are generous and her breasts are so large and perfectly shaped, each with a rosy nipple in the middle of them. She has a body that men and women would both kill for, you’re certain. And she’s looking at you like this, having already teased you to an orgasm twice.

You can feel your erection harden the rest of the way as Reina runs a hand down her naked form, tracing a line between her breasts and down to her crotch, letting out a decidedly pleased noise as she approaches the bed, breasts swaying as she leans down onto it and crawls towards you, her smile happy as she rejoins you. Look at how happy she is with this, doing all these erotic things to you. It’s fine, a voice in your heart whispers to you, to do what she wants and let her have her way with you. And no matter how hard you try, you can't quite make that voice go away.

Reina bends down over you, pulling you into a hug that buries your face between her breasts and their full warmth and soft pleasure wraps around you now that there’s nothing between you and them. She happily hums as she holds you in that hug, keeping your face buried in her chest for quite some time as she hums and giggles, apparently pleased with the feeling of your warm breath on her skin. You feel her squeeze your tighter one last time before she places yet another kiss on her head that fills you with warmth before pulling back, leaving you disappointed that she’s taken her warmth away from you. Your disappointment doesn’t last for long as you watch with confusion and then slowly dawning realization as she crawls onto the bed and towards you before shifting to point her rear at you. Then she swings a leg over your body and positions her groin over your face as you realize what she’s planning. “H-hey Reina, wai-mrphg!” Your attempts to call out to her our smothered as she lowers herself down and rests her body on you and buries your face in her crotch. Her most secret spot is shoved right up against your opened mouth and ground against it as Reina lets out a pleased groan and you feel an oddly tasty liquid begin to drip into your mouth, smearing over your lips as she grinds herself against them.

Your arms move and your hands grab onto her hips and you try to push her back off of you, in an attempt to gain room to breathe but it’s too no avail. Between your weakened state, her own strength and the fact that she is lying bodily on you, you cannot seem to get her off. Eventually the need to breathe overrides your resistance due to where your face is and you breathe in through your nose, only to have your senses filled with an overpoweringly sweet scent of maple as more of her maple syrup drips into your mouth. Ah, it’s so strangely sweet on your tongue. This is-
Your mind snaps back into focus as you realize just what you’re doing here, enjoying this and giving yourself over to the sensations. This is wrong! You shouldn’t be doing this with Reina, no matter how much you like it or how pretty and nice she is! Taking advantage of her like this by letting her take advantage of you in her sleep is wrong! You try to struggle underneath her now, but she just tightens her legs around your head, squeezing her soft thighs tighter as she pushes her slit onto your mouth even more firmly, rubbing it against your lips as she forces more of her sweet juice into your mouth. You can hear her giggling above you again before it breaks down into an erotic moan that stirs your loins the rest of the way up. Reina’s voice…it shouldn’t sound as erotic as it does.

You hear her let out a coo of interest that tells you that she’s noticed your hardening problem and feel her lie down the rest of the way on you as she moves towards it, filling you with dread and excitement as to what she’s planning for you next. Whatever you’d thought up, you didn’t expect to feel something, two somethings in fact, press up against your shaft. They’re big, warm and very soft and smooth. You can feel what you’re certain are her breasts rubbing against the tip just ever so slightly, getting a gasp of pleasure out of you that she takes advantage of by forcing her crotch down harder against your now open mouth and leaving you little choice but to take it. As she leans down the rest of the way and immerses your length in her soft, warm breasts you let out a moan of pleasure into her dripping slit that makes her hum happily at the sensation and wiggle her rear eagerly, rubbing her sensitive entrance against your lips further as you find yourself falling in love with her sweet taste and overpowering scent. Reina begins to press her breasts together around your length, increasing the smothering pleasure there as you moan pitifully which is much to her apparent delight.

Apparently not content to just let you lie there miserably between her breasts, your loving caretaker takes a firm hold of them and begins to slowly and firmly move her breasts up and down, rubbing her smooth skin along your sensitive shaft as her soft breasts mold around your firmness. You shift and squirm, not able to hold in your voice in response to this new and erotic pleasurable pressure, but you can't break free with her lying on top of you like this. All you manage to do is grind your parted lips against her lower ones, getting more of her flavorful juice into your mouth as you find your mind becoming more and more over come in a haze of pleasure , one that makes you wonder just why you still haven't fully given yourself over to it and Reina's whims yet.

