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Tadashi steps into the gate and lures the big gray-brown cow, apparently named Rafael, away from his dinner of grass. He sets up the yoke over the cow's mouth without a word and hands you the reins. He looks at you for a second, neither of you knowing how to start the conversation back up.

"Here you are, then," he finally says.

You nod. "Thanks."

Tadashi moves to walk away but suddenly stops. "Can I ask you something, by the way?"

"Uh, go ahead." You'd been wondering when he'd finally ask you the question for a while now.

"When I got back, people were saying that you'd up and vanished a few days ago." He looks you straight in the eye. "Is everything alright?"

"Bit of a funny story, actually. I guess you could say I got a new friend with me."

Tadashi's already thin eyes narrow to impossibly small lines. "What kind of trouble did you get into this time?"

"Well, this guy's antics got the both of us into a certain tengu's gossip rag. You'll probably hear about it soon. Give it a couple days tops."

"And just what did you two do?"

"Here, lemme introduce you first." You spread open your collar. Tenta, always a showman, forms into a large tentacle right away. It slithers up until it's level with Tadashi's face, dipping forward in a mock bow.

Dozo, skippy.

He leans away until his chin disappears into his neck and he purses his lips until they almost pucker. He looks like a cornered blowfish. You know it's cruel to do that to him, but Tadashi's surprised face has always been good for a laugh.

"What in Minoriko's name is that thing?" he bursts out.

Not yet satisfied, Tenta shows off some tricks by making ridges and spikes appear along his length. It makes a thick, wet squishing sound as the tendril changes shape. Tadashi squeezes his eyes shut tight and looks away. He looks just like he did as a kid whenever someone threw a worm at him.

"Please. Make it stop," he chokes out.

'Alright, enough,' you tell Tenta.

Wimp. Tenta retreats back inside your chest.

"It's safe now."

Tadashi opens his eyes. "How... what... is that?"

"His name's Tenta."

Tadashi wipes his face, then looks at you to try and decide if you're doing this on purpose.

"You know what I mean." His already-low reserves of patience are nearly drained now.

"He's some kind of youkai." The less detail the better, you figure. "I ran across him when I got lost in a swamp."

Tadashi rubs his face again. "You did what?" This time the question is rhetorical.

"Wound up in a bar fight, chased someone -- or maybe I was chased -- and I passed out, and he was already on me when I woke up."

"But, how did...? Why would you...? That's just-- you passed out..." He sighs and massages his forehead.

"You've got a problem," he finally says.

"He's not so bad, really. He's awfully impulsive, but--"

"Not that thing, I mean you!"

"Oh, right."

"What are you going to do about it? Shouldn't you get an exorcism?"

Exorcism? Can you believe the nerve of this kid? I oughta get the spikes out again just for that.

You shake Tenta's voice out of your head. "He's got some history he needs to sort out with the gods first."

Not to mention most of the youkai, quite a few humans...

"Anyway, I'm stuck with him for now, but he's decent enough most of the time. Usually."

"Let me get this straight." Tadashi purses his hands together. He struggles to find the right words to say before simply giving up and throwing his hands in the air. "On second thought, don't let me get it straight. I'll just keep this secret, and you can get right on with your business."

"Thanks. Like I said, once someone gets their hands on the Bunbunmaru it'll be all over town."

"Oh, joy. I'm so glad to be your friend."

Tadashi slowly turns away from you, then glances back over his shoulder, making sure Tenta's not about to violate him or anything. His mouth hangs open like he wants to say one last thing, but he just shrugs at the air and ambles away. Knowing him, he'll probably spend the rest of the day fretting over everything that happened.

You can't help feeling a little bad for scaring him off. Sure, you knew it'd be a surprise and all, but for some reason you figured everyone would take it in stride; Gensokyo and strange happenings are practically synonymous. Then again, changes like that are more upsetting when they happen to someone you know, you'll admit.

A soft moo reminds you why you're here. You take the reins and steer Rafael towards your orchard. Once again torn from his grass, he grumbles and snorts but otherwise grudgingly follows your lead.

Your trees prove to be the first calming sight in a long while as you approach your orchard. The sun plays off the ripe plums, making their frosty red and bright orange colors really glow. Just a bit of dew trickles off of them. They look so juicy and ready to just bite into. Really a gift from the gods.

You pluck one off a low branch and take a big bite. They're so fresh and plump that a trail of juice dribbles down your chin as soon as you sink your teeth into it. You have another bite, and the juice runs down to your chest.

Ooh, what's this? The juice on your chest is somehow absorbed into Tenta's body.

Pretty good. Not as good as pussy juice, of course. He giggles.

'Uh huh. Just let me enjoy this moment.'

Not that you can enjoy the moment now, since you've just realized you're lacking an important tool: your billhook.

Billhook? Are the states warring again?

'Nah, I just need it to reach the higher branches.'

Well, why didn't you say so earlier?

A tentacle whips out and snatches a plum from the highest branch in the tree, then drops it into the basket at your feet.

And one for me! Tenta plucks another plum down and pulls it into your chest. A wet chomping sound comes from your veins, and a plum pit comes shooting out a second later. The taste of the plum hits the back of your throat soon after.

"Don't do that!" you shout. You look around to make sure nobody was watching you.

'Actually, that could be useful.'

Useful like this?

A host of tentacles erupts out of your chest and latches onto every visible branch, nearly lifting you off your feet. In a flash, the tree in front of you is picked clean and the basket at your feet is nearly overflowing with fresh fruit.

"Uh... yeah, like that." You squirm in surprise, suddenly doing your best Tadashi impression.

Compared to what I’m usually doing, picking some fruit's no sweat.

Tenta reaches out and lifts up another nearby basket. You're yanked violently to the left as he sets to picking another tree clean, filling up another basket and flinging it next to the other one.

'Careful! That's my livelihood you're throwing around!'

You're welcome for all the help. Sheesh.

Even with Tenta's lip, the work goes fantastically quick. You're loading the baskets up onto your wagon within minutes, instead of hours. As you set the last full basket onto the cart, taking care to make sure it's sturdy, you take a breath and admire your handiwork. Satisfied, you pat Rafael along his neck and take the reins again.

"Alright, buddy, just one more trip. Then you can relax and have your fun, I promise."

You pet him just above his ear. He shakes the flies away from his face and lumbers towards the road. Some of your nearby neighbors, too drunk to walk, wave at you and laugh as you pass through Houfumura's entrance.

"Go fug 'em merchants up, Kinkan!" shouts one.

"If you shh-ee Nagaemon, give'm a good clobberin' fer me!" slurs another before falling over and erupting into a tipsy guffaw.


'One of the big mucky-mucks of the village. His family's in charge of the village warehouse, so he ended up being the head of the merchant's guild. He's also as charming as a toad. And even saying that's insulting to toads.'

Glad I didn't get stuck in his body, then.

'Trust me, he'd have plenty of room for you.'

There's nobody but a few stray travelers on the road, so it's a fairly peaceful walk to the village. You don't mind a little silence, especially if it means you don't have to suffer the dust and horse ass from the caravan.

As you plod along, your thoughts end up wandering back to Alice. Looking at it with a clearer head, it's hardly unexpected that you'd run into some bizarre relationship troubles. Neither of you are very typical. Trying to return to a normal life felt good, but it's hard to shake the feeling that you're just delaying the inevitable.

The rest of the ride goes quietly as you turn over the past few days in your mind. Tenta meanwhile entertains you again with more lewd songs until the village walls come back into view.

The festival proper hasn't started yet, so the village isn't outrageously loud and busy. Still, the bustle of everyone getting ready and money changing hands is enough to be a little overwhelming.

You work your way inch-by-inch through the narrow streets until you reach the market. What used to be a fair-sized block has now become its own sprawling mini-city. Peddlers and merchants are hollering out the names of their wares; shoppers are packed shoulder-to-shoulder; and the carts move back and forth in front of you with reckless abandon, like thrown rocks.

"Ahoy there, boy! Goods to unload?"

That voice is definitely the last thing you wanted to hear. You stop dead in your tracks -- which isn't saying much, since you were moving about three steps a minute.

From the thick of the crowd, a portly middle-aged man with a pencil moustache going down to his neck hustles towards you on stocky legs too short for his body. His blue-gray robe bounces on his shoulders. It's too thick for the weather, and beads of sweat are pouring down his bald head. He stops to huff and puff and dob his brow with a handkerchief.

"Great," you mutter to yourself.


'The very same.'

Hoo boy.

"Yes, sir," you answer him, forcing a smile.

"Good harvest, eh?" He grins and plucks one of your plums off of the cart without so much as a 'May I?'.

"Sure is. Fresh off the trees." You smile harder, suppressing a cringe at his lack of respect for your plum-babies.

He sets it back and picks up a basket, testing how much it weighs. "Ah, fine load indeed, boy. Shall we say four-hundred fifty yen for each basket?"

You add it up in your head. Three-thousand six-hundred total. "That's a little low, isn't it? Four-thousand five-hundred for the whole load would be closer."

"Come now, m'boy," he harrumphs, "you must be reasonable if we're going to do business. Even four-thousand would be quite generous as it is."

"With all due respect, I know what my plums are worth. Four-thousand five-hundred is the least you can spare."

"Three-thousand five-hundred, if you're willing to take advantage of a poor old working stiff like--"

Gasps and shrieks erupt from the crowd, followed by the sound of stampeding feet. Nagaemon goes pale and reels away from you.

A shadow is cast over you, tall enough to even reach the old man's belly. Something terrible and horrible must have showed up. And it's standing right behind you. This day is turning out just swell.

You take a deep breath to brace yourself and turn around. You should've taken another breath. As you turn around, you're blindsided by a massive pair of breasts. Your face sinks in deep enough to cover your mouth and nose, then is forced back as the breast snaps back to shape, shoving you away.

You stagger backwards, catching your heel on the side of the cart. You flail sideways and fall flat on your ass. Only once you've scrambled up to a sitting position can you finally take a look at who or what caused such a riot.

It takes a good long while for your eyes to finally drift up to the top of the mountainous woman in front of you; you guess her to be at least seven feet tall. Her scraggly red hair, tied up in two loose-hanging tails on the sides of her head, might as well be a hilltop for how far away it seems. While not very wide, her lips are full and thick, sticking out on her round face.

Your gaze wanders back down her body, lingering mostly at her very prominent bosom. Most of her parchment-colored body is hidden under a thin white dress topped with a blue vest going down to her thighs. Her outfit sits on her body loosely, letting the cloth hang off around her chest to show strips of the sarashi restraining her gifts. A leather belt is tied around her waist with a rusted coin serving as the buckle. Beneath that are her bulging hips, perfectly rounded as they lead down to her fat, grabbable thighs.

Right after that, you notice the gleaming scythe perched over her shoulders. The wicked curve stretches from the top of shoulders down to her thighs. Even if you'd never heard of reapers or death gods, the sight of that instrument being wielded by such a massive woman would still make your blood run cold.

"Howdy," the terrifying giant greets you, giving an ear-to-ear grin.

Neither you or Nagaemon manage to speak. The reaper lazily points at you both.

"Oh, hey, paw. Mind speeding it up a little bit? I need a few words with this guy."

You let out a squeak. Nagaemon stares in awe at the woman, looks down at his coin purse, then glances back up. Without a word, he tosses the whole thing to the floor and runs like hell.

"Really, though, I can't be dead," you start to blubber. "I mean, I haven't so much as sneezed in the past few days and... and..."

"Huh? Nah, this ain't one of those visits." The woman rolls her eyes. Her voice has a rustic timbre, roughened with age. "I only came to talk with the little fella here."

She slaps a meaty hand on your chest, nearly bowling you back over. "Yipe!" you whimper and flinch. You half-expected to die the second she touched you.

She giggles at your fearful reaction. Her hand slaps on the top of your head as she ruffles your hair. "Aww, yer too strong-lookin' to act like such a scared little doggie."

"Ha... hagoobawuh," is all you manage to blurt out.

I'm listening. Oh, yes, I'm listening quite thoroughly.

The reaper sighs. "A'rite, you can stop with the 'shock-and-awe' thing now. Yer time ain't up yet. Seriously."

You just barely manage to stay on your feet. "Promise?" you ask.

"Sure. 'less you trip an' split your head open on a rock." She cackles to herself. You don't think it was very funny.

"Anyway, we ought to have some introductions. I'm Komachi Onozuka, the so-called 'Ferryman of the Dead'. People think I'm scary lookin', but my job's really just to push stiffs from one end of the bank to the other. I'd ask ya to introduce yourself, but I already know both yer names."

Komachi points down. "Anyway, grab that payment of yers, an' then we can go somewhere a little more private to talk this over."

You turn around. What looks like half the village is standing a safe distance away, peering at the two of you through windows and around corners. Nagaemon's coinpurse is at your feet. You kneel down and scoop the whole thing up. Just by the weight alone, it's several times what he was offering you. Before you can get too excited, you see everyone watching you with a handful of someone else's money. The weight in your hands suddenly feels rather karmic.

"And since you've got the money, you can pay for lunch!"

"Who with the what?"

"Don't get so outta shape about money, everyone. Just a business expense!" Komachi hollers to the crowd.

She grabs your arm, yanks you toward her, and steps forward. The world around you blurs and contorts, being stretched beyond the point of recognition. Then, in the blink of an eye, the two of you snap forward like you've been launched from a slingshot. The ground reappears beneath your feet not a moment later.

Your legs turn to jelly and you land on your knees. Still holding the bag, you spill it everywhere around you, sending coins clattering around as you force back the urge to spill your guts along with it. You've noticed a recurring trend of going places very fast in a way that nearly makes you hurl each time.

After you open your eyes and stand up, you realize that you're standing outside a shack propped up on the side of some isolated mountain road. It's actually rather quiet despite the people eating there: big, dirt-crusted beefcake types, most of them naked from the waist up and looking like they just crawled out from inside a mine. They're eating things like sheep heads and pig knuckles, with axes, picks, and hunting spears resting on every table. Most of them are staring at you, along with the money you just spilled.

"Hey, at least ya kept your lunch down." Komachi cackles again.

"Why are we in the great steppe, and are these people going to murder me for my precious city goods?" you whisper to Komachi. It might be a good thing that you're still too loopy to realize you're looking towards a reaper for reassurance.

"Hey, they're friendly enough. Keep that sense of humor and you'll be fine."

"Need a hand there?" one of them calls out. The rest of them guffaw.

You quickly get down and scoop the money back into your purse. Komachi walks up towards the shack, which you now see is a bar counter with freshly-skinned game and barrels of unlabeled alcohol behind it. You follow behind her. With the stares from everyone else, you feel like how that boiled pig must've felt a few hours ago. The smell of yeast, animal blood, and alcohol gets even stronger as you get closer to the stand itself.

"Hey, Batugei. How's tricks?" Komachi waves at the thick-set man tending to a boiling pot behind the counter.

Her friend is a bear of a man with a bristly beard growing down to his belly. The black hair along his meaty arms and stomach is so thick you thought it was a form-fitting shirt at first. Surprisingly, he grins and waves back at Komachi. His smile pushes his apple cheeks up into two little balls that nearly cover up his sleepy eyes.

"What'll you have?" His voice comes out like a frog’s croak.

"Soup and hard stuff for me. Soup and beer for him." Komachi props her scythe against the side of the stand.

She sees you worrying and rolls her eyes. "Pssh, relax! This thing couldn't scrape your knee."

She's right. With a closer look, you note a number of dents and scratches. The blade’s so worn that it looks like it’d be better suited for tilling dirt than reaping souls. Assuming it didn't break the second you put it in the ground.

“So, how’s it going?" Komachi flops down onto the bench. Her breasts smack onto the countertop a second later.

“Good hunt this year. The wifey's a crack shot, as always," he rasps back. "Anyway, your orders are comin' up."

Komachi nudges your side with a pudgy elbow. “Don’t let ol' Batugei scare ya. He may look mean but he's a big teddie bear," Komachi says. If you didn't know better, you'd say you just heard Batugei giggle shyly.

He gets out some earthenware bowls and cups and pours something out from an unlabeled barrel. He sets the small cup full of a clear liquid next to Komachi. A burning, medicinal smell wafts out from it. A few seconds later, he plops down a mug of thick, black beer in front of you. The first sip reminds you of a boozy pudding, and it smells a lot like yeasty bread.

Komachi picks up her cup and knocks back the entire thing in one gulp. She coughs, splutters, and pounds her hands on her chest.

“Hoo! Now that's what I was hankerin' for,” she grins.

You take another sip while you watch Komachi apply her fists to her breasts. You look forward to see Batugei watching you with a smile.

"Er, it's very good," you say politely.

“Everything here's my own brew.” There's a twinkle of pride behind his sleepy eyes. “And the soup's even better, if I say so myself."

He ladles out the aforementioned soup into two bowls, making a bit of a mess on the countertop. You take a curious peek at it. At first glance, it looks like just a cloudy broth with noodles, onions, and bits of meat you can't quite identify floating in it. The smell is fantastic, though -- enough to make you forget how upset your stomach was from teleporting.

You grab a spoon and chopsticks, having a small taste. It's pub food alright, but the flavor's pretty hard to beat. The broth is thick and meaty, practically a meal in itself.

"He's a pretty mean cook, ain't he?" Komachi says.

She plunks down her glass and Batugei quickly refills it. If you don't get her to talk soon, she'll be too sloshed to tell you anything.

“What was it you had to tell me?" You prod Komachi. Verbally.

"Yeah, yeah, sure. Not the waiting type, are ya? You'd get along great with th' boss." She prods you back with a nudge to the shoulder. The alcohol is apparently working very quickly on her. Her face takes on a ruddy color.

"So, the Yama, right? She wants to see you." She leans back against the bench. Her breasts flatten out as their weight moves toward her armpits. "Y'know, a welcome-back meeting, I guess you should say. Well, not really a 'welcome'. Probably more of a 'I got my eye on you' meeting."

'I have never been more scared of being with you.'

Now you know how Tadashi feels, I guess.

"She wants t'see you, uh... this Sunday. Crack of dawn." She starts to linger on her words a little too long as the alcohol loosens her mouth.

"But, how? Where?" You try to keep your voice low to avoid getting any more attention. It comes out as a panicked hiss.

"Ah, shit, that's right. I gotta thing right here."

Komachi heaves herself forward and sits up. She tugs on the strips of cloth covering her breasts just enough to loosen them and works her other hand underneath it.

"Got a little something in one of my secret compartments." Her hand burrows around between her cleavage. You watch, fascinated, as she hefts up one of her squishy breasts underneath the cloth, then yanks out a folded up piece of paper.

"There we are." She unfolds it, then slaps herself on the forehead. "Aw, dammit. How'm I late already?" She shoves the paper at you. You barely manage to grab it before she grabs your wrist.

"Gotta go, he'll pay you next time! You know I'm good for it!" Komachi babbles at Batugei.

You can already see what's coming, so you manage to clench your gut and shut your eyes as you're hurtled forward against your will. You reappear in the middle of the village, now busy and bustling once again. The market goes quiet all at once when they notice you and Komachi have returned.

"Good luck, kid. See you later and all that!" Just like that, she vanishes again. The shoppers and peddlers barely skip a beat this time and go right back to their business, though they go out of their way to avoid you.

You groggily get back to your feet, quickly noticing the cart that Rafael is attached to hasn't been moved, though it's now clear of plums. Either Nagaemon came back to make good on his sale or everyone else helped themselves while you were away. At least somebody left some barley for Rafael to chow on.

Before you do anything else, you look over the paper that Komachi barely managed to shove into your hands.


-- I have scheduled a meeting with you this next Sunday morning, seven days, six hours and thirty-seven minutes from now. It would be in the interests of your immortal soul to attend. --

The thirty-seven quickly ticks down to thirty-six.

P.S. Komachi -- I have given you ample time for this simple messaging task, and in my eternal patience I expect you to return by TIME EXPIRED.

You flip the paper over to check for any other notes and find an elaborate stamp signing it as an official document of The Ministry of What's Right and What's Wrong, along with another seal verifying it as Yama Shiki's, another verifying it as within the bounds of Gensokyo, and so on. Now you see why Komachi was in such a hurry.

"God, what a day," you mutter to yourself and reach for the reins of Rafael's yoke. He nudges your hand away from his face. Apparently, he won't budge unless he's taking his food with him.

"Alright, don't worry, here." You scoop up the remaining handfuls of hay and toss them into the wagon. "I'll feed you on the way back, okay?"

You're slightly surprised to see that he seems to understand you. He grudgingly sighs and starts dragging the cart behind him. You're a little jealous of him, since you were eager to have more of that soup back at the stand.

He seems so used to the trip that he turns towards the way out of the village without any guidance from you. He could probably make it all the way back by himself. You lean against his side, using him as a mobile countertop to take some of the weight off of your tired feet.

I wish I could be there for Komachi's punishment.

Tenta treats you to the mental image of Komachi in nothing but a loincloth, bent over, her tits hanging free. Her nipples point towards the ground as gravity stretches out her long teats, slightly loose and drooping with their size. Her bulbous ass points straight up. The thin strip of cloth meant to cover her behind is engulfed and hidden by her fat mounds. Shiki lords over her, raising her Rod of Remorse and bringing it down against her ass. It sinks against her plentiful flesh, making it ripple like a stone dropped in water. Komachi squirms in glee. Her udders fly back and forth, smacking against her body.

Wouldn't that be great?

'I don't think the Yama uses sexy spankings as a punishment.'

I know, but if she did, that'd be great. Right?

Hard to argue with that one.

You offer Rafael another handful of hay as you meander back outside the village. You're already starting to wind down for the day, although the sun still has yet to set.


'Nah, I don't mind the moments of quiet. They help me to rela--'

I'll help pass the time with a song!

In the Big Cock Randy Mountain,
there's a land that's filled with whores.
You can stick your cock in any hole
and they'll never give you sores.

Where the tits are all size double-D
and the panties made of lace.

Oh, I'm seeking my joys
with my fingers and toys
in the women and boys
of the Big--

By the time he's about hit the second verse, you can already see the beginning of Houfumura. 'We're back home already,' you interrupt.

You mean you're back home. Seriously, though, I had no idea humans did so much walking.

'Not if we can help it.' You sigh.

The sounds of drums and wild song carries out from the center of the hamlet, reminding you of all the fun you've been missing while you've been out fearing for your life. Much as you'd like to head right in, you should at least park Tadashi's cow somewhere safe.

You walk through the outskirts of the hamlet. The trees and houses block out the sounds of the festival until it's nearly silent once again. Your land comes into view. Almost home now.

"Hey, funny seeing you here."

A familiar syrupy, babyish voice comes from above you. You turn to see Minoriko floating down from the ground on the other side of Rafael. As usual, she looks like a farmer's dream: short hair like stalks of wheat and a round baby face fit her bubbly voice perfectly. While her clothes are plain and brown, you know that underneath she's got some squeezable, huggable thighs, a soft tummy, and breasts to match her title of 'abundance and plenty'. The smell of freshly roasted sweet potatoes from her perfume replaces the smell of sweaty cow skin -- and makes your stomach rumble.

"Aww! And hi to you too, cowsie!"

She hugs Rafael around his neck. His eyebrows narrow and he lows happily. As she pets his ears, his lips even seem to curl up in a smile.

"I'm so glad to see a friendly face after today. Shouldn't you be at the festival by now, though?" Usually by this time, Minoriko is busy receiving the affection -- and foreplay -- of her devoted farmers and followers.

Minoriko rolls her eyes, still keeping her silly grin. "This 'n that. Little family dispute. Sis is busy moping in one of your trees, sorry. Wanna help me cheer her up?"

You keep your heavy sigh trapped in your gut. Just when you thought you were done with today, it threw another rock at you. Shizuha, Minoriko's older sister, controls the changing of the leaves, turning them orange and red as fall reaches its peak. She also has a reputation for being icy and unapproachable. The local festivities almost never involve her unless Minoriko drags her along, and she always brings her grouchy attitude with her.

Minoriko reads the obvious displeasure on your face. She responds by putting her hands on he hips and scowling. "She's not that bad. It's not like she's going to bite your face off."

"I know, it's just..." you grumble.

"And it'd make me reeeeally happy." Her face flips back up into a sweet smile and she flutters her eyelids at you like a baby doe.

"Alright, fine."

"Good!" She stands up on her tiptoes and pecks you on the cheek.
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Minoriko turns and leads you towards the tree in question. Rafael totters along behind her, apparently smitten with her now. In the middle of the grove, a velvety purple patch of leaves sticks out from the bright green around it. Hidden inside you can make out a head of shining golden hair and a fiery orange dress.

"Sis! Heeeeey, siiiiiis!" Minoriko shouts.

Shizuha lets herself down from her hiding spot. A waterfall of leaves follow her down, as if they were part of her official entrance. Her slanted, piercing yellow eyes look at her sister, then at you.

You're struck by her beauty. Milky pale skin, thin, pursed lips and pencil-mark eyebrows give her a demure look. Her skin is as clear and smooth as a lacquer sculpture, save for the small black dot beside her right eye. Hairpins with leaf designs part her hair neatly, showing her large, babyish forehead and slightly rounded cheeks, the only physical similarities with her sister. Her earthy red dress has lines of yellow and orange along the lower half. Even with its small size, the dress is still more than large enough for her slender chest and stick-like limbs. She crosses her arms and points her cold glare at Minoriko.

"A cow?" she says testily.

"Don't ask, just pet. It'll make you feel better." Minoriko presents Rafael to her sister. She sighs but still reaches out and strokes him along the top of his back.

She turns to you. "And who are you?"

"Er, hi. You can call me Kinkan." You bow to her.

"Did Minoriko bring you here?" she asks.

"Yes," you admit.

"Did she ask you to cheer me up?"

You look at Minoriko, suddenly in need of guidance. She slaps her hand to her face.

Shizuha heaves out a sigh, almost an irritated grunt. "I see."

"Well, I mean, this is where I live," you say in an attempt to save face.

"Oh, I apologize." Shizuha curtly bows back at you. "I didn't mean to trespass. I'll leave you alone."

Minoriko silently fumes at her sister. She scrunches her face up and scowls at you, waiting for you to solve the problem.

"You don't have to leave, really. I'd actually prefer if you stayed," you quickly say.

Minoriko shuffles slightly to the left, guarding her sister's back so she can't turn and flee.

"I'm flattered, but you don't have to do this for my sister's sake." She looks away, either avoiding your eyes or planning an alternate escape route.

"Do you like plum trees?" you blurt out.

She stifles a snicker. "Well, they can be nice."

"I was just wondering what attracted you to one of my trees."

"Well, mostly it was the closest."

Hah, you got her to actually talk to you. Your recovery from that verbal fall would put a judo expert to shame. Minoriko nods in silent approval.

"Still, they're so beautiful when they turn pink, aren't they?"

"Yes." Shizuha smiles for the first time so far. She realizes a second later that you just complimented her abilities and tries to backtrack. "They're not as good as cherry blossoms, though."

Easy now, time to put on the brakes a little. Sneak in another complimen--

'Wait, have you been feeding me lines this whole time?'

Just a little. Sometimes it's too painful to sit back and watch. 'Do you like plum trees,' I swear...

"Do you think I could watch you do your work? I'd love to see how it's done."

She draws in a long breath. Lines appear on her smooth, round forehead as she furrows her brow. After a pause, she exhales and loosens her face. "Sure, alright."

Minoriko lets out an audible squeal of delight and jumps in the air.

"Without the peanut gallery." Shizuha turns around and looks at her sister. While she's still giving her a glare, it's less outright anger and more normal, playful annoyance with a sibling.

"Alright, if you insist." Minoriko doesn't bother trying to hide her glee that her plan succeeded. She turns and skips her way through the grove of trees towards Houfumura. Still entranced, Rafael gives chase as fast as his big body can run.

No, no! We need to keep the hot sister! And maybe the cow too!

'What's wrong with just Shizuha?'

Not sure if she'll be worth the effort. After giving her a good look, it seems like she's about as deviant as a prawn.

'She's pretty, though.'

Yeah. I suppose.

Shizuha watches her sister leave until she's too far away to turn around and sneak back up.

"I, um... I haven't done this with an audience for a long time." She bites her lower lip, giving you a guarded smile.

She presses her hand to the trunk of the tree. The leaves above you turn a luscious pink color. A few seconds later, they turn to a velvety purple, curling and seeming to be weighed down by gravity. A few stray leaves fall down, adding dots of color on the grass around you.

You step back to get a full view of the tree. "It's beautiful."

"Hm." Shizuha smiles.

"Do you ever take the time to admire your handiwork?"

She pauses. "No, I don't think I have."

She inches closer to you.

"But I'm glad you like it so much," she says.

She fidgets. She's clearly unfamiliar with receiving praise.

"Come here. I want you to appreciate it too."

Shizuha approaches you slowly, her hands held together below her chin. When she's close enough, you slide an arm around her back, just below her shoulders. She's so slender you can easily wrap her up in your grip and pull her close to you for an embrace. Her flat chest lets you hug her nearly heart-to-heart.

"What you do is beautiful, Shizuha," you whisper into her ear. "I love the wonderful colors, the smell of the leaves." You caress her upper back. "If we didn't have the changing of the seasons, we couldn't have the beauty of spring and summer, either. It's like the cycle of death and rebirth. We could never have one without the other."

Shizuha sighs happily and rests her head against your shoulder.

That was all me.

