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>[x] ... But I can't sleep.

We bid each other good night as my eyes adjust to the dark. Even despite the long workout and the ... emotional exhaustion that today's brought, I find myself struggling to keep my eyes shut.

Meiling seems to have no such problems, drifting off quickly. Her soft chest rises and falls in a slow, calming rhythm, and I rise and fall with it. Her breathing doesn't seem to be affected in the least by my weight. The warm flesh of her breasts yields underneath me at the slightest movement while I try not to fidget too much.



No good. Every fidget presses my head into my 'pillow,' and serves simply reminds me that I am sleeping atop a beautiful, naked woman, a fiery red dragon with long hair, taut muscles beneath warm, inviting flesh, and a soft, lovely scent, and...

...oh, damn it, look what I've done. The fabric of my overalls tents as my penis strains uncomfortably against it. I sigh and try to will it down, but I can't master myself (or 'master' myself) enough to get it back down. Resigned, I try to squirm around and give my pants a little more slack so it will at least stop making it worse. All I manage to do is work Meiling's arms off of myself, falling to her side.

And then, just as quickly, she pulls it back up to hug her 'panda' to her chest. My heart stops as her fingers brush my erection. The rhythmic rise and fall of her chest stops. "Kazuki? Is that..."

"I'm sorry," I mutter, cheeks burning red in the dark. "I've never--slept with someone else, I di--"

My apology is cut short as her fingers wrap around the bulge in my pants and press down, rubbing the coarse fabric against my head.

"Kazuki..." Meiling murmurs again, her voice hot and sultry as her fingers play up and down, up and down. She works her palm in a slow circle around my sensitive head, drawing a gasp from me as I feel wetness begin to spring at the tip. After a moment, she relents and the intense pressure subsides. "Do you want me to stop?"

"No!" I cry, louder than I meant to. "Gods, no. Don't--please don't stop, Meiling."

She practically purrs, her whole chest resonating with the sound as she lifts me and slowly slides my overalls off. The cool air hits me a scant moment before her hot fingers slowly wrap around it, making bare contact for the first time.

"...If it's not very big, I'm sor--" She cuts me off again with a faint squeeze and her first stroke as she begins to pump my shaft.

"Kazuki," she scolds, voice wry, "First off, do you really think this is all I'm after in a relationship with you? And second..." I stifle a cry as she pumps it again, fingers gliding around to rub the tip again. "You're bigger than some humans I've seen."

Sensing my disbelief, she relaxes her grip slightly, and more gently aligns her fingers around the shaft. "See how the head's poking out, and I still have room to stroke?" She illustrates that with a flick of the wrist, sending stars shooting through me. She chuckles, before her voice takes on an air of authority. "Now relax," she orders, "and let me help you get to sleep."

I've done it plenty of times, but it's never felt like this. Meiling teases and twists, squeezing and stroking up and down by turns, occasionally letting up, only to return a moment later, aggressively rubbing the head. Eventually she begins to massage the base with her other hand, making a pleased noise in the back of her throat as she does. Time and again my body tenses as I stiffen up, sure she's about to send me over the edge, and instead she relents, edging me out for another cycle. I feel her nipples have hardened against my back as she sits us more fully upright, resting me on her lap as she works me over.

"Meiling," I plead--

And that's all she needed to hear, suddenly breaking the agonizingly slow pattern of build and step down. Precum-slicked fingers lock around my length as she firmly (but carefully) squeezes my balls. She pumps at full speed now, fingers burning hot as the air fills with wet slaps, my gasps, and her panting. I throw my head back with a strangled cry as she finally sends me over all at once, dimly feeling her hand move to catch the first spurts of cum even as she continues to stroke. I twitch once, twice, again, each shudder sending another load out as she catches it all, holding my hips to hers. Finally, I begin to come down, still breathing heavily as my senses return to me.

"Meiling," I moan weakly, "that was..."

I look up at her only to see her hand leave her lips, a faint trail of saliva glinting from it to her tongue in the scant light inside. With a satisfied hum, she licks her fingers clean of my semen.

And all of a sudden, I'm not so tired any more, wheeling around in her lap, looking up at her over her breasts, erection surging back to full. For lack of anything else at hand I latch onto her nipple, kissing and licking it, savoring in the taste of her flesh with the barest tang of salt. My tongue flits across the hard nub as she grabs my shaft again with a surprised (and eager) moan, fingers teasing around it as she pulls me free from her breast and up to eye level.

I lean in for more and she smiles, swallowing. "You don't have to kiss me right now, Kazuki--"

Says you. My turn to cut her off as I forcibly push our lips together and press inside. I don't care about any cum--after tonight I could probably go have a roll in the bushes with Summerfree and still feel like the straightest fairy alive--instead focusing on pleasuring Meiling as much as she allows me. She reciprocates quickly, pulling me in even closer as our tongues meet in her mouth. We moan into each other, as one hand brushes across my back and the other pumps my throbbing dick. I busy myself groping and squeezing her heavy, gorgeous breasts.

Finally, though, I run out of breath and move to break the kiss, and after a moment she lets me, a lovely blush on her cheeks. We stare into each other's eyes a moment, panting and beaming, until she stands up, a faint ribbon of moisture gleaming between her thighs. I'm almost disappointed that we're not continuing, until she turns to look at me, the expression in her eyes unmistakeable.

"Kazuki," she says, "let's take a bath."


Meiling finishes drawing water into a porcelain tub that clashes grandly with the rest of the decour she's chosen. "One of my few concessions to Remilia," she explains as I pull my perspiration-soaked shirt off and throw it far into the depths of I Don't Care. "She didn't push the point, but when she gave me this for my birthday one year..." She tests the water with her toe for a moment before stepping inside.

"I was going to say, this thing seems to take up half of your privy," I note, waiting for her to sink down into the steamy water before clambering over the side myself.

She smirks. "That, and it wasn't my birthday at the time." We laugh at that as I make it over the edge, plunging (a bit faster than I meant) into the hot water. "Still, I have to admit I've grown fond of it," she continues. "This is an excellent place to relax and think."

Meiling stretches out grandly, letting her arms hang off the sides of the tub, one leg dangling beside the tub's own claw-foot, her calf and thigh glimmering with water in the faint outside light. She beckons for me to come closer as she lets her head slide back, her long red hair spreading across the water like a curtain. "So," she asks, "Where were we?"

I hesitate on drawing back into her embrace, instead carefully lifting her leg, draped over the edge beside my head. I examine it feeling my half-hard erection come roaring back to full as I feel the taut muscle beneath the creamy skin of her calf. "Well, for starters, I was going to do this," I murmur, planting a kiss on it. First with kisses and gradually giving way to my tongue as my lust builds, I work my way slowly and dutifully from her ankle, up the inside of her calf, and finally draw up to her thigh.

She grins and lifts her leg higher, giving me access to more thigh without having to grow gills. Water cascades down, dripping onto my head from her foot as I feel the bath grow warmer and warmer as I draw closer and closer to...

