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bueno, en seguimiento a el hilo de cosplay bueno en mi caso me es medio complicado seguir bien el ingles aqui, no se ustedes o si los mismos admins nos permitan tener a los que somos de habla hispana, en mi caso solo quiero poder tener un accseso de algunos que eh notado que tienen broncas con links y cosas asi, por mi cuenta puedo aventarme el choro de subir todo a MF y proximamente a MEGA , espero si hay buena aceptacion sigan este hilo que seguira este >>28016

No. 28705
Can we get a Chinese, French, German and Lithuanian Cosplay Thread, too?
No. 28706
Deberiamos empezar a subir los videos en MEGA ahora que esta de vuelta...
En especial el video de Momiji que nunca mas lo subieron...
No. 28716
Why are you starting a new thread even though the old one is still bumping?
No. 28731
>"Well, I'm following the cosplay thread, well in my case it's kind of difficult to keep up with the english here, I don't know if you or the admins themselves would allows us spanish speakers to have one, in my case I only want to have access for some, I've noticed some of the links are broken and stuff, I've decided by my own accord the chore of uploading everything to MF and soon enough to MEGA, I hope there's a good welcome and follow this thread that will follow/be the next to/be parallel to ..."

Anon unofficial translation to the non-spanish speakers on the site.
I'm not OP but thought it would be nice to do it.

OP, deberías revisar un poco tu gramática, hay algunas oraciones que son algo difíciles de entender en tu redacción. Apoyo completamente tu iniciativa de tener otros links/mirrors para material cosplay especialmente cuando desaparecen tan rápido, aunque no estoy muy seguro si era totalmente necesario separarlo en un post/tema/hilo diferente en mi humilde opinión. Suerte en tu misión.
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el problema seria que si se cambia de hilo, tendría que tener seguimiento con los otros y seria muy tedioso a mi parecer,

gramática, ok tratare de mejorara ya que no uso nada de acentos ni nada como lo notas en el primer texto
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Sorry, I can't read Spanish.
This one is ROM001 I wonder whether there is a video or not. I only got images.
No. 28746
>Spelling and grammar are both held in fairly high regard, and English is more or less the standard language of the site.
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File 135907125326.jpg - (1.30MB , 1200x1800 , 239.jpg ) [iqdb]
i have all set ROM001
only pics no video
No. 28758
ROOM 001 is a photoset only. ROOM 002 is the video.

Also on the side note, I think if this topic is really needed (in addition to the original english one), there is the need to sync releases (and avoid making duplicated releases. This could confuse people.).
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Hola senor


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Premium only, is it fake?
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What's worse is the password protection and a silly link to a comic page. I can't seem to get the password right and to be honest I find it very troublesome to have to guess it. If someone is going to share something why bother with a password? Irritating if you ask me.
No. 28831

>google translate

That "silly link to a comic page" IS the password, numbnuts. Copy-paste. A bit of a creative way to do it, but it basically ensures that anyone who stumbles across the link can only crack it open if they find this exact thread. Use a little critical thinking.

The password is to deter reports. Passworded archives have for the most part survived account-shutdowns to date, while those without tend to get the banhammer in due time.

Just to confirm, the video works fine.