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30444 No. 30444
There's a strange envelope in your mail today. It's a large, cream-colored affair, smelling faintly of perfume and sealed with a familiar-looking flower symbol.

Inside, you find several sheets of paper. The first is a letter, hand-written in dark, elegant characters on a crisp piece of parchment.

Honored guest,

Late-spring’s greetings!

As a special service to all Bronze Coin holders, the Lotus Pavilion is extending a limited-time offer. Respond to this letter within the next week to receive one (1) free house call. Please see the attached photographs and order form for details.

The Lotus Pavilion greatly appreciates your patronage.

All the best,

The same flower design serves as a signature. The next four pages are a series of glossy, full-color photographs, and the final one is the order form.

The Lotus Pavilion, huh? It’s been quite a while since that time you spent the night there. Nearly a year, in fact. You haven’t gone back since; you’ve thought about it more times than you can count, but you were always afraid that a second trip wouldn’t live up to the first one. You didn’t want to do anything to ruin that memory.

But, this is quite an offer they’ve given you. Probably calculated to draw you back into their clutches and get you to spend more money. Though, the size of the Bronze Coin discount for returning customers makes it seem like they have something else in mind as well…

It couldn’t hurt to just take a look, right?

With quickened breath and sweaty hands, you spread out the photographs on your kitchen table. There’s four in total, each depicting an impossibly beautiful girl. The pictures all seem to have come from the same photoshoot, set at a sunny beach somewhere.

The first picture shows a girl with short white hair and pointy dog ears. Her cream-colored two-piece swimsuit is fairly conservative, but it doesn’t hide the smooth, toned contours of her lightly-tanned body. She sits on a large inflatable beach-ball and stares inquisitively into the camera, a blue ice-pop sticking out of her mouth. A neatly-written label at the bottom of the photo denotes her as “Momiji Inubashiri.”

The second girl, “Sanae Kochiya♥”, is shown in the middle of a splash-fight, turning her head and laughing as a spray of glittering water lands on her delicate body and her long green hair. Her pure white bikini is more daring than Momiji’s, showing quite a bit of cleavage as it presses together her large, perky breasts. It’s not hard to imagine how much they were jiggling when the photo was taken.

In the third picture, a blonde-haired woman with golden eyes and a ponytail stood a little too close to a watermelon-smashing. Red flecks and trails of juice cover her smooth, pale skin, and a large fragment of the fruit is nestled quite comfortably between her ample breasts. Her skimpy black swimsuit was clearly designed for sex appeal, and the effect is enhanced by the way she’s sucking the juice off her fingers and staring lustfully into the camera. Artful, web-like writing spells out her name: “Yamame Kurodani.”

Lastly, there’s a photo of an elegant woman lying face-down on a towel, looking back over her shoulder with a small grin and holding a bottle of lotion towards the camera. Her long black hair flows gracefully down her back, shimmering in the sunlight and contrasting beautifully with small glimpses of her pale skin. She doesn’t seem to be wearing a swimsuit; her hair’s long enough to spill over her lovely ass and fit between her legs, hiding any scandalous details but giving you an unobstructed view of her long, flawless legs and dainty feet. A fluid string of graceful characters names her “Kaguya Houraisan.”

Letting out a breath you didn’t know you were holding, you sit back and let your eyes travel over each of the four pictures, taking in every detail you can find. Any man would be overjoyed to find one of these girls at his doorstep.

You’re getting a strange feeling in your stomach, and you’ve started to shiver a little. It reminds you of how you felt when you first entered the back lounge. You take a few deep breaths to steady yourself, then turn to the order form.

The form claims that your chosen girl will stay until you’ve been “completely exhausted.” The visit itself is free, but it seems that you can pay extra to get access to additional features.

The letter caught you between paydays, though. The most you could spare right now is about… 3,000.

You find yourself reaching for a pen…



Return this form within a week of receipt, Bronze Coin enclosed, to receive a free house call from one of the following girls:

[ ] Momiji Inubashiri
Competent and professional, but she’s been known to show a sweeter side to favored guests.
Likes: Affection
Dislikes: Condescension

[ ] Sanae Kochiya
One of our newer girls. Lacks experience, but has no shortage of beauty or vigor.
Likes: Adventure
Dislikes: Shut-ins

[ ] Yamame Kurodani
Every man she serves leaves satisfied. The same cannot be said for her.
Likes: Lustful men
Dislikes: Inattentive men

[ ] Kaguya Houraisan
Highly experienced. Kind and eager to please, for men she finds interesting.
Likes: Obedience
Dislikes: Sloppiness

The chosen girl will remain with you until you’ve been completely exhausted.

Enclose additional payment to receive one or more of the following additions:

APHRODISIACS - Get one for free. Pay listed prices for additional ones.
[ ] Increase the number of times you can orgasm
[ ] Increase your endurance before orgasm
[ ] Increase the duration, intensity, and volume of your ejaculations
[ ] Maximize the size of your erections

[ ] Take a scenic trip
[ ] Have her cook dinner
[ ] Have her stay for the night

*All our girls work for us of their own free will.


We’re going to do the voting in two rounds this time. For now, please vote only for which girl you want.

Also, there’s no goals this time. All you need to worry about is enjoying yourself, and maybe letting your girl enjoy herself too.
No. 30445
[X]Kaguya Houraisan

Can't go wrong with the original bamboo princess!
No. 30446
[X] Momiji Inubashiri

Can't say no to Momiji and gotta love her ears/tail.
No. 30447
[ ] Yamame Kurodani

Needs more spiderlove.
No. 30448
[x] Kaguya Houraisan
[x] Increase the duration, intensity, and volume of your ejaculations

Dislikes sloppiness. Let's give her some sloppiness to dislike.

>Sanae not experienced
There goes my suspension of disbelief.
No. 30451
[ ] Sanae Kochiya

Oh God yes. Perky, adventurous school girl is go.
No. 30453
File 136711592128.jpg - (460.73KB, 1000x704, ac54e3e7bfef4308ed603540a50f326e.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Sanae Kochiya

No. 30456
[X] Momiji Inubashiri

Want Momiji so bad.
No. 30457
[x]have her stay the night
[x]increase times x3
[x] increase endurance x2
Ñame: lotus anon
Age: 38... Caliber!
Place of residence; ON THE EDGE
No. 30458

>There goes my ridiculous fanon.

fixed that for ya broski.

[x] Sanae Kochiya
No. 30460
Only girl vote right now, remember?
No. 30461
[x] Kaguya Houraisan

The notion of a princess working as an escort is certainly intriguing (not to mention arousing).
No. 30462
[x] Kaguya Houraisan
No. 30463
[x] Sanae Kochiya
No. 30464
[X] Kaguya Houraisan
[X] Increase the number of times you can orgasm
[X] Have her stay for the night

When one of your choices is the woman who is specifically renowned for being a smoking hot babe, the choice is clear.
No. 30467
[x] Momiji Inubashiri
No. 30468
[ ] Kaguya Houraisan

My body will never be ready.
No. 30469
[X] Momiji Inubashiri

Looks promising.
No. 30470
[X] Momiji Inubashiri


>Likes: Affection

We will pour it upon her like a river.
No. 30471
[x] Kaguya Houraisan
Oh ho, this is back, awesome.
No. 30472
[X] Momiji Inubashiri
No. 30473
[X] Momiji Inubashiri

>she’s been known to show a sweeter side to favored guests
>Likes: Affection
Other girls? What other girls?
No. 30474
The ones who are hot and not a dog.
No. 30475
[x] Kaguya Houraisan

Hopefully, she doesn't mind role reversals.
No. 30477
Don't be insulting my waifu, man.
No. 30478
[X] Kaguya Houraisan
[X] Increase the number of times you can orgasm
[X] Have her stay for the night
No. 30479
[X] Momiji Inubashiri
No. 30480
[x] Momiji Inubashiri

Not nearly enough of her here to suit my tastes.
No. 30482
Kaguya is even more lacking.

[X] Kaguya Houraisan

Anyway, considering how close the vote is, can we get a check for cheaters just in case? Because I doubt we are seriously that closely divided.
No. 30483

Dunno. I mean, ALL of them look fun. I already voted for Momiji, but having an adventure date with Sanae sounds fun, as does having Yamame over. I'm not that big on Kaguya personally, but I can see the attraction. This is just a hard choice, especially considering how damn good the last story was.
No. 30484
[x] Kaguya Houraisan
No. 30485
[X] Momiji Inubashiri
No. 30486
[X] Momiji Inubashiri

>Likes: Affection

Sweet, passionate sex beats any babe, however hot.

And to me, wolf ears/tail make her even hotter.
No. 30487
>Sweet, passionate sex
Sounds more like Yamame to me.
No. 30488
Yamame seems more lustful than sweet.
No. 30489
There is nothing good about whores, prostitutes, and sluts. I'll pass.
No. 30490
[X] Kaguya Houraisan.
No. 30491
Fair enough. Come back when you turn 18.
No. 30492
Frankly, it's going to be amazing no matter who's chosen. The original Lotus Pavillion was fantastic, even when dealing with girls who don't interest me in general.

That being said:
[X]Kaguya Houraisan.

I'd vote for Sanae because she's adventurous and who doesn't want to go adventure with a fun girl? But it looks like she's not going to win, so I'd rather have my second choice.

That leaves Kaguya, who's reknowned as a megahottie, is surely very experienced, and, if we're really good, we can have her engage in a little role reversal. She's so used to being in control, she might find it enticing to give up that control for a single night.

Even if not, she's still a princess. And a princess who's seen so many things - imagine the conversations we could have with her, even outside the context of sex.

The other two aren't as interesting.
No. 30494
[X] Kaguya Houraisan
Highly experienced. Kind and eager to please, for men she finds interesting.
Likes: Obedience
Dislikes: Sloppiness

Beauty and experience, what's not to like?
No. 30495
Oh I'm sorry. "The ones who are hot and not a wolf." Is that better now?
No. 30496
They want to remove /at/ from the site http://www.touhou-project.com/blue/res/16153.html
No. 30497
Off topic and that matter's been dropped.
No. 30498
[X]Kaguya Houraisan

Yamame or Sanae would be my first choices, but it's a two way race now so... well, so nothing really, it'll be good no matter who it is.
No. 30499
[X]Kaguya Houraisan

Seeing the comments in this thread led to me reading the first Lotus Pavilion story. I enjoyed your writing, !72RXqhyEuc, and look forward to seeing more of it.
No. 30500
File 136720650748.jpg - (166.89KB, 850x765, none of this.jpg) [iqdb]
Okay, looks like Kaguya wins it! This'll be fun.

Now, we'll start voting for additions. Remember that you have 3,000 to spend, and your first aphrodisiac is free. Each combination of choices counts as a separate option; a vote for "Drug A + Drug B" will be a single vote for the combo, rather than one vote for "Drug A" and one vote for "Drug B".

Also, pills of the same type don't stack. Overdoses are a thing, guys.
No. 30502
[x] Increase the number of times you can orgasm

[X] Take a scenic trip (Spent 2000)
[X] Have her stay for the night (Spent 1000)

For a woman like Kaguya, making sure she's pleasured first is just the right thing to do. give her a nice day on our expense, and show the lovely princess a perfect evening.
No. 30503
[x] Increase the number of times you can orgasm

[x] Take a scenic trip (spend 2,000)
[X] Have her stay for the night (Spent 1000)

I don't think this would be too sloppy, that and I think this would increase our general stamina.
No. 30504
[x] Increase the number of times you can orgasm

[x] Take a scenic trip (spend 2,000)
[X] Have her stay for the night (Spent 1000)
No. 30505
[ ] Increase the number of times you can orgasm
[ ] Increase your endurance before orgasm
[ ] Increase the duration, intensity, and volume of your ejaculations
[ ] Maximize the size of your erections

[ ] Have her stay for the night

Lets get adventurous.
No. 30506
[x] Increase the number of times you can orgasm
[x] Increase the duration, intensity, and volume of your ejaculations

I don't care about the other stuff. Is there any use for unspent money?
No. 30507
File 136721097354.png - (1.49MB, 1600x1200, 31903170_p1.png) [iqdb]
>none of this
Some of this.
No. 30509
Nope it just goes spent on something else besides the trip.
No. 30510
[x] Increase the number of times you can orgasm

[x] Take a scenic trip (spend 2,000)
[X] Have her stay for the night (Spent 1000)

A Princess needs to be pampered.
No. 30511
[x] Increase the number of times you can orgasm
[x] Increase your endurance before orgasm
[x] Increase the duration, intensity, and volume of your ejaculations
[x] Maximize the size of your erections

[x] Have her stay for the night

Guys, guys, let's optimise what we find most important. Time and ability.
No. 30512
[x] Increase the number of times you can orgasm
[x] Increase your endurance before orgasm
[x] Increase the duration, intensity, and volume of your ejaculations
[x] Maximize the size of your erections

[x] Have her stay for the night
No. 30513
[x] Increase the number of times you can orgasm
[x] Increase your endurance before orgasm
[x] Increase the duration, intensity, and volume of your ejaculations
[x] Maximize the size of your erections

[x] Have her stay for the night

Lovin' all night long.
No. 30514
There's more to this than just sex. That and that might not be the best thing with Kaguya.
No. 30515
[x] Increase the number of times you can orgasm
Free aphrodisiac.

[x] Take a scenic trip (spend 2,000)
[X] Have her stay for the night (Spent 1000)

Basically, Kaguya likes men she finds interesting, and also approves of obedience. So we show her a good time, and let her have her fun. That sounds like a plan to me. Fun for both of us.

Still, I do mourn for the choices we will now never see...
No. 30516
File 136725138855.jpg - (453.72KB, 890x1244, 7b0c2a29f7b2c13691f9edbe7fafd457.jpg) [iqdb]
Tempting choices, both of them, but I'll have to go with

[x] Increase the number of times you can orgasm

[X] Take a scenic trip (Spent 2000)
[X] Have her stay for the night (Spent 1000)

Because Outdoor. Sex. With. A. Princess.
Well, I'm pulling at straws here, but a man can dream, no? And OP, it'd be wonderful if you put in bits of her using her powers as well when doing the naughty, just like what you did with the girls and their abilities in the last story. You know, since Kaguya possesses the ability to, say, *make you cum for eternity.*

And hopefully all of this.
No. 30517
[x] Increase the number of times you can orgasm

[X] Take a scenic trip (Spent 2000)
[X] Have her stay for the night (Spent 1000)
Sounds good.
No. 30518
I'm so sad we're not going to meet a certain lovely wolf, but I'll just go with the flow.

[X] Increase the number of times you can orgasm

[X] Take a scenic trip
[X] Have her stay for the night

Seems the best plan to please a princess.
No. 30522
[X] Increase the number of times you can orgasm

[X] Take a scenic trip
[X] Have her stay for the night

Yeah I think this is the best.

Will there be a chance of getting a fivesome or something, like the last time we were here?
No. 30524

Welp, your logic's convinced me!

[X]More orgasms.
[X]Take a trip. (-2k)
[X]Have her stay the night with us. (-1k)

I think the "increase number of orgasms" drug is probably the best bet. She's probably had hundreds of lovers across her long life. A huge cock or a guy who can last forever is something she's used to. But a guy with no refractory period? Novel. Though the enormous ejaculate drug has potential too... Except that it's sloppy. Which she hates.
No. 30529
File 136729299443.png - (423.08KB, 800x581, none of this either.png) [iqdb]
That settles it. We'll increasing our orgasm, go on a trip with Kaguya, and then have her stay the night.

This is great. I can do a lot with this.
No. 30530
Could you please not rub it in our faces?
No. 30531

inb4 he has us bump into all of the other girls on dates with other customers during the trip.

No. 30532
File 136731408272.jpg - (135.71KB, 850x651, sample-bf430e0244de46d1f88009f63733f252.jpg) [iqdb]
What could you possibly be talking about?
No. 30533
File 136734530286.jpg - (239.35KB, 700x700, NEETbusters.jpg) [iqdb]
I'm not sure.
No. 30537
Hey, let's try to not to stir shit up here.
No. 30540
File 136738117619.jpg - (520.89KB, 800x950, you got this.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Kaguya Houraisan
[x] Increase the number of times you can orgasm.
[x] Go on a scenic trip.
[x] Have her stay the night.

After a great deal of vacillation and an even greater deal of staring, you finally settle on Kaguya. All of the girls look amazing, but there’s something especially alluring about her. Perhaps it’s that long, dark hair that shines like a moonlit lake, or the pale, spotless skin underneath. Or maybe it’s the calm, confident smirk on her face that hints at a vast reserve of experience. If an establishment that employs youkai calls her “experienced,” her skills must be incredible. She lacks the generous curves displayed by Sanae and Yamame, but that slim, well-kept body has an appeal of its own.

She seems like she would be a very interesting person just to be with, even if you’re not having sex. The trip is expensive, but you think you’ll go ahead and get it. Sharing a bed would be nice, too. And if you’re going to be spending so much time with her, you should probably increase the number of times you can cum. Wouldn’t want to exhaust yourself halfway through the night.

It’s all decided, then. You carefully fill out the form and set the time of your appointment for as soon as you can manage, which turns out to be in a week. After triple-checking all your entries, you fold up the form and put it in a fresh envelope, along with your bronze coin, which you’ve been keeping next to your futon, and the better part of your last paycheck. The photographs go deep into the back of an inconspicuous drawer, where they’ll rest with a certain scandalous article about a certain unidentified youkai.

Once the envelope’s filled out and stamped and waiting in your mailbox, you head back inside and drop onto your futon, resisting the urge to go stare at Kaguya’s picture some more.

You get the feeling it’ll be an unpleasant wait.


The days passed slowly. Even at work, you found your mind wandering back to the beautiful woman you’d requested. You had a great many fantasies about her as you tried to guess at her personality. The form’s description was rather vague; would she be harsh and sadistic the whole time, making you cry out in pain as you drowned in pleasure? Or would she be a gentle and affectionate girl who you would obey without a second thought? Both possibilities had their appeals, as did all the ones in between.

Most often, you imagined yourself on that beach with her. You would take the bottle of lotion from her hand and carefully part her curtain of silky hair, revealing her smooth, flawless back and her hairless, bright-pink slit. Then, you would squeeze a generous amount of oil into your hands and slowly massage it into her, touching her in all the right places to make her moan in delight. As you worked your way from her shoulders to her rump, her arousal would grow greater and greater, until there was a small damp spot on the towel between her legs. Your fingers would plunge into her without hesitation, urged on by the pleading look in her large brown eyes, and she would arch her back and moan in a beautiful melodic voice until the pleasure was too much and she begged for your hard cock to fill her up--

--And then your boss would tell you to stop slacking, and you’d have to spend the next few minutes slightly hunched over to hide your erection.

There was still a week and a half before payday when the letter came, and your splurging on options left you with precious little money for food. You ate a lot of rice and miso soup and cabbage that week, along with a single delicious fish. Hopefully, Kaguya won’t ask you to make her dinner.

You tried not to stare at her picture too much, but it slowly found its way from the bottom of a drawer to the corner of your desk to your table. You never actually masturbated to her, though; even if you were going to be getting aphrodisiacs, you didn’t want to risk wearing yourself out too early. Besides, what would she think of a man who didn’t have the self-control to save up for a week?


Today's the fourth day since you replied. You've received a second strange envelope in the mail. This one is normal-sized, and addressed to you with graceful handwriting that you recognize from Kaguya’s picture. The seal seems to depict a full moon surrounded by twinkling stars.

Inside is a single sheet of crisply-folded paper. Somehow, it seems even fancier than what the last letter was written on. Something falls out as you unfold the letter, but you decide to leave it for later. The message on the paper has already captured your attention.

Honored guest,

Well met. I am Kaguya Houraisan, your partner-to-be. My friends simply call me “Hime.”

I have heard a great deal about you from my friends and the Mistress. How you fearlessly pleased Nue and thrilled Meiling with your passion, withstood Seiga’s charms and double-crossed Aya… Even when all four of them served you at once, you used all your strength to please each one in turn. I am very eager to see that fortitude in person; if you live up to my expectations, I will be happy to spend the night with you.

I have also planned a fine trip for us to take beforehand. I do hope you make yourself presentable, though; I would hate to be seen in public with a slovenly man.

In the meantime, please enjoy this picture. Aya is a skilled photographer, is she not? I have already seen the ones she took with you.

Best wishes,

The last line sends a bit of redness to your cheeks. Then you look down to what came with the letter, and the blush intensifies further.

It’s a fairly small photograph, about half the size of the others. It shows Kaguya kneeling on a futon in the middle of a Japanese-style room, wearing an exquisite pink-and-yellow kimono. She’s begun to remove the garment, exposing her round, smooth shoulders and a bit of her chest. It’s a vulnerable position, but the look on her face is seductive and confident. Her aura of authority seems even stronger when she faces the camera head-on.

You would expect a bunch of candles to light a scene like this, but there’s none to be found. Instead, a door’s open behind her to show a bamboo forest at night, with a bright full moon visible through a gap in the stalks’ tall, jumbled silhouettes. Her pale skin and dark hair seem naturally suited to the moonlight, almost gleaming as it’s bathed in the gentle rays. The light accentuates her slight curves, enough that you can start to see the small outline of her breasts if you stare hard enough at her chest.

As you hold the picture close to your eyes, you notice an attractive scent and take a deep breath. It smells of rare flowers, expensive shampoo, and fine sake. The kind of elegant smells you would expect from…

… A princess.


… Kaguya-hime?

Oh, and there’s something written on the back. The handwriting’s much cruder than Kaguya’s, though.

P.S. I’m really ticklish behind my knees!!

… Hm.


Today’s the day. It’s a day off from work, so you’ve had a difficult time keeping yourself occupied. The hours just seemed to drag by, each one slower than the last.

Right now, you’re sitting at your table and trying to lose yourself in a good book. It isn’t going very well. Any mention of a woman in the pages sets off your imagination. If you close your eyes, you can clearly see the two pictures of Kaguya, and memories from your last visit creep into each of your senses. Will this time be as good as the last? Worse? Better? Your mind starts to slip into fantasy, and you have to shake yourself back to the present.

A few sentences later, it all starts again.

Several minutes later, you finish the page you’re on.

When the knock on your door finally comes, it’s faint enough that you only register it on the edge of your hearing. Then there’s a second, more insistent knock, and you nearly jump out of your seat at the sound.

It’s light, but insistent, simply reminding you of its presence rather than demanding entry. Your eventual opening the door seems to be taken for granted.

You hate to keep your escort waiting, but you can’t help running to your bathroom to give yourself one last check in the mirror. You just gave yourself one of the most vigorous washings of your life an hour ago, so everything checks out. Too bad you couldn’t get a good haircut, though.

Okay, here goes. You walk to the door on trembling legs, take a deep breath that does nothing to calm the butterflies in your stomach, and slide it open just as you practiced this morning.

The woman you see before you is definitely Kaguya, but she plunges into a deep bow before you can see her face.

“Well met, honored guest! I am Kaguya Houraisan, your partner for tonight. Please, take good care of me.”

It’s a lovely voice. You feel some of your worries drifting away just listening to it. Her language and tone are both very polite, but she speaks with an unusual amount of energy, and a slightly naughty edge to her voice. It’s not dripping with seduction, though; there’s a slightly whimsical twist to the naughtiness.

Most of her long, night-black hair hangs off the sides of her head, but a thick band stays on her back, lazily spread flowing down her pink shirt. The hairs that hang off stop just an inch shy of the ground; she seems to have calculated the depth of her bow beforehand to make sure she wouldn’t dirty them. It’s all done in a classic hime-cut, with long dark bangs that cover most of her forehead.

As Kaguya starts to rise again, her wide eyes are the next thing you focus on. They’re a deep, dark brown, dark enough that you can barely make out her pupils, but they still manage to catch the light in a way that makes them seem quite lively. The eyes and hair both contrast with the rest of her round, beautiful face, with soft features and a wide, expressive smile. Seen one way, it’s full of innocence and good cheer, but a slight shift in the corners of her mouth and the look in her eyes would make her seem cruel and dominant. If she were to soften the look in her eyes and blush a little, it’d be enough to make you melt.

Even after looking at the pictures so much, the real thing is…

… staring at you.

“Honored guest?”

Clearing your throat in a vain attempt to save face, you stumble through a greeting and invite Kaguya into your home. She graciously accepts and strides in with confidence, politely refusing your offer for tea at first but relenting when you insist. You were so focused on her face that you didn’t notice the large bag she was carrying; she absentmindedly drops it next to her traditional-looking sandals as she goes to kneel at your table.

You try to keep your composure as you brew the above-average-quality tea you got for the occasion, but you can practically feel her gaze burning into your back. It’s almost a relief when you bring the mugs to the table, even though you have to face her head-on. The two of you breeze through a number of pleasantries, including the weather (“Quite sunny, isn’t it? The view will be wonderful tonight”), her trip here (“Uneventful, though I had some trouble figuring out which home was yours”), and whether she’s eaten yet (“Ah, but I’ve made plans for dinner!”). In the meantime, you take another long look at her face and her clothes. She’s doing the same to you, so you don’t feel too rude.

Kaguya’s wearing a long-sleeved pink shirt with a large white bow near the collar, and smaller bows where you’d normally see buttons. The sleeves seem a little too big for her, long enough to hide her hands when her arms are at her sides. Over her legs, she wears a dark red skirt decorated with some yellow bamboo and flower designs. The skirt also seems a bit too long; when she was standing, there was more than three inches of fabric on all sides resting on the ground. It’s not a fantastically elegant outfit overall, but you can tell that there’s a great deal of craftsmanship in those clothes. Possibly an inhuman amount. You’re sure they’re extremely soft as well, but now's not the time to just reach out and touch them.

While you’re doing that, her curious eyes are roaming over everything they can reach, from the book on your table to your mid-quality tatami to the dishes in your sink. The interest is only apparent from her eyes, though; the rest of her body is still upright and formal. With that posture, and those clothes, and her somewhat archaic dialect, she really does seem like a princess. You half-expect to hear her say something about a “commoner’s house,” but she keeps her thoughts on that matter to herself. You drain the last of your tea, which you hardly tasted, and put the empty mug down next to Kaguya's.

“Ah, but we’ll need to get going if we’re to catch the sunset. Shall we?” she asks, extending an arm and flicking back her sleeve to expose a pale hand. Her fingers are long and smooth, and her nails are well-kept but unpolished. She doesn’t seem to put much stock in cosmetics, possibly because her natural beauty makes them unnecessary.

You quickly wipe your hand on your pants before reaching up to take hers. It’s neither warm nor hot, and softer than yours without being excessively delicate. Her long fingers close around the back of your hand with the slightest squeeze, and she pulls you up and leads you out of your house with a gentle, insistent pull. As you pass the threshold, she casually pulls a purple umbrella from her bag and opens it as soon as you’re outside. Its frame is made from carefully-treated bamboo, and the fabric’s decorated with golden moons and flower designs, much like the rest of her clothes.

After you’ve closed and locked the door, Kaguya starts to lead you towards the village’s edge. If you’re not mistaken, the Bamboo Forest is in this direction. She walks at a fairly slow pace, gently swinging your arms back and forth and slowly spinning her umbrella as she walks. Neither one of you says anything, but you’re grateful for the chance to gather yourself.

Just as you’re getting used to walking with her, she pulls you in close and rubs her cheek against yours with a quiet, happy sound. She’s about your height, so it’s an easy feat to accomplish. Her cheek’s very soft and slightly warm, and you feel her silky hair brush over your ear as she nuzzles you. A familiar scent of flowers touches your nose before she draws back.

Judging by the smile on her face, it seems like she did that as much for the intimacy as to catch you off-guard. She mentioned having you “live up to her expectations”; is this all some sort of test? You swallow and try to shake off the growing nervousness; there’s no way you’ll impress her if you spend all your time worrying.

You’re expecting her to say something, but she just turns her head back and resumes her walking. That curious sparkle hasn’t left her eyes, and there’s a difficult-to-read smile on her face. She seems content to hold your hand take in the sights of your neighborhood, but you feel pretty awkward. It’s probably your job to break the silence.

Perhaps you could ask about…

[ ] Her work.
[ ] Her hobbies.
[ ] Her friends.
[ ] Her clothes.
[ ] Her nickname.
[ ] The trip.
[ ] The back of her knees.
[ ] Write-in.

You shouldn’t restrict yourself to a single topic, but maybe you don’t want to spend all night talking.
No. 30541
[x] Her hobbies.
[x] Her friends.
[x] Her nickname.

I think the topics of friends and nickname would flow together pretty well.
No. 30542
[X] Her nickname.
[X] Her friends.
[X] Her hobbies.

We know she's quite the elegant lady, but is she an actual princess or not? Also, are we allowed to use her nickname?

From there, we can talk about her friends - an experienced woman like her is sure to have an eclectic number of personalities she 'hangs with'.

Finally, we can cap off with what she herself is interested in doing - with her friends or otherwise. With any luck we'll have something in common, and can slip in a fun activity during our trip.

Her clothes and her work, considering the profession, seem to be more, ah, late-night talk. And considering her vagueness on the trip, it seems likely that she wishes to surprise us.

As for the back of her knees? That's a trump card we should keep to ourselves, for now.
No. 30543
I suspect it might have been Tewi that did that so that bit of knowledge should be handled carefully.
No. 30544
[X] Her nickname.
[X] Her friends.
[X] Her hobbies.

Don't want to see brash and rude to the princess.
No. 30545
[X] Her hobbies.
[X] Her friends.
[X] Her nickname.

Sounds about right.
No. 30546
[X] Her nickname.
[X] Her friends.
[X] Her hobbies.
No. 30547
[X] Her nickname.
[X] Her friends.
[X] Her hobbies.

I agree.
No. 30548
File 136743034512.jpg - (165.92KB, 850x879, gettin ready.jpg) [iqdb]
Alright, doesn't look like we need to keep this one open. Topics for conversation are: nickname, friends, and hobbies.
No. 30558
File 136752875225.jpg - (379.51KB, 600x800, ffb24db0fddec51602e67d5c90d5658e.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Her hobbies.
[x] Her friends.
[x] Her nickname.

Hobbies are a common ice-breaker, right? Maybe you’ll get lucky and find some common ground.

After a deep breath to steady your voice, you ask Kaguya what she likes to do for fun. She takes a last glance around at your neighborhood, then directs all of her attention at you. It’s slightly intimidating, even if she’s just smiling innocently.

“Oh, there’s quite a few things I like. It’s always a struggle finding ways to keep myself occupied. Even this is just a diversion,” she says, giving your hand a brief squeeze. “If you restrict yourself to Bronze and above, it can be a very nice way to spend the night. Favored customers are always such gentlemen.” Her voice turns honey-sweet on the last sentence, and she briefly turns to you and clings to your chest. After a moment of surprise, you match her grin and pull her into a mock hug, and she gives you a mock-swoon in response. You get a moment to savor the warmth of her firm body and the softness of her clothes before she’s back to walking beside you.

“But, they only call for me a few times a month, and this is my only employment. I’m on my own the rest of the time, but I’ve found plenty of things to entertain myself with.”

Such as?

“Hmm…” You doubt she’s actually struggling to think of something. It’s more like she’s trying to figure out which hobby will appeal to you best.

“Well, I’m quite fond of classical music. I was trained in it from childhood, and I’ve grown quite skilled with a shamisen over the years. I’ve written a few songs myself, actually.”

That sounds nice. Her long fingers seem well-suited to it, and you’re sure she has a lovely singing voice.

“Why, thank you. I rarely get a good audience, though. Most of my friends don’t appreciate my music, or praise it no matter how well or poorly I play.”

You know that feeling all too well. Kaguya tilts her head when you say as much.

“Really? Do you have a hobby of your own?”

Well, you like to do a little painting from time to time…


“Ahaha! That happens all too often, doesn’t it?”

You hadn’t thought someone could have such an expansive interest in the arts. Music, poetry, painting, dance, theatre… Kaguya knows far more about each one than you do about all of them put together. Some of her work has supposedly found its way into the village, but she won’t divulge her pseudonym. Even so, you can still chat comfortably about it. Unlike your buddies from work, she knows exactly what you’re talking about.

She had to ask if you’ve painted of any of the girls from the Pavilion, but said that you’re decades away from being able to try something like that. Besides, you doubt a piece of canvas could ever contain the beauty of someone like Kaguya. (“Oh, you.”)

The village disappeared behind you long ago. For the last thirty minutes, you’ve been crossing a wide expanse of grasslands as the sun slowly sets to your west. It’s not far from the horizon now, dying the sky with gentle pinks and yellows and coloring the few clouds a regal purple.

“A fine sunset, isn’t it? They always make for wonderful paintings.” Kaguya noticed you staring. She releases your hand and puts her arm around your back, then pulls you under her umbrella and rests her head on your shoulder.

The two of you spend a peaceful moment watching the sun’s slow descent. It hardly moves at all while you watch, but you seem to spend a long time standing there, enjoying the artful mix of colors in the sky while Kaguya’s soft hair tickles your cheek. Finally, she takes your hand again and resumes your trek.

As beautiful as the sun is right now, you’re hesitant to see it on its way out just as a large, imposing mass of trees looms over you. Your hunch about the direction you’re taking was right; Kaguya’s leading you right into the Bamboo Forest of the Lost.

This place has always frightened you, as it rightly should. For every man who went in and returned safely, there were three others who were never seen again. Survivors speak of terrible monsters, human-shaped and otherwise, and deadly traps set by the forest’s cruel inhabitants. Only the drunk and foolish enter it without some means of flight. Even if you have a powerful escort, you can’t help hesitating at the threshold.

Kaguya doesn’t notice that you’ve stopped, and she seems surprised when her arm’s suddenly pulled taut. Then she sees the uncertainty on your face and gives you a warm, reassuring smile.

“Oh, there’s no need to worry. You’ll be perfectly safe as long as we’re together. The youkai know better than to attack me, and the forest’s self-appointed ‘guardian’…” Some smugness creeps into Kaguya’s smile. “… She won’t be bothering us either.”

Kaguya fearlessly leads the way further in, effortlessly winding around the constantly-thickening clusters of bamboo. Isolated stalks grow into small clumps, which solidify into tall, imposing walls that close in all around you. Tiny specks of light litter the foliage-strewn ground, greatly outnumbered by the bamboo shoots’ long shadows. The slightest breeze sets off a small chorus of rustling leaves. You feel as though you can sense things lurking between the plants, and you find yourself tightening your grip on Kaguya’s hand, but the menacing atmosphere doesn’t affect her at all.

Confidence like that must mean she’s skilled at danmaku, the sport of Gensokyo’s rulers. It’s almost completely beyond most humans, yourself included; a single feeble spellcard is the best you’ve been able to manage. You decide to inquire about her skills, as much to make conversation as to further reassure yourself.

“Oh, I suppose I’m fairly competent. I do have some trouble with spellcards, but I’ve found a few ways around that. And I do get plenty of practice.”

Her voice changes a little for that last sentence. It turns slightly darker than her usual pleasant tone, but it doesn’t seem to carry much malice. It’s more like the voice you’d hear from a mother talking about an unruly but endearing child.

Danmaku would be interesting to hear more about, but you can’t exactly bond over it. She’d quickly lose you if she started talking about it in detail. You decide to leave that topic and see if she has any other hobbies she’d like to talk about.


“… A few pets, mostly rabbits. They’re quite adorable, and it’s gratifying to see them grow and thrive. Some even live long enough to become youkai.”

That’s an unusual statement on several levels. For one thing, it can take decades for an animal to become a youkai. For another, no human would ever delight in creating them. Not that they’re inherently evil, but Gensokyo seems to have enough of them already. This is hardly the place to discuss something like that, though, so you match her enthusiasm and agree with her.

Also, the thought of Kaguya lying on her back and surrounded by fluffy, affectionate rabbits is pretty cute.

It’s still barely light out, but the forest’s almost entirely cast in shadow now. In this newfound darkness, it’s easy for you to notice an unnaturally bright spot off in the distance. If you strain your ears, you can hear voices and laughter coming from the same direction. Moments later, the most delicious aroma you’ve smelled in years greets your nose.

“Over there is where we’ll be having dinner,” Kaguya says. Her words and the smell elicit a hungry growl from your stomach, and she hides her face behind a sleeve to stifle her chuckling. The two of you hurry through the rapidly-darkening forest to the light.

Soon, the two of you come out into a large clearing, which is dominated by a large brown food-wagon. Banners hanging from its awning spell out “grilled lamprey” in stylized white characters. Several strings of bright, flickering lanterns stretch from the cart to edges of the clearing. The bar along the side of the cart is packed with customers and customers-to-be, and eight tables are scattered around the clearing, about half of which are occupied.

It’s a surprising level of popularity for a restaurant in a place like this. Fairies make up about half the clientele, with a variety of youkai and a human or two comprising the other half. A far-away table’s occupied by a pair of blondes, one with a pointy black hat and the other wearing a red headband. The girl with the hat gives you and your escort a friendly wave before turning back to her friend, who acknowledges your presence with a quick, analytical glance. You seem to be the only male in the whole clearing; not too surprising, given that this place is out of the reach of most humans.

The patrons at the cart step aside to make way, some of them bowing slightly as you and Kaguya approach the counter. The owner turns out to be a young, pretty woman with bright pink hair and large, feathery wings. She wears a simple brown yukata with a blue apron over the lower half, and a blue kerchief ties down her short, vibrant hair. Two long, feathery ears peek out from under the kerchief, one of them adorned with a bright golden earring. Her already-cheerful face brightens even further when she sees the two of you.

“Ah, Hime! Welcome, welcome!” The owner bows as deeply as she can manage in her confined space behind the counter. Kaguya graciously returns the bow, making the lantern-light dance in her hair as it sways back and forth.

“Good evening, Mystia. You seem to be doing well tonight.”

“As do you! It’s rare to see you out on a date, Hime.” Mystia’s voice is upbeat and strangely melodic, but her words are shock to Kaguya.

“Oh! Um, well, this is… “ A bit of a blush creeps into Kaguya’s cheeks, but she quickly hides it behind an oversized sleeve and takes a deep breath. In seconds, she’s back to normal. “… Indeed, it is. You’ll show us both your best Blind Man’s Delight, then, won’t you?”

“Uh, y-yes, right away!” Mystia pulls out a gleaming key and disappears under the counter with her wings folded back, afraid she’s somehow angered her patron. Every eye in the vicinity has trained itself on the two of you by now, so Kaguya pulls you away to a table at the edge of the clearing. The table’s really shaped more like a desk, with a rectangular surface and a single wide leg at each end. Perhaps it makes them easier to store.

