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Simple premise:

1) Conquer Gensokyo, step by step
2) Sex up each woman as you come across them
3) ???
4) Profit!

Character selection:

[ ] OC (male, female, or in between)
[ ] Touhou character (specify one)

Other options (pick none, one, two, or all three):

[ ] Continue where Miko 2: Touhou War left off
[ ] Dicks everywhere!
[ ] Tanks everywhere!

No. 31263
Weren't you the guy who wrote hardcore guro to be edgy?
No. 31264
Maybe you should finish one of those other dozen stories you started up and abandoned within 3 posts first.
No. 31265
Didnt we have that Total War Gensokyo story somewhere? Oh right, it died.

[X] OC Something with a penis. Maybe even the return of Hardwood?
[X] Continue where Miko 2: Touhou War left off
[X] Dicks everywhere!

Well then lets start this, and I swear to god I will find some ancient voodoo book to curse your whole family with if you drop this again.
No. 31267
[X] OC (male)
[X] Tanks everywhere!

Enough with Hardwood. Wash the board clean and let's do something different.
No. 31268
[x] OC (male)

I can't even really remember what happened in Miko 2 after Max(?) became Maxine. I do, however, remember liking your work. Be nice to see it actually completed though.
No. 31271

Whoa man, chill out. Ancient Voodoo Magic isn't something you even joke about. I've seen some shit man. Shit like you wouldn't even believe.

[X] OC (male)
[X] Tanks everywhere!
No. 31272
[X] OC (male)
[X] Tanks everywhere!
Hopefully this time we'll stay male.
No. 31275
[X] OC (male)
[X] Tanks everywhere!

No OC can match Rance's greatness, so add tanks to compensate.
No. 31276
[X] OC (male)
[X] Tanks everywhere!

Company of Touhous 2 edition.
No. 31278
[x] Rinnosuke.
[x] Tanks everywhere!
No. 31283

The explosion knocks your head against an ungiving metal plate and leaves your ears ringing. By the time you regain your senses, the tank is tilting precipitously, and you’re treated to an alarming view of waves dashing against rocks through your viewport.

“Everybody out!” The commander yells.

The girls start to clamber out of the stricken vehicle. One, two, three, four, and then it’s your turn. Rain pours in at an angle through the open hatch as the tank tilts even more. The tracks groan in protest as they slip down the cliff face, chunks of rocks and soil loosened by the heavy rain now knocked free and sent tumbling down the drop below.

You climb out of the tank and reach out for your sister’s outstretched hand. She is on safe ground and in a moment you too will be-

Too late.

The tank is falling. You are falling. The girls are screaming, but their sounds are rapidly fading away while you plummet down to the sea. The only question is which you would hit first upon impact: the water, the rocks, or the tank? Your mind flashes back to your mother’s reaction when she first heard about you taking up tankery.

“Tankery’s no sport for a boy!”

Should have listened…

* * * * *



Large round boobs just asking to be grabbed. Oh, and your head is throbbing and the sun is shining warmly on you.

“Hey, are you alive?” A soft hand shaking your shoulder.

Jiggling blue boobs – wait, what? And is that your hand? Yes it is. Is your hand grabbing a boob? Yes it is. Is the boob large and round, and blue because it is covered by a blue shirt? Yes it is.


Is this poor girl being molested by a perverted boy? Yes she is!

“Buh! I’m sorry!” You quickly stammer and sit up. Way too fast, a surge of pain rushes through your head momentarily before subsiding down to a throbbing ache. Speaking of which, something else is throbbing lower down as well. Your first impression is big boobs. Your second impression is short and blue.

The girl looks teenage, your age or a few years older. She is short, but well stacked with a pair of generous endowments that drag your eyes down with their force of gravity. And blue: blue hair in pigtails, blue eyes, blue shirt, blue skirt. Plus a cap, sea green unlike the rest of her outfit for some unfathomable reason, though you have to admit its tone matches the rest of her color scheme.

You belatedly realize that you have forgotten to remove your hand from her breast. How convenient! To be fair, though, she’s not exactly slapping you away either, instead just staring at you, open-mouthed at your bluntness. You can guess the thoughts spinning behind those large blue eyes and pretty face. On the one hand, she really should slap you for feeling her up by way of greeting. On the other hand, she’s not entirely against where this might lead.

[ ] Squeeze
[ ] Release
[ ] “You’re hot!”
[ ] “Where am I?”

(More than one choice can be picked.)
No. 31287
[X]Where am I
Girls and Panzer huh.
No. 31288
[X] Squeeze
[X] "You're hot!"
No. 31289
[X] Release
[X] “Where am I?”

We'll have plenty of time to play with them AFTER we're done with introductions.
No. 31290
[X] Release
[X] “Where am I?”

Fun times later.
No. 31291
[X] Release
[X] “Where am I?”

>“Tankery’s no sport for a boy!”
Guys shouldn't be allowed to drive tanks? What's next? Archery? Naginatajutsu?
No. 31292
[x] Release
[x] “You’re hot!”
[x] “Where am I?”

Well he has suffered a head injury.
No. 31295
[x] Squeeze
[x] Release
[x] “Where am I?”
No. 31310
[X] Release
[X] “Where am I?”

You release your grip on the girl’s boob and rub the back of your head awkwardly. “Um, sorry about that. So… where am I?”

She straightens her shirt self-consciously and squats so she can converse with you on your level. “The Valley of Kappa!” She declares, with a touch of patriotic pride.

You force yourself to look at her face instead of staring at her large fascinating breasts that just seem to draw your eyes to them- ahem! Face! “The what of the who?” You’re probably looking as dumb as you sound right now, but she might as well have said that you’re on Mars. Actually, you probably wouldn’t be as dumbstruck if she had said that. At least you’ve heard of Mars before, unlike valleys of kappas.

“You’ve never heard of the place before?” she asks thoughtfully, looking a tad disappointed.

“Nope,” you shake your head. Maybe you shouldn’t have done that, as your headache flares up momentarily again. “Ow… actually, I don’t know your name, miss…?”

“Oh! Forgive me! Where are my manners?” She waves her hands about, flustered at her breech of proper etiquette. It’s quite cute of her, actually. “I’m Kawashiro Nitori. Nice to meet you!”

“The pleasure is all mine, Miss Kawashiro.” You offer her your hand. “I’m Pat- just Pat. Pat Yamamoto. There’s no way you’re going to reveal to her that your name’s actually Patton. Yes, that general Patton, even though that’s a surname, it was chosen to be your first name, not that you had any say in the matter. You’ve been teased all your life about it already, and there’s no reason not to seize this opportunity for a fresh start! Pat, you are!

“So you really haven’t heard of the Valley of Kappa!” Sounding hopeful, she shakes your hand, albeit with a timid grip.

“Sorry, it doesn’t ring any bells,” you shrug. “Then again geography’s not my strong suit. Is it anywhere near Oarai?”

