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>Hands up Parsee's shirt right fucking now.

Your hands shoot underneath the folds of Parsee's many-layered shirt, her kiss having snapped what little patience you still had. You need this. Now. You waste no time with gentleness or slow caresses. Before you even realize that you're underneath fabric, your hands are full. The shock has clearly hit Parsee harder than it has you, because the second you make contact her eyes widen and she breaks the kiss to draw a sharp breath. Oh, no you don't...No escaping, this time. You dash forward in the moment that she gives you, sealing her lips with your own once more as her hands move up to her breasts, pushing and guiding your own. Every tweak and rough grab elicits a gasp or a moan, in time turning her breathing loud and ragged in your ear. "More..."

Again with the quick switch bullshit. You begin to wonder whether you're allowed to blink around this woman, but the thought is quickly snuffed out by the nipple that has found its way into your mouth without your knowing. More importantly, it's getting...kind of hard to breathe, here. "You heard me. Get to work." Guess she'll let you breathe when you've earned it. Best get going, then. The pale flesh of her breast heaves as you lick around her stiff nipple, your gentle sucks and flicks falling into rhythm with her own pushing and grinding. One hand works the other breast (just big enough for a handful, you note – perfect.) and one...no. Too early. One goes behind her back, for support. Slides up to her head unconsciously as you work, and leaves quite quickly as she bucks forward with a shiver and a long, satisfied "Oooohh..."

Your head is freed from her grasp just long enough to see what you did right, and it's...her ear? Looking down at you with thin eyes and a flushed face, she manages to pant out, "Do that again..." before collapsing on your shoulder and giving you a prime position to...well. Do that again. Your fingers, first, find their way to the base of her ear, just barely touching as you stroke your way to the tip and circle around what seem to be the more sensitive spots. You don't really know what you're doing here, but with every change in motion she shivers so hard that you can feel it in your chest. Gotta be doing something right. What about...

"Mmmmnnnso...so this is...what it's like..." ...your tongue shoots out, following the same path that your fingers did. This time you get high-pitched moans and desperate grinding, but then this time you also extend the stroke as long as you can, eventually moving back down and lining the inside rim of her ear. The motion sends tremors through her entire body, and you can feel waves of heat from her crotch. Or is that your own?

Come to think of it actually, you haven't gotten any of the love so far. Sure, a guy can never complain about tits in the face, but she's practically coming already. That's just not fair. It simply won't do. So what if she doesn't really see it coming when you push forward suddenly, leaving her on the ground, or when you practically tear off your pants to reveal the raging erection she gave you? What right does she have to complain if you grab her legs and pin her on her back, or ram into her dripping vagina as fast and hard as you can, unable to hold off for another second? That's right, she should be thanking you with screaming moans loud enough to resonate throughout the cave, with the first thrust and every one after it! The way she stares at you when you push her further, grabbing on to her legs as they wrap around you. The way she moans and bites her lower lip so hard that a thin stream of blood flows from it, the way her pristine breasts bob back and forth with every thrust, glistening with sweat in the gentle light from the mushrooms overhead. It's too much to keep up. "Parsee, I'm..."

"No, you're not." What god fuck argh! Pain! What is her problem?! Again in the blink of an eye, you're on the floor, and this time Parsee seems to have reclaimed the lead, except...Ow. She crawls to you over what little space remains on all fouch – fours, brings a single finger to your chin, and lifts your head. Punctuating her sentence with kisses, she pushes you back with that same inhuman (and why shouldn't it be) strength. "You. Are going to last me. Until I am finished with you. If you were feeling left out, you could have just said something, you know..." Before you can reply, her head is replaced in your view by her thighs (and not without a light, disorienting kick) and everything in between. Looking down, her hand is firmly grasped around your shaft in all the wrong ways, and the pressure you once felt welling inside you is long gone, though you're not entirely soft. For all you've gone through in the past few minutes, and hell, what you can see even now, that doesn't seem entirely possible.