“Isn’t that flattering? She thought we were a couple.” Kaguya jokes now, but you saw her blushing. Teasing her might not be the best idea, though, so you let it slide.

That leaves you in silence while you wait for your food. Kaguya smiles gently while she fiddles with her hair, and you scratch the back of your head while you search for something to say. Eventually, you decide to ask about her about her friends; she mentioned them a number of times while you were talking earlier, and you wouldn't mind hearing more about the kind of company she keeps. That brings a more genuine smile to her face.

“Ah, yes. They’re a wonderful bunch. I’d be happy to tell you about them, but I hope you won’t mind if I refrain from using their real names.”

That’s understandable. Kaguya puts a sleeve to her chin and stares off into space as she decides on the best way to begin. As she thinks, you close your eyes for a bit take in the festive sounds and delicious smoky smells of the restaurant. The light and activity create a warmth that staves off the slight chill of the gathering night. You never knew the youkai had a place like this hidden away. What else might be out there?

“Well. I’d have to start with my oldest and most dependable friend… we’ll call her Yuzuki. I’ve known her for as long as I can remember, and she’s always been willing to look after me. Without her, I might not even be alive today. She still watches over me, and her work brings in most of our income.”

That’s quite impressive.

“Things would be much worse for me without her. I try to make her feel appreciated, but I always worry I’m not doing enough. I’m not well-suited to help her with her work, and she hates the thought of me troubling myself. It took me the longest time to get her permission to start doing this.”

Permission? Kaguya seems a little too mature for something like that.

“Hmm. Perhaps, but old habits die hard. I don’t mind it most of the time. She usually makes for pleasant company when she isn’t busy with her work. And I can always learn something new for her; recently, she started teaching me to mix my own perfumes. She’s much better at it than I am, but there’s a certain satisfaction to creating them myself.”

Ah, so there’s things that even Kaguya hasn’t mastered. You feel compelled to lean towards her a bit for a quick sniff; there’s a very faint, flowery fragrance lingering in the air around her. You can’t name the flowers themselves, but they’re pleasing to the nose without overpowering your senses. Her looks don’t need much help, after all.

“You like it? I’m afraid this one wasn’t my own. I wouldn’t want to subject a guess to my own amateurish work.” She seems pleased by your interest, though.

“My second-oldest friend after her is… not so much a housemate as a neighbor. We could call her Riku. She greeted us with a marvelous prank right after we moved in, and we’ve been engaged in a battle of wits ever since. That’s about I know of her, though. She doesn’t like to spend much time with me.”

Really? You can’t fathom why.

“Mm, she’s a person of simple pleasures. When she isn’t playing pranks, simply running and frolicking with her own friends is enough for her. Sometimes she’ll come visit right after a good roll in the mud, and Yuzuki will be beside herself with anger for tracking it into our home.”

You both share a quick laugh at that.

“It’s been the three of us and my pets for a long time, but another nice girl joined us not long ago. Natsuki, let’s call her. She moved in fairly recently, from the same place as Yuzuki and I. We were all very surprised to meet her, and only too glad to take her in. She’s had a troubled past, and we all do our best to make her feel comfortable. Well, all of us except Riku, but she cares as well.”

You imagine it’s nice to have someone else form your homeland to talk to.

“It is. We get along well, but I’m afraid she takes more after Yuzuki. She might even make inherit the business someday. I often see them working together into the small hours of the morning. They’re not completely alike, though…”

Kaguya leans in a little closer, encouraging you to do the same.

“She is much younger than Yuyuzki, and she’s been known to express certain urges…”

“Thank you for waiting! Two Blind Man’s Delights, right here.”
No. 30559
File 136752880341.jpg - (314.85KB, 850x479, c237bf046a8fb33bd3cca7c0361875a3.jpg) [iqdb]
You jolt upright at the sound of Mystia’s voice. She sets a steaming bowl of rice in front of each of you, covered with two layers of split, roasted lampreys dripping with brown sauce. The freshly-grilled smell gets a good rumble out of your stomach, which draws a grin from Kaguya. After giving you a pair of sake bottles with two cups and some black wooden chopsticks, Mystia bows more deeply than she has to, fervently wishes you a good meal, and rushes back to her cart.

The aroma is irresistible. You would’ve forgotten to say your thanks if Kaguya hadn’t done it herself. You snatch up your chopsticks and go for the topmost piece of lamprey, but Kaguya puts a hand over yours to stop you. Looking up, you see her holding a piece in her own chopsticks and pointing them towards you.

Ah, that’s cute. You lean forward a little and open your mouth, and she holds her free hand under the lamprey as she reaches forward and drops it onto your tongue.



Amazing. There’s a slight crunch as you bite into the seared skin, and then your teeth descend into the lamprey’s soft interior. The flesh itself is tender and savory, with some thin bones providing some resistance here and there to keep it interesting. The juices that run out are surprisingly sweet, and the sauce accentuates the sweetness while adding a hint of sour to balance it out. The grill’s infused it all with some smokiness, as well. You chew for an extra few seconds to get as much flavor as you can, then swallow with reluctance. Kaguya watches your various reactions with amusement.

“Mystia is an excellent cook, isn’t she? This is one of my favorite places to eat.”

It’s obvious what to do next. Picking up some of your own lamprey and a bit of rice, you extend your arm towards Kaguya to let her wrap her lips around your chopsticks and pull off the food. She brings a hand to her cheek and purrs happily as she chews, apparently enjoying the taste just as much as you did. Her eyes seem misty by the time she swallows, slightly distorting the reflected lamplight.

For the next few minutes, you’re both too busy with your food to speak. After each bite of lamprey, you savor the lingering taste for a while before clearing it out with rice and drink. The warm sake’s obviously high-quality stuff, with a carefully-inserted hint of grapes alongside the usual fiery aroma and taste. You feel calmer after a cup or two, but this whole situation still has you fairly excited. Kaguya seems to be smiling more freely, too.

As you’re starting on your second layer of meat, you suddenly feel one of Kaguya’s feet press firmly into your crotch. You’re not sure how to react to something like that, except by looking up at her in surprise. She meets your gaze with an innocent smile and refills both your cups, dropping a small pill into yours before handing it back to you. That must be your promised aphrodisiac.

As you slowly drain your cup and swallow the pill, Kaguya puts a second foot between your legs and starts sliding them both back and forth. The pressure there doesn’t feel bad at all. Then, in an impressive show of dexterity, she uses her toes to unzip your pants and expose your rapidly-hardening penis.

You shiver a little when the silky material on her feet touches your bare shaft. Going by the old-style sandals she was wearing, you figured she’d be wearing tabi, but this fabric seems to thin and smooth for that. These feel more like… thighhighs, or even stockings.

Wait, what are you doing? You’re in public! Sure, the table’s wide legs hide most of what Kaguya’s doing, but anyone who took a close look at you would quickly notice something strange happening in your lap, and the consequences would be supremely embarrassing. You need to…


You put your hands on Kaguya’s ankles to pull her off, but you stop when you see the pout on her face. She lets out a little whine and grinds a heel into your shaft, hard enough to make you wince with a mixture of pleasure and discomfort.

This is probably part of her test. Maybe she’s trying to see if you’ll willingly risk public embarrassment if she asks you to. Your table is in a fairly secluded part of the clearing, and her feet do feel nice…

You’ll risk it. You relax your grip and give her slender feet a quick, gentle rubbing, then remove your hands. She smirks and purrs at the attention and shifts back in her chair to get in a better position. The excitement of giving yourself over to your beautiful escort’s whims and the danger of doing it in public quickly fill out your erection, which is all too eager for action after a week’s worth of denial.

A blush creeps into both your faces as Kaguya’s warm feet caress every inch of your shaft and scrotum, with one taking the top half and the other taking the bottom. Once she’s let everything feel the silky touch of her feet, she presses the tip of one foot into your scrotum to make your testicles bulge out underneath and tug your shaft slightly downwards. On her other foot, she spreads her big toe away from the rest and fits your shaft into the gap. There’s a considerable squeeze in the tight space between her toes, and the soft fabric seems to cling to your penis. Slowly at first, then more rapidly, she starts to pump that foot up and down to stroke you while she wriggles the toes on her other one to stimulate your balls.

Of course, she keeps eating and drinking the whole time like nothing’s out of the ordinary. The small smirk in the corner of her mouth is the only indication of what she’s up under the table. All of her actions seem strangely sensual, though, from the way she slowly licks her lips after a messy bite of lamprey to how she sucks stray grains of rice off her fingers. You might attract attention if you just stared at her and moaned, so you turn to your food to try and distract yourself.

You’re already leaking a fair amount of precum, which soaks into the space between Kaguya’s toes as she slides her foot up and down. Eventually, her expression darkens and she furrows her brow she notices the wet patch in her sock. The sight of her pout compels you to quietly apologize, even though you don’t think it was really your fault. With a small sigh, Kaguya brings her foot back to her side of the table and smoothly pulls off the sock, which turns out to be a thighhigh of the same deep black as her hair. She examines and sniffs the wet spot before laying it out on the ground, still massaging your scrotum with her other foot until she’s ready to give you her full attention.

Next, Kaguya removes her clothed foot from your balls and replaces it with her bare one, which presses in with even greater vigor. Her smooth, bare toes dig into the loose skin in a way that her clothed ones couldn’t manage, and you feel a few small scratches from her toenails. Her other heel comes down on top of your cock, sandwiching it between her feet. She flattens them both and spends a moment crushing your shaft in between, then raises the top foot to focus just on the tip.

In an impressive display of muscle control, Kaguya rubs her silky heel in small, fine circles around the crown of your glans. Your hands clench up involuntarily at the extremely fine sensation, closing your chopsticks hard enough to almost bisect the piece of lamprey you were holding. You continue to twist uncomfortably in your seat, trying desperately to keep your voice down. Then you get the idea to put some food in your mouth and try to pass off your moaning as a sound of respect for the chef. Kaguya finds it highly amusing, her grin looking more like a predatory smirk with each passing second.

A minute later, she stops moving her clothed foot and uses it to hold down your cock. In its place, she starts teasing you with her bare foot, torturing the sensitive underside of your cock with a toenail. She gradually scratches her way up your length with small back-and-forth motions, alternating between the hard, smooth nail and the soft underside of her big toe. When she finally reaches the tip, she jams the tip of the nail right into your frenulum and gently scratches the intensely sensitive bit of skin. Then she starts moving her upper heel and attacks the two most vulnerable spots on your cock at once, squishing your glans between her feet to magnify the sensations from each. Your head nearly falls into your bowl as your muscles give out and your cock clenches up, but she releases you in time to leave you just shy of the edge. You help yourself to some quick bites of rice before sitting back up to see her face gleaming with excitement. You must be doing an excellent job of entertaining her.

The teasing isn’t over yet. Kaguya’s bare foot grabs the head of your cock and presses it into your chest , leaving the rest of your throbbing shaft at the mercy of her stocking-clad foot. She starts to rub your shaft with a speed you didn’t think feet could have, alternating between her soft, dexterous toes and her smooth, powerful heel. Her blush is still keeping pace with yours, and she’s put down her chopsticks to grab the sides of her chair for support.

Now that you’ve gotten over the shock, this actually feels good. Delicious food in your mouth, an aroused beautiful woman across from you, and two heavenly feet working your cock. It’s not exactly what you expected when you asked for her company, but you’re enjoying it.

While Kaguya’s thighhigh-clad foot makes your shaft melt with pleasure, her other foot steadily milks out your precum and smears it all over the toes and the upper part of the sole. When it’s nice and slippery, she removes her clothed foot and nearly slams her bare one into your shaft, then slides furiously slides it up and down to assault your cock with a hot, frictionless stimulation.

You can feel a powerful orgasm welling up inside you. hips are starting to twitch a little; if she keeps this up, you’ll shoot a thick, fragrant load all over her slender legs and delicate feet. Which you wouldn’t mind doing at all, if not for the fact that she might not forgive you. The fear of being caught in the act seems minor compared to this new danger.

But, it turns out to be unfounded. Kaguya swallows and washes down her latest bite of lamprey, then quite deliberately drops her chopsticks on the ground.

“Oh, how clumsy of me.”

Kaguya’s feet leave your twitching cock seconds away from cumming as she gets out of her chair and disappears under the table. Almost immediately, a pair of soft lips close around your cock, and a warm, slippery tongue slithers over your frenulum and laps at your urethra. Combined with a bit of gentle suction, the sensation immediately drives you over the edge.

You slump back in your chair, which thankfully has a backrest, and try your hardest to stifle your voice as a large, thick load sprays out of your cock. Finally letting it out after waiting a week feels amazing, especially with Kaguya’s mouth to accept it and coax you on. The suction continues as she swallows each one of your shots, and her tongue slides lazily back and forth along the underside of your shaft. Your cock throbs harder and harder as your orgasm drags on, until you’re squeezing the sides of your chair and you can barely see straight.

Your orgasm finally ends after six or seven long, powerful shots, each of which seemed to last for half a minute. Kaguya carefully sucks out the last few drops of our backed-up semen, then wipes you off with one of her smooth hands and reappears in her seat while you dreamily put your spent penis away. She comes up smiling, with the fiercest blush you’ve seen yet. There’s a small white trail down the side of her chin, which she wipes up and sucks off without a second thought. Seconds later, she beckons Mystia over and asks for a fresh pair of chopsticks with perfect grace.

A light-headed feeling persists as the two of you finish your meal and polish off the sake. There’s no need to talk at the moment; it’s enough to just exchange small glances and smiles. Kaguya’s not the least bit embarrassed by what she just did, so you shouldn’t be either. You feed her the last few bites of her food, and she graciously accepts them before doing the same to you. When you finally do speak, it’s just to say how wonderful the food was.

The bill seems to be all settled up, so the two of you set off as soon as you’re finished. Kaguya waves goodbye to Mystia, then takes your hand and leads the way out, giving you her umbrella to carry. She just wrapped her hand around yours before, but this time she carefully laces your fingers together with hers. As you reach the edge of the clearing, you think you see that blonde with the hat wink at you.

The light and laughter of the clearing quickly fade away, leaving the two of you in near-darkness amidst a veritable concert of bird and insect noises. If you look straight up, you can see a dark blue sky peeking through the pure black canopy, dotted with a few bright, shining stars. Fortunately, it’s not too cold tonight; the oppressive walls of bamboo seem to be keeping out most of the wind.

Soon, it’s too dark to see your way, and you have no idea where you’re headed. Kaguya compensates by casually pulling out a small jewel that illuminates your surroundings with a brilliant rainbow-tinted light. The item’s too bright for you to get a good look at, but you get the feeling that most people would rather keep something like that locked in a safe or a safe-within-a-safe, rather than use it as a lantern.

You really have to wonder exactly what Kaguya is. She’s far too beautiful and knowledgeable to be an ordinary young woman, but that doesn’t do much to narrow down your choices. Your most obvious clue seems to be her name and nickname. It seems like quite a coincidence for an experienced, regal woman named Kaguya who’s closely associated with bamboo to be called “Hime.”

So, you carefully approach the topic in a roundabout way. You say that her nickname seems widespread, and that it’s a very impressive one, and that you were just wondering how she’d managed to it.

“Hmm!” Kaguya releases your hand and turns to you with a coy grin, stashing the jewel away in her sleeve. It seems she was expecting you to ask that at some point.

The lack of light leaves you blind for a moment. The first thing you see is the moonlight shimmering in Kaguya’s hair, and the rest of her bright features come into focus as she speaks.

“Well, there was a story once about an ageless princess who came from the moon. Her beauty was so great that kings and princes from all over came to ask for her hand. But none could complete her Five Impossible Requests, so she married none of them. And her name, of course, was Kaguya-hime. Now, if you were a woman named were ‘Kaguya,’ wouldn’t you want to be associated with such an incredible person?”

You suppose you would. Kaguya takes a deep breath before continuing.

“But that’s not the only possibility. The story says that Kaguya-hime returned to the moon, but it’s only a story. Perhaps she enjoyed her life on the surface and hid herself away from the moon’s emissaries, eventually spreading false rumors once she tired of the endless flow of suitors. With her eternal youth, she could very well be alive today.” Her voice has been steadily darkening, growing more mature and more powerful. “Indeed, she could be standing before you right now.”

Kaguya’s pale skin and dark hair have taken on a strange luminescence under the moonlight, and a faint silver glow brightens her dark eyes from within. It’s simultaneously beautiful and frightening; you feel as though you’re seeing something that mortals were not meant to behold. Or is it just a trick of the light?

“And what if she was? Then you’d be receiving a house-call from an ageless princess of legend who’s shamed a thousand powerful men. That would be something, wouldn’t it? Why, you’d have almost no chance to impress someone like that. I’m not sure if you would be brave or foolish for even trying. ”

Kaguya grabs one of your hands and steadily pulls you in closer, until you’re just inches away from her eerily-radiant face. It may be the most beautiful face you’ve ever seen. Your heartbeat’s likely breaking a speed record right now.

“Now, tell me. Which of those stories would you prefer to believe?”

[ ] That it’s just a nickname.
[ ] That she’s the real Kaguya-hime.
[ ] Write-in.
No. 30560
Talk about a hard choice right here...
No. 30561
I can see either answer backfiring horribly. The first for slighting her. The second for the lack of humility it implies...

Conclusion: This is a test.

Looking over what she has said, there is enough to believe her to be Kaguya-hime from deduction, but I suspect that this might not be the correct course.

Hmmm...middle of the road, I suppose.

-[x]That she is Kaguya-hime. The Kaguya-hime or not matters...alright, it matters some, but neither answer would change who she is.

Hopefully someone can come up with better phrasing.
No. 30562
[X] That she’s the real Kaguya-hime.

Our legend begins here.
No. 30563
[x] Does it matter? Legend or not, I greatly enjoy the company of the woman before me right now. Why should it matter if she's the person from the story... or not?


I guess I'm agreeing with this guy, just with slightly different phrasing.
No. 30564
[x]Write in
-[X]That it doesn't matter.

Short, sweet, and the right amount of assertiveness and humility. If the legendary Kaguya-Hime decided to grace us with her presence, who are we to deny her? And if the lovely lady with us is just a lovely lady, we wouldn't be in any less awe of her.

Either way, she is who she is, and we'll enjoy our time together regardless.
No. 30565
Thank you for the improved phrasing.
No. 30566
[x] Does it matter? Legend or not, I greatly enjoy the company of the woman before me right now. Why should it matter if she's the person from the story... or not?

Anon being sweet
No. 30567
[X] "The question is not whether you are the Kaguya from legend, but whether you are here as her. I, for one, am just here to spend a wonderful evening with a beautiful lady."

If she wanted a suitor she could have done like in the olden days. The fact that she is doing this anonymously (obvious hints excluded) implies she just wants fun. That and maybe even get away from being the legendary princess everyone adores and getting to know someone on more or less equal terms.
I see us as being a pretty average single guy using these services for the obvious. Finding out the interesting people we meet are actually famous and powerful is just icing. As is the fact of having actually bonked and satisfied them.
No. 30568
[x] Does it matter? Legend or not, I greatly enjoy the company of the woman before me right now. Why should it matter if she's the person from the story... or not?

Best phrased version I feel.
No. 30569
Anonymous 2013/05/03 (Fri) 01:44 No. 30568
[x] Does it matter? Legend or not, I greatly enjoy the company of the woman before me right now. Why should it matter if she's the person from the story... or not?
No. 30571
[x] Does it matter? Legend or not, I greatly enjoy the company of the woman before me right now. Why should it matter if she's the person from the story... or not?

Best phrasing for me too, I was thinking along the same line.
No. 30574
[X] That she’s the real Kaguya-hime.

The write-in will probably win, but honestly I'm lukewarm on it - it's such an obvious cop-out that anyone would say, and doesn't answer her question. We can follow up any answer with the "does it matter, I like you for you" sentiment anyway.
No. 30575
[X] That she’s the real Kaguya-hime.

Yea the write-in sounds pretty generic.
No. 30580
[x] That she’s the real Kaguya-hime.
No. 30582
[X] That she’s the real Kaguya-hime.
-[x] "Your demeanour is one of high birth, and you have a mysterious allure befitting an exotic beauty. In this place, and at this time, it is easy to see you as the princess of legend. A fantasy maybe, but this is Gensokyo, after all."

Not a fan of middle of the road answers, and Kaguya has been enthralling enough to be a bit swept away, especially in the situation our protagonist is currently in.
No. 30583
[x] That she’s the real Kaguya-hime.
-[x] But as far as I'm concerned, you're just Kaguya.

Think about the update and her friends: She was describing Eirin, Tewi, and Reisen who would call her that not so much a nickname but as a matter of fact (except maybe Tewi)
No. 30584
[x] Does it matter? Legend or not, I greatly enjoy the company of the woman before me right now. Why should it matter if she's the person from the story... or not?

Man is this votespam or not?
No. 30585
[x] That she’s the real Kaguya-hime.

Because someone as regal as she is deserves to be a princess, at least.
No. 30587
Ah, but here's the problem: How does Kaguya want to be treated by us?
No. 30588
[x] Does it matter? Legend or not, I greatly enjoy the company of the woman before me right now. Why should it matter if she's the person from the story... or not?

She's been treated like royalty by countless suitors and others for an eternity. And shes probably bored of it.

I think she just wants a regular guy to treat her like a regular gal. An impossibly beautiful one, but still.
No. 30591

Wrong. She's been treated like royalty because she deserves to be treated like royalty. Don't confuse this story with your childhood fairy-tails.
No. 30592

Well, technically Kaguya IS a character from a japanese childhood fairy-tale.
No. 30593

Touché. You win this round. But I shall return more powerful than you can possibly imagine.
No. 30618
File 136768418185.png - (890.98KB, 850x977, 72e17284182b0b2fabe9775687746a7b.png) [iqdb]
Looks like we have a tie, unless >>30565 is >>30561 changing votes to >>30563.

Also counting >>30582 as a vote for Kaguya-hime.
No. 30619
Ah, crud, I was just finished reading it too ;_; Teach me to be a lazy ass and delaying reading this.

Anyway, dunno if this still counts, but I'll vote for
[x] That she’s the real Kaguya-hime.
No. 30620
[x] Does it matter? Legend or not, I greatly enjoy the company of the woman before me right now. Why should it matter if she's the person from the story... or not?

Can't really agre with just saying she is.
No. 30621
[x] Does it matter? Legend or not, I greatly enjoy the company of the woman before me right now. Why should it matter if she's the person from the story... or not?

Princess or no, she's the Kaguya we've grown to know and admire. No amount of royal status or lack thereof can change that.
No. 30622
File 136769203241.jpg - (101.53KB, 600x615, a7797bf0e75bfbdc2f526cdcdba9e33e.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Does it matter? Etc. (Hopefully something succinct and short but meaningful that will convey that we're respectful but not completely frightened by the idea that it could actually be Kaguya.)

Also oh my god oh my god oh my god author you are absolutely amazing the first story was incredible and this is incredible and Kaguya and footjob and her attitude and uuunnnnnnnnnnfffff

Okay, okay, I'm good. I think.
No. 30623
File 136769556710.jpg - (287.29KB, 667x900, oho.jpg) [iqdb]
Okay, the write-in wins. That was an unexpectedly contentious vote; you guys never cease to surprise me.

There's plenty more teasing and loving to come.
No. 30624

We take our porn VERY seriously.
No. 30626
File 136772525923.jpg - (304.23KB, 669x866, dat.jpg) [iqdb]

Neither one of those options seems appealing. Kaguya might be unimpressed or insulted if you say she’s just an ordinary woman, but she might think you’re overconfident if you say she’s Kaguya-hime and imply that you’re a match for her.

So, you’ll create a third choice. Kaguya’s eloquence has inspired you to make a little speech of your own. You take a deep breath and gather your wits, then do your best to speak your mind.

Legend or no, you’re greatly enjoying Kaguya’s company. Why should her past matter? It doesn’t change the fact that she’s a smart, beautiful woman. Not knowing for sure just adds another layer to her appeal.

A long, nervous silence follows your response. Kaguya stares at you with a flat, unreadable expression, still strangely radiant in the moonlight. It’s easy to think that you’ve displeased her with your answer, but you try to keep your simmering panic from showing. Finally, the knot in your stomach untangles itself as a smile creeps onto Kaguya’s face. You can’t hide a sigh of relief.

“Interesting. I thought you would jump at the chance to believe you were spending the night with a princess. But you say you’d be happy either way…”

Kaguya chuckles quietly to herself.

“Very well, then. If you don’t want to know, then there’s no need to tell you. I’ll just be Kaguya, your lovely escort for tonight.” She shifts her grip on your hand to the same interlaced one as before. Her other hand snatches the jewel back out of her sleeve, forcing you to close one eye and look away as its glow fills the space around you. The rainbow of light certainly does her beauty justice, but it doesn’t have the same bewitching effect that the moonlight did. Her eyes have gone back to their normal deep brown, making you wonder if they ever glowed in the first place.

Kaguya leans in and puts a small kiss on your cheek, either to reward your honesty or to just get a rise out of you. Either way, it brings a powerful blush to your cheeks that lasts through the rest of your walk.

Ten more minutes pass as you travel through the forest, crunching over small leaves and twigs and listening to the cries of the insects. The air smells cool and crisp, with notes of wood and animal smells, and a faint whiff of Kaguya’s perfume. The forest is pleasant when you’re walking with her in the safety of her jewel, but you’d hate to be here at any other time. The two of you stay silent, but Kaguya seems to be fine with that. She has a faint smile on her face and a faraway look in her eyes, like she’s planning out the rest of the night.

After squeezing through a long, narrow passage, you find yourself in another clearing, much smaller than the one where you ate. Thick walls of bamboo surround the area completely, but the stalks have been cut to half their usual height to give you an expansive view of the sky. This far away from the lights of the village, the dark blue heavens are packed with glittering stars as far as you can see. A brilliant full moon dominates them all, bathing the whole area in a pale silver light. What a pleasant coincidence for there to be one tonight.

After a few quiet minutes of stargazing, you turn your attention back to the surface. A dark, still pool takes two thirds of the clearing, its glassy surface clearly reflecting the breathtaking sky above. It’s large enough to comfortably fit a dozen people. The remaining ground is mostly clear of trees, and a set of bamboo cubbyholes sits against a far wall.

Kaguya seems right at home here. She lets go of your hand walks in front of you, smiling proudly as she gestures around.

“This is my private bath. The water’s enchanted to be pure and temperate year-round, and nobody can enter without my permission. We’ll have all the privacy we want here.”

Kaguya’s arm sweeps towards the water, then to the sky, and then to herself.

“How do you fancy a bath?”

You don’t really need one, but relaxing with her and watching the stars sounds wonderful. Especially if she’ll be naked while you do it.

“Excellent. Ah, but would you mind undressing first?” Kaguya’s polite smile shifts to a slightly more predatory grin.

Hm. You’d rather that Kaguya went first, but you get the feeling that good things will come from obeying her. You knew you’d be getting naked at some point, so you shouldn’t act too embarrassed. Kaguya clasps her hands behind her back and waits patiently for you to start, her eyes showing that familiar glitter of interest.

You didn’t want to seem overdressed for the occasion, so you’re just wearing some of your best casual clothes. You considered wearing the same ones you used when you went to the back lounge, but ultimately decided against it. Why concentrate all these memories in a single outfit?

You pull off your shirt and toss it aside, then somewhat awkwardly take off your socks without sitting down. Kaguya’s eyes dart all over your bare chest; she seems almost as eager as you are to see her partner naked. You’re not exactly ashamed of your physique, but it’s hard not to feel inadequate when someone like Kaguya is looking you over.

With all the men she’s seen in her career, you doubt that anything surprises her anymore. Perhaps she’s more interested to see how you carry yourself under her scrutiny; if you don’t show confidence in your own body, then how can you be confident in your skills as a lover?

With that in mind, you resolutely unzip your pants and pull them off along with your underwear, removing all your remaining clothes in a single stroke. After a deep breath to steady yourself, you straighten up and offer her a little smile. Your heart’s beating hard enough that she can probably see it, but appearances are important.

Kaguya doesn’t immediately laugh at you, so that’s a start. She steps in closer and walks in a slow circle around you, leaning close to carefully examine you from every angle. It’s hard to keep your cool when she’s fully clothed and staring so hard; you become acutely aware of every detail of your posture, and try several times to rearrange yourself into the most casual but unassuming position possible. You’re not sure what to do with your hands, so you end up awkwardly resting them on your thighs as she looks you over. Your flaccid penis starts to rise and thicken of its own accord, prompting a pleased chuckle from her when she finishes.

“Ah, you’re this excited already. Well, I’ve embarrassed you enough. Allow me to return the favor.”

Leaning against the stalk behind her, Kaguya pulls up her skirt until she can get at her thighhighs. Her long, slim legs look impossibly smooth and sensual when they’re encased in that dark fabric. Then she carefully pulls off one of the socks, and you see that her legs really are as perfect as they looked with the thighhighs on. The one she’s undressed is long, pale, and spotless, with slim but obvious curves and tender, milky thighs. She crosses her clothed leg over the bare one, resting the dark nylon over her pale flesh, as if to ask you which one you prefer. You’re not sure you have an answer.

After removing the other thighhigh, Kaguya releases her skirt and carefully unfastens it most of the way, so that it’s only precariously affixed around her waist. Next, she pulls both arms back into her shirt, whose ribbons seem to just be decorations. She grabs the bottom of her shirt with one hand and the rim of her skirt with the other, then tears them both off in a single flash of movement.

She isn’t wearing any underwear.

Your eyes widen and your breath pauses at she sudden display of beauty. Kaguya takes a moment to straighten her hair, not showing any signs of shame or hesitation. When she’s satisfied that her long locks are all in order, she puts her hands behind her back and pushes out her chest a little, beaming with pride and confidence as she presents herself.

You can’t call Kaguya’s body anything but a masterpiece. Every inch of her skin is pale and unblemished, and her whole lean figure gleams gently under the bright moonlight. Her breasts only stand out slightly from her chest, but their round outline is clearly visible. A small pink nipple tops each one, already hardening in the cool night. She doesn’t show any traces of unneeded fat, but her curves still seem soft and womanly, forming an unmistakable hourglass figure. Starting an inch or two above her thighs, a pronounced mound of venus narrows to a hairless pink slit, already glimmering with the first hints of arousal.

“Hmm, like what you see?” Kaguya turns around to show you her other side. At first, it’s almost all covered by a curtain of hair, which nonetheless outlines the gentle curve of her back and the more pronounced outline of her ass. It stops about a quarter of the way down her thighs, leaving you with a clear view of her fantastic legs. Your eyes pause briefly on the backs of her knees as you look them over. The view’s not unlike what you saw in that first photo, but the scene seems far more exotic and magical here under the moon that it did when she was on the beach.

Kaguya slips her hands underneath her hair and spreads it to both sides, revealing the backside that you’d only seen in small glimpses before. It’s just as lovely as you’d imagined, with gentle indentations for her spine and her shoulderblades. And now that you get a clear look at it, her ass is surprisingly healthy. It doesn’t look too large for her, but it seems to be exactly as plump as a woman her size can manage without looking oversized.

Kaguya turns her head to the side, looking back with a grin over one of her smooth shoulders.

“Tempting, isn’t it? Don’t you just want to seize me and ravish every inch?” She sways her hips back and forth in a very distracting way as she speaks.

Your hands and your penis are itching to do exactly what she said, but you can tell from her voice that she’d prefer if you didn’t.

“Only a brute would do that without my permission, though. If you’re really a gentleman, you’ll keep your hands to yourself until I ask for them.”

Kaguya shifts her head slightly upwards as her grin widens, catching the moonlight in a dangerous glint.

“Even if I do this, you won’t move at all…”

Kaguya takes two decisive steps backwards and presses one of her cheeks right into your penis. The texture is soft and springy, and her skin is pleasantly warm compared to the night air. You keep yourself from stumbling back, but your cock still twitches at the pleasant surprise.

“Yes, just like that.” Kaguya lets go of her hair and leads you back until you reach the wall of the clearing, which provides you with some much-needed support. “But I doubt you can resist forever. Just how much can you take, I wonder?”

Turning her head to face forward again, Kaguya fits your cock into the space between her cheeks and grinds against you with her ass, pleasing your ears with a constant stream of enticing moans and purrs. She couldn’t help the size of her breasts, but she seems to have put a great deal of effort into giving herself the most delectable rump imaginable. It’s large and soft enough to enclose your cock completely, but firm enough to give it a fairly powerful squeeze when she presses herself into you. Her shining hair lays haphazardly strewn across her back, constantly shifting around as she slides her body up and down twists her hips back and forth. The sensual dance of her dark hair and white skin is as mesmerizing as the pleasure between your legs.

Since you’re forbidden from touching your partner, there’s nothing for you to do but accept the pleasure she’s giving you. You brace your hips and try to keep your body as still as possible, wrapping your twitching hands around a pair of sturdy bamboo stalks to keep them from wandering. She didn’t say you had to hold it in, so you might be able to satisfy her if you can keep from touching her until you cum.

But, a woman like her won’t let you do that until she’s good and ready. She teases you with her pinchable, slappable ass for another three minutes, sometimes crushing your cock against a single cheek and sometimes stroking you with both. Gleaming spots of precum gradually dot the pale surface of her cheeks and lubricate the space in between, making the stimulation more smooth and slippery. Her quiet purring and giggling doesn’t let up for a moment. When she finally releases you, a long, drooping line of precum briefly connects her ass to the tip of your cock. It’s quickly broken as she turns around to face you, flushed and grinning wide like she was at the restaurant.

“Still holding out? We’re only getting started~”

Kaguya holds your length straight out and slides it between her soft thighs, scooting closer and closer until her whole body’s pressed against you. With her warmth soaking into you from your chest to your legs, she hugs her smooth arms around your bare back and leans forward to plant a long, wet kiss on your mouth. You nearly open her puckered lips and drive your tongue between them on instinct, but you stop yourself at the last second. That would almost certainly count as ravishing her.

While her lips are still attached to you, Kaguya starts to move her hips back and forth. Her thighs feel wonderfully soft and warm as they slide along your shaft, slightly stronger and firmer than her cheeks were. She randomly clenches and unclenches them as she moves at an agonizingly slow pace, giving you plenty of time to feel every inch of her thighs and ponder how good it would feel if you were to thrust more quickly. You can feel her extra-soft labia rubbing over the top of your cock, steadily leaking out a stream of hot juices.

Seeing that you won’t give in to her lips, Kaguya breaks the kiss with a pleased smile and focuses on teasing you with the rest of her body. She hugs you tighter and moans lustfully as her hard nipples rub against yours, pressing every bit of her small, soft, and apparently sensitive breasts into your chest. Her mouth stays slightly open to continue her quiet moaning, putting her moist pink lips in the perfect position for kissing just inches away from your mouth. At the same time, her thighs tighten up around your shaft and speed up their movements; the squeeze they give you is surprisingly powerful, on par with what you’d expect from her hands. The flow of hot, slippery juices from above steadily increases until your penis is thoroughly covered.

She’s really blushing now. She must love teasing her partners like this.

Every time your cock passes between her thighs, a few strands of Kaguya’s hair brush over the tip. The gentle tickling provides a nice bit of extra stimulation to cap off each thrust - which, suddenly, comes to an end. Kaguya glances up to you with a dangerous smirk before clenching her thighs harder than ever, surrounding your cock with intense pressure. As the head of your cock swells up from the squeezing, Kaguya collects some of her hair in one hand and closes it around the head of your penis. The excited look in her eyes tells you she’s up to something, but she isn’t telling you what it is. Your wondering is violently cut short when she squeezes her hand shut and roughly twists it back and forth. Soft skin and silky hair mingle freely on your sensitive glans, rub with such speed and force that your whole body clenches trembles powerfully. Kaguya laughs to herself and attacks even more forcefully, delighting in your uncontrolled panting and groaning.

Your eyes are cloudy with tears by the time she finally relents. It wouldn’t have been hard to push her off of you and get away from that torturous pleasure, but that didn’t occur to you at the time. You must be getting into the mindset she wants. Kaguya puts another teasing kiss on your lips and steps away, taking a moment to examine her precum-soaked hairs with a look of vague disapproval. You only get a few seconds of rest before she turns around and slides back onto you, trapping your cock between her luscious thighs once again. In this position, her hair tickles you all over your chest, and her equally-luscious ass spreads out against your stomach.

Kaguya puts a hand under your length and points it slightly upwards as she starts to slide forward. Her next thrust is slow and sensual, and she lets out a low, sultry moan as she travels along your length. The hard nub grinding over your shaft gives you a good hint as to why.

“Hahh… Still not moving? It’ll only get harder to bear…”

Kaguya slides back onto you and tightens her thighs, pressing her clit right into your shaft and stimulating herself with tiny movements back and forth. Meanwhile, she gathers a few strands of hair in each hand and starts to brush them over the exposed head of your penis. Every millimeter of your glans receives a thorough teasing from the soft, silky strands, with special attention paid to the extra-sensitive parts underneath, on top, and at the very tip. Sometimes she simply strokes and flicks the hairs back and forth, but other times she’ll twist the ends into small points and attack you with a soft, forceful scratching. The sharp sensations combine nicely with the steady stroking of her wonderfully soft thighs, but it’s all so gentle and teasing that you’re still a ways from cumming.

Kaguya’s scent seems stronger now that she’s pressed up against you. You can clearly smell the flowery perfume from before, and she seems to have used a scented shampoo as well. Her hair smells more like some sort of rare, expensive fruit, the kind that legendary men would risk their lives to acquire. If you crane your neck over her a little, you can see her small breasts heaving gently on her chest. Her nipples are both rock-hard now, just begging for you to give them both a long, firm pinch.

It’s Kaguya’s own arousal that brings an end to the hair-torture. Letting the sticky strands fall back into her thick curtain of her hair, she puts one hand under your penis and brings her other hand to her chest, where it ceaselessly caresses and pinches and tugs at her nipples.

With her hands in place, Kaguya starts to slide her hips along your shaft once again. The first few trips back and forth are slow like before, with Kaguya’s clitoris digging deep into your hard shaft, but her lust quickly gets the better of her. She soon speeds up to a fast one-person rhythm and bends over a little to press her clit even harder into your penis, slamming her soft ass into your stomach with every thrust and throwing her head back to moan.

“Ah, that’s so good…!”