'That was all me.'

After a peaceful silence, she lifts her head up and looks into your eyes. Her thin lips have lifted up into a smile, brightening her entire face. You can see the family resemblance now. Her smile makes her look so much younger and happier.

"Thank you," she whispers.

You tilt your head down and press your lips to hers. The beautiful floral smell of her perfume fills your head. You taste mint and pears as your tongue slithers between her lips and caresses the inside of her mouth.

A few seconds later, your tongue leaves her mouth with a soft slipping sound. Her lower lip hangs open, still recovering from the kiss. Finally, she brings it back to a smile and slips out from your arms.

"May I set the mood, then?"

You nod. She places her hand against the tree again. The leaves shrivel and fray, turning orange at their edges, then fall off their branches. The fall is so thick they block out the view like a patchy curtain.

She spreads her arms, inviting you towards her. You embrace her, tightly and sensually this time, one arm around her shoulders and the other down just above her hips. You turn your head and cover her lips with wet kisses.

The shower of leaves stops, leaving you both ankle-deep. You lean your chest tighter against Shizuha and loosen your grip. She catches on to your intentions and leans further back. She falls onto the pile of leaves, arms spread, sending up a splash of pink and purple.

You get on your hands and knees and crawl to her. The dry leaves crunch and rustle. Her breathing quickens, and her face flushes red in excitement. She raises a hand and slides it between the folds of your robe. Her long, delicate fingers tickle Tenta's presence on your chest.

"Minoriko told me about the fellow you've got here." She traces her fingers over your pecs, then down on the muscles on your abdomen. "I suppose you were hoping for something like this, weren't you?"

"You could say that." You slowly lower your body closer to hers until the steam from your breath mixes with hers as you ponder how to love her.

[ ] Make her feel like the goddess she is.
[ ] She's gonna get loved tenderly.
[ ] Let's just take it niiiiice and slooooow.
No. 32383
The Beast returned!
No. 32384
[x] Make her feel like the goddess she is.
No. 32386
[x] Let's just take it niiiiice and slooooow.

We got plans to put our hands in places.
No. 32387
[X] Make her feel like the goddess she is.

Oh, hey, this awesome story.
No. 32390
It's a miracle. I was just thinking about this story. Clearly the gods have heard my prayers.

[x] Make her feel like the goddess she is.
No. 32391
[X] Make her feel like the goddess she is.
Fuck yeah! Welcome back!
No. 32392
[x] Make her feel like the goddess she is.
Most excellent.
No. 32393
[x] Make her feel like the goddess she is.

Dang. That was good. I mean REAL good.
No. 32394
[X] Make her feel like the goddess she is.

Tenta always finds new ways to be amusing. He's like that best sidekick you could have
No. 32397
[X] Make her feel like the goddess she is.

I didn't think the last thread autosaged. Hopefully this means teh story will return to the way it was.
No. 32398
Hello, all. Good to see that the story is back.

Since it was forgotten in the post

Previous thread: >>22870
Updated doc file: http://www.mediafire.com/download/axo652b675d31ls/The_Beast_Returns_to_Gensokyo.doc
No. 32402

Ah, good, housekeeping showed up.

Anyway, closing votes! Our winner:

[X] Make her feel like the goddess she is.

Personal deadline for the update is three weeks today. Let's see if I make it!
No. 32612
Three weeks may have been a tad optimistic.

A family member of mine went in for surgery. She's doing fine, thankfully, but it's still been a stressful time around the household.

The update's currently about... sixty percent done, I'd say. My tendency to make each update practically a novella has reared its head again, but from the sounds of things, most of you fellow readers seem to enjoy the longer updates at the expense of frequency. In any case, it's slow but steady progress on the update.
No. 32618
As someone who has lurked this story for some time, I'm just glad you're back. Keep up the amazing work as you detail our wonderful travels through Gensokyo.
No. 33627
File 138769410075.jpg- (77.74KB , 600x600 , Shizubutt.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Make her feel like the goddess she is.

Seeing Shizuha's face flush with excitement, trembling and anxious as you draw closer to her, the memory of a distant and untouchable goddess gradually melts away. Right now she seems very, very touchable.

You run a finger over her thin, pale lips, studying them and committing their details to memory. You roll onto your side instead of laying on top of her, resting your chin on her shoulder.

You tilt your head and give her a deep, heavy kiss. The faint taste of flowers and pears tickles your tongue as it goes in past her lips. Her eyelids snap open, then float downward as she surrenders her mouth to you. You suck at her mouth, playing with her tongue for a bit before she leans her head away and takes a deep breath of air.

As soon as she's caught her breath, you caress her waist over her clothes. "Shizuha. I need to see your body."

She closes her mouth and turns her head. "Well, could you..." She grabs the end of your belt and tugs on it to explain.

You smile and slowly lower your robe from around your shoulders. You attempt to do a sexy strip tease, which turns out to just be you undressing yourself normally but slower. Thankfully, your body speaks for itself -- a hungry-looking grin appears piece by piece on Shizuha's face.

Her eyebrows raise slightly as she marvels your abdomen. You're not bulky by any means, but you do keep in good shape. "Oh my," she remarks.

"Farming keeps me in shape." Nobody asked, and you feel a little silly for answering it, but it felt like the thing to say.

"Impressive," she says with a quiet laugh.

"Well, thank you kindly."

You yank open the knot and let your robe fall on the ground behind you. Shizuha's eyes fall below your stomach and stay there for a bit.

"Now then, dear goddess..." Looming over her on all fours, you press the moment and fiddle with her collar in search of a button, seam, zipper, or anything. Shizuha lets out a quiet laugh through her nose.

"Here, let me." She lifts your hand off of her chest and runs a finger down her body, tracing from the bottom of her collar down to her navel.

Dozens of cracks, hair-thin lines, appear on her dress. It takes you a moment to realize that her clothing is made up of a perfectly connected puzzle of autumn leaves. Her dress has exploded into a patchwork of reds, oranges, and yellows. You pluck up the stem of a maple leaf that was covering her nipple and stare at it. There is definitely no power more amazing than nature to put together something so magnificent.

Eager to see something even more beautiful, you briskly brush away the rest of the leaves. Her body is like a blank piece of rice paper: so pale, smooth, and free of flaws. You take it in with your hands as well as your eyes, feeling your way up and down the subtle curves of her waist. She's firm to the touch -- not particularly muscular, just skinny. You can even feel the slight bumps of her ribs. Her breasts barely rise above her chest, save for her perky nipples sticking out on her small frame. Hardly the bounty of her sister but certainly beautiful in its own way.

Being looked at so intently, Shizuha's pale cheek reddens a little, but she gives a quiet smile. You rest your face on her chest and feel it rise as she breathes in. You move around her breasts with very light kisses, more like brushing your lips over her skin as you trace circles around her breasts. The light touch tickles her skin, sending little shivers that make her rub against you.

Your kisses go closer to her chest, but you make a U-turn and go right for her armpits. You lift up her arm and start kissing the skin underneath, possibly the softest part on her body so far. You suck some of her skin into your mouth and run your tongue over it, drawing a chorus of squealing and giggling from Shizuha.

"What are you doing?" she asks through her laughter.

You let go of her flesh. "Giving you a hickie," you answer before leaning up and tenderly biting at the side of her neck.

She playfully pushes you away. "Okay, you've had your fun."

You agree, it's time to move things on. Nibbling her bit by bit, you move down her collar and down to the top of her breast, then move in closer to her vulnerable nipple. With your tongue, you trace around the soft, puffy part. Her chest rises as she takes a sharp breath. She stiffens up tight when you pinch her nipple between your lips, sucking it slightly into your mouth and flicking your tongue over it.

With that, Shizuha lets out her first moan, a quiet one through her nose. You sink your face against her chest and nuzzle her chest, still keeping her nipple between your lips. You lean your head up let it go with a pop. Even with as small as they are, her breasts make a nice jiggle as they snap back into place.

Shizuha reaches up and hooks a gentle arm around your shoulders. You open your mouth wide and run your tongue from one end of her breast to the other in a wet, sloppy motion.

She giggles again and places her hand between your shoulders. Her long fingers slide up and down your back as you cover her breast with your tongue. You press your face back against her chest and put a hand on each side of her waist. She tenses up as your hands go down to her waist, then onto her thigh.

She isn't entirely bare yet, it seems. A single ginko leaf is wedged between her legs, attached with a small amount of moisture. You feel her thigh again. Shizuha lets out a hum, enjoying the direction this is taking.

You slide out from underneath her arm and rest your head on her stomach, right above her navel. Her breathing gently rocks your head as you take a moment to admire the view of her thighs. Her legs are skinny enough to leave a gap between her legs, perfect for a hand or a tongue to slide between.

You blow that pesky leaf off of her with a puff of air. The cold breeze on her tenders makes her twitch, almost launching your head off of her stomach. From this angle you can't see much, just a tiny spot of pink between her legs sticking out past her thin, wispy patch of pubes.

You crane your neck down between her thighs, running your tongue over the soft skin beneath her hair. The hairs tickle your lips, and Shizuha rubs her knees together, softly laughing.

You've had your fill of teasing. You move your legs closer to her body and put your face between her legs. You zero in on the small hooded nub perched above her pussy and hungrily wrap your mouth over it. You paw at it with your tongue, peeling it back and licking it bare. Shizuha tightens her legs, squeezing your face between them. This time it's quite obviously a sign to stop -- even if you enjoyed her response.

You lift your head up and look sheepishly back at Shizuha. "Too much?"

She shudders a little. "Just... give me a little heads-up first, okay?"

Pffft, called it.

'Alright, give me a hand then if I'm so laughably bad. If you've got time to lean, you've got time to clean.'

Nah, I already did my work for today. It's your turn to haul this load.

You kiss Shizuha's stomach to make amends. 'Weren't you supposed to be the insatiable sex-beast?'

Hey, let me put it this way. If you could eat meat all day, you'd pass on a bowl of plain rice too, right?

'Are you sayin-'

Or pork, as the situation may be, Tenta cuts in with his schoolboy sniggering.

'Are you saying Shizuha is a bowl of plain rice?'

I guess what I'm saying is: I'm a connoisseur. I don't eat to live, I live to eat.

You kiss your way back up from her navel until you reach the underside of her breast, then travel back down. 'Then I guess I'll just have to have all this nourishment for myself.'

Even if you're going to be more careful this time, that was just an appetiser before. You stroke the inside of her thigh, giving her a little heads-up before your hand dips between that lovely gap of hers and rubs on her lips.

"There we go. Much better, isn't it?"


Shizuha's body relaxes while her legs tense up, her feet flat on the ground and her knees together. Your fingers move up and down faster. Every time your fingers get close to her pleasure button, she draws a sharp breath. Curious, you fish a finger down near her warm entrance. Like a hungry mouth, a bit of sticky moisture lingers around the bottom of her lips -- a sign you're doing well.

You unfix your underwear and toss it aside, finally out of those hot clothes. Exploring Shizuha's body has certainly gotten the blood flowing: you've already got a good half-stiffy going.

Shizuha casts a curious glance down, cracking a bit of a cheeky smile seeing how excited she's made you. "What a pleasant surprise." Coming this far seems to have emboldened her.

She reaches down between your legs, tracing a finger along your length. You give an appreciative grunt. Her cool hand feels incredibly good. With a giggle, she cups your balls in her palm. She gives them a gentle squeeze and watches as the whole package stirs to life. The reactions of your crotch interest her, and she gives them another squeeze to pick up on new details before wrapping her hand around your shaft.

"What do you think?" you ask with another pleased grunt.

"It's spongy." Shizuha smiles and lets out an embarrassed laugh. She begins to caress it, holding it loosely and twisting her hand as she strokes you. You press one of your rough hands back onto her thighs, almost mirroring her motion as you stroke her and roll your hand in and out of the gap between her legs.

She's even more interested as she feels your cock grow and heat up in the palm of her hand. As she lets go, she runs a finger along the underside of it, lifting it up and letting it bounce back down as her finger slips off of your tip.

Now having apologized for your previous faux pas in full, you get back up and take a knee beneath Shizuha's legs for your second attempt. You grab one of her ankles in each hand and lift them up. She yelps as her body weight shifts, then she giggles and shrieks playfully when you spread her legs wide apart.

This is your first real view of her pussy. Her outer lips are a slightly dark red, and her inner lips have started to puff up. She leans her head up to look at herself before falling back down with a wry smile up at you.

Before closing in, you take a moment to draw your face close to her foot and nip at her heel. As far as feet go, hers are perfect for nibbling. They're smooth, soft and flawless, smelling of wet grass after walking around barefoot for so long.

"Weirdo," Shizuha mumbles through a grin.

"What was that?" you sing. You hold her foot steady with one hand and tickle it with the other. She giggles and shakes uncontrollably, gasping for breath through a wide, goofy smile.

"Hey, hey, stop, weirdo!"

"Alright, then, I'll do this instead."

You plant a lingering smooch on her foot, just above her heel. Her toes curl, tangling in your hair and rubbing your forehead as they wriggle. You kiss your way up her foot and reach her toes in no time. You put your mouth around her big toe and tickle it with just the tip of your tongue. Shizuha yelps and breaks into giggling as you suckle her toe. Unable to let her off with just a little teasing, you tickle the soles of her feet with your free hand. Her giggling turns into full belly laughs, bouncing her hips on the ground and squirming.

You stop tickling at let her catch her breath before she passes out. You look down and see your little soldier is even happier now, armed and ready for battle. Shizuha notices too, with a little snicker at your odd tastes. You press the hot length against her thigh, low enough to tickle the sparse hair around her crotch and press the tip into the soft, sensitive mound. Shizuha looks up at you, and you respond with a wide, knowing grin.

You give her big toe one last kiss before moving things along. You let her leg fall to the side, leaving her splayed, and hunch down on all fours. Shizuha's eyes dart between your grin and the member hanging between your legs.

Your body is above her now, your face level with hers, your knees against her lower thighs. You shift your hips and rest your cock along the top of Shizuha's crotch. For a few seconds, you let the heat of your cock mingle with the flushed heat of her skin.

Finally, you can't delay it any longer. Shizuha's eyes open wide when you make a firm push and make your tip disappear between her thighs. Shizuha leans up and stares between her legs, watching as your cock slides in a little further.

You take a moment to let your cock rest inside her. Her pussy squeezes down at your intrusion but quickly relaxes. She bites her lip as you push in all the way. It's a fairly snug fit, not uncomfortable, but you can feel the muscles wrapped tight around you. You pull back, and as you press in again, she leans up and grabs your shoulders. She hangs off of you in a loose cuddle. You smell roses and pears again as she breathes out heavily, making an effort to let you move freely inside.

You pull her closer to you until she's nearly sitting in your lap. Her arms wrap around your biceps, barely able to reach your back. Your mouth meets hers again, and this time she's ready for it. Her tongue runs laps inside your mouth in a decent attempt at kissing. Good kissing seems to be something of a rarity among your partners, and you wonder if you give the same impression to them.

I know the answer but I ain't tellin'.

This must mean you're doing fairly well. Tenta wouldn't pass up a chance to snark about your smooching technique.

You roll your hips against her. Her tightness makes you shiver and squirm as you press against her, poking and prodding at her sides.

You push harder and faster against her body until you fall forwards. Shizuha falls on her back, her legs high up and splayed out in a demonstration of her flexibility. You press your body against her skin, which is now tinged red all over. Her deep, panting breaths shake her entire body. This is the perfect angle for speeding things up. You hold her tight as you being putting more vigor into your hips, bouncing off of hers as you move. Each quick thrust brings a happy squeak from Shizuha, as if you're forcing some air out of her every time your lower bodies meet.

She's certainly enjoying it, but you know you can make it better. You perch one of her legs on your shoulder and lean away from her. With some space now between your body and hers, your hand makes a beeline for her nub.

Still moving your hips, you test her clit again with a gentle press. You can feel that the hood has stretched itself back, and the effect when you touch it is clear. She grabs your forearms and squeezes tight in a loving death grip. Even though you're still not fully used to the light, intimate touch she seems to need, you use your combined experiences to the best of your ability. Your finger is wet and slick with the moisture seeping from Shizuha's pussy, letting you slide your finger over tender bit with a pickpocket's touch.

She starts contributing on her own. While one of her hands still hangs on to your wrist, much more loosely now, her other hand drifts off of your arm and moves to her chest. She pinches her nipple between her fingers, rolling and flicking it. Her hips roll faster, urging you to match her tempo.

"Don't stop!" she yelps, as if you ever planned to.

Just a few more seconds of furious rubbing and her pussy tightens so strong and so quickly it nearly pushes you out. The leaves beneath her fly and crumble as she bucks her hips against the ground, nearly tossing you around as she squeezes your arm for support.

You give her no quarter and continue to rub her as she moves. She leans her face forward and shoves her tongue into your mouth with surprising ferocity. As you tap her particularly well, she nearly sucks the air out of your lungs. Her tongue slaps around inside your mouth as hard as she was flailing a few seconds ago.

Her climax takes its time, running from the center of her body up to the top of her head then back down to the tips of her toes. After several minutes her tongue starts to slow down, then she breaks the kiss and puts a hand on your wrist.

"Okay, wow, whew!" She lifts your hand off of her clit, then leans back and falls onto the ground. She lies spread-eagle against the leaves, looking blissful, almost dreamy.

You make a few shallow movements before pulling out with a happy sigh. You didn't release, but you're still feeling awfully satisfied -- and worn out. Your lower back reminds you of summer days in the rice paddies right now. You flop back away from her, your legs tangled with hers, taking a moment to catch your breath.

Your dick acts like a weather vane and catches the chilly evening wind. You suddenly realize just how cold the ground is and start to shiver. The sun's just beginning to go down. You let out a tired groan, sit up, and reach for your clothes.

Before you can get dressed, you hear a rustle of leaves and a warm hand touches your shoulder. "Hang on a second," Shizuha says.


"You've been awfully nice, so, um..." She shuffles into your lap, sitting sideways, poking your cock against your stomach. Even though she just went on quite a ride, her eyes tell you that she's not done until you're done.

[ ] Hop aboard and let's ride!
[ ] Well, if you so insist, why don't you finish me off with your...
-[ ] Write-in.
No. 33629
File 138769491588.jpg- (479.69KB , 800x900 , shizuhanoms.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ ] Well, if you so insist, why don't you finish me off with your...
-[ ] Mouth and hands.

om nom nom
No. 33631
[X] Well, if you so insist, why don't you finish me off with your...
-[X] Mouth and hands.

Good to see this again.
No. 33632
[x] Well, if you so insist, why don't you finish me off with your...
-[x] hands and feet.

Because feets.
No. 33633
Not gonna lie I love the description of how her outfit was removed... and how it was made

[X] Hop aboard and let's ride!

Kind of shocked Tenta wasn't gonna enjoy making her more lewd looking
No. 33636
[X] Hop aboard and let's ride!

I'd rather have Shizuha do this.

Here I thought this was dead.
No. 33637
[x] Hop aboard and let's ride!

Tenta has some poor taste for a connoisseur. Comparing the body of a goddess with plain rice? Pfft! Pfft I say!
No. 33638
not everyone can appreciate Shizuha's beauty. It makes me wonder what he'd compare Alice to. Yeah I haven't forgotten her.
No. 33640
[X] Hop aboard and let's ride!
No. 33653
Well either Tenta could
A) Tell what people's secret Fetishes are even without Kink Juice
B) Just was needing a good fuck when Farmer ran into Alice and was impressed with the outcome

If it's A then maybe Shizuha's not hiding any crazy wild kinks to explore. Remember Alice had the entire Dollplay kink
No. 33654
quite possible and explainable.
No. 33655
[X] Hop aboard and let's ride!
No. 33656
[X] Hop aboard and let's ride!

I like how things have been going.
No. 33658
[x] Hop aboard and let's ride!

This story needs more girl-on-top action.
No. 33662
Closing votes!

[x] Hop aboard and let's ride!


'Now I'm wondering the same thing. What kind of food is Alice?'

Hmm... Blini with sturgeon caviar. Delicate, yet rustic, yet also exotic. Shizuha got promoted, by the way. She's now rice with cabbage.


Mexican-style fried plantains. Comforting even at the risk of your health.


Durian. Smells like ass, but tastes so sweet.


Beef Stroganoff, because she's got me strokin' off.
No. 33663
Tenta, hey, Tenta! What do fairies taste like?
No. 33664
Hopes and dreams.
No. 33665
And what kind of food was Kaguya, or Mokou?
No. 33666
Probably ash
No. 33667

For some reason, I'm picturing fairies tasting like ice cream and piss.
No. 33670

OP, you know what must be done.
No. 33671
I'd imagine Sunny'd be something milky (yes I haven't forgotten our Milktank)
No. 33677
Sunny is cookies and cream ice cream.

Luna is matcha ice cream.

Star is egg nog ice cream.
No. 33682
In fairy society, hierarchy is determined by whomever tastes the best.
No. 33687
They hold regular erec- I mean, elections, to keep the leadership structure up-to-date with possible changes in flavouring.
Most times, multiple rounds of 'voting' are needed to ensure a proper consensus.
Cunnilingus-based democracy is now my all-time favourite form of politics.
No. 33709
A "R/L" joke could be made from what you said.
No. 33948
File 138997947989.jpg- (190.97KB , 850x638 , Yukarihandjob.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Hop aboard and let's ride!

Even though you're a bit sweaty and worn out, there is one part of you that isn't tired yet. The cool touch of your goddess's skin against him makes him all the more eager.

"Well, okay," you say, sitting up like you're about to get on top again, "I don't see any problem."


Shizuha's thin hand stops you.

"I want to be on top this time."

She gives you a gentle shove, not hard enough to actually knock you over, just a little push to tell you to lie down. You let yourself fall back onto the bed of leaves. The ground is a little cold, but you can't complain about the view.

Her cheek flushes a little as she looks down at you. "I just, um... I mean, you did most of the work, so..." she mutters, a slight quaver in her voice.

You lean up and stroke Shizuha's hair, pulling her close enough that your faces touch. She closes her eyes. Her open lips hover next to yours for a second. Her tongue probes around inside your mouth in nervous, gentle motions before it slides back out. She closes her mouth and smiles up at you again, this time with her thin eyebrows in a mischievous arch.

"A bit excited now?" you ask, returning her smile.

Her response is another kiss, a harder one. If her lips had any plumpness to them, they'd surely be squishing against your face, right below your nose. As it stands, her thin lips are still perfectly fine as they close in on your face. Her nose rubs against yours as she kisses you. Despite her enthusiasm, she still hesitates a little mid-kiss.

Her hips rub against your cock. It presses against your stomach, the heat of it tickling her belly button. After one particularly strong kiss, she leans over and licks at the stubble on your cheek. You can hear her hot, heavy breath as her wet tongue runs against the grain of your hair, tickling them.

"Very excited now," you confirm.

Shizuha paws over your chest, her attention focused on the bits of purple where Tenta takes up space. Her fingers treat them with the same delicacy she used on your cock earlier. She smiles, her golden eyes gleaming, her fingertips tickling the roots.

"I haven't heard much from him."

For a moment, you wonder if you've just tuned Tenta out, but a quick check reveals that he's out cold. You were wondering why your thoughts seemed so clear.

"He's napping right now, sorry." You don't have the heart to tell her that she's plain rice with cabbage. It might be for the best. Shizuha doesn't seem like the type to enjoy five tentacle-dicks in her hole of choice. All the same, she shrugs the news off and caresses down the sides of your abs, then works back up as she straddles your thighs.

"That's alright. We can keep having a good time by ourselves."

She lets out a sound like someone tossing and turning in their sleep as she lowers her hips. The insides of her pussy welcome you back with a warm, slippery hug. A small wet sound comes out of her pussy, like stepping in mud. She winces and sits still while you try hard not to giggle.

After she shakes off her embarrassment, she rests her hands on your chest and moves her hips upward, giving your cock another nice hug. It's a comfortable fit -- there's even a little spare room for moving. As she leans harder against your chest, her hands press on your nipples, giving them a firm, slow rub.

She smiles at you as she starts to move her hips in a steady circle. Her golden hair sways. Now that you're on your back, you can take a moment to remind yourself how nice she looks.

"Do you like it?" she asks between fast breaths.

"Mm-hmm," you grunt.

"Good." She brushes back her hair, then lowers her head and leans in for a kiss.

She's comfortably aggressive now, nearly tongue-fucking your mouth. Her body presses against yours, her nipples scraping your chest as her hips continue to slap up and down. With the slight height difference, her riding pulls your cock back and forth as well as up and down, squeezing down right on the sensitive head.

Your hands slide over her hips and then grab onto her ass, spreading her cheeks slightly apart. She tightens up as the cold air reaches somewhere she wasn't expecting. You start to thrust back, and your hips collide with hers, making a sloppy, slippery rhythm. You squeeze and fondle her butt, your finger slipping down between her cheeks. It's hard to resist playing with her little pucker. Something between a yelp and a giggle jumps from her mouth, and her grip on your chest tightens. Her fingernails scratch your chest just a little, making you tense up in return.

"Almost there?" she pants into your ear.

"Keep going." You tickle her hole with your middle finger. You can feel it shiver and twitch with every touch, making her warm walls squeeze your hard, throbbing length, as if you were making her milk you.

Feeling the inevitable end already building, your pace quickens and Shizuha follows. The sound of sticky, sweat-drenched skin slapping together gets faster, louder, and wetter. Her mouth hangs open, the sudden energy of your thrusts taking over her senses. As you reach your climax, you stop your thrusts and embrace her, squeezing out every last bit of air between your two bodies. Your climax travels through your crotch, out to your tip, and releases.

All the worries and general weirdness of this very bizarre day slip away as you erupt inside her. It's not that big of a climax, more a pop than an explosion. It's still satisfying enough to make your legs twitch and your stomach clench.

Shizuha's shallow thrusting slows gradually until she finally comes to a stop. Your goddess loosens her grip and lies on top of you like a blanket, her face showing the same sense of release. The two of you lie there for a bit huffing and panting, the sweat on your skin making you stick together. She gives you a few last soft kisses along your chin and neck before getting up and rolling off.

She lies down next to you, curling her hair around her fingers and occasionally laughing at nothing in particular.

Without moving your body, you lift up your arm and drape it over her tummy. Stroking it is as relaxing as petting a cat.

A drop of rain splats on your forehead, interrupting your thoughts. You peek up at the sky, noting a mass of dark clouds rolling in. It looks like there's plenty more where that came from. As much fun as it's been, you should be getting dressed and heading on back anyway.

"We should get going," you say, still rubbing Shizuha's belly.

She makes a non-committal grunt. A few more drops of rain hit you. Now that you're no longer physically active, the cold ground saps the heat out of your body.

"C'mon," you urge, giving her a soft nudge.

Shizuha grumbles in quiet denial. The moment can't go on forever, a fact she eventually resigns to as she sits up.

You manage to get to your feet in spite of your muscles protesting all the way. Shizuha runs a finger up from her navel to her collar. The leaves at your feet float up onto her body and arrange themselves back into her thin dress, joined by some leaves from the nearby trees. She gets up while you put your robe back on, now with a nice coating of dirt.

She leans up to give you a hug. "Thanks again for... everything."

"Glad I could help," you say, grinning. You return her hug. Nothing else left to be said, she quietly turns and starts to walk away, probably towards a bath.

Before she can get too far, however, she turns back to take one last look at you. The happy glow she had before has dissipated into a decidedly less than cheerful expression. It really is a shame to see such a pretty face look so sad. You place your hand to your lips and blow her a kiss. That got a smile out of her.

She turns back to leave. A chilly wind starts up, kicking up the leaves around her. She vanishes before the leaves can settle, godly to the end.

You stay where you are for a bit, leaning against a tree. You weren't particularly happy to see her leave either. That annoying trickle of rain suddenly becomes a full-on downpour, flushing you out from under your tree and forcing you to head back home.

You're about to leave when you remember something important and turn around. You find your profits still lying on the ground where you tossed your clothes. Scooping it back up, you make tracks for your shack before the rain can soak you even further.

Once you finally make it to shelter, you shake the rain out of your hair like a wet dog. While you were out, someone took down your table and left you a gift: a candlelit dinner for one. Steam pours off of a roasted potato left sitting next to an unidentifiable bottle. A closer look can wait, since first you need to get warm and dry.

Your roof, while not perfect, is enough to keep out most of the rain. Most importantly, your hibachi is still nice and dry, with plenty of charcoal already to go. You strip down and throw your wet clothes into the corner. The wet thump they make when they land reminds you of the sound Shizuha's pussy made. You slip on a dry undershirt to keep yourself warm while you scoot the hibachi over close to you. Your matches, thankfully, are also dry. You light up your personal fireplace and huddle next to it to get the blood flowing in your hands again.

Times like this make you wish that girl from that dream -- well, it probably wasn't really a dream as much as one of Tenta's many encounters -- was here. Moogoo or something. The one with the fire powers. Granted, you never actually met her, so it'd be a bit weird to just say, "Excuse me miss, would you mind helping me warm up a bit? I'm chilled to the bone."

You have to laugh a bit at the thought of it, though.

Out of the corner of your eye, a note stuck underneath the bottle on the table catches your attention. You pluck it up and lean a bit closer to the candlelight to read it.

"Good work! Make sure to stay well-fed and hydrated after exercise, and get a good night's sleep.

