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What's the progress on any @factory touhou sets? ovo
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Well, it's 8 already. That Rensei, I remembered I have this before. But Satori, I don't have others expect TMA cosplay festival. Since cosplayjav is dead, I have no way to find anything available for download. Sukebei in Nyaa is a good place but I need the title of videos.
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> Since cosplayjav is dead, I have no way to find anything available for download. Sukebei in Nyaa is a good place but I need the title of videos.
Is there even any good site for amateur stuff (like getchu) other than this imageboard?
No. 32215
But most items there cannot be find anywhere. It maybe foolish to buy items on it besides, I am out of money right now.
No. 32216
Check out other tags like maid too, they don't always realize some JAV features cosplay.

Akiba-online is also good but is temporarily down.
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can someone upload this?
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I am sorry. I just can't find vol.1 and 5.
E-hentai show that Vol.2 is Tenshi and 3 is Tewi and 4 is Cirno and 6 is Yuyuko. But it is only gallery you know. Besides, it is nearly no seed for these galleries.
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No. 32240
Release Date: 2013/10/25
You got my hopes up.
No. 32241
Upload please. Pls.
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riku minato makes an amazing suwako
that butt and that dfc, sogood
No. 32271
Oh yeah
No. 32277
oh lol, pinkyweb tweeted about my post here

in case he's reading this again, yes dfc is a very positive appraisal and I really enjoyed the video
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Oh wow, that Youmu is hot. What is this?
No. 32279
It seems that cosplayjav is available again. I only found that several links has been expired or the file is deleted. But others are ok for download.
No. 32280
By the way, there is still no new post there after June. I don't know why.
No. 32326
It's back alive, http://www.cosplayjav.com/2013/09/the-girl-we-saw-that-day.html (but not touhou related)
No. 32327
I'm pretty sure the person that runs the site has trouble getting things together during the summer. It seems like this has happened before around the same time of the year. That said he does a hell of a job the rest of the time.
No. 32328
reupload possible again?
No. 32337
Oh well. New Touhou videos there.
No. 32351
No. 32358
Even it's very old, releazed on C78. I never see anyone who has these.
No. 32364
I know a guy who has it. I didn't care much for the set so I deleted it, and it was originally uploaded to megaupload, but I'll see if he still has it.
No. 32365
yay Ran cosplay
No. 32367
Does anyone have >>31841 ?
No. 32370
Yes please
No. 32371
Yes please.
No. 32408
Oh god, please. Please so much.
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[@factory] Touhou Reimu 3
Is there video somewhere?
No. 32422
I wish I knew. I just don't get it, why do people upload partial, broken sets like this? The set, at least according to getchu should have that video, yet whoever put up that torrent did not bother including it. Even though they obviously have it since they bought the set.
No. 32423
The people who make the torrent aren't always the same as the people who upload the set (which is the case here). That said, the uploader could at least be charitable enough to include a link to the video if they don't want (or don't know how) to make a torrent.
No. 32424
Another situation is that there are only galleys on it, that mean, they support galleys only but not videos. Even the uploader have videos of these sets, they will not release on that website but somewhere else or that they don't want to share videos.
No. 32425
Except that is bullshit. You can put whatever you want on the torrents. They don't have to contain precisely the same things as the gallery has.
No. 32426
The last thing a buyer/pirate wants is to leave clues for the vendor in the form of an IP that could be traced back to their account. That's (one reason) why they often let somebody else do the torrenting.
No. 32427
There are also sets that contain links to more videos in the readmes that the buyers don't look at.
No. 32432
This is interesting. Are there certain sets in particular where extra videos are linked?
No. 32434
Search the old threads for "text". There was a C's~シーズ~ Youmu set and うるふふぁんぐ!! Remi and Flan sets with more content. The text files are even named "please download these additional files!!"
No. 32436

hiyo finally has non-censored face sex as a touhou
No. 32437
No. 32438
Sadly no video in the torrent.
No. 32439
I love this woman!
No. 32441
I checked other torrents about this. I found out that only photos in pwdl064, I wonder is there another post for videos for this one?
No. 32442
Is Hiyohiyo Club hers? I mean she owns it and all staffs work for her.
No. 32443
pwdl64 only contains pictures, 65 and 66 on the other hand are all video. No signs of the Youmu sections having video though, wonder if it's coming out later.

