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"But Master-"

"Reisen, it can wait," Eirin grumbles. "I've been working on something important for the last few days now."

You shoot her an exasperated look. "In case you haven't noticed, I've been working this out with you as well, and I know when you're starting to run in circles! Come on, it won't hurt to take a break. The project will keep for a day; it's not like anyone needs it urgently. At this point, you need this even more than I want it, and I'm sure you know that too."

Eirin pauses for a while, thinking things over. She lets out a sigh, a look of resignation coming over her face.

"Very well, Reisen. I suppose you're right. Perhaps a break from this would be in order." she concedes. "The usual room, then."

She exits her lab with you trailing behind her, leading the way through the halls of Eientei. Entering a specific room, she proceeds to rummage for something within, leaving you to close the door behind her. You join her in her search, making a mental note to keep track of where you stow your stuff better.

Luckily, it doesn't take long before you find what you were both seeking. "Found it, Master," you say, displaying the collar and leash in your hand.

"Excellent. Let's get started," she says, stepping towards you.

As you hold out the collar and leash expectantly, she bends downwards. Your task made much easier by this, you promptly fasten the collar around her neck, and give the leash a light, experimental tug.

You're unable to keep the grin off your face. "All right then, let's get started, Master Eirin."


Eirin begins to strip off her clothes as you turn back to the drawers, searching around for more of the equipment you need. Mainly, rope. Lots and lots of rope. Though you also fish out a few select pills from a stockpile while you're at it. The pills were nothing shady; Just little aids and conveniences here and there that help things flow smoothly. Pills that improved blood circulation, reduced any nausea, lessened any aches and cramps specifically from limbs being held in position too long... Having a renowned pharmacist as a partner had it's perks sometimes.

Turning around with the ropes and pills in hand, you hand the pills to her and watch as she downs them without a word, seemingly indifferent to the fact that she was nude, collared, leashed, and about to be bound with half a mile of rope. Things usually started out this way; she'd be a little defiant at first. It would usually take a bit of work to get her into a submissive headspace, but that was half the fun; it would be boring if she complied with everything so easily.

Drawing her hands behind her back, you proceed to wrap and cinch them parallel to each other. This is repeated just above her elbows with more rope, drawing her arms together as well. Grabbing one of the longer of pieces of rope, you proceed to loop rope around her chest, two loops above and two below, before tying it off at the back and bringing the excess over her shoulder, between her breasts, and back over her shoulder again, tying it off at her back again and forming a "v" harness that supports her breasts somewhat.

Pausing for a moment, you root around for something while she gives a few experimental tugs at her bonds. They hold well: If there's one benefit of your old military training, it's that they taught you how to tie a good knot. Finding what you're looking for, you dangle the spider ring gag in front of her face.

"Open wide, Master~."

She gives you a bemused glance for only a moment before complying, and you push the ring behind her teeth. The ring forces her mouth constantly open, and the metal "arms" bent outwards at the four diagonals hug her face near her mouth, preventing her from flipping the ring into a horizontal position.
Grabbing more rope, you set to work on her legs as well. Loops encircle her ankles, lashing them together, cinching and then knotting them in front. The same process repeats several times, binding above and below her knees as well. Finishing up with those ropes, you glance up at her face. Unable to close her mouth or swallow properly due to her gag, a line of drool has begin running down her chin, threatening to drip off at any moment. Meeting her eyes, you a slightly abashed expression greets you: it's something she both loves and hates, losing control of something so basic.

"Why Master Eirin, you've got a bit of drool on your chin: let me help clean that up."

With that, you tug down on her leash lightly as she grunts in surprise, forcing her to bend lower. You stick out your tongue, collecting the errant drop, then slowly draw your tongue back up her chin, towards her mouth. She attempts a feeble bit of resistance, trying to pull away somewhat, but your grip on the leash is firm and keeps her in place. You reach her lip, then draw your face even closer to hers, as you stick your tongue through her gag, forcing it into her mouth as you plant a full kiss on her. Her minor resistance slowly fades, and she melts into the kiss as well.

