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Alright, here we go again! It's been a long time since >>29177, so here's a quick recap:

Medicine’s harem currently consists of Marisa, Sakuya, and Reisen. All of them but Reisen live at Marisa’s house; Reisen still lives and works at Eientei, but she visits Medicine almost daily. None of them are allowed to masturbate.

Marisa and Reisen bring in a good amount of money, but it’s not enough to cover everyone’s expenses.

Medicine’s sex-weapon inventory consists of:
-paralysis potions and pills
-aphrodisiac potions and pills
-drowsiness pills
-one super-aphrodisiac syringe
-one strapon mushroom
-one fancy dildo-vibrator
-three egg vibrators
-a blindfold
-two pieces of old rope, and one new rope (cuttable)

Sakuya’s watch has been damaged, causing the timestop effect to randomly shut off. She’s currently trying to fix it up a little.

Presently, Medicine is taking some time to relax and enjoy life while planning her next move. We rejoin her as she finds herself in a strange new situation...

[x] Schoolroom scheming.

“We have a special guest today, everyone!”

The teacher, Keine, puts a warm hand on your shoulder. She’s pretty tall, so she doesn’t have to bend her elbow much to do it. In fact, she’s probably one of the tallest people you’ve ever seen; your head’s pretty much level with her impressive chest. Her oddly-fringed blue dress is pretty conservative, but the large swell in the fabric is impossible to miss. They’re even bigger than Reisen’s, and not by just a little.

“She’s asked to sit in on today’s class. She may seem a bit shy, but that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with her. I’m sure she wants to be friends with all of you.”

You’re standing with her at the head of her classroom, a small wooden affair with bright windows lining both sides and a bunch of crowded bookshelves in the back. Ahead of you, more than two dozen kids are lined up in four columns of worn desks. Most of them look a good bit younger than you, some short enough that their legs dangle above the ground. They’re all dressed in plain human clothes, so you stand out even more than you would with just your blonde hair and pale, flawless skin.

“Now, why don’t you introduce yourself?” Keine gives you a warm, encouraging smile. It’s not just the kind of smile you’d get from someone on the street; it’s like she’s known you your whole life, and she’s absolutely sure that you’ll be fine. Even your dolls don’t smile at you quite like that. You can’t help blushing a little as you nod to Keine, and you turn to face the class before it gets any worse.

The kids are all focused attentively on you, with varying degrees of curiosity, excitement, and mistrust. A couple in the back are actually leaning forward in their seats, eager to hear their strange new classmate’s every word.


They’re really… staring, aren’t they?


Hey, calm down! If you’re going to be the hero of dollkind, you can’t let a little crowd of schoolkids scare you. Keine smiled at you, remember? You’ll be fine.


No, no, you can do better. You draw yourself up and force yourself to smile, ignoring the heat in your cheeks as you classily put a hand on your chest.

“My name is Medicine Melancholy. It’s a pleasure to meet you all,” you say in your best Young-Mistress voice.

Now, curtsey!

“I hope you’ll treat me kindly.”

You hold the pose for a moment, then go back to standing.

It’s quiet. So quiet you could hear a pin drop. The kids are staring at you a little differently from before, but you can’t tell exactly what those faces hold. Keine seems kind of taken aback, too. Your smile twitches slightly at the corners of your mouth, and a bead of sweat rolls down your forehead.

“Right! Take your seat, and we’ll start today’s lesson.”

Ah, thank goodness. You let out a large breath as you hurry to an empty seat in the back of the class, moving as fast as you can while still seeming dignified. Some of the studends’ eyes follow you, and you hear a good deal of hushed whispering, but Keine quickly draws away their attention. When you finally reach your old wooden desk, you plop down into the creaky chair with a sigh of relief and give a shy smile to Keine. She catches it and gives you a little wave back; she knew you’d do great.

“Now, let’s start by handing in our homework.”

The next few minutes are strangely ritualized. Keine walks to each desk and collects a sheet of paper from each student. The other students chat amongst themselves while she works through the room, leaving you to sit alone and think.

You thought Reisen was joking when she suggested that you go to school. It just seemed grossly inappropriate for a non-human mastermind like you, but she managed to convince you. Keine’s supposed to be fond of history, so maybe you’ll be better able to sway people if you can learn more about the history of dolls and the Village. Besides that, it wouldn’t hurt to become a more familiar face around the village, even if you don’t want to make friends with anyone there. The schoolteacher’s also supposed to be an influential citizen as well, so it wouldn’t hurt to gain her trust and scout her out.

Also, you were getting kind of bored. You help Marisa and Reisen with gathering mushrooms sometimes, but other than that there’s not much to do but sit around and scheme and have sex. You do have a few ideas for how you can start to elevate dolls, but recently it’s felt like you’re just thinking in circles. Some new knowledge might help to kick-start your imagination.

Marisa knows people in the village, so she got in touch with Keine and made plans for you to sit in on a schoolday. You’re not sure exactly what Marisa said you are, but Keine was very friendly to you when you came in early today, so it probably wasn’t “poisonous human-hating doll.”

Part of you does find it distasteful to be fraternizing with humans like this, but it’s not like you’ll have to come here every day. If this doesn’t pan out, you can just go back to how you were.

“… No, I don’t.”

A sudden wave of gasps draws your attention back to the present. Keine’s stopped a few desks ahead of you, staring down at a boy who’s visibly shaking.

“And why is that?” she asks calmly. Her voice isn’t full of warmth and support like it was before.

“Well, uh, Mom made me help with the planting all day yesterday, ‘cause Dad was sick. I tried to do it after dinner, but I was so tired I fell asleep, and then…”

Keine listens to his story with a perfectly blank expression. Before it seemed like she couldn’t help but smile, but this silence seems to hint at something dark hidden deep inside her. When the boy’s long, apology-ridden comes to an end, a thick silence fills the room. All eyes are on Keine, who considers his words for a long moment before closing her eyes and apologetically shaking her head. Her long, blue-white hair waves gently behind her as she does so, and the strange hat on her head stays perfectly still.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t accept your excuse. I’m sure you could have stayed up another hour to do it if you’d really wanted to. Even if things are difficult, I can’t permit you to neglect your education.” He seems to shrink in his seat as she speaks. “You’ll need to be punished.”

Another wave of gasps follows that. Keine puts a hand on the blubbering boy’s cheek and tilts her head back, and then--


The sound’s loud enough to force your eyes closed. When you open them a second later, the boy’s sprawled out on the ground. He doesn’t get up for a few minutes. Keine seems almost as hurt as he is, except for how she isn’t clutching her head and whimpering. You make a quick note to never forget your homework ever.

Curiously, everyone seems to lose interest in him right afterwards. Keine finishes her route through the classroom, giving you another one of those super-mom smiles when she passes you by. After seeing what she’s capable of doing to her own students, it doesn’t seem quite so reassuring as before.

“Thank you. Now, today we’ll start with some writing…”

Mumbles and grumbles go up from the kids as they pull out their pens and copybooks. The one in your little leather sack is just something Marisa had lying around, as are the brush and pen she gave you. They don’t seem too out of place, though. Most of the people here seem to be making do with hand-me-downs.

Keine starts to walk the class through some fairly advanced characters, carefully drawing them on the blackboard before giving you all a chance to try. Sometimes, she walks down the aisles and has people show her their work, making them glow with pride when she praises their penmanship. You’ve done a fair amount of reading, so you can keep up pretty well, but actually working a brush the right way is harder than it looks, and you keep getting little splatters of ink on the paper. No wonder Marisa uses that wooden thing instead when she’s scribbling down notes.

Speaking of which, you wonder what Marisa’s doing right now? She’s done about all the potion-making she needs to for now, so she mostly spends her time experimenting with potions and magic. Not much different from what she used to do, only now it’s for the sake of the Revolution. She seems to view Reisen as a bit of a rival in the shady-concoctions department, but the feeling isn’t mutual.

Reisen won’t be coming over today. Eirin made some big breakthrough, so Reisen’s been stuck with her for the last two days to help with experiments and production. You can’t help smiling a little when you imagine her crossing her legs and staring at the clock, knowing she can’t masturbate, imagining the sexy bunnysuit and horny companions waiting for her at her real home…

Sakuya looks really appealing in that new outfit, too, even when she's hard at work. She spends most of her time working on the watch, when she isn’t cooking or cleaning up after Marisa. She still seems pretty upset about losing her time-stop ability, and she’s started staying up late because she feels like she isn’t accomplishing enough. You always make sure she relaxes and unwinds for a while. By force, if necessary. Marisa’s only too happy to tie her down for you, and then the two of you use her body to thoroughly try out all the new toys you got from Kourin’s…

Agh! Messed up on the last stroke. Why’s “sacrifice” have to be so complex?

After an hour of writing, there’s mathematics. That’s… surprisingly tough. You have the basic operations down, of course, but these fractions are almost aggressively nonsensical. Especially when you have to start subtractingthem, and there’s all this multiplication involved just to get to where you can take one number from another. Then she starts asking word problems, and everything gets even harder to follow…

Halfway through the hour, Keine writes some problems up on the board and asks you all to solve them in groups. Her directions make you feel strangely nervous, and resign yourself to working alone until someone pokes you in the arm.

“Hey, Medi.”


“Wanna work with us?”

You turn your head There’s a grinning boy next to you; he’s brown-haired, a bit dirty, and a few years younger-looking than you. He’s turned his desk to face a girl’s, and another boy is also locked onto the side of their desk-formation.

“Ah? Um… Okay.”

“Great!” The three of them wait while you hurriedly shuffle your desk into place, nearly rolling your pen right off the side. “My name’s Taichi! This is Sora, and that’s Yuu.” His two friends grin and wave, prompting you to timidly smile and wave back.

They strike you as a bunch of farmers’ kids. They seem unusually tan and calloused, even compared to the other students, and they speak with slightly different accents from the others. Sora’s the only girl of the three, but she’s nothing like your dolls; her black hair is short and tangled, she’s missing a tooth, her face is broad and plain, and she doesn’t have much in the way of curves. Yuu seems a bit frail compared to Taichi, but they’re all pretty solidly-built.

Yuu turns out to be pretty handy at math. When you praise his ability, he laughs and blushes with pride, and you think you see Taichi shoot him a small glare. Judging by the way Sora kind of leans towards Yuu all the time, you guess there’s some sort of love triangle at work. If this were one of those books, it’d end with one or both of the boys dead and the girl a broken doll, but things’ll probably work out less dramatically than that. These are just ordinary people.

You once swore you’d punish every human you came across, but now you’re… doing long division with them. Kids like these are the ones who mistreat dolls the most, but it doesn’t really seem like they’re evil. Maybe they’re just misguided. If their parents didn’t teach them to be so cruel to dolls, they’d turn out just fine, wouldn’t they?

Hmm. Teaching.

Thankfully, Keine spares you from having to go up to the board when it’s time to share answers. Taichi goes up to represent you all instead, and he gets the problem mostly right thanks to some frantic mouthing from Yuu. Looks like you messed up one of the subtractions. Keine still smiles and gives him a motherly pat on the head, which he accepts with a small but visible blush.

“Now, our last subject for today will be… history!”

You hear a few grumbles from the class, but Keine seems to experience the opposite effect. Before, she was calm and motherly, but now you sense a sudden excitement under her words. In less than a minute, she has a decent map and a portrait of a couple drawn up on the blackboard. Her posture seems straighter somehow, and even from back here you can see a new liveliness in her eyes.

“Today’s lesson will be about the Fushida siblings, the great reformers of Gensokyo’s tailoring guild. There’s so much to say about them, so this could spill into tomorrow…”

One of Keine’s hands works frantically at the blackboard, scribbling out pictures and erasing them just as fast as she recites a long, winding tale from memory. It’s full of shady plots, youkai conspiracies, forbidden romance, and pricing decisions. And detailed descriptions of guild bylaws, and currency fluctuations, and silkworm subsidies. Those last parts are much more common, but even they seem interesting.

There aren’t any dolls, but you can’t help being enraptured by her vigorous style of presentation. It’s hard not to notice the bit of jiggling she does as she paces about and gesticulates. You wonder if the other students notice too, or if they’re still too young for that sort of thing. Unlike you, they hardly seem interested at all in what Keine’s saying, just staring straight down and grudgingly taking notes. To them, this is probably just a bunch of boring stuff they’ll never need to know after she tests them. You’ll admit, Keine’s lecture is pretty chaotic; it’d probably be less fun to listen to if you knew you’d be graded on how well you remembered it.

The last hour and an extra fifteen minutes seem to pass by in a flash as you listen intently to Keine’s story. With all the little details she gives out, it’s almost like she was there. Which might be possible, if she’s a youkai. That wouldn’t be right, though, would it? No way the Human Village would let someone like that teach their children. Keine doesn’t stop speaking until she sees that half the class is staring longingly at the door.

“… Right, we’re all out of time. We can continue tomorrow, with the assassination of Shiro Fushida.” Keine seems a bit embarrassed as she hands out tonight’s homework, a mixture of writing exercises and word problems. She nearly passes you by, but you decide to stop her and ask for one. She’s pleasantly surprised, and her steps seem a bit lighter as she finishes her route and returns to the front of the room.

“You are all dismissed! I’ll see you tomorrow.”

A silent “Hooray!” seems to come from the students. Some of them immediately fall to chatting, while others nearly run out the door. You gather your things and wave goodbye to Taichi, Sora, and Yuu, who ask you to come by for dinner someday. Halfway to the door, you stop short at the sound of Keine’s voice.

“Ah, Medicine, could I see you for a moment?”

Ah. You feel a mixture of emotions at that. Excitement at being singled out by her, anxiety over possibly being exposed, and a mild fear of that forehead. Other students pause for a moment and watch as you walk to the front of the room, where Keine’s putting her notes in order. She greets you with her trademark smile.

“It was very brave of you to come here, Medicine,” she says quietly enough that nobody else can hear. “Most youkai are too afraid to attend a class, even if they want to. How did you like the lesson?”

Ah, she knows you’re not human. Well, that wasn’t too hard to figure out. You’ll give her a nice, friendly response to build some trust.

“I thought it was very interesting, Miss Keine. Especially your history lesson! I’ve never seen someone teach it so passionately.” You’ve never seen anyone teach, but you still liked it.

“Why, thank you!” Keine beams with pride, rather more strongly than you’d expect. Doesn’t she get praised for her teaching all the time?

“It’s been a long time since I had a student who was so attentive to a history lecture. It would be nice if more of my class was like you…”

H-hey, you’re gonna get embarrassed…

Keine sighs. “But a place like Gensokyo doesn’t care about history. They have more pressing concerns, and the future is all that interests them. I suppose I can’t really blame them, but...” She stops speaking for a moment and gets a faraway look in her eyes. It kind of seems like she’s… trapped? Frustrated? She shakes it right off, though.

“No, what am I saying? I’m glad you liked the lesson, and I hope you’ll come back.” Keine pulls you closer and gives you a chalky little pat on the head, bringing you quite close to her ample breasts.

Those things really are big.

It’s a sunny day outside. Kids laugh and play about in front of the one-room school, while others hug their parents and tell them about what happened. You wonder what it’s like, having parents. But they probably wonder what it’s like to have living, breathing dolls.

Marisa’s leaning against the fence around the schoolhouse, watching you with a little grin. She ruffles your hair when you get close.

“How was school, dear?” she asks in a slightly teasing voice. “Sakuya’s made a big lunch to celebrate your first day.”

To her surprise, you think for a moment before replying.

“It was… interesting.”


Maybe you’ll go back there sometime. Even if you don’t learn specifically about dolls, Keine’s lessons might still be useful. And she’d probably make a good doll herself. You maybe feel a bit uncomfortable at the thought of doing that to her, but it would be for the best, right?

Anyway, there was one other memorable thing…

[ ] Obedience training.
[ ] Part-timing with Reisen.
[ ] Helping out with the watch.
No. 31043
[X] Obedience training.

With any luck, this extra training will let Medi's girls resist Alice better, if she gets any ideas.
No. 31044
[X] Part-timing with Reisen.
No. 31046
Holy shit it's back. Hallelujah.

[X] Helping out with the watch.
No. 31047
[X] Obedience training.
No. 31048
[x] Obedience training.
No. 31049
[X] Obedience training.
No. 31055
Holy crap, I honestly thought that this was dead! Your return fills me with more joy than words can say.

[x] Helping out with the watch.

Poor Sakuya. We need to get her watch working so that she can spend less time doing housework, and more time playing with her fellow dolls.
No. 31057

[X] Obedience training
No. 31060
[x] Helping out with the watch.
No. 31061
[x] Obedience training.
No. 31063
[x] Helping out with the watch.
No. 31065
Votes closed. Obedience training wins.
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So... did something come up in RL?
No. 31203

More or less. Not going to hiatus this time, though.
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[x] Obedience training.

Ah, what a wonderful day. The sun is shining through the trees, the birds and bird-youkai are singing, and the Forest’s ever-changing aroma is pleasantly sweet for once.

“Oh, you’ve read The Pillow Book too?” you ask.

“Y-yes, I have. The Princess has the--one of the original copies. Japanese politics are… a lot like on the Moon.”

Perfect weather to take your doll for a walk.

“Ah, really? I guess some things never change.”

“That’s… um… that’s right,” Reisen mumbles.

It’s only natural for her to be stammering. Right now, she’s following you on her hands and knees, led along by a collar and leash that you cobbled together. Even though she’s wearing a blindfold, her eyes are decidedly downcast, likely to hide the fierce blush she’s sporting.

“Sorry, didn’t hear you.”

“I said, ‘That’s right!’” Reisen exclaims. Her head snaps back down right afterwards.

You have to say, that bright red bunny suit looks quite striking against the forest’s greenery. The leotard-part only reaches halfway up her back, though, before it gives way to her pale, unnaturally-pure skin. Her lavender hair works well with them both, spreading sensually across her delicate skin and contrasting sharply with the vibrant leotard. You left the heels at home, so her legs are encased from thigh to toe in the suit’s sheer black stockings, one of which contains a small rectangular bulge near the thigh. Marisa’s enchanted it all to repel dirt, so there’s no harm in having her crawl around.

Reisen’s gotten used to wearing her outfit around the house, but she’s always a little hesitant go outside while wearing it, and she still acts pretty nervous around Marisa and Sakuya. Meanwhile, Sakuya’s gotten a bit too bossy about household stuff, and Marisa has a tendency to bully the other dolls around during sex. You’ve decided to tackle all that at once today with a big round of obedience training. To start with, you’re just giving Reisen a little push outside her comfort zone to help her lose some inhibition. This part of the forest is far away from Alice’s, so it should be pretty safe to play around in.

The suit does a pretty good job of holding Reisen’s breasts in place, considering how little it covers. Her generous cleavage is on full display as her breasts hang between her arms, with only a tiny bit of red fabric covering the nipples. Every movement makes them bounce and jiggle a bit in their confines; if you didn’t have to watch where you’re going, you wouldn’t be able to tear your eyes away from the sight. The tight suit and stockings really showcase her lean figure, too. Especially her firm, toned butt; every time she takes a step, the material’s pulled snug enough for you to clearly see its curvy outline. Her fluffy white tail stands proudly above her butt, twitching slightly along with her ears as she takes in the smells and sounds of the forest.

You’ve been out for about twenty minutes now, making small talk with your pet all the while. She’s able to speak with you, but you haven’t been able to get her to calm down. Seems like you’ll need to do something a bit more extreme to help her forget her anxiety.

“Hey, Reisen.” You start to speak in a slow, encouraging voice. “You like being my doll, right?”

That takes her a bit by surprise. “Ah? Y-yes, that’s right.”

“Obeying me is much easier than worrying about yourself, isn’t it?”

“It is.” Reisen’s on familiar ground here.

“In that case…” Your tone turns a bit more playful. “… Obeying me even more would be even better, wouldn’t it?”

Resien furrows her brow in confusion. “... What do you mean?”

“Hmm!” Your voice curves up mischievously as you leave the shadow of the trees.

Ah, you’ve made it back to your house. Perfect timing. You stop at the edge of the clearing and have Reisen stand up with her back to a tree.

“Now, put your arms behind your head. Don’t move them until I say you can.”

Reisen’s body obeys immediately, but her mind is still nervous. Even though she’s wholeheartedly agreed to be your doll, she doesn’t seem to fully appreciate what that means.

For one thing, it means that you can play with her body wherever you like.

Reisen’s breasts are about level with your head. A simple walk wasn’t enough to tire her out, but they’re still dotted with gleaming drops of sweat, and they heave invitingly with each one of her nervous breaths. Your first instinct is to just bury your head in them, but there’ll be time for that later. For now, you dig your index fingers into the bits of fabric covering her nipples and forcefully yank them down, leaving her breasts completely bare.

“Ah!” Reisen jerks back involuntarily as you expose her.

The suit was pushing her breasts up a little, so they drop a few inches and jiggle magnificently as they drop a few inches to their natural position. Even once they’re settled, they still heave a little ach time she breathes. She’s built up a very healthy blush, and her pink nipples are quite hard. Maybe she got aroused from the walk, or maybe it’s just thanks to the vibrator you had her put on while she was getting dressed. It’s been on the lowest setting this whole time, but it’s been shifting around her the whole time she was crawling after you.

“Your breasts are amazing, Reisen,” you say gently, trying to calm her down.

“Th-thank you, Mistress…” Reisen responds humbly, already blushing harder than she did during your walk. Her blindfold makes looking around useless, but her ears are pointing straight up, frantically listening for spectators. You doubt she’ll find any, since you’ve erected a barrier of poison around the whole area. It can’t dissuade anything serious, but it’ll be enough to turn away any curious fairies or other trash.

Still, she’s supposed to be focused on you, not her surroundings. But that’s why you’re doing this now. If you make her feel good enough, she won’t care who watches as long as she gets to serve you.

You pull an aphrodisiac potion out of your dress, one of the dozens Marisa’s brewed by now. After uncorking the vial and drawing out the poison, you form it into a thin paste and spread it over your palms and fingertips.

“Hyah!” Reisen twitches again as you press your hands into her lewd breasts, which are large enough to fill them completely and bulge out between your fingers. You slide your arms underneath and push her rack up a little, marveling at the weight that collects in your hands. What kind of moon-diet did she eat to make them this big?

