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2914 No. 2914
I am bored, I am tired, I felt like writing something.

I also haven't written in a long time, my work is rough.


A loud, clattering noise startles you from your sleep. Opening your eyes and wiping them clean, you look around the room. You spot nothing, and prepare to go back to sleep. Then, something moves on the edge of your peripheral vision. Looking over, you spy something odd. A sort of... Hole, may be the best word to describe it.

This strange hole is present where there should be an empty space, flanked by two ribbons, one on top and the other on the bottom. The hole grows, and twists. You can't tell if anything is inside due to the lack of light in the room, just that it's there. The soft sound of a woman humming floats from the twisting, black mass hovering there.

Your curiosity urges you, yet sleepiness and the notion of curiosity killing the cat tugs on the opposite side of your thoughts.

What do you do?

[ ] Call out, "Is someone there?"
[ ] Get up, slippers on, approach the hole.
[ ] Get up, slippers off, approach the hole.
[ ] Roll back over, go to sleep. If it's really that important, it will be there tomorrow.
[ ] Burn down the hole in a fit of insanity.

No. 2917
File 125563216614.png - (425.71KB , 835x465 , It's A Guy's Job.png ) [iqdb]
[X] Approach hole.
[X] Remove pants.
[X] Insert penis.
[X] Vigorously.

Because that's our job.
No. 2918

I forgot to mention: No write-ins. But clever anyway.
No. 2919
[ ] Get up, slippers on, approach the hole.
No. 2920
[x] Get up, slippers off, approach the hole.
No. 2921
[x] Get up, slippers on, approach the hole.
No. 2923
[x] Get up, slippers on, approach the hole.
No. 2924
[x] Call out, "Is someone there?"
No. 2925
[ø] Roll back over, go to sleep. If it's really that important, it will be there tomorrow.
[ø] Get up, slippers off, approach the hole.
No. 2926
[X] Get up, slippers on, approach the hole.

duu duuu duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun
No. 2927
Will update tonight.
No. 2929
File 125573951735.jpg - (5.43KB , 225x300 , fitforaking.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Get up, slippers on, approach the hole.


You can't resist your curiosity, despite the potential dangers involved. Pushing down the covers and sitting up, you slide your feet in to your warm slippers. They aren't the most masculine of footwear, either. A set of pink, knitted wool bunny slippers (made by your grandmother, of course) now adorn your feet. You think you hear a quiet chuckle from the hole as you stand up.

Tentatively you approach the twisting hole. It's like some sort of odd gap in space, and your years of experience watching Star Trek lend you to believe it may be similar to a wormhole, but that would be impossible in such a small spa-- Oh, right, you were doing something. Snapping out of that train of thought and returning to the task at hand, you near the opening. Still, it's too dark to make out anything inside of it, although the gentle humming of a woman has started again, growing louder as you get closer.

Reaching the hole you carefully extend a hand, touching part of the rim. It's oddly solid, but more in the sense of tangible rather than 'hard' solid. Placing hands on both sides of the opening, you peer inside. A quiet chuckle erupts from it, and the darkness in the hole gives way, as if a light was turned on inside. An unending sea of eyes extending infinitely in every direction appears before you. You take a deep breath and start to scream but are quickly cut off as a gloved hand reaches out, grabbing you and dragging you through, leaving your slippers behind.

The sea of eyes swirls before you, watching you. Trying to scream, you find yourself unable to, as if there was no medium to carry the sound. Your mind fails to win the challenge set before it of comprehending infinity, your vision dims, and everything goes black.

An unknown amount of time passes, but your senses begin to return. The eyes are gone, replaced by an obscured view. In this case, the feeling of cloth wrapped around your face leads you to believe that you are merely blindfolded. Shifting around a bit, you realize you are laid down on something soft.

[ ] Lay there quietly.
[ ] Call out for Tewi somebody.
[ ] Roll on to your stomach.
[ ] Start singing! (Include song title)
No. 2930
>[X] Get up, slippers on, approach the hole
>leaving your slippers behind
Well that was pointless.

[x] Roll on to your stomach.
No. 2931
It may be an H story, but I'm still allowed to be silly and include pointless stuff just to mess with people.
No. 2932
[\!/] Roll on to your stomach.

Taking it easy~
No. 2933
[x] Roll on to your stomach.

We might be laying on something nicely soft.
No. 2934
[X] Start singing! (Include song title)

"Joooooohn Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt, thaaaaat's my naaaame toooooooo..."
No. 2935
[X] Start singing!
-[X] The old jazz standard I'm Beginning to See the Light.

I never cared much for moonlit skies
I never winked back at fireflies
But now that the stars are in your eyes
I'm beginning to see the light

I'm hoping that when we get to "now that your lips are burning mine" we'll get a kiss.
No. 2936
[x] Start singing! (You spin me right round [Like a record])
No. 2937
[X] Roll on to your stomach.
No. 2938
[x] Roll on to your stomach.
No. 2939
[x] Roll on to your stomach.
No. 2942
Been busy, updating tomorrow. Promise.
No. 2943
[✠] Roll on to your stomach.
No. 2949
File 125610665683.jpg - (499.51KB , 600x846 , yukarin.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Roll on to your stomach.


The first thought that comes to mind is to roll on to your stomach. Upon attempting to do so, you realize two things; the first is your hands, bound in front of your body, the second being that you're naked. Despite your nudity, though, it's not particularly cold. But being bound doesn't stop you from rolling over. Lying on your stomach allows you to feel the soft object under you a bit better. Nothing more than a simple futon or mattress.

Time passes slowly while you lay in the room. It's quiet here, with little more than the sound of wind and the creaking of the room to keep you company. It seems an eternity before you hear some noises coming from outside. From the sound of it, a pair of women are nearby. You can't quite make out what they're discussing. The more mature sounding voice is lecturing the more playful voice. The playful one responds to the lecturing with a bit of laughter and a sing-song tone. This exchange continues for a few moments before the owner of the more mature sounding voice gets frustrated and storms off. The angry footfalls grow quiet as the woman gets further away.

That familiar humming begins again, and you can hear the door to the room quietly sliding open in front of you. Three things happen in short succession; Someone steps inside, she giggles, and the door slides shut again. Realizing that you're still naked and that you are in a rather compromising position, your face blanches a deep crimson.

"Oh?," speaks the woman, "My, my, my. To think I didn't even have to break you in."

She approaches you slowly, stopping by your head. She pauses for a moment before stroking your cheek with a gloved hand.

"And look how he blushes so profusely," states your captor, "Despite presenting himself to me so eagerly."

You're unable to see your captor as her velvety hand plays idly over your cheek.

[ ] Speak up.
--[ ] Submissively
--[ ] Belligerently
--[ ] Frightened
[ ] Lay there silently.
[ ] Attempt to lick her hand, or suck on her fingers.
[ ] Attempt to bite her hand.
[ ] Raise your rear in response.

Note: Feel free to combine options that make sense together. Such as speaking up belligerently and biting her hand, or speaking submissively and sucking on her fingers.
No. 2950
[x] Speak up.
--[x] Submissively
[x] Attempt to lick her hand, or suck on her fingers.
[x] Raise your rear in response.

What Yukarin wants, she gets; might as well make it as easy for both.
No. 2951
[x] Sigh. Get rid of that blush.
[x] Speak up.
--[x] Indifferently.
No. 2952
[\!/] Speak up.
--[\!/] Submissively
[\!/] Attempt to lick her hand, or suck on her fingers.

I will not vote for a CAVED!!! option.
No. 2953
[✠] Speak up.
--[✠] Frightened
This is getting interesting.
No. 2954
[S] Speak up.
--[S] Submissively
[S] Attempt to lick her hand, or suck on her fingers.
[S] Raise your rear in response.

No. 2955

Yukari only CAVEs those that resist and make things difficult.
No. 2956
[x] Speak up.
--[x] Submissively
[x] Attempt to lick her hand, or suck on her fingers.
[x] Raise your rear in response.

It's relevant to my interests.
No. 2957
[x] Sigh. Get rid of that blush.
[x] Speak up.
--[x] Indifferently.

No. 2958
I suppose I'll take a trip for the purposes of my story.

In any case:


No write-ins unless I specify for it. Option combining notwithstanding.
No. 2959
[X] Speak up.
--[X] Belligerently
[X] Attempt to bite her hand.
[X] Raise your rear in response.

No. 2960
[x] Speak up.
--[x] Submissively
[x] Attempt to lick her hand, or suck on her fingers.
[x] Raise your rear in response.

No. 2961
[x] Speak up.
--[x] Submissively
[x] Attempt to lick her hand, or suck on her fingers.
[x] Raise your rear in response.
>"And look how he blushes so profusely," states your captor, "Despite presenting himself to me so eagerly."
Go on~
No. 2970
Will update Soon™.
No. 2971
Hey you, update.

No. 2972
Buggering the writefag for updates.
No. 2973
I've been busy because we have relatives coming over this week. I'll be updating on Saturday since they'll be gone.
No. 2974
I forgot it was Halloween today. I'll try my best to update tonight.
No. 2976
The lies the writefag told us.
No. 2977

He never said it was certain, and it was Halloween. I'm sure he'll do something in the next couple of days.
No. 2983
File 125723227484.jpg - (329.47KB , 596x970 , sheismymaster.jpg ) [iqdb]

The best way to keep one's word is not to give it.


[X] Speak up.
--[X] Submissively
[X] Attempt to lick her hand, or suck on her fingers.
[X] Raise your rear in response.


That soft, sensuous voice coupled with that velvet-clad hand...

The combination is too much for you and causes an involuntary stiffening as she strokes your ruby red cheek. A variety of conflicting feelings flow through your mind; fear at first, although it is quickly overtaken by curiosity, and then replaced by lust and desire. The situation causes, almost naturally, your ass to rise in response to the hardening length hanging between your legs. Though it is impossible to see it, you can 'feel' her smiling at your reaction.

“Wonderful, absolutely wonderful. You're the first one who has not screamed in fear or tried to run away. Those ones are always so hard to work with,”. She laughs quietly and then adds, “Maybe I'll keep you around.”

She pauses for a bit, and you work up the courage to speak to your captor.

“P-please,” is all you manage to say at first.

“Please what?,” she responds in an amused tone, giving you a moment.

You take a deep breath and reply, “Please take care of me, mistress.”

She slides her hand down your cheek to your mouth, pulling all but one finger away from your lips, “So lustful and willing, aren't you?,” she pauses, “I'll take care of my new pet, but on one condition.”

You quietly moan out an unintelligible response.

“You must refer to me as 'Master Yukari'. I never was quite fond of the term 'mistress',” she states, followed by an amused hum.

You try to resist giving in to lust for a moment, but in the end it is futile. Without a second thought you reply, “Yes, Master Yukari.” The moment the words leave your lips you take the gloved finger in front of you into your mouth.