-- Minoriko

P.S. As much as you enjoy it, what's in the bottle isn't my pee. I think you'll like it anyway, though."

You crack open the bottle, the sweet smell of barley beer instantly hitting your nose, and take a drink.

It's a nice gesture. As an added bonus, you can see the potato has been sliced open with a healthy serving of spring onion and crisp pork belly inside. Thinking back, you've explored new decadent foods almost as much as you've explored new bodies.

Mmm, waffles. Mmm, Alice.

You sigh at your own reminder before tucking into your food. It's good, but eating alone, without even Tenta's snark to keep you company, makes you feel oddly nostalgic. You never totally got used to the silence of eating alone.

The roof hanging over your head belonged to your uncle, admittedly the odd bird of the family. You were young enough when you started living here that you don't even quite remember why. Though you did have a way of causing enough trouble that your parents probably kicked you over to him. Or maybe you just left on your own.

It's been... probably seven years since he passed away -- it feels like such a long time ago now. Even if you can't remember the specific day, you can remember every word he told you as his illness got worse.

You remember him putting a fatherly arm around your shoulder, pointing up to the sky, and saying: "Y'see those stars up in the sky? I'm gonna be up there soon."

"Uncle..." You're pretty sure you were choking back tears at that point.

"I'm gonna be a shooting star and fuck the rest of 'em up so hard. The most badass star this side of the galaxy. The lady-stars'll line up for miles around to get with me."

Silly to the end, Uncle was.

Your memories are fleeting enough that a piece of the fatty pork is all it takes to pull you back to the present. You'd like to savor it as much as possible, but you're too tired and starving for that nonsense. Within minutes, every last crumb has disappeared.

Feeling full and satisfied, there's nothing left to do but follow the sun's lead. You crawl on top of the noisy, crinkly pile of rice husks covered with cloth that serves as your bed. Within minutes, your eyes feel extremely heavy. For some reason, a song creeps into your head as you drift off: one of those old ditties that you remember hearing people sing while they worked ankle-deep in the paddies.

You can't really remember the words, though...


A beam of sunlight creeps over from your window to wake you up. Off in the distance, somebody's rooster starts screaming its head off, no doubt waking the rest of the village up from their hangovers. At least you're finally waking up by yourself, without anyone else--

"Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey!" sings a familiar voice. A gloved hand ruffles your hair.

--bothering you.

The thought of burning everything to the ground and salting the earth couldn't sound more lovely right now.

Good morning, Yukarin!

And look who else decided to join you.

I was up before you were, sleeping beauty.

You sit up in your bed, glaring at the gap hag through your swimming eyes, silently wishing she'd just do whatever youkai do instead of dying.

Yukari makes an irritatingly saccharine smile. "Love me or hate me, all that matters is that you care. Anyway, I hope you remembered your knots."

Ooh, finally some tentacle practise with our lovely Miss Yukarin?

Yukari laughs. Of course she can hear Tenta. You're not sure why you expected anything else.

"Sorry, today we're going to be tying up loose ends for your friend here."

I'm a sex-beast, dammit, not a diplomat, Tenta grumbles, sounding like a sulking child.

Yukari pats you on the head in place of Tenta. Or maybe she just really likes ruffling you. "Patience never was your strong suit. But, don't worry, we'll have some time soon. I'm just being the mature, level-headed one and taking care of business first."

You can't roll your eyes hard enough. You'd need at least seven more eyes to do that. "What 'loose ends' are you talking about, anyway?"

"Milk tanks?"

"What about them?" you mumble.


Yukari points a finger out your window. You hate to admit it, but those are some damn fine hands -- so long, slender and elegant. Your eye follows her gesture out the window and up to the red sun burning high in sky. The blinding brightness makes you flinch a bit and blink hard.




A realisation hits you -- an insult to injury after the sun seared itself into the back of your eyes.

"Oh." You throw your head back. "Fuck me, how did I..."

"To be fair, you were pretty busy."

Did she just defend you?

"You were."

You grumble again in response and lay back down. You reach for the sheets to cover yourself up again, but Yukari beats you to them. She grabs a handful of them and yanks them clear off the bed.

An undershirt, as it turns out, is not enough to keep you decent. Your dinger is hanging out in plain sight, limp and wrinkly like a sad old man.

"Ahh, I see the problem here." She half-hides her smirk behind her fingers. She sits down on the bed beside you and lifts you up by the shoulder with one hand, plopping you in her lap with her youkai strength. Her plump breasts squish against your back while her thighs provide a comfortable cushion.

"You just need a little motivation, don't you?" she purrs. Her hands slide under your armpits and around to your chest. She gropes you and feels you up, slowly working her hands down until the luxurious fabric of her gloves reaches your cock. Her elegant fingers wrap around it, squeezing it gently. The tip pokes out above her fingers like a flower bulb.

Words cannot express how much I love this lady.

Her other hand slithers and fondles its way back up your torso. She traces a few fingers up the side of your neck. Her delicate touch makes you shiver. She cradles your head in her arm and pulls it back against the pillows on her chest.

"Still worried about Alice, sweetie?" she coos, now in a soft, motherly whisper. She rubs her thumb over the head of your cock, making you let out a gasp before you can answer.

"Yeah," you mumble weakly as you begin to grow in her hand. She pumps her hand up and down, the fabric slipping effortlessly over your skin.

"Don't worry your sweet little head." She ruffles your hair and plants a kiss on the top of your head. "She'll forgive you, believe me."

"How... ohh... how do you know?" You curl your toes and lean your head back, burying your face deeper against her bosom.

"What don't I know?"

Even though you can't see her, you know exactly what her smirk looks like right now. She cups your balls and squeezes them gently, bringing out another moan from you.

"Now then, don't you feel much more ready to take on the day?" Her hand wraps around the top of your cock, now getting quite stiff. She twirls it in a figure-eight motion and kisses the top of your head again. "Ready to go fuck and make up?"

She lets go and slides you off of her. Judging by her expression it's taking every bit of restraint she has not to jump on you right now. "Anyway, ahem, let's make you presentable so you can be on your way. Daylight's burning."

Yukari snaps her fingers with relish, moving her arm in an uppercut motion and managing to make a loud snap despite her gloves. You instantly feel so clean and freshly scrubbed that you think you lost a few pounds of dirt.

"Wha-how?" you blurt out.

"The border between clean and unclean." There's that smirk again.

You try to process what she just said. "Wait, that's a thing you can do?"

"Of course, love."

"But that's... surely, you can't... that's just-- I mean, 'clean' and 'unclean' are..."

All it took was popping a fuse in your brain and she's back to the same old Yukari.

"Less babbling and more dressing, please," she gently chides you. She claps her hands together, urging you to get moving.

The attention and handjobs were fun while they lasted, but Yukari's right. You need to start moving, if only because she's making you.

You put on a fresh pair of underwear and slip on your boring gray work clothes, which look like they received the same cleaning treatment -- they're as bright as dingy gray linen could ever get.

"Okay." You plant your feet firmly on the floor. "Let's go fuck fairies."

"Atta boy!" Yukari applauds, then snaps her fingers again. The floor drops out from under you.

You'd been wondering when you'd see the eyes again, though you don't get to see them for very long. You nail the landing like a pro, denying Yukari the pleasure of watching you flop on the ground.

"Tsk. I suppose I was a little obvious there."

You've landed in a small clearing deep within the Forest of Magic. The giant tree that forms the fairies' house is visible just a little ways out.

"I'm sure you can find your way from here, dear. Expect to see me again when you're done. And with a pleasant surprise, to boot! Take care!"

She winks away before you can respond. There's no way that can mean anything good.

Shaking it off, you look up at the tree. 'By the way, we should probably talk about the... y'know...'

That unholy shit you took? The one that smelled worse than the bog I crawled out of? The one that nearly made me swear off anal for a whole entire day?

'Hey, hey, I didn't know it was going to happen. And I didn't like it either. I've been trying to repress the memory. I thought it was just cow milk that would do that kinda stuff to my innards, not... whatever fairy milk is made of.'

I can't wait to get out of you so I can drink up some boobies whenever I damn well please.

Digestive problems aside, the same familiar clearing is in sight soon enough. Not like you could miss it, of course -- that tree's big enough to store five generations of family, let alone three fairies. A short three-step staircase sticks out next to some branches, a reminder of how much youkai take flying for granted.

I got this.

A tentacle launches out of your chest straight up and grabs hold of a sturdy branch, then cinches you up the tree like a grappling hook. You grab onto the railing on the stairway sticking out of the side of the house.

I have no idea how you get anything done. Humans, I mean. You can't fly, you can't use magic, you don't even lift. If youkai ran the village we'd only need two guys to farm stuff, and everyone else could just kick back and chill.

'I could've scaled the tree myself, thank you very much!' You grab the railing with both hands and carefully shuffle towards the door, trying very hard not to look down.

Pfft! You're not making a good case for yourself.

You slip in through the door and slam it shut behind you. Now that you're on more solid ground, you can calm down a little.

The house is spacious for a faerie's den. The ceiling is plenty high above your head and you're hardly short. A few pairs of shoes are lined up along the entryway. Never one to be impolite, you slip off your sandals and add them to the pile. Since nobody's shown up after all the racket you made, you've probably got the place to yourself.

You walk through the entryway into their living room. It's got plenty of nice stuff, but it's as well-kept as you'd expect a fairy's house to be. Crumbs and litter cover the tables, chopsticks and bowls are lying on the floor, and a bowl for dog food is sitting by one of the tables for lord knows what reason.

On a casual glance up, there are several rows of rooms in the house stacked on top of each other, with an old ladder propped against the wall for any poor sap who's permanently grounded, not unlike yourself.

You prop the ladder underneath one room and start climbing. It only takes a few steps to get waist-level with the floor, high enough to read a sign next to the door saying "Luna's room. Keep out, fartsniffers."

As long as you're the only one here, you might as well do some snooping. You half-walk, half-climb through the 'door' into Luna's room.

As soon as you climb in, you realize that you are, in fact, not as alone as you thought. Lounging around on her bed with a cup of tea, a book, and not much else is the room's owner. A pair of loose, oversized bloomers a white beret with some black ribbons are all she's wearing. Her flat, boyish chest with perky pale-pink nipples is out in the open, along with her slender tummy and just a hint of the Y-shape of her mound underneath.

"Oh, it's you." Luna peers at you over her cup of tea with those large ruby-like eyes.

"Yep. Any idea where Sunny is?"

"You're the least threatening burglar I've ever seen." Luna chuckles to herself, though her face remains stuck in a disinterested frown. "I saw you clinging to the handrail like a baby bird." She gestures at the window with her thumb. There's a clear view of the staircase.

"Yeah, well..."

'Help me out, man. Don't you have a snappy comeback?'

This is rich. You're getting out-zinged by a fairy.

"Anyway, do you know where Sunny is?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?" She sips her tea again, this time with a catlike smirk hiding behind her cup.

You get closer to the bed. After messing around with a reaper, a goddess, and Yukari, it's nice to be around a pipsqueak again.

"As a matter of fact, I would."

"Well, tough nuts. She's out and I dunno where she went to." She sets her tea cup down on the nightstand and holds her book with both hands, ignoring you as hard as she can. Her face has gone back to a look of aggressive disinterest.

"What about Star?"

"Uh, she's out too," Luna stammers slightly and stares up at the ceiling, avoiding your eyes.

It seems you're onto something. Not only that, it's quite fun to see her get flustered. You want to see more.

"Really, now, are you sure you don't know?" You kneel down by the bed and pinch one of her nubby nipples. The pink, puffy flesh around it yields to your fingers very nicely.

Luna lets out a squeaky little yelp. Once she recovers from the surprise, she swats your hand away, rolling her eyes.

"They're out doing something or another. If you wait around, I'm sure they'll show up."

"What if I was in a hurry?" You drum your fingers over her stomach, giving her a quick tickle. You feel a spot of sweat. Now that you notice it, there's a very familiar smell on her body.

"Then I'd say that's too bad for you. If you have nothing better to do, you can always scoot off." She licks her finger and flips a page.

You grin. "I can think of a few ways to pass the time."


[ ] Hop on top and pass some time.
[ ] Be considerate and let her read while you have your fun.
[ ] Lift her up and use her at your leisure.
No. 33949
[x] Lift her up and use her at your leisure.
No. 33950
[X] Be considerate and let her read while you have your fun.

Polite sex is best.
No. 33951
[x] Be considerate and let her read while you have your fun.

This is all kinds of my fetish.
No. 33952
[x] Be considerate and let her read while you have your fun.
No. 33953
[x] Lift her up and use her at your leisure.
No. 33954
[X] Be considerate and let her read while you have your fun.

Pretty fun. Although I think this might be more suited to Patchouli but a Luna is Fine too
No. 33955
[X] Lift her up and use her at your leisure.

What do you think she'd rather have? Reading time or multiple toe-curling orgasms?
No. 33956
[x] Be considerate and let her read while you have your fun.

A mix of both is good, that and I'd rather save the railing for Sunny or Star. This might get her to talk, though I wonder where Sunny went as she'd attract attention.
No. 33959
[X] Lift her up and use her at your leisure.

Sometimes the more forceful option yields the best results, I feel like this is one of those times. And lifting your partner is kiiinda really hot.
No. 33961
[X] Lift her up and use her at your leisure.

Fairies, fairies, fairies~
No. 33965
If she can keep reading while we're fucking her it's because we're doing a sucky job of it. She's probably going to wind up putting the book away halfway through anyways, so let's bring our A-game from the start and make sure she creams her panties every time she thinks about us for the next few weeks.
No. 33966
[ ] Be considerate and let her read while you have your fun.
No. 33967
[x] Be considerate and let her read while you have your fun.
No. 33973
[X] Lift her up and use her at your leisure.
No. 33974
quality sex isn't always the Jackhammer, Shirou.
No. 33981
[x] Be considerate and let her read while you have your fun
No. 33982
Quality sex isn't so boring that you can read a book while you're doing it either.
No. 33989
Closing votes!

[x] Be considerate and let her read while you have your fun.

I'm gonna fuck you, softly.


Comparatively softly.

'Compared to what?'

Well... ever seen a deep sea anglerfish?
No. 33991
>deep sea anglerfish

I had to google that, and now I wish I hadn't. Jesus christ, nature is horrifying.
No. 35206
File 140116691779.jpg- (174.21KB , 850x850 , When the word of law falls.jpg ) [iqdb]
The following is a brief IRC chat exchange between an anonymous NSA employee and Mr. Sr. Footsies, Esq.

NSA: Dear Footsies,
NSA: We have been tracking your IRC chat logs sent over Rizon, specifically in the channel #THP and private query messages among several of your friends. The content we have found inside is worrying and charges may have to be pressed.
NSA: Sincerely, the NSA
Footsies: Dear NSA,
Footsies: Gulp.
Footsies: With love, Footsies
NSA: Good, you're online.
NSA: Our investigations led us to your story on http://www.touhou-project.com/at/res/32381.html. Are you aware of your criminal activity on that site?
Footsies: She told me she was five hundred years old!
NSA: No, no, not that.
NSA: Hell no.
NSA: Footsies. Your update schedule is a crime. It's a goddamn felony.
Footsies: Um.
NSA: Almost six months. That's how long it took you to update.
Footsies: I've been very busy and-
NSA: We've been tracking your Steam activity too.
Footsies: Shit.
Footsies: Also, how did you cut me off in text form?
NSA: one of the perks of the job.
NSA: Anyway, I'll cut to the chase.
NSA: Being a low-level schlub for the NSA is not fun. It's like any other crappy office job, except complaining about your boss counts as treason. Reading porn under the guise of investigation is about the only fun we get.
NSA: This is why we're sending you an ultimatum.
NSA: From now on, you're on probation.
NSA: You need to update AT LEAST once every three weeks.
Footsies: What happens after probation?
NSA: then you get two weeks.
Footsies: Welp.
What happens if I fail?
NSA: You won't.
NSA: If you don't update in the next three weeks, we'll plant a virus in your computer that routes every link to an mp3 file of "Cartoon Heroes."
Footsies: You wouldn't.
NSA: frame by frame, to the extreme, bitch.
Footsies: argh it's stuck in my head already
NSA: Do you understand what's at stake now?
Footsies: Yessir.
NSA: Good. We'll leave you to it.
Footsies: Wait! Before you go, one last question.
NSA: What?
Footsies: What about my Kogasa story in /shrine/?
NSA: Oh, right.
NSA: It's shit.
NSA (somtimesIfeellike@secrethideout.abandonedwarehouse.gov) has signed off
Footsies: Jerks.
No. 35207
File 140116694585.jpg- (170.68KB , 800x800 , Luna_Chup.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Be considerate and let her read while you have your fun.

"I can think of a few ways to pass the time."

You whip out your cock, letting it dangle down with a hefty bounce as you admire her body with a lip-smacking grin. When your gaze wanders up to her face, your wanting look is met with a passive scowl from Luna. She glances down at your manhood.

"Huh, would you look at that." Her attention goes back to her book.

"Fine, you can just go ahead and keep reading." You place a hand on her belly. The skin is cool to the touch. Despite her thinness, your fingers sink in a little when you press it.

"Me and Tenta can have fun without disturbing you... too much."

Thin tentacles climb out from your fingers and claim space on her bare body. You lift your hand up and they detach from you, taking hold on her like a rapidly growing weed. They sink against her stomach. You can feel the softness of her body better than you ever could with your hands. Luna's eyes dart back and forth between the tentacles and her book. Her mouth closes and she drums her fingers on the cover of her book.

Two thin ones follow the shape of her mound and go underneath her bloomers. The smooth fabric rests on top of them so they look like little tracks burrowing through the ground. Luna shivers and brings her legs together, smothering the tentacles in the warmth of her thighs.

They caress the inside of her thighs and the top of her puffy mound. Luna shivers again, and the slightest hint of a sound passes through her pouty lips. She turns to the next page of her book, loudly flicking the page to announce her lack of interest.

Several of Tenta's limbs twist together like rope and slide past her belly button, over the cleft of her mound. It curls up, lifting up her bloomers and letting you see Luna's bare legs in their full twiggy glory.

'Yikes, you're starting off strong.'

Nah, nah. This thing isn't for fucking -- yet. Luna's a puzzle to be solved, and our reward will be her delicious squirms and moans. And I'm fishing for the first piece right now.

The large tentacle hooks around her inner thigh and presses against her buttocks. Luna lets out a quiet squeak as it pushes hard enough to lift her hips up. It rests against her little buttocks, letting the comfortable weight bear down on it.

I'm also going to snuggle her butt.

You don't want Tenta to be the only one having fun. You lean over the bed until your lips meet her belly -- a safe distance from Tenta. Her skin smells like fresh roasted coffee, with a hint of apricots underneath. When your lips brush against her tum, giving you a pleasant tingle of skin on skin, Luna's stomach tightens in response.

You look up at her to see just the top of her eyes peering over her book.

"Tickled," she says, still sounding bored as she flips the page again.

"You're ticklish, aren't you?" Your kisses graze along her body, up to her ribs. Luna quivers each time your lips brush against her skin.

"No-Not particularly," she harrumphs.

Oh, reeeeally?

Tenta rubs Luna's inner thigh with the pointed tips of his thin tentacles. She grinds her legs together, thumping her feet against the bed. It almost tickles you too as you feel the little point tap her thighs. She presses her book against her face to try and cover up the sound of her high-pitched laughter.

You join in by tracing your finger around those little mosquito bites of hers. When you give her nipple a flick, a yelp mixes in with her giggles.

"Come on, Luna. Let me see your cute, giggling face." You reach for her book and lift it up, though she keeps her hands on it. Her wide smile makes her cheeks stand out like two little rose-colored balls. As Tenta keeps tickling her thighs, tears form at the corner of her eyes and laughter shakes her body. It looks unnatural for her, as if this was the first time she hadn't scowled in years.

"Please, stop, I'm gonna pee," she says through her laughter.

A good sign.

'Can we not start things off with her peeing?'

Ugh, fine. Plebe. The tentacles stop and rest against her thigh, curled up like sunbathing cats.

Luna's smile quickly snaps back down to her usual expression. "There, did you have your fun, perv?"

"I'm only getting started." You must admit, you kind of prefer her expression when she's scowling, with her pert lips spread just a little and her eyelids lowered.

You move closer until your knees are against the side of the bed. You grab one of her cone-shaped curls and tug on it.

Luna lets out a grunt and turns to face you. "What is it no--"

Her open mouth turns right onto your cock. It happens so fast that your cock bulges out against her cheek before she stops. You're almost as surprised as her when the sticky softness of her mouth envelops you.

She sighs through her nose. The warmth of her breath tickles your shaft. "You wih thih one," she says.

She admits defeat, clearly outclassed, and instantly turns back to her book with the tip of your cock still wrapped around her lips. With a lazy, half-hearted effort, she runs her tongue along the bottom of your length, sucking on you like a piece of hard candy. The gentle pressure makes your whole body warm with pleasure. Her little mouth surrounds your cock, and the sight of her lips stretched out around you feels almost as good as the strokes of her tongue.

Your cock swells at the attention, getting so hard that it springs out of her mouth with a pop. She leans up and quickly nips it out of the air before it can get away, nearly making you double over as her lips, tongue and teeth slide over it all at once.

You chuckle. "Can't bear to let it go, hmm?"

"Tha' was a refleh."

You reach down and push a finger against the side of her lips, feeling the spot where your cock presses against her cheek.

"You don't have to lie. It's just a nice treat while you read. A bitter, salty snack." You grab her curl and tug it towards you again, this time with enough force to pull her mouth deeper over you until your tip disappears past her lips. The warmth of her mouth is a pleasant relief from the cool air.

"Muh hugh," Luna grumbles. With your cock stretching her mouth open, she's even less audible than before. She flips yet another page, seriously intent on enjoying her book no matter what you do.

"Well, don't mind me, then."

You push in deeper, stretching out her cheek until it pushes her eye closed. The softness of her plump cheeks is like a sweet hug. You pull back and repeat the motion with a slow ease. The sound of saliva mixes in with her soft, grunting breaths as you rub the treat all over her mouth.

Hmmhmm. I think she likes it.

The ropey tentacle tightens around her thigh. The texture of its surface, rough yet rubbery and soft, presses into her mound. It's hotter now, and you can feel the thin little strips of her labia, full with lust. The tentacle squeezes and loosens, playing with her lips as it hugs her thigh and rubs her underside.

She closes her eyes, enjoying the attention as her tongue continues to make its slow way around you.

You take a peek at what she was reading. It's some cheap paperback about a ronin fighting demons and saving a shogun's daughter. Apparently she'd just gotten to the point where the daughter was showing her thanks -- with her hips.

You snatch the book out of her hands. "The real thing is so much better than this chintzy paperback."

"Muguh!" she grunts and reaches out for it.

You take control of the tentacles lounging on her belly. They rise up, snatch her wrists out of the air and drag them down to her sides. Then, you take another tentacle and make it grow larger and longer. It slides down her back and coils around her waist like a snake.

Luna squeaks against your cock as you grab her, wrapping higher around her, trapping her arms at her side. It makes two loops around her chest, trapping her nipples between them so just a little hint of pink sticks out. It finally stops once it reaches her shoulders, the tip resting on the bed by her chin. If you hadn't gotten your fill of her soft skin before, you certainly have now. When you tighten it, it's as if you're hugging her with ten pairs of arms.

It squeezes again to give her nipples a firm pinch. Luna's toes curl and her back lifts up off the bed. You feel a slight pain as her mouth tightens, and pull out before she gives you a bite.

She coughs and shakes her head. The curls of her hair bounce around the bed, and you feel a sharp tickle as they hit the tip of Tenta's snake.

"What happened to not disturbing me?" Her full lips stick out as she scowls.

"You mean you actually believed it?"

I can't help that I'm pretty disturbing. Besides, with all these curls, who could ever hold back?

The tip of the large tentacle forms a thick cock-head and presses against the bottom of her curls. The curls spread apart and clings to Tenta as he shoves in deeper. The thin, grainy texture of the hair overstimulates you.


Luna glares at the tentacle, powerless to do anything to stop it.

If Tenta's going to escalate, then you should too. You grab Luna's legs and drag her down to the end of the bed. Her head slides off her pillow with a thump.

You climb up onto the bed and crawl on all fours towards her. She watches your looming figure cast a shadow over her body as you straddle her, your knees under her shoulders and your cock hanging above her like a monolith.

"So, are you going to tell me where Star and Sunny are?"

She says nothing. The tentacle pushes harder into her curls and thumps against her ear.

"Ow, jeez!" she shouts, swatting it away.

No. Papa needs his curly hair. Tenta thrusts harder into it in response. The harsh but wonderful feeling of her hair makes you lose whatever sense of inhibition you had.

"Well? Are you?" You sneer.

"Sunny who?" She sticks her tongue out and blows you a raspberry.

"Don't be like that, now." You snatch her tongue between your fingers and tug on it. She groans as her mouth is forced open. Saliva covers your fingers and her hot breath starts to sound more ragged, but she still says nothing. You lean forward until your cock is on her tongue.

"Saucy little fairies have to get what's coming to them."

You tug harder on her tongue as you slip your cock in from the side of her mouth. Your meat spreads her mouth open until her tongue is stuck, forced out of her mouth by the thick, warm rod, trapped between her pale lips.

You lean further forward and push. Your cock slides over her slippery tongue and inches towards the back of her throat. Her eyes open wide as she realizes what's in store for her. She struggles against her restraints and bangs her feet against the bed. You place your hands on the top of her head. Even with her strong curls, her hair is still silky and soft to the touch. You reach behind, hold her by the back of the head and pull.

Her throat tightens up, but she can't keep you from invading her. You hold your hips still and inch your meat in, letting Luna's mouth do the work for you. With every little bit of space you claim in her tight, clenched throat, she lets out another short moan. When she tries to swallow, her throat closes even tighter around your cock like a small hand.

You pull your cock out of her mouth. It makes a wet gurgle as it leaves her throat, and a thick strand of saliva runs from your tip to the edge of her mouth.

"You... ass... face!" she manages to whimper out between her coughs and splutters.

Ah, and she's still giving us lip!

The curled rope-like tentacle springs back to life and withdraws from under her rump. The coils combine into a round, swollen tip and sink against the hot flesh of her pussy.

Luna gasps hard and arches her back until her soft shoulders press against your thighs. The pliant flesh of her pussy spreads open, and Tenta's bulge is engulfed in the heat of her sex. Her insides are wonderfully soft and more than ready, but she's still fairy-sized. You can feel her tightness give way as Tenta muscles his way in deeper. The braids rub against her walls, tickling her and sending little sparks of pleasure through her thighs.

Luna's eyelids lower, her mouth forms an o shape and she lets out a high-pitched moan. You press your dick against her lips, making her give your tip a sudden kiss. Her eyelids don't even open as you push your way back in. Her lips spread wider to take in your girth until you're at the back of her throat again.

You grab her by the head and pull it towards you. Her throat is looser now, already getting used to your cock, and the first inch slides in with some ease. You pull harder, harder, making gluck-gluck sounds come out of Luna's throat, until her nose is buried in your pubic hair and her tongue is at your hilt, tickling your balls.

Luna gurgles in surprise as Tenta bumps against the back of her pussy. You jerk in surprise as you feel Tenta's sensitive part run into the firm flesh. Luna nearly chokes as you push forward and press the skin of your crotch against her face, completing the chain reaction. Tenta grinds against her cervix, sending more spasms through Luna's body.

The sheer stimulation makes Luna turn weak and yielding. As you grip her head and pump her face back and forth against your cock, all she can manage are quiet, submissive grunts.

You pull out and give her a chance to breathe again. She doesn't even bother with insults now, she just rests her head against the pillow and gasps for air. You give her ten seconds of peace before you pick her head up again and shove in hard, down to her throat in one good push. The brief exposure makes you enjoy the hot embrace of her mouth even more.

Tenta picks up the pace like he's racing you. His bulbous tip stretches out her pussy as it slides back and forth in the slippery folds. The thin little pointers that were sleeping on her thighs rise up and surround her red, sensitive clit. They pinch it, poke it, and prod it, assaulting her with as much stimulation as she can handle and then giving her even more.

You thrust forward as you pull on Luna, making your balls slap against her neck as you pull her lips down all the way to your hilt, buried deep in her tight throat. You can feel her breathing quicken, feeling the rhythmic contractions of her throat get faster and faster as she builds towards climax.

You keep ravaging her face until her breathing is so fast and shallow she's hardly breathing at all. You wait until the very last second and pull out with a wet pop just in time to hear a loud, orgasmic shriek burst from her. Her toes curl, her hips rise, and her hands claw into the bed as pure pleasure races through her body.

Once it runs its course, Luna lies her head back on the bed, struck dumb with satisfaction. Her eyes are crossed and her tongue hangs lazily out of her mouth. Her chest rises and falls with her deep breaths.

You climb off of the bed, take a quick stretch and feel your ears pop, like when you get out of the water. You thought it must have been the feeling of great sex, or your ears recovering after Luna's shrieking, but all the sound around you suddenly feels more real and vivid. The thumping and creaking of wooden floorboards above you catches your attention.

"Mercyyyy!" shrieks a muffled voice from up above, followed by a certain sinister giggle. You'd recognize Star's playful, naughty temptress laugh anywhere.

Come to think of it, doesn't Luna's power involve sounds?