The slight reddening of her face is apparent as you pull out of her mouth.

"Good thing I caught that, Master. Wouldn't want you making a mess of yourself, right? At least... Not this early," you say, sporting an evil grin. Unable to mount any intelligible response, she settles for rolling her eyes slightly.
Tugging on her leash once again, you force her to bend lower, helping her slowly onto the floor until she rests on her stomach. Attaching another rope to the loop around her ankles, you pull her ankles back until they reach her butt, tying the rope off to her chest harness. You take a moment to admire your Master: completely helpless on the floor, unable to even straighten out her legs, her mouth completely open and vulnerable. With her head facing the ground, she can't stop herself from dribbling onto the floor. You give her an experimental slap on her butt, and the only possible response is a slight grunt and a futile wriggle.

One final item remains: you pick up a J shaped piece of metal and bring yourself down on the ground as well. With one hand, you pull her head back by her hair, forcing her to look straight. The other hand holds the hook in front of her face, her eyes widening as she recognises the anal hook. There's a moment where it looks like she might consider pleading, but it passes. Seems she wants to retain her composure for now.

You put the insertable end through her gag, forcing her to lubricate it with her saliva, and pull it back out. You then take a second to apply some proper lubricant before attempting to slide it in. It's made difficult by the position her feet are in (In hindsight, you should have done this before hogtying her), but you eventually manage it, causing an audible groan from her as it enters her. You take one final short piece of rope and tie it off to the hook, then pull her hair back as far as it will go, tying her braids to the hook using the rope. Any attempted movement on her part now simultaneously pulls both on her hair and on the hook, providing severe disincentive against struggling.

With everything in place, you now test your handiwork by tickling her for a minute or so. She shrieks as you run your fingers over her sides and exposed feet, but nothing budges even as she attempts to buck against the ropes; the way she's tied, she's having trouble even rolling to her side. The only thing she accomplishes worsening her situation by pulling on her anal hook and her hair.

Satisfied that your ropes will hold, you roll her onto her side, grabbing each of her nipples and rolling them in your fingers. You give pinch them both and tug sharply on them; There's a sharp intake of breath, but she holds back the moan of pain, refusing to give you the satisfaction of hearing it. Releasing your hold, you bring your mouth down onto one of her nipples, nibbling slightly on it and rolling it around with your tongue for a while. You swap to the other side, repeating the motions as her rate of breathing increases. Back and forth you go for a bit before you disengage, rolling her back onto her front (and ignoring the discomforted moan due to the position shift) before returning to the toy drawer.

A flash of orange catches your eye, and you see the carrot themed dildo. It was a gag gift from Tewi (who knows where she even got it from?), but come to think of it, it's perfect for your current use in a twisted way. Retrieving it, you crouch back down besides Eirin, bringing the dildo to her face. With her head tied back and her mouth forced open, she can't stop you from inserting the dildo through her gag.

"Lick it," you command.

She stares at you defiantly, refusing to demean herself.

"Well, we'll do this the hard way, then," you smile. A hard slap is delivered on her buttock as motivation. Then another. And another, and another, the force administered with each blow increasing with every successive slap, drawing out increasingly loud groans from her.

Pausing the spanking, you ask her: "Ready to give in yet?" The response is silence, coupled with another glare of resistance. "Well, you asked for it," you say, the smirk on your face widening into a grin.

Grabbing the rope connecting her hair to her anal hook, you undo the knot and start to increase the tension, pulling even harder on both her hair and the hook. Pausing as a series of panicked whines comes from her, you check in. "Ready to give in now?" you ask, and she grunts in an affirmative manner. You reknot the rope back at it's previous tension and bring the dildo towards her mouth once more. You hold it just out of her mouth, allowing her to lick the tip of it repeatedly. Slowly, you push it further inwards, watching as she caresses the shaft of it with her tongue as well as it slides in. You then push it in and out slowly for another minute or two, watching her continue to service the dildo throughout this, before withdrawing it completely from her mouth, drool running down her jaw and the dildo.