You lower your hands and start to slide them all over Reisen’s soft, warm breasts, quickly covering every inch in poison while she lets out a variety of cute moans and yelps. Even before you apply the aphrodisiac, she’s still sensitive enough to twitch when you flick your thumbs over her nipples. The paste makes your groping smooth and frictionless, and Reisen’s breasts start to gleam in the sunshine after the second or third coat.

“Haah… Eh? This is…” The heat must be starting to fill her breasts. Reisen’s a sharp girl, so she’s probably already figured out what’s causing it. That doesn’t change a thing, though.

“That’s right! Pretty soon, you’ll be reeally sensitive, and we’ll have lots of fun with your breasts.”

“Ah? B-but… out here, there’s…”

“Oh, stop worrying so much. As long as you can serve me, none of that other stuff matters.” You punctuate your statement by twisting both of Reisen’s nipples, forcing her to throw her head back and cry out in pleasure. Her blushing and moaning continue to intensify as you keep groping her.

Ah, the aphrodisiac seems to be having an effect on your hands, too. The more you play with them, the more details you can pick up: the plush, springy texture, the slippery mixture of sweat and paste, and the delicious warmth that seeps into your body. Just squeezing them is enough to make you shiver. You could dismiss the poison from your body, but it feels kind of nice…

“Ohh… Ah, Mistress… Ahn!” A stray falling leaf touches Reisen’s shoulder, shartling her into thrusting her chest out into your grip. The hard nipples dig forcefully into your palms, while the soft flesh covers every inch of your sensitive hands and nearly envelops your fingers as it spreads in between them. The two of you let out a little moan in response, though Reisen’s is much louder than yours.

… There, that should be enough to start with. You reach down to Reisen’s leg and find the vibrator’s control switch hidden under the stocking. The whirring between her legs becomes clearly audible as you push the slider up to medium. There’s already a visible damp spot between her legs, and you’re sure it’ll get a good bit larger before you’re through.

Reisen’s still firmly holding her hands behind her head, but you can see her trembling all over. Her long, powerful, perfectly-smooth legs shift back and forth as the vibrator works its magic, and she’s trying to shift her breasts around as well to give them a tiny bit of stimulation. The aphrodisiac has them feeling incredibly hot and sensitive, so she must want more than anything to squeeze and grope them to her heart’s content. Disobeying you is out of the question, though. She tries to bear the arousal on her own for a while, but the heat and desire only get stronger and stronger as she stands there, with her shining, heaving chest exposed to anyone who might see her. It takes less than two minutes for her to break down.

“M-mistress… Please…” she whimpers.


“Please play with my breasts more, Mistress…”

“I dunno, someone might notice if we keep it up…”

There’s a moment of hesitation, but Reisen knows what she wants. “I… I don’t care! They feel so hot… If you don’t touch them, I’ll…”

You let out a small sigh. “Okay. But we’re not going to stop until I’m satisfied.”

“That’s… That’s fine.”

Ah, there’s a good girl. You place a gentle hand on one of Reisen’s breasts and run your tongue up the side.

“Haah? Ah…” She wasn’t expecting your tongue there. You slowly lick your way over the rest of the mound, savoring the soft texture of her creamy skin and stopping constantly to kiss it. She sweated a good deal more after you started playing with her, so there’s a noticeable saltiness to her skin, and the aphrodisiac makes your lips and tongue a bit tingly. Meanwhile, your gently stroke her other breast with one hand. Just tracing your fingers over it the surface is enough to make her breathe faster now. Soon, there’s a bit of moaning mixed in with each breath.

After a few minutes of loving, you suddenly move your head to Reisen’s other breast and close your lips around the nipple. That catches her by surprise again, so much that you’re able to double-surprise her by pinching the other one. She lets out an adorable “HaaAAH!” as the two bursts of stimulation hit her. For the next minute, you focus solely on her nipples, sucking and sucking at one while your fingers constantly stroke the other.

Sucking Reisen’s breast feels strangely good. The softness covers your lips as you press your head into it, and the areola seems fit perfectly inside your mouth. Her hard nipple just seems to beg for more teasing no matter how much you flick and swirl your tongue around it. With breasts this big, it almost seems like there should be milk coming out while you suck them. There’s something strangely appealing about the idea; maybe Reisen could come up with a way to arrange that.

You switch your head to Reisen’s other breast and heft the first one up to her lips. She wordlessly takes the nipple into her mouth and eagerly licks off your saliva, and the breast stifles a surprised moan as she realizes how much she’s stimulating herself. Her lips tighten around the hard nub, and she starts to suck hard enough to make a stream of loud, lewd noises. Seems she can’t hold herself back. Not wanting to be forgotten, you suck just as hard on the other breast and repeatedly squeeze them both.

“Mmmm… Mm! Mmmph.”

Reisen’s started bucking her hips as well, trying to move the vibrator around inside her to match the pleasure that’s flowing from her breasts. Seems like all she cares about now is getting herself off. What a naughty little bunny.

That’s enough self-sucking. You abruptly cut Reisen off by tugging the breast away from her mouth, letting it fall back to her chest in a lewd display of physics. You’ll finish her off yourself.

Digging your fingers into both of Reisen’s breasts, you press them together and wrap your lips around both nipples at once. Your tongue swirls all around as you suck as hard as you can, and your hands constantly grope and squeeze them so that the nipples rub together inside your mouth. Reisen has to slump back against the tree to support herself, and you can’t hear the vibrator at all underneath her moaning.

“Mistress! Mistress! I’m--!”

You reach down and flick the vibrator up the rest of the way, and Reisen screams in delight as she goes over the edge. Her legs give out and drop her to the ground, and her body shudders and convulses as all her worries washed away in a torrent of pleasure. You let go of her breasts and step back, in case she accidentally hits you with a spasming limb.

Both her breasts and her pussy must be on fire with pleasure, so it takes a long time for her to calm down. Her hands never leave their place, though, even as the rest of her body goes limp in the afterglow. You walk back over and kneel down in front of her, turning off the vibrator as you lean in to kiss her cheek. The dark spot between her legs is quite obvious now. Anyone who even glanced at her would know she was up to something lewd, but it doesn’t seem like she minds now.

“Did that feel good, Reisen?”

“…Mm. Please play with me whenever you want, Mistress,” Reisen says dreamily

A little shiver of excitement runs through you when she says that. Like what you feel when a girl first surrenders, but not quite as intense. You reach out and pat Reisen on the head, taking time to stroke her hair and scratch her floppy ears. “Ah, that’s a good doll. You’re much more obedient than the other two.” Reisen purrs happily as you stroke and praise her. “Say, how would you like to help me train them?”

“Ah?” That’s a surprising proposition, but Reisen’s newly-deepened submission must have her feeling adventurous. “Um, that sounds… nice.”

Excellent. You tied them both up and left vibrators inside them before you went out with Reisen, so they should be feeling nice and frustrated now. But, who should you go after first?

[ ] Marisa.
[ ] Sakuya.
No. 31258
[x] Marisa.

Worth the wait. And hopefully, the wait won't be as long for the next part.
No. 31259
[x] Marisa.

And again, it is GLORIOUS.
No. 31260
[x] Marisa.
Oh my, that was surprisingly worth the wait.
No. 31261
[x] Marisa.

Like Marisa more than rabbit
No. 31266
[x] Marisa.
Give Reisen a strapon and riding crop, and turn her loose?
No. 31270
[X] Sakuya

Pissing against the tide!
No. 31279

Marisa sounds like she needs training from everyone else, so we need to finish up with the maid first.
No. 31284
[X] Sakuya.

We've trained the rabbit, now the dog.
No. 31285
[X] Sakuya
No. 31286
[X] Sakuya
No. 31296
Much like Marisa and Sakuya themselves, the vote is all tied up.
No. 31297
[x] Sakuya

She's cute and a maid. Marisa just has an apron.
No. 31298
And a hat. A really cool hat. I wish I had the imagination to figure out how to turn it into a sex toy or something really amusing.
No. 31301
Sakuya wins. >>31270's dreams have come true.
No. 31306
Oh, we're having a watersports scene?
No. 31308
pls no
No. 31510
[x] Sakuya.

Marisa has the biggest ego of your dolls, so she’ll probably be the hardest to train. Maybe you should let her stew for a while longer while you go after Sakuya first.

Reisen needs a moment to recover before you can get to that, though. Her face and breasts are both nicely flushed, and they’re still a bit shiny with aphrodisiac paste and saliva. There’s a noticeable rise and fall to her chest that accompanies her deep, husky breathing. You nuzzle lovingly against her soft breasts, drawing out a couple of quiet moans as your soft hair brushes over the still-sensitive skin.

After you’ve had your fill of that, you lie down and lay down your head in Reisen’s smooth, soft thighs. Her legs are at least as strong as any kappa’s, but these thighs still make for such wonderful pillows. They’re nice and warm and comfy on their own, but the bunny suit’s stockings make them so smooth that you shiver a little just running your hand over them. The fabric’s gotten a bit moist near her thighs, and you can clearly smell her lingering arousal as you lie there. It’s quite luxurious, compared to the rocks and grass the rest of your body’s resting on.

You can’t quite see Reisen’s face over the swell of her breasts, but that’s alright with you. As you watch, they gradually heave less and less, until they’re barely moving at all a few minutes later. Her pulse is faster than most people’s even when she’s relaxed, but it seems slower than it was before.

That’s your cue to get up and take off Reisen’s blindfold. Even in the shade of the tree she’s sitting against, she still needs to squint a bit before her eyes adjust to the daylight. While she’s doing that, you dust yourself off and get your dress back in order.

“Okay. Why don’t we start with Sakuya?”

That cuts right into Reisen’s afterglow, stopping her cold in the middle of a long, quiet sigh. Sakuya’s really been taking advantage of the poor bunny, so the thought of facing her right now understandably makes Reisen a bit nervous. There’s nothing to fear as long as she obeys her Mistress, though. She pauses and takes a deep breath, then opens her eyes and nods with a shy smile.

“Sure, Mistress.”

Reisen stands up, still with her arms behind her head.

“Oh, you can put those down now,” you say, a bit awkwardly.

“Eh?” Reisen follows your gaze up to her arms. “Ah! Eheh.” She lowers them down with a little chuckle.

You decide against having her fix her clothes, though. The aphrodisiac hasn’t quite worn off yet, so having that silky leotard rubbing her nipples with every movement would probably drive her crazy. Not that that’d be a bad thing, but you need her to help discipline your other dolls. You don’t hide your interest in her jiggling breasts as you cross the short distance to your house, and she puts a little spring in her step to make the bouncing even more pronounced.

You pause to take off your shoes as you head indoors. Reisen’s barefoot already, so she just shuffles her feet on the doormat, briefly distracting herself from the sight in front of her.

Sakuya’s waiting for you in the study/kitchen like a good maid, though she can’t exactly help it right now. Three bands of your new red rope encircle her wrists just above her black detached sleeves, and the other end of the rope’s tied to a sturdy rafter up above. Down below, some of your old rope digs into her white stockings to tie her ankles together, then connects them to a heavy block of iron Marisa had lying around. Can’t have her flying up and untying herself, after all. She isn’t blindfolded like Reisen was, so she sees you as soon as you see her.

You put on a warm, naughty smile as you address her in the classiest voice you can muster. “Hello, Sakuya. How are you doing? Not too uncomfortable?”

Sakuya eyes you with a slightly furrowed brow. She seems perfectly composed, but you notice some trembling in her knees and a light blush on her face. “… Hello, Mistress. I suppose I’m doing just fine. But I would like to know what exactly you’re planning.”

It’s natural that she’s confused. You slipped a couple of your new drowsiness pills into her and Marisa’s tea, so they both just woke up like this after you left with Reisen. They were meant to make people more suggestive, but it turns out that they make a handy knockout drug in larger quantities.

You put on a little pout and darken your voice. “That’s a pretty presumptuous thing to say. What makes you think you get to know why?” You walk closer and look Sakuya right in the eye. “And what makes you think I need a reason? You’re mine, after all.”

You trace a hand down the side of Sakuya’s uniform. Aside from the cleavage cutout in front, which really doesn’t show much cleavage at all, it’s fairly conservative until you get to her waist. That’s where the skirt abruptly splits into two halves that only reach midway down her thighs, exposing the sides of her legs from the waist down. You give the exposed part of her thigh a little squeeze before slipping your fingers into one of her stockings. There, you find the controller for her vibrator and briefly flip it up to maximum.

“Ahn!” The shock of pleasure forces Sakuya to cry out, ruining her carefully-arranged look of neutrality. You keep the vibrator at full power for a couple seconds longer, then dial it back to one-quarter strength. She’s left breathing much quicker than before, and a bit unsteady in the legs.

“I can do this to you whenever I want.” You slowly bring your hand back up her body, caressing one of her bare shoulders before cupping her cheek.

“But, I suppose I can tell you this time.” Rather than tell her right away, though, you look over your shoulder at the doorway. “Reisen, come give me a hand.”

“Yes, Mistress!” Reisen had been standing around awkwardly at the front door, not wanting to get too close to Sakuya if she could help it, but she springs forward when you call her. At your direction, she holds Sakuya’s arms in place while you untie them, staying out of the maid’s line of sight and bearing a resolute look on her face. You give her a reassuring smile, then turn back to your captive.

“I think you’ve been getting a little too bossy around the house, Sakuya. It seems like you’ve forgotten that you’re my doll first and a maid second, not the other way around.”

Reisen pulls Sakuya’s arms behind her back, and you tie her wrists back together with the rope hanging from the ceiling. Sakuya’s forced to bend over a good deal before her arms are up as high as they were before. She tries her best to look calmly back at you, already regaining some defiance.

“What do you mean, Mistress? You know I’ve always done my utmost to serve you.”

You pause your ropework to turn the vibrator up to full again. Sakuya’s hands clench up involuntarily as she cries out again, but Reisen keeps her arms firmly in place until you turn the power back down. “That might be what you think, but that doesn’t mean you’ve been acting how I want. Some of the things you do have been getting on everyone’s nerves.”

Next, you have Reisen hand you the collar she was wearing. You fasten it around Sakuya’s neck and tie the leash to the rope around her ankles, forcing her to bend over even further.

“Like the way you keep reorganizing everything. Even if you think it’s better, Marisa has a lot of trouble finding where you put everything.”

Meanwhile, Reisen flies up and adjusts the tension on the other rope to make Sakuya’s arms a little more comfortable. Even if she is really flexible, you don’t want to put too much stress on those lovely bare shoulders.

“And there’s the way you insist on doing all the cooking yourself, even though Marisa and Reisen really want to make something nice for me too, and the draconian bath-schedule that you ruthlessly enforce. Which, I might add, always has you going first.”

There, all done. Sakuya’s arms are pointed up in the air behind her, and the taut rope between her collar and her ankles forces her to bend over at a near-perfect ninety degrees, balancing herself on a pair of excessively-high heels. You saw this position in one of your picture-books; it’s called a “strappado,” and it’s perfect for what you’re planning to do. You turned the vibrator up a little more, so Sakuya’s blushing quite clearly as she cranes her head up to see you standing over her.

“I assure you, that was all meant to create an orderly and effective household. The resultsaahn!“ You shut her up the same way as before. She probably only did all that because her old boss expected it, but that’s not how you want things to work here. It’ll probably takes some serious conditioning to snap her out of that mindset, though.

Reisen’s been staying out of sight, but you pull her next to you for the next part. Sakuya’s restrained right now, so it’s easy for Reisen to put on a brave face when she’s next to you. “And that’s not even mentioning what you do to poor Reisen. She did break your watch, but I think you’re taking it too far. As a doll, you’re no more important than she is. You should be forgiving her, not exploiting her.”

Sakuya looks over to Reisen, carefully avoiding the bunny’s eyes while reading her face. That seems to be a little more persuasive; you guess she does feel a bit guilty now that she thinks about everything she’s made Reisen do for her.

“… Even so, I don’t think this is the best way to-ooh!”

“Oh, but I think it is. You need to change your attitude, Sakuya. I don’t want you to do what you think is best. I want you to do what I think is best. And right now, I think you need some help learning your lesson.”

Sakuya’s scandalously short skirt-flap barely covering her pussy as is, so it’s a simple matter to flip it up and expose her butt in all its glory. The vibrator’s pink wire is clearly visible as it snakes out from between her moist labia and down to the controller in her stocking.

Her butt isn’t as lewdly-sized as Marisa’s, but it’s still pretty impressive in its own firm, well-defined way. You reach out and run a hand down one of her cheeks; the position she’s in has it pretty taut, so the skin only gives a little when you pinch it. Then, without any warning, you bring your hand back and give it a quick smack. Sakuya’s holes clench up on reflex, forcing a noticeable shudder through her body. You emphasize your points with additional smacks as you continue to speak.

I’m your mistress, so you’ll do whatever I want, even if you disagree with it. Your opinion doesn’t matter unless I ask for it.”

Now the real training begins. You beckon Reisen over and form another round of aphrodisiac paste from a second potion, putting half on one of your hands and the other half on one of Reisen’s. Your hand starts to tingle again almost immediately

“And even if you’re in charge of the house, that doesn’t give you any right to boss around my other dolls. If they disagree, I expect you to be reasonable.”

While you speak, the two you get to work smearing the paste all over Sakuya’s butt. You pinch, squeeze, and slap the firm to your heart’s content as you work, and you switch with Reisen about a minute in. Sakuya’s voice starts to leak out as the aphrodisiac takes hold; pretty soon, everything you do to her butt feels good to her. There’s still some paste left over even when you’ve slathered it in multiple coats, so you spread her butthole wide open with both hands and look over at Reisen.

“Hey, Reisen, wanna stick your fingers in here?”

Reisen only hesitates for a moment. With her tormentor tied up and helpless and a direct invitation from her Mistress, she doesn’t have anything to lose.

“Sure, Mistress!” Reisen stretches out her index finger and pushes it right into Sakuya’s exposed hole.

“Hyahn!” Sakuya’s back arches at the penetration, putting a perverted smile on Reisen’s face. The paste makes for a decent lubricant, so Reisen’s soon able to thrust two fingers into Sakuya’s hole with no trouble at all. That’s how it seems, at least; she’s probably using a lot of force to be able to move that quickly.

You help yourself to Sakuya’s pussy in the meantime. Your fingers easily move past her slick labia, but her inner walls are still really tight. You close your fingers around the vibrator’s wire as you thrust, pushing it back and forth along with your slippery fingers. She does a lot of struggling and moaning as the two of you play with her, but the position she’s stuck in doesn’t let her move much, especially with those unstable high heels she’s wearing.

“C’mon, say it after me. What I want is all that matters.”

“Ahhn… What you want… Is all that matters, Mistress…”

You don’t want her to cum yet, so you call off the fingering soon after. She should be really sensitive inside and out now. Just one more thing, and you’ll be able to move on to the main event…

“Hey, give me your vibrator, Reisen.”

“Ah? Sure.” It’s nestled under her suit, so she needs a while to undress and get it out for you. In the meantime, you blow gently across Sakuya’s extra-sensitive cheeks and trace little patterns on the hot, firm skin with your fingers. You keep at it until you’re sure Sakuya knows just how sensitive her butt is now.

“Now, we’ll give you a little spanking to make sure you remember.”

The idea makes Sakuya stiffen up in fright. “Ah? N-no, please… I’ll do better from now on, so please don’t…”

You cut Sakuya off with a firm squeeze. “Sorry. Old habits die hard, so I need to make sure you never forget this. Besides, you need to be punished for everything you’ve done already~”

“Here you go, Mistress!” Reisen holds out her dripping vibrator next to you, having undressed and re-dressed to how she was before. You grab it by the wire and mercilessly force the bead into Sakuya’s super-sensitive asshole, drawing out a scream of frightened pleasure. She clenches up so hard that you can barely move your finger, and you have to stay motionless for a few seconds before it finally relaxes. From there, you slowly work the bead deeper and deeper inside her until your whole finger’s surrounded by her hot, tight walls. You eventually manage to pull it back out with a quiet pop, and you turn the switch up to medium before tucking the controller into her other stocking.

That’s a pretty nice look for her. All tied up in her lewd maid outfit, bent over in prime spanking with her butt glistening in the light and both holes stuffed with vibrators. You tie your blindfold around her eyes to complete the image.

“So, what do you think, Reisen? How many spanks does our naughty maid deserve?”

Reisen wasn’t expecting to suddenly have so much power. Her ears suddenly straighten up, and she puts a hand to her mouth and thinks really hard for about half a minute. “Umm… maybe… five?”

You smile and nod. “Yeah, five sounds good. Hear that Sakuya? Five spanks. But you have to count them, or they don’t count. And say ‘Thank you, Mistress’ each time.”

Sakuya lets out a little whine, but she knows she won’t be able to change your mind.

“Okay, here goes!”

It’d be nice if you had a paddle or something, but your hand will do just fine. You slide both vibrators up to three-quarters power before bracing yourself next to Sakuya. You start with a couple of practice swings, stopping before your fingers actually touch Sakuya but getting them close enough that she can feel a small gust of air. Her voice almost comes out to the first time you do that, but she catches herself at the last moment.

When you have the angle all figured out, you put your hand up in the air, waggle the fingers for a bit, and then send it crashing down onto Sakuya’s rump. A loud smack resounds through the house, and Sakuya’s knees buckle as her whole body shudders uncontrollably, forcing her holes to tighten nicely around the vibrators while she reels from the stinging pain. When you pull back your arm, a clearly-defined red handprint is already forming on Sakuya’s pale cheek.

“Aah… O-one… Thank you, Mistress…”

Your second smack leaves a matching mark on Sakuya’s other cheek. That time, her cry of pain definitely has some moaning mixed in.

“Two… Thank you, Mistress~”

She seems to be nice and warmed up now. Maybe you’ll give your bunny a turn.

“You wanna do the next one, Reisen?”

“Ah? Y-yeah. Okay.” Reisen responds timidly, but the way her head and ears perk up at the question makes you think she was hoping you’d ask.

Sakuya’s as aware as you are that Reisen’s a good deal stronger than you. She tries to brace herself as Reisen lines up her swing, but doing that forces her holes to wrap themselves around the vibrators and soak themselves in pleasure, ultimately leaving her even more defenseless than before.