You turn back to Luna. Tenta's still got her trapped, pumping in and out of her as she lies nearly motionless. A quiet, throaty moan comes from her open mouth as he keeps working her hole.

You grab her by the shoulders and drag her to the edge of the bed. When you drape your cock across her lips, she obediently opens her mouth and starts sucking.

"You were hiding all the sounds, weren't you?" You emphasize your question with a sharp push against her cheek.

Her eyes refocus. "Mh, mmh... mmhmm."

"Trying to keep me from noticing Sunny and Star?"

"Hmm, mmhmm."

"You little brat."

You grin wide and grab her shoulders, turning her until the back of her head dangles over the side of the bed. With her head back, your cock easily slides in deep into her stretched throat.

You hold her shoulders and buck your hips against her face, pumping in and out of her tight hole. The pouch of your balls slaps against her nose, nearly suffocating her and assaulting her with the raw smell of sex. All you can see from this angle is her little chin sliding back and forth, her curls bouncing against your knees.

Your meat churns in her throat, making a symphony of gulping, gurgling and slurping sounds. You can even see the bulge go along her neck as you push in deep, getting thicker and thicker as your cock swells.

Almost too soon, you feel the cum rising up inside and realize it's time to pull out. You unsheathe your cock and aim it at her face like a weapon. Tenta slides out as well with a loud 'schlup' and aims his tip at her belly. You finish first. Streams of heavy cum land on her face, splattering over her cheeks, her lips, and into her open mouth, dripping down into her hair. Tenta lets loose with a volley of cum, splashing against her stomach until her whole body is covered in a thick, sticky sheen.

Glazed thighs, order up!

Luna's too spent to offer any comments. As Tenta's fingers uncurl from around her body and retreat back into your chest, she lies on the bed, one hand draped over her stomach and another lying limply at her side. Her breathing is slow and deep, as if she's in an open-eyed slumber. She starts coughing suddenly and two strands of cum dribble out of her nose.

You lift her head up and plop it back on the bed so she doesn't go and choke. Before you leave, you take one of her curls, wrap it around your cock and squeeze, cleaning the remaining spit and seed off of your shaft.

"Dick... head..." she whispers. She raises a fist and taps it against the side of your face, too weak to throw much of a punch. Her arm flops back down across her belly, then she closes her eyes and begins to snore. The strands of cum are pulled back towards her nose as she inhales.

The teacup resting on the endtable catches your eye as you stash your cock back in its holster.

Damn. I forgot to cum in the rest of her tea and make her drink it.

You roll your eyes at Tenta as you tie your clothing back up.

Ah, well. We can just do it to Alice.

That's actually a pretty sexy idea.

More importantly, with Luna now pacified, you can hear the thumping and bumping coming from upstairs again. With a new spring in your step, you leave Luna's room and grab onto the ladder.

As you make your way up closer to the sounds of squeals and yelps, a sudden smell makes your nose crinkle. It's like sweat and something else mingled in, maybe sour milk.

There's no one in sight when you peek your head up over the floor. Only once you've climb in and looked up can you see Star and Sunny fighting on the rafters. Sunny's clinging to one of the beams for dear life. Star is trying to peel her down while Sunny smushes a foot against her face.

"And what are you two up to?" you call to them.

Star floats down, her arms crossed and her cheeks puffed out by the time she lands. Her dress has a few rips from the scuffle.

"Took you long enough to come back," she huffs.

You're too relaxed to get angry at her. "I'm a busy man."

"Don't trust her! She's evil! Pure evil!" Sunny shouts down at you, still hugging the rafters like a monkey.

Star cackles at her handiwork.

"What did you do to her?" you ask.

"Oh, y'know... stuff." She shrugs.

"Sunny, get down from the ceiling," you shout.

"No!" She frowns at you, looking pitiable.

"Sunny." You waggle your finger at her.

She pauses. "Just promise me one thing."

"What is it?"

She points at Star. "Promise me you'll get revenge on that evil little goblin!"

"Would you look at the time!" Star turns and flies for the door.

"Oh, no you don't."

You launch a tentacle out of your palm and catch Star by the ankle. She tumbles in the air, her wings buzzing. You drag her over to you upside-down, her hair dragging against the floor and her dress falling down to reveal her white bloomers.

"Meep," Star yelps.

"Well? What have you done to her?"

"I did what anyone would've done. I have no regrets."

"What did you do?" you demand, a lot firmer than before.

"This!" Sunny shouts.

She lets go of the rafters and floats down. What you see nearly makes you fall over in shock.

The front of her blouse has been forced open, the untied ribbons resting on her shoulders. Her breasts, once fat, round, yielding, heavy, and full to bursting with milk, have been deflated. Hours of teasing from a certain someone have left them sagging, hanging sadly on her chest. There went your post-cum buzz.

This... this is a travesty! This is sacrilege! Nations have gone to war for less than this! This is an affront to god, man, beast and youkai!

Tenta grabs Star by the wrists and shoulders, holding her upright so you can look her right in the eye.

"What do you have to say for yourself?"

Sweat breaks out on her forehead. She forces a nervous laugh. "Lovely weather, isn't it?"

You put on the sternest, stoniest face you can manage. Filled with vengeance as you are right now, you don't have to try very hard. You bring your hands up and crack your knuckles. The loud, satisfying cracking rings out and echoes across the room.


[ ] "...your legs won't be able to close for the rest of this dynasty."
[ ] "...remember when I teased Sunny? You'll be getting that treatment a hundredfold."
[ ] "...your ass will be as red as the rising sun when I'm done with it."
[ ] "...I'm going to milk your pussy dry in exchange for Sunny."
No. 35208
[ ] "...your legs won't be able to close for the rest of this dynasty."

Oh. It begins
No. 35210
[X] "...your legs won't be able to close for the rest of this dynasty."

She'll be herding Keine when this is over.
No. 35211
[x] "...I'm going to milk your pussy dry in exchange for Sunny."

Curious to see where this goes.

Also, updates~
No. 35212
[x] "...your legs won't be able to close for the rest of this dynasty."
No. 35213
[X] "...your legs won't be able to close for the rest of this dynasty."
No. 35214
[X] "...your legs won't be able to close for the rest of this dynasty."
No. 35215
[x] "...your legs won't be able to close for the rest of this dynasty."
[X] "...your ass will be as red as the rising sun when I'm done with it."
[x] Restore Sunny's breasts! This travesty must be undone!

We got plenty of tentacles! Who says we can't multi-task?
No. 35216
[x] "...your legs won't be able to close for the rest of this dynasty."
No. 35217
[X] "...your ass will be as red as the rising sun when I'm done with it."

No bad deed goes unpunished.
No. 35218
[X] "...your ass will be as red as the rising sun when I'm done with it."

A spanking would be best, especially if it involves denying the release she might be yearning for by the end.
No. 35222
[X] "...your legs won't be able to close for the rest of this dynasty."
-[X] Restore Sunny's breasts. This is the direst heresy!
--[X] And while you're at it, give Star temporary boobs so Sunny can get back at her.
No. 35224
[x] "...your legs won't be able to close for the rest of this dynasty."
No. 35227
Closing votes!

[X] "...your legs won't be able to close for the rest of this dynasty."

See you on or before the eighteenth of June!
No. 35228
>See you on or before the eighteenth of June!

I hope you make it fun. One-by-one.
No. 35439
NSA's gonna get you bro.
No. 35440
I won't lie; the deadline has come and gone and the update, while getting there, has

We are what we're supposed to be.

yet to be finished. I'm looking at it as a learning experience -- in the most direct sense, yes, one could call it

Illusions of your fantasy.

a failure. But I prefer to look at it as practice to adjust to the schedule better next time. I certainly have done a lot more my now than I would've

All dots and lines that speak and say.

done before. And a few days late on a three-week deadline is miles better than

what we do is what you wish we do.

another however many months of waiting and indecision. So I hope you'll find the patience and understanding to

we are the cartoon symphony

kill me. I mean, to go along with this for a little longer.
No. 35480
would putting Sunny in the sun help her refill faster
No. 35580
A few days you say...
No. 36057
File 141196774794.png- (390.70KB , 572x413 , thisisthefaceofastarwhoneedspunishment.png ) [iqdb]
[X] "...your legs won't be able to close for the rest of this dynasty."

Pop, pop, pa-pop-pop-pop.

After that workout with Luna, your joints were feeling a little stiff. You fish out the last few pops in your pinky finger and thumb, then tilt your head to the left, bringing out a few more from your neck. Tilting your head the other way and pressing your palm to your chin gives your neck the extra little twist it needs to get that nice, crunchy, stepping-on-a-peanut-shell crack. Star's expression, which has been like a deer spotting an inbound arrow this whole time, falters for the first time into a stilted laugh.

You have to hide a laugh of your own. Now that the shock of Sunny's deflated milk-sacks has worn off, you've calmed down. It would've been cruel to leave her with those things forever, anyway.

Hilarious, but cruel.

No, this is a game. With Luna, you were the investigator, wringing the whos out of your captive's whats. Now that you've cornered the little scoundrel whodunit and strung her up by the wrists, it's time to play the judge. Your jury -- also the victim, incidentally -- stands by your side, gloating about what's going to happen next.

Star hazards another laugh. "You caught me. Great job, everyone! I'd clap but my arms are..." She glances up at the tentacles holding her. "Yeah. But you're going to let me go, right?" she adds hastily.

You glance at Sunny. She thrusts a fist forward with her thumb extended to the side, and then, with a surprising gravity, hands down her verdict. A decisive thumbs-down. Her stern scowl loses some of its impact thanks to the little fanged tooth peeping out from under her upper lip.

Star's mouth snaps shut in a straight-lipped expression of disbelief. She starts to grin again, this time a wide-eyed, obviously false smile.

"That's a no," you say, fiddling with your fingers, already forgetting that you cracked them moments before. The tentacles around Star's wrists travel down her arms, towards her body.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy!

"H-Hey now!" Star spreads her hands. Her smile grows until it looks like it's going to float off of her face. "Can I just say something?"

You look back over to Sunny, who crosses her arms and nods once, slowly. Tenta lets go of Star, waiting for her response.

"Right." Star straightens her back and stiffens her shoulders. She puts her hands on her hips, pushing her chest out proudly, as though she were actually addressing a jury, and takes a deep breath.

"I did it because I didn't think I'd get caught," she announces. There's a moment of silence as her smile switches from 'panicked' to 'ta-da!'

Sunny actually has to consider it for a moment. She puts a finger to her chin, mulling over the statement.

Fairies are weird.

"It's a good argument, but I say we go along with the punishment anyway."

"What? Why?" Star shouts.

"Because I can!" Sunny throws her hands into the air and laughs.

I second the motion. Cannonball!

A wad of purple and black leaps off of your chest and lands on the floor between Star's legs. The veins on your chest nearly disappear as most of Tenta's presence leaves you and forms a thick puddle on the floor.

"Well then, Star." You cross your arms across your chest.

"Y-Yeeeees?" she says, her voice creaking.

"You must've spent hours working Sunny over to drain her like that," you continue, furrowing your brow. This was a premeditated crime.

"Days, even!" Sunny chimes in. "You'd think she would've gotten tired of all the sucking, and fondling, and groping, and... and..."

"Focus, Sunny," you remind her.

"Right. Punishment!"

With gusto. The puddle beneath Star starts to boil and churn. He's so excited he doesn't even bother forming tentacles, instead wrapping his wet, tarry goo around Star's ankles and yanking off her shoes. He giggles with hungry, lecherous excitement.

"Traitor! Betrayer! Turncoat!" Star shouts. The goo crawls up her legs, reaching the hem of her dress and grabbing onto it. He can't gather enough focus to strip Star properly, and instead tugs in random directions on her dress.

'This is just sad to watch.' You take Star's dress and yank it up over her head.

"Hey, don't rip anything!" she yelps.

You tug harder to get it over her flopping arms. An errant button pops and lands on the floor. Tenta lets go and allows you to lift the whole thing off of her.

I was just trying to set the mood.

'Looks more like flopping around like a fish to me.'

Shows what you know.

You toss the clothing behind you, leaving Star with her bloomers, her loose, floppy socks, and whatever decorations are in her hair. She's got a tad more weight on her than Luna, but it's all in the right places: her breasts have enough weight for them to be actual, genuine breasts, even if they're half a handful at best. Her thighs look to have a nice bit of squish to them, and though you can't see her hips under those oversized bloomers of hers, you'd guess they're nice and curvy, tapering up to a delicate heart shape.

Tenta crawls up to her bloomers, leaking sticky, clammy fluid along the way. Instead of yanking them down, he grabs the fabric by the seam along her crotch and rips it in half. Star lets out a loud, exaggerated squeak. Before she can reach down, Tenta rises up with a burst of energy and sends two tentacles up her body, past her waist and chest, up to her shoulders.

They coil around her arms, forcing them above her head as they grab her all the way to the wrist. Two more tentacles rise up and wrap around her legs, forcing them to spread apart as he goes and stretching her body into an X shape. Star's yelps change into grunts of surprise.

With her legs spread, there's no hiding her pussy. The soft little lumps of flesh that form her outer lips are spread apart, letting you see her thin pink slit and the tiny, almost invisible hooded dot of her clit. There's a slight spot of moisture between her lips. A leftover from her fun in the Sunny, you suppose.

"You're not gonna put it in right away, are you?" she asks, her lips curled in concern. She attempts to close her legs, but the restraints are much too tight for that, and all she can manage is moving her knees a little.

"And skip all the fun of teasing you?" you say.

A handful of sausage-like tentacles, pudgy little things with squishy tapered tips, disappear under her bloomers and stroke her skin. Her thighs quiver and shake in obvious enjoyment, despite her expression.

You place a hand on her hips, just above the tentacles, and fondle her. Yes, you can feel they're just as wide and round as you were hoping. "What do you think I should do to her, Sunny? Give her a taste of what she gave you?"

"Yeah!" she says. You hear her breasts flop as she jumps in excitement.

"Something like... this?" You trace circles around Star's nipples with your fingers. They're still soft to the touch, surrounded with smooth little puffs of her areolae.

"And a little of this?" You pinch her nipples between your finger and thumb. In a brief flicker of Tenta-vision, a twinkle of pleasure races through her nipple and out to the flesh of her breast. The sight disappears just as quickly as it came.

"Ow," Star grunts.

"Yeah! And that's just the start of what she did," Sunny says in between more flopping noises.

Star chuckles nervously. The fake smile returns. "What are you talking about? I never--"

You yank on her breasts, stretching them as far as they can go. Her chest is forced forward. She bends over, arms up, as her face tightens in pain.

"Ow-ooh-ow!" Her upper lip curls, just enough to show the white of her teeth. You let go. They have just enough weight to make a brief, satisfying jiggle as her nipples snap back in place.

"C'mon, that's just mean!" Star pouts.

No, this is mean.

Tenta forms bulbous tips on his tendrils as they go for her breasts. The tips open up, revealing circular mouths with long, reptilian tongues, and latch onto her breasts. He sucks, forming an airtight seal that makes her nipples swell. The tentacles jerk forward and turn, stretching her breasts out into corkscrews of fat and flesh.

"Yeeeowowow!" Star wiggles her body.

Tenta lets go. Star takes deep breaths as her poor breasts finally get some peace.

Sunny puts her hands on her hips, tilts her head back and bellows a loud "Wahaha!", her little fang even more prominent now. Grinning wide, she pushes a fist out again. Instead of giving another thumbs-down, she sticks her thumb between her index and middle finger.

"Yes, ma'am!"

Just as you begin to remove your clothes, you realize that Kinkan Jr has yet to fully recover from his previous fun. A glance downwards confirms what you can already feel: he's drooping down like a tired old man.

"It looks sad," Sunny says, disappointed.

Pfft, ahahaha.

"Just give him a moment." You grab your limping partner and shake him, hoping he'll stir from his slumber. He flops like a noodle.

Sunny kneels down and takes a look at it. "You know, these things look a bit weird when you get a close look." She pokes the foreskin-covered tip with a finger and peels it back. "Kinda like a sad little mushroom."

She flicks a finger against the exposed head. Kinkan Jr shivers in fright, and you feel a jolt of pain.

"Hey, watch it!" you say. She gives it a more gentle poke with her finger, and your dick becomes a little less little and sad-looking.

One of the squishy tentacles between Star's thighs goes for her pussy, resting against the warm flesh. Tenta slides it in just a little, just enough to make Star's lips part.

"Hey, hang on, this is still too early," Star whimpers.

Hush. Tenta knows best. He thins out his tip until it's as thin as a finger and slips it deeper inside.

Star wriggles in Tenta's grasp as his tendril-finger probes her hole, slithering back and forth, caressing her. A short gasp escapes her lips, and her hips buck. No doubt that she's warming up. The feeling makes you tingle pleasantly and makes Kinkan Jr grow in front of Sunny's eyes.

Yes, you're definitely up for some action now. Sunny admires your new development with a smile, marvelling at the miracle of male biology. She cradles it her small hands and brings it to her nose, taking a deep sniff.

"Oh, yeah. That's good to go." She grins. The smell seems to have made her more lively.

"Go get 'em!" She slaps you hard on the ass, making you stumble towards Star. Your cock bobs like a holstered weapon as you step closer.

Tenta leaves Star's insides and makes two little hooks with his tentacles. They grip the outside of her lips and spread them, giving you a full view of her bright pink treasure. You nestle the head of your cock flush with her soft, fleshy entrance. Her sticky fluids cling to you as you rub your tip along her, finding the perfect angle. Star leans forward, anxiously looking down between her legs.

"Any last words?"

She looks back up at you. Her eyebrow twitches up and down. "P-Please be gentle?"

You grab her hips and pull her body down. "Mmf!" Star makes a quick gasp as your tip finds its way between her legs and inside her. It's pleasantly tight, but her moisture lets you work in bit-by-bit with each push. Her pussy makes short quivers with each bit of space that you claim inside her, getting deeper into her tight walls.

You grunt happily and cradle your arm around her back. Your eyes meet briefly before Star looks away.

"Well?" you ask.

Star purses her lips and says nothing, but her hips tilt towards you. You grind your hips in a circle, exploring her.

Tenta pulls her towards you until her sore, sensitive nips scrape against your chest. She glares up at you, obviously aware of what the two of you are doing. No matter how she's feeling, the sensation of her body against yours is still quite pleasant.

You grip her shoulders and push a little deeper inside. Her tightness doesn't let you in very far, but you're fine with simply rubbing your tip in and out, letting her lips suck and slurp on it as her nipples scrape against your chest. Each rub and push draws a muted squeak out of her.

You move your hands down to her buttocks, pushing her crotch against your body as you wiggle inside her. The tentacles around her arms start to peel back, pulling her away from you.

'Hey, what're you doing?'

You need a better angle.

Tenta lowers her down and tilts her back until her body is lined up with the floor. He moves his grip, keeping her arms above her head as she lies parallel to the floor.

"Wah," she squeaks. You keep wiggling inside her as Tenta moves her, but your wriggling soon becomes a thrusting. As Tenta pulls her back, she starts to spread her legs further apart. Her legs clench, trying to close, but she can't fight the leg-split Tenta's got her in. The small muscles in her thighs stick out as she flexes and tenses.

You lean forward, planting your hands on her chest like propping yourself up on a table, and thrust hard. Star grunts as you invade deep inside her. You immediately run into a firm wall of flesh at the back of her pussy.

Of all the times to push hard. Ow.

She clenches hard around you, squeezing your cock to the point of pain. Her face screws up to show she's probably feeling even worse. You glance down to see that you're only about halfway inside her. She may be small, but she shouldn't be quite that small inside.

She just needs to 'loosen up,' aheh.

Thin tentacle roots wriggle up around Star's body. You quickly take your hands off of her before you get caught in the crossfire.

The tendrils move to all the little pleasure-spots along her body: her navel, the small of her back, and within seconds they're up to the nape of her neck and her collar. Star lets out a happy, submissive whimper as they rub at her skin, not a cruel tickle but a pleasing caress.

Her body relaxes, her death grip loosening on your cock. You have enough space now to make gentle nudging motions, nudging the mouth of her womb with your tip, touching her at her deepest point. As Tenta smothers her with affection, her insides slowly move back to welcome more of you inside her. The flesh itself even becomes softer, soft enough for a pleasant squish when you push again.

'I didn't know pussies could do that.'

There's a lot you don't know, kid. Call me 'sensei' from now on.

Two tentacles approach both sides of Star's clit. It's poking a little out of her hood now, flushed enough to bring a rich red color.

"Ah, what's this?" You press your finger to it and feel a thin, slick layer of moisture. You slide your finger over it, pulling her hood back a little more as your finger slips over her bead.

Coochie-coochie-coo! Tenta's himacles tickle her exposed nub.

Her thighs and shoulders quiver violently in Tenta's arms. He loosens his grip and finally gives her some freedom to move. Her hands grip the tentacles nearby, adding two more points of pleasant, if a little too firm, sensation. Tenta tugs her ankles up, and her legs slide up your body, her calves and thighs coming to rest against your chest.

It makes the perfect angle for firm, long pushes. You pull back until your tip is between her lips, then with one, two, three quick thrusts, you work back inside her to kiss her cervix again. Finally, Star is letting herself enjoy it. Her tight smile has loosened into an open-mouthed gape, and her nervous eyes have fallen into a droopy, half-closed expression of pleasure.

"Enjoying yourself?" You grab her buttocks and feel the thick, wet fluids of sex dripping down her thighs.

You thrust forward and give her cervix a firm press. "Well?"

"Yeeeesss," she moans, her words coming out in a breathy slur.

You retreat just a little, then push back in and gently prod her wall. She lets out a much more agreeable grunt as you tickle her deepest point.

You caress her waist as you leave more gentle bumps along the entrance to her womb. Her legs clench again, as if she wished she could wrap her legs around you and enjoy herself, but she can't.

There's something delightfully powerful about fucking her like this, hung up in the air as if she's a weightless thing for your pleasure. With her unable to touch you back, you can really feel that she's at your mercy.

"Good," you say to yourself, moving your hips back and forth, not slamming into her but putting effort and purpose into each motion, back and forth, letting both of you feel it as her pussy tightens and yields in response to your movements.

Her legs, coated in Tenta's lubrication, slip up and down your body with each motion. She tightens her legs around your body as if trying to grip you despite all the slippery fluids.

"Good, good, good," you repeat.

As you enjoy yourself, Tenta pokes his fingers around the sensitive skin surrounding her clit, seeing what gets the most entertaining reaction out of her. Her head tilts down, along with the rest of her body, until her hair brushes against the floor. Her bangs lift up as she lies halfway upside-down, revealing her forehead, beads of sweat glistening on it to give it an alluring shimmer. When she's closer, you think to yourself, you'll have to give it a little kiss, or maybe a nibble.


Tenta hoists Star back up, making her legs spread apart again. She wraps her legs around your waist, not quite tall enough for her feet to meet behind you. You feel your cock shift inside her as Tenta pushes her into your arms. Instinctively, she grips you tight around your shoulders, gripping your biceps.

"Watch the nipples, watch the nipples," she says as her head meets your shoulders.

You ignore her, holding her tight enough for all the air to disappear between your bodies and then bouncing her up and down against your cock, making her sensitive nipples scrape against your chest. Her eyelids flicker with little jolts of pain when you push against her body, but she always returns to a lazy, dreamy expression. After a little bit, she almost seems to enjoy the feeling, her face getting loser as your hands roam her back, your body covering hers, your hips keeping hers in constant motion. You feed into each others' pleasure until you're on the brink of an orgasm, and you're sure she is too.

"Almost there," you growl in her ear, leaning down to take a little nibble of her forehead. The tingling all through your lower body drives you on. Your hips slap hers as you drive into her faster, trying to make yourself cum.

"You... you'll..." she says, her breathing close to ragged gasping.

You slap against her a few more times, shaking her entire body as your hips connect with hers. You run a finger along the base of her wings.

"You'll ta- take..." She can barely speak through her pleasure, but she keeps trying valiantly. You trace circles around the base of her wings until her body spasms in your grip.

"Take responsi-i-bility, ri... right?" She screams the last word as her pussy shudders violently, gripping so intensely but so pleasurably that your climax feels like it's yanked out of you.

You don't get the chance to answer her. Your knees shake, and if she were any heavier than a fairy, you would've dropped her. You can't even consider the problem for a minute as you release inside her, her pussy clinging to your cock as it throbs and releases. Her fingers stop digging into your shoulders for a moment, and her legs relax around your waist, her feet sliding down and caressing your thigh.

A loud moan, definitely not from Star, gets your attention. You pull Star off of you with a wet pop and turn around to see Sunny sitting on the floor, clothes half-off, with her hand hard at work between her thighs.

She stops humping her hand when you make eye contact, her expression of pleasure turning into a scowl. "Took you long enough to notice! Sheesh."

"Sorry, I was busy." You shrug, not really sorry.

Tenta hovers behind Sunny, obviously plotting. Hold up. See, something's been bothering me...

Four tentacles rise up out of the puddle. Two of them latch onto Sunny's shoulders, pressing her to the floor. The other two form the round mouths he used before on Star.

"Bwah! Hey! What are you doing?" Sunny yelps.

These need fixing.

The two mouths bite onto her nipples and rise upwards. Sunny thumps her feet on the floor as her pancake teats are stretched out what must be at least a foot.

"Ow ow ow ow!" She starts to bang her whole body against the ground, her butt thumping against the wooden floor. Tenta keeps stretching them like putty until each breast must be half as long as she is tall.

"Stop, stop! I cahn' go anymoh!" Sunny's face twists and she goes crosseyed as Tenta wrings out every last bit of stretching from her. Her tongue rises up and out of her mouth as she makes a low moan. You feel magic flow through him for a split-second, and then he releases.

Her breasts snap back to her chest with a little magical puff of smoke. Tenta lets go of her shoulders.

Sunny gasps for breath, then sits up, staring down at herself. "I... you..." She cups her breasts in her hands. "I'm back to normal?"

She gives her nipple a tweak, letting out a short gasp and wincing a little. "Yep, I'm back."

"Now then, since you're all better, are you ready to kiss and make up?" You let go of Star and let her float to the ground. Her wings flap gently like a butterfly's as she touches the ground.

Sunny gets to her feet, wobbling a little, and gives Star a good long look. "Apologize first," she says, crossing her arms at Star.

"M'sorry," Star grumbles and looks at the ground.

"Not good enough. Kowtow."


"You heard me." Star crosses her arms.

"Grrr." Star gets onto her knees, puts her elbows on the ground, and bows until her forehead touches the floor. It gives you a wonderful angle to see your handiwork as it drips down her legs.

You suddenly remember her comment just before you blew your load. Was that Tenta's stuff or your stuff that you just let out?


'Was it--'

Have you ever heard of a half-fairy?

'Good point.'

Sunny lifts her foot and puts it on the back of Star's head. "Now, say 'I'm sorry for shamelessly assaulting your massive tits until milk sprayed out uncontrollably,'" she demands, grinding her heel hard enough to show her dominance over Star but not enough to really hurt her.

Star forces her way away from the foot. "C'mon, I mean, I wouldn't say shamelessly..."

You flick Star on the back of the head. "Apologize."

She grumbles and puts her head back on the ground. "M'sorry for shamelessly something your massive tits something something milk."

"You haven't learned your lesson, have you?" Sunny says. She peels off her dress and steps out of her clothes, wet enough to stick to her calves as they go down her body. She steps forward until her crotch is in front of Star.

"Lick me."

Star looks up and opens her mouth to say something, but gets a mouthful of pussy instead. She lets out a muffled squeak as Sunny grabs her head and pulls it between her thighs.

Star pulls her face away. "Hey, is this just an excuse to have sex with me?" she says.

Sunny looks at you, torn between laughter and disappointment. After a moment of thought, she shoves Star back between her legs, grinding against her friend's face with a very pleased look.

You hunch down and bring your cock close to Sunny's hips. Realizing that, yes, this is an excuse to have sex with her, Star accepts her role and wraps a hand around your cock, stroking it and helping it recover after your orgasm as she sucks Sunny's flesh into her mouth and licks at her clit.

Me three.

A cock rises up from the puddle and slips into Star's unoccupied hand. She works with a sudden gusto, licking Sunny until her knees tremble and stroking you both until you're nice and hard and ready once more.

Oh, this is good. This is real good. Tentacles sneak up around the fairies' ankles, then more around their waists. Slowly but with enough force to trap them, he lifts them up and brings them together. Their sweat and spit mix along with Tenta's glistening lubrication as their bodies wriggle together.

Sunny and Star, together again, on my dick, Tenta sings to himself, already enjoying the results as the fairies continue to squirm. Their small chests press against each other, their thighs rubbing, their legs tangling together.

The puddle underneath the fairies thickens until it's like jelly. A forest of tentacles rise up, coiling around limbs, slithering up to breasts, even curling through hair.

Tenta gives them both a squeeze around the waist, like he's got them both in a bear hug. Their backs curve, their calves lifting up while tentacles keep their thighs held stiff. Their wings both flicker out, thumping against his tentacles as they buzz. Thin little fingers curl around to Star's buttocks. Some of them dig deep into the flesh of her rump, curling like hooks and spreading her cheeks apart.

Tenta's coming back, baby. I feel better than ever.

A finger slithers around Star's thigh, then sneaks through the crack where her thighs meet her crotch. It sneaks past her pussy and up towards the thin, slit-like hole between her cheeks.

Your nose wrinkles.

