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29250No. 29250
You are Tewi Inaba, a very adorable earth rabbit by your own admission. You know this to be true, even if all those booby-trapped victims would vehemently claim otherwise.

You were also in a combination of all sorts of the worst moods when you woke up this morning. Of course, there was that usual boredom that always hangs in the air of Eientei, your home. The moon people you hang out with are not exactly an exciting crowd – you’ve never heard them actually saying it, but they seem to be obsessed with… the idea of unchanging eternity, for the lack of a better phrase to describe it.

After finding a comfortable set of activities to do, they’ve settled into their “relaxing” schedules and gone along with them for as long as you can remember. Sure, there are some surprises every now and then, but for the most part, you have no idea how they could put up with it. How could you have any fun at all, when everything is so predictable? Your body shudders when you imagine them having lived for so long in that manner. As always, it would be up to you to shake things up a little.

And speaking of excitement… you’ve been feeling horny for quite some time. You guess that you can never really escape the urges to breed even after growing into the humanoid form you currently have.

You were about to shrug it off and masturbate, but no sooner had your clothes hit the floor, one of the other rabbits sauntered into your room and asked you to help out with cleaning the mansion.

Even though you are their leader, you’ve always tried to be as casual with the girls as possible. Still, to have one of them hopping in and out nonchalantly when your legs were spread apart like that… You blush a little and grumble. Must be one of the younger kits. Maybe you should give her a lesson or two later, put her in your position and tease her a bit before showing the girl what she had seen earlier, teaching her the way to relieve herself and enjoy some pleasure…

You shake your head to clear your mind. Dammit, even thinking about it makes the tingling sensation in your crotch even worse. You’ve quickly dressed up after that small incident, and now, as you walk along the hallway to the clinic, you can’t help but feel a little self-conscious on how your snug little panties keep brushing against the entrance of your pussy with each step you take. You just hope that you’re not so aroused that you’re about to drip – that’ll feel icky.

You think again on what you should do for today. You’re not really beholden to any sort of responsibility, and doing some chores in Eientei might be one of the duller ways to spend your time. You can always just sneak out and find some fun somewhere else, but… You might just stay and see if you can actually find something unexpected here. Wouldn’t that be lucky?

[] Fine, you’ll see if you can have some fun.
[] Screw this, you’re going somewhere else. (Specify location)
[] Write-in.
No. 29253
[X] Screw this, you're going to Youkai Mountain.
-[X]... After you pay Mokou a visit.

Got a grudge match with Hina to settle.
No. 29270
[x] Screw this, you’re going to Kourindou.
Because who better to screw with than an overly-serious half-breed?
No. 29271
File 136072311358.jpg- (831.87KB , 1776x1838 , 22150623.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Fine, you’ll see if you can have some fun.

This looks promising.
No. 29272
[x] Fine, you’ll see if you can have some fun.
aka [x] Bug Reisen
No. 29273
[x] Fine, you’ll see if you can have some fun.

Hmm, a Tewi story? Interesting.
No. 29274
[x] Fine, you’ll see if you can have some fun.
No. 29286
File 136077980025.jpg- (109.50KB , 640x455 , 5248684931_36a41e3191_z.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Fine, you’ll see if you can have some fun.

With a sigh, you decide to shoulder on and try to ignore the building heat inside your panties. That is easier said than done, especially when you need to walk down such a long corridor to get where you’re going. To this day, you still can’t believe that there are people who would build a house where most of its space is taken by hallways – drab ones at that, with gloomy and plain walls and doors all the way along the meandering path.

Damned moon architecture, you thought to yourself as you walk. Along the way, you keep passing by the other rabbits who greet you with their usual cheer.

“Hey, Tewi!”

“What’s up, Leader?”

“Top of the morning to you!”

You try to smile back and return their greetings, throwing a wave or two sometimes, but it’s obvious that you’re rather distracted. Somehow, you keep getting drawn toward the girls’ gentle curves and how they shift and move beneath their dresses… And as they leave, you keep staring backward, observing their swaying little butts as they walk, run, and hop away toward the other direction, oblivious to your need. Mm, the rabbit that just passed you by seems to have a particularly plump and soft-looking bottom…

The rabbit yelps out as you reach out and grope a generous bit of her cheeks, feeling up the smoothness of her skin and panties from above her dress before you give a mighty squeeze. So soft~!

Before you can fully enjoy the feeling of sinking your fingers into her tender flesh, though, the blushing rabbit turns back to stare accusingly at you. You quickly withdraw and try to maintain a neutral expression. There is no one else around who could have done it aside from you, but you insist on putting up a show of innocence – even tilting your head and whistling a small tune for effect – and before long, she resigns herself to pout and groan at you before dashing along her way.

You shake your head and chuckle. Too bad – she must be not in the same mood as you are right now. Unfortunately, as you go on, you encounter less and less rabbits, but at least you realize that this must be because of you heading to the right direction.

Master Eirin’s laboratory, separated just by a door from the clinic, is a really unease-inducing place. You and the other rabbits know instinctively that you should stay away from this room. Maybe it’s because the lab is too sterile, and you’re just repelled by the lifelessness of it all, or maybe it’s because you know that deep down, the Master is a creepy person who must’ve done all sorts of dubious research here. You’re not really sure yourself.

But whatever. Today, you’re going to push the boundaries of your comfort zone. It’s a part of Eientei, and if they want the mansion to be cleaned, you’re going to (at least pretend) to tidy up the lab as well.

You finally reach the door to the accursed place, just behind the clinic’s desk. There’s absolutely no one here, and you can’t hear anyone behind the room. The Master must have been away to take care some other errands. You can feel your heart beating faster as you reach at the handle. Your mind voices a last warning in an attempt to convince you that you’re about to do a grave mistake, but you quickly dismiss it – you’re not doing anything wrong (yet), after all – and swing the door open.

You hold your breath as you peer into the room. Inside, you find…

…Nothing special, really. All sorts of research tools and equipments are laid orderly on the tables, and for the most part, it looks like what you imagine a research laboratory would look like, with tables, cabinets, and the rest of the works. Sure, it’s a bit creepy, but the most terrifying things inside there are a bunch of weirdly-shaped flasks and tubes. That’s a bit anticlimactic.

You click your tongue, feeling more than a bit disappointed. You walk in and try to look around, hoping if there’s anything interesting lying around, but no dice. It’s nothing you haven’t seen the Master used before, ordinary chemicals and utensils for a doctor. You let out a loud groan. Are you really going to do nothing else aside from actually cleaning this place up? Geez, what a terrible day!

Just to spite your fate, you flick at the unwieldy looking flasks on the table with your fingers as you pass them by back to the entrance, causing them to wobble dangerously where they stand. As you pass your hands through a bunch of them at once, you actually manage to create some sort of orchestra of quivering glass against wood, made by the unstable movement of dozens of expensive-looking lab equipments. Well, at least it provides for some sort of cheap entertainment before you try to find something better to do.

Of course, you know that they’re not really in danger of falling and crashing at all – you are far too lucky for that to happen. After you’ve become a youkai, you have somehow acquired the ability to manipulate good fortune, and something on the level of shaky bottles is nothing for you. If only you can be lucky enough to escape this boredom too—

Just as you think about that, you slap the last small flask a bit too hard, sending it across the room before it crashes against the floor, breaking into a million pieces in a resounding tinkling sound.

Shit. Shit shit shit shit shit. When you said you’re looking for excitement, you don’t mean something like Master chopping your head off when she finds this out.

You quickly run toward the broken remains of the flask, hoping that it’s not a particularly important piece of equipment. Maybe if you manage to remove the evidence, she won’t find out, you think to yourself in panic as you try to pick up the pieces as quickly as possible without hurting yourself. How could this even happen, you think, even as you pick up the pieces from a raised slab on the floor…

Hey, wait a minute. You touch the slab again, noticing that it’s a bit different from the other tiles on the floor. Maybe if you pick at it with your nails… Bingo! You lift the slab up, revealing some kind of glowing runes. You don’t know very well what it’s supposed to do, but it’s obviously pulsing with magical power.

You need to touch it. Of course, right? Mysterious, unidentified stuff are made to be touched! Slowly, you stretch out your trembling hand and place it against the runes, causing a low hum to fill the room...

The sound of sliding doors opening almost makes your heart leaps out of your mouth. It doesn’t come from where you entered the room, though, and when you lift up your head, you notice that one of the cabinets have disappeared. In its place, as if it has always been there, pair of sliding doors are standing ajar, revealing a completely dark passageway.

You let out an excited giggle, feeling a bit giddy about your discovery. This sounds like the start to a great adventure! Shoving the broken glass pieces under the legs of one particular cabinet, you take a quick look around to make sure that no one’s around before you cheerfully hop your way into the dark, almost not caring about the fact that the doors immediately close themselves behind your back.

The room immediately lights up, as if by magic (or maybe because of it), and you realize that there are all sorts of containers lined up along the wall. Bottles, vials, jars… You reach out to one of them at random, carefully opening it to see what’s inside.


You check out the other jars and whatnot, and your guess seems to be validated. Some of the containers have liquid in them while others have pills and capsules, but you have no doubt that they are medicine of some kind.

You must be in Master Eirin’s secret storage for her shadier drugs or something like that, you quickly conclude. Hold on, can her drugs actually be even more suspicious than they are right now?!

It’s a bit terrifying to think about it that way, but there’s no time for fear! You have to see if you can find out more about these shady drugs. Maybe if you read the labels…


Goodness, her handwriting is so bad.

It takes a while, especially since you’re not trained that well in medical stuff, but you manage to distinguish three kinds of drugs that might be safe to consume. The rest are either ridiculously lethal substances or things that you can’t even wrap your head around, so you’ll leave them for now.

The first one is a jar with pills that come in two colors. Among the doctor speak on the label, you find something written along “physical maturity/regression,” so you suppose that they might be able to cause your body’s appearance to assume an older or younger appearance – according to human terms, at least. Youkai usually just assume a single age in appearance as soon as they manage to become one and stay that way forever, but maybe you can bend the rules a little with these.

The next one is a bunch of capsules. “Male genitalia,” huh? You’re pretty sure you know what this is going to do. You wonder if you need an extra set of organ when the one you have still wishes to be pleased so badly right now, but it might makes things even more exciting.

The last one is a vial of liquid. The label on it just says “Mutation” and some other things that let you know that it’s not going to kill you, but exactly what it’ll do… You’re not exactly sure.

A brilliant thought crosses your mind. Maybe you should try one of these drugs and mess around with people. Or, or maybe, you can hold on to them for now and use them later… to mess around with people.

[] Age.
[] Dick.
[] ????
[] You know what, you’ll just hold on to these for now.
No. 29287
[X] You know what, you’ll just hold on to these for now.

Oh, man...I can't wait to shove those age regression pills down Mokou's throat.
No. 29288
[x] ????
No. 29289
[X] ???
This seems vaguely familiar...
No. 29290
[x] You know what, you’ll just hold on to these for now.
No. 29291
>one of the cabinets have disappeared
has disappeared

[x] ????

Tewi and dickpills reminds me of Inaba Box.
No. 29292
[X] You know what, you’ll just hold on to these for now.
No. 29297
[X] You know what, you’ll just hold on to these for now.
No. 29351
File 136091693645.png- (918.37KB , 744x1052 , 1179b38296aec5df3421fb3998ede02a.png ) [iqdb]
[X] You know what, you’ll just hold on to these for now.

Yeah. You’re not going to swallow some of Master’s drugs without knowing that they’re safe for sure! As fun-loving as you are, you have managed to live such a long life by drawing the line on important matters like this.

That doesn’t mean that you’re not going to use them later, though. You begin putting them in your pockets. It’s likely that Master’s going to find out if a lot of her drugs are missing at once, so you consider taking only some of them for now – aside from the vial, since you have nothing else to store the liquid in. As for the pills and capsules, you wonder if you should only take an unnoticeable amount, or risk grabbing as many of them as you can to avoid coming back here too often. Hmm…


The mention of your name snaps you out of your internal consideration, and causes you to jump a little. Lifting your head, you see that another rabbit is standing by the reopened doorway, looking as surprised as you are to see one another in this place. You sit there wordlessly for a while, having been caught for what effectively amounts to snooping around without permission, but you soon regain your wits and bark back to her.

“…Damn it, don’t sneak up on me like that, Reisen!” Yes; when in doubt, always try to appear angrier and more annoyed than your opponent. It’ll look as if you’re the one who’s in the right.

