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[x] Go in now.

No time like the present. You lift your head out of Meiling's lap and give her a peck on the cheek.

"I'm gonna head inside now, Meiling. Take it easy out here."

After a moment of hesitation, Meiling nods and smiles. "Okay. Be careful, Komachi!" She gives you a big breast-squishing hug, then takes you to the mansion's front door. it's several times your height, but it swings open easily.

After one last smile and wave, you turn around and head through the doors?

? into a place that's gloomier than Eiki's courthouse.

Seriously. The walls are lined with candles, but they burn so weakly from so far away that they make more shadow than light. You can't even see the ceiling. You seem to be in a foyer that's ten times the size of your cabin, easily large enough to have a danmaku fight in. The floor's lined with luxurious red carpeting, and the walls are painted with a light-absorbing crimson. it's dead silent, too. The peaceful day outside disappears like a dream as the heavy doors close behind you.

Nobody comes out to greet you, so you stroll through the foyer and into a hallway that seems impossibly small by comparison. It branches, then branches again, and again and again and again, with stairways up and down all over the place. A wave of nausea sweeps over you, and it takes you a moment to figure out why.

it's the distances. They keep changing in ways they shouldn't. Your powers still work in your immediate area, but your distance sense twists off in frightening and/or impossible directions by the end of the hall. In fact, you've lost track of the outside completely.


Okay, don't panic. You will not be swallowed up in this ball of eldritch architecture. Just need to keep moving forward until you blunder into something or make enough of a nuisance of yourself that someone comes to find you.

So, you start walking. The hallways are fairly normal at first, but they eventually start snaking around and slowly twisting in on themselves. Doorways lead straight into walls, and some of the staircases somehow go up forever without actually taking you anywhere.

At one point, you come through a door into the middle of a hallway, with another door right in front of you. When you open that door, it leads to the exact same place as the last one. In fact, you can see yourself standing in the doorway ahead of you. Glancing back over your shoulder, you see yourself standing in the doorway you just came through, glancing back at an infinite chain of backwards-glancing Komachis in doorways.

You all close the doors and try to forget that happened.

Some unknown amount of time later, a door in the ceiling leads you to another large area. There's another set of ornate wooden doors here, even larger than the ones out front. A fancy purple sigil holds them shut with magic; your powers won't even budge them. Maybe this is the library Meiling mentioned. If you could get in somehow, the librarian would be a great source of info.

Just then, you hear a deep, guttural sound, like the cry of a thousand-year-old tortoise. Your immediate response is to try and run, but that noise is the most promising thing you've encountered so far. You should probably go after it to find the source.

The sound keeps changing as you follow it. Sometimes it's like a cat's meowing, sometimes it's like the shrieking of a thousand bats, and sometimes it's like the deep gurgling of an ageless, nameless ocean. Then, finally, it resolves into? a bunch of high-pitched moaning?

You've come to a long hallway lined with identical doors. Each one has a number on it, and the moaning's coming from almost every one of them.

These must be the dorms for those fairy maids. They probably don't know much, but you'll take any leads you can get. Something compels you to pick door number 6.

Inside, you find a scene of pure fairy debauchery. There's about a dozen of them going at it, all half your height with transparent wings floating behind them. Their cocks are all five or six inches long, which strikes you as too large for their miniature bodies, but they don't seem to have any problem shoving the things into each other. A few more fairies are passed out on the bunks that line the walls, and discarded maid uniforms lie everywhere. The smell is intense, and arousing, and kind of comforting after all that non-Euclidean tomfoolery.

Most of the fairies are completely naked, but three of them are wearing some simple black stockings. Their wings are fancier than everyone else?s, and they have the best figures and the nicest cocks, too. One of them, an imperious-looking girl with black hair in a ponytail, is the first to notice you. She's on her feet, balls-deep in a lesser fairy's mouth while another one eats her out from behind.

"Who?re you?" she asks. Her voice is surprisingly forceful.

The other fairies pause their various sex acts and direct their attention at you. Several blush at the sight of your body, and one starts absentmindedly stroking herself, despite the fact that she's taking cocks in her mouth and pussy. You smirk and push out your chest a little.

Looks like it won't be hard to pump these girls for information. Or sperm, for that matter. You could use a little break; why not play with them?

[ ] Take ?em all on.
[ ] Introduce them all to your pet.
[ ] Make them fuck each other senseless, and keep the last one standing.
[ ] Get some service from those three fancy ones in private.
[ ] Write-in.
[x] Get some service from those three fancy ones in private.
[X] Take ?em all on.

It's been, what, two whole threads since we had an orgy? We're way overdue.
Is it wrong that the title makes me snicker every time I look it?

And I can't help but think my joke title worked...

[x]Screw the Fancy Trio, Make sure they get lactating from the Milk Plague
[x]The rest of the group get introduced to your pet

If any thing we'll be able to see just how fast and far the Milk Plague will spread.
[x]Screw the Fancy Trio, Make sure they get lactating from the Milk Plague
[x]The rest of the group get introduced to your pet
Why do fairies always come in trios?