'What the-- I can smell it!'

Told you, I'm coming back!

As if barely able to contain his excitement, his finger bounces and wiggles up and down, rubbing against her hole as it leaks out a healthy amount of goo.

"C-Cold!" Star yelps.

Her scent gets even stronger, clean but mixed with the salty and sweet tones of her sweat and skin. Your pecker tingles a little from it.

'What have you done to me?'

Booty smell good. Appreciate it.

A tentacle comes up from underneath Star's legs, straight up like a bamboo pole. It even takes the shape of bamboo, complete with joints, though these run close together, forming a sort of ribbing all down its length.

Tenta jerks Star's thighs apart and pushes his pole up further at a slow but steady pace, inching closer to Star's pussy until it brushes against her skin.

Star wiggles, trying to find a better angle to look down, but only succeeds in rubbing her body against Sunny. "What... what is that supposed to be?"

Tenta answers by entering her. Still wet and loose, her lips spread wide, but they still struggle to take in Tenta's girth. Her insides quiver with every rib that makes its way in and scrapes against her walls.

Tenta's puddle-body and the veins in your chest shudder. Oooh! Fuck me. Fairy snatch, how I've missed you!

Little stems grow out from further down Tenta's length, followed by long, flat tentacles. Bamboo leaves. Apparently, fairy sex brings out Tenta's artistic side.
No. 36058
The leaves twist and crawl up to her thighs and tickle her skin, growing further and further until the leaves reach the top of her crotch. Several of them flap against her clit, making tiny little slaps. Star's shoulders rise up and her head tilts back, sending waves through her hair. She gasps in short, rapid breaths, as if getting little zaps of electricity.

Not giving her any time to relax, the finger at her backside presses dead center against her ass. It's thin enough to force its way into her, even as her whole body's tight and tense with surprise. Her neck and shoulders quiver, her eyes rolling up slowly as if she no longer cares about anything else around her.

"Wow," she whispers. "Wow wow wow."

"Hey, are you forgetting about me again?" Sunny whines.

The tentacles holding her up suddenly draw back. Sunny narrowly avoids falling onto the floor.

You deal with her. I'm working some hot, wet, throbbing magic over here.

You catch your second-place prize around the waist. Her wings flutter as you grab her, blowing a little air against your chest. You take a seat, keeping Sunny in your lap so you both get a good view of the show. She folds her wings and snuggles into your lap, her warm pussy sitting along the shaft of your cock so just the very tip peeks out between her legs.

Tenta pulls Star's arms and legs backwards, thrusting her chest forward and presenting her body in the most naked, vulnerable way possible. She struggles to keep a sense of balance, then gets disrupted as Tenta pushes into her pussy. The ribs along his length scrape her walls as he thrusts.

I made a promise to Sunny.

The thin tentacle inside her ass wiggles deeper inside her. She leans back and tilts her belly forward, every part of her face starting to twitch and wiggle as she feels herself being touched impossibly deep.

A promise that, by the end of today, Star's legs won't point in the same direction.

The tentacle in her ass begins to swell and thicken, as if it's filling up with water, making her squirm. Her hips clench, gripping him tight but not able to push him back. Tenta grabs her ankles and lifts them up high, past her stomach, until her ankles are almost at her shoulders. He spreads them just a little, giving you and Sunny a full view of everything.

"Wow," Sunny murmurs.

"I know, right?" you whisper back. You may have been feeling it this whole time, but being able to see Tenta's ribbed cock churning in and out of Star, fluid slurping and dripping out with each thrust, makes it feel a hundred times better.

Only half-thinking about it, you grab Sunny by the waist again and lift her up. Resting her back against your chest, you grab her thighs and spread her legs. Slowly, you loosen your grip and let Sunny fall onto your cock.

You sigh in pleasure as you enter her. The last time you had the chance to savor it, her pussy was quite warm, but this time she's well and truly hot. All that fun with Star has left her loose and ready, letting you slide right into her. Her legs spread as her thighs touch your lap, and she looks up at you with a happy, dreamlike smile.

"Ohhhh, yeah," she grunts and pushes back against you.

Tenta's cock expands further inside Star's ass until it starts to spread her ring, stretching an already tight hole even tighter. "Mung, guh!" Star gurgles, trying to form words as Tenta overwhelms her senses. Her toes curl and her hands ball into fists as her ass is spread open. Her tongue hangs out of her mouth, spluttering out whatever speech she can manage. "On'guh!"

The way her ass grips Tenta is amazing. And yet, at the same time, you can enjoy every bit of Sunny's open, hungry pussy. You push her body up, then push your hips and let her fall at the same time, bouncing her against your lap as you thrust. She lets out a happy squeak each time she falls, her pert little butt rubbing against your stomach and jiggling in your lap.

Tentacles crawl over Star's body like so many ants, though he's polite enough to leave a good view for you. They constrict around her breasts, grab handfuls of her buttocks and thighs, even up to her slightly-pointed ears. She lets out drunken yelps and giggles at their tickling touches.

One more tentacle crawls up to her face and forms into a thick, veiny cock. It lingers in front of her open mouth, giving Star just a moment to see it before it dives in. He's at the back of her mouth in one push, and in one more he slides his way into her throat, adding one more wonderful feeling to the symphony of sex already playing in your head. Fluid drips from Star's mouth as Tenta pumps in and out.

Star finally surrenders her entire body, only letting out weak gulps as he moves in her throat. While his bamboo keeps going, Tenta alternates his rhythm with her other holes, bulging in her throat as he slips back inside her ass, then filling up her ass when he slides up her throat. Her eyes unfocus, her tongue hangs limply out of the side of her mouth, pressed against her lips as Tenta fucks her face, every moan and grunt turned into a gurgle.

Keeping pace with Tenta, you sink your fingers into Sunny's waist and slam your hips against her, as if trying to share your feelings of pleasure with her. She squeaks and arches her back, nestling against you, her face a lustful, burning shade of red. Sweat runs down her brow, and drool leaks out past her lips with her ragged open-mouthed breathing. You're amazed you've even managed to last this long; through all the delightful sensation, you can feel a nagging tiredness starting to creep in your mind.

Tenta also seems to be approaching his limit, throbbing with pleasure like a balloon about to burst. The tentacle in her throat starts slowing down, letting it squeeze him.

So. Fucking. Good.

He pulls out of Star's mouth in a sudden jerk so strong that her chin tilts up as though she'd been struck. His cock hovers in front of her face, curled up like a cobra, and then he shoots. His first shot of seed lands against her forehead, splattering cum in her hair. Then another shot squeezes out onto her cheek, giving her entire face a thick, glistening sheen.

Just a... hrrngh... little... touch-up...

Tenta lets out a third, smaller shot against her chin. Cum splatters up and trickles into her open mouth. Unable to even swallow, Star lets the cum dribble down past her lips. Its work done, the tentacle vanishes in a quiet crack of magic.

Just as he finishes on her face, his bamboo thins slightly, just enough so he can pound into her pussy faster than any human could ever manage. His sticky Tenta juice pours into her, his cock not slowing down, churning up his flow of cum in a sound so disgusting, it's somehow delicious.

You can't hold on much longer. You screw Sunny down tight against your hips and squeeze her body against yours. Sunny reaches her peak and lets out a high-pitched, singsong yell of pleasure. Her voice goes up and down as her pussy tightens and contracts, hungry for every drop of you. Your entire body tenses, then you empty yourself inside her in an explosion of bliss.

Star's ring is forced to stretch just a little bit more as Tenta feels the shockwave of your excitement and he swells one last time. Star convulses as her ring is stretched to its breaking point. He releases inside her, her ass stretched so tight that not so much as a drop can spill out. Time slows down as Tenta summons every last bit of energy he can manage. You watch in awe as Star's belly starts to fill as if she just gorged herself on food. She follows Tenta's lead, managing just enough energy to let out a howling climax. Fireworks explode in your head as the climax bounces back and forth between all of you: Tenta feeling Star's pleasure, you feeling Tenta's, Tenta feeling yours. Your vision goes white, your grip on Sunny goes slack, and for a moment, you could swear you see heaven. It looks like fairy pussy.

When you come back to your senses, the first thing you feel is Sunny's body on top of you. Her hips are rubbing against your cock, trying in vain to get your spent member back into action. It's a losing battle, and her eyelids flutter sleepily as she moves.

You hear a loud grunt and turn your head -- feeling a stiff soreness in your neck -- to see Star doubled over on the ground, her face on the floor and her ass sticking up in the air. Tenta's still lodged deep within her asshole. He starts to pull out, causing her wings to flutter lazily and her pussy to clench, leaking out trails of his thick sap. Inch by inch, Tenta removes himself from her. You and Sunny both marvel as the tentacle keeps sliding and sliding after being stuck impossibly deep in her. Finally, after what seems like a full minute of tugging and pulling, it pops free of her, leaving a sore, stretched-open hole in its place, shining bright red. She twitches again and a splash of cum spurts from her, landing in a puddle between her legs. She lets out a spent whimper. His last tentacle disappears, his presence now back to just the veins on your chest.

Whew! he pants. I don't think I've gorged like that in... a couple of days, heh heh.

'You're welcome.'

Yeah, yeah. Oof, anyway, ol' Tenta needs him a nap. Wake me when there's more holes to plug. His presence dulls to a low drone.

Before you can think about napping, you feel a finger tracing along Tenta's veins. Sunny's draped across your stomach, giggling softly to herself, looking as lazy and contented as an old cat.

"I didn't think you'd be that energetic," she coos.

You wheeze out a laugh. "You wanted Star to get what she had coming, right?"

She smirks. "I suppose, but... you know."

You don't quite know. Perhaps at some point far in the past it was like a game, but you got distracted from that somewhere around the third orgasm.

"You okay over there?" you ask.

"Haaaaa... heeeee..." Star responds.

"Did I overdo it?" you ask Sunny, patting her bare back. Her wings flutter at your touch.

Sunny giggles again, grinning until her fang bites against her lower lip. "In a good way."

Judging by Star's loose-eyed grin, she enjoyed it anyway.

Some clattering sounds trail up from downstairs. A moment later, Luna appears in the doorway. She's dressed and wiped down now, though streaks of cum still stain her hair. She surveys the field of destruction, glares down at you, and raises her dress.


Your legs shudder when you attempt to stand. Nope, ain't happening.

"Don't mind if I do!" another voice says.

You hear the familiar sound of cloth ripping and see the space behind Luna open up. Yukari swoops in and grabs Luna by her waist, hoisting her up off the ground.

"Yipe!" Luna yelps.

"You did well," Yukari says to you as she traces a gloved hand up Luna's thigh. "Very, very well. It was hard to resist the urge to join in, but.." Her hand disappears under Luna's dress. "Well, let's just say the show alone was more than satisfactory."

"H'lo Yuk'ri," Sunny mumbles as she curls up, about to drift off to sleep.

"You're next," Yukari says back.

"Tha's nice."

You blink. Before you even open your eyes, you realize you nodded off for a little bit. You open them up to see Luna still in Yukari's grasp, squirming but not in enjoyment.

"Stop stalling and just do it!" she says, kicking her legs in the air.

"But you're so fun to tease, dear." Yukari's hand wanders underneath Luna's dress. "And your thighs are so wonderful and sof-- Oh! Kinkan. Back to the land of the living, I see."

She lets go of Luna. The sour-faced fairy glowers at the lot of you before floating off, probably for some self-exploration.

"I still dunno if I can move," you respond. Sunny's off of you now, curled up on the floor in peaceful slumber.

"That's easily solved." Yukari kneels next to you and places a hand on your chest.

Her hand glows. Your sore muscles repair themselves in an instant. The fog in your head clears. In the span of a few seconds, it feels as if you just got a ten-hour night's sleep. Even your tired cock springs back to life.

"Let me guess," you say, getting back to your feet. "Border of tired and energetic? Sore and unsore?"

Yukari rolls her eyes. "No, silly, just some basic body magic. I swear, you can't even appreciate a simple favor."

"You saw everything, then?" you ask.


"I would've thought you'd have more important business."

"Nope!" Yukari snaps her fingers. Just as you get to your feet, you're back in the air, trying not to look at floating eyes and purple nothingness.

You touch down butt-first in a patch of mud just outside the treehouse.

"Aw, yuck." You stand up and try to swipe it off of you.

Yukari takes something out of her pocket. That purple 'sell phone', the thing she used to talk to her servant a couple days ago. She flips it in half like a lockbox and presses a button, then puts it to her ear. The same buzzing you heard before comes out of the hole on the bottom.

"Ran? Yeah, hey, it's me. You're not on the can this time, right?" Unamused buzzing. "Joking! Is Chen there?" Buzz buzz. "Great, put her on the line."

A bright voice squeaks out of the box, and Yukari gets an unsettling grin. "Heeeey, Chen! Time for procedure Delta. Get the bucket."

"Bucket? What's that--"

Yukari waves a gap open above your head. You look up just in time to see cold water rushing down from it. Your eyes snap shut as you're drenched all over, and you gasp, inhaling more air than you thought your lungs could hold. Every pore on your body tightens. Even Tenta feels it, his veins shriveling until they're like prunes.

Yukari produces two soapy rags out of thin air. "That's what the bucket's for. Now hold still."

A pair of hands with long claw-like nails reach down from the gap above you and massage something slimy and soapy into your hair. Yukari presses a rag to your face, cleaning up your cheeks, while her other hand works on your chest. You're thankful the rags are soft with the way she's rubbing them all over you. She works her way down your arms, then down your back, while the hands above continue to rub the liquid soap against your hair.

"Now, for here." Yukari grips your member with a rag and strokes it slightly, covering it with foam.

"Hey, gentle."

"Aren't I always, dear?" She gives you a squeeze before moving on and soaping up all the nooks and crannies of your crotch.

In seconds, she's worked her way down your legs, getting every available inch of you covered in soap bubbles. At some point she even, gods only know how, put a wooden floor beneath your feet so you don't get dirty again.

"Ready?" asks a young, cheerful voice from above.

"One second. And close your eyes," Yukari calls up to the gap.


Yukari gets up close to you and grabs you by the waist. Her hands dart down to your butt and give it a firm squeeze, pulling you towards her at the same time. She rubs against your soapy body, her breasts pressed against you, your cock against her thighs.

"Ohh, yeah." Yukari holds the grip for a moment before backing away.

"Okay, ready," she calls back up to the gap.

"Bombs away!" Another bucket of water comes down from above, rinsing the soap from your body.

"Thanks for the help," Yukari says.

"Welcome!" A hand pokes out of the gap and waves before disappearing again.

Yukari waves the gap closed, then waves twice more. The soapy water disappears from her clothing, and the fresh water disappears from your body. You have to admit, it was a pretty thorough cleaning.

"Next, clothes." Yukari opens yet another gap and rummages a hand inside it.

"Hang on, this is moving really fast."

"With good reason. Here, I have a gift for you."

With both hands, Yukari pulls a wooden tray out of the gap. Neatly folded on it is a very official-looking kimono, dyed a deep violet. It's got everything: the pants, the jacket, the belt, even some accessories. Sitting off to the side are socks, sandals, and underwear.

"It's all yours."

You pick up the outer layer of the kimono. It's smooth and comforting to the touch. "Is this silk?" you gasp.

Yukari nods. "The whole thing is. Even the undies." She runs a finger along the jacket. "This was dyed with tropical true indigo, and the sandals are walnut wood with tooled leather straps."

You run your hands over the kimono with a sense of awe and reverence for whoever could have made it. All the rice in Gensokyo wouldn't begin to pay for an outfit like this. It even has circular flower crests along the lapel. Lifting it up and turning it around, you see three more crests along the back.

"It's a cactus flower." Yukari grins, looking more satisfied with herself than usual. You respond with a blank look.

"A symbol of lust in traditional flower arrangement," she explains.

"It's like something an emperor would wear." You run your hand over the fabric again.

"Like I said, all yours. Now, let's get it on you," she says.

"I can't take this. It's... I mean, I'd be..."

She tsks and rolls her eyes. "Put it on before I make you."

"Okay, okay." You take the underwear and jump into it.

Oh, baby. Silk is wonderful. You put on the inner layer of the kimono, and the whole thing feels like a full-body cuddle. You hurry to put the rest on, now excited to see how the full thing will feel. Once you get all the layers in place, tie the belt tight and tuck away the extra fabric, you feel as if the whole thing was tailored for you. Despite its size, it still feels light and loose. Even the sandals are comfy.

"How do you feel?" Yukari asks, admiring the results.

You puff up your chest. "Like I could order some peasants around."

"Great!" Yukari claps her hands. "Ready to go?"

"Go where?"

You now realize that she's been doing everything in her power to avoid telling you what's going on. Of course, this realization hits you a tad too late, and you drop through the floor before you can protest. You shut your eyes and tell yourself that she's not going to plop you onto the ground again. She wouldn't want to mess up this new outfit.

Your feet land on soft, dry ground. You had huddled up while you were falling and are now crouched down and staring at the ground. You're somewhere in the Forest of Magic, you think. It certainly smells like it. A sudden thought hits you in the gut.

You raise your eyes and see the bottom of a white house. Slowly, you raise your eyes a little more. A porch. Red windows. A small circular building attached to the side. Yep, you're at Alice's house.

"Here we are!" Yukari says.

You gulp. You didn't know what Yukari had planned, but this is not what you had in mind at all. A day apart is not enough. Frankly, a week probably isn't enough. Just the thought of talking to her this soon gives you that queasy feeling.

"Give Alice a little credit. Do you really think she's still angry at you?"

You scratch your neck. "I don't know."

"You've delayed it long enough."

"That wasn't a delay. It was my life. You know, the life I have outside of all this..." You gesture at your costume. "This!"

"Life or no, you're not going home."

You lower your voice to a hiss and lean in closer to Yukari, as if someone was going to eavesdrop on you in the middle of nowhere. Although you can't be too careful with Alice's dolls around.

"I just got back from fucking three fairies 'til they couldn't even talk. How is this a good time to apologize to Alice?"

"Oh, fuff." Yukari waves a dismissive hand. "That was just business. Besides, fairies don't count."

"It's just. Too. Weird." You rub your face.

"Come on, what happened to all that confidence?"

A pep talk from the Yakumo Demoness. What have you become?

You take a deep breath. You've got to talk to Alice again at some point. Even if you don't want to do it, Yukari's not going to give you the chance to run away. You're here, you're presentable, and you've both had some time to cool off.

"Alright. Let's do it," you say.

You take another deep breath.

You lift your head up high and look at Alice's house.

You raise a foot and set it down in front of you.

You raise your other foot.

You turn to the left.

"Not a chance." Yukari grabs you by the back of the collar.

Ooh, someone's about to get told.

Tenta's awake. Just what you needed.

Yukari glares at you. Her stare is so intense you can't break eye contact.

"Why do you think I'm helping you out so much?"

You lean away from her. "I-I-I don't know."

"I've been around for centuries. Millennia. I've seen everything the world has to offer. Disasters, famines, and miracles are like daily occurrences for me, but I have never, ever..."

Her face softens. "...seen a plum farmer slash tentacle monster try to romance a reclusive magician. Do you know how long it's been since I've been this excited about something new?"

You nod out of reflex.

"How about you, though? 'You' as in the farmer, not you, baby."


"What? What do you want me to say?"

"There's something about you that found its way into Alice's sweet little inexperienced heart. Tell me what you think it is."

You look down, but she grabs your face and pulls your eyes up. As much as you want to say something, your mind and your mouth are paralyzed. No words come to mind.

"Take your time, now. There's no wrong answer here," Yukari says, poking you on the nose.

You think.

[ ] Write-in.
No. 36061
This voting cycle will be open for two days, since it's a bit of an odd choice and it's the first update in a while. Like Yukari said, there are no wrong answers. I'll be counting votes more by the content than the specific wording, so feel free to word it how you like if you want to make a point.
No. 36064
[x] "Maybe because, even though I have this guy stuck to me, I never try to be anything but human? I always come back in the end? I dunno, man, I am who I am, and that's all I can be."
No. 36066
[x] "Maybe... at the end of the day, I know who I am, even with all this weird shit going on?

Fuck man, I dunno.
No. 36067
I feel like I would be doing this delicate situation a disservice by voting when I don't remember what happened in the first five threads.
No. 36068
I took a gamble on switching things up, but the results didn't turn out how I'd hoped. I hear what y'all mean about not wanting to make such a big decision after a series of hiatuses. An alternate choice along with a bit more talkies will be coming up Wednesday or Thursday, so keep an eye out for it, and then BRtG will resume as normal. Thank you for your patience, your call is very important to us.
No. 36071
Excuse me, OP.

I just binge-read all of this story in a day and I thought you should know that while your Alice is nice and you're amazing in general you seem to have a massive misconception about Marisa.

You know, from when you mentioned what your Alice/Marisa dynamic is a year and a half ago. I'm a horrible person and couldn't just let it slide I'm sorry okay nobody else said this.

In the canon, Marisa is a studious, hardworking motherfucker. Were she not working, studying and training her ass off to keep up and constantly hopped up on magic enhancing mushrooms (mentioned in IN, in which she, a human, could stare right at the moon), she would be nowhere near player character level.

"Natural knack", my ass.

If you knew this and meant to say that's what you're writing her as as an individual, that's fine too.

That is all. The rest is A-Okay. You are great and you should know it. Have a great day. Etc etc.
No. 36072
Yeah it was too much to do a pure write in after a hiatus (especially after a hiatus)
No. 36073

Thanks for being honest about my story, and I'm glad you enjoy the rest!

That was more a poor choice of wording on my part. Marisa definitely hits the books hard. By 'knack' I meant that she's just plain good at it; no matter how hard you study, when you're a teenager/early twentysomething outperforming centuries-old youkai, you're extraordinarily good at magic.
No. 36074
Wait that's the important part here? I thought a complaint about this story's Marisa would be the large character discrepancy between the only two times she appeared here.

She seemed like a goofy 'regular'ish marisa the first time then the 2nd appearance is more 'adult' and immediately all but asks for assfuck...

Both were written fine, just that there was some unexplained character shift.
No. 36075
>She seemed like a goofy 'regular'ish marisa the first time then the 2nd appearance is more 'adult' and immediately all but asks for assfuck...

>Marisa couldn’t look less fazed by her current state, though. Despite looking like a prisoner of war, she’s grinning from ear to ear. “Hey there, if it isn’t Alice’s loyal boy-toy! I’d give you a wave, but y’know…” she shakes her wrists, making the chains jangle loudly. “…I’m a little tied up at the moment. Pffthahaha!”

She asks for assfuck two posts later, after getting drunk. Seems plenty consistent to me.
No. 36077
I just assumed magic mushrooms plus alcohol really screws you up.
But in all seriousness, what the other guy said. Drunk Marisa is (probably) horny Marisa, also the fact that everyone knows who Tenta's host is helped more likely than not.
Also, we're talking about a possibly hormone filled druggie perfectly respectable late-teens-early-twenties-something who just so happens to use performance enhancing slash hallucogenic medicinal mushrooms in a world where she almost always gets the last word in a dispute because they're settled by fighting.
In that position, would you not fuck the veritable sex god at the drop of a proverbial hat?
No. 36081
This Marisa probably plays as hard as she works. Given everything we've seen, it wouldn't surprise me if she trolls the village for guys/gals to fuck after a long, hard day of stealing borrowing books and firing lasers anyway. We just happened to catch her at the right time.
No. 36082
You scratch your chin.

"Well, I mean... I guess I've been just me? She likes me, you know? I think."

You put your hands on your hips and feel something poke out from your pocket. You reach in to find your old metal smoking pipe, along with what looks like a small, brand-new pouch of tobacco. It wasn't there before, but you can guess by Yukari's smirk how it got there.

"Go on, take a moment and calm down if you have to," she says, producing a boxy lighter, purple with silver eyes engraved on it.

You stuff your pipe and let her light it. You start to calm down as you puff quietly, watching the thin clouds disappear in the air. Yukari lets you spend a few minutes in peaceful silence until the last of the embers in your pipe extinguish themselves.

"Better?" she asks as soon as you breathe out your last draw.

"Better." You tap the ashes out of the pipe.

Before you can wonder how to store it away in your pocket without getting it all dirty, a gap appears and swallows up the pipe. You refuse to thank her out of principle.

"Wait. Is Alice going to find the smell gross?" You smell your breath. It's tobacco-ey.

"She might find it manly. She might find it gross. Would you prefer wintergreen?" Yukari snaps her fingers.

Sure enough, your breath smells like fresh wintergreen. You bite the bullet, nod at Yukari and say "Thanks."

"Think nothing of it. Now, onto business!" Yukari springs towards the door and raises a fist.

"Wait!" you blurt out.

"Oh? Would you like to do the honors?"


Alice woke up. Waking up alone was nothing new, but she would've preferred her new friend being there. She felt a little chilly without anyone against her back.

She tried to brush such thoughts out of her head as she dressed. She had spent half of yesterday in an unfocused mess after Hourai led him out the door. The unproductive day had ended with Yukari popping in and giving her a vague message that he would be back 'soon'.

Shanghai still looked rather down, though just understanding and accepting enough to make Alice feel a stab of guilt. Alice looked at Hourai, who responded with a confused and jaded shrug. While the two of them weren't entirely 'sentient,' they were closely tied to Alice and her emotions. Close enough that she had trouble controlling them sometimes.

Creating them required using the sort of magic that made even the most tolerant people get wary. 'They each have a piece of Alice in them, after all,' she thought, shaking her head at herself in the mirror, smiling, not sadly but not very happily either.

As she finished dressing, a peek out the window told her it was already bright outside, later than she was used to waking up. She plodded downstairs to help herself to some leftover porridge. Halfway into her breakfast, a thought occurred to her. She had shooed him off to take care of his harvesting. How long did that take, though? For the first time in a long, long while, she felt embarrassed at her pampered upbringing back outside Gensokyo. He might have been gone for weeks, maybe a month or two, harvesting his plums.

Plums were alright, she supposed. She preferred apples, although any fruit could be good when stewed nice and long with a thick, rich syrup.

'It's alright. You're alright,' she assured herself. She wasn't the type to get overly attached to the first handsome man who came her way -- and there had been at least a few. She could do without him, if need be. One less distraction in her life.

She glanced at the door, suddenly wondering how soon 'soon' was.

She shook her head. No, she wasn't about to go out looking for him like some lost damsel. Though she wouldn't mind having him back. Maybe just a little while longer. Distractions weren't always bad.

She felt a headache coming on. This was probably just some momentary weakness. That farmer and his youkai partner had been nothing but confusion for her. Well, confusion and some other things.

She decided some tea would help her headache, and took down two cups from the cupboard without realizing it. She looked at the door again and groaned to herself. She could swear she heard voices outside the door.

[ ] Go out and look for him already.
[ ] Wait for him. Let him do it on his own time.
[ ] Have Hourai watch outside the window.
No. 36083
Votes will be closed early Sunday afternoon EST.
No. 36084
[x] Have Hourai watch outside the window.

Because the last bit with Hourai was adorable.
No. 36085
[X] Have Hourai watch outside the window.
More cute Hourai is needed!
No. 36086
[x] Go out and look for him already.

Be honest with yourself, Alice.
No. 36087
[x] Go out and look for him already.

Playing the lost damsel can be fun.
No. 36090
[x] Have Hourai watch outside the window.
No. 36091
[X] Wait for him. Let him do it on his own time
No. 36092
[x] Go out and look for him already.
No. 36093
[X] Have Hourai watch outside the window.
No. 36094
Closing votes!

[X] Have Hourai watch outside the window.
No. 36330
File 141620240437.jpg- (340.41KB , 715x1000 , thegloriouspotential.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Have Hourai watch outside the window.

You punch your fist into your open hand and put on your most serious face. "Right. Here I go."

You aren't even halfway to the door before Hourai pops up on the other side of the window. As soon as you make eye contact, she waves her arms wildly and points at the door.

"Yeah, okay, I'm coming."

You hurry to the door. Hourai floats behind the door and a moment later you hear the latch unlock. You swing it open to see her floating at eye-level, pointing a hand around the corner, past the parlor, into the kitchen.

"Alice is in the kitchen?" you ask.

Hourai nods and points again.

You tiptoe across the room and press your back against the wall. Then, you inch your way closer until you can peek your head out around the corner and see just a bit of Alice's blue dress through the doorway.

Losing what little patience she had, Hourai grabs you by your sleeve and tries in vain to tug you to the next room.

You raise a finger to your lips. "Shh!"

"Alice won't bite, love," Yukari says, suddenly next to you. "But if you wait too long, I will."

She pushes you towards the doorway. You stop stumbling just in time for Alice to lift her head up and see you. Hourai lets go of you and zips over to the table. There went the stealthy approach.

Alice is leaning against the countertop, her hands gripping the edge. Her thin lips are drawn into a slight pout, still looking elegant and mysterious even when she's moping.

"Um, hi," you say.

Alice glances at the floor. "Hi."

"You, uh... Are you doing okay?"

"Yes." She curls her hair around her finger. Her eyes travel upwards to look at you.

For a long moment, she's silent. She glances you up and down in a slow nod. A warm smile forms on her lips, then keeps spreading into a toothy grin. All of a sudden, she can't hold it in anymore and starts to guffaw loudly, hunching over and clutching her stomach.