Although Reisen is a rabbit like you, she happens to be of the lunar variety and looks and acts differently from the rest of your kind. You have no idea how they grow their bunnies on the moon, but if most of them are like your pal over here, they must be doing something right. There’s nothing wrong with how the earth rabbits look, of course – you’ll never fail to appreciate the slender, youthful build that you and the rest of the girls have. But Reisen… Reisen’s really nice to look at, you’ll give her that. Taller than any of you, she looks stunning regardless of what she wears; even a boring, formal wear like that favorite suit of hers look good on her body. It’s too bad that she’s way too uptight and clueless to take advantage of her own appearance.

“S-sneak up on you?! I-I didn’t…” She stutters. “W-well, how about you?! Aren’t, aren’t you supposed to be somewhere else?!”

Hold on, there’s something strange here. You knowshe’s acting even more fidgety than usual. Now that you take a better look at her, you notice that her appearance is rather slovenly – her usually sharp-looking suit and blouse are wrinkled all over, and they are buttoned so messily that you can easily get a glimpse of her cleavage every time her sizeable pair heaves up and down.

Why is she breathing so hard, you wonder, and why is she rubbing her thighs together like that—

“…Ahhhhh, I see~” You can feel a rather mischievous grin spreading on your face, causing Reisen to actually flinch and take a step back.

“Mm, I don’t know myself… I probably got lost somewhere along the way, tee-hee~” You said in an excessively cute sing-song voice, bringing a finger to your cheek as you tilt your head. “How about you, Reisen? How did you manage to find such a well-hidden room, hmm~?”

“I… I…” She bit her lips. “I don’t have to tell you that!”

“Well, if you’re sneaking in Master’s storage of dangerous drugs like this, I wonder what it is that you have in mind,” you took a step toward the terrified moon rabbit. “Maybe I should ask Master about it…”

“No, don’t!” She yelps out in panic. Poor girl, she’s so nervous she doesn’t even realize that you’re in no position to tell Master Eirin about where she has been – both of you are in the same boat, after all. Or maybe it’s because her mounting lust has gone to the point where she can hardly think straight. You know, you’ve been there… Although right now, it’s clear that she’s way hornier than you are. “Tewi… P-please, don’t tell her anything about this.”

You’re not going to just let go of her like that, though. “Well, I dunno~” You giggle. “Maybe if you stay here and let me have a look at your panties, I’ll be willing to let it slide.”

“E-eh?!” Her face turns even redder, and you can see her shivering. “B-but… But, but I…”

“Alright. I’ll have a pleasant cup of tea with Master—“

“…Okay, okay!” She cuts you off and rests her plump bottom on the floor, slowly spreading her legs apart and lifting her skirt with both hands. It’s so cute when she’s acting all embarrassed like this, but you soon find out that she has a good reason to be – inside her cute, juice-soaked striped panties, you can see the tell-tale bulge from a vibrator’s end, jammed tightly inside her pussy as it continues to stimulate her.

“…Wha… You, you walked all the way to this place with that thing inside you?” You say it with an amused tone more than anything else, causing Reisen to turn into a deeper shade of crimson and avert her eyes away from you. Of course, you approach her to take a better look! Despite the larger rabbit trying to squirm away, you pin her down in place by sitting on one of her legs.

She can only whimper as you look at the sex toy, giggling as you find out that it must be set on one of the most powerful setting, and only Reisen’s tight hole prevents it from doing anything aside from humming furiously inside her underwear, spreading her dripping juices around her crotch and inner thighs.

“You’re such a pervert, Reisen,” you let out a small laugh as you poke at the vibrator with a finger, thrusting it slightly further into her.

“A-ahh…! D-don’t, don’t do that…” She moans and writhes before you as you do that, causing her entire body to shake a bit. With her thigh in between your legs, you feel her shivers too, naturally. It encourages you to play more with the vibrator, slowly pulling and pushing it into her before you notice that you have been thrusting your hips along her leg as well. You are furiously pressing down and rubbing your pussy against her, crossing the boundary between skin and knee socks and enjoying the changing sensation through your panties.

The two of you stare at each other with ragged breaths, even as you feel your fluid dripping down and smeared against her with each time you rock your hips. You know that you want each other - the only thing that remains is to decide on how you should take her.

You have some of the drugs with you, too.

[] Have Reisen try some!
[] Age.
[] Dick.
[] ????
[] Nah, you’ll take her as she is.

(If you have a sex position in mind, specify it as well.)
No. 29352
Make her take the dick medicine, then sit on her face and give her a foot massage.
No. 29355
[x] Have Reisen try some!
- [x] Dick.
Want to save the age pills for loli-Eirin.
[x] Sit in her lap and give her a combination hand- and foot-job. If her dick is large enough, suck on it as well.
No. 29358
[x] Have Reisen try some!
-[x] ????

Reisen definitely wasn't here for the age pills. She probably wasn't here for the dick pills, With Tewi's luck, surely these mystery pills are exactly what Reisen was coming here for, yes?
No. 29359

[x] Force her to say what she came here for.
No. 29360
[x] ????

This is for Tewi's consumption, right?
No. 29361
For Reisen's consumption, actually. The drugs are supposed to be the first option's sub-choices, but I fail at indenting.

If you still want Tewi to take a drug, go ahead I suppose; just mention it in the post, otherwise I'll take it as for Reisen.
No. 29363
Yeah, you need to use hyphens or something like in >>29355.

But my vote is for Tewi consumption, so I guess that's an implicit
[x] Nah, you’ll take her as she is.
No. 29371
[x] Have Reisen try some!
- [x] Dick.
No. 29373
[x] Have Reisen try some!
- [x] Dick.
[x] Sit in her lap and give her a combination hand- and foot-job. If her dick is large enough, suck on it as well.

Eh, sounds good enough to me! Something about footjobs just seems right for Tewi.
No. 29390
[X] Have Reisen try some!
- [X] Dick.
[x] Sit in her lap and give her a combination hand- and foot-job. If her dick is large enough, suck on it as well.

You smile as a plan begins to form in your head. Taking one of the pills from your pocket, you lean toward Reisen, causing her to hold her breath and tremble in anticipation. Not her fault, you suppose, considering that you’re getting excited by being so close to her as well. Has she always smelled this good…?

“Here, Reisen. Say ahh~”

You hold up the pill against her mouth, causing her to hesitatingly look from the pill to your seemingly innocent smile and back again. It appears that she’s quite suspicious about what you’re giving her, but as you’ve expected, her lust ultimately triumphs over reason.

“…Oh, what the heck.” Suddenly grasping your hand in her own, she opens her mouth and wraps her lips around your fingers. You have to admit that it actually feels quite nice, but even after she swallows the drug, she keeps on sucking and licking your fingers inside her mouth as if they’re some rare delicacy, unwilling to let you go.

“R-Reisen…” You try to call to her, but she only looks at you with upturned eyes, even as she continues to slurp at your fingertips. You’re at a loss of words. Damn it, aren’t you supposed to be the cuter one, here…?

Thankfully, the drug seems to have taken effect as Reisen squirms and gasps, giving you a chance to pull away your hand and regain your composure. “Wha… So… So hot…!” Before long, she resigns herself to loud moans, her body writhing and twisting shamelessly despite you watching her every movement. “T-Tewi… What did you give me just—“

She stops herself mid-sentence as she moves her gaze downward to her crotch, where the heat must have felt the most intense right now. From her surprised expression, you guess that she must be able to see the growing tent on her skirt as well, but she still lacks the vantage point that you have – from the front, you can see her cock growing, from a small bulge in her panties to a thick, twitching rod that’s only barely restrained by the stretching fabric of her underwear.

You let out a giggle from the sight, and decide to free Reisen’s dick before it can rip its way through her panties. Not a moment too soon too, looking at the way it furiously throbs – as you tug at her panties and pulls it downward, the massive erection swings upward from under her skirt, bouncing a little from the momentum before it achieves its full length.

Reisen seems quite torn – she doesn’t seem to know whether to be surprised, embarrassed, or aroused by her new manhood, which is dripping pre-cum and twitching cutely under her disbelieving gaze. “W-w-what…!” As her face turns crimson, she lets out a panicked yelp.

“…Oh, I think it’s quite obvious, isn’t it~?” You chime in, knowing that you’re giving her no help at all. “Even I can see it from here!”

“I-I thought you’re just going to give me an aphrodisiac or something…!” She squeaks out indignantly, causing her cock to sway left and right and her to moan from the sensation. “Not… not… t-t-this!”

“’This’? “This” is called a penis, Reisen,” you grin, poking near the tip of said organ with your bare foot. It twitches even with the gentlest jab of your toes, and you do not even actually care about being too soft to her. “Dick. Cock. Pecker. Alright, even wee-wee, if you really insist.” Each time you say that, you push your foot further and further, punctuated by Reisen’s moans and yelps, until her member is directly pressed against her body. As much as the moon rabbit tries to look away, she can’t help but stare at her own tip, wedged in between her breasts and staining her blouse with the clear, thick fluid from its opening.

Before she can look at it for too long, however, you release your foot, causing her cock to spring back to its original position. “What, you like what you see?” She tries to stutter a comeback, but with your hands reaching to grasp around her girth and your feet now pressing at the base, she can only shriek passionately.

“A-ahhn… N-not so rough, Tewi!”

“Sorry, none can do,” you smirk, even as you begin pumping your dainty hands up and down. Reisen bites her lips and tries to clamp down her moans, but you aren’t done – soon enough you are also moving your feet, digging your soles against the trunk of her erection. It’s a bit hard to move your arms and legs at once, so at first your feet are only doing small, rubbing motions while your hands do more of the work. In time, though, you manage to discover a comfortable position in which you rest your butt against her thighs, allowing both your hands and feet to move along her length. You’re not sure whether it’s her cock that’s too massive or your hands and feet that are too small, but there seems to be enough room for all your extremities to explore.

Reisen snaps her head back at you and moans, her knuckles gripping desperately against the floor as she watches you pleasuring her. On one hand, she looks so overwhelmed with lust at the sight your small frame, which is limberly bent over her dick as you keep working on her; but on the other, she still hasn’t seem to come to terms with the new sensation from her sensitive member. With her expression being so confused and excited at once, you decide that there can only be one course of action: to tease her further.

You look back at her with a mischievous grin before you open your mouth wide to allow her a glimpse of your drooling tongue before you seal your lips around her head. It’s partially out of revenge for her sucking your hands earlier, but you soon find that you’re enjoying her taste as well, bobbing your head up and down while your tongue darts around to trace around her head, licking under the folds of her foreskin as you messily slurp at her.

“H-haaa...! T-Tewi…!” She yelps out in surprise, the jolts and quakes of her body being transmitted back to you. It’s so much fun to see her react that way, you begin to move faster – moving your own hips to grind your pussy whenever you can, as well as pushing your heel against the vibrator in her pussy every now and then. Each time you do that, her cock twitches along, leaking a few more drops that you readily lap up.

Eventually, she can hold herself no longer, and you can feel it – her cock grows harder and throbs even more in your grip than before. “I… I’m g-going to…!” Before she can finish her late warning, you squeeze against her hard; your hands, your feet, and your mouth, all over her length, and she climaxes violently, spurting out shot after shot of hot, sticky cum into your mouth. She screams and yelps as her body shudders through her orgasm, and you keep on swallowing her semen, taking in the salty taste of her cum as it coats the insides of your mouth and throat – and only releasing her for the last few shots so that she can cum on your face.

You look at her with a cheerful grin, looking like a mischievous kid after a successful prank; even with cum dripping off your face. Well, your own pussy has yet to be satisfied, and Reisen’s cock is still quite hard, so you look at her to see if she’s up for another round.

[] Look her in the eyes. (Enables reverse rape option)
[] Look her in the eyes? (This adventure doesn’t run on that kind of loving!)

(I have a half-written scene that’s a direct continuation of this scene, but then I suddenly realize that many of you might not appreciate it. I’m not really sure how bad it is, really, but I guess it’s better if I’m careful! I’m putting that in as the first option.)
No. 29391
[] Age.
[] Look her in the eyes.
No. 29392
[x] Look her in the eyes? (This adventure doesn’t run on that kind of loving!)
Personally not a fan of mind-control, if that's what you're talking about.
If you were planning OH GOD I'M TRIPPING BALLS insanity hallucinations then by all means go ahead. That kind of stuff is absolutely hilarious.
No. 29393
[] Look her in the eyes. (Enables reverse rape option)
No. 29394
[x] Age.
[x] Look her in the eyes?
No. 29395
[X] Look her in the eyes?
No. 29396

[x] Look her in the eyes.

I'm fine with either way, but you've already got this one half-written, soo...
No. 29398
[X] Look her in the eyes.

Seem to remember a lot of whiteknights and casuals getting butthurt over a Flandre reverse rape scene. Hopefully we don't have a repeat of that silliness.
No. 29400
[x] Look her in the eyes.
No. 29402
[x] Look her in the eyes.
Reverse rape all day.
No. 29403
[x] Look her in the eyes?
No. 29404
[x] Look her in the eyes.

