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[x] Massage.

Okay. She seems like the type who would enjoy some sexy pampering. And, now that you think about it, it seems like it would feel even better if she couldn’t see what you’re doing...

You signal Marisa to grab the blindfold. She happily grabs the ribbon and kneels down behind Sakuya, pulling it tight over the maid’s eyes and tying it behind her head. Sakuya doesn’t want to seem weak after all that posturing, so she takes it without a word.

With the blindfold secure, Marisa starts removing Sakuya’s clothes while you take off your own. It feels more exciting if you’re naked too, and you won’t have to worry about getting them dirty if you aren’t wearing them.

Sakuya’s calmness disappears quickly when her clothes start coming off. She puts up a futile struggle while Marisa removes the top half of her uniform, and the panic gets even worse once she moves to the skirt. Seems like there’s something Sakuya really doesn’t want you to find out about...


Marisa pulls off the skirt, and her head tilts almost immediately. She’s blocking your view, so you don’t immediately see what the fuss is about.

“Oh-ho! Hey, Mistress, come take a look at this!”

Still in your underwear, you walk over to Marisa and squat down next to Marisa, glancing over Sakuya’s underwear before you move on to the item of interest.

Sakuya’s wearing a pair of dark blue panties. They’re elegant and understated; there’s no frills or flowery designs, but there are some transparent parts around her hips, and the fabric is very rich. Above that, she had a simple garter belt holding up her silky black stockings. There’s a little bulge in her left stocking, and a small pink wire running up from it into her panties, right to where there’s a dark, slightly-fragrant wet spot. If you listen closely, you can hear a faint humming.

Haven’t you seen this in one of your books? Ignoring Sakuya’s continued protests, you carefully peel down her panties to reveal her bright, closely-shaved pussy. The wire goes right into her; you pull it out, getting a quiet gasp from her, and see a small oval bead at the end of it, whirring and shaking around in the air.

“Hmm! And just what were you doing with this?” you ask.

Silence. You think Sakuya’s just going to ignore you, but then she says something in a voice as thin and wispy as spider-silk.

“... M... Mistress’s orders...” Even though she’s blindfolded, Sakuya still averts her eyes.

You need a moment to process that. Someone else is training her too, huh? Well, you can’t back down now! Even if you only have one doll, you’ll show her that you’re the best player in this game!

“Hah, and that’s the best she could manage? You’ll feel tons better as my doll.”

Sakuya’s not sure how to respond to that. It’s telling that she doesn’t immediately defend her Mistress, though. You let the subject drop for now.

Now, as for this thing... You have Marisa fetch the lotion bottle and squeeze a bit of the stuff onto your finger. She turns off the vibrator while you give the bead a thin coating and push it back into Sakuya’s pussy, getting a tight squeeze from her hot, wet walls as you do do. She tries her best to hold in her voice, but you keep sliding your finger back in forth until a small whimper leaks out of her throat. Satisfied, you withdraw your finger and taste it. Marisa turns the vibrator back to its lowest setting, getting a little jolt out of Sakuya.

“It--It’ll take more than that to...”

Ah, is she going to complain like that the whole time? That’ll get annoying really fast. Marisa feels the same way; she puts a finger to her lips and thinks for a bit, then brightens up and snaps her fingers.

“Let’s use her panties, Mistress!” she whispers eagerly.

There’s a lot of things that could mean, so you let Marisa take the lead and show you what she has in mind. She carefully tugs Sakuya’s delicate underwear down her legs and off of her feet, then balls them up and stuffs them in Sakuya’s mouth. That certainly catches Sakuya by surprise; you tie your hair-ribbon around her head to secure the gag in place before she thinks to spit them out.

Now, back to stripping. Marisa takes care of the shoes and stockings and garter belt, and you step in to take off Sakuya’s elegant bra once your own underwear’s off. It’s a classy bra, like the rest of her underwear, but it wasn’t containing much. Sakuya’s breasts are even smaller than Marisa’s, little more than a gentle swell in her chest. Her pink nipples are hard already, and she seems to be extremely sensitive; even a cursory stroking is enough to make her breathe harder.

Marisa quickly tugs off the gloves, but leaves Sakuya’s hair accessories in place. She’s naked now!

And, wow. What a work of art. She’s sleek and toned and shaved all over, without a single flaw in her pale, smooth skin. It’s actually kind of hard for you to believe that she’s not a doll already. And the vibrator sitting between her legs makes the sight even more exciting. Judging by how hard she’s blushing, she must be able to sense the two of you looking her over.

But, you can certainly do more than just stand there and appreciate her! Marisa squeezes some lotion onto your hands, and the two of you advance on the helpless, vulnerable maid.

“Okay, Sakuya. We’re gonna start with a nice little massage.”

Marisa straddles Sakuya’s thighs and starts with her back, pouring some lotion onto her and slowly rubbing it in. She’s obviously testing for ticklish spots as well. You go a little further down, starting with her feet. They prove to be extremely sensitive, twitching a bit in spite of the poison as you rub the lotion deep into her soles and all over each one of her carefully-pedicured toes, and then onto her heels and ankles. The curves there are all so elegant, and you can’t find a single speck of dirt.

After you’re done with Sakuya’s feet, you get some more lotion and rub your way up her firm calves and thighs. It must take a lot of working out to keep them in such good condition.

After the legs comes Sakuya’s butt. Marisa’s is large and round, but this one is firm and distinct. Your hands don’t sink into it like they do with Marisa’s, but you come to appreciate this firmness too as you knead in a generous amount of lotion. You rub a little onto the skin between her legs as well just enough to tease out a moan, but you leave her pussy for later.

“Your body’s really amazing, Sakuya. I think you were meant to be a doll! Not just anyone can give you appreciation you deserve.”

“Yeah, definitely. But Remi just takes you for granted, doesn’t she? You’ve gotta be at least twice as good-lookin’ as she is.”

You and Marisa keep lavishing compliments on her as you work, praising whichever part of her body you happen to be massaging at the moment. Even if she thinks it’s just flattery, she can’t keep herself from listening.

Once you finish Marisa’s finished with Sakuya’s hands, the two of you roll her over and switch places, with Marisa massaging the bottom half while you take the top. You leave Sakuya’s aching nipples alone, but every other inch of her small breasts gets a good rubbing with two fingers. You cover a few spots that Marisa missed on Sakuya’s strong but graceful arms and long, slim fingers, then finish with her firm, smooth belly.

You’d gotten so used to Sakuya’s noise-making, you hadn’t noticed how much moaning she was doing. Her pale body’s visibly flushed now, and the coating of lotion makes it shine a little in the sunlight. She seems almost too beautiful to be real. As you watch her, you feel a little twinge in your pussy; you want to do even more naughty things to her, until she gives in and licks you to orgasm just like Marisa did. Judging by your doll’s blush and heavy breathing, she’s thinking along the same lines.

Well, if you’re going to accomplish anything, you’ll need to keep up the pressure.

“Did you like your massage, Sakuya? That other woman never did anything like that to you, did she?”

“Mmm... Nn.” Sakuya gives you a confused shake of her head, still a little dazed after all that attention. It seems like she’s not quite sure exactly what she’s supposed to be defending.

As those ominous words hang in the air, Marisa hands you one brush and keeps the other one for herself. They’re small brushes, with very fine points. The two of you chuckle quietly to keep her on edge while you dip the brushes into the mostly-empty bottle of lotion.

It’d be one thing if she could see you slowly preparing to torment her. But with the blindfold on, all she can do is sit there and imagine what you have in store for her. You let her stew a bit longer before crawling up next to her.

“Now, how do you like this?” You and Marisa start at the edges of Sakuya’s breasts and slowly spiral inwards towards her nipples, frequently doubling back and rubbing at her soft, sensitive skin. When you reach the center of her breast, you trace the brush around her areolae again and again, until it’s a shock when you finally move in to attack.

“MM! Mmm. Mmmmph...” Thanks to the poison, Sakuya can’t even squirm away from you and Marisa as you flick your brushes back and forth over her nipples.. It might just be her imagination, but you think that the helplessness is turning her on. You rub your brush in tiny circles around one of her nipples, while Marisa drills her brush straight into the other one.

Teasing her Sakuya’s nipples gets old after a while, so you decide to move down to her pussy. Marisa keeps playing with Sakuya’s nipples, using the brush on one and her mouth on the other.

There’s quite a bit of juice between Sakuya’s legs. The flowers under her are looking pretty shiny, and it’s slowly creeping down the wire between her legs. You can hear a dull hum as the vibrator keeps whirrs away inside her.

Her delicate pink clit’s hard just like her nipples. Turning the brush sideways, you gently roll the hairs up and down her clit, gradually painting it with lotion. At the same time, you reach over to the vibrator’s handle and experiment with the dial. Sakuya’s moaning gets higher and louder almost immediately when you turn up the power; you scroll the dial back and forth a few times, but you stop when Sakuya gasps sharply and clenches up inside.

Ah, she’s about to cum. You grab the wire and yank the vibrator out of her, making her gasp again as it pops out along with a generous amount of pussy juice. You grab the slippery, still-shaking bead between your thumb and index finger, nearly losing it when you squeeze too hard. Keeping your hand near Sakuya’s thighs, you scoot up her body until you can almost whisper into her ear. A visible shudder runs though her when you give her a little peck on her warm, soft cheek.

“This one’s free, okay? Enjoy~!” You wink at Marisa as you say that, signaling her to pinch both of Sakuya’s nipples while you press the vibrator right into your captive’s extra-sensitive clit. Almost immediately, you hear a muffled shriek, and Sakuya squirts a long jet of pussy juice. If you hadn’t been reaching over her front, it would’ve soaked your whole arm.

Sakuya’s just getting started, though. You and Marisa draw back and watch as Sakuya screams and moans to her heart’s content, triggering a hot, tingly response between your legs. Aside from the wild tossing and turning of her head, Sakuya stays still through her intense-sounding forty-second orgasm. It’s strange, watching her stay completely still while the pleasure tears her up inside. When it ends, she slumps back and gasps for air through her nose, and you can see a few shiny spots below the blindfold.

“You definitely enjoyed that, Sakuya. Are you suure you don’t wanna be my doll?”

It takes a few seconds, but Sakuya puts on the most defiant face her blush and blindfold and gag will allow, responding with a dismissive “mph.” Seems she doesn’t want to admit how much she liked that.

Another good orgasm or two should soften her up, though. You can think of a couple different ways to accomplish that.

One way would be through another round of teasing. Almost anything should feel good when she’s this sensitive, so it shouldn't be too hard to give her a slow, steady burn of pleasure. You’re not an expert at that, though, so you’d have to be really careful not to make her cum too quick.

Alternatively, you and Marisa could just go all-out on her. It’s a simple strategy, and Sakuya would get a great orgasm out of it, but it’s also pretty crude. She might not respect such an artless mistress.

Or, you and Marisa could split the difference. One of you would give her a huge, brain-melting orgasm, and the other one would act slow and sensual and build her up to a shuddering climax. That way, she’d get the best of both worlds and see the range of pleasures you can provide.

Yeah, you’ll go with that. But, who does what, and who goes first?

[ ] You go hard, then Marisa goes soft.
[ ] You go soft, then Marisa goes hard.
[ ] Marisa goes hard, then you go soft.
[ ] Marisa goes soft, then you go hard.

No. 29178
[x]Go extremely slow and soft.

A very soft route. I don't like the idea of a "Brain Melting Orgasm" the soft route.

Kinda skipped to the end to get to the choice as really its just feeling really generic. I mean If it was a picture I'd add it to my collection of bored sex images
No. 29180
[X] Marisa goes hard, then you go soft.

Like how they never said the lotion was an aphrodisiac.
No. 29181
[x] Marisa goes hard, then you go soft.
No. 29183
[X] Marisa goes hard, then you go soft.

We need to show Sakuya that we're not like poor, unelegant Remilia. I mean, come on, walking around with a vibe? How cliche~
No. 29184
[x] Marisa goes soft, then you go soft.
Half and half is stupid. Try and go left and right at the same time and you won't get anywhere.
No. 29187
[X] Marisa goes soft, then you go hard.

Medi did point out she wasn't too good with soft.
No. 29189
[X] Marisa goes soft, then you go hard.

Medi should be the one to finish and we should leave soft to Marisa if she can do it better.
No. 29190
[X] Marisa goes soft, then you go hard.
Marisa would probably be better for soft, likely having more experience.
No. 29191
[X] Marisa goes soft, then you go hard.

Soft then hard is the only way that makes sense to me, and >>29187 has a point.
No. 29197
Odds that when we get to Alice she's a textbook Tsundere?

And Tenshi's a Masochist? Yuuka a Sadist and so on and so forth for the sexual cliche checklist?
No. 29199
[X] Marisa goes soft, then you go hard.

I like the logic to this.


Why not change it up a bit? Make Alice the Sadist, Tenchi the Tsundere, and Yuuka the masochist?
No. 29202
Still kinda flat but admittedly I already could see Tenshi being a Tsundere... Tsundere Yuuka also works. We'd have to think of other funny things
No. 29203

God, please, not tsunderes. That's about the most cliché personality trait ever
No. 29204

Tsundere masochistic Yuuka? "St-Stupid doll! I'm not wearing this fetish gear because I like you or anything! I-I just felt like being humiliated! That's all!"
No. 29205

Forgot sage. I am dumb. Sorry.
No. 29207
Same But well our cast is kinda bland and really lacking personality overall and sadly enough a tsundere would probably have more personality than what we got now.

Still really no tsunderes... I'm just falling asleep as well its just [Decision based start][Generic sex scene with item][Prompt decision] So I'm just jumping to the end of the post and visiting. Also the options are really bland too.

I mean why not use our BodyJack ability but it looks like it might be a oneshot thing that we use once then prompty forget. Just hope we don't get to Star Trek levels of one shot abilities/techniques/tech.
No. 29208
[x] Marisa goes soft, then you go hard.
No. 29211
Votes closed. SoftRisa/HardMedi wins.
No. 29238
[x] Marisa goes soft, then you go hard.

Marisa just stares at the helpless maid for a while, watching her chest rise and fall with her unsteady breathing as the sunlight shines on her skin. Either she has no idea what to do, or she has so many ideas she can’t decide what to do first. She puts a hand to her mouth and closes her eyes, furrowing her brow in concentration, then opens them a minute later with a smile and a spark in her eyes.


Marisa pulls a pink vial out of her discarded dress and crawls over to Sakuya. She unties the ribbon around Sakuya’s mouth, then pulls out the soaked panties and tosses them aside. Sakuya’s breathes out a sigh of relief, but Marisa takes the opportunity to jam the vial into her mouth. Still blind and disoriented and weak from her orgasm, Sakuya can’t keep herself from swallowing.

“Think you’re sensitive now, huh? That was just the baby aphrodisiac. Wait ‘til you get a load of this!”

Marisa lays Sakuya on the ground backside-up and watches with an eager grin. She had the privilege of being the potion’s first test subject, so she’s well aware of how it feels.

“Makes your mouth feel hot, doesn’t it? And it just keeps getting hotter. First it gets into your breasts, and then your pussy starts tingling. Just a little at first, but soon it feels like you’re on fire down there.”

Sakuya’s back to blushing like she did during her orgasm. She’s breathing hard enough that she’s almost panting. Just watching her, naked and blushing and slick with lotion, is enough to make you start touching yourself. Marisa kneels at Sakuya’s side, blushing fairly hard herself.

“And the heat just doesn’t go away, no matter how much you endure. I’m surprised you haven’t started to beg, actually. When I gave in, Mistress gave me the biggest, strongest orgasms I’d ever felt. Don’t you wanna feel like that?”

No response.

“We’d all understand, y’know. You can just blame it on the aphrodisiac.”

Sakuya’s body definitely wants to, but she can’t bring herself to beg. Her voice almost comes out a few times, but she clenches her teeth and swallows it. Eventually, Marisa shrugs and lets out an overly-loud sigh.

“Alright, fine. Maybe you’ll change your mind after a bit of this!”

Marisa reaches back and brushes three fingers over one of Sakuya’s feet. The maid gasps, then lets out a high-pitched squeal as Marisa does it with both hands.

“Sensitive here, huh?” Marisa gets the rest of her fingers in the action, fluttering them all over Sakuya’s pale, dainty feet. This is called... “tickling,” right? Isn’t that something kids do? It does seem kind of appealing, though...

Marisa starts to work her way up Sakuya’s body, tickling as she goes. She makes a stop at the backs of Sakuya’s knees, then moves up to her ribs, walking her fingers up and down both sides at once. She spreads Sakuya’s arms and digs deep into her armpits, then reverses her course and slowly heads back to the feet.

Loud, helpless giggles pour from Sakuya’s mouth the whole time. They’re a lot higher-pitched than her normal voice; you don’t think you’ll be able to look at her the same way after this. There’s a touch of fear in them, but there’s definitely some pleasure as well. When Marisa finally relents after the five-minute session, Sakuya’s left gasping and flushed through. So’s Marisa, for that matter. She seemed to enjoy that a lot more than you’d expect. Though, you can’t stop stroking your nipples, either...

“Wh-what was... the meaning... of that?” Sakuya pants.

“Eh, just seemed like fun. Besides…” Marisa rolls Sakuya back over. “If you’re that sensitive in your ticklish spots, what do you think it’s like here?” She gives a little flick to one of Sakuya’s nipples, drawing out a sharp, surprised gasp.

With an ominous chuckle, Marisa reaches over and grabs the vibrator, holding the controller in one hand and pinching the wire just below the bead with the other. She holds the bead close to Sakuya’s ear and slowly turns the vibration up to maximum, making it jiggle around in her grip. Sakuya’s forehead gets a bit sweaty as she listens.

“Reeady?” Marisa asks in a cruel, teasing voice.

“P-please, don’t…!” Sakuya cuts herself off with a scream as Marisa pushes the vibrator straight into a nipple. But, only for a second. The egg leaves just as quickly as it came, and Sakuya gets a few seconds of rest before it attacks her other nipple. Then, after another few seconds, it gets her right in the clit, and her shriek is the loudest one you’ve heard from her.

Marisa carries on like that for two or three minutes. For the first minute, she follows a steady left nipple-right nipple-clit pattern; Sakuya knows exactly what’s next, so she gets plenty of time to anticipate the coming shock of pleasure. Then, just when Sakuya’s getting used to that, Marisa taps her clit three times in a row and starts buzzing her at random. Sakuya’s super-sensitive spots get the most attention, but Marisa goes after other places too, like her stomach or the crook of her neck. Whenever Sakuya starts to say something, another vibration twists her words into a loud, wailing moan. You can’t imagine what that would feel like, having your sensitivity boosted so high while you’re blind and paralyzed and at the mercy of a naughty girl with a vibrator.

Finally, Marisa turns the vibrator off. Sakuya breathes a sigh of relief, and Marisa takes the opportunity to plug Sakuya’s mouth with a kiss.

It’s the first time you’ve seen two girls do that. Marisa turns her head sideways a little and presses her body onto Sakuya’s, purring quietly in response to the maid’s confused moans. You creep a little closer, getting a good look at the way.

The kiss ends with a loud smack, and a small trail of saliva stretches between the girls’ lips. Marisa wipes it off with the back of her hand and flashes you a blushing smile. Then she grabs one of the brushes, flips it around, and sticks it into Sakuya handle-first, slowly but firmly.

Sakuya exhales as the whole length disappears into her. Holding the brush at the very tip, Marisa thrusts and rolls it at a leisurely pace. The handle comes out drenched after a single thrust, and it makes an extremely lewd squishing sound whenever it goes back in. Marisa’s free hand gets put to good use stroking and tweaking her own nipples; she must be at least as aroused as you are. In fact, it wouldn’t hurt to move a hand between your legs... Yeah, and stroke yourself just like that...

“Nice to finally get something inside, huh? Even something as dinky as this feels good when you’re desperate.” Marisa’s gotten really confident after listening to Sakuya’s groaning for so long.

“You… You won’t get away with this…”

“Hey, hey, don’t be so mean. You’ve been havin’ the time of your life, haven’t you? You love bein’ naked out in the open like this, and showing off that amazing body of yours.”

“What? There’s no way I’d--”

“Yeah? Why don’t you say that to the dozen fairies we got watching?”

Sakuya gasps and glances around, trying in vain to see through her blindfold. There aren’t actually any fairies, but the whole village could be watching for all she knows. When Marisa starts moving the handle again, Sakuya’s twitching and moaning are much more pronounced than before.

“Y-You’re lying! You always lie!” she stammers.

Marisa shrugs. “Go ahead, deny it if you want. They’d love to watch you cum like nobody’s looking.” Marisa speeds up her thrusting with the brush and rubs a thumb in circles around Sakuya’s clit.

“Ahn! No… Nooo… Stop it...”

“Your body’s begging for it. What’s holding you back? Don’t wanna shame yourself by feeling good? Y’know, there’s no such thing as shame when you’re a doll, Sakuya. You wouldn’t have to hide how much you like this kind of thing, and we’d take really good care of you.”

Sakuya’s impending orgasm keeps her from anwering. She clenches her teeth with a little squeak and braces for her orgasm, but Marisa stops just a few seconds early. She pulls the brush all the way out of Sakuya, then turns it around and gently brushes Sakuya’s clit, just slowly enough to keep her from cumming. She seems to be listening to Sakuya’s breathing for clues on how close she is.

For some reason, the sound of Sakuya’s whimpering gets your pussy leaking like crazy. Part of your mind is already making plans to jump into her body later and masturbate. It’s a shockingly lewd thought, but you can’t deny that you want it.

“So, what’s it gonna be? Give in and do what you really want, or go back to that musty old mansion to serve your crusty old mistress?”


“We all wanna see you cum, Sakuya. Won’t you show us?”

“I can’t think when you do that…”

“That’s fine. Mistress will do all the thinking. All we have to do is serve her, and enjoy…”

Suddenly, Sakuya lets out a shrill scream of pleasure, catching both you and Marisa off-guard. Guess she wasn’t the best teaser either. The two of you watch her cry out from wave after wave of pleasure comes crashing over her. If she could move her back, it’d be arched like a bridge. As it is, she just throws her head back and moans into the sky.

It’s amazing just watching her cum. With a body that beautiful, it just seems right to make her drown in ecstasy. You can’t stop rubbing your slit, and Marisa’s gone ahead and started fingering herself. The pleasure seems like nothing at all when Sakuya’s going off like that in front of you.

The whole orgasm takes a little over a minute. But you’re not through with her yet! She’s had enough teasing; now you’ll show her just how good being a doll can feel. But first, you’ll see how her loyalty’s holding up. You switch places with Marisa, kneeling next to Sakuya while she watches from afar.

“That was a great show, Sakuya! You can’t lie about how great it felt.” You draw on her stomach with a finger while you speak.

Sakuya just lets out a little whine in response.

“Can you really go back after that? Unless you come with me, you’ll never be satisfied again.”

“But... But I…”

An idea suddenly pops out of your increasingly-lewd imagination. “And, who knows? Maybe someday we’ll go there and make everyone there a doll, too! Wouldn’t that be fun? You could dress that other woman up in a maid outfit and do all this to her!”

That stops her mid-breath. She hadn’t considered the possibility that she could have it both ways. You let her pleasure-soaked imagination run wild for a minute, gently stroking her hot, drenched pussy the whole time, before pulling her back to reality.


Sakuya takes a deep breath and tries her best to think. You and Marisa watch without breathing, more curious than nervous. Was Marisa’s teasing enough to convince her?


Is she really going to leave her old life behind?

“I want...”

Is the pleasure really worth that much?

“I want to be your doll.” Sakuya seems uncertain when she says it, but afterwards she nods her head, shivering with excitement. “I don’t want to go back. I can’t stand how restrictive it is there. All the pressure, all the responsibility, an overbearing mistress...I want to be a doll and enjoy myself!”

After that exclamation, Sakuya kind of deflates. It’s more than just some simple relaxing; she seems to be letting go of something, just like Marisa did. Whatever it is, the thought of her giving up her free will makes your heart skip a beat. It feels... exciting. Even more exciting than sex! You eagerly grab her limp hands and kiss her cheek

“Great! We’re gonna have tons of fun together. But first, lemme just give you a reward.”

“... Mm.” Sakuya nods and smiles. Even though she’s still blushing hard, she suddenly seems very relaxed. You get between her spread legs, rubbing up and down her smooth, flawless thighs. Thighs that belong to you now.

“Nothing else matters right now. Just sit back and enjoy it, okay?”

Without thinking too much about it, you pick up the sex-soaked vibrator again. She’d be perfectly happy if you stuck the bead back in her pussy, but instead...

“Ahhn…! That’s…! That’s good…” It goes into her other hole pretty easily, thanks to all the juices and lotion and its butt-friendly shape. You do your best to fight against the crushing tightness, pushing the vibrator further and further in until your whole finger disappears inside. You consider pulling out, but it seems like her butt doesn’t want to let go. So, you turn the vibrator on low power with your free hand and start moving your finger inside her. It’s too tight for you to do much, but you can manage some bending and twisting.

“Kuh! Mm. Mmmn...”

“Don’t cum too fast, Sakuya. There’s still more~” Next up is that lovely pink pussy. You spread it with two fingers and admire the view, watching her dripping walls twitch and tremble whenever you move the finger that’s inside her.

Wow, she’s tight in here too. It’s wet enough that you can move freely, though, unlike in her butt. Her walls almost seem to be molded onto your fingers, and they suck on you whenever you move. You can feel some faint vibrations from her other hole, too.