Curses, foiled again. Meiling gently but insistently pulls me over atop her with her hand on my chin, depositing me atop her breasts again. Not that I'm complaining. "You're awfully good at this," she purrs, stroking me up beneath the water as she draws me into another kiss.

"Just trying to keep up," I admit. "...That, and I really, really wanted to lick you."

"Really? Because I had something else in mind." She illustrates her point by pressing a hand to my rear, pushing down until I feel my pelvis meet hers, the soft tickle of her hair against my member telling me what her smoldering eyes already had.

I meet them with much less resolution in my gaze, trying to force myself to be brave. "I...just so you know, I've never had...I mean, this is my first time."

She smiles again, the lust mitigated now by a bit of reassurance, pulling me into her chest. My shaft drags across her as I go, drawing another shudder of pleasure from me. "We don't have to do any more than you want, Kazuki."

"No, no, I want to. I want to," I insist. "...Are you going to squeeze my dick again if I tell you I'm nervous I won't satisfy you?"

She directs my head to her nipple again, letting me start working it over again as she replies. "That depends. Do you want me to?"

"...'ll get back to you," I manage, voice thick around a mouthful of tit. "'sis nice, though."

"Yes," she sighs leaning back again, brushing her hand through my hair, "it is. But, Kazuki?"


The pressure on the back of my head increases as she pushes me deeper into her breasts. She leans down, putting her sultry voice beside my ear. "You're not leaving this bathtub with your virginity."

The only real response to that is to flick my tongue across her nipple in affirmation and moan softly into her flesh while her other hand begins to work my dick under the water. "Not so fast," I burble over breast and water, "I don't want to cum on you."

"That makes one of us," she teases, threatening to put me over with that alone. Fortunately, she lets off before I waste my chance to drown my virginity in the bathwater. Instead, Meiling starts, finally, letting me please her. "A little harder, though not with your teeth," she instructs. "I can take it, but other girls, maybe not."

I pull free from her engorged nipple with a wet pop, my lips slightly numb. "And what makes you think I want to do this with other girls?"

She actually blushes a little with that, clearly pleased with my answer. "Still, learn the basics, then you can be as rough as you want."

"I'm holding you to that," I reply, lightly pinching her other nipple between my index and middle fingers. "As rough as I want."

"Only if that goes both ways," she fires back at once, taking my wrist and gently guiding it down her body, across those beautiful, firm abs, and between her thighs. "Go ahead," Meiling directs. "Touch me. Make me cum, Kazuki."

Cautiously, my gaze slips from Meiling's, down her glistening wet body, and beneath the gently rolling surface, feeling my fingers brushing across something hotter than the bathwater around it. "Go ahead," she repeats, just a hint of urgency in her tone.

I find the heel of my palm in among the bright red hair again, sending a thrill of arousal through me. I gently grind it in, enjoying the feel on my skin as I hesitantly glide my hand across the patch and finally feel the hard, hot nub of her clitoris under my fingers. Meiling's legs tense, just barely, but just seeing that I--affected her, excites me. My heartbeat picks up as I slowly begin to massage the clit, all while she exhales through her teeth, stiffening up in response to my touching.

"Oh, that feels so good," she breathes. I redouble my efforts, working her clit more aggressively, before she gently takes hold of my wrist again. "That's good, don't do too much at once," she explains.

"Sorry," I mumble.

"It's okay," she reassures, and I let her direct my fingers lower. "Too much and it either hurts or starts losing sensation. Do what I did to you."

I grin, even as my fingers find themselves parting her outer lips. "Wrap you around my finger, have my way with you, and then drive me crazy with your hands?"

"That last part," she giggles. "Come back to it now and then, mix up your strokes. Tease me a little. Be--be mea--oh..."

"One thing at a time," I murmur, pulse quickening again as I feel the soft, pink flesh of her inner labia. Meiling and I share one last glance, and by way of answer, she squares her hips, bracing against the side of the tub, and with that, I push my fingers inside her. Slowly, feeling the walls squeezing and pushing in on my two fingers, I start to feel around.

"Just like that, Kazuki," she pants, "Yes." Meiling squirms and writhes under my touch, the muscles inside occasionally twitching and clenching. "Massage the--massage the top--with the pads of your fingaaaah..."

She cups my head again, pulling me to her stomach, and I nuzzle my cheek against her side, withdrawing my fingers, only to slide them back in. Her free hand takes mine again, pushing them insistently back in to satisfy her, as deep as they'll go as she practically gets herself off using me. Not this time, Meiling--I barely manage the presence of mind to focus on an enhancement and redouble my strength, resisting her attempts to move me. Meiling could easily overpower me and force my fingers back in, but she gets the hint and lets go, busying her hand with her breast, toying with a nipple.

Carefully, I twist myself free and slip below the waterline as she tilts her head back against the rim of the tub. Her thighs surround my head as I covertly submerge with one last breath, before I take her clit into my mouth. I feel her whole body recoil in surprise as I purse my lips, flicking it with my tongue in arrhythmic patterns. I feel her walls clamp down on my fingers as I practically suck her clit, pushing them in to the knuckle. I hammer away at her like that, the water roiling chaotically and my lungs burning as her hands grope blindly, reflexively try to push my head away.

Her back arches and her hips jut forward, pushing my ears above the water just in time to hear her cry out loud. Her muscles quiver and twitch, squeezing down on me as I finger her through her climax, until finally she goes slack, the water sloshing wildly around us as a hand goes to her temple, and the other to my back.

"Kazuki..." Her voice is a dazed, breathless murmur.

"Meiling, did I--did you...?"

By way of answer, she seizes me and presses her tongue into my mouth, and I eagerly return her passion, sharing a deep, intense kiss that leaves my cock throbbing. Gods, I want her. I want her so much. I nuzzle and rub against my body against hers, feeling my member doing the same against her belly. Her eyes focus and meet mine, burning with the same lust and hunger I feel. She settles back in the bath, her luscious chest still heaving up and down from orgasm, inviting my hands or my tongue or my dick...

No. The look in her eyes--the need in her eyes--is unmistakeable. She slides down low, lower, lower, spreading her legs beneath as she presents herself to me. She grabs my rear with one hand again, helping guide me to her entrance as she grips the porcelain with the other. My tip brushes her lips, sliding off to one side, then to the other as I try to will the goddamned thing to line up. Finally, though--I feel it push in just a little, Meiling's body only to eager to accept me.

I'm steeling myself and about to take my first thrust when Meiling grips my ass, and with my gasp of surprise, she pushes me inside her to the hilt.

I sit there a moment, struck dumb by the intense, tight pressure, feeling my dick twitch inside her with every scant move. Bracing myself against her abs, I finally take a breath and shake the stars out of my vision and slowly, agonizingly slowly, pull back out. I could cum from just this. It's just so--unlike anything I've ever felt. Meiling seems to understand how close I am just by gauging my reactions, and after her initial ... attack ... seems content to let me take it at my own pace. "Well?" she asks, letting me catch my breath, "How does it feel?"

"I--it's--incredible," I manage.

She affectionately brushes my face, her voice sultry and satisfied. "You're mine now, Kazuki the Applepicker. And I'm yours."