Bring it on.
No. 29405
[X] Look her in the eyes.

Reverse rape the best.
No. 29407
[x] Look her in the eyes?
No. 29409
[X] Look her in the eyes?
No. 29410
[X] Look her in the eyes.

If it is what it sounds like, I want it.
No. 29411
[X] Look her in the eyes.

I like the sound of this.
No. 29425
File 136126547387.jpg- (99.40KB , 715x1000 , ae2a19708fa706dd8061179c6b745832.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Look her in the eyes.

It seems that Reisen is still reeling from the aftershocks of her orgasm. Although her breathing is starting to slow down, you can still feel her body heaving along, causing her semi-erect cock to sway a little in its place. You let out a small giggle at the way she vacantly stares at her own new appendage. Despite everything else, she appears to enjoy the feeling of ejaculation, if the small grin on her lips is any indication. Even her eyes are starting to glow, bathing your entire sight with a beautiful color of red—

A small, panicked thought at the corner of your mind seems to be alarmed, thinking that looking into her eyes is somehow a bad idea, but it soon ceases – along with everything else, as your mind goes blank. You are somewhat still aware of your surroundings, like the feeling of your own saliva as it trickles down the corner of your gaping mouth, but they feel like dull and unnecessary details compared to those vivid red eyes.



“Wha… Tewi…?” You seem to hear a voice calling out to you from somewhere. The owner of the voice seems to be quite concerned, although you can’t really blame her; life on the island is pretty tough, and you don’t know if you can come up with a good solution when your pussy keeps distracting you.

With trembling fingers, you begin to rub at your own pussy. No good! The tingling feeling in your crotch only grows worse, even though your movement is becoming more and more frantic by the seconds. How do you get off from the island… and have your pussy satisfied…? Your panties are scrunched up as you violently grind them against your moist, outer lips, but you still want more. “A… Ahuhhh…!” You can hear yourself moaning in frustration.


At that moment, it’s as if a haze is lifted from your mind. You look up from your pathetic efforts at masturbating to look up at a familiar figure. You can’t even believe yourself for only noticing her by now.


“Te—eh, what…?”

Without waiting any further, you pounce on Reisen, who is somehow your mother as well. You have no idea how this can even happen, but you hardly care; she’s so beautiful and pretty but is also very very adorable whenever you bully her, and you want to be just like her when you grow up. Even now, she looks so confused and afraid when she is pinned on the floor like this, so you go ahead and plant a wet kiss on her lips.

You can feel her panting and struggling, but you keep forcing your tongue into her mouth, rubbing your cum-stained face against hers. When you finally manage to part through her delectable lips, you let out a happy moan – you’re such a sweet little girl for gliding your tongue all over your mother’s mouth, allowing her to have a taste of her own semen. You even hold her tongue down until she has no choice but to meekly allow you have your way inside her.

You finally pull out when both of you are out of breath, Reisen wheezing and whimpering while you’re smiling in satisfaction. “Mommy Reisen~” You nuzzle against her face, spreading the sticky, white stain on your cheeks and forehead even more. “I love you so, so much~”

“C-cut it out, Tewi – ahh…” Even she has to stop and blush when she hears your declaration of love. She’s so cute! You keep on nuzzling and licking her face, even as your body is getting impatient – pressing yourself against Reisen’s soft, warm torso, you slowly move up and down, rubbing your breasts together while her hard cock is sandwiched between the two of you, twitching feebly against your bodies.

“…Wait, that’s it!” You suddenly yell out and sit up straight, causing Reisen’s penis to spring back to its erect, vertical position. Just look at its size! A brilliant idea hatches in your mind. You’ll be able to escape this accursed island together with your mother!

“We’ll cross the sea together on your cock!”

Reisen seems to be in verge of tears as she voicelessly mouths out, “What the fuck, Tewi,” but you have no time to explain things to her. You might be the only one who can see how you need to hop on her penis until you can safely reach the mainland, so you pull down your panties and straddle over to press your moistened labia against her head. You let out a moan as you rock your hips a little, grinding the hot tip against your entrance, but before Reisen fully settles in the mood, you immediately impale yourself against her with as much force that you can muster.

“Ahaaa~h!” Both of you scream out from the sudden sensation. On your part, you think you almost go crazy – well, crazier – from how Reisen’s thick girth pushes through your inner walls, scraping violently against their sensitive bumps as it lodges itself deep inside of you. You even have to pause for a while to steady your wobbling legs because of the intense sensation. But there is no time to waste! While your mind is still clearing up from that last jolt, you raise yourself upward and grit your teeth as you pull against your own tight, constricting pussy, which keeps clinging on Reisen’s manhood until you give it your all, moaning from your effort and the pleasure that follows.

Reisen can only squirm under you, assaulted by the new sensation of being inside your pussy, but you give her no chance to recover. You need to keep on hopping! You lower your slender hips with even more force than the first time, inserting more of her into your hot, quivering insides. As you keep bouncing your hips rapidly against her, the throbbing, swelling sensation of her cock is becoming a blur of pleasure, and you wonder if you are actually able to take her entirety into your womb and pussy, even if it will create a bulge against your tummy.

“Te… Tewi… Nhh~n!” In between yelps and tears, Reisen tries to call out your name, so you try to reassure her by holding her tight. It’s a bit hard to do when your hips is bobbing up and down in increasing speed, though, so your attempts only end up in you pressing down on her breasts, kneading and groping at the massive pair. “It’s okay, Mommy! We’re, haa, we’re cumming! We’re cumming soon~!” You’re not entirely sure how reassuring that actually sounds, especially with your tongue lolling out as you scream it out, but Reisen seems to be moaning along with you now; you can feel her dick becoming even harder than hotter than it has ever been.

And then, both of you reach climax one after another. Reisen arcs her back in ecstasy and pushes her breasts even further against your squeezing hands as her cock twitches and explodes inside of you, filling your womb and pussy with copious amount of seed. But, as you insist on riding and bouncing on top of her, most of them spill back out through your filled hole along with your own thick fluids. You shiver and howl in your own orgasm while your hips keep on moving up and down as if out of control, causing the violent spurts of both your juices to spray everywhere – thick gobs are coating your mounds and thighs and dripping back down through the pole of Reisen’s erection, down to her own crotch and stomach.

Both of you are panting out from the exertion, but Reisen’s expression turns into panic as she sees that you have no indication of stopping.

“T-Tewi, please…! I… I need to rest…!”

You ignore her, moaning and panting as you keep moving your legs, shaking your bottom as you pound against her cock. You need to keep on hopping… to cross the sea…


You open your eyes with a start. Where are you…? This room seems oddly familiar, although you’re quite sure that it’s not your own. Although it seems to be furnished rather simply, there are some feminine touches here and there – like a couple of plush toys on top of the cabinet, some embroideries on the desk, and… and a half-assembled rifle by the corner?!

“Oh, thank goodness you’re awake,” you hear Reisen’s voice by your side. “I thought it would’ve gone much worse…”

That’s right, this is Reisen’s room. It actually looks quite nice when you have time to take a good look around instead of sneaking around to set up a prank.

“Uhh…” You let out a groan, your head and hips somehow feeling a bit sore. “What… What happened…? I think we fucked each other, and then…” Your memory is rather vague on that point, but you seem to recall going completely insane and providing quality materials for psychoanalysts worldwide to have a field day with.

“W-well,” Reisen clears her throat as her face turns red, apparently embarrassed by something. She now looks much less messy than before, although she still won’t be accepted at any formal gatherings. “You looked into my eyes and… went crazy, sort of. You just went berserk and kept on going until you straight up fainted, so… I brought you here.”

“Ah… Yeah, something like that happened, didn’t it…?” You try to sit up and rub your head. “What’s up with that, anyway?”

“I-I’m sorry… I guess they just went out of control when I’m… when I’m satisfied,” she said, blushing. That’s somehow just like Reisen, being clumsy with her powers. What a silly rabbit.

“A-anyway! Now that you’re awake, I’m going to go back and clean the storage up,” she says. “Master shouldn’t be back from the village for a while, so there should be enough time.”

As she stands up, you can actually catch a glimpse of her cock under her skirt, now flaccid but still sporting quite an impressive length – enough for you to notice it, at least. “Oh, nice to see you still keeping the little guy over there,” you giggle.

She quickly places her hand over her skirt and stutter. “I… I was in a hurry to take you here, so I have no time to get rid of it…!”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever you say, Studmaster,” you waved your hand dismissively, causing her to pout. “Ah, before you go, though…”

Do you have anything to say to her?

About her cock:
[] Keep it, it’s pretty cute.
[] Nah, she can grow one whenever you feel it.

About her eyes:
[] You really should find a way to prevent this from happening again.
[] Actually, it’s kind of fun.

[] Why did she come to the secret storage, anyway?
[] Write-in.
No. 29426
[x] Keep it, it’s pretty cute.
[x] Actually, it’s kind of fun.
[x] Why did she come to the secret storage, anyway?

Ahahaha oh god.
>“What the fuck, Tewi,”
Yes, Reisen. Exactly.
No. 29429
[x] Keep it, it’s pretty cute.
[x] Actually, it’s kind of fun.
[x] Why did she come to the secret storage, anyway?

Hallucinations are fun. Passing out is not so fun. Please fix that, Reisen.
No. 29430
[x] Keep it, it’s pretty cute.
[x] Actually, it’s kind of fun.
[x] Why did she come to the secret storage, anyway?

Why settle for just fucking like bunnies when you can trip balls while doing it? Good times!
No. 29434
[x] Keep it, it’s pretty cute.
[x] Actually, it’s kind of fun.
[x] Why did she come to the secret storage, anyway?
No. 29435
[x] Keep it, it’s pretty cute.

About her eyes:
[x] You really should find a way to prevent this from happening again.

[x] Why did she come to the secret storage, anyway?
No. 29448
No one doing a write-in feels bad man. Here's a shitty token one.

[x] Slip in a mother somewhere.
No. 29452
Gotta agree with those:
[x] Keep it, it’s pretty cute.
[x] Actually, it’s kind of fun.
[x] Why did she come to the secret storage, anyway?
No. 29470
File 136142931496.png- (497.01KB , 764x783 , 0dc227cd9878e704829c403fffc86a6b.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Keep it, it’s pretty cute.
[x] Actually, it’s kind of fun.
[x] Why did she come to the secret storage, anyway?

“Well, I just want to tell you that you should keep your cock.”

Reisen looks at you with this incredulous expression, although her cheeks are still tinged red as she replies, “…If you hadn’t just gone crazy a couple hours ago, I’d smack you on the head for that, Tewi.” She turns away, as if she’s about to stomp away in anger and embarrassment. It will probably be interesting to see her deal with her dick flopping about while she flees, but you ultimately decide against it.

Whose fault is it that you went crazy earlier, anyway? You consider snapping back at her, but you make a cross with your arms and shake your head vigorously instead. It’s time for an impassioned approach! “No, no, I’m serious! I think… I think you’re actually more adorable with something sticking out between your legs, you know?”


Your fast-talking sort of worked, though; she’s now shooting daggers at you, but she somehow decides to stay her ground. “Yeah? And how the heck am I going to hide something with that kind of size?”

“Sure, keep bragging on how well-hung you are, Reisen.”

She decides to ignore you, although you think you can see her practically glowing red. “I-I won’t be able to wear any skirts! And panties too, for that matter!”

“Well, you’re resourceful enough to handle something like this, right?” You wave your hand dismissively. “’Sides, I’m sure you’ll enjoy having your little buddy around. When you’re in the mood, you can just lift up your skirt and have me or one of the girls suck you off right in the hallway or wherever – I bet nobody’ll even squeak out a complaint. Ooh, ooh, maybe you can even have two of us at the same time, what with how long and thick your cock is…”

An awkward silence descends in the room as both of you realize that a tent is rising out of Reisen’s skirt. You have a shit-eating grin on your face while she tries to put her erection down with her hands. “Alright…!” She yelps, eager to avoid your amused stare. “I’ll… I’ll think about it.”

A resounding victory!

“Hee hee~ You don’t need to be so embarrassed, you know,” you say to her, swinging your legs about by the edge of her bed. “It’s not like you don’t have any similar plan, right?”

“…What do you mean?” She asked, looking a bit confused.

“Well, you went down on that storage with that vibe jammed in your pussy. What kind of lewd medicine were you gonna get?” It’s the natural conclusion. You wonder if Reisen just goes on a binge of shady drugs behind your back all this time, indulging her pleasures in all sorts of perverted ways…

She fidgets a bit in her place. “I… I was going to get one of the extra-strong aphrodisiacs, actually… It makes you more sensitive, so…”

“…That’s it?”