Let’s see, what felt good when you did this as Marisa? You can go pretty fast, and it’s nice if you curve your fingers a little... Maybe if you curved with both hands to make your fingers rub together through her walls? Yeah, she likes that.

Sakuya’s not hiding it at all. A dazed smile covers her pink-tinted face, and her happy moans are almost like sighs.

She can still take more. You want her to lose it completely. You turn the vibrator up and step up your thrusting in her pussy, trying to get your fingers as deep into her as possible. Her other hole’s loosening up, so you start some cautious thrusting there, too. The squishing and moaning are so intense; your pussy’s feeling hotter than ever, but your hands are both--

Mmn? Between your legs, it’s… Marisa. She’s spreading your pussy the slightest bit with one hand and teasing your slit with her tongue. The other hand’s probably working furiously between her own legs. Compared to what you’re doing to Sakuya, the pleasure from Marisa tongue seems like nothing at all, but it still feels nice…

“Mistress! Mistress!”

Oh, and you’ve really got Sakuya going now. And you didn’t even have to tell her what to call you. Your arm’s actually getting kind of tired from all this pumping, but you’d be a failure of a Mistress if you let that stop you. No, you need to make your new doll feel even better!

Lowering your head, you push out your lips and close them around Sakuya’s hard, swollen clit. Using your teeth would probably hurt with how sensitive she is, so you just suck on it instead.

“Iiih! Mistresss!”

Okay, that’s a good level of pleasure. You’ll let her enjoy this for as long as her body can stand it.

Now, as for yourself... Your mouth’s busy, so you squeeze Marisa’s head with your thighs to ask for more. She gets the idea pretty quickly and pushes her head in as close as she can get it without suffocating. Then she sticks her tongue out all the way starts ravishing your pussy with rapid, forceful licks.

Ahn, so forceful! But, it feels so good… So lewd… And Sakuya’s moaning is making you want it so much!

But, wait a minute. Why’s Marisa the only one who has to masturbate? That’s not very fair, is it? Not after all she did.

You release Sakuya’s clit and open your legs. Marisa puts her licking on hold and raises her head, and Sakuya looks up in dazed confusion as well. You take a deep breath and make your voice as authoritative as you can manage.

“Marisa! You deserve better than your hands. Use Sakuya’s tongue instead.”

“Sure thing, Mistress!” Marisa crawls around you to straddle Sakuya’s head, facing towards you. Sakuya frowns for an instant before closing her eyes and opening her mouth. Marisa presses her pussy firmly against Sakuya’s mouth, and she gets wide-eyed and moaning almost immediately.

“Oh! Ahn... She’s good...”

That’s what you like to hear. You lower your head again and get back to work on Sakuya’s holes. Her moans don’t come out as loud anymore, but Marisa’s own girlish cries make up for it.

Your body’s not very happy with your decision; you were pretty close to cumming before you ordered Marisa away. You try to ignore it and focus on pleasing Sakuya with more and more forceful movements. As soon as these girls have their orgasms, you’ll get them to return the favor...

Judging from the fever pitch of Sakuya’s moaning, she’s about to have another huge orgasm. That’s fine with you, but there’s just one thing to take care of first. You pause all the stimulation and have Marisa raise herself up for a moment.

“What are you, Sakuya?” you ask.

“I’m your doll! Your obedient, perverted, shameless doll!”

Good answer! You drive an extra finger into her to finish her off, and she clenches tight in both holes and starts screaming once again.. This time, she doesn’t try to hide her pleasure at all; in fact, it’s like she’s trying to show off for you just how much she enjoys this. It’s surprising she hasn’t gone hoarse by now. Still, no matter how many times you hear it, her voice sounds lovely when it’s not held in check by formality.

Unfortunately for Marisa, she didn’t get to finish before Sakuya came. she dismounts the maid in disappointment, briefly exposing her pussy, and you take that chance to pull your fingers out of Sakuya’s pussy and jam them into Marisa’s instead. The surprise-pleasure’s enough to make her cry out and go limp for a bit, and a few quick pumps is all it takes to bring her over the edge. Her moans change to cries just as Sakuya’s screaming finally begins to fade.

Your pussy throbs impatiently while Marisa trembles and wails through her orgasm, which probably seems a lot longer than it actually is. While she’s busy with her moaning and shuddering, you pull your finger out of Sakuya’s butt and yank the vibrator out as well. You’ll need to wash both of those.

When Marisa finally finishes, you head up and sit right on top of Sakuya’s dazed face.

“Now, please me.”

“Mm? Mm. Mstrss.” Sakuya opens her mouth and draws a gentle line up your slit, drawing out a pleased gasp. Marisa’s sitting right behind you, so you lean back into her embrace. She puts her arms around you and reaches up to your hard nipples, pleasing them both with long, affectionate caresses. You breathe out a sigh, but you’re too close to cumming to properly enjoy this.

Sakuya speeds up at your insistence. Marisa likes to go for long, steady licks, but Sakuya’s style relies more on speed to cover your pussy in lightning-fast tongue-strokes. You guess they both have their merits. As your voice comes out louder and louder, Marisa moves one of her hands down to your clit, gently pinching and rubbing it to speed up your release. Between her fingers and Sakuya’s tongue, you’ll be there in to time.

Heh… You’ve gotten pretty lewd, haven’t you? But, it’s all for the sake of dollkind...

Ahhn, there it is! The first convulsion shears through your pussy and drives every thought from your head. You drop your head sideways onto Sakuya’s thigh and moan breathlessly, twitching all over as your pussy clenches again and again, hitting you with a thick wave of pleasure each time. Everything suddenly seems so beautiful, from the setting sun to the suzuran to Sakuya’s juice-splattered face. Marisa holds you all the way through, nestling your head in her warm breasts and stroking your hair.

You’re satisfied by the time it passes. You stay in Marisa’s arms for a while, enjoying the sun’s last rays of warmth, before disentangling yourself and giving Sakuya some space. She’s still blindfolded, but you don’t have the coordination to take it off right now. As you dismount her, you notice that her lips are slightly open and glistening with pussy juice and saliva; when you see them like that, you really want to...

You close your eyes and press your lips into Sakuya’s. They’re soft. She presses back and sucks gently, so you push against her a little harder and do the same. Some of her saliva gets past your lips; when you move your tongue out to clean it off, her own tongue comes out to meet you, slowly stroking your lips and tongue. You feel like you should do the same for her, but your mouth just doesn’t have any idea what to do. It’s your first time doing this, and the weird sensations are making it hard to focus.

So, you just stop trying and let Sakuya serve your mouth as she pleases. She gets a little bolder and pushes her tongue further into your mouth, moaning quietly as she licks everything she can touch. You hadn’t noticed before, but she’s wearing a subtle, flowery perfume. You can definitely taste Marisa in your mouth. Your own flavor must be in there too, but you don’t actually know how to identify it.

You’re blushing really hard by now, and Marisa’s getting a kick out of watching. Pretty soon, it’s too embarrassing to keep up, so you break the kiss and wipe off your mouth. Sakuya hides a chuckle and smiles warmly up at you.

You sit down next to her and put her head in your lap. With the braids and the headdress, her hair isn’t very strokable, but she still purrs and snuggles against your pretty-average thighs while you pet her. She doesn’t seem to regret her decision.

Marisa crawls up next to you, pouting a little at the attention Sakuya’s getting. You pet her head as well and let her snuggle up next to you. She’s been a very good doll today.

You’ve done it once again! With Sakuya’s time-stop powers and Marisa’s aphrodisiacs, you can beat almost anyone.

But you’re getting ahead of yourself. Right now, you need to make a few decisions about your new doll. You’re not letting her near that other mistress unless it’s time to take over tha mansion, so she’ll either stay with you or live in the village. She can say it’s a vacation or something.


What should Sakuya wear when she’s at home with you?
[ ] Nothing!
[ ] Just underwear.
[ ] Something lewd! As soon as you find it.
[ ] Normal clothes.

How can she satisfy herself?
[ ] She can masturbate.
[ ] She can play with your other doll(s), but she can’t masturbate. (changes Marisa too)
[ ] She’ll have to come to you.

Where will she live?
[ ] The village inn.
[ ] Wherever you are.
No. 29239
[X] Normal clothes.
[X] She can play with your other doll(s), but she can’t masturbate. (changes Marisa too)
[X] Wherever you are.
No. 29241
[x] Nothing!
[x] She can masturbate, but only if someone's watching.
[x] Wherever you are.
It would be a crime not to have that work of art on display.
No. 29243
[X] Something lewd! As soon as you find it.
[X] She can play with your other doll(s), but she can’t masturbate. (changes Marisa too)
[X] Wherever you are.

I'm sure we can find something for Sakuya too.
No. 29244
[x] Something lewd! As soon as you find it.
[x] She can play with your other doll(s), but she can’t masturbate. (changes Marisa too)
[x] Wherever you are.
No. 29245
[x] Something lewd! As soon as you find it.
[x] She can play with your other doll(s), but she can’t masturbate. (changes Marisa too)
[x] Wherever you are.

We're going to need a bigger place soon at this rate.
No. 29246
[X] Something lewd! As soon as you find it.
[X] She can play with your other doll(s), but she can’t masturbate. (changes Marisa too)
[X] Wherever you are.
No. 29247
[x] Something lewd! As soon as you find it.
[x] She can masturbate, but only if someone's watching.
[x] Wherever you are.
No. 29248
[X] Something lewd! As soon as you find it.
[X] She can play with your other doll(s), but she can’t masturbate. (changes Marisa too)
[X] Wherever you are.
No. 29249
Gentlemen, let me propose a plan of action for your consideration. We have just converted Sakuya, a massive win for us. But consider what it also gives us: an in into the SDM.

The ruse is as follows: Sakuya heads home, and tells her mistress that as the prize of a particularly high-stakes Danmaku game, she has secured the services of Marisa and Medicine as maids for the forseeable future. Just like, that, the mansion is infiltrated.

From the inside, we can proceed to subvert the entirety of the mansion, completely without Remilia's knowledge, from the maid staff on up, finishing with Remilia herself (and then maybe Flandre). The prize: the Scarlet Devil Mansion and its staff, the perfect home base for the Revolution!
No. 29251
Or Sakuya just go in with timestop with Marisa's potions and poison targets directly. No need for something as complicated as acting, which Medecine probably sucks at.

And we already have a way in to target Patchouli with Marisa.
No. 29252
Having Sakuya stay at home with us seems like a very VERY bad idea. IIRC she's not really known for taking vacations out of the blue so right away SDM already knows something's going on. Now imagine someone coming out to check on her and finding her... at Marisa's place? Serving another mistress? Instant incident alert.

Let's show a little discretion at least until it's safe for us to move into the SDM.

[X] Normal clothes.
[X] She can masturbate.
[X] The village inn.
No. 29256
By this logic, it's even more stupid to leave her at the village, since EVERYONE who even know a bit about Sakuya would know something weird is going on. And why would someone look for Sakuya at Marisa's place?
No. 29257
I hate you all so much.
No. 29258
Refresh my memory, how many Touhous are there in the village? The only one I can remember is Keine.
No. 29260
Akyu too. But consider that others girls may also have business in the village.
No. 29262
[X] Normal clothes.
[X] She can play with your other doll(s), but she can’t masturbate. (changes Marisa too)
[X] Scarlet Devil Mansion

Let's NOT choose a route for instaFAIL!

Also this is going towards Tart levels of I AM YOUR INSTANT SLAVE!!

Although lets go for MAX ALERT and game over! I'd be cool with it admittedly.

Although what works better Fantasy Heavened to oblivion or Impaled on a Gungnir and left of the Front Lawn of the Mansion with a preservation spell to leave us fresh for a few weeks!
No. 29263
Revolution's not gonna be all that fun with this writer... he's not really fun with what we're looking for. I was expecting this being more "Get Harem with (Sexy) Hijinks' but right now we got a really boring DM who's not thinking of something fun that we could be doing....

Really we got full author fiat so we could walk into the SDM with all of us Naked, Blindfolded and drunk and somehow win with everyone being happy sex slaves to us.
No. 29264
Thank you for proving that you have never read Tart's work. I'd prefer it if you'd done so with a little less trolling and a little more genuine stupidity but the mix you're working with is good enough for a first-timer.
No. 29265
I tend to get my mindbreak writers blurring together...
No. 29267
Seriously, do you have to repeat the same boring old thing every time because YOU are not happy with how this go?

And this go against the guidelines too. Because you're trying to piss off someone on purpose (and failing horribly, but meh).
No. 29269
And stop using that word. This ought to be measuring about a two or so on a 1-to-10 scale of mindbreakiness. We haven't even dipped into humiliation territory yet, much less "shatter their personalities and leave them broken shells of their former selves."
No. 29275
File 136072822233.jpg - (12.25KB , 190x265 , crymore.jpg ) [iqdb]
Y'all niggas are still arguing over that same shit?

Pic related, it's OP.

[x] Something lewd! As soon as you find it.
[x] She can masturbate, but only if someone's watching.
[x] Wherever you are.
No. 29276
Votes closed.

Winners: lewd clothes, playing with others, and wherever you are.
No. 29280
For fucks sake people, everyone who isn't happy with how this is going is not just trying to troll you.
No. 29281
Even so, why should he listen to people who only post to complain when there are people enjoying this? And when he already said to just walk out if you weren't happy?
No. 29284
Incidentally, what would you suggest to make it better if it's that bad?

I mean, we're hearing complaints, but nothing on how it could be improved.
No. 29294
More variety in the writing. In part the characters feel rather... bland. I'm not sure if its because of the methods we're using but "Not Destroying Personality" is kinda hard to tell as well we're not seeing much personality being implemented in the first place.

The Sex kinda feels uninspired and Medicine herself being a potentially interesting character when it comes to her sexuality and probably should be almost comically BAD at sex, as her teaching was H-Mangas and as we know most of those artists kinda have problems with anatomy. (How many of them think put a tentacle in pussy, comes out mouth!)

The Pacing seems to be going really fast as at this rate we're not going to be able to enjoy a possible harem when its feeling like its "Get control scene" and then move on to the next girl.

Medicine's personality is kinda shifting extremely quickly and she's kinda not feeling like Medicine very much other than "MAKE MORE DOLLS"

In part 'Doing Better' was supposed to focus on Harem and wild, kinky sex but right now the sex isn't wild or kinky and the focus isn't on Harem. I have to wonder if its the options being presented or the artist isn't that good at writing sex scenes.

Kinda wonder if I should have suggested Koakuma, Patchouli wants friends, Succubus Abilities (LOL!) as a semi-serious thing over Medicine as a gag choice that somehow won.

But we're going to the standard SDM Arc that's been done to death in both Doujinshi and here....
No. 29296


In part things that can improve it is to slow down. But the problem is that we've kinda forced the story into a GO FAST setup with taking Sakuya. Remilia's not stupid and will notice things are wrong and that's going to force our hand.

Characterization may be a systematic problem for the writer so I don't know if we CAN fix that.

Maybe after OBLIGATORY SDM ARC we can slow down to actually have some scenes with what we have and go to do more with 'harem'.

For the sex scenes, I think it might be needing more practice for writing them and also description being needed for them without them going into super purple prose. I'm not sure if suggesting going for more vanilla lesbian sex to set up a baseline might help with the BANG! of the kinkier stuff, which really so far has been about as kinky as what you see in Softcore Pornos.
No. 29299
Well, now I can take you far more seriously than before.

For the lack of variety... It may exactly be because Medecine doesn't know that much yet. As for pacing... Well, considering the number of characters, we would take forever with each one if we went at it slow.

As for obligatory SDM arc... There IS another option we have: Eientei. Reisen shouldn't be that much trouble now that we have Sakuya. And after that, Reisen can get us to Eirin. And since Eirin probably takes care of the Eientei for Kaguya, we could now stay there (and take Kaguya right after), which should be just as good as SDM for a base. And Eirin herself should give access to much more things for sex.

Anyway, that plan can fly so long as we go get Reisen next turn.
No. 29300
See for Medicine being bad we could use it for some degree of humor as she finds out that things don't work exactly like in the books. And she having to experiment a bit more to varying degrees of success from utter miss of the target wondering 'what the hell was she trying to do' for something comically wrong as shoving a strapon into the mouth of someone and wondering why they didn't come from it, as god how many doujinshi of all flavors have the girl come from just having a cock put in their mouth? To having actions where BAM she hit the ball out of the park and gets a major orgasm out of someone, admittedly this might get her the lesson that doing X will ALWAYS get that response when it turned out it was that girl's fetish (Girl X gets off on Anal while Girl Y HATES Anal for example)

In part I figured that Harems got max size to be effective or the harem becomes unmanageable and people get effectively FOREVER ALONE'd which with how devoted to these people are might lead to the them possibly going Yandere or infighting with it. Also Medicine is as bad at management as she's in bed considering her Revolutionary Guard really can't rebel.

Still Why did we go after Sakuya in the first place as this is going to increase our suspicion rating when Sakuya goes MIA for a while. At least with PCB Sakuya gave enough hints to Remilia that she was going to be out for the events of the game.

And we know that Tewi (and maybe Reisen) are vulnerable to Suzuran poison as evidenced by Reisen's ending PoFV. Hell We could have gone that route first as well Medicine has met both Reisen and Eirin in her ending for PoFV. Which gives us a way in under the guise of wanting to help with Research and well we accidentally use some poisons. Now more and more I'm wondering if we should have started there as it sounds a bit more interesting and breaks the monotony. Since well outsider Reisen we really don't get much action out of that place for Ero Stuff.

If anything this might for me become "Regrets For What May Have Been Quest"
No. 29302
Okay, now you're back to putting too much drama into your complaints.
No. 29303
Eh just saying what I feel. Sure the last line was a bit over the top but I tend to feel that way with a lot of quests I follow.
No. 29304
>Well, now I can take you far more seriously than before.

You're not talking to only one person. Just FYI.
No. 29312
[x] Something lewd! As soon as you find it.
[x] She can play with your doll(s), but she can’t masturbate.
[x] Wherever you are.

You should always have a trusty maid around to serve you and your dolls. And it’d be a shame to cover up that incredible body with a uniform; Sakuya would look amazing in something a little more revealing.

Marisa only had one set of lewd clothes, though. You might be able to find something hidden away in the mansion, but they might just need to be custom-made.

Come to think of it, how did Marisa get those clothes? They’re definitely custom work. Whoever made them had a lot of imagination and a really good understanding of Marisa’s body.

Ah, well, that’s hardly important. You’ll take your dolls home soon, after you cuddle here a bit longer...


Sakuya drops her basket in shock. Good thing you made her empty it before you came back.

This is where you live? Mistress, the state of this house is appalling! I can barely see the floors, and those windows are practically opaque! And the stench! Oh, this won’t do at all.”

Aha! You knew she’d agree with you.

With an unhappy sigh, Sakuya draws her watch and clicks the dial. In the next instant, all of the clutter is neatly put away, the shelves are dusted, the floor’s freshly-washed, and everything smells pleasantly lemony. You’re quite happy with the sudden change, but Marisa goes into a panic.

“Wha? Hey, what’d you do to my house? I didn’t say you could touch my stuff! I knew just where everything was!”

“The items I didn’t throw out have been neatly organized. You’ll have no trouble finding them.”

“You WHAT?

Marisa lunges at Sakuya, only to find that Sakuya’s suddenly smirking at her from outside the house. Marisa whirls around and rushes out the door, with a quick “‘Scuse me, Mistress!” as she brushes past you. A cacophony of lasers and explosions starts up a moment later.

It’s probably best to let them get it out of their system. If things get too out of hand, you can always punish them later.


Sakuya insisted at first that it wouldn’t be proper for her to eat with you and Marisa, but you insisted back that she should. Now the three of you are crowded around Marisa’s table for dinner. Marisa’s back in her doll-uniform, and Sakuya’s fully clothed for now.

Sakuya did all the cooking, just like she has for the last three meals. Tonight’s dinner is a large, flat, chewy mushroom covered with an incredibly rich black sauce, with some fluffy sticky rice and thick bean soup on the side. It tastes really good, but everything tastes good to you. Marisa must love it, judging by how she’s tearing it apart with her utensils and stuffing her mouth as fast as she can. Also by how she kinda... moans while she’s chewing.

You’ve never eaten with a fork and knife before. It’s pretty obvious that Marisa doesn’t know a thing about etiquette, so you’re only paying attention to how Sakuya handles them. You’ve figured out the holding-the-fork backwards part, but the knife’s still giving you trouble...

“Make your strokes longer and firmer, Mistress. Artlessly rubbing it will get you nowhere.”

Right, you need to really dig into it. Put your whole arm into the motion.

“Yes, just like that!”

Ah, it’s coming, it’s coming... Aha! Release!

“Well done, Mistress. You’re a natural at this.” Sakuya beams down at you, and you find yourself blushing a little as you smile back.

You put the hard-earned cut of mushroom into your mouth and chew slowly, trying to pick out each one of the different flavors as they play out on your tongue. You just started regularly eating food a few days ago, so this level of quality is almost incomprehensible to you.
Definitely tastes good, though.

You swallow and take a sip of the tea Sakuya brewed. It’s fragrant and delicate like the mushroom sauce, and you had her stir in a little poison, too. Marisa’s smacking and chewing and other unsavory noises are getting on your nerves, so you try to get the conversation going again.

“Hey, Sakuya. Why were you wearing that vibrator, anyway?”

“Mm? Hm.” Sakuya chuckles to herself as she swallows.

“Oh, that was just Miss Remilia’s clumsy attempt to seduce me. She’d order me to wear it all day, then come to my room in her underwear and ask if I needed any ‘help’ with anything. It was very uncomfortable, but I enjoyed working there enough to put up with it. And, I did enjoy walking around in public while wearing it, though I didn’t admit to myself back then.”

“Seduce you? Sho she was tryin’ to make you a sex-maid?” Marisa asks with her mouth full. You thought you’d gotten her to stop doing that.

“I suppose. She could have used her powers to force me, but it seems she wanted me to submit of my own will. If she’d had a body more like the other girls’, perhaps I would have been more eager...”

“Other girls?” you ask.

“Like Patchy and that gate guard?” Marisa adds between mouthfuls.

Sakuya smiles. “Indeed. They’re both mature, full-figured women. Meiling, especially, is always radiant. She’s always training to keep herself in top form, and her cheongsam gets a bit clingy whenever she works out. I’ve frequently been tempted to stop time and give her a few choice squeezes when I bring out her food.”

That last sentence makes you and Marisa both stop and stare at her. Just how perverted is she? And, has she been stopping time and fooling around with you...?

Sakuya continues on, too caught up in her imagination to notice your discomfort. “And Miss Patchouli... You wouldn’t know by looking at her, but she hides a very impressive figure under her robes. The magic she sustains herself with keeper body in excellent condition. Not to mention that delicious-looking assistant...”

Marisa raises her eyebrows. “Oh? What kinda magic are we talkin’ about?”

Sakuya shrugs. “It was none of my concern. Though, if we made her a doll as well, you could ask her...”

“So you wouldn’t mind making them into dolls too?” you ask. You weren’t sure if she had any lingering loyalties that would mess things up.

“Not at all. I’m sure that Meiling, in particular, would love to be liberated from that place as I have.”

You like Sakuya’s thinking, but why stop there? You lean in towards her with a sly grin, prompting her to do the same. “Mm, I think we could do better than that. What if we went in and took the whole place over, instead?”

Sakuya straightens up and smiles wide, her eyes practically glittering with excitement. “What if, indeed! I certainly wouldn’t mind having Remilia serve me for a change.”

You’ll take that into consideration.


Oh, what do we have here? Seems your dolls got a bit frisky while you were napping on the couch.

Through a crack in the doorway, you see Marisa and Sakuya making out on Marisa’s bed. Marisa’s still fully dressed in her doll clothes, while Sakuya’s been stripped down to just her garter belt and stockings.

The girls are both on their knees. They’ve laced their fingers together on both hands, and they’re pressing themselves close enough together for their nipples to touch. Right now, they’re focused on a long, deep kiss that’s been going on since before you saw them.

Judging by how close together their heads are, they must be pretty deep in each other’s mouths. They’re constantly adjusting the tilt of their heads and pushing each other back and forth, and a little trail of drool’s running down from Marisa’s lips. They both have their eyes closed, probably to let them focus more on the tongueplay. Small moans and smacks occasionally escape from their lip-lock.

It goes on for another minute or two before the girls finally break the kiss and separate, breathing heavily to recover. They both seem a little nervous; you’re pretty sure this is their first time having casual dollsex.

“You’re pretty good,” Marisa finally says, putting on an unsteady smirk.

“And you as well.”

“Oh, I’m just gettin’ started.” Marisa makes the next move, leaning in to kiss Sakuya on the neck and pinch one of her nipples. Sakuya lets out a little squeak in response; it’s nothing like the huge reactions she was having a few days ago, but she still likes it.

Marisa gets a little bolder, switching from a pinch to a steady rolling and kissing her way down towards Sakuya’s other nipple. The position gives Sakuya a clear view down Marisa’s back, and she can’t resist reaching over to get two handfuls of Marisa’s plump behind.

Sakuya grabs the back of Marisa’s panties and gives them a sharp tug, making the string of fabric dig deep into her slit. Marisa freezes up and swallows a moan, and Sakuya takes the chance to slip behind her and start her own assault. Marisa shivers and moans as Sakuya licks up the exposed part of her back, and the moaning gets louder when Sakuya slips a hand into Marisa’s panties.