"Meiling," I murmur as she strokes my cheek, "I love you."

"I love you too," she answers, her voice soft but resolved. A moment later and it's a lusty command. "Now show me."

Well, when your lover says something like that, there's really only one thing you can do. I shove back inside with a grunt, feeling her hot, wet insides push back as I actually have to brace to get in. It only serves to remind me that Meiling is--well, Meiling, and I'm just a little fairy. But still, she chose me. I'm going to lose this "fight," but losing can be fun, too. I lie there atop her like that for a moment, thinking and catching my breath.

"...Kazuki," Meiling interrupts my thoughts sharply, "There had better be a very good reason for what isn't happening right now."

"Err, well--I don't really...know what to do, from here," I mumble awkwardly.

"You keep doing it, is what!" she laughs, her sternness broken by amusement.

"... I just wish I could kiss you," I admit sheepishly. Stupid height difference...even if it lead to fun when we were in bed.

"Just do what you can," she says reassuringly, "Love whatever you can reach."

Whatever I can reach, huh? I brace against her again as I pull my hips back, resting my head on her stomach and begin to kiss her abs. She seems pleased by that, letting me express my appreciation for her sculpted body as I start to build up a slow, steady rhythm with my thrusts.

"I know you're still worried," she says, stroking my hair again. "Don't be. We have the rest of our lives together. You're doing well."

"... Really?" I mumble, flitting my tongue across her navel.

She giggles at the sensation--she's ticklish. Oh, I can use that... "Really. And I'll teach you everything I know. For now...I want you to feel good."

"Meiling," I reply, looking up at her over her lovely tits, "I've never felt better."

I gasp as she flexes, her walls tightening up and clamping down on me even tighter, even as she thrusts her hips against mine. "Really?" she teases. "What about now?"

"B-better!" I gasp, fighting back with everything I have. My arms are around her thighs now, using them to help with the leverage of thrusting in and out. Well, I say thrusting, but it's a long, slow, exhilerating drag as I slowly force my way into her, and she slowly forces me back out. Her wet cunt is practically fighting me itself, squeezing down on my cock hotly on all sides. Each agonizingly long stroke in and out threatens to send me over the edge.

Still, resisting my own urge to just grind myself into oblivion, Meiling's incredible muscle control, and her wicked teasing, I hold on for dear life, refusing to give in. "Meiling," I rasp, "I want us to finish together. Help me get you off, here."

She obliges, perhaps out of kindness, or respect for me or my first time, or out of lusty excitement. "Talk dirty to me," she murmurs. "Help me along. Tell me how you feel. Tell me what you want to do to me."

"You're so tight," I hiss. "Tight and hot and wet and--gods, Meiling, I just want to fill you up."

"Good," she purrs, "keep going." She starting toying with her breasts, firmly groping and squeezing herself even harder than I had. Her body fills my vision, rocking back and forth, breasts swaying with our motions.

I squeeze my eyes shut, trying to keep from shooting on the spot. "I want to make you cum again. I want to see you cum. I want to see you writhe beneath me!"

"Yes! More!" she cries, her walls twitching, "Just like that! More! Louder!"

My own voice rises with hers, on the edge of a shout. I don't care if Remi hears us up on the balcony and Aya prints us on page one of the news tomorrow. "I want to taste you! I want to knock you up! I want you to suck me off! I want you to cum!"

Finally, I can't take it any more, feeling myself tipping over the edge after so much build-up, so much distress--and I feel Meiling's legs lock around me, putting that incredible strength to use as she pushes me inside her to the hilt. She holds me there as my twitching cock explodes deep, deep inside her. She climaxes a second later, her pussy milking me for everything I've got, as I cum longer and harder than I ever have in my life, pouring it all into her. She makes sure of it, clinging to each other tightly as we ride out our orgasms.

I pant for breath, splayed out atop her as her legs finally release and go slack around my waist. I don't want to move. I want to stay inside her like this. I want to listen to her cute gasps as we both recover, nuzzling my cheek against her midsection forever.

"Don't pull out," she murmurs. "I want to stay--"

"Just like this," I agree tiredly. "Wasn't planning on it."

"I love you, Kazuki."

My dick twitches at that, letting out one last spurt in the aftershock. Her insides spasm in response, making both of us moan softly. "I love you too, Meiling. Gods, how I love you."

For a long, long time, there's nothing but the sloshing of the water in the tub, our shallow, tired breaths, and the sound of our hearts hammering against each other as we come down. And somewhere in all that, it really hits me for the first time.

I'm in love with Meiling. I made love to Meiling. She asked me, and I said yes, and I just fucked the daylights out of her in a bath.

And if we have our way, we're going to do it again, and again, and again.

If I weren't so tired I might jump for joy. My chest tightens with excitement, nervous energy, fear, and glee. We're a couple now. We can do this whenever we want. "I love you," I repeat, wholly sated, my lust giving way to a warm, overwhelming affection.

Finally, though, I have to pull out, though that gives me a chance to tiredly crawl back onto her chest and kiss her again. We hug and kiss and nuzzle and snuggle like that as I bask in her body heat and we affirm our love to each other. We stay like that I don't know how long, not that I care. The world could end outside as long as it didn't interrupt, and I'd have two words ready for it if it did.

Sadly, though, this does have to end, and Meiling is the first (as ever) to initiate. "Come on," she murmurs, bracing herself on the lip of the tub to stand, "We should towel off before we don't have the energy to care."

"I think that point's been and gone," I observe, though I follow suit as she gingerly steps back out of the tub. We towel each other off, more romantic than erotic, Meiling crouching to let me dry off her back and tousle her mess of long hair. It's going to be wild in the morning, though come to think of it, that might not be so bad. Leaving my clothes where they fell, we finally stalk back to bed together, both stark naked, and I retake my place atop Meiling in the bed.

"I know one thing for sure, Meiling," I observe as my fingers play across her collarbone in the dark.

She runs her hand up my back, still drawing a light shudder from me at the senation. "And what's that?"

"I'm going to be walking funny from now on any time I hear the words 'get comfortable,' I reply.

Achievement Unlocked!: Enter the Dragon
No. 32497
"Achievement Unlocked!: Enter the Dragon"

You sly motherfucker.
No. 32499
You did this just for that joke. Admit it.

I was thinking http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2c8FzDm4Gbo
No. 33233
So, since the write-in got plenty of support, you're getting a Koa oneshot.

[ ] Have Koa demonstrate on Clover.
[ ] Have Koa demonstrate on you.
No. 33234
[X] Have Koa demonstrate on Clover.
[X] Then have Kazuki test his new found knowledge on Koa.
Even the write-ins get write-ins
No. 33235
[x] Have Koa demonstrate on you.
No. 33236
[X] Have Koa demonstrate on Clover.
[X] Then have Kazuki test his new found knowledge on Koa.

No. 33237
[X] Have Koa demonstrate on you.
Succubus time!
No. 33238
[X] Have Koa demonstrate on Clover.
Feels too much like cheating otherwise.
No. 33239
[X] Have Koa demonstrate on Clover.