“Such a good boy!,” she exclaims, sounding like a child who had just gotten exactly what she wanted for Christmas, “I'll be sure to take good care of you.”

Even without looking you can hear the mischievous grin attached to those words.

Without warning the finger is removed only to be quickly replaced by two from the opposite hand. You eagerly work them over with your tongue so as to please your new master. They too are soon removed and the original finger returns. As she kneels in front of you with her finger still planted firmly in your mouth you begin to feel something pressing at the entrance to your rear. Two fingers, both of which are wet and slick with your saliva, can be felt gently pushing against the tight ring of your anus. Your mind reels. Try as you might you can’t quite piece together how this can be happening. The thought is quickly derailed by two fingers suddenly invading your asshole. Lubed with your spit they push in with ease until they stop at the knuckle. Despite them being stonewalled by the hand of the owner you quickly realize they are buried deep enough to...

The pleasure hits you like a sack of bricks as the fingers buried in your anus gently stroke the prostate. Your eyes roll back, your jaw goes slack, and your tongue hangs out as you pant. Those soft fingers continue to massage your insides gently, the pleasure being heightened by the texture of the gloves. An orgasm comes quickly as a stream of warm cum pours from your penis and makes an audible splatter against the futon below you.

For a moment the finger slides out from your now gaping mouth. It returns, slicked in a layer of your salty cum. You lap the finger clean and savor the taste as your master coos quietly. She makes a soft 'mm' sound and says something difficult to hear, although it sounds like 'delicious'.

“I told you I'd take good care of you, didn't I?,” she says quietly as the two fingers recede from your anus slowly. Unable to support yourself any longer you drop to the futon. While lying there a gloveless hand strokes your hair gently as you try to recover from your recent orgasm.

Your new found master takes your head in to her lap as she continues to stroke your hair, “Yes, I'll definitely be keeping you around.”

“But I wonder,” she pauses for a moment before continuing, “what kind of women you normally prefer? I know how exhausting the first time can be, so feel free to catch your breath first.”

[ ] Mature and experienced women. Breasts are a plus.
[ ] Young and innocent girls. Flat and naïve are the way to go.
[ ] Women with a little 'something extra'.

Note: This story has bad/funny ends. There are no 'continues', if you fuck up it simply goes back a post.
No. 2984
Also: Would the readers be against me giving the character a name and breaking from the current writing format?
No. 2985
[x] Young and innocent girls. Flat and naïve are the way to go.

No. 2986
[x] Young and innocent girls. Flat and naïve are the way to go.
No. 2987
[x] Women with a little 'something extra'.
No. 2988
[X] Mature and experienced women. Breasts are a plus.

I do like the young and innocent, but if we're going to be her plaything/slave, our new master needs to have that mature aura, the kind that coaxes obedience out of you.

Here's hoping for our master gently urging us to give her everything we can~
No. 2989
[x] Women with a little 'something extra'.
[x] Women with five something extras.
No. 2991
I'm not really feeling the third option right now. Would the people who voted for it mind picking one of the first two? I promise you I will write that part at some point during this story, though.
No. 2992
[X] Mature and experienced women. Breasts are a plus.
No. 2993
Alright, then >>2989 changing vote to:

[x] Young and innocent girls. Flat and naïve are the way to go.
No. 2994
[x] Mature and experienced women. Breasts are a plus.
No. 2995
[X] Mature and experienced women. Breasts are a plus.
No. 2996
[x] Young and innocent girls. Flat and naïve are the way to go.
No. 2997
[x] Mature and experienced women. Breasts are a plus.
No. 2998
[X] Mature and experienced women. Breasts are a plus.

You took the words off my mind ;)
No. 2999
[Q] Mature and experienced women. Breasts are a plus.
[Q] Young and innocent girls. Flat and naïve are the way to go.

I like both~
No. 3000

How about this?

[X] Mature and innocent women. Lopsided is the way to go.

Does that meet your needs?

I can picture this in my head and it makes me laugh.
No. 3001
[x] Mature and experienced women. Breasts are a plus.

Yukari is at her best in her natural busty state.
No. 3002
[X] Mature and experienced women. Breasts are a plus.
No. 3003
[x] Mature and experienced women. Breasts are a plus.
No. 3005
I won't be writing tonight probably (we'll see), but I will be closing votes now. For the record, if some options don't win I will try to either:

A. Include them at some point in the story
B. Write a little 'what if' offshoot

So don't feel too bad if what you aim for doesn't win.

With that said,

[X] Mature and experienced women. Breasts are a plus.

will be written next.
No. 3006
No. 3013
File 125738871312.jpg - (137.57KB , 530x1614 , all play and no work.jpg ) [iqdb]
The previous image may have been a good choice for this post, but this is fine too.

[X] Mature and experienced women. Breasts are a plus.


Both of you lie there silently, save for the sound of breathing, as Master Yukari gently strokes your hair. The situation you're in feels strange and somewhat scary. Yet at the same time it is perhaps... Comforting, being held by your still unseen captor. Your mind now has time to piece together what has happened. Being drawn out of bed, that sea of eyes, and then blindfolded and used. A normal person would feel shocked and outraged towards this woman. Especially one who stole their innocence, but all you can feel is desire. The word 'innocence' repeats itself in your mind, and that is when you realize the answer to her question.

“Master Yukari,” you say quietly.

The hand stops for a moment and rests on your head, “Yes, my pet?”

Speaking a bit louder this time, “I want a mature woman. Someone who can teach me things.”

Yukari taps gently on your head, then replies in an amused tone, “Oh? Is that it?”

“No, I suppose I like more well endowed women too, Master,” you say quietly, a red tone gracing your face again.

She makes a strange sound, something along the lines of 'fu fu fu', then returns to petting your head, “That's a good answer. A very good answer, actually. I have a few friends who I'd like you to meet some time, but for now I'll be keeping you all to myself,” the last part in a sing-song tone. She pulls you up a bit and partially embraces you.

Reaching down and removing the bindings from you, she speaks, “Now, stand up and take a few steps away from me.”

Complying, you stand up and leave her arms, walking away carefully so as not to trip on any unseen objects. You stand there quietly, naked and cold, feeling as if she is silently inspecting you.

Another command comes, “Close your eyes.”

“Master Yukari, I'm already blindfolded.” you reply. She repeats the order again but in a harsher tone this time. Upon closing your eyes the sensation of fabric sliding off of your face can be felt.

“Open them,” she states. Not wanting to upset her you slowly open your eyes. The light in the room stings a bit since you have been in the dark so long. As your eyes adjust you take in the surroundings: A simple Japanese-style room, with a futon in the middle and a sliding door that is slightly ajar. Looking over to the door causes it to slide shut, followed by the sound of feet scampering off. Resting your now-adjusted gaze upon Yukari, you realize she is gorgeous.

Long, golden-blonde hair cascades down her shoulders and back. Her body is shapely and womanly -- large breasts, curvaceous hips and thighs. She would be completely naked were it not for the puffy red-ribboned hat on her head and the ornate tabard covering the front of her body. The sides of her bust peek out from the cloth. You feel a stirring down below as your previously spent penis comes back to life while gazing at her.

Her golden eyes return the stare and a sly grin comes over her face, “I take it you are enjoying the view, my pet?,” she says in a rather sultry voice.

She crosses the room in what feels like an instant and presses her lips to yours, her tongue forcing itself in to your mouth. One arm wraps itself around your back and pulls your body in to hers. The other slides down your side and then in towards your crotch. Her hand firmly wraps around your shaft and pulls back the foreskin as a thumb plants itself on the underside of your glans and slides down the frenulum. Your cock twitches in response and lets loose a small stream of precum.

Yukari breaks the kiss for a moment to speak, “I had a chance to play with you earlier, but now I get to taste you, my pet.” Her eyes meet with yours before she slides down the length of your body, tasting it from time to time with her tongue. She rests on her knees and stares down your hard, dripping cock. Letting off of it for a moment she grabs a fistful of hair and wraps it around you. Her hand pumps a few times along the length of your penis before she pushes your foreskin back up over the head. Slowly and excruciatingly her lips wrap around the top of your manhood. The strangest sensation washes over you: Her tongue is being forced inside of the foreskin, placing itself on the underside of your penis in between the two.

Moaning quietly the words, “Master Yukari,” escape your lips as you rest your hands upon her hat. Pleasure courses through your body as her tongue makes a quick circle around the head of your penis. The pressure created by the foreskin holding her tongue against it is incredible. The wet tongue rests against your frenulum and undulates slightly, creating another shockwave of pleasure. A steady stream of precum leaves you, slides down her throat and causes an 'mm' sound to escape her. That tongue quickly circles your head and causes pulses of pleasure to flow through you. Your body tenses up as you start to reach the breaking point. Feeling this, Yukari pulls her tongue out and slides the entire length of your cock in to her mouth. It pushes down the back of her throat and causes a series of short gagging noises from her. You grab her head tightly and cry out in bliss as the throat clamps down on you, followed by the tension releasing from your body as cum streams down her throat. You can feel the throat shift around your length as she swallows the liquid. She pushes against your thighs and frees herself from you to catch her breath.

After a few deep breaths she stands up, shakily, and looks you in the eyes. A trail of cum hangs lewdly from her lips as she speaks, “Delicious. It's even better straight from the source,” she says with a wink.

You stand there awestruck for a moment before she takes your hand and walks over to the futon, bringing the both of you down to sit. Arms embrace you gently and a warm breath can be felt.

“I take good care of my pets,” she whispers in your ear, “So long as they obey me.” A tickling breath runs along your neck, followed by a soft kiss.

“You are mine to enjoy and to use,” she says quietly, lapping at your neck, “do you understand?”

Exhausted, the only response you can muster at this point is, “Yes, Master Yukari.”

She pulls back and gives you a warm smile, “You're such a good boy,” she says, planting a kiss on your cheek.

“Now,” she whispers, “I imagine you are tired from all that.” The thought hadn't occurred to you until now that your body was ready to collapse after this whole ordeal. With her arms still around you she lays down and takes you with her.

Rolling on top of you, she gives you a soft look, “So rest, my pet. You'll need strength for tomorrow.” She giggles quietly and lays down on top of you. Her weight, her warmth and your lack of energy cause you to drift off.

You sleep a peaceful, dreamless sleep for some time. A quiet gurgling noise, that of your stomach, wakes you. You can't even think of the last time you had something to eat. Opening your eyes slowly, the room is dim save for a faint bit of light coming beneath the door to the corridor outside. Yukari is still upon you, weakly clinging to you and drooling.

[ ] See if you can get up without waking her to find some clothes and food.
[ ] Wake Yukari and inquire about the above.
[ ] Suffer the hunger, lay there longer.
No. 3014
[x] Make breakfast for yourself, make breakfast in bed for Master Yukari.
No. 3015
[X] Suffer the hunger, lay there longer.