Her hand stays planted exactly where you don't want it, even as her mouth opens slowly and a long tongue extends to the tip of your member, licking up the mixture of your juices that's been covering it since you pushed her back. The blend of pleasure and pain from her licking up and down softly, slowly, too slowly, planting kisses here and there, all the while gripping your sack but still teasing you with the promise of her mouth only to go back to licking, the tip of her tongue flicking expertly against your most sensitive spots...it's intoxicating. Almost as much, in fact, as the scent of her tight, pretty, pink pussy inches from your face, just begging to b-"Aaahhmnnnyes..."

The gentle swaying of her hips follows the rhythm set by her head, and you fall in line as your hands wrap around her thighs and grip her ass for control. Your tongue flicks along the folds of her pussy, constantly switching between light teases and heavy licks but always finding its way back to her clit. Her swirling tongue and skillful hands keep you just at the edge, backing off just when you want it most and constantly wearing at your concentration, but she never actually uses her mouth. If it's a war of attrition she wants, then that's what she'll get. For what feels like an eternity (not that this is a bad place to spend one) you bury your head in her crotch, your ministrations pausing only to swallow when the juices make it hard to work but never actually penetrating, no matter how difficult her grinding makes it.

In time, though, she caves. Starting with a soft kiss, she takes your head in her moh god. Your entire body shudders, the unbearable build-up making even the inch of suction feel like heaven. After stalling there for a moment, she slowly pulls back, letting her teeth just barely brush against your corona. The touch of pain just makes the pleasure stand out more, and it's a wonder that you don't come right then and there. Taking a second to let the dizziness clear from your head, you give her a few quick licks before returning the favor. Drawing out a shudder of her own, you twist and feel around her unbelievably tight insides, every twirl a monumental effort against her clenched muscles. When you find her sweet spot, it only gets harder – in more senses than one.

Her movements get sloppier as you go faster, but what she lacks in control she makes up for in spirit. By now, she's sucking like her life depended on it, going all the way to the base without hesitation and teasing your balls when she gets there, twisting her tongue around you while sucking like a vacuum. It's all you can do to redouble your own efforts in the hopes of taking your mind off of the building pressure, her bucking and shivering serving as both a distraction and an aphrodisiac. Can't come first. Can't come first. Can't come first. Desperately flicking, swirling, and teasing, your focus shifts entirely to holding back the incoming flood from your twitching cock.

Parsee makes no such effort, her motions stopping completely as the world pauses around you. Her legs clench down on your head hard enough to hurt, her entire body tensing for one glorious moment as her juices flow freely across your tongue. You can hear her almost screaming. With her legs around you like this, you can hear her more clearly than ever, a nice little prize that makes you feel incredibly close to her. Halfway through it, you finally let go yourself, letting the biggest load you've ever blown down Parsee's waiting throat. She actually seems to revel in it, moaning lightly as she sucks her way back to the tip and stops to make sure she doesn't spill.

You won.

Maintaining her strength just long enough to turn back around, she collapses onto your chest, panting for a moment before whispering in a ragged breath, "You're not bad."
As lovely as it is to hear her light giggle and feel her breath against your skin, you've still got more in you. You can't just get a taste and then not stick it in. "I'm also not done."
And again, she's on top of you in the blink of an eye, as though she was always there. One of these days you've gotta learn how to do that. "I was hoping you'd say that," she says with a manic grin. Wasting no time, she grinds her still-soaking pussy against you. Watching her ride you like this, with her body framed by the iridescent glow of the tunnels' flora, does wonders for her womanly curves. The way her mussed hair falls over her bare shoulders, the way her breasts hang inches from your face, the way her wide hips tense, bucking back and forth as she smiles divinely at you because of how quickly she got you hard again...