You bring it back towards her mouth once more. "Stop," you command, as she attempts to begin servicing it again. A mild look of confusion comes over her as you slowly slide the entire shaft deep into her mouth. When she realises that you're not stopping, there's a flash of panic in her eyes and an attempted whine in protest , but the way she's tied, she can't turn her head to avoid it, and she can't block it either. She gags as it reaches the back of the throat, but you don't stop; the dildo slides in a bit further, and is held it in for a short while even as she continues gagging, unable to help herself. A few seconds later, you pull it out, allowing her to gasp for air and get her gag reflex back under control.

A few moments later, you bring the dildo back in front of her face. Despite the resulting discomfort from her hair and hook, there's a panicked but ultimately futile attempt at wriggling away in an attempt to escape the pending reinvasion of her mouth and throat. Another series of unintelligible protests is cut off as you begin sliding the implement in again... before you pause and withdraw. She lets out a sigh, relief evident on her face.

"Just kidding~," you giggle, earning a glare tinged with both relief and resentment.

Dropping the dildo, you dig back into the drawer for a new bullet vibrator. Inserting it into Eirin's pussy, you turn the vibrator onto it's medium setting. It's enough to tease and frustrate her, but not much else; perfect for keeping her warmed up while you set things up for the next scene.

Before you leave, the carrot-dildo catches your eye once again. A wicked idea grabs you, and you fish out a headband with some rabbit ears attached. Placing them on her head, you take a second to admire her form: helplessly hogtied, hair pulled back by an anal hook, vibrator buzzing away in her pussy, her mouth forced open and drool on the floor, with a carrot dildo stuck in her mouth and matching rabbit ears for the extra embarrassment.

Sometimes, life could suck. This was most certainly not one of those times.

Unable to resist the joke, you call out, "I'm gonna prepare things for the next part. Don't go anywhere!"

She shoots you a dirty glare as you turn around and head off. Honestly, you did deserve it, but the joke was just too hard to pass up. Now to decide what comes next. Decisions, decisions...

Choose the theme of the next scene (Combining one or two themes may or may not be allowed at writefag discretion)

[x] Predicament
[x] Pain
[x] Water
[x] Sensory deprivation and sensation play
[x] Write-in (subject to writefag approval)

I'll be honest. This is my first prose in forever, intended to be nothing more a short series of kinky scenes. I'm not sure whether the motivation to write will keep up; however, I will at the very least announce it dropped if I quit before it's over. Feedback greatly appreciated, both on the technical and content aspects.

No. 29142
File 136019408923.png - (92.48KB , 400x1210 , 7f6.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Predicament

Picture says it all. More. Write more.
No. 29143
[x] Predicament

Interesting. You have my attention.

Writing seems good so far, in any case.
No. 29144
[x] Predicament

Just because I'm not sure how much more of a predicament being hogtied and gagged can get.
No. 29149
[x] Predicament

Hey, that was pretty good. I'm always happy to see some bondage and teasing, and role reversal's a nice bonus.

On the technical side, I'd give two suggestions. First, try to describe Eirin's body a little more. You were correct in assuming we all knew what she looked like, but it's good to describe her in-story regardless. Second, you could cut down on sentences that start with gerunds ("drawing", "tugging", "attaching"...). It's a nifty structure, but it's also easy to overuse.

I'd certainly like to see more from you.
No. 29152
>[x] Water
There is no way this means what I think it means. So...

[x] Sensory deprivation and sensation play
No. 29155
The reactions on both sides are too subdued for my tastes. It's like Reisen is listing events. She doesn't feel involved.

Or something like that. I'm not good at talking about writing.
No. 29162
[x] Sensory deprivation and sensation play

I could nitpick like hell, but I don't know how new you are to writing, so it'd feel a bit shitty of me to do so. The prose generally reads very beige, and the primary reason is because Reisen seem very disengaged from everything. There's no real sense of intimacy there, despite the fact that a session like this is not something you do with a perfect stranger. I guess what I'm trying to say is that a lot of it lacks pathos.

