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Any-anon Lords have sauce for this?


No. 3051
Considering it's a doujinshi that comes out in reitaisai 6, you'll have to wait a bit. And by bit I mean till you grow a hefty beard. And by hefty beard I mean 3 weeks.
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Oh, better get a shave, or I'll turn to this.
Thanks anywat Lord Anon.
No. 4397
Any experts out there got this one yet?
No. 4418
God damn it, I don't know what norwegian magic I used to find the circle link the last time around, but now I can't find anything related. A metric fuckton of webstores selling shirts and other utterly irrelevant crap is all I could find.
No. 4427
IQDB, perhaps?

It's the same artist as several doujinshi I do have according to Danbooru, so it should be はんなま / http://www17.ocn.ne.jp/~soine/
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Don't mind me, just repurposing this thread for a moment.
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