And that’s when Reisen brings her hand down. The impact’s forceful enough to push Sakuya forward a bit, forcing her to stand on her tiptoes just as the pain and pleasure’s shooting through her.

“Three… Thank you, MisTRESS!” Reisen doesn’t waste any time hitting her again on the other cheek. Caught completely off-guard, Sakuya falls even deeper into the mixture of pain, pleasure, embarrassment, and excitement that comes from the smack. A long, powerful tremor quakes her body, and she falls to panting after a string of moans.

“She forgot to count that one, Mistress,” Reisen says.

“Oh? You’re right!” Seems you were too caught up in the lovely sound of Sakuya’s voice. You quickly jump in and strike Sakuya on the lower part of her butt, forcing her to squeal and clench up so hard it seems like she might crush the vibrators. She notices her mistake immediately after that.

“FOUR! Thank you, Mistress… Please… give me… another…”

Sakuya’s breathing really heavily now, and she’s about as flushed as Reisen was when you were playing with her earlier.

“Wow, are you gonna cum from getting spanked? What a pervert.”

“I just want… the punishment I deserve…” she pants.

You answer her with a pleased chuckle. “Alright, then. Thanks for pointing that out, Reisen. Let’s do this last one together” You raise your spanking hand and signal for her to do the same, and you each take aim at one of Sakuya’s cheeks. Reisen seems quite pleased with herself.

It wouldn’t do for Sakuya to know when the hit’s coming, so you use your other hand to count down from five. Sakuya’s panting is loud enough to compete with the vibrators’ muted whirring; it’s clear to all of you that this next hit will send her over the edge. For her, it’s just a question of when it’ll come.

Three, two, one…


“Fiiiive!” Sakuya’s head strains back against the collar, and her body starts to go through the unmistakable shudders of an orgasm. Her hands repeatedly clench and unclench as her shoulderblades churn the exposed patch of skin on her back. Tears of pleasure roll down from under her blindfold, and thick trails of juice stream down both of her thighs, staining her pure white stockings a lewd grey. All the while, her wild, shameless moans fill your ears and echo through the house, stirring something between your own legs. You and Reisen watch the minute-long display with a quiet awe until Sakuya finally collapses, only held up by the ropes’ firm grip.

“Thaank you, Mistress… I’ll do whatever you want from now on, no matter what~”

Ah, there’s that feeling again. As you watch the wide, open-mouthed grin plastered across Sakuya’s face, you can’t help but think that even her punishments here are more fun than anything she did in her old life.

… You hope she doesn’t start causing trouble just so she can get spanked more. If that happens, you’ll have to make spanking a reward and think up something else to use as a punishment.

Well, you’ll worry about that later. For now, you still need to take care of Marisa, who certainly heard everything from the bedroom. Making Sakuya wail like that seems to have gotten Reisen pretty excited again, so she’s eager to move on. Sakuya’s out of commission for now, but it wouldn’t take long for her to recover to the point where she could lend a hand as well. Although, forcing her to listen while you train Marisa might be an even worse punishment…

[ ] Keep her tied up.
[ ] Let her join you.
No. 31511

[X] Let her join you.
No. 31512
[x] Let her join you.


Anyway, Marisa needs to learn her lesson from all of the dolls.
No. 31513
[x] Keep her tied up.
No. 31514
[X] Let her join you.

I'm definitely interested to see how you'll keep Marisa's fire going despite being a horny, depraved sex slave. Best of luck!
No. 31515
[x] Keep her tied up.
No. 31518
[x] Keep her tied ups
No. 31519
[x] Let her join you.
Agreed, Marisa is a team effort.
No. 31520
[X] Let her join you.
No. 31523
[x] Let her join you.
No. 31532
That was perfect.

[X] Let her join you.
No. 31563
Votes closed. Next part will have a three-on-one.
No. 31930
Something happened again?
No. 31933
No, not this time. I should have an update ready tomorrow.
No. 31957
[x] Let her join you.

Well, Sakuya seems to have learned her lesson. If she acts up again later, you can just tie her up again and punish her some more. Right now, you’d rather have her helping you out; the more you can pile on Marisa, the better.

You step over and gently ruffle Sakuya’s hair. Despite its sharp points and steely color, it’s actually pretty soft. “There, that’s a good doll. Now, will you help me teach Marisa a lesson?” you ask, wiping away a few strands away from her eyes.

“Sure, Mistress~” Sakuya says dreamily.

“Alright. Just give me a moment.”

It takes about a minute for you and Reisen to free Sakuya. You take care of the back side, switching off the vibrators and untying the leash and ropes from her ankles, while Reisen takes care of the blindfold and the rope binding Sakuya’s wrists. Both of you work with impressive precision, immediately working out the fastest ways to untie each knot; you’ve had a lot of practice over the last month, and Reisen learned ropework as part of her military training. You wonder if she and her fellows ever got up to some raunchy business in the barracks…

The rope hanging from the ceiling is the last to go, and Sakuya’s arms drop heavily to her sides as soon as they’re released. She tries to straighten out and stretch once she’s free from that uncomfortable position, but it doesn’t go very well. Her legs give out almost immediately, forcing her to stumble into Reisen’s arms and plant her head between the bunny girl’s breasts. She’s still blushing hard and panting pretty heavily, but you’re sure she’ll get better soon.

She’ll probably recover faster if you take out those vibrators, though. You give a little tug to the wires coming out of her holes, and the beads come out with a sticky pop that sends a tremor through Sakuya’s body. The controllers slide out easily from her stockings, which don’t show any signs of stretching. They are a bit darkened where they absorbed her trails of pussy juice, but Marisa’s self-cleaning-clothes enchantment will take care of that.

Come to think of it, now would be a good time to clean these things. You walk a few paces over to the kitchen counter, where Marisa’s set up a nifty magical sink. The mechanics behind it are probably a miracle of magical engineering, but that kind of stuff goes right over your head. If it doesn’t involve poison, you just can’t bring yourself to care.

Anyway, you’ve poured some soap and water into a cup, so you’re ready to start washing. The bead that was in Sakuya’s butt goes right into the water, but you decide to sample the one that was in Sakuya’s pussy first. Her nectar is light and just a bit tangy, and you can taste a bit of her sweat on the wire as well. As far as girl-tastes go, it’s pretty mild. That does make it easy to drink, though.

Glancing to your right, you see Sakuya cuddling with Reisen in a soft reading chair. Sakuya’s sitting in Reisen’s lap, where she can probably feel her companion’s warm cleavage squishing into the exposed part of her back. Her head’s tilted back to rest on Reisen’s shoulder, and they’re sharing a whispered conversation punctuated with small kisses. Something involving apologies and respect. It doesn’t seem right to eavesdrop, so you turn back to your work.

Cleaning a few vibrators is a pretty simple task; you just need to make sure you rinse off the soap when you’re done. When you finish and head over to them, they’re holding hands sharing a deep kiss with their eyes closed. A really long deep kiss, with quiet moans coming from both girls. You resist the urge to cross your arms and tap the ground with one foot while you let them finish and whisper one last thing to each other.

“Ready?” you finally ask.

“A-ah, yes!” Sakuya and Reisen’s heads jerk around to face you, and they both nod a little too eagerly as they disentangle themselves and get up, adjusting their clothes from “lewd and disorderly” to just “lewd.” Reisen still isn’t covering her breasts, but Sakuya can’t help letting the back flap of her uniform drape over her butt, which is still a bright, throbbing red after the treatment you gave it. Just prodding her firm cheeks with one finger is enough to make her shiver.

You’ll need to give those two some more time to themselves after this. But for now, there’s still one last girl to discipline. With your cleaned vibrators in hand and your dolls behind you, you take a deep breath and open the door to the bedroom.

“Hello, Marisa!” You put on a cheerful-yet-sadistic smile as you stroll into the room, with Reisen and Sakuya following a short way behind you.

“Mm!” To your surprise, Marisa responds eagerly, her eyes brightening when she sees you. Didn’t she hear the lecture you gave Sakuya?

… Actually, maybe she didn’t. The door was closed, and you weren’t exactly shouting, and Sakuya is a bit of a moaner. If that’s the case, you could have a bit of extra fun with Marisa…

You tied her up in a pretty simple way, but it looks like it’s been effective. Two pieces of new rope tie her wrists to opposite ends of the headboard, while two pieces of your old rope stretch between her ankles and the bed’s legs. The ropes are stretched taut on each limb, so she can hardly move at all. There’s a few beads of sweat scattered over her skin, though, so you’re pretty sure she tried to escape. That’s just the kind of girl she is; put her in a predicament and she’ll try her hardest to escape, even if it’s impossible.

You didn’t want her chatting with Sakuya while you were out, so you gagged her as well. You would’ve used the panties from her uniform, but they’re… not quite big enough to make a proper gag. Instead, you just stuck a different pair in her mouth and tied it in place with a strip of cloth. Her messy blonde hair seems even more disheveled than usual, spread out all around her head with a white bow hidden deep in the tangle.

That would be an appealing sight by itself, but the outfit she’s wearing adds a whole extra layer of naughtiness. The thin white bustier clings tightly to the underside of her modest breasts and barely covers her hard nipples. Her crotch is clearly visible through the gap in the middle of her short black skirt, and you can glimpse her bright pink labia peeking around the sides of her thong. Between the skimpy top and bottom, her midriff is exposed in all of its smooth, firm, slightly-sweaty glory. It’s too bad you can’t see her butt from here, though. Then the view would be perfect.

Marisa’s wearing a vibrator too, of course. She doesn’t wear stockings like Sakuya or Reisen, but the frilly garter on her right leg holds the controller quite handily. You’ve had it at the lowest setting, but it looks like it’s still gotten her pretty close to the edge. She was probably using her limited freedom to grind it around her insides while she waited.

“Have you been enjoying yourself while I was out? It must have been frustrating, being tied up like this with only that thing to keep you company.” In line with your new plan, you make your voice extra sweet and teasing. Marisa glances away and moans with exaggerated shyness, slowly shaking her hips back and forth. This is all just a game to her, isn’t it? Dressing up in sexy clothes, obeying her cute Mistress, and capturing other girls to play with. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying that, but she needs to understand just how much she belongs to you.

“You deserved it, though. You’ve been a very naughty doll, after all~” you tease, tracing your free hand little circles on her bare stomach. She moans enticingly and arches up into your caress; her skin is pretty warm, and her stomach has just a bit of give. You linger there for a moment, then slide down lower to rub her clit and pussy lips through the soaked gray panties. That gets you a few more genuine moans in response, just like you hoped.

“Now, the three of us are going to give you the punishment you deserve!”

That’s the cue for your other dolls to come forward. Sakuya leads the way with a blushing smirk, and a resolute Reisen follows close behind. Reisen tugs off Marisa’s socks and gives her feet a playful caress while Sakuya tugs down the witch’s bustier, exposing her perky breasts and rock-hard nipples. Meanwhile, you slip Marisa’s panties off to one side and tug the vibrator out of her pussy, lowering your head to her slit so you can catch the small rush of juices that trickles out.

“Mmm! Mmm… Hmm…” Marisa tilts her head back and blushes harder as your tongue slides over her slippery folds. You give her a few slow licks once you’ve swallowed the first rush, carefully feeling out every crease your tongue can reach and soaking it in the heady taste of her pussy. The flavor’s pretty strong; you can eat Sakuya out almost indefinitely, but the musky smell from Marisa will overwhelm you if you don’t pull back and breathe every half-dozen licks.

Your other two dolls aren’t far behind. Sakuya mounts Marisa’s waist and starts to tweak the witch’s aching nipples, while Reisen kneels down to stroke and lick your captive’s outstretched legs. Marisa’s enjoying the attention immensely right now, but that’ll change soon.

Marisa can last a bit longer, so you move your mouth up to suckle her swollen clit. The position gives you an excellent view of Sakuya’s reddened cheeks as she sits in front of you, carefully working out the best way to torture Marisa’s breasts. Reisen, meanwhile, seems to be testing the undersides of Marisa’s legs with small jabs and scratches. She’s never had Marisa at her mercy before, so this is a great chance for her to feel out the witch’s weak spots.

While your mouth is busy eating out your doll, you reach back and blindly rummage around in a chest under the bed. The item you’re looking for has a very distinctive shape, so it’s not hard to find. You close a hand around it, quickly invoke your powers, and stand up dramatically.

“Now, why don’t we give you a taste of this?” Suddenly, you pull out the new dildo-vibrator you got from Kourindou. It’s a good seven inches long, with a clearly-defined penis-like shape and a small clit-teasing prong near the base. You’ve tried it out on all three of your dolls (and yourself in your dolls’ bodies), and none of you can withstand it at full power for more than a minute. With Marisa tied up and close to the edge already, it’ll only take a single thrust to send her to heaven.

“Mm!” Your doll’s eyes widen a bit with excitement up as she sees the bright purple sex toy. Seems she’s too horny to notice that the shaft’s a bit darker than usual.

You let out a fiendish chuckle and turn back to her pussy. The lips have gotten pretty puffy and juicy with arousal, and her pink clit’s standing right on end. It seems to be fully prepared for what you’re about to shove into it. You’d tease her a bit with the dildo first, but that would give away your plan.

At your command, your dolls each spread one side of Marisa’s pussy wide open, wide enough that you can see pretty deep inside her. Little transparent strings stretch out between her pink walls, which throb gently as you watch. The sight’s pretty strange, but strangely exciting as well. But that’s beside the point.

“Take this!” Tightening your grip on the vibrator, you put a hand on Marisa’s side and ram the whole thing all into her with a single fierce strike.


But she doesn’t cum.

In fact, she hardly feels anything at all.

Isn’t suzuran fun?

Marisa looks up to you with confusion all over her face, but it quickly turns to panic when she sees the cruel smirk on your lips. Sakuya and Reisen smile in amusement as they figure it out themselves.

“Heh heh. Think I’d let you off just with that?” Sakuya and Reisen step away as you switch on the vibrator and smoothly turn it up to full power. A powerful whirring sound fills the room and echoes through Marisa’s body, but she only feels a tiny fraction of the pleasure it should be giving her. In fact, her breathing seems to be slowing down rather than speeding up. “No, we’re going to punish you a lot more before you can cum.”

You step back and just leave her like that for a few minutes, letting her whine and struggle and twist her hips helplessly while the excitement drains out of her. Marisa’s had the tables turned on her plenty of times by now, but that always ended with her getting all the pleasure she could ask for. She’s never been tied up and forced to not cum.

Your hands feel a bit empty while you’re watching her, so you grab a few handfuls of your other dolls while you wait. One hand goes around Reisen’s back and squeezes one of her bountiful breasts from underneath, and your other hand digs right into Sakuya’s butt. Sakuya jolts upright when she feels you touch her aching behind, but Reisen just sighs quietly and scoots a bit closer to help you reach her. You spend a minute just sliding your hands around both girls’ smooth, soft mounds, then move onto some gentle squeezing and pinching. Reisen’s breasts and Sakuya’s butt are still feeling some of the aphrodisiac, so just that is enough to make them go a bit weak in the knees. Marisa sees you doing it, of course, and the sight of your other dolls blushing and purring happily from your touch just makes her situation more frustrating.

Despite the show you’re putting on for her, Marisa’s body keeps calming down. Soon, she’s gone from the brink of orgasm to just feeling a miniscule tingle in her pussy. Her mind’s another story, though; while her breathing slows down and her blushing weakens, her muffled protests grow louder and louder. Eventually, you’re forced to let go of your dolls and walk up to her with an unamused frown.

“Why are you complaining so much, Marisa? Do you think you have the right to cum?”

When she hears the strict tone of your voice, Marisa realizes you aren’t playing around. This isn’t just some unusually sadistic sex-play, it’s a full blown punishment. Her eyes go wide with fright, and she frantically mmphs and shakes her head until you grab her by the chin.

“I’ll bet you do. You’ve gotten far too greedy lately. Hassling Sakuya while she cooks, groping Reisen whenever she walks by, pushing yourself to the front of the line to lick me… You haven’t been acting very doll-like at all. I don’t think you really understand what it means to be a doll.”

Marisa can’t really defend herself like this. She lets out a few muffled pleas, but gives up pretty quickly and switches to staring at you with wide, contrite eyes. It’s hard to tell if she’s sincere or not, so you just try to ignore it.

“It means that you belong to me completely. Every inch of you is mine, not yours, and I can do whatever I want with you. You don’t get to feel good because you want to. You only feel good if I let you. And right now…” You grab the vibrator and give it a few forceful pumps. There’s almost no reaction from her pussy, but she practically screams through the gag as the vibrating prong jabs at her clit. The suzuran didn’t touch that part of her.

“… Right now, I’m not letting you. And it’ll stay that way for as long as I want.”

While you’re speaking, you pull out your third aphrodisiac potion for the day and uncork it right under Marisa’s nose. At your mental command, a poisonous gas flows right into her nose and circulates throughout her body, quickly magnifying her desire for release and making her restrained body extra-sensitive all over… except in her pussy, where the suzuran’s strong enough to shut out most of the pleasure from the dildo. Her body starts to get excited again, but it’s gonna be a really slow burn for her.

“Now, we’re gonna show you just how powerless you are. Screaming won’t do any good, okay?” You give Marisa a little smirk, but she doesn’t find that very comforting.

You hand a freshly-washed egg vibrator to each of your other dolls, and take the one that was inside Marisa for yourself. Three more buzzings join the dildo’s formidable whirring, and Marisa struggles mightily against the ropes and howls in panic as the three of you slowly descend on her.

Sakuya daintily kisses one of Marisa’s breasts, tracing her tongue in precise circles around the small pink nipple. Her vibrator gently treads along the bare part of Marisa’s spine, mercilessly tickling her in one of her most sensitive places. Marisa’s back arches and shifts around constantly in response to the teasing, but Sakuya keeps up with it easily.

Reisen already had her fun with Marisa’s lower half, so she’s working the witch’s arms and head now. Marisa’s armpits turn out to be fairly sensitive, so Reisen prods one with her strong, slender fingers and mercilessly vibrates the other while sensually nibbling on her ears. Marisa can’t see it, but Reisen’s eyes are gleaming with excitement and the edges of her mouth are curled up in a grin. She’d probably prefer to be wearing Sakuya’s calm, dominant smirk, but it seems she just can’t help herself.

Meanwhile, you satisfy yourself playing with Marisa’s feet. She can hardly move them when she’s tied up like this, so there’s no way for her to jerk them back to as you trace your fingers up and down the soles. Your vibrator covers every inch of their undersides, then slides between each of her convulsing toes as well. You even give each foot a few licks; it doesn’t seem quite appropriate for a Mistress to do that, but the wailing she rewards you with is worth it.

Fingers, lips, tongues, and vibrators play all over Marisa’s body, working over every one of her hyper-sensitive sensitive spots. But even with all the sensations pouring in, she can’t just let her body go wild. Her clit’s engorged and vulnerable now, so a slight move in the wrong direction jams it into the vibrator’s prong and shocks her with so much pleasure it hurts. She can’t help shuddering and twisting, but she has to try and control each movement so it keeps her weakpoint safe. Even so, the sharp pleasure strikes her so often she’s left in tears.

Tied up, helpless, tormented on all sides, and forced to control herself the whole time, feeling every touch in extreme detail but not allowed to cum… even Marisa will break down in a situation like this.

And break down she does. Her voice starts out frantic as she struggles for even a second’s respite from your merciless torture, and her cries only grow stronger as it starts to drive her towards the edge. A bunch of tickling isn’t enough to make her cum, though, and she gets more and more frustrated as the minutes tick by. Eventually, her moans grow short and stilted like sobs, and thick tears start to well up in her eyes.

That might mean she’s ready to give in. You hold up a hand and wave your dolls away; Sakuya reluctantly steps back after one last pinch to Marisa’s nipples, and Reisen digs behind one of Marisa’s knees for one last spasm before doing the same.

Marisa’s body slumps down against the bed, forcing out a small creak as the assault finally ceases. She’s practically coated in sweat now, and her breasts heave despearately with each one of her shaky breaths. Small aftershocks keep her body twitching as you untie her gag and take out the panties. Spending so much time in Marisa’s mouth while she was wailing and gnashing her teeth hasn’t done much good for them.

“Now, have you learned your lesson, Marisa?”

“I… I’m zorry, Miztress… I won’ ever be bad again, zo please let me--HIIIH!” You jab the prong into her clit for a good three seconds while shaking your head in disapproval. When you finally relent, she looks more confused than anything.

“You’re still making demands, Marisa. Even if you’re begging, you’re still trying to tell your Mistress what to do. Looks like we need to keep going until you prove you can be completely submissive.”

“No, wai--“ Marisa starts to protest, but you cut her off by shoving the saliva-coated panties back into her mouth and tying the cloth on nice and tight. It’s effective, but a bit annoying to put on and remove; you’ll need to see about getting one of those ball-gags they show in the books.

The muffled complaints quickly change back to wild screams as the three of you attack with renewed vigor. Sakuya takes the lower half this time, while you and Reisen share Marisa’s body above the waist. The dildo continues to assault her numb pussy, constantly shifting and jolting around inside her. The movements cause it to gradually work its way out of Marisa’s hole, so you have to push it back in to the hilt every now and then.

Reisen must have been taking notes on Sakuya’s technique, because she’s able to master Marisa’s breasts almost immediately. Then she moves on to play with Marisa’s armpits again, leaning forward so that she pins Marisa’s breasts under her own larger pair. She moves her chest in small circles as she works, letting out a few excited moans as their nipples rub together.

Sakuya’s nearly as eager as Reisen, taking this opportunity to work out all the stress that’s built up over her watch. Marisa’s entire lower body is her playground, and her hands dance all over the witch’s feet, legs, and thighs with incredible grace. By pressing down on the dildo’s prong with just the right amount of force, she’s able to gently stimulate Marisa’s clit without driving her crazy like it normally would. That forces the rest of her body tense up, making it supremely vulnerable to the attention of Sakuya’s tongue and vibrator.

You start out playing with Marisa’s tummy, but you soon decide to just step back and watch your dolls at work. Sakuya and Reisen haven’t had time to learn how to synchronize their efforts, but they’re both highly effective on their own.