At any rate, keep going as long as you have the motivation. I'm just glad you've chosen to do this as a series of shorts rather than an attempt at a full blown story. The concept is fine, but I could see it getting rather dull after a while.
No. 29164
Honestly, the reception to this has been better than I expected. Didn't expect that a BDSM-centric short to be this well received, especially given that a beginner was writing it. (A proofreader gave me a preliminary ok on techinical aspects, though he wasn't really into the content due to his lack of interest in the fetish.)


Glad you guys enjoyed it so far. Thanks for the encouragement.


Well, a hogtie is still more or less a static position. Keep still, and nothing much happens, save the inability to move (and eventually fatigued muscles, but eh, magic handwaving pills in place. That's not really the fun kind of pain).


Until today, I never actually knew "gerunds" was an actual word. Thanks for those tips.


Out of curiosity, what do you think it means?

(If you're thinking watersports, then yeah, I'm not writing that. Though that does give me an idea or two...)


It's actually my first time writing fictional prose in... at least seven years. Possibly a bit longer. Your feedback is greatly appreciated though; I'd been having a feeling that something was a bit off with my writing, and knowing what it is brings me that much closer to fixing it. I don't suppose either of you could drop tips on how to improve on this front?

>A session like this is not something you'd do with a perfect stranger.

Actually... Well ok fine. Not perfect strangers, but it's not unheard of to have BDSM sessions with people who've only met once prior IRL (after sufficient online conversation). Not that it excuses things in this story though, since they've evidently been doing this a while.
No. 29165
>Out of curiosity, what do you think it means?
Some sort of water-related breath play. Drowning and waterboarding and that sort of thing.
No. 29179
Christ that would NOT be cool at all.

I mean breath play is an extremely hard kink and to me its a terrifying thing to be struggling to breathe. Sure its a Power thing for the one doing it but its really a crossing the line towards risking things becoming snuff.
No. 29182

>>29162 here.

I'm better at explaining things by example, so if you want critique on your next post or whatever, ding me on IRC. I usually idle around #himitsukichi on Rizon.
No. 29188

Actually... you'd have been sorta correct. Wouldn't be nearly to the extent you could call it drowning or waterboarding, but it would be part of the scene.


If it helps, remember that everything in the story is consensual. I'd also have my own take on it that wouldn't be all "CIA WATERBOARD MUAHAHA", so hopefully it'll be bearable for you. Or if it's really too much, well, you now have advance warning, and can skip that update if need be.


Great. I took a quick peek earlier, it's the empty channel, right? I'll see if I can catch you on there sometime.
No. 29198
[x] Sensory deprivation and sensation play

Oh, Nice story! Dom Reisen isn't something you see often.
No. 29200
Was about to call it, but it looks like the votes are evening up: 4 predicament, 3 Sensory deprivation. I'm gonna head to sleep and call it in the morning if no further votes come.


Well, there's the Favors Owed porn shorts as well.
No. 29201
[x] Sensory deprivation and sensation play.
No. 29213
Well. 4-4 now. Need a tiebreaker.

Also, it's kinda odd to see 4 straight votes for predicament, then have a nonstop train of sensory deprivation votes. Would have expected them to be mixed up more.
No. 29218
[x] Predicament play~
No. 29219
[x] Sensory deprivation and sensation play
No. 29220
I'm a tiebreaker, number 2
[x] Sensory deprivation and sensation play
No. 29225
Well then, calling it.

Predicament fans, no worries: You'll get another shot sometime.
No. 29226
What did predicament mean, anyway?
No. 29415
File 136120574196.jpg - (151.46KB , 849x910 , Reisen doesn't look nearly this demented in t.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Master Eirin, might I ask a favor of you?"

"Speak," Eirin says, still poring over her notes on the table.

"Well... I was kinda hoping youcouldhelpmemakeadrugthatcouldtemporarilyblindanddeafensomeone," you blurt out nervously.