“How can you just walk around in something so lewd?” Sakuya asks, groping one of Marisa’s breasts through her flimsy bustier. Marisa indulges herself in another moan before responding.

“Heh, you’ll find out soon enough. Mistress is puttin’ you in one of these as soon as she can.”

“Ah... Really?” Sakuya’s embarrassed for the slightest moment, before remembering that dolls don’t get embarrassed. Then she seems delighted.

“Oh, yeah. You’re gonna be the center of attention wherever you go.”

Sakuya’s graceful hands slow down a little as her imagination gets carried away. Sensing an opening, Marisa grabs Sakuya’s wrists and brings them together above her head. Then, holding them both in one hand, she moves to Sakuya’s side and snakes a finger between the maid’s thighs. Sakuya tries to free her hands from Marisa’s grip, but she gasps and puts her struggle on hold when Marisa’s index finger enters her.

You can’t actually see what Marisa does with her finger, but Sakuya’s erratic moaning suggests that Marisa’s probing around inside her, trying to search for sensitive spots. You did the same thing to Marisa yesterday, first as her and then as yourself.

“C’mon, turn this way...” Marisa cranes her head over to take Sakuya’s lips in another kiss. Sakuya resists for a bit longer, trying in vain to escape from Marisa’s finger and tongue, before giving in and accepting the pleasure. Her rosy blush deepens, and she adds her muffled moaning to the quiet squishing sounds as Marisa switches to regular thrusting.

You’re starting to feel pretty hot...

[ ] Join in.
[ ] Take over Marisa.
[ ] Take over Sakuya.
[ ] Keep watching.
No. 29313
Hmmm... Taking over now wouldn't feel right, so... Join or watch?
No. 29314
[x] Keep watching.
No. 29315
[X] Masturbate While watching
Learn from example as we jumping in wouldn't really teach us anything...

More of the usual... And Marisa probably wouldn't be able to use those spells considering her level of development. Although is this Marisa deciding to become a Magician or not?
No. 29316
[x] Keep watching.
No. 29319
[x] Keep watching.
No. 29320
[X] Keep watching.
No. 29322
[X] Take over Sakuya.

We should at least do some experiments.
No. 29323
[X] Keep watching.

Let our dolls have a bonding experience, but take careful note as to what Sakuya likes.
No. 29357
Votes closed. We'll just be watching for now.
No. 29397
Yes, we are just watching now. Watching this thread, waiting for updates.
No. 29399

Can't always write as fast as I'd like. I'd say to look for one Monday night.
No. 29406
Don't bump a thread unless you're voting.
No. 29421
Bah, that's what I get for setting a deadline. No update tonight, but definitely tomorrow.

I have only just begun to Do Better.
No. 29423
Can we get a better name than "Doing Better"?
No. 29424

Well Mr. Anon, if you think you can do better, why not give us some suggestions?
No. 29427
Medicine's Dollhouse.
No. 29431
... That is actually a pretty good title for this. Nice one.
No. 29432

Wow. That's... perfect. I applaud you, good sir.
No. 29457
[x] Keep watching.

Sakuya’s clearly done resisting, so Marisa releases the maid’s wrists and puts an arm around her back instead. Grateful for the support, Sakuya relaxes further, smiling a little as she closes her eyes to focus on enjoying herself. With each thrust, Marisa plunges in the full length of her finger, then twists it back and forth a few times before pulling back out.

“See? I can be gentle,” Marisa almost whispers. She’s still blushing a light pink, and her grin seems a little more tender than usual.

Sakuya responds with a dreamy nod, preferring to moan rather than talk. She’s starting to move her hips, too, grinding against Marisa’s finger whenever it enters her. Pretty soon, it seems like one finger isn’t enough; Marisa starts to brush another finger against Sakuya’s entrance while she thrusts, and a mischievous glint creeps into her eyes.

“But, rough is a lot more fun.” With that, Marisa plunges in both fingers and thrusts away at double the speed. There’s no more twisting or teasing, just a fast, relentless in-and-out. Sakuya’s eyes snap open, but Marisa plugs her mouth with a sloppy, tongue-filled kiss before her voice can come out.

Sakuya’s body is much more erotic when it can move. From the way she arches her elegant back, to the way her toes stretch her stockings as they twitch and curl, to the powerful shudders that wrack her whole body, it’s obvious how much she’s enjoying Marisa’s fingers. You wouldn’t mind feeling like that yourself, but you don’t want to butt in by possessing one of them. You’d like to touch yourself, but your dress is in the way, and you’d give yourself away if you made a bunch of noise by taking it off. Maybe you should consider wearing something a bit lewder yourself, if you’re going to be surrounded by sex like this...

Once Sakuya’s voice settles down a little, Marisa takes a break from kissing. She takes a long, leisurely look down Sakuya’s body, then glances around the room. Before you can react, she’s noticed you.

Your first instinct is to run, but that’s not right. You’re the mistress here, so you can watch as much as you want! Marisa winks and shifts her position a little, facing towards you and putting Sakuya in her lap. The maid’s too wrapped up in pleasure to see you immediately, so Marisa has to point you out.

“Hey, Mistress!” Marisa says cheerfully, and much more loudly than she needs to.

“Hawha?!” Sakuya gasps and twitches, her hazy eyes suddenly clearing as her head snaps towards you. There’s no point to hiding anymore, so you open the door and step into the room, trying to get your smile to go from nervous to naughty.


“Mm, that got you nice and tight, didn’t it? And a lot wetter, too.” Marisa doesn’t have to hold Sakuya up in this position, so she uses her free hand to play with Sakuya’s clit as she keeps up her merciless fingering. Embarrassment and excitement and desire alternate through Sakuya’s body, forcing her to twitch nonstop as her voice spills out in shaky, high-pitched moans.

You keep your eyes locked with Sakuya’s, slowly approaching her as she quivers and groans in Marisa’s grasp. Her breathing grows faster and faster as you get closer and closer. When you can feel it on your face, you close your eyes and pucker your lips, leaning forward towards her face and trusting her to meet you.

Sakuya cums as soon as your lips touch. A torrent of noise fills your mouth as her whole body clenches up; her cries come loud and fast for the first twenty seconds, and then they change to a low, pleased moaning once the pleasure peaks. You try pushing your tongue into her mouth like before, and it gets an enthusiastic welcome as she sucks it further in and licks it all over.

Marisa keeps a firm grip on Sakuya until her last tremors of pleasure fade away. Then you both release her, and she wordlessly gets up and stumbles over to her clothes. Marisa tilts her head and smiles as she watches.

“Ah? What’re yo”


“u doin’ there, Saku--Wait, what?” Marisa’s suddenly found herself in a very different position: she’s on her back now, with her hands are tied together around one of the bars that make up the bed’s headboard. Other ropes pull her knees towards the headboard as well, leaving her drenched pussy exposed in the lewdest fashion. Sakuya stands over her, blushing grinning wide as she holds the vibrator in one hand and her watch in the other.

“I’ll now return the favor. Watch closely now, Mistress.”


Wow, the village is so lively! You’ve never seen so many people before, and they all seem so excited. Kids your size fill the air with laughter as they run through the streets, blazing trails through the maze of people and stalls. Beyond them, you hear the constant hawking and haggling of merchants, some of it eager, some of it angry. To your left, a husband’s shouting at his wife while a baby cries in her arms. To your right, a young man’s giggling over something with his girlfriend. Somewhere else, there’s a fight brewing between two snarling dogs.

It’s very lively, but also very noisy. Much noisier than you’re comfortable with. It’s a good thing you have Sakuya here to hold hands with; if it weren’t for her, you’d get lost in here for sure.

After a minute, you pass through the busiest part of the market, to a more upscale shopping district. Well-groomed gentlemen and ladies in fancy kimonos stroll by, window shopping and chatting in hushed voices. You and Sakuya get a few strange looks, but Sakuya doesn’t seem to notice.

Finally, you reach the small grocery shop you were headed for. A little bell rings as you open the door, summoning a balding man with a friendly smile who greets you both as soon as you’re inside.

“‘Ey there, missy Sakuya! Good to see you! And who’s this? A little friend?”

“Indeed.” Sakuya meets his smile with a polite one of her own. “It’s her first time in the village, so please treat her kindly.”

“Sure thing! Why, I’ve got just the thing for ‘er right here.” He pulls out a bright red lollipop from somewhere behind the counter and bends over to offer it to you.

You start to reach for it, but you stop yourself halfway. You’re the savior of dollkind, but he’s treating you like a kid! If you take that thing, you’ll be submitting to their hegemonic system of oppression, and nobody will ever take you seriously--

“Thank you very much, sir.” Sakuya plucks the lollipop from his hands and holds it in front of you. After a few more seconds of hesitation, you grab it and stick it into your mouth, grumbling under your breath.


It’s good.

“Aw, what a cute little thing. Now, what can I getcha?”

Still, you didn’t give Sakuya permission to do that, and you’re the Mistress here. A little punishment seems to be in order...

“EveryTHING on this list, if you would be so kind.” Sakuya widens her eyes and twitches violently partway through the sentence, but she quickly regains her composure. The man’s a little suspicious, but Sakuya’s mask-like smile reassures him. He slowly takes the proferred list and heads off to assemble your purchase.

Anyone can make their maid wear a vibrator. It’s the oldest trick in the book. Instead, you’ve stuck an aphrodisiac shroom root-first up Sakuya’s pussy. You have complete control over the poison inside; you can make her sensitive enough to cum just from the slightest sensation, then pull it all back in an instant. You had the poison at quarter-strength while she was fighting through the market square, and now you bump it up to half.

The grocer comes back with three bags of food, and Sakuya thanks him and pays with a straight face. Sakuya takes two of the bags with ease; you try to take the third one, but it’s pretty heavy, even with both hands. Sakuya picks it up with a little sigh.

As the two of you walk down the street, you keep about half the poison applied, enough that she’s acutely aware of how her walls keep rubbing against the mushroom’s rugged stalk. She seems calm from a distance, but her deep breathing and trembling is obvious up close.

Hmm. Even if he didn’t take you seriously, that grocer was fairly nice. So was the butcher, and the fishmonger, and the tailor, and the apothecary, though you’re sure they were only nice to you because they thought you were a human. Still, you don’t really want to hurt them. If you could just give a good argument, you bet they’d be happy to give dolls the respect they deserve.

You guess you haven’t really given much thought as to how you’ll do that. Having more dolls is a good start, but it’d take forever to turn everyone into a doll. Maybe you can launch a propaganda campaign once you have a few more; people would probably be happy to listen to what a pretty girl has to say, even if it’s a little strange to them. Or, if you got the right people, you could even try hosting a--

“Ah!” Sakuya drops one of her bags and reaches into her pocket. Before it hits the ground, two of you are suddenly huddled together in an alley off the street you were on, with the bags safely at your side. You and Sakuya watch silently as the red-haired woman in green passes by, smiling and whistling to herself as she carries three bags in each hand.

For a while, Sakuya doesn’t even breathe. It’s the most nervous you’ve seen her, outside of sexy-time. She holds you tight against her chest in an almost motherly way, with one arm around your back and another one on her head. It’d be nice, if everything wasn’t so quiet and awkward.

Long after the girl’s gone, Sakuya lets out a long breath and speaks.

“That was Meiling. She must be my replacement for grocery duty.”

Ah, so that’s who she is. You didn’t get a really good look, but she did seems pretty attractive. “From the mansion? Why’d you hide from her? She might have liked to see you.”

“I would hope so, but then she would have told her mistress. Miss Remilia was suspicious enough when I asked for a vacation; the last thing we want is for her to hear that I was carrying groceries with another girl. If she decides to call me back...”

Ah, yeah. Remilia’s got those nasty fate-control powers. If she finds out what you’re up to before you have a way to stop them, you’ll be hosed no matter what you do.

There's not many ways to stop her, either. It'd take Reimu's powers, or youkai-level magic, or some extremely rare poison that you only find in tiny amounts in a single flower that grows atop a tall mountain that's guarded by an angry thunderbird.

What a headache.

Now that the danger’s passed, you disentangle yourself from Sakuya, who peeks back into the street and decides the coast is clear.

It’d be a waste of a nice, secluded spot if you just left now, though. As she’s peering out on all fours, you force out every drop of poison the mushroom can muster. Sakuya lets out a short, strangled sound, and all the strength leaves her body.

Fortunately, the alley’s narrow and dark enough that nobody pays you any mind. With her butt pointed up in the air like this, it’s easy for you to flip up her skirt and grab the mushroom by its exposed cap.

“Nn...!” Sakuya’s body shivers uncontrollably as you pull the shaft straight back, and her tight walls suck on it every inch of the way. She looks back at you with tears in her eyes and a pleading look on her face.

“Mistress, please…”

Does she want you to stop or continue?

Seems she’d be happy either way.

You tighten your grip and plunge the shroom all the way in. A single stroke’s all it takes to make Sakuya cum. Even before the shaft’s all the way into her, she rolls up her eyes and grits her teeth, biting back a huge cry of pleasure. She twitches fitfully over the next minute, silent except for the occasional squeak or peep that leaks out.

But her arousal doesn’t go away, even when the orgasm’s over. With all those aphrodisiacs, it’d take two more of those to satisfy her. She silently begs for more, but you shut her down with a single shake of your head. Then you reduce the poison-level until she can stand again, and she shakily leads the way back into the street. Every one of her steps comes with an agonizing rush of pleasure, but just a little rubbing won’t be enough to make her cum.

But, she doesn’t want you to stop, and she doesn’t mind the stares she’s getting. In fact, she loves it. She loves biting her tongue and pressing her lips together to keep in her voice, and she loves the way she has to manage her walking, keeping it slow enough that she can control herself but fast enough to give her plenty of pleasure while she walks. If she lost it and came right in the middle of the street, you’re pretty sure she’d love that too.

That’s right, keep fighting it. Just a few more shops, and you’ll get a nice reward.


“C’mon, it’s been an hour! Mistress, can’t you tell her to get out already?”

Marisa gets a little touchy if something gets in the way of her evening bath. With Sakuya’s newfound fondness for bath-reading, things are always a little tense after dinner. It wouldn’t be a problem if they could bathe together, but the tub’s only big enough for a full-sized girl and a small girl like you to share.

“Okay. I’ll go talk to her,” you say. Marisa gives you a grateful smile as you head off. After a quick stop to undress, you head out the back door and skip across the soft grass to the bathtub’s island of light.

You have to say, Sakuya looks especially attractive when she’s bathing. Her silver hair’s completely free of accessories for once, floating shining in the water as it floats around her head. Most of her body’s submerged, but her long legs and her pale, dainty feet rise up from the water to rest on the far end of the tub. She’s leaning back in the tub, holding a paperback a foot away from her face. You get a small nod from her as you approach, but she seems pretty focused on her book. You don’t really want to disturb her, but it’s pretty awkward just standing there.

“Enjoying yourself, Sakuya?” you finally ask.

Sakuya finishes the line she’s on, then turns to you and smiles. “Good evening, Mistress. It’s hard to concentrate with all this noise, but it’s still rather nice.”

You pause to check the noise level. The insects are certainly going at it tonight, but it’s not much louder than it was on your hill at night.

“Doesn’t seem too loud to me. Was it really quiet in the mansion?”

Sakuya chuckles for a second. “No, quite the opposite. The fairies were always causing some sort of commotion. In fact, things were so hectic that I could only relax when time was stopped. I mostly spent my breaks reading, and it was always completely silent.”

“Oh, I see. You were that busy?”

Sakuya smiles. “When time was moving, yes. But I could take a break whenever I wanted, and for as long as I wanted, so it wasn’t so bad. Although, there was always more work waiting for me. It’s quite liberating, having so little to do here.” Sakuya breathes out and smiles. She does look a lot more relaxed than when you first saw her.

“And now, it seems I’ve finally come to benefit from Marisa’s constant theft.” Sakuya flips to the book’s first page, where “VOILE LIBRARY” is stamped in large red letters.

You’re pretty fond of reading. Even if they were useless pro-human propaganda, the books you found from time to time were more interesting than most of the things on your hill. And if it weren’t for those picture-books, you’d still be off by yourself there.

Living with other people is a lot more fun.


You told Marisa you’d get Sakuya out of the bath, but she looks so peaceful in there...


“Could you read to me, Sakuya?”

Sakuya had gone back to reading, but she looks up and smiles immediately. “Certainly, Mistress. Please make yourself comfortable.”

Sakuya spreads her legs a little, clearing a space for you to put your feet as you step into the tub and lie down on top of her. Her firm body supports your weight easily as you scoot up her body and nuzzle your head into the crook of her neck. When you’re settled, she holds the book out in front of both of you and starts to read.

So far as Emma was concerned, she did not ask herself whether she was in love. Love, she thought, was something that must come suddenly, with a great display of thunder and lightning, descending on one's life like a tempest from above...”

You could read along if you wanted, but you prefer to just close your eyes and listen. Her voice is kind and gentle now, free of its usual formality. You can feel the words and the water and Sakuya’s steady heartbeat slowly soothing you to sleep, but you don’t especially mind.

Off in the distance, you hear Marisa grumbling some more. She’ll be waiting a while longer.


You spent a few more peaceful days with your dolls. There’s one other event you could talk about...

[ ] Your cooking lesson with Sakuya.
[ ] Your sparring session with Marisa.
[ ] Your trip with Marisa to a kappa party.
No. 29458
Nice. And it seems we're in no rush for SDM too. If we take too long, Sakuya will have to return and play an act, but we can't target Remilia without a trump card against her powers. Reimu, but it would alarm others, or a rare poison... something Eirin could create?

As for vote...

[x] Your trip with Marisa to a kappa party.

Maybe we'll get a scene with Nitori?
No. 29459
[X] Your trip with Marisa to a kappa party
No. 29460
[x] Your trip with Marisa to a kappa party.

This sounds interesting.

Hm, need to think up a special tactic to use against Remilia...
No. 29462
[x] Your sparring session with Marisa.
No. 29467
[X] Your trip with Marisa to a kappa party

Dolls + machines = action figures?
No. 29472
[x] Your trip with Marisa to a kappa party.
Booze = poison? Super happy funtimes if so.
Or we could turn her to our cause. She's a vampire, not a human. And vampire thralls are a bit like dolls. The Mansion would also make for an excellent base of operations.
But I agree, let's not rush.
No. 29473
I don't think the kappa party is supposed to be a recruiting drive. Maybe we could lay the groundwork for one later but OP seems to be trying to take a break and give us some character development rather than burning through Gensokyo at a break-neck pace.
No. 29474
>get smashed
>get laid
>get home with a hangover, not a girl
This is a chance of Medi to get better at dealing with social situations.
Wait, can Medicine even get drunk?
No. 29482
She might find that drinking makes her STRONGER because Alcohol IS a poison. But she wouldn't get drunk so she could down as much as she could drink and still be stone sober. Or she might get drunk and just never suffer a hang-over as her body has to catchup with the amount of alcohol being absorbed and overall it might be a GOOD thing for her!

Still Medicine probably doesn't really know yet how to socially drink, which is much different than just drinking alone. Learn to be socially skilled and you can make friends who don't care if you're a doll or human or youkai. Getting people to respect you for being who you are is a nice thing. You might not even have to make them dolls that way.

Enough people respecting us as who we are and we might get them to realize their mistakes treat their dolls with respect.
Now for some reason I see Medicine running an 'adaptation agency' for old dolls with Sakuya and Marisa helping. Don't throw out your dolls. Let them join the retirement home and live with Medicine.
No. 29483
Yea the slowdown in pace might be good so the author doesn't get burnt out as we've seen a lot of authors moving at this pace and just the stuff dying because of burnout.
No. 29488
[x] Your trip with Marisa to a kappa party.
No. 29491
Votes closed. Kappa party was a born winner.
No. 29584
You still there? I miss you already.
No. 29585

Don't worry, I'm alive. The things that kept me busy are gone now, so we'll see if I can update today.
No. 29588
[x] Your trip with Marisa to a kappa party.

Living with your dolls was nice, but Marisa’s house started to feel cramped after a while. There wasn’t a whole lot to do there, besides sex and sparring and cooking and the occasional picnic, and spending all your time with the same two people got a little tiresome after a while. It got harder and harder to overlook the little annoyances, like Marisa’s midday mushroom-breath and Sakuya’s tendency to clean things while you were using them. So when Marisa told you about a party the kappa were planning, it seemed like a nice change of pace. You decided to come with her, and she was more than happy to have you along.

But now that you’re actually headed there, you’re starting to feel a little anxious. The only party experience you’ve had before now was the time you flew over a Hakurei Shrine party and decided it was too noisy. You’ve heard all kinds of stories about the crazy stuff that happens at parties, and you don’t have any idea about kappa customs or anything, and you have to wear this embarrassing thing...

“Hey, there it is!” Marisa points down toward a strange patch of light, clearly visible in the early-evening darkness. The two land the light’s edge, and you let out a little yelp as your bare feet sink into mud instead of solid ground. You’d forgotten that the kappa live in a marsh.

As far as you can tell, you’re somewhere on the outskirts of kappa civilization, within sight of Youkai Mountain. You can hear the roar of a waterfall in the distance, but it’s too dark to see, and the noise is mostly drowned out by a loud, rhythmic thumping sound coming from somewhere in the party.

Also, the mud actually feels kind of nice once you get used to it. It’s pretty warm, and the squishiness is more comfortable than the wooden floors at Marisa’s house. You look down and give your toes an experimental wriggle, but you decide to cut it short and move on when you see that Marisa’s getting impatient. A puddle of mud’s probably the least of what awaits you here

As you squish-step your way into the light, Marisa’s outfit becomes fully visible. It’s a tight-fitting one-piece swimsuit, colored black with silver and pink highlights. The fabric’s tight and rubbery, and it molds itself nicely onto all her curves, especially her butt; If you weren’t so used to the sight already, you’d be entranced by the way it shifts and jiggles as she walks. There’s some real strain against the fabric there, like the tailor couldn’t imagine a woman Marisa’s size having such a plump, delicious butt.

Swimsuits are the dress code here. You’re wearing one too; Marisa managed to get one your size in your size from the weird shopkeeper guy in the forest. It comes in two pieces: a tight-fitting part that covers your upper body but not your arms, and a small, also-tight pair of bloomer-briefs that tuck into the first part. It’s mostly colored a dark orange, but there’s a blank white space on the front, right about at breast-level. Marisa tried to write your last name in there, but the space was a little too small, so it just says “Melanch.” That’s what you get for having a Western name. The swimsuit’s not too uncomfortable, aside from the bottom part, which keeps riding up your butt. You reach down and adjust it for the third time today.

The party grounds consist of a quarter-acre of marshland crisscrossed by a haphazard network of wooden walkways, with a big tent in the center and four huge bathtub-type-structures at the edges. A bunch of metal trees with weird torches on top provide more than enough lighting, making the nighttime event seem bright as day.

You and Marisa get on to one of the walkways and head for the tent, where you catch your first glimpses of the kappa party-goers. They look pretty human-like. No shells or beaks or webbed feet or anything like that. Somewhat surprisingly, they’re all wearing swimsuits similar to yours, though theirs are either dark blue or white. Blue’s a popular hair color, though by no means the only one. You see plenty of variance in their upper bodies; some of them are completely flat, some are a bit chubby, and some have very appealing curves that the shiny swimsuits do a great job of emphasizing. In the legs department, though, almost all of them are amazing. Even the chubbier ones have long, toned legs and lean, firm thighs, and the swimsuits leave them completely exposed. Some are tanned to a fairly deep brown, some are as pale as yours, and there’s plenty of variety in between. If you were into that sort of thing, this place would be heavenly.

Inside the tent, there’s an empty stage and buffet table heaping with strange food. At the edge of the stage, you see a trio of strange devices arranged on small stands of varying heights: A pitcher with a little sawblade-thing in the bottom, a large silver box covered in buttons and dials that seems to be the source of the thumping sound, and what appears to be a nothing more than a pot with holes in the lid. The pitcher has a blue ribbon stuck to it.

“What’re those?” you ask.

“Hm?” Marisa was busy admiring a fine-looking kappa with glasses. It maybe makes you a bit jealous, but she should always keep an eye out for potential dolls. “Oh, the kappa all love to tinker with stuff, so they use these parties to show off their inventions. The best one gets that ribbon.”

“Oh? Why didn’t we come to watch that? It sounds like fun.”

Marisa narrows her eyes and shakes her head. “Might seem that way, but... they get kinda ... weird, when they get into that stuff. Last time, the winning gadget was the ‘motorized extractor,’ and I was the only human, and...” Marisa shudders a little. You get the feeling you shouldn’t talk about that any more. Instead, you head over to the buffet table. Marisa grabs a plate and starts piling things on from the various bowls and platters, but you’re not sure where to start.

Or if you should start at all, for that matter. You skipped dinner to make room for this, but you’re suddenly not sure if that was a good idea. There’s definitely a wide variety of little bite-size things here, but most of them are a little too translucent and squishy for your liking. And you’re pretty sure that mauve blob over there is trying to communicate with you. You start to reach for a pale white ball-shaped thing, but then you notice Marisa holding one of them as she chats with the glasses-kappa.

“Squid-nuggets are great today!”

“I know! Sana blended their eyeballs to perfect consistency! Makes the whole thing work, y’know?”

Okay, you’ll pass on those. Gotta be something edible here… Ah, cucumbers! Bowls and bowls of freshly-sliced cucumbers. And over there, that’s that “sushi” stuff. That’s supposed to be good, isn’t it?