Reina lets out a happy coo as your length twitches gleefully between her breasts, leaking out it's sticky pre-cum all over them as you lie pathetically beneath her, scarcely even bothering to struggle now as she grinds her slit against your mouth and mercilessly pumps your shaft between her breasts. Reina suddenly changes how she's pleasuring you, keeping up that same pressure she was applying before but rubbing her breasts in opposite directions along your shaft to grind your whole length between them constantly. “Ah, Reina...” You let you a plaintive whinge as she does this, not able to hold your voice in in the face of such skillful pleasure. If Reina hears you, she doesn't stop what she's doing at all, and just keeps on working you up and up to the peak of pleasure where she pushes you over the edge and forces your cum out of you, pumping her breasts just as steadily as you pump out your cum all over them, not stopping until after she's milked every last drop of cum she can out of that orgasm she just worked out of you.

The mind blowing force of the orgasm leaves you even more defenseless than you were before, so you just lie there as she wiggles her hips delightedly at the offering you've given her and you listen to the sounds of her cleaning herself up with her fingers and mouth. As she smacks her lips, you just stare up at the ceiling as you try to think of something, anything, besides how amazingly hot your caretaker is and how great getting used like this feels. With her cracking ass and wet slit taking up much of your view, that plan doesn't really get especially far.

You feel her shift again, and try to ready yourself for another assault of pleasure from her warm, soft breasts. What you get's warm, but you'd call it more wet than anything else. Warm, wet and wriggling, it takes a moment for you to think through the haze of pleasure and realize that she's using her tongue on you now, running along your length from base to tip, her breath washing over your oversensitive tip in harsh, excited pants that send shivers up your spine each time. She shifts again, rubbing her slit against your lips again as she brings her own down and wraps them around your shaft, taking your tip into her mouth and sucking lightly on it. You can't resist your hips bucking up, but Reina does a good job of keeping you pinned down and unable to move. Meaning the only pleasure you get is what she decides to give you. “Reina...” You whinge, all dignity and attempts to resist forgotten as she uses her mouth on you to entrance you.

Reina bobs her head down a touch, taking more of you into her mouth and then sliding you back out as her smooth lips remain locked tightly around your shaft, the friction sending wonderful thrills of pleasure through you as she does so. The most amazing thing of all though is her tongue and how she uses it. It's with skilled, intentional movements that her tongue roughly and eagerly rubs along and against your length, seeking out and exploiting your sensitive spots with a sort of precision and skill usually reserved for a predator taking down their prey. Which, given she has you pinned underneath her and is making you hers you may just be. The sudden sensation of something sharp feeling sliding along your length as she drags her teeth lightly along your length gets a squeal of surprise out of you, something that Reina seems to enjoy so she does it again to drag a fearful whimper of pleasure. Even though you don't think she's hurt you, the idea of teeth being so close to that is unsettling in the extreme. But...the way Reina's doing it and combining it with her tongue in between is making you hate it less and less as she pushes you further and further.

Suddenly, Reina dives her head all the way down and takes the entirety of your length into her mouth, making you scream out in surprise and pleasure right into the pussy she's grinding against your lips. There she sucks harder, slurping hungrily and excitedly on your shaft as she tries to drag out more of your cum, this time directly into her mouth rather than onto her body. With no resistance left in you, you just give her what she wants, your hips spasming as your tired shaft once again pumps out a few loads of cum. Her eager mouth sucks everything down that it can and her tongue pleasures you up until the end of your orgasm to work out every last bit of your seed that she can manage. As your left panting and exhausted yet again you can feel and hear her cleaning up your shaft one more time, sucking up any more mess you have left on the outside before she disengages in a wet pop and lets out a satisfied sigh as she shifts back to sitting up right, grinding her slit against your face as she moves.

Finally though, she pulls away from you and rises up off of your face, giving you a chance to breathe in air that isn't filled with her scent for the first time in minutes, something you take advantage of gladly as your mind comes back to you once more as your blood leaves one head and goes back to the other, at least a little bit. You...can't believe you've been doing these kinds of things with her now. All the more shameful, a vocal part of your mind and heart are overjoyed at it, reminding you of how you lusted after Reina ever since she took you in...and try as you might you can't shut them up entirely. This just leaves you stewing in a mixture of the afterglow, arousal and shame.