This catches her attention, and she raises her head to stare at you. "What."

"Erm, I-"

She cuts you off with a wave of her hand before you can reiterate. "I heard you the first time, Reisen. What I want to know is what on earth would you want such a thing fo-," she pauses, realisation coming over her. "Never mind. I should have known. Now I'm curious as to why you think such a thing is necessary. You believe the conventional methods aren't good enough?"

"Well... yeah," you reply awkwardly. "It's just that, I've tested the blindfolds I use on myself before, and there's always this tiny bit of light that gets through near the nose. I can't exactly test your earplugs, but I've also seen you react to my footsteps before. It's obvious that some sound is getting through..."

Eirin once again cuts you off with a sigh of exasperation. "Very well, Reisen. While I admit you have a point regarding the earplugs, I personally think you're making a fuss over nothing on the blindfolds. The ones we use work fine as they are. However, since it's obvious you want this so badly, I'll help you do it."

Your little internal celebration is prematurely cut off somewhat as she interrupts you for the third time, continuing: "I'll make this clear though: as this is for leisure, I will not have this project cut into our working hours. Any work done on this will be on our own time. Let me spell this out for you: this will, in all likelihood, mean less playtime for us while we're working on this. Am I understood?"

Darn. Wouldn't have been that easy. It'll be worth it though. Probably.


That was going to be completely worth it.

You shut the door as you step out of the room, leaving Eirin stuck where she is. There's a little skip in your step as you head out; there are supplies you need to gather up. You'll need to hit the lab and kitche- come to think of it, the lab probably has the what you need on that other front too.

Arriving at the lab, the you first rummage through select drawers until you find a specific bottle. The drug that you'd been working on with Eirin had been completed recently, but there hadn't been a chance to bring it over to your playroom stockpile yet; a fact that you're currently rectifying.

There's a fridge which Eirin uses to store certain samples; more importantly, it has a freezer which is used to make and store ice, usually for keeping things cool while working on samples. You have more interesting ideas in mind today; you grab a large clean beaker and fill it with ice, then make your way back to where Eirin is.

Tucking the bottle under one arm, you open the door, and-

Well, this is interesting.

Eirin is about a meter away from where you left her, an expression on her face akin to being caught with her hand in the candy jar, although tempered by evident arousal. Notably, she has the control for the vibrator in her hand, and it's predictably turned up to maximum.

Usually, you'd have tucked the control somewhere into her ropes where she couldn't reach them, but it seems you'd forgotten to do it this time in your haste. In any case, with the vibrator doing it's work over the last few minutes, it appears that she's almost at the edge. You deftly pluck the control from her hands and shut it off, leaving her frustrated, just short of reaching her goal.

"Wow. Must have been hard getting your hands on this, wasn't it?" Placing a look of mock annoyance on your face, you continue, "Someone's been a bad girl, hasn't she, master? Looks like you've earned a big punishment there."

Eirin, despite the gag distorting her features somewhat, manages a stare of mild confusion back to you. It's not the first time she's tried something like this, and as a matter of fact as long as you didn't leave specific instructions otherwise, she was usually free to do whatever she could without deliberate repercussions given her restraints. It was part of what made the game fun on both ends. For you, knowing that she was absolutely, truly helpless instead of just playing along. Similarly for her, she could satisfy desire to be helpless, knowing that no repercussions would be enacted for testing her limits. Of course, she did have to obey commands given from you or face punishment, but you tended to minimise giving those when not directly playing with her.

"Yeah, yeah, I know. You didn't disobey any orders, no reason to punish you, right?" She nods. "Or so you think, at least. You forgot one thing... I did say not to go anywhere. And you certainly aren't where I left you."

Her face falls as she realises the mistake she made, allowing you to abuse that loophole.

"Oh, don't look so down. There's a bit of good news: Some of the stuff I just brought won't really last long, so I'm gonna continue with what I had planned first. Don't worry though... I'll be sure to punish you properly later," you finish in a husky tone, relishing the wince that comes over her.