“Oaria? Where’s that?”

The two of you stare at one another incredulously for a long while.

“Okay, let’s start over,” you try again. “I’m still in Japan, right?”

“Yes,” Nitori nods, catching on to what you’re doing. “Sort of, to be precise. And we’re in Gensokyo.”

You pause and think for a moment to make sure that you aren’t making an embarrassingly rudimentary mistake. Certain in your decision, you cross your arms and stare at her sternly “Even I know there’s no prefecture in Japan called Gensokyo. Are you pulling my leg?”

“W-what? Of course not!” She looks so hurt that you would accuse her of doing such a horrible thing, and you feel a pang of guilt for being such a jerk. Is that a tear in her eye?

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to-“

“I’m fine,” she insists, wiping the tear from the corner of her eye. “More importantly, if you’ve never heard of Gensokyo before, you must be from Outside the Barrier, right?”

You’re lost at this point. “Um, if you say so, I guess?”

“I think I have just the thing for you. Come with me!” She guides you through the valley, to a little cottage beside a river, apparently her place. It’s a small neatly ordered place with an attached workshop outside. She sits you down at a rustic wooden table and prepares some tea for you. Its soothing aroma calms your nerves and makes you feel better after the ordeals of the day.

“I’m sorry if it’s not good; I don’t usually have many visitors,” her tone is more polite than fishing for compliments, which you can appreciate.

“No, it’s very good tea,” you reply honestly.

Nitori fishes out a thick dusty tome from a bookshelf on the wall. You catch a glimpse of the title, “Gensokyo for Dummies (and Outsiders)”, before she sets it down and leaves through it. She clears her throat and prepares for to give you a long lecture “I guess I should start from the basics…”

* * * * * Kappa is explaining * * * * *

It was a long lecture indeed, but now you have enough basic knowledge to hopefully survive in Gensokyo. You still aren’t quite sure how you feel about possibly not seeing your family and friends ever again. Part of you still refuses to accept it and treats it as a mere abstract concept.

“So how did you find me?” you ask Nitori over a plate of cucumber sandwiches.

“Oh, that! I’ve been meaning to ask you about it. There was this huge splash in the river so I went out to investigate and saw a carriage… green… thing. It had this really long rod attached to the top of it!” She describes what she saw, gesturing with her hands. “I was going to investigate but then I saw you, and while I was tending to you first it sank and disappeared.”

It’s not too hard for you to guess what it might be. “That’s probably my tank. Huh, so it got gapped here too? I wonder if it can be recovered.” It’s not like you have any particular plans for it, but it feels disrespectful to just leave it rusting at the bottom of a river.

“What’s a tank-“

Her question is interrupted by a knocking on the door. Who is it?

[ ] An ally! Write-in who is it?
[ ] A rival! Write-in who is it?
No. 31311
[X] An ally!
-[X] Momiji

>There’s no way you’re going to reveal to her that your name’s actually Patton.
Calling it now, one of our future rivals who's also from the Outside will be named Rommel.
No. 31312
[X] An ally...?
-[X] Kanako!
-[X] With Sanae in tow!
Ohlookahumantimetogatherfaith- NO KANAKO NO.
No. 31313
[X] An ally!
-[X] Momiji

Why not?
No. 31316
Will it be a woman who desires to prove her superiority and "conquer" us? Maybe an exgirlfriend for comedy's sake?

[X] An ally!
-[X] Momiji

Not enough Momiji. Never enough really.
No. 31318
[X] An ally...?
-[X] Kanako!
-[X] With Sanae in tow!
No. 31319
[X] A rival!
-[X] Momiji

I think she'd make a good rival. I see her as a bit tsundere, and being a warrior must give her a competitive streak. And her wolf side might make her really passionate when she's excited from combat.
No. 31320
[X] An ally!
-[X] Momiji
No. 31321
[x]An ally! Write-in who is it?
No. 31331
[X] An ally!
-[X] Momiji

Needs more wolf tengu.
No. 31336
“I’ll get the door.” It’s the least you can do after accepting Nitori’s hospitality. You motion for her to remain seated and make your way to the door to open it.

“Kawashiro! I’ve got urgent news-“ the girl at the door cuts herself off as she finds herself staring at a human instead of the kappa she expected, much less a boy, and a cute one at that. She’s a white-haired wolf-girl in red and white, with a predatory glint in her eye whenever she glances over at you.

“Oh, this is Yamamoto Pat. Yamamoto, this is Inubashiri Momiji,” Nitori introduces the two of you to each other while she fetches another cup of tea.

“Please, call me Pat,” you insist as the three of you take your seats.

Momiji seems to have gotten over the initial surprise of finding you here. “I never expected you to find yourself a boyfriend so soon,” she teases Nitori while casting a lustful aside glance at you that makes the back of your neck prickle. Your instincts are screaming that something is not right here.

“Eh, no, you’re misunderstanding!” Nitori blushes furiously and throws up her hands in denial. “We just met today and he’s from Outside, so I’m just showing him the ropes-“

“Outside, hm?” Momiji’s ears perk up at that tidbit. She disappears under the table only to reappear in front of you and drag you off your chair and onto a furniture-less piece of floor. She’s barely taller than Nitori but her small body is toned and there’s a sense of sure purpose and lack of waste to her movements. Leaning over you on all fours, the wolf-girl sniffs hungrily at your neck. “You don’t smell like the men from the village. Nicer, though.” She licks her lips and the expression in her eyes tell you that you are a morsel to be savored.

Not literally, you hope. Thankfully Nitori is here so nothing bad’s going to happen to you, right? “Erm, Inubashiri, what are you doing?” she asks meekly.

“You said he wasn’t your boyfriend, so you don’t mind, right?” Momiji looks back and answers in a sultry voice before turning back to you. She leans down and captures your lips before you have any chance to protest. Her kiss is aggressive – is that her tongue? Yes, it is – and you feel an erection coming on.

The two of you are panting by the time you break your kiss. Nitori is forgotten as Momiji straddles your waist. The tent in your pants presses against her crotch and makes her smile. She guides your hands under her vest and to her breasts. They’re small compared to the kappa’s but still fun to squeeze and play with. You give each handful a squeeze and rub your thumbs over her nipples. The nubs are already stiff, just begging to be flicked, which you gladly oblige.

While you are playing with Momiji’s chest she unzips your pants and pulls your member free. You are hard, throbbing, and ready to go, yourself. Without further delay she hikes up her skirt, pulls her panties aside and lowers herself on your organ. She is already wet and you slip inside her tight passage without too much trouble because of it.

Momiji rides you, doing practically all the work. Her pelvic muscles contract around your shaft, making her feel that much tighter. Even without having to do much moving, you’re taxed to your limits simply trying not to blow your load early inside her lovely pussy.