Kaguya’s voice grows in volume as her face grows flushed and her eyes grow cloudy, but she never seems to forget she’s teasing you. A single finger keeps your cock in place, gently scratching at your frenulum while her thighs and pussy stimulate the rest. She seems to be especially fond of rubbing her clit against your glans, making you wince and groan each time she scrapes over the crown. Her juices have thoroughly soaked your cock and everything around it, filling the air with a constant squishing sound to accompany the moans that come from both of you. Without any trace of friction remaining, the only sensations you feel are her soft, pliant thighs furiously working your length and her diamond-hard clitoris scraping back and forth. You really wish you could see how the pleasure’s twisting your face, but you’re forced to settle with the sight of her curvy back and ass and her constantly-moving hair.

It would be simple to penetrate her in this position. She’s already bent over; all you’d have to do is dig your hands into that plush, inviting ass and spread her drenched pussy wide open, and you could shove your cock right in to the hilt. She’d clench up in surprise and make you cum immediately, and the sensation of your sperm filling her womb would probably drive her over the edge as well. And then you could grope every inch of her body until you were hard again, and pound her all night long for daring to tease a customer like this…

No, there’s no way it could be that easy. She’d push you down and dominate you as soon as your orgasm was over, and coldly milk you dry for the rest of the night. If you can just earn her respect, she’ll happily give you free reign over her body.

You keep telling yourself that as she slides back and forth, moaning louder and louder and louder as the agonizing minutes pass by. Every time you feel yourself approaching the edge, she stops moving and spends a half-minute torturing your glans with her hair or fingers, just daring you to seize her hips and thrust your way to release. You keep a white-knuckled grip on the bamboo and let your voice vent all your frustrations; she already knows you’re going mad with frustration and pleasure, so there’s no need to hide it. You hope she’s right about this place being private, though.

Kaguya keeps you stuck at a plateau just short of orgasm, nudging you closer and closer to the edge each time before yanking you back. Meanwhile, her own arousal steadily grows stronger and stronger. She’s only been stimulating her breasts and her clitoris, but she’s been at it for long enough that she’s almost ready to cum. Despite the cool temperature, her pale skin’s become slightly sticky with sweat, making her hair cling to it all over as she exerts herself.

“Ohh… G-going to… Feels so…!”

With a final stroke, Kaguya brings the two of you over the edge. Her hands come up over her backand dig into your shoulders as she arches her back and lets out a deep, lust-drenched moan. You see a brief glimpse of her eyes cloudy with tears, her cheeks deeply flushed, and her mouth gaping open before her head and her arms fall forward again. A rush of fresh juices pours over your cock, which clenches up powerfully as you start to start a powerful orgasm of your own. It seems like she wouldn’t mind if you hugged her, but you’ve come too far to risk losing now.

Kaguya’s legs turn inwards and tremble powerfully, keeping her quivering thighs wrapped around your shaft as she trembles with pleasure. She nearly falls over, but manages to reach back and grab onto the bamboo behind you. Waves of pleasure wash through you as your cock squeezes out a half-dozen shots of sperm, encouraged by the embrace of Kaguya’s thighs and the sweet sound of her moaning. Each one of your thick spurts travels more than two feet before it splatters onto the ground, wetting a sizable patch of ground in front of you.

The two of you lose your strength and drop to the ground once you’re finished, leaving you sitting back against the wall with Kaguya in your lap. Her soft hair covers most of your chest, some sticking to your skin and some sticking to hers, and her warm, smooth skin presses into your everywhere else. A first, she just sits back and pants heavily with you, but soon she reaches out to stroke your legs and your neck. You feel yourself blushing harder than you did from the sex when her dainty hand cups your cheek.

Kaguya cranes her head back to give you an upside-down smile and another small kiss, then gets off and kneels between your legs. She cleans off your cock with a few careful licks, not caring that her own juices make up most of the mess, and swallows it all in a single gulp.

“Mm, not bad at all,” she says, referring to a number of things at once. Her voice has already regained most of its class, sounding nothing like the ecstatic moans from a minute ago. “Now, how about that bath?”

Well, you could certainly use one now.
No. 30627
File 136772532127.jpg - (953.45KB, 850x1105, be2d498a3b9ee79299aa4a8d9ef3b71e.jpg) [iqdb]
You put your clothes away in the cubbyholes, rather later than you should have, and walk together to the inviting pool. Kaguya slides in without hesitation, soundlessly penetrating the surface and sending small ripples across the whole surface of the water. The water covers her up to her knees, and the reflected panorama of stars hides everything underneath.

Kaguya beckons you with a grin and a finger, and you step right into the pool. As advertised, it’s pleasantly warm even on this cool late-spring night, and the ground at the bottom is softer than what you’d feel in a tub or a bath. You ease yourself into a sitting position while Kaguya does the same, scooting closer to you and resting her head on your shoulder. Her long hair floats lazily around her in the water, some of it reaching around to tickle your back.

The stress and exhaustion from before gradually fade away in the water’s warm embrace. You rest your head against the edge and let out a happy sigh. Moments later, Kaguya takes your hand again and puts another affectionate kiss on your cheek, this one slightly longer and wetter than the last. She puts your arm around her back, and your heart leaps as you tighten your grip around her. You want to do so much more than this, but it’s good enough for now. The night is still young.

Peaceful minutes pass by in silence, with the two of you resting your heads together and contemplating the stars above while you listen to the neverending cries of the insects. You’ve nearly recovered from your orgasm when Kaguya lifts her head and speaks again.

“That was an impressive display of self-control.” Kaguya graces you with a warm, appreciative smile, and all your suffering seems justified. But then, her smile suddenly turns to a heart-wrenching look of concern. “At least I hope it was. If you lasted that long, then perhaps my body didn’t arouse you at all. You do find me attractive, don’t you?”

What? Of course you do!

“Oh~?” Kaguya’s expression turns on a dime once again, this time to the cruel smirk that signals a new round of teasing. You’ve come to regard that look with a mixture of dread and anticipation, which is likely just how she wants it.

Your rational brain awakens from its post-orgasm daze and helpfully informs you that her question was a trap. You can’t exactly take back your words, though, and Kaguya’s already lifting herself onto the rim of the pool.

“Well, then, why don’t you prove it?” She leans back at a perfect angle to catch the moonlight and spreads her legs. Beads and trails of water gleam all over their pale surface, while her pussy shimmers with a different moisture. You’re so caught up in staring that you hardly notice her voice.

“I’ll count down from a hundred, and we’ll see if you can masturbate and cum for me before I reach zero. If you really do think I’m beautiful, I’m sure it won’t be a problem.”

You get the feeling that Kaguya has done this many times before, and that the men she’s challenged are rarely successful. But you can’t exactly take back your words, and her naked body is such a lovely sight to behold…

There’s nothing to do but accept her challenge. You try to make your voice as courageous as possible while you do so.

“Ah, such confidence. Are you ready, then?” Kaguya asks with a sadistic smirk.

Well, you could use a few more minutes to--

“One hundred.”

Agh! Your stomach turns over in panic.


Still panicking.


Okay, calm down. There’s no time to worry. You’ll just have to try your best.


You have to start by getting another erection. Your penis is only halfway there right now. You frantically squeeze and shake it under the water, but a mixture of exhaustion and anxiety makes it reluctant to respond to your urgings.


Wait, why are you staring down at it? There’s beautiful naked woman in front of you. If you’re going to succeed, you’ll have to take full advantage of the view she’s offering you.


You get on your knees and scoot closer to Kaguya, lowering your head until it’s inches away from her slit. Her thin pink labia glisten with moisture, and a small, round clitoris peeks out from the hood up above it.

As a small service to you, Kaguya reaches down and spreads herself with two long, graceful fingers. You lower your head even further to stare at the exposed pink walls of her pussy, covered in folds and creases. Her small urethra is visible as well, and a dark, moist tunnel below leads further inside her. Every inch of her walls are coated with juices, and a strong, womanly scent wafts out from her depths. You breathe it in as deeply as you can, then purse your lips and let out a warm, forceful breath. Her walls twitch slightly in response.

“Mm… Eighty-four…”

A painful twinge between your legs tells you that your cock’s ready to go. Unfortunately, it’ll have to make do with your hands.

After another deep breath of Kaguya’s scent, you get upright again to see the rest of her body. Her pussy is only a small part of her beauty, after all.

At the same time, you wrap your fingers around your cock and set to work stroking yourself. It’s somewhat awkward with your penis submerged, since your hand has to push the water around as it moves back and forth. You fix that by raising yourself up on your knees to lift your waist mostly out of the water, but your hands still feel so rough and clumsy compared to the smooth touch of Kaguya’s feet and thighs.

You never really experimented much with masturbation techniques. Usually, it was enough to just pump your hand up and down and let your thumb stimulate the crown, but that’s not doing much to excite your tired penis. You briefly consider experimenting with your asshole, but decide that it would do more harm than good.


This isn’t about your technique, though. This is about your lovely partner, and becoming so enamored with her beauty that you can’t help but cum for her. You let your eyes roam all over Kaguya’s otherworldly body, focusing in on every erotic detail you can find and convincing yourself that she’s the sexiest woman in the world.

You start at her head, briefly going over her eyes and nose before settling on her mouth You’ve felt the soft touch of her lips already, and she gave you a tantalizing hint of her skill at fellatio when she swallowed your sperm at dinner. You’re sure a full-on kiss with her would be divine, filled with tongueplay and moaning of the highest caliber.

Trails and droplets of water cover the pale, radiant skin below her neck, highlighting the contours of her lean chest and stomach as they slowly descend her body. The water has grown cool in the nighttime breeze, causing her to shiver slightly as you watch. It makes her seem slightly vulnerable, seeing that she’s still susceptible to cold despite her grace and beauty. Her small nipples have hardened into fine points, due to either the cold, her excitement, or both.

After another close look at her pussy, you take a moment to admire the thighs that just squeezed out a bountiful load of sperm. They look soft and harmless right now, but you’re well aware of the powerful stimulation they can give. Does every part of her body have that potential? Could she make you cum just as easily with her armpit or the crook of her knee? You stroke fervently as you consider each possibility, then move further down her body.

Kaguya’s legs enter the water around her shins, hiding her lovely feet from view. But when she sees you gazing into the water, she extends one of her legs and points it straight out, leaving the foot just inches form your face. You closely examine the gentle curves of the arch and the heel, the soft skin underneath, her slim, flexible toes, and her carefully-maintained toenails.

Her feet were so strong dexterous when she stroked you, stimulating in ways you didn’t know were possible. You wonder if they’re ticklish, too. If you reached up and pressed a finger into the sole, would her whole body seize up, twisting her smug expression as she tried to stifle a laugh? And the back of her knee is within reach as well…


It’s not working! Even with this, your penis isn’t responding. This would be a cinch if you just had a few more minutes to recover, but right now you’re just too tired. The pleasure’s steadily building up inside you, greatly helped by your fantastic viewing material, but you won’t make it at this rate.


Hold on. Kaguya didn’t say you couldn’t touch her, only that you had to masturbate for her. She was fine with you hugging her before, so maybe she won’t mind if you do something to her now. As long as no part of her touches your penis, you’re still be following her instructions, right? It might be a gamble, but that might be what it’ll take to succeed.

[ ] Kiss her.
[ ] Lick her feet.
[ ] Eat her out.
[ ] Don’t touch her. Use your imagination instead.
-[ ]Optional: specify a fantasy.
[ ] Write-in.
No. 30628
[ ] Lick her feet.

playing to her femdom
No. 30630
>“Only a brute would do that without my permission, though. If you’re really a gentleman, you’ll keep your hands to yourself until I ask for them.”

Did we get permission? No. Then let's go for gold.

[X] Don’t touch her. Use your imagination instead.
-[X] Fantasy: Imagine the prize. Imagine her giving you free reign over her body. Imagine her falling to pleasure by what you would do to her. To her butt, her stomach, her breasts, her nipples... Imagine her moans and cries of pleasure when you will take her.
No. 30631
[X] Eat her out.
Sure, we could lick her dainty, svelte feet, and get off on that. Or, we could eat her out, pleasuring her and being pleasured by that simple fact alone~

What's better, licking her feet, or getting off on the fact that we're getting her off?
No. 30633
Well, we appear to have avoided faceplanting the social landmine...it would appear that conversing with Kaguya is a rather dense minefield, however.

Odds...unknown. Taking a gamble blindly is a tad sloppy. In this case, the primary risks are from failing the challenge, and from overstepping the boundaries set previously. One risk can be mitigated.

[IF]kiss OR lick OR eat
-[x]Ask for permission.

[X] Don’t touch her. Use your imagination instead.
-[X] Fantasy: Imagine the prize. Imagine her giving you free reign over her body. Imagine her falling to pleasure by what you would do to her. To her butt, her stomach, her breasts, her nipples... Imagine her moans and cries of pleasure when you will take her.
No. 30635

>>30630 here. I wrote the fantasy because I see a trap here. Our guy is only believing it may be alright out of desperation. Winning by touching here will make us a brute, as she never gave permission.

Honestly winning the challenge will impress her for sure. And what better fantasy than seeing someone with so much control losing it all? Especially if done by us?
No. 30636
Hence my use of conditionals for the permission write in. If one of those three options wins, I'm voting for us to ask for permission first, hopefully lessening the damage done.

Otherwise, I'm voting for your option.
No. 30637
Even so, we'll lose time asking. And do you really think she'll grant us that handicap? Or that we'll really impress her even if she did grant it?

No. For me, the challenge is clear and any option touching her is a trap.
No. 30638
[x] Don’t touch her. Use your imagination instead.
-[x] Fantasy: Kaguya pushing you down and dominating you as soon as your orgasm was over, and coldly milking you dry for the rest of the night.

I'd love to lick her feet and and get some femdom action, but I want to please Kaguya.

Therefore, a Compromise!
No. 30639
[X] Don’t touch her. Use your imagination instead.
-[X] Fantasy: Imagine the prize. Imagine her giving you free reign over her body. Imagine her falling to pleasure by what you would do to her. To her butt, her stomach, her breasts, her nipples... Imagine her moans and cries of pleasure when you will take her.
No. 30640
[X] Don’t touch her. Use your imagination instead.
-[X] Fantasy: Imagine the prize. Imagine her giving you free reign over her body. Imagine her falling to pleasure by what you would do to her. To her butt, her stomach, her breasts, her nipples... Imagine her moans and cries of pleasure when you will take her.

I agree with >>30637, asking for permission is out of the question. We ought to be her confident yet obedient slave, not an insecure child. And touching her would fail the challenge.

As for her giving permission, I can't see her giving it straight out anytime. I think she'll probably hint at it when she's ready, however subtly. But not now.
No. 30641
[X] Don’t touch her. Use your imagination instead.
-[X] Fantasy: Put yourself in her mind, imagine how she feels, using her thighs and then spreading herself in order to be looked at, begging and demanding attention, getting herself off on being beautiful. Imagine how aroused she is, and fulfill her desire to be appreciated.

Just definitely don't touch her.
No. 30642
[X] Don’t touch her. Use your imagination instead.
-[X] Fantasy: Imagine the prize. Imagine her giving you free reign over her body. Imagine her falling to pleasure by what you would do to her. To her butt, her stomach, her breasts, her nipples... Imagine her moans and cries of pleasure when you will take her.
No. 30643
See, I don't think this is a test. I think this is a trap.

Seriously, no one who takes any serious value in their pleasure is going to be able to get off in less than a hundred seconds. Even masturbation is best when taken slowly. If we go off like a rocket that quickly we're now one orgasm down for... what, precisely? Just because she asked? That might impress her that we have such a lofty opinion of her body, but more likely it'll just pin us down as a complete quickshot.

We were capable of satisfying five women back in the Lotus Pavilion, and not purely by stamina and endowment, but by technique as well. And her condition was not strictly by time, but by her counting down.

This is what we're working underneath:

>"If you’re really a gentleman, you’ll keep your hands to yourself until I ask for them."

Look ma, no hands. We still have a perfectly good set of lips and a tongue clear for usage. Perhaps it doesn't follow the spirit of her challenge, but in my opinion neither is simply jerking one out without a word of complaint.

What if she's so lost in the pleasure we're giving her that her mouth is capable of nothing but gasps, sighs, and moans, that the entire idea of counting to zero flies from her thoughts upon waves of growing desire?

While we're at it, let's tease her a bit. Don't simply try to drown her in pleasure, but make laughter bubble from between her lips instead of numbers.

[X] Use your mouth to nip and tickle at her hips, her lap, her thighs, and maybe her groin too, just a little bit.
-[X] Should it become necessary as she regains control of herself and counts down low, attack the weak point for massive damage kiss and tease the backs of her knees with your mouth to buy you those last few precious seconds. Since we were kissing her all over already, we can pass this fact off as pure luck/process of elimination, concealing that we knew about that spot from the start.

Obedience is one thing, but I doubt she wants complete submissiveness with no desire at all to be resourceful. We will answer her challenge - with every allowed tool at our disposal.

I can't believe I just wrote this much for a porn vote
No. 30645
Hands is a manner of speech. But I think Kaguya would prefer a losing gentleman to a winning brute.

I COULD be wrong about it of course, but as far as facts go at this points, touching her without permission is still a no.
No. 30646
Double-posting, but I've realized something else.

How exactly is kissing her, licking her feet or eating her out supposed to help us out anyway? We would be diverting our attention, no?

Sure, maybe we can still keep our concentration to masturbate, but... that mean we would do sloppy work, no? And Kaguya dislike sloopiness.

Or we do it correctly, but get so focused on how she feels that we forget about the challenge and we doom ourselves.
No. 30647

My personal experience is that the opposite is true but hey, that's just me.
No. 30648
Kaguya apparently thought of a new set of impossible tasks. Now if only I knew how to handle those...

Sage for not voting and being stumped.
No. 30649
[X]Prostate stimulation

...yeah. No, I'm serious! Think about it, this is beneficial to us in that:
1. It would almost certainly allow us to complete the challenge without fail.
2. It would make it look like to her that we're rather resourceful and unpredictable, while still remaining totally loyal to her and her whims. Kaguya seems to dig that sort of thing.

Sure, it can (will) probably backfire horribly, but we can always say that it was out of desperation. Desperate times and all that junk, you know?
No. 30652
[X] Don’t touch her. Use your imagination instead.
-[X] Fantasy: Imagine the prize. Imagine her giving you free reign over her body. Imagine her falling to pleasure by what you would do to her. To her butt, her stomach, her breasts, her nipples... Imagine her moans and cries of pleasure when you will take her.

This works for me. But in addition:

[x] Gently, very gently, blow on her foot. Like a gentle breeze caressing her skin. And slowly make your way down her leg until you 'accidentally' tickle the weak point, the back of her knee, with nothing else besides her breath.

Hopefully, her reaction will be the last bit of stimulus we need. And technically, we wouldn't have touched her.
No. 30661
File 136785461681.png - (446.23KB, 583x800, no touching.png) [iqdb]
Okay, votes closed. >>30630's fantasy option wins.

Also, efe's great.
No. 30670
>Also, efe's great.
Why yes, yes indeed. I've always suspected you had good tastes.

Sadly, efe's Kaguya neither fits her more popular characterization, nor especially your depiction of her here... Which is fine. Thank you very much for not falling into the 'lolNEET hikki lazy princess lel!' trap in portraying her.
No. 30671
the dominating princess isn't too rare outside of H-doujins. Then again if Kaguya in this like closer to efe's, I'm not sure how things have turned out beyond me voting for her.
No. 30673
File 13679841563.jpg - (264.91KB, 850x607, 9e9c2993b7bb6e601a9127018f35df68.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Don’t touch her. Use your imagination instead.
-[x] Optional: Specify a fantasy.

No. Even if things are this desperate, you can’t risk touching her. But that doesn’t mean you can’t think about touching her. In fact, why stop there? You’ll indulge in whatever fantasy crosses your mind.


You take your thoughts from before and expand on them, visualizing each one as vividly as you can. Your eyes stay open to let the sight of Kaguya’s heavenly body fuel your imaginings.


Ever part of her is so beautiful. Where do you even start?

Perhaps with her lips. You go back to imagining a deep, lustful kiss, with your tongues wrestling back and forth and the moans flowing freely from both of you. The taste of her saliva, still flavored with remnants of lamprey, and the soft texture of her tongue as it coils around your own.

Then, you envision yourself breaking the kiss and pushing her head down between your legs, where you start to ravish her mouth with your cock. Her soft lips would form a seal even tighter than your grip on your cock, while a hot, wet tongue stimulated every one of your sensitive spots.


Something else. Her breasts. Your tongue gliding along her chest, tasting sweat and traces of perfume as it delights in the smoothness of her skin. Carefully tracing the outline of her breasts, then licking right along the edges of her areolae. When her nipples were rock-hard from anticipation, you would pinch one and bite the other, and she would throw her head back and cry out with ecstatic pleasure. But you’d just be getting started, and you’d stroke and suck them for as long as you wanted while she trembled and pleaded with tears in her eyes.


Oh, and you can’t forget that fantastically lewd ass. You see yourself giving it a firm, hard slap, watching it jiggle, and then digging in with both hands, squeezing and kneading it to your heart’s content. Kaguya wouldn’t be able to help moaning from the rough treatment, encouraging you to stretch her tight asshole open and plunge in one of your fingers. Her hot would walls clamp shut around you, but you would still manage to pump your finger back and forth and make her shudder in pleasure while a soft cheek filled your other hand. She’d spread her pussy wide open and beg for attention there, making your hard, eager cock twitch painfully.

A real twitch follows the imaginary one. With all these images running through your head, your penis seems twice as sensitive. At the same time, your hand speeds up to a blistering pace, stroking your whole precum-soaked length twice a second. You’re coming close to the edge now; you just need to keep the vortex of fantasies swirling a bit longer, and you should make it.


Kneeling down between her legs, sucking on her clitoris and churning her up with two fingers. Scratching and prodding at every sensitive spot inside her, while giving her vulnerable clit all the stimulation it can handle without driving her crazy. Your technique making her arch her back and cum again and again until she’s ready to receive your cock, with a pleading, blissful look on her face that begs you to use her however you wish, not stopping until you’re completely satisfied and leaving a permanent impression in her memory that she’ll masturbate to when she’s alone. And then you envision her masturbating at night, with the moonlight shining over her body and a memento clutched tightly to her nose…


Oh, Kaguya…


Ah, you’re cumming!

“Two--oh, my.”

A burst of real pleasure drives the images from your mind. You let out a low groan as a thick stream of semen squirts from your cock, landing in a sticky white trail along the middle of Kaguya’s bare chest. The next one hits her right in the face, forcing her to close one eye. The last few are weaker, just splattering over her thighs and between her legs. The last wad lands squarely on her labia, though.

You hope that doesn’t count as touching her.

You fall back onto your calves, hard enough to sink slightly into the soft ground at the bottom of the pool. Your vision blurs for a moment, and your hand goes limp and falls from your cock. You’ve never masturbated that forcefully before.

Despite being on the receiving end of your load, Kaguya doesn’t seem very fazed. She closes her other eye and thoughtfully breathes the musky scent that coats her face, then starts to clean herself off with her hands and mouth. She starts with the sperm covering her eyelid on her face She runs her tongue in a circle around her lips, swallows again, and proceeds to wipe up and lick off the rest of the sperm on her face and chest, purring quietly throughout the process.

By the time your strength’s returned, the cum between her legs is all that remains. She finally turns her eyes back to you, addressing you with a pleased grin.

“It’s rare enough for someone to succeed, but you did it without even touching me. Impressive.”

You can’t help a small, proud smile. Kaguya’s grin changes to more of a smirk as she bends down towards you. Her dark eyes take yours captive, and she strokes the bottom of your chin with an index finger. After what you just went through, a simple touch is enough to make you shiver.

“You seem to have an excellent imagination, as well. I wonder, just what was running through your head? Did you imagine yourself taking me and driving me wild, or was it the other way around?”

You’ll keep that to yourself. Kaguya draws herself back up, chuckling quietly as she spreads her legs.

“One of those shots was a little too eager to go inside me. Would you mind cleaning it off?”

Hmm. Not surprising that she’d ask you to do something like this. She’s already taken care of the rest of your load, though. It shouldn’t be too unpleasant, right? Bending forward to reach her with your mouth, you stick out your tongue and touch the bottom of her slit.

As soon as you touch her skin, you’re greeted with your first taste of sperm. It’s warm, kind of slimy, and somewhat salty. Not delicious, but not unbearable. You quickly start to draw your tongue up her labia, eager to get this over with.

More of your hot cum coats your tongue, but there’s a different, much more delicious taste to balance it out: Kaguya’s own juices, slightly thinner and with a sweeter taste that undercuts the saltiness. When it’s mixed in with your sperm like this, it’s hard to tell exactly where one taste ends and the other begins. You do your best to focus on the more feminine taste as you work your way up, pushing the tip of your tongue into her pussy to get some more.

“Mmm…” Kaguya savors the feeling as your tongue slowly crawls up, carefully collecting all the sperm you can find. You finish by flicking the tip over her clitoris, then pull your head back and swallow as quickly as you can. The semen kind of sticks in your throat, forcing you to swallow a few more times to finally flush it down. Kaguya flinched when you hit her clitoris, but she’s back to watching your reactions with amusement while you swallow.

“Hm, not to your liking? I suppose that’s natural. It took me a long time to start enjoying it. It’s good that you’re willing to clean up your messes, though.”

Clean of all but the smallest traces of sperm, Kaguya slides back into the water. She guides you back to the edge to let you sit back against the wall, then plops herself down in your lap. After a few moments of squirming to settle in, she turns her head towards you and puts a fond hand on your cheek.

“You’ve shown impressive amounts of both restraint and devotion. If you can prove your ability to please me as well, I’ll have no problem submitting to you.”

Ah, she still isn’t satisfied?

“But, you deserve a reward for doing this well. Feel free to touch me however you wish…” She taps your limp penis with a finger. “… With everything but this.”

You can’t resist making use of that permission. Almost immediately, you put your arms around Kaguya’s stomach, drawing out a faint sound of surprise as you hug her tightly against you. Her lithe, feminine body seems slightly frail when it’s pressed right against yours, but you can sense a fair amount of muscle and unnatural strength under her soft skin. You push some of her hair to the side and put a long kiss on her warm, smooth neck, and she responds with a small giggle.

Just holding her like this is wonderful. Her lean back, soft thighs, and long, sexy legs are all pressed against your body, and her soft rump squishes into you just above your penis. You’d have a powerful erection, if your cock weren’t too tired to react to what’s going on.

Eventually, the desire to explore her further wins out, and you draw your hands up to her round, smooth shoulders. You consider trying to give her a massage there, but your fear of accidentally hurting her outweighs your desire to impress her. She doesn’t seem like someone who experiences a lot of stress, anyway. Instead, you slide your hands under her arms and close them tightly around her breasts.

As small as they are, they’re still exceedingly soft and surprisingly easy to grope. The soft mounds aren’t large enough to fill your hands, but you can press your fingers into them and massage them like that. Her nipples never calmed down from hen you were masturbating to her; a small pinch to each one draws out a slight gasp, and she lets out a low moan when you gently twist them. You’ve heard that smaller chests are more sensitive.

You spend the next minute or two experimenting with Kaguya’s breasts. Her nipples are an obvious weak point, responding well to everything from sharp flicks to gentle strokes, and each type of stimulation causes a slightly different reaction. Pinching with your fingernails makes her moan in a higher pitch than if you pinch with just your fingertips, and rubbing your fingers around them in quick circles simply speeds up her breathing so that it seems like her voice will break out at any moment. Simply massaging her breasts with your fingers doesn’t have any obvious effect, but it does encourage her to stroke your thighs as well. Adding your mouth into the mix must open a whole other world of possibilities, but you’ll have to leave that for later.

Part of you wants to move on, but it’s so much fun to play with her breasts. You compromise by sliding one hand further down, while the other one stays at her chest to keep teasing her there. Pinching and rolling her nipples is your standby technique, though you mix it up with a few others as well.

You take your time lightly tracing the contours of her firm stomach and abdomen. Every inch of her skin is smooth and hairless. You can’t get at her ass without lifting her, and you’re too comfortable to do that right now. Instead, you focus on squeezing her thighs. They’re quite soft compared to yours, but firmer than her other soft parts. You’re sure they would make for fine pillows.

The lower parts of her legs are beyond your reach, but you’re sure they’re just as wonderful as the rest of her. You’ll get to those later, possibly while you’re groping her ass as well. Maybe while you have her bent over…

However, you can get under her shapely knees. You’ve been wondering about them for a long time now, and this seems like a perfect time to find out just how sensitive they are. You let your fingers casually brush along one of the spots, making it seem like an accident. Just a light touch makes her breathe in sharply, and her leg twitches enough to make a small ripple in the water.

You pause with mock curiosity before brushing the same spot, more deliberately this time. Kaguya lets out a little squeal and twitches again, and you hear some resignation in her voice.


You let out a small chuckle as you slowly ramp up your assault. At first, you just rub one finger back and forth over the ticklish spot, but soon you’ve moved up to three, staggering their movements so that there’s no pause in the stimulation. You’d get your other hand in on it too, but she’s suddenly thrashing so much that you need your arm and legs just to pin her down.

“Hee! N-no…Ahaha, no, don’t be so…so--!”

Kaguya’s body quakes against you as she throws back her head and squeals helplessly in the most unladylike voice. Her watery brown eyes are pleading with you to stop, but you want to see even more of her weak side. You don’t let up until two minutes later, only stopping when you’re afraid she’ll accidentally wet herself. She’s left weak and panting in your arms, and muttering under her breath. She said you were free to touch her, though, so you doubt she can punish you.

You aren’t finished yet, though. Once Kaguya’s regained some of her normal bearing, you give her legs a slight pull. She spreads them without complaint, enticing you with a quiet purr. Probing between them, you soon find the soft, moist lips of her pussy. You spread them with a thumb and middle finger, and she shows no resistance as you push your index finger inside her.

She’s tight. Your finger is less than half as thick as your cock, but it still gets a fairly powerful squeeze. Without any lubrication, you doubt you could move at all, but as it is you can easily explore her insides. They’re covered with soft folds and bumps that quiver and coil around your finger, and she moans quietly no matter where you touch them. Slowly thrusting your finger Is enough to make her breathe heavily and curl up her fingers.

You were just going to feel around for a bit, but with those reactions…

Kaguya shivers and moans and grabs your legs as you start to finger her in earnest. While one hand slowly relaxes her tightly-closed insides, your other hand gives one last pinch to each of her nipples before moving down between her legs. You use the thumb to carefully expose her clitoris, then move in with your index finger to stimulate her. You’d like to rub it in little circles, but the target’s too small and she’s trembling too much for that to work out. Instead, you steadily stroke back and forth and up and down in time with your other finger, which thrusts into her at a steady pace of once every two seconds.

“That’s good… Like that…”

You curl the finger inside her a little, allowing you to scratch and prod at her walls while you thrust in and out. You tilt your finger to a slightly different angle with each thrust, but you don’t notice any change in her reactions. After a while, Kaguya grows used to the pleasure and relaxes against you, moaning in a sweet, content voice. Rather than being ravished by a lustful customer, she’s having her body properly handled by an attentive partner.

You steadily increase the tempo of both of your fingers, eventually moving twice as fast as you started at. Kaguya’s grip on your finger has loosened a little, but it would still be enough to give your cock a wonderful squeeze. And these soft, slippery walls would feel amazing wrapped around something more sensitive than your finger.

When Kaguya’s voice starts to climb sharply in pitch, you slow down and stop your fingers. After everything she just put you through, there’s no way you’re letting her get off without some teasing first.

Grabbing a few strands of Kaguya’s wet hair, you lift your arms out of the water to give her nipples the same treatment your penis suffered. You lightly brush the strands over one of them, and twist the ends of the other handful together and drill them into her other nipple. Your hands swap techniques a few moments later, and switch again not long after that. Kaguya rewards your efforts with an impressive amount of twitching and a series of pleading, frustrated moans, while she digs her nails into your legs to try and make you go back to her pussy. Even so, she seems to prefer this to the tickling from earlier.

So then, how will she like that?

“No, not when I’m so--!“ She cuts herself off with a stream of nervous laughter as you attack the back of her other knee. You tickle her mercilessly without removing your finger from her clitoris, simply keeping it pressed there while she squirms hard enough to do all the stimulation herself. Less than a minute later, you abruptly plunge your finger back into her and finish her off with a few powerful thrusts.

“Haahhn!” Still getting over her last bout of laughter, Kaguya suddenly launches into a shameless high-pitched moan. A powerful back-arching is just be beginning of her reactions, as everything between her neck to her thighs clenches up and shudders with pleasure. Her hands grab on to your wrists for support, and her fingers dig almost painfully into your skin. You keep your finger inside her for the duration of her orgasm, and the strength with which her slippery walls squeeze and massage it makes your penis twitch with excitement. Your cock was out of commission the whole time you were playing with Kaguya, but now it’s finally starting to recover.

Kaguya grinds hungrily against your fingers as her orgasm drags on and winds down, drawing out her moaning to give you as much of a show as possible. Eventually, her cries transition smoothly to a wordless panting, and she slumps back in your arms as her convulsions finally come to an end. That probably didn’t feel quite as good as it looked, but you can’t say for sure how far off it was.

Just watching that display made you feel more tired than before. Kaguya nuzzles her head against your chest, and you bring your hands back to her stomach to hug her close again. The peace is short-lived, however, as Kaguya soon pulls off your arms and steps out of the bath. You give her a questioning look, but she simply holds up a finger to tell you to wait.

You turn around and watch as Kaguya walks over to the cubbyholes, dripping water from every part of her body. Her soaked, shining hair covers her lewd parts when she bends over to retrieve something, and she returns to the pool with a small package in her hands. She gives it to you once she’s settled in next to you.

The item turns out to be a small, rectangular wooden box, painted a deep black with gold trim along the edges and a pink flower design in the middle. It’s a different flower from the one the Pavilion uses; there’s probably no connection.

You’ve seen this type of box before. There’s always one or two on the top shelf of… the candy store?

That’s right! This is the famous gourmet Inaba-Daifuku. Purchased exclusively by the children of village nobles, it always costs far more than you can justify spending on sweets. Like most people of modest means in the village, you’ve often wondered how it tastes.

Kaguya smiles as she sees the recognition in your eyes. “Ah, you’re familiar with this? It’s one of my favorites. I have a special deal with the supplier.”

Kaguya sets out a small floating plate to hold the box. You set it down and carefully pull off the top, revealing a half-dozen snow-white, oval-shaped pieces, arranged in two columns of three. It’s a surprisingly humble sight for something packed into such an exquisite box. Kaguya casually plucks one out with her slender thumb and index finger and holds it up to your mouth.

There’s not much of a smell to admire, you go ahead and bite off a little more half of the treat. The outside is fairly tough and starchy, but then the gooey paste inside quickly spreads itself all over your mouth. It’s amazingly thick and sweet, and lightly flavored with a pleasant, familiar-tasting fruit. It takes you moment to realize that it’s the same fruit you smelled in Kaguya’s hair.

Once the flavor of the paste has coated your tongue, the chewy exterior gives you an excuse to savor the taste while you break it down with your teeth. You purr appreciatively as you finish off your bite, and chomp the rest out of Kaguya’s hand as soon as you swallow.

Kaguya waits patiently with an expectant look on her face while you savor the rest of your daifuku. Taking the hint, you pluck out the piece opposite the one she gave you and hold it close to mouth. She consumes it with three small, ladylike bites over the course of a minute purring with approval throughout. She seems to be intimately familiar with the taste, but no less fond of it than you.

The two of you steadily work through the remaining daifuku, each eating half of the box’s contents. Kaguya offers you some of hers, but you’re not so cruel as to deny her. Judging by her blissful reactions as she eats, she’s a woman who enjoys her sweets. You feel quite full when you’re finished, and the delicious flavor lingers in your mouth for a long time. You sigh contentedly and lean back against the edge of the pool again, putting an arm around Kaguya and idly stroking her soft hair. The fine scents of her perfume and shampoo drift into your nose, mixing with the smell of the crisp night air as you stare up at the bright, starry sky. Various chirps and cries fill out the background, accompanied by the rustling of the swaying bamboo leaves overhead.

The most delicious food you’ve had in years, a beautiful woman to spend the night with, and the chance to soak in a wonderful private bath, far away from all your worries. Life is good.


Ah, seems you dozed off for a bit. Or, did you? The moon seems to be in the exact same place as before. Kaguya looks to be asleep as well. Her breathing is light and gentle, and her mouth hangs slightly open.

Somehow sensing you’ve awakened, Kaguya’s eyes flutter open as she greets you with a smile. You lean in and give her a small, nervous kiss on the lips, which she readily accepts.

You’ve had your fill of the bath. You stand up and stretch for a moment, staring openly at Kaguya as she does the same. First, she extends her arms above her head, clasps her hands together and leans back while letting out a blissful groan. The position puts her small breasts on full display while her dark hair cascades like a waterfall behind her. Once she’s worked out the kinks in her neck and back, she straightens up to stretch one arm and then the other across her body, using the other arm to hold it in place. The small, satisfied moans she lets out perfectly complement the sights.

After Kaguya’s limbered up, the two of you step out of the pool. The warmth of the water lingers on your body for a moment, but the night air quickly leeches it away. You’re just starting to shiver when your escort drapes something warm around your shoulders.

It seems to be a rather large red robe. And very warm one, too. Unnaturally so. A few more degrees and it’d be uncomfortable, but this temperature is the perfect counter to the nighttime chill. You take a deep breath as you fit your arms into the oversized sleeves, and the shivering comes to an abrupt end.

A quiet whine pulls you out of your trance. Kaguya’s staring and pouting at you, still cold and shivering while you’re enjoying her toasty robe. That’s hardly fair. You open the robe for her, and her unhappy expression evaporates as she climbs in. It’s a tight fit with two people, so Kaguya puts her arms around your chest and snuggles up close to you. After a bit of struggling, you manage to close the robe around her back, encasing the two of you in the wonderful heat. You start to back up towards the wall of the clearing, but Kaguya advises you against that.

So, you just stand there, with your arms around Kaguya and her arms around you, reveling in the warmth of the robe and the closeness of Kaguya’s body while the cool air drifts around your head. Kaguya’s mouth is only a few inches from yours; you stare at it for a moment, then look up to her eyes, which are soft and inviting. They seem to be gently shining again.

You whisper Kaguya’s name and press your lips to hers. She closes her eyes and presses back, and the two of you purse your lips and gently suck on each other. Then, Kaguya turns her head and opens her mouth, and you tilt your head in the other direction to seal your lips onto hers.