Because it sounds like fun.
No. 33240
But isn't this "non-canon"? So it's not like any real cheating would occur right?
No. 33241
[X] Have Koa demonstrate on you.

It's non-canon and Terawatt said Meiling wouldn't mind anyway.
No. 33243
[x] Have Koa demonstrate on you.

This means she'd let him touch her, right?
No. 33244
Just because it's noncannon doesn't mean it's not cheating.
No. 33246
[x] Have Koa demonstrate on Clover.

...Did anyone mention artillery?
No. 33247
File 138534294647.png- (18.49KB , 520x620 , idort.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Have Koa demonstrate on Clover.
[x] Have Koa demonstrate on you.
[x] Have Koa be in between you and Clover.
No. 33249
What the hell do you think Kazuki's packing?
No. 33252
[X] Just do both, it's educational after all. Did you really think we'd not vote for you to write the most possible?
No. 33254
A thirty terawatt satellite cannon?
No. 33258
He mentioned cannons.
No. 33259
>Have Koa demonstrate on Clover.
Just to clarify, this implies magical demon dick, right?
No. 33260
No, no it does not, sorry. Not really my thing. (I know, I know, what am I doing in the Touhou fandom)
No. 33261
He doesn't know about the tail
No. 33262
Are you close to starting on this?
No. 33263
I'd like to say yes, but what I really need for that is two half-decent, half-free days to rub together, and so far I've had a lot of no luck getting either. We'll have to see. Worst case I'll have to flake on the 30th and just get it to you later.
No. 33264
he he. Koakuma rubs things with clover. Excellent.
No. 33266
Why not rub both?
No. 33267
After reading the latest update in the main thread what I really want is Koa and Kazuki punishing Patchouli together.

Just, you know, throwing that out there.
No. 33268

I dunno, maybe someday. I'm cool with occasional one-offs, but I don't want to overdo it, both because it's a ton of work and because I don't want FoSL to be "that one /at/ story over on /sdm/."
No. 33270
I blame the general drought in /at/ for the residents being so antsy.

I'm looking forward to the story settling to a more normal thing (i.e. without people trying to milk more /at/ shorts out of you). It really wouldn't do if we missed out on a truly lovely scene because you're burnt out doing run of the mill /at/ scenes.
No. 33290
Hrm. So.

Apologies, but I think I'm going to have to ask you guys for a rain check, at least on the Clover/Koa scene, and at least on the end-of-the-month thing. Predictably, I just don't think it's in the cards, and even if I did crank it out, I don't think it would be very good.

That said, if your hearts are still set on that particular scene, I'm still planning to write it. If not, I'll give you a blank check for another /at/ short at a later time (I still have to okay it, of course). Discuss it amongst yourselves.
No. 33293
I would really like to see that scene, and I'm happy to wait for it, so it's ok if you miss the deadline.
No. 33299
I'd rather see Kazuki/Koa out of the two.
No. 33302
Me too.
No. 34124
File 139151870593.png- (291.97KB , 654x462 , all this can be yours.png ) [iqdb]
So, the moral of the story is that having one side project prevents me from working on any others until it's out of my headspace. Sorry for the delays on everything, hope it was worth the wait.

>[x] How about a hands-on demonstration?

A brief daydream flickers across my mind, dancing through my brain and leaving it a filthy puddle in a filthier gutter.

"...Kazuki?" Clover asks, waving a hand in front of my face and banishing the mental image to nothingness.

"I don't know," I ask before I can stop myself, "why don't you show us?"

Koakuma pauses at that, and for a moment I think I've offended her (somehow). She looks at me studiously, then at Clover.

"...All right," she replies, as she calmly strips off her panties from beneath her dress and lightly flicks them over our heads and off the balcony.

Clover and I share a momentary glance of mounting disbelief, as Koa slinks over to us, crouching to stalk over on her hands and knees just under our level, tail swishing this way and that with each swing of her hips.

"Well, that's a pretty good stammph--" Clover's glib remark is cut short as the succubus cups her head, pulling her off the balcony and into a kiss. I see her tongue slip into Clover's mouth as she falls into Koa's lap, eyes going wide and cheeks reddening. She moans into the kiss, clutching feebly at Koakuma's vest, while her hands travel down her body, pulling her dress taught and showing off the fairy's curves. She doesn't stop there, her tail running down the fabric, drawing a faint gasp from Clover as she drags it across a hardening nipple.

Finally, after an eternity, Koa breaks the kiss, leaving Clover panting for breath, eyes unfocused, even as she turns her little body to face me, still groping and fondling it lightly. She gently tilts Clover's head up towards mine with two fingers under her chin, even as she effortlessly pops the buttons on her blouse neckline loose. "How was that?" she asks, spreading Clover's legs with a knee up between her thighs.

"I--uh--" I stammer. I've never seen Clover like this before. I've never seen her this way. Never thought about her that way. I--her parted, breathless lips, the flush in her cheeks, the supple lines of her body...

Koa follows my gaze with a knowing smirk, baring Clover's breasts to me (pretty chesty, as far as fairies go) and revealing the flash of white, steadily dampening panties under her dress. "When you're seizing initiative, overwhelm her, all at once. Your hands, your tongue, even your voice--" Clover spasms as hot breath tickles the very tip of her reddening ear, a moment before Koakuma gently nibbles it, drawing her tongue across the outer curve delicately. "Use your entire body to tease hers, until she's given it to you."

"I..." Clover murmurs faintly. "I can't, not--"

Koa silences her protests with a flick of her spade, teasing the fabric of her undergarments into the slicked flesh behind it, making Clover's arousal even more pronounced. "I know, dear, and we won't. Not today, at least," she adds as an afterthought, even as she slips her tail through her panties, curls it around, and sharply pulls them taut. Another strangled gasp, and my dick is painfully hard in my pants.

Koa doesn't fail to notice, licking her lips. "And there it is." She pads over on all fours, leaving Clover a gasping wreck, even as she sets her sights on me. She brings her head low, nuzzling her cheek against my crotch, brushing her warm figure across mine sensually as she glides past. She takes a seat beside me as I feel that tail finish what she started, grinding her whole body against me from stem to stern.

Did I just get broadsided by a succubus?

Any thoughts I might have mustered on the subject are blown out of my head as she puts that dextrous little tail to use again, nimbly slipping the trouser buttons open and twining hot around my shaft, gently but insistently tugging it free. She firmly squeezes it around in a coil, as she massages the underside with the spade, still hot and wet.

Wet from Clover's... oh, gods. My dick twitches in the cold air at the realization. Koa relents with the tail, leaving it to stroke up and down my thigh as she rests her head against my chest and then lets it fall, lower, lower, lower, looking up at me with smoldering eyes the whole while, until she reaches her destination. Finally breaking her gaze, she looks down at my manhood and plants an almost chaste kiss on the tip.

"I'm disappointed," she complains, mock-pouting. "It doesn't taste like Meiling."