For what you have planned, you'll need to adjust her position. As far as hogties go, while they're are nice and restrictive, experience has taught you that they unfortunately didn't really rank high on the "ease of access" scale, which is going to be vital for this next bit. As you undo the knot holding her head back, Eirin's head flops forward with a sigh of relief. The hogtie rope is undone next, allowing her to stretch her legs straight also granting you easier access to the anal hook, another relieved moan surfacing as you pull it it out of her.

An evil gleam surfaces in your eye. "Hmmm. I just had an idea about your punishment. Do you think this needs cleaning?"

And with that, you pull the Dildo out of her mouth, once again bringing the hook towards it. Her head free this time, she presses her face to the floor in hopes of avoiding it. You simply grab her long hair and pull her head back, continuing to taunt her by waving the hook dangerously close to her face.

You release her hair after a moment of this. "Nah. I'm not that cruel. At least... not unless you want me to be~," you giggle.

Both hands supporting her, you help her get to her feet: hardly an easy task for her with her legs still bound. You grab the leash, forcing her to bunny hop (heh) to keep up with you as you lead her towards a corner. There's a large wooden board propped up against the wall there, which you lower to the ground; you then lead Eirin on top of it, and tug her downwards to the ground. You take a second to pull off her rabbit headband; you've had your fun with that, and don't really need it now.

With her sitting down, you begin the process of unbinding her legs, tossing each rope away as you did so into a corner; you'd tidy them up later. She doesn't have long to enjoy her regranted freedom before you're quickly reapplying a fresh set of ropes, folding her leg such that her ankle rests against her thigh and binding it firmly in place. You repeat the action on the other leg; the result has her in a position mildly similar to the hogtie, trading restriction of mobility for ease of access, given the ability to move each folded leg individually.

Things aren't done yet though; given the stunt she just pulled, you're making sure she's absolutely secure this time. With both hands, you seize the ropes secured around Eirin's chest and physically hoist her up with a grunt of effort while she squeals, setting her back down on top of the board.

Embedded into this board are several eye bolts screwed into key positions, making excellent anchor points without the need to ruin a perfectly good wooden floor. They're put to good use as you secure each of Eirin's legs to separate points, forcing her legs spread open.

Drool falls from Eirin's mouth as you pull out the gag. She only has few second to work her jaws before you return from the corner her clothes are in, roughly stuffing her panties into them and eliciting a muffled squeak of surprise as you do so. Those aren't enough, so from under your skirt, you pull down your own pair and add them to the mix, stuffing her mouth completely. To finish up, you fish out a roll of self adhesive bandage, wrapping it around her head multiple times and sealing her mouth shut.

With one hand, you grab and yank on one of her nipples, pinching and twisting it as you do so. Despite the pain this sudden maneuver causes, her scream barely makes it out her throat, and it's doubtful anyone outside the room would have heard anything. To be sure, your other hand goes to work tickling her sides, and the result is much the same: The gag stifles noise to the point where her best efforts won't make it past this room.

You don't just want her unintelligible for this next scene; you want her muted, and more importantly, you want her to know that she's muted. Access of her mouth takes a backseat here to effectiveness.

She's still wincing from the abuse you inflicted upon her nipple, her eyes tearing up a bit. "There there, I'll make it better," you whisper into her ear, tenderly massaging and stroking the sore area. This continues for a minute as you soothe it, giving it time to recover; satisfied that it's better, you plant a quick kiss on it before moving on.

Eirin's gaze follows you as you gather a few more objects from the drawers, placing them in a pile nearby. Recognition dawns over her as she sees the bottle you're bringing over. An almost imperceptible shake of her head accompanies a small sigh; She did think this whole thing was overkill after all, but went along with it for your sake.

You unscrew the bottle, taking out a rag and soaking it with the drug. Being careful not to inhale the direct fumes, you crouch behind her press it over Eirin's nose: With the gag in her mouth, she's forced to breath in the fumes through her nose. A few moments pass, and you withdraw the rag, tossing it into a corner.