That being said, I. Can't. Choose. All the options look so tempting.
[X] Take ?em all on.
[X] Introduce them all to your pet.
Don't forget about your pet now.
Clarification: 'By Screw the Trio'. I mean have sex with them (Not ignore them... I should have worded that better)
Three Fairies. Three Holes. Four might have worked too So one's titfucking while the other three take the holes
[X] Make them fuck each other senseless, and keep the last one standing.
Closing votes. Screw trio/tentacles wins.
[x] Screw the Fancy Trio, and get them all lactating from the Milk Plague.
[x] Introduce the rest of the fairies to your pet.

Yeah, you could have a lot of fun here. Fairies are famous for their stamina.

"Name's Komachi Onozuka. Just passin? through, tryin? to find the Mistress. I don't suppose I could convince you to help me?"

The fairies all exchange a twelve-way glance. Another fancy one, with wavy red hair, speaks up.

"The mistress, huh? I guess we could help, but we're a little busy right now. Why don't you play with us first?"

You respond with an exaggerated shrug, doing it your whole upper body to make your breasts bounce enticingly. "Guess I don't have a choice. Why don't I start with you and your two friends?"

That suits her just fine. Ignoring the complaints of the lesser fairies, she and her black-haired coworker disentangle themselves and head over to you. The other fancyfairy, a relatively busty short-haired blonde, comes over as well.

The red-haired one introduces herself as Fina and gives you an excited handshake. She has an athletic build, with small, firm curves and a barely-noticeable bust. She does nothing to hide her arousal, so you don't make it a secret when you check out her cock. it's only five inches, but it's pretty thick even by normal standards. You glance over at the fairy she was with; she's grimacing and standing funny.

The dark-haired one is Kana. Judging from the way she carries herself, she's probably worked here for a long time. Her figure's not bad, but nothing really stands out aside from her seven-inch cock: above average for most, and an absolute monster for a fairy. No wonder she acts so high and mighty.

The last fairy bows deeply and gives you a warm smile as she introduces herself. She speaks most of her words with a strange accent, but it slips pretty frequently.

"Ah, bonjour, mad-dem-mo-zeal. My name, uh, c?ey, Marie." She tries and fails to roll the ?r? in her name. The other two stare at her, and she lowers her head and frowns until you give her a reassuring head-pat. She has the fairest skin of the trio, though it comes with a bit of pudge. There's nothing special about her six-inch cock, but there's nothing wrong with it either. That rack looks great on her, too.

"Nice to meet you all. Why don't we get down to business?" You unfasten your sash and pull your robe down from your shoulders. The fairies? eyes all widen when they see your bare breasts, and some of them stay there while others follow your descending clothes to take in every inch of your body. Your three playmates jump you as soon as you let go, roaming and squeezing all over your body with their small, nimble hands.

Now that you have these three close to you, you can initiate phase two of your plan. Shutting out the groping as best you can, you close your eyes and reach out mentally for your pet. You get a near-instant response; it seems to have been paying close attention.

Y?know, it'd really get me going if you went and screwed those fairies over there.


No, no, just the fairies. I'll-- Just wait a bit, okay? You can do me later.


Hey, don't take that tone with me! You wanna knock this up or not?


Good boy.

You open your eyes again. The lesser fairies were slowly creeping towards you the whole time, probably intending to mob you along with their superiors, but a yelp from their back rank stops their advance. Twenty rifts open all over, each sending out a few curious tentacles that grab onto the fairies and cautiously stroke them all over, much to their confused delight. Your pet's probably never seen fairies before. Or dicks, come to think of it. Now's an excellent chance for it to learn.

Your partners stop touching you when they hear the confused squeals of the others, but you get their attention with a snap of your fingers.

"Hey, eyes over here. I'll be the one takin? care of you."

They nod quickly and turn back. You get on your knees and wrap your hands around Marie and Kana's cocks; Fina's disappointed, until she sees you open your mouth. She's a little too short to use it while standing, but it's a simple matter to flutter up and hover with her cock at mouth-level.

You start stroking as Fina grabs the back of your head and rams her cock into your mouth. The thickness fills up your mouth and forces you to keep your jaw open wide, but she isn't big enough to get into your throat. You suck gently and lick it as best you can, your tongue's range of motion limited by the size of her cock.

Kana and Marie's cocks quickly grow slick with precum. You stroke them at a pace between teasing and milking, flicking your thumb over the glans each time and twisting your hand as you go back down. Kana's is longer, so your hands keep getting out of sync with each other. It takes a lot of concentration to keep up the rhythm.

Concentrating gets harder when Fina grabs your head again and starts thrusting forcefully into your mouth. You keep your tongue pressed against the underside of her shaft and suck as hard as you can, fighting her when she pulls out and welcoming her back in when she thrusts. Spurts of salty precum hit your tongue and your throat, priming your appetite for what's to come. Your juices are starting to leak out already, making a damp spot on the floor between your spread legs.