Hmm, but there’s so many different kinds, and you don’t know what any of these fillings are. What if they’re filled with all this other gross stuff, and each one is a miniature storm of grossness?

“… Those ones are good,” says a quiet voice from behind you. A hand enters your vision and points at a tray of standard-looking rolls. You turn around to see who’s there, but all you catch is a glimpse of a white swimsuit hurrying into the darkness. You’re compelled to adjust your swimsuit again.

Weird. You’ve heard that kappa are shy, but you thought that was only towards humans.

You don’t have any better ideas on the food, so you pick up one of the rolls she pointed to and take a bite. It’s pretty good; the texture’s more chewy than squishy, and all the different ingredients come out in a mixture of spicy, sweet, and savory. You load a few of those onto your plate, along with some cucumber slices and sauce. Seeing that you’re ready, Marisa says goodbye to the glasses kappa and heads back to you with a broad grin. She certainly thinks something’s funny.

“C’mon, playgirl. We can eat in the ‘cuzzi.”

The “‘cuzzi”? Well, you guess that thing’s too big to be a tub. It’s about as big as a room in Marisa’s house, and hooked up to a number of pipes and whirring machines. You rinse your feet off in a little bucket, then ascend a short staircase to get to the rim.

There’s ten trays set up along the rim of the tub, seven of which are filled with the food and drinks of other kappa. There’s plenty more space in the middle, though. You could fit in another ten or fifteen people, like the ‘cuzzi over there that’s turned into an aquatic dance floor. Also, the water’s strangely foamy, like somebody’s stirring it up with a huge invisible paddle. Marisa steps into the water first, and you follow right after her.

Wow, it’s really warm. The constantly-churning water makes it feel like there’s bubbles popping all over you; it’s weird at first, but kind of relaxing once you get used to it. Like a constant, full-body massage.

“Marisa! How’s it been?” A cheery, blue-haired, and well-endowed kappa with twintails stands up and rushes towards the two of you. You can’t help but notice how much she jiggles, even with that tight blue swimsuit on.

“Hey, Nitori!” Marisa sets her food down on a tray just before Nitori tackles her with a rough, playful hug that turns into a little wrestling match. It seems pretty even, until Nitori pulls Marisa under the water. They stay under for a few seconds, adding a bunch of agitation that adds to the already-bubbly water, and then they both resurface, drenched and laughing.

Nitori notices you and tilts her head at Marisa, who smiles and roughly hugs arm around your shoulder.

“Ah, this is my new… best buddy, Medicine. I’ve been showin’ her around for the last few days.”

“Nice to meetcha! I’m Nitori Kawashiro. Best inventor there is, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!”

That doesn’t go over well with the other kappa.

“Ah, don’t get cocky just ‘cause you won! Those judges were clearly biased!” says a tipsy-looking kappa to your left.

“Oh, give it a rest, Haruka! We don’t even use pasta pots! Why’d you think a ‘better’ one was gonna win?” a second one shouts at the first.

“You just don’t get it! None of you do! In the Outside, they’d recognize my genius!” The kappa keeps raving, but everyone stops paying attention.

“Aanyway, welcome! Always a pleasure to have guests, especially if you’re friends with Marisa.” Then, with lightning speed, her smile changes to a thoughtful frown, and she leans in closer to examine you. “Oh, you’re not a human, though. Can I ask what kinda youkai you are?”

‘What kind of youkai’? Are there others like you? Does you even count as a youkai? You certainly won’t come up with an answer while she’s staring at you like that. It’s like she’s trying to disassemble you with her mind or something.

“Tsukumogami, maybe?” Marisa offers. “I’ve never met anyone quite like her.”

Really! Are you a robot, then? Some kind of prototype that fell through the border and came alive? What’s your power source? Can I see inside you?” Nitori edges closer with each question, until her (very soft) chest’s starting to squish into yours. Her eyes are practically sparkling.

“Ah, no, I’m… just a doll…”

The glimmer fades, and Nitori graciously returns your personal space. “Oh. Sorry, got a little carried away.” Suddenly remembering that she’s not alone, she glances around nervously at all the smirking kappa and tries desperately to change the subject.

“Uhh, so! This is your first kappa party, right? Lemme hook you up with the good stuff!” Still blushing Nitori heads off to the far side of the ‘cuzzi to fetch a bottle from her tray. Even with the rough water in the bath, she moves right through it like it’s air. She must have some great legs to go with that chest, but you can’t see them through the foamy water.

“Here! Kappa special. Part rice, part cucumber.” Nitori grabs a tiny little cup and fills it with a clear, smelly liquid for you. This is sake, huh? The smell’s pretty funky, but with the way everyone raves about this stuff, it must taste amazing!

Eugh! No. No, it does not. It--agh, and it burns your throat! You spend the next half-minute in a coughing fit, helped along by some whacks on the back from Marisa.

“There, there. The first time’s like that for everyone. Here, let’s do the next one together.” Marisa takes the bottle from Nitori and fills cups for both of you. This time, you try not to let the stuff linger on your tongue; your throat still gets a bad time of it, but it’s not as horrible as before.

You’d kind of like to stop, but nobody here seems to consider that an option, and they do seem to be having a lot of fun. Maybe if you just keep it up for two more cupfuls…

“Hey, you’re doing great!” Nitori pulls out a pack of probably-water-resistant cards. “Can’t do a party halfway, though. You won’t be getting the full experience unless you join us for a game of Kappa Kings!”

Excited cheers come from everyone, Marisa included. You feel a little dizzy.


“Let’s see. Never have I ever…”

It’s gonna be about those butt-balls again, isn’t it? What is it with these people and butt-balls?

Ah, well. Another drink for you.


You’re not quite sure why you’re in Nitori’s lap, but you don’t mind. Her breasts make for great pillows, and her thighs are pretty cushy as well. With her arms holding you steady, you can just relax and let the warm ‘cuzzi water play over your body.

You wouldn’t mind having a doll like her.


“The red queen! Chug! Chug!”

“No, no, you do that on the black queen!”

“What’re you talkin’ about? You drink on red ‘til you can’t feel yer head!”

“The hell kinda rhyme is that?”

“Hey, are we still doin’ green man? ‘Cause I think I forgot on the last three…”

Screw it, you’re chuggin’.


“Mmm, when’d you get so good at this?” Nitori moans happily. Marisa answers her with a sloppy kiss and squeezes a breast with her free hand.

That kappa’s got a really fine body. Plenty of curves wherever you want’em. You’d go over there and get a few handfuls yourself, if you weren’t… uh… if you weren’t…

Oh, yeah! If you weren’t makin’ out with this other girl.

You look away from the corner of your eye, back to the kappa girl who’s kissing you. Her eyes are a watery grey, and her black hair’s cut short and straight. You’ve been kissing for a while now, lazily swirling your tongues together. Her tongue’s strangely long and smooth, and she has really good control over it, but that’s really all you can tell. Hard to taste anything through the sake, and hard to think while that thumpy music stuff’s blasting so loud. Was it always that loud?

Everything’s really hot. The water’s hot, her mouth’s hot, the air’s hot, Marisa’s hot…

Oh! One of the girl’s fingers presses between your legs, hard enough that you can feel the swimsuit’s fabric against your pussy, and feels around until she finds your clit. You break the kiss with a little yelp as she starts stroking your clit, attacking it with a strange, rubbery friction. Your reaction makes her grin and blush even harder.


She starts to rub even harder, and the friction’s so good and powerful you can’t even move for a bit. But you manage to find your senses again and grab her arm and push it away.

That’s not what she expected. She just thought you were a cute, innocent little girl, didn’t she? You’ll show her.

You grab the two shoulder-straps of her white swimsuit and yank them down, revealing a lightly-tanned stomach and a modest pair of breasts. While she’s still surprised from that, you go straight for her breasts, pinching one and biting the other. She screams in pleasure, before you both go underwater. Lunged a little too hard.

As you right yourself again, you find the gap between the two parts of her swimsuit and slide your hand into her bloomers. She’s all drenched and ready for you there, and you dig right in with two fingers. They go ahead and do their thing while you keep torturing her nipples with strokes and pinches and kisses.

A minute’s all you need to finish her. She arches her back and cries out happily as she cums, and her pussy squeezes tight around your fingers. They’re almost as far in as you can get them, so it’s like you can feel every one of her contractions and shudders. Every one of them was your work.

You feel pretty good about yourself. The girl pulls your fingers out of her and hugs you tight, kissing your cheek as she tugs down your bloomers.

“So cute!”

Then she puts you up on the rim of the tub and buries her head between your legs. The first touch of her slippery tongue makes your eyes shoot open; it’s firmer than a regular tongue, and the tip’s extremely fine. She carefully traces each one of your lips and runs her tongue in a circle around your clit, then spreads you open and holds back a squeal when she sees your… what’s it called? Your virgin-wall. Then she closes her eyes and digs in, moaning to herself as she licks all over your walls and your clit.

You’re not sure how you’d feel about this if you weren’t so drunk. There’s this one word you always use to describe stuff like this, but you just can’t remember what it is right now.

Ah, well. It feels good. Her tongue’s really firm, so each lick feels a lot more powerful than it would from a soft tongue like Sakuya’s. If it’s that strong, she could probably thrust it right into you, like… Yeah, like Nitori’s doing to Marisa right now. Man, they’re really goin’ at it. Even the stuff you do seems kinda tame in comparison.

Oh, and you and Marisa aren’t the only ones doing it. The whole cuzzee’s turned into an orgy, and you see a few others rolling around in the mud below. Empty swimsuits and used cucumbers float in the pool, tugged this way and that by the current, and horny kappa plunge in and out of the water as they do some kinda weird synchronized-swimming-sex-gymnasti--Ah, cumming!

You moan happily as your body goes through its familiar routine of clenching and twitching and shuddering. You almost fall off the edge of the tub, but your partner catches you and pulls you back into the tub, hugging you tightly once you’re safe. Looks like she’s not done with you yet.

Marisa takes a long swig from a bottle that’s probably not hers and stands up dramatically.

“C’mon, we’re just gettin’ started! Let’s party the whole night away!”




Uh? Mm. Hm. Naked. Feels like Marisa’s bed. You’ll just roll back the covers to check, and--Agh! The light! Why’s it so painful? Why’s everything so painful? Your head hurts, and it tastes like someone painted your mouth with sake.

You throw the covers back over yourself and cower in the darkness, trying to will the pounding out of your head.

It doesn’t work very well.

Minutes later, somebody walks up and gently peels back a corner of the blanket.

“Good morning, Mistress,” comes Sakuya’s whispered voice. You turn to face her, and she carefully pulls the blanket off of you, leaving you under just the sheets. It’s brighter, but you’re ready for it this time.

“You seemed quite content when I found you passed out on a table. I trust you enjoyed yourself?”

Um... You don’t remember it all, but there was a lot of smiling and laughing, and… someone said you were cute…

Oh. Speaking of which...

“Where’s Marisa?” you croak. Your voice is deeper than normal.

“Hmm. I would have retrieved her as well, but she seemed so comfortable in her puddle of mud that I couldn’t bring myself to move her. She’ll find her own way back.”

Sakuya lifts up the sheet to pass you some warm coffee to sip. It doesn’t help with your headache, but at least it gets the nasty taste out of your mouth. Then she leaves to prepare some more breakfast, leaving you alone with your thoughts. You can’t piece together much from last night, so you turn towards the future instead.

It’s been about a week since Sakuya joined you here. Living like this is fun, but you have bigger and better things to accomplish, and Marisa’s mushroom-and-trinket-peddling money won’t support the three of you for much longer.

(Well, it could stretch out better if Sakuya didn’t get her groceries at such fancy places, but she gets really scary when you bring that up. Even if she’s your doll, seeing that look in her eyes makes you feel kinda...)

Anyway, it’s about time you set out to get another doll. Preferably one with a bigger house and some money. With Marisa’s potions and Sakuya’s timestop, you should be pretty formidable; in fact, you might even stand a chance against the flower woman now! You can’t beat Remilia yet, but Sakuya or Marisa could still get you into the mansion to attack someone else.

Your next target will be...

[ ] Alice.
[ ] Reimu.
[ ] Meiling.
[ ] Patchouli.
[ ] Nitori.
[ ] Flower woman.
[ ] Bunny girl.
[ ] Crow girl.
No. 29590
Hmmm... Not much point in going for Nitori now. And while we stand a chance against Yuuka, just standing a chance isn't enough in my mind.

Allow me to present options:

1: We start on the SDM, either Meiling or Patchouli. With both Sakuya and Marisa, patchouli and Koakuma shouldn't prove to be too much trouble. However, I'm not sure we'll be able to break Koakuma. But Patchouli's magic could open unexpected bonuses.

2: We go by Reisen to gain access to Eientei. With Sakuya's help, we can easily put a blindfold on her to neutralize her power. After getting Reisen, we could then reach Eirin and Kaguya. Eirin could provide us with a toxin strong enough to affect Remilia too. And allow avoid the 'why always SDM' thing some were complaining about.
No. 29591
The Kappa didn't seem to care that you're a doll. And they like having fun with you. Maybe you could get one of them to join us without breaking or anything.

Also Medicine can get hung over. Did NOT expect that. Does that mean certain toxins Medicine's body can't break down? That's dangerous.

The Flower Youkai's kind of dangerous as unlike the humans we got she's probably resistant to toxins. And being a flower youkai plant based toxins might not work against her at all!!

Also did Medicine just lose her virginity considering 'digging in' might mean going for penetration with fingers and possibly tearing her hymen during that orgy?

On other options:
Aya gets you steady income from the Newspaper but living with her is a nonstarter as the other Tengu will probably be refusing Marisa going up there out of fear of her deciding to 'borrow' things again.

Yuuka's probably no income and possibly no house, unless we get Mugenkan but that place is weird.

Nitori's a ??? For income and for her home we don't know if its access requires us going for a swim to get to it as being a Kappa it might make sense just for security reasons. Also Nitori and that Dark Haired Kappa seem to like you to some degree.

Bunny girl. - High income change and a big house. But she's extremely difficult to deal with as she's probably poison resistant if her Hisoutensoko spellcard of Poison Smokescreen "Gas-Woven Orb" is anything to go off of.
Of course you have to deal with Eirin, Kaguya and probably most dangerously Tewi.

Meiling: No Income or House but gives you a staging area for Patchouli or Remilia.

Reimu: No Income, No real House upgrade. Also probably Suicidal as we might find that that Medicine's border between head and body is changed so Yukari's got her head in hands and the body is somewhere else. Not a good ending.

Alice - Not much for funds and maybe a slight upgrade for house size but its not that much bigger. Also so many dolls. Probably will lead to nightmares. Also % Change of her ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL. Although we could start working a diplomatic path.

Patchouli: Huge Housing, No Income. Toxins might work but might KILL her due to her consitution (that's bad). Also there is the problem of Koakuma who if she's a succubus might be able use her abilities to maybe control someone else. Also going for her without Meiling being taken means the library and mansion may be on alert which means we're going to lose the only thing that's given any results for us. The Element of surprise. (Marisa probably will have to sit out any mission for Patchouli until we get Meiling)

So really none of these routes are slam dunks.
No. 29592
Another worry with a HIGH ALERT SDM is that if we get too noisy Remilia might intervene or if we're extremely unlucky Flandre might come out to play. Patchouli's the best counter for Flandre (Water Magic) and if she's downed from our action... We might have the real threat of Flandre deciding to KYUU us!!
No. 29601
Sorry, but I believe you have it backward for Patchouli and Meiling. Meiling is highly visible to everyone. Patchouli is a loner in her library. Any strange behavior would be detected faster in Meiling than in Patchouli.

And we only need Koakuma restrained until Patchouli is converted and can directly order Koakuma to not get in our way.

Also... diplomacy? For Alice? What would there be to discuss for Medecine IC?

And Medecine, way back when this started, already stated that Reisen can be affected by poison. It's her ability that makes capture difficult. Also, getting Reisen would make conversions easier for anyone who can be affected by her eyes.
No. 29602
>>29601 again.

Thinking about it more, starting in the mansion now isn't doing actually going to help out on the Remilia problem and would actually gives more chance for Remilia to be alerted. With this in mind...

[X] Bunny girl.

Reisen's a great addition herself, she 'll give us access to Eirin and with both Reisen and Sakuya, taking her down should be fairly doable and Eientei is an excellent place to use a base of operation itself with the natural defense of the Bamboo forest around it.

And this should satisfy people complaining about too much SDM too.
No. 29608
[X] Bunny girl.

Can't see Tewi being that much of a problem. Sure, luck is one thing, but she's a bunny. Apply aphrodisiac and the problem will go away fast.
No. 29609
We've captured Tewi... wait that's another Earth Rabbit. Damnit!
No. 29610
[x] Patchouli.

I'd like to start operation: SDM
No. 29614
[x] Alice.
While not a slam dunk, she's probably the one with lowest danger rating out of low visibility targets, unless we go for the almost useless chaff youkai like Wriggle or even worse, the fairies. While Yuuka is also a low visibility target, she's just flat out lethal. I think after Alice we'd have a reasonable chance of taking on SDM, starting with Patche and Meiling. Just my 2 currency units.
No. 29615
[x] Nitori.

Should be an easy target, then you can work your way up.

Also delicious.
No. 29616
[X] Nitori
[X] Black Haired Kappa Girl

The that other Kappa really seemed to be wanting us and after Nitori's initial inventor Gushing she seemed to not care that Medicine was a doll since well she's Marisa's buddy and if she's Marisa's pal she can't be that bad.

Also Nitori probably also gets all sorts of neat gadgets! Both in terms of sex toys and other useful things. And maybe Upgrades!

Although along that thought... I kinda regret we're not a DollJoints Medicine so we could have gotten ROCKET PUNCH out of this!
No. 29620
[X] Nitori.
-[X] And/or the Dark-Haired Kappa that molested us at the party. Gotta punish her for that, right?

Aside from the whole OBLIGATORY SDM EPISODE issues, we'd have a hard time of it with Patchy and Meiling. Remilia and Patchouli are good friends, and it can be assumed that they have tea or something now and then, and that Remilia would see any changes in her behavior. we might be able to get away with Meiling for a while, but the same issue applies. We also have to consider the possibility of Flan wrecking our shit mid-conversion. Basically, we shouldn't try to take down the SDM until we're absolutely sure we can take Remilia, Meiling, Patchy, and Flandre in one strike.

Alice is out because she can go Harbinger on us at will. More firepower is best.

Yuuka is out because she's Yuuka. We might need Wriggle's help with her, actually. Bugs pollinate flowers...

Reimu is out because she's Reimu. Best to not mess with her until we either have overwhelming force, or until we end up on the verge of becoming an Incident.

That leaves Aya(?), Reisen/Tewi, or Nitori. Of the three, only Nitori is a known quantity. She might not be the easiest to influence, but we don't know that about the other girls. Once we get he, she could give us valuable information on Aya. Besides, her plus Sakuya would make a damn good team. Nitori makes a machine, Sakuya timehaxes them in and closes the restraints...
No. 29623
[x] Bunny girl.
Haha Medicine got smashed.
No. 29626
[X] Nitori.
No. 29631
Turning a new friend into a doll? Cold...

Isn't there a chance for others kappas to notice a change in behavior anyway?
No. 29633
[X] Bunny girl
No. 29635
[X] Bunny girl.
We can get Nitori and possibly her friend later. They don't seem opposed to the idea, anyway.
No. 29636
They're not opposed to sex. Kind of a different thing.
No. 29645
I still say we don't have to make EVERYONE into dolls. We can get them to being sex buddies if they're open to it and into the harem without dollifying them.

Friends with sexy benefits. I say we keep Dollifying people as a "Last Resort"
No. 29651
But the doll thing is the whole point of the story. It is Medicine's motivation for doing what she's doing.
No. 29658
Considering how many inhibitions they lost from merely being drunk, use some aphrodisiacs and they probably won't mind the whole doll thing much.
...or maybe kappa are all secretly perverts in this story.
No. 29660
Her motivation is to get the respect and revolution.

Dollifying is one the ways she's getting the respect. Remember Marisa AND Sakuya are dismissive of her because she's a doll

The Kappa seem to not care that she's a doll, they just view her as another youkai (and actually being more than a little cute!), and thus getting them on board without having to get them to be dolls saves resources and gets good sex and maybe weird toys being given freely.

As Marisa's stockpile of mushrooms isn't infinite and we're risking getting to the point where gonna run out eventually.

So kick in an unlocked door when you can just turn the knob?
No. 29661
Votes closed. Reisen's next.
No. 29665
I think you're forgetting that the point of the vote was to decide who turn into a doll next, not who befriend next.
No. 29719
Busy in RL again, OP?
No. 29722

No, just wasn't sure what to write. It's trickier now that I have a bunch of characters to juggle.
No. 29725

Hmmm... once we get a base of operations, we'll be able to pair up our dolls as we see fit, and if they don't fit the current story, we can just assume they're on assignment. That's my idea, anyway.
No. 29729
A choose squadmates screen like in mass effect

No. 29730

Followed by a rotating "choose boss" wheel like in Megaman, complete with Reimu's picture blackened out in the center.

Hue Hue
No. 29748
So who becomes our Garrus?
No. 29749
Also I got a feeling we might be already having signs of possible Harem infighting... Sakuya leaving Marisa behind might be a sign of possible conflict within. This could be a problem in the future.
No. 29761

We wait until someone awkward with sex but damn good at long range comes along. Hell, that might be Reisen.

>You know me, Master. I like to savor the last graze before I time out the spell card.
>Wait, that metaphor went somewhere horrible.
No. 29764
[x] Bunny girl.

It’s tempting to just go for broke and try to recruit someone really strong, but even Sakuya and Marisa might not be enough to restrain for a youkai that powerful. It’s probably safer to keep building up your ranks with decently-powerful dolls.

The bunny girl might make a good addition. She seems to know a lot about poisons, so she might be able to help you make some extra-powerful stuff that even the strongest youkai won’t be able to resist. And she has those eyes that make you feel all funny when you look at them. They could be a great way to weaken your targets before you attack with poison and time-stop.

Yeah, you’ll go after her next.

Just as soon as your head stops hating you.


“Oh, you mean Reisen! Yeah, I know her.”

“As do I. She’s the type that enjoys throwing herself into incidents, so we’ve crossed paths several times by now.”

It’s late afternoon. You’re sitting in Marisa’s washroom, watching as Sakuya tries to clean all the mud from last night out of Marisa’s hair. It’s really caked on there; was she rolling around in it or something?

“Pretty suspicious character, if you ask me. I see her sneakin’ around whenever there’s an incident, tryin’ to see how she can profit from whatever’s goin’ on.”

“And how is that different from what you do, again?” Sakuya asks.

“Hey, there’s a difference! I’m just in it to get cool stuff. She’s trying to advance the agenda of those shifty moon-people. Who knows that schemes they’ve got going?”

Sakuya sees your confusion and smiles at you. “Ah, we haven’t explained anything yet, have we? Reisen is a resident of Eientei, a castle hidden deep within the Bamboo Forest. As I understand, she and her mistresses are all exiles from a civilization on the moon. Their inscrutable politics were the cause of the Imperishable Night incident.”

Oh, the one where the sun didn’t come up for three days? That was weird, but it didn’t really bother you. Not like the one where you had two extra months of winter that wiped out your suzuran. If you ever find the person who caused that… Hold on.

“Wait, there’s people on the moon?”

Sakuya nods. “Indeed. They aren’t very friendly, though.”

“We went there once. It sucked.”

Huh. There’s people on the moon, and they suck. How about that?

“So, what’s she like?”

“Well, I believe she’s a servant to Miss Eirin, a master pharmacist. She spends most of her time doing errands and helping out at the clinic. She’s quite loyal to her mistress.”

“It’s all business, though. They’ve both got eyes for the Princess,” Marisa adds.

You and Sakuya both pause and look at her in surprise, and she puts on a mischievous grin.

“I talked to her at a party once. She was all drunk and ramblin’ to anyone who’d listen. Good thing for her that Aya wasn’t such a nuisance back then, or she’d be ruined.”

“Oh?” You creep a little closer. Sakuya tries to hide it, but she’s interested too. Marisa basks in the attention for a bit before continuing.

“Yeah, it was really juicy stuff. Lemme see what I can remember…” Marisa puts a finger to her lips and stares off thoughtfully while Sakuya works at some particularly stubborn locks.

“Hmm. Well, she did plenty of complaining about her job. She said her Master works her to the bone, and she can’t wait until the day she opens her own clinic.”

“You said she’s attracted to the Princess?”

“Yeah. The princess there is supposedly some kind of legendary beauty who’s broken the hearts of hundreds of men. She was attractive, I guess, but I didn’t think she was that pretty.”

Interesting! You might be able to use that. “Anything else?”

Marisa sucks in another breath. “Uh, jackass rabbits always pick on her, sake was better on the moon… Oh yeah, she used to be in the moon-army, but she couldn’t handle some war they had and ran away to Gensokyo. She had friends up there, but she knew they’d kill her for quitting, and now she’s always wonderin’ if she did the right thing to desert her post.”

“Come to think of it, that might be why she was so drunk in the first place.”

They’d get rid of her if she didn’t do just what they wanted? How cruel. They treated her just like a doll. If she joined with you, you’d be able to put those worries of hers to rest for good…

“I’ll need to rinse your hair now, Marisa. Please stay still.”

“Wha? Hey, that water’s ice-cold!”