Very carefully, you slide your tongue past Kaguya’s lips and teeth. You’re fearful of an ambush, but Kaguya’s wet tongue is right where you expect it. It slithers forward and swirls in small circles around your own, encouraging you to try and stroke her tongue as well. You’re still no expert at kissing, but you picked up the basics in the back lounge.

With your tongues dancing back and forth between your mouths. Mostly they just move in wet, lazy circles around each other, but sometimes you actively lick each other; Kaguya prefers to stroke the underside of your tongue, while you rake along the top side of hers. You can taste the lingering sweetness of the daifuku mixed in with her saliva, which makes it much easier to swallow.

Kaguya’s voice is the first to come out, with a few low moans that coax out some of your own. The look in her eyes grows steadily more passionate as you stare deeply at each other. A small string of saliva runs down her chin, but you’re both too preoccupied to clean it off. The powerful heat in the robe seems to grow stronger and stronger as the minutes wear on.

Finally, you break the kiss, almost panting for air as you come away. You knew Kaguya would amazing at it, but that knowledge didn’t prepare for the actual experience. More than that, she knew how to accommodate an amateur like you. Instead of just keeping her tongue still or steamrolling over yours, she used just enough technique to match your own level of skill.

In addition to blushing and shortness of breath, the kiss also gave you a powerful erection. Kaguya’s well aware, of course; there’s no hiding something like that in a tight space like this. It’s pointed straight down between your legs, in a position that makes it extra-swollen and more than a little uncomfortable. Kaguya reaches down and tickles the exposed part of your length with her fingertips, giving you a teasing grin that’s both demure and lustful.

“Why don’t we return to your home before we continue?”

That seems like a good idea. As nice as it is here, you wouldn’t mind getting back to your futon. Kaguya helps you take off the robe and stows it away, and soon you’re both dressed and heading back through the forest.

The scene is the same mixture of menacing and beautiful as before. Kaguya’s hand is tightly laced together with yours, while her brilliant rainbow jewel lights the way through the forest. You don’t have the slightest idea how to get back out through this mess of bamboo stalks, but Kaguya seems perfectly confident. She’s guided you well so far, so you’re willing to believe her.

It’ll be a while before you make it back home. Why don’t you strike up some conversation? You could ask about…

[ ] Her work.
[ ] Her clothes.
[ ] Her artwork.
[ ] Mystia.
[ ] The “guardian of the forest.”
[ ] Her homeland.
[ ] The Inaba-Daifuku.
[ ] Write-in.

Same deal as before.
No. 30674
>“It’s rare enough for someone to succeed, but you did it without even touching me. Impressive.”

Hell yes. Knew I read the situation right.

As for talk topics... We already talked about her art, right? And really, we shouldn't be talking about others girls as topic while on a date, so I suggest no Mystia vote.

[X] Her clothes.
[X] The Inaba-Daifuku.

MAyeb one more, but I don't know what to pick.
No. 30675
[x] Her artwork.
[x] The “guardian of the forest.”
No. 30676
[X] Her clothes.
[X] Her homeland.
[X] Her artwork.

Just because we talked about artwork before doesn't mean we can't do it some more. We're both artists, it makes sense to discuss a shared hobby.

Consider also clothing designers - can that not be a form of art as well?

Also, lastly, is how does her homeland's culture play into her interpretation of art? Whether she's from the moon or just from outside wherever here is, it is through the mixing and clashing of cultures and ideas that art can truly thrive.
No. 30677

Yes. I particularly like the cut of your jib. Most especially asking about her home and tying that into art.

[X] Her clothes.
[X] Her homeland.
[X] Her artwork.
No. 30678
[X] Her clothes.
[X] Her homeland.
[X] Her artwork.

I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.
No. 30679
Let's hope that talk of her homeland doesn't end up backfiring.
No. 30680
[X] Her clothes.
[X] Her homeland.
[X] Her artwork.


This man knows how to appeal to a refined lady.
No. 30683
File 136811007225.jpg - (364.48KB, 673x778, 2bbe3959f543fa1965e34aa0e709166f.jpg) [iqdb]
Votes closed. The next conversation will cover Kaguya's clothes, homeland, and artwork.
No. 30685
File 136816362479.jpg - (287.53KB, 850x1362, gettin there.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Her clothes.
[x] Her homeland.
[x] Her artwork.

You’ve been wondering about Kaguya’s clothes for a while now. The softness of the fabric, the richness of the colors, and the smooth edges of the designs are all beyond human ability, though that’s not exactly unique. Most youkai have beautiful, intricate outfits that never seem to wear out. Popular theories assert that there’s a secret league of youkai seamstresses, or that youkai can somehow manifest their own clothing through force of will.

So, you ask Kaguya a few simple questions about her clothes. What are they made of? Where did she get them? She glances down and smiles at her shirt before responding.

“Ah, you have a good eye! These are mementos from my homeland. I designed them myself.” She releases your hand to hold up her arm, allowing you to get a good handful of her sleeve. It’s nearly as soft as her hair, and the fabric just flows through your fingers like water. Having this material caressing your whole body must feel wonderful.

“I’m afraid I can’t explain the process of making them, but I do know it took our finest technology, a whole team of master tailors, and nearly a month of constant labor. The fabric cannot be torn by any known means, and it is simply immune to dirt.” Glancing down, you see that the hem of her skirt is perfectly clean, even though she’s been dragging it over the forest floor all night.

That’s amazing! You don’t know why her clothes are so long to start with, though.

“It was stylish at the time,” Kaguya says with practiced ease. Women were expected to hide as much skin as possible to preserve their purity, so it’s supposed to hide my hands and feet.”

You see… Wait, then why doesn’t it cover her face?

“Ah, well…” Kaguya’s smile flickers. “It originally came with a mask, but I--“

The cut’s too low for that, though. An extra-modest shirt wouldn’t have such a low neckline.

“You see, that was added after I--”

And it was clearly designed that way. Otherwise the large bow on the collar just would look silly.


What’s the real reason why it’s so long?

Kaguya falls silent and stops in her tracks. A bright blush lights up her pale face as she averts her eyes.

“… I thought I would fill it out.”

You reach out and give her a pat on the head. She’s beautiful just the way she is.

Kaguya mumbles a short reply and starts walking again. Seems you hit on a sensitive topic. Feeling the awkwardness mounting, you cast about for a new topic to cheer her up.

Hmm. This homeland of hers sounds like an interesting place, to have the technology to make clothes like hers. You said you don’t care if she’s Kaguya-hime or not, but it certainly seems like she is. Perhaps you could get a few details about life on the moon. You gently ask her about where she came from, and the question handily distracts her from her brooding.

“Ah, it’s a wondrous place. The greatest civilization known to man, where everyone lives at least a thousand years. Pests and vermin are nonexistent, Youkai are little more than servants, and orchards of peach trees stretch out as far as the eye can see.”

… She’s messing with you.

“But, it was boring there. The birth rate there is very low, and I was forbidden to play with the youkai, so I was lonely for much of my childhood. And my parents were very strict, and they never thought I was good enough. When I finally tried to one-up them…”

Kaguya pauses and stares at her jewel.

“… Yuzuki and I had to move away. Eventually, I found myself here.”

She seems very Japanese, though. You wouldn’t have guessed that she’s a foreigner. Kaguya smiles at your compliment.

“Oh, that was long ago. I’ve had plenty of time to adapt. Gensokyo is a much better place to live, in my opinion; something interesting’s always happening, and there are so many interesting men to keep me company.” Kaguya squeezes your hand and leans in for a quick kiss, seemingly freed from her earlier melancholy. Your tongues engage in a quick, slippery dance before she pulls away.

Around that time, you finally exit the Bamboo Forest and return to the grasslands. It’s a little quieter without all those insect-sheltering trees around, and a gentle breeze carries the familiar smells of the town to your nose. The open space seems unsettling after spending so much time in the the closely-packed passages of bamboo, but you quickly embrace it as a change for the better. This area still isn’t safe at night, but at least you’ll know which way to run if something attacks you.

The sky seems markedly less brilliant than it did in the bath. There are plenty of stars, sure, but they don’t twinkle so brightly as before. And the moon’s only--

A tug on your arm pulls you out of your reverie. Seems you’d forgotten to keep walking. Kaguya shares a few more general details about her pleasant life in Gensokyo, and a new question comes to mind when she mentions her art.

You’re curious as to how her exposure to two cultures has impacted her artwork. Even if she likes it better here, the place where she grew up seems very different from Japan. She must have an unusual well of influences to draw from.

“Hmm…” Having stashed her jewel when you left the forest, Kaguya’s free to put a sleeve to her mouth while she thinks. You asked a difficult question, so you’re not surprised that it gives pause.

“Well, our art was very different from yours. Some of the basic forms remained, but we had our own instruments, language, and tonal structure. The subjects of our artwork were different as well; we valued immovable, eternal things, whereas your art often embraces the ephemeral. Where we would admire the moon, you admire a single moonrise.”

Kaguya pauses to look up at the sky. The heavens and stars shine eternally up above you, but they’re only part of the night. The breeze, the chirping, and the fresh smell in the air seem just as important, even if they only last a moment.

“The eternal and the instantaneous… I’ve done many works conflating the two.”

As you walk on, Kaguya explains her many experiments in combining the two cultures: luminescent ink that shines in the moonlight, a five-stringed shamisen to accommodate her people’s music, and an eternal fifth season that she uses in her haiku. Not all of them work, but they’re all intriguing. You might have to try that paint yourself sometime.

Kaguya also gives you an overview of her homeland’s mythology. It’s all very grand and bombastic, telling of how the great and venerable Lord Tsukuyomi left sinful Japan behind to build his own paradise, and supposedly created magic and youkai to serve his own mysterious ends. Interesting stuff to listen to, if a little overbearing. Her people had a very high opinion of themselves; you probably wouldn’t want to hang out with them either.

Your conversation continues as the village’s nighttime lanterns come into view. The two of you are discussing the finer points of a hypothetical dragon’s-hair brush when you reach finally reach your unassuming one-story house. Like a proper gentleman, you allow Kaguya to go in first once you unlock the door. Then, right before you step in yourself, you take one last glance at the sky. Something was bothering you earlier…

… Ah. There’s only a quarter moon now.

Well, that’s not the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen. Around here, you never know what strange powers a beautiful woman might be hiding.

Kaguya has you drop her umbrella back into her bag. She gives you another kiss to tide you over, then carries her bag off through your bedroom to your bathroom to “prepare.” The ominous tone she uses makes you think there’s nothing to be gained by peeping. It’s too dark to read, so you just brew some tea and stare out the window while you wait.

You’ve had a good house-call so far. Kaguya’s shown you a wonderful evening and slowly introduced you to her body, carefully cultivating your lust along with your passion. You’re still far from satisfied, but you’ll be able to use her to your heart’s content once you prove yourself.

Not “if.” “Once.”

Eventually, you hear Kaguya’s voice sweetly beckoning you to your bedroom. Already sporting a fresh erection, you put down your mug and make your way over with all the confidence you can muster.

A few lanterns glow in the corners of your cozy bedroom. Your futon is laid out in the center, and Kaguya kneels next to it with her hands folded in her lap. It would be the perfect picture of courtesy, if she weren’t completely naked. It’s hard to grow used to such a lovely sight, so you once again let your gaze roam over her smooth, pale curves and her long, silky black hair. The gently-flickering lanternlight doesn’t draw out her beauty quite as well as the moonlight did, but it does make her whole body look soft and inviting.

Kaguya watches you with a carefully-crafted smile, one that seems polite and submissive from one angle but dangerous from another. She clearly has something planned. As you approach her, she stands up and gently grasps the sides of your head, pulling you into a long, deep kiss. Your tongue mingles enthusiastically with hers, following each one of her movements as closely as possible while you suck on each other’s mouths. Kaguya frees your throbbing erection and teases it with a few light strokes, tickling the shaft with her fingertips and rubbing her smooth nails over the head. You’re so caught up in kissing her and moaning quietly from the stimulation that you hardly notice she’s leading you backwards.

When your back touches the wall, Kaguya breaks the kiss and helps you undress before guiding you down to the floor. You spread your legs wide enough to let her lie on her stomach between them. She props herself up on her arms and shows you a teasing grin, gently squeezing your shaft and tracing a finger around your glans while she speaks.

“Mm, it’s good to see you’re so lively. I’m just as eager for this as you are.”

You find that hard to believe.

“I love it when my partner’s in control, but only if I know he’s fully capable of pleasing me. You’ve shown that you’re obedient and thoroughly enamored with my body, but I still don’t have any proof of your endurance. It would be a shame if you entered me and came immediately, don’t you think?”

You imagine the look of disgust she would give you. It isn’t pretty.

“So, why don’t we make our foreplay into a little test? I’ll service you with my mouth and my hands, and you’ll simply need to resist the pleasure until I permit you to cum. If you can handle it for long enough, I’ll be sure that you have what it takes.”

Well, that sounds simple enough, and you’ve been eager to experience Kaguya’s fellatio for a while now. You accept her challenge without a second thought; there’s nothing to be gained from saying you’re too weak.

“Ah, you’ve grown so confident! Very well, let’s see just how long you can hold out.”

Kaguya puts one of her hands on your arm, with the thumb resting on your skin and the other four fingers outstretched. Her other hand lightly grasps your cock with just the fingertips, holding it in place while she gives the underside a slow, sensual lick. Her tongue is warm and soft, with just the slightest hint of roughness when she presses it into your shaft. It takes her about ten seconds to make her way from the base to the tip, and she finishes with a gentle kiss on your urethra.

Almost immediately, Kaguya tilts her head slightly and shifts her grip, allowing her to start another, equally-thorough lick centered on the space between the bottom vein and the side of your cock. She continues work her way around for eight licks in all, turning her head and repositioning your cock as necessary. She’s forced to use the side of her tongue for the harder-to-reach parts, but that does nothing to diminish the pleasure. Each pass ends with another kiss to your urethra, which starts leaking precum when she’s halfway around your shaft. A bit of the liquid dabs onto her lips with each kiss, and she licks it right off each time. The stimulation is so slow that your penis wants more, even though the rest of you is afraid of what she’ll do next.

Once she’s licked over every inch of your cock, Kaguya lowers a finger on the hand that’s against your side. It lands on your skin with a dull thump. At the same time, she points your cock towards her, puckers her lips, and plants a sloppy kiss right on the tip. She sucks out a few drops of precum like that, then parts starts to descend onto your shaft. You groan and tremble as your glans is forced through her tight, smooth lips, then finish with a sigh as it emerges into a moist, warm space. Her wet tongue greets your cock a moment later, swirling around the tip four or five times while she tugs on it with a burst of forceful suction. As soon as you unclench, Kaguya starts to swallow the rest of your penis.

Your sensitive glans leads the way as your cock slides deeper and deeper into Kaguya’s mouth. Her tightly-pursed lips give each inch a small coating of moisture, which is thickened when it receives a slippery greeting from her tongue. The tip of your length eventually touches the back of her mouth and starts to descend into her smooth, tight throat, but she doesn’t seem to notice at all. As soon as she’s swallowed your whole length, she gives it a single quick suck that stimulates every inch, drawing a visible twitch from your hips. Then, just as quickly, she pulls halfway back to start her sucking in earnest.

You’re relieved to feel her showing some mercy. Her head slides back and forth at a steady rhythm, neither too slow nor too fast. She could probably move twice as quickly if she felt like it, but she’s only testing you. The lower half of your cock is spared from any stimulation, though drops of her warm saliva do leak out and run down it from time to time. Her free hand gradually finds its way to your scrotum, where it gently squeezes and massages your balls.

Kaguya’s technique is every bit as impressive as you imagined. Her tongue alone could make you cum, with the way it swirls lazily all around your shaft, picks at your urethra, and stimulates your glans with ease. She’s good enough to use her teeth as well; they gently graze the crown or the frenulum or both at the apex of each head-bob, just millimeters shy of hurting you. Combined with the warmth of her mouth and the constant stroking of her soft lips, the sensations make for a barely-resistible combination of sharp and gentle pleasures. Her deep brown eyes stare up into yours the whole time, silently encouraging you to cum while she moans in the most tempting voice. You can see a small point of silver light in the pupils of each, and you have to be careful not to focus too hard on them. They strike you as dangerously hypnotic, and you need to focus all your attention on controlling your arousal. Your cock twitches powerfully whenever she gives you a particularly strong bit of stimulation, but you’re able to keep it under control.

Eventually, Kaguya pulls off your cock and swallows back her saliva. At the same time, her second finger drops onto your arm. Perhaps it’s a countdown of some sort.

“You’re holding out well so far. But, that’s to be expected if you’ve cum three times already.” Kaguya’s free hand wraps itself tightly around your slick shaft and starts to pump up and down. With all the precum and saliva coating your cock, there’s almost no friction at all.

At first, Kaguya’s stroking is a mirror of what you did to yourself at the pool. Her hand simply moves up and down your length, positioned so that her index finger grazes over the crown with each stroke. Since she’s facing you, her grip is the reverse of what yours would be. This means that her thumb is on the side facing away from you, and takes advantage of this to make her thumbnail dig continuously into the sensitive back vein and frenulum. The pace is faster than it was in her mouth, and the stimulation is more direct with her whole dainty hand closed around you. As you thought, her touch is much lighter and softer than yours, and her movements are perfectly measured and regular.

Kaguya grins and watches you closely as her soft hand steadily wears away at your resistance. As soon as you open your mouth to moan, she dives forward to kiss you, making your cock twitch with surprise as she squeezes it. Suddenly, her eyes are inescapably close to your face; you try your hardest to look at everything but those seductive lights in her pupils and keep up with her tongue, all while resisting the mounting pleasure between your legs. Your tongue seems strangely sensitive, able to feel every detail of Kaguya’s as they lick and stroke each other. Lustful moans pour into your mouth around the knot of your tongues, and you’re forced to swallow them along with her sweet saliva.

Eventually, Kaguya breaks the kiss and gives your penis a moment to rest while she gathers up some of her hair. She wraps the soft, ticklish strands around your shaft, then grabs it with an equally-light grip and . The sensations are extremely light and gentle, but they add up quickly when you can feel them over every inch of your length. You find yourself groaning and squirming more than when she was stroking you normally, but moving around only entangles you further in her locks.

“Does that feel good? I’m sure you imagined it in that perverted mind of yours.” Kaguya slows down her hand, but that only slightly reduces the pleasure from soft hairs caressing and tickling your penis. “What else did you imagine? Throwing me down on the bed and taking me with all your might? Squeezing my ass and making love to me there?” She gives it a tantalizing shake. “Or simply lying there while I have my way with you? If you fail to prove yourself, I’ll be staying in control for the rest of the night.

With such a high level of arousal and Kaguya’s naked body right in front of you, you can’t help dipping into those fantasies. You resist the subconscious urge to move your hips as you imagine yourself pounding into her, knowing that any movement will make you shudder with pleasure while your cock’s trapped in her cage of hair. Kaguya raises her head and kisses you again, and you lock on to the silver points in her eyes in a moment of weakness. For a long moment, you feel as though you’re completely in her power, kissing her with vivid fantasies running through your mind while her hand and hair tease your hard, throbbing cock. But as soon as she blinks, the spell is broken.

Kaguya pulls away a moment later and smoothly releases your cock, letting the precum-soaked hairs rejoin the sleek curtain behind her head. She chuckles quietly at your sow of fortitude as she lowers her head to your shaft, and the third finger drops on your arm as she swallows your cock again. This time, her head keeps sliding downwards until it reaches the base, leaving two full inches in her smooth, tight throat.

Kaguya doesn’t show the least sign of discomfort. She closes her eyes and slowly sucks on your cock, and the pleasure ripples along its whole length. Her throat tightens powerfully around the tip, hard enough for the warm, slick surface to mold itself onto your glans. A long, deep moan rumbles out of her throat, and the vibrations roll all along your cock to make you melt with pleasure.

Just the suction is enough to make you moan happily, but then she adds her tongue in as well. While her throat rhythmically clamps down on your glans, her tongue strokes back and forth along your shaft, paying special attention to the underside. And as soon as you’ve gotten used to that, Kaguya starts moving her head. You feel all the sensations from her previous round of fellatio but spread out all along the length of your cock: the delicious warmth inside her mouth, the frantic stroking of her powerful tongue, an occasional sharp scratch from her teeth, and the constant stroking of her soft, tightly-closed lips. And on top of all that, her throat attacks your most sensitive spot with the most powerful suction imaginable, and her moans stimulate you all through your shaft where nothing else can reach.

It feels like a single lapse in concentration will make you cum, but you must be nearing the end. Her mouth is stimulating you in so many different ways, and each one could bring you over the edge. You grit your teeth try to shut out all of the many delightful sensations, keep your eyes fixated on that last finger she’s holding up. If you can just hold out a little longer…

Finally, after a grueling ten seconds with your whole length in her mouth, she stops sucking altogether. The final finger drops, and you breathe a sigh of relief. Kaguya slowly, lovingly pulls back…

And rams her head right back onto you. Your whole body twitches in shock, and you feel yourself come within a hair’s breadth of orgasm before the pleasure mercifully recedes. Kaguya chuckles loudly enough to hit your penis with several intense bursts of vibration, then pulls back with a wide, sadistic smirk.

“Oh, did you think I was finished? Whatever gave you that idea? I still haven’t shown you the full extent of my technique.” Kaguya removes her hand from your arm, bringing both hands and her mouth to bear on your cock. You frantically try to steel yourself for whatever’s ahead.

First, she flutters her tongue all around the tip, peppering it with small licks and kisses. One of her hands teases your shaft with long, full strokes, while the other one cups and twists your scrotum. It feels good, but it’s not enough to make you cum. She’s likely just doing it to weaken you.

Less than half a minute later, Kaguya takes the tip into her mouth, gently closing her teeth around your shaft just below the crown. She tightens her lips and sucks on it in long, concentrated bursts, squeezing your shaft and your balls at the same time. Her tongue comes out to tease your urethra whenever she isn’t sucking, making sure you don’t get a moment of rest. You feel yourself creeping closer to edge with each squeeze.

Then, she moves on to bobbing her head along your shaft while her thumb and index finger close tightly around the base. Your shaft quickly swells up in her mouth, becoming more and more sensitive to every detail of her fellatio. She doesn’t use her throat or her tongue, but just feeling the pleasure mount as your cock grows more and more vulnerable is enough to make you shiver. Her other hand keeps playing with your scrotum like it’s trying to squeeze your load right out of your balls.

Finally, she wraps her arms around your back and plunges your whole cock into her mouth, getting the tip even deeper into her throat than before. She presses her tongue flat against the bottom and starts sucking hard enough to make her cheeks sink in until they touch your cock while her throat clamps shut around your swollen glans. Searing, nerve-wrecking pleasure assaults the whole shaft at once, making your moans pour out to fill the room. If she were to moan or move the slightest bit, you’d lose it.

This is…

You want to cum more than anything. She wouldn’t even have to swallow it; your sperm would just shoot straight into her stomach.

But, it would feel even better to shoot straight into her womb while she came around you, wouldn’t it?

Somehow, that thought sustains you until Kaguya finally relents and pulls off of your cock. It’s thoroughly soaked in saliva now, enough to make it shine brightly in the lamplight.

You survived her super-deepthroat. Is that it…?

No, it isn’t! Kaguya closes two fingers around your length and starts stroking you with a wide, cruel grin. Her movements are fast and merciless, designed to milk out your sperm as fast as possible.

Even after all that, she still isn’t satisfied. Maybe she never will be. You bet she’s just making a point about her dominance, and she never intended to let you control her at all. She’s just seeing how long you’ll humiliate yourself before you give in.


No. That’s not the kind of person she is. That’s not the woman who shared her Inaba-Daifuku, cuddled with you in the bath and admitted the embarrassing truth about her clothes. She’s an enormous tease, but she isn’t heartless. Her other challenges were difficult, but not impossible. Even if it’s hopeless, you’ll do your best to impress her!

But, with that said, this feels so good… You can’t… You’re gonna--!


You didn’t. Kaguya stopped you. Right at the end of one of her strokes, she tightened her grip on your penis so you couldn’t cum. The sadistic grin on her face has turned to a respectful smile, and there’s a kind gleam in her eyes.

“You were going to hold on until the bitter end for me, weren’t you? I could see it in your eyes.”

Does this mean you…?

“You did well. I’m certain you’ll endure for my sake for as long as you can. Now, allow me to drink this load you’ve built up…”

Those words alone are almost enough. As soon as Kaguya loosens her grip and her lips touch your cock, you moan happily and let loose with a long, powerful orgasm, thoroughly coating her tongue, lips, and throat with thick sprays of cum. Fair payback for what they did to you; if only you could get that hair as well. Kaguya nearly can’t keep up with it all, but she manages to swallow just before her mouth overflows and keep pace with you from there. Your groans peter out with the last spurt of semen, and you slump back against the wall dazed and breathing heavily.

It takes Kaguya another minute of licking around and swallowing to fully clear her mouth of sperm. Once she’s satisfied, she helps you over to the futon and puts you down over the covers. She lies down at your side and cuddles up to you, rubbing her head against your cheek and draping an arm across your body. One of her legs curls around one of your own as she starts to plant small kisses on your neck and the side of your face. As soon as you’re fully erect again, she raises her head to smile down at you, with her shining hair hanging down behind her.

“Would you like to put it inside me now?”

That’s an easy question. Kaguya chuckles briefly at your response.

“Ah, I thought so. I just have one last… request.”

Kaguya gets on her knees and turns away, reaching around to dig her fingers into her fine ass and spread the cheeks apart for you. In this position, you can clearly see her asshole peeking out under her long hair, as bright and clean as the rest of her body. A bit of the bright pink interior is visible where the spreading tugs it open a little. Kaguya turns her head to look over her shoulder, a pleading look in her eyes.

“Can you start with this hole? If you can make me cum before you do, I’ll be certain that you can handle the other one as well. And then…” You can finish that sentence yourself.

One last test, huh? Can’t be any harder than what you just went through. Just a little more, and she’ll happily submit to you. After all this, you won’t stop until she’s covered in sweat, twitching uncontrollably with aftershocks of pleasure, and both full to the brim and covered with your sperm.

Kaguya releases her ass and points behind you. “I don’t expect you to dive right in, though. You can take a few moments to prepare me. Feel free to use what’s in that box, if you desire.”

Ah, there’s a small box next to the futon. You hadn’t noticed it before. Inside, there’s a small vibrating egg, a string of beads with a pull-ring at the end, and a bottle of lubricant. You’ve never used them before, but you think you can figure them out.

You’ll loosen her up with…

[ ] Your fingers.
[ ] The vibrator.
[ ] The beads.
[ ] Your tongue.
[ ] A combination.

If you pick a combination, feel free to specify an order of usage. Note that you won’t have much time to work with.
No. 30689
[X] A combination.
-[X]Tongue her ass while fingering her pussy, then switch to fingering her ass with lubed fingers.
No. 30690
[X] A combination.
-[X] Tongue her ass while fingering her pussy, then switch to fingering her ass with lubed fingers.
-[X] If time permits, add in the string of beads.
No. 30691
[X] Your tongue.

All the way in man. ALL. THE. WAY. IN.
No. 30692
+1 for this.
No. 30694
[X] Your tongue.

Guys, she asked to start with her ass, not it and her pussy. Don't go failing on this after everythign else, please.
No. 30695
[X] A combination.

Rimjobs just aren't for me.
No. 30696
Come to think of it, me neither.

>>30694 here, switching to

[X] A combination.
No. 30697
[X] A combination.
[X] Your tongue.
[X] The beads.

Leave her pussy alone for now. She's going to beg for it.
No. 30698
File 136827823920.jpg - (308.26KB, 612x700, 29f70055d432264d58549abbf46b6f43.jpg) [iqdb]
Looks like we have a tie between >>30690 and >>30695.
No. 30699
>>30690 here. I hate ties, so I'll change my vote to >>30697 so things can get going.
No. 30702
File 136829192434.jpg - (555.36KB, 840x800, 69814e615a5d06a3642bd5aefded116a.jpg) [iqdb]
Unfortunately, that creates a new tie between >>30695 and >>30697.
No. 30703

The tie breaker that shall break all ties and Kaguya's asshole
No. 30704
File 136829483078.png - (1.20MB, 1050x1400, a864e94390a2257233656406b5056e5e.png) [iqdb]
Okay, that'll do it. Might be a bit before the next update.
No. 30743
File 13686825133.jpg - (501.58KB, 1000x726, 06a38793a40e633816410df69025c6b0cae73a98.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] A combination.

That vibrator seems like it could be effective, but you’ve never used one before, and you’d rather not spend all your foreplay time struggling to figure it out. The beads seem more straightforward, though; you might be able to finish with those. But for now, you’ll just stick to your fingers.

Kaguya is facing away from you on her knees, proudly displaying her plump, pale ass. She certainly looks appealing like that, but it’s not as easy as it could be to reach her asshole. The cheeks kind of get in the way, and her hair hangs down over it if she isn’t leaning far enough forward.

After a moment of thought, you have Kaguya lie on her back instead and draw her knees up to her chest. This position gets her cheeks and hair out of the way, and it points her asshole straight towards you for easy access. You get an excellent view of her pussy up above it, as well. Kaguya doesn’t seem nervous at all about her vulnerable position; if anything, she’s eager to see what you’ll do to her.

Presently, Kaguya’s asshole is closed into a small, tight ring. You’ll need to loosen it quite a bit before you can fit your penis inside. The bottle of lubricant she provided will likely be a great help.

You start by smearing some lube across the soft skin around her asshole. Despite the calm look on Kaguya’s face, you feel some tension between her legs as you caress her. Using a few fingers, you gently massage around her hole with light presses and strokes until the tautness in her muscles fades away. Then, you give your finger a fresh coat of lube and move on to prodding at the opening with a single digit. Your middle finger is the longest one, but you give the honor to your more dexterous index finger.

It only takes a few tries for you to slide the fingertip inside. The rim promptly clamps down on you as soon as you penetrate it, squeezing you even harder than her pussy did. If you apply some pressure, though, you can push your slippery finger further in. It takes a bit of effort to get the knuckle through her tight entrance, but the rest slides in easily after that. Kaguya lets out a few grunts as you work your finger into her, torn between discomfort and pleasure.

The inside of Kaguya’s asshole feels smoother than her pussy did, but the greatly-enhanced tightness easily makes up for the lack of folds and creases. It’s about as in her ass as it was in her other hole, but there’s little moisture to be found. If you can get it lubed up enough, you’re sure it would feel incredible.

You twist your finger back and forth a few times, drawing out a few quiet gasps. Kaguya soon grows used to that, so you switch to sliding your finger out to the knuckle and back in. Her hole’s resisting you less already, though the squeeze it gives you is still impressive. The gasping gradually changes to a low noise that’s somewhere between a moan and a growl.

Kaguya’s pussy was slightly wet when you started, and the sheen of juices on her labia has steadily been growing larger and brighter. It’ll probably start to spill over soon. You feel tempted to bend over and lick her, but you aren’t sure if that would break some sort of rule. Best not to risk it right now.

After less than a minute of continuous fingering, Kaguya’s asshole feels significantly looser than when you started. Your cock is a lot thicker than your finger is, though, so you’ll need to do more. Using your free hand to spread her a little, you wedge in your middle finger to join the index. It’s painful for you at first as her tight hole crushes them together, but some vigorous thrusting soon gets her walls to accommodate you.

You carefully spread the two fingers apart, digging the tips into Kaguya’s walls as you continue to thrust. Shortly afterwards, you start to twisting your hand back and forth as well. The tight ring at the entrance isn’t too eager to cooperate, but her insides continue to spread and loosen for you. Kaguya’s moaning openly now and staring lustfully into your eyes; she probably won’t let you keep this up for much longer.

So, you’ll move on to your finisher. With a forceful pull that makes her shudder and moan with a mixture of pleasure and discomfort, you wrench your fingers from Kaguya’s tight asshole. The rim stays slightly open afterwards, giving you a decent view of her bright pink insides.

Kaguya breathes heavily to recover while you examine the beads. The string of balls is less than a foot long, consisting of nine purple beads and a pull-ring at the end. Each bead is slightly thicker than one of your fingers, which is almost exactly the thickness you’re after. You give the whole thing a generous coating of lube before turning to its lovely victim.

“Hmm!” Kaguya seems intrigued by your decision to use the beads. She shifts around a bit as you position the string at her asshole; her posture had drifted a bit while she was twitching and moaning, so she corrects it to put her asshole on full display once again. After a quick thank-you, you grab the second bead on the string and drive the first one into her. She gets a brief pause to react before you shift your fingers back and insert the next bead. You carry on like that until the whole string is inside her, not giving her any extra time to rest even as her reactions grow louder and more forceful.

You have to push a little harder when the leading beads reach past where your fingers were, but soon the whole string is inside of her. A small ring sticking out of her ass is the only sign of its existence; you can’t imagine how it would feel to have something like that inside you. It seems like the next step is to pull it out, but you feel like teasing her a little first.

To start, you slip a finger into the pull-ring and slowly twist it in a circle, making the whole string turn inside of her. She blushes a bit brighter and breathes a bit harder while the beads slide across her walls, but it’s not much of a reaction. Then you make her get on her knees again, and give her ass a few firm, jiggle-inducing smacks. Each one makes Kaguya arch her back and cry out in a display that makes your cock twitch with eagerness.

Seems like it’s time to… No, one more thing. Raising Kaguya off the ground a little, you reach under one of her thighs towards that wonderful weakpoint.

“Ah? Y-you aren’t--Haahn!”

Kaguya closes her leg on instinct, but that only wedges your finger deeper into her knee. You mercilessly wriggle your fingertip back and forth, making the beads curve and shift all about inside her ass as she writhes and squeals with helpless pleasure.

“Th-that’s enough! Put it in me now!”

You’re forced to stop at the sound of Kaguya’s panicked, breathless command. With a small sigh, you withdraw your finger from her knee and wrap it around the next-best thing: the ring on her beads. Your other hand digs into one of her cheeks, as much for leverage as just to grope her. You really can’t get enough of this round, shapely ass.

Before Kaguya can fully catch her breath, you give the ring a few gentle tugs to test the resistance. The beads shift towards you a little when you pull, but they don’t break through the tight rim of her asshole. It’ll take a good deal of force to get them all out.

You take a deep breath, then give the string a firm tug. Two beads come out with a pair of quick pops, forcing Kaguya shudder and let out a short, high-pitched moan. The next tug brings out two more beads, but the one after is light enough to bring out only one. Each bead comes out still moist with lube, and her asshole closes back around the string as soon as a bead comes out.

Over the next half-minute, you steadily pull out all but one of the remaining beads, attacking Kaguya with a steady stream of pleasure. Your other hand happily kneads her cheeks in the meantime; she enjoys it, but you also detect some impatience in her voice. Finally, you tighten your grip on her pillowy-soft ass, then pull out the last of the beads in a single mighty yank.


Kaguya arches her back and clenches up all over as the last of the beads is removed. A moment later, she slumps forward slightly and gasps for all the breath she lost over the last few minutes. Her silky hair is a mess after all that; half of it hangs from either side of her body, and the other half is strewn randomly across her milky-white back. The entrance in her asshole is still small, but it’s practically gaping compared to when you started. She’s still a long way from cumming, though. The real challenge begins here.

All the foreplay gave you a good head-start, but teasing Kaguya and listening to her lovely moans for so long has left you with a painfully strong erection. You reach for the bottle again and smother your shaft in warm, slippery lube, then carefully line yourself up with her asshole.

When she feels your cock prodding at her, Kaguya picks herself up and reaches back to spread her ass for you. Unfortunately, her cheeks themselves don’t make for a good grip in this position. You’ll have to settle for her curvy waist instead. With your shaft in place, you tighten your grip on her firm, smooth skin and carefully begin to penetrate her.

You’re lucky enough to get the tip in on your first try. As soon as you clear the still-tight entrance to her asshole, you feel the smoothness of her slippery walls in minute detail as they close around your sensitive glans. A small moan escapes your throat, but you grit your teeth and keep pushing. You hear a matching groan come out from Kaguya as her walls to stretch even further than before to accommodate your penis.

The tightness only gets harder to bear as Kaguya’s asshole swallows more and more of your shaft. Her body heat quickly soaks into your length, which starts to throb eagerly as it realizes where it is. Her hands fall from her ass when you’re halfway inside her, moving up to support her as the pleasure eats away at her strength. Finally, you ram the last inch into her and indulge in a long, shameless moan. Kaguya moans even louder as soon as you stop moving, and her asshole tightens up so much that you find yourself unable to move inside her until she relents.

Kaguya’s mouth was excellent, but this manages to feel even better. Every inch of your cock is held firmly by the tight walls of her asshole, which seem to subtly mold themselves onto the contours of your penis as they press onto you. The tight ring at the entrance gives the base of your penis a powerful squeeze, enough to make the rest of your shaft swell up inside her if you don’t keep moving. Thanks to all the lubrication you’ve applied, you’re still able to move freely in this tight space, except for when the pleasure overwhelms her and forces her to tighten up. Just sitting here, you feel a small twinge of pleasure each time your cock throbs and bulges against her walls. You’ll only reduce your endurance if you keep still, though, so you reaffirm your grip on Kaguya’s waist and start to move your hips.

You try to thrust as fast as you can to maximize Kaguya’s pleasure, but going too fast makes her clench up and stop you so often that you can’t get into a steady rhythm. That leaves you with an optimum speed that’s about half of what you’re capable of. Your cock pull her skin slightly outwards each time you pull back, and she lets out a low, husky moan each time you thrust back in, tightening just enough to let you keep moving.

You wouldn’t exactly say that you get used to Kaguya’s asshole, but you do become familiar with the constant, frictionless stroking of her walls. So far, you’ve only been thrusting with about half of your length; perhaps you can make her feel better by shifting your position a little.

Raising yourself further up on your knees, you push Kaguya forward so she’s parallel to the ground. Her arms are too shaky to support her weight, though, so she quickly goes from resting on all fours to lying bent over on the futon with her ass pointing up in the air. Your hands slide back to her plump cheeks, give them each a firm slap, and dig in with your fingers for leverage. They make for an extremely viable grip now that she’s bent over.

Now you’re able to thrust more easily, carefully driving your entire cock in and out of her each time. There don’t seem to be any especially sensitive spots in her ass; every angle you thrust at produces the same reaction. You try to find one that minimizes your own pleasure and pump away at her for a while, pulling out all the way to the tip before filling her up again. Her moaning becomes more drawn-out under the weight of your extended thrusts, peppered with the occasional expression of approval or request for more. You can’t keep yourself from kneading her ass as you thrust, occasionally spanking it at the end of a thrust to make her tighten up right when she’s most vulnerable.