One of Fina's thrusts goes sideways, creating a bulge in your mouth as it hits your cheek. You suck hard enough to make your cheek mold onto her glans, scoring an ecstatic moan for your effort. She'll be cumming soon, so you speed up on the other two cocks to coordinate their orgasms.

Fina rams her cock all the way in and moans wildly as she starts spurting, shooting thick streams of cum straight into your stomach. You use your powers to force her cock back to your lips instead, so you can savor the taste of her fairy-cum. Kana and Marie lose it too, and you point their cocks at your breasts to get a coating of hot, fresh sperm.

You take your mouth off of Fina's cock and reach up to stroke her hair. She gives you a wide smile, but her face turns to shock when you pull her down and shove your nipples into her mouth. Milk spurts out to mix with Marie and Kana's semen, and Fina's forced to swallow it all as you hold her head in place. You only keep it there for a second before you retreat and leave her to work through the taste

"Oh, you're good at this! Go down here next." You push Fina's head between your legs and trap it between your thighs, giving her a new fluid to drink up. The smell overwhelms her senses, and her eyes fog up as she kisses your pussy and slurps up your juice. In the meantime, you make Marie and Kana switch sides and pull them onto your breasts, forcing them to lick up each other's cum while they drink your milk. Marie drinks eagerly and slides her tongue all around your breast, but Kana's sucking is more hesitant.

Your breasts and pussy all warm up with pleasure. Having three small, eager mouths working on you isn't bad at all. You lie back and relax a little, propping yourself up on your arms so you can see how everyone else is doing.

These fairies are even shorter and more fragile than Satori, so your pet's being really careful and just stroking them for now. Almost all of them have a mixture of regular white tentacles and thin tendrils working them over, stroking their small breasts and cocks and stroking their tiny holes.

One of them, more skittish than the rest, crawls backwards away from an approaching tentacle and bumps into a more eager friend.

"Hey, why?re you running? They feel really good~? The second fairy pulls a pair of tentacles from her body and rubs them against her friend's nipples. The nervous fairy lets out a yelp from the squishy friction, followed by another one when the tentacle that was chasing her catches up with her pussy.

Elsewhere, two fairies share a desparate kiss while a dozen tentacles run all over their cocks. One of them grabs her shaft and strokes it, tentacles and all, making her thick white sperm shoot high up into the air. Then the other fairy bends her over and penetrates her, letting the tentacles wriggle around inside to stimulate them both.

The pleasure between your legs suddenly cuts off, prompting you to glance down and see Fina gingerly stroking her nipples. With a small chuckle, you pull her up into her lap and plant a sloppy kiss on each one. She shudders and lets out a weak cry as her hot, bitter milk splashes onto your tongue.

"Oh, now you're doing it too? How does it feel?" Marie leaves your breast and teasingly rubs one of Fina's nipples, and Kana takes the other one when she sees Fina's reaction. Fina squirms and moans, but she can't get away from her friends? fingers and tongues. You let them keep at it until Fina's almost ready to cum again.

"Hey, wanna join her? All you gotta do is drink from both? You lift up both of your breasts, pressing the nipples close together. Kana blushes and looks away with a snort, folding her arms over her decently-sized breasts. Marie, on the other hand, puts a thoughtful finger to her lips, and you entice her by moaning and squeezing out some more milk.

Leading with her tongue, Marie seals her lips around your nipples and sucks, looking up at you with a sweet smile in her eyes. She tries to drink everything you let out, but her small mouth can't handle it all, quickly overflows and dribbles down her cheeks. You glance at Kana and back, and she winks an affirmative.

That should be enough. You pull Marie's off and lift her up, fitting one of her delicate nipples into your mouth. She purrs softly as you flick your tongue back and forth, and the volume increases when Fina comes back and attacks the other one. It doesn't take long for her milk to start spraying out; you're pleased to discover that it's the sweetest you've ever tasted. You tighten your lips and carefully suck it out, treasuring every drop you can wring from her small body. Fina follows your lead.

Fina and Marie are both rock-hard, and you see Kana surreptitiously playing with herself out of the corner of her eye. Time for them all to cum again.

You lie down across two of the cots, tilting your head backwards over the edge and spread your legs to give the fairies an irresistible view of your hot, soaked pussy. They take a good look, then turn on each other.

"I was the one who got her like that, so I should get to use it!" Fina says.

"But I was the nicest to her!"

"You'd both cum in two two strokes. I'm clearly the only one who can please her!"

The fairies do a bunch more bickering and a lot less filling you with cocks. You settle the dispute by distance-pulling Fina into your arms. After she's done nuzzling your slightly-sticky breasts, she looks up with a face full of excitement.

"Ah, me? Really?"

"I teased you a bunch, so you earned it." You do have other motives, but you won't mind feeling that cock of hers inside you.

"A--alright then! Here goes!" You hold your pussy open while Fina lines up her cock and shoves the whole thing into you. She starts thrusting thrusting immediately, setting a surprisingly fast pace while she moans wildly. There's a surprising amount of power stored up in that little body of hers, and her cock's thick enough to stretch you a little too. The sight of her pounding away at you is probably a strange one, though.