You take a moment to just cuddle her from behind while waiting for the drug to do it's work, Eirin shakes her head a bit, blinking rapidly as the effects of the medication start to take hold. The substance you've just applied effectively shuts down her sight and hearing, with the effect lasting about ninety minutes or until the counteragent is administered. It shouldn't be necessary to go through the trouble of using more than one dose: What you have planned shouldn't take that long.

A few more moments pass, and you release her, walking in front of her and tilting her face upwards by lifting her chin. A milky sheen is noticably visible over her eyes now. You pull out a flashlight, shining it directly into her eyes, following that up with a loud clap directly outside her ear. She doesn't show any sign of noticing either of these. You know from testing the substance yourself that it's absolute: as long as it's in effect, absolutely nothing can be seen or heard, and it seems to be have completely taken effect: Eirin is now completely isolated, her only effective sense remaining being touch.

A fact which you plan to exploit to the absolute fullest, you think to yourself with a smirk.

Drawing a hand up to her waiting body, you bring a finger to lightly stroke one of her breasts, drawing it across her nipple. She flinches for a second, the unexpected sensation evidently startling her before she settles back down. Both your hands get to work on her nipples, teasing them gently, rolling them between your fingers, then rubbing them in circles. Bit by bit, you pull your fingers away from her, causing her to lean forward slowly to keep up the same amount of stimulus. Pushing back forward, she ended leaning back to relieve some of the pressure. Back and forth the two of you went. Towards the left, then back to the right. Upwards, then downwards, this dance continued, with you trailing her along as effectively as if you had been pulling her nipples the entire time. You started making her work for it, pulling your hands away in a telegraphed direction, holding them waiting while she attempted to find them, resuming your caresses once she does so.

Then you stop completely, stepping back from her.

She attempts to lean forward again, searching for your touch. You watch with a smirk as she twists around for a minute in a futile attempt to find your hands. It takes about a minute before she finally catches on that you're no longer there, letting out a moan of frustration before resigning herself and settling down once more.

Several moments later, Eirin starts again as you return with a small painting brush, slowly drawing it across her entire body. Starting from her right thigh, you move it upwards across her shivering form, crossing her right breast, across her collarbone, and back downwards towards her left thigh. The brush now travels across her inner thigh, up towards her pussy... before you skip over it entirely and continue down her other thigh.

She'd been practically quivering with anticipation there, and visibly sagged when you did that. Grinning, you continued the motions: The patterns varied each time, but you made sure to hit every erogenous zone you could with each pass except one. Throughout all this, Eirin kept getting more and more on edge, as evident by her fidgeting and her increased breathing. You then turned the brush around, replacing the sweeping sensations the bristles provided with the firmer sensation of the wooden handle.

A few more rounds later, you finally completed one of the circuits, running it directly across her clitoris. The effect was electric: A muffled moan escaped the gag, with her jerking her crotch towards the brush. Her breathing all but shifts to outright panting as you slide the handle of the brush downwards through her lips to the floor; not penetrating her, but such that you're rubbing the handle lengthwise against her. Her panting continues as you slowly slide the brush upwards and downwards, the friction providing a minute measure of stimulation to her, the sensation likely highly intensified by her current state.

Again, you halt, leaving her whimpering in frustration. Slow and steady; this was merely the warmup, after all.

An idea grabs you, and you push Eirin backwards gently, until she's lying on the ground. Crouching down besides her, you lower your head somewhat close to her body. One hand reaches behind your head, gathering your lavender hair into a ponytail, and you begin swinging it gently, brushing it across Eirin's body. She squirms under the unfamiliar sensation as you send it back and forth, dragging it up and down her body and around her breasts. You adjust your position, allowing you to move down towards her legs, and back up again.