To your relief she slows down after some time and lifts herself off your rod. Getting back on all fours, this time she faces away from you with her rear lifted up, clearly outlined through her skirt. “Do it this way,” she tells you in a voice half commanding and half begging. You happily oblige and lift aside her clothing in the way to start pounding her from behind, doggy-style. Her tail waves, protrudes from the opening in the fabric designed for it. You stroke it; the pure white fur feels soft and luxurious between your fingers, and judging by the way she is moaning Momiji is enjoying it just as much, if not more than you are.

Now that you can set your own pace you’re much less concerned about ending the ride prematurely. You adjust your strokes until you find the angle that she seems to enjoy most and focus on pleasing her, while your own pleasure gradually but inexorably builds up. You’re filled with confidence that you’ll bring her to climax, maybe even multiple times, before you yourself finish – but your plans are shattered by the unexpected sensation of something fleshy and wet prodding against your asshole.

You look back, and it’s Nitori, nude – you nearly lose it at the sight of her heavy round orbs unfettered by clothing, and just barely manage to hold it in – spreading your buttocks so she can lick your ass. “Wait, no!” You cry out in vain, too late as she forces her tongue in. The way she wiggles the muscle inside you feels surprisingly good and finally makes you lose control. Your muscles clench, a wave of bliss surges through your body, and then you’re spurting thick gobs inside the wolf-girl.

“Faster!” Momiji demands, and despite the sensitivity of your member in climax you grit your teeth and bear it to deliver the final strokes to her. Your endurance is rewarded as your efforts bring about her own peak. The three of you collapse in a happy heap in the aftermath. You suddenly feel exhausted and give in to the warm embrace of sleep…

* * * * *

You find yourself lying on a futon when you wake up. The sun is still low in the morning, rays pouring in almost horizontal through the windows, and the birds are singing. Nitori and Momiji are seated beside you, fully dressed. “Good morning,” you greet them as you sit up in the futon, taking your time.

“Good morning,” Momiji replies in a rather formal tone. She bows while you look on, baffled. “I wish to apologize for my irresponsible actions last night. The only explanation I can offer is that it was that time of the season, and now that my base urges have been sated this will not happen again. I am prepared to accept any punishment for what I have done.”

“That won’t be necessary, Inubashiri,” you reassure her and ruffle her hair.

“Callmemomiji,” she murmurs very softly and very quickly.

“I’m sorry?”

“Call me Momiji,” she repeats herself, blushing. “It feels weird to use last names after having done it.”

You feel a tugging on your arm; it’s Nitori on your other side. “I’m sorry too,” she admits. “I overstepped my bounds as a hostess-“

“No, no, there’s nothing to be sorry about,” you insist. “Although, I would appreciate if you gave me a little warning before going after my ass next time,” you add with a laugh.

“I didn’t want to feel left out,” she mutters.

“It’s my fault,” you admit. “I was too caught up with Momiji and didn’t stop to think how you would feel. Please accept my apology, Kawa- Nitori?”

She nods, and the three of you hold hands in a quiet moment of bonding.

“So, Momiji, what was it you came over for?” You ask at last.

“Oh! I was so distracted I forgot completely,” she blushes bright red as she fishes out a letter from her clothing. “It’s a declaration of war from the Moriya Shrine!”

“War?” You ask, dumbfounded into letting your mouth hang open.

“Not a real war, a wargame,” Momiji quickly explains. “The players try to capture all the territories in Gensokyo. The losers have to do what the winners say, and at the very end the last team standing gets a wish granted by Yakumo! I’m on the Tengu Team, and the Moriya Team’s trying to knock us out in the first round, so we’re trying to gather as many allies as we can!” She sounds more and more excited as she goes on, until by the end she’s practically begging you to join with unspoken words.

“Ah, I see,” you say automatically, while your thinking gears churn frantically. If you get a wish granted by this Yakumo genie or whatever, you might be able to use it to wish yourself home. And if it comes down to wargames, your experience in Tankery should come in handy – heck, if you can salvage your tank, the technological edge might be a decisive advantage! “Nitori, are you part of a team too?” you ask.

“No, I haven’t decided whether I’ll join the game yet,” she shakes her head.

[ ] Sounds fun, I wanna join!
-[ ] Nitori as well!
[ ] No thanks.
No. 31338
[X] Sounds fun, I wanna join!
-[X] Ask Nitori to join? You can't force her, but she's the only one you know that can help with your tank.

Let's be polite and ASK Nitori to join in with us, not force her.
No. 31339
[X] Sounds fun, I wanna join!
-[X] Ask Nitori to join? You can't force her, but she's the only one you know that can help with your tank.

I like this. Also: dat Momiji.
No. 31341
[X] Sounds fun, I wanna join!
-[X] Ask Nitori to join? You can't force her, but she's the only one you know that can help with your tank.
No. 31343
[X] Sounds fun, I wanna join!
-[X] Ask Nitori to join? You can't force her, but she's the only one you know that can help with your tank.

Okay, you have Momiji here. I'm in.
No. 31345
Nitori AND Momiji? Sign me up!

[X] Sounds fun, I wanna join!
-[X] Nitori as well!
-- [X] But only if she wants to.
No. 31346
[X] Sounds fun, I wanna join!
-[X] Ask Nitori to join? You can't force her, but she's the only one you know that can help with your tank.
No. 31349
I am liking this story a lot right now. Now to recruit Rika for dream team.
No. 31351
“Sounds fun, I wanna join!” You clasp Momiji’s hand and seal the deal with a sincere handshake. Nitori is still looking wishy-washy about the whole thing, so you plead with her some more. “C’mon, Nitori. You’re the only one I know who can help with the tank. You know, the thing that you saw falling into the river? I want to show you how it runs and shoots, but I’ll need your help to get it working again.”

The prospect of getting a first-hand look at the workings of a tank finally wins the shy kappa over. “Okay, I don’t know how much help I’ll be, but please count me in,” she says with a little bow.

“Great, thank you so much!” Momiji hugs the both of you, her eyes bright with tears of joy.

While Nitori gathers some of her kappa friends to raise the tank from the riverbed, Momiji takes you to the tengu army’s headquarters to introduce you to her friends. You meet with the recently commissioned General Shameimaru, a proud crow tengu assigned the task of driving back the invading Moriya army. She certainly looks the part of a strategist as she sits cross-legged, fanning herself with a red fan while she studies a map of the local terrain.

“Information – intelligence – is the key to victory for any army,” she lectures imperiously, to the point where you can really feel that she is hamming it up for all it’s worth. “I have personally reconnoitred the invading forces. They consist of two battalions of fairies issued with spears.” She points to a pair of fairy figurines placed near the river on the map. “Marshal Tenma has dispatched two of our own noble battalions to rout these foolish scoundrels from our fair mountain! The White Wolf Brigade shall deploy here,” she plants a miniature figure of Momiji, complete with a tiny shield and scimitar, on the friendly side of the river. “Once the fairies begin crossing the river,” at this point she pushes one of the fairy markers across the blue line over to mini-Momiji’s side, “I shall personally need the Black Crow Squadron around the rear of the enemy force and strike these foul miscreants while they are divided!” She dramatically drops a figurine of herself wielding a war fan onto the map, knocking over the rear fairy figure in the process. “Victory shall be assured for the righteous tengu army! Tell me, what do you think of my brilliant plan?”

