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Previous thread >>28016

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Why would you use his horrible fucking image as an op

delete and remake
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28115 >>
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No. 29552
Any luck on this?

No. 29555
Seems the file for >>28335 is gone, anyone mind reuploading it?
No. 29558
Apparently Hiyo seems to be doing porn (well, at least blowjob) with her face uncensored now (just hope the rest was too, but Japan...)

No. 29594

No. 29596
No. 29597
None are listed on webstores, so I'm going to assume the answer is no.
No. 29598
Ohh, I think the new Sakuya one from this same group is also worth a shot.

They do have an old different Sakuya one and i swear it used to be a download here but it disappeared.
No. 29657
Ah, so it was, sorry about that. Here you go.
No. 29663

Awesome. Thanks. =)
No. 29670
Anyone up for nabbing the @factory set? the model is cosplaying as Tewi.
No. 29675
http://dl.getchu.com/index.php?action=gd&gcd=D0012514&cp= plz plz plz
No. 29692
first link saku.rar damaged archive
No. 29694
Damn it, so it does, I even reuploaded it and am still getting the same error. It seems mega still has to work on their systems some more.
No. 29696
It's CP04 but not Room012. What a shame!
No. 29724
No shame! Room12 is here:

Password is the title of this vid, all lowercase, with no spaces:
No. 29739
Anyone with the complete download want to start a torrent?
No. 29750
kogasa race queen?
No. 29753
I found this dead depositfiles link from thread 6 for this set. Can anyone reupload it?
No. 29756
I am sorry, I can't open this video link.
No. 29757
Anyway, seeking for Room002 Reimu and COSK-001
No. 29786

you read "28554" again.
click"password is: "and search "room".
No. 29805
Hey! Someone already uploaded Touhou cosplay festival 5.

Kasen, Hina, Tenshi, Byakuren, Momiji and Kaguya.
No. 29821
Anybody here have this Utsuho set? Peeked my interest.

More pictures on this twitter page:
No. 29822
Another one from the same set
No. 29823
It's not even realeased yet. Pinkyweb posts pre-samples weeks/days ahead of a release on their twitter acco.
No. 29824
Even if it was non Ero that's one of the best Okuu Cosplays I've seen!
No. 29850
Is part8 broken?
No. 29853

tried downloading it last night, it gave me encryption error notification, now redownloading it.

also, I'm quite new for the use of this site, can you guide me of how I can import the file into my computer, please?
No. 29863
Hey oni or whoever else buys these sets:

How do you pay/what card do you use? and which shop?

Is it a digital download or a CD? Is there DRM?
No. 29872
Mainly from

Pay via Visa Credit Card

Digital Download, only http://www.dmm.co.jp has DRM for vids.
No. 29885
How did you get to these sites in the first place? Don't you need like a Japan address and registration (can't even enter DMM because i live overseas)

And I guess how does it work from there?
No. 29886
dl sites seem to be a bit more lax with japan-only. I've had issues with some (I forget which), but I've been able to buy stuff. Melonbooks is simple if you have a pixiv account, but doesn't have cosplay.
No. 29905
Utsuho set release!
No. 29910
dl.getchu.com doesn't even ask for any address if you're checking out as guest.
All you need is an email address and a credit card.
No. 29922
So is there any chance someone can upload ROOM010 somewhere?
There's currently no working links except the one that gets the decryption error.
No. 29957
What is Password?

filesize:1,904,436,395 bytes
No. 29961
Do you happen to be especially dense or something? He linked to a youtube video.
No. 29964
No. 29977

I'm wondering if anyone is picking up on the @factory sets.
No. 30023

the movie file wish of this -- it carries out
No. 30038
it carries out and is w

By the way, I've bought the @factory Tewi set and I'll have it up ASAP. Maybe tomorrow or sometime, since I still have to go to work and everything. I'll have that covered.
No. 30039
We'll get a set when she fucking stops censoring her face for no reason, we all know who you are, hiyo.
No. 30040
Ah, and I thought no one was paying attention.
Thanks dude
No. 30041

Oh god yes please and thank you
No. 30076


New set from Pinky.
No. 30077
Where is part 9?
No. 30078
404s already
No. 30079

C-could someone reup to DF or somewhere else, please?
No. 30080
Ryushare or Rapidgator. Neither Depositfiles nor Mediafire no longer allows you to post shared archives.

(or torrent on nyaa)
No. 30081
Can you guys upload that Utsuho set on sukebei.nyaa?

Badly need that set.
No. 30082
>Depositfiles [...] no longer allows you to post shared archives.
So it seems. Then yes, nyaa would be for the best, please...
No. 30086
can someone re-upload this? Links from the previous threads are dead.