"May I use your breasts, Madem--Miss Komachi?" Marie asks sweetly. You grunt an affirmative and move your hands up to press them together, and her warm cock enters them a second later. Her small hands come down to work on your nipples, twisting them and squeezing them hard enough to make your milk spurt up into the air.

That just leaves your mouth. In contrast to her companion, Kana just walks up and slides her cock into your mouth. This one's long enough to get into your throat a little. You fake some gagging to give her a hard time.

"Kana, that wasn't very polite! What if she'd choked?"

"If she was worried about that, she wouldn't?a opened her mouth like that. Not everyone has to be all polite like you, Frenchy-mmph!."

That's the sound of someone having a pair of nipples thrust in their mouth. Kana struggles, but Marie seems to have both hands around her head, and you soon hear a few gulps. Their hips keep moving the whole time, thrusting away at your breasts and your throat while Fina blissfully enjoys your pussy.

There's a danger of choking if you move too much, so you have to try and keep still while the pleasure builds up inside you. Marie's gone back to teasing your hard, swollen nipples, sending little shocks through your breasts with each scratch and pinch. Your milk spurts up and lands back on your breasts, splattering over the surface or leaking into your cleavage to get churned up by Marie's eager thrusting. Her cock's hot and throbbing between your breasts; you wouldn't mind giving her a proper titfuck, but she seems to like this just fine.

Kana's thrusting changed a lot after the milk-attack. At first she was drilling into your throat like she was trying to make you gag, but now most of her attention's on her own breasts, nervously watching them for any signs of lactation. it's not hard to use your powers to subtly mold her pace into one you prefer. She slowly slides her cock in and out of your mouth, letting you suck on it and cover it with licks the whole time. Whenever it reaches your throat, you hold it there and suck hard on the tip and let her feel all the moans you'd built up since the last thrust.

Fina's certainly giving you plenty to moan about, with the way she keeps slamming that hard, thick cock into your pussy. Her miniature hands are pressed deep into your thighs, holding on for dear life to give her the leverage she needs. Both her hands and her cock are trembling, and her moans are the loudest of anyone?s. You tighten up a little to finish her off, delighting in the feeling of her cock forcing your walls wide open and rubbing every inch of them.

"Aah, Komachikomachikomachi!" Fina does her last few thrusts at breakneck speed and explodes inside you. Her hot sperm easily fills the rest of your pussy, hitting your cervix so hard you think it might break through. Her orgasm's quick and intense, and she falls out of you as soon as she's finished. Kana and Marie both stop moving when they hear her; as much as they were enjoying your upper body, they won't pass up a chance to cum inside you.

You push Kana out of your mouth and pick Marie up off of your chest. Kana's started lactating too, a fact that Marie and Fina are only too happy to tease her about.

"Feels good, doesn't it? Do you like it when I do this~?"

"Agh! H-hey, stop thaaahn!"

"Ooh, lemme try too!"

That face really suits her. You don't leave them to themselves for long, though; the throbbing of your hot, cum-filled pussy is hard to ignore.

"I haven't cum yet. You two, take over." You get on your knes and push out your ass, reaching back to spread both of your holes. Marie notices first and immediately plunges her milky cock into your pussy, letting out a happy moan as your walls clamp down around her. You quickly put her underneath you, freeing up space so Kana can slide her saliva-covered penis into your ass. You use your powers to spread it for an easy insertion, then crush it as soon as she's all the way in.

"Better make me cum, Kana. If you don't?" You clamp down even harder until she squeals out a promise to do her very very best to please you, Mistress Komachi. You relax your grip enough to let her move, and she starts thrusting cautiously, putting all the thought she can muster into every movement, trying to find a middle ground between ?too fast? and ?too slow?.

Compared to Fina?s, Marie's thrusting is much slower and gentler. Unfortunately, that's the exact opposite of what you need right now. You start bouncing up and down to ride her cock at twice the speed she was using, paralyzing her with pleasure and making Kana's job even harder.

Fina tries desperately to get hard again, but her penis won't cooperate. She sighs and starts playing with your jiggling breasts instead, drinking from one while she rubs and squeezes the other.

Kana and Marie are churning you up nicely. Kana's concentration is paying off with a steady, forceful rhythm, and Marie's started thrusting back as you slam your body onto her cock. You'll cum for sure in a minute or two. In the meantime, you glance over to the rest of the fairies. They've all gotten used to the tentacles by now, and their orgying has resumed with fresh vigor. Every single hole is filed by a cock or a tentacle, and a steady flow of tentacle-aphrodisiacs keeps them hard no matter how much they cum. The tentacles keep moving them around, too, switching their partners after every orgasm.

You watch so intently that your own orgasm takes you by surprise. A searing pleasure suddenly shoots through your body, making your holes clamp down on the two cocks inside you and wring out two loads of hot, thick sperm. Kana's shoots deep into your ass, while Marie's mixes with Fina's load and spills all over her waist. Fina swallows a burst of milk, then lets go of your breast to watch your blissful moaning.