Their shuddering victim seems to grow weaker and weaker as she’s worn down by the endless teasing. It probably feels as intense as ever, but she’s losing the will to resist it. Her eyes grow vague and cloudy, and her voice lowers and weakens until her moans just sound pitiful. Tears run down her cheeks and the side of her head, and she seems to sink slightly into the mattress despite all the stimulation.

That must mean she’s given in. You doubt she could fake something that after her brain’s been so thoroughly scrambled with pleasure. You remove the gag once again.




“Whatever you wan’ is fine, Miztress… I’m juz’ a doll, so you can do… whatever…” Marisa trails off and just looks at you, the desperation and surrender clear in her eyes.

Ah, there it goes! That rush of exhilaration when someone surrenders to you completely… you might get addicted to it if it feels that good.

“There, that’s the answer I wanted. But if you ever act up, I’ll keep you like this until you can’t even see straight.” You toss a quick glance to Sakuya and Reisen to let them know that the same goes for them. Judging by their slight shuddering and looking away, they get the message.

“Now, here’s your reward!”

With a snap of your fingers, you dismiss all the suzuran in Marisa’s body. Suddenly, she feels the thick, vibrating dildo with every inch of her aphrodisiac-soaked pussy, and she lets out the loudest, girliest scream you’ve ever heard from her. Her sweaty body bucks wildly against the bedsheets, her mind overridden completely by the fireworks of pleasure and submission. If she had any doubts as to whether being your doll is worth it, the pleasure’s burned them right away.

All that work certainly had an impact on the rest of you. You can see a fresh trail of juices in the gap between Sakuya’s skirt and stockings, and Reisen’s bare nipples are standing right on end. And you…

…Ahh, geez. Your dolls all got to have mind-blowing orgasms, but you haven’t even…

Sakuya’s the first one to speak, choosing her words carefully after seeing what you did to Marisa.

“Mistress, you seem… uncomfortable. Would you… permit us to… please you?”
No. 31959

“… Even though her powers were evil, many were nonetheless drawn to her charisma. They say that her right-hand woman was quick-witted human who had enslaved scores of youkai and claimed their powers for herself. A murderous funayuurei agreed to pilot her flying temple in exchange for a human sacrifice, and she even tricked the mighty Bishamonten into entrusting her with his avatar and his craftiest servant. But despite all this and her own selfish goals, she believed herself to be doing the right thing. For years, she sailed through the skies of Japan, converting human and youkai alike with her talk of peace.”

For once, the whole class is listening closely to a history lesson. Seems like even kids love a good tale of scandal. Keine seems to be basking in the attention, letting one hand run wild on the chalkboard while she gestures with another and speaks with even more energy than usual, raising and lowering her voice as the lecture demands. It might be the happiest you’ve ever seen her.

“Now, humans and youkai get along fairly well today, but in her time these were extremely dangerous ideas. Many humans had lost a close friend or family member to youkai, and many youkai viewed conversion as a betrayal of their kind. Even her fellow Buddhists were frightened by her growing power and rightly distrustful of her motives. They were the ones who started to call her a ‘demon in human form.’” Her voice lowers ominously for that last part.

Wow, this Byakuren lady’s not too different from you. She wanted to change the status quo too, and she had her own band of followers to help you. You wonder if they liked to have sex, too. Maybe not, if they were all Buddhists. Humans and youkai get along better today, so she must have succeeded, right?

“But her army of followers had grown too powerful for humans alone to defeat. Ironically, the greatest moment of cooperation came when a group of human and youkai leaders agreed to form a temporary alliance to stop her.”

Faster than your eyes can follow, Keine draws a sphere of enemies around her picture of Byakuren’s ship and sketches some surprisingly realistic buildings underneath.

“While her temple was sailing over a large city, they surrounded it and threatened to attack. Not willing to risk the lives of her followers or those beneath her, Byakuren surrendered. They banished her to the darkest reaches of Makai, and the youkai who refused to abandon her were sealed away underground along with their precious temple. They remain there to this very day.”

… Huh? They… sealed her?

“We’re fortunate that she chose to give herself up. Had she and her followers chosen to fight to the death, the battle could have easily leveled the entire city and the whole surrounding area. In the end, humans are humans, and youkai are youkai. There’s nothing wrong with having youkai friends, but you must never covet their powers. Or else… you might become something even worse.”

Keine’s lecture ends with a lot of “ooh”s and “ahh”s from the class, and she assigns some homework before dismissing them. The other kids start to get up and file out haphazardly like usual, but you don’t quite feel like getting up right new. Taichi starts to head over you, but backs away when he sees the look in your eyes. Even if you’re friends, he’s been taught to tread lightly around non-humans.

A minute later, you’re the only person still at her desk. Keine walks over and bends down to your level, the concern clear in her eyes. Concern, and… something else. Something sad?

“Is something wrong, Medicine?”

“Um… Do you think Byakuren deserved what happened to her?”

Keine puts a hand on her cheek and crosses the other over her chest to hold it up, unconsciously pushing up her amazing breasts in the process. You’re in no mood to be aroused right now, though.

“Hmm." Keine takes a deep breath and nods to herself for a second. "Well, you must remember, humans and youkai were very much at odds back then, even moreso than they are today. Despite her power and fame, Byakuren and her followers were decidedly a minority, and their views were extremely controversial. People don’t simply change at the drop of a hat.”

Your eyes briefly flick up to Keine’s sizable headpiece.

“If she hadn’t been stopped then, the tensions between her followers and the established order could have boiled over and started an all-out war. I’m not sure I can blame the ones who sealed her for carrying out the people’s wishes.”

“Things are different today, though. Your presence here is proof enough of that. Most humans don’t mind letting a few small youkai into the village, but a fundamental change would… no, now I’m just rambling. Did that answer your question?”

“… Yes, it did. Goodbye, Miss Keine.” You put on a smile, but you’re sure she sees through it. Still, she lets you out without saying anything. Maybe she thinks this is something you need to reflect on alone.

Marisa’s waiting for you outside. You’re perfectly capable of going home yourself, but there’s something nice about having her come here to pick you up.

“Hey, Mistress. How was school?” Her voice sounds as carefree as ever, but she’s been acting much more polite since her punishment a few days ago. It was pretty strange seeing her and Sakuya both insisting that they use the bath last.

“… It was okay.”

People don’t change at the drop of a hat, huh? Even with a god’s avatar on her side, Byakuren still lost.

Not only that, they… sealed her away. Stuck her in a dark, lonely place, far away from the grass and sunlight and all the friends she’d made, with no hope of ever seeing them again. And the same thing happened to her followers, even though they were just working for her. If you fail, are they going to do the same thing to you and your dolls?

“Hey, hey. What’s wrong, Mistress?” Suddenly, Marisa picks you up and hugs you tightly, with the worry clear in her voice. Your face ends up pressed into her breasts, which are really soft but too small to smother you. It is nice, hearing her heartbeat and feeling the warmth of her supple body under her soft clothes, but it’s not enough to calm you down completely.

You were thinking that you and your dolls could just persuade everyone to treat your kind better, but it might not be that easy. Even if you convince a few people, a powerful doll-hater could just stir up an angry mob and stamp you out, and then it would be all over. Would you be able to defend yourselves if a village full of youkai hunters came after you? Or what if Remilia started tearing Gensokyo apart to get back her favorite maid? What if Reimu decided you were a threat, or that crazy girl on the mountain wanted to get famous by exterminating you?

You need another doll. A really strong one, who can help you beat Remilia and anyone else who might try to stop you. Like that Princess Reisen’s always talking about, or her doctor/lover. Or the Hakurei shrine maiden, or the flower youkai, or even that slavedriver friend of Marisa’s.

Starting this quest is the best thing you’ve ever done. You have three dolls who love you and follow you without question, and lasting change for dollkind is finally a real possibility. You’re not going to let anyone take this away from you.

As soon as you can, you’re going to go after…

[ ] Kaguya.
[ ] Eirin.
[ ] Reimu.
[ ] Alice.
[ ] The flower woman.
No. 31960
[X] Kaguya.

I... I want to break her into a doll.

I'm not going to say this will be easy, but now that we have Reisen... Why would Eirin suspect her if she thinks Reisen has someone else? Opportunity to drug food or else. Drugging Eirin may go badly however, since she could have antidotes on hand.

And if we have Kaguya, Eirin will fall in line easily right after. And thus Eientei will be ours.
No. 31961
[x] Kaguya.
No. 31962

Okay, guys, hear me out now.

Eirin and Kaguya are the most risky with the lowest gain, mainly because we have to watch out for both girls while only capturing one. Furthermore, both of them are more support powerhouses. Eirin can whip up her super drugs and Kaguya can eternity things to prevent situations from changing, but Eirin needs time and Kaguya only causes a stalemate.

Alice is the second riskiest, simply because her 'doll control' powers are a hard counter to Medi's 'doll powers'. She's also a support character without the Grimoire of Alice, which may or may not be loseable/damaged. After all, Yuuka might have taken some pages out of it.

Speaking of Yuuka, she's a combat powerhouse and has amazing intimidation use, not to mention all the things you can do with flowers. However, she's dangerous because she's Yuuka and we may need someone who's capable of going toe to toe with her. Marisa on her own might not be enough.

Reimu's the best choice. Yukari is a non-factor, because if she was the omniscient Yukari than she'd already be taking Medi out. Medi has under her direct control one of Gensokyo's strongest asskickers, as well as two high ranking subordinates to two different politcal factions. Either Yukari doesn't know about us, despite how suspicious Marisa, Reisen, and Sakuya are being, because she's incapable of using her gaps like that, or she knows and finds it comical.

If she finds it comical that Medi could theoertically destroy Gensokyo's status quo at will than adding Reimu to the picture isn't going to matter.

The other frequent visitors to Reimu's shrine are Remi, who's not going to visit Reimu without Sakuya because she'll want to maintain the whole 'noble vampire with loyal maid' image, and possibly Suika. I say possibly because Marisa didn't mention Suika at all when talking about Reimu in the first thread.

That leaves Marisa as our key to capturing Reimu.

Reimu is not going to go down by hook or by crook. Hook because she's the best at danmaku, and crook because her intuition's all kinds of crazy.

So the only way to capture Reimu is to make her unsure of her intuition. And the only way to make her unsure is to play with her emotions.

Reimu lives all alone and has few friends. Marisa, her best friend (and possible crush, if so even better) hasn't visited her in weeks because we've been monopolizing all of her time. No man is an island, and if we have Marisa show up, then Reimu will want to interact with her. She'll be in a good enough mood to not really consider said intuition, and Marisa can use their bond - platonic, romantic, or otherwise - to slowly bring Reimu over towards us.

Lastly, consider that Medi has, legitimately, helped Sakuya, Reisen, and Marisa live better, happier lives. Reimu's intuition could very well decide that becoming a doll will work out for her in the long run.

And, lastly, if we have Reimu on Medi's side than being sealed away forever is going to be that much harder, because no one would be willing to seal Reimu. If she's gone, the Hakurei Border's going down with her.
No. 31964
You clearly underestimate the number of visitors Reimu has. Marisa made her warning quite clear.

The problem is that we need a defensible location. Marisa's house isn't one. Reimu's shrine isn't one either.

Eientei isn,t a faction because they have support support power. The bamboo forest and Eientei itself are strong defensible locations.
No. 31966
Why does defensibility matter? Byakuren was on a flying, easily defensible ship and still 'lost' because of outside factors. Furthermore, Eientei is a sprawling mansion with wooden walls and paper doors, and the Bamboo Forest can be flown over. Furthermore, if we take over Eientei, we'd have to consider that Eirin and Reisen would be in contact with the Human Village (because of the clinic) and Mokou, if she found out about Kaguya's new doll status, would mock. Openly. and loudly.
No. 31968
Well, at the very least, targetting someone at Eientei sure as hell won't bring serious exposure like Reimu will.

Do remember Kaguya and Eirin hardly leave the place. They're not visited that much. As for Mokou, if Reisen as enough of a mind to make Eirin think everything is normal, Kaguya sure as hell can do it too.

Also, we still have a cash problem. Taking in Reimu will make it worse. Alice probably won't be able to help that much. And does Yuuka even care abotu money?
No. 31969
[X] Kaguya.

Just... yes. I don't know. Just yes.
No. 31971
Oh, and another argument for capturing Eientei: Sakuya's watch.

We want it repaired, right? As we saw with Reisen, Timestop is a big advantage.
No. 31972

The problem is that Kaguya, at least, isn't one to leave her home. And Kaguya just deciding to head out with Reisen, or invite Medi, Sakuya, and Marisa to live at her place is definitely going to catch Eirin's attention. They're lovers now, and there's a huge difference between Reisen being able to deceive her emotionally distant boss and Kaguya deceiving her mentor, doctor, and lover.
No. 31974
Who said anything about her leaving? Obviously, she'll have to stay at Eientei and Eirin will have to be our next target soon after.

And as far as deceiving Eirin go... You do remember we have Sakuya for quite a while now? And I expect Kaguya to decieve Eirin long enough.
No. 31975
[x] Kaguya.
No. 31976

Sakuya is only able to deceive the SDM because she's staying far, far away from the place. Reisen has been coming to Marisa's house 'almost daily', and again, Eirin doesn't really know Reisen enough to notice any changes.

How long is 'long enough'? Eirin has been living with Kaguya for thousands of years, and has been the Princess's teacher and closest confidante. And, unlike for example Youmu, Eirin's not going to ignore Kaguya if Kaguya tries to pull rank on Eirin or otherwise try to get Eirin to leave well enough alone. She's the type of servant to go against Kaguya's wishes to do what she believes to be best for the princess.
No. 31977
[X] Reimu
No. 31978
Another argument then? We had Sakuya for quite a long time now. How long will this last? And if we want to continue to fool Remilia, we need that dial repaired. Else she'll know something wrong happened and will look into it.

And pulling rank? How amateur. Do remember this is the woman who played to her amusement in political circles in ancient times. Love will actually help in this too. Give Kaguya some credit.
No. 31979

Sakuya could answer with complete honesty that it broke during her vacation and that the reason she didn't return for so long was because she was trying to fix it. Hell, letting Remi know that the dial is broken would be perfect, because then Remi would throw her weight around for Sakuya and pay Eirin to fix it without Medi's group being involved at all.

As for Kaguya, yes, she played the political game in ancient times. And she'll be attempting to deceive the woman who taught her how to milk politics for fun and profit. Eirin will recognize when Kaguya's trying to pull a fast one because Eirin was the person who taught Kaguya how to pull fast ones in the first place. And because Eirin loves Kaguya, she's going to worry and look into things where we don't want her to look.
No. 31980
Anyway. It's clear we can't agree on what would happen. And if Eirin is that good, it's even more important to go after Kaguya first then to take over Eientei.

And your arguments against Kaguya still doesn't change the fact that going for Reimu will get us way too much exposure.

Suika hangs around much, as you stated. She may be a drunken oni, but she's far from an idiot. Then there's also Sanae that visit when she can. Then you have people that drop by whenever they are around like Kasen.
No. 31983
>The fear of exposure is only if we make any sudden, overt moves using Reimu.

Err, no. Marisa quite clearly said that if anything in Reimu change, there's a likely chance it will get spotted.

Whatever. Our arguments are made. No point repeating the same issues forever.
No. 31984
I said possibly, because Marisa never names any actual visitors. However, do note that in this story, Subterranean Animism hasn't happened yet - right now the latest incident is Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. As a result, while all of this is going on, Sanae, Suwako, and Kanako are all busy gathering faith and getting the nuclear reactor ready. Sanae won't be visiting Reimu.

Furthermore, because SA hasn't yet occured, Kasen is still off doing who knows what. She only begins to visit Reimu after the events of SA.

The fear of exposure is only if we make any sudden, overt moves using Reimu. Keeping Reimu stationed at the Shrine is the same as keeping Kaguya at Eientei, with the difference that Reimu won't have to deal with Eirin.

Suika's the most likely snag, but she's a snag easily taken care of. She doesn't stay at the shrine, she only visits. All Medi would be required to do is wait until Suika leaves to who knows where (She has a pad in Heaven thanks to Tenshi, and she might take another visit Underground) and then Reimu will be ripe for the picking. Reimu's visitors are just that - visitors. So Medi is free to outwait them.

>Err, no. Marisa quite clearly said that if anything in Reimu change, there's a likely chance it will get spotted.

She did not, however, say why. The assumption is that the visitors around Reimu would notice her happier or something, which can be easily explained. Her intuition would at least let her know if anyone was suspicious and she'd be able to let us know, thus giving us time to plan something else.

But yes, you are right. It's late and we've both been argued out. Either way, it'll be fun watching the fireworks, eg?
No. 31985
[X] Kaguya.

We're gunna need some sort of two part plan though. Eirin is quite possibly the biggest threat to our operation, being the brain of the moon and all.
No. 31986

Haven't voted yet, still deciding, but isn't Eirin only a threat to our operations if we try and capture Kaguya? Right now she doesn't care at all about us because we haven't done anything to what she cares about.
No. 31987
[X] The flower woman.

Can't say I've given this a great amount of thought like other people here, but I think we can do this. Hell, the fact that Medicine kinda controls flowers might stop Yuuka from shooting first. That and I just want Yuuka.

Oh, and for the people voting for Kaguya, remember that Eirin is apparently in love with her and will probably get miffed if she finds out about plan seduction. It might be better to ah, take her out first if we go that route.
No. 31988
[X] Kaguya

Lets go to Eientei~
No. 31992
[X] Kaguya
No. 31993
[X] Kaguya
Lots of nice discussion here.
No. 31994
[X] Reimu
No. 31995
"A really strong one"

[ ] Reimu.
No. 31996
[X] Kaguya

This will be fun.
No. 31997
[x] Reimu
Bold moves for the win.
No. 31998

After reading the arguments presented by both sides, I've decided to vote for this one. Kaguya sure does seem pretty tempting, though.

For those unsure about Kaguya because of Eirin, why not go for Eirin first? If you're all so worried about her finding out about Kaguya, than take Eirin out before she can become a problem.
No. 31999
[X] Kaguya

Reimu's the strongest certainly, but she's too visible a target.

Now, Kaguya's got powers, a base, resources, and at least a few centuries of experience in the politics of both the moon and gensokyo.

Eirin can be considered the biggest threat should she get wise to our plans because of her medical knowledge to counter the drugs we use. Taking her head on is risky, so it's safest to slowly surround her with our dolls before taking her when she doesn't expect it.

Besides, who said we'll give Eirin enough time to notice changes in Kaguya before we move on her?
No. 32000

But Eirin is only going to notc e or care about our plans if we go after Kaguya. capturing Kaguya gives us a base we can not use, reaources we can not use, and experience we'd only be able to use second hand at best, all because Eirin would be watching Kaguya. We can't even use Reisen to approach the princess in that manner because Reisen supposedly has a boyfriend and has given up on Kaguya.

As for the Hakurei Shrine, it's a base we'd be able to put into better use than Eientei, simply because no one would amount any kind of physical confrontation. it'd be like nuking Washington D.C. or London - no one would do it because it'd get everybody on their ass.

Even if other youkai notice Reimu loosening up, she could chalk it up to being in a new relationship, which is innocent enough. The same excuse can't be used for Kaguya.
No. 32001
[X] Reimu tho. Also because >>32000 is right.
No. 32002
So you know for certain nobody would suspect anything? We haven't seen Yukari, Suika or any of the characters that frequent the shrine yet so you can't say with certainly they're not perceptive enough to notice a change in Reimus behavior. While Eientei would require more subtlety to take over, it's less risky than the Hakurei Shrine because the second some suspects something is up with Reimu it's like WE nuked D.C. Everyone's going to be gunning for us because Reimu is literally holding Gensokyo together on her own. Even if Reimu is powerful, I doubt she'll be able to fight off everyone while keeping us safe. It's not a question if she can beat everyone, it's if she can beat everyone while defending us and the other dolls. Once we go down, the dolls we control go down too.

I admit I could be wrong, but I'm not aware of many people visiting Eientei on a regular basis. It would take much longer for word to spread of odd behavior from the inhabitants because none of them really leave for anything except Reisen.

What I tried to imply was after converting Kaguya, we immediately afterwards go after Eirin to ensure no problems. With everyone of note in our pocket Tewi wouldn't know anything was wrong until we nab her too, cementing our hold over the place.
No. 32003
I'm not saying that no one would be suspicious, I'm saying that their suspicions are more easily dealt with than Eirin's focused suspicion over Kaguya. Yukari and Suika would certainly be interested if Reimu loosened up or something, but so long as Reimu continues to keep the barrier going, what she does on her own time is her own business. If Yukari was also focused on the status quo of Gensokyo, then she A: Wouldn't have helped Yuyuko with the events of PCB, and B: She'd have dealt with Medi by now.

As for going immediately after Eirin - so far, it seems that the general outline is a cqpture, followed by some slice of life stuff with Medi's dolls. Furthermore, if our breaking of Kaguya isn't strong enough, Eirin might be able to use the Power Of Love to turn her back to normal or at least take her out of the fight. Alternatively, she could whip up some drugs to mess with our dolls' brain chemistry and turn them somewhat back to normal.

Now that you've mentioned Tewi, though - we have no idea how her Luck works at all. She might accidentally/purposefully screw up our capture, simply because she her luck managed to kick in at just the wrong time. If we go after Kaguya that's three reasonably powerful people we have to be on the lookout for constantly, whole Reimu only has occasional visitors.
No. 32004
No. 32005
[X] Reimu.

It'd be more easily discovered if we went for Kaguya because of Eirin, and possibly vice versa; although Yukari might be a bit of a problem if we go for Reimu. I'd like to see how it goes with a move as audacious as going for the Hakurei Maiden herself.
No. 32006
Went back to thread one to get Marisa'S opinion on the matter

>“And the youkai would notice pretty quickly if she started actin’ strange. So, maybe not a good choice if we wanna keep this on the down-low.”

I think I'll go with what Marisa (thus teh author) say here, as she know more how the others are than us. Furthermore, explaining that she'S happier because relationship would be the worst thing to do. If some wanted Reimu? They'll sure as hell look into what happened closely.
No. 32007

Except Marisa isn't delivering the author's beliefs, she's delivering her own beliefs. Since Medi's never actually been to the Shrine to visit, we're working off second hand information.