You look down and remember the outfit that you thought was elegant and awe-inspiring just moments ago. Alice, it seems, does not have the same opinion. She straightens back up, still laughing, and gasps for air, which produces a loud snort. That sends her back into peals of laughter, this time with her head tilted back and a hand on her forehead.

Even if it's at your expense, the sound is pleasant enough to make you join in the laughter. Alice lets out little chuckle-sighs as she regains her breath and, to a lesser extent, her composure.

You shrug. "I thought it was classy."

"You look-- hee hee -- like you're going to start a cult." Alice puts a hand over her mouth, hiding her last few giggles.

"Did you see what the flowers are on the emblems?" Yukari pops through the doorway.

Seeing Yukari, Alice's smile returns to a tight-lipped frown. "I'm not a botanist, sorry."

"Tsk." Yukari takes a seat at the table and pouts at her unrecognized genius. "They're cactus flowers. Symbols of lust, you know."

"Something of yours, then?" Alice asks.

"Just a little gift. Don't let me get in the way, carry on." She flicks her wrist lazily in your direction.

"Right, so... hi," you say.

"Hi." Alice leans back against the counter, biting her lip.

"I'm back."


The conversation lulls suddenly. Fortunately, the tea kettle whistles on the stovetop before things can stay quiet for long.

"I'll get it," Alice says. She notices that a third teacup has just appeared and she grunts in annoyance, glowering over at a grinning Yukari.

"How have you been?" you ask.


There's a short silence. Your focus is broken as your eyes wander down to her butt while she bends over to make the tea. She stands up and turns around, and you look back up just in time.

"Me too. Things are going okay."

If you don't get the stones to talk to her soon I'm going to sing lewd songs again.

'Please, no.'

"Did you do any magic stuff while I was away? Anything neat?" you blurt out. Yukari's forehead makes a dull thunk as she drops her head against the table.

"Not really," Alice responds as clumsily as you asked. She sets the three cups of tea on the table and takes a seat. "How were the plums?"

"They were good. I got more than usual for them."

"That's good."

Yukari lifts her head up. Her eyebrow is now twitching, and she has a pained grimace.

Now I go cleanin' windows to earn an honest bob, for a--

'Not that one, I beg you.'

You take a seat next to Alice, not quite shoulder-to-shoulder but close enough to put a hand on her shoulder.

"I'm sorry about yesterday," you say. What you're sorry about, you're not entirely sure, but you're sorry nonetheless.

Alice glances away and twirls her hair around her finger again. "No, it's fine, I mean..." Alice stammers, going through a series of half-words before giving up and letting out a long, slow sigh.

You look to Yukari, hoping for some help, but she just points back at Alice. You search for the words, but after a moment of looking at Alice's face, smooth and clear, just a bit flushed, you hug her instead.

She tightens up for a split-second, caught by surprise, but after a moment she loosens and lets your arms wrap around her shoulders. Her slender fingers touch your waist and rest loosely against your side.

Yukari props her elbows on the table and rests her chin in her hands, flashing a goofy, satisfied smile as soon as Alice is in your grip. Hourai sits by the edge of the table, arms crossed, watching closely.

You pat Alice gently along her back and lean in close to her ear. "Sorry. To be honest, I have no idea what I'm doing."

"Me neither," Alice whispers back.

You hug her tighter until her body touches yours.

Mmm, boobs. All is forgiven.

"Should we start over?" you whisper, trying not to think about squeezing her chest. Yet.

I take it back. What are you saying? Just watching this once was hard enough.

"Not the conversation, the relationship," you say aloud. Alice breaks away and looks at you, slightly confused.

"You know, just clear the air." You cough, the moment now broken. "Try and clear up whatever's bugging us."

Shanghai catches your eye. She's hanging over the handrail to the stairs, kicking her feet and watching Alice for her response. Hourai leans forward, and Yukari stares at Alice, her smile suddenly looking slightly evil.

"Do you think it'll be that easy, though?" Alice says, bristling at the attention.

"Only one way to find out, I suppose. If it doesn't work, we can try something else." You reach down and grab Alice's hand, locking your fingers with hers as you smile at her.

Alice purses her lips and tries very hard not to look at Yukari. "It couldn't hurt," she finally says with a cautious smile.

Yukari lets out a girlish squeal, squirming around in her seat. Shanghai applauds, making the soft sound of thumping fabric. She digs a slip of paper out of her satchel and holds it up. 'KISS' is written on it in big, probably hand-drawn letters.

"Let's try it. If it doesn't work, we can try something else." You give Alice a peck on the cheek, keeping it chaste for all the watching eyes.

"Hooray, hooray! Another problem solved," Yukari sings.

Evidently satisfied with the outcome, she claps her hands twice and a scroll falls onto the table and unravels itself. It's a map detailing every last place in Gensokyo, even the mystical places most people would never dare go. Pins stick up from most of the locations. Alice shoots Yukari a look, unhappy but not very surprised.

"I'm even letting you in on the fun this time," she says to Alice, grinning like she's doing her a favor. Alice lets out a clipped sigh in response.

Yukari's attention goes back to you. "This--" she spreads her arms "--is your to-do list. I'm going to send you around to all my little friends, and make sure they're nice and happy."

Heeheehee, to-'do'.

Even as he cracks jokes, Tenta's attention is completely focused. You can almost hear him drooling as you look over the locations.

"You're making it sound like I'm your personal spy or something," you say to Yukari.

Do you have any idea how much pussy spies get, though?

"Come now, dear. Who wouldn't want to rub elbows, among other things, with the most famous, luscious ladies of Gensokyo?"

Conveniently, Yukari doesn't mention how most of those luscious ladies could kill you with a thought.

"I haven't exactly made a schedule, so you're free to choose what order you want to visit these places in. I'll give you some time to enjoy the harvest festival, too. With your giiirl-friiiiend."

She's gaining momentum now, and there will be no stopping her until she's done. Hourai hunches over and waggles a hand at Yukari, trying as hard as she can to express her disapproval without being able to move her painted-on mouth.

"Right. First location, the Netherworld," Yukari says, casually flicking Hourai on the forehead.

"Now hang on a hot minute--"

Yukari reaches across the table and puts a finger to your lips. "Shush, dear. I assure you it's quite possible and quite safe. I'll have an escort lined up for you and everything. Now, I'm sending you there because Yuyuko's an awfully quiet lady, and while I don't think she's up to anything awful, I'd just like you to check on her and make sure she's in... high spirits."

You groan. Alice winces. The bad pun is enough to make you forget how odd it is to hear someone refer to the princess of the dead as just 'Yuyuko', like she's a next-door neighbor.

"Next. The Youkai Mountain." Yukari taps the pin with a flourish. "Kanako's still playing hot-shot businesswoman. Some say she's too focused on Outside World philosophies. Others say she's just the way of the future and we're all old fogies for disagreeing. Personally, I think she just needs a good onbashira to loosen up."

Alice rolls her eyes. Then, as if she had to get that out of the way, her face snaps into a scowl. "Wait. What about all the kappa and tengu on the mountain?"

"Oh, right." Yukari giggles. "Tenta, you should fuck them too."

Aye-aye ma'am!

"You know what I mean," Alice says.

"Don't be such a worry-wart. The kappa haven't drowned anyone ever since the trade outpost was set up. It just used to be... you know, easy for them to forget that humans can't breathe underwater."

You scratch your neck and resist the urge to whimper.

"Honestly, your biggest problem will be trying not to get trapped in tengu bureaucracy. If you don't keep your nose clean you might wind up being their government pet for a few decades. Speaking of which, say hi to Lord Tenma if you see her."

You scratch your neck faster and nearly draw blood.

"Third, the Bamboo Forest." Yukari twirls her finger again and points. Hopefully this option doesn't have any chance of imprisonment.

"Eirin's out there, too busy tinkering with her rabbits and her chemistry sets to come see me. If you could just find out a thing or two about what she's up to while you're out there, I'd appreciate it. But other than that, just... fuck like bunnies."

"That's barely even a pun," you grumble.

"I have to work with what I'm given, dear."

Alice darts her eyes back and forth, suddenly looking more nervous than usual.

"Ahh, that's right. You were there during the moon incident, weren't you, Alice?" Yukari asks.

"Eirin's awfully..." Alice bites her lip, looking for the right word.

"Would you like me to get a refill for your..." Yukari begins.

Alice instantly blushes a deep red and bolts straight up in her seat, waving her hand. Her reaction gets a quick laugh out of Yukari.

'What just happened?'

I dunno. Aphrodisiacs, maybe?

"Eirin can certainly be intense, and I can't in good conscience blame you for being suspicious of me, but just look at it this way: I wouldn't do anything to my favorite toy that might break it." Yukari's grin widens. "I'll be watching him. And besides, have you seen Eirin's ass?"

I'd sure like to.

"And finally..." Yukari points to a location underneath the Youkai Mountain, labeled 'Palace of The Earth Sprits'.

"Oh, come on. The Underground?" Alice blurts out, recovering all of a sudden. Shanghai stands up and floats in the air, shaking her tiny fists at Yukari.

"Don't worry, don't worry. Tenta's on..." She titters. "Very good terms with the oni."

You know it, hon.


"But that's not why I'm sending you there. I'm sending you there because I know someone, someone important, who always needs cheering up. She has a really rough job, you know. Really rough. Her name's Satori, but you probably haven't heard of her. She's pretty underground."

Hourai slaps a hand to her face.

"And that's that. Here is the map. Where do you wish to go?" Yukari finishes her fun with one last flourish of her hands.

"Hang on, what about the Human Village? There's plenty of important people there, aren't there?" you ask.

Yukari waves a dismissive hand. "With all that religious kerfuffle going on, I'd rather not have my name attached to anyone there. You can go have fun with them on your own time. That's why I'm being so lax with your schedule."

Damn, there went the only loophole you could think of.

Get excited, man! We're going to travel to far-off places and see all sorts of fantastic ladies. My dick is basically going to become an empire.

"Hmm... hmm..." you ponder over your options.

The strong, manly ones in life are those who understand the meaning of the word 'dicking.' Tokugawa said that.

[ ] Let's go to Hakugyokuro. Ghost blowjobs! Woo-woo!
[ ] Let's go to Eientei and fill some prescriptions for Vitamin D.
[ ] Let's go to the Moriya Shrine for some fertility rites.
[ ] Let's go way in deep. And then go to the Underground.
No. 36331
Hey hey, month and a half! It's not perfect but it's a lot better than six months. Votes will be open two or three days, depending on how fast they are to come.
No. 36332
[X] Let's go to Eientei and fill some prescriptions for Vitamin D.

Let's go moon-viewing.
No. 36333
[X] Let's go to Hakugyokuro. Ghost blowjobs! Woo-woo!

Ghost Party and a feast! Who says we won't sample a gardener along the way or some other ghosts who are gonna be chilling there.
No. 36335
[x] Let's go way in deep. And then go to the Underground.

Poor Satori needs a friend.
No. 36336
[x] Let's go to Eientei and fill some prescriptions for Vitamin D.

Tewi a best.
No. 36337
[x] Let's go to the Moriya Shrine for some fertility rites.
No. 36338
[x] Let's go to Eientei and fill some prescriptions for Vitamin D.
No. 36339
[x] Let's go to Eientei and fill some prescriptions for Vitamin D.
No. 36340
[x] Let's go way in deep. And then go to the Underground.
No. 36341
File 141625699891.jpg- (470.16KB , 1040x729 , f081de22203ae1ff25c42537b916b504.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Let's go to Eientei and fill some prescriptions for Vitamin D.

No. 36342
[ ] Let's go to Eientei and fill some prescriptions for Vitamin D.
No. 36343
[c] Let's go way in deep. And then go to the Underground.
Fuck the bunnies.
No. 36344
[x] Let's go way in deep. And then go to the Underground.

Hopefully there'll be some nice Parsee vanilla. Yamame, Yuugi, and the rest are fine too.
No. 36345
[x] Let's go to Eientei and fill some prescriptions for Vitamin D.
No. 36346
[X] Let's go to Eientei and fill some prescriptions for Vitamin D.

We need some Vitamin D pronto! Ignoring the fact we get a lot from the sun
No. 36347
[x] Let's go way in deep. And then go to the Underground.
No. 36349
[X] Let's go to Eientei and fill some prescriptions for Vitamin D.
No. 36350
[X] Let's go way in deep. And then go to the Underground.

Yeah, sure.
No. 36351
Changing my vote to [x] Let's go way in deep. And then go to the Underground.

Because Satori is more than fine too.
No. 36352
[x] Let's go way in deep. And then go to the Underground.

Former hell sounds like a fine choice.
No. 36353
[X] Let's go to Hakugyokuro. Ghost blowjobs! Woo-woo!

Because fucking royalty is a rare treat that oughtn't be passed up. Also, I want to check if Youmu is too soft.
No. 36356
[x] Let's go way in deep. And then go to the Underground.

Because this can only go weird places.
No. 36357
[x] Let's go way in deep. And then go to the Underground.

Something something oni vagina.
No. 36359
Some people might say my life is in a butt,
but I'm quite happy here just where I nut
Some people might say that I'm just a man-whore
but I'm quite happy, always wanting more
I'm going underground, going underground!

'Please, you said you wouldn't sing'

Closing votes!

[x] Let's go way in deep. And then go to the Underground.
No. 36361
Anyone have the source of this image?
No. 36363
http://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/1559917 doujin cover, I don't think it'd been scanned yet as the artist's style of giving kanako mildly gradiant hair is hard to miss.
No. 36367
>"I'm even letting you in on the fun this time," she says to Alice, grinning like she's doing her a favor. Alice lets out a clipped sigh in response.

Does that mean Alice is coming with us?

This all seems pretty abrupt. They're both confused about their feelings (or at least Alice seems to be), all they manage to do is hug and decide to "start over" and the next moment he's going on another fuck quest like everything's settled? When does the starting over happen? Is that really going to clear up whatever problem Alice has?
No. 36368
>I'll give you some time to enjoy the harvest festival, too. With your giiirl-friiiiend.

There's a delay between here and the next little trip. That's probably where they're supposed to actually try kissing and making up. Whether or not things will actually be solved, who knows? Things like feelings can take a while to sort out anyway.

Yukari was just hurrying things along because she wanted a decision made now. It's hardly nice of her to do it, but she's Yukari.
No. 36422
Hey when we go back to the Temple.... won't that mean another shot as kinda-sorta-Incest with Nue?
No. 36676
[X] Let's go to the Moriya Shrine for some fertility rites.
No. 36683
>Here is the map. Where do you wish to go?
God damnit.
No. 36694
[x] Let's go to Hakugyokuro. Ghost blowjobs! Woo-woo!

How can I resist?
No. 36695

The votes have been closed for quite some time now, why u do dis?
No. 37081
File 143061754127.gif- (1.82MB , 700x600 , letmeshowyoumycards.gif ) [iqdb]
[x] Let's go way in deep. And then go to the Underground.

"Good question," you say. You take a long breath through your nose. "Goooooood question."

"Well?" Yukari leans in closer.

"Very, very good question." You nod slowly to yourself. Yukari's fingers drum on the table, her gloves barely softening the thud they make.

'Hey, this is your deal. Help me out here.'

Ooh, I can't choose! This is like a buffet for me.

'So you're handing it off to me.'

No wrong answers.

Yukari props herself up on one hand, her smile already starting to slip. Alice's eyes haven't left you once either. You pinch the bridge of your nose. Any more pressure and you might start leaking oil.

'Okay, tell me, then: Which one's the least likely to get me killed?'


You grumble. Of course.

Sitting back in your chair, you cross your legs and fan yourself with your hat, staring at Yukari's map. All the rumors and myths you've heard about these exotic locations over the years float by in your mind.

You've got a fair idea of how the Moriya Shrine would turn out. Even if the mountain's full of youkai, they're the types who'll just be smug and patronizing, instead of violent. Ideally, you'd never deal with them anyway. The ghosts of Hakugyokurou don't scare you too much either. From your experience, ghosts are more like doddering old grandpas than anything to be too scared of. Eientei might be... unusual, but the rabbits sound benign, at least.

Your eye drifts back to the pin sitting near the bottom of the mountain. Yes, the wild card. Unlike all the others, that's the one you know the least about. The only humans you know of who have gone down (and returned, at least) happen to be two of Gensokyo's most powerful, which doesn't bode well for any assurances of safety.

And yet you can't help wondering.

With another long sigh through your nose, you sit up. A tentacle slithers out of your chest and taps the pin over the Underground. "Let's get the scariest one out of the way first," you say.

It's been a long, long time since I've been down there, but I'm assuming it's a lot like oni pussy: Deep, wild, and you aren't sure if you'll come out in one piece.

Yukari smiles. Her eyes, now a bright golden color, seem to glow in satisfaction.

"Any complaints?" she asks Alice.

Unlike Yukari, Alice's eyes show no sign of glowing green, her lips tight and face as blank and unreadable as ever. She shakes her head, either deep in thought or too spent to think.

"Excellent. Then, I shall go make arrangements."

A gap opens on the floor next to the table. Yukari leaps out of her chair, her dress billowing, until she reaches the ceiling. She turns over and swan-dives through the gap. It snaps shut behind her like a door slamming.

You sink back into the chair and rub your face. With Yukari out of the way, the house is silent except for the sound of dolls rustling around in another room. "Wow, how about that? Pretty crazy."

Alice tilts her head back and stares at the ceiling. "Goddammit, Yukari," she sighs, then closes her eyes. She looks like she could fall asleep on the spot.

You pause. You'd like to say something comforting, but you're hardly sure how to feel about this yourself. On the one hand, going to mysterious places is a cause for concern. On the other hand, so much sex. On another hand, those women may be crazy and terrifying. On yet another hand, you'll get astounding bragging rights for being an adventurous gigolo-explorer. On the last hand, that's not even getting into whatever Alice is thinking. You might have to call on Tenta with all the hands you'll need.

Speaking of hands, maybe you should just play it safe and let body language do the talking. You touch Alice's shoulder and squeeze it gently, a small gesture of connection. She lets out a soft hum, and her pale lips move into a thin smile.

"It's alright," you say, not entirely sure what 'it' is.

You squeeze her shoulder again and silently marvel at how wonderful it is that she lets you touch her. She looks as elegant and carefully made as her dolls. You reach up and give her hair an affectionate tousle. The soft, silky blonde hairs flow through your fingers like water, staying splayed out after you stop.

You run your hand along the back of her head and stroke your thumb against her cheek. Her lips lift up into a proper smile as you graze over her soft, smooth skin. She opens her mouth and lets out a slight sigh, her body shifting as though she just now started breathing.

Your hand moves to her upper arm, past the sleeve of her dress to touch her bare skin. She twitches a little when you reach her wrist, but keeps her eyes closed. You stare at her hands. You've spent most of your life around farmers with calloused fingers and blistered palms, so seeing Alice's hands and noting their delicate details is like seeing the hand of a queen. You hold her hand in yours and trace your thumb over it, up one finger, then down back along its backside, then up the next one. Alice sits still and relaxed, shivering slightly each time you run your thumb over her fingertip. Shanghai sits on the edge of the kitchen countertop, chin in her hands, swinging her legs and looking as pleased as she can manage.

When you reach her middle finger, taking your time to feel each joint of her long, elegant fingers, Alice opens her eyes. "What're you doing, silly?" she asks.

"Your hands are so beautiful," you say, and you could swear you just heard Shanghai let out a happy little squeak. You squeeze Alice's palm and she shivers again, her smile now wide enough for you to see her teeth.

"Thank you. But can I ask you something?"

"What's that?"

Alice sits up straighter. "What did you mean by 'starting over'?"

"How about we start from hello?" You let go of her hand and lean forward. "Hi."

"Hi." Her smile tightens, like she's waiting for the punchline to another one of Yukari's awful puns.

"What's your name?" you ask.

"Alice Margatroid." She straightens her ruffled hair and wrinkled sleeves.

"Nice to meet you, Alice. I'm Kinkan."

She bites her lip, now hiding a laugh as her upper lip curls, showing off her pearly teeth. "It's, um, nice to meet you," she says, then lets out a slight snort.

"What's so funny?" you ask.

She shakes her head. "I'm sorry," her shoulders shake as she lets out a few giggles, "I never realized how silly your name was."

"My nickname," you correct her. "Though it may as well be my name."

You can just call me 'horny'.

"I like it," Alice says.

"I like your name too." You put a hand on her thigh, near her knee, and lean closer to her. "Alice. Alice." You roll the name around in your mouth.

Her laughter trails off. She looks down at your hand, then back up at you with a worried frown.

"Did Yukari say how long we'll have?" she asks, putting her hand on top of yours. Her delicate fingers squeeze your hand, feeling the firm bumps of your knuckles.

"At least until the festival is done, which should give us a couple days." You stroke her thigh, trying to keep things relatively chaste.

Things go quiet for a minute as you take turns, Alice squeezing your hand and you stroking her thigh. The dolls working in the other rooms is the only sound you hear. You watch one of them float low, close to the floor, and go into Alice's room through a small flap on the bottom of the door, then come back out a little bit later. You turn back to Alice, but she can't keep her gaze focused. Her eyes bounce from place to place, not intent on anything in particular.

"Controlling those dolls must take a lot of effort," you say.

Alice lets out a weak 'mhm'. Another doll floats by.

"We should enjoy ourselves while we can. Cleaning can wait." You slide an arm around Alice's back and pull her closer to you, lifting her up sideways into your lap. She giggles and adjusts her legs, finding a comfortable position. Once she's settled in, she drapes her arms loosely around your waist and rests the side of her head against your collar. The doll flying by slows down and falls to a stop on the table.

"See? Isn't this better than cleaning?" You pat her, feeling the gentle vibrations against her back travel through both of you.

Alice breathes out in a long sigh. The quiet, now almost complete silence without the dolls moving, feels different. It's comfortable and cozy, not awkward like before. You don't feel any pressure to speak up, and instead you hold Alice against you, her shoulder pressed against your chest, her hair gently tickling your neck. Shanghai is still watching you, now lying on her stomach on the counter, propped up on her elbows.

Hourai floats in from upstairs, looking as aloof as usual, and moves to Shanghai. She grabs Shanghai's arm and half-leads half-drags her out of the kitchen.

"Does Hourai have something against fun?" you whisper to Alice. It risks killing the mood, but you're honestly curious.

"She just thinks we ought to get some privacy," Alice whispers back.


Alice wiggles a little until she's as close to you as she can be. You hug her tighter, feeling the gentle pressure of her body against your lap and chest, both of you letting out contented little hums. Without the sounds and activity of Alice's dolls, you start to lose track of time. You're only brought back to the present when Alice wiggles again, this time putting some space between you. You loosen your grip, resting your hands on her forearms, and look down at her.


She looks up at you, her face showing worry. "I don't like just sitting here."

"Why not?" You take her hand and gently press it to your chest. She nestles deeper against you.

"It feels like we're wasting time, doesn't it?" she says. You stroke her back, between her shoulderblades.

"Seriously, though." She squeezes your arm. "We should do something soon."

You rub your chin against her cheek. "If you really want to get up and do something, we could make lunch."

Alice lets out a small giggle. "Moocher."



"Silly billy." You tap her on the nose. She scrunches her face and giggles again.

Oh ye gods, this is sickening to watch.

You gave Alice a quick kiss, little more than touching your lips to hers. She leans away and brushes her hair from her eyes, then stands up from your lap.

"What've you got?" you ask, standing up after her.

"Not much. Rice, mushrooms, sweet potatoes..."

"There's the makings of a meal there," you say. Alice turns to you and smiles.

"Hm?" you ask.

"Makings of a meal," she repeats.

"Y-yeah." You're suddenly conscious of your farmerly turn of phrase. It must sound even more out of place with you wearing imperial robes.

"I think it's cute. Oh, and Marisa made some soup yesterday." She straightens her hairband. "She thinks my food isn't Japanese enough."

Hah. Maybe Marisa's compensating for something. Marisa's heritage has been the subject of gossip before. Her dad's got a foreign look to him, and the rumor is that he's full-blooded Portuguese. You lift open the pot. Miso soup with floating chunks of tofu and greens. Pretty Japanese, alright.

The two of you bustle around the kitchen for a bit, boiling rice and chopping vegetables. You've gotten a little too used to cooking, eating, and living alone, so cooking with Alice brings back pleasant reminders of your family life. As Alice cuts up sweet potatoes, you think back to autumn evenings back when you lived at home. The earthy smell in the air reminds you of coming indoors for hotpot after a long day of mashing up fruit for wine, your whole body smelling like slightly overripe peaches. Kaya used to hog the pieces of pork, and you'd get into chopstick fights with her, trying to snag some bits from her before she took the last of them. Then dad would gently bop you both on the head a laugh.

Yes, hello, I hear mention of women and porking.

'Nothing to do with you.'

Really, now? Let's see here...

Tenta rummages around in your memories, giving you a feeling like someone tipping over a stack of pans inside your head. If he doesn't already know about your sisters, you'd rather he not find out now.

Ooh, now who's this? Thankfully, he avoids them and instead finds the Wada sisters.

The Wadas are one of the larger landowning families around Houfumura, running a prosperous pork trade. Their steady access to meat is the most common explanation for the well-endowed women the Wada family continually produces. You and Tadashi used to play together with the two youngest daughters as kids, neither of them caring that you weren’t from around there. Later, when you were there for good, puberty made the friendship complicated.

Goodness, girls, you're both so massive! But which two of you are bigger? Hmm, you could undress and we could compare.

'That's my upbringing you're messing with,' you say, as if your hands are clean here.

"What're you thinking about?" Alice asks, eyes still on the vegetables on the grill. You realize you'd gotten a little flustered and started sweating.

"Just some memories from when I was visiting kin," you say, trying not to look surprised.

Alice pauses in the middle of turning the mushrooms. "How was it? I don't remember hearing much about you."

"My family's pretty boring." You chuckle. "They do a wine and brandy trade in one of the smaller neighborhoods close to the village proper. Had two sisters. I moved out to live with my uncle a long time ago, though."

"Oh." Alice looks away.

Wait, wait, wait. Back up. You have sisters?!

"Wasn't anything bad. I just got along better with him than I did my parents, that's all," you quickly add, ignoring Tenta.

Alice says nothing. She looks back over at the vegetables, giving the mushrooms a quick flip before turning back to you. "Er, so what's your uncle like?" she asks.

"He's been gone a few years. He was a good man, and I hope I can do him proud." You put on a smile, though it's hardly a happy one. You're not entirely sure if you want to know what uncle would say about your new tentacled status. He’d probably be asking you to introduce him to every youkai girl around.

You go back to the pot and then take another look at Alice. Her cheeks turn red and she turns back to cooking. Kanako knows, the last time she had anything to do with a family, and if that family was even in Gensokyo. With nothing to do but watch the rice boil, the question stays in your head. It's something you should know about your partner, right?

You clear your throat. "How about you? Have you always lived in Gensokyo?"

Alice glances at you, then back down to the vegetables. "No. I used to live in... I'm not entirely sure, but I remember my parents were Russian. That much I know. We travelled a lot, but wherever we went, the winters were cold and the summers were wet."

You glance away. You should've guessed that a lonesome magician would have a weird upbringing.

The wooden lid on the rice pot rattles, and it starts softly bubbling over. "Rice's ready," you say after a short silence.

"Right, let's set the table."

Alice sets her kitchen chopsticks aside and claps her hands. Dolls fly out of cupboards and off of shelves, armed with ladles and spoons. You step out of the way and watch as they work with the fine-tuned precision of worker bees and drop off bowls of soup and rice at the table in under a minute. Your eye catches hers for a moment, and her smile has a quality you can't quite place -- Pride? Satisfaction?

"That's really something," you say, and you take your seat after the dolls finish hauling over the vegetables.

Alice sits across from you and stretches out her slender fingers. Five of the dolls line up on the table and curtsey.

"Quite an act," you say, giving the dolls a round of polite applause. Alice glances away with a weak smile and lets out a quiet 'thanks'.

Once again, you can't place the emotions on her face. You worry for a moment that you just insulted her, but maybe she's just being demure. Is she afraid of taking a compliment? If she is, she reminds you of Tadashi. You take a sip of soup and Alice turns back to her food, the moment passing by itself.

I warned you. Heady girls make your head hurt.

'You never said that.'

I'm pretty sure I implied it at some point.

You exchange looks with Alice again. Back to silence again, but it's the pleasant, cozy silence from before. For once, eating and enjoying the quiet doesn't feel so bad. You take an occasional look out the window at the stray bits of afternoon sunlight making their way through the forest and wonder if it gets boring looking out the window at the same trees every day. At home at least, the crops were always growing and someone was always moving when you looked out the door. Even if that someone was your dad, hollering at you to wake up and start picking plums.

Your eyes linger on Alice, her pale complexion sticking out even more in the sunlight. Come to think of it, she maintains it by staying in the forest most of the time. Mid-bite, Alice looks over at you. You quickly pick up a mushroom and bite into it.

"The food's good," you say after swallowing.

"Thanks." Alice nods at you and shows a delicate smile.

You might be imagining things, but you could swear Alice even seems to forget about the passing of time for a few minutes. She's the type who eats each part of a meal before moving onto the next -- she's finished her rice first and is now working on the mushrooms and sweet potatoes, her soup bowl still full. Her eyes open wide suddenly, and she stops with her chopsticks halfway towards her mouth.

"You okay?" you ask.

She pops the sweet potato into her mouth and chews it rapidly. "Have you ever been in a spell card duel?" she asks.