But right now, she’s an enemy, just like everyone else. You can’t let your guard down around her.

“I assure you, it’s necessary. Now, if you’ll--“

“No way! get that away from me!”

But once you have her, she’ll make a fine--


Agh! Cold! Cold!

Sakuya sighs and clicks her watch, and then you’re wrapped in a towel. You see your clothes hanging outside.

“My apologies, Mistress. Honestly, Marisa, you’re no better than Remilia.”

Seems some punishment is in order. Perhaps you should give your dolls some extra training from time to time to ensure that they stay in line.


Okay, there she is. Crouched over at the foot of the hill, slowly gathering flowers while she glances around and sniffs at the air. She can’t smell much besides poison, though, and she can’t see you through the fog. You’ve made sure of that.

You and your dolls are hiding out of sight on the other side of the hill. You’ve got all the aphrodisiac and paralysis potions you’re likely to need, plus the rope and blindfold and vibrator. Currently, you’re using Sakuya’s body; for some reason, the Luna Dial only works if her body’s the one that uses it. Sakuya could certainly handle this part of the operation herself, but you couldn’t pass the chance to do it personally. Your main body’s safely cuddled up in Marisa’s arms.

Being Sakuya is pretty cool. You don’t have enough experience with her body to do use all of her cool kung-fu knife-fighting skills, but you still feel really perfect and elegant. It’s hard not to be graceful in this slim, athletic body.

Reaching into one of your pockets, you close your long, pale fingers around Sakuya’s watch and pull it out. It’s a fine piece of work: all three of the hands are elegant and flowery, and both the face and the silver case are polished to a perfect, mirror-like sheen. Above the XII, there’s a single gleaming button. A gentle breeze rolls through as you lift up your thumb and press it.

You expect to hear a click like always, but the button doesn’t make a sound. In fact, nothing makes a sound. It’s dead silent; you can’t hear the breeze, the rustling of the flowers, or even your own breathing. The hands on the watch have stopped moving, along with everything else. Marisa’s paused mid-hair-stroke, and the flowers are all paused mid-sway. And, most importantly, Reisen’s stopped and completely vulnerable. No amount of military training could prepare her for this.

You take a graceful and elegant stroll down the hill to where Reisen is, leaving visible footprints in the time-stopped flowers. She’s bent over with her brow furrowed in concentration, probably wondering which one of your precious flowers to tear out next. A half-filled basked rests at her side.

It’s certainly easy to appreciate her in this position. Her long lavender hair’s tied back in a ponytail, probably to keep it out of the flowers, and a pair of floppy white bunny ears hangs down from the top of her head. She has a pretty face, but you’ll hold off on examining her eyes until she’s under your control. She’s wearing a kind of school-uniform type thing, with a dark-blue jacket, a short pink skirt, and black thighhighs. A fluffy white bunny-tail comes out from a hole in the back of her jacket. The position she’s in makes her breasts hang down to create a sizable bulge in her jacket, and the skirt’s draped itself over her butt in a way that hints at some nice curves back there. There’s a small bit of skin visible between her thighhighs and her skirt, too.

Hmm. You should probably tie her up right away, but it’d be really fun to tease her a little first. Just for a second. You flip up her skirt and find a pair of blue-and-white striped panties, which you tug down to reveal a bright pink pussy with a small patch of purple hair in front. Spreading her open with one hand, you pull the vibrator out of another pocket and slide the bead deep into her. Since time’s stopped, her pussy doesn’t really squeeze you or anything, but it does feel pretty tight inside. Maybe a little softer than Sakuya’s.

Reisen’s pussy stays open even after you move your hands away, so you admire the sight for a while longer as you fasten the controller to her thigh and turn the control wheel to… maximum might be a little too much, so let’s say 50%. After a little more thought, you put her panties back on. It’ll probably be even more confusing if it seems like the vibrator just appeared under her clothes. To be on the safe side, you go to her front and tie the blindfold around her eyes, too. It’d be pretty embarrassing if she hit you with those somehow while you were messing with her.

Then, you get back to a safe distance and press the watch-button.

There’s the click.


Aand timestop. Wow, she shot up like a lightning bolt. The mixture of surprise and pleasure that’s stuck on her face isn’t bad, either. Her hands made it about halfway to her crotch before you stopped time again.

A little more wouldn’t hurt, would it?




“iiih?!” Her shaking hands find the controller on her thigh and the wire leading into her pussy. “What’s”

Okay, that’s enough of that. Time to get serious.

It’s a little troubling that you wanted to tease her at all, though. And you’ve already started to think about all the lewd things you’ll do to her once she’s yours. It seems like you get lewder and lewder with every passing day.

Ah, well. Nothing you can do about that now.

You use your super maid-strength to pick Reisen up and carry her rigid body to where Marisa and your main body are, then set her down on her feet on a towel you’ve set out for the occasion. Marisa must’ve heard Reisen’s cry, judging by how she’s trying to look over the top of the hill. Her hand’s still nestled in your hair.

Now to get down to business. You start by unbuttoning Reisen’s jacket and sliding it off her arms. There’s a plain white dress shirt and a red tie underneath; you remove both of those, along with her skirt, to leave her in her underwear. You’d throw her clothes into a pile, but everything just stays stuck in the air when you let go of it, so you have to go set each item on the ground to get it out of the way.

Then you have to take a moment to admire her. She’s another beauty, of the same type as Sakuya: lean, firm, and pale all over. Her skin’s a little darker and rougher than Sakuya’s, though, and her white bra’s holding back a very respectable chest. You help yourself to a few squeezes and caresses; her breasts are nice and soft, and her tail’s even softer, but she’s pretty firm everywhere else. Guess she still stays in shape.

It’s kind of unsettling how easy this is. You unclasp her bra and put it on the ground, but her breasts stay pushed together like they were when it was on. After taking a moment to appreciate her bright pink nipples, you lay her face-down on the ground and pull off her shoes, thighhighs, and panties, one after another. She has a firm, average-sized butt, and long, sculpted, milky-white legs that a kappa would be proud of. Not surprising if she’s a rabbit youkai.

Next, you cross Reisen’s arms behind her back and wrap a piece of your brown, workmanlike rope around them four or five times, then frap it twice and tie it off. It takes you a few tries to get the rope tight enough, but you have all the non-time you need. Once you’re satisfied with that, you press Reisen’s legs together and tie her shins together with more rope, fold her legs as far back as you can, and use the third and final piece to tie the two ropes together.

There, all done! She won’t be getting away anytime soon in a tight hogtie like that. You got the idea from something Sakuya did to Marisa, and she was happy to teach you how to do it, with Marisa as your semi-willing model. You heard Marisa get her revenge later that night.

Reaching under your skirt, you pull out a paralysis potion from a bandolier on your thigh. It’d be nice if you could use this while time was still stopped, but she’d just choke on it if you poured it into her mouth. You pull out the cork and hold the vial at the ready as you unstop time.


“this? E-eh? Hey! What’s… What’s going on?!” Reisen was confused already, but it only gets worse when she realizes she’s tied up, too. Then she notices she’s naked on top of that and almost wets herself. Her head darts about in panicked confusion, and she thrashes against the ropes with all her might. Between that and the vibrator still whirring away inside her, you doubt she even notices the paralysis gas she’s breathing in.

Poor little bunny. One moment she was out picking flowers, and the next she’s tied up and naked and blindfolded, with no idea how she got from A to B. She’s struggling pretty hard right now, but the poison will take care of that soon. It’s already messed up her dexterity enough that she can’t pick at the ropes.

So, once her body settles down, how are you going to start?

[ ] Let her stew in aphrodisiacs while you play with your dolls.
[ ] Maybe you can use the watch to bounce her eye-beams back at her?
[ ] There’s probably a sexier way to tie her up…
[ ] Are there any fun drugs in her jacket?
No. 29765
Wow, Timestop ability is indeed powerful.

[X] Let her stew in aphrodisiacs while you play with your dolls.

I feel like trying this next. Let's see how she compare to an earth bunny on that part.
No. 29767
So we got our possible Garrus so who's gonna be our pretty much permanent 2nd guy with us? Also Are we gonna have to do loyalty missions to help keep possible infighting down.
No. 29769
[x] Let her stew in aphrodisiacs while you play with your dolls.

Neglect play.

This story is a lot of fun.
No. 29771
[X] Are there any fun drugs in her jacket?

>almost wets herself
Even if we're going Tiramisu in this regard, I won't judge, OP.
No. 29772
[x] Let her stew in aphrodisiacs while you play with your dolls.
She can't see, but make sure she can hear. Bad porn dialogue is go!
No. 29773
[x] Let her stew in aphrodisiacs while you play with your dolls.
No. 29775
[X] Are there any fun drugs in her jacket?

We're BOUND to find the FutaDrugs eventually.

And if we don't we might get high so it works out either way. Or at least resupplying our stocks and giving us a non-Mushroom of fun stuff.
No. 29776
[x] Are there any fun drugs in her jacket?

We already did the aphrodisiac, sex in front of them thing with Sakuya. Reisen's a pharmacist; even if she doesn't carry anything particularly erotic, a lot of drugs have side effects Medi would be glad to play with.
No. 29777
[X] Are there any fun drugs in her jacket?

Now we just need our Tali.
No. 29778
No we didn't.
No. 29779
So one who's a Gypsy having problems with their immune system. We can get the prior with one of the Hermits and the later with Patchouli.

Although I kinda would have liked to get the Team Krogan to be with us... So would that be Yuugi or Suika?
No. 29780
[x] Are there any fun drugs in her jacket?
No. 29784
[x] Let her stew in aphrodisiacs while you play with your dolls.

No love for asari, eh?
No. 29785
[X] Let her stew in aphrodisiacs while you play with your dolls.
No. 29787
Never liked em. Would rather use any other race than them except MAYBE the Volus but those midgets got some nice skillsets...
No. 29788
>We're BOUND to find the FutaDrugs eventually.

Quite so.

[x] Are there any fun drugs in her jacket?
No. 29789
Even if drugs that she may have are indeed futa drugs, I would prefer to save them for now.
No. 29793
So, for votes... I can't help but notice there's nothing in them that can stop them from being combined. How about it, OP?
No. 29794

I'm gonna say the eye-beams option can't be combined, but the rest are fair game.
No. 29796
Well, I meant the two votes that are currently tied (last I counted). If you wanted to call it now instead of waiting for a tie-breaker.
No. 29806
I would peraonally prefer the eyebeams, unfortunately it seems I am in a minority
No. 29809
[X] are there any fun drugs in her jacket?
No. 29815
Well, no need to compromise now. Drugs win.
No. 29844
[x] Are there any fun drugs in her jacket?

Marisa got easier to convince after you fed her some of her mushrooms. Maybe you can do the same thing with Reisen.

She’s starting to get sweaty now, but she doesn’t show any signs of slowing down with her struggling. It’s appealing to just watch her strain that pale, toned body of hers, but you’ll be able to do that as much as you want once she’s yours. She’s too busy grunting with exertion to say anything, so now’s a good time to go through her pockets.

You’ve done all you need to with Sakuya’s body, so you slowly and carefully switch back to your own. It’s kind of like waking up from being awake, the way you suddenly are in Marisa’s arms. She’s pretty engrossed in Reisen, who seemed to just appear a minute ago, so you have to bonk Marisa on the shoulder before she notices you’re awake and lets you go.

Leaving Marisa and Sakuya to enjoy the scene, you go over to Reisen’s pile of clothes and pat them for suspicious lumps. The shirt and skirt are empty, but... Ooh, there’s a bottle of something in her jacket. It’s a bottle of…

Eugh. Medicine. The arch-nemesis of poison. You hate this stuff; whoever named you after it had a sick sense of humor. Though, now that you focus on it, there’s something a bit weird about it. Your mind doesn’t resonate with it like it does with poison, but you’re still getting a strange feeling from it…

Let’s take a closer look. The label says “Yagokoro Headache Relief” on the front, over a purple silhouette of a crescent moon. On the back, there’s a whole bunch of writing in really tiny print with lots of big words. How’s anyone supposed to read all this… Wait, here’s something:

“Take only the amount recommended by your physician. Effects of overdose may include dizziness, mood swings, and increased heart rate. Erections lasting more than four hours, while rare…”

Ah, that’s what it was! This stuff’s supposed to help people, but if you take too much then it acts like a poison! Ha, that’s dumb. If that’s the case, you should be able to use these on Reisen!

The bottle doesn’t open when you turn the cap. Is it broken or something? How do you--oh, you have to push down on the cap, too. Wonder why.

Inside the bottle, there’s a handful of small purple pills. They’re not exactly poisons, so you can’t just pull out the toxins like you do with mushrooms. You’ll just have to administer them the old-fashioned way. The label recommends one pill for a healthy youkai, so you’ll give her… three.

Now, back over to Reisen. Sakuya and Marisa have gone ahead and undressed, and it seems like Reisen’s finally ready to give up, panting heavily after all her struggling. If she wasn’t on her stomach, you’d probably be treated to some nice heaving from that generous chest of hers. Actually, the ropes aren’t necessary now, are they? You give a signal to Sakuya, and Reisen’s untied and flat on her back before you can blink.

“Wh-who are you?” Reisen asks, still breathless. The exhaustion seems to have drained out some of her panic. “What do you… hahh… what do you want?”

Ooh, you love this part! You cross your arms over your chest and let out the longest, most menacing laugh you can, which comes out disappointingly similar to a giggle. Then you kneel down next to your captive, gently tracing your fingers along her firm, sweaty curves as you speak.

“I’m insulted, Reisen. Couldn’t you guess?”

The sound of your voice clues her in. “Medicine? But how…” She drifts off and furrows her brow under the blindfold. She’s probably running through her mental encyclopedia of poisons to find one that would let you do all this. It’s dangerous to leave her to her own devices, so you don’t let her think for long.

“Oh, I got some help from Sakuya. I punished her for stealing my suzuran, and she liked it so much she decided to be my doll. Now, I’m gonna do the same to you~” you end your sentence with a sharp pinch to one of Reisen’s nipples, which makes her mix a high-pitched cry in with her response.

“Whaat? No way… She’s…”

“She was a loyal maid, until she got a taste of how good it feels to be mine. Isn’t that right, Sakuya?”

Sakuya gives you a single nod. “Absolutely, Mistress. You take much better care of me than Remilia ever did.”

That gets Reisen a little worried. She and Sakuya have pretty similar roles, after all.

“Well? Aren’t you curious what could make her do that? Don’t you wanna try it out for a bit?” You turn the vibrator up a few notches, forcing Reisen to suppress a little squeal before she responds.

“No way! Let me go right now, or I’ll… I’ll…”

Aw, she looks kind of cute, trying to be all defiant like that.

“That’s too bad. Guess we’ll have to do this the hard way! Marisa?”

You show Marisa the pills and point to Reisen, who’s shocked to hear that you own Marisa as well. Marisa thinks for a bit, then nods and pulls out the tea-thermos from lunch. She fills the lid with what’s left and holds it out to let you add in the pills, plus some aphrodisiac potion for good measure. Then you take the cup from her, and she puts Reisen in her lap and holds her mouth open while you pour in your concoction. Reisen tries to spit it out, but Marisa tilts her head up and keeps her mouth tightly closed. Eventually, she has to swallow it.

Marisa lays Reisen back down. Once the bunny gets her breath back, she starts shouting her defiance at you.

“I’m a proud lunar rabbit! No matter what you use on me, you’ll never… Ugh…” A wave of dizziness hits her, cutting off the rest of her sentence. That’s some fast-acting medicine; this Eirin must really be something. A few seconds later, she starts to get visibly flushed, probably thanks to the aphrodisiacs and her sped-up heartbeat. It makes her clit and her nipples nice and hard, and her breasts even seem to swell up a little bit. The heaving is just as delicious as you imagined.

“You say that, but you’re as powerless as a doll right now. You’ll be fine if we play with you a little, right?” You give your two dolls the go-ahead, and they eagerly jump on your captive’s luscious body. Marisa takes Reisen’s left side, while Sakuya takes the right. They both press their naked bodies right up against Reisen’s and start licking and stroking everything they can reach. You take your time undressing as you enjoy the sight.

Marisa presses Reisen’s arm between her breasts as she cranes her head up to play with Reisen’s bunny ears. She nibbles all along the length of one and scratches behind one of them, drawing some confused purr-like moans from her captive. Once she’s made a full pass over Reisen’s soft, floppy ear, she presses her face into the side of Reisen’s head to search for a pair of human ears. Judging by the confused look that appears on Marisa’s face, she doesn’t find any.

Meanwhile, Sakuya doesn’t waste any time going straight for Reisen’s breasts. She gives each one a long, tight squeeze, making their soft surface bulge out between her slender fingers and leaving the nipples exposed and extremely vulnerable. She plants her mouth on the one closer to her and gives it enough licking and sucking to leave a trail of saliva, while the other one’s attacked with an endless series of twists and pinches. You’re tempted to jump inside Sakuya for a bit to share in those handfuls, but that would put a little break in Reisen’s pleasure while you switched.

Marisa’s had her fun with Reisen’s ears for now. She seems ready to grab a breast away from Sakuya, but then the bunny’s armpit catches her attention. She exposes it by pushing Reisen’s arm up above her head, then closes her eyes and gives the hairless depression a long, sensual lick, drawing out a long, ragged moan from her victim. Marisa doesn’t seem to like it much, though, because she moves to Reisen’s breasts right afterwards.

Your dolls have most of Reisen’s body covered, but it seems like they haven’t done anything for her feet. It’s kind of boring not getting any action, so you kneel down in front of her and claim those for yourself. You start by running your tongue all over each one of Reisen’s toes and sucking on them until they’re all shiny with saliva. Then you move on to her soles, alternating between them as you lick up one and flutter your fingers over the other. You think she’s ticklish, but with it’s hard to tell what’s causing what in all this sex-chaos.

No matter how much Reisen denies it, she’s definitely getting in the mood. Her moans and whimpers are already sounding more sultry and lustful, and you’re sure that some of that blush isn’t just from the drugs. She wouldn’t be able to struggle if she wanted, but she certainly isn’t begging you to stop.

Something muffles Reisen’s moaning, and you look up to see Marisa giving her a rough, tongue-filled kiss. You wonder, is Reisen fighting back? Or would doing that mean she’s enjoying it? Letting Marisa have her way must be pretty demeaning too, though. The kiss lasts for half a minute, and Sakuya takes over as soon as Marisa breaks it.

Judging by the moisture between Marisa and Sakuya’s legs, they’re getting really turned on by this. On a whim, you reach out and tickle one of Sakuya’s feet, making it jerk away from you in surprise. She’s probably too horny to give Reisen a proper teasing; maybe you’ll weaken Reisen by making her get you all off after this.

Marisa has a hand between Reisen’s legs now, mercilessly stroking and pinching the bunny girl’s clit. Sakuya’s playing with the vibrator’s dial as well, first alternating the vibrations with Marisa’s pinches and then matching them.

That dripping pussy wants even more attention than it’s getting, though. You spread Reisen’s legs and crawl up into licking range, gently brushing Marisa and Sakuya’s hands out of the way when you get close. There’s plenty of other things for them to tease, so they don’t mind too much. Planting your hands on Reisen’s firm thighs, you spread her pussy open with your thumbs and start to lick away at her soaked pink walls. The vibrating wire kind of gets in your way and vibrates your tongue whenever you touch it, but you’ll leave it there for now.

Reisen’s engorged clit makes for a natural target, so you spend about half your time teasing her there and the other half licking up and down her walls. She smells a lot stronger than Marisa or Sakuya do, and the flavor’s more intense as well. Maybe it has to do with her bunny sex drive. When Marisa and Sakuya see what you’re doing, they each grab a breast and suck on one of Reisen’s nipples. Sakuya focuses on using her tongue, but you see Marisa getting her teeth in the mix as well.

“Ahh! No… Ahhn… Mmmm…”

Three mouths and a vibrator all at once is a lot to handle at the best of times. As it is, Reisen holds out for less than a minute before she has to surrender to the pleasure. A short, warm spray of juice on your lips signals her orgasm; you sit up and watch as her face goes through a number of torturous contortions, before finally settling on a blissful mouth-open-and-tongue-out look. Loud moans roll out of her mouth to fill the air while the rest of her body stays completely rigid. Once they finally die down, you give her a few seconds to enjoy the afterglow before you start speaking.

“You really enjoyed that, didn’t you? Sakuya was exactly the same. Now, why don’t you try serving--“

A loud cracking noise interrupts you as Reisen closes her jaw. Nothing happens immediately, though, and you’re about to continue when she suddenly tears off her blindfold and jumps off the ground. The bright red of her eyes warns you to look away, just before she lunges and grabs you with one arm.

“Mistress!” Sakuya’s the first to react. She gracefully pulls her watch from her discarded clothes, but Reisen catches her mid-pull, kicking the watch out of Sakuya’s hands with enough force to crack the glass casing and send it flying to the bottom of the hill. Then Reisen uses the opening to hit Sakuya with a full-power eye-beam, making her fall to the ground grunting and convulsing in a most undignified manner.

“You’ll never take me! One move, and your Mistress gets it!” Reisen shouts in a shaky voice. To emphasize her point, she makes a finger-gun and presses it against your head. It’d be silly, if her fingers didn’t actually shoot bullets.

What just happened? You thought you had this all under control, but now you’re the one who needs saving! Guess you should’ve been more careful about those mood-swings. And what’s up with her suddenly being able to move? Did she have an emergency panacea hidden away in her mouth or something? Oh, but she’s kind of stumbling around a little, though, so it might not have cleared up the effects of the medicine.

Okay, let’s see. Marisa’s had time to grab her broom and hakkero, but she’s at a disadvantage if she has to shield her eyes while she fights. Sakuya’s out of commission, and Reisen has you hostage. A full-power danmaku-shot to the head wouldn’t be fatal, but you’d probably be out for a week.

You’ll be in big trouble if Reisen gets away. You have to turn this back around quick! But how? Do you try something as Marisa, or trip Reisen and hope for the best, or try to talk her out of it, or something else? You might only have one chance…

[ ] Write-in.
No. 29845
[X] Be Marisa.
-[X] Double-agent. Make her think that her show of resistance and disposal of Sakuya is giving you freedom to "break cover", that you were here to help Reimu resolve an incident undercover, but you had to pretend to be completely broken as long as Sakuya was around.
-[X] Help Reisen to tie up Sakuya and Medicine, but convince her to not use further madness/danmaku to incapacitate them.
-[X] Why? Convince Reisen that she can use the opportunity for a bit of vengeful role-reversal before turning Medicine in.
-[X] Then when Reisen is fully convinced that you're on her side and while she's distracted with Medicine, blindside her and take her out of action.
-[X] Finish what Reisen started with some loving one-on-one, just to not leave her hanging.

I don't normally wall but I'm a sucker for the "slave is so loyal she is capable of pretending the opposite for the sake of her master".
No. 29846
Way to complicated. Let's aim for KISS here

Lemee read this up again and I'll have some idea in the morning
No. 29847

It's not THAT complex. Medicine is at Reisen's mercy, so Marisa can't oppose her directly. Instead, she pretends to be a fellow victim until she can get the drop on Reisen.

The sexing bits are just because.
No. 29848
[X] Poison. It grows all around us. The air is full of it, and so is Reisen.
[X] Use our power to turn it up a thousandfold for a couple of seconds.

[X] Once she is neutralized, re-administer aphrodisiac and turn it up to mind-breaking levels. Use pleasure and pain to make her *ours*.

My reasoning:
Suzuran contains dozens of different poisons, many capable of causing cardiac arrest is even small doses.
The dosage contained in the fragrance and pollen is comparatively harmless, capable of making children dizzy and not much else, but with our magical interference, we can more than make up for that.
She won't die, but may end up wishing she did, and certainly will be too distracted to even attempt to make good on her threats.

The second part is simple - if we can't convince her to switch sides willingly now, there is no reason to even attempt to give her a second chance. If we use the aphrodisiac to crack her, we then can use pleasure and terror to break her, without reducing her to an empty shell.

Make her love us as the one who protects her, commands her and gives her affection, and fear someone else (say, Sakuya) as the source of pain and punishment. Stockholm sydrome will take it from there.
No. 29849

That would also maim Sakuya and Marisa in the crossfire, since they're specifically not youkai. A dosage like that would flat out kill them.
No. 29851
We'd get one broken doll and two DEAD dolls. I don't think we want to sacrifice dolls for diminishing returns.

And we have to consider wind with any Chemical attacks with toxic clouds. Friendly Fire is NEVER Friendly.

Medicine has the toxins but NOT antidotes. So she could turn it off after Marisa and Sakuya collapse to the ground but it'd be too late as Reisen would be incapacitated (the only one who know might know how to resuscitate them

Medicine doesn't know shit about medicine so she'd not be knowing how to do stuff like CPR things to get their hearts beating again.

So Chemical Weapon strike is a last ditch option.

Also I don't think we want to MindBreak people as its one of those things we're avoiding in the goal of being better.

We're a youkai so Marisa blasting us with a Master Spark will Suck but it might just leave us downed and an already worn down Reisen would be worse off. And if anything the spark would catch Resien completely off guard and down her along with us.

The question is How long can we run in Marisa's body? Since if we blast our body and Reisen together the bunny is gonna be down but our Body is gonna be damaged as well. But with a downed Reisen, Marisa can capture and blindfold her.