"I--" I look up, seeing Clover catching her breath--and staring in awe and faint disbelief at my crotch, the same I was staring at hers--and then back down to the top of Koa's head in my lap. "I had a bath."

"That's the point!" She protests. "From now on, any shower you don't leave dirtier than you entered is a wasted opportunity. Oh well," she relents, shortly before blowing cool air on my sensitive head, "I'll just have to take care of that for you. Unless you don't want me to?" she adds with an almost wounded look.

I try to protest, I really do. "But--Meiling, and--"

"Kazuki," Koakuma says sternly. "I've had just as much time to get to know Meiling as you, if not more. I would never hurt her--I would never do this if I thought it would hurt her." She gestures down at herself, on her knees before me, hanging scant inches above my dick.

"I, uh..." She wags a finger at me, still serious but less cross.

"If you bent me over this balcony, fucked me senseless, threw me over your shoulder and then paraded me in front of her, the only thing I don't know is which of us she would congratulate."

"Okay, I believe you, but--why?"

She blinks before breaking into a giggle, sitting up to lightly flick my head. "You asked, silly."

I balk at that. "I was kiddi--you know what I mean!"

She smiles demurely, beckoning Clover over as she addresses me. "Boundaries. I know Meiling's, and I know what line I can't cross with your friend, but I want to know yours. And..." Koa takes Clover on her lap, pulling her disheveled clothes even wider. "I've just never seen anything wrong with a physical expression of fondness. And besides," she adds, "I'm a firm believer in teaching good technique. And it was good technique, wasn't it, Clover?"

"Y-yeah," she manages to stammer, flushing pink. "Yes, it was." After a moment's hesitation, she looks up at the succubus, almost disappointed. "Is it...over?"

With a purr, suddenly the silky edge of intent is back in Koa's voice. "Do you want it to be over?"

"...No," she admits. "Kazuki?"

"I understand if you're worried," Koa adds. "We could go and talk to Meiling right now, if you wanted."

True, but that would kill the mood. I size her up, take a deep breath, and decide. "I said I believed you, and I meant it."

"Yay~" she positively trills. "Now then. Who's next?"

"Kazuki is," Clover says abruptly. "I want to see heek!" Whatever she was about to say is cut off as Koakuma's hands slide up and grasp her nipples. Tugging and rolling her modest breasts, the demon quickly has the fairy in her thrall once again.

"I'm sorry," she says, clearly amused, "did you think you were in control right now?" She doesn't even give Clover a chance to reply, slipping that tail of hers into her mouth, groping and kneading her chest all the while. "And that's the next lesson, Kazuki. When you want something from Meiling, don't be afraid to reach out and take it."

Clover moans softly as Koa's fingers work their way down her sides and around the front, lifting an ankle with one hand as she strips off her now thoroughly-soaked panties with the other. Just as quickly, she drops the leg and takes her by the wrist, stopping her from covering herself. "Get a good look, Kazuki," she directs.

Clover is bared to me, a small patch of green hair shining with moisture between her legs. Koa's fingers trace along her wet slit, up and down, replaced a scant moment later by her tail. Clover's hazy eyes widen as she feels those fingers rest on her trembling lower lip. "Lick," Koa orders.

Shuddering at the imperious command, Clover closes her eyes and stretches out her tongue, sucking meekly at Koa's index and middle fingers, already dripping wet. "That's it, good girl," the succubus coos softly, "just like that. If you're a very good girl, I'll teach you how to suck cock."

Watching my best friend get fingered, tailed, groped, and fondled senseless has knocked all the brains out of my head. All I can do is stare, dick throbbing, as Clover makes noises I've never heard. Her breathing hitches and her moans get higher and higher, even as she squirms and struggles, and I find myself holding my breath in excitement and anticipation, watching as she twists around, approaching a climax--

Only for Koa to suddenly stop dead, leaving her high and dry (well, not 'dry'). Her eyes flutter open in confusion and disappointment, as Koa backs off her assault. She strokes and caresses, but nowhere near as hard and as fast, leaving Clover frustrated without release. Still riding the high, she tries to move Koa's hand with her own fruitlessly, thrusting her hips into Koa's tail, which slackens and goes limp each time. "Next lesson," Koa says smoothly, ignoring Clover's dismayed protests, "teasing and denial will drive anyone wild if you do it long enough. Isn't that right, Clover?" She slips her fingers from the fairy's mouth, finally letting her speak.

"Koakuma..." she pleads, cheeks bright red and breath fogging the air in quick little bursts.

"I know, dear," Koa replies, sensing Clover's need.

"I want it..."

Smiling wickedly, Koa brings her face to hers. "Then beg for it."

"I--I am, please..."

"Why don't you tell me exactly what you want? Tell Kazuki what you want. Every. Little. Thing."

"I want...I-I want..." she stammers, before taking a deep breath, her watery eyes meeting mine, cheeks afire. "I want to cum..."

"That's it," Koa praises, rewarding her with a firm squeeze of her ass. "What do you want me to do to you?"

"Ah! More!" Clover whines. "My--my clit, touch my--" She almost shrieks as Koa obliges her, her tail whipping, snakelike, flitting the tip of the spade up from the bottom, and then back down. Rather than hit only her clit, Koa drags it down across the full length--I remember Meiling's lesson about overstimulation. At the same time she glides her tongue down Clover's neck and collarbone, down onto her breasts, where she attacks one of her nipples, hard as rocks between the cold air and the demon's ministrations.

It doesn't take much more--Koa's straying hands, wandering tongue, and that wicked, wicked tail all work Clover's little body over until she tries and fails to stifle a sudden cry, straining against Koakuma as her back arches and her legs stretch out. For her part, Koa doesn't let up, instead redoubling the intensity of her assault as Clover's whole body twitches once, twice, three times, until she goes slack, collapsing into her "instructor," a panting, sweaty mess.

"See how I kept going?" Koa asks, nonchalantly unbuttoning her top. "Don't stop until they do." Gently laying Clover aside, she kisses her rather sweetly on the forehead as she comes down, still breathing hard. She removes her shirt and drapes it over Clover for an impromptu blanket. Turning to face me, she reveals a lacy black brassiere, its counterpart long since flung over the railing. "Now then," Koa half-growls to me, "your turn."

"All right, Kazuki," she says, all business. "The first thing I'm going to teach you is also the most important." And with that, she crisply turns back 'round, presenting me with her back. "Getting the damn bra clasp."

I burst out laughing at that, more out of nervousness than anything. "What, seriously?"

"Yes, seriously. Doubly important for someone of your size. Come on, hop to." Taking a moment to admire her back, I get to work, carefully releasing the latch with my fingers. "You should practice this blind later, do it by feel. But for now..."

Koa looks at me over her shoulder demurely, covering her front with her hands and cupping the bra to her chest, even as she lifts her curvy rear and leans back into me, sitting on my lap. I feel the fabric of her skirt against my dick, still hard, as she grinds and rocks against it carefully. After a moment's hesitation, I put my hands on her flared hips and begin to stroke them.

"Good," she says, "Harder. Squeeze and grope, but don't pinch. There you go. Run your hands along me." I happily comply, feeling her smooth, flawless skin under my fingers as they work up and down her sides. "Mm, yes. Can you reach my tits?"