"I mean, I've seen them. Got a couple cards, too."

"But you haven't been in a duel." She plucks up and eats another piece.

You shrug. "Can't say I have."

"You're going to get some practice, then."

Her eyebrows arch as she shoves the rest of the veggies into her mouth one by one. She looks a little sinister now, and you feel like you ought to be nervous, but there's something really sexy about crazy Alice.

"There's a clearing near here where we can practice dueling. Let's go there after lunch." She waves at you, gesturing for you to eat faster.

"Whoa, hey, isn't my next trip just a few days away?"

"You can learn a lot in a few days. Some defensive basics, tracking patterns." She grabs her soup bowl and brings it to her lips.

"But... but we'll have time for cuddles and things too, right?"

Alice gulps down half of her soup without taking a breath. "Yes. You'll just have to--" She pauses and puts her hand over her mouth, then lets out a muffled belch.

"Slow down, honey," you say.

She keeps her hand at her mouth, this time hiding a light blush. She clears her throat loudly and continues.

"You'll just have to focus extra-hard during training. Then we'll have time," she says, her voice a little softer now.

You wolf down the rest of your food as Alice slurps up the rest of her soup, then spoons the bits of greens and tofu from the bottom of the bowl. A thought hits you.

'There's no way we can use any of those spell cards in a regular duel.'

Are you kidding? What better outcome could there be?


Alright, relax. They're multi-purpose. You can use 'em in a duel and there won't be any dicks. I'd swear it on my honor, but... Tenta chuckles.

'I'll hold you to it anyway.'

I'll hold Alice.

Alice watches you, fidgeting in her seat as you finish your meal as fast as you can. The second your chopsticks hit the table, her chair squeaks as she stands up. The dolls spring to life again and sweep the table clear of plates and bowls. A few more dolls fly by with books to tuck them under Alice's arm.

"Let's go." She grabs you by the wrist and walks towards the door, leaving you no time to stop and appreciate the silky-smooth feeling of her fingers wrapping around your wrist.

"Did you ever figure out how to fly?" she stops to ask after she's dragged you out the door. A doll swoops by and shuts it behind you.

You glance at the ground. "I was gonna get around to it, I swear."

She lets go of you and puts her hands on her hips. "Now's as good a time as any."

You suddenly feel like a baby bird as Alice looks at you. Without much of an idea of how to start, you hop in place and think hard about floating. A few tries later and all you accomplish is feeling very silly. Tenta giggles up a storm at your attempts to get off the ground.

'You can help, you know.'

Ah, but it's fun to watch you flail.

On your next jump, you're jerked upwards when you start to fall. You hover in place. It feels a little like treading water.

Alice makes a slight nod. "Well done."

"I suppose I'm just a natural," you reply with a grin.

"But you won't be able to depend on Tenta for everything."

Tenta's sharp laughter rings in your ears. Ahh, she's a keeper.

Alice spreads her arms and lifts herself off her feet. A magical breeze blows past her, making her dress billow around her calves. She looks like a formidable magician now.

"I'll take you to the practice area."

She floats over to you and grabs your wrist again. You're dragged along by both Alice and Tenta as she weaves between trees, flying faster than you could sprint. You keep your free arm tight at your side to keep it from hitting any low-hanging branches.

You can barely see in front of you, so you're taken by surprise when Alice skids to a halt in midair. You lurch forward. Even with Tenta helping, the sudden stop still leaves you stumbling in midair.

"This is where we practice," Alice says as she flutters to the ground. A leaf crunches beneath her feet.

A short fence, about ankle-high, surrounds a small ravine which is sunken just a few inches lower than the surrounding area. It looks man-made. Little black craters cover the ground, and the inside of the fence is singed black all around. It looks like after a New Year's celebration gone wrong here. You glance over to one end and see a person-shaped outline surrounded by char.

Must've been Marisa.

'How can you tell?'

Look at how sparse the outline is around the hips. Her ample ass must've absorbed a lot of the ash.

Alice steps over the barrier. "First, show me what you can do offense-wise. After I get a handle on what you might be best at, we can practice some basic defense and maneuvering drills."

I got some drills, alright.

'You promised. No dicks here.'

That's not what I promised at all! Just no dicks in the spell cards.


The three spell cards slide out of your chest like something rising up from the mud. You reach under your collar and grab them, then fan them out and look them over. Your hand tingles with a warm surging feeling. It feels powerful and... slightly lewd.

'For real, no dicks.'

None to be found here.

'What do they do, then?'


[ ] Tentacle sign 「Fisherman’s Wife」 is lasers. Fast and to-the-point.
[ ] Revelry sign 「Bacchanal」 is maximum shooty-bang-bang.
[ ] Nightlife sign 「Consorts and Concubines」 is my attempt at technical skill.
No. 37082
You're back! Hooray!

[x] Revelry sign 「Bacchanal」 is maximum shooty-bang-bang.

Always go for the spammy option!
No. 37083
[x] Revelry sign 「Bacchanal」 is maximum shooty-bang-bang.

Bang bang, he shot me down
Bang bang, I hit the ground
Bang bang, that awful sound
Bang bang, my baby shot me down
No. 37084
[x] Nightlife sign 「Consorts and Concubines」 is my attempt at technical skill.
No. 37085
[x] Tentacle sign 「Fisherman’s Wife」 is lasers. Fast and to-the-point.

Don't tip your hand too fast.

Also, good to have you back, bro.
No. 37086
[X] Revelry sign 「Bacchanal」 is maximum shooty-bang-bang.

Man we're just trusting Tenta to not be using Bukakake danmaku
No. 37087
[X] Nightlife sign 「Consorts and Concubines」 is my attempt at technical skill.

You've got me curious, sir.
No. 37088
[x] Tentacle sign 「Fisherman’s Wife」 is lasers. Fast and to-the-point.

Sounds basic. Start with the basics.
No. 37089
[x] Tentacle sign 「Fisherman’s Wife」 is lasers. Fast and to-the-point.

Start with the lasers and up the intensity from there.
No. 37090
Voting temporarily extended 'til we can get a tiebreaker.
No. 37091
[x] Revelry sign 「Bacchanal」 is maximum shooty-bang-bang.


No. 37092
[x] Tentacle sign 「Fisherman’s Wife」 is lasers. Fast and to-the-point.
No. 37093
[x] Tentacle sign 「Fisherman’s Wife」 is lasers. Fast and to-the-point.

No. 37095


Closing votes before this can get any crazier:

[x] Tentacle sign 「Fisherman’s Wife」 is lasers. Fast and to-the-point.
No. 37096

No. 37100
Tentacles are not dicks.
No. 37101
Tell that to Tenta.
No. 37368
File 144185434413.jpg- (288.29KB , 850x1201 , scary doll lady.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Tentacle sign 「Fisherman’s Wife」 is lasers. Fast and to-the-point.

It's still the same picture of a woman 'enjoying' a bunch of tentacles. Or the other way around. It's probably mutual. You're pretty sure the original picture had an octopus somewhere too. Either way, there are definitely tentacles involved with this card. You know that from dealing with those two oni.

You wonder what will happen when you use it. Your total spell card experience is one use, and you wouldn't call that a duel. At least you're half-familiar with it, and it seems straightforward enough. Any attempts at getting fancy are best left until after you know more about what you're doing.

"Fisherman's Wife," you say with some apprehension.

Good ol' classic. I'm more than okay with this.

The other cards sink back into Tenta like he's swallowing them. You're not sure where they go, but it feels like they're stuck in your gut somewhere. Papercuts on your stomach don't sound nice at all.

"Remember that choice for later," Alice says. "Before we can duel, I have to make sure you have some idea of what you're doing."

Or you could just let me drive. That'd be better.

"Tenta can cover for me, can't he?" you ask. This is one time you wouldn't mind being his meat-puppet.

Alice shakes her head. "He spends most of the day sleeping."

But I never sleep on the job. Hoo-wah!

Tenta launches out some arm-tentacles, flinging them in the air like a boxer, punching a few inches away from Alice's face. She grabs one of them as it comes close and gives it a firm pinch.



"I won't let you be left completely at the mercy of others if something happens. You're going to learn how to defend yourself."

Tenta retreats back into your chest. But there's so much I could teach you about other things, Alice.

'I don't think she's in the mood for that right now.'

Her firm expression and narrowed, unblinking eyes are the opposite of a bedroom look. She's more focused than you've ever seen her before. She looks like if someone poked her in the back she'd turn around and chop them in half.

"Let's begin," Alice says, not as a suggestion. She stretches a hand out, rings over each of her fingers. Thin, silvery threads glint in the light, reaching from her hands into the trees around you. An army of dolls fly from the treetops and form a circle around the practice ring.

"Where'd they come from?" you say.

"They followed me here."

"I never even saw them."

You stare at them. There's several dozen, maybe even fifty. Alice's smirk tells you that not noticing them may have been the point. You take a step away from her.

"Harnessing magic should be easier with your connection to Tenta," Alice says. "This will be a lot to take in, but being prepared is the responsible thing. Now, start by closing your eyes."

You gulp. The crowd of dolls watching you starts to look a little eerie.

'Tell me if she does something weird to me while my eyes are closed.'

Well, since I'm apparently your magic energy warehouse now, you should learn how to see around you soon enough.

'What do you mean?'

You close your eyes before she can get impatient.

"Focus. Clear your head."

The usual splotches of color fade away after a few seconds, leaving total blackness. You feel a little wobbly on your feet. You wonder if your feet are unusually big. Plus, your balance was never that great, to be honest. Many a bet was lost over blind-walking contests with friends as a kid.

"Don't let your mind wander. Take in the energy around you," Alice says.

Not exactly clear instructions, but you're not going to say anything. You take slow, deep breaths. It's like when you tried to get into meditation and-- you're drifting again. Focus.

In. Out. In. Out. A blob of yellow appears in your vision -- not really 'vision', considering your eyes are closed -- and there it went. Inhale. Exhale. The colors reappear in your sightless vision. A few more deep breaths and the blob forms into a rough outline of a person.


"Good." The talking shape raises an arm. "Tell me which arm I raised."

"Your right one."


You grin. When you look down, you see your chest is the same purple shade as Tenta. Sparkles of purple color, like a finely powdered dye scattered in a breeze, run through every vein of your body. You can follow them from your heart all the way to your fingertips. It's an impressive sight, until you wonder how much Tenta is affecting your body.

C'mon, man, I'm not an infection.

'Then what would you call it?'

I'd say it means your upgrade is complete.

"Keep your eyes closed. Can you see color on yourself?"

"Yeah. I'm purple."

"Eyes still closed. Look forward."

You see Alice's magical outline again, doing a gesture you can't quite make out. You hear a soft hum and see something red speeding towards you.

"Yikes!" You open your eyes in time to see a magical bullet flying towards you. You duck and let it fly over your head.


"Not good! Dangerous!" you yelp. "Especially for these nice clothes." You're still wearing Yukari's gift, the lavish multilayered robes that look like what a scholar would wear. Not the best choice of duel-wear, you'll admit, but you didn't get the chance to change either.

"Magic bullets aren't as dangerous as you think. For starters, unless I was using actual fire magic, your clothes would be fine, and so would you. Just trust me and stay focused." She sounds like she's reciting from a textbook.

You suck on your teeth. Alice might be acting weird now, but it's not like she'd suddenly be so far gone that she'd put your life in danger. That's what you're going to tell yourself for now.

When did you become such a baby?

'When people started slinging magic attacks.'

"Try to do the same to me," Alice says. "See the colors with your eyes open. Rapid blinking can help. Then, try and attack me."

"You mean, you want me to start throwing bullets?"


You close your eyes until the colors from before come back. It only takes a few seconds this time. You blink until your eyes-closed vision and eyes-open vision blend together. Your senses have heightened, you can see a thin sparkle of green from the earth, a glint of white and blue from the sky, the natural energy that exists all around you. Alice keeps her eyes trained on you.

"Right, brace yourself." You bring your fist up and cock it back. You hold it there, by the side of your head, feeling the energy flow naturally into your fist. First your hand, then your entire arm tingles with energy. You stand and let it build until it feels like the raw energy will spill from your body like molten steel. Then, you lash your hand forward, releasing the energy in a pitifully small, misshapen bullet.

It wanders forward like a drunk toddler, and isn't even halfway to Alice before it fizzles out with a wet farting sound. The sound of Tenta's cackling invades your ears.

I take back everything I said about you not needing training.

Alice looks to where the bullet fizzled, then looks at you with neither humor nor pity. "Right. I think you're misdirecting your efforts. May I ask why you raised your fist like that?"

"It... seemed like the natural thing to do?"

"Because it was a natural extension of your body, or because that's what you think throwing a projectile should look like?"

You take a second to figure out the question. "I figured that's what shooting a bullet is supposed to look like."

"Don't force any movements. Follow where your internal energy goes. Focus. Flow. And shoot."


'Not the time for sex jokes.'

Always time for sex jokes.

Okay, ignoring Tenta. More deep breaths. Then you let your arms hang at your sides. You can almost hear your heartbeat, and there's a feeling mingled in with it now, a slight tingling that gathers towards your chest. Slowly, you raise your arms in front of you. You spread them apart, stretching them as far apart as you can reach, then you bring your hands close to your chest. Without thinking, your hands run over Tenta's roots.

That buzz of energy moves, soaking straight into your hands from his roots. They take on a thicker, deeper purple color, and it feels like you're holding onto a lightning bolt.


Still ignoring him, you press your wrists together and curl your hands like you're holding an invisible ball. You can see the outline of the bullet in your hands already. The energy drains from your fingertips and gathers between your hands. With a shove, you send a large red bullet screeching towards Alice.

She turns to the side, shrinking her profile. The bullet passes behind her back then slows down and breaks apart until it turns into a puff of magical mist.

"Better," she says, as if a ball of magic didn't just graze her. "Going from there, let's--"

"Hang on," you interrupt. "Did you just see that?" Your fear moves aside for a moment in your excitement and pride.


"It was a fireball! Pyow! I made a fireball!"

Alice shakes her head. "Fireballs are elemental magic. Literally, a ball of fire. That was simply a bullet of magical energy. Not to be pedantic, but specific terms are essential to properly convey the nature and source of your magic. Though, I will admit, for a second attempt, it was quite solid. What comes next is refining it until you can get it quickly, accurately, and consistently."

Not the thunderous applause you were hoping for, but you won't push the issue. You're slinging magic already, and you want to see how much you can do.

Alice points in front of her like a general commanding a charge. Four dolls stand up from their seats and form a line between you and Alice. They pull out large tower shields and hide behind them.

"Hit each dolll, one after the other, as quickly and as accurately as you can."


You follow the same motions from before, including the sucking-up from Tenta, but quicker this time. With less time to charge, the bullet doesn't fill your hands as perfectly as it did before, which then means it doesn't go as straight when you throw it. Since the first doll is just a few feet away, it's still good enough to ping the corner of her shield. It bounces off and sizzles away a second later with a spark and a crack.

The doll lowers her shield and gives you a thumbs-up before floating away. That feels satisfying.

The next one's a couple yards further away. Doing the same thing again isn't going to work. Only half-aware of it, you tighten your grip and refine your movements, wasting less time and energy as you leech off of Tenta, raise your arm, and throw the ball at the next doll. It hits right in the middle of the next doll's shield and shatters like glass, knocking the doll back. Once she has her balance back, she lowers her shield, gives you a thumbs-up, and floats to the side.

"Don't throw it," Alice calls from behind the dolls. "It's magic. Make it move on its own."

Right. You seem to have some parts of it down pretty well, so you try to mix it up. You stretch your arm out and lift up your palm. Rather than just relying on Tenta, you try to get the energy to move on its own. It takes a few seconds longer, but you can feel and see the energy moving to your arm. It forms a ball in your open palm. You think about a bent branch whipping forward. The ball leaves your hand.

It's not so much a 'fly' as a drop. It hits the ground inches in front of your feet.

"Try again. More force," Alice says.

You try again. Now that you're in position, you find that you have no trouble bringing up more energy. The next ball forms almost instantly. You think about squeezing a bar of soap until it slips out from your hand. An odd metaphor, but it works. The ball doesn't go very quickly but it flies straight and steady, hitting the third doll square in the middle. One more thumbs-up, one more victory, and one more doll to go.

Holding your position steady, you build up another ball in your hand. You give it a stronger mental squeeze, and this time it's enough to shoot it forward, fast and straight enough to hit the last doll a good ten yards away from you. The doll holds on tight to her shield as the ball crashes against it. Instead of bouncing off or breaking, the bullet grinds against the shield, pushing the doll back as she tries to hold her position. When the bullet finally dissipates, the doll seems a little shaken, and gives you a tired thumbs-up. You return the gesture, beaming with pride.

"Good," Alice says, though it still sounds like she's barking orders.

So now that you've proven you aren't a total loser, I can come in and kick some butt, right? Watatata!

Tenta reaches out and flails his arms like a restrained berserker. Alice grabs one of the tentacles and sinks her fingers into it. The dolls gather around and grab the other tentacles. Tenta flails, but can't do much more than wiggle in their surprisingly tight grip.

"Tenta, this is between me and him, and it's going to stay that way until I say so."

"Okay, okay!" you yelp on his behalf. Tenta gives one more weak wiggle, then thins his tentacles, slips out of the dolls' grip, and slinks back into your chest.

"Offense is only one half of fighting. Defense, of course, is the other half, and there's no better defense than maneuverability," Alice says as though what happened didn't just happen.

"Okay." Right when you were starting to have fun, this got weird and scary again.

"If you want to be any good at defensive movement, you'll need to learn to fly, and to have total control over your airborne movement. With bullets, you were channeling your energy into something tangible. With flying, you take the same idea and apply it to a concept: weightlessness."

"Well... I'll give it a try." Attacks were one thing, but learning how to fly in a couple minutes seems optimistic at best.

You think about birds and get distracted by the thought of Mystia chirping for just a moment before changing your focus. An insect flying. A loose sheet of paper in the breeze. You let the images flow through your head as you focus on seeing the natural energy inside you. After a few moments of concentration, you feel lighter. Like you could jump up and never stop rising. A few more seconds and you're as light as the air around you. You might be a little too light. As you float up off of your feet, you start to tilt in midair. You try to correct yourself, but wind up half-falling over and hanging in midair like there's a rope around your waist pulling you up.

"Change your focus. Concentrate some weight around your feet," Alice calls out.

She keeps her unblinking eyes focused on you as you go through your baby bird stage. You have to land back on the ground a couple times, but after some time you can float standing up and hold it.

"Alright, good. Dodge these."

"Dodge wha-- whoa!"

You're interrupted when Alice points a finger at you and a doll flies at you. Your instincts still used to solid ground, you wheel your feet in the air without moving and the doll headbutts you in the stomach.

"Move yourself like you would a game piece."

"Urgh, one second." You touch your sore stomach. It felt like that doll's head was made of stone. Alice takes pity on you and give you a moment to recover and think.

A game piece, she said. Something small and light that can be picked up and carried and moved.

The metaphor works. Your movement is a little delayed, but you're able to move yourself in simple directions. Alice sends another doll at you. You yank your body to the side. Your arms and legs flop behind you, but you still move enough to dodge the doll as it does a flying kick.

The dolls circle back, getting behind Alice. Without a word of warning, she sends two of them charging. You fly upwards, then pull your legs up to your chest. The dolls sail under you.

"You're learning fast. Now, for something more advanced."

The two dolls return to Alice, and several more come to her from the sidelines. She extends an arm and turns it in a circle. The dolls follow her hand motions, forming a circle and spinning through the air. They keep their tight formation as they fly towards you, a spinning wheel of adorable danger.

You aren't sure if you can move fast enough in any direction to get away from them, but there's a good sized gap in the center of their circle. You don't have much time to think. You bring your legs up and kick them behind you, then tilt your head forward. Trying hard to keep calm, you think about shifting your weight, spreading it evenly throughout your body. Just as you'd hoped, you float parallel to the ground, threading the needle right through the circle of dolls.

"See? Not as difficult as you thought, is it?" Alice says with an expression somewhere between encouraging and patronizing.

You nod. Only now do you realize how cool this is. You're flying! Trips to the capital will be so much smoother from now on, and you can move around even when your knee flares up.

"Very well. I trust you still have your card?"

You land on the ground and take the card out of your pocket. Despite all the tumbling and moving you've done, it doesn't have a single crease on it. "Does this mean it's time?" you gulp.

"Don't look so nervous. This is only practice. Fighting you in earnest would be..." She lets the sentence trail off, allowing you to add the insulting comparison of your choice.

Boo! I can take it!

'I'm so glad she can't hear you.'

"First you must learn how to properly initiate a duel. Any youkai that can walk on two legs and speak knows how a duel works. If you lack that knowledge, you mark yourself as someone who can be freely bullied and taken advantage of."

Alice flips her hair, straightening out some of the stray strands she'd raised up during practice. "First, the wager. A wager must be present in any duel, and it must be agreed upon by both participants. Decide upon your wager with a clear head and true intent, then announce it out loud." She extends her arms, fingers spread. "If I win this duel, then we will keep studying when we return home."

"Hey, that's playing dirty."

Alice crosses her arms. "Then beat me. Show me you don't need my training."

And if I win... sex!

'No. She'd probably beat us up for real then.'

Well, it's not like we're going to win or anything, right?

You aren't sure if he's mocking you or not, but that's enough of that conversation anyway. "If I win, we cuddle on the couch instead."

"Very well. There are no disagreements for either of us, then?" she says. She didn't even seem to register your wager.

"That's correct."

"Then raise your arms and present the cards you will be using for the duel." She raises her hands. "Zero cards."

Oh, it's on so much right now. We've got this.

'I think this is the point where we realize we're outmatched and act humble.'

Psh! Declare your card and let's start shootin'.

You raise your card. "One card."

"I agree," Alice says.

"I agree," you repeat.

The training grounds are encased in a giant magic bubble field. The forest around it shimmers, like you're inside a bubble.

"And the duel has begun," Alice says. She floats up off of her feet, her legs curled slightly and her arms out, ready to act. She watches you intently, showing no reaction as you stare back at her, dumbfounded.

She must be waiting for you to make the first move. You aren't sure what you're supposed to do. Do you use your card right away?

Just leave the driving to papa. First thing's first, I need some room.

You're lifted off your feet and Tenta reaches out from your chest. He grabs your sleeves and yanks them off of your arms, leaving the top of your outfit hanging off of your belt. A tentacle detaches from you and spins towards Alice, then another, and then even more. One by one, they pop into magical bullets, sending arcs of them towards her. You feel much less impressed with your single bullets now.

Alice slips back and forth, weaving between the volleys of bullets. Once Tenta's attack has finished, she reaches her hand out. Silvery strings point from her fingers up to the sky. You look up and see dolls flying in formation, their arms pointed downward. They fly towards you, raining bullets down on the ground around you.

'Dammit, even the dolls can shoot magic.'

Humans are pretty much the only things that can't. My socks have more magic power than the average huma--

'Shut up and help!'

Two steps to the left. Weakling.

The dolls are painfully close, but after taking a look you think he's right. You step to the left, right into the gap in their formation. It's a strangely obvious gap, considering how tight the rest of the pattern is.

'Is she just toying with me?'

Oh my god, fucking... Am I gonna have to explain literally everything to you?

'Then why not be the big scary badass and win this for me if I'm so dumb?'

The dolls turn around and come back for you. The gap in the pattern changes place. You scoot into position and duck.

Because I'm trapped in your soft, shitty body!

'Okay, everybody stop yelling!'


As if taking out his frustrations, Tenta reaches out from your chest with many arms and lashes out at nothing. His slashes leave vicious red arcs in the air. After hovering for a second, those red arcs screech towards Alice. She weaves back and forth as the scythe-like projectiles fly at her, but her dolls aren't quite as fast as her. A few of them get smacked by the scythes and are sent flying back. They smack into the far end of the bubble around you, their arms and legs spread out cartoonishly against the wall as they slide down. You may not have hurt Alice, but you've made a dent in her army.

Or so you thought, until those silvery threads appear from her hand, bringing reinforcements from the sidelines.

'I don't...'


The dolls spread out and dart back and forth, moving as swiftly as birds of prey as they shoot at you. There's no pattern with easy-to-spot holes this time, this is hunt. You fly back and shoot a few bullets of your own into the fray. Now nobody can say you didn't help. Alice swipes in front of her head and shield dolls pass in front of her, blocking the bullets.

'What even is this?' The exasperation shows even in your inner voice.

Pop the card before this gets any worse.

You had almost forgotten you've been holding the card this whole time. You squeeze it tightly in your hand. Without any guidance, you instinctively know how to use it, like you've known how all your life. A bullet screeches towards your face, but is suddenly pushed away as a field of energy emanates from your body. It sweeps through the duel field, clearing out every last bullet, though doing nothing to the dolls. For one vertigo-filled moment, you can see Alice clearly through the buzz of activity. Her face is so intense it makes you flinch.

This is gonna feel weird. Tentacle sign 「Fisherman’s Wife」!

Your hands turn purple and swell with what look like massive bruises. Thin tentacles launch forward from your chest and hands, reaching all the way to the other end of the duel border.

Alice ducks with inhuman reflexes, but she's stuck in the middle of a maze of threads more tangled than any of your other attacks. Her eyes dart back and forth, still not blinking. She doesn't even flinch. The threads become thicker and thicker with Alice still darting between them. There's a loud sound like a whip crack, and the tentacles burst with energy, turning a bright red. For a few seconds they're solid lasers of danger, making an otherworldly magical noise unlike anything you've heard before.

It's not just lasers.

As the sound dies down, your ears still ringing, each tentacle breaks apart into a long line of bullets. There must be hundreds of them. They break apart, drifting in opposite directions until it's almost all you can see.

It's lasers and bullets.

You lose sight of Alice through the bright haze. You have no idea how someone could get through this without becoming totally obliterated, much less without a scratch.

The bullets start to dissipate, each one popping like a firecracker. As the smoke clears, you see Alice high off the ground, arms tight to her side, flying upside-down, completely untouched.

You stare at her, slack-jawed.

Well. I guess winning cuddles is out of the question now. Also, dodge.

A tentacle flies out of your back and latches to the ground, jerking your body downwards. A doll soars over your head mid-flying kick.

You just manage to get your head back into the game when more dolls come flying towards you. They're flanking you. You're still trying to decide where to move when they pounce on you. They grab your arms and legs with surprising strength and haul you to the ground. The fall rattles your vision. When your eyes re-focus, you see Shanghai floating in front of your head, her fist raised up high. Her wide smile seems to be mocking you as she chops you right on the forehead.

Despite being small and made out of cloth and wood, she's got a hefty punch. Out of the corner of your eye, you see the duel border fade away, announcing your loss. The dolls hoist you up, making you feel a little like a doll yourself as they dump you onto your feet. Alice lands in front of you, arms crossed, and still with nary a scratch.

"Good for a first showing," she says. After that one-sided show, you wonder what doing bad would've looked like.

"You're really good," you say, forcing out a laugh.

"I have experience on my side. Raw magic ability can only get you and Tenta so far. Since you didn't set up any traps or hazards, I was free to maneuver once your attack volleys were done. You were so focused on attacking where I was standing that your patterns lacked spread. You seem overly focused on offence versus defense, when what you need is a constant situational awareness. It--"

"Alice, please. I can hardly stand."

It's a bit of an exaggeration, but your legs do feel like jelly after all the exertion. Your forehead still stings from Shanghai's punch, too. Alice sighs, closing her eyes and touching the side of her head. "You're right. Now's not the best time."

"Yeah." You scratch your cheek.

"The best time is when we get back home and I can get some books for studying."

You wince. You walked right into that one. "Alright, I'll hold up my end of the bargain."

"You'd better. Duel wagers are sacred." She slips back into her stony look for a few seconds before softening again. "Let's head home."

Wasting no time, Alice turns around and levitates off of the ground. She looks back at you, and you quickly float up and follow behind her. She leaves the dueling ring and starts flying through the forest, dolls trailing behind her. She has to go slowly, keeping pace with your baby-bird flying as you duck and slip side to side to avoid the trees.

"Sorry. I'll get the hang of it."

"It's fine," she says. Her glare isn't as cold as before, but she looks subdued, almost half-awake.

'Any idea what was up with how she was acting before?'

Probably just her being a try-hard. Lousy stinkin' dolls.

Tenta's too much of a sore loser to make conversation during the trip home. Still, that seemed like more than Alice just taking the practice too seriously. That unblinking stare was unnerving.

After a few minutes of flying, the clearing around Alice's house comes into view. Even with your lack of practice, flying is still much faster than walking. You hope if or when Tenta leaves, he leaves enough latent power in you for you to fly around by yourself.

Hourai holds the door open as the two of you land on the ground and walk onto the porch. She waves and, in her own Hourai way, looks relieved to see you came back in one piece.

"Did you miss me?" You tousle her hair with a finger. She straightens it out and fits it back under her bonnet, then rises up and pats you on the head. "Aww, thanks."

"I'm going to get some reading material from the observatory. Geometry, theory, aesthetics... That sort of thing. It'll take a couple minutes, so grab some leftovers if you're hungry and get ready," Alice says.

No. 37369
File 144185452130.jpg- (597.54KB , 768x800 , learning some Alice.jpg ) [iqdb]
She looks back at you before going through the door, then leaves you alone in the parlor. To be honest, a quick bite does sound good right now. As soon as you walk for the kitchen, the dolls start preparing food.