Unfortunately, increasing Kaguya’s pleasure has made yours grow faster as well. You won’t be able to do this with just your penis. She did give you free reign to touch you, so it should be fine to stimulate her in other places. Grabbing Kaguya’s waist, you pull the two of you back into a sitting position, making her land squarely on your penis and bury it deep inside her. A long tremor runs through her as her body processes the impact, leaving your penis immobile for nearly ten seconds.

You give your hips a rest for a bit while your hands roam all over Kaguya’s body. Her smooth skin is flushed and warm with arousal, more sensitive than ever before. You start with her breasts and her rock-hard nipples, which prove to be extremely sensitive to your touch. You were in this same position in the bath, so your earlier experimentation proves to be extremely helpful. You use both hands to give a few powerful squeezes to her breasts and a few unbearably pleasurable pinches and twists to her nipples, making her walls quiver uncontrollably around your length. Then, you bring both hands down between her legs to start working at her drenched pussy.

You plunge into her with two fingers immediately; she’s wet enough to accept them, and you’re in too much of a hurry properly prepare her. That hand starts thrusting at a relentless pace, not bothering to prod around for secret sensitive spots that likely don’t exist. If you press hard against the back wall of her pussy, you can kind of feel your fingertips pressing into your shaft. Meanwhile, your other hand gets to work on her clitoris, with one finger keeping the hood peeled back while another constantly flicks over the sensitive nub. Your hands soon have her pussy quivering as hard as her ass, driving her constant moans to new heights of pitch and lustfulness. The tone of her voice seems to appeal to you on some bestial level, urging you to spill your cum inside of her.

Kaguya won’t just let you sit back and pleasure her, though. Almost as soon as you begin to finger her, she starts lifting her own hips and thrusting onto your cock almost as fast as you were before. You’re still free to use your hands, though, so it’s a net gain for you. Kaguya’s movements drive her right onto your fingers, letting you churn up her pussy without even moving your hand. You move your other hand back to her chest, where it keeps pace with her movements to relentlessly torture her nipples. Kaguya braces one arm against the ground and reaches up with the other to grabs one of your arms, squeezing it tightly whenever she feels a powerful burst of pleasure.

You can see from her eyes that she’s approaching the edge. But with the way her hot, slippery asshole keeps squeezing you, trembling and clenching up from the slightest stimulation, you still seem to feel just as good as she does. You won’t be able to endure this forever.

“S-so good! More…!”

You’re losing the strength to hold yourself up. Rather than fight to stay in place, you decide to accept it and fall backwards, landing on your back with Kaguya on top of you. The smell of her perfume quickly fills your nose as you press it against her skin; she seems to have reapplied it after your bath.

It’s awkward to curve your hand around enough to finger her like this, so you settle for rapidly stroking her clit while you grope her breasts and thrust away at her. Her asshole’s been thoroughly pounded into submission by now, not showing the slightest resistance as your cock plunges in and out. The only question is whether you’ll be able to force out an orgasm before you lose control. Even if you don’t make it, you should at least be able to make her cum with your fingers.

Your cock clenches dangerously a few times, forcing you to stop and carefully ride out the wave of pleasure before you resume your frantic thrusting. You’ve lost the focus to have any sort of rhythm; all your mental energies are devoted to staving off an increasingly powerful orgasm.

“Mmm… S-so! So close…”

It feels like your cock’s melting inside of her. Aside from the torturous pleasure, the only sensations you register are Kaguya’s melodious voice, a constant squelching to underscore your movements, and that intoxicating mixture of perfume, musk, and sweat. You can only manage a few more seconds before you lose it completely, and she’s just a bit too far from cumming…

But you’re so close! If you lose here, she’ll take control again and stay on top for the rest of the night, using every bit of her technique to wring you dry.

… Would that really be so bad?

[ ] … Maybe not.
[ ] No, you’re going to win this.
No. 30744
[x] No, you’re going to win this.

While just laying back would be nice, there's still the manner of a man's pride. That and I think she'd either enjoy the change of pace or the resistance.
No. 30746
[x] No, you’re going to win this.

If Kaguya is going through this much trouble to find a man who can completely satisfy her, who are we to fail her right before the finish line?
No. 30747
[X] No, you’re going to win this.

No. 30748
[x] No, you’re going to win this.

As much fun as it would be, we cant give up now!

No. 30749
[x] No, you’re going to win this.
No. 30751
[x] No, you’re going to win this.
No. 30754
[x] No, you’re going to win this.

Like hell we're just going to give up now ! We're going to get our cake AND EAT IT, GODDAMMIT !
No. 30758
[x] No, you’re going to win this.

We must triumph! Don't give up!
No. 30761
[x] No, you’re going to win this.

Victory will be ours!
No. 30762
[x] No, you’re going to win this.
No. 30763
[ ] No, you’re going to win this.

Win. Win it all.
No. 30764
[X] No, you’re going to win this.

I have no regrets. This is the only path. My whole life was Unlimited Kaguya Works.
No. 30765
File 136876952315.jpg - (408.71KB, 580x870, d0008dd57486d78347443158791a8510.jpg) [iqdb]
An impressive outpouring of determination! Kaguya would be proud. You'll all get your wish.
No. 30766

Damn it, you missed the obvious "boner of my sword" joke.
No. 30783
File 136921091998.png - (610.71KB, 637x850, doin good.png) [iqdb]
[x] No, you’re going to win this.

You’ve done the impossible a few times now, and victory is so agonizingly close. If you fail now, you might never forgive yourself. You just need to focus and play smart.

You stop thrusting for a moment and focus all your attention on your hands. The one between her legs curves down to slip a finger into her pussy, providing her with an unexpected new avenue of pleasure. That puts her clitoris out of your finger’s reach, so you to grind your palm against it while your finger flutters in and out of her pussy. Since your hand’s twisting so much, your fingertip strikes a different part of her walls each time it goes in.

Meanwhile, your other hand grabs onto one of Kaguya’s nipples and starts to roll it between two fingers. A sharp burst of pleasure would make her asshole coil up around you and pull you over the edge, so your best bet is to stimulate her with a strong, steady burn. When she seems to be getting used to it, you switch to her other breast, trying to knead the small bit of softness with the rest of your hand.

For a while, the sudden increase in stimulation fully captures Kaguya’s attention. Her voice comes out in short, uneven yelps, and her lean body shifts back and forth on top of you, tickling you with her silky hair. Her tight asshole’s nervous twitching still feels great, but it’s more bearable than the forceful stroking that assaults every inch of your cock when you thrust.

With all the pleasure distracting her, it takes a while for Kaguya to notice that you’ve stopped your hips. When she finally does, about half a minute in, you start to drive yourself back into her with bold, powerful thrusts. Your penis burns with pleasure each time is plunges past her smooth, slick walls, and she tightens up hungrily around you each time you enter her. You’re a hair’s breath from cumming, but Kaguya’s on her very last legs now. You just need to hold out for a few more thrusts.

One… two… three…


Four… five…!


You light up with exhilaration as Kaguya’s scream pierces the air. You hold on for another brief moment, eliminating all doubt that you succeeded, and give in at last.

As soon as you stop resisting, it feels like a floodgate opens inside you. An immense pleasure seizes your cock and your mind, and you blank out completely as a torrent of loud groans erupts from your throat. Thick, powerful shots of sperm blast deep into Kaguya’s asshole, at least as deep as the beads reached. Even with your tight grip on Kaguya’s midsection, she still manages to writhe around a fair amount as her own orgasm rocks her, crowding the air with cries of her own. She’s tightened up so much that you can’t move an inch, and your swollen, throbbing cock pulses out against her walls with every shot.

Your orgasm seems to last for twice as long as it should, with you squeezing Kaguya and filling her asshole with sperm while she moans and shudders with ecstasy. With your victory secured, you’re free to just relax and enjoy it, moaning right along with your companion. Finally, the white-hot pleasure starts to fade away, leaving you both flushed and panting. There’s a noticeably happy tone to Kaguya’s breathing.

Even as your spent cock shrinks and softens, Kaguya’s asshole keeps it firmly held inside. It’s not until she rolls off of you that it finally pops out, drenched in lube and sperm. Glancing over, you see that her hole’s left gaping open, with a thick flow of cum leaking out and trickling down over her pussy.

You’d wondered if you would ever feel that level of pleasure again.

Kaguya’s hand finds yours, and the two of you lace your fingers together. It’s nice just relaxing here, feeling the warmth of her hand and listening to her breathing.

Minutes later, Kaguya raises her head and kisses you. You part her lips and slip in your tongue, but it doesn’t meet with the resistance you expect. When you push further into her mouth, she just holds it there with her lips while she gently sucks and strokes it. When you try moving your tongue a little, she follows your movements almost perfectly. You lead her tongue on a chase all over her mouth, purring quietly as it gently swirls around you.

Kaguya breaks the kiss and rests her head on your chest, gazing into your eyes with an adoring smile.

“That was wonderful . I knew you would be an excellent companion.” You feel your heat flutter at her words, and the edges of her smile tug upwards a little. “It would be my pleasure to serve you however you wish...”

She gives your hand a squeeze, and you see a playful twinkle in her eyes.

“… Master.”

‘Master’? That’s…

Kaguya giggles and gives you a quick kiss on the lips.

“But, might I suggest a quick wash first?”

Ah. Well, you did spend a long time in the bath already, but you also get rather sweaty over the last two rounds. And it does seem prudent to clean up after anal. You nod your head in agreement, and the two of you rise unsteadily to your feet. Kaguya’s normally-immaculate posture is flawed for once, with a slight hunch giving away her lingering discomfort. Beads of sweat glimmer on her body, and a trail of cum winds down her leg as you travel the short distance to your bathroom.

Before you get started, Kaguya gathers her hair back into a long ponytail and ties it off with a small ribbon. You can see how it’s useful, but it seems strangely casual for someone like her. It doesn’t look bad, though. You give the clustered hairs a quick stroking before turning your attention to the tub.

You hooked into the village’s new plumbing system about six months ago. It wasn’t cheap, and it took some getting used to, but you think it’s been worth it. These new “showers” are quite convenient, and it’s nice being able to wash in the privacy of your home. Especially if you have a lovely lady to share it with.

Kaguya seems to be familiar with showering, smoothly drawing the curtains and stepping into the tub ahead of you. You follow her in and put an arm around her waist, not able to keep from touching such a lovely body. The sweaty skin and tangled hair hardly tarnish her beauty. Kaguya snuggles up to you as you tighten your grip on her, and you use your other hand to turn on the water.

It’s much too cold, of course. The two of you flinch away from the sudden jet of icy discomfort, and stay out of the water’s reach while it warms up. This is one part of the showering experience that you could do without.

Less than a minute later, the water’s reached a comfortable temperature. You and Kaguya step into the wide, warm stream, sighing happily as you enter its soothing embrace. Kaguya lets go of you while you turn around a few times to coat your body in warmth.

When you’re facing forward again, you see Kaguya holding a sponge and a bar of soap with a gentle, submissive smile on her face. You smile back and give her free reign of your body, which she carefully scrubs with strong, reverent motions, sometimes softening your skin with kisses before she moves in with her hands. There’s an element of massage to her work as well, as she seems to rub the soap deep into your joints and muscles. Between her hands and the warmth filling the shower, you feel your stress from before melting away. The constant rattle of the water hitting the tub is usually annoying, but now it seems strangely soothing, shutting out all the noises outside of you and Kaguya’s little sanctuary.

You’ve developed a respectable erection by the time Kaguya reaches your penis. One of her hands firmly grips the hard shaft and gives it some slow, soapy pumps while her other one washes your buttocks and thighs. The stroking feels good, but she isn’t trying to make you cum. It’s just a small hint of what’s to come, once you finish your preparations here. Suddenly, you find yourself wishing she would go a little faster.

Soon enough, Kaguya finishes with your body and hands you the soap and sponge. You put her in front of you so she takes the brunt of the water, then hug her from behind and start to scrub everything you can reach. One hand washes her with steady circular motions of varying sizes, while the other strokes and caresses her. You’ve felt her all over already, but you’re far from tired of her lithe, supple body. Her lewdest parts receive the attention they deserve, but you care for the rest of her body as well. The sperm’s mostly been rinsed off by the time you get to her legs, but her asshole still hasn’t returned to its proper shape. It may be stuck that way for the rest of the night.

Everything from her long, graceful fingers to her dainty feet receive a careful washing, and you do your best to give them a slight massage as well. Your nervous pressing and kneading makes her purr softly, either from genuine pleasure or just from appreciation. Not surprisingly, your erection prods against her more than a few times; as tempting as it is to take her right here, you want to be able to really savor it when you claim her pussy. After coming this far, you can afford to wait a little longer.

That finishes your washing of each other’s bodies, but not of your hair. You think you’ll skip that, though; your hair isn’t much dirtier than it was when you left the bath. Besides, you doubt that you have any shampoo that’s worthy of Kaguya’s dark, silky hair.

Kaguya quickly rinses off, then turns back to you and puts her arms around your neck. You close yours around her waist and draw her in, closing your eyes and turning your head for a kiss. Your lips form a tight seal with hers as you drive your tongue in past her teeth. Fending off her playful advances, you lick up her saliva and run your tongue over everything it can reach. Warm water rains down on the two of you in the meantime, gently drumming on your skin and running down your bodies in dozens of small, shining streams. The noise makes it hard to hear Kaguya’s voice, but you can sense the vibrations of her gentle moans in your mouth. Her eyes are still soft and gentle, quite different from how they were when you first saw her. All of your suffering has paid off.

A minute later, you break the kiss and turn off the water. Stepping out of the tub, you grab a used towel for yourself and hand your fresh one to Kaguya. You used this same towel earlier today, when you were so nervous and excited that you could hardly stand still. You’re excited now as well, but you’ve been through too much to muster up any nervousness.

Kaguya takes longer to dry off than you do. That hair takes quite a bit of work to take care of, and it seems to have absorbed a whole bucketful of water. She doesn’t mind in the slightest that you’re ravishing her with your eyes while she unhurriedly rubs herself with the towel. She knows that you won’t seize her until the moment is right, so the attention is just flattering to her. Once she’s dry, she hands you a dark, polished brush from her bag and has you comb out every tangle from her hair. You don’t mind doing it for her; it’s pleasing to feel the softness run through your hands and straighten it out until it gleams like a silent river.

Finally, you get Kaguya’s hair to a satisfactory level of smoothness. You put down the brush and step back to admire her once again. She smiles and pushes out her chest a little, striking a pose that masterfully balances elegance and seduction. Fully naked in the soft lanternlight, she looks as beautiful as she did the first time you saw her. You reach out a hand without thinking, and she gently pushes it aside.

“Ah, would you permit me another moment to prepare? I’ll call you when I’m ready.”

Good things come from indulging Kaguya. She picks up her bag and leaves you with another peck on the cheek, closing the door behind her. A moment later, you start to hear a faint rustling from your bedroom on the other side.

Strangely, you don’t feel very nervous while you wait. Unlike before, you’ve proven your worth, both to Kaguya and to yourself. Now that the difficult part is out of the way, you’re just looking forward to spending the rest of the night with her. Thoughts of what you’ll do next sustain your erection; you feel like you still have a fair amount of stamina remaining. Certainly enough to cum inside her at least twice.

Nearly ten minutes later, the rustling comes to a stop. Kaguya’s voice sings cheerfully through the bathroom door.

“Come in!”

Taking a deep breath, you slide open the door and return to your bedroom. The lanterns in the corners are still lit, and Kaguya’s lying on your futon…

Oh, wow.

She had an excellent set of lingerie hidden away in that bag. She’s traded her simple black thighhighs for more elaborate stockings, with white frills around the edges and subtle flower designs worked into the fabric. Long black straps connect them to a more-explicitly-flowery black garter belt above her waist. Framed between the belt and the stockings, you find a pair of thin lowleg panties with a tiny red bow in the middle. The low rim lets her show off the well-defined mound leading to her pussy, and the fabric itself is slightly transparent. You can see a hint of her pink labia underneath if you stare hard enough.

Kaguya’s shapely stomach is on full display, and her arms rest above her head while her hair spreads out like a blanket beneath her. Both arms are encased in elbow gloves with white frills, which match the style of her stockings. Lastly, a lacy black bra cradles the small mounds of her breasts. It’s made from the same thin material as her panties, meaning that her hard nipples are clearly visible.

Topping it all off is a soft, submissive smile. Kaguya seems completely at ease, fully confident in her beauty and your ability. In her gentle eyes and her light blush, you see an invitation to take her and use her however you will. Other girls might have gone straight to this, but Kaguya’s forced you to earn it. You’ve learned to appreciate every inch of her body, and you can’t imagine having sex with her without making sure she enjoys herself. She’s beautiful, classy, and highly experienced.

And now, she’s all yours.

[ ] Write-in.

You can cum three more times. Be as vague or specific as you want; I’ll fill in the blanks for you. You can lay out a big plan, leave it all up to the writer, or just list specific things you want to do. I’ll consider any suggestions, but ones that get a majority will definitely be accommodated.
No. 30784
[x] General plan: extensive foreplay (touching everything) into Love making.

I can't help but want to make love tenderly as we already had kinkier stuff already. That and I think Kaguya's not exactly familiar with this kind of sex.
No. 30786
[X] That fantasy from before? Time to give it a go and make Kaguya really want you as you enjoy her body with foreplay. Just keep all your shots for inside her, preferably in three different positions.
[X] Do not forget either that she is yours. If you want her to do something (or not) or take a certain position... Well, you CAN have her do it now.
No. 30787

Gotta go with this one.
No. 30788

I like your plan. Let's try and both have fun with this.
No. 30789
[X] J-j-j-j-jam it in!

More seriously, I'm fine with anything, just long as it involves lots of tenderness. The usual.
No. 30791
So, SO supported.
No. 30792
I'd like to see >>30786 but ending with the lovemaking as suggested from >>30784 myself.
No. 30793
That's an idea. They aren't exactly mutually exclusive, are they? Doing it one way to start with doesn't mean it has to be that way all the time.
No. 30794

We've completed three "impossible" tasks thus far...let's see about finishing up the other two. I believe that they had something to do with a marriage proposal?
No. 30795
Only one difference: the possible traces of male-dominating >>30786 has while mine aimed for something more loving and even as I feel that while sex was had, now's the time for love making.

>>30784 was me.
No. 30796
And I'm >>30786. Funny, no?

Still, I'm on the opinion that Kaguya does expect us to enjoy what we worked hard for, which is why I made my vote that way. But I certainly wouldn't mind ending the night being lovey-dovey either. Starting strong, finishing sweet.
No. 30797
Part of it is my distaste for any sort of -dom. That and I ended up falling for this Kaguya and want to show her something she likely never experienced even in her job. She may have challenged us, but she is no trophy to just be taken.
No. 30799
Does it seem like I want it to go heavy on the dom?

And as I see it, Kaguya is allowing us to have control after her trials. And the story specified that no matter what, our guy will make sure she enjoys it too. So what if we're a bit greedy about it? We have earned it.

Besides, you don't like any dom? So you just skipped the part you didn't like then when Kaguya was dom?

Anyway, I don't see any problem in doing it both of the ways we want. But I would find it boring if it was just your way all the way.
No. 30800
I read through it as it wasn't as heavy as I feared.
No. 30801
File 136936979479.jpg - (882.92KB, 811x1217, 00465c3c5557ec1c2cefc0207b205dcefba06541.jpg) [iqdb]
Pretty even spread of votes. I think I can come up with a compromise.

Coming up on the end here. Thanks for your support.
No. 30864
Don't know if it'd make a difference at this point, but I'd love to see the guy in this actually take a leading, more dom-ish role for once.
No. 30893
File 136997669822.jpg - (99.98KB, 707x1000, a5b0445189b791c086a39e68a671f8fd.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Write-in.

Your eyes wander lazily over Kaguya’s body as you straddle her legs, constantly finding new little details to appreciate. You hadn’t noticed at first, but her black panties tie together at the sides, likely to make them easier to remove. They fabric over her crotch is embroidered in faint flower designs like her stockings; when you take another look elsewhere, you see that her bra and gloves are as well. She should seem more modest with clothes on, but this semi-transparent lingerie is so erotic that it only makes her harder to resist.

As you continue to stare at her, you sift through the various fantasies you’ve collected over the last week. You imagined this scene playing out any number of ways, from a cold, professional milking to a depraved BDSM session. But now that Kaguya’s finally lying in front of you and eager to satisfy your every whim, you find that you only want to make love to her. She’s shown you plenty of kink already, and even the most ordinary positions will feel wonderful if someone like her is your partner.

That doesn’t mean you can’t be a bit dominant, though. It’s exciting to be in control for once.

Kaguya’s been watching you with that same soft smile, keeping her eyes wide and innocent as she quietly wonders what you’ll do to her. When you finally bend over and kiss her, she greets your lips with a quiet purr. Your tongues dance lazily around each other as you run a hand along one of her sides and down to her thigh. Her skin is smooth and firm on its own, but the softness reaches an entirely different level when you touch her stocking. It’s thin enough that you can feel her natural warmth and tenderness underneath, but the smooth surface seems to eliminate every trace of friction while adding its own layer of velvety softness.

Just as you’re appreciating the fabric on her thigh, you twitch in surprise as the same sensation brushes against your penis. Kaguya’s reached up to cup your hard length in your palm, giving it the slowest, gentlest stroking imaginable while you use her mouth. You respond by turning your head a little and driving your tongue deeper inside of her, forcing her to swallow a small trickle of your saliva. Your hand on her thigh moves further down to stroke her slender leg, while your other arm stays on the floor to hold you up. Quiet moans travel back and forth between you, constantly vibrating across your lips.

Less than a minute later, you break the kiss with a quiet smack. A thin string of saliva connects your lips, and you stare down at your blushing, open-mouthed partner until it breaks. Then, you sit down next to her on the futon and pull her upright. Slinging one arm across her back, you start to explore the rest of her body with your hands, occasionally turning to her for a brief kiss.

You start with less-sensitive areas like her shoulders and stomach, and slowly caress your way towards her sensitive spots. Your fingers trace over every curve and contour on her stomach and her back, gently squeezing where they can and prodding for ticklish spots. You give plenty of attention to her hair as well, stroking it with long, smooth motions and letting it flow between your fingers. Her spine seems to be slightly more ticklish than the rest of her, so you brush your fingers up and down its length a few times before moving on. The attention is enough to sustain the small blush on her face, and you can almost feel the anticipation building inside her as your teasing hands creep towards her lingerie.

When your hand reaches her panties, you carefully extend a finger and start to rub it against the delicate garment. You can clearly feel her labia through the flimsy fabric, which seems to be slightly damp and weakly adhered to her slit. Her breathing grows even huskier when you rub a little harder, caressing her lower lips and clitoris with both your finger and the fine material.


Soon after you’ve started with that hand, you slide the other one up her side and slip it under one of the triangles of fabric on her chest. A sizable bulge appears in her bra as your hand encloses her warm, soft breast. You give the whole surface an appreciable squeeze as you move your hand in small circles, steadily increasing and decreasing the pressure while your palm rubs against her nipple. When she opens her mouth to let out another delicate moan, you can’t resist plugging it up.

Kaguya closes her eyes and returns your kiss with a deeper blush than before. Sensing that she’s ready for more, you slide your hand into her panties to touch her pussy directly. Everything around her slit is drenched with moisture, and her clit feels just as hard as the nipple you’re teasing. After a few quick strokes to build up her anticipation, you spread her open and plunge your middle finger into her. Her eyes shoot open as a squeal leaps down your throat, and her insides shudder around your finger along with the rest of her body.

Almost immediately, you start to thrust between her legs. At first, your hand is resting atop her pussy while your finger curves around to enter her, but you soon curl your entire hand to straighten your finger and drive it deeper inside. Her hot, slippery walls suck constantly on your finger as you slide it back and forth and twitch powerfully while you explore her many folds and creases. Now that you know you’ll be using her, every little thing you feel inside her makes your cock pulse with excitement. Meanwhile, your other hand starts to focus solely on her nipple with a wide array of pinches, twists, flicks, and scratches. You draw on all your experience with her to give her the most effective teasing possible, one that makes her wail in pleasure while still leaving her hungry for more.

Kaguya doesn’t want to be the only one to feel good, though. Still trembling under your touch, she reaches over and gently closes her gloved fingers around your shaft. You can clearly feel the warmth of her slightly-sweaty hand, and the silky fabric accentuates the gentleness of her feather-light grip. Slowly, teasingly, she starts to stroke you as well letting her hand dance all over your turgid length.

Kaguya’s grip gradually tightens as your own movements grow more forceful. In less than a minute, she has a very firm hold on your penis, and you’re groaning in pleasure as her smooth, silky hand pumps away at your length. Occasionally, she releases the shaft and grabs the tip instead, squeezing it and twisting her palm fast enough to paralyze your hands with pleasure. Her tongue grows more assertive as well, starting to push back against your own to leave your kisses in the space between your mouths. She isn’t making any attempt to seize control, though; you’re still clearly the one in charge.

Eventually, your precum’s soaked into both your shaft and her glove, making her stroking feel even smoother. A delicious squishing sound as she slowly pumps away at you, rhythmically squeezing your shaft as her hand slides up and down. At the same time, her juices have drenched your fingers and the better part of your palm, not to mention her panties. As wonderful as it feels, you’re still a ways from cumming. It’s time to move on.

You withdraw your hands from Kaguya’s body, signaling for her to do the same for you. You hold your soaked fingers up to her lips, and she wordlessly takes them into her mouth. You feel a hint of her blowjob technique in the way she sucks powerfully and swirling her tongue in tight circles around each one. Once they’re clean of everything but her saliva, you leave her side and lie down on your chest in front of her. She lets out a quiet purr and spreads her legs a little, giving you a clear view of her crotch.

The material itself is black, but you can still make out a large damp spot on her panties, and it’s stuck so closely to her skin that you can clearly make out every detail of the pussy underneath. The smell is hard to ignore as well. You breathe in deeply and plant a teasing kiss on her panties, pressing your lips into her soft labia through the fabric. The panties themselves don’t taste all that good, but you do pick up a few hints of a tantalizingly musky taste.

You work a thumb under the soaked fabric and pull it aside, revealing the dripping pink lips of Kaguya’s pussy. A stronger wave of musk assaults you as you behold them, and a small cloud of steam puffs out from inside her when you spread her with two thumbs. Her bright pink insides twitch slightly as you watch, making your cock trhob hungrily in response. But, there’s something you have to do before you can let yourself take her.

You draw your head in closer until your nose almost touches Kaguya’s skin, letting her lovely scent fill your nose and fog up your head. You take in a deep breath and let it out through your mouth, forcing Kaguya to twitch and close an eye as the warm air plays over her sensitive pussy. Then, you extend your tongue slightly and give her exposed walls a slow, sensual lick. A stronger tremor runs through Kaguya’s body, accompanied by another happy purr. You spread her even wider and lick her again, using as much of your tongue as you can. A thick, womanly taste coats your tongue, and you pull back to swallow it all in a delicious gulp.

“Does it taste good?”

You don’t bother to respond with words, instead just going back between her legs for more.

“Ahn! Mm… Oh…”

Kaguya’s quiet sounds turn to moans as you continue to lick her, burying your tongue deep inside her each time and letting her delicious juices coat the inside of your mouth. You stop to swallow after every five or six licks, savoring her warmth as it runs down your throat. Your tongue is sensitive enough to feel some of the small folds inside her, but you don’t have the dexterity to do anything other than rub them.

Your cock grows more and more impatient while you work at her, dripping long strings of precum onto your futon. You’re prepared to just endure the throbbing, but you jump when you feel the touch of one of Kaguay’s stocking-clad feet. Even as she’s shifting about and moaning in front of you, she manages to sandwich your cock between her feet, one above and one underneath. She’s forced to close her legs to better reach your cock, so your head ends up trapped between her smooth, soft thighs while her feet slide carefully along your length. A simple stroking is all she can manage, but even that feels wonderful with dainty feet like hers. She places a gentle hand on your head as well, but it’s only so she can stroke your hair as you lick her.

With your head caught in this small, hot space, you close your eyes and lose yourself in Kaguya’s taste and smell. All your licking only seems to make it stronger. At the same time, you slowly thrust your hips back and forth to stroke your cock with Kaguya’s wonderfully smooth feet. She keeps them firmly pressed around your shaft no matter how much you twitch around, still sliding them back and forth in separate rhythms even as you move your hips. The one above your cock constantly grazes over the sensitive crown, while the one below gets more and more slippery as it soaks up your precum. Her lingerie is getting quite dirty with all of this, but she doesn’t seem to mind at all.

A minute or two later, you pull back from Kaguya’s pussy and press your lips to hers. When you open your mouth, her tongue enters it and swiftly whirls around, cleaning her juices off of everything it can reach. She’s dexterous enough that you don’t have to move your tongue at all. She breaks the kiss and puts a hand to her mouth, closing her eyes as she swallows the mixture of fluids and saliva. The humble, grateful look she gives you afterwards sends another shiver through your body.

Eager to continue, you lie down on the futon and make a few gestures to Kaguya. She nods in acknowledgement before turning around and lying down on top of you. After a bit of shuffling around, she plants her crotch right in your face while her own head comes down next to your cock. She doesn’t feel especially heavy, even when her whole body is planted right on top of you.

Her ass looks especially appealing in this outfit, framed above and below by the garter belt and stockings and partially covered by her silky panties. They aren’t nearly large enough to cover the entire surface, leaving a considerable portion of her pale cheeks exposed at the lower corners. A black strap runs across the middle of each cheek, digging ever so slightly into her plump skin. You pull up one of the straps and let it snap back into her flesh, producing a small, satisfying jiggle and forcing a few drops of fluid to spurt from her pussy.

Kaguya makes the next move before you can get back to licking her. A thumb and forefinger close tightly around the base of your cock, while her other soft, silky hand cradles your balls. Her service has felt wonderful so far, but it’s all been so slow and gentle that you have plenty of endurance left. She’s much closer to the edge than you are, but it seems like she’s about to change that.

Kaguya blows a steam of warm air across your glans before taking it between her soft lips. She simply sucks on it for a while, licking every inch of it several times. Her moist tongue is gentle and doting, focused more on pleasing you than on forcing out your semen like before. Her other hand slowly and steadily massages your balls, squeezing them both together and separately while she gently twists and pulls on your scrotum.

The slow-paced stimulation compels you to be gentler on your end as well. You start by moving your hands up to Kaguya’s plush ass and work your hands under her panties. The soft flesh fills your hands, and you slowly squeeze and knead it while your tongue draws delicate lines up her slit. You keep all but the very tip of your tongue outside of her so that her walls only get the slightest bit of stimulation. But with the firm grip you have on her rear end, you can drive the whole slippery length inside of her whenever you want.

A minute later, Kaguya tightens her grip on you and steadily lowers her mouth, eventually engulfing your whole cock in warmth and moisture. You drop your head back and groan while she holds the tip in her throat, sucking on the entire swollen length at once. A small rush of juices leaks out of her pussy, even though you aren’t licking her; she must really enjoy serving you like that. Eventually, she pulls her head back up and starts to bob it along the upper half of your shaft, constantly sucking and swirling her tongue all around it. Her two hands stay in place, but the one around your base squeezes harder and the one on your scrotum grows more forceful with its massaging.

You take that as your cue to step up your own tongueplay. Spreading your fingers and tightening your grip on Kaguya’s cheeks, you press her labia onto your mouth and form a seal with your lips. Then, you thrust your tongue as deep into her as you can, feeling a multitude of curves and ridges shifting around you as you enter her. You thrust and wriggle and inside of her to stimulate her in as many different ways as possible. Fresh juices leak steadily into your mouth, and you swallow them all without moving your lips or even slowing down your tongue.

Soon, Kaguya’s fellatio escalates to incorporate her throat as well. You can feel her moaning around your cock whenever she deepthroats you, and you’re sure you can hear you moaning into her pussy as well. Her warmth seems to seep into you as she rests on top of you, and you lose yourself in the scent and the taste once again, letting your eyes glaze over while you eat her out and have your way with her plush, malleable ass.

Some time later, a sharp twitch in your penis alerts you that you’re near the edge. Snapping back to reality, you push up Kaguya’s waist off of your mouth and roll her off to your side. After a moment to get your vision straight and recover your strength, you rise up and crawl over so you’re on all fours above her. Your partner is flushed through by now, and a few strands of hair are stuck at the side of her mouth. She’s breathing hard enough to make her small chest heave visibly, while her eyes are hazier and more lustful than you’ve ever seen them.

“Is it finally time?” she asks between breaths. Her voice resembles the sultry one she’s used to tease you, but the pitch is a bit higher than usual, making it sound both seductive and pleading.

You answer her with a nod and reach for her pussy. Her own hands beat you there, though, and she spreads herself open with a wide, shameless smile.

“I want it so much. Please take me, Master!”

That last word sends a surge of excitement through your cock and shorts out something in your head. You roughly grab one of her shoulders and grasp your length with the other, bending over her and moving it around until you feel the head touch her soft, wet walls. Then, without a moment’s hesitation, you squeeze her with both hands and plunge your cock all the way into her.

It’s amazing. Your penis shudders with pleasure, but your lust-addled mind can only process the most basic sensations: the hot, slick juices, the dozens of soft folds and creases, and the wonderfully tight squeeze from her walls. Just knowing that you’re finally inside her is enough to drive you crazy. You savage her pussy with five short, powerful thrusts, each one strong enough to make her clutch the sheets and cry out, and you both lose control on the fifth stroke as soon as your cock touches her cervix.

You throw yourself headlong into orgasm. Your cock clenches up almost painfully and fires a thick shot straight into her womb, causing her pussy to clamp down on you and milk out a half-dozen more. A loud, shameless groan pours out from your mouth into the air, where it meets and mingles with Kaguya’s own ecstatic cry. Her tight walls convulse around your cock as she writhes and wails in ecstasy beneath you, with her mouth wide open and her tongue clearly visible. The powerful shots keep coming for another half-minute, each one accompanied by a searing rush of pleasure that makes your whole body shudder uncontrollably. By the time you finally finish, you’re sure her womb is filled to the brim with fresh, hot sperm.
No. 30894
File 136997695891.jpg - (476.23KB, 707x1000, finally.jpg) [iqdb]
There. You finally came inside her. You’re sure she won’t let you impregnate her, but the thought is still immensely satisfying.

When you come back to your senses, you find yourself lying on top of Kaguya. Your cock is mostly flaccid, but still snug inside her. You can’t feel her walls too well when you’re soft like this, but you still register the delicious heat of her pussy. She’s still staring off into space and recovering with light, quick breaths, deeply flushed and wearing a wide, open-mouthed smile. Her arms are draped loosely over your back, and you can see a few drops of sweat gleaming on her pale shoulders.

As soon as she regains control of herself, Kaguya cups the side of your head and pulls you in for a kiss. It’s a long and leisurely one, full of gentle moans and smooth, sensual tongueplay. No matter how much you kiss her, you never get tired of it. You feel much calmer after your orgasm, but every glimpse and touch works to steadily rekindle your excitement. Her hands crawl over your back with light, ticklish movements, and you let your own hands roam over her smooth curves in response.

You suck hard on each other’s lips before finally breaking the kiss. You aren’t sure how long it lasted; you were too busy enjoying Kaguya’s mouth and body to pay attention.

“Was it as good as you’d hoped?” she asks with a smirk. You respond to her question with a smirk of your own. The large pool of cum inside her should be all the answer she needs.

“I thought so. But, you won’t be satisfied just with that, will you?”

Of course not. Stopping here would be an insult to her beauty.

Speaking of which... That bra looks lovely on her, but it’s starting to get in the way. Kaguya raises her back for you as you reach around and unfasten it, and you throw the garment off to the side to reveal her round, perky breasts. Their size is well below average, but they suit her lithe figure quite well. Her small, pink nipples seem to ache with arousal, and she moans almost immediately when you touch one.

You’ve fondled these quite a bit over the last few hours, but you don’t think you’ve used your mouth. Putting your hands aside for a moment, you lower your head to Kaguya’s chest and plant a soft kiss on one of her nipples. She lets out a quiet sound of approval, so you kiss it again, putting the nub right in the middle of your puckered lips while you suck on it. Ten noisy seconds later, you finish with a loud smacking sound.

Her nipple doesn’t have a unique flavor, and she obviously isn’t lactating, but you do taste a bit of saltiness on the skin nearby. You lick all over her soft, pliant breast before returning to her nipple, which you flick mercilessly with your tongue. Once the nipple and areola are shiny with saliva, you take it back into your mouth for another round of sucking. Your lips press into the small, soft mound of her breast as you push her nipple deep into your mouth, and Kaguya moans loudly and strokes your hair as you suck.

Letting out a last bit of saliva, you finally open your mouth and pull away from Kaguya’s breast. Its whole surface shimmers gently in the lamplight, and the nipple seems a bit red and swollen compared to the other one. After a short break for kissing, you lick your way to her other breast for another round.

You start out with the same technique as before, but Kaguya’s sultry cries encourages you to go further. In addition to the flicking, kissing, and sucking, you try to use your teeth as well. To start, you just close them around her rock-hard nipple as lightly as you can. Once you have a good grip, you draw out a series of small gasps by applying the slightest bit of pressure and gently grinding your teeth back and forth.

As you labor at Kaguya’s breasts, you’re surprised by a sudden stimulation on your own nipples. Opening your eyes, you see that Kaguya’s reached under your arms to serve you with her hands. The gloves make her warm, slightly sweaty fingers feel impossibly graceful, and your nipples harden quickly in response to a quick, forceful rubbing from her thumbs. Once your nipples are both fully hard, she pinches them both and gently tugs them downward, hitting you with a surprisingly powerful burst of pleasure. You can just barely feel the tips of her nails through the fabric, at once sharp and deliciously smooth as they dig into you. You find yourself moaning into her breasts as she skillfully teases you, gracefully scratching and stroking and twisting your nipples without ever missing a beat.

Not to be outdone, you lavish affection over every inch of Kaguya’s petite chest. You make sure to lick and kiss once more over the whole surface of her breasts, pinching and kneading at whatever your mouth isn’t working on. Her nipples don’t go without stimulation for a second, whether it’s from your mouth or your fingers. You accidentally bite them too hard once or twice, but a small yelp of pain is all she responds with. She’s willing to let you keep trying even if you hurt her by mistake; the pleasure must really be worth it.