Not wise to wake a sleeping Yukari. Not wise to be presumptuous either - we are her pet and plaything, it's not our place to strut around her house as if we own it. Only cats can get away with that.

We'll just have to hope that when Yukari wakes up and hears our stomach growling, we can get a nice full drink of her love juices~
No. 3016

What do you presume to make?


Also no writeins unless asked for.
No. 3017
[x] Suffer the hunger, lay there longer.

We shouldn't risk overstepping our boundries, and whatever pain will be worth it when Master Yukari notices what a good pet we've been. And it wouldn't do to leave her alone in bed.
No. 3019
[x] See if you can get up without waking her to find some clothes and food.
No. 3021
>[ ] See if you can get up without waking her to find some clothes and food.
>[ ] Wake Yukari and inquire about the above.
I sense punishment. But would it be good or bad?

[x] Suffer the hunger, lay there longer.
No. 3022

Perhaps the worse of them all: Nothing.

But I think it's best that we stay in bed. No woman wants to wake up next to nothing if she slept along side a man. She'd react worse considering how we're her pet.

I'm sure she'd feed us when she gets up, she does want us in our best condition.
No. 3024
[x] Suffer the hunger, lay there longer.
No. 3025

Nobody has faith in me!
No. 3026

Well shit, I don't have faith in you either. Remember that last time? FAIL


[x] See if you can get up without waking her to find some clothes and food.

Be like a real pet and wander off, if Yukari wants you, she'll gap you back to her.
No. 3027
[ ] Suffer the hunger, lay there longer.

Be a good little pet and she'll play with us some more~
No. 3029
[X] Suffer the hunger, lay there longer.
No. 3030
[X] Suffer the hunger, lay there longer.
No. 3034
[x] Suffer the hunger, lay there longer.

No. 3036
[X] Suffer the hunger, lay there longer.

Each suffering comes with a good reward, eh?
No. 3039
Update soon for:

[X] Suffer the hunger, lay there longer.
No. 3040
File 12574719685.jpg - (378.69KB , 645x800 , ffff407e9372f9a12c0da35117f42a13.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Suffer the hunger, lay there longer.


The thought of hunting for food within the house crosses your mind and is quickly erased by the thought of being punished for leaving this sleeping beauty. You decide that suffering until she wakes up is something you'll have to endure. The light in the room, while dim, is enough to make out her features as she rests on top of you. If anything, the pale light amplifies her beauty. Soft blonde hair rests against your face and chest, shifting gently and tickling you as she breathes in and out. Yukari looks fairly young, perhaps late 20s, but despite her appearance she exudes the aura of a woman twice her age.

Your thoughts are interrupted by another rumbling growl from your stomach. The noise causes Yukari to groan quietly and shift while muttering something along the lines of, “Gimme five more minutes Ran.” She slides off of your chest and rests against your side with arms wrapped around your waist and back. The transition displaces that tabard and exposes those sizable breasts, topped with soft pink nipples. Rolling on to your side gives you the opportunity to return the embrace she has offered you.

One final rumble is heard before you drift off to sleep again. Another black and dreamless sleep like before. It feels as if you are awakened just as soon as you had fallen asleep. You've rolled on to your back and can feel something warm and soft sliding up and down rhythmically, creating an audible slapping sound. Opening your eyes, you look down towards the source of the sound, finding Yukari with her breasts wrapped around your engorged cock. You throw your head back and moan loudly, which causes her to speed up the process. Those soft breasts, slicked with your precum, pump furiously along the length of your penis. Every time her head goes down you can feel a gentle kiss or lick upon the tip of your member.

After a few excruciating minutes of pleasure your body gives way. As your back arches, two thick ropes of cum squirt out and land on Yukari's breasts, coating them in the sticky fluid. She slides up your body and leaves a trail of cum from her soaked chest along the way. You lie there, breathing heavily. It is now that your senses fully become aware, and you realize that the lighting in the room has intensified a bit from when you last fell asleep. No more than an hour could have passed since then.

A single kiss is placed upon your cheek, and then she speaks. “Good morning,” she says happily, “You were such a good boy for staying with me all night that I decided you deserved a reward.”

You manage to groan out a simple thank you, although it is cut off by another growl.

She gasps, “Oh! You must be starving.” Yukari makes an audible 'hmm' before speaking again, “Naked, dirty, and hungry. We'll take care of that. I wouldn't want anyone to think that Yukari doesn't take care of her pets.”

Yukari stands up and takes a hold of your arm, pulling you upright. A hole opens, similar to the ones from before, and a pile of clean clothes falls out. They are simple, consisting of a pair of gray trousers with a drawstring and a white t-shirt. Another hole opens and releases what appears to be a bathrobe, and a third delivers her own garment: a long, frilly, purple dress.

“Wear the robe for now, I'd rather you didn't get your new clothes dirty,” she says, handing you the robe. Inspecting it shows the back is emblazoned with the word 'Hers'.

A quiet laugh can be heard as she notices you looking at it, “How appropriate, isn't it?”.

The two of you quickly get dressed and Yukari takes you by the hand, leading you from the room. Out in to the corridor, down the hall and finally to what appears to be a kitchen and dining room. The smell of recently cooked food wafts out of the open door. She drags you inside the room and shuts the door behind the two of you. The room is split in two -- a kitchen on one side and a low table with seats on the other. The table has been set for two and is covered in an assortment of dishes along with a small note. Judging by how recent the display appears to be, you estimate that you missed the cook by at most an hour, probably less.

Yukari picks up the note and reads it aloud, “Cooked breakfast for you and your guest, went to the human village to shop. Chen and I already ate.”

“Well, isn't that nice of her?,” she says, “She was a bit upset earlier, but it seems she calmed down.”

You stare at the display on the table, salivating at the thought of all of that food. Yukari motions for you to sit down as she crosses to the other side of the table and takes her own seat. The two of you begin to eat, mostly silent aside from a quiet laugh as Yukari watches you gorge yourself on the table contents.

She watches you for a bit, picking at her food daintily, before speaking, “So, now that we've got a bit of a respite from the fun we had earlier, is there anything you wanted to ask me?”

[ ] What are you?
[ ] Where am I?
[ ] Who were you arguing with earlier, and who is 'Chen'?
[ ] Inquire about the friends she mentioned earlier.
[ ] Ask about a bath.
No. 3042
[X] Where am I?
[X] Who were you arguing with earlier, and who is 'Chen'?
No. 3043
[X] What are you?
[X] Inquire about the friends she mentioned earlier.

[X] Ask about a bath, together.

Pets need proper grooming.
No. 3045
[x] What are you?
[x] Where am I?
[x] Who were you arguing with earlier, and who is 'Chen'?
[x] Ask about a bath

I think it's too soon to be asking about her friends. We should enjoy a few days with Master Yukari before asking about that. But I think we can ask about the other residents here.

And you did not specify a limit on questions.
No. 3046

Okay, discard;
[X] Inquire about the friends she mentioned earlier.

Go with:

But emphasis on:
[X] Ask about a bath, together.

Pets need proper grooming.
No. 3047
[Q] What are you?
[Q] Ask about a bath
No. 3048
[ ] What are you?
[ ] Where am I?
[ ] Who were you arguing with earlier, and who is 'Chen'?
No. 3049
Oops, I caused a problem by not setting any limitations. As such, here is what I will do:

The 3 questions that receive the most votes will be written.
No. 3053
[x] What are you?
[x] Ask about a bath
No. 3054

This. Sounds. Nice.
No. 3057
[x] What are you?
[x] Where am I?
[x] Why me?
No. 3058
[x] What are you?
[x] Where am I?
[x] Who were you arguing with earlier, and who is 'Chen'?
[x] Ask about a bath
No. 3059
[X] What are you?
[X] Where am I?
[X] Ask about a bath, together.
No. 3060
[X] Where am I?
[X] Who were you arguing with earlier, and who is 'Chen'?
[X] Inquire about the friends she mentioned earlier.
[X] Ask about a bath.
No. 3061
Votes closed, tallied up and I will be writing:

[X] What are you?
[X] Where am I?
[X] Ask about a bath.

As mentioned before, I took the three options that got the most response.

Don't worry, you'll get to talk about her friends eventually. She did mention them herself, after all.

Also, I am surprised that nobody mentioned this line:

>Judging by how recent the display appears to be, you estimate that you missed the cook by at most an hour, probably less.
No. 3062

What was there to mention other than the fact that going for food would have had some success, if a possible scolding from our master?

That and there's a general rule of thumb: you do not wake up sleeping Yukari.
No. 3063
I'm going to update tomorrow, probably.
No. 3064

Amen. May God Bless thee
No. 3068
File 125767604730.jpg - (113.74KB , 600x665 , 122041617860.jpg ) [iqdb]
Updates are where?
No. 3069

No. 3070
File 125769401496.jpg - (19.23KB , 347x312 , moar.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 3073
I am enjoying my weekend, and just woke up. Have a little patience, I have to write when I feel up to it.

Also, >>3068

Mm, yukari x yuyuko picture I didn't have.
No. 3074
File 125772088434.jpg - (470.71KB , 1000x1000 , Yukari 017.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'll be waiting warmly.
No. 3075

I have something to confess.

Yukari isn't my waifu, just awfully close.
No. 3076
Glad you liked it.
Its a gift.
No. 3090
I will either update late tonight/early morning (1-5 AM EST) or the evening of the 10th.
No. 3109
Tonight would be nice.
No. 3113

I'm in the process of writing right now.
No. 3119
File 125790508444.jpg - (209.83KB , 630x800 , 201615867ba2d1a0288e550afba11e80.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] What are you?
[X] Where am I?
[X] Ask about a bath.


Looking up from your food and swallowing, you stare at Yukari. You weren't expecting her to offer up any information this early in your service. Thinking for a moment, a few questions come to mind. The first is to ask what she is, as it's fairly obvious she is anything but human despite how she may look. That strange ability to create holes in space is intriguing to say the least, especially given your 'experiences' with them thus far.

“Well,” you speak up, pausing for a moment, “I was wondering what exactly you are? I apologize if I offend, but it's apparent that you aren't human.”

Yukari flashes a cheshire grin, “You are quite observant, aren't you?,” she states, laughing quietly, “No, you're right, I am most assuredly not human. The proper term would be 'youkai', although I've been called all manner of names including 'gap demon' or what have you.”

“Youkai? Gap demon?,” you respond incredulously, “I find it a bit hard to believe. Then again, I've seen it first hand.” As you finish your sentence a small gap, followed by a hand, appears near your face and wipes a few crumbs off before disappearing as if confirming what she claims.

Yukari offers up a raucous laugh, “This is why I love humans from the outside. They've no youkai like the old days any more, just stories of man-eating demons,” she says, narrowing her eyes and licking her lips, “I am a man-eater, in my own right.”