[ ] Agree with General Shameimaru’s plan.
[ ] I’ve got a better idea… (write-in).

[ ] Write-in 2: what is your tank? (Must be WWII era)
No. 31352
[x]Withhold judgement to ask a question:
-[x]What forces are available?

[x]Prototype eighth generation tank: Mouse
No. 31353
[X] Agree with General Shameimaru’s plan.
-[X] Do remark, however, that only two battalions of fairies seem kind of weak for an invading force. Any chance it could be a distraction or a trap for something else? Information is key, but with it come deception too.

Battle plan is fine itself. But it really doesn't sound like a real invading force.

And as far as tanks go, I'm not knowledgeable enough about it to vote on it.
No. 31354

[X] I've got a better idea
[X] Don't send the best soldiers to simply squash a few fairies
[X] Take advantage of the bridge as a chokepoint
[X] Keep watch on other possible areas of attack. It might just be a diversion.

Given the Moriyas have been living in Youkai Mountain and are familiar with their neighbours (The Tengu Faction), them just sending two battalions of fairies armed with spears to try and take out their neighbours in one quick sweep seems too fishy, especially given that they should know just how good and powerful tengus are at combat, at least compared to fairies. Smells like a traaaaaaaap, so I propose that we look for an alternative plan in case it really was just a ploy to lure out the Tengu Faction's best combatants (Momiji, Aya) from other weakspots, opening them up to a bigger, more powerful force. Just noting my observations here. If any of you can improve on my suggestions, by all means, go ahead.

As for the tank..

[X] M4 Sherman Easy Eight or..
[X] M26 Pershing

Come on, the MC is named after Patton, its only right for him to get an American tank! Either the improved version of the M4 Sherman, OR the M46 Patton's predecessor, the M26 Pershing!
No. 31355
[X] I've got a better idea

And the tank:
[X] Baneblade

I know this wont happen, but I want it to.
No. 31356
Clearly the correct answer is a Bolo.

What? How else are we supposed to have danmaku duels with only one cannon?
No. 31357

[x] Agree with General Shameimaru’s plan.
-[x] Do remark, however, that only two battalions of fairies seem kind of weak for an invading force. Any chance it could be a distraction or a trap for something else? Information is key, but with it come deception too.

[x] M26 Pershing
Because Pershing.
No. 31358
I would go for your plan but...

StoryBunny? Is there indeed a bridge or are they going to fly over it?
No. 31360
[X] Agree with General Shameimaru’s plan.
-[X] Do remark, however, that only two battalions of fairies seem kind of weak for an invading force. Any chance it could be a distraction or a trap for something else? Information is key, but with it come deception too.
[x] T-34/85

No. 31363
[X] I've got a better idea
[X] Don't send the best soldiers to simply squash a few fairies
[X] Take advantage of the bridge as a chokepoint
[X] Keep watch on other possible areas of attack. It might just be a diversion.

[X] M4 Sherman Easy Eight

I have to agree with >>31354. Why would the Moriya team, being familiar with the power of the tengu, send out some fairies as their main force? Those fairies have to be diversion of some sort.
No. 31364
Aide Momiji’s battlefield explanations 1!

General Shameimaru: Blab la bla my plan shall culminate in a KATTING BLOW!
Pat: But Aya! Your explanation’s not clear enough!
General Shameimaru: That’s General Shameimaru to you, private! Fifty push-ups as punishment!
Private Yamamoto: Wahhh!
Aide Momiji: Ahem. Don’t worry, Aide Momiji is here to save the day with my battle field explanations! (Patent pending. Offer does not apply in Quebec. Batteries sold separately.)

Available Tengu units: White Wolf Brigade, Black Crow Squadron
Everybody else is still being mobilized! Only General Shameimaru’s and Aide Momiji’s personal units are available.

Known Moriya units: Spear Fairy Battalion (x2)
Probably the Moriya team has similar problems with mobilization, and fairies can’t possibly be as organized as tengu.

White Wolf Brigade
Type: Wolf Tengu (Tengu, like youkai, are superior to fairies and humans one-on-one in almost every way. However they are relatively slower to recuperate wounded numbers compared to fairies, while still much faster than humans at recuperation.)
Melee attack: Sword
Ranged attack: None
Special: Shield Lv 1 (basic defense against melee and ranged attacks)

Black Crow Squadron
Type: Crow Tengu
Melee attack: War fan
Ranged attack: None
Special: Flying Lv 2 (full flight capabilities for movement and aerial combat)

Spear Fairy Battalion
Type: Fairy (Cheap cannon fodder, inferior to all other troop types one-on-one. However they can completely regenerate their numbers after a battle. It is impossible to wage a war of attrition against them.)
Melee attack: Spear?
Ranged attack: None?
Special: Hover? (hover a foot high off the ground or water below their feet)

A very good question. There is no bridge – the fairies are attacking at a narrow point in the river. They will have to fly across, and while in flight their fighting ability is severely hampered (you try thrusting a spear while floating, chances are you’ll push yourself backwards instead).
No. 31366
So they're just sending the faires because they'll regenerate anyway to try to weaken us? Good enough for me.

>>31353 here, changing vote.
[X] Agree with General Shameimaru’s plan.
-[X] Just a small note, but she should make sure the rear unit is in flight for when she'll hit it, to minimize wounded on her unit.
No. 31367

>>31354 here, and changing my vote to that of >>31366. The explanation is fair enough at showing why its unlikely that there's a bigger force waiting to strike...this does make me wonder why are the Moriyas making a strategically unsound decision really. Not only they did not mobilize enough to be able to strike down their neighbours in one strike, and well, what do the Moriyas even have as a force anyway... Though I guess that's possibly why they attacked fast, they are likely trying to gamble their luck that their more powerful neighbour is completely unprepared for the attack, so the Moriyas can utilize the much better Tengu forces in the game. Alternatively, the Moriyas are just gauging our strength, but that seems unlikely since there's little the Moriyas do not know about the Tengu anyway
No. 31368
We just got the info that the fairies units will respawn even if routed. So they really have nothing to lose in this attack.
No. 31370
[X] Agree with General Shameimaru’s plan.
[X] Panther Ausf. G

I'd have picked a Jagdpanther if it was only facing other tanks. Tigers are prone to break downs, but the Panther is a good all-rounder.
No. 31377
[X] Agree with General Shameimaru’s plan.
[X] Panther

Choosing Panther because it's a good all-rounder. Repairing it might be difficult, however. M26 is a good option too, but it's known to be rather unreliable.
No. 31379

Eh, just pointing out that the Panther is not exactly known for reliability too, mainly because of its simplified final drive, which caused a lot of suspension breakdowns, aaaand combined with how difficult they were to repair, abandonment were not exactly uncommon.