I can, but only just. Straining around, I manage to get two handfuls--Koakuma is shorter than Meiling, but almost as busty, with a slinky frame that seems to spill out of whatever she might be wearing, defying decency with a kiss and a wink. And speaking of defying decency--she shifts her weight just a bit, pushing her backside further into my cock even as her tail raises her skirt. The lifted fabric rubs against my head, taking a ribbon of precum with it, before she pulls it free and drapes it back over, letting me tent the fabric. She slides back against me again, and I feel the warmth of her body as it touches my shaft for the first time. There's nothing between the two of us now.

"Ooh, I felt it jump," she teases. "You must really like my ass. Though the presentation helps, doesn't it?" She bounces a little, making me bite back a cry as warm flesh greets my aching member. "You can't see under the dress, and it's driving you crazy."

"Yes, thank you," I grunt. "I noticed."

She just smiles demurely, even as she smoothly raises up off me again and eases herself back down, all without breaking eye contact. I feel the warmth of her thighs close around me as she lightly squeezes. "Close your eyes," she says. Don't see, feel. And imagine." I do so, letting my hands take over even as she slowly begins to move atop me, feeling the movement of my cock between her legs. The warmth grows stronger and stronger, as she makes a long, lusty moan, and I know it's for my benefit. The heat grows wet as she grinds, slicking me up with her lust, accompanied by the faint brushing feeling of her hair. "Oh, Kazuki," she murmurs, making me shudder, "See how wet I am for you?" I feel her hands on mine as she guides them around to her front.

"Me?" I mutter, trying to focus on holding back. I--should open my eyes, stop letting my imagination run wild on what I can't see. "Or Clover?"

"Clover," she replies immediately, dropping my hand to inspect her nails. "I love defiling a good virgin."

"Gee, thanks," I grumble.

She giggles coquetteishly again, sounding entirely too innocent for a girl rubbing my dick with her crotch. "There, there. If you behave, I'll teach you how to properly facefuck someone."

"...There's a proper way to--"


"Better," Koa mumbles thickly as she pulls back, runners of saliva trailing between her lips and my shaft. She rolls her tongue and swallows before continuing. "Remember, don't pull the hair, hold my head steady and push into it."

With my hands wrapped around those little wings in her hair ("I call them my handlebars," she helpfully added), I steady myself a moment and wait to feel her rest the tip against her lips.

"Okay, ready? Gommph!" This time I plunge straight in, thrusting my hips hard until my entire length disappears down her throat. She moans encouragingly (I assume, anyway, we could do with a code) as I thrust in to the hilt. I push back and forth a few times, gritting my teeth, as the air fills with all manner of perverted, wet noises.

Finally, I pull back out with a loud pop (I'm sure she's doing it on purpose), and she licks her lips happily. "Much better. Remember not to go so deep with Meiling, I'm not sure if she knows how to deep-throat. Where does she usually want it, in her or on her?"

"...Yes," I reply, earning a little, excited 'ooh' as Koa's tail swishes back and forth.

"Well then, dealer's choice!" she exclaims cheerfully. She hmms and hums for a moment, even as she plays with me, rolling the foreskin back and forth, keeping me up as she decides what to do with me. I find myself running my hands through her hair, enjoying the sensation, which earns a cute little sigh from my unlikely lover. "Do you have a thing for redheads, Kazuki?"

"Well, I do now," I admit, even as she nuzzles her cheek against my wet cock affectionately. "And what about you? You seem to be having fun down there."

"Mmmm," Koa agrees. "If you hadn't realized, I love dicks. I love this little fellow in particular, right now." She puts a finger on the tip, prodding it lightly before kissing it along the underside and down. "I'm just trying to figure out where I want you to cum."

"Well," I grunt, forcing myself to hold out until she relents again, "you seem to have things well in hand. What would you do if you had your choice?"

She looks up at me, eyes glimmering wickedly. "Well, for starters, you'd be cumming inside Clover--after deflowering her, of course--she'd be getting pregnant, my tail would be in her ass, and you'd both be wearing collars."


Almost ignoring me, she goes on. "Maybe pull it out and sterilize it with a little flame, then brand her cute little rear while it's still hot."


"Maybe you, too. And maybe the tail in the backside. Has Meiling ever--" Noticing the look on my face, she breaks into a grin. "And that's why we're not doing what I want. I've scared a few too many fairies away taking things at my speed. Plus, I meant what I said about boundaries."

She refreshes the conversation by languidly stretching upwards, sitting fully upright as she slips my length between her inviting breasts. With a hand on either side she gently presses them together, working in a slow, rhythmic grind around my member. "I could get Clover--easily--to give it up to me right now. Wrap my tail around her finger like a ring, tell her she's my wife...I could make her give herself to you, too. You've felt the chemistry, haven't you?"

"I--I don't know," I say reluctantly. "Before today I--never really thought of her like..." I glance over at her, feeling a thrill of arousal spark through me as her modest chest rises and falls, nuzzling deeper into Koa's shirt.

"Ah, but now, things are different, aren't they? And yet...you wouldn't take that from her."

"...No," I agree. She's a big girl, but--right now, I think I might just let Koa collar me. She has both of us under her thumb.

"Driving people mad with lust is my job, but I always let them make the big decisions 'sober,' so to speak." Koa grins. "Unless they give me consent in advance. Boundaries, Kazuki. There's nothing more thrilling than being bidden to cross one. Or letting someone cross yours, surrender yourself completely." She sighs again, even as she starts kneading her breasts in opposite directions, rolling them around my cock. "I've done both. And," she adds lightly, "I've decided where I want your cum."

"Indulge me," I pant, unable to take much more.

"That's the plan," she replies, picking up the speed. My breathing gets ragged and uneven as she squeezes her breasts around me more aggressively, my head tilting back despite myself as I try to hold out as long as possible. "Don't even tell me when," she growls, a predatory hunger in her voice. "Just give it to me."

Koa leans further in, pressing my back into the balcony, returning to an up-down pump with her breasts harder, faster. She all but pushes me to the floor with her tits, and I feel her tongue grace my tip as the crown emerges from her wonderful cleavage. The combined assault pushes me over the edge, and my body thrusts back against Koa out of my control as the building pressure finally releases all at once.

Instantly, her posture changes--as she feels the first twitch she drops even lower, grabbing my shaft with both hands as she releases it from her chest, stroking hard as the first shot sprays across her, from face to fingers. Rather than block it like Meiling, she squeezes and pumps, planting a kiss on the head after the second spurt across the bridge of her nose, three splashing on her lips, four on her cheek, five against her chest, and finally six and a meager seven trickle down around her fingers.

I--I covered her. She makes another pleased moan, licking the semen from her lips as she massages her bust, working the cum into her front as she plays with herself. Her hands only add more cum as she squeezes and toys with her nipples, the look on her face rapturous. My dick twitches sorely at the sight, already stirring again.