The bed shifts and creaks mildly as a giggle from Reina drags your attention out of your self-loathing and back to her. A sense of horror, realization and excitement all rush over you at once as you see her straddling your waist, the bare slit that was grinding against your mouth earlier spread open with two fingers as she hovers over your groin, her other hand deftly grabbing your shaft that's still quite hard and lining it up with her entrance. A drop of hot liquid drips out and lands on your tip, running down your length and sending shivers running up your spine as you realize that the ride's never going to end until she's satisfied.

“Reina, please..!” You try to beg, realizing that your first time is going to be taken by your sleep molesting caretaker when she's not even awake and aware of what she's doing. But,s he doesn't listen to your pleas and merely lowers her hips. Your tip touches up against her hot lower lips, your whole body tensing at the contact as your hypersensitive shaft makes you feel every last moment of her body accepting you slowly into her. Reina moans aloud as she slowly, carefully works her way down onto you. You're frozen still by a combination of shock, pleasure and exhaustion as she does this, only able to marvel at how amazingly tight and good it feels as your tip slides into her and is pressed down on by all sides. Her hot, wet pussy clamps down on your shaft, making each and every moment of this drawn out insertion more and more overwhelmingly pleasurable until you are left struggling not to come just from this. It comes to a rest eventually, just as you're on the verge of breaking.

Reina is sitting atop you, your crotches both flush against each others as one hand rubs the spot where you're inside of her and the other trails up her body and play with one of her breasts, squeezing it lightly as her hand sinks into the bountiful flesh and sighing contently as she ever so slightly shifts her hips, stirring you around inside of her. Of course, that movement is far more intense on you than it is on her, and you can't hold back any longer. Your hips spasm as you cum again, this time inside of your lovely caretaker. Your seed shoots out and coats her inner walls in white as she moans even louder.

But, even as you cum she doesn't stop. She just keeps moving her hips anyway, circling them in a quick, fast grinding pattern even as you cum. She doesn't stop when your seed stops spilling out either, merely continuing to use you like a living dildo to pleasure herself in her sleep. Her breath comes in short, sharp gasps and whimpers of pleasure that fill you with a sinful pleasure of your own as you find yourself enjoying watching her reactions and how good she's feeling using you like she is now, riding you like a dollar-store pony and loving every minute of it.

Reina keeps up that quick rotation, spinning her hips around in a fast cycle that keeps you from softening even the slightest bit under the constant barrage of pleasure. The hand on her breast squeezes and kneads it, her rosebud nipples hardening visibly in front of your eyes as she's turned on and pleasure more and more. Skilled hands grab and tweak the nipple of the breast she's playing with, dragging a hiss of pleasure out of her as her other hand drifts down to where you two are joined together to play with her self there, fingers touching all along where your shaft and her slit are joined, adding to the sensations and pleasure for the both of you as you moan in chorus this time.

She stops her rotations suddenly, straightening up on you and teasing the both of you with her long, skilled fingers for a moment as she rest. She smiles down at you with those sleeping, glazed over eyes of hers as her hands slips off her breast and away from her slit and roam down her body and over to yours, running along your groin and up to your stomach where they move in searching circles that soothe your shakiness. Her smile turns a touch teasing as she tightens her abdominal muscles, squeezing your shaft inside of her pussy as her rough walls press down even tighter all around you and making you squeak out in surprise and pleasure which seems to amuse her as she giggles with mirth.

She doesn't let you rest like that for long though, and only loosens up her pussy's grip to start and move up and down in small, slow hops that slide you in and out of her at a tortuously slow and pleasant pace, her folds and ridges running along your shaft as she takes hold of your sides and uses them keep her balance as she rides up and down on you, slipping you in and out of her in a steady pace that has you whimpering with suppressed pleasure, trying to hold back your cries out of some sense of pride you still cling to even now.

Of course, that just seems to turn on Reina even more as she starts to move faster, picking up her pace and bouncing up and down on top of you far more rapidly now, thrusting you in and out of her with abandon as she pants rapidly, face flushed with pleasure as her grip on you shifts up to your shoulders so she can position herself to drive you in and out of her at an angle that makes sure you itch every spot she wants you to. An angle which adds a whole new layer of pleasure to the pounding as she keeps up her pace, her rough folds and edges stimulation every part of your shaft as her pussy's walls squeeze down on it.

Yet again you can't hold back and your whimpers turn into a cry of pleasure as you cum inside of her when she slams you into her again, switching to grinding against you as you cum to make sure every last drop of the seed you let out goes into her exactly where she wants it. Reina's expression is rapturous as you orgasm and spill your cum into her, her back arcing and her breasts thrusting out and swaying enticingly in your view, dragging your attention to them as Reina hums contently.