[x]Switch to Marisa's body
[x]Immediately Spark
No. 29852
OP, I suppose we can't take control of Sakuya's body right now?
No. 29855
[X] Remember what you did with Sakuya at the village. Gather poison from under Reisen, then shove it into her pussy all at once. In her state, it should surprise her enough to let you break free.

Think about Reisen's current state. A bit dizzy and probably panicking a bit. An attack from somewhere completely unexpected WILL generate a surprised reaction. Then Medecine can break free and her and Marisa can gang up on her and tie her up again.

Poison argument is also pointless for this. We can move poison out of someone as well as move it in, so there will be no time for it to cause bad effects.
No. 29856
Except in that case it was an aphrodisiac. Suzuran poison is quite a bit more lethal and Reisen might still manage to shoot.
Holding my vote while I think what to do...
No. 29857
[X] Tease Reisen with how despite all her earlier protests she seemed to really enjoy the treatment. If she stops all this silly 'resistance' nonsense you'd make it all the more pleasurable for her.
- [X] Hope it'll distract her long enough for Sakuya and Marisa to do subdue her.

Considering what state Reisen is, focusing her attention on you just might work.
No. 29858
I think it would be much simpler if:

[x] Provoke Reisen into shooting you(Medi) and signal Marisa to do the same.
-[x] when she's about to shoot go inside Marisa. Quickly crouch a little then shoot lots of danmaku towards the neck area of Reisen.

Based on Reisen's current state I think she can be provoked easily into shooting Medi. When Medi leaves her body, it becomes a dead weight that is pulled by gravity,
which means it will shift position under Reisen's hold making her attack miss.
When Medi's body shifts position, I assume Reisen will be in a leaning position due to the fact she's holding Medi's body and is still a bit weak according from
what I have read so that's the reason why I want to target the neck area in order for Reisen to get hit on her face. The crouching position is there for the reason
Reisen can use her eyes against Marisa so in order to prevent that, I position Marisa's vision behind her danmaku hoping that it is big enough to hide Reisen's eyes.

[x]Go back to your own body then quickly go around Reisen and block her eyes.
-[x]pinch her clit while you are at it.

PS. Hooray for physics.
No. 29859

You're welcome to try.
No. 29860
We don't know how damaged we'll be after the HEADSHOT! We might not be able to move the Medicine body for a while after the hit so riding in one of the other bodies we can use will help.

Precision shots to the neck risk taking too long and Marisa being incapacitated like Sakuya is. Sparking is ideal for a snapshot that we're gonna get once Medicine gets BLAM'd by Reisen.

We know Marisa's following the plan of capture so a Spark KO'd Reisen will be easier to blindfold/tie up even for Marisa.

Also Runner: Is Sakuya having a full out Seizure? Any risk that it might do long term harm to her?
No. 29861
[x] Tell Reisen to "Be gentle"
[x] Then lick and suck on her finger while slowly grinding yourself against her

Nothing could possibly go wrong with that plan.
No. 29862
[x] Talk to Reisen gently, soothingly. Tell her you couldn't help yourself, that such a gorgeous bunny such as her was simply too tempting. Gently caress her hand while saying it. Talk to her, ask her what her life is really like.

Is there any more aphrodisiac in a bottle anywhere? If we can summon it out of that bottle and into Reisen, it may help. But this is a chance for Medicine to win someone over by charm, instead of force.
No. 29864
[X] Grab her attention with some armor-piercing questions. Depending on how well it goes, either lecture her about how dollhood is bliss or simply get Sakuya and Marisa to grab her
No. 29867
[x] Remember what you did with Sakuya at the village. Gather poison from under Reisen, then shove it into her pussy all at once. In her state, it should surprise her enough to let you break free.

Though >>29861 is tempting...
No. 29870
I'm just gonna support this one
No. 29871
Inhaling the stuff is far less dangerous than ingesting it. Add the fact that Reisen already has who-knows-what in her system from earlier (both the drugs and the remedy), along with her current panicking condition, and the bunny is all set for a cardiac arrest.

No offence fellow readers, but I'm hoping the surprise poisoning option doesn't win.
No. 29873
Because the story has shown itself to be terribly serious so far, sure. Or Gensokyo, for that matter.

Paralysis potion is out of her system, else we would just direct the reminder to her hand. And Reisen isn't human either. And that it would be a dick move from OP to have such a critical fail by playing with Medi's strengths.
No. 29874
Going to have to push something to lead so we can move on.

[X] Remember what you did with Sakuya at the village. Gather poison from under Reisen, then shove it into her pussy all at once. In her state, it should surprise her enough to let you break free.

Incidentally OP, what's your policy regarding bad ends? Over for real or reload? Because I would be sad to see the story end now.
No. 29875
Don't worry, Sakuya will be fine. Reisen's eyes can't do permanent damage to named characters.

If it comes to that, I'll hold a vote on what to do with the story.
No. 29877
>[X] Remember what you did with Sakuya at the village. Gather poison from under Reisen, then shove it into her pussy all at once. In her state, it should surprise her enough to let you break free.

This plan doesn't seem like it's going to work. Sakuya's 'poison' was an aphrodisiac, which made her horny and sensitive. One of the properties of suzuran is lowering sensitivity. If we do this we'll get Reisen to focus more, not less, because the arousal will die down.

[x] Talk to Reisen gently, soothingly. Tell her you couldn't help yourself, that such a gorgeous bunny such as her was simply too tempting. Gently caress her hand while saying it. Talk to her, ask her what her life is really like.

The problem with hostages in a shootout like this is that if you shoot your hostage, your enemy - in this case, Marisa - no longer has a reason to not fire back. Reisen needs Medi awake and conscious while she backs away from Marisa, and during that time Medi can put her charisma to use.

The side effects from the headache reliever include dizziness and mood swings. All Medi needs to do is suggest things to Reisen until she becomes more malleable, and, at the least, bringing up her crush on Kaguya might very well distract her.
No. 29878
...I must concede to this logic. And I suppose going diplomacy will have Reisen be more likely to join than forceful action. So long as OP likes it enough to have it win anyway.

On record however, just Reisen feeling something now down there would probably have her jump right now.

Deleted vote, changing to
[x] Talk to Reisen gently, soothingly. Tell her you couldn't help yourself, that such a gorgeous bunny such as her was simply too tempting. Gently caress her hand while saying it. Talk to her, ask her what her life is really like.

OP, are you ever going to get a name so we can you soemthing else than OP?
No. 29880
[x] Talk to Reisen gently, soothingly. Tell her you couldn't help yourself, that such a gorgeous bunny such as her was simply too tempting. Gently caress her hand while saying it. Talk to her, ask her what her life is really like.

Paragon +5.
No. 29881
[x] Talk to Reisen gently, soothingly. Tell her you couldn't help yourself, that such a gorgeous bunny such as her was simply too tempting. Gently caress her hand while saying it. Talk to her, ask her what her life is really like. 
No. 29882
Votes closed. Talking wins.
No. 29883
But will talk be successful, that is the question...

Really hope you won't keep us in the dark too long, OP.
No. 29897
[x] Talk to Reisen gently, soothingly. Tell her you couldn't help yourself, that such a gorgeous bunny such as her was simply too tempting. Gently caress her hand while saying it. Talk to her, ask her what her life is really like.

What do you do, what do you do? Switch to Marisa and blast everything? Hit Reisen with all the suzuran you can muster? Tease her for being such a horny bunny and hope that helps somehow?

Wait! Reisen won’t shoot you as long as Marisa’s a threat, so you should be able to safely talk to her. If you can just stall her long enough for her mood to swing back, you might be able to subdue her.

But what do you say? You need something that’ll help you out and keep her listening. And you really need it now, because Reisen’s starting to back away.


“I’m sorry, Reisen.” You put one of your hands on the arm around your waist. It’s really tense.

“…Uh?” That’s enough to make Reisen stop moving. An apology was pretty low on the list of things she expected to hear from you.

You keep talking in the quietest, most soothing voice you can imagine. “I couldn’t help myself. You were such a strong, gorgeous bunny, but you were always being mistreated. I thought you would be happier as a doll. But, I guess I was wrong.”

Need to be vague at first. Reisen’s less likely to shoot if you get her curious.

“Do you really want to be free, even though your freedom’s made you unhappy? Or do you really just want to belong to a mistress who’ll take good care of you?”

“Of… Of course I want to be free! And I’m happy at Eientei! Master’s always teaching me, and the Princess…”

You cut her off to keep your momentum. “Is that what you really think? Your Master just uses you like a slave, and the Princess will never love you. They’re using you, just like the moon people were.”

That’s enough of a shock to make Reisen stumble. That’s good, but then she presses her finger even harder into your head. “H-how do you…”


“You’re good at fighting, but you’re too weak at heart to stand on your own. People think that means they can do whatever they want with you, as long as they give you a place to stay. Isn’t that frustrating?”

“But you’re the same! You just want my body!”

You start to stroke Reisen's arm, trying to reassure her. “Uh-uh. I’m not like them. I wanna help you, Reisen! Even if you don’t want to be free, that doesn’t mean people can just ignore your feelings! I’ll take good care of you, and respect you, and I won’t make you do anything you don’t want to. Is the life you have now really worth protecting?”

“But, but I…” Reisen’s grip on you weakens, and she’s caught up in her thoughts enough for you to get free. Marisa breathes a sigh of relief, then grabs a rope and sneaks behind Reisen.

“… No, you’re wrong! Eirin and Kaguya saved me by taking me in, so I have to repay them!” Reisen aims with her hand-gun again, just as Marisa was about to grab her arms. She shrugs and crouches down to get the bunny’s legs instead.

You’re not out of the woods yet. You’ll probably need some pleasure to back you up, but you can only keep stalling her for now.

“But that’s exactly what they want you to think! Can’t you see? They’ll use that logic to keep exploiting you for as long as they can, and you’ll never be happy.”

“But I deserve it! Ever since I ran away, I…”

“You only ran away because you were being mistreated! It’s not you who’s wrong, it’s the world that mistreats you! The world that mistreats us!”

“… She’s right, Reisen.” You all turn your heads to Sakuya, who’s carefully rising from the ground. She’s got a few scratches on her otherwise-flawless skin, and her hair’s a bit of a mess, with petals stuck inside and whole tufts out of place. The flowers around her are all torn up and matted down. Still, she seems as calm and collected as ever.

“I was reluctant to abandon my old mistress, but now it’s clear she didn’t deserve my loyalty. Medicine is far more appreciative. She appreciates my talents, respects my needs…” She stumbles forward onto Reisen and squeezes one of her breasts. “… and indulges every one of my desires.”

Reisen tries to back away, but it seems that Marisa managed to tie up her arms and legs while she was busy debating. She falls backwards into Marisa’s arms, and Sakuya advances to sandwich Reisen between the two of them. Marisa reaches down to switch the vibrator back on, while Sakuya teases Reisen’s breasts with the tips of her nails. Reisen gasps and whines and struggles, but she can’t control her body well enough to resist.

“Yeah. I figured I’d always be a loner, but I had no idea how good it feels to be a doll,” Marisa says, accentuating her point with a long, excruciating pinch to Reisen’s clit. “Free will’s way overrated.”

You can’t help stroking yourself a little as you watch your dolls molest Reisen and whisper sweetly into her ears.

“Doesn’t it sound lovely? Having a kind, loving Mistress and all the wonderful sex you want?”

“We could make that Princess a doll too, if you want.”

“You’ll never feel embarrassed or ashamed ever again.”

“We’ll find a really sexy outfit for you.”

“You’ll have plenty of free time, too,” you add. Can’t let those two leave you out completely.

Reisen’s still resisting, but she doesn’t seem to be getting any stronger. Time to forge ahead. You toss Sakuya the half-empty bottle of aphrodisiac potion from earlier, expecting her to just pour it out into Reisen’s mouth. Instead, she upends it into her own mouth, then grabs Reisen’s head and feeds it to her through an extremely sloppy kiss. With her head held firmly in place by Sakuya’s hands, Reisen can’t do anything but accept the liquid that pours into her mouth and dribbles down her chin, along with a warm, lewd tongue that probes every corner of her mouth.

Once the aphrodisiac’s had time to kick in, Reisen becomes much more aware of Marisa’s roaming hands. Sakuya breaks the kiss and steps back, joining you in appreciating the sight of Reisen twisting and quivering and moaning as Marisa strokes and pinches every one of her sensitive spots. Her clit and nipples are obvious targets, but it seems like even her armpits and her ears have gotten sensitive. Marisa’s pretty good at hunting down those spots, isn’t she? And she likes to do it, too, judging by the grin on her face.

Then, an idea pops into your head. You step forward and motion for Marisa to stop, then wait a few seconds while Reisen catches her breath.

“We’ll pay attention to what you want when you’re a doll, Reisen. Why don’t you tell us how to please you?”

“What? No, I-I’d never…”

Sensing the need for some encouragement, Marisa smirks and thrusts a finger up Reisen’s butt.

“Hiih! N-not there!”

“Oh? Then where would you prefer?” you ask seductively. Marisa works in another finger and slowly spreads them apart, making it clear that things will only get more uncomfortable until Reisen says something. Reisen’s still reluctant to talk, but a minute of slow thrusting from Marisa eventually changes her mind. The aphrodisiac’s probably making her impatient, too.

“In… In my pussy…” Reisen gasps and tries to catch the words out of the air, but there’s no taking them back.

“In here?” Sakuya steps forward and draws out a squeal as she fills Reisen’s other hole with two fingers. “Don’t you already have a vibrator to please you?”

“Mmm… But, both at once feels so…” Reisen cuts herself off with a weak moan as Sakuya turns up the power and starts to thrust. Sakuya’s long, elegant fingers push the vibrator as deep in as it’ll go, stimulating Reisen deep in her pussy while her fingers stroke the rest.

Marisa starts to pull her fingers out, but Reisen clenches up her butt to try and keep them inside.

“Oh? Thought you didn’t like it,” Marisa says, with a naughty edge to her voice.

“Ch-changed my mind…” You can see some tears in the corners of Reisen’s eyes. She’s tasted what it’s like to give in to the pleasure, and now she stop.

“Heh.” Marisa reverses her thrust and buries the whole length of her two fingers in Reisen’s hole. She leaves them there just long enough for Reisen to adjust, then pulls them back out, then slowly pushes them back in, twisting back and forth in little half-circles the whole time. Meanwhile, Sakuya adds a bit of an angle to her thrusting to point her fingers more towards Marisa’s. Can Reisen feel those two rubbing together inside her?

“Ahhn! And, and my breasts, too…!” Sakuya happily closes her mouth around a delectable nipple, while you take the other one for yourself.

Seems you’re doing a lot more to her now that she’s in control. You’d tease her about that, if your mouth wasn’t busy with a delicious breast. Her nipple’s extremely hard, and she whines really loud if you graze it with your teeth. It feels nice to press your mouth into it and let the softness cover your mouth, and the thin layer of sweat that’s gathered on her cleavage tastes surprisingly good. You alternate between licking all over her breast and focusing all your attention on the nipple, while Sakuya uses her own technique that you can’t be bothered to observe.

Since your hands are free, you reach under Sakuya’s to turn the vibrator-dial to maximum. You have a feeling that this’ll be the orgasm that brings Reisen to your side, so you want her to enjoy it as much as she can.

“Being a doll feels great, doesn’t it?”

“Aah… G-good… So good…” Reisen pants blissfully for a moment, with her mouth open and her eyes half-closed. Then the pleasure gets the better of her, and she arches and clenches up all over and screams loud enough to hear from a mile away. Sakuya withdraws her fingers and steps back to watch, leaving Marisa to hold the bunny up.

Reisen looks amazing when she’s cumming. Her lavender hair sticks to her sweaty skin and accentuates the curves on her backside, while her breasts heave and jiggle with each twitch and spasm. A bit of juice squirts out of her overflowing pussy and stains the flowers underneath her, where her toes curl half a dozen times. The display goes on for over a minute, with loud moans pouring from her mouth the whole time, before she finally slumps back in Marisa’s arms.

That had to have done it. You give Reisen enough time to let her eyes unfocus, then step in with a hopeful smile.

“So, how about it? Wanna be my doll, Reisen?”

There’s no immediate response. Reisen slowly looks around, at you, Sakuya, and Marisa, and at the ropes on her arms and legs. After all that noise from her, it’s suddenly very quiet; the only sounds you can hear are the gentle rustling of suzuran in the breeze and a quiet whirring from that insistent vibrator. Marisa backs away once Reisen’s able to hold herself up, joining you and Sakuya to watch her. The flush of afterglow only makes her more attractive.

“I… I don’t…”

Another pause, as long as the last. Reisen’s breathing is even faster than before, and she’s visibly trembling. She’s not just aroused. She’s… nervous. Really nervous.

“… D-don’t make me choose.”


“I’m scared I’ll pick the wrong one. Don’t give me a choice, or else I’ll regret it.”

What’s she mean by that…?

Wait. This is like the time she ran away from the moon, isn’t it? Even though joining you is the right thing to do, there’ll always be a part of her that wonders if it really was. So, she wants you to force her to accept.

“I believe I understand what she means, Mistress. Will you allow me to help?” Sakuya pulls out a pair of knives from her bundle of clothes.

“Uh, Sakuya, I don’t think that’s…”

Sakuya reassures you with a short chuckle. “No, no, nothing like that.” She holds up one of the knives, catching a bright glint of sunlight on the blade.

“It’s for the reflection,” Marisa says.

“Indeed. When Reisen used her powers on me, it felt as though my mind’s defenses were much weaker.” Sakuya goes to stand behind Reisen, who’s listening with great interest.

“So, you’ll bounce her eye-beams back and force her to submit while she can’t resist?” Marisa asks. Sakuya nods, then turns to you for your opinion.

Hm. That’s a little more forceful than the means you’ve used so far. Although, it’s not like dolls need free will, and you know you’re right…

Reisen’s giving you a hopeful look…


Nodding in acknowledgement, Sakuya holds one knife out in front of Reisen’s eyes and casually presses the other one against the bunny’s neck. Reisen can’t refuse any orders when she’s tied up and threatened like that.

“Stare into the knife, and put yourself in a trance,” Sakuya commands. Reisen responds a small, careful nod and focuses on the blade’s polished, mirror-like surface. Her eyes start to glow a little, and you avert your gaze just to be safe. Pretty soon, her breathing slows down and the trembling disappears. Her blush gets a lot stronger, too. It’s a lot different from what happened to Sakuya. She must be keeping it low enough to just make herself more suggestible.

Okay, here goes. You walk over to Reisen and get up really close, standing on your tiptoes so your lips almost touch her fluffy ear. Now, how do you say this? A lot of things come to mind, but you don’t know how deep into her subconscious your instructions will go. You’d better keep it simple.

“You’re going to be my doll from now on, Reisen. And you’ll never regret it.”

As soon as you say that, a boatload of tension just flows right out of Reisen, and a little smile appears on her face. If it weren’t for the knife still at her neck, she’d probably fall right over.

A familiar rush of excitement shoots through you, even stronger than it was when you got Sakuya. You did it! It didn’t look too good for a moment there, but Reisen’s yours now! You’re really pulling this off!

But, one more thing before you stop the hypnosis.

“And, running away from the moon was the right thing to do.”

You nod to Sakuya, who backs off and stows the knives. Reisen suddenly slumps forward and falls into your arms, almost knocking you over under her weight. When you lift up her head, you see a deep, contented smile on her face.

“Thank you, Mistress.”

Without thinking, you kiss her. Her lips are soft and tender, and her warm tongue gently caresses yours when you enter her mouth. Her eyes tempt you to lose yourself in their scarlet depths, but you look away from them for now. You’ll experiment with those some other time.

When you finally break the kiss, you see that Marisa and Sakuya are watching you very closely, both blushing and both moist between the legs. Come to think of it, Reisen’s the only one who’s gotten any pleasure out of this. And she doesn’t seem satisfied, either.

Now that you’ve succeeded, you have all the time you want. Why don’t you all enjoy yourselves for a while?

[ ] Reisen’s had plenty of attention already. Make her please all three of you before she gets any more.
[ ] Keep Reisen to yourself for now. Marisa and Sakuya can play with her later.
[ ] Make it a free-for-all.

[ ] Go home first.
[ ] Stay here.
No. 29898
[x] Reisen’s had plenty of attention already. Make her please all three of you before she gets any more.
[x] Go home first.
No. 29899
[X] Possess Reisen.
[X] Make it a free-for-all.

[X] Stay here.

Who dares, wins!
No. 29900
[X] Possess Reisen.
[X] Make it a free-for-all.

[X] Stay here.

That was a nice resolution.
No. 29901
[X] Make it a free-for-all.
[X] Go home first.

Kind of out in the open here, and in a poison field too. Let's go home so there's no problem staying where we are once we're too tired to move.
No. 29902
[x] Reisen’s had plenty of attention already. Make her please all three of you before she gets any more.
[x] Go home first.
No. 29906
[X] Make it a free-for-all.
[X] Stay here.

What could be more bond-forming than an orgy amidst flowers? And I'm sure Medi could redirect the poison from her dolls.
No. 29908
[x] Reisen’s had plenty of attention already. Make her please all three of you before she gets any more
[x] Go home first
No. 29909
[X] Make it a free-for-all
No. 29911
[x] Make it a free-for-all.
[x] Go home first.
More toys at home, and sexy clothes.
No. 29918
[x] Keep Reisen to yourself for now. Marisa and Sakuya can play with her later.
[x] stay
No. 29919
Votes closed.

With separate tallies for the action and location, the winner is a free-for-all at Marisa's.
No. 29939
I think I lost respect for medicine after that last one. I know she's a villian protagonist and I have no idea why I had respect for her in the first place but her talking to reisen struck my morals.
No. 29940
You and yours have been told multiple times that if you don't like it, don't read it.
No. 29943
This is just getting to be the greatest crime of a porno story.

Its becoming BORING.

This entire Reisen arc was just a drag and really the story is just slowly just dragging down. I'm kinda sad that we didn't go for more sexy hijinks with the effect as this one's getting SRS BSNS kinda stuff and that's really hurting the charm.

Maybe I should have made a better joke entry of something like Koakuma (Getting Friends for Patchouli) with the side effect of becoming part of a Shared Harem between the two.

I mean it couldn't be worse than KoaQuest's Koa, right?
No. 29944
We can report you if you just can't do anything but complain if you prefer.
No. 29946

Thing is that this is probably my favourite story on the site. It just tears my morals because of the CYOA format on a story where we aim to do somthing morally wrong. I actually considered fighting for doll-kind a perfectly good moral cause at first.
No. 29951
This is a PORN STORY. The stated aim is to TURN PEOPLE INTO SEX SLAVES. It is not an academic discourse on social issues arising from inanimate objects gaining sentience and expressing displeasure at similar, non-sentient examples of said inanimate objects being used for their intended purpose.
If you wish for such a story, go write one.
No. 29952
Everybody stop for a second, take a deep breath, and realise that you're getting mad over porn.
No. 29953
I'm just kinda trying to keep interest but I'm struggling. Not sure if its the writer's style but it seems like there's been a tone shift as Medicine kinda is missing a step or two from being utterly accidentally winning vs Marisa and Sakuya to having scarily high charisma.

Also the plot seems to be bending over backwards to have no tension. Because the sex isn't doing it for me. Even with the 'Experienced Partners' it kinda feels like generic scenes. I mean we're 'MY HIPS ARE MOVING ON THEIR OWN' from fulfilling the GENERIC SEX DOUJINSHI cliche list.

I figured it was gonna be more sexy comedy with harem results but its kinda already going towards Medicine becoming a Faceless man.

The most interesting scene for me was the Kappa Scene as it actually felt dynamic and but Medicine blacking out drunk kinda killed that scene.
No. 29954
[x] Make it a free-for-all.
[x] Go home first.

As eager as you all are for a sexfest, it might not be the best idea to stay here while you do it. If you all pass out in the middle of this field, you won’t be able to protect your dolls from the poison. And you need to be extra-careful about prying eyes now that you’ve liberated two girls from powerful, likely-vengeful mistresses. That tengu’s still out there, after all.

You lift your head to address all three of your dolls. “We need to give Reisen a proper welcome now, don’t we? But, let’s go home first.”

Marisa and Sakuya are happy to hear about the welcoming, but they’re less happy to hear that they’ll have to wait. Still, they obey like good dolls and go get dressed while you untie Reisen.

“You’ll… take good care of me, right, Mistress?” she asks shyly. That relieved smile still hasn’t left her face.

“Of course. You’re gonna love being a doll.” You pat her on the head a few times, making her close her eyes and hum with contentment. She’s so cute that you have to kiss her, too.

Sakuya steps in and extends her hand towards your new doll.

“It’s a pleasure to have you with us, Reisen. I’m sure we’ll thoroughly enjoy ourselves serving Mistress together.”

Reisen flinches at the sound of Sakuya’s voice and shies away from the outstretched hand. “Ah, th-thanks, Sakuya!” she timidly replies. Seems she’s still a bit afraid of your other dolls. Not too surprising, considering what they just put her through. Sakuya slowly pulls her hand back and leaves you with a nod.

It takes another ten minutes for you all to get dressed and gather up your stuff. Most of that is spent at the foot of the hill, trying to find where Sakuya’s watch ended up. When you finally spot it, you see that the cracks on the case run pretty deep, and a chunk of glass seems to have punched through the watch-face and damaged one of the gears. That’s enough to make Sakuya stop in her tracks. She spends a few minutes just staring at the timepiece, slowly stroking the crack and repeatedly clicking the button. Something seems to be wrong with its powers, but it’s hard to tell when she’s just standing still.

