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First attempt at writing an H-scene.


Cautiously, you step into the clearing and greet the person in the middle.

"Rumia, why did you call me all the way out here?" You glance around surreptitiously. There's nothing but trees for miles around.

She doesn't turn, keeping her back to you as she speaks.

"I want a rematch." Her voice is steady, emotionless. "Here, now. Same terms, same rules."

"What? Rumia, that was over a year-" You begin, your mind reeling. What happened? You thought she'd gotten over it already!

"I said I want a rematch!" She practically screams, prompting a rustle of leaves as startled birds flee their roost. She turns angrily, pointing at you with a claw-like nail. "The rules say I can. The same conditions as before. If I win, I get to eat you. If you win, you can exterminate me." Her voice returns to it's former flat tone.

"But I thought we'd already settled this! I don't want to fight you!"

"So you forfeit?"

"No! I-"

"Then prepare yourself." With a wave of her hand she creates a half-dozen black spheres that float in mid-air. "It doesn't matter if you decide to fight or not, I won't lose this time." She smiles wickedly, drawing out a spellcard.

"Moon Sign「Moonlight Ray」!"

A pale-silver shell form around her, and a bright white lance extends from each arm. She swings faster than you can move, severing you escape route as the first ripples of her attack fly out.


A cry of pain and surprise escapes you as a white beam pierces your chest. With a sharp 'crack,' the duel border vanishes.


You curse yourself silently as the barrier on her third spell vanishes. When did she get this much stronger!?

"I won." Rumia states, almost in disbelief. She lets out an small, exited laugh, her hand shaking slightly. At the same time, you begin to shake as well, but for entirely different reasons. In your panic, you try to crawl, to run, to get away somehow, the pain from her attacks already fading.

A firm hand grasps your shoulder, spinning you around harshly, forcing you down onto your back.

"You shouldn't ignore your end of the bargain~" She looks into your terrified eyes, licking her lips slowly. "I want to enjoy my prize~" She whispers leaning in close.

Darkness gathers around you, solidifying into an impermeable blackness.

A cold terror spreads through your entire body, holding you still. She draws back, keeping one hand on your shoulder, as her other drifts down to your belt. Her fingers slip under the waistband, and you feel a sharp pain on your hip as she tugs at it. Grunting impatiently, she grasps the waist firmly on either side.

With a snap the fabric splits apart, leaving you in your underwear. You hear Rumia's smile return, her teeth barely visible in the gathering dark. Moving ever-so-slowly, she slips her hand into your underwear, her fingers brushing lightly against you. You shudder involuntarily.

In one movement she tears them away, leaving you exposed to the cool air. Her cheeks redden almost unnoticeable, and she dips her head down to your crotch. You flinch, expecting a sharp pain, but are instead greeted by the warm sensation of Rumia's lips. You gasp as her tongue dances lightly across the tip.

Rumia giggles, not removing her mouth. Her eyes gently close as she continues caressing it with her tongue, pulling back gradually as it gets hard. A small spasm of pleasure runs through your legs, and you moan.

You tense as the points of her teeth graze you lightly, only for her lips to brush over the same area. She slowly lifts her head, fingers running up and down, settling into a rhythmic motion, as she removes her mouth. Her tongue darts out, giving your gland a strong lick. A slow trickle of fluid runs down the front, onto her thumb. She looks at you and smiles.

"Enjoying it?"

A blush rises hotly to your cheeks and you attempt to stammer out a response. She giggles, moving back down.

She starts at the base, sucking and licking up the side with painful slowness. She bites it lightly, never enough to break the skin, all the while her finger delicately working up and down. She carefully grasps your foreskin between her teeth, tugging it gently, playing it around her mouth. A hot, almost syrupy feeling spreads through your entire body, draining the tension from your muscles.

Rumia notices and releases you, pressing her lips against the tip in a tender kiss. You feel her tongue prod you lightly, sending little bolts of white pleasure down your spine. She parts her lips slightly, slowly taking in more and more of you, the tip of her tongue making circles on the tip. The pleasure builds, filling you up, until you can't hold it in. You feel the corners of her mouth curve up slightly.

Your eyelids flicker as a white mist fills your head, brilliant pulses of pleasure wiping away all of your thoughts. Rumia sucks at it greedily, swallowing it as if it were ambrosia. As your orgasm ends she moves lower, licking off the last of your sperm.