Man, that swimsuit Youmu cosplay is so hot...
No. 32444
All of her labels are owned by her (her boyfriend does the shagging). And there is plenty of uncensored touhou sex.
No. 32447
This is my fetish.
I'm going to buy two copies.
No. 32448
Ah, my bad! Should have checked beforehand.
No. 32450
Can someone upload these to a less shitty fileshare? Only managed to get the first 3 files before ryushare crapped out on me.
No. 32451
No chance!
No. 32452
AP, do you still happen to have the Marisa video perchance?
No. 32453
I got the same situation. Depositfiles is better.
No. 32454
Torrents are even better.
No. 32456

Yes, if someone could share Love Saotome Marisa video, that would be great.
No. 32457
No chance!

Yes, patience. Meanwhile, have a preview to proof that I'm not full of shit.
No. 32458
What's happend with http://acgzone.us/category/xiayan?
http://acgzone.us/tag/cosplay/ replaced it?
And how can I see preview pics of articles again?
No. 32459
Yes, replaced. You should know that adult items can't be post in Chinese website so that those who want to post always change their links in order not to be reported by spies.
No. 32460
So that was the point to hide "interesting" places on the covers. And now they've just decided to remove previews completely, I guess.
No. 32461
If you really interested in Chinese adult items websites, I offer you to visit this.
There are videos, images, games post in that website. But if you really want to read, maybe you need to reply the threads and you should give some score to the author if you want to download it. But no matter preview or download, most links are foreign ones especially preview images. Even you see some Chinese links, the file name may probably be something else. They rename it because they don't want anyone to report it as erotic.
No. 32463
Seconding this.

Also, does anyone have this set? Or at lest can tell me its name? Thanks.
No. 32464
No. 32465
Thank you Anon!
No. 32468
Yes, pwdl065 got only video of Suwako.
No. 32475
That evil Ryushare, I haven't download anything yet, it says, "You have reached download limit." I use VPN instead but it is useless.
No. 32476
Is it obvious to mention that this lady is adorable in spades?
No. 32477
There's mega link. I was uploading it too, but looks like atomicpuppy was faster.

Btw, is there some other good filehosters like mega? That 50gb of storage space is quite low amount.
No. 32478

It's slow, but I'm able to download stuff from there. I already got Touhou Reimu 3, now getting pwdl065, and waiting warmly for Marisa.

AP, do you mind if I torrent these videos for other people? Or you couldn't care less?
No. 32479
Reimu again.
But who has this one?
No. 32483
pass please
No. 32484
According to the note. The password is there'safantasticway,
No. 32485
No. 32486
Forgive me if I missed it but were either of these ever uploaded?
webDL054 http://dl.getchu.com/index.php?action=gd&gcd=D0021215
webDL055 http://dl.getchu.com/index.php?action=gd&gcd=D0021390
No. 32487
Nope, and it's a huge shame, tag cos remi is quite delicious.
No. 32488
And I'm going to assume that using an American credit card isn't going to be as easy as punching in the information and leaving.
No. 32489
There is a torrent which you can search in isohunt.com
But, 54 only, I have no way where is 55.
No. 32495
Actually it is, they accept american credit cards.
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Don't mind me asking but does anyone know which actress play as who in Touhou Cosplay Festival 1 to 5?
Been trying to figure out who is who using 3 website but didn't have much luck and only know 9 of them; 4 from the comment at cosplayjav and 5 was able to figure out who. Thank in Advance to anyone able to find who is who.
No. 32501
Any news on that set anon?
No. 32502
Google their names at porn sites. Then look for matching birthmarks on covers and screencaps.
No. 32504
I've been meaning to get more info on this as well. Hopefully with some effort we can solve this great mystery! Who have you found so far?
No. 32505
so far i found Marisa, Reisen, Yukari, Remilia, Yuyuko, Suwako, Hatate, Tenshi and Kaguya actresses if you want the name i don't mind posting here if possible
No. 32507
Touhou Cosplay Festival 2