No. 30088
My bad, I meant SPLIT zip archives.

my other point still stands
No. 30090
can someone re-upload this? Links from the previous threads are dead.
No. 30091
Oops, I had forgot those were still uploading and my computer restarted. All the parts should be there now.
No. 30092
Uploaded a torrent for those interested. Enjoy that one seeder.
No. 30093
Stuck at 99.7%
No. 30094
Is webDL057 a different set entirely?
No. 30095
Most of Tanaka Mana's new sets are up on exhentai.
No. 30096
This is ピンキーwebDL050 but i can't download,can someone upload on torrent
No. 30097
sr this link http://www.3dvdiso.com/html/24422.html
No. 30098

can someone upload on torrent?
No. 30099
fake links
No. 30106
Why yes, yes it is. I think my body needs that one badly as well
No. 30113
3dvdiso is a website which always give you fake links. There are many websites like this.
No. 30117
> 3dvdiso is a website which always give you fake links. There are many websites like this.

Fake definitely (never tried though). Sometimes easy to spot, this site, for example, has each of their fake release exactly the same. Definitely not suspicious at all :-P

(also having content only behind paywalled file locker)

Other fakers, such as jav-new.net at least bother checking the source size, and create fake file that more or less matches it.
No. 30125
Well, fuck, I hope someone got that Patchouli set by Arai Yami, because all her REBELLART sets disappeared from dl getchu.

I'm pretty sure I heard about this "deletion" a while back too...
No. 30128
Bad camerawork this time around. Not enough good angles and lots of jumpcuts. Nice model and great costume but the duckface doesn't suit her.
No. 30140
@factory is getting better folks!
Let's get those new Touhou sets around!
(plus this model, she's really cute)
No. 30151

can someone upload this?
No. 30158
I understand time constraints and everything. Though those new @factory sets need to be uploaded soon as possible
No. 30168

Well, of course!
No. 30170
Sorry, the delay has been a lot longer than I expected. I'll definitely have the Tewi set up today.

Is there a video with the Marisa set as well?
No. 30171

can someone upload this?
No. 30172
According to getchu there should be a 24 minute video with it. Of course once again whoever uploaded the set didn't bother including it in the torrent.
No. 30173
Currently splitting the rar for the Tewi @factory set. I'm using my old clunker of a computer and the upload may take a while, but it will be up today, pictures and video both.

If someone wants to put up the Marisa vid, that would be much appreciated.
No. 30174
Okay, what's the preferred uploader here? I'm trying ryushare but it's taking god damn forever.
No. 30175
Depositfiles. Or we could try my email.
No. 30176
Let's go DepositFiles, for Tewi set and the Marissa video
if that's not too much?
No. 30181
It was mentioned earlier in the thread that Deposit file doesn't allow split files anymore.
No. 30182
You just have to rename the parts and extensions.

It would be easier to just use >>30175
High speed and simultaneous downloads. The parts have to be 100MB, though.
No. 30183
No. 30187
I can't. My cap is so low that I wouldn't be able to seed for any meaningful amount of time anyway.

Looks like I'll be splitting the file again into smaller parts and reuploading them onto DF. If someone wants to make a torrent once they've downloaded the whole thing, that would be great.
No. 30189
What about the Marissa vid? has no one uploaded it yet? owo
No. 30190
No idea, I don't have it. Whoever upped the pictures hasn't provided the video (yet, anyway.)

I'm getting rid of the .part extensions, but do I have to give each file a totally different name? That seems excessive, not to mention confusing as hell for the downloader.
No. 30194
Whomever has the video COME FORTH!
No. 30196
I'm sorta sad that she doesn't shave.
No. 30197
She's got cute bush though.
No. 30207
I'm sad that people are still using this thread with this ugly-ass remi OP.
No. 30210
Then let's find more items and post more reply and this thread will be in history then Thread 8 will appear.
No. 30213
There were two threads at one though. Had to pick one
No. 30219
Keeping fingers crossed the Marissa vid comes up soon though.
No. 30244
Expect this uploaded somewhere later on in the night, torrents weren't working for me earlier so this is all I can do for now.
No. 30252
Part 7 doesn't seem to let me download it.
No. 30253

Is it just me or is it missing .008?
No. 30256
008 lost as well.
No. 30272
I don't quite know how 8 disappeared but reupping. Also, that Marisa set looks nice but a little too costly for my tastes.
No. 30275
That's it.
That damned Opera, I can't download 009 so that I use Yakumo Ran Browser instead.
No. 30276
Isn't that the tranny video...?
No. 30279
I am partly horrified anyone would go that far, but no it is not a tranny video. Just two girls that are actually girls.
No. 30282
Sorry for the long ass delay. I give you the Tewi @factory set:


Pics and video are both in the torrent. As I said before, I can't actually seed it for too long, but I'm sure other users will pick up the slack.