Watching all those tentacles made you hungry for some of your own. You close your eyes and touch your pet's mind; it's clearly busy with the other nine fairies, but it always has time for you.

You've been good. Come play with us, too.

It doesn't need to be told twice. Rifts open all around you, and no less than a dozen tentacles shoot out at once to restrain your body. Two more come out under you and slam into your still-sensitive ass and pussy, forcing out a high-pitched moan that another tentacle quickly muffles. The ones inside you aren't any larger than the fairies? cocks, but the soft texture is completely different, and the one in your pussy sends out some tendrils to attack your womb as well.

You close your eyes and enjoy the triple penetration, too caught up in the pleasure to think. There's an incredible diversity of sensations, from the intense drilling in your asshole to the slow, teasing caresses in your womb. The tentacles seem to be soaking up the fairies? cum, too. For what purpose, you can't say.

A pair of tentacles with cup-like tips appears in front of you The other tentacles all stop to let them grab onto the tips of your breasts; the cups are perfectly sized to cover just your areaolae. They attack both nipples with a powerful suction, and more tendrils come out from inside the cups to relentlessly tease your nipples. Soon, it feels like you're letting out twice as much milk, and the pleasure increases to match. The milk all gets sucked into the tentacles, sent off to parts unknown.

You order the tentacles to turn you around so you can watch your partners. they're all in a similar position complete with miniature suckers to milk them, moaning desperately around the tentacles fucking their throats. Kana and Marie are still soft, but Fina has five tongue-like tentacles torturing her cock. it's all just how you'd want.

Fina's the first one to cum, and the other two quickly follow her. Watching them all scream and writhe in the tentacles? grip while they shoot from three places at once is really arousing. The tentacles inside you had paused when the milkers appeared, but now they all start thrusting and wriggling around ferociously, twisting around and bunching up in ways that cocks and fingers can't possibly match. You quickly reach your own shuddering climax, letting your eyes roll up while your ass and pussy clench up in ecstasy and your breasts shoot out all the milk you have left.

The tentacles set you down on the floor and release you. You close your eyes and catch your breath for a bit, listening to the ceaseless moaning and crying from the fairy mob. Then a new tentacle nuzzles at your lips, and you accept it without thinking. Your mouth fills up with a familiar sweetness; it tastes like your milk, but there's a few different undercurrents of bitterness, and it gets really sweet every now and then? Oh wow, this is yours and the fairies? blended together! You didn't think that milk could taste so complex; it's like you notice something new about it every few seconds.

Opening your eyes again, you see that your playmates are all drinking it as well. they're blushing deeply, too, and their cocks look harder than ever. Yout body's heating up a lot, too; there must be an aphrodisiac mixed in with this. Fine by you.

The drink eventually runs out, and the tentacles leave you. The three fairies immediately jump you with single-minded lust. Fina grabs your back and pulls you down to the floor, plugging your ass in the process. Before you can fully process the stretching that comes with the penetration, Kana lands on top of you and filling your pussy to the brim with her own rock-hard cock. Lastly, Marie crawls over your head and mutters a quick apology as she shoves her cock into your mouth.

The fairies all start thrusting at once. With your own heightened sensitivity, you can feel every bump and vein on their extra-swollen cocks as they pound you in three places at once, all moving even faster than what Fina could manage before. There's not even time to think; all you can do is try not to gag on Marie's cock and keep your moaning low enough that you don't have to open your mouth. They all cum hard in minutes, but their ecstatic cries are the only indication that they noticed; their cocks don't slow down at all, even as they blast out huge loads of sperm. Orgasms wash over you like waves, crashing onto your senses and slowly receding until another one another on crashes on top.

The fairies pass out before you do, but you're too drained by then to do anything about it.

That was great.


Mm, fell asleep for a bit. You're in a single-person bedroom now, lying on a decadent Western-style bed. it's even softer than the one in Eientei. Feels like you just sink right into the mattress. Judging by the scarlet sheets, carpets, and wall paint, you're still in the mansion.

Also, you're surprisingly clean. Still a bit of cum inside, but not a drop of sweat or sperm or tentacle-slime on your skin. Your robe smells fresher than before, too. Did those maids clean you off after they finished?

Wait, crap, you were supposed to ask them how to find the Mistress. Is she up yet? Meiling's still waiting, you need to--

"Good evening."

Wah! You whip your head towards the voice and find a strikingly elegant maid standing there and watching you. Then you're hit in the face by one of your twintails. You could've sworn you were in here alone.

She's really beautiful, too. Her skin's more pale than most people?s, but not so much that it seems unnatural. Her short hair's a brilliant silver, with neatly arranged bangs and two side-braids like Meiling?s. The uniform she's wearing hides most of her figure, except for her slender, graceful arms.

You've never actually seen a maid uniform. It looks a lot like like Meiling described, but her description didn't capture how unbelievably neat and tidy it looks. It seems like it's covered all over in bows and creases and ruffles, but every one of them is perfectly pressed and arranged. The uniform itself is quite modest, but you can make a few inferences about her body just from how slim it is. Someone this elegant could only be Sakuya, the chief maid.