Cirno - Chika Eiro 絵色千佳
Flandre - Kuraki Maiya 倉希マイヤ
Tewi - Fuuka Minase 皆瀬ふう花
Patchouli - Hina Maeda 前田陽菜
Yukari - Mikuru Shiina 椎名みくる
Remilia - Momoko Haneda 羽田桃子
No. 32511
@factory marisa video?

Where can I find it? please...
No. 32512

can someone upload some of those?
No. 32520
No. 32521
I got http://dl.getchu.com/index.php?action=gd&gcd=D0014077&cp=&cirid=002022 one.

No. 32522

Does anyone have this? Thanks.
No. 32529

You can get info about all the actress names and most of the AV movies in which they showed up on dmm.co.jp, but I assume you can't read kana or couldn't figure how to get past their anti-gaijin proxy shit, so I'll put the actress breakdown below.


Eirin - Akina Hara 原明奈
Reimu - Yume Kimino 君野ゆめ
Sakuya - Seara Hoshino / Marin Minami 星乃せあら/南まりん (she makes videos under both names)
Alice - Kanade Towa / Kanade Toba 戸羽奏 (her last name's different depending on the movie)
Reisen - Uta Aino あいの詩
Marisa - Risa Tsukino 月野りさ
Aya - no info (either she is an amateur or only did vids where her name isn't given)
Youmu - Kanae Serizawa 芹澤かなえ

コスプレ例大祭 2

Cirno - Chika Eiro 絵色千佳
Flandre - Maiya Kuraki 倉希マイヤ
Tewi - Fuuka Minase 皆瀬ふう花
Patchouli - Hina Maeda 前田陽菜
Yukari - Mikuru Shiina 椎名みくる
Remilia - Momoko Haneda 羽田桃子

コスプレ例大祭 3

Nitori - Riri Kuribayashi 栗林里莉
Yuyuko - Chika Arimura 有村千佳
Meiling - Maria Hanano 花野マリア
Yuuka - Hinata Tachibana 橘ひなた
Sanae - Hitomi Fujiwara 藤原ひとみ
Suwako - Rei Mizuna みづなれい/みずなれい (both names written the same in romaji)

コスプレ例大祭 4

Suika - Shizuku Hasegawa 長谷川しずく
Futo - Yuuki Natsume 夏目優希
Satori - Hirono Imai 今井ひろの
Hatate - Moeka Nomura 野村萌香
Koishi - Yurika Miyaji 宮地由梨香
Mokou - Uta Kohaku 琥珀うた

コスプレ例大祭 5

Kasen - Hikari Matsushita 松下ひかり
Momiji - Kurumi Ogiwara 荻原くるみ
Tenshi - Yuria Ashina 芦名ユリア
Hina - Rina Oosawa 大沢里菜 (try Rina Osawa too)
Byakuren - Haruki Satou さとう遥希 (try Haruki Sato too)
Kaguya - Tsubomi つぼみ

コスプレ例大祭 6 (upcoming)

Shikieiki - Mayu Honoka ほのかまゆ
Keine - Mikuru Asahina 朝比奈みくる (no joke)
Ran - Miku Honoka ほのか美空
Rin - Riku Minato 湊莉久
Komachi - Ren Ayase 綾瀬れん
No. 32531
Thank you for the list gonna save it in the event in the near future i might want to search other videos of them and it true that i cant bypass the proxy and google translate probably would not help much but there are some website that can translate them. Anyway thank again and sorry for the trouble.
No. 32533

Noticed I messed up on コスプレ例大祭 6.