"What're you making?" you ask, but the dolls don't answer. Fair enough. Not every doll around here can be all humanlike, you suppose. Two of them work in tandem to crack an egg over a small pan. It's not your first time seeing them bustle about, but it's still fascinating to watch. In just minutes, they bring you a steaming bowl of rice topped with egg and soy sauce. Quite a bit for 'a quick bite,' but you'd better stock up on energy now. Alice's lecturing will probably go on for hours.

You groan. Life-threatening situations are nothing new to you. Before Tenta, every harvest time had you high up in the branches of your plum trees, always one misstep away from breaking your neck. Your neighbors were about ready to pitch in for funeral costs the one time you did fall. Boredom, though -- that's the real killer.

As soon as you scoop the last little bit of food out of your bowl, some dolls scoop up your dishes and dump them into the sink. Maybe you should move in here, you think. You'd never have to do dishes or wash clothes again. You hear some clattering in the parlor and check to see if Alice is back already.

The source of the noise, you find, was actually the dolls poring over the bookcases behind the couch. Picking up one book, putting another one back, they move fast enough that those book corners could leave a nasty bump if you got in their way.

You take a peek at the stack of books sitting on the end table by the couch. No big secrets there: some adventure fiction, some stitching and sewing pattern collections, and some comic books with a crossed-out name on the front and "MARISA'S!!!" written in large letters underneath.

One of the dolls tugs the comic book out of your hand and sets it neatly in a stack on one of the shelves. You see Shanghai float towards you through the bustling of dolls. She flies up to your head and pats your forehead where she chopped you earlier.

"Oof. Still a little tender." She floats back and looks at you, then gives a slight nod, a small gesture of connection.

"It's alright. I didn't take it personally." You pat her on the head. She nods again, her hands clasped together at her waist. She seems to realize something and zips over to one of the bookcases. She comes back a moment later with a book hoisted over her head, then dumps it on the armrest of the couch.

"Hm? What's this?" You pick it up. The title is written in blocky, angular letters like nothing you've ever seen before.

'Hey, you're millennia old, can you recognize this?'

If it ain't Japanese, then I can't read it.

'Is it like, uh, that old way that Chinese characters used to be written? Korean? Vietnamese? Magic runes?'

I don't know, man. I don't recognize it. Literacy wasn't a huge priority for me, ever.

You flip through a few pages, not recognizing anything, then snap it shut. "Sorry, Shanghai. I don't know what to make of it." You set it down in the end table, where it's quickly scooped up by another doll. Shanghai shrugs, giving you a 'you tried your best' look.

You plop down on the middle seat of the couch and get yourself comfy. The dolls clear off the pile of books, and you hear Alice emerge from the side door a moment later.

"Sorry it took so long." She brushes her hair away from her face, a stack of books under her arm.

"No problem."

She waves a hand. Just as the dolls have a chance to rest, she hauls them up again. Two of them carry a tablet, and another floats to the side of them, holding a piece of chalk. This house is almost like a miniature capital, you think to yourself. Busy clerks moving back and forth, enough books to fill a library. The whole collection must've cost a fortune.

"We'll start with this." Alice takes out a thin book from the stack and shows it to you: 'Spell Card Duels: A Brief History', the title reads. She flips it open and hands it to the floating doll, who holds it in place so both of you can see it.

"Anyone, but beginners especially, must check to make sure their foundation is sturdy," Alice says, and begins her lecture.

The first part of the book covers things any adult with a pulse would know: spell cards as items holding magical power have been around since forever, but about fifteen years ago their use was formalized into duels, with the rules written out in the Hakurei Shrine. They're used to settle incidents or just to show off. Alice peppers you with questions, making sure you're absorbing what you're reading. Though she's more relaxed than at the duel, she still seems half-off. You wonder if that's just how she teaches. That's all she's been doing today, after all.

"Now, do you understand the importance of wagers?" Alice asks after reciting the official final draft of the spell card rules.

You have to think on that one for a moment, and you still can't come up with a good answer. "Well... it's like setting terms for a battle?"

"More than that. Much more." She writes out one of the lines from the spell card rules, saying it aloud as her chalk swipes along the tablet. "There is nothing superior to elegance and thought."

"Yeah," you nod.

"Do you understand?"


"Would you pursue elegance and thought with nothing driving you towards it?"

You scratch your cheek. This sounds like a question with no good answer, like one of those 'human nature' discussions. "I mean, I could?"

Alice shakes her head. "What else comes to mind when you think of elegance and thought?"


"First words that come to mind."

"Theatre? Poetry?"

"Yes!" Alice slaps the piece of chalk against her open palm. "Poetry, theatre, writing, spell card duels. All of these are based around struggling with two things that cannot exist together, whether it's a terrible monster and a noble hero, or a perfect moment and the knowledge that it cannot last forever. While meaningless conflict does exist, it would be an insult to have a spell card duel without purpose." She swipes an arm in front of her, smacking the thought away.

You wonder if training really counts as purpose and meaning, but there's no way you're going to push her buttons today.

"Keeping that metaphor in mind -- spell cards as art, as expression, rife with meaning -- what is the source of their power?" Alice jabs the chalk in your direction.

You're stumped for a moment, then remember you're staring at the answer on the tablet. "Elegance and thought?"

"Yes." Alice slams her fist into her palm hard enough to snap the piece of chalk. She doesn't even turn her head when the piece flies off and hits the floor.

"So how do you turn that into magical strength? As I'm sure you know, it's not just raw ability. Something more is required," she continues.

She takes the book out of the doll's hands and replaces it with another, labeled 'A Primer on Functional Aesthetics for Magical Representation'.

"Here. Look at this page." She flips the book open to two images: on the left is an even square grid, and on the right is a pattern of flower crests.

"Believe it or not, the right one covers less area. You can see the open spots here and here. But which one do you think is more powerful?"

Even if you're not sure of the mechanics, you know a trick question when you hear one. "The one on the right."

"Exactly. And why is that?"

"Because... it took more effort."

"And?" Her eyes narrow.

Your bullshitting can't take you much further. You have to seriously think about the question, and quickly. "It looks good?" You catch sight of the sentence written on the tablet behind Alice. "It's beautiful."

"Precisely! And why is it beautiful and meaningful?"

"Because it's..." you make floppy gestures with your hands. "Because it's a flower, instead of just a--"

"It has...?" Alice gestures for you to complete the sentence.

The obvious answer is 'meaning', but it seems too obvious. You try it anyway. "Meaning?"

"Yes! It's not a simple grid, a doodle, a geometric shape. It's flowers. Follow that thought: Who are some of the most powerful gods in Gensokyo? What do they have in common?"

Alice is shouting now. Her breathing is hard, her chest rising and falling, fiddling her fingers as she gestures wildly, her unblinking eyes watching you. The dolls sitting on the bookcase twitch to life.

"They, um, um..." You shuffle on the couch, putting a few more inches of space between you and Alice. Her stare bores into you. You glance left and right, scared at the thought of giving a wrong answer. "They... They rule over something, they've got a, a, a..."

"A what?" Alice leans towards you.

"A power. Like, a specific... thing they can do."


You let out a small gasp. You can't believe you're still getting correct answers.

"Their powers resonate with them on a fundamental level." Alice paces back and forth, waving a hand, tracing her thoughts in the air. "Their magic is who they are. They could be considered one and the same."

The dolls rise up and move to Alice. They follow her pacing in perfect lockstep unison. She doesn't look at the dolls, or you, or anything in particular. She's in her own manic world.

"That is the source of their power, and what separates gods and spirits from humans. A human practitioner cannot associate themselves so deeply with something."

Hourai comes in from the dining room. You hope for a second she's here to save you, but she joins Alice, orbiting around her and the crowd of dolls, emotionless. You dig your fingers into the couch cushion.

"Humans have family, friends, business matters. They can't cultivate a unified aesthetic -- they're too busy trying to pay rent. The human magician lives a dual life, everyday clutter weighing down on their abilities, their conflicting identities..."

Your gaze catches hers as she turns and her voice trails off. You hadn't even noticed it but you were biting the inside of your cheek hard enough for it to hurt. Beads of sweat are half-formed on your forehead. Hourai goes back into the living room, and the dolls hover in place, now directionless.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to..." Alice stares down at the floor. "I got... I guess I got a little carried away." She flicks her wrist. The rings on her fingers clink together, and the dolls go back to their place on the shelves.

"That was new." You loosen your death grip on the couch.

"That was an accident."

For a few seconds, the only sounds are some dolls thumping around in the kitchen.

"Alice. Are you okay?" you ask, forcing out a calm, even tone.

"Please, let's forget about it. I'm sorry. Let's call off the lesson for tonight." She turns to the door.

"Alice, please don't leave."

Alice stands there, facing the door, with you too nervous to say anything. It's another irritating reminder of how little time you've spent together. Still, anything is better than saying nothing.

"Take a seat. Let the moment pass." You pat the couch cushion next to you. Your older sister, Sunami, gave you the same advice when you were disastrously hungover, and hopefully the principle here is the same.

Alice turns back towards you and sweeps her hair from her eyes. With slow, deliberate steps, she comes to the couch and sits down at your side. You put a hand on hand on her shoulder and give her an affectionate squeeze. She breathes in deeply through her nose, then shuts her eyes and lets out a long, slow sigh.

"Sorry," she says.

"It's okay." You squeeze her shoulder again.

She tilts towards you until the side of her head rests on your shoulder. You slide your hand around her back, gently hugging her against your side.

"It's really neat how you taught me to throw fire-- throw magic bullets," you say.

Alice lets out a short laugh through her nose. "It's not much."

"For me it is."

Alice makes a noncommittal hum. You turn towards her and gently put a hand on her hairband.

"Could I stroke your hair?"

Alice nose-laughs again. "Sure."

You lift her hairband off of her head. It's a small change, but she looks so different without it. Younger, a little perkier. You run your hand through the soft, golden threads of her hair. The strands spill out between your fingers, tumbling back down into place after each stroke.

"It's so soft," you say. She smiles a little, but doesn't say anything.

"Are you feeling okay?" you whisper.

"Mhm." Alice nods, your hand still in her hair.

You'll have to leave it at that for now. You want to say something else, but both compliments and shows of concern seem to make her skittish. It shouldn't be a surprise to you that someone living by themselves in a forest wouldn't be especially sociable, but here you are. The tick of the grandfather clock against the wall makes a steady, calming rhythm like a heartbeat.

"The festival's coming up, isn't it?" Alice asks, not sounding very excited.

"Yeah. Just two days."

"Did you have any plans?"

You take your hand out of her hair and put it on her knee. Your eyes meet hers. "I was thinking we'd go together."

Alice smiles, actually happy this time, and tilts her head down, eyes still looking up at you. "Oh. That's good."

"It sure is."

She flips her hair, half looking at you and half looking away. "Then I'm going to have to run some errands tomorrow."

"Anywhere interesting? I wouldn't mind coming along."

"Alright. Sounds like a plan." She tilts her head to the side, eyes still on you, and twirls a lock of hair between her fingers.

"Sounds good." You nod.

"Yes. Good."

She slides an arm across your chest and leans against you for a hug.

"C'mere." You turn to Alice and wrap your arms around her waist. You pull her closer to you until your hips touch, your arms tangled against each other.

"Where are you thinking of shopping tomorrow?" you ask.

"I was thinking, you know... if I'm going to the festival, I should look nice."

"You always look nice." You lean closer and tap your nose against hers.

"Oh, sheesh." She looks away, smiling through a light blush. "Anyway, I hope you're fine going to Kourindou."

"That's the place Rinnosuke runs, right?"

"Yes." She relaxes her body and leans against you. "He's a good tailor, actually."

"Huh. Never knew that." You run your hand over Alice's back.

"I've gotten some things from him before." Alice's voice gets softer, sounding more distant as she nestles against you.

"Seems he's done good work, then."

Alice doesn't quite seem to catch the compliment and says nothing. You rock back and forth gently, your shoulders rubbing together. The light starts to fade outside the window as the sun goes down. Today's been so busy you had no idea what time it was. Alice blinks a few times and rests her head on your shoulder. Her green eyes almost seem to dim.

You can't really see the sun go down in the middle of a forest, but watching the light go down from between the trees is just as good. Dolls flit around the room, turning on lights in the darkening house.

"Are you comfortable like that?" you ask, but Alice doesn't say anything.

"Hey, you alright?" You nudge her head.

Shanghai floats up in front of you. Once she has your attention, she clasps her hands together, puts them by her shoulder, and leans her head against her hands.

"Oh, she's sleeping?" you whisper.

Shanghai nods.

"How about I carry her to bed?"

Shanghai bounces up in the air, her version of a jump, and claps.

"You're the romantic one, aren't you?" You pat Shanghai on the shoulder. She does a dainty little twirl.

"Get the door for me, okay?"

Shanghai goes for the door. You sneak your arms behind her back and underneath her legs, trying not to disturb her.

"Upsy-daisy." You heft Alice into your lap, then stand up. It takes you a few tries to get on your feet. Alice has more weight to her than you thought. She looks like she's made of porcelain, so it's easy for you to forget she weighs as much as a normal person.

"Here we go, here we go." You take slow steps through the living room. As you turn to fit Alice through the doorway, someone else wakes up inside your head.

Muh, wha? Alice was boring so I fell asleep. What'd I miss? Ooh, are we getting laid?

'Alice is getting laid into bed, if that's what you mean.'

I very obviously didn't mean that, but thanks anyway.

A tentacle slithers out from your collar and taps Alice on the shoulder. Hey, hey. Looks like you two made up. Wake up so I can ask if you wanna fuck.

"What the hell are you doing?" you hiss at Tenta, accidentally speaking out loud.

Alice's eyelids flutter. You pull Tenta back into your chest through force of will just before her eyes open.

"Eek!" She flails in your arms, then grabs onto you and hold you tight.

"You fell asleep, so..."

Alice takes a deep breath. "That startled me."

"Sorry." You take another step forward.

"What're you doing?" she asks.

"I'm carrying you to bed, silly." You turn and carry her through the bedroom door.

"Wait, I'm still in my regular clothes."

"We're almost there, I might as well finish."


You lean over the bed and nearly fall over as you lay Alice into the bed. The thick cushions rise up around her as she falls on top of the sheets. She looks up at you and laughs.

"Well, there you go, Alice." You laugh.

"Now I have to get back out of bed. Kinkan." She laughs hard enough to open her mouth. "Your nickname is so silly! That can't be your real name."

You tsk. "You need to go to bed."

"Magicians don't have to sleep. Don't talk to me like I'm your daughter," she says, still laughing.


"Kin... Kinky-winky." She bursts out in loud, rolling laughs and fumbles her way out of the bed.

"Yikes, you really are tired." You take her hand and help her to her feet.

"It's nothing, it's nothing. I'm going to change my clothes." She flips her hair and fiddles with the knot in her scarf.

You look over your own clothes. Once you unfold the sash around your waist, you have to navigate through the multiple layers. Alice is still preoccupied with her scarf. You wonder what she must've been up to while you were away to be so tired. Did she stay up all night? The thought of Alice staying up plotting out your training regiment gives you a pang of something between guilt and confusion.

"Here, let me help."

You put your hands over Alice's. She lets go of her scarf and lets you loosen the offending knot. You lift it up and a doll swoops by to take it. Another doll takes the caplet off of her shoulders. You hover your hand near the loops of string on the chest of her tunic.

"Go ahead," she says, though there's a hint of color in her cheeks.

They're on fairly tight. The back of your hands press against her chest as you unhook the strings. It's a good feeling, but you don't try to do it any more than you have to.

"Thanks for everything you did today," you say, keeping your focus on her clothes. The last string loosens from her tunic. It slides down her shoulders and onto the floor.

"I was just doing a... I didn't want to be irresponsible." She steps over the tunic and lets a doll carry it away. All that's left is her blouse and petticoat.

"It was great. I flew through the air and shot fireb-- magic bullets. It was incredible." You lean closer to her and start on her blouse buttons from the top. "You aren't worried about me, are you?"

"No. I mean, yes, but... not like that. Someone going into the underground with no training would be like watching someone walk off a cliff without knowing it."

"So you are worried, then." You pop off the last few buttons over her tummy. She slaps you playfully on the head.

"I'm saying you have no sense of self-preservation, silly."

"You're silly. Silly billy." You open her blouse and plant a quick kiss on her navel, earning another bop on the head.

"Alright, thanks for your help. I've got it from here, before you get any ideas."

'Ideas'? I've got blueprints here, baby.

'Yeah, keep them in your drawer for now.'

You don't even want to hear about The Dicktorium?

Alice has already stripped down to her drawers -- a pair of loose bloomers and a thin camisole. And you thought you were the only one with layers today.

"Would you be willing to return the favor?" you ask, peeling off your outer coat.

"What happened to sleeping?" Alice smirks.

"I'm serious. This thing's like a puzzle." You tug at one of the folded layers.

"Oh, right. Sorry."

Alice slips on a nightgown, then works her fingers through your clothes, finding a knot and untying it.

"I have to admit, this is some fantastic cloth. If it wasn't from... that woman, I might ask her where she got it."

"It feels really good," you add. That's the limit of your cloth knowledge. "It feels light and it breathes well."

Alice flicks through one layer after another. Soon you're down to your silk undershirt and loincloth, which seems like a cruel thing to do to silk. Tenta's roots poke out against the cloth, showing a little purple beneath the white.

"I'm probably going to sleep in this," you say.


Tenta wants some air. And some Alice.


Not even spooning?

'N-- Okay, maybe. But spooning doesn't mean groping.'

You take off your undershirt while Alice climbs into bed, leaving the sheets open. You climb in next to Alice, face to face. Being a few inches shorter than you, Alice's toes brush against your shins as you get comfortable. The dolls pull the covers up over you, then close the window blinds and leave the room.

Even in the dark, you can see the dull glow of Alice's green eyes. You lean closer until you can feel her breath on your face.
No. 37370
File 144185461767.jpg- (133.64KB , 850x850 , Alisleeps.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Hey, Alice."


"I don't want to close my eyes."

Alice lets out a soft squeak of happy surprise and drapes her arm over your side. "Thanks," she says.

"No problem at all." Your arm fits nicely in the curve of her waist, and you slide your other arm underneath her body, feeling her weight against your arm as you pull her close to you. "Would you like a goodnight kiss?"

"Yes, please." Alice smiles.

You sink your head against the pillow as you turn your face and press your lips to hers. She parts her lips and the two of you exchange a slow, lazy kiss.

"Goodnight, Alice."

Alice squeezes your back. "Goodnight."

You give her one last nose-to-nose boop and set your head back down on the pillow, getting comfortable again. When Alice falls asleep, her breathing becomes so slow she hardly seems to move at all. Tenta wiggles out and reaches around Alice.


The tentacles flatten at the end and form out into fingers.

See? Hands. No dicks here.

'Just don't do anything that'd get me slapped when we wake up.'

Fine, dad.

Tenta wraps around her. The soft cloth of her nightgown brushes against your chest. The soothing warmth of her body close to you lulls you to sleep.

A soft, warm summer wind blows over you. Tall blades of grass tickle your bare forearms.

"Did it work?" asks a voice that isn't Alice's.

"Mrmh? Did what work?" You sit up and open your eyes. You can see the shining red sunrise off in the distance, sinking behind a hill, with scarcely a tree around to block it.

"It's very... green." The voice sniffs at the air. "Smells kind of nice."

You turn around to see a woman in purple, her blonde hair in a loose white cap. "Yukari?" you mumble.

"I'm afraid not. Call me Merry. Easier than my actual name." She spins her pen between her fingers and flips open the journal she's carrying. "Though I'd like to hear more about this Yukari."

You squint. She certainly looks a lot like Yukari, though she doesn't have the air of a fearsome elder youkai. Despite the clothing, she looks rather plain.

"Yukari Yakumo, the gap demon. Or gap youkai, depending on how much you like her." You rub your face. This clearing looks familiar, and it nags at the back of your mind. Part of the path to Reimu's shrine, you think.

"Yakumo?" the woman asks with a hint of smugness. "I thought somewhere as mystic and otherworldly as this would be more obtuse."


"Eightfold rising clouds," she recites. "Build an eightfold fence, an eightfold Izumo fence, wherein to keep my bride -- oh! Splendid eightfold fence."

"You're a poet?" you ask.

She laughs. "No. That's one of the oldest surviving Japanese poems. It's kind of important, thematically."

You haul yourself up to your feet. "I don't know much about either poetry or Japan, sorry. I'm just an orchardist."

"Oh. Hmm. So you wouldn't call yourself Japanese?" Merry asks, making a note in her journal. It's a strange little thing -- instead of a regular spine, it's got a spiral wire running through it holding it together.

"Nah, nah. We haven't been part of any Outside World countries for over a century."

"'We'?" Merry straightens up, her eyes gleaming.

"'We' meaning, well, humans."

"Could you be more specific?"

You scratch the side of your neck. "Uhh... all of us, I guess. Y'know, humans."

"Let's back up a little. What I call 'earth', you would call The Outside World. What would you want me to call the place you come from?"

"Well, the whole place is called Gensokyo, but I'm from a little burg called Houfumura."

"So this really is Gensokyo," Merry mumbles to herself, scribbling faster now.

"What's that?"

"Nothing, nothing. Do you see a lot of youkai?"

You throw your head back. "Ugh, don't you? Lately I've been seeing way too many for my own good. Some of them are friendly enough, but even the good ones'll look down on you for being human most of the time."

Merry's eyebrows dance up and down, lines appearing on her forehead. "So the youkai are more of... Would you say they're an annoyance?"

"Should've seen what they did to my favorite apricot tree last year. Now, I know what you're thinking, they ate up the fruit. They ate. The tree. They took big bites of wood out of the tree! If you ask me, I think it was just spite."

"Hang on, slow down. How big is the human settlement in Gensokyo?"

"I think, uh, this is just a guess, but I'd say thirty thousand people."

"And you live with youkai?"

"No, no." You wish you could take her over the hill and back into the village, but something tells you that you shouldn't go anywhere. "We tolerate them, you know? We've got our little space carved out, and the guards're strong enough to keep most of the riff-raff out."

A hand claps down on your shoulder. "Hey, now, easy on the cultural insensitivity. Who's the Yukari Yakuclone?"

You turn around to see Tenta standing behind you. His hair's different this time: what used to look almost like dreadlocks are now a row of braids pulled back behind his head, decorated with hairbands and beads that clack as he turns his head.

"I got a new look. Closer to how I used to look now." He grins. It's less 'gaunt hermit' and more 'shaman playboy' now, which is an improvement.

"She's Merry."

"Hey there, Merry. You can call me interested." Tenta grins and steps in front of you.

"Is this... one of the youkai?" Merry looks at you and jabs a thumb at Tenta.

"Yeah," you sigh.

"I'm a lot of things." Tenda spreads his arms. Tendrils appear from his palms and wiggle in the air.

"I-Is it flirting with me?" Merry asks you.

Tenta pulls the tendrils back and puts his hands on his hips. "I'm right here, you know."

"Sorry, I'm kind of taken. But do you think you could take me to the Human Village? Do you know the way from here?"

Tenta stands up straight, then looks around, confused. "I... can't, actually. I can't move from here."

The three of you stand in place for a very uncomfortable minute. A gap appears behind Merry. The original has come to take the imitation away. Yukari steps out from the gap and grabs Merry by the shoulder. The three of you spring back to life, but none of you can do much but step back and gasp in shock.

"Clever, very clever," Yukari says. Merry tries to say something, but it comes out as a pained heave of surprise.

"I'll remember this, oh yes, I will. You're lucky university students are hard to make disappear. If there's one more fucking lockdown on my watch..." Yukari continues grumbling as she hauls Merry through the gap.

It starts to close before she pops her head back out. "Oh, the dream bubble's probably going to collapse from this, so don't be surprised when reality starts warping."

The gap seals shut with a sound like something ripping in reverse. You turn to Tenta.

"That just happened," you say.

"How are the beads? Too much color?" Tenta tilts his head, clacking his hair-beads.

"To be honest, your braids look a little flat." You turn your head. Everything looks flat. Even the hills start to look like paper cutouts. You turn around and see everything around you getting pulled towards a single point in the distance as reality goes cone-shaped. You have just enough time to be shocked yet again before everything goes black for the second time that night.

You wrench your eyes open. Around you is a black landscape dotted with multicolored stars. Fuzzy red lines stretch off into the distance, up, forward, and to the side, neatly dividing infinity into cubes. Each cube is is quite large, more than enough to hold you and the woman who you just noticed is standing in front of you.

She's pale, almost ghostly so. Her dress is black around the top and bottom and solid white in the middle, with large tassels running in rows across it. Her short blue hair is mostly covered by a large, garish red nightcap with a white tassel that hangs on her shoulder. A pink jelly-like thing floats in the air by her side as she scribbles something into her book.

"Pardon my intrusion." She bows, giving you a glance at her furry white tail with a spade-like black tip. "I'll be with you in just a second." She pinches the jelly and brings it to her lips.

"Just roll with it, Kinkan," you mutter to yourself. "You've been through weirder."

She eats up the jelly in one long, smooth, noisy slurp like a bowlful of noodles, then wipes her mouth.

"It's not your fault. The Dream World has been a bit busy lately, and it's led to some hiccups. Sorry, I haven't introduced myself. I'm Doremy Sweet, dream branch manager number seven." She bows again. "Just give me a moment and I'll have you -- oh."

A hand claps down on your shoulder. "It's Tenta again. Miss me?"

You sigh. "Hi, Tenta. She's trying to help us, so can you not flirt with her?"

Doremy's face goes red and Tenta laughs.

"That explains it." Doremy sighs.

"Tenta, what did you do?"

Tenta shrugs. "Before I popped in on Merry, I was having a dream about fucking her and she saw it and got mad so she ate up the dream."

"Listen. I'm not one to judge dreams, but..." she sighs. "Seven of them? Really?"

"Sorry." You apologize on Tenta's behalf.

Doremy waves a hand. "It's fine, it's fine. Let's not talk about it, please. It looks like you two are connected, which is probably why your dreams have been so hinky lately. Just give me a minute and I'll have you both back in a dream bubble."

"Do I get to choose what the dream is?" Tenta asks.

"Listen. It's been a very rough few weeks, and I'm trying to stay professional. I'd appreciate it if you could give me a moment to focus." Doremy flips through the pages of her book.

"Give someone a little anal expansion in a dream and suddenly you're the bad guy." Tenta says to you, not loud enough for Doremy to hear.

"You what?"

"Here we are. I've found your file. Now all you need is a bubble."

She clears her throat, then lets out a loud belch. It goes on for several seconds, then is cut off as a pink jelly appears at the back of her throat. It wiggles forward, filling her mouth, then pops out and floats in the dreamscape. You stare at it, watching a stray trail of saliva trickle down the side of it.

"Just give the bubble a touch and it'll do the rest," Doremy says.

Gross or not, it's still a favor. You bow to her. "Thank you, Doremy. Nice to see at least someone's got their head on straight here."

"Some of us have to." She nods, weary but happy.

"See you later, maybe."

"I'd hope not. It would mean something went wrong."

Tenta raises his hand. "Question. If I nix the butt stuff, would another dream be okay?"

You grab his wrist and squeeze on the dream bubble before he can say anything else. The world warps around you much like it did before as your perceptions are sucked into the dream bubble. A now very stretched-out Doremy waves a friendly goodbye before you disappear.

You wake up -- or, rather, fall asleep -- to see...

[ ] ...a rickety cart
[ ] ...a cozy workshop
[ ] ...a bubbling pot
No. 37372
File 14418551962.png- (137.45KB , 1920x1080 , checkem.png ) [iqdb]
With this being a fairly long update after an absence, as well as being in the middle of college/school for a lot of you, votes will be open all weekend and close Monday afternoon-ish. Happy reading!
No. 37373
[x] ...a cozy workshop

No. 37374
Try not to get too hung up on word counts, that way leads to padding of the unsexy kind. And was all that spellcard infodumping really needed for an /at/ story?

congrats on beating me to having Doremy in a THP story

[x] ...a cozy workshop

hopefully this leads to something nice.

inb4 3+ months go by before the next update.
No. 37375
[X] ...a cozy workshop

Waking up cuddling with Alice is best!

As for this, huzzah it's back!
No. 37376
[x] ...a bubbling pot
breakfast! that or tea boiling over
No. 37377
[x] ...a rickety cart

I guess we're learning more about Alice now.
No. 37378
[X] ... a bubbling pot.

You have my curiosity. What might be inside? Cooked food? A brew of some sort? Simply boiling water? The inquisitive mind must know!

... Admittedly, the inquisitive mind may also be thinking too much on it.
No. 37383
[X] ... a bubbling pot.

Doremi anal when?

Also, Marisa/Alice threesome when
No. 37387
[x] ...a rickety cart
No. 37390
>>37377 here.

In the interest of breaking the tie, I'm changing my vote to [x] ...a cozy workshop.
No. 37391
And with that, the tie is broken! Closing votes.

[x] ...a cozy workshop.
No. 37403
>The gap seals shut with a sound like something ripping in reverse.

Too late to vote, but I wanted to chime in and say that this is a nice little turn of phrase. Reminds me of something I read in a Faulkner short story awhile back.
No. 37983



No. 38272
I have still hope.
Just sayin.
We are waiting for you.
So please come back.
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