A smile would make her stunning, but her mouth is a flat line. it's hard to tell what's going on behind those cold red eyes; do you offend her, or is she just disinterested?

"The Mistress has invited you to breakfast. Please come with me."

Breakfast? Has it been that long? Or do vampires have breakfast at dinnertime? So many questions in here.

The maid turns around with robotic precision and leads you out of the room. Surprisingly, the halls outside look completely sane and rational. You can still sense distortions further out in the mansion, but this girl seems to be keeping the madness at bay.

She leads you down a hall and up a few flights of stairs, saying nothing the whole time. The clacking of her shiny black heels fills the silence, echoing off the walls and down into the depths of the mansion. She gives off a threatening aura that makes you afraid of speaking to her, like any affront to her perfection would be swiftly disposed of.

Finally, she opens a large crimson door and ushers you inside. You enter into a small room with an expensive-looking table set for two, possibly a private dining room. Another imposing figure sits at the far end.

You're not sure why she's imposing, though. She isn't much larger than those fairies, so it's certainly not her stature. Her pink dress and bonnet aren't especially extravagant, though you'd guess from a glance that they're probably incredibly expensive. Even her large, pointy bat wings aren't that impressive connected to someone her size. It looks more like she's just wearing them as part of a costume or something.

The imposing part must be the eyes: blood-red with slit pupils, seemingly visible straight through her light-blue hair. Together with the knowing smirk on her ruby-red lips, they make you feel a little weak in the knees just looking into them. it's a relief when she closes them and lets out the most aristocratic chuckle you could imagine.

"Welcome! I am Remilia Scarlet, mistress of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Sakuya tells me you've made yourself at home already."

Her accent's the same one Marie was trying to do. Her voice is slow and sensual, like she's stroking every syllable with her tongue. That makes you shiver a little, too; you're not sure you can handle the eyes and her voice at the same time.

"How rude of me not to greet you! Please, have a seat and enjoy your meal."

Glancing away as she opens her eyes, you pull out the chair and take a seat. There's a brown soup and an egg dish of some sort in front of you, surrounded by a bewildering array of napkins and utensils. You're acutely aware of Remilia and Sakuya watching as you puzzle over them.

Deciding to put off eating for now, you take a deep breath and look back to your hostess. She's studying you with an enigmatic grin, resting her head on her folded hands. Those eyes really stand out against her milky-white skin, making it extremely difficult not to stare into them. Fortunately, her long, pointy nails are painted the same color, so you let your eyes settle on those instead.

This is a pretty oppressive silence. How about you start some conversation?

[ ] Ask Remilia about herself.
[ ] Ask about the library.
[ ] Ask about Sakuya.
[ ] Ask about the chaos architecture.
[ ] Tell her how naughty her maids are.

Picking more than one is fine. Feel free to be more specific.
>That was great.
Very yes. I missed this thread's first vote, but I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.

[x] Ask Remilia about herself.
[x] Stare into those eyes.
[x] Tell her how naughty her maids are.

These interest me the most. I wonder if the eyes will give us a bad end? It seems dumb enough to qualify.
[x] Ask Remilia about herself.
[ ] Ask Remilia about herself.
[ ] Ask about the library.
[ ] Ask about Sakuya.
[ ] Ask Remilia about herself.
[ ] Ask about Sakuya.
[x] Ask about the chaos architecture.
Shit's crazy, yo.
[x] Tell her how naughty her maids are.
All-out attack! Begin the lewd assault!
[x] Ask Remilia about herself.
[x] Ask about the library.
[x] Ask about Sakuya.

I don't want the fairies getting punished.
[x] Ask Remilia about herself.
[x] Ask about the library.
[x] Ask about Sakuya.

This sounds reasonable, I doubt Remilia will mind talking about herself and then we can go for our specific questions.
[x] Ask Remilia about herself.
[x] Ask about the library.
[x] Ask about Sakuya.
We can have the fairies join later, but I don't think now would be a good time to mention them.
Winning topics are Remilia, Sakuya, and the library.
[x] Ask Remilia about herself.
[x] Ask about Sakuya.
[x] Ask about the library.

"So, you own this whole place? it's really, uh?" Impossible? Oppressive? ?" impressive, in here."

"Why, thank you. It was an inheritance from my dear grandfather, Vlad Tepes. I've owned it for nearly five hundred years now, moving about from place to place and trying to live in peace. it's not easy being a vampire."

Remilia clearly expects that to surprise you. You put on the appropriate face, and she soaks it in as she picks up one of her dozen utensils and starts to eat. You grab the same one from your pile and pay close attention to how she eats, trying to match her as well as you can.

You're so focused on that that it takes you a minute to notice how good the food is. Everything is really rich, even moreso than at Eientei. The dishes and flavors are unfamiliar, but this is probably the best introduction you could hope for.

Remilia's happy to launch into a long-winded autobiography while you eat, naming dozens of probably-famous people and places with funny names in the process. You nod your way through it, staring down at your food to keep away from those eyes.