You slowly grow another erection as the minutes pass by. At first, the swelling in your cock is almost imperceptible; the slight friction you feel inside her could just as easily be a result of your shifting around as you grope her. But once your cock hardens halfway, you start to feel the tight squeeze of her soft, slippery walls. Her soft folds shift around your length as it brushes them aside, providing a constant stimulation that brings you the rest of the way there. Kaguya’s fully aware of this as well, and she hums with satisfaction as you gradually fill her depths.

Once you’re fully hard, you finally release Kaguya’s breasts and lift yourself up on your hands. Kaguya’s fingers drop away from you as well, once she gives you a final sharp twist. She puts her arms down at her sides and relaxes against the futon, looking up at you with a wide, blushing smirk that dares you to drive her wild with pleasure. Her long hair is spread out in a wide, messy arc beneath her, stained in places with various juices as it flows over the rumpled sheets.

Just sitting here, you feel your cock throbbing powerfully against Kaguya’s walls, which shift almost imperceptibly around you with the slightest stimulation. Their tight grip on your cock belies her own desire, and the heat inside of her is enough to make you sweat all over. This is the sort of pussy that could make even kings humiliate themselves.

Eventually, your impatient cock forces you to start moving. You were nearly blinded by lust before, so now you take the chance to slowly to feel out her insides. First, you slowly and carefully pull your hips straight back. Even this makes you tremble a little; her pussy seems to suck gently on your cock as you pull it out, and her wet, silky folds slip over your penis one after another. There’s no friction at all even with such a tight squeeze, and Kaguya seems to enjoy the sensations just as much as you do.

You stop when the head is all that’s left inside. Looking down, you see your hard shaft soaked and shining with Kaguya’s juices, with the part still inside her visibly squeezed between her pink labia. It’s an appealing sight between her legs: her elegant panties drenched with arousal and pushed aside to make way for your cock, her milky-white flesh contrasted with the darker tones of your shaft, and the bright pink clitoris standing on end atop her drenched lips.

Clutching the sheets a little harder, you start to drive yourself back into your partner. Even though they were just trying to suck you back in, her walls now resist you every step of the way, only parting to accept your cock when you give them a sustained, forceful push. Her wet folds stroke your whole length as it slides into her, shifting and twitching as they brush all over your shaft and make your glans melt with pleasure. When you finally fit the last inch inside her, her walls tighten up around your cock for a second, topping of the insertion with a tight, delicious squeeze. If you push even harder when you’re fully inside her, you can just barely feel something soft and puckered on the tip of your cock. That must be her cervix, which means that your cock fills up her pussy completely. You’ve already poured one load into her womb, but you won’t stop until she’s overflowing.

With that thought in mind, you start to thrust properly at a slow and steady pace. There’s so much to enjoy at this speed that you don’t feel the need to go any faster. Each stroke lasts for several seconds, long enough for you to feel and appreciate every detail of Kaguya’s pussy while she does the same for your cock. Her sweet moans pour out and mingle with your own while the two of you stare contentedly into each other’s eyes. This hole seems much more sensitive than her asshole, so you doubt you’ll have any trouble making her cum with you when the time comes. But for now, you’re happy to just enjoy your hard-won sex.

Kaguya puts her arms above her head as a bright blush colors her cheeks, and her lips curl up into a shamelessly happy smile. Seeing her like that makes you want to please her even more.

You start to vary the angle of your thrusts, rubbing your cock against different parts of her walls to feel for sensitive spots. Her reactions don’t seem to change much, though; either she’s hiding them well, or every inch of her pussy is extremely... Ah! Right there, on the bottom-left, just an inch away from her cervix. Her voice jumped a little when you glans brushed over it. Backing up for a moment, you shift your hips to the right a little and press the tip of your cock right into that spot.


The reaction is immediate. Kaguya’s eyes widen a little as her smile disappears, and her whole body jerks slightly upwards. You put on a naughty smile and move your hips back and forth in tiny motions, rubbing the tip repeatedly over it.

“Mm! Mm! Mmm!” Kaguya shuts her eyes and shudders all over she wrestles with the pleasure. Her hands dig into the sheets above her, while her pussy clenches up tight enough that you can barely move inside of her. You back off about ten seconds later and go back to your normal thrusting, slowly encouraging Kaguya to open her eyes again as she settles back into a more manageable pleasure. Extra-sensitive spots are nice, but they should be used sparingly. A little brush every four thrusts should be enough.

“Mmm… Oh, that feels exquisite…”

Hmm. As nice as this feels, you’re starting to get used to it. Maybe it’s time for something a little more adventurous.

After a few more thrusts, you pull your cock all the way out and sit back on your legs. A sharp chill suddenly attacks your soaked cock, and it’s only now that you appreciate how piping-hot it was inside Kaguya. The constant stroking from her walls has made you feel strangely numb, too. Kaguya raises her head a moment later, both curious and eager to see what you’re planning

You point a finger upwards to order Kaguya onto her feet. With a single nod, she stands up and smoothly unties the strings on both sides of her panties. The soaked garment comes off and flies to the end of the room with a single flick of her wrist. The gloves, stockings, and garter belt are all she has on now; combined with the arousal on her face and the playful look in her eyes, the sight makes for an irresistible combination of refinement and raw sexuality.

Kaguya takes a moment to smooth out her hair while you stand up, turning around and slowly running her hands through it to work out any knots. The black color of her gloves differs just slightly from the black color of her hair, possibly because of the creamy white skin lurking underneath. Just below her plump, slightly-sweaty cheeks, you see a shining trickle running down Kaguya’s thighs; it’s mostly just her own juices, but the white color of your sperm is unmistakable.

As soon as she’s ready, you put a hand on Kaguya’s side and guide her backwards, reaching a wall in a few steps. She leans back against the cool plaster and scoots down a bit, playfully looking up at you with wide, excessively-vulnerable eyes. Even if she’s only putting on a show, the sight still sends a powerful twinge through your cock. Before you know it, you’ve grabbed her chin and pulled it up for a forceful kiss. Kaguya hardly resists at all while your mouth works out the sudden rush of lust, only defying enough that you can force her tongue back down.

You feel slightly calmer when you release her mouth, but now the desire’s gathered back between your legs. You reach down and grab one of Kaguya’s thighs from underneath, using it to pull her leg into the air. She seems to recognize the position you’re going for immediately; to help you along, she turns sideways and adds her strength to the leg-lift while bracing her hands against the wall. Soon, her leg’s about level with her head, bent and hanging off of your hand while she balances on her other leg. With her thighs this far apart, her pussy spreads of its own accord, giving you a small glimpse of the twitching pink folds inside. Another small glob of cum leaks out and joins the trail on her thigh as you watch.

Kaguya’s position is precarious, but you’re safely standing on two legs. As a result, she’s forced to stay mostly still while you do with her as you please. It takes a few agonizing moments to line yourself up and penetrate her, but she rewards you with a long shudder, a tight squeeze, and a happy moan. You start to churn away at her almost immediately, quickly working your way up to twice your previous speed. It’s still fairly slow and steady, though; you’re only thrusting once every two seconds.

After a few minutes, Kaguya definitely seems even tighter than wetter than before. A messy sound splurts out from between her legs each time you thrust into her, and you can feel the small details of her pussy in much better detail than before. Since she’s effectively on her side now, her insides feel a bit different from what you’re used to, with the folds and creases clamping down on different parts of your cock. Friction-wise, the moisture and pressure end up canceling each other out, so that you can thrust just as easily as before.

Say… with her body turned like this, that sensitive spot should be right above your cock. If you just lower yourself a little bit…


And it only takes a small shift in position on your part. From then on, you make sure that every other thrust hits her square in that spot. As a result, her walls are always either clamped around you or slowly loosening their grip; the heat and pressure are intense when she tightens up, but you also love how her soft folds twitch and coil around you when she’s a bit looser.

Kaguya moves a hand away from the wall and turns her head halfway towards you. Taking the hint, you lean in towards her until she can put her hand around the back of your head. She forcefully pulls you the rest of the way in, practically mashing your lips onto hers. The sensual touch of her warm, soft tongue and the lustful look in her hazy eyes drive you to thrust even harder until she’s wailing constantly down your throat

Kaguya throws her head back and moans with renewed vigor when you break the somewhat-uncomfortable kiss. It sounds like an incoherent mess of pleasure at first, but you gradually realize that she’s trying to say something. You slow down to half your speed for a while to let her string some words together.

“I… I can’t stand on just one…!”

Ah. Now that you look at it, her leg is really trembling. How cute. In an impressive bit of acrobatics, you pick up Kaguya’s other leg and move forward to pin her body against the wall, driving your cock deep into her in the process. After she’s done crying out in surprise and pleasure, Kaguya crosses her legs around your thighs and puts her arms around your neck. You resume your thrusting as soon as she’s secure.

This position is far more intimate than the last, with Kaguya’s limbs wrapped around your and her chest snug against your body against you. The two of you kiss near-continuously, leaking saliva down both of your chins, and your partner’s hard nipples scrape constantly over your chest. All the while, you’re holding tightly onto her plush ass and plunging your cock up into her. You’re not able to strike as well at her sensitive spot like this, but her pussy still reacts with powerful shuddering and squeezing whenever you force her whole weight to drop onto your cock. You can feel something hot and thick leaking down along your shaft; it can only be your sperm from time, leaking out through her cervix. You’ll be sure to refill her womb, and then some.

Kaguya breaks the kiss and tilts her head back, the better to moan wildly while you ravish her. You leave a small trail of kisses along her warm, pale neck before turning your attention to her breasts. Her nipples are just as sensitive as they were the last time, so you cover them with gentle kisses and bites while you churn her up with your cock. Her tight, slippery, sweltering pussy’s giving you all the pleasure you can handle right now, so you can’t imagine how it feels for her to be pleasured in two places at once.

“Ah! Haah! Ahhhn!”

Even when she’s moaning, her voice is still so elegant. Just hearing it is pleasurable on its own.

“Ohh… Tha-Ah! Ahh!”

You won’t last much longer. Doing it like this feels amazing, but you want to fuck her even harder when you cum. You lower Kaguya’s feet to the ground and tear yourself away from her, quickly turning her around and ordering her to bend over. Kaguya manages to hear your instructions through her haze of pleasure. She plants her hands on the wall and pushes out her hips, presenting you with her soaked pussy and her round, luscious ass. Her sweat- soaked hair splays out across her back and falls her down her sides, catching small bands of flickering light from the lanterns.

You spread her drenched pussy with two thumbs and prepare to finish her off, but a wicked idea stops you from shoving it in. Instead of penetrating her, you keep her lips spread wide but slide your cock between her thighs instead, where your slick shaft rubs fiercely against her clitoris. Her soft thighs clench up around your cock as she squeals in pleasure, looking back at you with wide, pleading eyes.

“Nn… Please…”

Oh? Please what?

“P-please… Give me you cock, Master! Cum inside me!”

An excellent answer. Without hesitation, you pull your hips back and ram your whole length into her. Abandoning all restraint, you squeeze her tightly and fuck her at full force. After everything she’s put you through, she deserves it.

“Ohh! Hah! C-cumming! Cumming!” Kaguya throws back her head and cries out helplessly as a torrent of pleasure washes over her. Her walls clamp down hard enough to trap your penis inside her, quickly squeezing out your own orgasm. Your own legs weaken when the first shock of delight hits you, but you won’t fall over that easily.

Kaguya’s legs bend and turn inwards as the pleasure surges through her. Your cock picks up every one of her twitches and shudders in exquisite detail, feeling extremely sensitive as it clenches up and unloads inside of her. Your first few shots spray into her womb like before, but then they start to splash back and flow around your cock instead. A few globs of cum drip right out of her pussy and splatter onto the floor, while several other streams run down both of her thighs. Her arms eventually give out and bend a little, causing her to pull slightly off your cock as she leans forward. The last of your sperm easily fills up the newly-vacated space in her pussy, and she collapses to the ground as soon as she’s finished accepting your load. You drop down next to her seconds later.
No. 30895
File 136997723667.jpg - (120.41KB, 850x531, well done.jpg) [iqdb]
It takes you a minute to recover after that one, but Kaguya felt it even harder. Aside from the heaving in her chest, Kaguya lies completely motionless on her side. Your sperm flows steadily out of her pussy and forms a small pool on the floor, dirtying a few strands of hair that lie next to it.

Is she alright? You’d go over and check, but you aren’t too keen on moving yourself. Stuck in your spot on the hard but cool floor, you close your eyes to relax for a bit. You’ve nearly drifted off when you hear Kaguya gently admonishing you, her voice tired but still full of desire.

“You’re not finished already, are you?”

Opening your eyes, you see that Kaguya’s on all fours over you, still blushing and smiling wide and leaking between her legs. Most of her hair hangs from one side of her head, pooling out on the floor next to you.

Hah. Of course she’s fine. Something like that wouldn’t be enough to break her. You rouse yourself and take Kaguya’s hand, and she leads you on a brief, awkward trip back to your futon. Welcoming the touch of the soft sheets, you lie down on your back and prop yourself up on your arms while Kaguya lies on her stomach in front of you. She takes your small, shrunken penis into her mouth and cleans it off with a few smooth licks, transitioning to a gentle sucking once you’re clean. There’s no reaction from your exhausted penis, but she keeps working patiently.

To help yourself along, you look over her head and take in the splendid sight of her body. Dark hair, black silk, and pale skin mingle freely along her backside. Her hair follows the gentle contours of her back, reaching down to about the level of her garter belt. There, you’re greeted with the erotic curve of her bountiful ass, which rises magnificently between her back and her thighs. You can make out a small pool of white cum leaking out between her legs, but the stains on her skin stop shortly ahead of where it’s wrapped up by her delectable black stockings.

Between what you’ve just done and your session before the shower, the air in the room has grown thick with the smell of sex. The strong musk of your sperm, Kaguya’s subtle but attractive perfume, the less-pleasant smell of sweat, and a number of other lewd scents make for a heady mixture. You can sense your arousal growing just from a deep breath.

In short order, you feel a small twitch in your cock as it starts to come back to life. Kaguya makes a pleased sound and redoubles her sucking, carefully stroking under your cock with her tongue to goad your penis further along. Even with help from Kaguya’s mouth, it still takes a while for your penis to shake off the effects of seven orgasms. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though; you rather enjoy the attention that she’s lavishing on you, trying her hardest to get you hard again so you can give her another thorough fucking. You’ll try to treat her more gently this time.

Once you’re about halfway erect, Kaguya tightens her lips and pulls smoothly off your shaft. A few strings of saliva and precum stick to her lips, forcing her to lick them clean with a flick of her tongue.

“My, it’s stubborn this time. But that’s fine. You’ll be unbearably hard soon enough.”

You feel a small shiver at those ominous words. The deep, seductive tone Kaguya uses only enhances the effect.

Rising up a little, Kaguya squeezes one of her breasts breast with her free hand and presses the tip of your cock into it so that a heavenly bit of softness envelops your glans. She rubs the sensitive tip all over her exquisitely soft breast before pressing it right into her hard nipple, closing one eye and moaning quietly as she pumps your shaft. The sight of her stimulating herself like that forces you to groan with arousal as well, adding a couple more inches to your growing erection.

“Mm, you like that? Then, how about this?”

Kaguya lowers herself back down and releases your length. Grabbing a small lock of hair, she curls it once around the shaft before grasping you again with her long, nimble fingers. She starts to stroke you with steady, measured strokes, constantly twisting her hand back and forth and squeezing you. Different fingers apply different amounts of pressure, so her grip is teasingly light in one place and crushingly firm in another. Her other hand grabs some more hair and comes down to fondle your scrotum, surrounding your balls with the same heavenly sensation.

Three kinds of softness play over your cock and balls at once. Kaguya’s warm hand, smooth glove, and silky hair all stroke you together, with different sensations coming to the fore on different parts of your length. Your cock grows more and more sensitive to the pleasure as it gets harder and harder. Her hands by themselves were amazing, but with the glove and her hair added in, and now with her warm tongue fluttering over the tip…

“There we go.”

In less than a minute, you’ve grown a raging erection. Kaguya kisses off a drop of fresh precum and releases your throbbing shaft and balls, flicking her head back to get her hair in order. Then, she crawls onto you and rests her hands on your shoulders, letting you feel the warmth and arousal radiating from her body.

“Will you permit me to do the moving this time?” Kaguya asks politely. “It’s only fair... ” Her voice turns sweet and seductive as she leans in closer and kisses your ear. “It’s been a while since I came that hard.”

Kaguya’s impossible to resist like that, and your hips are definitely in need of a break, so you eagerly accept her offer. She straddles your waist and settles down atop your crotch, pinning your cock under her juicy, dripping slit. You can feel her stockings pressing against the sides of your legs, and she reaches back to part her dark hair so it flows down on either side of you. If draw close enough to her, it almost seems to enclose you in a warm, private space.

You’re still propping yourself up on your arms, so your head is about level with Kaguya’s stomach. If you reach up a bit with your head, you can also get to her small, delicate breasts. Up close, her flawless skin looks so smooth and delicious that you can’t resist planting a kiss on her warm, firm chest. Kaguya giggles quietly at the affection, starting to grind her hips against your cock as your mouth roves all over her front. She presses down hard enough that your cock digs into her soft, slippery labia, and you can clearly feel her hard clit scraping over your length. Her purring turns to moaning as you suckle her breasts, and your cock and abdomen grow slick with her hot juices as she grinds ever more forcefully. When the pleasure starts to grow dangerously strong, you give her nipple a small bite to remember you by and back away from her chest.

Kaguya stops her own slippery movements a moment later. Chaotic trails of saliva crisscross her chest, and her eyes have a faintly dazed look that likely mirrors your own. Without having to ask for permission, she pulls your cock upright with two fingers and casually slides it into deep into her pussy. A low moan escapes you as soon as you enter her, but she saves her own voice for a single loud cry once she’s fully impaled on your cock.

Once again, you’re immersed in the heavenly depths of Kaguya’s pussy. You’re familiar with the intense heat and tightness, but it still feels nearly as exciting as the first time you entered her. This time, her whole weight is planted firmly on top of you, with her soft ass resting on your thighs. Small rivulets of juices run through the rare spaces between your shaft and her walls, along with thicker, slower-moving streams of sperm.

Kaguya’s smile strikes you as more assertive than usual, and she naturally seems more imposing when you’re lying underneath her. Her eyes are still unmistakably gentle, though; she’s simply serving you in a more exciting way.

“Now, why don’t we start with something simple?”

Kaguya gives her hips an effortless flick, sending a small jolt of pleasure through you as her walls tighten and twist around your cock. She briefly closes an eye too, fast enough for it to seem like a wink. Then she twists her hips back the other way, more slowly this time, letting you savor the feeling of her rich folds sliding over the contours of your cock. As her hips start grinding to and fro, the small sparks of pleasure grow more and more frequent until they become a steady burn, making your cock throb powerfully against her walls. You can feel her cervix twisting around the tip of your cock, slowly leaking out your cum from the thick pool in her womb. It seems like it’s trying to goad you into filling her back up.

At first, Kaguya’s next movement is so subtle that you hardly notice it. Slowly, ever so slowly, Kaguya begins to move her hips up and down as she twists her hips. Her thrusts are tiny and mincing at first, but she ascends a bit higher and drops a bit further each time. Soon, there’s a new dimension added to the friction on your cock, dragging her walls up and down your length as they continue their side-to-side motion. She quivers visibly with a substantial pleasure of her own, but her hips never falter in keeping her movements perfectly seamless. She must have lots of experience in this position if she can execute it so flawlessly while her mind is preoccupied with pleasure.

Putting her hands on your cheeks, Kaguya bends over and kisses you without breaking her stride. Her eyes are soft and wet with tears, and her soft tongue is as passionate and submissive as ever even though she’s the one on top. You dominate her mouth while she dominates your body, trading your constant moans back and forth.

Almost a minute later, Kaguya’s finally using almost all of your shaft on each thrust. Your arms have grown too weak to hold you up, so you’re back to lying on the ground while she rests her hands on your chest and rides you. She finishes her current thrust with a fiercely powerful grind, adding in a pinch to your nipples while she’s at it. The lustful grin on her face makes it clear she’s getting off on your reactions.

“Is my technique to your liking, Master? Here, I’ll show you something even better.”

Kaguya reaches down and grabs your hands, lacing her smooth and fingers together with yours. Your arms can’t hold you up, but they’re still strong enough to give her the leverage she needs. By pushing down on your arms, she’s able focus all her strength in her hips and piston up and down on your cock. Her speed is impressive to start with, but she keeps accelerating until her pussy’s wrapped tightly around you and stroking you as fast as she would with her hand. Every thrust is at a slightly different angle, too, so the pleasure that strikes your cock each time is just different that you can’t get used to it.

This is… unbelievable. If not for all the fatigue that’s built up in your cock, you’d have lost it almost instantly. The pleasure’s too fast and too fierce for you to do anything but lie back and moan Kaguya’s name dumbfoundedly until she relents. She looks noticeably more aroused when she’s finished, with her tongue nearly hanging out of her mouth as she pants heavily.

“Would you like me to continue? I’ll be happy to ride you until you’ve let out every drop.”

That’s… a very tempting offer, but you have to refuse. You’d rather finish on a more tender note.

“I see. As you wish.” Kaguya obediently plops onto you with a perceptible amount of relief. As easy as it looked, riding you like that must take an enormous amount of concentration. Keeping up that rhythm couldn’t have been easy, especially with all the pleasure she must have been feeling as she constantly skewered herself on your hard cock.

Now, how can you pay her back for that…?

Your hands trail lazily down Kaguya’s back, making a show of caressing and massaging her. In reality, you only have one target: her round, eminently squeezable ass. She purrs quietly as your hands sink into the soft flesh, and you give it a few healthy squeezes before spreading the cheeks aside to expose her asshole.

“Mm? Ah, you’re going to--Mm!” Still slightly stretched from before, Kaguya’s hole easily accepts your finger. Both of her holes tighten up involuntarily as you penetrate her, giving you both a quick shock of pleasure as she arches her back.

You keep your hips perfectly still as you finger her ass, letting her contractions do all the work to stimulate you. She’s quite tight at first, but some rapid thrusting gets her asshole loose enough to accept a second finger. The smooth walls clamp down tightly around your digits, but they don’t seem to be in any hurry to force them out. Kaguya was so self-assured a moment ago, but soon she’s hazy-eyed and moaning huskily just from your fingers. When you start to move your hips as well, she yelps with surprise, as if she’d forgotten about the hard cock in her other hole.

You find that it’s easiest to alternate thrusts, making sure that at least one hole is full at all times. Her arms slowly tighten their grip around your back, pressing her soft breasts and her extremely hard nipples into your chest. As your arousal grows stronger, you start to spread your fingers and rub against the sensitive spot in her pussy, driving you both to greater and greater heights of pleasure.

This may be your last chance to enjoy Kaguya, so you lift up your free hand and carefully move it to the glorious weakpoint behind her knee. She’s left it completely unprotected, practically begging for you to just jab a finger into her there and--


And-- oh, that’s a lovely squeeze. Kaguya goes limp in your arms as you savage her in three places at once. The fingers on your right hand stay spread apart as they savage her asshole, while the one on your left hand mercilessly tickles her behind her knee. Those two hands have her pussy shuddering and clenching up like mad, but that doesn’t stop you thrusting forcefully up into her, aiming every thrust square at her most sensitive spot. You can clearly make out the adoration in her blurred, tear-filled eyes, and she’s letting you do whatever you wish with her mouth.

You’ll only last a bit longer. Mustering up your last reserves of strength, you roll yourself and Kaguya over to put yourself back on top. You wrap both arms around her back while she does the same to you, locking her legs around your back as well. Helped along by her legs, you start to slam your cock into her soaked, sweltering, quivering pussy, wanting nothing more than to flood her with your sperm and give her an orgasm she’ll remember forever.

Oh, Kaguya! Kaguya!

“I’m! I’m…!”

There! With a final thrust that uses every ounce of your strength, you slam into Kaguya’s pussy and let loose with one of the most powerful orgasms you’ve ever felt. She squeezes you tightly enough to nearly crush your back, and her pussy flattens itself around your cock and starts to suck out your sperm with incredible force. Your mind goes blank as her beautiful voice fills your ears, driving you to go for her mouth and claim her lips for yourself. Sight, taste, touch, smell, sound… All of your senses are overloaded with delight. This is…

This is…

It’s not stopping…

An eternity of absolute ecstasy, pumping load after load of cum into Kaguya’s heavenly pussy, kissing her wonderful mouth, and staring into her beautiful eyes, knowing that she’s yours forever…

What a wonderful thought.


But… This isn’t everything, is it? There’s more to life than just this.

That’s too bad.

“Mmm! Mmf. Mmm… Pfwah… Haah… Haah… Hah.”

“Are you… alright?”

You can’t move. Not an inch.

“Ah, yes. That can be disorienting the first time. No need to worry, you simply relived the same shot an indefinite number of times.” Kaguya’s matter-of-fact explanation seems strangely soothing, thanks to her serene and gentle tone. She’s practically glowing with satisfaction right now, and she can’t seem to stop smiling. Neither can you, when you see her like that.

Even if you didn’t actually cum for ages, she still sucked out every drop you had. Kaguya gracefully rolls you off of her, and you land safely on the futon. A thick flow of cum pours out between her legs the moment you leave her pussy, not weakening at all for a full five seconds. The resulting wet spot will be a lasting trophy of tonight.

Kaguya helps you position yourself comfortably before snuggling into your side, grabbing one of your legs between hers and placing a soft, smooth hand on your chest. You manage to wrap an arm around her shoulders and pull her in even closer, close enough for a brief, affectionate kiss.

You fall asleep with your companion in your arms, held close and safe to your body.


Mm? What’s… Who’s… Ah. That’s right.

It’s fairly late in the morning. Bright sunlight streams in through your high bedroom windows, and you can hear your neighbors bustling about outside. It’s a weekend today, so they’re just idling about or doing yardwork. Farm animals bleat and whinny in the distance while birds sing their repetitive songs.

Something warm, firm, and smooth is cuddled up at your side. Turning your head, you see Kaguya smiling warmly at you from the other side of your pillow.

“Good morning. Did you sleep well?” she asks, maid-like in her politeness.

You did. Best sleep you’ve gotten all week.

“I’m glad.”

“If you would be so kind as to release me, I’d be happy to make you breakfast.”

Oh, you’re holding her pretty tight, aren’t you? You apologize and withdraw your arm. Kaguya rises up and stretches, giving you several lovely views of her body and the mess between her legs, then heads off to make breakfast without putting anything else on. You rise unsteadily to your feet a moment later.

It really smells in here. You’ll need to open every door and window you can, and hope the neighbors don’t notice anything. But that can wait. For now, you throw on a simple yukata and head out to join your partner.

When you reach the kitchen, you see Kaguya cooking a simple breakfast, wearing only your apron and her gloves and stockings. The sight of her plump, jiggling, sperm-stained bottom is hypnotic, but you don’t feel any reaction between your legs. Even after a good night’s sleep, you still feel exhausted down there. You really did let out everything you had.

You kneel down at your table and put your head down on the cool surface, watching as Kaguya hums pleasantly to herself and works over your stove. Soon, she sets down a small tray of rice and miso down in front of you.

“Here you are. I’m sorry it’s not much, but I couldn’t find much to work with.” Kaguya sits down opposite you with her own identical meal, and the two of you say your thanks and dig in.

Hm. Even with such a simple meal, she’s managed to do a good deal better than you could. It makes you wonder for a moment what she could’ve done for dinner, but you’re happy with what you got.

The mood over breakfast is surprisingly relaxed, with Kaguya wearing the apron for modesty while the two of you making small talk about some of your favorite artists. Neither one of you mentions last night, but you’re not sure what you would talk about if you did. Your feet play with hers under the table as you smile and laugh together.

You stretch your food out for as long as you can, and she seems to somehow elongate the conversation as well, but it has to come to an end eventually. You both have other things to do, after all.

“Would you be willing to walk me back to the forest?” Kaguya asks as she carries away the dishes. That catches you by surprise, and you eagerly to accept.

The two of you share a quick, affectionate shower before dressing yourselves. Kaguya quickly brushes her hair and gathers her various items back into her bag, and the two of you stroll out of your house arm in arm.

You offer to carry Kaguya’s bag, but she insists. Instead, you content yourself with putting an arm around her shoulder and holding her umbrella up against the bright sun. Your walk lasts another ten to twenty minutes, but the time passes by all too quickly. You sigh quietly as the stalks of the Bamboo Forest come into view, and you’re fairly sure you hear her do the same.

A moment later, you stand at its threshold. Kaguya turns her head to you for one last kiss, putting her hands around your lower back and pressing her face into yours. Her warm mouth is full of tender affection, and her tongue lovingly swirls yours as you suck on each other and stare into each other’s eyes. For this one last moment, she’s yours. You make sure to swallow a good bit of her saliva, and try your best to memorize the taste.

At least a minute later, the kiss comes to an end. As you draw back, Kaguya’s eyes suddenly jump into focus.

“Ah, this is for you.” Kaguya digs around in her robe for a moment, then deposits a small, round item into your hand. As she pulls back her long sleeve, you see that it’s your bronze coin, soaked through with her warmth. You close your hand around it and smile up at her.

“That was a wonderful night. I’ll be sure to put in a good word with the mistress for you.” Kaguya’s smile starts out polite, but it changes halfway through. There’s some seduction, some affection, and maybe something a bit deeper.

“And… if the opportunity ever presents itself, I’ll be happy to share your company again. Next time, I’ll submit to you right from the start.”

Kaguya puts another kiss on your cheek and disappears into the brush.

No. 30897
Nice ending.
No. 30898
"Nice ending" seems almost insufficient. Great story. Thank you, nameless writer.
No. 30900
That was excellent.
No. 30901
The finale did not disappoint. An extraordinary finish to an exceptional story. My compliments, Writer.
No. 30902
This was absolutely incredible, and you're a damn talented writer for busting out this piece of work. Kaguya was wonderful and awesome in every meaning of the term, and you displayed her subtlety and intricacy in quite the sensual matter! My thanks.
No. 30904
Words alone cannot express how fantastic this was. Well done!
No. 30913
File 137004397156.png - (328.85KB, 650x830, 3a52604a4185589daf5ea03a1ad4c767.png) [iqdb]
That was absolutely fucking brilliant. I just find myself wondering what could have been...
No. 30914

All we can do is pray that when the writer gets bored, he'll let us do the other routes as well.

A man can dream.
No. 30943

Yes. I for one would love to read a sexy adventure with Sanae.
No. 30944

Yes. I for one would love to read a sexy adventure with Yamame.
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Yes. I for one would love to read a sexy adventure with Momiji.
No. 30948
No. 30949

Yes. I for one would love to read a sexy adventure with the four girls at the same time.
No. 30950
File 137027702640.png - (494.27KB, 550x698, obligatory HAN.png) [iqdb]
Alright, we made it! I really like how this turned out. Thanks for your votes and encouragement, everyone.

I doubt I'll be going back to write other routes, though. But if you want to try one yourself, you're more than welcome. This place needs more writers.
No. 30998
Yes. I for one would love to read a sexy adventure with <ERROR: STATEMENT[6] NOT FOUND>
No. 31005
This was fantastic. My highest compliments to the author.
No. 34335
File 13934736698.jpg - (325.21KB, 850x944, someofthis.jpg) [iqdb]
I was planning to enter this in the winter contest, but it broke the word limit and I got distracted. It's not canon.


“Oh, we’re almost there! Now we just need to go… left!” Sanae Kochiya strikes a brilliant pose in front of you, standing on one leg and thrusting both her arms out to the left. Her long green hair flaps back dramatically, and tiny stars seem to spark out from all over her body.

The pose shows off her youthful, well-endowed figure quite well. It’s near the dead of winter, but she’s content to wear a green ribbed sweater with a blue miniskirt and black pantyhose, along with a pair of brown snow-boots. Though, with the amount of energy she seems to burn with, you bet she’d feel warm just running around naked. She claimed to be a “sweater expert,” but the one she’s wearing is clearly too large for her; the sleeves cover her delicate hands if she doesn’t keep rolling them up, and the plunging neckline shows off more than a bit of her generous cleavage. Then again, perhaps that’s exactly the sort of thing a “sweater expert” would do.

“… No, we need to go right.” Another voice, far more cynical, speaks up from just behind you. Glancing back, you see the consternated face of Momiji Inubashiri, with her striking red eyes glaring out from beneath her appropriately snow-white hair. It seems that the girls decided to coordinate their outfits today; Momiji’s gray sweater shows off her smooth shoulders while clinging to her arms and her much-slimmer chest. A plaid red skirt is fixed firmly around her waist, and her black pantyhose are adorned with red and yellow maple leaf designs. It’s an attractive outfit, but the charm is ruined somewhat by her unhappy expression.

“Eh? But I just went there a few days ago! I know it’s to the left!” Sanae drops her one-legged pose, instead balling up her fists and thrusting them down defiantly.

“Clearly, your memory is wrong.” The wolf girl is less expressive, but her voice seethes with impatience. She’s been on edge since you met her today; perhaps she’s not fond of the cold, or perhaps she’s nervous about what’s to come. Or it could be both.

“No way!” Sanae produces a packet from her skirt and chucks it onto the ground, where it explodes into a brilliant green ‘GREAT LUCK.’ “See? My fortune’s great! I’ve gotta be right!”

Momiji tries to calm herself with a long, deep breath. “… I can see it from here, Sanae. It’s just a bit to the right.”

However, Sanae refuses to give in. Perhaps she just doesn’t want to embarrass herself in front of you; as the newest of the three girls, she probably feels like there’s a chip on her shoulder. However, Momiji’s equally eager to move things along, so their argument settles into a steady back-and-forth. Considering how strong the two of them are, you decide not to butt in.

You would be freezing and impatient in weather like this, but you have another companion to help keep you warm. Yamame Kurodani lets out a soft chuckle as she walks up behind you and slips her arms under yours. Her hands meet around your waist and tighten into a powerful hug, one that makes her large, soft breasts pillow out against your back.

“They’re both kinda silly, don’cha think?” she murmurs. “But you don’t need to worry. I’ll take good care of you, no matter what~”

In contrast to Sanae’s, her black sweater seems to be a size too small, clinging tightly to every one of her delectable curves and showing a small sliver of midriff. Her yellow skirt is a few inches shorter than the other girls’; a strong breeze would probably blow it right up, revealing everything that’s under her luxurious black pantyhose. Her grip on you is rather tight and possessive, but you don’t mind that at all at the moment. You just relax into her arms and chest while your head leans against hers, letting her soft golden hair tickle your face while her perfume seasons the air. The other girls’ voices fade into the background as your attention drifts away.

You inhale a deep breath of crisp mountain air and let it slowly roll out of your mouth. The vapor drifts up lazily through the still air, floating to the tops of the snow-covered pines that surround you.

It’s winter. An odd time for something like this. But then, perhaps that’s the only reason why you could do it at all. An outing with three girls was quite a lot to ask for, for a bronze coinholder like you. Kaguya’s recommendation seemed to convince the management, though.

“… Fine, we’ll go right! Just be ready to admit how wrong you were!” Sanae crosses her arms and pouts, but it’s pretty clear she’s accepting her loss. Momiji sighs with a mixture of annoyance and relief, while Yamame lets out a disappointed sound as she’s forced to release you.

With that, you finally set off, the fresh snow from this morning crunching underfoot. The pale winter sunlight filters unevenly through the trees, occasionally casting a dazzling reflection off the snow. The girls could just fly like they did to carry you up here, but they’re walking now for your sake. You suppose that does make it more romantic. Momiji holds tightly onto one of your arms with both hands, while Yamame saunters along nonchalantly behind you. Sanae keeps her distance in front of you, still sulking after that exchange. She’s hunched over slightly and stomping a little, but it’s hard not to appreciate the sight of her long, shapely legs as they pierce through the blanket of snow.

Soon, you reach a break in the forest. Above you, a glittering snowy slope several times your height rolls upwards from the ground.

“Ah! It was right...” Sanae slumps over in defeat, briefly outlining her plump butt beneath her miniskirt, only to spring back up a second later. “Oh, but that means we’re almost there! Come on, come on!” She looks back and beckons you with one arm as she skips up through the snow. The loose-fitting sweater allows her assets to jiggle quite liberally as she dances on ahead.

The rest of you follow at a more reserved pace. Yamame clings to your other arm and squishes it between her breasts, while Momiji slides her grip down to your hand. Her face remains neutral, but her warm, rough hand is both tight and surprisingly sweaty in spite of the cold. It seems that the emotions that leaked out earlier are still alive and well.

Sanae’s the first to crest the hill, turning around to wave the rest of you up. You cross the last of the distance and look down…


… Upon a frozen mountain lake, surrounded by snow-covered trees. A pack of white clouds cuts through the bright blue sky, sheathing half the scene in shadow while the other half glitters with refracted light. In the distance, a small flock of birds flutters away, their cries just barely audible.

“Oh, not bad,” Yamame coos, sounding just as impressed as you are. Momiji acknowledges it with a quiet grunt.

“Ah, but that’s not all!” Hooking an arm around your neck, Sanae turns back and points down towards the shore. Following her arm down to the tip of her long green fingernail, your eyes are directed to a small wooden cabin by the lakeside. “That was a gift from one of my worshipers. I got it prepared as soon as I heard you were coming, so it’ll be nice and comfortable!”

It only takes a few minutes to trundle down the slope and reach the cabin’s sheltered porch. There, you find a pair of comfortable-looking chairs, sheltered by the awning from the snowfall. You plop down on one and let out a happy sigh, finally able to rest your legs after a long period of flying and walking. Momiji starts for the other chair, but Sanae runs ahead and pomfs into it.

“Haha, too slow!” Sanae grins wide as she scoots up right up next to you, leaning onto your shoulder as soon as it comes within reach. With a small shrug, you put your free arm around her and hold her close. Her body feels nice and soft and warm, and her long, silky hair is fun to play with.

“… Ah. W-well, it’s not as if I require luxuries like that…” After a moment of fretting, Momiji decides to kneel down by your other side. That puts her fluffy hair and ears in perfect scratching distance; she seems too mature to want you to touch them, but they just look so tempting…

“Wah!” They perk up along with her tail and the rest of her body when you plant your hand on her head.

“That’s… Hah! Hmm… Mmm…” She’s tense at first, but she slowly relaxes as you carefully stroke and scratch and tease her ears. Eventually, you think you start to hear faint growls of pleasure.