You're not usually one to beg, but despite her light frame she's doing a wonderful job of holding you down. What a tease. "Please, Parsee. I want you so bad..."
She revels in the desperation in your voice and pushes herself against you even harder. It's clear from her ragged breathing that she's just as desperate, but she replies, "Want me?"
"Need. I need you."
"Aww, poor thing." Leaning closer, until there's nothing in your sight but her face, she continues, "And why is that?"
Whatever she wants to hear. You can't stop imagining how tight and hot and wet and "I'll go crazy if I can't have you. I need to fuck you right now."
Never letting up on the pressure, she says simply, "Then fuck me."

With one monstrous buck of your hips, your throbbing, strained cock slips deep inside her, and time stops. Every nerve you have sets aflame as she screams her consent into your neck, tightening so much you wonder whether you'll ever be able to pull out. When you try, the pleasure is so intense it almost hurts, causing your entire body to tense up. Every fold rubs against the back of your glans, pulling it up and protesting as you pull, only to be sucked back in by an eager Parsee.

A heavenly smile adorns her face when she finally regains the strength to move, and she whispers in your ear, "I just came again," before slowly grinding her hips back and forth, riding you as quickly as either of you can bear to move right now. Mentioning it got your member twitching again, which itself gets a few happy, high-pitched gasps out of her. Your hands wrap around her, stroking down her smooth but toned back, across her shoulder blades and down her spine lightly enough to get it to arch – especially when your fingers come to rest with a flourish just above her ass before spanking it.

Your mind melts, overloaded by heat and sweat and the feel of her smooth, soft skin pressed against yours, and her beautifully round, tight ass in your hand, milking your penis without your help but accepting of it anyways. You couldn't say how long you sit, bouncing her on your hips and running your hands all over her, sucking on her tits when she has the strength to sit up and holding her close when she doesn't. It's amazing how tender she is when she's incapacitated like this.

When you're finally ready to come, she knows before you say a word. Between gasps and screams, she manages a raspy, "Inside." She doesn't need to say it twice. A monstrous, shuddering twitch goes from your swollen dick all the way up your spine, and the two of you kiss deeply as she sits down, pushing you as deep as you'll go. Spurting over and over again, each twitch stimulating you enough to bring on the next, you hold her unbearably hot body against you, not breaking the kiss until you finally pull out (which actually does hurt this time). It's some time before either of you move again, content to lay together and catch your breath, occasionally kissing a shoulder, a cheek, a neck.

It's only a moment that you close your eyes, but when you open them again, she's disappeared. You'd be confused if you weren't so used to it by now. From a short distance, you hear her voice call, "What about me?"

Over the table you had your 'dinner' on, you see her bent low, that perfect ass displayed atop her long, thin, muscular legs. "You didn't plan on only fucking one of us, did you?" Pushing it out a bit more, she turns to look at me with a mocking smile. "Or are you not man enough?"


I wanted to think of a clever way to fade to black, but it also seems like I ought to keep going. I dunno.

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...Eh, fuck it. Vote on your method of approach.
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So there's a lead-up to this? Where? I feel compelled to read it, whatever it is.

>it also seems like I ought to keep going
Please do. It was quite enjoyable.
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Well if it's a vote: Oblige the 2nd Parsee.

But yeah continue.

I would say unlike the guy, I'd likely hold off on trying to get myself off, then again I don't see the girl coming more than me as a bad thing.
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Yea this is another reason why In Media Res doesn't work, especially with /at/ stuff. If you're gonna do a oneshot at least do an short intro then BAM you go to the fucking
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As has been said by the others, keep going.
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Same guy who wrote >>31485. Will we get to see a threesome with both Parsees?
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A little IRC thing I did for a little while, which was completely unplanned and mildly stupid. It inspired a few of the ideas for DIG, which also didn't take off. I don't know whether I'll pick it back up.

Reading the above should address everyone's comments. I'll continue this eventually, but I have no real interest in doing /at/ material and just wanted to get this unfinished business finished. Though, I suppose that didn't really happen.