And yes, if someone was interested in Reimu, they would investigate more closely. Just like how Eirin will investigate Kaguya because the doctor's interested in the princess. I'd much rather play Russian Roulette than get a guaranteed bullet to the face, as it were.
No. 32008
And her information is probably a good deal more reliable than yoru assumptions.

Do think: we get exposed? It's over. We'll never be able to infiltrate Eientei at that point and Sakuya's watch will never be repaired.

Furthermore, you're saying a direct warning is no biggie, but insist that Eirin will see anything, which could sure as hell be wrong. If she was as observant as you said, she would have investigated as soon as Reisen said she was dropping out for Kaguya.
No. 32009

I'm saying that multiple small inquires are easier to deal with than one focused interrogation. Furthermore, we don't necessarily need Eirin as a doll in order to get it repaired. Nitori was mentioned as another option, and even Reisen could just bring the watch to Eirin and ask her to fix it for her friend Sakuya.

Eirin is observant, because otherwise she wouldn't be known as the Brain of The Moon. However, she viewed Reisen as a rival for the Princess's attentions, and Reisen herself felt like she didn't really belong in Eientei. Eirin didn't question Reisen's cover because A: She wasn't that close to Reisen in the first place, and B: Investigating would have run counter to her own desires of having Kaguya to herself. She might very well suspect that Reisen doesn't actually have a boyfriend, she just doesn't care because Kaguya isn't being effected.
No. 32010
>I'd much rather play Russian Roulette than get a guaranteed bullet to the face.

This. So, [x] Reimu.
No. 32011
Guess what? Even if Eirin realize? We can overpower her with Kaguya on our side.

And the strange Reimu comeback without others votes is starting to be awfully suspiscious.
No. 32013
I'd think most are voting for the option that has the most chance of winning aside from Kaguya if they're against the Kaguya choice for a reason or another. It's more or less been either Reimu or her since around >>32004 or so
No. 32014
File 137642273427.jpg- (1.43MB , 2500x1777 , 707e8d77daa85a2c5492202c8f1cb7de.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Kaguya

While is it bad if someone, i.e. Eirin, were to find out about the corruption, it's not like there's a giant billboard over the dolls' heads telling everyone of their newfound status. Marisa went out and picked Medi up from school without anyone the wiser. Sakuya and Reisen are still primarily around their respective homes. Thus it is perfectly possible to corrupt without others noticeing.

And this is why I say go Kaguya. She is more isolated than Reimu, so there are far fewer notable people that could potentially notice. There's Eirin and scores of rabbits, and the rabbits might not even care.

And then once Kaguya is ours, Eirin can be persuaded as well. Reisen just told Eirin she has a boyfriend as a cover story; Kaguya could just invite Eirin over for some exceptionally debaucherous sex and entrap her then and there.
No. 32015
File 137642350144.jpg- (418.71KB , 825x690 , 9472ea86480c7c2bb34740badb67498772cd3337.jpg ) [iqdb]

Except Eirin is incredibly close to Kaguya and could potentially talk her out of it/convince her to help instead of helping us. Marisa, Reisen, and Sakuya all have had no one to really rely on, and thus we were much safer by choosing them. Reimu's in a similar boat.


You are quite correct that it's perfectly possible to corrupt others without others noticing. But recall that while Marisa lives alone, Sakuya has been staying away from the SDM, and Reisen is emotionally distant to Eirin and possibly Kaguya, the latter two have a pretty tight bond.

Furthermore, we know that Eirin didn't want to share Reisen with Kaguya, because otherwise they would just do so. Threesomes aren't happening in the Eientei household, either because Eirin wasn't up for it or Kaguya wasn't up for it. 'Exceptionally debaucherous sex' would definitely be something for Eirin to pick up on, because sexual habits don't change that fast without something huge to influence it.
No. 32016
[X] Reimu. Because I like her more than Kaguya.
No. 32017
[X] Alice.

..For what it's worth, at this point.
No. 32018
[X] Kaguya

If risks are around even, then Eientei has far more worth than Reimu.
No. 32019

Except that Eientei's resources are under lock and key by Eirin and Kaguya. Furthermore, Eirin has gone on record in Silent Sinner of Blue and Cage of Lunatic Runagate of having absolutely no qualms of killing, at least, moon rabbits if she believes the situation demands it - and, in fact, killed every emissary who accompanied her when she first went down to Earth to see Kaguya, according to what's said in Imperishable Night. Eirin might very well fight back with lethal force if we try to go after Kaguya first, because she has already done so before to protect her.
No. 32020
If you're actually the same guy who's been arguing for Reimu and agaisnt Kaguya nonstop already, will you please shut up now?

Things will get as bad for us if youkais discover what we did to Reimu. And comparing assets, Reimu really can't match Eientei and will hurt us financially if we get her, as we're still in deficit.

And Reimu won't help us better with Eientei either. Lunarian isn't the same as youkai, so her power probably won't work.
No. 32021
This whole "Eirin will find out from Kaguya and try to stop us" argument is based on the belief that Eirin is somehow hyper-competent enough to instantly deduce what's happened to Kaguya and our involvement in it the second she talks to her.

Yes, IF Eirin finds out what we're trying to pull she'll understandably try to kill us. But IF we're found out in Eientei, it's only Eirin and possibly Tewi out for our blood and not the entirety of Gensokyo like it would be if we got caught with Reimu.
No. 32022
Reimu = bad end.

I don't know why we have to expand the harem though... We got a nice group already
No. 32023

Not the guy talking about chance of death above (since it's a porn story and death is usually considered unsexy) but it seemed like the argument was less 'Eirin being hypercompetant' and more 'Kaguya wouldn't be able to leverage much direct power in the form of a base or cash because those would be under Eirin's control.' Eientei's funds come directly from Eirin's clinic, after all, and Kaguya doesn't go outside much. Saying 'Oh, I wanted to gt some cash for Reisen and her friends' is a bit much, as is most explanations for why the layabout princess would dip into the funds.

The actual Eientei mansion can't be really lived in, since Reisen would need to bring back a boy as part of her cover, and if Kaguya 'suddenly' had a flight of fancy and wanted to rent rooms out or whatever, Eirin would probably notice that we aren't actually paying anything. And if we [i] are paying rent then that kinda defeats the purpose of getting a positive cash inflow.

Honestly, from a resources perspective, Yuuka would be the best. She can grow food for free, has a bunch of flowers Medi's group could distill into meds/potions/poisons, is surrounded by the field of suzuran Medi has control over, and has a kickin' rad house.
No. 32024
Who said anything about going to live there immediately after Kaguya? Of course we need to take care of Eirin first before that.
No. 32025

Then shouldn't the vote be Eirin and Kaguya together? Or st least Eirin first? With Eirin we could take her down in her clinic, which is publically available and fairly secrative - the whole 'doctor-patient confidentiality' thing would be much easier to work with than going to Eientei's private areas and bumrushing Kaguya.

As for not living there immediately - while that's fine and makes sense, it doesn't really help Kaguya's argument. If we capture her, then we can't use Eientei for anything until we capture Eirin. If we capture Eirin, then - we get access to funds and the base, because Eirin could claim that Medi and her buddies need to stay at the clinic overnight. It seems like Eirin would be easier to capture too, since we have a way to get to her safely and could use any super-drugs we find in the clinic, instead of just going after Kaguya, without an excuse, using only our regular stuff.
No. 32026
There's a big problem about going for Eirin first. Most of the stuff we use for getting a new doll is drugs. And fighting Eirin with drugs is just plain crazy. Kaguya, however, can be used against Eirin. The next day or the day after, whatever.
No. 32027

But we don't need Kaguya to take out Eirin. We have Reisen. It's safe to assume that Eirin took the same precautions about being drugged that Reisen did, so we can be on the lookout for that. It's also mentioned that even though Eirin's drugs don't have side effects, mixing then with regular drugs (or even possibly potions/herbal remidies) will cause side effects. Reisen is also familiar with the clinic, and no good medical establishment goes without restraints to hold down unruly patients.
No. 32028
Reisen already warned about using drugs like that. While the restraints are an interestign theory, no one is going to switch for Eirin while the count for the worst option (Reimu) is still that high.
No. 32029
[x] Reimu, because it's the worst option.
No. 32031
Wow. Are you seriously trying to piss off everyone here?
No. 32032
No, I actually genuinely want to see how it turns out if the Reimu choice wins, I just added the "because it's the worst option" because of the previous reply.
No. 32033
[x] Kaguya.
While I think Eirin would be much safer a choice to start with (intelligent as hell, no way at all she'd miss Kaguya acting strange + daily contact), the votes are just simply not going that way, and preventing the suicidal Reimu vote from winning takes priority.
No. 32035
Well, Eirin has daily contact with Reisen too, you know?
No. 32037
[X] Reimu, more or less because I highly agree with the guy(s) who's been arguing against the Kaguya option for a while now.
Or actually, more so because I disagree with some of the pro-Kaguya arguments.

Besides, having the entirety of Gensokyo after us if we fail is much more exciting than having 'just' a Lunarian genius, and possibly a lucky rabbit.

I'd have voted for Alice or possibly Eirin, but considering the current votes, that would simply be pointless.
No. 32039
[X] Kaguya

No to bad end option.
No. 32041
>much more exciting

So you have fun picking an option that will bad end us a month or two later (unless updates speed up)?
No. 32042
Why is Bad Ending bad? It's not like the story suddenly stopping is a thing that actually happens these days. Hell, look at Komachi's Hard, Throbbing Adventure, or all of the Touhoumon shorts that are popping up. We'd just restart somewhere and continue from there.
No. 32044
How about update speed, genius? Not everyone have as much time as those guys for the Touhoumon stories. So how about not wasting everyone's time and enjoyment with crap like that?

Besides, unlike the bad ends in those stories, it will definitely not be amusing for us and Medecine.
No. 32045
It's bad because some of us are enjoying this story and don't feel like killing ourselves for shits and giggles.

We've got a good thing going here, pushing back progression of the plot and advancement of the characters to intentionally make the author write a BAD END before resetting with a "serious" choice a few months later is in poor taste, both to the RP and the author's story.
No. 32046
[X] Reimu. Because.
No. 32047
... And for all you know, even if the definite choice is Reimu, we won't particularly be getting a bad end. Only the author knows.
No. 32049
No, just highly probable.

So, how many ip adresses do you still have? You probably got your bases covered, but I would swear in court that the latest Reimu votes are all from you, with comments like that.
No. 32050

You're correct that Medi's Dollhouse updates somewhat slowly, but that doesn't mean the author is going to go out of his way to make the Bad Ends unenjoyable for us to read. Seeing what happens during interesting events is part of the fun, and if he's not interested in Bad Ending us, he could always write a short scene of us losing and then getting back to the actual story.


Doesn't seem intentional at all, least on my end. Both sides have argued well and both have brought what they believed to be good reasons to choose either Reimu or Kaguya. I'm just pointing out that Bad Endings could offer insight into the characters and setting regardless (like for example Yukari actually keeping tabs on us or not if Reimu wins) which could be used the next time around.
No. 32051
[X] Kaguya
No. 32052
No one is interested in wasting that much time for so little.

And replace both sides with one side against one guy. I'm pretty sure it has been the same guy arguing all day for Reimu, with the same way of speaking.
No. 32053
A guy on IRC just admitted to votespamming Reimu. Might as well invalidate all those since they are almost certainly proxyvotes, whether trolling or stupidity, can't tell.
No. 32054
Lol, ok. Funny guy.
No. 32055
The burden of proof is on you.
No. 32056

Honestly, the reason I'm voting for this is to see what's going to happen, and specifically, if there will be consequences for taking the path that's less prudent.

Given that this has been established already as a more risky course than other options, I don't think it would be cheap or unfair for the writer to, uh. Not punish necessarily, but introduce new challenges or difficulty because of it.
No. 32057



All Tor proxies.

Also, >>32032 admits to being >>32029 while his IP is an almost exact match for >>31995 . Surprise, 32032's IP is a Tor proxy.

Dude, seriously.
No. 32058
Well, now that the vote count for Reimu is annihilated, should we stay with Kaguya or switch to Eirin?
No. 32060

No. 32061
I think we should stick to Kaguya. Whichever one we don't choose now will surely be the one we convert next so we shouldn't worry too much about the other getting suspicious.

Kaguya would be useful against Eirin as a psychological weapon. If Eirin tries to resist she'll be reluctant to fight because her princess is on our side. And if we drug her or use Reisen's eyes on her Kaguya's assistance could be used to persuade her into submission while her reasoning's messed up.
No. 32062

Better luck next time, champ.
No. 32063
I was referring to the "guy on IRC" thing, but this is fine too.
No. 32065
Well, that's disappointing news. I'll go ahead and call the vote for Kaguya now.

This is an interesting turn of events.
No. 32067
Well if we're going after Kaguya should we also pencil in Moukou for conversion in the near future?
No. 32068
You just had to say 'interesting', didn't you? Now I'm filled with dread and paranoia.

On a side note, there would have been voters for Eirin and it could maybe have taken the lead had that cheating jerk not shown up.
No. 32069
>Mokou as a doll

I could get behind that. It also opens up an opportunity for a Keine conversion.

Imagine it: eternal rivals Kaguya and Mokou... arguing over the affections of their mistress.

"Mistress picked me first!"
"She loves me more, Moonbitch!"
No. 32070
Then we discipline them until they make nice and start competing with each other. I am down with this idea.
No. 32071
This leads to a real world Harem problem.
This also could lead order being broken. If you're busy keeping your minons from killing each other things will become messy fast.

Also we should get Alice soon so the Revolutionary Guard (actual dolls) can get upgrades and possibly we get Fanatical dolls which can spread our poisons everywhere By suicide bombing
No. 32072
Except the entire point of making them our dolls is to overwrite their will completely.

Personally I think it might be more fun to just rent Kaguya out to Mokou. If we want people to respect dolls, they still need to be able to think for themselves.
Rather than go all world domination, it might be preferable to turn a few power players and then just turn anyone who volunteers. Or 'volunteers', by being a threat to our harem.
No. 32073
Any infighting could easily be solved by using Reisen's eyes and a ton of "obedience training" to rewrite any animosity into a friendly rivalry between dolls. That would remove any potential complications without entirely removing a fundamental part of their identities. We should try to use that as a last resort since we're trying to avoid Tiramisu Tart type personality death here.

Might be amusing to rent out the dolls to independent accomplices in exchange for favors, but we'd first have to ensure they wouldn't rat us out or turn on us later.
No. 32074
>Except the entire point of making them our dolls is to overwrite their will completely.
Not if that entails completely rewriting their personalities it doesn't. Last I checked we still weren't doing the whole Tiramisu Tart mindbreak thing.
No. 32086
Originally we were "Doing Better" doing that is NOT 'Doing Better'

If anything it would be better for downtime scenes of trying to balance out the possible conflicts and building our 'family'. Sure it might be less MUST MAKE HAREM NOW!! and more stuff with what we have.

And really with how many girls we have now there are a lot of possible scenes we could do with what we do as we have to balance favored partners with egos as we have to find ways to share and balance thing.

Thing is we can could encourage the ones we have to have sex with each other to build up relationships and friendships but that means we have the problem of them possibly getting independent streaks.

For some reason this is more appealing than "GET MORE GIRLS! MORE DOLLS! MORE DOLLS!" To me as it's a weird familish thing we'd be doing
No. 32203
BTW, Op... Well, I know you take your time to deliver quality, but is the wait this time going to be as long as last time?
No. 32205

Nah, I've made a good amount of progress already. Today might not work out, but I'll probably have it finished no later than early next week.

I'd really like to update faster, but we'd really like a lot of things.
No. 32228
File 137766573352.jpg- (84.23KB , 550x493 , 6a8da9edc81c1bb90ae3905a8ba41d64.jpg ) [iqdb]
Standard delays for standard reasons. Hang tight, everyone.
No. 32244
[x] Kaguya.

Hmm. If the stuff you’ve gotten from Reisen is any indication, Eirin’s would be a really dangerous opponent. She probably has at least as many countermeasures as Reisen did and better resistance in general, and you don’t have Sakuya’s timestop to fall back on this time. You can’t really say if Reisen would be able to make up the difference.

However, Eirin does seem really devoted to Kaguya. If you can get that princess to join you first, you might be able to use that loyalty to your advantage. And if you pull that off, then you’ll have a whole hidden mansion to yourself! You’ll be safe then, right?

Marisa’s still worried and hugging you. You struggle out of her warm embrace and give her an innocent smile.

“Oh, I was just thinking. Let’s go, Marisa.”


It’s after lunch now. Marisa made her signature mushroom soup, which even Sakuya admitted wasn’t bad. Reisen looks really out of place doing the dishes in a bunnysuit, but she’s gotten so used to wearing it that she probably doesn’t notice. Sakuya’s fiddling with her watch like usual, and Marisa’s paging through one of her many extremely dangerous books.

They all stop what they’re doing immediately once you call them to the table. Reisen arrives first and sits across from you, while Marisa and Sakuya take the seats on either side. Things were carefree and ordinary a moment ago, but the serious look on your face makes everyone quiet down.

“What is it, Mistress?” Reisen asks.

You take a small breath and clear your throat. “Well, it’s really nice living here with you all, but I’m afraid we won’t really get anywhere with our mission of doll liberation like this. I think we need to get another doll.”

That’s exciting news. Marisa brightens up immediately and moves to the edge of her seat, while Sakuya just leans forward a little and folds her hands together. Reisen’s ears perk up with interest; she’s probably had enough of being the new girl.

“Do you have anyone in mind?” she asks.

“Mm-hm.” You close your eyes and take another deep breath before revealing who it is. This is a pretty dramatic moment, so you can’t help letting the suspense build a bit. Finally, you open your eyes and look straight at Reisen.


“Ehh?” Reisen’s eyes go wide as she pulls her head back in disbelief. That’s about the reaction you expected from her. Sakuya just raises her eyebrows enigmatically, and Marisa busts out an excited grin.

“Oh-hoh! Aimin’ for the top this time, huh? Kaguya’d make a great doll. Hell, she might even just ask for it.”

“… Really?”

Marisa’s grin fades. “Eh, prob’ly not. Not without a bit of persuasion, anyway. Fickle as she is, she really seems to enjoy bein’ on top of the heap.”

You shouldn’t have gotten your hopes up. “Ah. I didn’t think you knew her so well, Marisa.”

“’Course I do!” Marisa puffs out her chest with pride. “I was the one who beat her, after all.”

That draws an unamused glare from Sakuya. “You’re aware that was only because I defeated Eirin first. And she was a much more difficult opponent, I assure you.”

“What? No way, she had like five crazy spellcards at the end!”

“Which you didn’t even have to capture. Eirin was nowhere near as playful,” Sakuya says matter-of-factly.

“What, are you sayin’ you’re better in a fight than me? ‘Cause we can test that out right now, if you want!” Marisa lunges over the crowded kitchen table, narrowly missing you and forcing a startled Reisen out of the way as she grabs at the maid opposite her. Sakuya doesn’t flinch as Marisa takes hold of her lapels, but you do see a smirk playing at the edges of her mouth. You’re also treated to an excellent view of Marisa’s bare back and mostly-bare butt, both of which are tensed up with excitement. As nice as the view is, you can’t have a fight breaking out right now.

“Hey!” you say sternly. The two dolls break their deadlock to glance at you. The sight of your displeased frown makes them back down almost immediately, with Marisa muttering a quick and fearful apology. With that settled, you return to the matter at hand, directing your attention at Reisen once again.

“That’s right, we’ll be going after Kaguya next. You won’t mind, will you, Reisen?”

Reisen shakes her head immediately. “Of course not! You’re a much better Mistress than she ever was.”

“And you need to get revenge for how she exploited you too, right?” you ask with a smirk.

“That’s right!” Reisen grins with excitement. The thought of going after her old mistress has her acting unusually eager.

“Good. Now, I need you to tell me everything you can about her. We need to come up with a plan.”

“Ah, sure! So, um, let’s see…”

There’s a long moment of silence while Reisen stares at the ceiling and thinks. Marisa absentmindedly drums her fingers on the table, and Sakuya takes the opportunity to bring out some tea. You stare absentmindedly at Reisen’s generous cleavage while you sip it With the four of you sitting elbow-to-elbow around a small table in a small house in the middle of nowhere, this all seems kind of shady and conspiratorial. But that’s ridiculous; you’re the good guys, after all.

“Well, she was originally a princess from the moon. They sent her away a really long time ago, and she decided she liked it better here. When I was little, they told us stories about her corruption and decadence to scare us away from Earth.” Reisen smiles with amusement at the memory.

“Why’d she stay? I’d heard that the people on the moon, uh…’sucked,’” you ask, glancing briefly at Marisa. “Why would any of them want to live here?”

“Well, she’s always been a bit silly for a Lunarian, and being immortal has probably given her a different outlook. She’s a lot more open-minded than the rest of them, so the Earth fits her better. There’s hardly ever anything new or interesting on the moon.”

“Wait, she’s immortal?”

Marisa takes over for Reisen. “Yeah, that’s why they kicked her out in the first place. Thanks to a potion Eirin made for her, she can’t be killed at all. Really bad injuries will leave her crippled for a few days, but if you kill her she’ll just come back good as new.”

“… It sounds like you have firsthand experience.”

Marisa shrugs. “Things got pretty rough that time, alright?”

Hmm, immortality. That sounds really useful, but it could also be a big problem for you at this stage. “So, does that mean she can’t be poisoned?”

Marisa doesn’t have an answer to that one. You turn back to Reisen, who puts a finger to her lips and considers it for a minute. “Well, she isn’t actually invincible, so I think poison will still work if it isn’t fatal. She’ll probably recover quickly, though; Lunarians have strong immune systems to start with, and Kaguya’s is probably even stronger. Eirin might have given her some emergency antidotes like the one I had, too. ”

That’s problematic. You might need to rely on Reisen’s medicines for this one. “Okay, that’s good to know. What else? Does she have any special powers?”

Reisen nods. “Yeah, she has the power to manipulate the eternal and instantaneous. It’s… really complicated, but she can basically use it to interrupt the flow of time.”