Actually, given that the premise now is about tank wars, I would wonder just what kind of tanks would other factions eventually churn out once our tank has its first combat deployment. I guess thats another issue. Here imagining fairies riding cheap T-34 tanks.
No. 31387
[X] Agree with General Shameimaru’s plan.
[X] M26 Pershing

I wanted to go the fun route and ask for the Maus, but honestly it seems kind of slow and cumbersome, even for a tank. 2nd choice would be one of the German heavies but, if CoH is anything to go by, the M26 is a great all-rounder heavy tank.

Sure the fact that the invading force consists of two battalions of fairies seem kind of suspicious, but what else can we do with our deploying forces? We could have the White Wolves hold the line while having Black Crows hide and watch for surprises, but that removes the flanking we could do. I mean, it's not like the enemy have ambush troops ready to bushwhack any surprise guests? Right?
No. 31391
[X] Agree with General Shameimaru’s plan.
Better to strike hard and fast with all available force. I'm sure the tengu can also return and redeploy relatively quickly as well.

[X] Cromwell or Comet.
Seems like the terrain in Gensokyo is very mountainous with lots of forests and few roads. Not ideal for underpowered heavy tanks with long gun barrels. The uparmoured Comet actually has as much frontal armor as a Tiger I.

But if nobody else agrees, count my vote for the Sherman Easy 8.
No. 31394
[X] Agree with General Shameimaru’s plan.
- [X] Advise her on trying to delay the battle until our tank is ready. Keep the tank in hiding as an ace against nasty surprises.

[X] BT-7 or Jagdpanzer 38(t)"Hetzer"

I consulted a friend who knows more about tanks and WWII than I do and he recommended these two to me. Considering the main terrains we will have to work with (forest, some hills and Youkai Mountain) and that Nitori did not identify our tank as such we want a robust and reliable easy-maintenance tank to carry us until the kappa (our future tech-division i hope) are able to build (and repair) tanks from scratch.
As I understand it, the BT-7 is light and fast but still well-armed, only suffering from light armour which should only be a problem against other tanks or comparable magic users(Marisa) where its speed may lend itself to evasive maneuvers as a main defense.
The Hetzer on the other hand is better armoured and has a bigger cannon for use against other tanks, as befitting for a tank-destroyer, but loses on speed and anti-infantry effectiveness. It is also easy to conceal due to being low-profile, perfect for hunting enemy heroes (=tanks, if i read the premise of this story correctly).
Both are highly reliable and easy to maintain, even for our low-tech beginning situation, as well as able to operate in difficult terrain.

This is only an amateur's summary of his friend's opinion and the corresponding wiki articles though, feel free to pick it apart.
No. 31397
>Advise her on trying to delay the battle until our tank is ready. Keep the tank in hiding as an ace against nasty surprises.

What? The tank will never be ready in time.
No. 31399
Hamming it up, huh? Two can play at this game! “O mighty right hand of Tenma, your wisdom is as peerless as your beauty! A lowly one like myself has nothing to add to your farsighted plans!”

You spy Momiji desperately stifling her laughter out of the corner of your eye while General Shameimaru practically preens at your praise. “Very well! It is decided that you shall come with us and witness our first glorious victory of many to come!”

After a quick check-up on Nitori’s progress – the kappa are busy attaching pontoons to the tank to raise it from the water – you march with the proud tengu forces into battle. The White Wolf Brigade looks especially stunning, white-eared and bushy-tailed wolf-girls with the sun reflecting off their swords and shields and Momiji at their head, although you might be slightly biased there. The Black Crow Squadron is impressive too, flying overhead in perfect formation, black wings and short skirts and – are those striped panties?

“Ow!” You mutter as someone gives you an admittedly well-deserved smack on the head, though when you turn around the entirety of the White Wolf Brigade is marching in unison as though no one stepped out of place to deliver justice to you.

Eventually you reach the battleground. Momiji’s unit sets up in a defensive line several ranks deep along the river, while General Shameimaru, her crows and you remain hidden further back between the trees.

“There they are,” the general explains as she lifts a pair of binoculars to her eyes and scans the treeline on the far side of the river. “Two battalions of fairies, just as expected.” With your unaided eye you can see tiny figures, presumably the fairies, moving to the riverbank. Unlike the tengu their formation is lumpy and uneven and they take their time reforming proper ranks and files. “They’ve got a field commander down there too. Not that it’ll help them any! They sure are taking their time, though. Here, have a look.”

You accept the binoculars from General Shameimaru and peer at the opposing army. The enemy commander is easy enough to spot, standing out as the only human-sized figure among the fairies. A green-haired girl about your age in a dark gray uniform, she’s giving orders to the troops under her command. You turn your gaze over to the fairies, wondering why they haven’t started to cross the river yet.

Suddenly you realize why. Those “spears” the fairies are wielding? They’re not spears at all. They’re rifles with bayonets, and the fairies are loading and taking aim under their commander’s orders even as you watch. You quickly sweep over to the White Wolf Brigade. They’re taunting the fairies, hoping to lure them into an attack, and completely unprepared for the slaughter that’s about to befall them.

[ ] Write-in.

[ ] Meanwhile, voting for tanks continues. Here’s how it works: the most popular nationality will be chosen first, followed by the most popular tank in that category. No voting multiple times please.
No. 31404
Some recon you did, Aya.

[X] Warn the brigade to quickly raise their shields! Those are guns, not spears! They're about to be shot at!
[X] Tell General Aya to quickly take advanatge of the time they need to reload after they're done shooting. And suggest that capturing that field commander would be fine payback for this.

Anyway, shield special allow defense against ranged. This is the only thing that will save the brigade at this point.
No. 31405

Well...thats....bad, some recon done there. Ehem, time to try and minimize damage

[X] Shout that those are not spears, they are rifles at the White Wolf Brigade
[X] Shout for them to ready shields and disperse to minimize damage
[X] Tell the White Wolf and Black Crow Brigade to be ready to simultenously strike their front, for White Wolf, and their side/back, for Black Crow. as soon as the fairies finish firing the first volley, thats IF they can close the distance that quick.

Also, I'm the guy from 31354 here, and updating my vote on the tank

[X] Nationality: American
[X] Tank: M26 Pershing
No. 31407
By the way, SB...

>“Not a real war, a wargame,”

Do remember how you set this up. Being shot at isn't exactly playing war. Is there a bullshit explanation set up a least, like Yukari manipulating the boundary of Life and Death for battles and they'll need quite a long time to recover instead of dying?
No. 31409
Find it a little bit difficult to fault Aya for not knowing what a gun is.

[x] Warn the brigade to quickly raise their shields! Those are guns, not spears! They're about to be shot at!
[x] Tell General Aya to quickly take advanatge of the time they need to reload after they're done shooting. And suggest that capturing that field commander would be fine payback for this.