She gives me a minute of this show--and it can only be a show, for my benefit--before she bows back low over me, nuzzling my cumslick shaft with her cheek, smearing it with more jizz. Her breasts hang low, sticky with mingled fluids, and she lets them sway enticingly as she runs her tongue across my glans, exhaling hotly onto my sensitive dick. She takes it into her mouth again, her tongue dancing all around as she works me back up. It doesn't take long.

Koa abruptly stops, letting my cock slip free of her lips with a wet pop, and whispers one more word--to it, not me--"More." With that, she stands, turns around smartly, and saunters a few paces away, back from the balcony, letting her skirt fall without breaking her stride. She stands straight, bare ass on display, legs slightly apart to show me a ribbon of arousal dripping between them, before bending over, almost daintily holding up her tail between finger and thumb over her pussy, inviting me beneath it.

"Come here," she demands, presenting herself to me, nether lips spread between index and middle fingers.

I'm on her in a second. I don't have her grace, ungainly trying to mount her like a dog scrabbling over a fence. She laughs--not a demure little giggle, but a low, throaty chuckle, even while she wraps those fingers around my shaft and guides me to her entrance. I don't--I can't--hesitate, checking a gasp at the incredible heat as I push inside, as deeply as I can go. Her body offers no resistance, slick and hot and inviting as our hips meet. A slight bend in her knees, and she's top-down, ass-up, leaning forward and showing off her ass even more. I take the opportunity to grip her hips tightly, plush and begging to be squeezed under my hands.

"Good boy," is all Koa has to say before she clenches, tightening around my dick. Taking advantage of my surprise, she rocks herself forward and then back, tipping the both of us over, and I've gone from behind her to beneath. The succubus sits on my lap, draped across me like a blanket. Lifting her legs (and putting even more weight on me), she crosses and uncrosses her ankles over my head, advertising her strength and flexibility as her tail slips under my chin and tilts it up to see. "How's that?" she asks as she wiggles back down my length.

"It--it's good," is all I can manage. "Gods, it's so--"

"Don't cry out to the gods," she commands. "Cry out to me. And see what happens." She tenses again, the pressure on my cock making me moan despite myself. "See?" she asks, voice husky as she stretches languidly and wraps an arm around me. "Now, tell me. How does it feel? As hot as Meiling's? Hotter?"

It--it is. Maybe it's because of Meiling and her chi-kisses, or something to do with Koakuma being a demon, but--it feels hotter. Wetter. Tighter, when she wants to make me moan. I can't even focus enough to make two words, instead squeezing her hips tighter as she starts to buck atop me. I close my eyes a moment as Koa's tail slips free to caress my cheek, and open them to find another pair of eyes.

Clover's awake again, staring in rapt awe at where we're joined, eyes wide. "Good morning," Koa purrs. "If you're ready for a little more, then I have another lesson, and..." she trails off, slowing her intense pace and giving me a moment to come down. "...And you're not paying attention to me at all, are you? You're paying attention to that." She raises herself up on her legs, pulling herself free and exposing my cock to a bite of frigid air. She plunges back down with a wet slap, smirking as she follows Clover's gaze. "Well, go on then," she incites Clover forward with a licentious grin, leaning further back to let the base of my shaft slip free from inside her. "Do what you want to do."

"Kazuki..." Clover murmurs, voice drunk with lust and need, crawling over to the two of us as she bows her head. I almost jump as I feel her hot tongue grace my dick, running up and down the scant inch outside of Koa's folds.

"Clover," I grunt, overwhelmed by sensation, "You don't have t--"

Koakuma interrupts me as she tilts my head downward. "Does she look like she wants to be anywhere else, Kazuki?" she demands. "Look." Between my legs, with bare succubus flesh splayed atop me, I can see Clover, staring, utterly enraptured, eyes once more hazy and unclear as she murmurs my name into my member. "Let her have her fun. And speaking of fun," Koa directs down at her, "longer laps, up and down. Me, too."

"Yes..." Clover murmurs thickly, as I feel her delicate fingers start to play with my balls, at the same time her tongue begins to drag from there and up, higher and higher, until I feel Koa's body shiver through mine.

"Good. Just like that," Koa praises, squeezing her way back down my shaft. "Nice and firm, not too fast. Savor what you're tasting. How do you like it?"

"It's good," Clover murmurs, dreamlike. "The scent, the taste...it's too much, making my head spin..." she dissolves into moans as I feel her hot breath on my dick. Koakuma chuckles, like the victor, before turning her lustful eyes back to mine.

"And how about you, Kazuki? Your friend is down there, licking us and masturbating to it. To you." The succubus grins, relaxing herself further into me, making me wish she'd pulled my shirt open so I could feel more of her warmth. "She's going cross-eyed from our cum and sweat and sex." She chooses to drive that point home just as she begins grinding again, instantly putting me back on the edge of climax like I hadn't ever left at all.

Koa frowns. "Not just yet. Give Clover a little more. And let me have some fun," she adds as an afterthought. Her tail wends itself around my arm and squeezes tightly, and I feel a burst of--something--through it. The result's instant--the fog of need clears my mind, and suddenly I'm not in danger of cumming if I breathe too hard--even the dull ache from pulling double-duty fades away, leaving me ready for...however much more before Koa decides to crush me utterly, I guess.

"Do all girls have some kind of magic trick like that?" I ask, semi-incredulous, suddenly amused by the bizarre situation.

"Succubus, sweetheart," she observes. "'Those who lie under.' I could do much, much more than that."

"Oh, yes, lying under. Because you've been doing so much of that," I remark dryly, squeezing her hips and lifting her up and down atop me once for emphasis.

"This is what Patchy likes about you, you know," Koakuma replies, with her body as much as her words. "But shush. We're ruining Clover's penis time."

By now, Clover's tongue is indiscriminate, hungrily (and loudly) slurping as she services the two of us. With some effort I sit back up more fully, repositioning Koa on my lap, who spreads her legs further to give Clover more to get at. She buries her nose in it, nuzzling, kissing, licking. From here, now I can see that she really is masturbating, hand feverishly diving between her legs, literally dripping arousal onto the stone tile of the balcony. Seeing that sends another thrill of excitement through me, making my cock twitch inside of Koa again, who just follows my eye and grins even wider.

That mischievous, wandering tail finds its way under Clover's chin and tilts her head up, forcing her eyes to meet mine. They're watery, almost bleary, framed under sweat-matted green hair, all in beautiful disarray. Her expression is dazed, a deep blush having risen in her cheeks, her lips parted and a faint ribbon of saliva bridging between her tongue and Koa's thighs. Her chest heaves as she pants, clearly more interested in tasting than breathing right now.