Keine is Chizuru Sakura (桜ちずる) and Mikuru Asahina (朝比奈みくる) is Utsuho.
Note that I might be wrong for Keine, Utsuho and Ran. All three actress names are correct but I might be mistaken on who is who since I only named them based solely on their respective AV collection DVD covers and it's kinda hard to tell before seeing the actual video.
No. 32535
It ok it will be awhile before the video is available to reconfirm them and also the actress for Rin she kinda looks familiar could she by any chance be this person?
No. 32536
Yes, her name is Riku Minato(湊 莉久).
No. 32537
No. 32544
Well, who has got this one?
No. 32549
No. 32552
Thanks, interesting to see her work with other photographers/circles.
No. 32554
I managed to find quite a lot of AV with Love Saotomi prior to her Touhou stuff. Nothing amazing though.
No. 32560
What's with the sudden outbreak of race queen Marisa sets? Not that I'm complaining...

Now we just need Ayane's version.
No. 32570
No. 32571
Can someone tell what the password for the file is, the site this guy is referring to is down.
No. 32572

The same name as our Traditional Reporter of Gensokyo.
No. 32573
That's funny. Aya,Momiji or Hatate? You should say, that's the one who is Bunbun.
No. 32574
One of those three isn't even a reporter.

And only one of them is ever referred to as "traditional reporter of Gensokyo"
No. 32601
Aya's actress in Cosplay Reitaisai is 芽衣 (Mei), I think that's her full stage name.
No. 32602

No. 32604

Can someone upload those please?
No. 32619
Does anyone have Yui Okada (Dotechin) videos besides her Koa/Pachi video or sets besides those on exhentai?
No. 32645
Been a long time since I last checked these threads.

This is slightly unrelated, but it's for the good of Touhou cosplay porn:
I'm trying to buy stuff from dl.getchu.com with my (German) VISA credit card, but it doesn't work because some online transactions like with getchu are protected with the "verified by visa" system that is supposed to send me a TAN on my phone which I have to enter for valid transactions.

The problem is, I don't receive any TANs as I'm supposed to. It works for other stuff but not on getchu (and I think I also tested some other Japanese site where I had the same problem).

Would anyone happen to have any idea what's wrong?
No. 32650
Happened once or twice, check your address data, I've got this problem because there're two ways to write an address (with and without # character before house number) and the city name (nobody call it by it's oficial name).
No. 32669
I'm not sure what you mean. I don't have to enter an address anywhere.

When checking out, after entering my credit card info and hitting the 購入する button, I'm automatically redirected to the external verified by VISA site where I'm supposed to enter a one time TAN I should have received via SMS. But I'm never getting one when ordering from getchu.
No. 32679
Well, I have two cards, the fisrt one send me a TAN for verification, the other just pass the verification automatically or ask me for a password. Both cards are issued by diferent banks. I bougth from getchu using my first card when the verified by visa portal just asked for my account data in order to check pass the transaction.
Try to verify your card restrictions with your bank, my first card have a second lock trigered if the trasnaction pass some amount limit, my second card just needed to cofirm with the bank my intentions to use it overseas.
No. 32684
Thanks! Videos are rarely posted with their sets.

Does anyone have this, possibly? You can find the set easily on getchu under the hardcore section.
No. 32699
who has these!
No. 32700
One thing I'll always wonder is, why always use these shitty hosters that only allow you to download like one link once in a blue moon? Seriously...
No. 32702
1) Because they get paid (a fair trade since they bought it for you to download for free.)
2) Because you haven't suggested a better alternative.
3) gtfo
No. 32703
Not that >>32700 guy but lemme say something about 2):
you're welcome
No. 32704
One site more.
And about ryushare, they allow 1gb files for free users so there's no need for 250mb splits.
No. 32707
These were uploaded moons ago I think.

It's a fair trade man, if you guys don't like it I won't share @ ryushare anymore.

Eh, didn't know they allow up to 1gb, old habits I guess.
No. 32711
Please only use ryushare
No. 32720
If anyone manages to get the completed file, can you put it on a torrent on nyaa?