A couple of notes about this set: one, it's a major tease, and two, if you don't like chubby girls you will almost certainly not like this. There's something weird about a Tewi cosplayer with a healthy frame and huge tits, but that's what this is.
No. 30283
We all know where your tastes lie now.
If you want a good fat cosplayer, look up Nishizuku Hiyo. She has been losing weight, though.
No. 30285
I'm a pretty big Hiyo fan, yeah. But honestly, I like all types. Cute girls span the range from skinny to healthy. It's when you get to either extreme that we've got problems.
No. 30300

so have we got the video to the Marisa set now?
No. 30304

Best set ever, just cause she's so damn cute and knows how to be playful. Tyvm!
No. 30305
If we do,then don't think that's all of it.
No. 30311
No. 30324
I'm absolutely positive these are all working this time.
No. 30327
>explained multiple times why split archives on mediafire don't work
>offered multiple alternatives
>uploads to mediafire
No. 30330
>>30324is the file corrupted or something or it just me? downloaded all file then join them try to extract say it corrupted
No. 30338
Joined just fine for me with hjsplit.
No. 30341
I've never had issues with split archives on mediafire though with how they are, you shouldn't name your files too obviously and possibly add in some text files just to throw off their detectors.
No. 30342
All the files I have uploaded so far seemed to have worked fine and are still up, but I'll see about getting a torrent link.
No. 30346
It's fine as well. Is that the case your download is incomplete?
Well, someone told me that Mediafire delete if it is named as ".001".
No. 30348

checked the parts i dled and found that part 5 was only 160 something MB while the rest except for part 10 was 204MB so yeah probably an incompleted downloaded and just redownload again and as able to extract guess i probably download too many at the same time and it might cos the incomplete download...
No. 30351
I found this Chinese site and to be honest it's quite good.


It has more than a bit of material and the links, some are easy to use others not so much, but they are real. Like the Kasen set in my pic
No. 30354
The problem with this one is that you're downloading from China, which makes it very hard to have a fast/constant connection
No. 30358
The torrents from there are loading up real fast for me.
No. 30359
I am from china as well. Sometimes I use VPN to improve my downloads. But some websites got limit download for free user. If this is the case, I do not use VPN and restart the modem to get a new IP address to continue.
No. 30360
Anyway, where is COSK-001? Where is Room002? And where are other Reimu cjavs? I can't find them anywhere which is a hell pity.
No. 30361
can someone re-upload this? Links from the previous threads are dead.
No. 30368
Can you guys upload the WebDL057? Someone already uploaded the 56

No. 30380
who has this? please
No. 30383
I am pleased to see that COSK is here.
No. 30385
No. 30390
Can anyone re-upload or torrent Hiyo's cosplay sex videos?
I used to have her Reimu/Sakuya vids but I lost them and can't find working links anymore..
No. 30402
So there's Patachouli
and also Sakuya
Anyone jumping on this yet?
No. 30411
I never found any Hiyo videos. Only images from g.e-hentai.org. Well, as far as I remember, there were three characters... Reimu, Marisa and Sakuya.

Anyone upload please?
No. 30415
can anyone find and upload these two?


No. 30418
My friends MAN..
No. 30419
No. 30420
God... Koumajou Sakuya...
No. 30421

What is this? Some homepage? A set?
No. 30427
A homepage for a set.
No. 30430
No. 30435

Listen, Hiyo. We know that's you. Everyone knows that's you. Just stop censoring your face, because it's silly and pointless.
No. 30436
Korindou version, huh?
It's true that Rinnosuke is Marisa's servant before they entered Gensokyo. So only Marisa call him the nickname "Korin".
Well, don't hesitate Korin, do sex with Marisa as you wish.
No. 30437
Are you still stupid enough to not have understood that different labels do things... differently? Though, stating such a fact is silly and pointless.
No. 30439
I was just kind of making a joke, but thanks for pointing that out to me. I guess I really am stupid. At least I don't have a stick up my ass.
No. 30455
Out of the three most recent @factory sets
someone's least gotta get this one
No. 30476
part2 403 - Forbidden...
No. 30508
Are you Chinese? As you say "I really am" that's Chinese symbol.
No. 30528
Any progress on @factory?
No. 30534
Someone has been uploading many dvds ttp://xhamster.com/user/video/test00/new-1.html
No. 30538
He just divided Touhou Cosplay Festival (TMA products) into a few parts.
No. 30549
Bleh, nothing new. @factory may be amping stuff judging by the twitter pics
No. 30555
Indeed it is, I'm just re-uploading some Touhou cosplay (and others stuff) here, if some people just want to see them without downloading them.
No. 30556

It's actually possible to download them using the JDonwloader and they have a nice definition for the little size they have.