“Sakuya, you’re holding us up!” Marisa shouts from a few yards away. Sakuya finally snaps out of it and pockets the watch for now, still worried but willing to put off further inspection until her body isn’t seething with arousal.

Marisa takes off and leads the way back home, shifting around on her broom a little more than necessary. It’s pretty hard to keep up with her, so you take up the rear with Reisen, who’s still not ready to leave your sight. If she could cuddle you in midair, she probably would.

You reach Marisa’s house a few minutes later. She and Sakuya barge right in and head straight for the bedroom, but Reisen’s too taken aback by the smell to follow right after them. It’s gotten better since Sakuya moved in, but it’s still bad enough to stun a newcomer. You feel for her.

“Don’t worry, Reisen. You’ll get used to it. And we’ll find a better place to live soon.” Hmm. “In fact, we could even take over Eientei!”


“Yeah. After the people there bossed you around so much, maybe they should feel what it’s like to be a doll too! You’d have seniority over them, of course. Doesn’t that sound nice? Having Eirin and the princess serving you the same way you serve me?”

“Ah…” Reisen can’t help imagining that. A faint blush colors her pretty face as she stares off into the distance with a small perverted smile. You bet she wouldn’t have dared to think of something like that before. She seems to be growing lewder already.

You leave her to fantasize for a moment longer, before pulling her into the house. Fantasies are nice, but she should be having fun in the real world right now.

Seems like Marisa and Sakuya got started without you. They’re both sitting naked on the bed right now, gently kissing and fondling each other. As usual, Marisa’s focusing all her attention on a few sensitive spots while Sakuya strokes her partner all over. Marisa probably figured it was a waste of time to change into her other outfit. Speaking of which, you really need to find something lewd for Sakuya and Reisen to wear. Maid girls and bunny girls are both bursting with opportunities for stuff like that.

Reisen’s a bit shocked to see them going at it so brazenly, but then she remembers that she’s a shameless doll now. She quickly removes everything but her thighhighs, taking a little less time than you do to get your dress and underwear off. Even though you just saw her naked a minute ago, her firm, curvy body is still a wonder to behold. Especially with that

She runs out of steam once she’s naked, though. Seems she’s a little too nervous and inexperienced to just jump right in. But, that’s fine. You’ll lead her along for now.

You clear Marisa and Sakuya off of the bed, leaving them to grope each other and watch from the sidelines. then lay Reisen down and straddle her head, facing towards her legs. You’re wet enough that your pussy glistens in the late-afternoon light, and having Reisen watch you so closely only makes your juices flow even faster.

“You’ll get used to this in no time, Reisen. For now, why don’t you start by licking your Mistress’s pussy?”

“Yes, Mistress!” Reisen says, with a mixture of nervousness and excitement. Her soft but powerful hands grab onto your thighs, and she spreads you wide open with two thumbs. Then, there’s a pause while she just admires the sight of your delicate virgin pussy, breathing hard enough that you can feel her warm breath on your sensitive skin.

You expect her to start with a few hesitant licks, but she presses her lips onto your slit and gives you a long kiss instead, sucking hard and running her tongue all over your exposed walls. It’s enough to make you squeal with pleasure and tighten your legs around Reisen’s head; somewhere in the back of your mind, you register her lack of human ears.

Reisen breaks the kiss after a few seconds, then switches to a more standard licking. She doesn’t pay any attention to your clit, but your pussy loves the slow, reverent movements of her soft, warm tongue. You relax your body a little and entrust yourself over to your doll.

You’ve got Reisen’s mouth, but the rest of her luscious body is still up for grabs. Marisa and Sakuya both climb back on the bed and lie down between Reisen’s legs to get their first taste of her pussy, but they can’t fit both their heads there at once. They stare at each other for a moment before Sakuya offers a compromis.

“Perhaps we could t-ahhn!” Marisa’s solution was to start fingering Sakuya. The maid’s too horny and sensitive to resist, and soon she’s too busy enjoying herself to worry about doing anything to Reisen. Marisa smirks and scoots forward to claim her prize, savoring Reisen’s powerful flavor with long, deep licks while she keeps stirring up Sakuya’s insides with two relentless fingers.

Sakuya’s kneeling on the bed now, with her butt raised enough to accept Marisa’s fingers. That puts her at about head-level with you, so you lean towards and lace your fingers with hers as you claim her mouth for a kiss. Even when she’s caught up in all this pleasure, her tongue still swirls around yours with unnatural grace and precision. You let go of one of her hands and start massaging her small, firm breasts and her rock-hard nipples, forcing her to pour even more moans down your throat while you do the same to her.

As soon as Marisa started eating her out, Reisen sped up her tongue so much that you don’t have a moment to rest between licks. It’s starting to feel like your pussy’s melting with pleasure, and you can feel a nice orgasm welling up inside you. You grind your hips back and forth against Reisen’s mouth, giving yourself some nice friction on your slit to go along with the pleasure from her tongue.

Unfortunately, Reisen loses it just a few moments before you cum. Her tongue suddenly stops its movements, replaced by a constant stream of moans that makes your pussy lips vibrate a little as they soak them up. Now that she’s a doll, she can enjoy her lewd position and moan as much as she wants, which turns out to be quite a lot. But you’re not going anywhere until she’s satisfied you.

With a thick coating of juice on her lips, Marisa sits up and hugs tight around Sakuya, pressing her breasts into the maid’s back. She withdraws the drenched hand she was using on Sakuya’s pussy and starts thrusting with the other one in instead; Sakuya had gotten used to how it felt with the first hand, so feeling Marisa’s fingers in a different orientation shocks her out of her trance and makes her extra-sensitive. She’s too deep into the pleasure to hold up for long, and you sit back and watch as Marisa brings her to a beautiful, shuddering orgasm. Her elegant cries of ecstasy fill the room as she clenches up and throws her head back, showing you every detail of her pale, flawless body. She really is a work of art.

Wait, Reisen’s supposed to be licking you right now. You squeeze her head with your legs to snap her out of her post-orgasm daze and get her back to pleasing you. She jolts to attention and gets back up to speed with some slow, dazed licking, and you grind even harder against her mouth to make her speed up. Finally, a hot shock of pleasure shoots through your pussy, followed by dozens more. You allow yourself a dazed, lewd smile as your lower body throbs and clenches with pleasure, squirting some extra juice onto Reisen’s face in the process.

Once Reisen’s cleaned up the mess she made, you finally get off of her. She barely has time for a single breath before Sakuya jumps in and sweeps her up in a tight embrace. One of her hands immediately dives into Reisen’s pussy, and Reisen returns the favor once she’s gotten over the first shock of pleasure.

Even though they’re doing the same thing to each other, there’s a clear difference in their styles. Sakuya’s hands are precise and steady, never missing a beat as they slide in and out and probe for sensitive spots, while Reisen thrusts passionately to give Sakuya all the pleasure she can handle. The two girls lock their lips together a moment later, muffling the moans that had been filling the room. Seems they have a lot to teach each other.

That leaves you and Marisa standing off to the side. She’s feeling pretty cocky after making Sakuya and Reisen both cum like that, so maybe she needs to be on the bottom this time. As for how to do that… Oh!

“Reisen really liked what you did with her butt, Marisa. Can you show me how you did it?” you ask innocently.

“Sure, sure!” Marisa grins and starts to reach behind you, but you grab her arm and spin her around, giving you a clear view of her soft, plump rear end. You reach down and give it a long, full squeeze before speaking.

“By telling me how, that is.”

“… Ah.” She was hoping it’d be the other way around. The reversal makes her a little nervous, but she doesn’t have any choice but to obey you.

“Well, uh, you start by spreading the hole and working a finger inside…” Marisa squeals and grits her teeth as you stretch her tight hole and slowly drill a finger inside. She’s really hot and tight in there, just like Sakuya was.

“Y-yeah, then you… thrust a few times to loosen it, then add another finger…” Marisa’s knees buckle a little when your middle finger enters her, and her voice starts to rise up into the girlish range. She’s pretty sensitive back here, isn’t she?

“Does it feel good when I do this, too?” You give her her butt a hard smack, and she yelps and almost crushes your fingers on reflex.

“Mm, It does… Now, spread your fingers and keep thrusting, and make me feel it even more… even deeper…” She trails off into incoherence soon after, replacing her words with happy moans while you keep fingering and spanking her. Her hole seems to get tighter and tighter even as you dig into her walls, and her cheeks jiggle in the lewdest way each time you strike them.

Looking over Marisa’s shoulder, you see Reisen sitting in Sakuya’s lap, licking her juices off of Sakuya’s fingers while the maid churns up her pussy with her other hand. As soon as the first hand’s clean, Sakuya switches again and puts her newly-freed hand to work on Reisen’s glistening nipples.

You beckon Sakuya over with your head. Seeing the perverted grin on Marisa’s face, she smiles in acknowledgement and slows down her hands while you bring Marisa into teasing range.

“Marisa seems to be wide open, Reisen. Why don’t you go fill her pussy?” Sakuya says.

It takes her a moment to register Sakuya’s voice through the haze of pleasure, but Reisen eventually mutters a dazed reply and slips a finger into Marisa’s soaked depths. The high-pitched moan she gets in response puts a smile on her face, and she quickly adds another finger and starts thrusting even faster than you are. She must be pretty happy to get some payback for before.

“That’s good. Her clitoris is quite sensitive, too. Hold your thumb up while you thrust, yes, just like that. See? She loves that.” Sakuya keeps coaching Reisen for another minute, telling her all the best spots to hit to drive Marisa wild. Then she leans over and closes her mouth around one of Marisa’s aching nipples, and Reisen follows her lead a moment later. She’s still getting worked over by Sakuya the whole time, of course.

Seems the three of you have Marisa pretty well under control. For the finishing touch, you lean forward and plant a few kisses on Marisa’s spine, right where her neck meets her shoulders. With all the other stimulation she’s getting, the soft touch of your lips is all it takes to bring her over the edge

“Ahh! Mistress! Mistresss!”

Attacked from all sides at once, Marisa surrenders and moans shamelessly as she reaches her own orgasm. Her legs grow weak and drop her right onto your fingers, burying them deep inside her as she clenches and trembles and wails for a full minute. As clever as she is, she’s still a doll like the other two, and just as much of a slave to pleasure.

Marisa’s orgasm was the hardest one so far. Her hole stays kind of open when you pull out your fingers, and her sweaty cheeks have gotten nice and rosy after all that spanking you gave her. Her thighs are nice and soaked, too. You lay her on the bed to let her close her hazy eyes and rest, then turn your attention back to Reisen.

Now that you get a better look, you see that Sakuya’s been keeping her on the edge for a long time now. It’s a simple matter to finish her off: Sakuya fits a third finger into the bunny’s pussy and puts all her strength into thrusting, while you kneel down and flick your tongue at Reisen’s hard, throbbing clit. Her legs are completely useless with that much pleasure coursing through her, but Sakuya’s strong enough to hold her up while the two of you mercilessly drive her over the edge.

“Mm… Ahhn… M-m-mistress!”

Reisen throws her head back and screams your name, then falls back into Sakuya’s arms. Her eyes roll up a little as a blissful smile covers her face, and her breasts jiggle hypnotically as she twists around and moans. She wasn’t planning on anything like this when she went out to gather flowers today, huh?

With Marisa and Reisen both too weak to stand for now, that just leaves you with Sakuya. You’re about to move in and start kissing her when she’s struck with an idea. She steps over to the messy pile of everyone’s clothes and bends over to dig around, giving you a very tempting view in the process, then pulls out the well-traveled vibrator.

“Say, Mistress. Would you… allow me to make a request?” she asks. Her blush seems a bit paler than usual, and she’s kind of avoiding your eyes. It’s rare to see her this nervous.

“A request?”

“Mm. Would you permit me to please you with this?

Ah? You’ve never had anyone use it on you before. But, you’ve already had some good cunnilingus, and Sakuya does deserve a reward…

“What do you have in mind?”

“Oh, a few things.” Still blushing, Sakuya switches the bead on and rubs it in a careful circle around one of your nipples. You jump a little when it first touches you; the feeling’s pretty strange, like somebody’s rubbing your nipple impossibly fast. You swallow a small moan, but more leak out as Sakuya keeps teasing your nipple gives the other one a kiss. It’s strange, and you feel a little more submissive than you like, but... it can’t hurt to feel a little more, can it?

“That’s good… What else?” Sakuya smiles and raises her head to kiss you. Her tongue’s a little more aggressive than usual, and you get so caught up wrestling with it that you hardly notice her reach around you and rub the bead against your butthole.

“Ah? B-back there?”

Sakuya looks away again. “If you don’t want it…”

… You’re not really sure, but your dolls enjoy it…

“Okaahn!” Sakuya switches the bead off and starts inserting it as soon as you start to respond. You hug her firm body and clench up on reflex as you feel her spreading your walls. Her fingers have just the right mixture of and strength and caution to push the bead really deep inside you, even though it’s your first time. She twists her finger inside you a few times as she goes further in, making you shiver nervously from the unfamiliar pleasure.

Then, when the bead’s deeper inside you than anything’s ever been, Sakuya slowly pulls out her finger. Your hole clings to it a little as she pulls back out. The vibration starts a moment later, making your eyes shoot wide open. Sakuya’s finger felt kind of good, but this is… Feels so lewd… and if you grind against the bed a little, you can make it shift around inside you…


Smiling and blushing, Sakuya gently spreads your legs and lowers her head. She puts a small kiss right on your clit, then closes her eyes and starts to clean the juice off your thighs. After licking up every drop on your skin, she parts your labia starts to probe around inside you to lick at the source Some attention from her precise, attentive, affectionate tongue is just what your pussy needs right now. Your vision gets a little hazy as the pleasure builds inside of you, enough that it’s a surprise when Marisa suddenly kisses you.

She’s still tired from her last orgasm, but the sight of you moaning like this was too much for her to pass up. Her tongue’s moving slower than usual, but you still have a hard time keeping up with her when you’re distracted by all this pleasure. All you can really register is the feeling of your tongue rubbing back and forth against hers.

She’s not trying to dominate you, though. Her eyes actually look really gentle, just like Sakuya’s did. Reisen’s mouth graces your nipples a second later, slowly licking and sucking with the same mixture of respect and lust that she used on your pussy before.

You’re not doing too bad, are you? You’ve got all these powerful girls as your dolls, and they’re all doing their best to please you right now. All three of them and the vibrator at once is just too much…

You’re gonna…

You’re gonna…

“Mmmf”! Both your holes clench up harder than ever before, and you break your kiss and fall back on the bed to moan helplessly as your body throbs all over with pleasure. Your dolls’ eyes rove all over your body to take in every detail of your orgasm, from the sweat running down your subtle curves, to the way your blonde hair shines in the fading sun, to the countless contractions of your legs and thighs. The vibrator keeps on whirring away until it’s the only pleasure left, at which point Marisa reaches down and switches it off.

That was… weird. It felt really good, but you don’t know if you like being on the receiving end like that. As long as it’s with your dolls, though, you wouldn’t mind trying it again sometime.

Sakuya couldn’t help touching herself as she watched your display, and it seems like Marisa and Reisen are ganging up on her now. It’s almost sunset, but they’re all still horny. And, you kind of are too.

These three are going to be a handful.


So, about Reisen…

What should she wear when she’s alone with you?
[ ] Nothing!
[ ] Just underwear.
[ ] Something lewd! As soon as you find it.
[ ] Normal clothes.

How can she satisfy herself?
[ ] She can masturbate.
[ ] She can play with your other dolls, but she can’t masturbate.
[ ] She’ll have to come to you.

Where will she live?
[ ] Back at Eientei.
[ ] The village inn.
[ ] Wherever you are.

Also, do we need to vote on this each time, or can we just set something as the default?
No. 29955
[X] Just underwear.
[X] She’ll have to come to you.
[X] The village inn.

Negative sir. Not particularly feeling the appeal of having a mind slave room. We shall vote.
No. 29958
[X] Something lewd! As soon as you find it.
[X] She can play with your other dolls, but she can’t masturbate.
[X] Wherever you are.

Unlike Sakuya, where Remi actively wants her, Eiren only cares about Reisen in a business manner. She might not give Reisen vacation days, but it's fairly well known - since Marisa knows it - that Reisen wants to own and manage her own clinic. Reisen can quit, and pretend go off on an expedition to collect supplies for her own clinic. Her appearing at the Forest of Magic wouldn't be suspicious - as Medi and Marisa have already proven, the mushrooms at least have all kinds of effects, some of which could be used medically.

Furthermore, Eiren might even be relieved that Reisen, rival to Kaguya's affections, is leaving, and that might very well give her enough reason to let Kaguya go.
No. 29959
[X] Something lewd! As soon as you find it.
[X] She can play with your other dolls, but she can’t masturbate.
[X] Wherever you are.

Oh great. Did we just lose Timestop? Gaining a strong power only to lose another is not what I had in mind when I proposed we go for Reisen. OP, the watch can be repaired, right?
No. 29960
[x] Something lewd! As soon as you find it.
It better involve a leotard, fishnet stockings and fake cuffs.
[x] She’ll have to come to you.
She doesn't seem comfortable with the others yet. A few mind-numbing orgasms should help.
[x] Back at Eientei.
We need to start working on acquiring our new base of operations. I think we should start with Tewi, so that we can surprise Eirin and Kaguya with FLUFFY RABBIT POWER.

We'll probably want to keep doing this vote until we take Eientei.
No. 29963
[x] Normal clothes.
[x] She can play with your other dolls, but she can’t masturbate.
[x] Back at Eientei.

Having a mole in Eientei should be handy for the further "liberation"
No. 29965
[x] Something lewd! As soon as you find it.
[x] She can play with your other dolls, but she can’t masturbate.
[x] Wherever you are.
Yay, updates!
No. 29966
[x] Something lewd! As soon as you find it.
[x] She can play with your other dolls, but she can’t masturbate.
[x] Wherever you are.
-[x] Conditional. Marisa's house is just too small for four, so she and Sakuya are going to have to start rotating to the village inn. This also helps them gather information and figure out a way to get some more income.

I feel our next priority should be restoring the Luna Dial. Then, a takeover of either the SDM or Eientei.
No. 29967
The inn will need money for the girls to stay, no? Instead, I propose this:

[X] Conditional.
-[X] If Reisen has no problem being an 'inside' girl for us, let her remain at Eientei for now. If not, she can stay with us.

I am >>29959 by the way, so have this over the last part of my vote.

As for the Lunar Dial... Nitori time?
No. 29968
We probably can get things fixed with Nitori by asking her to fix it. Won't have to doll her. She'll probably view it as a challenge and we'll leave it with her for X amount of time and it'll be fixed good as new.

Which leads to more downtime scenes and hopefully a better bonding scene since the last few have been all over the place...
No. 29969
...Leave it to a Kappa without supervision? Are you mad?
No. 29970
What's the worse that could happen. Actually don't do that.

Still vacation on the mountain could be good for unwinding. Get new booze, scout for new mushrooms. Have sex with that cute Kappa girl who liked Medicine. Maybe get some of the others to pair up with Sakuya and Reisen.

Sexy Hotsprings R&R
No. 29971
OP isn't going to let us fix the dial, because it's a storybreaker from an author's point of view. You guys should probably just give up on that.
No. 29972
And what would have happened had we picked Sakuya as main character?

Sakuya's watch is incredibly useful, but it's not the solution for everything.
No. 29973
>And what would have happened had we picked Sakuya as main character?
"God dammit I just broke my watch! I'm going to take my frustration out on everyone by turning them into my sex slaves!"
No. 29975
Thing is it makes Sakuya's recruit... Kinda utterly pointless. Hell Reisen probably obsoletes Marisa completely in terms of usefulness for the jobs we'll need. Since really the Shady Drugs are probably easier to make and regulate than Marisa's having to hunt for Mushrooms. And Reisen's also got Hypnosis Hax she can use.

So really we've got Medicine and Reisen being the only useful characters now since we don't need Marisa's other specialty (Destruction) as it'll be counterproductive.
No. 29976
Well, hopefully, Sakuya only need to sit down an encounter or two for repairs. I mean, Reisen can't possibly be the only and first one to ever damage her watch, right?

Gah, we can't take Eientei with only Reisen as our trump. We'll need better bindings than what we have now, which means either Nitori or Alice.
No. 29984
Alice we have to run the fear of us being a doll youkai being easily captured. Of course said fears might just be Medicine projecting her nightmares onto Alice and the only dolls she can control are her own.

Although admittedly I wonder if us playing as Alice would have had us making people dolls. But with Voodoo Dolls or something.

Still with Supplies low Sakuya still recovering from getting zapped and the dial damaged we could use some help for stealthiness. The Trio of Light can help us by making a light bubble which hides us all in it. It managed only to be busted by Reisen as her ability kinda canceled it out. And guess who's on our side now?
No. 29985
Got a tie between Eientei and non-conditional wherever.
No. 29986
[X] Something lewd! As soon as you find it.
[X] She can play with your other dolls, but she can’t masturbate.
[x] Back at Eientei.
No. 29987
[x] Something lewd! As soon as you find it. 
[x] She can play with your other dolls, but she can’t masturbate. 
[x] Wherever you are. 
No. 29988
[X] Something lewd! As soon as you find it
[X] She can play with your other dolls, but she can’t masturbate
[x] Back at Eientei
No. 30010
Votes closed. Winners are lewd clothes, playing with dolls, and Eientei.
No. 30043
[x] Something lewd! As soon as you find it.
[x] She can play with your other dolls, but she can’t masturbate.
[x] Back at Eientei.

It is pretty cramped in here already. Maybe it’d be better if Reisen stayed at Eientei for a bit until you get a new place to stay. She’s moaning herself hoarse now, but she still seemed timid when she was just talking to Sakuya. She might appreciate some time away from your dolls for now, and you could use her as a mole in Eieintei at the same time! And if a horny bunny like her needs help from one of your dolls to cum, she’ll probably visit all the time.

And, a little more lewdness in her clothes shouldn’t hurt. It sure hasn’t so far.


“I am a maid, not a mechanic. I can do a peerless job at polishing it, but actual repairs are beyond me. Besides, it seems like this would be far more than simple maintenance. I’m not even fully sure what these gears are made of.

You’re both sitting with Sakuya at a work bench in Marisa’s study. Her watch sits in front of you, taunting you with its crack.

“Didn’t it come with a manual or something?” you ask.

“No, it did not.” Sakuya seems to linger in her memories for a bit, then snaps back to the present. She’s been a little snappier since the watch broke; seems she’s not used to coping with twenty-four-hour days like the rest of you.

“Do you think the kappa could fix it?”

“Perhaps, but even they wouldn’t do it immediately. And, they have a reputation for… upgrades.” Seems like Sakuya really doesn’t like that idea. You think back to the frightening twinkle you saw in Nitori’s eyes when she thought you were a robot, and Sakuya’s reluctance suddenly makes sense.

“Is there anyone else?”

Sakuya puts a finger to her lips and stares off into space. “Hmm… Well, I’ve heard the watch is a Lunarian design, but Reisen doesn’t seem to know anything...”

“Maybe that Eirin lady knows how to fix it?”

“But, she would raise far too many questions. They’re terribly protective of their devices. No, she wouldn’t be a satisfactory choice unless she was one of us.”

Marisa bustles past in the background, humming one of her many favorite tunes. She managed to find a strapon-mushroom, so she’s in a really good mood today, swinging her hips even more than usual when she walks. You and Sakuya seem to have made a silent bet on who can go longer without groping her exposed, constantly-jigging butt.

“I’ve read a few books on watch-repair, though. With the proper tools, I should be able to get it into some semblance of working order.”

That’d be an improvement. As it is now, the timestop just randomly cuts out. Sometimes in minutes, sometimes in seconds. Sometimes, it doesn’t work at all. Sakuya just seemed to randomly teleport all the time before she finally gave up on using it.

“How long do you think that’d take?”

Sakuya holds the watch over her head and leans back, staring up at its cracked surface as her braids hang sideways from her head. “Hopefully, not too long. If I get the tools by tomorrow, I could have some level of dependable functionality the next time we set out to capture someone.”

Your conversation comes to an end as you hear the front door swing open, and Reisen’s cheerful voice flows into the house.

“Hi, Mistress~...? Oh, h-hello, Marisa. How are you-eep!”

“Doin’ fine, Reisen.”

“Ah, Marisa, my face is up--“

“I know.”

You hear Marisa whisper something, then head back to her cauldron. A moment later, Reisen shows up at your table, holding a nondescript paper bag.

“Hi, Reisen!” You stand up to give her a big hug. Reisen hugs back and nods stiffly at Sakuya before deciding to lead you away to the bedroom, which is the only quiet spot in the house right now. She pulls a table upright and tugs it over to the bed.

Then, Reisen takes out three packages and sets them out on the table. Each one contains a handful of colorful pills; the three bunches look the same to you, but evidently they’re different. Hard to tell with medicines.

“Wow, did you make these all yourself?”

Reisen flushes with pride. “Yep! Turns out I knew more than I thought!”

“Um, so, even if you’re a poison youkai, it’s not safe to make people overdose and hope they get the side effects you want. These pills all use non-poisonous means to reproduce the effects of Marisa’s potions, plus there’s another one to make people drowsy and suggestible.”

Reisen raises a finger as she continues to speak, and a small, motherly smile plays at the edge of her mouth. She reaches up like she’s going to adjust a pair of glasses, but her hand drops when it doesn’t find any.