Sure, ryushare doesnt get files deleted from it, but it's like 2 hours per 250 MB piece, that's crazy.
No. 32722

If AP who has been so kind to share asks not to, I will refrain from doing so, sorry. Sure, RS is slow as hell and takes me a whole day to download it, but who cares? I can live with it.

Speaking of which, I'm still waiting warmly for the Love Saotome Marisa video, if you can. Thanks.
No. 32723
If I use my own IP address, I probably cannot download anything from Ryushare, if I use VPN, the average speed is only 35kb/s besides, 90 minutes wait before I can download another and 2 or three files only then reach the limit. I have to change another one and continue the next. BT is better for download but the uploader should not stop upload before another seed appeared, that mean, he should upload at least he found one who is finished.
No. 32726
>You have reached the download-limit!!!
No. 32727
You met the same problem dude.
No. 32728
Please only use ryushare
No. 32729
Please stop using ryushare, it's one of the worst fileshares out there.
No. 32730
It takes three days to acquisition.
No. 32732
Please only use ryushare
No. 32740
Please use some QUALITY uploading site instead/other than ryushare.
No. 32745
Please only use ryushare
No. 32746

No. 32747
ryushare disconnect when my download reach to 50%
No. 32766
I think ryushare has got a bit of bad publicity as lots of scammers, such as jav-new.net etc. use it for their fake (&premium-only) "releases".

Of course that's probably because they offer best compensations for uploader. Especially for premium-only.
No. 32767
Cirno... Idiot ⑨

No. 32768
ryushare the best
No. 32770
No. 32771
oh my god, i know the title may or may not have given warning, but there's too much Goro in this
No. 32778
You haven't even seen too much Goro. ttp://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/1358504778
No. 32779
No. 32794
I'd post a pic with thumbnails of every anime character Goro has fucked but the board claims it exceeds maximum file size.
No. 32798
Split it into two pics?
No. 32805
Sooooo... when will this hit the web?
I just can't wait to fap to this.
No. 32828
No. 32831
I have the video, too. But how can I share this?
No. 32834
Upload it to https://mega.co.nz/ or http://billionuploads.com/
No. 32835
Or you could put a torrent in the torrent section of ehentai, just make sure to include the set there too.
No. 32843
Looks like they are currently editing video of Youmu.
No. 32846
Any word on display festival 6? I heard it released today.
No. 32848
Oh sweet fucking yes. I love that Youmu cosplay.
No. 32849
Gonna buy that shit at the drop of a hat once it comes out
No. 32850
No. I am waiting as well. I think of that will be several weeks later.
No. 32857
No. 32858
At second thought, I'm not gonna buy it anymore
No. 32859
Please speak English. Thanks.
No. 32872
"Pinky is looking this way
Scary scary"

idk that's what I could gather from my non-existent japanese skills
No. 32879
Did anyone know コスプレ例大祭6 can be download available or source?
No. 32885
A screenshot of the thread is on their twitter account. SO YES they're looking
No. 32886
Screenshot is attached to a series of tweets as well,


And a discussion following up.
Sadly my very basic knowledge of Japanese isn't helping me much, nor is Google Translate, so I can't exactly tell what it's saying for sure.

On another note, I might be able to buy some (including the following) when I get the chance, but don't count on it soon, I'm not sure when I'll be able to.
No. 32887
Basically it's great that you like their stuff, but if you upload it they'll have to shut down and start filing claims. The other guys in the discourse are very displeased, to say the least.
No. 32890
I am sorry. I can't read Japanese.
No. 32893

There are STILL Touhou fans who can't read japanese?

I dunno what to say bro, other than you're missing out on a lot.
No. 32895
They're not buying it. https://twitter.com/pinkyweb_tw/status/395121763324944385
They're trying to find a template to use to communicate with you since machine translation is worse than what they would like.

People wanted to remove /at/ before to avoid something like this happening. Now it's looking quite likely.
No. 32896
Nobody is removing /at/, especially not "people". If anything's getting removed, it's these cosplay threads.