You add, “I don't mind being eaten by you, Master Yukari,” which results in a seductive grin from her.

“Now, games aside, I have the ability to manipulate the boundaries of just about anything,” she states proudly, “Time, space, life and death. It continues along those lines. I could even make you a woman if I saw fit.” Something about her eyes gives you the idea she might be trying that in the future.

“Right, moving on, I suppose my next question would be as to where I am?”

She smiles, “I can tell you for certain that you aren't in Kansas.”

The remark leaves a shocked look on your face, to which Yukari responds, “I've watched many of your outsider movies. I can bridge our worlds easily enough to do so.”

Stammering slightly, “Oh, I see. I'm in a different world then?”

“Not so much. You're in a land called Gensokyo, you can think of it as a pocket of space within Japan. Normally people such as yourself can't reach it, but I can bring others over with my abilities,” she says, sighing at the end, “So yes, you are in a different world, just not exactly. It's hard to explain.” She waves her hand dismissively, “Next question?”

Speaking hesitantly,“I was wondering about that bath you offered earlier, Master Yukari.”

“My, my. You're so adorable when you are nervous like that,” she replies, offering up a small giggle, “Yes, I did indeed offer you a bath, didn't I? I'm sure we could both use one.” Yukari stands up from the table and indicates for you to do so as well.

Crossing over to your side of the table, she takes one of your hands, “You'll need to get used to my method of travel. Are you ready?,” she asks. All you can do is nod dumbly and grip her hand tight.

Another sea of eyes envelops you as before but this time you have someone with you. Yukari holds your hand tightly and the eyes disappear almost as quickly as they came. Looking around you find yourself in a hallway facing a door.

“That wasn't so bad, now was it?,” she adds, “The first time is always the worst.”

She slides open the door to reveal, surprisingly, a very modern western-style bathroom. A very large bath tub takes up an entire wall with the usual amenities gracing the others save for a shower. She leads you inside, still holding your hand, and begins to draw the bath.

Gawking at your surroundings you state, “I wasn't expecting this sort of bathroom, I was expecting something more,”

“Japanese?,” she says, cutting you off, “Well, I've become fond of taking a bath rather than the whole 'shower and soak' thing.”

“Where did you even get it in this place?,” you ask.

Yukari laughs before speaking, “Let's just say I took it from a vampire who was rather upset afterwards. Maybe I can tell you the story later.”

The two of you begin to strip as the tub continues filling. This is the first time you've seen her entirely naked and in a reasonable level of light. Yukari takes a container from the nearby shelf and bends over the tub to pour the contents inside. You take a moment to admire those curvaceous thighs and that plump, but not too big, rear. She swirls her hands around in the tub a bit, a layer of bubbles coming to the top, before stepping inside and resting against one of the walls. The sound of snapping fingers brings you back to reality causing you to quickly join her in the tub. It isn't until you are inside that you realize how massive it actually is. More along the lines of a large jacuzzi or small pool than a tub.

“It's nice, isn't it?,” Yukari says quietly. She gently takes a hold of your shoulders and pulls the both of you back to her position against the wall. Yukari wraps her arms around your waist and holds you to her as she lies beneath you. One hand gently strokes your stomach and chest, the other can be felt sliding down and rubbing the inside of your left thigh. You can feel the sensation of those soft breasts and hard nipples pressing against your back. The hand against your thigh slowly moves to your crotch, gripping the semi-hard shaft and giving it a quick stroke.

She gently licks your neck once, and whispers to you, “How would you like to be inside of me? And you don't even have to move an inch.”

Moaning quietly as the hand strokes you, “Please, Master Yukari,” is the only response you can manage.

That now familiar giggle can be heard again, “I'm saving the best for last, but you'll enjoy this. Now close your eyes and relax.”

You abide by her command and close your eyes, letting your body relax in to hers. The hand removes itself from your length and returns to its position at the waist. A strange sensation can be felt around your penis and is followed by the realization that it is pressing against a very tight opening. Yukari moans softly in to your ear as the head of your cock pops in to the tight ring of her anus. An audible gasp can be heard from her as you sink in to the depths of her asshole. You finally stop as your crotch presses against her rear and yields no more ground.

Yukari groans quietly before speaking, “I haven't had a man inside of me in so long, it's wonderful.” Almost immediately you can feel her hole squeezing tightly around your shaft as she continues to speak, “I hope you are enjoying it, because I am not stopping until I've,” she grunts quietly, as your cock slides from her hole, leaving just the head inside, “Until I've had you fill me with that delicious cum of yours,” she finishes, as you feel yourself being driven back in to her depths. Yukari wraps her arms tightly around your waist, arches her body and presses her breasts in to your back, lifting you from the water as she does so. As you lie there immobile on top of Yukari you can feel your hardened penis sliding in and out of her tight, puckered anus, faster than you can imagine. The two of you cry and moan loudly together as the pace continues to pick up.

She catches herself for a moment and whispers to you, “Open your eyes, and look down.” Doing so, you spot, through the steam and haze, a black ribboned gap sliding itself rapidly up and down your cock. Every time you disappear in to the hole, the tight sensation of Yukari's asshole can be felt. Your body can be felt tensing up and readying itself for an orgasm. Moaning loudly, you can feel your legs go rigid and your toes curl up. The gap pulls off of your penis and frees you from Yukari's asshole. In one swift motion it slams down upon you and presses the entire length in to her body. Throbbing and twitching, you spill thick, warm seed in to her depths. She cries shortly after and her body tenses up below you, followed by something squirting against your lower back. You catch your breath and watch the gap slide off of you and hang there in the air as cum drips from the opening and lands in the bath.

Breathing heavily, Yukari relaxes her body and lowers the two of you back down in to the water. The gap disappears from view and you close your eyes. Both of you lie there, breathing heavily, for some time. Yukari's head rests on your shoulder and gently presses against yours.

She breaks the silence, “I've come to a decision,” speaking quietly and turning her head to suck on your neck.

“May I ask what you have decided, Master Yukari?” you reply, turning your own head in response to better expose your neck.

Yukari sits there quietly for a bit, sucking and nibbling on your neck for a bit until breaking off and speaking, “I wasn't sure if I was going to keep you. But I know now that I will be.”

You smile as she returns to working on your neck, quietly speaking, “I'm happy for that.” She replies with a rather happy sounding moan.

The rest of the bath goes mostly as normal once Yukari suggests actually bathing. She washes you, to which you return the favor, earning you the chance to play with her breasts while washing them. Pinching a nipple earns you a soft tap on the head from a closed fan that appears from nowhere which is followed by a soft laugh from Yukari. Leaving the bath after some time, you dry off as another gap opens. It conveniently drops out the outfit from earlier and you put it on as Yukari dresses herself. The two of you stand in front of the mirror together and you note that, in comparison, you are rather plainly dressed. Yukari wears a long white dress with the tabard from earlier covering it. The puffy hat has returned and she stands there quietly as she puts her hair up inside of it. Two long strands of blonde hair hang from either side of her head to which she affixes two small red ribbons, thus completing the look.

Turning to you, she smiles warmly, “Shall we go to the sitting room? It has been a while, and Ran should be returning soon to cook lunch.”

Nodding in reply, you are enveloped in the eyes again for a moment. You find yourself sitting next to Yukari on a long couch which seems to be out of place with the rest of the Japanese décor. The sun shines in through the thin paper covering the entrance. It seems to be around noon now.

Looking at you, she asks, “So, we have a bit. Is there anything you'd like to do?,” she laughs quietly and then adds, “Aside from me, of course.” She rests a finger against her cheek and looks off in to the distance as if she were thinking.

She claps her hands together, “I have a few ideas!,” she exclaims, “You could go outside and find Chen, she's probably out playing right now. Or we could take a nap together, I'm a little sleepy after all of that,” she hums quietly, then adds another suggestion, “We could just stay here together and wait for Ran. I'd like you to meet her, and we could get lunch. In any case, I have plans for us for later."

[ ] Go outside and find Chen, it'd be nice to meet some of the other residents and have some personal time.
[ ] Take a nap with Yukari.
[ ] Wait together for Ran and have lunch.
No. 3120
Would anyone be opposed to, every so often, having a run down of the prior choices and what was missed or avoided?

This isn't to say that you should despair if I do so. Missing an opportunity in this story may not be the end of it but rather push it down the road.

There won't be multiple 'play throughs' of this story, but it will be written until I get tired or run out of ideas. There are no real 'routes', either.
No. 3121
[Q] Go outside and find Chen, it'd be nice to meet some of the other residents and have some personal time.
No. 3122
[x] Go outside and find Chen, it'd be nice to meet some of the other residents and have some personal time.

Stretch your legs, get some fresh air, and admire the scenery.
No. 3123
Sure. I mean, as long as you plan on writing them down the road, then there's not much to despair over... unless you just stop showing up one day.
No. 3124
[x] Wait together for Ran and have lunch.

I think clearing things up with Ran would be a nice idea, and perhaps this time waiting could be used to get to know our Master better.
No. 3126
[x] Go outside and find Chen, it'd be nice to meet some of the other residents and have some personal time.
No. 3127
[X] Go outside and find Chen, it'd be nice to meet some of the other residents and have some personal time.

>I could even make you a woman if I saw fit.” Something about her eyes gives you the idea she might be trying that in the future.

Best End if she lets us bear her child.

Beyond the Best End if she has ours as well.
No. 3128
[x] Go outside and find Chen, it'd be nice to meet some of the other residents and have some personal time.

Disturbing and awkward introductions, go.

Yes yes yes yes god, yes.
No. 3129
[x] Wait together for Ran and have lunch.

I'd like to meet this.... Ran....
No. 3130
File 125791275484.gif - (683.67KB , 300x169 , 125506427298.gif ) [iqdb]
Alright, well, I'll give a run down of the first post as an example:

[ ] Call out, "Is someone there?" - Would've extended the scene a bit, nothing 'missed'.
[ ] Get up, slippers off, approach the hole. - Same as the slippers on option, just to mess with people.
[ ] Roll back over, go to sleep. If it's really that important, it will be there tomorrow. - You would've been run down by a train the next day. Picture related.
No. 3132
>You would've been run down by a train the next day.

No. 3134

See picture.

My original intent was to write the story as silly H, but I quickly changed my mind.
No. 3135
[ø] Wait together for Ran and have lunch.
No. 3138
Very silly, considering we were half-asleep and could have passed it off as a dream. In which case your Yukari might be more of a bitch then we originally thought, if she would throw him in front of a train for that.
No. 3139
[x] Wait together for Ran and have lunch.
No. 3140

She could have taken the slight as an insult, but it wasn't likely that Anon would pass up the plot hook like this.
No. 3143

Aren't you glad I realized it was stupid and changed my mind?