Breathing heavily, you raise your head to look at her.

"Rumia... What was that?"

She crawls forward, placing her hand to either side of your chest.

"Ehe~ Did you enjoy it?" She smiles brightly, a tiny bit of white fluid running down her cheek. Mesmerized, you can only nod dumbly. "Good~" She leans in quickly, giving you a sharp nip on the ear, then pressing her cheek against your chest. "Should we continue, then?"


Part 2 coming later this week.

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Its Rumia-time!

Great 1st try Dr.Q! I was wishing for someone could write some Rumia Love Threads.
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>eat you

oh I get it
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>Her cheeks redden almost unnoticeable
>almost unnoticeable
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This is excellent. Looking forward for part two.
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I predict that she will eat him up in the end after she got what she wanted.
No. 3035
Vora end?
No. 3037
She's not Yuuka.
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Updates nanoka~
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Part 2, sorry for the wait.


"Continue...?" You stare at her open-mouthed as your brain interprets her words.

Rumia gives you a sly smile, giggling as she climbs further, nearly sitting in your lap.

"You mean-"

In a quick motion she presses her mouth against yours, wrapping her arms around your back, squeezing you. Her lips part slightly, and her tongue pushes against yours. You reciprocate, turning your head as you tongues entwine. Her hands roam across your body, gradually reaching the front of your shirt. She tears it open roughly, running her fingers across your bare skin.

Your eyes drift closed, enjoying the sensation of her touch. You put your arms around her, encircling her, stroking her hair. She presses herself closer against you in appreciation, 'mm'ing softly.

In your mind, still muddled by the euphoria and remains of fleeting terror, you can only think of how soft she is, and how good her warmth feels pressed against you. One of your hands drifts down her back, brushing along her hip and on to her thigh. She gasps, pressing herself into your erection, sending a burst of pleasure through you.

You pull her tighter, your hand sliding up under her skirt. Your fingers traces lightly on the inside of her leg, eliciting a small yelp and a moan from her. She pulls back, breaking the kiss, a thin trail of saliva rolling down her chin. Her face is flushed, and she's breathing almost as heavily as you are. She smiles almost dazedly.

"Are you ready?" She laughs softly.

Your heart skips a beat. Swallowing the lump in your throat, you manage a nod. "Yes." It comes out as barely a hoarse whisper, but it's enough. Rumia smiles, and everything goes dark. All at once her touch vanishes, leaving you alone in the inky blackness. You sit up slowly in bewilderment.

"Rumia? Where are you?" You look around futilly, peering through the gloom. You hear a faint rustle of fabric, and the flap of discarded cloth.

"Here~" She whispers into your ear, blowing on it lightly.

Her arms slip under your shoulders, tearing away the last of your shirt. Her skin presses against you, and you feel the softness of her breasts on your chest, her fast, hot, breath on your neck.

Your own breathing becomes erratic as her legs coil around you, encircling your hips, drawing you against her. She moans softly as your tip touches her, parting her moist lips slightly. Her head rests on your shoulder, and you can feel her hot breath on you neck.


Your chest tightens as you slip inside her, her tight walls sending a stream of pleasure through your body. Her body jerks, small moans escaping her as you push deeper inside. You hear a sharp intake of breath as you go completely inside her, and Rumia makes a little 'Mmmm' of satisfaction. She raises her head, still short of breath, and plants a light kiss on your lips.

You gently run your fingers through her hair, savoring the sensation of being inside her. She nuzzles against your neck appreciatively, almost purring. She begins to move, grinding herself against you. The muscles in your spine lose their strength, and you close your eyes, leaning into her as she picks up speed, her fluids running down your legs. Her scent fills your mouth and nose. It's intoxicating.

Rumia's mouth presses against your shoulder, her tongue running along your skin, making another spark of pleasure. You begin to buck your hips against her, matching her increasing pace. Her teeth prick you lightly as you slide in and out of her, white pressure gradually building inside you.

You feel a sharp sting as she bites down, a little rivulet of blood running unabated from the corner of her mouth. You barely notice the pain as she licks it up, mouth trailing down to you arm and chest, her walls contracting suddenly each time she bites.

Your breath comes in gasps, and amidst your pleasure-clouded thoughts one of your hands runs along Rumia's thighs, stroking it's way up her chest and taking a hold of her breast. You gently squeeze it, causing her to arch herself against you, gasping. Stroking the erect nipple gently with your thumb, you allow your other hand to firmly grasp her bottom.