The only downside is that they're .flv
No. 30557
I meant if they just want to see them online, and not have to download the whole movie just for a part or two (or if someone got a bad internet connexion)
No. 30570

It's DL046. Unfortunately, I somehow can't decipher the password for extracting the rar. Can anyone help?

The password for the link to open is "psn0" without the quotes.
No. 30572
Use this. http://deadfrog.us/entry.html?id=46788
No. 30573
password http://acgzone.us/
This can be applied to most of the encrypted files on that site.
No. 30576

Thanks to both, I was struggling with the pass too.

I just stumbled on this:


The complete set (pics + video) of Touhou Sakuya from @ factory, super-cute model Saotome Love (same of the dreaded Marisa set we lack the video - anyone?). It was posted just a couple hours ago, the torrent swarm is full of 0% peers and no sign of the seeder. May be a fake, though the source site seems legit.
No. 30577
The same thing with Mana's cosplay of Cirno.
No. 30578
Did you mean her?
No. 30579
Yup that's her.

Interesting how there is an increasing number of AV actresses going from porn movies to less widely distributed stuff like ピンキーweb or Room13 - and sometimes even only softcore photosets. I would have thought the "logical" way to go would have been the opposite (softcore > hardcore porn).

Even saw tsubomi in some of Heruheru's cosplay events pictures, although I didn't get what she was doing there (it didn't look like she was cosplaying anything at all).
No. 30581
Seems like things are in a state of "What do?
No. 30586
While I like torrents much as the next guy, why can't be done where the photos can be set up in one file and the movie in the other.
No. 30590
Promotion. It's not the first nor the last time a porn producer has sent an adult actress to events. Usually they can't advertise openly but nothing prevents them from going as "ordinary" visitors or even cosplayers. Earliest I know was Seto Hinata cosplaying Moe-tan at Comiket 73.


A few years ago it was still easy to draw a line between amateur and pro but the increased popularity of cosplay erotica has spawned a semi-pro zone where amateur photographers hire adult actresses. Sometimes I think they're lonely wotaku who have figured out a way to skirt the ban on prostitution.
No. 30650
The Sakuya set is out so my question is, anyone able to just post the video?
No. 30664
The video:


By the way, is anyone else unable to get on g.e-hentai? I haven't been able to connect for almost one week.
No. 30665
Solely the video is what I meant. You just referred back to the damn thread!
No. 30669
What's the difference? The video would be a full 90% of the filesize anyway.
No. 30701
So two things I have to say
1)Is most of the stuff uploaded bought from Getchu?
2)@factory now has Youmu
No. 30706
Is there a way to download this kind of files without paying for premium account?
Some other webdl can be found on that site too.
No. 30707

Sneaky, that file has no Cloud Save option I think so I can't download it the 115.com way.
No. 30708
I believe most "premium users only" downloads are scams anyway...
No. 30709
Here please!
For any reason, it is renamed.
No. 30770

So, anyone planning on getting this set and uploading the video as well?
No. 30790
Anything on @factory?
No. 30820
NEW LENFRIED SET! This time it's Remila.
No. 30822
No. 30827
I know it. It can be found in g.e-hentai.org, but only a few photos, no erotic ones like before.
No. 30828
Even it can't be an album.
No. 30831
Those just look like a collection of convention photos. There's actually a lot more?
No. 30836

No. 30838
That's that same one as Reply NO.29724.
No. 30839
I don't know for sure. I think of that it should be a preview for a new album or it could be that Len wants more hits for her new album but the new album is not released.
No. 30840
No, it isn't. That's one of the kosuhame re-releases which pakcages room13's video AND picture sets, so it has room11 and room12 in one convenient package.
No. 30843
Addendum: Or at least they SHOULD be, if those retarded cunts at cosplayjav.com didn't cut out everything but the video.
No. 30844

The Remilia set has been released this weekend at Reitaisai.
No. 30846
This girl Mana from @factory's Cirno, Tewi and Sonico sets looks like Irie Aimi (Manami). It maybe my imagination though.
No. 30847
It's already on Ehentai as well
No. 30848
Reitaisai? Oh well. I am seeking for Touhou Soccer 2.