If this cosplay uploading has to happen, isn't there at least some other site it can happen on? This site is 99% original stories, we can't be putting all our content in jeopardy over possible legal problems with the other 1%. Please take this trouble somewhere else.
No. 32897
Doesn't it usually end up on Panda anyhow?
No. 32898
Only problem with panda is that they allow only images, so uploading video only content is bit problematic.
No. 32900
Comment fields FTW.
No. 32902
Hey Pinky,hold your tongue.
No. 32909
You can put anything you want on the torrents. So that argument is null and void.
No. 32911
Password IS horny and cute oni?
No. 32914
Can we have this uploaded already? Please? Pretty pleeeease?~
No. 32915
This looks tempting.
No. 32916

They decensored their old stuff?
No. 32917
How many times are those scumbags going to keep rereleasing the same works? The product page doesn't say anything about being uncensored, either. Don't let the cover fool you.
No. 32918
It's definitely still censored, you haven't looked close enough
No. 32919
At first thought this was all the cosplay festival videos and a bunch more all in BD quality. Doing the math at 4 hours per original video 16 hours is far too short, it will only be about 15 minute HD clips of each girl.

They are just exploiting the fact a couple of the originals where only released in normal quality to force fans to buy the same videos twice.
No. 32923
It was fast.
No. 32924
GAH! That quality downscaling. That site makes my eyes bleed.
No. 32926


can someone upload this?
No. 32933
Can someone upload those please?
No. 32939
No. 32943

Does anyone have this to upload?
No. 32944


No. 32948
What happened to the Love Saotome Marisa video?
No. 32949
Thanks been looking for this.
No. 32950
Can I consider it as Rinnosuke do sex with Reimu and Marisa?
No. 32951
No not ever.
No. 32952
No. 32957
>>32944 PW?
No. 32958
Somebody please give a hint on the password that English-only speakers can understand
No. 32991
Not touhou
No. 32994
No. 32997
I can't understand it even though I think I got the hint, it's supposedly "ルッキョオン", or some fucked up romanisation of it, with unknown capitalisation, but nothing I've tested so far has worked. Either I misunderstood the hint, or this is another annoying as fuck headscratcher that was blindingly obvious in hindsight.
No. 32998

I haven't downloaded it yet so I can't be sure, but I think it's written in Japanese characters. These are their Unicode values:

30EB 30C3 30AD 30E7 30F3

Try inputting them in a Unicode text editor and you should get the password.
No. 33000

>>32998 here. You put an excess オ, try without it.
No. 33001
the five-character unicode doesn't work either, nor does its romanisations
No. 33005
ルッキョオン is read as "Rukkyuon" not "Rukkiyuon"
No. 33009
Oh crap, how the hell did that o get in there, oh well, at least it worked now.
No. 33012
I think "rukkyon" is the right answer.
No. 33014
No, it's "ルッキョン".
No. 33017
None of these work for me, with or without the inverted commas.

CRC failed on the sixth file each time.
No. 33018
Successfully extracted it with that password.

I'm using Windows 7, Winrar and system locale set to Japanese.
No. 33021

Restarted my PC with Japanese settings; getting the same error. I'll try re-downloading part 6 since the error always points to there being some problem with that part.
No. 33023

Whenever I stumbled upon archives using Japanese passwords, I successfully extracted them just by launching Winrar through Applocale, with system locale still on my western setting.
No. 33027


No. 33028
It's 西宮結弦 isn't it
No. 33029
The password, I mean
No. 33030
That was quick, anon spoiled it for everyone. Thank you, good bye.
No. 33031
Part 7 is unavailable.
No. 33032
It is because you leaked the password.
You should apologize.
No. 33033
Dammit guys, I really want to see Nue doing those things she does on the picture.
No. 33035
I don't get it what happened?

Did the uploader delete one of his own parts on purpose because someone posted the password in normal text?
No. 33037
Well his post does say "If you know the password, please don't let it out."
No. 33042
Breaking one part at the end like that forcing users to waste time and bandwidth for nothing is really sad. At least with fake sites you can normally tell it is fake. Posted on here you would trust it to be real especially when he was wanting people to buy an account to support his uploads.

