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We need to see more Shiki - Wriggle pics or stories.

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>crack pairing based off of a shared physical trait

Anon, please.
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I can see this work. Shikieiki disguising herself as Wriggle to get away from the stress at work, and Wriggle disguising herself as the yama to get a taste of the life of luxury.
No. 30959
Like that one story where a dude and a dude switch places?
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But then they find the grass is greener on the other side and learn to love and appreciate their own lives more, right?
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What if they didn't?

Really, is there any variation of this situation that hasn't already been done to death?
No. 30964
Wriggle and Eiki decide to switch positions. Eiki is entirely unable to "unwind" while pretending to be Wriggle and despising the unstructured, hectic life of a minor youkai girl.

Wriggle, however, loves the sudden jump in importance and responsibility, in addition to the natural benefits from the luxurious lifestyle and big tittied shinigami from the new position as Yama.

The lesson learned is not that we are all best in our own stations, but rather that living in a forest sucks, while living with a big tittied shinigami is awesome.
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So Wriggle becomes a megalomaniac and Shiki has to depose her? Using the power of bees? And also rescue Komachi? Because she's a useless lazy dipshit?
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I'd read it.
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Except Komachi has swapped with Koakuma and is being lazy discussing sappy romance novels with Patchouli.
Meanwhile, Koa has no idea how to drive a boat.
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I thought it was common knowledge (pun not intended) that Komachi and Koakuma were the same person.
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Cute, but then Eiki would have one less thing at stake when it comes to taking down mad-with-power Wriggle.
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True. Until Wriggle uses all the bugs in Patchouli's dirty ass library to kidnap Komachi, thus forcing Eiki to rescue her since nobody else gives two shits about all the souls waiting on the wrong side of the Sanzu river.
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Why exactly does Wriggle become a megalomaniac? I probably would see it play out as Wriggle catches Komachi slacking of and tries to lecture her like Shiki does, but Komachi knows immediately that something is up. So Komachi gets a big grin and picks Wriggle up and carries the bug youkai to her bedroom for a session of private "punishment" for impersonating the yama. Afterwards, there'll be a lot of quid pro quo between Wriggle and Komachi.
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Because /at/ and harems I guess. I mean why would Medicine become a Harem Master?
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For DOLL JUSTICE of course.
No. 31152

For BUG JUSTICE of course.
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I find it ironic that you're talking about JUSTICE, seeing as we're dealing with the Yama too. Should Shiki go in a Roaring Rampage of Vengeful Rape for GREAT JUSTICE as well?
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I have a feeling "bug justice" would be a fitting name for this pairing.
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As long as we get some seme Wriggle out of it, I'm happy.
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Why not loving Shikieiki and Wriggle?
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Shut up and take my money!