Her voice is still kind of mesmerizing, though. If you close your eyes, it's easy to picture the grand estates and balls of yore as she describes them, always with her in the middle, the perfectly ladylike center of attention. So beautiful, so perfect, so? Agh, stop that!

The meal's finished now. Remilia seems to be about finished with her tale. You can't really remember any of it, aside from how quaint and graceful it all was. Not much mention of blood-sucking or anything.

"I've lived in many wonderful places, but Gensokyo is by far the most fascinating. I find myself entertaining guests of all sorts here." Remilia takes a moment to study you; you can almost feel her gaze on you, taking in every inch of your upper body and spending longer than it should on your breasts. "Forgive my ignorance. I don't believe I've seen your kind before. Tell me, what are you?"

After listening to her for so long, it seems strange to be the one speaking. You put a hand on the back of your neck and carefully aim your eyes just to her right.

"Oh, me? I'm Komachi Onozuka, a shinigami. I work over in Muenzuka, ferryin? souls to the afterlife. Kinda boring, but someone has to do it."

"Ah, such a noble duty! Surely beneath someone like you. You'll stay here for a time and relax, won't you? You certainly deserve a break from that every now and again."


Sakuya appears out of nowhere and places a bowl of dessert-fruit on the table. Remilia thanks her and reaches out for it, but her arms prove a little too short.


Sakuya comes to the rescue, pushing the bowl a little closer so Remilia can pick out a cherry. Gently pinching the stem with two nails, she lifts the fruit to her mouth and presses it into her puckered lips. You hear a small crack, followed by a loud sucking as the cherry withers to a husk. Remilia discards it and reaches for another, after Sakuya steps in to wipe a speck of juice from her mistress? mouth.

"Your have an incredible maid, too," you say. "it's like she can do anything in an instant."

Remilia chuckles quietly. "Indeed. She's? Ah, she can speak for herself. Sakuya?"

"I am the Mistress's head maid, in charge of all the mansion's duties. Her will is my command. I? cannot disobey her." Her expression flickers for a moment. "I have served under the Mistress for eight years, and my record is flawless."

"She was the only maid to come along when we entered Gensokyo," Remilia adds. "The fairy maids we picked up have been all but useless; it's only because of Sakuya that this place stays in order."

Not surprising.

"So, I've had yet to ask: what brings a shinigami to my humble mansion?" Remilia leans forward, lacing her fingers together and narrowing her eyes.

Um. "Figuring out what's wrong with you? doesn't seem like a good answer, but those eyes almost make you say it. You close your eyes and think fast, disguising it as a deep breath.

"I just wanted to? visit your library. I hear it's the best in Gensokyo, and my boss needs something really specific."

"Hmm!" Remilia relaxes with a gloating smile. "Well, it is certainly extensive. A millennium's worth of knowledge is stored up inside, kept under the careful watch of my dear friend, Patchouli Knowledge. As cold as she is, she truly cares for me. And? I care for her, as well. If you need something, by all means, go and look."

Does she not know? "Well, I was going to, but it seems like there's some kind of seal on the door."

She didn't. She seems almost frightened for a second, but then her expression settles into a frown. "That won't do. Come with me."

Remilia stands up and walks out of the room, with Sakuya following behind. Her size deficiency is even more apparent when she's standing.

It only takes a few corners for you to reach the library again. You're sure it wasn't anywhere near here before. The seal still glows softly over the door as your hosetess and her maid examine it.

"It appears to be a high-level stasis seal," Sakuya says in a cool, emotionless voice. "Removing it would likely require Miss Knowledge?s--?

"No need for that, Sakuya. I can break this myself." Remilia's hand bursts into flame as she makes it into a fist. The fire's a deep crimson, and it seems to be wailing a little.

"And Meiling can fix it."

Remilia steps forward and crashes her fist through the door. A shattering kaboom blasts your eardrums and nearly knocks you over, but Sakuya stays perfectly still. If it weren't for her hair rippling from the shockwave, you'd think the blast didn't touch her at all.

You lower your arm and look back at the doorway. The door is completely gone, and the red carpet behind it is littered with ashes and charred splinters of wood. A red-haired girl sits in the middle of the mess, pouting and rubbing her head.

"Oww! What was that for, Mis? tress?" The girl's protests cut themselves short when she sees you. You check her out at the same time; her long hair's almost the same color as yours, and a pair of tiny black wings sticks out from the sides of her head. Her outfit consists of a long black skirt, black heels and stockings, and a long black vest with a white dress shirt underneath. The shirt's top three buttons are undone, giving you a clear view of the perky round breasts that her undersized vest squishes together. they're not huge, but they're still shapely and appealing.

"My guest requires your services. Do whatever she asks of you." Remilia turns back to you and puts on a smile, but something's definitely on her mind. "Take all the time you need, Komachi. I'll send for you later." With those words and a strangely sinister grin, she spins on a heel and strolls away through the still-smoldering doorway. Sakuya disappears soon afterwards.

The red-haired girl jumps up and gives you a nervous little wave. "Uh, hi there! I'm Miss Patchouli's assistant. We don't have names where I come from, but everyone here calls me Koakuma. You could just call me Koa, though."