Her moans become more frequent as you hips crash together, the haze returning to your mind much stronger than before. A still-working part of your brain tries to pull out, but Rumia's legs only grip you tighter, driving you deeper inside.

"Rumia, I'm-"

She squeezes you in a crushing embrace as her walls contract around you, again and again, as if milking you. A tingle passes down your spine, flooding out every other sensation with pure bliss. You hear Rumia cry out, a long, shuddering moan, and she falls limply into your arms. Without her support, you fall back gently into the damp grass.

The darkness around you slowly dissolves, and you squint against the assault of the sunlight. Idly, you brush away a few strands of hair from Rumia's face as she lies panting on your chest. She looks up at you with an unfocused gaze, smiling from the afterglow.

"That was... good..." She mumbles, snuggling against you.

"Why did you do it?"

She giggles softly.

"Because I love you."

Craning her neck, she places a tender kiss on your cheek. You smile back at her, a warmth spreading filling your chest.

"I love you, too."

You wrap your arms around her and lie there, still connected. This feels nice, too...


Raising a hand to shield your eyes from the morning light, you force yourself out of bed. Looking in the mirror, you gingerly touch your right arm. Ow. She really bites hard, doesn't she?

Luckily you're house is on the outskirts of the village, so no one noticed you come in. Explaining the bites could be troublesome, though...

You cast a glance over to the Rumia's sleeping form, watching the gentle rise and fall of her chest. Oh well. It's a price you'll have to pay, you guess.


And done~
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This was awesome and has left me wishing for more.
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Oh gods I came! Barrels of it!
U really got talent!
How 'bout a Cirno-love time?
No. 3096
>You cast a glance over to the Rumia's sleeping form, watching the gentle rise and fall of her chest.

No. 3098
>How 'bout a Cirno-love time?

No. Cirno's below the range in both appearance and personality.
No. 3099
File 125786023319.jpg - (50.35KB , 300x300 , Chibi Cirno.jpg ) [iqdb]
Aww..what does that meant anyway?
No. 3100
She looks, and acts, much to young. My vision of Rumia... Look at the second picture. She's pretty tall, she's got breasts, and she most certainly acts older than a child. Oh, and Cirno's actual height is about 2'4" or something. tiny
No. 3101
Such terrible things to say about our beloved little ice-fairy.
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I enjoyed this very much. Thank you for delivering to us this delicious Rumia scene.
No. 3103
Cirno is only good for having her ass malignantly violated by humognous objects.
No. 3104

Cirno is permanently little sister grade.
No. 3105
I always imagine Rumia shorter and more flat, but not because she is a child, because she just has no big breasts.
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Awesome. Nice work, Dr Q I came buckets.
No. 3108
File 125789393533.jpg - (529.97KB , 1600x1200 , 639532cf4834e8b8b218fbd4eb4102b7.jpg ) [iqdb]
>No. Cirno's below the range in both appearance and personality.

I have no problem with that.
No. 3110
File 125789465528.jpg - (923.94KB , 1132x1600 , [Omchicken]_Doki_Doki_Aya_x_Cirno_20e.jpg ) [iqdb]
No lolis/tinypussytities @ /at/ now eh?

I asked, if the boss say no, than its no..thanks for the Rumia scene anyways.

No. 3112

This pic is Wow.
No. 3114
I'm kind of a Lolicon, but some characters don't work. Suika and Suwako are fine. Some interpretations of Cirno are fine, just not the one I normally think of. Flandre is usually fair game.

Mystia is always good.
No. 3115
File 125789987035.jpg - (906.08KB , 850x5230 , cirnorape.jpg ) [iqdb]
I had that exact picture in mind when I read his post.

Also this one.
No. 3116

Well it depends on character.

Remi, Tewi, Suika: Are fine too.

Suwako, Chen, Flandre, and Rumia: Depends on portrayal in the story.

Cirno: Little sister only.
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Most delicious.
No. 3136
this is like, so sad. BAD REIMU!
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Delicious Suika eating delicious suika.
No. 3211
Hakurei is bankrupt. Someone has to earn money.
No. 3213
Suika eating herself?

That's some interesting clone-sex right there.

Someone should write it.
No. 11111

I hope you die a horrible death alone in an alley for making me see this