“O-of course it is! Her other drugs are either weird or incomprehensible! Who would go sampling Master’s shady drugs one by one just to see what they’d do to you?!”

You raise your hand.

“…Figures,” she shakes her head and sighs.

How (relatively) innocent of her, though, to just go for the aphrodisiacs when there are other kinkier drugs lying around… Thank goodness you’re here to push Reisen’s boundaries and bully her around, or she’ll miss out on all the fun she could have. It seems that she doesn’t know all about the storage’s shady drugs too, though, so she’s probably only going to be slightly more useful than you in deciphering their uses. Oh well.

“…Well, if there’s nothing else, I’ll go and clean that place up,” she said, with a hint of tiredness in her voice. “Just stay there and get some rest. I’ll tell the other rabbits to bring some water, too, so don’t forget to drink a lot.”

“Fine, mom,” you said sarcastically. Geez, she’s always too concerned about things… For some reason, that makes Reisen jumps a bit and blushes all over, though.

“D-don’t do anything stupid, okay?” She said before closing the door behind her and bolting away. What a weird rabbit.

Anyway, now that you have some time to yourself, you begin to think back about how Reisen’s eyes drove you mad as you lie back on her bed and stare at the ceiling. Your memory is vague on the incident, but you seem to be having more fun than ever. With your hips feeling sore but satisfied, you’re convinced that you should let yourself look at Reisen’s eyes more often.

You should sort out some problems that you had, though. It feels annoying to have a really good sex only to forget it afterwards, and you’re still curious about what happened earlier. Not to mention the fainting bit. You should probably find some ways to remember your experience, increase your endurance, and probably tone down Reisen’s power by a bit.

…Those are quite a tall order of things to do, but having a purpose somehow fills you with vigor. There are lots of people in Gensokyo, and you’re sure you can convince them to help you out. You giddily roll around on the bed.

Now that’s the perfect way to keep you occupied for some time in the future – you’ll embark on a quest to achieve the perfect crazy sex!

[] Ready your metaphorical chariots! You’re going to explore… (Specify location.)
[] Maybe you should take Reisen with you, just to make things more interesting.
[] How else are you going to prepare for your quest?
- [] Have a celebratory orgy with the earth rabbits!
- [] Do some research on the place where you're going.
- [] Write in.

[] …On second thoughts, this is too insane, even for you.
- [] But what are you going to do, then? (Write-in.)
No. 29471
[x] Ready your metaphorical chariots! You’re going to explore the Underground!
Satori and/or Koishi might be able to help with Reisen's power.

[x] Maybe you should take Reisen with you, just to make things more interesting.
She can practise on the various youkai we'll probably encounter along the way.

[x] Visit Mokou, feed her age pill for hot bunny-on-milf action.
No. 29476
File 136145780990.jpg- (251.19KB , 1024x1449 , 25906499_big_p0.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Ready your metaphorical chariots! You’re going to explore… Kourindou.
[x] Maybe you should take Reisen with you, just to make things more interesting.
[x] How else are you going to prepare for your quest?
- [x] Have a celebratory orgy with the earth rabbits!

Reisen needs some sort of power-inhibiting eyewear. Glasses suit her, I think. And Kourindou is just the place to get a mystic pair.

But first, rabbit orgy.
No. 29477
[x] Ready your metaphorical chariots! You’re going to explore… Kourindou.

No. 29484
[x] Ready your metaphorical chariots! You’re going to explore… Kourindou.
[x] Maybe you should take Reisen with you, just to make things more interesting.
[x] How else are you going to prepare for your quest?
- [x] Have a celebratory orgy with the earth rabbits!

Can't go wrong with bunny orgies!
No. 29494
This might go without saying, but just in case

[x] You must gather your money before venturing forth.
No. 29516
[x] Ready your metaphorical chariots! You’re going to explore… Kourindou.
[x] Maybe you should take Reisen with you, just to make things more interesting.
[x] How else are you going to prepare for your quest?
- [x] Have a celebratory orgy with the earth rabbits!
No. 29536
Why would we need to bring money? We can just rent out Reisen for a few hours at a time.
I am, of course, joking. [spoiler]Maybe.[/spoiler]
No. 29537
goddamnit why don't double spoilers work here
No. 29542
Hataters gonna Hatate.
No. 29578
[X] Maybe you should take Reisen with you, just to make things more interesting.
[X] How else are you going to prepare for your quest?
- [X] Have a celebratory orgy with the earth rabbits!

Money would help too!
No. 29708
File 136254385416.jpg- (246.32KB , 679x816 , 34005734.jpg ) [iqdb]
Is this dead? I liked it.
No. 29709
Me too. Hope it continues
No. 29712
I'm still alive. Sorry it took a while, though.


[X] Have a celebratory orgy with the earth rabbits!

Well, first things first: fucking. As much as Reisen might have satisfied you, it doesn't feel that good when you don't even know what had happened. Besides, since you're going for an adventure for the sake of sex, it sort of makes sense for you to have a nice session with the rest of the girls to help you get in the mood. You have a feeling that they will be the first of many more to come.

Looking out of the window, you calculate that there should be enough time for you to meet some of the rabbits that have finished their work in the common room. Even though they tend to follow your example in doing whatever they want, the girls lack your skills in escaping all responsibilities and often have no choice but to obey their daily schedules. Too bad for them, but at least you can reliably locate a bunch of them in short notice now.

And thus, you hop off the bed and head toward the room of rabbits. At least the common room isn't too far from the rabbits' bedrooms, so you don't have too waste too much time getting there.

"Yeah, we'd be able to get out of there faster if you watch what you're doing, Hiyu!"

"What, now it's on me...? If I don't cut corners with all those vases, we'd still be there, dusting and wiping and--"

The rabbits quickly turn their attention as you slide the door open, smiling as you check the rabbits out. There aren't too many of them here, but you can work with that. The girls seem to have a faint guess on what you really want from them, but they try to play it cool. "Oh, hi Tewi. Finished with cleaning too?"

"Yeah, sort of," you say in a dismissive tone. You're really looking forward to spend some time with them, so you immediate sidle up by one of the rabbits, wrapping your arm around her shoulders before she can scoot away. Hiyu has always been one of the smaller does, but she's pretty well-developed; while she's no Reisen, her breasts and hips are quite visible, especially when compared to the rest of the earth rabbits. Maybe that's why she always gets picked on, regardless of her attempts to appear unbothered by that.

"Oh, come on, Tewi..." She sighs as you squeeze closer against her. She's so small and soft, you can hardly keep yourself from nuzzling against her nape.

"It's been a while since we all had fun, right?"

"Yeah, well... We're just resting around right now, though. I'm not even that horny - ahh..." She lets out a moan as your other hand is cupped around her breast, pressing and kneading gently at the handful-sized softness.

"Like you can lie to me," you giggle softly to her ear, causing her to shudder. Rabbits don't have regular heat cycles, so you are practically horny all year long. Besides, with all of you living in one place, their moods are mostly synchronized with their leader: you. Since most of the rabbits here are of the older stock (the younger does aren't that good in cutting through their work time), you can be pretty sure that they're as much in the mood as you are.

Man, all those biology lessons so that you can assist in the clinic really pays off, huh?

Hiyu's breathing grows rougher as you keep playing with her breasts. Even though she tries to keep her composure, she's having a hard time in just forming an eye contact with you. "T-Tewi..."

"Oi, Leader!" A voice calls out from across the table. "If she doesn't want to be your mate, I'll take her place!" It's Chika, the obligatory loudmouth that can somehow be encountered in any large enough group. It's not that she's a bad kid or anything, though; she's just slightly braver than her friends and loves to leap before looking. Unlike Hiyu's girlish, almost demure appearance, she's going for a messier, active look.

"I'm probably the only one who can keep up with you anyway." She proudly points at herself. "Your favorite partner, right? If you have to pick a main wife in your hare harem--ouch!" Her boasts are cut short as another rabbit stands up and knocks on her head. It's Mii, who's probably the strangest of all your girls. She enjoys having fun and doing rabbit things, but... she's a girl of few words, and what she does next is almost unpredictable. Like right now.

"Stupid," she says in a flat tone. "That's obviously Reisen."

You tighten your grip around Hiyu in reflex, causing her to groan in pain and discomfort. Where does that one come from...?

"O-ow! Tewi!"

"...What the hell, Mii?" You try to retort to her.

"Ah... Yeah, she definitely has the hots for Reisen, huh...?" Chika rubs her head in a mixture of dejection and understanding, while the rest of the rabbits murmur and nod among themselves. Why are they acting like this is a common knowledge or something?!

"Hey!" You yell at them. "Don't speculate on my mating preferences, alright? I'm here to have some fun with every one of you here, so stop filling your head with strange ideas."

"What's the matter, is Reisen too busy to lick--"

"If you finish that sentence, I wish you the best of luck in the days ahead."

The rabbits finally go quiet, even though there are some muffled chuckles here and there. You glare at them. Seriously... They're growing up too quick - even you are having a hard time dealing with them.

You'll think about that later, though. Right now, you'll just concentrate on taking care of the shivering rabbit in your clutches. You quickly lean in and give Hiyu a deep kiss, forcing whatever gasps and moans she have to go straight into your mouth. The other rabbits are cheering at you from the sidelines, but their voices seem muffled to you - your head feels lighter as you're enjoying the taste Hiyu's mouth and the warmth of her soft, shivering body.

Hiyu just melts in your grips while you aggressively pushes further with your tongue, rolling it along her own and brushing against her palate every now and then. You don't know if she's too shocked or enjoying it too much, but she just allows you to smother her and only moves to let you have an easier time enjoying her mouth. Oh well.

After you've finally had enough, you give her lips a quick lick before fully pulling away from her. She's looking back at you with a subdued gaze of lust, panting softly in anticipation of what you're going to do next. Your breathing is pretty ragged too, but you ruffle the smaller rabbit's hair before nodding to everyone else. "You guys, too. C'mere."

No sooner had you said that than everyone's dress and underwear - yours, too - hitting the floor. Being surrounded by the slender, naked bodies of your fellow rabbits certainly gets the blood going, and you can see many of the rabbits unable to resist the temptation to touch themselves then and there, rubbing at their own slits. You can just jump on one of them and let things unfold on from there, but...

"Well, I think I should see what you girls can do this time around." You give them a wink as you lean back against the floor. It's not that much of a surprise to see Chika immediately striding forward, with Mii following right behind. You lift an eyebrow as you spread your legs to let her have an easier time, but she's not really the type that needs inviting.

Sure enough, instead of using her fingers or anything like that, she grabs one of your legs and lift it upward so that she can slide her own accross your body. It's just like her to skip straight to scissoring. You'd like to let out an amused sigh, but it quickly turns into a quiet moan as your mounds are pressed against each other.

Perhaps it's just part of the perks of being youkai rabbits, but even though your movements should be limited by your locked legs, both of you manage to raise and twist your hips against one another with such swiftness that your engorged labiae are feeling good in no time at all. The way you and Chika grind against each other might seem frantic and desperate to others, but you instinctively feel that this is how you should move: quick and rough.

Even if you can't listen to the moist sound of your lower lips sliding in and out of each other's slit, the warmth of your fluids spreading from your crotch to your thighs is enough clue to tell you that your lust is steadily growing. Chika continues to hug your leg as she thrusts her hips in short and powerful strokes, moaning in a shamelessly loud volume as you return the favor.

Not that it's an easy thing to do, though. Mii has already moved in, lifting your arm to lick at your armpit. Somehow, the way she flicks her little tongue along the slope of your underarm causes your entire body to twitch and jolt, and it makes it harder for you to concentrate on thrusting your hips against Chika. How did this girl get so good at this...?

While Mii starts to snake her way to ascend your gentle breasts, you look around and see that the other rabbits have got busy too. Two rabbits are holding hands and get lost in their lustful kiss, even as they raise their hips upward for another pair to eat out from. Others are scissoring each other like you do, even as they try to move their hands to grope and feel at whoever in their reach. The sounds of moans and mffled kisses around you make you feel even more aware of your own pleasure.

Right beside you, though, Hiyu is playing only with herself. Even as she watches you intently, she only bites her lips and continues to thrust her finger in and out of her puffy, pink entrance, trembling quietly.

You let out a moan as Mii finally reaches your nipple, pressing it firmly with her tongue. You consider inviting Hiyu in, but maybe you should do something else as well.