“Oh, like Sakuya…?” You can’t say ‘can,’ but ‘could’ might insult her, so you just let the sentence drop. Sakuya briefly glances at the workbench in the next room.

“Mm, not quite. When Kaguya does it, she kind of makes it so that a single moment lasts forever. It doesn’t feel unusual different, but the clocks are all stopped and the world around you doesn’t change.”

Sakuya jumps in. She’s spent the last few weeks reading every time-related book Marisa has, so she’s practically an expert on this. “The distortions are localized, as well. If you observe her from outside the range of her ability, the moment she manipulates will still pass by in an instant.”

“So it’s like an area-effect version of your watch?”

“I… suppose you could say that.” Sakuya’s eye twitches a bit as she says that, but she’s not about to bore you with a huge lecture on timestop-dynamics. That’s nice of her.

“Alright. Now, how can we get to her? It sounds like she’s always close to Eirin, especially now that they’re, uh…” Are they in love, or just having sex? Or just holding hands? Reisen wasn’t really clear on that.

And she doesn’t notice your confusion, since she’s too busy concentrating on the original question. You’ll just ask her later.

“Well, she spends most of her time lounging around in Eientei, and Eirin’s usually there too… Oh, but she does go out at night to fight Mokou!”

Sakuya and Marisa both nod in recognition, but you’re left in the dark. “Who’s Mokou?”

“Oh, she’s another immortal who really hates Kaguya. Almost every night, they get together and have a huge fight.” Reisen shrugs. “Everyone at Eientei acted like it was a perfectly normal thing to do.”

Marisa’s eager to add on. “Kaguya used to have tons of suitors, you see. Probably got off on watching them embarrass themselves for her amusement. She blew off Mokou’s dad a long time ago, and the girl took it really hard. Mokou used that same potion to turn herself immortal too, and now she and Kaguya just spend the night killing each other until they’re both exhausted. Dunno if they still hate each other, or if they’re just doing it for fun now.”

Everything falls into place. “So, she’ll be alone and vulnerable once the fight’s over!”

Reisen starts to nod, but stops herself. “Well, Kaguya always leaves alone, but Eirin does head out after her if she takes too long to come back. Sometimes Kaguya dies so much she can hardly stand afterwards, and Eirin has to carry her home.”

“Still, that seems pretty promising. She’ll be a lot easier to handle then.”

“As long as we can convert her before Eirin shows up,” Sakuya adds.

“Yeah. And then we’ll need to figure out what to do about her…” Kaguya might be able to pretend she’s still normal and give you time to regroup, but you might end up having to attack Eirin immediately. You probably won’t know for sure until the time comes. “… Still, this is a big help, Reisen.”

“No problem, Mistress!” Reisen smiles wide and blushes a bit.

She’s really cute when she does that.


“Come again!”

You and Reisen both wave goodbye as you head out the door, making the bell jingle merrily behind you. Reisen has two bags in each hand, while you’re just carrying a lollipop. It’s cherry-flavored.

“I didn’t know you shopped there too, Reisen,” you say.

Reisen smiles. “Well, it is the best store in town, and we do have a princess at home. Eirin wouldn’t settle for anything less.”

You nod and give your lollipop a thoughtful lick. “She really cares about her princess, doesn’t she?”

“Mm-hm. She gave up everything to be with her, after all. But, I’m not sure how Kaguya feels about her. I’m sure she appreciates everything Eirin does, but whether it’s any deeper than that…” Reisen loses herself in thought.

The village never seems to get any quieter. You’ve passed from the fashionable district to a popular main street, where you have to dodge between clusters of pedestrians and ox-drawn carts. Most of the people here are modestly-dressed humans, but you see a few more colorful youkai mixed into the crowd as well. Thanks to that, the two of you don’t seem especially out of place. Chatter and arguments fill the air, whirling around you in a confusing mass. If you didn’t have Reisen’s skirt to hold onto, you’d probably get swept away.

Surprisingly, Reisen seems to be quite at ease here, even when the mushroom in her pussy is feeding her a steady stream of aphrodisiacs. She keeps her head up high and walks at a leisurely stroll, smiling and nodding at acquaintances and customers. None of them seem to notice how she’s blushing and breathing harder than she should be, or how her unrestrained breasts bounce a little under her blazer with each step she takes. You guess it does make sense for her to be relaxed here, if she’s been doing this for fifty years compared to the less than a month she’s spent as your doll.

“Ah, Miss Reisen!” a male voice calls out.

Reisen’s ears perk up at the sound of her name, and she feels a little jolt of pleasure as her body tenses up involuntarily. Glancing behind you, you see a well-dressed old man making his way through the crowd. Reisen takes a second to collect herself, then turns around and greets him with a pleasant smile.

“Hello, Mr. Nikaidou. Has the medicine done anything for your daughter?” she asks politely, carefully avoiding any eye contact.

The man’s eyes seem to glow with joy as a wide smile covers his face. “Why, it’s miraculous! I thought my li’l Reiko would never read again, but now her eyes are better than new. I could never thank you enough for what you’ve done.” Reaching into his robe, he produces a tightly-wrapped, sweet-smelling package. “Here, this is the least I can do. Some of the best our store’s ever made.”

Reisen was blushing a little already thanks to the aphrodisiacs, but it deepens when she hears the man’s praise. She brings up her hands, still holding the bags, and tries to wave away his kind words.

“Please, that was all my Master’s work. I was hardly more than a…”

“You still helped her, didn’t ya? If it’s that much of a bother, you can just share it with her.”

There’s another minute of fretting, but Reisen eventually accepts the package with a deep bow. The man gives you a sideways glance as puts it in one of her bags, but he keeps his thoughts to himself. That’s how it is with most people, aside from that grocer. He never seems to run out of those lollipops.

Once you get out of the village’s no-fly zone, the two of you lift off and start heading towards Marisa’s house. After all that chaos in the village, a simple flight through the cool air seems incredibly peaceful. You stay quiet and enjoy it for a bit, until a question bubbles up in your mind.

“What is it you liked about Kaguya, Reisen?”

That gets her a bit off-guard. “Ah? Well, um… she was very beautiful, of course. And I guess I liked her for taking me in… e-even if she was just taking advantage of me. Besides that…” Reisen stares thoughtfully at the rolling farmland below you. “Well, I’d never met someone so open-minded and whimsical before. Things like purity and tradition didn’t matter to her like they had to everyone else I’d known, and… I wanted her to teach me how to be like that, and… teach me other things, too…”

Wow, Reisen’s blushing up a storm now. You decide to change the subject to something else. She’s been taking home some of the books Sakuya read to you, so there’s a good deal that you can discuss there.

It took a whole lot of arm-twisting before Sakuya agreed to let Reisen do the shopping for once. Even after her training a few days ago, the possibility of getting a flaccid daikon or something was too abhorrent for her to accept. She did need more time to work on the watch, though so she eventually agreed to write out a very detailed list for Reisen to bring into town. You’re pretty sure there’s no way you could’ve gotten anything wrong when everything had such exact specifications for weight, length, and color, but it’s hard to tell with someone like her.

Pretty soon, the two of you touch down in the empty clearing in front of your house. The walls are freshly painted and clear of vines, and the smell is mostly gone, but even Sakuya couldn’t do anything about the cracks and the whole place’s subtle tilt to the side. It seems like the Forest of Magic just won’t suffer the presence of a well-kept house. You start to reach for the door when someone interrupts you from behind.

“Allow me to take those, Reisen.”

“Oh, thank you, Sak… uya?”

Your perfect and elegant made stands where she most definitely wasn’t a second ago, holding two of Reisen’s bags in one hand and her watch in the other. She’s wearing the biggest smile you’ve seen in weeks.

“Sakuya! You fixed it?” You run over and hug her out of excitement. Sakuya laughs quietly and ruffles your hair.

“Well, somewhat. I couldn’t repair it completely, but I’ve come up with a ‘quick fix’ of sorts.” Sakuya pops open the lid for you; the glass is still cracked, and the hole behind it actually seems larger than before. Inside, you can see a few rough pieces of metal jammed into the watch’s bizarre mechanisms.

“It can stop time for as long as it takes to count to ten, but the device that does so needs about ten minutes to re-arm itself.”

“Still, that’s really cool!

Sakuya’s happy to accept the praise after working so hard, but her smile eventually fades. “This is the limit of my ability, though; I suspect that only Eirin would be able to fully restore it.”

Reisen’s head and ears droop at that. “Ah… I’m still really sorry about that…”

“Don’t worry, Reisen. You’ve made up for it already.” Sakuya reaches under the bunny girl’s skirt, and a smile comes over her face as she finds the cap of the aphrodisiac mushroom in Reisen’s panties. “Though, I’d be happy to celebrate with you later…”

She gives the mushroom a few quick pumps, drawing a couple of nice squeals out of her companion before stepping away. Reisen’s doesn’t seem too embarrassed, though. In fact, her nervous smile suggests that she finds the idea pretty exciting.

The two of them don’t seem to be letting go of each other, so you go ahead and open the door yourself. To your surprise, you’re greeted by the sight of Marisa cleaning her bookshelves. At the sound of the door, she drops her duster and turns around to greet you with a brilliant smile.

“Hey, Mistress! And Reisen, and… Sakuya.” She must not have noticed the maid’s disappearance. “Welcome back! You need anything? Some food, or a bath, or…”

“A bath sounds nice.”

“Sure, sure!” Marisa bows to the three of you and heads for the back door. As she walks, she makes sure to sway her hips so you can ogle her jiggling but through the hole in the back of her skirt.

“It’s strange seeing her so well-behaved,” Sakuya remarks. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen her clean anything before.”

“It’s nice,” Reisen says.

You decide to head after Marisa, leaving Sakuya and Reisen to sort out the groceries together. By the time you’ve undressed and gotten out back to the tub, Marisa’s already filled it and started up her heating magic. You join her at the side of the tub and bend over the side, staring at your fuzzy reflections in the water.

“Things are gonna change soon, huh?” she says. “Might be movin’ out of here and into a nice spacious mansion.”

You nod at the water. “Mhm. I’ve had a really good time here, though.”

“Yeah, me too. It’s nice, havin’ someone to do all the heavy thinking for me. And… it’s nice having someone to sleep with every night, too.”

Marisa’s blush is clear to see, even in her shimmering reflection.

“I’ve been able to do a lot thanks to you, Marisa. I’ll need your help for this next part, too.”

Marisa grins at that. “Hey, you can always count on me. I’ll stick with you no matter what!”

That’s a wonderful thing to hear. You turn towards Marisa and give her a big hug, helping yourself to a faceful of her soft, perky breasts.

“… Thanks, Marisa. That makes me really happy.”

Marisa puts her hands around your back and pulls you in even closer, forceful and caring all at once.

“Then I’ll say it as much as you want.”


They don’t call it the Bamboo Forest of the Lost for nothing. Ever since you came in, it’s been nothing but mountains and mountains of bamboo, clustered thick enough to blot out the sky and forcing you to wind through on narrow, twisty little paths. Even in the daytime, coming in here without a way to fly out would be suicide.

Fortunately, you have a giant fiery laser-lightshow to guide you tonight.

You’d all be pretty visible in the air with all those fireballs and rainbow bullets lighting up the sky, so you have to make your approach on foot. Reisen’s on point, and she at least looks like she knows where she’s going. You’re holding her hand and following close behind her, while Sakuya does the same to you. Marisa has the rear, keeping an eye out for anything suspicious behind your party. You don’t come across a single soul the whole time, though. Seems that even the wild youkai know to stay far away from those two.

It would’ve been nice for everyone to wear their doll clothes on a mission for once, but this place is a little too dangerous for those. If things get ugly, you want as much skin protected as possible.

It’s not a great idea to talk right now, so you run over your preparations in your head while you walk. You have a couple of each potion strapped to your leg, bags of Reisen’s pills stashed away in your dress, and the ropes and blindfold and dildo-vibrator in a bag slung around your shoulder. Each one of your dolls is packing a few potions and pills and an egg vibrator too, just to save you the trouble of handing them out.


You’re caught off-guard by a blinding flash, which is followed by a thunderous explosion a second later. Your eyes are useless for a few seconds, and when you’re finally able to look up, you see a huge fireball headed straight for--


--ten feet to the left of you, where it crashes to the ground and ignites a couple dozen bamboo stalks. A breathless Sakuya pulls you all to your feet, and the four of you quickly fly away from the growing blaze.

Marisa skids to a stop once you’re safe, shortly followed by the rest of you. That burst of quick flying didn’t take much out of you, but the surge of adrenaline that came with it is making you feel all shaky. The rising temperature isn’t doing anything to help, either. Your dolls are better off, but Sakuya seems a bit shaken.

“Thanks, Sakuya,” you say between breaths.

“I just wish I could’ve acted sooner, Mistress.” Sakuya smiles politely back at you. She’s probably dealt with much more dangerous things in her time. Marisa joins in the praise and gives her a pat on the back, but Reisen’s busy watching the sky with a furrowed brow.

“They’ve started to go all-out. We shouldn’t get any closer until they’re finished.”

Following her advice, you spend the next few minutes huddled behind a sturdy bamboo thicket while explosions and screams and battle-cries echo through the forest. Sakuya keeps a hawklike eye on the sky, while Marisa puts up a non-sanctioned magic shield to hold off any stray bullets. You wait things out in Reisen’s lap; you aren’t exactly scared, but going after someone as powerful as Kaguya does have you a bit nervous. Cuddling with a nice, soft bunny helps you calm down a little, especially when she gently strokes your hair like that.

Finally, a birdlike shriek tears through the night. Looking up, you see that a giant, fiery, multi-tailed bird charging straight at a glowing pale orb, leaving huge streaks of fame as it tears through the pitch-black sky. The orb pelts it with brilliant rainbow bullets and lasers, shearing off wings and tails faster than they can regenerate; by the time the two finally meet, the bird’s just down to its head and midsection. The orb suddenly grows brighter at the last second, and the two of them crash together and explode loud enough to leave your ears ringing. You see Marisa pump her barrier up to maximum power before Reisen instinctively jams your head into her chest, and a blazing heat roils past you all a few seconds later. For a moment, you’re honestly afraid you’ll die.

And then, it’s silent. All the sounds of violence disappear, replaced by a quiet, desolate wind. You pull your head out of Reisen’s chest, and find that you’re nearly blind now that the light of the battle’s gone. The four of you slowly pick yourselves up, staying together until the ringing fades and you can start to see your way around again. Then, it’s time to get to work.

Just a few yards past where you’re hiding, the forest turns to ruins. Smoldering, bloody craters litter a square mile, with only a few charred stalks left standing between them. The air is still warm enough to make you sweat, and the smell is less than appetizing. You hurry through the rubble to find your mark as fast as you can.

Two craters in the middle of the destruction are much deeper than the rest. The first one you pass contains a pale girl with bright silver hair, a white shirt, and a huge pair of red pants, none of which seem damaged in the least. She’s out cold, but apparently unharmed.

This must be Mokou, Kaguya’s immortal enemy. Her baggy clothes make her look kind of boyish, but there’s no mistaking her lean frame, the slight swell of her chest, and her unmistakably womanly face. She’s like a storybook princess disguised as a man. You know, the kind that always got found out and gangraped in your books. If she’s the one who was throwing around all that fire earlier, she’d be a real terror to have on your side if push came to shove. Now’s not the time to go after her, though; you’ll probably have your hands full with Kaguya.

Speaking of which, you find her in the other crater a few paces away. She’s…

Wow. Even in a nasty place like this, you can’t help but notice how beautiful she is. Her skin really does seem as pure and pale as the moon overhead, contrasting beautifully with the rich black thigh-length hair that spreads out beneath her like a blanket. Despite everything she’s been through, she just seems to be peacefully asleep, with her eyes gently closed and her mouth slightly pursed. Her richly-colored blouse and skirt are just as unblemished as the rest of her, and they’re long to fully cover her arms and legs.

She seems almost too pretty to be real, the sort of thing that’ll shatter if you touch it too forcefully. But you just witnessed how sturdy she is, and you’re going to make her yours.

Reisen seems to shiver a bit as she beholds the unconscious princess, and Sakuya and Marisa blush a little as they lift her out of the person-shaped depression in the crater and start to carry her away. Her long, silky hair spills down her sides at first, and Marisa feels compelled to hold it up off the ground.

Soon, you’ve made your way to a nicer part of the forest. The bamboo here is healthy and sturdy, the air is cool and crisp, and that awful smell is nowhere to be smelled. Here, you can focus fully on your goal.

Okay, you’ve got your rope and pills all ready to go. If what Reisen’s told you is correct, Kaguya probably won’t have the strength to fly when she wakes up. It was nice of her to wear herself out for you like this.

Still, you shouldn’t waste any time.

Now, how are you going to tie her up?
[ ] Shibari.
[ ] Hogtie.
[ ] Spread-eagle.
[ ] Write-in.

And more importantly, what will you say to you convince her to join you?
[ ] Write-in the general idea.
No. 32248
[X] Spread-eagle.

Better access to pleasure her.

[X] She might be open-minded, but what about her heart? Is it as open? Find out how much she care about Eirin and what Kaguya allows her to do and turns it against her. Ask her why someone as beautiful as her is so closed to others, as history as shown. Why deny herself pleasure for the sake of it? Because of immortality? But even then, is that really a reason to deny yourself? You will show her how to enjoy life and pleasure in a way she probably never experienced before if she joins you. And wouldn't it be a thrill to not be in control for that too?

And if she talks about Eirin and that she can't leave her, tell her you won't mind having her join your group too. She seems like someone who restrain herself far too much too, no?

Second line is part of vote too, just saying. Pretty much what I can think of at the top of my head.
No. 32249
[x] Shibari.
Let's be classy, here.

[x] Surely an immortal such as herself finds everyday life somewhat boring. How about she becomes our doll for a while, just for a bit of fun? She doesn't need to make a decision right away, of course; we've got a while before Eirin finds us.
No. 32251
[x] Shibari.
Agreed, classics are classics.

[x] Surely an immortal such as herself finds everyday life somewhat boring. How about she becomes our doll for a while, just for a bit of fun? She doesn't need to make a decision right away, of course; we've got a while before Eirin finds us.
Picking this one just because I don't have any good ideas right now and it's less obtuse and doesn't assume as much.
No. 32253
[x] Shibari

[X] She might be open-minded, but what about her heart? Is it as open? Find out how much she care about Eirin and what Kaguya allows her to do and turns it against her. Ask her why someone as beautiful as her is so closed to others, as history as shown. Why deny herself pleasure for the sake of it? Because of immortality? But even then, is that really a reason to deny yourself? You will show her how to enjoy life and pleasure in a way she probably never experienced before if she joins you. And wouldn't it be a thrill to not be in control for that too?

And if she talks about Eirin and that she can't leave her, tell her you won't mind having her join your group too. She seems like someone who restrain herself far too much too, no?

Best of both votes
No. 32254
So, from what I can tell Kaguya A: has a lot of experience and B: would enjoy new things. I think it's relatively safe to assume that Eirin lets Kaguya take the lead in their relationship, if there is one, since Eirin's extremely submissive to Kaguya despite having more intelligence and general ability, because she's Kaguya's servant, and also because she's effected by Kaguya's beauty. Medi described her as 'looking extremely fragile,' and since Eirin makes sure to walk Kaguya back home and restore her to health, that seems to lend credence.

It's not mentioned if Kaguya has had sex with people before, but presumably she has. Even if she hasn't, however, she's a princess, and people probably showered her with classy and elegant affection.

So what I propose is that instead of being like anyone else (or just Eirin) we give it to her rough. Rip away any idea of morality or propriety and just drown her in passion and pleasure!


[x] Surely an immortal such as herself finds everyday life somewhat boring. How about she becomes our doll for a while, just for a bit of fun? She doesn't need to make a decision right away, of course; we've got a while before Eirin finds us.
No. 32255
[x] Surely an immortal such as herself finds everyday life somewhat boring. How about she becomes our doll for a while, just for a bit of fun? She doesn't need to make a decision right away, of course; we've got a while before Eirin finds us.

She's probably willing to try anything once. Someone who willingly goes and gets herself killed several times a day has got to have a few screws loose.
No. 32256

This I can get behind.


[x] Surely an immortal such as herself finds everyday life somewhat boring. How about she becomes our doll for a while, just for a bit of fun? She doesn't need to make a decision right away, of course; we've got a while before Eirin finds us.
No. 32257
This guy's got the right idea.


[x] Surely an immortal such as herself finds everyday life somewhat boring. How about she becomes our doll for a while, just for a bit of fun? She doesn't need to make a decision right away, of course; we've got a while before Eirin finds us.
No. 32258
I have 3 problems with this write-in.

>Surely an immortal such as herself finds everyday life somewhat boring. How about she becomes our doll for a while, just for a bit of fun?

Now, who's assuming what? Even if Kaguya feels boredom, that alone is a piss poor argument to convert her. How about making the sales pitch better?

>How about she becomes our doll for a while, just for a bit of fun?

NOT what Medi wants. In case you guys forgot, what Medi want is total, true surrender. Not play along.

>She doesn't need to make a decision right away, of course; we've got a while before Eirin finds us.

THAT is just asking to have an arrow nails our head just as Kaguya is about to say yes. We do NOT have lot of free time here.
No. 32261
>>32248 here. Since it seems my own plan isn't very well liked, I thought I could at least rewrite the winning one better.

>It's not mentioned if Kaguya has had sex with people before, but presumably she has. Even if she hasn't, however, she's a princess, and people probably showered her with classy and elegant affection.

>So what I propose is that instead of being like anyone else (or just Eirin) we give it to her rough. Rip away any idea of morality or propriety and just drown her in passion and pleasure!

This is the main idea, right? So, switching vote.

No change here.

[X] Tell Kaguya you're here to rid her of a problem (boredom). As you pleasure her (and make sure she enjoy it), see about convincing her that she has a control problem. That you can give her all the fun and pleasure she could ever want if she just let go of that control. And if it can help, mention the idea of her teaching the same to Eirin.

Wrote it like it to do as desired and deal with the problem Marisa mentionned too.

> Fickle as she is, she really seems to enjoy bein’ on top of the heap.”