Once you’ve gotten used to that, you finally relax into the chair. The backrest is a bit too short for your head, but Yamame quickly solves that problem by leaning onto it from behind. Her plush warm breasts wrapped in the soft sweater make for an extremely comfortable purr, and she lets out a pleased chuckle as you nuzzle into them.

With one hand on Momiji’s head, another around Sanae’s waist, and your head between Yamame’s breasts, you shift your focus to the scenery.

This is what winter’s like in the mountains, huh? It’s all so… still. Aside from the girls’ breathing and purring, there’s hardly a sound to be heard. Sometimes a bird flies overhead, or some snow falls off a tree in the distance, but otherwise the scene before you is as frozen as the lake.

It’s a rare sort of peace. The village can be quiet, but up here… you’re all alone. Alone with them.

… It’s nice, but still cold. Even with the girls’ body heat, you can only endure so many chill mountain breezes before your skin starts to go numb. It’s getting dark, too, with the clear sky taking on rich tones of pink and gold. Perhaps it’s time to move on.

The girls are all shocked out of their own reveries as you stand up and stretch. Yamame just briefly shakes her head when you leave her pillow, while Momiji practically bolts upright as her source of scratching disappears. Sanae lands back in her chair with a yelp as you’re forced to push her off of you.

You’re the first one to step into the cabin, making the wooden floorboards creak beneath your snow-caked boots. Even without a fire, it’s already much warmer inside; perhaps some insulating enchantments have been woven into the walls. The building is a rather small affair, with just a sitting-room-slash-kitchen and a single bedroom in the back. A glance into the pantry shows that there’s plenty of food, and the view out the windows remarkably clear.

“So, how do you like it? I’ve only come down here a few times, myself.” The girls all file in after you, and Sanae speaks up as she closes the door behind her. You respond enthusiastically as you strip off your coat, scarf, and boots; this house is only a bit smaller than yours, and the location is amazing.

“The view up here is great! It must be nice, living on a mountain…” Yamame sighs.

Momiji shakes her head at that, looking back from the crackling fire she's built. “Very few could afford a second home like this. The permits to build on unzoned land take months to process, and the property taxes…”

“Ah, that’s not a problem. It belongs to the shrine now, so it’s exempt!” Sanae cheerily waves off the tengu’s concerns as she walks past her… and right into you, wrapping her arms around you while she nestles her head into the crook of your neck. Her generous bust flattens out noticeably against your chest, and you get a deep breath of her fresh, flowery scent before she pulls back a bit to smile up at you. Unlike before, her grin is skewed to one side, and her eyes have taken on a more sultry bearing. Her cheeks and nose are still tinged pink from the cold, but that color is rapidly disappearing into her growing blush.

“We didn’t just come here to sit around, though. Your pills should be working by now, so why don’t we move on to the part you’ve been waiting for~?”

With that, Sanae turns you around and practically pushes you off to the bedroom. She’s right, of course, but you didn’t expect her to be so direct about it. Yamame and Momiji follow behind you, one grinning with interest and the other red-faced with embarrassment.

You’re soon pushed down onto the bed, and you sit up to find Sanae kneeling between your legs and smiling up at you.

“Now then, let’s get you all warmed up down here…”

Her voice is seductive, but her fingers are still trembling. Fumbling a little with the buttons and her own long nails, Sanae somewhat-deftly unfastens your pants and pulls down your underwear, allowing your half-erect cock to spring out. You did spend the last few hours surrounded by beautiful women, but the near-freezing temperatures weren’t too conducive to arousal.

The sight’s still enough to put Sanae off, though. Suddenly brought face-to-face with your penis, she stifles a gasp and nearly turns away in a panic. Momiji’s eyes widen a bit as well, while Yamame simply raises her eyebrows with interest. Sanae won’t allow herself to be embarrassed so easily, though; she clenches a fist and takes a moment to steel herself, quickly hiding her determined face behind a flirtatious smile.

“Ah, you’re like this already! I won’t waste any time, then.”

Crossing her arms over her chest, she grabs the sides of her loose blue sweater and starts to pull them upwards. Inch by inch, she reveals a soft, smooth stomach, with just a touch of definition and a faint but noticeable hourglass. Soon, she’s rolling the fabric up over her the undersides of her large breasts as well, allowing you to admire her cleavage from both above and below. If the profile you were given is correct, then she’s remarkably well-developed for her young human age; perhaps the bit about divine ancestry has something to do with it.

You expect her to keep going and pull it all the way off, but that doesn’t prove to be the case. Instead, she stops just short of exposing her nipples and leaves the sweater bunched up there, covering little more than her arms and a small strip of her bountiful chest. That tiny bit of modesty just makes it all the more enticing, and Sanae notes your rapt attention and stiffening penis with a pleased smile. She crosses her arms beneath her breasts, giving them a delicious bit of support while she pumps her voice full of all the seduction she can muster.

“Mm, you want me to use these? My sweater kept them nice and warm…”

You happily accept her offer, leaning back on your hands to give her easy access. Yamame and Momiji both move in closer to get a better view; Momiji still seems overwhelmed by the scene, while Yamame’s eager to see just what the new girl is capable of.

Sanae closes a thumb and forefinger around the root of your cock, giving it a few experimental shakes before pointing it upright. Her other arm holds her breasts together above you, and her lower cleavage gets smeared with precum as she slowly fits the two together.

“And… There!”

You thought you were over the cold already, but your body relaxes even further as you slide between her inviting breasts. They feel wonderfully warm and soft as they envelop your length, but they have some youthful firmness to them as well, pushing back against your shaft as it intrudes between them. The sweater’s grip is enough to hold everything in place, but the pressure more than triples when she squeezes her breasts between her folded arms.

“Mmm, there we go! Now enjoy my breasts as much as you want, and, uh…” Sanae’s eyes dart about the room for a moment. “… And cum whenever you’re ready!””

With a smile that’s equal parts brilliant, seductive, and embarrassed, the young girl begins to gently and rhythmically squeeze you. Her arms press in slowly each time, steadily compressing her soft, pliant breasts until they crush you like a vise, bulging out around her arms and sweater. She keeps them like that for a moment, shifting around you just the slightest bit, then draws out a long sigh from you as she relents.

The waves of and warmth and pressure from her smooth, shapely breasts quickly thaw and invigorate your length, and your tip soon pokes out from between her bountiful cleavage. That’s when you notice a difference in temperature; the lower part of her chest is warm and toasty, while the part she left exposed to the air still feels quite chilly. The coolness keeps your glans alert and sensitive, while the rest of your shaft just soaks in the delightful heat.

“Hup!” Sanae shores up her arms and starts to move her whole body up and down, stroking your cock with tight, controlled motions while she lets out cute little noises of exertion. With breasts as big as hers, she’s able to give a smooth, squishy stroking almost to your whole length at once. The stimulation’s especially powerful around your tip, which switches constantly between the warm and cool parts of her chest. The repeating shocks of pleasure ensure that its sensitivity never fades for a moment.

You drop from your hands to your forearms for support and start to moan, gently bucking your hips into Sanae’s tight, increasingly-slippery cleavage. The pleasure’s enough to make you groan incessantly, but it does eventually start to get a bit… stale. This up-and-down motion seems to be all she knows.

About a minute in, her movements suddenly start to slow down. Lifting your gaze from her breasts to her eyes, you see an unpleasantly worried and self-conscious look on her face.

“Uh, um… It does feel good, right?” she asks.

You assure her that it’s wonderful, but she doesn’t seem convinced. She hesitantly glances at the other girls, and you take the opportunity to follow her gaze.

Momiji’s mouth is hidden behind her hands, which are curled up into fists and mostly covered by her sleeves. The color on her cheeks is too vibrant to be explained away by the cold, and you can glimpse her voluminous tail standing bolt upright behind her. It’s hard to tell with that dark pantyhose, but you think some of the leaf designs near her thighs are a bit darker than the rest as well.

Yamame, on the other hand, has an encouraging smile on her face. As soon as she and Sanae make eye contact, she starts to walk over with slow, hip-swaying steps.

“You’re doing fine, Sanae. See how happy he looks? And he’s letting out tons of precum. Your technique could use a little work, though…”

“Hya?” Sanae jerks up as Yamame embraces her from behind, squishing her own assets into the shrine maiden’s back. Sanae’s arms fall away from her barely-covered breasts, and Yamame takes the opportunity to seize them for herself. By using her hands instead of her arms, Yamame’s able to more effectively mash the soft mounds onto your cock, pressing them onto you from multiple directions at once as opposed to just the sides.

“You don’t always need to squeeze him as hard as you can. Change up the speed and pressure to keep it fresh, and try moving them in opposite directions every now and again…” As she speaks in a friendly voice, Yamame eagerly uses Sanae’s breasts to illustrate. Fresh, loud moans escape from your throat as she attacks you, using Sanae’s plump and perky chest to stroke, squeeze, and massage you in nearly a dozen different ways.

“O-okay… Mm!” Sanae’s barely able to follow along, largely because of Yamame. The spider girl quickly finds Sanae’s nipples beneath the sweater’s fabric, which clearly outlines her fingertips as she tugs and pinches the sensitive nubs. She also nibbles on Sanae’s ear as well while she works, deepening the young girl’s moans even further.

“Ah, but that thing just looks so delicious! Think you can let me share him?” she eventually asks. Her own blush has only grown stronger from hearing you moan like that while working you over with Sanae’s chest.

“O-okay…” the shrine maiden pants.

“Thanks.” Releasing the younger girl’s breasts, Yamame stands up and gives you a wink before shedding her own tight sweater. She probably wanted to do it in a single seductive motion, but the tight fabric requires takes a good deal of coaxing to take off. As she grunts and struggles to pull it over her breasts, your attention turns to Sanae, who takes her loose garment off easily and casts it into a corner of the room.

They were practically uncovered already, but the sight of her bare breasts still makes your breath catch in your throat. The perky twin orbs seem like the very embodiments of youth, perfectly round and jiggling at the slightest provocation. A very slight tan adds a small hint of color, and you can see a few red marks here and there where Yamame scratched them. They’re crowned by a pair of puffy pink nipples, which seem oddly meek and innocent as they protrude out slightly from the round surface of her breasts.

“Hah!” But then, Yamame finally wrestles her sweater off, and her own rack falls to her chest with a thump and a jiggle. Her breasts don’t have quite the same roundness or vitality as Sanae’s, but they’re easily a match for her in size. Her skin lacks Sanae’s barely-noticeable tan, as if she hardly ever spends any time in the sun. And her nipples stand quite visibly on end, practically begging for a good pinching or sucking.

Yamame repositions Sanae on the left side of your lap, then kneels down across from her on your right. The spider girl hefts her breasts up onto you and scoots forward until your shaft is just nestled between them. You can feel a tantalizing hint of her warmth and softness, but nothing more.

“Now, just put yours right up against mine and push.”

“Okay!” Following Yamame’s instructions, Sanae lifts her own rack up and scoots forward, neatly pinning your cock between their two sets of breasts. Yamame takes the initiative to start pressing herself into you, her softer breasts spreading out against Sanae’s firmer pair. Sanae pushes back before she’s forced completely off your cock, and the two girls adjust themselves against each other until they can match each other’s pressure.

In the process, you get a thorough taste of each girl’s assets. Next to Yamame’s, Sanae’s breasts suddenly seem much firmer, and their allows the young girl to exert a much tighter squeeze on your cock. Yamame’s, by contrast, are among the softest things you’ve very felt. When she squeezes, they just mold onto your shaft, seeming to envelop the smallest curve and vein with squishy, pillowy warmth.

Finally, the two girls reach an equilibrium, both squeezing your shaft at once. Half of it sinks right into Yamame’s incredibly soft breasts, while Sanae’s firmer, more elastic pair press in from the other side. You can’t say that either one is better than the other, and getting service from both at once lets you feel the best of both worlds. The tip sticks up vulnerably between them, eagerly leaking precum as you bask in their warmth; the lingering coldness in the rest of your body only makes the heat more vivid.

“There, that’s the ticket! Now, follow my lead.”

After a brief period of confusion, Sanae and Yamame start to stroke you together. Their perfect docking breaks apart quickly; the shrine maiden just doesn’t have the experience to match Yamame’s movements, so their slippery breasts slide up and down your length at constantly-varying rates and pressures. Your penis is tossed about randomly between their two incredible sets of breasts; sometimes Sanae will squeeze the base while Yamame’s breasts smother the tip, sometimes it’ll be the opposite, and sometimes they’ll actually manage to crush you between all four breasts at once.

The mess of activity gives Yamame plenty of opportunity to torture Sanae’s nipples with her own, making the green-haired girl moan and tremble shamelessly whenever they strike together. Despite all the difficulty she’s having, Sanae seems to be enjoying herself, proud at how a firm squeeze from her breasts can make you shiver and moan while your penis twitches between them.

The room is filled with squishy sounds, the girls’ passionate moans and purrs, your own grunts and groans… along with a husky sound that can only be Momiji’s labored breathing. Sanae and Yamame’s heads are only a short distance away from your own, so you pick up a mixture of the two girls’ scents as well. Sanae’s is fresh and breezy like a lovely spring morning, while Yamame’s is… almost excessively sweet, and laden with exotic flowers.

Caught in the middle of it all, with those delightful sensations filling your nose and ears, it feels like your cock is melting with pleasure. You throw your head back to moan…

… And settle your eyes on a supremely flustered Momiji. She was simply taken aback before, but now she’s visibly shaking at the exceedingly lewd sight before her. Her body is trembling with eagerness as she stares straight at the scene between your legs; she’s nearly drooling at the sight, her tail wagging slowly behind her, but it seems like she can’t bring herself to do anything.

Following your gaze, Sanae and Yamame look over to see the agonized wolf tengu. She freezes up at being the center of attention, but the girls try to encourage her.

“What’s the matter, Momiji? Come over and help out! ” Sanae calls out, flushed and panting happily.

In contrast, Momiji averts her gaze and stammers out a reply. “Oh, b-but.. with everyone watching, I couldn’t…”
No. 34336
File 139347388420.jpg - (383.68KB, 850x1700, bitofthis.jpg) [iqdb]
Yamame grins reassuringly. “It’s fine, we’re all perverts here.”

“Yeah! No stuck-up tengu is gonna judge you now. You should go ahead and indulge yourself while you can!” Sanae says.

The wolf tengu hesitates for a moment longer, but she finally gives in to their urging. Sanae and Yamame pause their service as Momiji walks over unsteadily and kneels down before you, raising her head to look at you with her deep red eyes. Her cheeks are nearly as red as they are. “Th-then… please, allow me to…” Your whole penis is soaked and shining with precum now, and Momiji’s tail starts to wag even faster as she gives you a chaste, gentle kiss.

Just a hint of coolness lingers on her lips, sending a small shiver up your spine. She sucks off a bit of your precum in the process, and her lips come away with a shiny stain from the fluid. She wipes it up and licks it off a single finger, and you see her blush intensify as she processes the taste.

“Mm… It’s good…”

Moments later, she’s started to clean off your tip with her tongue. In contrast to her skin, her mouth is incredibly hot, and thickly coated with warm, slippery saliva. You’re surprised to feel that her tongue is slightly rough as well; not so much that it would hurt, but her tongue has just enough extra texture to drive you up a wall as it licks all over your swollen glans. The extra stimulation forces you to writhe and twist your hips, which only heightens the pleasure as your cock grinds against Sanae and Yamame’s breasts.

“Good, good!” Try sucking on it, too.” Yamame presses down on her chest to reveal another inch of your penis, and Sanae quickly follows her lead. The exposed part doesn't get to feel, but Momiji's eager licks and kisses makes up for it, and the pressure increases even further on the length still embraced by their breasts.

“Mmm…” A few seconds later, Momiji finally gives your tip a rest from the relentless licking. Instead, she tightens her cool lips around you and starts to piston her head up and down. Her lips slide down far enough to reach between the other girls’ breasts, trying to take in as much of your cock as possible. Her tongue slides up and down along your back muscle as she works, the rough tip occasionally striking directly at your frenulum.

“Mm! Chff… mmf… mmm…”

She sticks relentlessly to that one technique, never stopping to focus on the tip or just hold it all in her mouth. Combined with her forceful, near-endless suction, it expresses a sort of hunger, a powerful desire for your semen more than your pleasure. As her speed and strength increase further and further, it starts to seem like she’s trying to suck it straight from your balls.

A blowjob like that would be incredible on its own, but the rest of your cock is still sandwiched between Sanae and Yamame’s huge, luscious breasts. Even Yamame seems impressed by the wolf girl’s passion. They can’t properly stroke you while Momiji’s going to town on your tip, but they still do what they can: rubbing their breasts down and up in opposite directions, scraping your shaft with their hard nipples, and sliding back and forth to pass you between them. Sometimes you’ll be crushed between Sanae’s tight, youthful breasts, and sometimes you’ll be enfolded completely by Yamame’s plush, decadent chest. Both sets of breasts are slick with saliva and precum, making the stimulation nearly frictionless.

The two girls’ chests encase your shaft in pillowy, ever-shifting warmth, while Momiji’s tight lips and rough, slippery tongue relentlessly suck and stroke and kiss the tip. Momiji’s loud, sloppy sucking is the predominant sound, though you hear a few moans and purrs from the others as well alongside your own groaning. You try to hold on and savor it for as long as you can, but the service from all three at once is just too good to endure.

“Mmmph… Mm!”

Your penis suddenly clenches up intensely, making your arms buckle beneath you. Your first shot of cum fires deep into Momiji’s mouth, forcing her eyes wide open as the taste covers her tongue.

“Oh, he’s cumming! Let us drink some too…”

Momiji doesn’t get you to herself for long, though. Sanae and Yamame lean forward to fight over your semen, intensifying the squeeze on your cock in the process. You feel your tip being passed between their hungry mouths and tongues, but you're too blinded by pleasure to fully appreciate it. Coupled with that tight, squishy pressure, the constant friction and suction on your tip seems to prolong your orgasm by at least three shots. When it finally comes to an end, you need a minute to pant and shudder before you can even open your eyes again.

When you do, you’re greeted by the sight of Momiji’s piercing red eyes, hovering just inches away from your own. She’s still fully dressed, but you can smell the pheromones pouring off of her, and her hot, wet breath puffs steadily against your skin. Down below, you can feel her giving your cock the same tight squeeze she used on your hand earlier. Her fluffy white ears are standing on end, and her tail swishes about uncontrollably behind her.

“I-I’m sorry…” she pants. “I've never been asked to do it in front of someone else, so I was too embarrassed to join in until the end… but I can't hold myself back after drinking that..."

It seems like she's about to melt with embarrassment, but she really doesn’t need to act so ashamed. You reach up and pat her on the head, scratching behind her ears just the way she liked before. Her eyes widen in surprise, and a small whimper slips from her throat.

“Ah... you don’t mind?”

Of course you don’t. She's really cute like that, after all.

“Th-then…!” Momiji suddenly pushes herself upright, almost knocking the wind out of you in the process. She nearly tears off her stylish clothes right there, but something stops her just in time. Maybe it’s some deep-seated training, or maybe it’s just a reluctance to ruin such a nice set of clothes.

Momiji shows an impressive amount of speed and precision as she jumps off the bed and strips off her whole outfit in seconds, leaving it neatly folded on the floor. You’re suddenly greeted by the sight of her fully naked body, trembling slightly in the cool air.

“Ah… um, what do you... think?” Restraining her urges for a moment, she squeezes her hands together behind her back and lets you look her over. Sanae and Yamame are giving her some space for now, but they’re perfectly happy to ogle her alongside you.

You certainly can’t blame them; Momiji’s body is a truly impressive sight, slender and athletic without losing its feminine charm. Her face and hands are even more tanned than Sanae’s, but the rest of her skin is still fairly light, save for a few puzzling tanlines near her shoulders. It’s also given her some visible muscle on her stomach, arms, and thighs, which complements her modest but respectable breasts. Beneath her lean abdomen, a small tuft of white hair crowns her glistening pink pussy. It's already leaking quite generously, sending glittering trails of juice far down her long, powerful legs.

You pull off the rest of your clothes as well, trying not to feel too inadequate next to her statuesque figure. The girls all look you over with varying degrees of interest and lust, but none of them make any comments. It’s chilly enough in here to make you shiver, but the cold shouldn’t be dangerous. Not when Momiji crawls onto you, pressing her warm, firm body into yours. Her musky smell is far stronger now, muddling your thoughts and strengthening your new erection with every breath. The sound of her panting fills your ears as she reaches back to pull up your cock, aligning it with her drenched entrance.

“Thank you very much… And, please enjoy yourself...”

Tengu pussy really is tight. Even with all the piping-hot juices inside her, it still takes an excruciating minute for Momiji to fit your whole length inside, growling quietly and twisting her hips back and forth as she screws herself onto you. It’s not only tight, but nicely textured too, not unlike her tongue. Small ridges line every inch of her walls, dragging themselves across your sensitive length with every movement The juices keep it from hurting, and it feels amazing they grind around your penis.

“Mmmm! Ah… Haah, so full…”

Momiji’s firm ass finally plants itself onto your waist, forcing the last bit of your cock inside her. The pressure is nearly unbearable at first, her sweltering pussy throbbing powerfully as it crushes you from every angle at once. It loosens slightly as she lies down on top of you and slowly gets used to your cock, but the squeeze is still well above average.

“Mm… It takes so long to get this from a tengu. Doing it this way is embarrassing, but… it feels so good…”

Momiji’s ears finally relax, and a look of contentment covers her face. Her tail wags happily as she starts to ride you, staying close to your chest while she raises and lowers her hips. She’s only able to ride about half your cock in this position, but that doesn’t bother her at all, judging by the loud moans she lets out. She doesn’t seem to care much for technique, either; she’s up to full speed after only a few careful thrusts, not paying any attention to the angle her hips slam onto you from.

"Ahh! Hahh... M-more...!"

The pleasure's nearly intense enough to make you blank out. Her rough, slippery walls slide and scrape all over your cock, squeezing tightly all the while. Even when they're wrapped around you like that, she's still able to slam onto you with impressive force, making it almost impossible to thrust back. It’s all you can do just to hold on.

Her mouth hangs open all the while, showing you a hint of fangs along with her moist pink tongue. It looks delectable, but she decides to use it on your chest rather than kiss you. One of your nipples is buried under a flurry of licks from her warm, rough tongue, and she reaches over to roughly pinch and tug on the other with her long silver nails. Her passion is more than enough to make up for a lack of finesse, just as the small pricks of pain are easily outmatched by the sharp pleasure she gives you.

With such powerful stimulation above and below, there’s a strong temptation to just give in and let her keep riding you. But you've never felt comfortable letting your partner do all the work, and you can't want to pass up the chance to make love to such a beautiful woman. You doubt she’ll be slowing down anytime soon, though, so there’s nothing to do but play her game. Smelling her raw lust and listening to those growl-laced moans is stirring up your own desire, anyway.

After a deep breath to prepare yourself, you plant your hands on Momiji’s firm, smooth ass and dig in as well as you can. There’s no stopping her passionate rutting, so you try to guide it instead, directing her thrusts and timing them with your own to try and get her into a rhythm. It takes a number of tries, but you eventually manage to slam her onto your waist just as you're thrusting upwards; when your hips collide, her riding comes to a sudden stop as her whole body shudders with pleasure.


She goes right back to riding you, but her hips become a little more receptive to your direction. You keep on going like that for a while, getting more and more accustomed to the rhythm and working to drive her pleasure just a little bit higher each time.

“Ah! Ahh, that’s good… Do more…”

You didn’t stand a chance with strength, but pleasure seems to have tamed her. Soon, Momiji’s given you full control over her movements. You give her a quick kiss before turning her away from you and rolling you both onto your sides Reaching down, you hook your arm around one of her long, toned legs and pull it up out of the way. Your other hand finds one of her smooth shoulders, and you keep a firm grip on her body with both hands as you start to churn her up from behind with the strongest, fastest thrusts you can muster.

Being put on the defensive makes her tighten up again, forcing you to put all your strength into every plunge. The relentless friction from her hot, tight wolf-pussy make you cry out alongside her, nearly falling onto her on several occasions. Going full-force on such an incredible pussy quickly saps your endurance, so you try to give yourself an occasional break by burying yourself to the hilt and grinding against her cervix. Feeling your hard, throbbing cock fill her up and press against her womb seems to delight some deeply-rooted instinct, making her groan happily and melt in your arms.

Doing it like this puts Momiji's body on full display for the other two girls, who seem to have been groping themselves and each other as they watched you. Seeing their opportunity, they both crawl to the edge of the bed where you’re presently rutting with the tengu girl.

“Wow… you’re really lewd, Momiji!” Sanae exclaims, her voice surprisingly full of admiration. Perhaps this is the sort of display she aspires to?

“I knew you had it in you. You formal types are all the same…” Yamame moves her head down to Momiji’s crotch, where she finds the wolf girl’s swollen clit and starts to flick at it with her tongue.

“Ah? Hyamnf!” Momiji cries out in surprise as her walls clench up around you, but her scream is quickly captured by Sanae’s mouth. While Yamame sucks and licks away at Momiji’s most sensitive place, Sanae presses her lips against Momiji’s for a wet, passionate kiss. Both girls are flushed through with excitement and embarrassment, and the muffled moans that pass between are drenched with passion.

And you’re still fucking her from behind whole time. Her pussy felt amazing already, but now Yamame’s skilled tonguework has her tightening up almost at random. Every few moments, Momiji’s pussy will just clamp shut around you, forcing you to thrust with all your might to move the slightest distance. Her hot, sweaty body twists and writhes in your arms, making her walls grind ceaselessly around your shaft as they do their best to crush you.

Sanae eventually breaks the kiss and moves to Momiji’s breasts. They’re large enough to curve out attractively from the wolf tengu's iron-like chest, but Sanae’s are at least twice as large. Still, Sanae’s face shows nothing but respect as she closes her eyes and starts to suck on one of Momiji’s small, rock-hard nipples.

Nearly senseless from all the stimulation, Momiji turns her head back towards you. Her face is completely overcome with pleasure, with her once-sharp eyes heavily clouded, a deep blush covering her cheeks, and her glistening tongue hanging out from her mouth. Without a word, you move your hand from her shoulder to the back of her head, and she grabs your head in return as you pull each other into a rough, passionate kiss.

It feels like you’re connected even more strongly than before; you see the unshackled desire in her eyes, hear her passionate moans reverberate through your mouth, and smell her earthy scent mixed in with an overbearing musk. Combined with the taste of her rough, hungry tongue and the needy pussy that’s rubbing your cock raw, she’s filling all your senses at once.

“Mmm… Kmm…”

You’re both having trouble maintaining this position with all the moaning and quivering, though. Without stopping your thrusts, you roll onto your back and bring her down on top of you, her head facing the wooden ceiling. You wrap your arms tight around her waist, hugging her firm body close to you as you pound into her as hard as you can. Yamame and Sanae are disturbed from their positions, but they quickly attach themselves to Momiji’s breasts to drive her into a complete frenzy. She arches her back as she cries out and thrusts down onto you, turning her head back for one more pleading look.

“Ahh! P-please… Cum inside me…!” Powerful tremors run through both your bodies, and your mind explodes into white a moment later.


Your aching cock erupts inside of her, painting her womb with sperm, and her pussy clamps up tight enough to ensure that not a single drop fills out. Sanae and Yamame back away from Momiji’s body, allowing you to slide your hands up and squeeze her small but soft breasts and hard, wet nipples.

The pleasure drives every thought from your mind as her walls shudder and churn around your cock, milking out an even larger load than before. It's a bit difficult, but you manage to share a sloppy kiss while you cum, sharing in each other's wordless ecstasy. As she trembles and wails and convulses atop you, she seems blissfully liberated. For this moment, at least, she's free of everything.

Some time later, you blink back to consciousness. Momiji’s still weighing you down with her warm, sweaty body, and your half-erect cock is still inside her. She stirs and sits up a moment later, but rather than getting off, she presses her waist down and tightens up around you. With a squeeze as tight and eager as that, you’re hard again in no time. Getting on her knees, she straightens herself up into a reverse cowgirl position, looking back at you with a dazed, lustful smile.

“Hey… That’s not all you had, was it? Let’s do it even mo--Hih!”

However, her eyes shoot wide open as a hand squeezes the root of her tail. You then see Yamame over Momiji’s shoulder, playfully wagging a finger at the horny tengu.

“Sorry, girl, but you gotta wait your turn. Lemme keep you company instead.”

Still dazed from her orgasm, Momiji can’t find the strength to resist as Yamame pulls her off of you. The blonde-haired woman drags the tengu to a chair, leaving a trail of fresh cum the whole way. As she's pulling Momiji up onto it, she throws a wink across the room. Following her line of sight, you see an extremely flushed Sanae leaning against the wall, with one hand cupping a massive breast and the other between her legs. It takes the young girl some time to process what's happening.

“… Oh, then it’s my turn!” Sanae perks right up at first, but she’s struck with a touch of nerves at the sight of your fresh erection. After seeing all the writhing and screaming that Momiji went through, you can understand her feeling that way. Still, she finds the courage to walk up to you, meeting your eyes with a smile as you wrestle yourself upright.

Her top came off long ago, but the lower half of her body is still covered. You decide to fix that yourself, reaching out to unbutton her soft green skirt and drop it to the floor.

“Ah!” Sanae can’t keep down a small yelp as you reveal her soaked blue-and-white striped panties, their moisture visible even beneath her sheer black pantyhose. You decide not to tease her about it, instead giving her an understanding smile. That gives her some time to collect herself.

“Y-yeah… Watching you got me really excited… It looked like you were really good,” she admits, twisting some hair around a finger. You reach out to remove her undergarments as well, but she brushes your hands away. “No… I want it too, so let me...” She makes the action as sensual as she can, slowly rolling her panties and hose down to reveal the smooth, radiant skin underneath. She has to bend over to get them down past her knees, making her round breasts hang down and sway hypnotically before you.

“I know I shouldn’t be asking you for anything, but… could you be gentle?” She pauses to glance up at you, her blushing face both aroused and vulnerable.

You can certainly do that much.


She carefully pulls out each of her long, soft legs, then straightens up and puts her hands on her hips with a wide smile.

“So then! How do I look?”

Well. She’s by no means pudgy, but it doesn’t have the same amount of tone and muscle that Momiji did. Her breasts are far larger, her legs and rear are somewhat fuller, and her hourglass figure is slightly more pronounced. It’s more… ordinary than Momiji’s soldier-like physique, but extraordinary in her own way. Like a girl next door, idealized to the highest standard of beauty. Your blushing smile and growing erection speak for themselves.

Sanae’s nervous smile grows warm with pride. Dropping her hands to her sides, she comes closer and bends down to kiss you. For once, you find yourself with a small edge in kissing; Sanae has an idea of what she’s doing, but you’ve picked up enough tricks to know how to fence with her tongue, teasing it with small licks and forcing her to deepen the contact as she chases you. However, she soon evens things out by reaching down to grasp your penis. After a few careful strokes, she’s gotten you back to full hardness, with fresh precum leaking out to break up the thick coating of Momiji’s juices.

But your hands are free as well, and you can’t just ignore that bust of hers when it’s hanging down within easy reach. Raising your hands from the bed, you turn your palms upwards and gently cup her breasts. They’re large enough to easily fill your hands, and the springy texture feels amazing as you gently dig in with your fingers. You can feel her hard nipples pressing into your palms, pushed down by the impressive weight of her breasts. After a moment just to appreciate their size and weight, you start to slowly grope them in every way that comes to mind: gently squeezing them, pressing them together, lightly tweaking her nipples…

The two of you stay like that for a while, moaning quietly into each other’s mouths while you caress each other. You can hear Momiji crying out in pleasure somewhere else, but there’s no looking at that while Sanae’s dazzling blue eyes fill your vision. Her stroking speeds up as her excitement builds, eventually reaching a speed that makes your cock twitch dangerously. Her smooth, soft palm feels heavenly as she pumps your shaft, but you don’t want her to wear you out this early...

"Mmm... mmmm... puah?" Sanae opens her eyes with a look of confusion as you break the kiss and back away. Her gaze soon settles on your penis, now hard as a rock and leaking steadily onto your stomach. The desire is clear in her blushing face and shivering thighs, but she's still surprised when you ask her to get on top of you.

“Eh? L-like that?” she asks, her breasts bouncing slightly as she perks upright. It doesn't sound like she dislikes the idea, so you explain that she’ll never get more confident if her customers always take the lead. She slowly nods her head as you speak, speeding up as you finish.

“I... see! If that's the case, then... I’ll do my best! I won't let you down!”

Shivering visibly with excitement, Sanae straddles your waist and sits down over your cock. Her delicate slit presses down onto you, the soft lips spreading apart to pour her hot, sweet juices all over your length. She gently slides her hips back and forth to spread them around, closing one eye and purring as her hard clit grazes over you. It feels deliciously warm and slippery, but a bit underwhelming after what you did with Momiji. Still, you restrain yourself and let her go at her own pace for now; judging by the lewd face she's making, she won't be satisfied with this for long.

It takes less than a minute for her to prove you right. Rising up a little and taking her weight off your penis, she grips the base between two fingers and clumsily lines the tip up with her entrance. Then she just keeps it there for a while, gently rubbing your sensitive glans over her plush, soaked lips. It’s enough to make the two of you grunt in pleasure, but she’s clearly just stalling while she works up the nerve. You reassure her with a smile, which she gladly returns.

“Okay. Here goes…” Sanae squares her stance one more time, preparing her nubile young body to accept your cock. Then, with a final deep breath, she drops her hips all the way down and impales herself in a single motion.


And it seems that was too much for her to bear. The young girl shudders violently and nearly falls right onto you, only catching herself with her arms at the last moment. Her long hair cascades down the sides of her head, briefly enclosing your faces in a private curtained space. You’re treated to an up-close view of her pleasure-shocked face, mouth wide and eyes hazy, before she composes herself and regards you with a nervous smile.

“Ahh… Ish… ishit good?”

You raise your head a few inches to meet her lips, answering her with a kiss as you twitch happily inside her. Sanae accepts your response with a happy purr, rolling out her soft, wet tongue to play with yours.

Compared to the intense squeeze from Momiji, Sanae feels far more relaxing to be inside. Her healthy young walls still give you a considerable squeeze, but it's balanced out nicely by a perfect mix of softness, heat, and moisture. Not only that, but you feel an odd... tingling in your penis as it throbs inside her, like a bunch of gentle, pleasurable shocks dancing up and down your length.

Sanae breaks the kiss, stretching a small string of saliva between you as she picks herself up and straightens out, proudly pushing out her chest.

"Wow, this is what it's like on top..." Sanae glances around your bodies with a naughty grin, shaking her hips with a small giggle as she takes in the sight. "Okay! I'm gonna make you feel really good now, so just sit back and--ah?" You reach out to offer her your hands, she gladly takes them after a moment of surprise. "Oh, thank you!” Her long, slender fingers lace together with yours, and her grip quickly tightens as she starts to move.

After that first paralyzing burst of pleasure, Sanae decides to go slowly and carefully. She doesn’t even thrust at all during the first minute or two, instead just twisting her hips back and forth and swirling them in small circles, blushing and twitching and making cute little noises all the while. Her soft folds stay snugly wrapped around you as they shift back and forth, pulsing gently to massage your length. Those small tingles keep coming as well, occasionally forcing you to twitch and jab your cock into a certain part of her walls. While she’s taking it slow, you pay close attention to her reactions and try to figure out where her most sensitive spots might be. You want to make this cute, sweet girl feel as good as possible.

“Ahh… That’s really nice…” The constant, gentle pleasure soon has Sanae in a trance of sorts, her eyes glazing over slightly as she smiles down at you. Soon, she changes smoothly from grinding to grind-filled thrusting, filling the air with sweet moans as she works her wide hips. Her movements are extremely short at first, but they grow longer and faster with every plunge and twist until she’s riding more than half of your length. The movements make her large, round breasts bounce around enticingly, but her grip on your hands is far too tight to let you grope them. Squishy, slippery sounds leak out from her waist, growing louder alongside her moaning as she settles into a rhythm.

Her overflowing juices make the movements smooth and easy, but you still feel plenty of pleasant friction as Sanae's tight, slippery walls work their way up and down your cock. You can’t let her do all the work, though, so you tighten your grip on her hands and start to thrust up into her as well. Getting lucky with the timing, you manage to drive your whole length into her just as she’s slamming down onto you, causing her to seize up with a cry and jolt your cock in a dozen places at once. The squeezing and tingling make for a one-two punch of stimulation, one that makes your groaning no quieter than hers.

"Hahhn! Ah… hah... C-can you do that again?” Sanae asks, smiling nervously with her open mouth.

She’s far more attentive to your movements than Momiji was, willing to try and match them right from the start. The two of you slow down for a bit until you can coordinate yourselves, and soon you're striking and mashing your hips together on every stroke. Sometimes you pause to grind against each other, seeing who can force out more moans from the other, and sometimes you just thrust continuously to try and hit that peak as many times as possible.

Innocent as she may be, her blooming young body holds a healthy sex drive, and her lust seems to grow stronger by the second. Her hands tighten further around your own, and you feel the tips of her nails digging into your skin as she pistons up and down. Your own groaning mixes together with hers as her amazing pussy milks your cock, constantly pleasuring you with fresh shocks and squeezes.
No. 34337
File 139347396483.jpg - (139.23KB, 850x782, plentyofthis.jpg) [iqdb]
“Ohh, that's so good...!”

It’s a wonderful sight to behold. Her blue eyes are soft and hazy with pleasure, and a small trail of saliva leaks our from the corner of her mouth. Your movements keep her long green hair waving back and forth, while her perky young breasts jiggle and bounce about. Beads of sweat dot her flawless skin in spite of the cold, highlighting her smooth, sumptuous curves as they roll down her body. Lastly, you see and feel her wide hips and healthy legs work tirelessly to ride your cock, revealing the slick shaft to the cool air for the slightest moment before her hot pussy swallows it back up.

It’s enough just to feast on the sight at first, but the sight of those lewd, bouncing breasts soon becomes too much to bear. The next time you drive your hips into her, the shudders of pleasure that quake through her weaken her grip enough to let your hands break free. They immediately dart straight onto her chest, where you start to hungrily grope her tits. Unlike before, you give them a rough, passionate treatment, squeezing and kneading them indiscriminately until the flesh bulges between your fingers. Their slightly-firm texture seems perfectly suited to that, giving you just enough substance to work with.

“Ahh! Geez… Going for those again…” Sanae's arms fold up as she arches her back in pleasure, and she plants her hands at your sides once she's grown accustomed to the new source of pleasure. Her hips pick up their rhythm a moment later, just a bit faster and naughtier and more electric than before.