[] Penis is the answer to all problems.
- [] But who should get it? (As many or as few as you want)
[] No, the purity of yuri is what we should strive for! For now.
[] Something else? (Write-in)

[] Positions? (Suggest any if you want!)
No. 29713
[] No, the purity of yuri is what we should strive for! For now.
Positions: get everyone to grind their pussies against various parts of Hiyu's body (Tewi on her face, of course), but don't let anyone stimulate hers.
Once she's good and soaked, everyone can take turns licking her to climax.
No. 29716
[X] penis is the answer to all problems.
All of them exept Tewi
No. 29717
[X] penis is the answer to all problems.
- [X] All of them except Tewi
No. 29718
[X] penis is the answer to all problems.
- [X] All of them except Tewi
No. 29721
[X] penis is the answer to all problems.
- [X] All of them except Tewi and Mii

Just another day at Eientei.
No. 29723
[x] Penis is the answer to all problems.
- [x] Hiyu only

Shyish new futa moe.

>Sorry this took so long
Take your time. Just, like. Mention something if it takes more than a week or so.
No. 29726
[X] No, the purity of yuri is what we should strive for! For now.

Positions: get everyone to grind their pussies against various parts of Hiyu's body (Tewi on her face, of course), but don't let anyone stimulate hers.

Once she's good and soaked, everyone can take turns licking her to climax.

This is a novel and unique way of teasing.
No. 29727
[X] No, the purity of yuri is what we should strive for! For now.

[X] Positions: get everyone to grind their pussies against various parts of Hiyu's body (Tewi on her face, of course), but don't let anyone stimulate hers. Once she's good and soaked, everyone can take turns licking her to climax.
No. 29728
File 136263265371.jpg- (69.38KB , 480x555 , birth.jpg ) [iqdb]

>Hiyu only

Be careful man, all that pent up frustration from everyone's teasing, combined with that deadly serious look she had at the end there kinda gives me the impression that nobody would be able to walk for a few days after unleashing that monster.
No. 29731
[x] Penis is the answer to all problems.
- [x] Hiyu only
No. 29734
Sounds great!
No. 29735
[X] No, the purity of yuri is what we should strive for! For now.

[X] Positions: get everyone to grind their pussies against various parts of Hiyu's body (Tewi on her face, of course), but don't let anyone stimulate hers. Once she's good and soaked, everyone can take turns licking her to climax.
No. 29736
[X] Penis is the answer to all problems.
- [X] All of them except Tewi

Futa bukkake party, yay!
No. 29740
[X] Penis is the answer to all problems.
- [X] All of them except Tewi
Time for a gangbang.
No. 29746
[X] Penis is the answer to all problems.
- [X] All of them except Tewi

Though I'd be fine with the Hiyu idea.
No. 29751
[X] No, the purity of yuri is what we should strive for! For now.

[X] Positions: get everyone to grind their pussies against various parts of Hiyu's body (Tewi on her face, of course), but don't let anyone stimulate hers. Once she's good and soaked, everyone can take turns licking her to climax.
No. 29763
[X] Penis is the answer to all problems.
- [X] All of them except Tewi
No. 29826
[X] Penis is the answer to all problems
All except Tewi
No. 29884
[X] No, the purity of yuri is what we should strive for! For now.
No. 29892
[X] Penis is the answer to all problems. 
- [X] All of them except Tewi
No. 30011
[X] Purity of Yuri

There'll be plenty of dicks later, given that everyone voted for Kourindo. A bit of yuri might be nice now, because it's not like any'll happen in the near future.
No. 31087
File 137117555625.jpg- (523.71KB , 859x611 , a704516b0e4f1689e600653044612852.jpg ) [iqdb]
Chika's pussy is starting to feel really good, but you ultimately manage to pull away from her - although not without any resistance. She tries to chase after you when she feels you withdrawing from her and starts to pout when you succeed in doing so, but you quickly hold a finger against your lips and tilt your head toward Hiyu. Thankfully, the boisterous rabbit gets the gist of your plan quickly and nods to you with a grin. Mii has already stopped licking you since a while ago, and one look at her convinces you that she has correctly guessed what's on your mind as well. It's really nice to have such clever girls in your company.

In the meantime, Hiyu seems to be quite absorbed in her own masturbation. Closing her eyes and biting her lips, it's almost as if she's still embarrassed of what she's doing despite all the sex around her. She doesn't even notice as you scoot over and lean toward her. "Geez, Hiyu," you call out to her with the sultriest voice you can manage, causing her to lift her head in surprise and blush as she sees your face immediately in front of her. "What are you doing, playing with yourself? We're not good enough for you, huh?"

Although you put on a show of looking disappointed before her, pouting and shaking your head, you still sneak in a playful lilt in your tone. The small girl seems to be too flustered to notice it, though. "N-no, not at all, Tewi, it's just that--" She tries to stammer out an explanation, but you place your hands on her shoulders and gently push her down to the floor. "Shh," you whisper to her. "No excuses. I think I should punish you for ignoring us like that..." With you on top of her, she's shaking - although whether with fear or lust, you can't tell. She looks so cute, though, the way she looks at you with her upturned eyes and quivering lips... You think you understand better why the other rabbits like to pick on her so much.

You deftly turn your body around while still pinning her down, giving her the full view of your glistening crotch and plump bottom. Although you can't see her, you definitely can hear - and feel - her breathing faster and rougher. You let out a laugh and wiggle your hips to entice her further, your puffy tail twitching. "Let's see how good you are in pleasing other people for a change~!" You cheerfully said that as you lower yourself, seating your butt on the small rabbit's face and forcing your soaked pussy against her lips. At first, she only hesitantly sticks her tongue out, but you keep encouraging her by moaning and grinding your nethers against her face, and Hiyu's desire eventually wins against her reluctance; she starts to kiss and slurp at your pussy with increasing enthusiasm, eager to taste more of your fluid.

"Mmnnn~ ...N-not bad, keep going," you moan out as she continues to lap at you. Her tonguework is still a little awkward, but you can feel that she's doing her best to please both herself and you. She has thoroughly lathered your engorged lips with her saliva, and she's now pushing her tongue deep inside of you, flicking along the rhythm of your throbbing insides. You shiver from the way she caresses every bump on your walls, but... her movement still feels hesitant and inhibited. Perhaps if she's hornier than she is right now, you can get her to be more enthusiastic.

Chika and Mii should be able to help you with that, you thought. "Come over here and play with her too, girls~!" Hiyu squeaks out in surprise at your invitation, but she quickly gives in to lustful moans. As soon as she heard you, Chika has already moved in between her legs, almost forcefully spreading them apart. That girl really has no sense of gentleness and taking her time, but the way she hungrily licks at the other rabbit's inner thighs looks quite erotic. Hiyu seems to agree as she yelps and pushes her tongue deeper into you, her sizeable breasts jiggling slightly while Chika continues to scrape rough and hard against her skin for her dripping honey.

Meanwhile, Mii is taking the opposite approach by running her tongue in long, slow strokes, gliding down from Hiyu's navel and stopping just before her slit. It must be quite maddening for poor Hiyu to have the pleasant sensation from Mii's tongue teasing her shuddering stomach, only to find it stopping right before the most sensitive spot in her body. She's squirming and moaning, but you remind her that she needs to pleasure you as well by pressing harder against her face.

The licking rabbits are doing a good job in stimulating her, but they know that they're here for your enjoyment too. While making sure that you can see and hear them licking and slurping, they also move around to point their little buttocks toward you and arching their backs every now and then. It's quite a sight, and with Hiyu now moving her tongue like there's no tomorrow... You can hardly keep yourself from cumming when you reach the peak, your body trembling upon its perch as it's racked by waves of pleasure while your pussy oozes messily on Hiyu's face and into her mouth.

"H-haaah," you let out a pleased sigh after your last few shudders die out. Climbing down, you can see that Hiyu herself looks pleased - and tortured at the same time. The girls are still stimulating her, but at such a slow pace that even the passive and restrained girl is starting to shake her hips, desperate for more action. Of course, Chika and Mii do not allow her anything as such; instead, they keep teasing her only around the rim of her pussy, causing Hiyu to have this most adorable expression on her cum-stained face as she whines and moans.

You can understand why the girls want to keep bullying her even after you've climaxed, but now that you've moved away from an active role and become a spectator of this scene, you feel like you should help Hiyu out a bit - and you know exactly how you're going to do it. It's definitely going to be hilarious and fun for everyone involved!

While the girls are busy, you saunter over to your discarded clothes and rummage through its pocket, taking the penis pills and holding one between your lips and two handfuls inside your clenched fists. The girls are still at it when you return to them, and Hiyu's too much in a daze to resist your kiss. To be sure, you push your tongue deep so that she has no choice but to swallow, although you go on to caress her tongue playfully afterwards.

Hiyu gives you a confused stare that quickly changes into panicked gasps and moans as the drug begins to take effect, but you merely look on and giggle at her reaction. As she writhes and flails about even more than before, Chika and Mii seem to realize that there's something going on with her as well, but none of the rabbits are prepared for what's coming next. It must be quite surprising to have a male organ suddenly sprouting out and growing to its full length and thickness before your very eyes, and you can't blame them for ceasing all actions just to look at it twitch and throb. You can't resist chuckling at them, though - there's just something funny about three girls looking with dumbfounded expressions at an erect cock on one of their own.

Well, it's sort of surreal and arousing as well.

Hiyu keeps looking at you with a dumbfounded and terrified look on her face, her mouth moving but failing to form any word. You only tilt your head and smile sweetly at her, and she breaks into a loud moan - as expected, Chika and Mii are unable to resist the temptation. They have now gone on to lick at her penis, running their tongues along its length and even breaking into wet, sloppy kisses at times. Hiyu's screaming and yelping out despite herself by this point, her hips thrusting upward by instinct in response of all the new sensations she must have felt, but all her restraints are really going out of the window when the two finally kisses each other at the tip of her cock. Their soft lips wrapping over each other with Hiyu's sensitive head between them, and judging by the noises Chika and Mii are making, you can bet that there are a lot of tongues involved between them, too.

"...Aaa, aahaaa~! Cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cummiiiiing...!"

You've never heard her shout so loud before even when she's climaxing, but you suppose that the new sensation from her first ejaculation must be quite intense. Her semen's splashing against the two girls' faces and continue to shoot out high in the air, but that's not the end of it. She continues to violently spurt out many more powerful shots for some time, each of them flying high in the air and splashing her cum all over the place. You can even feel a couple hot droplets landing on your face and body, and it seems that they hit some of the other rabbits too - they're now turning to watch Hiyu and the rest of you with immense curiosity, although not so much that they cease their lovemaking completely.

But even when everything's said and done and her orgasm recedes, her erection still remains, twitching and throbbing like it ever was. You stare at the thing in amazement, and so do the two drenched girls that have pulled back from her crotch - Mii while quietly licking her lips and Chika while rubbing the cum off her face with the back of her hand. All of you have the same amused look, though. You've guessed that her urges are somewhat repressed, but maybe it's a bit worse than you think...

"T-Tewi... what... what the heck, why is there a..." She's still gasping out in bliss after her climax, but you can see her lust creeping back in. Moving her eyes from you back to her new appendage, she touches the trunk with her hand and starts to slowly stroke along the length. It's quite a sight; Hiyu's cock is nowhere as big as Reisen's, but the member - which would be considered rather large even on an adult human male - appears really huge on her small frame. "Ahh... It... It feels really weird..." She starts to moan and sigh.

You feel like masturbating at the now hermaphroditic rabbit yourself, but you resist doing so. The point of this whole exercise is to help her get more involved with others, after all! Thankfully, Chika's already on the case, lying back against the floor as she starts to call out. "Hey. Hey, Hiyu!" Hiyu snaps out of it and starts to fidget from whatever remains from her embarrassment, but Chika doesn't care about that at all. "What're you doing? Do something that's actually useful with that new cock of yours and fuck me!" She lifts her legs and holds her thighs close to her body, giving all of you a good look of the puffy lips of her pussy. Because of her position, you can see that her folds are slightly parted and dripping with her juice.

That's Chika for you, always getting to the point with no hesitation. Hiyu starts to scramble toward her, but she manages to stop herself in time to look at you with a really cute, worried expression on her blushing face - although she doesn't say anything, you can tell that she's basically asking you on what she should do. You smile, and whisper to her as you place a pill on her hand and wink. "Don't forget to share." She looks a bit surprised, but quickly breaks into a bashful smile and nods before tottering toward Chika.

"Chi... Chika..." She tries to lower her gaze and look away from her, as if her swaying cock hasn't already advertised her intention, but the other rabbit exclaims again. "Hurry up!" Hiyu nods hurriedly, and, after several moments of trying to find a handhold on Chika's bottom, she finally thrusts her appendage in - with a little bit more force than neither of them expects, apparently, because they're simultaneously yelping out when that happens.

"Oh... Oh, wow," Chika gasps.

You think the two of them are probably good. Now, with a chuckle, you turn to the last rabbit and holds out another pill to her. "Alright. Mii..." She quickly turns away from the spectacle and discreetly brings a hand to the corner of her mouth, looking as inscrutable as ever as she faces you... Although considering the fact that she has just wiped her drool off, she's probably not that different from your other girls after all. "Here, you can grow one as well," you said, waving the hand that's holding the dick medicine.