[x] Nationality: American
[x] Tank: M26 Pershing
No. 31410
If it was modern you'd be having "You're Dead" being called by the refs but this is kinda odd. I mean how would you do Wargames shots with WW2 era tanks? You can't use paint rounds with AP shells.
No. 31413
Well, I'm sure Nitori could cook up something special to use as ammo for the tank. Because it makes no sense to go full lethal on a game that is not supposed to be lethal.
No. 31416
The same way they do it in Girls und Panzer, obviously.
No. 31418
I was always just waiting for the one glorious scene of that show in which the lead girl who sits half in and half out of her tank gets her top half smeared across the burnt metal of the top of the tank, obliterated by a shell.
Fun enough show though, if you don't expect anything from it.
No. 31421
[X] Warn the brigade to quickly raise their shields! Those are guns, not spears! They're about to be shot at!

I would be wary about trying to use any opening when we have no idea what kind of rifles these are. Even with old muskets you can fire in alternating lines and keep up a constant barrage.

It was worth a try though.

Shooting danmaku, obviously.

Nitori did not know what a tank is, so this Gensoukyou seems pretty low-tech (though with the border going up sometime in the 18th(?) century and Nobunaga famously using his rifle troops for massive damage some 200 years earlier their not knowing about rifles is somewhat far-fetched). I assume we will only see other tanks once others saw ours in action and reverse-engineered the idea, substituting magic for the more complicated machinery.
No. 31423
[X] Warn the brigade to quickly raise their shields! Those are guns, not spears! They're about to be shot at!

“The brigade needs to quickly raise their shields! Those are guns, not spears! They’re about to be shot at!” you shout. The tengu turn and stare at you blankly as they process your outburst. “The wolves need to be warned, now!” you repeat, and finally one of them gets it and flies off towards the White Wolf Brigade in a blur of black wings.

“What? Are those lowly rogues desperate enough to resort to base deception?” General Shameimaru snatches the binoculars from your hands to confirm the sighting herself. She tosses it back to you and lifts her fan. “Curse them! Black Crow Squadron, charge! Charge!”

The tengus’ elaborately laid plan dissolves into chaos as the crows break from cover and fly across the river. The messenger reaches the wolves just in time but yet too late. Not all of them receive word soon enough to brace themselves behind their shields before the first salvo leaves the barrels of the Moriya riflefairies amidst a fanfare of fire and smoke. The sharp crack of gunfire reaches your ears a few seconds later while you watch helplessly as the White Wolf Brigade reels and staggers – but does not break – under the onslaught.

The second rank of fairies shifts their aim up towards the sky at the diving Black Crow Squadron. Their fire cuts a few gaps in the charging mass of tengu before they make contact and the fight devolves into a wild melee. Cut off from their allies by the river and with the initial momentum of their charge largely wasted by the haste of their assault, General Shameimaru and her crows have their work cut out for them. More worriedly, they lacked the sheer numbers to occupy all the fairies at once, and those fighting hand-to-hand were still firing upon the wolves.

The White Wolf Brigade was now crossing the river in an attempt to support the Black Crow Squadron. Now the river worked against them, slowing them down while they continued to be peppered with bullets. Through your binoculars you spot Momiji urging her command onwards. Suddenly she doubles over, clutching her gut!

You’ve had enough of merely watching! You run out from the treeline. The fairies apparently deem you little to no threat as they ignore you while you make your way to Momiji. You snatch her up in your arms in a bridal carry. “Fall back! Fall back!” The voice is not your own but the tengus’, demoralized by their foe’s unexpected firepower and the fall of one of their leaders. Finally the fairies start paying some attention to you as you turn tail and run. A few shots hit the dirt around you, kicking up soil and grass, but thankfully their marksmanship is too poor and your luck good enough that you aren’t hit while you escape out of range.

The Moriya force does not give pursuit but is apparently content to consolidate their newly won ground after the Tengu army retreats. Once out of immediate danger you set Momiji down gently and tend to her injury, fearing the worst. You needn’t have worried; her shirt was torn at the stomach but her skin was whole and merely sporting a purplish bruise. She presses a small, hard object into your hand: a bullet, deformed from the impact.

Momiji blushes but looks happy for what you did. “I’m fine, but… Thank you for your concern. Really, it’s sweet.”

“That’s – that’s great,” you sigh with relief. Looking around, it seems that the two of you are alone in a small patch of trees. The fairies have not pursued the tengu off the field, and the retreating tengu seem to have taken a different path. You turn back to Momiji. “Can you walk?”

Strangely enough, she’s pouting at you. “No, I need some healing energy.” She’s even whining!

You raise an eyebrow and kneel by her side. “I’m just a human. I don’t have any mystical healing skills.”

“Oh, but you do!” She insists, and you see a familiar lusty glint in her eyes.

“It’s not safe here…” you weakly protest.

“I’ll protect you like you protected me,” she promises sweetly, and you put aside any further arguments once she puts her hand on your ass and pulls you closer. You lean down and kiss her gently. Gone was the sense of urgency that drove your frantic actions the previous evening; this time the two of you take your time and strip off your clothing to better enjoy your time together.

For the first time you look upon her lovely form in its natural state. She is fitter and better toned than the girls from school you have been with before, yet her small body still possesses an unmistakably feminine aura. Her white ears and tail add a touch of exoticism that gets you hard before you know it. You trace her smooth skin from the swell of her hips, up her slim waist, and around perky breasts that fit perfectly into your hands. Squeezing, you kiss her again.

Momiji reaches down for your member and lines you up with her lower lips. You thrust your hips forward and find her already wet with anticipation as you sink into her depths. A throaty growl of satisfaction escapes her lips when you hilt the full length of your shaft within her tight passage. You prop yourself up above her and pull almost completely out before you begin to thrust shallow strokes in her, enjoying the way she envelops the head of your organ. She is unfortunately just too short for you to crane your neck and suck on her breasts, but she seems just fine with the way your kiss on her lips works its way down the side of her neck.

With pacing and finding the angle she liked the night before you bring the wolf-girl to her peak long before you have to worry about your own – not that your own heavenly pleasure, engulfed in her warm pussy with her slick walls gripping your organ especially while she shudders in bliss around you, is bad in any way, but you’re striving to achieve your goal from last night and bring her two peaks before finishing with your own. She pouts again when she recovers from her climax and realizes that while she has happily gushed over your member, you haven’t yet blown your load in her. Wrapping her legs around your waist she forces you to make longer and deeper thrusts. The added lubrication makes slick, wet sounds between the two of you as you speed up.

You feel your pressure building up, as does she; and she pulls you in for a long kiss while your strokes become more forceful and frantic. Finally the two of you explode in bliss: you spraying sticky seed deep inside her sex while she writhes in climax again. You remain in place for a while even after the both of you are spent, with you resting on top of her while she caresses your head.