Not to mention the password provides no protection at all against the file being reported and deleted anyway.
No. 33043
I don't think you realize how popular this site is. There are enough people coming here to wait for rips instead of buying that the producers have noticed. It could have easily been reported. People here don't even do the basic stuff like changing the filename.
No. 33044
And passwords protect the files how?
No. 33045
Spiteful uploaders do nobody any favors. You fuck over the potential downloaders with annyoing bairiers and deleting parts as retribution yet at the end of the day you still uploaded the media for free against the wishes of the creators.
No. 33046
seconding. you shitbags do nobody a favour if you keep uploading passworded shit and then dick out when we try to get it. what you do is NOT helpful and you should feel bad for it.
No. 33048
>breaks rules
>complains when consequences
You anons are getting way too upset over piracy.
No. 33049
>You should apologize.
And you should grab a good ol' s&w, fellate it good, and blow your head off.

I'm gonna assume you're the uploader. If not, well, this is for him!

1. I have no love for you, nor your moronic sense of entitlement. It's clear by this point that you're not acting in the interest of the community. You could've done any number of things; delete your post, whine to a mod to delete my post, ask me first to delete my post, what have you. Instead you chose to slight the community. Which leads to

2. I resent your attempt to exploit and profit from the community. Your latest action has shown this. You're still trying to reel in suckers to download the earlier parts. Else, why would you leave those up whilst only removing one part at the end? Basically what >>33045 is saying. Why should I listen to your whims? Did you listen to the demands of the content creator? The distributor? The government?

3. I have no love for cosplay either. It's a disgrace, and while I wouldn't normally go out of my way to stop others from enjoying it, I would gladly stop its proliferation if it is done to benefit this dickbag. It's a double win for me.

4. And nothing of value was lost. Up yours, wanker.

``I'm sorry, I don't understand ching chong ling long ning nong.'' Maybe you should have written it in English, you know, like normal people?
No. 33050
You can (not) be this mad.
No. 33052
we 4chan now
No. 33053
I don't usually go into the cosplay threads but this shit is hilarious.
No. 33054
Guys, guys. After shit settles down, if the hints are still given in japanese (faggotry aside, I assume he's doing it for the benefit of the Japanese visitors), here is a reliable way to share the password without leaking it.

Whoever who figures it out (please double-check first), encrypts using an english password and posts the link with a hint that only an English person would get.
No. 33055
Anyone have part six laying around? I managed to get all the others before it was removed.
No. 33056
Hey, let's piece this shit together, if for no other reason than spite, he's what I managed to cobble together, the first 3 files:
No. 33057
not found...
No. 33058
I, like a few others, have all six but something invisible is wrong with the files, the correct password didn't work because of CRC error.

I redownloaded 6 a few times so that couldn't have been the piece broken.
No. 33059
Reupload of "SCM0034"
No. 33060
You know that the people who made this is watching this thread and thus are reporting the fuck out of the links.

Come on people it's kind of obvious.

Also waiting for Mods to start handing out bans
No. 33061
There were 8 files.
No. 33062
Bans for what, dipshit?
No. 33063
why, bans for freedom of expression, of course. didn't you get the memo? zombie stalin bought out thp the other day, we communist regime now, remove thoughts from precinct.
No. 33064
Please upload the "Racequeen_Marisa" video.
No. 33065
Many thanks.
No. 33066
That's nothing new at all, go check the previous cosplay threads and see how many of those links survived.