I've tamed the silliness to simple clever remarks scattered in the text, such as Yukari's bit about Kansas.
No. 3144
[x] Wait together for Ran and have lunch.
No. 3147
[X] Go outside and find Chen, it'd be nice to meet some of the other residents and have some personal time.

Extend the 'e' sound, but do not vary pitch.
No. 3148
File 125797710590.jpg - (168.84KB , 409x500 , b3b43c1d65d1af7e2ab3144b1fdfeebc.jpg ) [iqdb]
Tie broken, closing votes before it happens again. Will be writing:

[X] Go outside and find Chen, it'd be nice to meet some of the other residents and have some personal time.

Expect an update sometime tonight, possibly late because I'll be going out to dinner soon.
No. 3149
I hope Yukari decides to teach Chen how to handle the new pet.
No. 3150
How about teaching the new pet how to handle Chen?
No. 3152
Also, I've actually started writing right now.

For those who are curious, the story expands beyond Yukari. I would even like to write some UFO characters. I have an interesting interpretation to Byakuren that I am sure most will enjoy.
No. 3155
File 125798158428.jpg - (103.65KB , 500x700 , 5c9a15b2e3cb6495e4aab5f5e8101129.jpg ) [iqdb]
Time for a chenge of pace.

[X] Go outside and find Chen, it'd be nice to meet some of the other residents and have some personal time.


Turning away from Yukari you look over towards the thin, sliding door, “I'd enjoy meeting her, I haven't come across anyone else here yet.”

“Great!,” Yukari exclaims, leaning forward to place a kiss on your cheek, “It's settled then, I'll enjoy a nap and you can go introduce yourself to Chen,” she says, pulling back from you and smiling, “She's an adorable little girl, just look for the two tails and the hat.” Yukari ends the statement with a yawn, standing up and quickly disappearing into a gap.

You stand up, walk over to the door and open it, the midday sun streaming through the doorway as you step outside and close it. The surrounding area looks to be an abandoned village. A variety of old houses covered in vines or left exposed to the elements dot the area. Vibrant green trees and bushes are interspersed throughout the village, alive with the early summer season. You hop down from the exterior walkway of Yukari's home and stroll in towards the center of the small town. Cats climb the trees and houses around you, watching and staring.

A small, odd, menagerie of animals relaxing on and around a dilapidated fence come in to view. Two black cats, both twin-tailed, lay at the base of fencing. A mouse and crow can also be seen, the first resting atop a cat while the second perches upon the fence post. The bird cocks its head and looks towards you as you move closer. It lets off a sharp 'caw', causing the other animals to spot you and scatter in response, save for one of the twin-tailed cats. The cat yawns and stretches peacefully as you approach and bend down to pick it up.

“You must be Chen,” you say to the cat, “Although I was expecting something more person-like rather than an animal.”

The cat meows in response and wiggles from your grasp. Its small shape is suddenly replaced by that of a small girl sporting a green hat and a pair of tails. She looks up at you with her large red eyes and a smile stretched across her face.

“Hi!,” she says happily to you, “I don't remember seeing you around before. Are you new here?”

You take a step back in response, “Yes, I'm Master Yukari's new pet,” you say, then correct yourself, “Her new guest, rather. She said I should come find you and introduce myself.” Bowing slightly, you add, “It's nice to meet you, Chen.”

Her eyes light up in response, “Oh, mama Ran said somebody from the outside was visiting.” Chen grabs your hand, “My friends ran off, but you'll play with me, right? I'm sure you know a bunch of fun outside person games,” she says cheerfully.

[ ] Play Hide and Seek.
[ ] Check your pockets for something to perform a simple magic trick with.
[ ] Ask Chen to show you one of her games.
[ ] Teach her a 'game for adults'.
No. 3156
[X] Ask Chen to show you one of her games.

Best not be too presumptuous, and do something to incur Ran or Yukari's anger.

Hopefully Chen knows an adult game she'd like to play with us.
No. 3157
[X] Play Hide and Seek.

I've got a feeling Master Yukari would be rather angry if she found out we were playing adult games with chen...
No. 3158
[x] Check your pockets for something to perform a simple magic trick with.
[x] Ask Chen to show you one of her games.
No. 3160
[X] Check your pockets for something with which to perform a simple magic trick.

Not a write-in, just Grammar Nazi'd.
No. 3162
[x] Check your pockets for something to perform a simple magic trick with.

Though Chen is tempting I'd rather keep on Yukari and Ran's good side.
No. 3163
There is a chance I may update again tonight should I get a reasonable number of votes by the time I get home.
No. 3164
[x] Check your pockets for something to perform a simple magic trick with.
[x] Ask Chen to show you one of her games.

Keep things nice and clean, if we're into lolicon we might ask that of our Master at a latter time.

That and trying to teach her adult games would get us killed by Ran first of all, let alone Yukari.

And it'd be being a bad pet.
No. 3167
[x] Check your pockets for something to perform a simple magic trick with.
[x] Ask Chen to show you one of her games.
No. 3169
[x] Check your pockets for something to perform a simple magic trick with.
[x] Ask Chen to show you one of her games.
No. 3174
Closing votes, will try to write an update tonight. No promises.
No. 3182
File 12580114255.jpg - (654.67KB , 900x1200 , c74e540b04778d2fa093f63b45a8c03e.jpg ) [iqdb]
No update tonight, don't feel like it. I'll try to write two tomorrow if time permits, although my day is mostly full.

In return, have some delicious Yuuka.
No. 3188
Writing has commenced.
No. 3192
File 125807406553.jpg - (98.09KB , 600x600 , ff2a6717124cd46a3ce9c7377a8afed9.jpg ) [iqdb]
I seem to be in the habit of deleting and reposting as I catch minor mistakes.

[x] Check your pockets for something to perform a simple magic trick with.
[x] Ask Chen to show you one of her games.


Tapping your chin, you think for a moment before speaking, “An outside person game, you say?”

Chen lets go of your hand and claps hers together happily, shaking her head up and down in excitement.

“Well, how about I show you some outside person magic, and then you can teach me one of your games,” you say as you fumble through the pockets of the outfit. A decently sized piece of currency can be felt.

"Wow," Chen exclaims cheerfully, bouncing up and down, "I didn't know people from the outside could do magic!”

You lift the coin from your pocket to find what appears to be an old piece of Japanese coinage. Thanking your lucky stars, you begin the trick by presenting the coin to Chen.

“I can make this coin disappear before your very eyes!” you state proudly, “Watch carefully, Chen.”

The girl stares intently at your hand as you perform the trick using sleight-of-hand to make the coin 'disappear'. You show both hands, which are seemingly empty, to Chen. She gasps in amazement at the simple trick.

Excitedly she exclaims, “Wow! You really did it, that was so cool! But where did it go? It has to go somewhere!”

You lean over to Chen, “Oh? What's this?,” you say quietly, just loud enough for her to hear. Reaching behind her ear, you produce the coin, then ask, “How on earth did this get behind there?,” proffering a sly grin as you retrieve the object.

She gasps loudly and covers her mouth, stammering, “You put it there! That's just like mama Yukari making stuff move around!”

Chuckling in response, you add, “Not exactly. Maybe just a little similar.”

“Outsider magic is so cool, you have to show mama Ran and Yukari some time,” Chen states, then adds, “Now I can teach you one of my games, 'kay?”

Smiling, you pat her head gently, “That sounds like fun. What're we going to play?”

“Danmaku,” she says, a wide smile covering her face, “It's kinda like fighting, but, um, not really. You don't get too hurt or anything.” The smile fades a bit, “Oh, I dunno if outsiders can play danmaku.”

You stand up and stroke your chin in thought, “Well, even if I can't, you can show me anyway.”

“Yeah!,” Chen shouts, “You can just run around and dodge the stuff, 'kay? You probably can't fly either so we'll just do it on the ground.”

Chen runs off a short distance before turning to face you and shouts, “Are you ready? Just try not to get hit!” She closes her eyes and concentrates as vibrant green spheres begin to form around her. Unsure of what to do, you prepare to run if need be. The spheres rapidly expand from her and fly in every direction, including towards you. Although they are intimidating you manage to slide through the gaps in between them. Bursts of green and blue leaf-shaped energy explode around her, the majority either missing you entirely or moving slow enough to avoid. The process, which continues for not even a minute, feels as if it is an eternity.

“Hey!,” she yells to you, “You're pretty good.” A respite from the colorful assault is offered for a moment before it begins anew. You realize the pattern has changed though, as thick clusters of orange and red arrow-shaped objects pop in to existence. They pause briefly to form a circle before flying outward in a spiral shape. Looking around for an opening, it seems as if she has you. What seems to be a solid wall of energy is flying straight towards you, eyes closing as you brace for impact.

You wait, and wait, and continue to wait. Coming to terms with the fact that nothing in particular happened you tentatively look around. A dizzying array of energy swirls around you and passes through your body harmlessly. Chen seems to have noticed this as well and stops what she was doing. The remainders of the energy dissipate in the distance.

Chen yells at you, “I saw you get hit! But nothing happened!” The girl runs up to you and huffs, “Is that more outsider magic? 'Cause it's cheating.”

Patting yourself down, you seem to be intact. “I don't know, don't ask me! I've never played danmaku before.” A glance towards the sky reveals what you believe to be a small gap hovering in the air. It fades out of sight shortly after being noticed.

A shout can be heard from Master Yukari's home, which seems to be a woman calling for Chen.

“Oh, that's mama Ran. It's lunch time now, so let's go,” Chen says quietly, “You gotta show me later what you did, then I can beat all my friends.”

[ ] Follow Chen back to the house.
[ ] Tell her to go and you'll catch up.
[ ] Tell her to go, you want to check out the village some more.
No. 3193
[ ] Tell her to go, you want to check out the village some more.
No. 3194
[x] Tell her to go, you want to check out the village some more.
No. 3195
[x] Tell her to go, you want to check out the village some more.
No. 3196
[0] Tell her to go, you want to check out the village some more.
No. 3202
[x] Follow Chen back to the house.

We should head in for lunch, that and perhaps Yukari and Ran will have more things to say.

But given our position, we will need all teh energy we can get.
No. 3204
[X] Tell her to go, you want to check out the village some more.

Yukari clearly has an eye on us, and if she wants us back, then zip, we're back.
No. 3208
[X] Tell her to go, you want to check out the village some more.
No. 3209
[x] Tell her to go and you'll catch up.

A chance to speak with Yukari and learn what she did.
No. 3210
[x] Tell her to go and you'll catch up.
No. 3212
[x] Follow Chen back to the house.

Yes, follow Chen.
No. 3214
[x] Follow Chen back to the house.
No. 3216
[x] Follow Chen back to the house.
No. 3218
[x] Follow Chen back to the house.
No. 3219
[x] Tell her to go and you'll catch up.
No. 3220
[x] Follow Chen back to the house.
No. 3221
[x] Follow Chen back to the house.