Good times do not last forever, however. “Ahem.” The voice belongs to a girl, and her tone implies a “I’d really rather not disturb you, but I really need you to get out of the way”.

You look up and panic for a moment, jumping to your feet. Your interrupter is none other than the green-haired commander in military uniform you saw from a distance earlier, although she doesn’t seem to be accompanied by her gun-toting fairies now. “Eep!” That is Momiji, trying to cover herself up.

[ ] Get in front of Momiji.
[ ] Get behind Momiji.
No. 31424
[X] Get in front of Momiji

Weeeeeell, that went well

Past experience has indeed given me the sense that whenever a leader submits a plan with a reeeeeally high confidence, this happens.

Anyway, I told you about their trick man, I told you! We need to make a note to drill it into the crow tengu scouts to actually confirm all their intel....if all of you get what I mean

Say, this brings up a question, how the heck did the Moriyas get rifles. Its unlikely that the Kappas made them that many rifles prior to this. I am hinging on the speculation that Pat's tank is not the only thing that crossed the Border
No. 31426
Doesn't Suwako have some power over iron?

[x] Get in front of Momiji.
No. 31428
[X] Get in front of Momiji.

Blah. Losing sucks.

Well, that will just make the TANK RAMPAGE even sweeter for the next fight. Mwa ha ha!
No. 31431
[X] Get in front of Momiji.

That's assuming that Pat and Momiji don't get taken as POWs right now.
No. 31433
That would be, quite frankly, horrible on SB'S part to do this to us since he's the one who had them stop instead of waiting until they were back.
No. 31438
[X] Get in front of Momiji.

When you fail to plan you plan to fail.
No. 31439
[X] Get in front of Momiji
Jesus Christ they're firing bullets! Even if they're probably at most paintball or BB gun rounds, that's still dangerous here. Part of me wonders if Momiji was only bruised thanks to her youkai physiology?
No. 31492
The logical thing to do would be to get behind Momiji. After all, she’s just proven that she is bulletproof, which is a lot more than you can say for a fragile human like yourself. Of course, if you had done the logical thing all along, you would never have signed up for Tankery and wouldn’t be where you are today. So you’re going to do the right thing and not regret it for the rest of your life.

You get in front of Momiji. “Who are you?” you demand of the green-haired maiden in front of you.

“You don’t know who I am?” She raises an eyebrow. “I’m Kochiya Sanae, your goddess, of course.” It would seem that your junk impresses even goddesses, as you’re quite sure her gaze flickered downwards just now.

“Sorry, I should introduce you to each other properly. This is Yamamoto Pat. Pat, this is Kochiya Sanae, the miko of the Moriya Shrine.” That was Momiji, having dressed in record time. She presses your pants into your arms and pushes you behind a tree to get dressed while she chats with Sanae like old acquaintances.

“This territory belongs to the Moriya Army now, so you really should head back before somebody else finds you and takes you prisoner,” Sanae suggests.

Momiji is taken aback. “You mean you aren’t going to capture us now?”

Sanae smiles sweetly, the kind of smile that hides untold sadistic horrors behind a façade of innocence. “You’re going to put up a better fight when we come for your headquarters, right? Otherwise I’ll never get to play with my secret weapon.”

The creepy shrine maiden sees you off cheerfully. You and Momiji start the trek back towards the tengu home base while her generosity lasts. She clings onto your arm as the two of you walk through the valley. Her body is soft and warm. “A secret weapon…” the wolf-girl mutters thoughtfully. “We were already beaten quite thoroughly as-is. I’ll have to rely on you to counter her secret weapon, Pat.”

“You sound like you aren’t going to fight,” you observe with a little concern. “Is your injury…?”

“Oh no,” Momiji reassures you with a grin. Her tail swishes over and swats you on the rump. “I’m fine, but I got hit so according to the rules I have to sit out for a couple of days. It’s one of the handicaps to level the playing field and encourage different youkai to work together. Otherwise the strongest one will just beat up all the rest all by herself, and there wouldn’t be a point to forming armies.”

When you get closer to base, Momiji lets go of your arm a little reluctantly and returns to a more prim and proper posture. “I’ll need to warn General Shameimaru about the secret weapon,” she says.

“And I’ll go see how Nitori is doing with our very own secret weapon,” you nod. The two of you split ways. You head to the waterside to find that the kappa have finally managed to raise the tank out of the water. Now it sits on the grassy bank, drying out in the sun, while Nitori tinkers with the engine.

Upon seeing you, the big-titted kappa girl rushes over and knocks you down with a flying hug. “This is amazing!” she gushes as she gets off you and helps you back up. “I’ve never seen anything like it before. It’s firepower and armor are unmatched!”

“M26 Pershing,” you describe with a little pride, “90mm main gun and armor up to 100mm thick. A little underpowered in the engine department, though. Speaking of which, what’re you doing with the engine?”

Nitori takes out a gourd and removes the stopper. When she sticks it under your nose the scent of alcohol reaches your nostrils. “Oh, that? I looked at the engine and saw that it’s supposed to run on oil. But we don’t have that kind of oil, so I’m modifying the engine to run on sake for now!” She lowers her voice and adds in a whisper, “hopefully it’ll work for a few days, but long-term it’s not going to work sacrificing alcohol to fuel a tank, no matter how powerful it might be.”

“We’ll think of something, but it’ll all be moot if we don’t survive the next battle. Anyways, good job. Really, I’m impressed you can do this much without any prior experience or even an instruction manual.” You pat her on the head and she positively glows at the praise.

You head back to find Momiji and see how the rest of the tengu are taking the news of the secret weapon. Not very well it seems, as the tengu boss, Tenma, is rubbing his temples while General Shameimaru and another crow tengu are arguing loudly. The new crow has a purple color theme to her outfit and is holding, of all things, a cell phone.

“You have no experience, Himekaidou! So what if your fancy phone can take pictures? So can my camera!” That would be General Shameimaru.

“Oh, and I suppose you figured out that the Moriya had rifles thanks to your experience?” Himekaidou shoots back, voice dripping with sarcasm. “And your film takes too long to develop! If it were me, my pictures could be confirmed immediately and someone more competent would have seen the rifles for what they were! Therefore you’re not fit to be General and I should be the one taking this post!”

“Inubashiri! Tell her-“

“Of course she’d support you! She’s just your lapdog!” At Himekaidou’s comment, Momiji seemingly keeps her neutral-looking composure, but you spot an irritated twitch of her tail nonetheless.

“ENOUGH!” Tenma interrupts loudly, and silence falls. “This is going nowhere. Yamamoto, you’re a neutral third party here and you’ve seen General Shameimaru in action first hand. As for Himekaidou, it is true that she has no previous experience leading an army, so you needn’t worry about not seeing her in action yourself. Who would you decide is more suited to be General of the Tengu?”