The bed creaks beneath you as your passionate thrusting continues. After you’ve had your fill of her firm yet squishy chest, you pull back to focus entirely on her nipples. They aren’t quite as easy to tweak and torture as Momiji’s were, but you still manage to fit the small nubs between your thumbs and index fingers to roll them back and forth. That gets you an immediate reaction, forcing her to arch her back and squeeze your cock once again.

"Nnngh! Thah... d-doing that while you fuck me is..."

Sanae bends further forward to give you better access, allowing you to lie back and grope her at your leisure while your hips keep up their movements. Pleasured in both places at once with no chance to rest, she starts to lose the strength in her arms and sinks down further and further. Soon, it feels like you're holding up her entire body with your hands.

Well, she’s certainly had her chance to be assertive. Perhaps you should take the lead from here. You release her breasts and hold out your arms, catching her as she falls right into your embrace.

“Wah!" The cozy impact jolts Sanae out of her daze, but she's left disoriented as you roll over to put her on the bottom. Then you drive your cock all the way into her, grinding against her cervix to keep her paralyzed and moaning as you plant your hands on her ample thighs.

As you're lining yourself up again, you glance across the room and see that Yamame is keeping herself busy. A breathless Momiji lies sprawled in the chair, shuddering and moaning nonstop as Yamame east out her cum-stuffed pussy. Not content to use just her tongue, Yamame's working Momiji's breasts over with her hands as well, squeezing and pinching the small, sensitive mounds.

"Hey, I'm right h-yahhn...!" You haven't forgotten about Sanae, of course. The lovely young girl closes an eye and purrs softly as you pull almost all the way out, enduring small squeezes and tingles the whole way. Once you're all the way out, she notes your tight grip and commanding position and realizes what's about to happen; you can feel her tighten up around your tip in anticipation, which only makes her reaction stronger when you pierce into her with all your strength.

"Ghiih!" Sanae shudders from head to toe, her eyes rolling up briefly as her mouth falls open. She gets herself back under control a few seconds later, but by then you've already pulled out and braced yourself for the next one. Her sharp cries give way to loud, passionate moans as you drive her wild with long, sharp thrusts.

Her young, eager pussy has only grown hotter and tighter since you started. Now, her drenched walls are practically sucking on your cock, and every thrust ends with a jolt and squeeze that nearly makes you double over. You try to aim for her more sensitive spots as well, drawing out extra cries and twitches of delight whenever you manage to graze past one. She weakly bucks her hips against you, but that grows weaker and weaker as you stir her up more and more. Soon, she's capable of little more than shuddering and moaning beneath you.

“So good! So good!”

Sanae’s hands find the sheets and clutch them tightly, letting her arch her back as she wails and moans. The position highlights her bouncing breasts, prompting you to lean over and give them some more attention. Your hands are busy keeping her quivering thighs and hips under control, though, so you can only use your mouth. You cover her bountiful breasts with kisses, licking off the small drops of sweat and flicking your tongue over a nipple whenever you have the chance.

The shocks of pleasure keep growing more frequent and powerful until they’re raging constantly through your cock, making it twitch ceaselessly as you pound away at her hot, shuddering depths. You can feel them tingling down in your balls, too, as if they're trying to make sure you give her the largest load possible. If she keeps doing that, you won't last much longer...

“I-inside! Cum inside me! G-give me all of your--!” Sanae’s soft legs cross around your backside and lock your penis snugly inside her. Her own plea is cut short as you press your mouth onto hers, and you kiss each other furiously as your resistance bottoms out.


Sanae's soft, slippery walls coil and constrict around you with a tightness to rival Momiji’s. A powerful bolt of pleasure tears through your cock at the same time, clearing your mind out completely as your load blasts out into her. Her pussy shudders and squeezes you while shocking it from balls to tip. Sanae seems to glow with an otherworldly beauty as she moans in a voice that's both serene and passionate.

For a moment, she seems like... something more than human.

But then it’s over, and she’s back to just being a lovely young woman writhing delightedly beneath you. Her arms and legs both wrap around you, pressing you tight against her soft, youthful body, and you let yourself melt in her grip as your cock throbs with mind-numbing pleasure and fills her womb to bursting. The pleasure keeps tingling about in your balls, bringing up more and more cum to shoot into her until you feel it spilling out past her slick entrance.

Sanae's orgasm continues for bit longer after your own load is finally spent. She still haven’t relinquished you, so all you can do is watch and kiss her warm neck as she writhes and moans huskily beneath you, working both her hair and the sheets into a knotted mess.

When her squealing and thrashing finally comes to an end, it seems like all the strength has departed from her body. For a moment, at least, before she opens her eyes and pulls you down into a hug no weaker than the ones from before. Your head ends up mashed between her breasts, which you gently nuzzle as she strokes your hair.

“That was really good,” she coos, her voice thick and lethargic. “I’m really happy… that I got to spend time with you.”

With that, she relaxes her grip and closes her eyes with a contented smile. After a final kiss on her slightly-parted lips, you put your hands on her sides and slowly pull out. A thick white cumflow pours out languidly between her legs; you hope their claims about contraceptives were right.

Turning around, you see that Momiji’s nude, sweaty form slumped back against the chair, her tongue hanging out as she pants for breath. Wiping a mess of cum and fresh juice from her mouth, Yamame stands up from between the wolf girl's legs and turns to you, pushing her breasts out invitingly as she puts her arms up to stretch.

“Finally my turn, huh? Sure took you long enough.” She gracefully lunges forward and catches you in a tight hug, pinning your arms at your sides and squishing her plush chest into yours. “I’ve just been dying to feel that cock of yours inside me.” As she whispers that last sentence, you feel her hand come down to gently brush over your limp penis. Her touch is soft and playful, worlds apart from Momiji and Sanae’s tight and passionate stroking.

"She really liked that, didn't she?" the blonde woman says, nodding over at the dazed Sanae. "I remember when I was startin' out. Felt so good gettin' that sex itch scratched, I ended up just like her every time."

While she's gently whispering and nibbling on your ear, her hands get to work in earnest. She teases all your most sensitive parts with her sharp nails and soft fingertips, so lightly that it feels like she’s hardly touching you at all. Combined with her heady perfume, the warmth of her exceedingly soft body, and the rich sound of her naughty voice, you can feel your heart speeding up again. It felt like you were completely spent after cumming so hard in Sanae, but you're starting to harden up again already. Is this all because of the medicine, or...?

“Ahhh, you've still got some life left in you! Why don't we see just how hard you can get~?" With a bit of repositioning, she’s able to squeeze your shaft between her plump, warm thighs, which remain clad in her extremely moist pair of silky-smooth hose. Your swollen glands pokes out between them, where it’s treated to a full course of scratching and squeezing while her voluptuous thighs massage your shaft. Inches away from your face, she watches your groaning with a predatory grin.

“Wow, still so eager after three rounds. We coulda had all sorts of fun together if you'd asked to have me alone…” But then, her lewd grin suddenly fades, and her eyes glance nervously away from you. “Ah, geez, there I go again. Seems like I’ve got nothin’ but sex on the brain. I can’t be all pure and innocent like those two, or classy like Kaguya was. That… doesn’t turn you off, does it?”

You wouldn’t have asked for her if it did. A mature, experienced, and lustful woman is just what you want right now.

Yamame sighs with relief and redoubles her hug, squishing her soft breasts into your bare chest while her thighs grind hungrily your cock. If your arms weren't pinned, you'd return the affection. “Hah, what a gentleman! I shouldn’ta doubted you.”

Yamame gives you one last squeeze before stepping away and taking off her skirt, leaving her naked save for her panties and pantyhose. It’s clearly a strain on her, but she manages to keep her hands to herself long enough for you to look her over.

Her womanly body is deliciously soft, pale, and curvy, with wide hips and long, smooth legs to match her heavy breasts. She treats you a few deep moans as she trails her hands all along her, rubbing her slit through her underwear and slowly squeezing her breasts.

She starts to pull off the last of her clothes as well, but that seems to be too much of a bother for her. Instead, she puts her hands between her legs, lets out a small grunt, and tears a sizable hole in her pantyhose to reveal her drenched red lips. You think for a moment that she tore her panties open as well, but then you see that they were designed to be crotchless.

“Heh. Told you, didn't I?”

Not wasting any time, she gets up on the bed and bends over, reaching back with both hands to spread herself wide open. “Don’t hold back, alright? I want you to use every inch of me…”

With a sight like that before you, you don’t need to be told twice. You push her plump ass down with both hands and penetrate her as forcefully as you can, filling her to the brim in a split second.

“Mmm! Oh, yeah… that’s it…”

Yamame purrs in satisfaction while you let out a low groan. Her pussy is soaked through after so much waiting, and her insides are incredibly warm. The squeeze is a bit looser than Sanae’s, but still tight enough to let her walls cling to your cock. And the texture is amazing; her walls are velvety-soft and covered in dozens of small folds, which all seem to nestle themselves comfortably along your length.

“Here, let me give you a little extra service…”

Suddenly, all the little bumps and creases in her pussy start to shift around you. It's not especially fast, but there's so many of them all moving in different directions as they massage her hot juices into every inch of your cock. It's extremely strange at first, but... actually quite nice, once you get used to it. Still, you can't help twitching and moaning in surprise, drawing a satisfied smirk from your partner.

“Hah… how about that? Tengu pussy might be tighter, but my spider-cunt’s way more exciting.” Yamame beams with pride as she looks over her shoulder, shaking her ass expectantly and swirling your penis around inside her. She doesn't start to move on her own, though; it seems she's waiting for you to claim her like you did the others.

If that's the case, you can't very well keep a lady waiting. Her twitching folds keep trying to draw you deep inside her, forcing you to fight against their insistent pull as you slide your cock back out of her. When you’ve managed to pull out everything but the head, you dig your fingers into her ass and slam right back into her, forcing out a high-pitched squeal of delight. That’s enough to shock her pussy into stillness, making it easier to get into a quick, forceful rhythm.

"Hah! Ahh... Full force right outta the gate, huh?"

While you’re thrusting, her soft walls stop their movements, instead just tightening around you to mold themselves onto your length. But if you give her the slightest pause, they’ll come back to life and go back to stroking you, blurring your vision as they stimulate your cock in dozens of places at once. Thanks to that, there’s no reprise from the hot, drenched pleasure inside her, and you feel your mind starting to go fuzzy as a seething heat builds up inside you.

But even still, you’re only using her pussy. Recalling Yamame’s instructions, you push her further forward and get on your knees behind her, bending down over her as you pull her tight against you. Like this, you’re able to hug her warm, curvy body from behind and bury your nose in her sweet-smelling hair while your hips plunge away relentlessly. You reach around to her front with both hands; one sinks into her soft tits and starts to play with them, while another moves further down to play with her lewd clit.

“Ohh, yes! Just like that!” Yamame puts her hands over yours to encourage them, throwing back her head to moan enthusiastically. Sharp tremors run through her body as you assault her most sensitive spots, and she channels her excitement to push back onto you. The extra force from her movements heightens the friction and pleasure from her soft, luxurious walls, and it's also nice to feel her soft ass and thighs hitting you like a set of sexy pillows. You spend most of the time thrusting like usual, but sometimes you'll stop and let her walls work you over while you focus your attention elsewhere.

Sanae’s breasts required some force to grope, but your fingers just sink right into Yamame’s huge bust. It’s easy to simply immerse yourself in the softness, feeling them jiggle in your hands with every sharp thrust. Those large, lewd nipples of hers are perfect for teasing as well, letting you pinch and roll and tug on however you please. Sometimes you squeeze hands into the sides of her breasts, using the leverage to rub her nipples together and make her cry out shamelessly as you churn up her pussy.

Other times, you focus your attention on her clit. Like her nipples, it’s also quite large and sensitive, vulnerable to all sorts of stimulation. She tightens up on instinct whenever you play with it, so you can just rub a finger back and forth or in little circles over its surface to heighten the pleasure whether you’re thrusting or staying still. Her voice gets even louder and shriller when you do that, so you just plug her mouth with a few fingers on your free hand, which she enthusiastically sucks on. Feeling her long, moist tongue coil around you sends shivers down your spine and through your cock, even as it’s stroked and rubbed on from every angle inside her squishy pussy.

You're starting to feel a bit limited just doing her from behind, though. You muster your willpower and manage to pull out of her, shivering as your dripping cock is exposed to the cool air. Yamame starts to make a disappointed sound, but that's cut short as you sweep her into a bridal carry. A body like hers certainly isn’t light, but you can still carry her well enough.

“Hmm~? Got something in mind?” Yamame teases. A flushed grin is the only response she gets. Keeping her aimed towards you, you find a free spot on the wall and pin her against it. Your hands move down to hold her up by her plump thighs, and she reaches down to spread herself open for you. Not wasting any time, you brace your legs and ram your full length back up into her.

“Ahih!” Her eyes roll up a bit at the sudden penetration, while her full lips form a shameless grin. However, she only gets to moan for a moment before you mash your face onto hers. Now that she’s facing you, you can savor her mouth all you want.


As expected, she’s quite skilled at kissing, even when you’re slamming into her sensitive pussy once every second. Your tongues dance together in a sloppy yet passionate way, though the constant bursts of pleasure interrupt both of you. Her saliva has a slightly sweet taste to it, which matches up nicely with the almost-cloying perfume and her natural musk. Together, they constantly overpower your senses, allowing her to wrestle back the advantage whenever you’re about to pin down her slippery tongue.

Meanwhile, her soft, smooth legs wrap around your waist, pulling you back into her after every thrust. Not that you need the help, with the way you’re assaulting her hot, shuddering pussy, but it makes it clear that she doesn’t want you to let up in the slightest.

“Mmmph! Mmm… Mmmh…” Releasing your head, Yamame reaches down and grabs her breasts, rubbing them against your chest to get your attention. You take the hint and break the kiss with a loud pop, leaving her to pant and gasp with breathless pleasure while you move down to play with her chest. She holds them together for you as you wrap your lips around her nipples, letting her breasts cushion your mouth. From there, you set about sucking and nibbling on the lewd pink nubs, sometimes pulling back to pepper them with kisses.

“Y-your teeth… Oh, that’s so good!”

Another passionate minute passes, with your mouth switching back and forth between her lips and her breasts. You’ll kiss her and keep your hips still until her frustrated moans reach a breaking point, then attack her nipples and her pussy at once to drive her mad with pleasure.

But even this isn’t enough. You're free to use your mouth like this, but you want to enjoy her body with your hands as well. So, you wrap your arms around her back, step back from the wall, and fall back safely on the bed. She gets on her knees while you sit down beneath her, planting her hands at your sides and bouncing up and down on your cock while you thrust up into her.

Like this, her whole sultry body’s within your reach. You can freely smack her bottom, grope her breasts, or tickle those twitching hose-clad feet, all while enjoying her incredible pussy. Or you can dig your hands into her ass and hold her down, forcing those lewd, dexterous folds of hers to service you with all the skill they can muster while you rake your tongue over her nipples.

“Ohh... hahh...Hiih!”

While you’re casually groping her plump rear and pulling her up and down your cock, your fingers happen to brush across her asshole. Those panties of hers leave it nicely exposed, so it’s extremely vulnerable at the moment. All you need to do is tear her pantyhose a bit more, and…

“Ahh? Wha’re you… Gah!”

With a little more force than necessary, you screw your finger up into her asshole. The tight, puckered opening puts up a good deal of resistance, but it's surprisingly welcoming once you pass that. Her asshole shares the same intense heat as her pussy, and it's lined with delicate, sensitive ridges that do little more than twitch. You twist and pump your finger inside her, slowly at first but speeding up until you can move it in time with time with your cock. She's loosened up a little by that point, so you promptly work in another to fill her completely once again.

The extra stimulation tightens up her soaked pussy quite nicely, enough that you can feel your fingers rubbing against your penis through her cunt. Now you start to alternate between thrusting your hand and your hips; a sharp thrust with your cock makes her eyes roll up as both her holes squeeze shut, and her folds will just start to move again before your fingers shock them back into obedience. The rim of her asshole clamps up hard enough to crush your fingers together, but you're able to spread your digits apart further inside her to scrape them over her walls between thrusts.

"Ohh... So goood..."

You ravish her holes with your cock and two fingers, letting your mouth and your other hand roam wherever they please: her lips, her breasts, her fingers... right now, they're all yours to play with. The two of you fuck with mindless passion, filling the cabin with loud cries and wet, meaty sounds, and you soon feel yourself go past the point of no return.

“Yes! Yes, cum inside mee!”

Yamame wraps her arms and legs tightly around you, wailing in pleasure as your cum spurts out into her womb. Her pussy goes wild around your cock, simultaneously clamping down and attacking you with every one of its folds to make sure your mind stays completely blank. At the same time, your head ends up buried between her pillowy-soft breasts, and her powerful scent and passionate moans fill your nose and ears. Even though you did most of the work, she seems to be the one in control now as she clutches you in an inescapable hold and squeezes out shot after shot of sperm.

The squeezing and stroking and milking doesn't stop until she's wrung out more than enough cum to fill her up and spill out over your waist. When your penis finally starts to go limp, there’s a sudden deafening silence as Yamame's luscious moaning finally stops. Raising your head from the blonde woman's chest, you see her smiling down at you, still flushed through and panting for breath. That sort of look seems natural for her.

“Wow, you really… live up to the hype…”
No. 34339
File 139347440941.jpg - (138.73KB, 850x1133, andthisagain.jpg) [iqdb]
She releases her predatory grip and pulls off, collapsing next to you on the bed. You reach out to caress her hair, but you're interrupted by Momiji and Sanae. The two young girls crawl over your chest, their faces dyed red with lust and need. Yamame occupied your attention so thoroughly that you hadn’t noticed if they were watching.

“Don't be tired already… I’m not satisfied with just one load…” Momiji pants, her soft tail swishing back and forth.

“Mmm... me too… I still want more…” As if to underscore her desire, Sanae shudders and leaks out another glob of cum.

Before you have a chance to respond, the two girls grab your limp shaft to stroke it up. There's not enough space for both of them, though, so their hands end up wrapped around each other and fighting for control. They turn their heads to glare at each other, but their eyes soften at the sight of each other’s arousal.

“Ah... um, y-you can take this part…” Sanae murmurs. Her soft, smooth hand glides down to your scrotum, which she kneads and fondles as carefully as she can. Her delicate fingertips gradually isolate your balls and massage them gently, while the tips of her nails tickle your skin. That frees up your shaft for Momiji, who grasps it with a rough yet careful hand and starts to rhythmically squeeze it. As soon as your cock is hard enough, the wolf-girl changes over to a quick, hungry stroking, holding you gently enough that her roughness just heightens the stimulation.

They move their heads up to your chest a moment later, where they each start to suck on one of your nipples while staring pleadingly into your eyes. You can feel their moans vibrate against your chest, and seeing you twist and groan beneath their combined technique only encourages them to work harder. As your cock approaches its full size, they decide to divide your shaft between them; Sanae’s smooth hand pumps steadily along the bottom half, while Momiji’s stronger, work-worn fingers squeeze and twist around the sensitive tip.

Between the simulation from their hands and mouths and the pleading looks on their faces, you feel your cock rise and thicken yet again. However, they seem too caught up in their passions to stop the heavenly double-handjob once you’re erect. It’s up to you to move things along.

“Ahh… Hah?”


Suddenly rising from the bed, you grab the two surprised girls and push them down onto each other. Sanae ends up atop Momiji, squishing her soft body into Momiji’s lean form and leaking still-fresh cum and juices all over the tengu’s silky tuft and pussy. That gives you enough time to get on your knees and thrust your cock right between them, thoroughly coating it with that hot, sticky mess of fluids.



With their bodies lined up like that, it’s easy to hit both their clits at once. The hard nubs scratch a sharp line of pleasure along the top and bottom of your cock, while the soft, warm lips of their pussies squeeze and caress you. You’d been planning to do this for only a moment, but you start to thrust your hips between them instead; it's a mesmerizing sight, watching the two lovely girls hug each other and mash their flawless bodies together while you torment them both. You can feel their heat and arousal soaking into your cock, and their pleading moans grow more and more insistent as they start to grind themselves onto your length.

“S-stop teasing me…”

“I can’t take it… I need you to… put it in…”

It can’t match the feeling of being inside them, though. Once you’ve stirred their passions to the breaking point, you pull back and dig your hands into Sanae's plump, inviting ass...

“Not done yet, are you? Lemme just get a taste…”

… But you’re interrupted by Yamame, who crawls over and wraps her lips around your cock. She’s finally naked now, allowing your eyes to drink in the sight of her pale, exceedingly curvy ass and legs while her skilled mouth goes to work on you. She cleans you off completely with a few swirls of her wet tongue, then sucks in her cheeks a little and starts to thrust her head back and forth.

Both girls whine in frustration, their desires growing even greater as Yamame sensually cleans you off. Sanae starts to shake her hips and grind her clit against Momiji’s, making them both tremble and moan until they start kissing as well. Momiji’s hands find their way around Sanae’s head, and the two girls stimulate each other in a dozen places at once as they press and rub themselves together.

You moan huskily as well. Your consciousness is getting all muddy, and the heat inside you seems to be getting even stronger. Yamame pulls off your cock and kneels beside you, whispering into your ear as her soft, nimble hands slowly stroke you.

“Ah, looks like I gave you a bit of a fever there. Hope you don't mind. Feels good, though, doesn’t it? Like you’re just burning up with excitement.” She gestures to Sanae and Momiji, the two innocent girls who are now making out furiously in front of you. “And they both mighta caught it too. We’re all gonna go crazy tonight…”

With that, Yamame shifts over and hugs you from behind, flattening her soft breasts against your back as she reaches around to caress your nipples. Sanae and Momiji soon notice that you're finally ready for them, abruptly stopping their tribadism to spread their drenched pussies wide open and shamelessly beg for your cock.

“Me! Me first!”

“No, do me…”


“Nngh! Harder! Fuck me harder!”

You can’t quite recall who you chose, but you know they both felt amazing. Now you’re sitting on the edge of the bed and hugging Yamame from behind, pressing her thighs into her stomach and balancing her on top of you while you fuck her hot, tight ass. The soft ridges inside don’t caress you like the ones in her pussy did, but they're enough to keep you twitching endlessly as your cock forces its way over each and every one of them. The blonde woman’s bow came loose at some point, allowing her silky, wavy golden hair to spill all over her back.

“Oh, yes! Just like... just like--Aah!”

Yamame clenches up everything from her mouth to her spasming toes, and her asshole tightens up even further. Glancing over her shoulder, you can see the cause: a still-horny Momiji with her lips over lips over Yamame's clit. After a few seconds of sucking, the wolf-girl lowers her head and starts to eat Yamame out, digging in with long strokes of her strong, rugged tongue. Cum and juices spill over her face in equal measure, and her eyes are so hazy that you doubt she can see a thing. Her hands have both found their way between her legs, where she's begun to plunge her fingers into her freshly-refilled pussy.

You can only imagine how Yamame feels, with your cock and Momiji’s tongue working her over at the same time. Her moaning hasn't quieted down at all, and she's still so tight that you can barely move your cock. Tightening your grip again and pressing her sweaty back into your chest, her hair sticking and tickling you as you start to pull her up and down.

You don't keep that up for long, though; suddenly, Sanae crawls over and hugs you from the side. Not able to resist, you take your hands off Yamame to seize the younger girl’s healthy body. That nearly makes Yamame fall over, but she quickly adjusts to the change. Planting her feet on the floor, she reaches back to grab the bedsheets and starts to bounce up and down on your lap herself.

You eagerly buck your hips back against her, but the exquisite heat and tightness still fade to the background as you turn and seal your lips onto Sanae’s. Even through all this excessive musk, she still retains a bit of her windy, spring-like scent. Her tongue lunges blindly after yours while you busy your hands with her naughty young body, groping and squeezing everything from her luscious round breasts to her ticklish, pedicured feet. She moans and writhes happily under your touch while she masturbates with one hand and caresses your bare chest with the other, not breaking the kiss until a full minute of groping has passed. By then, the ceaseless pleasure from Yamame’s riding has brought you to the edge, leaving you barely able to think. Still, you manage to brush Sanae's hand aside and start fingering her yourself, feeling her tight insides coil hungrily around you.

“Ahhn! Ahh… Mmm…" A wide, perverted smile covers Sanae's face as she starts to buck onto your hand. "I really like this job, but… it’s never felt this good before~ I wanna keep doing it again and again. D-don’t stop until we’re all worn out, okay?”

You’re about to answer, but then another orgasm washes over you.


The next thing you know, you’re standing up on two unsteady legs and bracing yourself against the wall. All three of the girls are all kneeling beneath you, using their mouths to service you.

Yamame kneels directly behind you. Her hands are dug right into your ass, spreading your cheeks and asshole wide open to make room for her mouth. Her slippery tongue probes around skillfully inside you, making you tremble with wave after wave of strange pleasure. Her fingers knead and squeeze your cheeks in the meantime can hear her seductive moans reverberating throughout your body.

Right in front of her, Sanae suckles your balls. Your whole shaved scrotum is cradled in her warm, wet mouth, and she sucks on it in slow, rolling bursts as her tongue traces her tongue all around you. She's moaning as well, using the gentle vibrations to back up her tonguework; judging by how fast and strong the sounds are, she's probably started to masturbate again.

Those two only heighten the pleasure from Momiji, who kneels in front of you and growls dreamily while she deepthroats your cock. She keeps her wet lips squeezed around you like a vise as she quickly bobs her head. Her rough tongue stays pressed against the underside of your shaft, while your tip is constantly squeezed and sucked on by her throat. Her fluffy tail wags contentedly behind her the whole while, and she's hungrily groping herself with one hand while the other teases between her legs.

No matter how you moan or twist your hips, the girls don't let up in the slightest. Pulling back only drives Yamame's tongue deeper into you, while pulling away from her drives your cock into the depths of Momiji's throat. You could cum easily if they kept it up, but Momiji doesn’t want to waste your load like that. After another minute of mind-blanking service from the three ladies’ mouths, she pulls off and stands up, giving you a quick kiss on the lips before turning around.

“Mmm... You fucked me so much already, but I'm still burning up inside..."

You must have cum inside her three times already, judging by the amount of semen that pours out when she spreads herself. She also digs a pair of slippery digits into her asshole, grunting and trembling as she stretches that open for you as well.

“I've never felt like this before… I don’t care which one you pick, so long as you make me feel good...”

The tengu grunts with satisfaction as you trail your hands down her lean, powerful body. Sanae and Yamame don’t let up for a moment while you line yourself up, ensuring that you’re perfectly hard as you jam your cock into Momiji’s tight ass. Your fingers dig into her firm yet pliant breasts, and you hold her tight body close as you fulfill both your desires.


It’s been a long time since the sun went down. Now the girls are bent over and lined up for you, with their hands on the headboard and their asses sticking out towards you. Sanae’s plump, firm bottom is on the left, followed by Yamame’s voluptuous rear, and then Momiji’s firm, taut buttocks. All three of them are splattered with layers of cum, but they still shake their hips and moan huskily as they beg for even more.

“Mm… Not enoough…”

“Cum again inside me…!”

The fever and medicine can’t keep you going forever, and you feel yourself nearing the verge of collapse. Despite the delicious sight before you, your penis is only half-erect.

“No… not yet… Just one more…”

But half an erection is more than nothing, and you can’t let yourself stop until you’re completely spent. Forcing yourself to your knees, you crawl over for one last round with the girls, starting on the left with Sanae.

“Hooray~ Don’t hold back, I wanna feel really good~”

The shrine maiden moans happily as you fit your cock inside, displacing a few blots of hot cum in the process. Her young, lively pussy is still nice and tight, and the hot semen coating her walls makes it easy to move. You take it slow to start with, taking care not to somehow twist or bend your soft cock the wrong way, but your penis stiffens quickly in Sanae's hot, tingling grip. Soon, you're able to go back up to full speed, your thrusts smacking into her ass hard enough to make it bounce delightfully.

At the same time, you give Yamame’s plump rear a few healthy smacks, enjoying the ensuing jiggling for a moment before you push three fingers into her soaked, velvety depths. You make your hand plunge in and out even faster than your hips, churning up that lewd hole of hers into a frenzy. Her rich, sultry moans are a delight for the ears, but it’s Sanae’s melodic cries that capture your attention.

“Ahhn~! More, more!”

The sex and fever have done a good job of breaking Sanae in. She was so nervous when you entered her before, but now she just moans blissfully and thrusts back onto you with all her strength. Her long green hair is strewn messily over her back, stained and sticky in places from errant spurts of cum. And down beneath her, her breasts sway and bounce lewdly with every sharp movement and violent crash of your hips. She really has a lot of potential; if she can develop her skills and gain a little more confidence, you’re sure she'll be a top attraction.

Especially with this incredible pussy. She has all the tightness and wetness you could ask for, but those divine shocks of pleasure take it to an entirely different level. They only grow stronger the harder you fuck her, until they're powerful enough that it could make you cum on its own.

It would be wonderful to keep going and fill up her womb once again, but you have two more girls to please. Once you’re as hard as you can possibly be, you pull out and move on to Yamame…


… And shove a finger into Sanae’s inexperienced ass. It hasn't been penetrated once tonight, so it takes a good bit of rubbing and twisting before you finally clear the crushingly tight rim. Once you do, though, a simple thrusting is all it takes to drive Sanae wild. At the same time, you remove your fingers from Yamame’s shuddering depths, reaching over to plunge them right into Momiji’s tight pussy instead. That makes the wolf-girl perk right up, crying out happily as her begging is finally rewarded. You try to thrust into the two hot, tight holes at the same pace, fast enough to make the human and tengu both wail with pleasure.

That leaves you without anything to grab Yamame with, but she takes care of the penetration for you. The naughty spider reaches under herself and grabs your length with two surprisingly steady fingers, grinning and winking over her shoulder as she lines you up and slides onto you.

“Mmmm! Ohh, can’t get enough'a that...”

She stays still for a few moments, savoring the fullness while her soaked, velvety walls start to rub your throbbing shaft all over. But a few moments is the most she can manage, and soon she’s bucking onto your cock with all the strength she can muster. Keeping your hands buried in the other two, you start to thrust with your hips as well, capping each one with a loud, tight, messy impact that drives every thought from your mind.

"Oh! Oh, so good... C'mon, make me cum again..."

Yamame tightens her grip on the bed and changes over from thrusting to grinding, letting her hungry pussy work your cock over while she twists her ample hips from side to side. Like that, you only need to keep your cock inside her, and she gives you all the pleasure you can handle. Her long hair flips over her shoulder as she throws her head back for a lustful smile. You've never seen someone look so horny and so content at the same time; it seems that she’s perfectly happy as long as she has a nice young man to do this with.

Sanae and Yamame’s cries grow louder and louder, while Momiji’s low moans build at a slower rate. The girls at your sides are both bucking onto you now, When Sanae and Yamame both seem to be trembling right on the edge, you suddenly start to pump your cock and your left hand at full speed. A half-dozen rapid thrusts with each are all it takes to bring them both over the edge.

“Oohhh! My butt..."


Unfortunately, there’s no time to linger and enjoy their squealing and milking. While they collapse onto the sheets and start to sloppily make out, you tear yourself away from Yamame’s convulsing pussy and scoot over to the still-panting Momiji, who perks up cutely at your approach.

“Ah! Please, do it in my pussy this time…”

Momiji releases the headboard and raises her ass high into the air, wagging both her butt and tail in front of you. Her ass and pussy are both gaping open now, still leaking out the residue of previous ruttings. You take your time to enjoy the sight before grabbing her soft yet sturdy ass and pushing yourself into her.

You couldn’t say how many times she’s cum by now, but the orgasms seem to have loosened and lubricated her enough to make the penetration easy. She’s still quite tight inside, though; her rough walls wrap themselves around you as snugly as ever, soaking every inch of your length in her own flavor of sticky warmth. You just came inside her asshole a little while ago, but her greedy pussy already wants more. You can’t really blame her, though; it seems like she rarely gets the opportunity to go wild like this.

You can see her tongue hanging out as she pants and moans with pleasure, too caught up in the ecstasy of mating to think of anything else. You turn her around so you can drink in the sight of her blissful face, feeling her hot, musky breath puff up onto you while her pussy throbs and squeezes your cock with every plunge.

Sanae and Yamame have finished their orgasms by now, but they still have a bit of strength left. The two ladies lie down on either side of Momiji and reach up towards you, grabbing your shoulders and drawing you down into a heavenly embrace. With all three of their soft, womanly bodies pressed into you, you’re free to kiss and grope whatever you please while they do the same to you. You keep pounding away at Momiji’s amazing pussy all the while, feeling it get tighter and tighter as she nears a final shuddering climax. Everyone's moaning voices form a pleasant harmony, while their scents mix together into an overpowering musk. The sheer volume of sensations makes everything difficult to process, blurring together into a thick, wonderful mush.

It’s paradise.

Your orgasm seems to come all too soon, bringing Momiji over the edge with you. Your final load of cum spurts out deep inside her, still quite thick and plentiful; it doesn’t take long for her womb to overflow, stuffed full as it was already. The wailing, thrashing tengu doesn’t seem to mind that, though, as the vise-like grip of her walls stays tight even as your hot cum splashes back out of her. Still, you fight against the tightness and suction to pull out so you can spray the last of your cum over the girls. The sights, sounds, and smells are enough to keep you going for what feels like minutes as you paint them all from face to thighs with your semen.

Eventually, the last drop comes shooting out, splattering onto Momiji’s firm stomach. The girls lie before you in a happy, pleasured row, faces flushed and chests heaving while thick pools leak out between their legs. Your knees suddenly fail you as you're taking in the sight, and you fall right into the squishy pile of messy, purring girls. The last thing you register before blacking out is the comforting feeling of their arms wrapping around you.


You wake up at the bottom of a soft pile of girls. Sanae seems to have found her way on top of you, while Yamame cradles your arm between her breasts at your side and Momiji lies curled up at your feet. Through a crack in the curtain of Sanae's hair, you glimpse a few rays of pale morning light.

You’re very sore, and extremely hungry.

Carefully lifting a few bodies and limbs out of the way, you crawl off the bed and carefully stand up, shivering in the morning chill. Your legs and hips have a hard time supporting you, shaking and buckling as you shuffle your way out of the bedroom and into the kitchen.

Last night's fire is long gone. It probably didn't last through your third orgasm, and you were all too busy with each other by then to fix it. As you set about building a new one to make some tea, your eye is caught by the dazzling blanket of snow outside.

There’s a lot more now than there was last evening, so much reaches right up to the windowsill now. You probably can’t even get out the door. It does seem to be melting, though; you can see and hear a steady dripping from the roof above.

“It really snowed last night, huh? I didn’t even notice~”

Sanae’s cheery voice startles you from behind. It's still as cheery as ever, though she understandably sounds a bit hoarse. There's also a certain depth to her cheer that wasn't there before. You turn around to see her standing quite near you, wearing nothing more than her sweater. The oversized garment is just barely long enough to cover her crotch, and she hasn’t bothered to put her arms all the way through the sleeves. Last night's dried mess is still visible all over her thighs and legs and the exposed part of her cleavage, too. She jumps forward for a quick, affectionate hug, giving your neck an affectionate nuzzle before turning to face the window with you.

“It’ll be a lot of trouble to dig out through all that. But if the weather keeps us from getting back on time, I guess it can’t be helped.” Sanae tightens her grip around your waist and looks up mischievously into your eyes. “Let’s just enjoy ourselves until it clears up, okay~?”
No. 34340
As wonderful as always, and I hope you never stop writing.
No. 34341
Oh sweet jesus, you gotta warn a brutha before you post a four fucking page long LP update. Excuse me while I attempt to prepare my body.
No. 34343
Holy shit, that was everything I could have asked for, and then some.
No. 34346
Welp now we won't have to ask for "what if" scenarios with Sanae, Momiji, and Yamame, because they've now been done. Thank you for this gift!
No. 34347
Best series here? Best series.
No. 34349
You're pretty much the best /at/ writer. If only we could clone you...
No. 34358
Magnificent. I'd be lying, though, if I said I wasn't a little disappointed with how Momiji and Sanae turned out, and how you never had Yamame do a little webbing play...

Whatever. It was still an excellent read.

Now when are you going to do that Suwako & Kanako CYOA you promised back in the original Lotus Pavilion?
And no jumping on the bandwagon and making Kanako an utterly worthless uké!

No. 34362
the bandwagon would be having her be a rope using dom.
No. 34364
Not in doujins with Suwako in it...
No. 34373
File 139367960582.jpg - (365.17KB, 1200x1763, img_0017.jpg) [iqdb]
Regarding the possible Kanako-Suwako CYOA for the Lotus Pavilion, will we get to see anything like what's shown in the image next to this post?
No. 34374

I sure hope not.
No. 34376
I demand hat on, no matter what choice is made
No. 34401
I sure hope not, either...
The technique is... OK, but I'd rather Suwako and Kanako be into it. After all, he's done it with pretty much every other character so far...
(what doujin'd that come from, anyway?)
No. 34410
It's from that silly paizuri technique collection book. Or was it books, I think there were two parts to it?
No. 34412
There have been 4 books, with the last 2 being repeats of the first 2 books, but with the addition of some new content.
No. 34432
You know, I just had a crazy thought.
How does a Gensokyo swinger's club sound? Instead of individual girls, there'd be couples (with KanaSuwa being one of said couples).

We're a bronze coinholder. I think handling two women at a time shouldn't be too hard...
No. 34511
Will there be an upgrade to silver or gold?
No. 34520

Now that you mention it...I can't even imagine what silver and gold members have access to...
No. 34675
Ah, now I know why I didn't like the Winter Special: it felt too impersonal. No decisions to make, no getting to know the other girls, just a solid fucking. Eh...
No. 34676
It took you almost a month to figure that out?
No. 34678
it's better than nothing and it gave insight on how their arcs would have gone.
No. 34679
Speaking of Lotus Pavilion, will we ever get to see a continuation of the Patchouli story in >>/at/25003 with both Patchouli and Koakuma? Patchouli does mention the protagonist being "not as good as my other servant" so I wonder if we'll get a demonstration from both Patchouli and Koakuma?
No. 34680
My heart literally stopped for a second when I saw this thread on the front page. Thanks for nothin.
No. 35782
I've been thinking...
Is it possible that the Lotus Pavilion stories take place several years after the (implied future) events of Medicine's Dollhouse?
No. 35783
God I hope not
No. 35806
What gave you that thought?

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