We haven't met Ran yet.
No. 3222
[X] Follow Chen back to the house.
No. 3223
[Q] Follow Chen back to the house.
No. 3226
[x] Tell her to go, you want to check out the village some more.
No. 3227
[x] Tell her to go, you want to check out the village some more.
No. 3232
I'll be back this evening. Will close votes tonight and tally them so I can write some more.
No. 3233
[x] Tell her to go, you want to check out the village some more.
No. 3234
[x] Tell her to go, you want to check out the village some more.
No. 3236
[x] Follow Chen back to the house.
No. 3237
I wonder though, do we have to be a naughty pet to earn a visit to to be forced to visit master Yukari's discipline room.
No. 3238
Oh of course not, every Master knows they need to give some occasional discipline to keep their pet in line.
No. 3239
[x] Tell her to go, you want to check out the village some more.
No. 3240

Thank you, I was waiting for a tie breaker. I find it odd to mash F5 for my own story.

Votes closed, writing shortly:

[x] Tell her to go, you want to check out the village some more.
No. 3241
>I find it odd to mash F5 for my own story.

Not that it would be that you don't get enough votes, which would be the cause for other writers.
No. 3242
I hope we still get to eat lunch and not utterly skip it.
No. 3243

Last time you risked missing a meal you were treated to a round of fellatio.
No. 3244
The more meals we miss, the greater the chance of us passing out during said round of fellatio.

And I believe he was more concerned about meeting Ran and getting on her good side.
No. 3245

Yeah when we do have sex, we're going to need all the energy we can get.

That and this morning there was also the matter of not leaving Yukari's side, and we really didn't miss breakfast.

This on the other hand has the risk of skipping Lunch.
No. 3247
File 12581652988.jpg - (1.05MB , 1110x1507 , 780f1cd0f3f841bfb73ea82f3d9051eb.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Tell her to go, you want to check out the village some more.


You wave a hand at Chen to dismiss her, “Go ahead, I can eat later. I'd like to check out the rest of the village.”

“But your food will be cold and mama Ran won't be happy!,” she replies, frowning at you.

Patting her head, you sigh, “It'll be okay, go eat. I'll even play with you more later.”

Chen gives you a dejected look before turning away and running off towards Yukari's home. You wait for her to be out of sight before heading towards the rest of the abandoned village. The wind whips past and stirs up a small cloud of dust. Were it not for the temperate surroundings you would expect to see a tumbleweed rolling along. You continue deeper in to the village as a feeling of being watched comes over you. The feeling is confirmed not a moment too soon as a large gap opens and spills Yukari out from it.

“You were watching me, Master Yukari,” you say before she has a chance to speak.

Yukari chuckles quietly, “Oh? Am I not allowed to watch my pet play with Chen?” Smiling, she quickly adds, “Or perhaps there is a reason you are concerned.”

Shifting uncomfortably, you reply, “I just found it a bit unnerving. How long were you watching us?”

“If you were wondering whether or not I saw the little danmaku spectacle, the answer is yes,” she says, approaching slowly and circling around you as if she were a shark, “I also saw when you didn't get hit, which I find very interesting.”

Your gaze follows Yukari, “What's so interesting about it? Chen told me I was cheating,” you ask cautiously.

The smile on her face darkens and twists, “Perhaps it isn't so interesting, we'll see after I perform a small experiment.” She stops in her tracks and draws a single card from her dress.

“What are you doing?,” you ask her, now fearing for your own safety.

Yukari raises the card above her head and shouts, “Bounded Field! Boundary of Life and Death!”. Blue, leaf-shaped energy begins to pour from her position almost instantaneously. You are caught off guard but manage to run out of the way of the first few waves. This continues as large, purplish balls of light are added to the mixture. Leaping out of the way, you plant yourself painfully on the ground. As you stand up you find yourself face to face with a flurry of massive red spheres. Yukari watches you from her unmoving position as the wall of energy passes through you harmlessly. Wind whips around the two of you as the process ceases to end. More varieties of energy are added: Dark blue arrows, as well as balls of both yellow and aqua-blue energy. Infinite, multi-colored walls enter your body and exit as if they were not even there. Yukari lowers the card as the display fades to nothingness and the wind dies down. Exhausted, you fall to one knee and attempt to catch your breath.”

Her darkened smile reforms itself in to a rather pleased look upon her face. “My, my, my. We have something quite special here,” she says in an amused tone. “You are either immune to danmaku or,” she pauses to think for a moment, “Well, that is the only answer I have for now.”

You look up at Yukari and stare intently at her, “Putting aside the fact that you scared me out of my wits, what do you mean I'm 'immune to danmaku'?”

Yukari laughs and places her closed fan over her lips, “Simply put, the energy created doesn't have any affect on you. That makes you extremely valuable to me.” She chuckles before adding, “Beyond your use in the bedroom, that is. I'll explain it to you later.”

“I can't decide if that is a good or a bad thing,” you state flatly.

“Now,” she replies, “Are you hungry? I've worked up a bit of an appetite and Ran seems to have just finished cooking.”

You nod slowly and stand up to brush yourself off. Seconds later you find yourself next to Yukari at the entrance of the kitchen. The door before you slides open to reveal a rather annoyed woman.

The woman plants her hands on her hips and speaks to Yukari, “Chen and I were waiting for the two of you, just where do you think you were?”

Yukari responds to her in a playful tone, “Oh? My pet and I were out on the town having a bit of fun, Ran.” She slides behind you, resulting in you being in a rather unfortunate position.

Ran tosses her hands up in frustration and walks back in to the kitchen. A confused Chen peers at you and Yukari from the table. Yukari shoves you in to the room and follows suit, closing the door behind her.

“We're here now, aren't we Ran?,” Yukari says as she takes a seat at the table, yanking you down next to her.

Ran crosses to the other side, next to Chen, and takes a seat before speaking, “I suppose it can slide for the moment, but I'd rather you not take so long in the future.” The upset look on her face is replaced by one of mental exhaustion.

The meal commences in a rather 'normal' manner as Chen rattles off stories about the various things she did this morning. The rest of the table eats in silence as she recounts playing with you. Her mention of the magic trick and comparison to Yukari results in a wary look from Ran and an amused smile from the former.

Time seems to have passed faster than expected as you take note of the setting sun through the thin paper of the exterior door. The sound of dishes clattering wakes you from your daydream as Ran picks up the messy table.

Ran addresses you, “The least you can do is help with the dishes.” She turns her head towards Chen, “Go ahead and play some more outside, Chen.”

Chen cheers and runs off to play, followed by Yukari standing up. “Don't be too hard on my pet, Ran,” she says, then speaks to you, “I'll see you later, be a good boy and help Ran out.” She slips in to a gap and fades from sight.

You nod to Ran and stand up quietly, picking up the remaining dishes and carrying them over to a large sink. Ran slides in beside you and sets her load down in the already prepared sink.

“I don't like you,” she says, “Yukari takes you in to her home and lavishes her attention upon you.”

Setting your own dishes down, you look at Ran, “I'm sorry,” you mutter quietly before beginning work on the dishes.

Ran stands beside you and works in silence for a few minutes. The tension hangs thickly in the air as the two of you clean the dishes silently. She breaks the silence and speaks, “I don't get why you're so special to her.”

“It wasn't my choice,” you reply, “I didn't ask to be brought here.”

She turns to you, “You could've resisted instead of submitting so easily and letting Yukari put her fingers inside of you,” she says in a flustered tone.

Taken aback by this comment you realize she was the one watching you that first night.

[ ] Confront her about watching Yukari and you.
[ ] Say nothing, work in silence.
[ ] Continue the conversation while acting oblivious.
No. 3248
[X] "Jealous?"
[X] Continue the conversation while acting oblivious.
No. 3250
[x] Confront her about watching Yukari and you.
-[x] Tell her considering all things you decided to make the best of it. You don't know why she choose you, but you're happy with how things turned out.
-[x] State your desire to just get along with everyone.
No. 3251
It seems a few folks may be paranoid over choices. This is understandable, but I would like to note that choices you may perceive as poor won't necessarily make the story go to hell. I consider myself a kind writer.

Case in point: Teaching Chen adult games or getting out of bed without waking Yukari.

People seemed particularly worried there.
No. 3252
[x] Confront her about watching Yukari and you.
-[x] Tell her considering all things you decided to make the best of it. You don't know why she choose you, but you're happy with how things turned out.
-[x] State your desire to just get along with everyone.
No. 3253
You know how I feel about write ins (unless prompted). I will take the source vote and the spirit of the added notes in to consideration though.
No. 3254

The case of not getting out of bed was just a matter of good manners and being a good pet.

The matter of Chen? well seeing how Ran is, it's a matter of not getting killed. (Unless Chen seems to show a teenage personality, trying to do adult things will not end well, even with nice writers)

Also there's the matter of the stunt upsetting Yukari.

Choices were made as to maintain being a "good pet".

And being a good pet rewarded us nicely so far.
No. 3256

If you die the worst thing that will happen is, "BAD END, GO BACK ONE SQUARE."

>There are no 'continues', if you fuck up it simply goes back a post.

Also, perhaps the punishment will be just as nice as the reward?
No. 3257
[x] Confront her about watching Yukari and you.
-[x] Tell her considering all things you decided to make the best of it. You don't know why she choose you, but you're happy with how things turned out.
-[x] State your desire to just get along with everyone.

I am not sure if this was asked before but what characters are getable. Where do you draw the line? Can we just go outside and have fun with someone like Alice or Tenshi and Iku?
No. 3258

Sorry about that, but it was just so vauge that my intent would not be sent.

Which was basically: I didn't expect to be here, but since I am here, I'm liking it. But I don't want to cause any problems with the other residents.
No. 3260
[x] "And what would you have done if you were suddenly thrust from your bedroom, waking up in an unfamiliar place; stripped, bound and powerless? Then your attractive captor appears, who could easily be dangerous, looking for something that you wouldn't mind participating in even if you weren't in that position in the first place?"
[x] "Do I look like an idiot? Well, maybe I am; I would have done so for a Klondike bar."

I know you don't like write-ins, so disregard this. I just had to post it.
No. 3261

But it would be breaking character. And not all of all are freaks who are obsessed with punishment.

That and we're still on day two.
No. 3262

There are no routes. Yukari may or may not care about loyalty. She may find time spent with others entertaining. I will probably present the opportunity for H scenes with every character encountered. This is in /at/, after all. I decided to write this to put prior ideas regarding various characters down on paper, so to speak, but in an environment where they can be enjoyed by others.
No. 3263
Adding to this, I also didn't want to write a bunch of single one-shot scenes like others do.
No. 3264
We're not obsessed with it... but a little punishment would be nice.
No. 3265
And if you do intend on Chen being "getable", you should show signs that mentally she isn't a sweet innocent little girl. (I think that was another reason why very few went for that option: it's just creepy)
No. 3266
[x] Confront her about watching Yukari and you.