And also deal with problems mentionned.
No. 32262

[X] Tell Kaguya you're here to rid her of a problem (boredom). As you pleasure her (and make sure she enjoy it), see about convincing her that she has a control problem. That you can give her all the fun and pleasure she could ever want if she just let go of that control. And if it can help, mention the idea of her teaching the same to Eirin.

works for me
No. 32263
Not going too deep with first plan and far less casual than the other. I like.


[X] Tell Kaguya you're here to rid her of a problem (boredom). As you pleasure her (and make sure she enjoy it), see about convincing her that she has a control problem. That you can give her all the fun and pleasure she could ever want if she just let go of that control. And if it can help, mention the idea of her teaching the same to Eirin.
No. 32264
[X] This

Hopefully, Eirin won't give us an headache after we're done with Kaguya...

Yeah, who am I kidding?
No. 32265
If we play our cards right, she'll happen along shortly after we've converted Kaguya with the "Eirin can join us too" line.
No. 32267
If that plans win first. The other really sounds far too casual and weak for me.

Then again... OP, still using the plan most voted for? I mean, sure, it's the usual rule, but when both start the same and one add ins more details... Would be sad to go bad end for a plan not detailed enough.
No. 32268

[X] Tell Kaguya you're here to rid her of a problem (boredom). As you pleasure her (and make sure she enjoy it), see about convincing her that she has a control problem. That you can give her all the fun and pleasure she could ever want if she just let go of that control. And if it can help, mention the idea of her teaching the same to Eirin.
No. 32273
[X] +1

Also, are we screwed if we're forced to face Eirin right after Kaguya? Kaguya will probably still not be in shape to fight and Sakuya's strength is greatly dimnished without her watch.
No. 32275
It looks like Eirin, is about to get
( •_•)>⌐■-■
No. 32276
...Yes, that was running in my mind as well. Do you think we'll be bit by karma for this?
No. 32281
Considering this Harem Power Fantasy. I doubt ANYTHING we do has consequences
No. 32282
You clearly haven't been reading the story properly. Remeber that part during Reisen's recruitment that could've been bad ended if the votes didn't change at the end?
No. 32283

[X] Tell Kaguya you're here to rid her of a problem (boredom). As you pleasure her (and make sure she enjoy it), see about convincing her that she has a control problem. That you can give her all the fun and pleasure she could ever want if she just let go of that control. And if it can help, mention the idea of her teaching the same to Eirin.

I wonder how the rabbits will react to us around when we're at Eientei. Or if they'll care.
No. 32284
If they get suspicious we can just convert them all with a mix of Reisen's eyes and Eirin's drugs.

We don't have to do it one at a time, we can get them all in a single glorious moment like that kappa orgy. Instant doll army.
No. 32285

[X] Tell Kaguya you're here to rid her of a problem (boredom). As you pleasure her (and make sure she enjoy it), see about convincing her that she has a control problem. That you can give her all the fun and pleasure she could ever want if she just let go of that control. And if it can help, mention the idea of her teaching the same to Eirin.
No. 32286
Or so the author says to keep the illusion of actual tension

We're always going to win no matter what until we enslave everyone per the goal of this and the works its supposed to be modeled after but without the mindbreaking
No. 32287
Hey now. This is not the kind of comment that we need around here. Or in any quest, really.
No. 32288

He has every right to post his thoughts and opinions, just like anyone else in this thread.
No. 32289
Doesn't mean one can say anything either.

I mean, did that comment serve any other purpose than to try to provoke?
No. 32290
This. Much like how we conveniently stumbled upon a passed-out Kaguya.

[x] Shibari.
[x] Surely an immortal such as herself finds everyday life somewhat boring. How about she becomes our doll for a while, just for a bit of fun? She doesn't need to make a decision right away, of course; we've got a while before Eirin finds us.
No. 32291
Come on now, find something better. Medi's plan was to ambush Kaguya after this. Even if she was awake and was starting to get back, we would have just attacked and overpowered her.
No. 32292

Well, I'm not forcing you to agree with me.
No. 32293
This. And I'll note that this is not a bad thing. Be honest anons, you know you're here for the porn and not for the suspense.
No. 32294
Still rather have more time actually you know bonding with new buddies than MUST GET MORE. Hell there is material enough here for a thread of bonding and scheming.

Admittedly I'd be actually cool with a BAD END from Alice where the tables are turned
No. 32295
We just DID bonding.
No. 32296
This is gonna be a tricky one. I don't see Kaguya surrendering as easily as our other dolls. I do think that we should tie her down spread-eagle, though. Not only does this make her body more accessible, it also forces a certain vulnerability and physical openness upon her that she might not be familiar with. And the whole point of all of this is to take Kaguya out of her comfort zone, after all.

I think that we should ask difficult questions about Kaguya's life. Things that she has difficulty answering, and then offer the possibility that she doesn't HAVE to answer them, that she doesn't even NEED to worry about them while in the care of a loving Mistress. To whit, this is my variation:

[x] Spread-eagle.
[x] Does she not grow bored as an immortal, with every day following the exact same pattern, without change? Wouldn't she like to try something different, where every day is exciting and new, where she experiences things she wouldn't have a chance to otherwise? And isn't she sick of being the perfect princess, just as everyone expects her to be? She should just relax, and give control to someone else. Someone full of surprises, so that she'll never know what's coming next. Sometimes, surrendering control can be the most exciting thing one can ever do.

...Anyway, I'm coming to this thing kinda late, so feel free to pick this idea apart if you want to. Just my two cents.
No. 32297

Voting [x] Shibari for much the same reasons.
No. 32301
Speaking of lateness, I'm surprised the vote hasn't been called yet.
No. 32313

[X] Tell Kaguya you're here to rid her of a problem (boredom). As you pleasure her (and make sure she enjoy it), see about convincing her that she has a control problem. That you can give her all the fun and pleasure she could ever want if she just let go of that control. And if it can help, mention the idea of her teaching the same to Eirin.
No. 32314

Well, I wasn't ready to write, and you all seemed to be having fun. I didn't see the harm in leaving it open.

I'll call it now for spread-eagle and >>32261's plan, with a few other ideas thrown in.
No. 32316
Can we please have Kaguya go home with a turtle shell shibari, you know, as a souvenir?
No. 32396
Gonna be busy for a few weeks, but there will be Kaguya eventually. I can't be giving up on this when things are getting so exciting.
No. 32401
Dammit, again? And just before something good too...

And I'm a bit worried about that 'things getting exciting' comment.
No. 32404
As long as it's not abandoned, I can wait a bit for OP's good work.

Waiting warmly~
No. 32406
And you couldn't sage because...?
No. 32407
Because fuck you.
No. 32409

What an eloquent response.
No. 32556
Well, it has been a few weeks. Any word?
No. 32557
Still busy, but not for much longer. I can start writing again sometime next week.
No. 32744
At least some of that busy-ness was caused by the writeathon. Black Lotus took a good amount of work. Big thanks to everyone who read my entry!

Really gonna try and write now.
No. 32841
Sooo... How is it going if you don't mind me asking?
No. 32844

Well, I know what I need to write, so now it's just a matter of putting it down. Sorry about the constant delays; things aren't quite as calm as I expected them to be.
No. 33038
Been two weeks since then. Might I inquire about how things are?
No. 33039
File 138395097394.jpg- (135.01KB , 456x800 , edb479f068c55fcfc54c6cd3b06f7f6c.jpg ) [iqdb]

I really thought I'd be getting some time to myself, but instead things are busier than ever. I'll see about putting some words down tonight, but a finished update is still a ways off. It means a lot to me that you care, though. Here's a Kaguya.

A question for the meantime: Medicine still has yet to lose her virginity. Does anyone want that to change?
No. 33040
Only to a futa, not a dildo.
And only to a NEW futa, not changing one of the existing girls.
No. 33041
Not to a dildo, that's for sure.

Still, that would be something to think about if we manage, say, to successfully get Eirin or someone who can make body modifications, even if only temporary.
No. 33122

Yeah, make it to a futa. I'm fine with a 'shady drug temporary futa' situation, though. Hope you get to write again soon, I liked this story.
No. 33182
And another 2 weeks. Still as busy as ever, I suppose?
No. 33186
[x] Spread-eagle.
[x] Write-in.

A bit further in, you find an intimate, secluded clearing with plenty of sturdy bamboo. The ground is covered with soft grass that’s whitened by the moonlight, and a cool wind gently winds its way through the stalks. You can hear some running water in the distance, but that’s the only noise there is. That fight probably drove away every creature for miles around.

Sakuya and Marisa set your captive down in the middle of the bamboo, trying to keep from ruffling her fancy clothes and her long, beautiful hair. While they get together with Reisen and pool their supplies, you allow yourself the privilege of undressing the princess.

First there’s her pink blouse, closed up at her stomach by a series of white bow-shaped buttons. At first it seems like you have to untie them or something, but then you see that they’re just fastened by loops around their bases. Her clothes are so soft that you feel like the slightest tug in the wrong direction could destroy them, but they turn out to be quite sturdy.

You work your way up from the bottom of her shirt, revealing more and more of her lean, pale stomach with each button. Your dolls are all bunched together behind you, staring over your shoulders to see the princess’s body for themselves. After dealing with the last one, you undo the white bow around the collar and pull her blouse open completely.


Wow, not a single mark anywhere. Just smooth, pale skin all over, shining in the moonlight like her hands and face. Her breasts are hardly there at all, just slight curves on her chest. That look really works for her, though, making her seem fragile and elegant. Her bright pink nipples are a beautiful sight as well; They’re flat now, but the cool air seems to be hardening them already.

Marisa gently lifts Kaguya’s arms to help you slide off the blouse, exposing Kaguya’s graceful arms and smooth shoulders as well. Neither flabby nor muscular, they look like they’ve been honed by a thousand years of ladylike things, like… calligraphy, and fanning, and… tea-drinking.

Her bare chest is enough to have you all breathing a bit faster, but there’s still more. Feeling around her waist, you find the catch in Kaguya’s skirt and pull it apart, unwrapping her whole lower body in one motion. As you pull the silky fabric away, your eyes are drawn to her legs; they’re amazingly long and slender, with visible yet muted curves. They don’t have any muscle like Sakuya’s or Reisen’s, though, so they just seem soft and luxurious instead. She’s only wearing a fundoshi underneath, which you quickly take off as well. You savor the act of pulling it all the way down her feminine legs, running your fingertips along the whole impressive length of her smooth, warm skin. Lastly, you strip off her sandals and tabi, revealing a pair of dainty feet that wouldn’t look out of place on a statue.

And with that, she’s completely naked. Her face is still blissfully innocent as she sleeps peacefully on the grass, her silken hair like a personal blanket. In this bright moonlight, she seems too pale and too pure to be real, like a character from one of those books come to life. Even Sakuya isn’t this… radiant.

But she is real. Not only that, she’s going to be yours. You need her power, but… the thought of turning her into your doll is appealing as well. Both because you’d have a mighty princess as your plaything, and because you’d be able to jump into that amazing body and use it for whatever lewd thing you desired.

That’s just a bonus, though. Nothing more.

Wait, you’ve got work to do!

As soon as you stop staring, you snap your dolls out of their own trances and tell them the plan. Each one of you grabs a piece of rope, and you all gingerly pull Kaguya’s limbs out toward the bamboo that surrounds her. Once you’ve got them all spread-eagle and roughly the same distance apart from each other, you start to tie her wrists and ankles to the stalks. Your new rope is probably stronger, so you use that on her legs while the older stuff binds her arms. The mixture of old and new rope is less attractive than you’d prefer, but it can’t be helped. Maybe Kaguya will have some better rope at her place. You wonder, does she ever do bondage play with Eirin? Hopefully not. The less kinky stuff she’s done, the better.

After a few more adjustments, you tie things off so that the ropes and Kaguya’s limbs are all pulled as taut as possible. The bonds lift her hands and feet a few inches off the ground, but the rest of her pale body still rests comfortably on the soft grass. She’s utterly exposed to your eyes now, showing off even her smooth, hairless armpits and her prominent mound of venus. And with her arms and legs spread out like this, she won’t be able to do a thing to cover herself.

That still wasn’t enough to wake her up, though. The fight must’ve been really exhausting. Even with her clothes stripped off and her body tied up in this lewd position, she’s still sleeping as peacefully as before, with her lips parted slightly as her petite chest rises and falls. Completely oblivious.

… Well, if she’s that heavy of a sleeper, maybe you should see just how much she can take!

“A-allow me, Mistress,” Reisen says in a shaky voice. She pulls an aphrodisiac pill from her stash and places it between her lips, then gets on her knees and bends down right over Kaguya’s head. Her lips seal themselves onto the princess’s, and she pushes in the pill along with her moist pink tongue. She gently massages Kaguya’s neck without removing her head, and you hear a quiet gulp as the unconscious princess swallows the pill.

That’s pretty neat.

Reisen doesn’t seem eager to remove her mouth, though. Instead, she puts a hand on the back of Kaguya’s head and thrusts her tongue in even deeper, her eyes going wide with frenzied excitement. For her, this must be like taking a huge bite of the forbidden fruit. You hear a few moans of amazement leak out as she ravishes Kaguya’s sleeping mouth, her red eyes growing hazy and passionate. A few trails of saliva leak from Reisen’s lips, dirtying the princess’ ivory cheeks. The sight’s making you pretty excited as well…

Rather than tell the bunny to stop or slow, you jump in to get some action for yourself. Kaguya’s going to be your doll after this, so it’s all fine. You kneel down near Kaguya’s stomach, running both of your hands all over her flawless, milky-white skin. It’s fairly cool in this evening air, with her goosebumps forming a hint of texture. You’ll be sure to warm her up, though.

Seconds later, your fingers find themselves between Kaguya’s legs. Her pink, hairless pussy is fully exposed and opened up thanks to the way her legs are spread; you gently slide your fingers up and down her slit, savoring the smoothness and warmth of her exposed walls. She’s definitely not a virgin, but you decide not to start fingering her while she’s still asleep. It was kind of exciting in those books when a guy had sex with a girl in her sleep so she was full of cum when she woke up, but you don’t have the necessary body parts for that. Maybe Eirin could fix that? She’s supposed to be a genius after all.

Anyway, you keep rubbing Kaguya’s pussy and reach under her to grope her butt with your free hand. It’s… pretty nice, actually. Even though her figure’s so lean, she’s packing a good amount of substance down there. Not like Marisa or anything, but still enough for a good, healthy squeeze. Kaguya’s delicate clit makes a nice target as well, getting nice and hard when you tease it with little circles from your thumb. A bit of juice starts to leak out and coat your fingers as you stimulate her.

“Ooh, lemme join in too!”

Not content with watching, Marisa joins in as well, with Sakuya barely hiding her own lust as she follows quickly behind. The maid takes a keen interest in Kaguya’s petite breasts, testing their softness and texture with her hands and mouth. The two of them are similar sized, so maybe Sakuya feels like she’s found a soulmate.

That leaves Marisa with Kaguya’s legs and feet, which suits her alright. She gladly strokes and licks her way along their length, savoring the taste of Kaguya’s unsullied skin while feeling out the princess’s elegant, subtle curves. She seems to prod around like she’s looking for ticklish spots again, but those are hard to detect when the tickle-ee is asleep. Kaguya’s trembling and whimpering under her breath, but consciousness seems to evade her until Reisen breaks her kiss. While the horny bunny swallows deeply to savor the taste of her former master’s saliva, you notice Kaguya’s eyes fluttering open at last.

“… Mmm?” Kaguya glances around groggily, and quickly sees and feels that things are not as they should be. Her eyes widen, narrow, and widen again. “Ah!?” And then the panic kicks in. You and your dolls all back off to watch her, prepared to subdue her if she does happen to break free. She tugs inward with all four limbs at once, grunting with exertion as she forces her weakened body to fight, but the ropes hold firm and deny her the slightest bit of freedom. All she can do is twist her body a little and thrash her head around, making her silky hair flow back and forth beneath her. The moonlight plays over her body as she struggles, lending a strange sort of drama to the scene as it highlights the straining of her arms and the rapid rise and fall of her chest.

The struggling doesn’t last long. She’s not a fighter like Reisen was, so she at least accepts she can’t move and relaxes in the ropes’ grip. Her eyes quickly sleep over the four of you, carefully avoiding eye contact with Reisen, before settling back on Marisa. The witch snorts with amusement and gives you a smirk.

“Hey, Mistress, she finally woke up!”

It’s a bit insulting that Kaguya didn’t recognize you as the ringleader. You really need to work on your aura of authority. Standing up and dusting yourself off, you put on your most imposing smile and draw the princess’s attention. “Hello, Kaguya. How was your fight?”

Quick to realize her mistake, Kaguya snaps her head towards you, her brown eyes filled with a mixture of indignation and fear. “W-who are you?” she demands. Her rich, regal voice is surprisingly firm and forceful, so much that you nearly tell her what she wants to know. But you can’t let her gain any control here.

“Hmm~? Who says I have to tell you?” you reply in a teasing voice.

“Eh? Why… D-do you not know who I--hyah!” Reisen silences her with a firm squeeze to both breasts. She continues to knead the small mounds as Kaguya turns towards her, furrowing her brow in outrage as she glares at the air next to the bunny girl.

“You! Reisen! R-remove your hands this instant!”

“Hmm~? But I don’t wanna. You’re not my mistress anymore, so I don’t have to listen to a word you say~” Reisen gives Kaguya’s nipples a firm pinch and tug as she speaks, preventing Kaguya from responding as she’s forced to choke back a moan.

“Heh. Pretty sensitive, aren’t ya?”

“Don’t mind us. We’re simply enjoying our fresh catch…”

Marisa and Sakuya join in with smirks of their own, groping and stroking Kaguya’s flawless pale body all over. Just being touched without permission must be shocking for a princess like her. Your dolls’ roaming hands really seem to be distracting her, especially as the aphrodisiac starts to kick in and make her extra-sensitive all over. Hopefully she’ll grow to like that feeling of violation. She’s able to focus her glare on you again after a little while, though she can’t keep from shivering as all six of your dolls’ hands molest her relentlessly, squeezing and pinching and stroking her from head to toe.

“Doing something like this to a proud lunar princess… You won’t get away with it! J-just what do you want, anyway?”

There, she said it! Okay, deep breath. Act confident. Just like you practiced. Start with a big, friendly smile.

“Actually… I wanna help you, Kaguya.”

“… Eh?”

“Mhm! Reisen’s told me all about you, how you spend all your time cooped up in that mansion with hardly anyone to keep you company. It must get really boring in there. There’s only so much you can do as a princess, you know? Especially if you live forever.”

You pause for a moment, letting her tremble under the teasing of your dolls.

“So I’m gonna make you my doll instead! You won’t have any free will at all, and I’ll be able to make you do whatever I want. Doesn’t that sound amazing?”

“It is really amazing, Kaguya~” Reisen purrs into her former mistress’ ear.

“I already did it to these other girls, and they’d never go back to how they were. You recognize them, don’t you?”

Kaguya glances at the faces of her three tormentors. There’s Reisen, of course, as well as the human who vanquished her in combat and the one who bested Eirin. All three of them are now eagerly molesting her on your orders, not showing the slightest bit of shame.

“They all used to be proud like you, but then I came in and changed them. Now they do whatever I want without question, no matter how lewd or embarrassing it is. Doesn’t that sound exciting? Not having any say at all in what you do? You’ll never get to do something like that by yourself, no matter how long you live.”

Kaguya’s eyes widen a bit, but she quickly closes them and shakes her head. However, she’s interrupted mid-shake by a sharp, precise pinch to her clit from Sakuya, followed by a brief round of tickling from Marisa.

“Hee! Nn… I-I would never want something like that! A-and… if you want to make me to submit to you, why not come over here and do it yourself?”

That is tempting. You only got to touch her for a bit, and now your dolls are getting all the fun. Reisen’s currently lying over Kaguya’s chest, smothering the princess’s small breasts beneath her own more impressive rack. Marisa’s having her turn with Kaguya’s pussy, just blowing onto it hard enough to make the princess tremble. And Sakuya’s tickling the soles of Kaguya’s restrained feet, as she runs her soft, precise fingertips up an down the soles. It all looks like a lot of fun…
No. 33187
But you can wait. She’ll do anything you want once she’s yours, after all.

“Oh~? Why would I bother with that? A lowly doll like you doesn’t deserve to be touched by me. Besides, I can drive you crazy just fine from over here.” As you speak, you lean back against a stalk and pull out another vial of aphrodisiac potion. Seeing it in your hands, Reisen and Marisa both get off of Kaguya to give you access.

You’ve been practicing, but this could still be a bit tricky. First, you just uncork the vial, draw out the poison, and send it over to Kaguya’s body. But instead of making her breathe it in, you form the poison into three batches of highly-concentrated paste. It’s a bit tough to control them all at once with precision, but you only need to do that for a moment before you smear them over her breasts and pussy. Eirin might have given her countermeasures, but can they deal with something this concentrated?


Evidently not. Kaguya twitches and gasps as they spread onto her, shaking her head and straining against the ropes as her sensitivity shoots through the room. Your dolls give it a bit of time to sink in, playing with her less sensitive parts in the meantime. Reisen lustfully kisses her old mistress’s hairless armpits, while Marisa nibbles her ears and Sakuya daintily sucks on her toes. Kaguya tries to bear it all with gritted teeth, though a few moan-like grunts find their way out of her mouth. You lean back against a tree and watch with a smirk, though you’re forced to press your thighs together under your dress. You always get frustrated during these captures, but it wouldn’t look too good if you started masturbating in front of your prey.

“Feels good, doesn’t it? And there’s no way to control where they’ll touch you next. What if your whole life was like that, not knowing what kind of crazy thing I’d make you do next? I could make you walk through the Village naked, or stuff you with vibrators and just leave you like that for an hour, or make love to you all night long, and you’d have no way of knowing.”

“S-something like that would never… Hiih!” Kaguya’s eyes shoot wide open as Marisa flicks one of her nipples, grinning wide at the reaction she gets.

“Sure looks like your body likes the idea. You should try listenin’ to it, Princess.”

“There’s no shame in embracing your lust. Even I couldn’t hold it back…” Repositioning herself at Kaguya’s side, the maid bends over and closes her lips around an aching nipple.