I--I want to touch her. I want to upend her and go down on her like she's going down on me. I want Koa to spread her legs and say something dirty and encourage me to have my fill. I want to throw her down and make her scream in pleasure. I want to fuck her, slide inside, cum all over those lovely tits and her quivering lips and--
No. 34125
File 139151873422.jpg- (137.86KB , 622x800 , that was a nice warm up.jpg ) [iqdb]
And with a gasp I realize that whatever Koa did to me just ran out, as she watches my expression, licking her lips. She hammers me back into reality with her hips, digging her backside into me to brace against the ground and piston on top of me. My vision swims at the intensity of the feeling, Clover's tongue and Koa's wet hot cunt and her warm skin and the cold air and cumming cumming CUMMING--

I rocket over the edge so hard and fast that I can't even scrape two thoughts together, grabbing hold of Koa's thighs tightly as I ram in home, even as her legs drop out from under and let her full weight drive back down onto me, pushing me in as deep as I can possibly go. I feel my cock spasm inside her, again and again, and her walls squeezing in response, even as Clover's tongue incessantly dances across whatever it can reach. Finally, I go slack, panting for breath.

But Koa's not finished yet, making me moan feebly as I feel every inch of her against my still-sensitive cock as it pulls out, before the wilting blast of cold from the winter air. Ignoring my plight, she stands, my orgasm dribbling to the ground beneath her, as she promptly grabs Clover and hauls her upright, roughly pulling her face into her crotch. "You want Kazuki's cum?" she asks. Numbly, Clover nods. "Then drink."

Clover totters for a moment before leaning into Koa's legs for balance, her little hands clutching desperately around either thigh. Koa presses the back of her head insistently, forcing Clover's nose into the bright red patch of pubic hair. The fairy moans long and loud as her tongue slips into Koa's lips, eager to taste--me. My cum. Koa isn't gentle, but it just seems to be turning Clover on more, her breaths coming through her nose in short puffs as her tongue pushes inside Koakuma greedily, trying to reach as much as she can. Extra (did Koa make me cum that much?) dribbles from her chin and starts down her neckline, even as Clover's eyes begin to roll back in her head.

Finally, Koa grabs her even more tightly, fingers clenched in her hair, and she shudders, full-body. Her tail, increasingly erratic, whips back and forth frantically as the succubus shifts her stance and lets the orgasm crash down onto her. A final torrent of cum pours out from her folds and into Clover's eager mouth. In response, Clover makes a choked cry of her own and climaxes herself, just from being forced to go down. Her arousal drips from between her legs for a brief moment before she goes slack and nearly collapses into it. The three of us are all left gasping for breath, reeking of sex, and I'm half-hard again just from that last... everything.

I stiffen up as I feel Koa's handiwork on me again, but she just makes a reassuring noise and strokes softly. "Just cleaning you off," she insists, as she wipes off our mingled, still-hot fluids with some soft cotton. A moment later, she's helping Clover to her feet. And then I realize that--that was not a handkerchief.

Clover makes one last squeak of surprise as she sharply pulls the fairy's panties back up, taut around her lips with a wet squish, really digging them in there. After a moment (with Clover up on tiptoe), she relents, leaving Clover wearing undergarments absolutely drenched in our cum.

"You'll be keeping those on until you get home," Koa orders her. "And you'll be walking, not flying. Understood?" She emphasizes the directive with a sharp slap on the rear, earning a yelp that definitely isn't pain.

"Y--yes," Clover manages, rubbing her backside as she shifts her cumsoaked thighs, clearly growing aroused again. "I will."

"Good~!" Koa positively trills, all sunlight and cheer instead of depravity and dominance. "And if you ever want to do it again, just come and ask me nicely."

Looking up at the succubus, the blush rises in Clover's cheeks again. "I--I will," she repeats, smiling nervously. "I, ah, haven't thrown away that maid outfit yet," she adds, almost hopefully.

Koa gives her an approving nod at that, before turning to me. "Same to you, Kazuki. Although, too bad I had to leave you some for Meiling."

"This is you leaving some?" I ask, bewildered (and bedeviled, heh).

Koa just bends over to pick up her skirt and begin redressing. Looking back over at me over her shapely rear (that's still slightly red from the slap of flesh on flesh), she just gives me a winning smile, even as a faint trickle of mingled sex glistens on her slit. "Isn't learning fun?"


Summerfree rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. While inwardly he'd never really understand how Kazuki wound up with such a fiery redhead as this gate guard, he was happy for him. Old Kaz certainly needed a lay, and it sounded like she'd given him one.

She'd been a perfectly civil host, offering him a cup of tea, and they had since taken to a walk around the mansion grounds, now nearing its conclusion. Still, he felt a little out of his depths--he'd run out of conversation topics five minutes ago--and just where had loverboy gone off to, anyway?

"I, uh," he managed, earning a quick side-glance from his bright-eyed tour guide, "I wonder how Kazuki's doing."

She went to answer, but paused, and abruptly her eyes were elsewhere. In the moment it took him to turn to follow her gaze, her hand lashed out, faster than Summerfree could see, and snatched something black and fluttering from out of the air.

Meiling examined the lacy black panties for a moment before splitting into a cheerful grin. "He's fine."
No. 34126
File 139151875896.jpg- (48.77KB , 450x450 , nope.jpg ) [iqdb]

Remilia Scarlet opened the lid of her coffin with an unladylike grunt, stumbling out still half-asleep. She rubbed her eyes and tugged at her nightgown as she trudged out to the front window to see that the sun was still high, coming in through the frosted glass. She was wondering what woke her as she opened the door. Outside on the balcony--her balcony--her librarian's assistant wildly bucked atop Kazuki the Applepicker, with a second fairy passed out in a wreck of drool and sex and discarded garments nearby, all three in varying states of undress and very vigorous coitus.

After a very long moment, Remilia wordlessly closed the door and went straight back to bed.
No. 34131
This is the worst hide and seek game ever
No. 34136
No. 34137
That was pretty good.


Pretty good.

No. 34138
File 139160875363.jpg- (62.70KB , 640x480 , 1386045680688.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 34139
Dear lord what has my write-in wrought.

>Clover remains unpenetrated
The only blemish to an otherwise fine read. Bravo, sir.
No. 34140
excluding that extra ending, but yeah I thought that after Koa had her fun, she'd have him try it out on her.

That being said, I'm not disappointed.
No. 34152
A definite 'Too early to deal with this kind of shit moment'
No. 34162
File 139184217854.jpg- (101.94KB , 635x776 , getting a learn on.jpg ) [iqdb]
Courtesy of a friend~
No. 34163
Should have bumped this, saged reflexively.
No. 34164
Yes, continue, keep going.
No. 36498
File 141825039896.jpg- (97.81KB , 620x677 , loodkazoo.jpg ) [iqdb]
Since this seems to be the appropriate place for a Kazuko.
No. 36501
What does this have to do with Kazuki, other than that you posted without saging?
No. 36502
Do the words "genderswapped Kazuki" mean anything to you? Word of god has discussed it a number of times (off-site) and may very well do it yet. So, yeah, plenty relevant.
No. 36511
Since I didn't read the source story... is Kazuki a dragonfly youkai or something
No. 36513
See the link in the OP? Click it and tell me what the title of the story is.
No. 36518
"How to raise and harvest apples" by Kazuki A. Dragonfly.
No. 36523
Why are there male fairies now?

I'm gonna say he's still a dragonfly
No. 36534
It's ok, Rinnosuke is still the only male character.

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