It's time to up the intensity a bit. You begin using your hair as a makeshift flogger, twirling it in circles and whipping Eirin's breasts and stomach alternately. Your hair is going fast enough to leave a bit of a sharp sensation along with the brushing, but unlike a real flogger, it lacks the weight required to leave any painful sting behind. You continue the whipping for a minute, relishing her squirms. There's a look of confusion present on the visible half of her face; She's probably going crazy by now trying to figure out what you're using on her. If only she knew.

In time, you stop, pulling her back to a sitting position using the leash on her collar. A fourth time, you begin teasing her: this time, you use your mouth instead. On your hands and knees, you bring your head towards her breasts slowly, allowing her time to anticipate what comes next from the feel of your breath. You bring your knees slightly forward, giving you better balance as your mouth closes around her nipple; much like you did earlier, you suck on it, then pull away slowly, causing her to follow like she did before. This time though, you stop after the first pull, firmly clamping down on it with your teeth and physically pulling her around, forcing her to keep up even as she moans in pain. The dance you performed earlier recieves an encore with a twist: Where she was willingly seeking you before,this time, she's coerced into either into following or suffering.

Several passes later, you halt the diabolical tug of war. You don't release her nipple, however; instead, you switch to lightly stimulating her, switching from the pressure from a bite to gentle nibbling, simultaneously rolling the bud around with your tongue. One hand supporting your weight, you bring your other hand to her remaining breast, groping it gently, kneading it with your fingers. Continuing the work with your mouth, your hand switches towards alternately massaging her nipple, and pinching and twisting it.

You stop everything and step away, leaving her once more to wonder when and where the next stimulus will come from. You don't wait too long this time though: You embrace her gently from behind, resting your head against her neck and taking a moment to savor her warmth. One arm pulls her against you; the other hand drifts towards her crotch, lightly stroking it, but never applying any significant pressure. She strains against her bonds, either to throw you off or to increase any pressure you're applying. Regardless, she's completely unsuccessful in accomplishing either; you maintain your hold on her with one hand, tenderly brushing between her labia and around her clitoris, never applying more pressure than a light touch. As this continues for several more minutes, all she can manage are unintelligible moans and whimpers into her gag; whether she's making uncontrolled groans or unsuccessfully begging you to do more, the gag is doing a very effective job of keeping her muted.

You halt your torment, and Eirin visibly sags: You can't quite tell if it's from relief, or from frustration. Regardless, the fun's not over yet: You still have at least two more tools you'd like to use, and you're planning to go through them before the drug wears off. The question is, what should you open up with?

[x]Candle wax

Man, this grew much longer than I expected. Got some more feedback on this before posting, hopefully it's better.


No. 29416
Stuff happened yesterday that completely turned me off to sensory deprivation, and if I'd known this is what you meant by predicament I'd have voted for it anyway.
AAARGH I am so fucking FURIOUS.
No. 29418
No. 29419

Might as well use it before the wax gets in the way, I think. Besides, going from cold to hot would be a much bigger difference than doing it the other way.

Anyway, whatever feedback you got definitely seems to have helped, because I noticed the improvement. Not that the first post was bad or anything, this one just felt better. Hell, yuri scenes don't usually do it for me all that much, but I'm enjoying this quite a bit! Keep it up, you have a lot of promise.
No. 29420

Hmmm, this is getting very nice indeed.
No. 29422
[x] Candle wax
No. 29428
[x] Ice.

I don't think you've said yet how large Eirin's breasts are. It's kind of bothering me.
No. 29436

I don't see why we can't just alternate, but it's all good.
No. 29446
Looks like ice is winning. Gonna call this in a few hours if there's no significant change in votes.


Well, like I said, there'll be another chance. You can always save this update for fapping to reading later, perhaps?


Thanks. Is there anything from this update you think needs improving on?


...Besides this. Whoops.


Well, the choice was which you wanted to use [/i]first[i]
No. 29447
I meant doing them simultaneously in one go, but, again, it doesn't particularly matter.
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did op died?
No. 30056
Not yet. Just entered a rough workload for a bit. It's about 75% done, but it's been stuck there for a couple weeks. Will try for next part within a few days.