“Also, without the need to suspend them in liquid, they’re far more concentrated. Each pill is as strong as one of Marisa’s potions, but you probably can’t control them.”

Then, she reaches into the bag and pulls out a small syringe containing some clear liquid. It’s the first time you’ve seen one for real, but those things are practically synonymous with the doll-making you saw in your picture-books.

“And, this is something I managed to borrow from Eirin. I think it’s an intravenous super-aphrodisiac, but I’m not sure yet.”

“Really? Why’d she let you borrow that?”

“I told her I got a boyfriend. She’s been very supportive.” Reisen ends the sentence with a smirk.

Ah, yeah. You went and cleared up that love triangle, didn’t you?

“Oh, and here’s my paycheck!” Done with the heavy stuff, Reisen abruptly starts smiling again as she pulls out a fat, jingly envelope and hands it to you.

Wow, she’s well-paid over there! Must take a lot of training to make medicines and tend the clinic. The money’s not so much when you split it four ways, but it definitely helps. You’re still spending more than you bring in, though.

“You’re a good doll, Reisen.” You reach up to pat her on the head and scratch behind her ears. She always puts on the most blissful smile when you do that. There’ll be time for kissing later; right now, a bit of cuddling is all you want. You lean forward and draw Reisen into a hug.

She’s soft, and she’s yours. You hug her for as long as you want.

“So, what’re you doing today?” Reisen asks.

“Oh, nothing special. Marisa’s making potions, and Sakuya’s trying to fix her watch.”

Reisen’s expression suddenly darkens, and her ears droop a little. “Oh. It got damaged pretty bad, didn’t it?”

“… Yeah.” You don’t like the look on her face, but it’s the truth. Reisen nods to you and to herself and takes a deep breath, then strides back over to the study. Sakuya’s still sitting there, gently probing at the glass front of the watch.

“Uh, Sakuya?” Reisen asks with a voice that’s trembling as much as she is. The maid turns to face her with a calm smile, not knowing what the deal is.

“I’m, uh… I’m very… I’m very, really, truly sorry I broke your watch, miss Sakuya!” Reisen bows sharply enough you’re afraid she’ll break herself in two.

Sakuya’s clearly taken aback. Even she’s not used to that level of groveling.


Reisen tilts her head up a little, trembling with nervousness.

“This is a highly valuable watch. Quite likely one of a kind…”

The head goes back down.

“But, you were hardly in your right mind at the time, and we were the aggressors…”

And back up.

“So, I suppose I could forgive you.”

Sakuya’s tone makes it clear she’s not done speaking.

Provided, you… hmm… Provided you…”

Sakuya looks up at the ceiling and taps her foot as she chews on her lip and thinks. Reisen stays as motionless as she can, still stooped low enough that her hair almost touches the floor. Marisa steps in to watch too, drawn from the other side of the house by the loudness of Reisen’s apology.

Finally, Sakuya speaks.

“Provided you get out of the bath when I ask...”

“Okay.” Reisen nods immediately, her voice colored with relief.

“…Take care of your own dishes…”

“Okay.” Still nodding.

“…Make sure I orgasm before you do when we’re alone together…”


“… Give me a weekly pedicure…”

It doesn’t look like this’ll stop anytime soon.


Just a month ago, you were marveling at how nice it feels to sleep in a bed. Now, you’ve almost gotten used to how it feels to share a bed with three girls.

You get to lie right in the middle, taking most of the pillow for yourself. The mattress is comfortable too, but you love the little extra bit of softness and support that the pillow gives you. Sakuya says they have even softer ones in the mansion, but it seems like that would be almost irresponsible, making something so soft just to sleep on it.

Reisen only stays for the night every second or third day, when she’s not on-duty at Eientei. So, you let her sleep right on top of you, with her head lying next to yours and her soft hair tickling your ear. She had her arms around your waist earlier, but now they’re just kind of draped around your head. She’s always soft and warm, and her breasts feel nice squished out against your chest. Also, you were surprised to discover that she’s actually a bit of a snorer. You have to pinch her mouth shut sometimes to make her stop, but she’s not causing any trouble tonight.

Reisen covers most of your body, but you can also feel Marisa on your right, holding one of your arms tight against her chest while she sleeps. If you press your arm against her, you can feel a slight throb from her heartbeat. Her face loses some of its cockiness when she’s asleep, and the peaceful smile that replaces it makes her look a lot more girly than she does during the day. She seems to have managed to steal the sheets again; fortunately, it’s a fairly warm night and you have Reisen as a secondary blanket. Sakuya had a way of stopping time and stealing the sheets off of Marisa, but she hasn’t been able to do that these days.

Speaking of Sakuya, she’s huddled on the side of the bed that touches the wall. Reisen’s less of an obstruction in that direction, so you’ve managed to put an arm around Sakuya’s smooth back and under an arm to pull her in close. Her silver hair glitters softly as it catches a small beam of moonlight, gently shifting around as she breathes in and out. You hold your arm up against one of hers; in this soft light, her arm seems exactly as pale as yours. How perfectly doll-like.

You tuck your arm back under Sakuya’s and shift your weight a bit to get comfortable, smiling as you listen to the quiet harmony of your dolls’ breathing. You’re happy like this. Just like a child holding her dolls close as she sleeps. Did anyone ever hold you the same way? You can’t really remember.

It seems like you’re becoming less and less doll-like. Most dolls don’t keep other dolls like this. But you’re not doing this for your sake, right? Soon, dolls will have the respect they deserve thanks to you.

That’s right. This is all necessary.


Something fun happened two days later…

[ ] Obedience training.
[ ] Shopping for lewd things.
[ ] A cooking contest.
No. 30044
[x] Shopping for lewd things.

We need to get Sakuya and Reisen properly outfitted.
No. 30045

[X] Shopping for lewd things.
No. 30046
[x] Shopping for lewd things.

I like lewd things.
No. 30047
[x] Shopping for lewd things.
A bit worried about our income though, maybe we should move on to taking over some source?
No. 30049
[x] Shopping for lewd things.
We'll hit up Eientei soon enough.
No. 30050
Do we get Mokou as well? I really don't care much about the rest of the eientewi crowd, but Mokou is hot.
No. 30052

Embarrassed Mokou being forced to wear lewd things and starting to like it?

No. 30053
We may have to secure better bindings first, after what happened with Reisen. No doubt Eirin would have the same countermeasures as Reisen and more hidden
No. 30054
Huh? Weren't our problems caused by Medi being a naive fool, ordering the ropes to be untied. " Actually, the ropes aren’t necessary now, are they?" This was extremely stupid, on multiple fronts. You don't tie someone up just to restrict movement, there's also the mental desperation aspect and, if the tying is done... properly, the way the ropes cut into your skin at strategic points. "Feels", if you will.
No. 30055

Speaking of Mokou, maybe we should hit up Kiene too. If nothing else she'd probably be easier to capture than the girls at Eientei, and getting her means both another source of income and someone from the human village on our side. If Kiene, protector of the village, begins teaching a bit of propaganda about Doll Liberation, or at least values that are inclined towards Doll Liberation, the Human Village will be a much safer place for Medi and friends.
No. 30058
We fuck up that and we stop existing. Being erased from history is up there on the list of bad ends.

That and she could eat the history of our actions and having everyone we recruited turning on us!
No. 30065

Keine's eating of history isn't permanent, and it isn't even all-powerful - in IN at least, all the Incident Resolvers were still aware of the village, and were even wondering where it had gone.

Furthermore, if we absolutely need a counter to Keine before we try to go for a capture, there's always Akyuu. Anything the Child of Maire writes is immune to Keine's powers. Plus, as a human, she'd be pretty easy to convince, and she'd give the Doll Liberation Front a bigger presence in her literature!

Lastly, Keine's history-creation powers only activate during the full moon, and we'd be smart enough not to attack her then.
No. 30067
Votes closed. Lewd things win.
No. 30071
Yea but outside that Akyuu's a waste of a capture...

Kosuzu on the other hand is an utter wildcard for what we get! I mean who knows what are in those books!! (Watch it turn out she's just got a giant porn collection and nothing of value)

Also on Keine. She acts very oddly we've set off one of those INCIDENT! Flags as remember the human village has eyes in it. Yukari sees us fucking around with the village too much and we might be facing both Yukari and Reimu at once. Bad End for us.
No. 30135

How is it a waste? Akyuu very specifically protects us from one of the possible bad ends, helps us capture a very powerful, influential woman, and is a very influential woman herself. There's power in numbers and popularity. After all, if we, for example, convinced the people through Akyuu and Keine to offer more donations to the Hakurei Shrine - building a offertory box in town and having Reimu collect it there - well, Reimu would very much be inclined to look the other way.

Furthermore, from an in character position, all Medi wants is Doll Liberation. Convincing the humans of the village to free their dolls and treat them better is her goal in life. If she gets to make more human friends, educate them, and fulfill her dreams, why wouldn't she?
No. 30136
I bet you simply 'forgot' to sage here?
No. 30137

Actually, yeah. I had deleted an earlier post to reword what I was trying to say, and I forgot to sage.
No. 30139
[x] Shopping for lewd things.

You were thinking you’d eventually just capture someone who had a huge store of lewd stuff lying around, but that’s taking an awfully long time to happen. In the meantime, Marisa’s the only one who’s properly dressed, while Sakuya and Reisen go around in their old clothes. And a couple pieces of old, scratchy rope and a single vibrator aren’t enough for four people.

So, you decided that it’s high time for a lewd-things run.

You figured a place as huge as the Human Village would have a nice shop for that kind of thing, but it turned out there wasn’t enough of a market to support one. The tengu village seemed too dangerous to try, so that left you with Kourindou as your only option.

And you’re standing outside of it now. Kind of a dump, really. The building’s not much larger than Marisa’s house, and it’s almost as run-down. Being on the edge of the forest seems to have at least lessened the decay of the walls and foundation. A large purple gorilla-shaped balloon is the store’s mascot for today, and a small wooden sign over the door spells out the shop’s name in neatly-written black characters.

It’d raise too many questions if you waltzed in there with all of your dolls, so it’s just you and Marisa here. It’s not like you need Sakuya and Reisen’s input or anything; since when has a doll been allowed to choose what it wears?

“’Ey, Kourin!” Marisa practically throws the door open, making a small bell nearly jingle itself to pieces. You follow her into the shop’s interior. It’s much darker than the outside, with just a few windows and skylights filtering in the daylight. It really does remind you of Marisa’s house, with the way it’s all cluttered and smelly. It smells like dust instead of toxic mushrooms and magical waste, though, so that’s an improvement.

At the other end of the aisles, you see a silver-haired man sitting behind a wooden desk, reading from a small blue book. He slowly looks up as you and Marisa walk closer, and you see that he’s wearing glasses and a strange blue-and-black robe-type-thing. Most strikingly, he seems profoundly disinterested for a shopkeeper. Or maybe jaded; from the way he’s not reacting to Marisa’s star-spurting smile, he must deal with people like her all the time.

“Hello, Marisa,” he says in a flat, colorless voice. It’s easy to imagine him sighing heavily each time he speaks. “I see you’ve brought another friend.”

“Yep!” Marisa reaches down and gives your hair a fierce, unexpected ruffle. It’s enough to disorient you for a few seconds. “This is Medicine. She’s never been here before, so I thought I’d bring her along.”

“It’s nice to meet you,” you say, once the world stops shaking.

You briefly make eye contact with the shopkeeper. At least, your doll body does. There’s something weird about his gaze when he looks right at you, like he’s boring right into your soul. His eyes suddenly widen a bit, but he gets them back under control so fast that you’re the only one who notices. He nods to acknowledge you and turns back to Marisa, who’s pulled out a slip of paper.

“So, can I see your costume collection again? I need something around these sizes.”

Kourin takes the paper, glances it over, looks to you again, and nods once. “Another strange party?”

“Yeah, something like that.”

“Alright. Come with me.” Kourin closes his book and slowly stands up, stretching his legs like he’s been sitting there for hours. Marisa leans over to you as he beckons her into a back room.

“Take a look around. I’ll let you know if I find anything good.”

Marisa dashes off after Kourin. She knows him, so it’s easier to let her handle the stuff that requires a lot of talking. Meanwhile, you turn back to the shop’s six aisles of regular merchandise. This place is supposed to specialize in goods from the Outside World, and Sakuya says she found the vibrator here, so there should be some other stuff here you can use.

You start walking up and down the aisles, searching for anything remotely lewd. Some of the goods you recognize, and other ones look like strange lumps of glass and metal. One aisle, labeled “kappa interest,” is chock-full of stuff like that. Some of the stranger-looking items have short descriptions written next to them:

“Capable of flight, if one had a way to control it.”

“Makes a perfect omelet every time.”

“Reaches across vast distances to terminate relationships.”

“Apply directly to the forehead.”

No dolls, though. That’s weird. You don’t even see any thread, or any of those Outsider sewing machines. Seems like this would be the perfect place for sewing machines, too.

“Improves the quality of one’s sit-ups.”

“Shows support for 'cancer research' when worn around the wrist.”

This is all just a bunch of weird and/or broken crap. Aside from a nice new length of red rope, you haven’t found anything useful. You’re about to quit looking when you see a bead-curtain in a heretofore-unseen corner of the shop, with an “R-18” sign hanging over it. That’s a sure sign of lewdness!

You push the curtain aside and step into a cramped yet sizable closet. A small but very adult selection covers the floor and lines the many layers of shelving.

Hey, he has some of those picture-books! Oh, and this looks like a sequel to one that you had.

Wait, were you supposed to be rooting for the creepy earring guy? You thought he was the villain. These things are weird. You guess you could read them to try and broaden your technique, but most aren’t applicable to girl-on-girl on stuff.

Speaking of which, it’d be nice if you had a penis; half the time, it seems like you can turn a girl into a doll just by giving her some aphrodisiacs and sticking it in. And those girls never break free halfway through and hold a gun to the guy’s head, either.

You also see some book-like things that have lewd pictures on them, but instead of pages they have weird round glass things or black boxes inside. They “contain thousands upon thousands of lewd images,” according to Kourin, but you have no idea how they work.

On the floor, there’s also a baffling system of tubes and cups that “compels certain women to lactate”. The other shelves hold a pair of handcuffs, two more egg vibrators, a transparent penis-shaped cage, and a thick purple vibrating dildo with a little prong sticking out near the base. The tubey-thing seems like a big impractical hassle, so you just grab the handcuffs and vibrators to go with your rope. That’s not a bad haul.

Stepping out of the lewdness-corner, you see Marisa and Kourin standing at the front desk. Marisa grins and waves you over. You see that she’s got two outfits bundled up in her arms; she unfurls them and shows them off as best she can.

Hmm. They’ll need a little alteration, but… Yes, they’ll do just fine. You give her an approving thumbs-up and hand her your own acquisitions, and she plops everything down on the counter.

“Yeah! We’ll get all this, please!”

Kourin glances dispassionately over your lewd assortment. “I don’t suppose I can ask why you need these?” he asks.

“Oho, curious?” Marisa leans over the counter, putting her grinning face really close to Kourin’s as she draws on his arm with a finger. Her voice turns deep and kind of seductive. “If you give me a big enough discount, I could send you some pictuunf!” Still expressionless, Kourin puts a hand over Marisa’s face and pushes her clear out of his personal space. As he does, he glances down to you one last time.

Those eyes make you uncomfortable, but he doesn’t seem suspicious or threatening. It’s more like he’s just… intrigued.


“I-it’s too tight, Sakuya! Stop it!”

“Don’t worry, we’re almost done. All it takes is a little extra push, and…”


So lewd.

You’ve been listening to Sakuya and Reisen through the bedroom door for a while now. Sakuya finally finished her alterations after working all day, and they’ve spent the last few minutes putting on their new clothes. Judging by all the tightness and won't-fit-ness Reisen’s had to put up with, there’s a few more adjustments to be made. You’re sitting in Marisa’s lap out in the hall, eagerly awaiting the appearance of your newly-clothed dolls.

“There, we’re ready. Time to show ourselves to Mistress,” Sakuya says.

“Ah? But, but… No, I don’t want to be seen like this!” You can almost imagine Reisen quaking in her heels.

“I assure you, Reisen, you look fantastic. There’s really nothing to be afraid of.”

“But, it feels so embarrassing! I’m dressed like a… like a useless little--”

“You’re a doll now, Reisen. Dolls don’t feel embarrassment.”

“You’re right. I forgot. If Mistress wants me to do this…”

“Very good. Now, come with me.”

The creaky wooden door swings open, and Sakuya strides out as the very picture of confidence. Reisen stumbles out behind her, clearly not used to her new high-heels. She manages to straighten up and turn towards you, but her confidence suddenly falters when she sees you and Marisa staring. She puts on a weak smile, shivers a little, and looks away as she nervously wrings her hands.

Meanwhile, Sakuya bows at just the right angle to let you see down her cleavage cutout. She’d curtsy too, if she had enough skirt to curtsy with. Then she straightens up and strikes a few different poses to show you her new outfit from every angle. There’s a confident smile on her face, but you know she’s really burning up with excitement. There’s no hiding that blush from you.

From a distance, Sakuya’s outfit seems like a normal black-and-white maid uniform. Most maid uniforms don’t expose the shoulders, though, or have a cleavage cutout that gives you a tantalizing glimpse of the pale, delicate skin underneath. Black detached sleeves cover most of her arms, but covering some skin just makes the exposed parts seem that much more delectable.

A ruffled apron covers most of her front, while tight black fabric hugs tightly to her sides and back, except for another diagonal cutout around her shoulder blades. At her waist, the uniform splits into a pair of flaps that reach midway down her thighs, just long enough that the back flap barely covers her pussy when she bends over. The exposed skin at her sides isn’t especially scandalous, but the view does make it extremely obvious that she isn’t wearing any panties.

If you don’t look closely, it’s easy to miss where her pale thighs become enclosed in a pair of pure white stockings that accentuate the smoothness of her legs, all the way down to her shiny black high-heels. They’re about an inch longer than what a sensible maid would need.

Watching is enough for you, but Marisa has to get up from behind you and help Sakuya with her posing, slipping in a few caresses along that smooth, silky skin as she does so. You notice a few similarities between their outfits. Namely, they both make excellent use of cleavage cutouts, and they both have extremely short skirts. Marisa’s is open at the front and back to show off her tiny panties, though, while Sakuya’s is open at the sides to show off her lack of panties. Both girls have their fair share of ruffles at the edges of their clothes, and they both look fantastic when they bend over, as they’re demonstrating right now.

So lewd.

A minute later, you tear your eyes away from the spectacle to look at your other doll. She managed to relax a little while you were staring at Sakuya, but she straightens right up when you make eye contact with her.

For Reisen, a bunny suit was the logical choice. Kourin didn’t have the ear-headband to go with it, but Reisen doesn’t need one. Aside from a detached white collar and a red tie that disappears into her cleavage, she’s naked from her head to her breasts, where the pointy tips of her red costume cover little more than her nipples from view. She has her arms crossed under her breasts now, and the extra support makes her impressive breasts point straight out from her chest, like they’re just begging you to bury your head in her soft, pale cleavage.

The red suit clings tightly to Reisen's body, outlining her smooth back and her firm, round butt, with a little hole cut out for her twitching white tail. Then gives way to a pair of sheer black stockings that somehow make her long, powerful legs even slimmer and more appealing. To finish it off, she’s wearing a pair of medium-length red heels, a little shorter than Sakuya’s. She’s obviously not experienced with them, so she’s afraid to anything besides stand in place.

So, uh, wow. They both look even better than you thought they would. The red of Reisen’s suit make her eyes seem even more vivid, and the contrast between Sakuya’s skin and her tight black outfit makes her seem completely flawless. You give them both a wide, slightly-blushing smile of approval.

Then Sakuya jumps on Reisen from behind, going straight for the bunny’s irresistible breasts and nearly knocking her off her unsteady feet. As Reisen yelps in surprise, Marisa follows and slips her hands into the cutout on Sakuya’s back, reaching around under the tight fabric to get at Sakuya’s breasts. There's no way you're getting left out, so you close your eyes and jump into Sakuya’s body, filling your nimble hands with Reisen’s softness while Marisa plays with your rock-hard nipples.

It was already hard to keep your hands off your dolls, but now it’ll be at least twice as difficult. It’s pretty exciting, knowing that you can make them dress up like this for you.


At first, Reisen was hesitant to put on her doll clothes whenever she came over, but she started to like it more after a few rounds of great costume-sex. Once her mind connected the pleasure with the outfit, she was more than happy to change and show herself off for you.

Sakuya, on the other hand, loved it from the start. She gave some serious thought to wearing her new clothes into the village, but you think she was a little too nervous to do it without a functional dial. She’s been working on it, but it’s still unreliable.

You tried wearing your swimsuit to get in on the fun, but it didn’t really seem fitting for a Mistress to wear around the house. You guess you’re not really sure what an appropriate outfit would be, though. A big, fancy dress? Something made of leather and covered in straps and drawstrings? Kourindou didn’t have anything else in your size, so you guess you’ll just have to wait for something good to come along. You’ll know it when you see it.


Now, what else was fun?

[ ] Obedience training.
[ ] A cookoff.
[ ] Schoolroom scheming.
No. 30141
[X] Obedience training.

This is the only option.
No. 30142
Thing is the revolution died a while ago as really we're just going "GONNA CATCH THEM ALL" as our actions are actively hostile... And we're pretty much ignoring any subtly with our Captured things with their dress style/behavior changes.

We've pretty much switched to God Mode now so we don't have to worry about bad ends anymore...

Our decision making is already getting us towards bad end and really I don't think Akyuu has as much influence as if she starts showing odd behavior... BUT you are right that she has high profile we hit enough high profiles without resetting suspicion we get Reimu'd or worse Yukari'd as we're actively disrupting the balance.

We've been going utterly too fast from day one and are going to either BAD END no matter what or Deus Ex Machina our way to victory every time and pretty much be a lite version of the Tart endings where nothing can ever stop Rinnosuke ever as he's got DEM on his side to instantly win.

Honestly I'd be satisfied with our Bad End being 'Harem Politics' getting us killed. Seriously Harem politics is scary as fuck as you have to manage egos... and if we want to prevent that 100% we have to go 100% mindbreak.

We already are having signs of infighting with how Sakuya just left Marisa behind after the Kappa Party and we're fragmenting things already more.

Honestly I bet if we went no one can wear clothes anymore and as many options to raise our profile we won't get in trouble and somehow pull out wins vs everyone now.
No. 30143
[x] Skinny Dipping at the Mountain.
No. 30147
[X] Schoolroom scheming.

Well well well... What shall happen with Keine?
No. 30149
[X] Schoolroom scheming.


Except the last update before this one ended with Medi very specifically reaffirming that, yes, she's in it for the Doll Liberation Front.

Also, again, why are you reading this if you don't like how the story is going? It hasn't been going the way you wanted it to for a while now, and it doesn't seem like it's going to change anytime soon.
No. 30150
[x] Obedience training.
We need to reign in Sakuya a bit.
No. 30152
[x]Scholroom scheming

Getting Medi an education seems paramount to success.
No. 30153
[x] Obedience training.
Agreed, Sakuya needs a bit of handling.
No. 30154
[x] Schoolroom scheming.

I need to know what this is.
No. 30157
[x] Schoolroom scheming.

No. 30159
[x] Obedience training
No. 30160
Because I'm trying to make sure we're doing better and not doing the as what we're supposed to NOT be doing.

We're already well along that path...
No. 30161
File 136528039460.jpg - (13.05KB , 159x160 , tdtiblisbid.jpg ) [iqdb]

>and not doing the as what we're supposed to NOT be doing.
No. 30163
[X] Obedience training.
No. 30164
[x]Schoolroom scheming
No. 30166
[x] Obedience training.
No. 30167
[X]Schoolroom Scheming
No. 30178
[x] Obedience training
No. 30180
[x] Schoolroom scheming.
No. 30198
File 136537862745.gif - (489.95KB , 320x240 , oh god make it stop.gif ) [iqdb]
No. 30199
[x] Schoolroom scheming.

Duck season, fire.
No. 30203
Votes closed. Schoolroom shenanigans win.

This is it for thread 2. So far, we’ve:

-improved Medicine’s social skills,
-taught Marisa some basic table manners,
-helped Sakuya discover her exhibitionist side,
-encouraged Eirin to make a move on Kaguya,
-forced the fairy maids to shape up and do their jobs for once,
-frustrated Remilia,
-let Meiling get away from the mansion more often, and
-shown Rinnosuke a potentially lucrative business opportunity.

Not too shabby. We were this close to getting a bad end from Reisen, but the votes turned around at the last minute.

Hopefully, we can keep it up. There’s some pretty dangerous characters out there.
No. 30204
>We were this close to getting a bad end from Reisen, but the votes turned around at the last minute.

Yikes. So that wouldn't have worked, huh...

>Hopefully, we can keep it up. There’s some pretty dangerous characters out there.

And you just disabled one of our best... We certainly can't go face Eirin now with just Reisen's ability (as depending on Marisa's potion skills would end badly against Eirin).
No. 30226
Also since this is on autosage, I don't feel so bad about posting this:

I wrote the Eiki scene that this gave me the idea for. >>30224
No. 30407
It's that time of year. Hang tight, everyone. I'll be back soon enough.
No. 30802
Still busy?
No. 30803
Yeah. Not for much longer, though. Maybe another week.
No. 30930
Well, it has been a week now.
No. 30939
And I'm back to writing.