She’d been doing a decent job of keeping her voice under control, but the feeling of Sakuya’s skilled mouth licking and sucking her nipple finally drives Kaguya to let out a loud, unrestrained moan. Her voice comes out sweet and melodious, and the sound alone is enough to make you all shiver. Reisen’s particularly affected, and she quickly claims both the other breast and Kaguya’s pussy for herself. While she sucks Kaguya’s rock-hard nipple with twice Sakuya’s passion and half as much technique, her strong fingers rub steadily over Kaguya’s small, womanly slit. Marisa lets out a disappointed grumble as Reisen snatches up Kaguya’s pussy, but that gives you an idea.

“Oh, Marisa! You did a good job protecting us from all that danmaku earlier. Come over here and let me reward you.”

Marisa’s disappointment suddenly turns to excitement, her eyes lighting up at your invitation. “Ah? Sure, Mistress!” She jumps up from where Kaguya’s restrained and hurries over to you, dusting herself off and putting her hands behind her back to present herself properly.

“Oh, but let our guest watch.”

“Ah, yeah, of course.” Marisa turns around to face Kaguya, and you stand at her side as you lift up her skirt. She had to wear her normal dress for this outing, but you didn’t want her clothes to be completely modest. So when the hem of her dress rises up past her waist, you’re greeted by the sight of her dark gray thong. The tiny piece of fabric over her pussy is soaked through with arousal, and a simple glimpse at her backside shows you her plump, squishy butt in all its glory. You turn Marisa around for a bit to let Kaguya see, then have her face Kaguya again.

“Oh, wet already? You’re a naughty little doll, aren’t you?” You smack your hand into her soft, round butt, then dig in your fingers and give her a nice, firm squeeze.

“Ahh!” Marisa arches her back and moans shamelessly, her face reddened by a bright flush. “Sorry, couldn’t help myself. The thought of doin’ this to a princess got me so horny~” You pull her underwear down around her thighs, stretching a thick string of juice between her pussy and the damp fabric.

“You’re lucky I’m in a good mood, Marisa. Otherwise I might have to punish you for being so shameless…” She’s ready for you already, so you just slide a few fingers into her and start to pound away at her pussy while your free hand kneads and squeezes her ass. Her warm, slippery walls tighten up around your fingers, twitching and shuddering under your touch and coating your fingers with hot, fresh juices.

“Mmmm! I’d… I’d love it either way, Mistress~” Marisa slumps back against some bamboo, tilting back her head and moaning blissfully while you finger her. She used to be such a proud, independent magician, but now she’s perfectly content to submit to a small girl like you.

Now, compare that to Kaguya, whose face is contorted by an amazing mixture of pleasure, anger, and shame as she’s toyed with by your other two dolls. Reisen’s taken the princess’s pussy now; she savagely scrubs a finger over the exposed part of Kaguya’s walls, not giving her a moment of rest from the constant burn of pleasure. Her fingertip occasionally brushes over Kaguya’s clit, and that little bit of contact is enough to make her twitch and whimper; you made sure to give that part a double-coating of aphrodisiacs, in addition to what’s already coursing through her body.

Meanwhile, Sakuya’s enjoying herself with Kaguya’s breasts. She carefully kneads the small bits of softness with her delicate fingers, and her tongue slides in tight, precise circles around the hyper-sensitive nipples. Sometimes she’ll close her lips around one and suck as hard as she can for a few seconds, forcing Kaguya to lose control and cry out. The princess is still trying to put on a tough face, but that’s hard to do when she’s moaning so frequently.

“Aha, is it starting to feel good? I’m not even trying, you know.” You keep up the pressure on Marisa’s pussy as you taunt your captive, and you have to raise your voice a bit to be heard over both girls’ moaning.


“It’ll take you forever to cum from that, though. If you wanna feel better, all you have to do is beg for it. If you just let me take charge, I can make you cum as easy as this.” You tear a hand away from Marisa’s butt just long enough to snap your fingers for emphasis.

Your dolls take that as their cue to slow down. Sakuya withdraws her mouth and changes to just teasing Kaguya’s nipples with the tips of her nails, while Reisen manages to slow down her frenzied stroking to a slow and steady pace. Of course, that’s the exact opposite of relieving for Kaguya; with all those aphrodisiacs burning her up inside, it must be absolute torture to not be drowning in pleasure. She tries to make do with the tiny trickle of pleasure…


… But soon, she decides that going mad with desire would be worse than the alternative.

“… F-fine! Do your worst! It’s only because of these drugs that yoOOhhh!”

Reisen immediately plunges two fingers into her old master, forcing her to snap the ropes taut as her whole body clenches up. Sakuya scoots down along Kaguya’s body to put her mouth around the Princess’ clit, teasing it with gentle licks and sucks that get magnified fivefold.

“Hyaah! S-stop!”

One of Kaguya’s nipples is covered by Reisen’s hungry, passionate mouth, while Sakuya’s free hand continues to tweak the other. Kaguya screams and squeals and struggles harder and harder, but the ropes don’t give at all.

“Your pussy’s so tight, Kaguya! It’s squeezing my fingers so hard, I can barely move them. You really love this, don’t you~?”

It must really be something. She’s being tortured with pleasure by one of her most loyal servants and a girl who managed to beat Eirin, and the one who defeated her personally is moaning shamelessly right in front of her. You can’t let her think this is the best you can do, though. No, the pleasure she’s feeling now is just the tip of the iceberg.

“Hey, Marisa. Wanna try this?” you ask, pulling out the dildo from your stack of equipment. Marisa’s eyes were getting pretty hazy, but they snap wide open and sparkle with excitement at the sight of the toy.


“Okay, but only because you’ve been so good…” You tug Marisa’s underwear down a bit further, giving you space to align the whole long thing with her drenched pussy. You turn the vibration up just a tiny bit, and then…

“Aah, Mistresss!” Marisa throws back her head and cries out in delight as the thick shaft fills her up, her legs nearly giving out beneath her. You flick the vibration up to medium-low and start to pump it in and out of her, churning up her pussy with rough strokes while your other hand stays buried in her pillowy behind. Since you’re doing it from below, her hot juices leak out around the dildo and run in down your hand, leaving warm trails that gleam in the moonlight. You’ll have Kaguya lick those off once she’s submitted.

Pounding someone with a rapidly-vibrating dildo from an awkward position is no easy task. Still, you do your best to make it look effortless as you turn back to Kaguya, who’s trapped in her own world of pleasure.

“Can you imagine, Kaguya? Any time, for any reason, I could just tie you down and force this thick thing into your pussy, and make you cum over and over for as long as I want. Can anything you do by yourself match that kind of excitement when you’re always in charge? Would your precious Eirin ever do anything like this?”


“Oh, Reisen told me all about the two of you. Eirin has a really great body too, you know? She’d make a great doll as well. Maybe you can even help me change her, so that the two of you serve me together. Doesn’t that sound wonderful…?”

With her mind flooded by pleasure, Kaguya can’t help imagining it. Her teary eyes start to grow hazy, staying locked onto your dildo as you use it to savage Marisa’s pussy. You keep driving it in as deep in as it can go, twisting it around inside her to make sure the prong hits her square in the clit each time. It’s not easy to aim the thing with how much it vibrates, but you’ve had a good deal of practice by now. Marisa’s voice grows high-pitched and girly as she climbs towards her peak, and your other dolls speed up as well as they try to take their frustrations out on Kaguya. Bearing the full brunt of their passion while lewd thoughts fill her mind, she can’t keep her aphrodisiac-soaked body from cumming.

“Ohhh… I’m sorry, Eirin…!”

Kaguya’s actually the first one to cum, and her honey-sweet cries of ecstasy drive Marisa over the edge. The doll and doll-to-be both scream shamelessly as the pleasure wracks their shuddering bodies, their voices echoing all around the deserted forest. Reisen seals her lips onto Kaguya’s to enthusiastically swallow the princess’ moans, and you do the same to Marisa once she collapses to the ground. The witch doesn’t have the strength or focus for any tongueplay, so you just suck gently on her moist lips over hers and stare into her soft, submissive eyes.

About a minute later, you break the kiss and turn back to your captive, leaving Marisa in a happy stupor as the dildo continues to vibrate inside her. Kaguya’s orgasm has left her with shining tears in her eyes and shiny sweat all over her body, her limbs slack in their bonds after the explosion of pleasure. You slowly walk back over to her, standing over her exhausted body with a confident smirk.

“So, how about it? Wanna leave that boring life behind and be my doll instead?”

There’s a long, pregnant pause as you stare into her eyes. You can feel the excitement building inside you as a familiar conflict rages in her head. She glances this way and that, trying to ignore the lustful stares of Reisen and Sakuya, and still trembling with aftershocks of pleasure.

Finally, she looks back into your eyes, takes a deep breath, and parts her soft pink lips.

“Mm, no thanks.”

… Eh?

Suddenly, Kaguya starts to laugh. It’s not a cruel laugh, but it is kind of… condescending, like the laugh you hear from Keine whenever a student asks to marry her. The three of you can only back off and watch as she keeps laughing, her grinning face filled with mischief. Even Marisa eventually notices that something’s amiss, but she can’t be bothered to turn off the vibration quite yet.

“Ahahaha! Ohh… Oh, that was a fun change of pace. Eirin was starting to get a bit boring, after all. You were right, she is too gentle.”

That’s… What’s… What? What?

“That did all feel nice, but it’s a bit silly throw everything away for sex, don’t you think? I have a very nice life at Eientei, and I’m not about to trade that away for sex. Too many suitors have done the same for me, and they were ruined when I grew tired of them.” After a pause, she looks over in Reisen’s general direction. “Oh, and it’s nice to see you finally asserting yourself. Just a shame that this girl had to break you to coax it out. I could’ve done all sorts of things with you, if you’d only asked~”

“E-ehh?” That’s enough to throw Reisen for a loop. She’d always thought that her beloved Princess was untouchable. Sakuya’s pretty rattled too, though her maid-training keeps her reaction down to a simple eye-widening.

Kaguya laughs again as she takes in the sight of your faces. She’d wipe a tear from her eyes, if she could. “You’d best untie me and run away now, though. It won’t be much longer before Eirin arrives, and she won’t be anywhere near as merciful. I won’t tell her what you tried to do, but I’m sure you’ll agree that you don’t deserve any further protection. And she has a way of finding things out.”

Did… did she really fake all that? She’s acting all clever now, but she’s also still blushing and panting between sentences. And those faces and moans she made seemed pretty genuine to you. But if you really didn’t faze her, it might be best to turn tail before things get even worse. Running away could save you from Eirin, but then Kaguya would know what you’re up to, and Eirin might get suspicious…

Kaguya hasn’t seen your trump cards, though! You still have plenty of pills and that syringe full of shady drugs, and a few seconds with Reisen’s eyes would probably smash right through that smugness of hers. Not to mention she’s still tied up, and she could just be bluffing about Eirin. You only have one syringe, though, and Kaguya won’t really agree to be your doll like the others did if you attack her mind.

What are you going to do…?

[ ] Maybe you should cut your losses and run.
[ ] You’re not giving up now!
-[ ] Use the syringe!
-[ ] Reisen! Full power!
[ ] Write-in.
No. 33193
Damn. To wait that long and now this problem... So cruel, OP.

Well, all in I say.

[X] You’re not giving up now!
-[X] What you must do is clear: Break her pride.
-[X] Use the syringe!
-[X] Remember what you did with Marisa not that long ago. Punish Kaguya with denial. Refuse her release until you know for sure she is yours. Make the the time you have until her immune system clears it count!
--[X] If Reisen could just weaken her resistance a bit without going too far, it would help too.

If mind attack is not giving us what we want, then this is not the way to go. All out mind power is thus out. And I loathe the idea of running away now.

And her pride is what we must attack here.
No. 33198
I don't think the syringe would work. Would drugs or poisons or whatever really have an effect on a being that is completely immortal? Due to the Elixir she probably can't be affected by drugs.
No. 33201
Reisen already spoke on that. She's not instant immune. It works better, sure, but not instantly.

Even so... An aphrodisiac makes someone hornier. Even if her immune system flush it, it's not going to take away her lust. I don't think her immune system works that fast either. And she has been affected by what we did, even if she show a strong front.

Think about it. When was she ever refused something? With her charisma, she always got what she wanted. That's why I think denying her will be effective. Have her want something and refusing her until she pays the price. And considering how many times she was refused (very, very low number if nto outright 0), she would probably not have strong patience for being refused.
No. 33209
[X] You’re not giving up now!
-[X] What you must do is clear: Break her pride.
-[X] Use the syringe!
-[X] Remember what you did with Marisa not that long ago. Punish Kaguya with denial. Refuse her release until you know for sure she is yours. Make use of the time you have until her immune system clears it count!
--[X] If Reisen could just weaken her resistance a bit without going too far, it would help too.

Time to go all out.
No. 33210
[x] You’re not giving up now!
-[x] What you must do is clear: Break her pride.
-[x] Use the syringe!
-[x] Remember what you did with Marisa not that long ago. Punish Kaguya with denial. Refuse her release until you know for sure she is yours. Make use of the time you have until her immune system clears it count!
--[x] If Reisen could just weaken her resistance a bit without going too far, it would help too.

What >>33201 said, also, we've got to work on our charisma, so:
[x] Break Kaguya's charisma assault with a confident laughter of your own.

We really cannot afford a retreat now, a chance like this won't come up again. Stay on target.
No. 33211
[X] You’re not giving up now!
-[X] What you must do is clear: Break her pride.
-[X] Use the syringe!
-[X] Remember what you did with Marisa not that long ago. Punish Kaguya with denial. Refuse her release until you know for sure she is yours. Make use of the time you have until her immune system clears it count!
--[X] If Reisen could just weaken her resistance a bit without going too far, it would help too.
-[X] Break Kaguya's charisma assault with a confident laughter of your own.
No. 33213
Updates! Hooray!

If Kaguya is still waiting for Eirin, and not attacking directly... could we just pick her up and run home with her? Maybe lock her up with multiple vibrators on her for a while.
No. 33214
Honestly not sure if an all in is a good idea, y'all...
No. 33215
Way too dangerous. Angry Eirin turning Gensokyo all over for Kaguya is not something we want to face if we can avoid it. It would warn others too that an incident is going on.

Still, rereading a bit... It hasn't been that long, no?

I think Kaguya is bluffing. She's trying to take back control of the situation using her charisma and made this moment to shock us all.

After all, she just had one orgasm, no? We didn't even get the other with this little.
No. 33219
Kaguya's gotta be bluffing. You dont live for over a thousand years without getting one hell of a poker face. Our dolls said kaguya likes to be in control, denying her release and refusing to stop will break her.

Mark my words, keep it up and we'll get a real reaction out of her.

[X]Youre not giving up now!
-[X] Break her pride.
-[X] Use the syringe.
--[X] Use Reisen's eyes just a little to weaken her resistance to the pleasure.
-[X] Punish Kaguya with denial.
No. 33220
Indeed, Kaguya is just bluffing here, while we are on a schedule, it's not /that/ tight. Especially given that Eirin probably is not exactly on high alert particularly tonight, since this is after all just another fight.

Also yes, classical "trying to take control of the situation" move from Kaguya, she's grasping at straws there, we are clearly getting under her skin. I would like to find another argument to manipulate her besides the ones we've already used though, just for the extra impact.

Once we get Kaguya though, we really have to have her give us lessons on presence.
No. 33224
[x] You're not giving up now!
-[x] Break her pride.
-[x] Use the syringe.
--[x] Use Reisen's eyes just a little to weaken her resistance to the pleasure.
-[x] Punish Kaguya with denial.
-[x] Don't forget to gag her properly.
No. 33227
[X] You’re not giving up now!
-[X] What you must do is clear: Break her pride.
-[X] Use the syringe!
-[X] Remember what you did with Marisa not that long ago. Punish Kaguya with denial. Refuse her release until you know for sure she is yours. Make use of the time you have until her immune system clears it count!
-[X] Break Kaguya's charisma assault with a confident laughter of your own.

Rather not use any mental-affecting powers here at all, to be honest. Anyway, don't look the least bit put out by this. Kaguya wants to miss out on this lovely opportunity? Why, there's plenty of other girls we can have fun with! It's really her loss. That doesn't mean we won't have some fun with her while we're here, though. After all, even if she doesn't accept it, she's just a doll to us.

So yeah, don't get discouraged, and press on. This is our impossible task: making the moon princess break. The difference is that we have the tools and true purpose to pull it off.
No. 33229

Bit late to the party, but I'd rather see someone like Rinnosuke rather than a futa do the deed. Wasn't there perspective interest on that front anyway?

As for the vote;

[X] You’re not giving up now!
-[X] What you must do is clear: Break her pride.
-[X] Use the syringe!
-[X] Remember what you did with Marisa not that long ago. Punish Kaguya with denial. Refuse her release until you know for sure she is yours. Make use of the time you have until her immune system clears it count!
--[X] If Reisen could just weaken her resistance a bit without going too far, it would help too.
-[X] Break Kaguya's charisma assault with a confident laughter of your own.
No. 33230

I certainly can't remember anything said about him that way.
No. 33257
[X] You’re not giving up now!
-[X] What you must do is clear: Break her pride.
-[X] Use the syringe!
-[X] Remember what you did with Marisa not that long ago. Punish Kaguya with denial. Refuse her release until you know for sure she is yours. Make use of the time you have until her immune system clears it count!
-[X] Break Kaguya's charisma assault with a confident laughter of your own.


Late on this but.
Sure. If it's done via futa.
No. 33298
So, OP. Seems like the general idea for action is pretty much unanimous this time. You're not calling it because there's no oppostion or because the idea is actually horribly wrong and you're waiting to see if someone will propose another idea?
No. 33300
I hope it's the latter. Would make for a fun read.
No. 33301
Or maybe he's just busy.
No. 33303
Oh, thanks for reminding me. Votes are closed, the write-in wins.
No. 33521
Here I am again, asking after two weeks. How are you doing?
No. 33549

Seems to be the same as ever. I could have time over the holidays, but I don't want to make any promises.

In the meantime: does anyone have any cool ideas for drugs and/or sex toys?
No. 33551
Well, I'll be hopeful for an update like a Christmas present then. And for something that have things going our way too.

As for ideas... I admit I'm not that big on toys, but drugs, considering our character? I'm assuming you don't need the standard normals ideas for drugs too, like lactation and such.

Maybe... Not something with big effects itself, but maybe something that could be put in sufficient amount for Medecine to manipulate someone without directly taking over? Could do interesting plays.
No. 33554
Everything they say sounds lewd to others.
Everything they hear sounds lewd to them.
Gradual but constant reduction in physical strength based on how long it's been since they had sex.
Hyperactive pheromones, increasing output based on number of people in close proximity.

Vibrator that increases in intensity based on how much the user moves.
Collar that loosens as the wearer's arousal increases, but resets on orgasm.
Dildo that absorbs the user's consciousness, and only releases them if they make their own body orgasm.

Tentacle panties with aphrodisiac slime.
No. 33559
A contact poison of some sort. Perhaps an aphrodisiac or paralyzing drug that can be absorbed through the skin. We can give it to someone by lacing a gift or by spraying their clothes.

The effects can be minor enough on their own to not be noticeable, but with Medicine's ability can be ramped up to debilitating levels when it's time to capture them. With Reisen (and soon Eirin's) medical skills something of that nature seems doable with the proper facilities.
No. 33576
Isn't that basically what she already does with suzuran?
No. 33736
Another two weeks check. Did you have a fun Christmas?
No. 33803

Yeah, my holidays were really nice. Kept me busy, though. Need to get a few more things out of the way before I can get back to this.
No. 34015
New check again. Still bogged down by RL?
No. 34020
File 139035517658.jpg- (107.75KB , 850x615 , 50c9fdf03bc46d4379ae1cdfcdb81501.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well, it's been a year now since I started. I remember how excited I was when I first had this idea, posting the OP from work and checking it all day. I didn’t really foresee any of what happened, but that was part of the fun.

I'm sorry I haven't been able to update, though. Life keeps piling on the hassles, and I can't really say when they’ll stop. Even if the story dies, though, I'll be proud of what we’ve accomplished. I think we have Done Better.
No. 34022

It's a fact of life things can be hectic at times, I think every writer here can attest to that. The great thing about writing is that unlike real life a story can be put on hold when things just become too much. I can't speak for everyone here, but I know I'd prefer for you to stop now and resume updating later when things are looking up rather than for you to keep pushing yourself and have your passion for this story burn out entirely. This thread will always be here, no matter how long it takes.

I hope this isn't the last we hear from you and Medicine, but even if it is I want to say thanks for the wild ride. Thank you OP for Doing Better.
No. 34026
In the end think we did better but how much better I don't know. A lot of the time we really came close to doing the same but only as a female.

In part I thought the way we'd be doing it was Harem building through kinky sex and stuff but there would be have been a more 'warmth' to it. Maybe a feeling of it going slower as it seemed often that it was a bit rushed going from A to B to C. Although I guess that'd be a bit overshooting a I guess.
No. 34027
I'll be so sad if it dies...

If it does happen, will you at least write some sort of epilogue to conclude it, even if short?
No. 34028
I don't suppose you could at least tell us if we got Kaguya?
No. 34161
Another 2 weeks.

If it has to die because you're too busy, any chance we can see the results of next part and some sort of epilogue to at least conclude it?
No. 34208

I'd prefer not do that, for reasons I'd rather not discuss.
No. 34212
Fair enough.
No. 34470
Been more than two weeks.

How are you?
No. 34616
More than a month...

I suppose it's time to say Rest in Peace, Medecine's Dollhouse? You shall be missed.
No. 34627


I'm still holding out hope OP will come back to us someday. Considering how sporadic the updates are for other stories, it's a still early to declare this totally dead yet. Unless he declares this dead himself, I at least will be waiting warmly.
No. 35052
Checking after so long... I suppose there's no hope left, huh?
No. 35479
eh...ive seen stories come back from farther back than this...I mean, look at that Tewi story. that was dead for like half a year.
No. 35481

Did you really have to bump the story the say that though?
No. 35482
You are evil incarnate
No. 37076
We're still waiting OP, if you ever come back...
No. 37077
We're still waiting OP, if you ever come back...
No. 37078
We're still waiting OP, if you ever come back...
No. 37827
Sorry, guys, the ride's over.

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