I'm pretty sure the few torrents made of those survived, as well as the ones that made it to ehentai.
No. 33067
Yup, here:
No. 33075
No. 33080
>You know that the people who made this is watching this thread and thus are reporting the fuck out of the links.
Great, all the more reason for using distributed sharing methods. Or at the very least a non retarded host. Don't know how to anonymize and protect your connection, use a seedbox, or bypass firewall? Just follow this easy to use, illustrated guide! http://i.imgur.com/XuHSp.png

Come on anon you can't be this much of a fucking braindead pants on head flaming retarded spaghetti spilling underaged babby nimrod foolish idiotic birdbrained uneducated uncultured illiterate semi sentient neanderthal subhuman shit taste mongoose hardcore inbred british royal family tier cousin fucking redneck zealot rotoscoped middleschool dropout dumber than cirno ⑨ spectrum eligible mentally challenged cognitive disabled misunderstood genuis bulbous single celled hick country bumpkin plebeian unintelligent incomprehensible incoherent sodomylord.

>M-Mods-kun, they hurt m-muh feels, ban p-pls
Since when did this place turn into a hugbox?
No. 33083
You seem visibly upset
No. 33086
Is 4chan leaking again?
No. 33098
Can't you guys just post this shit on http://sukebei.nyaa.se/ and put "(Touhou Cosplay)" after the title so it's searchable? Or make a googledoc or wiki or something to track all of them and link to it in the description whenever you upload one.
No. 33108
ironic shitpost is ironic
No. 33109
Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.
No. 33110
coded lock?
No. 33113
[GRO-002] ゴローのひとりコスプレ例大祭 湊莉久

I remembered that someone post Aya before. But here, you can see Meiling as well.
No. 33114
Yes, it was GORO-004 and that's web release (720p).
GRO-002 is DVD release and it got Aya and Meiling.
No. 33115
Well fuck that, i feel like i wasted so much time downloading the Aya one.

Should have known from Goro being a 'pro' who releases DVDs.
No. 33116
Will you upload the remaining files?
No. 33121
The DVD rip is of such low quality that the HD web release is clearly superior. I feel more conflicted about the lack of a HD version of the Meiling portion. Then I could just delete the DVD version.
No. 33123
I don't have the remaining files, I was hoping others would help by uploading their parts. But Though apparently part 7 went down much sooner than the others, so there's little hope of actually getting it together.
No. 33124
Hey guys, I dunno if you saw it but :
I watched those sample video, dayum, I hope it will get uploaded somewhere quickly
No. 33125
It's fine, since a DVD of that one will probably come out
No. 33127
part 4 link dead (i get part 1-3 from >>33056)
No. 33128
fake??? http://www.avdvdrar.com/127739.html
No. 33129
It's one of those sites that offer the same couple of packages for all their posts. So yeah, fake. No clue why people keep doing this. Do they really get enough add revenue from the hits or something to be worth it?
No. 33130
Those are nothing if you look at that Patchouli -

Or has it been uploaded before? I don't think I have it.
No. 33131
Any downloads for premium only are fake ones. There are many websites appeared on searching engine.
No. 33132
Neither is uploaded yet, but there's two sets of patchouli, the one you posted is just pictures, and the 4000 yen one is the video.
No. 33142
Now all links are dead.
No. 33208
Is the latest cosplay festival already out on torrents?
No. 33218
I can't find it anywhere.
No. 33316
Release uncensored porn overseas, get prison.
No. 33353
Anyone have some Yui Okada videos? Having a hard time finding anything that isn't just a photoset or a dead link.
No. 33365
No. 33366
> 3.41GB
> mp4
It had better be 60fps.
No. 33383
This set contained the torrent with videos earlier.
Would like to find some more too. Especially Moria set.
No. 33396

i have these and moriya set, i need search in my hdd 4 this
No. 33458
I am looking for this.
No. 33486
Can someone re-upload that Nue part? I couldn't complete my DL because the files are broken or reported.

No. 33530
コスプレ例大祭 6 | Cosplay Festival Touhou 6
Torrent here:

Another one
[GRO-001] ゴローのひとりコスプレ例大祭 小西まりえ
Torrent here:
No. 33536
Protected wmv. Does not play.
No. 33538
Yeah, http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=351381 one is DRM protected.

And both of GRO-001 links looks to be javhot's crappy encoding & watermark.
No. 34016
reup please!
No. 35355
i want it