[ ] General Shameimaru
[ ] General Himekaidou
[ ] Someone else (write-in)

Tank crew decisions! Assign crew to positions.
Available crew members: Pat, Nitori, Momiji, original youkai/tengu/kappa characters
Positions: commander, gunner, loader, driver, co-driver
No. 31493
[x] General Shameimaru
[x] General Himekaidou

Both of them at once!
No. 31494
Sadly, both prospective Generals are extremely new. In the previous battle, Aya was far too overconfident when facing seemingly weaker enemies; and though her original plan was sound with the given information, she made the mistake of assuming that she knew all there was about the enemy, and so failed to plan any contingencies to fall back on once it fell apart, as it always does. Given her aptitude for scouting and stealth, she may be more suited to leading teams for flanking or reconnaissance rather than a main army.

Conversely, Hatate has no experience in leadership whatsoever, and may presumably be unable to reliably devise and enact plans, or react under the pressure of heading an entire army.

Incidentally, I also fail to see how the quality of their scouting abilities or cameras should factor into their suitability for leading an army. Perhaps they do not entirely understand the role they are fighting over.

Summarily, neither option is very appealing. I motion thus:

[X] Both of them should be put into the commanding role in a hypothetical combat scenario (perhaps pulled from our own prior experience) in order to evaluate their skills in maximizing efficiency of troop deployment, reacting to unexpected situations, employing terrain, general battle tactics and so on.
-[X] Lacking any definitive result from the above, the time they take to complete the test could be used to search through the upper ranks of the Tengu for a more suitable tactician as a backup.
-[X] Should this fail as well, the only thing to do is put them both as co-commanders and hope that they cover up for each other's weaknesses.

As for the tank crew, Momiji should be put into a role that benefits from her eyesight - probably commander or gunner.
Nitori should be the mechanic, and thus not in the actual tank, such that should the tank get hit or breached, she doesn't have to sit out a few days, and can go straight to repairing it.
Tank shells are heavy for humans, but comparatively light for youkai. We can probably stick any one of them into that slot, though they obviously need to be able to move quickly and maintain their balance on the move.
Pat is presumably proficient in everything, and can fill in whatever role is needed, though perhaps commander is most suitable, due to his greater familiarity with how the tank works.
No. 31495

I concur with this option. Aya seems overconfident, while Hatate seems new. So we need to determine which one of them is better through a trial.

...Though I'm actually thinking that both might end up being in command, I just hope this trial might push them to know each others' weaknesses and cover for it.

As for tank positions...

Commander - Pat (Most experience, its also the hardest job to do in a tank)

..Thats about it really, as for Momiji and Nitori, I'm not sure I'd want Momiji in the tank, not because of attachement or anything but more because "Wouldnt she be more useful leading her own brigade or something", and Nitori is more useful maintaining the tank and producing hi-tech weapons so...
No. 31496
But aren't commanders supposed to have good eyes and such? Wouldn't Momiji be better suited for that compared to Pat considering her senses are so much better?
No. 31497
Incoming rant.

No matter who we end up making general, we need to give Aya a smack talk to set her straight. While her original "plan" was solid, it was also very basic. Her reconaissance before and actual leadership during the battle were terrible, dismissing the enemy as "just some fairies with strange spears" and blindly charging the prepared riflefairies. Hatate may be inexperienced, but not only was Aya recently comissioned herself, she also failed her command pretty hard.

End rant.

As for the camera argument, which should be taken completely seperate from the position of general, both are suited for different types of reconaissance. Aya can use her high speed to play spy sat, flying deep into enemy territory and taking quality pictures of enemy positions, movements and whatnot, returning to develop the film and it still being accurate. Hatate can use her phone to make lower quality but faster pictures of enemy formations right before or even during a battle, where time is of the essence, to create or adjust plans according to the immediate situation.

As for whom to appoint general, barring alternatives I would prefer Hatate for being a fresh and apparently more calm unknown factor compared to Aya's past incompetence. Ideally, like >>31494 said, we should be searching for other possible candidates, who have the theory down at least, even if they are as inexperienced as Hatate is now. Having those two plus any additional candidates compete in a simulation to see who is best and who can at least think strategically should definitely be done as well, seeing as the Tengu seem to lack any officer schools.

[X] Quicksearch the Tengu for other potential officers/generals.
[X] Have Aya, Hatate and the others compete in simulated battles to evaluate their overall commanding ability.
- [X] Remember that "winning" the simulation is only a secondary objective, we are searching for good commanders.
[X] Barring special circumstances, appoint ranks as the results dictate.

Note that those simulations are not meant to have a dozen candidates in command at the same time, but rather be 1-on-1 without other candidates watching (so they do not know what situation to expect). Also note that we can start Aya vs Hatate right now while searching for others, setting them up as we find them.
In case this takes too long we could always just use Aya and/or Hatate (depending on their result) for the next battle while running this whole thing in the background or later on.

Random note: have the Kappa research and create some communication devices. Those things make commanding faster and easier.
No. 31498
It's more important for the gunner. The commander also has other roles to multitask which makes experience far more important than eyesight. Conversely, a gunner can generally get by more easily with natural talent, though experience is also a boon.

Come to think of it, shouldn't the Pershing have a radio operator rather than a co-driver? I didn't even know tanks could have co-drivers.
No. 31499
[X] Quicksearch the Tengu for other potential officers/generals.
[X] Have Aya, Hatate and the others compete in simulated battles to evaluate their overall commanding ability.
- [X] Remember that "winning" the simulation is only a secondary objective, we are searching for good commanders.
[X] Barring special circumstances, appoint ranks as the results dictate.

Hopefully there's enough time for this. And that several people in the Tengu ranks have read the Art of War.

As for tank crew:
[X] Commander: Pat
[X] Gunner: Momiji
[X] Loader: A tengu, needs good strength
[X] Driver: Nitori
[X] Co-driver: A kappa

I'm going to disagree with keeping Nitori out of the tank. We'll need a mechanic on board in case the tank breaks down in the field, and the driver is supposed to fill that position. She's the best person for the job, and if the tank's out for repairs, the driver won't be driving it anyway.

>Come to think of it, shouldn't the Pershing have a radio operator rather than a co-driver?
Co-driver is also the radio operator, and mans the hull mounted machine gun.
No. 31500

31497 here, by quicksearch I meant basically asking Tenma/whoever if they have any ideas for candidates and gathering those while Aya and Hatate compete, not checking on every single Tengu on the mountain. We will want to do a detailed search later on when we have the time, but I doubt the Moriya give us more time than they need to get their special weapon in place. Our goal for now is to basically find a decent enough emergency commander who can actually command. We can worry about detailed ranks and stuff later.
No. 31502
...Why is Momiji a crew member again? Not only she has to stay of the game for a while, but won't she be needed in the fields for her brigade after that?
No. 31578
So, SB... Did something came up RL?
No. 31713
Shame about this. Was hoping for some hot tank on tank action.