She nods, you think with more enthusiasm than usual, and she's soon sporting a healthy, erect cock as well. The size and girth may not look like anything special, but you have no idea what Mii can do with that new member of hers. Already she's testing its capabilities, one hand grasping around the circumference and the other rubbing its head, smearing pre-cum all over the sensitive spot. The usually quiet rabbit is now panting and breathing lewd and loud, but she still has the sense to stop for a moment and shoot a glance at you. "...If you want to, Tewi," she said, swaying her hips enticingly before settling down on the floor, her hardened cock pointing straight upward.

As if you can refuse an offer like that. With a grin, you lift one leg over her body and prepare to straddle her - even shaking your butt a little just for good measure. She's not having any of it, though; instead of waiting for you to lower your hips, she grabs at your waist and pulls you down to impale you before you're ready.

"Nhaaaah!" Damn it. It actually feels really good, and with her success in suddenly hitting your sensitive spot, your body automatically trembles from the jolts of pleasure sent by her pulsing shaft; before you even fully realize it, your mouth has already let out a drawn-out moan. When you finally manage to recover and look down, you can see a faint smile on Mii's lips. "Sneaky bastard," you grumble as you twist your hips, grinding your insides against her cock and pushing her deeper into you. Now it's your turn to hear her mewl and moan!

You're already thinking about more ways to punish your naughty partner, but you notice that you have gathered quite an audience all around you. The other earth rabbits are watching the two of you while masturbating themselves. Some of the more daring bunnies even have their hands on another girl's pussy, rubbing their fingers hard against the dripping slits. Their faces look listless from desire and envy. They undoubtedly wish that they're the ones who are penetrated by an actual penis - or even to have the ability to penetrate others themselves...

Still perched on Mii, you wag your fingers at them. "Well... I'm feeling generous today, so come over and take your medicine, girls." You then move to grope at Mii's breast to get her attention. "You help out too." She nods, and the two of you set out to distribute the drugs among the enthusiastic rabbits. At first, you're just putting the pills inside their mouths with your hands, letting them sucking and licking off your fingers afterwards, but soon you start to give them out in more creative ways: both you and Mii are holding the pills in your mouths and scattering them all over the sensitive spots all over your bodies, forcing the bunnies to give you deep kisses or suckling your nipples or other various stunts in order to get their dosage. They only become more enthusiastic because of this, though, and soon you find yourself bouncing up and down Mii's dick while countless tongues are trailing along your bodies - except for the time when you purposely leave a bit of her penis outside your pussy and place a pill there so that the rabbits can kiss and lick at where the two of you are connected.

It feels really, really good. Both of you manage to reach orgasm as the last rabbit grows her dick, and you soon have your pussy filled with Mii's thick and warm spurts. You collapse on top of her and gives her a tender kiss, which she reciprocates - both of your tongues are dancing against one another while her softening member is still inside you, bathed in your fluids and twitching cutely every once in a while.

When you look up, the rabbits have already started stroking themselves or clumsily trying to insert their cocks into each other's orifices, but beyond the girls futilely trying to control their first-time ejaculation and spraying their spooge everywhere, you notice a particularly vigorous pair at the back - from the way they fuck, you think the world will end if they stop indulging their carnal urges or something.

"Chika, Chikaaaaa...!" As if it could be anyone other than those two. You shake your head and smile at Mii before the two of you crawl over to have a look at Chika and Hiyu, moving to a vantage point that's unobscured by other fornicating bunnies.

...Well, you can't say that you're not surprised at the changes that have occured. The most obvious of all is probably the fact that Chika has now sported a dick of her own, but to you, the girl's expression is far stranger than anything else - instead of showing off that usual brash confidence of hers, she now looks fatigued and overwhelmed with pleasure, what with her glazed eyes and gaping mouth. It doesn't seem like she can respond much more to Hiyu's frantic thrusts.

Yeah, that's probably what causes it. Right now, Hiyu is grasping Chika's ankle with one hand while stroking the bigger rabbit's cock with another, but she's still thrusting in and out of her at a furious pace. "Ahh, I can't... I can't believe it can still feel this g-good...!" The petite rabbit looks like she's in utter bliss. It's hard to believe that the lustful bunny that's shamelessly rocking her hips and forcing her huge cock into another girl's pussy was so reluctant and shy not so long ago.

"H-here it comes agaaain!" She shrieks. "Let's cum together, Chika, one more time...!"

"Hold... hold just a minute, Hiyu...!" Chika tries to pant out her objection, but it fell on deaf ears. Both of their screams fill the room as they achieve their release - Hiyu is throwing her head backward as some of her cum gushes back out from Chika's filled pussy, while the latter - whose cock is firmly in Hiyu's hand - ejaculates helplessly, spurting the few drops of her semen onto her face and body. From the amount of fluids that are on their body and pooling on the floor though, it seems that they have really cummed a lot of times already.

"Haa... U-ugh...It, it's still hard..."

"W-what...?! No, no, no, you've fucked me enough times already!"

"E-eh? B-but you said--"

"No waY! Go and bother Tewi and everyone else for a change!" She points toward you, Mii, and many more rabbits, who by now have joined you in watching those two. Hiyu turns her head in that direction, and sure enough, a reddish tinge emerges once more on her cheeks. "T-Tewi! Have you... Have you been watching us this entire time...?" She unconsciously starts to fidget and squirm from embarrassment again, but with her cock firmly lodged in Chika, the only thing she manages to do is to make themselves moan.

"Hiyu, we're in the middle of an orgy here," you try to explain to her, holding your giggles in. "Everyone can see everyone else having sex, that's kind of the point."

"Mnn..." She lets out a small whine before surprise crosses her face. "...Ah, e-everyone also has a..." It looks like she has only noticed the other rabbits' appendages. With that realization, her hand starts to gently squeeze on Chika's penis again.

"Nhh...! H-hey, lay off my cock for a while!"

"S-sorry, I really can't help it when I see everyone else and..."

"Anyway, let Chika rest for a bit, Hiyu," you said. "We're all here for each other, and you can fuck or be fucked by the rest of the girls in the meantime--"

"Then... Then, let me do it with you, Tewi...!" She suddenly shouts, and you're taken slightly aback. The girl has found her courage, if only a little bit and only to have sex with someone she wants, but you think that's quite a development for her. Before you can respond, though, Mii suddenly wraps her arms around you.

"No. She's still with me right now."

"...But, but you've had your fill already, haven't you? You've had s-sex with her--"

Hiyu has pulled out from Chika much to the latter's relief, her completely drenched and glistening member standing tall and erect as if to intimidate the other rabbit with its size. However, Mii is not giving way to her - instead, she starts to silently rub her body against yours, pressing her soft curves and hardening member to your still-sensitive skin.

The other rabbits are now descending into chaos, too, shouting their own wishes to screw you - even though they are still excitedly humping or being jacked off by each other.

"No, no, I want to fuck Tewi too! No, me! Me!"

"Alright, alright, that's enough!" You shout, waving your hands about. How dare they argue with their own sex partner that they want to fuck someone else...? Well, politeness during sex has never been your girls' strong point, you suppose. "I'm here for everyone, so shut up. Learn to share and take turns, okay?!"

"Geez, I have no idea if I'm running a kindergarten or a brothel at this point..." You grumble as you start to place yourself on the floor, lifting your bottom and moving your legs apart to make it easier for several girls to screw you at the same time. "Why does it have to be me, anyway?"

"You're the one who only has a pussy and no dick, leader, so you're the one who needs to be fucked by everyone else." Chika said, still lying on the floor. "I'm... I'm gonna need to bang you too after I take a breather or two..."

"That doesn't even begin to make any sense," you mumble with a shake of your head, before Mii starts to grope at your butt and Hiyu trots over to your side, while the rest of the earth rabbits are crowding excitedly over you.


It was a mess, but it was also really fun. Within moments, you could no longer keep track of whose cock it is that you're sucking, or which one is rubbing against your nipples - and your pussy and ass are never empty for more than a few seconds. You think the rabbits were also fucking each other while they were waiting for you, and that included Hiyu, Mii, and Chika, who also joined in later.

All of you are now lying on the floor, panting together in a massive glow amidst a pool of white all across the room, cuddling against each other. The three girls are all hugging you at the same time somehow, not bothered in the least by the smell or moistness of their cum on your body. After a couple of laughs about how much of a beast Hiyu has become when it comes to sex - which is caused by Chika trying to egg her on the entire time they had sex, she admitted - much to the girl's cute embarrassment and, you suspect from her smile, a small bit of pride, you explain to them that you're going to travel around Gensokyo in order to prepare yourself and Reisen so that you can have an even better sex than before.

The rabbits ooh and aah with excitement when you tell them that Reisen has grown a huge cock as well, and yes, of course you're going to share her with the rest of them once the two of you are ready.

"W-well... Be careful and... and come back soon, Tewi," Hiyu mumbles. "We're here after all, and we..."

"We've all grown cocks because of you, so might as well use them," Chika finishes for her, causing the other rabbit to become quite flustered while everyone else nods.

"Have fun on your date."

"It's not a date, we're going on a really serious sex training here--" You try to spatter out an explanation to Mii, but the other rabbits only laugh and titter as you try to speak.

What a bunch of jerks, you thought as you drift off to sleep.
No. 31105
Sweet. Thanks for the update.
No. 31108
Second. Take your time.
No. 31112
File 137130979237.jpg- (107.01KB , 600x315 , PMiSS_kourindou.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Come on, Reisen! That shop can't visit itself, you know!"

You're tapping her shoulder as you run past her, stopping only after you're a couple distance away to wave your hands. The moon rabbit doesn't share your enthusiasm, though; she simply sighs and shakes her head as she continues moving on a far more leisurely pace. "Hurry up!" You shout again. You know that she's not going to be able to run while carrying that large backpack of hers, but she could at least show a little more exuberance about this entire thing.

Perhaps you should arrange an orgy or two for her as well, just to lift her spirit up, you thought.

Reisen has shown some interest in your mission (she said that she only wanted to keep you out of trouble, but you're pretty sure that her eyes light up a bit when you mention that it might lead into more awesome sex between the two of you), but she has also insisted on carrying a bag full of drugs, bandages, and all sorts of other medical stuff along on your trip as it's her turn to distribute the medical kit and peddle whatever else she has to the rest of Gensokyo. You honestly don't care that much, but since you now have a place to store your various sorts of forbidden drugs and do not have to carry them on your own, you're not complaining.

"Don't you dare mixing those drugs together with the ones that I'm supposed to bring," Reisen said, in her best effort to look threatening to you. "If every girl in Gensokyo grows a dick tomorrow and Master manages to find out... I swear I'll hunt you down and kill you, Tewi."

"Hey, relax," you grinned. "My pranks are way more subtle and entertaining than that. Besides, if it's something that you and Master are going to complain and whine about, I'll make sure to do that well behind your backs." She only grumbles, knowing that she can't actually do anything if you decide to, say, pour all the drugs down the Human Village's well, but you really know better than doing something as suicidal as that. Besides, you have your own objectives to fulfill.

"Oh yeah, speaking of dicks, I haven't seen yours hanging out lately," you said as the thought crossed your mind, tilting your body to the side and pretending to peek up her skirt at the same time. "It's pretty long and thick too, if I remember right... What did you do to hide it, hmm, hmm~?

Reisen lightly slaps the side of your head, her face bright red. She looks just the way she is usually, a normal rabbit girl wearing a suit and a short skirt - but you know that she must have placed her appendage somewhere, and judging from her reaction, she really listened to you and hasn't removed it yet.

"It's... nothing special, but I don't want to talk about it," she mumbles. "Let's just hurry and do whatever you want to do."

"Can't wait until we get back to your bed? You really are insatiable, you know that?"

"W-why you--"

"Hey, that's Kourindou!"

You point at the small building by the distance, standing right in front of the Forest of Magic. The antique store is nowhere as shady as Eientei, but since it is quite isolated and has a run-down appearance, it evokes its own aura of danger and suspicion to the few who actually bothered to take a look at the place. Of course, the decor doesn't help at all; there are piles of mysterious junk from the outside world that are strewn all over the front yard, which only serves to strengthen whatever impression one might have of it in the first place.

You personally think that the place looks fun and intriguing, but you're not sure if humans or other youkai share that sentiment - it is very messy and cluttered, after all.

"Alright," Reisen exhaled a breath. "Let's go in and try not to bother Mr. Morichika too much..."


Reisen's words are cut by that loud sound as a portion of Kourindou's wall suddenly just collapses to the front yard, knocking against a couple boxes of electronic whatchamacallits and sending them rolling all over the yard. The two of you stare and gape at that such a sudden development. Did the shop owner finally goof up and trigger the destruction his own shop in the most spectacular manner possible?