But even that isn't the end, as your orgasm comes to stop Reina focuses her sleeping gaze onto you again and smiles, and that smile is the last thing you see as she lays down on you and buries your face between her breasts, wrapping her arms around you and pulling your head deep between her warm mounds so that even your cries of pleasure are muffled to her ears. Her strong, woody scent starts to overwhelm your resistance again as being held so close to her fills you with a sense of ease even as her hips start to move all on their own again in quick, short thrusts up and down to drive you in and out of her at an angle. The hand cradling your head runs soothingly through your hair as she keeps on fucking you, not holding back even as you can hear her every sigh, moan and whimper of pleasure intimately held this close to her chest.

Your resistance to the pleasure and lasting power dwindling, you cum again inside of her as she keeps on pumping in short, fast thrusts. As your shaft twitches and lets out another smattering of semen into her slit your arms finally move all on their own, wrapping around your stupid, sexy, sleep molesting caretaker and hugging her for all your worth as you just bury your face in her bosom and give up all resistance and thoughts of it entirely. She lets out a quiet, odd giggle and gives both you and your shaft a little squeeze as she keeps on working you, dragging out every last bit of seed and pleasure you have left to give her. You can feel exhaustion slowly overtake you as her pussy tightens around your shaft and shudders oddly, dragging one final orgasm out of you as you leak out what seed you have left in you and finally lose consciousness from the barrage of high impact sexual violence.

You let out a sharp gasp as you wake up, bolting up in bed in a stereotypical manner as you look about wildly to find yourself...safely tucked away in your own room, like you'd just been there all night. A look down at your body doesn't show any signs of sexual usage, though you do notice your morning visitor is awake and eager after...

“...What the fuck...” You mutter to yourself softly, shaking your head at what must have certainly been a very odd dream. I mean, of course it was a dream, something like that happening would be-

“Good morning!” Your thoughts are interrupted as Reina knocks on your door and then just barges right in, looking to be very full of vim and vigor today. She's already dressed and a glance out your window tells you the sun is just barely starting to come up now.

“Good morning, Miss Reina. You seem to be feeling better today.” You respond back, carefully sitting and adjusting your blankets to keep certain factors of your anatomy hidden away from her as she approaches and, surprisingly enough leans down and gives you a great big hug the leaves you with your chests pressing up against each other and your face buried in her neck and hair. You note that she seems to smell of oak today.

“I slept wonderfully last night.” She admits happily as she keeps the hug going for a bit longer than you're comfortable with given certain factors, “So I woke up today full of vim and vigor. I think...I had a weird dream too, but I can't remember it. Anyway, I'm going to cook breakfast today so come down as soon as you're dressed, okay?” She tells you as she finally breaks the hug and gives you a fond pat on the head before sashaying from the room with a cheerful sway in her step.

Once she departs you haul yourself out of bed, feeling a touch tired and sore and needing to use the bannister as support for a moment as you get your feet back under you. Odd, given that your normally a morning person anyway. You manage to shake yourself out of your sleep clothes and into something more presentable to go and have breakfast, finding yourself a bit excited as you catch a hint of what she's making.

Mmmmm, waffles. You certain love Reina's waffles.

As you pass by the small mirror though, something catches your eye before you leave the room. Drawing closer, you tug aside your collar and lean in to find an odd, large, red mark on your neck, one too large and not quite right to be a bug bite or anything of the sort. In fact, it's more like a series of marks on your neck leading up it...

You feel a sort of sense of cold realization or fear wash over you as you try to shrug it off and think of some other excuse for why you'd have those marks on your neck. A voice shakes you from your thoughts, “Johnathan, hurry up! We have a guest today!”

“I'm coming!” You call down to her, putting your collar back in place and leaving your room and those thoughts behind, hurrying down the stairs to go and greet the guest Reina mentioned only to find that-

Oh no. That green hair, that plaid dress and vest, that sense of style and ladylike poise...!

It's Miss Yuuka!

You stare up at the tall, imposing woman who manages to make you feel exceedingly nervous in a way she never has before as she smiles and casually, calmly and slowly strides in your direction with a sense of purpose in how she moves. “Miss Yuuka.” You try to keep your voice calm and hide any sort of traces of guilt or anything of the sort as you greet her, “It's nice to see you again.”