Well, is that Sakuya has been re-released as well?
No. 30851
All four touhou set pairs have now been re-released.
No. 30853
But where is Remilia and Reimu?
No. 30854
These are the four that have been released.
I have only the reimu one in full. Though there's not relly much point in getting them if you have room 1 and 2 already.
No. 30860

the Reimu one isn't available for download is it?
No. 30861
Here. Lenfried Remilia
No. 30862
I only find a torrent here.
But only a preview video for Reimu and a full video for Remilia.
No. 30868
Does a video come with the Lenfried set? I haven't been able to find a page featuring it for sale or anything.
No. 30871
Fix for 30862. That's the old version Room002. Which I was seeking and KSA failed to find. So the new version Reimu and Remilia are still missing.
No. 30880
No. 30884
No way, we have a new @factory set.

No. 30896
Well that one, and the one before that, and the other two by Love Saotome.
No. 30995
If you can upload that one that'd be awesome.
No. 31006
Well, anyone knows this Reisen?
No. 31007
No. 31009

It's the latest @factory set with super cutie Saotome Love, 優曇華院の誘惑 (Udonge-in no Yuuwaku). If only we could find the video...
No. 31010
If someone does, just put it to depfiles and go nuts.
No. 31031
Actually if anyone finds her videos. Just put them all to a zipfile

that would be lovely.
No. 31037
You can buy one and share with others.
just wanna get by free? shame on you.
No. 31054
I'm only suggesting? I aint that cheap.
No. 31071

them bunny titties.
No. 31095
Friends, I think they're slowly trying to kill us with cute.
No. 31101

No. 31116

She might be my new favorite.

Looking forward to this one too.
No. 31315

[@factory (Love Saotome)] 淫欲パチュリー
No. 31326
WOOHOO! Now there's just Alice 03 and the other two touhou sets
No. 31334
This is great, but there are no video links there, so it's not complete yet.
No. 31337
People don't realise you can put whatever you want in the gallery's torrent file.
No. 31342
So for all we know it could be a gag along with the photoset?

well son of a bitch
No. 31472
Is it possible to get?
No. 31568
No. 31569

No. 31570
Has TMA changed their drm? The first touhou cosplay festival is still the only one to have had its dvd uploaded.
No. 31586

source plz
No. 31594
No. 31595
No. 31597
biggest prize is this gem
No. 31603
I was just about to point that out. I wonder if the set as a whole is worthwhile - sometimes it's hard to tell. But damn she's cute!
No. 31611
Though she has a few that aren't touhou. Yes Love Saotome is definitely cute
No. 31627
Anyone happens to have this?
No. 31628
No. 31630
It possible to get Tsubasa Nagumo sets? don't show quite have her stuff
No. 31633
Alice of the east 3 on e-h. No video in the torrent.
No. 31669
I'm curious, is there any video where the cosplayer does anal?
No. 31766
No. 31775
When I view images on E-hentai, I notice that there is a kind of cosplay names "Kigurumi", probably they wear a kind of "doll" which covered their bodies. Several years ago, I saw a video which the AV actress cosplay Sailor Mercury as "Kigurumi" style. But at that time, I don't quite know about CJAV, I dropped it.
No. 31776
No. 31781
You may be thinking of a fetish website called "FetishTransformation" for that.
No. 31796
コスプレ例大祭6 HD
2013年10月25日発売 ¥3,990(税込) HITMA-200

No image yet.
No. 31799
Well, October... That should be two months later.
No. 31818
Someone from TMA posted some pics on twitter though, so we mostly know who's featured.
No. 31819
No. 31820
No. 31822
No. 31823
No. 31824
Also Komachi's boobs
No. 31825
and Ran cosplay, sans cosplayer
No. 31841
No. 31870
Are they all one buttplug, or is it nine individual buttplugs?
No. 31922
cosplayjav is dead. lixy is 403
No. 31924
Is that the reason that the owner of cosplayjav.com stop uploading new videos after COSQ028?
No. 31927
I grabbed a vid a few days ago, then everything died last night. I'm not sure about his absence.
No. 31929
I wonder is there DRM on Getchu's "professional producer" selection like with http://dl.getchu.com/index.php?action=gdAnime&gcd=82547&liTUB=8&cp=&c=
No. 31943
This one is only a collection version of Cosplay Festival which TMA released before.
No. 32012
All the previous links are dead, anyone able to upload the video for this set?
No. 32038
Wow, Reimu. Sorry, I don't have this one. I want it as well.
No. 32124
Is it Cosk-001?
No. 32156
No. She is not Tsubomi. I have got COSK-001.
No. 32161

ROOM001 東方霊●
No. 32166
No. 33165
anyone can email me where i can download Hiyo Nishizuku's full video without premium account..come on we all share same fav coser.. :)