Despite a small part of you wanting to see that happen, the store is still standing - there's just a huge hole on the wall, and while it's hard to make anything out from where you stand, you think you see some shadows moving...

Oh crap. It seems that there's someone climbing out of there, but it doesn't seem to be the shop owner. Maybe it's the one responsible for all this mess, but you can't be quite sure. You and Reisen exchange stares. You decide to...

[] Charge and attack!
[] Just approach this person calmly.
[] Hide somewhere safe and get a good watch on things!
[] Write-in.
No. 31115
[x] Charge and attack!
No. 31117
[X] Hide somewhere safe and get a good watch on things!
No. 31118
[x] Charge and attack!
No. 31120
[x] Charge and attack!

It must be Marisa! And this is a training journey! Time to train on Marisa!
No. 31121
[X] Charge and attack!

Aggression is king!
No. 31122
[X] Charge and attack!

Because what the hell else would Tewi do?
No. 31131
She's always struck me as someone who'd rather swindle than fight. Good thing Reisen's significantly less useless in a fight ass is here.
No. 31136
[x] Charge and attack!
No. 31140
[X] Charge and attack!
But that's why it'll be funny when everything goes very wrong.
No. 32353
[X] Charge and attack!
No. 32354
This didn't just happen.
No. 32355
Yeah, that was definitely a time for a sage.
No. 32440
What? What happened?
No. 32819
File 138248713142.jpg- (625.85KB , 697x1174 , afad36466709deacf65cf7bdfaa26a31.jpg ) [iqdb]
Very sorry for the terribly, terribly late update. I was uninspired and kept getting distracted...


[X] Charge and attack!

Yeah, why do you have to be so worried? Fortune favors the bold, after all! You flash a confident smile of mischief to Reisen, and while the moon rabbit recognizes that as a sign of impending trouble, she only has enough time to grimace and shake her head in futility before you dart forward in full speed.

You're soaring through the air toward the shop destroyer - or destroyers, you suppose, since you notice that there are two of them. You get to see more details as you get closer; the one dressed in blue is hauling a sack over her shoulders, while the red one seems to be reaching out for something... But by now, you no longer have the time to contemplate on unnecessary details like where the frills on their clothes should be or stuffs like that. You're so close that the blue one is already turning her head lazily in your direction, no doubt wondering who or what it is she's seeing at the corner of her eyes.

That's way too slow. You immediately let loose a steady stream of bullets from each hand in an arc, spraying the two with a healthy dose of glowing youkai magic before you realize that they are no longer where they are.

"Whoa!" You yelp out in surprise as a pair of claws rip through the air where your face was a couple seconds ago; if you didn't move back a little bit sooner, you'll definitely be in a world of pain.

The girl in red growls at you, her arms still stretched out from her attempt to tear your eyes out. You respond by flinging some more bullets in her direction. It's pretty hard to miss at this distance, but you can't help but be amazed as your opponent doesn't even try to dodge. She's taking all your attacks head-on, and while your bullets explode on her body and creates some tears on her shirt, she doesn't seem to be hurt that much. The girl is simply staring at you through the weird, amulet-like paper stuck on her hat.

"My, my... This is quite unexpected."

You take a glance behind and see the other girl floating lazily, leaning against nothing and somehow looking very comfortable at that. It's probably not right to call her a girl, though - even though you're in a fight with her, you can't resist looking at the beginning of a cleavage framed by her low-cut dress and open vest, and from there, the rest of the voluptuous curves of her mature body. With the way she's flying, jutting out her assets and looking very much like she's doing it on purpose, she's obviously trying to show herself off... although you can feel that it's not specifically for you.

"What are you, little beast~?" She asks in an overly sweet tone, tilting her head as she tries to look you over. "A... rabbit? I'm aware that this place is filled with savage brutes and monsters, but to think that even a weak, little bunny would try to attack me..." She shakes her head and sighs. "What a sad state of affairs." You feel annoyed at the way she acts, but you're aware that she's only trying to provoke you. Since you're effectively surrounded, the two of them can easily overwhelm you, but the fact that they haven't even begun to do so shows that at least Blue wants to play with you first.

"...Yeah, well... Maybe you shouldn't rob other people's places if you don't feel like being attacked," you say to her, since she's the one who speaks and looking more like the leader of the two. You have to keep talking until you find a good way to break away from them... "Common decency, see? This is the sort of stuff that even kids should know."

"Hah! Now the pile of fluff is lecturing me." Blue chuckles. "Is it even your shop, that you feel the need to keep watch over it? What a joke."

Now she's waving her hand, and you quickly turn back to Red. So much for finding a way out. She's baring her teeth and looking quite tense, ready to pounce at you. Crap, here it comes...!

But to all of your surprises, something suddenly whizzes through the air several distance by your side. Your opponents seem pretty surprised and quickly flick their heads toward the source of that stray projectile, but you know from its firearm's bullet shape that it's shot by Reisen. You grin at her and shout, "About time! That's a pretty wide miss, y'know?"

Reisen doesn't answer; instead, she leaps from side to side while firing several bursts of bullets each time she has to move. Your enemies are forced to move and leave you alone, but not before you notice Blue's interested smile and a glint in her eye as she looks at Reisen with intent - so much that she seems to have completely ignored you.

And right after that, Red suddenly launches herself toward the moon rabbit with the same ferocity that she showed earlier. You try to fire at her to stop her in her path, but she just keeps on going. You bite your lips. Somehow, you have a really bad feeling about this...

If you move now, you can probably catch up with Red and prevent her from hurting Reisen, but you'll be putting yourself in harm's way. Or maybe, you can distract her with the heaviest, bulkiest thing closest to you: your bag. But that's where you're keeping all your precious drugs. Does it make sense to throw them away for the sake of a hunch, even if it concerns Reisen?

[] Guard Reisen with your own body.
[] Throw the bag... to throw Red off.
[] Eh. You take care of yourself, Reisen.
No. 32820
[x] Guard Reisen with your own body.

Affection points for future sex!
No. 32821
[x] Guard Reisen with your own body.
No. 32823
>Very sorry for the terribly, terribly late update.
I do like this story, but it's hard to get attached when updates are so inconsistent. Thanks for writing it anyway.

[x] Guard Reisen with your own body.

Drugs are precious and if anyone's getting abducted today I'd like it to be Tewi.
No. 32825
[x] Guard Reisen with your own body.
No. 32827
[x] Eh. You take care of yourself, Reisen.

It'll be a good learning experience.
No. 32829
[X] Eh. You take care of yourself, Reisen.

She's a capable fighter. Gotta trust our battle buddy to have our back.
No. 32837
[x] Guard Reisen with your own body.
We got her into this mess, we should probably at least pretend to try to get her out of it.
No. 32839
[x] Guard Reisen with your own body.

Capable story? this is an /at/ story, so she's basically rape fodder. And it wouldn't hurt to be nice to her for once.
No. 32842
[x] Guard Reisen with your own body.

What, this chapter doesn't even have sex in it.
No. 32894
[x] Guard Reisen with your own body.
Affection points, here we come !
No. 35376
File 140276646817.jpg- (205.49KB , 703x883 , yoshi.jpg ) [iqdb]
As if you even need to think about it. Reisen's in danger, damn it, and you're going to save her no matter what it takes. You turn your back against Blue and zoom through the air in order to get in the way between your moon rabbit and a really ferocious-looking Red. All sorts of projectiles are firing from behind you: beams, knives, large balls of lightning that crackle fearsomely as they pass you by - it appears that your first opponent doesn't take too kindly to being ignored.

It's scary as heck, especially since you have no idea where the bullets are until they pass you by, but you're still feeling pretty lucky in the middle of all this rush. And as long as good fortune is on your side, you know that you'll be alright.

Reisen finally notices you and the incoming Red, and from what glimpse you have of her face before you begin to shield the bigger rabbit with your back turned against her, she seems to be quite surprised. Well, a bigger surprise is waiting for her: you defeating this terrifying enemy single-handedly!

...Or at least, that's what you wish you can do, but you find that all your attacks still fail to work against her. You're shooting your largest and most powerful bullets, and you can see her body being forcefully pushed backward upon each impact, and yet she still manages to shrug them off and resume her flight.

Damn it. She's getting closer, and your brain is going into overdrive for some sort of plan, but it looks like you can only come up with one insane idea. "...This is so stupid," you mutter under your breath as you realize the danger of what you're about to do. There's no more time to second-guess yourself, though. Just as Red leaps at you, you dash toward her instead of dodging away and strike at her face with a quick punch...!

Your fist makes contact with her face, but that doesn't even make her flinch. Instead, she opens her drooling mouth and chomps down at your still-extended arm.

It hurts like hell. You can see blood trickling out from where her teeth is embedded in your flesh, and you have no idea if the pain and panic cause your senses to exaggerate, but it feels as if she's biting down to your bone. It's probably appropriate to scream, but the only thing that comes out of your throat is a quiet, choked sound - that slowly grows into a laughter.

Red looks up to you, a small hint of confusion appearing in her wild, bloodthirsty eyes. It seems that she isn't just some feral creature that only know how to attack. Well, to make things a little bit clearer, you hold a spellcard right before her eyes.

Her eyes widen when they notice the border pattern of your card, and she promptly tries to release her jaws from your arm in order to pull away from you. It will be too late for her, though. You've correctly guessed that she can't move her outstretched arms so easily, and with your body stuck in between her unbending elbows, she has to put a bit of a struggle and fly backward in order to get away from you.

On the other hand, you only need to tilt your head, smile sweetly, and say, "Last Word: Ancient Duper."


You blink your eyes as you return to your consciousness, your eyesight slowly returning to focus at Reisen, who's sitting by your side and looking quite anxious. This is starting to become a routine for you, isn't it?

"Oh, thank goodness, you finally came to," she sighs in relief before she shakes her head and scowls at you. "What were you thinking?! Charging blindly at the enemy like that... You know that I'm stronger than you, right? I can protect myself just fine." You know Reisen, and you realize that she's not trying to boast to you by saying that. She is indeed more powerful than you in many respects, and that only makes her feel more guilty and worried about not noticing the fight and having you to protect her.

"Stronger than me? Yeah, right," you snort. "Didn't you see me taking down that crazy girl in one shot? Like, fwoosh," You try to mimic the twin pillars of light released by your last word, your own creative representation of the ocean boundaries. "And she goes down like that. I'm pretty good at fights too, you know. Don't look down me just because I'm adorable and all!"

"Alright, alright. Whatever you say." She rubs her temples and grumbles in exasperation, but her posture is much more relaxed than before. It looks like she's convinced that you've completely returned to her.

"Don't worry too much, Reisen. You got my back, but I got yours too, okay?"

"...Okay," she nods. "Thanks, Tewi."

"No problem," you reply. "As long as I can get some hot dickings in return--ow, ow, ow!" You wince as you look down at your arm. It stings! Reisen's hand is there, wrapping the place where you were bitten with a roll of bandage.

"Ah, don't move around," she said. "It doesn't look too bad, but I don't want it to get infected." She then returns her attention back to dressing your wound. It's as if she didn't even hear your last comment at all. Somehow, it's more embarrassing to have her kneeling by your side and devoting her care for you than when you're fucking each other's brain out, and you'd very much like to protest and insist that you're fine... but seeing her so intent on her work, you can only sigh and look away to avoid being so damn nervous.

"...All done," she said with a satisfied smile. "The disinfectant might hurt a bit, but bear with it."

"Ah, t-thanks, Reisen," you swing your arm a bit, just to make sure that it's working just fine. "That reminds me, by the way. What happened to those jerks...?"

Reisen tilts her head with a conflicted expression on her face to a certain direction, and when you follow it with your eyes, you see Red, lying on the ground and still with her arms stretched out. "She's been there for a while. As for the other one... Your attack managed to hit her too, believe it or not."

"Man, what a lucky shot," you sneer in satisfaction.

"When I tried to look for her, she was already gone, though." The moon rabbit grabs her own arm and looks away, as if there's something interesting in the distance. "Maybe she ran away in panic and left her friend behind..."

You guess that Reisen's still a bit bothered by the things that happened in her past. "Hmm, maybe, maybe not," you shrug. "We'll have a good, long talk with her if we're unlucky enough to meet her again. For now, though..." You walk toward your remaining enemy.

"Tewi, what are you doing?!"

"Just some good old-fashioned interrogation. Take it easy, I'll take care of myself. Promise."

"...Fine, whatever. Just be careful." She seems to have her doubt, but she gives you the go-ahead in the end. You wave your hand back at Reisen before leaning down to take a better look at your unconscious opponent. With her clothes torn apart by your attack, you can now see that the girl with the dark blue hair actually has a pretty alluring body.