“Hmmmm...” Yuuka remarks with a hum and a smile herself, “My, is it? It makes me happy to see you again as well, Johnathan.” She leans down and tugs your collar aside, glancing at your neck for just a brief moment before bringing her eyes up to match yours, the disappointment in them stinging like a knife to your gut, “I'd be happier still if you'd just listened to me and done what I had told you to do.”



Reina is from this thread, written by the ever wonderful Krisslanza. This was written by a combination of circumstances, fetishes and a desire to improve my ability to write solo.

I had someone look over it before I posted it so it should have a hopefully minimal amount of errors.

Credit to Mister Rapestove for the image. He is truly the superior stove, even to one of those really fancy ones with built in pressure cookers and multiple, separate ovens.
No. 33081
Writing is decent though I must say I dont like this at all. Mainly because it doesnt fit Reina at all, even the whole sleepwalking/vampire biz seems kinda out of place. Good smut, REALLY bad character choice.
No. 33082


>Not noticing that it was only a guess on the part of the molestee

C'mon, seriously? I honestly found the whole sleep molestation amusing myself.
No. 33084
So fanfiction of fanfiction with gapsue here... Uh. I'm not even sure where to begin here.
No. 33085

[x] Yes
No. 33088
To be quite honest, I'm put off by two facets of this piece:

1) Not really wild about the choice of characters; an OC and another OC. The Touhou element seems a tad thin beyond Yuuka showing up, and the fact that Reina is from an established Touhou setting.

2) The MC's characterisation doesn't really add all that much to the story and could probably have been dispensed with. I mean, why do we care that he's a "blonde pretty boy, yadda-yadda"? With him being what a lot anons on this site would consider a typical MC, he could just as easily have been left mostly faceless considering this story was primarily him and Reina fucking. It just feels a bit tacked-on.

You've obviously got some chops as a writer, but I can't say the choice of subject matter here was very good. Keep writing, keep improving, etc.
No. 33090
I liked it.
No. 33091
Yea I thought this was posted to the wrong site for 90+% of it. So it's writer writing a fapfic to some OC here which is kind of pathetic when you think about it
No. 33092
You fucks are fine with Winemaker, but you shit on this? you bipolar fucks.

Admit it's good and you're wrong and move on.
No. 33093
Her being in winemaker was the weakest part of winemaker (and utterly skippable) and she was a oneshot.

This looks to be a long term relationship with this lame OC
No. 33094
Just letting ya'll know, Kriss had kinda asked Nob to write this.
No need to be horrible fucking assholes, either.
No. 33095
If you're going to write an sex scene with an OC, shouldn't her personality be involved somehow? She was unconscious the entire time, it's like it wasn't even her. The setup was way longer than necessary, too.

If you hate CYOA protagonists that much, why are you even here? What a stupid reason to dislike this.
No. 33096
This was OC on OC sex which was the problem.

We want Sex with actual Touhous NOT lame OC on OC action
No. 33099
I think the problem is less the fact that it's OC on OC and more that the connection to the setting is negligible. If both OCs involved were established as having some real fleshed-out connections with the 2hu-verse (aside from Reina being from another fanfic), that'd be one thing. At least, I would personally see no fault with it if that were the case.

Anyway, no one's really disputing that (even if leaning a tad purple, tbh) the prose itself is fine. The author should keep writing.
No. 33100

There's been plenty of OC on OC fapfics in the past and people loved them. There's even been regular stories that were about just the OCs from the site and not touhous.

Also, who's this "we"? As far as I can tell you're on your own here, so stop trying to ask like your opinion is shared by the majority of the site. Maybe try lurking the boards some more before you post again?
No. 33101
This was another major problem with it as it felt like it wasn't Touhou at all...
No. 33102

Reina has more characterization than 90% of touhous. Therefore, it should be easier to fap to her.

Personally, I have no problem with a well-established OC getting some screentime on /at/.
No. 33104
I've never heard of her at all until this.

I know Touhous. I don't know some random OC who I've never read the quest of and will never read, but because it's a 'popular OC' outside /at/ it'll probably be another godmode sue.

With Touhous I can look up their pic and use that to help. This one's just utterly bland and a floating head to me
No. 33105
While I admit the characterization was weak (even compared to her appearance in Winemaker), she's not that powerful in terms of combat and her story is more about day to day life than anything else.

Even so she didn't get much here and her appearance in Winemaker was close to how she usually is, just naughtier and had a sex drive that would put some succubi to shame.