I have no idea~
No. 3267
[x] Confront her about watching Yukari and you.

Sure, why not?
No. 3268
I see. So just go for every character that you want to, don't think too much about bad ends and just enjoy it. Or in short

Go Wild.

Actually, i was thinking about this too. But more in the way of if the writer is up for the job to write some scenes with Cirno and such. Not everyone is up to that job so i was just wondering where you draw the line.
No. 3269

Sort of. I present options in a way that you can't be 'stupid' like some stories or the choice of write-ins may allow.

As far as Chen goes, I haven't had much time to show her entire personality. She isn't completely innocent.
No. 3270
>As far as Chen goes, I haven't had much time to show her entire personality. She isn't completely innocent.

Now i am really curious about Cirno. I wonder how you solved that "problem". Half of us here don't mind, the other half could never see her in that way or it just feels creepy.
No. 3271

I don't know how I am going to do Cirno at this point. She isn't near the top of my list as far as writing her goes. She's in there somewhere though.
No. 3272
[X] Continue the conversation while acting oblivious.
No. 3273

I can already think of a bad end with her.

No. 3274
Okay, I was going to update but I'm tired. Going to close votes and write in the morning or tomorrow afternoon.

Next update will be: [x] Confront her about watching Yukari and you.
No. 3275
No. 3282
Be sure to include Ran Tails.
No. 3283
Eating then writing in ~30 min.
No. 3286
File 125823494934.jpg - (130.52KB , 700x800 , 220997c3d9c6a88863a9b0ee0ebf8413.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Confront her about watching Yukari and you.


Laughing loudly, you turn and stare Ran down, “So, that was you watching us, was it?,” you say in a menacing tone.

Ran's eyes go wide and her posture seems to shrink before you as a blush covers her face, “What? I, uh, “ is all she manages to stammer as she drops her dish into the sink and backs away.

You follow her retreat as if you were stalking prey, speaking this time in a hushed tone, “I saw the door close when I was with her that night. Someone was watching us, and it was you.”

She bumps in to the cabinetry behind her and covers her mouth in horror, “No! No, that wasn't me,” she cries, tears forming in the corners of her eyes.

Positioning your face mere inches from hers, you offer her a cruel grin, “I wonder if Master Yukari knows?,” you quietly ask.

Ran makes a quiet, choked sob and slides past you towards the kitchen door. She slides it open forcefully and shuts it behind her, catching one of her tails in it. A quiet, pained cry can be heard as she removes the tail, followed by the sound of footsteps moving quickly down the hall. The realization of what you just did begins to set in, although you feel somewhat justified based on how she was treating you. Turning back towards the dishes, you sigh and make a mental note to apologize later and clear the air.

You finish the dishes in short order, stacking them neatly in the cabinet. The thought of this offering some comfort to Ran crosses your mind as you turn to leave the kitchen yourself. Now standing out in the hallway, you wonder where to go. The first thing that comes to mind is to attempt to find the sitting room from earlier. Though you have never walked there personally, having been taken via gap, you manage to find the entrance in short order with a bit of luck. Stepping inside, the room seems the same as before, save for the exterior door now sitting wide open to let the cool night air flow in. Yukari and Chen can be seen sitting on the edge of the outer walkway together and chatting. You take a seat on the sofa from before and watch, not wishing to disturb them. Their conversation comes to an end as Yukari pats Chen on the head and gaps her off to some unknown destination. She stands up and looks towards you with a smile on her face as she approaches.

Yukari silently sits down next to you and puts her feet up on the sofa, yawning audibly. “Well, this has been an interesting day, hasn't it?,” she says in an exhausted tone.

You nod in response, “I had a nice day, Master Yukari,” you say, then adding, “I enjoyed meeting the others. It was a very unique experience.”

“To say the least I imagine,” she says, chuckling, “By the way, we'd usually have dinner about this time, but lunch was rather late today.” She shrugs quietly as she pulls her knees up towards her chest, wrapping her arms around them. “Also, I wanted to let you know that you are to be staying in my room from now on.”

“In your room?,” you ask, rather surprised.

Yukari gives you a smile and a short nod, “Yes. To be more specific, you will be sharing my bed as well,” she replies happily. Breaking her current position, Yukari crawls across the couch towards you and presses her form to yours. “It may seem a bit sudden, but I simply like to keep my pets close at hand.” She places one hand behind your head and draws it in towards hers. A tongue forces itself into your mouth the moment her lips touch it. She withdraws shortly after and licks her lips happily.

“There may be more where that came from, my pet,” she says playfully, sliding a hand down your chest and touching the tip of your now-erect penis through the fabric of the pants covering it. “I'll see you in bed later, though there is no rush,” she adds, before standing up and disappearing into another gap.

Lying there on the sofa, you catch your breath for a moment. You decide that it may be a good time to search for her room sooner rather than later. Leaving the sitting room you begin to wander the halls of the house, occasionally peeking in to unfamiliar rooms. A faint sound can be heard down the current path you are traveling. You reach the source of the sounds and gently press your ear to the sliding door. A faint combination of sobs and sharp, yet quiet, moans can be heard coming from within.

[ ] Quietly peek inside the room.
[ ] Ignore it and continue searching for Yukari's bedroom.
No. 3287
[x] Quietly peek inside the room.

We should comfort Ran, since while what she did wasn't right, but it wasn't a terribly horrific event that she did. And apologize for being overly menacing (that wasn't exactly the intent most of us voted for.)

And Master Yukari did say there was no terrible rush, that and perhaps afterwards, she can help us find the room if all goes well.
No. 3288
[ ] Quietly peek inside the room.
No. 3289
[X] Quietly peek inside the room.

Perhaps we could offer some comfort.
No. 3290
[X] Quietly peek inside the room.

Kinda weird to end an update with only one choice, but I'm not complaining.
No. 3291
{X} Quietly peek inside the room.
No. 3292
[x] Quietly peek inside the room.

Sure, why not?
No. 3293
[x] Ignore it and continue searching for Yukari's bedroom.
No. 3294
[X] Quietly peek inside the room.

I'd be nice if we got to apologize to Ran.
No. 3295
[x] Quietly peek inside the room.
No. 3296
[x] Quietly peek inside the room.
No. 3297
[X] Quietly peek inside the room.

We should comfort Ran.

Using our penis.
No. 3298
[x] Quietly peek inside the room.
While I don't want to keep Yukari waiting, I think we should take care of t...
>and sharp, yet quiet, moans
Oh, I think this might take a bit more than I thought.
No. 3299
[x] Quietly peek inside the room.
No. 3300

That and helping in cleaning up our own mess and for the good of the household.

I think doing this would either get us lightly punished in a sexy way or rewarded.
No. 3301
No. 3302
File 125825517914.jpg - (286.67KB , 642x900 , 359a28b2efc0519c62d902ca4913cebf.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Quietly peek inside the room.


Curiosity overtakes you and prompts you to carefully check the situation out. You gently slide open the door, just enough to peek inside. What appears before you is something that could only be classified as startling. Ran can be seen lying naked on her futon in the bedroom, her head thrown back and legs spread wide.

“Why, Yukari,” she says quietly, cut off by a short sob. A hand slides down between Ran's legs, eliciting a short moan, “Why not me?,” she asks. Two large tails slide out from beneath her and place themselves atop her breasts, the tips gently dancing across her nipples. Another moan, louder this time, escapes her. Tears stream from her tightly shut eyes as she speaks again, “After all this time I've received nothing.” She sobs and draws in a deep, ragged breath, “Why hunt for partners when I'm right here,” she says plaintively. The free hand reaches up to cup and squeeze her right breast as the other dutifully works at some unseen part of her body.

Watching the scene weighs your heart down heavily but you can feel something stirring below in spite of that fact. Balancing yourself against the doorway with one hand allows you to use the other to rub your cock through your pants. Ran appears to be picking up the pace, oblivious to your presence. Through the tears and moans she continues to speak about Yukari and her desires. She seems to be too caught up in her own pleasure to notice the presence of another person. You push off of the doorway and slip inside of the room against your better judgment.

“Yukari,” she moans, blissfully unaware. You step around Ran and take in the beauty of her body. It wasn't until now that you realize how womanly her features are, perhaps more so than Yukari in some ways. Her breasts appear to be a bit larger and both her hips and thighs could be described as motherly. You stand in front of Ran, watching her writhe and moan as she works on herself. She spreads her wet, pink lips as if presenting herself to you, fingers rigorously sliding inside of that dripping hole as sharp moans leave her mouth.

Lust replaces reason as you move quickly towards Ran's side. She hears your footsteps but reacts too slowly. Your face hangs no more than an inch from hers as you stare in to those large, golden eyes. Ran tries to shout in surprise but is cut off by the sudden presence of your tongue in her mouth. Her eyes are filled with shock and fear as you maintain the kiss, your tongue slipping over hers.

Ran manages to break the kiss for a moment, long enough to quietly cry out, “No, please, stop.”

You knock away one of the tails that was fondling her breasts and take a nipple between your fingers. Tugging on the nipple causes Ran to moan loudly in pleasure. Looking down her body, she seems to still be rubbing herself, despite the resistance she offered you.

“Do you really want me to stop, Ran?,” you ask her.

A wheezing, choked sob escapes her lips, “I, I, I don't,” she manages to say before being cut off. Another rough tug of the nipple results in the same response as before.

Staring in to those eyes, you speak to her in a calming tone, “I'm sorry for earlier, Ran. Let me make it up to you.”

Ran makes a few quick, frantic nods to you and speaks through ragged breaths, “Please, please don't stop.”

That is all the prompting you require as you lean down to kiss her. Ran turns her head to maintain the kiss as you lie down on the futon beside her. You pull the nipple upwards and release it, causing it to snap back and make the breast jiggle in response. Ran moans through the kiss as you squeeze the large breast, rolling the nipple between your fingers. Her hand slides in to your trousers and gently touches your length. Inexperienced fingers, pleasurable nonetheless, can be felt rubbing the head of your erect cock. Precum lubricates Ran's hand as it roughly slides over your penis. Upon returning her moan with your own, she tightly grips you in her hands and firmly pumps at your shaft. A trail of saliva hangs between both of your lips as she breaks the kiss to speak.

“Please, make me feel good,” she asks you quietly, softly kissing you once more.

You nod once in response and move down between her legs. She spreads them wide for you, doing the same with her soaked pussy lips. You lean forward and plant a soft kiss upon her slippery opening, causing Ran's body shudders visibly in response. Grabbing her thick thighs, you bury your face in to her and penetrate her depths with your tongue. A loud cry of pleasure can be heard from Ran as you forcefully lap her insides. Her body shudders every time you exhale through your nose, tickling her engorged clit. Another loud moan escapes her and legs wrap around your head as if trying to pull you deeper in to the moist cunt. Moments later, a scream of pleasure erupts from Ran, followed by the sensation of her juices flowing in to your mouth and down your chin.