You run your hand along her belly. It's as if she's carved out of stone or something; despite being curvy, her stomach feels firm and taut. She does seem like the athletic type, and you can see some muscle definition on her body... but you think there may be something more to your attacker here. After all, there's also the matter of her skin complexion - it's really pale to the point of looking sickly on a normal person, although you can shrug it off as an exotic feature for the girl for some reason.

The pair of breasts peeking from underneath her torn shirt look very squeezable, though. You can't really ignore such a soft-looking pair of temptations, can you? Motivated by mischievous vengeance, you dig your fingers into their undersides to knead them slow and hard. Wow, they're really as soft as they look - and her skin feels so cool and smooth, making the bouncy handfuls feel even better in your palms.

"Mmneeehhh..." Red winces at that last grope, and slowly stirs back to wakefulness. The brief thought of releasing her and getting as far away as possible from such a dangerous enemy flits through your mind, but you're too giddy with the idea of lewd revenge to do the probably more reasonable thing. "Well, look who decided to join us." You try to sound as confidently threatening as you can manage, and you even let one hand travel upward in order to rub your finger against her nipple, just to emphasize your words. The girl beneath you shivers from the sensation, and her expression is turning into a mixture of fear and confusion - quite a world apart from the face of the ferocious monster who bit down your arm. "Now, I got a couple of questions, so calm down a little--"

"Uwaaagh!" She flails about, her outstretched arms swaying left and right. They're nowhere close to hitting you, fortunately enough, so you stay your ground. "Who are youuuuu? Where am Iiiii? Who am Iiiiii?"

You're taken aback by that response. She can't be suffering from such a convenient memory loss, can she? "H-hey, stop playing around!" You squeeze harder at her tits. "I was about to ask you that. Who are you?!"

"Aaaaagh--me?" She blinks a couple of times before smiling at you. "I'm Yoshika. I'm a zombiiiiie."

"A-a zombie?" You repeat, not sure if you should be surprised at her speecies or her attitude. Yoshika nods her head excitedly and tries to bow to you in greeting - but with her lying on the ground and you holding her breasts down, her upper body just bucks up and down instead, causing her tits to jiggle in your hands.

"Yup! A jiangshiiiii."

You raise an eyebrow. A jiangshi? You've probably heard some kind of youkai with that name some time ago... You don't really recall if you've ever met one, though.

"It's an undead from the mainland. Something like a cross between a zombie and a vampire, I guess..." You turn toward the interjecting rabbit, who quickly stutters and raises her hands. "I-I just read about them somewhere, so I'm not that sure."

"I see... Thank goodness we have a nerd handy! Now, Yoshika--"

"Hey!" Reisen is about to launch into a protest, but you continue.

"Now, Yoshika, you've lost the fight. Everyone knows that the loser has to do whatever the winner says, so..." You lean in until your face is just a few inches away from hers, and put on your most menacing smile. "...Do you know what I'm going to do with you~?"

Even Yoshika becomes a little nervous because of that. "A-aaaaare... Are you going to torture me?" She gulps. "I... I'll never taaaaalk! Even if I remember what I'm supposed to say, which is... umm, what, exactly...?" Afraid and confused, the undead looks up to you as if you would somehow know the answer to that.



[] "...we're going to return you to your friend."
[] "...we're going to take you as our slave."
[] "...we're going to rape you with your consent."
No. 35377
[X] "...we're going to take you as our slave."

Busty zombie girl slave sounds fun.

As for Tewi is there any danger of her getting affected by Yoshika's bite?
No. 35378
[X] "...we're going to take you as our slave."
No. 35379
[x] "...we're going to take you as our slave."

Zombie girl sex slave sounds fun, and just priceless to see Seiga's face if she comes back to see that.

(Welcome back by the way. This is a great story but after almost a year I'd pretty much given up hope for an update)
No. 35380
[x] "...we're going to take you as our slave."

This sounds like all kinds of fun.
No. 35381
[x] "...we're going to take you as our slave."
It's back!
No. 35382
[x] "...we're going to rape you with your consent."
No. 35385
File 140286766442.jpg- (143.64KB , 850x1084 , yoshi2.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] "...we're going to take you as our slave."

Silence descends upon the forest outskirts as soon as you finishes saying those words. Even Yoshika has stopped wriggling and twitching about in order to stare at you, together with Reisen. Then, slowly, the blank expression on their faces morphs into that of incredulity as they say together in a perfect harmony, "Eeeeehhhhh?!"

Thanks for the support, you guys.

"Wait, wait, wait a minute, Tewi!" Reisen holds her hand out and starts to stutter in panic. "You can't... you can't just enslave people you meet just like that!"

"Why not?" You shoot back at her and flick your head in Yoshika's direction. "There's no problem, right? I mean, first of all, she lost to us in a fight, like I said. Second of all, her friend isn't here to protest my decision, and third of all, she's a zombie. She's already dead. Dead people don't have that much rights."

"Uwaaaagh, just like that, I'm now completely disenfranchiiiiised..."

"Well... But... But... It's wrong!" Reisen insists.

"Wrong, huh?" You snort. "Tell me, how much does Master pay us for doing all the work day in day out?"

"I'm the one doing all the work day in day out," Reisen sighs. "You and the other rabbits just slack around. And that's obvious. I..." She stops mid-sentence, her position frozen in that retorting pose. Wow, you think you can see a couple beads of cold sweat running down her face and forehead. They're kind of huge.

"S-she gives us food! And shelter! In a really great mansion! And some allowances every now and then!" She tries again. You only smile at her in response - the hollow smile of an adult who's amused by the naivete of the younger folks. Even Reisen is a bit taken aback by that.

"Uuu... No, wait! We're not slaves! We're pets! There's totally a subtle but distinct difference there!" She exclaims in triumph.

Silence descends upon the forest outskirts once more.

"...That is waaaaay, waaaaay wooooorse." The slave-to-be makes her honest opinion known.

Reisen buries her face in her hands. "Alright, now I'm a little depressed. You can... You can do whatever you want."

"That's alright, I'm just as sad as you are," you say, even though you're grinning from ear to ear. "Did you hear that, Yoshika? Now we get to keep you as our slave! Hooray!"


"Well, honestly, I don't have that much for you to do. I just can't be bothered to do all these heavy lifting by myself." You return to where your bag lies, and picks it up. "Here, here, carry this for me."

You walk back to Yoshika and hand your belongings to her to carry, but you soon find that she has a difficult time moving her arms and her joints about. Is that because she's a living corpse? You do know that bodies experience some sort of temporary stiffness on death, and if she's forcefully preserved in that condition, you suppose it's possible for her to stay that way...

You shake your head while Yoshika tilts hers in confusion. This isn't the time to think about science and complicated stuff like that! You have better, more fun things to do. And so, you help her put one of her arms through the bag's leather strap, and then the other, and tighten them up--

"Yup, perfect." Yoshika keeps trying to turn her head backward to see the bag she's carrying, but it's now pretty secure on her back. The straps are doing a good job of that - in addition to creating an excellent frame around her boobs - but they have an even more important function. You hold the surplus length of the leather straps like a leash, and tug on it a little.

Well, it looks strong enough. This way, you can make sure that she's not going to just run away with your belongings at any point in the future. Honestly, you're pretty sure that the jiangshi's mind is far too simple to do cook up devious like that, but you know that it's better to be safe than sorry.

"Okay. Let's go to Kourindou, guys!" You wave your arm and starts to walk, holding Yoshika's leash in your hand. With a defeated sigh, the undead girl hops along to your pace. It's probably easier for her to do that instead of walking, although with all the bouncing that she's doing, you really can't complain.

Not far from her, Reisen trudges along, still grumbling a little.


"Sorry for intrud--whoa." It looks as if a hurricane just hit this place. The shelves are tumbled on one another, and there are all sorts of mysterious items and knick-knacks scattered on the floor. Still, considering all the piles of junk in front of the store, the interior feels ridiculously empty - and without much of its wares, you're starting to realize just how big this room really is.

But that's not the most surprising thing that you see.

"...Welcome." The shopkeeper lies on the floor in the middle of the room, her arms and legs spread eagle. He lifts his head and greets you with his usual stoicity, but that does nothing to obscure his bizarre situation: with the exception of his glasses, he's completely buck naked, and his wrists and ankles are tied up with ropes that stretch across the room and are bound to various heavy objects in its corners.

It seems that he's rather well-hung too, although after what you did to Reisen, he's probably only the second best in that department. ...What? Obviously you're going to have a good look at that if he's going to be in that position!

Yoshika is completely unfazed, But Reisen lets out a small shriek and turns her gaze away from him. "M... Mr. Morichika...! W-wha... why..."

"Why do you have such a perverted hobby, Mr. Morichika?" You finish for the other rabbit, earning yourself a glare from her. "I think you can spend your time in a more productive way, right? Aren't you even embarrassed in the slightest?"

"Ha ha ha." Rinnosuke replies dryly. "No, I think I've stopped feeling deadly embarrassed by around the third hour or so. After the robbers took all of my stuff and raped me all over to hell and back, I think they were about to take my kidneys as well... But they were interrupted by some people arriving to this store."

He looks pointedly at you. "It's just a little strange that these supposed customers took their sweet time before coming over here to rescue me. Well, I guess they have much better, more important things to do."

"Hey, c'mon, don't be that way." You grin at him. You've spent most of those times unconscious, after all, although if you're aware of his condition, you'll probably leave him stewing like this for a while too, just for amusement's sake. "We just defeated your burglars. The other one ran away, but..." You pull on Yoshika's leash.


"Ugh. Well, that's great news, though." Despite his disinclination toward the jiangshi, he seems to be a bit more excited than before. "And my wares?"

"...Um... Unfortunately, we can't find anything like that... I'm sorry." Reisen bows down, while Kourin just sighs.

"Figures. Well, I suppose you can let me go, and I'll take stock of my remaining inventory."

"Yes, we will--"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa." You create a huge cross with your arms, waving it all about. What is this, a story of altruism and goodwill? Not on your watch! "Not so fast, ladies and gentleman. What about the rewards? The compensation? After that heart-pounding battle, I'm not just gonna free him and go away empty-handed!"

Rinnosuke looks rather unamused, but he replies, "...Fine. I'm pretty sure that if I refuse, you'll just rob what's left in this store and leave me hanging for the next month."

"Aww, don't paint us in such a bad light, Mr. Morichika--" You start to giggle as one of your auxillary plans got discovered just like that, but he cuts you off.

"What do you want?"

"Hmm, well," You start to grin. "You're very naked right now, and Yoshika here is wearing almost nothing at all, and we have two rabbits here, and--"

"Yes, I get the idea." Rinnosuke sighs. "This is just one of those days when I'm suddenly expected to overperform, isn't it? How do you manage to have such a lewd and immoral person as your party leader, anyway?"

Reisen, blushing red, only shakes her head and sighs. She doesn't seem to be in the mood of contesting your decision - although when it comes to sex, she does seem to be much more compliant to your schemes. Meanwhile, Yoshika nods repeatedly, "Life is a mysteryyyyy. I am dead though--"

"Shut up, dead meat," you snap at her. "Since you're the perpetrator here, I'm going to have you take the center stage too."

The jiangshi gulps.

"Ah, now we're also descending into necrophilia. How charming--"

"You shut up too."

Before you start thinking about the ethical ramifications, you better come up with a good arrangement.

[] Free Rinnosuke.
[] No, keep him bound.

[] Force Yoshika to give double handjobs.
[] Double-penetrate Yoshika.
[] No, have someone take her mouth and have her on both ends.

[] Some other positions.
No. 35387
[X] No, keep him bound.
[X] Double-penetrate Yoshika.
No. 35388
[x] Free Rinnosuke.
[x] No, have someone take her mouth and have her on both ends.

No. 35392
[x] No, keep him bound.
[x] No, have someone take her mouth and have her on both ends.

These orgies require such intricate planning...
No. 35394
[x] No, keep him bound.
[x] Double-penetrate Yoshika.

Yay necrophilia
No. 35395
[x] No, keep him bound.
[x] No, have someone take her mouth and have her on both ends.
No. 35396
[x] No, keep him bound.

[x] Force Yoshika to give double handjobs.
[x] Double-penetrate Yoshika.

Do it now.
No. 35398
[X] No, keep him bound.
[X] Double-penetrate Yoshika.
[X] While Rinnosuke eats you out.
No. 35407
[x] No, keep him bound.
[x] No, have someone take her mouth and have her on both ends.
No. 35420
[x] No, keep him bound.
[x] Double-penetrate Yoshika.
[x] Then Free him.
No. 35433
[x] No, keep him bound.
 [x] No, have someone take her mouth and have her on both ends.

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