Ran's legs lose their vice grip and flop down to the futon as she takes breathes deeply. You swallow the liquid and pull back from her, spotting a pool forming at the entrance to her vagina. Ran weakly embraces you as you return to her side. She brushes her lips against yours and then kisses you gently for but a moment. She rubs her head against yours and rests it gently on your shoulder as she sniffles. “Thank you,” Ran says quietly, “I'm sorry too.”

After offering her one final embrace you pull back and hold her by the shoulders, gazing in to her eyes. “It's alright, Ran,” you reply, “it's alright.”

She leans in to press her lips against yours once more. Breaking it off, she looks at you through teary, heavy-lidded eyes. “Go,” she says, “go to your master. I'll be fine.” Ran reaches up and gently pushes you away before laying her naked body down on the futon. She seems to fall asleep nearly instantly and you grab a nearby blanket to cover her. You stand and leave the room quietly so as not to disturb her.

Now back out in the hall, you return to the prior mission of seeking Yukari's bedroom. The corridors twist and turn as you continue down them. As soon as you feel you are lost, though, a faint light can be seen penetrating a door further along the hallway. You stand in front of the doorway and reach up to tap on the frame.

A familiar voice, that of Yukari's, interrupts you. “Come in, my dear,” she says. Once inside the room you find yourself facing a rather luxurious setup. As with some of the other décor it is very European rather than Asian. Yukari is on the bed, clothed in nothing but a translucent purple negligee. She lies on her side and watches you with a pleased smile.

“You took a bit of time getting here, didn't you?,” she says amusedly, patting the bed beside her. You apologize and cross the room to stand nearer the bed. “No need to apologize, I did tell you there was no rush,” she replies, winking and then adding, “Now, strip and join me in bed. I'd like to talk to you for a bit before we sleep.”

“Yes, Master Yukari,” you respond, taking off your clothes and revealing your still hard penis.

Yukari chuckles softly and speaks, “Oh my, I didn't realize I had such a lasting effect on you.” Her words cause you to swallow and fidget nervously as you crawl on to her bed.

Once you are seated upon the bed, Yukari sits up and slides in behind you, offering a warm embrace. She inhales deeply, taking in your scent, “A bit sweaty, aren't we? You must have been running through the halls for ages looking for me,” she says playfully, “I love the scent of a man, though.” Her tongue runs up the slide of your neck and flicks against your ear.

You let off a soft moan as she toys with you, but manage to slip a few words in, “Master Yukari, what did you want to discuss?”

“That's right, down to business,” she says as her tongue retreats from your earlobe, “I mentioned before that I wanted you to meet a few of my friends. There are five in particular that would enjoy your presence.” You let out a quiet 'mm' as Yukari continues to speak, “The first would be my closest friend. She's a bit demanding though, I suppose it comes with the whole 'being dead' thing.”

“Dead?,” you ask her curiously.

“Mm, she's the princess of the netherworld. You'd best treat her with respect,” she says, nipping your ear playfully, “Or else you'll have to answer to me.”

You wonder for a moment if answering to Yukari would be such a bad thing. “How about second, Master Yukari?,” you say, bringing her back in to focus.

“Ah, yes. The second one is part of the reason I brought you here. She's a dangerous pharmacist with a penchant for drugging her companions,” Yukari says in a serious tone, running her fingers down your sides. As you shudder, she continues, “Not really, but in any case, I'd like you to visit her at some point.”

Yukari pauses for a moment to think, her hands idly playing across your chest as she holds you to her, “Mm, the third one is a bit of a unique case. She happens to be a goddess, actually.”

Half-turning your head, you ask her, “A goddess? I can't say I've ever met one.”

She chuckles quietly, “She's a nice woman, just be wary of rope burn.” Her hands slip down towards your crotch, “As for the fourth, she's rather new here. Some view her as a savior, but I know her secret. She's a perverted old woman!,” she says jokingly, “Perhaps you could help welcome her to Gensokyo, you're young enough for her rather strange tastes.”

“I don't know if I should be worried or not, Master Yukari,” you say in a tentative tone.

Yukari laughs, “There's something to be said about uncertainty. Both in a good and a bad way. Now, for the last one.” She pauses, as her hands reach your penis. Nimble, experienced fingers dance across the length of your cock and lightly brush against the crown. “The last one is a bit difficult. I'd have to send you to hell for you to meet her, actually.”

Gulping loudly, “Hell? I don't think I'd like to visit there,” you comment.

She playfully slaps at your erection, “It's not so bad! Most humans have the wrong perception of hell, in any case. She's an old, old friend and she doesn't get many visitors any more. She could use a bit of cheering up.” Yukari squeezes your shaft, causing it to twitch in response. “You should be happy, though, because I'm going to let you choose.”

[ ] The dead princess.
[ ] The 'dangerous' pharmacist.
[ ] The goddess.
[ ] The perverted old woman.
[ ] The lonely lady of hell.
No. 3303
[X] The goddess.

Gonna get me some of that old time religion.
No. 3305
[x] The lonely lady of hell.

Change of pace isn't bad.
No. 3306

>Kinda weird to end an update with only one choice, but I'm not complaining.
I snickered.
No. 3307
I am curious as to what everyone thinks option 5 is.
No. 3308

Hell if I know, but I'd figure the lonely yama should get some love.

Her known kink in fanon are footjobs and known traits are legs and her small chest (which contrast with Komachi's massive chest)
No. 3309
[x] The lonely lady of hell.
No. 3310
[x] The perverted old woman.
No. 3311
[x] The 'dangerous' pharmacist.
No. 3312
It was a hard decision to make between Yuyuko, Byakuren, and the yama, so if either one of those wins I'd be happy.

If Eirin or Kanako wins, I wouldn't be complaining either.
No. 3313

These are interesting trains of thought.
No. 3314
[x] The lonely lady of hell.
No. 3315
[x] The lonely lady of hell.

I'm thinking this is Satori, seeing as how her power makes people afraid of her thus not giving her much hope for any relationships.

Either that or Shinki.
No. 3316
[0] The lonely lady of hell.
No. 3317
[x] The lonely lady of hell.
No. 3318
[ ] The goddess.
No. 3319
[x] The perverted old woman.

Do want Byakuren.
No. 3320
[x] Shikeiki option
No. 3321
[x] The perverted old woman.
No. 3322
[X] The perverted old woman.

Closet pervert Byakuren? Sign me up.
No. 3323
[X] The lonely lady of hell.

No. 3324
Will write more tomorrow, keep the votes coming!
No. 3325
[Q] The perverted old woman.
No. 3326
[x] Shikieiki option
No. 3327
>She's an old, old friend and she doesn't get many visitors any more.
Sounds more like Shinki to me.
No. 3329
[X] The perverted old woman.

Haven't had a Byakuren scene yet, and she is absolutely delicious.

Plus, I want to see if the carpet matches the gradient drapes.
No. 3330
[X] The lonely lady of hell.
No. 3331
File 125826405918.png - (303.66KB , 800x617 , ab0ff69a2f8b08f85e6b7b81bec33550.png ) [iqdb]
[x] The perverted old woman.

Jesus, Yukari is whoring the poor guy out to her friends already.
Not that he would complain.
No. 3332
[X] The lonely lady of hell.
No. 3333
[x] The lonely lady of hell.
No. 3334
[x] The lonely lady of hell.
No. 3335
I certainly do hope we cover all the angles in time.

I guess people prefer ground not really covered at the moment.
No. 3336
[x] The lonely lady of hell.
No. 3337
[x] The lonely lady of hell.
No. 3338
[x] The goddess.
Pissing against the tide with the Kanako option.
No. 3339
[x] The lonely lady of hell.
No. 3340
File 125827531751.jpg - (755.76KB , 736x1036 , 324855bc42ff57e943a45cdff80fc11a.jpg ) [iqdb]
This should be our Goal.
No. 3341
[x] The dead princess.

Also hoping for more Ransex.
No. 3342
[x] The dead princess.

And then hopefully her half-dead retainer.
No. 3343
[x] The lonely lady of hell.
No. 3344
[x] The perverted old woman

I'd normally go for Kanako, but...
No. 3345
Seriously now guys, 33 votes? Many writefags are happy to get 10. I'm calling votespamming here.
No. 3346
I don't know about that. In an H story where the writer gives you the choice of who you want to fuck, there would be even more voters. They would also be engaged in a bloody battle of image dumps and people trying to rationalize why their favorite characters are the best choice.

Considering that the writer stated he would get to everybody eventually, I believe this is the reason it isn't more hectic than it already is.

Also, the two largest votes here are either for a rarely mentioned character or a brand new one. It isn't surprising there's such a large number for each.
No. 3347
[X] The dead princess.

Not much love for Yuyuko here I see, although Byakuren is fine too.
No. 3348

And yet Taisa tends to get even more. Gonna call votespam on his threads too?
No. 3349
File 125830213247.jpg - (9.96KB , 377x360 , jizzdinmahpants.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] The perverted old woman.

Do fucking want
No. 3350
Taisa not only writes on the most active board, plus this story is in one of the least active ones. You'd be crazy not to consider it at least a bit weird. Also taisa's story is... trollific for the lack of a better word, basically it's designed to attract the maximum amount of controversy.
No. 3351
wow, difficult choices there.

[ø] The lonely lady of hell.
The second choice would be Yuyuko.

No. 3352
I am awake. Votes are closed. Checking and tallying shortly.
No. 3353
Checked by request. No votespam here. Carry on.
No. 3354
Will be writing later today:

[ ] The lonely lady of hell.
No. 3355
Sex sells. It took me a month to come here and read this story because i always ignored everything here.
No. 3356
File 125831242813.jpg - (464.85KB , 800x1231 , d06d30a3e1e3ef346345cfc826cf5399.jpg ) [iqdb]
Will we eventually get to cycle through all the options there anyway?

Kanako would be nice~
No. 3357

No. 3358

No. 3359
Porn with a bit of plot. Awesome.
No. 3360

Oh god.
Shinki ;___;
or a Yama is fine, too.
No. 3361
Ah, then it's cool, want that rope burn eventually you see~.
No. 3362
oh, Shinki? Awesome, since she doesn't get enough love here.
No. 3363
Nice beard.
No. 3364
>Plus, I want to see if the carpet matches the gradient drapes.
...Goddamnit. Is it too late to change my vote?
No. 3365
God damn it.
No. 3366

Yeah but we'll do her eventfully.
No. 3373
I've had a lazy day today, but I'll try and fit in a nice update within the next 3-4 hours.
No. 3387

In case people are F5ing this thread.
No. 7830