She blushes hard when you shake her hand. "Komachi Onozuka. Looks like you picked a bad time to be in front of the door, huh?"

"Oh, well, Miss Patchouli actually kind of put me into the seal. There was a good reason why?" She furrows her brow and thinks, then smiles and snaps her fingers. "Oh, yeah, her penis! I couldn't stop playing with it, and she was afraid that I'd, umm, that I'd kill her if we did it." She shrugs. "I would've been careful, but she's the boss. So, can I do you? I mean, what can I do for you? The Mistress wants me to please you, right? I'm a futa right now, but I can change that if you want.?

Please you? Oh. Remilia was pretty vague, wasn't she. Koa practically crawls onto you as she speaks, rubbing her cheek against your breasts while her eyes sparkle with excitement. You think about getting her off of you, but she's nice and warm.

"You're a succubus, then?"


"What's a succubus doing in a library?"

"Well, Miss Patchouli wanted a servant who was smarter than a fairy but wouldn't ask for too much, and she also wanted a good lover. So I keep the library clean and tidy for her, and she lets me have as much sex with her as I want! I was happy with that as long as long as everyone around was a girl, but I haven't been able to control myself since all these cocks showed up. Even when she had me sealed, I could feel them all around me, hard and throbbing and full of tasty cum?" She stares into space and starts drooling, and something hard presses into your thigh.

Poor girl. You can't just leave her like this. You'd need Meiling's help to satisfy her completely, but getting out of the mansion for a rondezvous is probably too much to ask for. You can put a dent in her sex drive yourself, though. Then she can take you to Patchouli.

[ ] Let her treat you like she treats Patchouli.
[ ] Make her cum until she begs you to stop.
-[ ] Keep her as a futa.
-[ ] Make her get rid of her cock.
[ ] See how she likes your pet.
[ ] Write-in.
[x] Make her cum until she begs you to stop.
-[x] Keep her as a futa.

It's okay. Komachi is here to help.
[ ] Let her treat you like she treats Patchouli.
[ ] Make her cum until she begs you to stop.
-[ ] Make her get rid of her cock.
[X] Make her cum until she begs you to stop.
-[X] Keep her as a futa.
[x] Make her cum until she begs you to stop.
-[x] Keep her as a futa
[x] Make her cum until she begs you to stop.
-[x] Keep her as a futa.
[x] See how she likes your pet.

Maybe they could teach each other a few tricks.
[X] Let her treat you like she treats Patchouli.
-[X] Keep her as a futa.
[x] Make her cum until she begs you to stop.
-[x] Make her get rid of her cock.

Koa's here. This just got very interesting.
[x] Make her cum until she begs you to stop.
-[x] Keep her as a futa.
Poor dear.
[X] Let her treat you like she treats Patchouli.
-[X] Keep her as a futa.
[X] See how she likes your pet.

Another thing is that Hint that Sakuya gave out is important. SO how do we exploit this. And we still have the ticking time bomb of Flandre as Yukari is starting to scheme moving Flandre to do something to Remilia.
[X] Let her treat you like she treats Patchouli.
-[X] Keep her as a futa.
[X] See how she likes your pet.
[x] Make her cum until she begs you to stop.
-[x] Keep her as a futa.
[X] See how she likes your pet.
Closing votes. Domachixfuta-Koa wins.
I'll be starting work tomorrow. Just a heads-up.
>I'll be starting work tomorrow he said
>I'll be careful around the heavy machinery he said

By "work," I meant "a job." Could have been clearer.
Yeah, just gonna put this on hiatus. Might get back to it in March sometime.
Hooray for clearly defined hiatuses!
File 136434750531.jpg - (228.47KB, 850x1201 , takiniteasy.jpg) [iqdb]
Hey, guys. Sorry to say, it looks like the hiatus will continue for the forseeable future. I do intend to come back to this story someday, though. It's quite dear to my heart.

For now, we could do some Q&A, if that floats anyone's boat.
With us going to the SDM so fast after Koishi did we lose Koishi as a companion?
Sad to hear that. Just hopefully it gets started up again... Just seems like every thread I'm following intently is kinda having the same thing

Nah. Koishi couldn't be a companion; she has better things to do than follow us around all the time. She'll be back whenever she feels like it.
On Milk Plague.

Can drinking the milk from someone you've spread it to reset the 'timer' on how long one will be lactating from its effects?

Also why do I see that with the Fairy Maids having it... All of Gensokyo will be lactating within a month...

It does, but the effects don't last very long to start with if you haven't actually taken the pill. The fairies all lost their milk while they were passed out.

I seem to recall someone writing a short about lactating fairies...
A question I had from the reveal of Yukari messing about with things.

Was Youmu's muteness before or after Yukari messed about with her?

She was always mute. It was exceedingly moe.
If we ever run into Medicine, Doll Joints or not?

We won't ever run into Medicine.
Good. She's 2pure for this.
Or going to jizz a contact poison...
A question on the possibly Parsee route we missed. Would it have lead to a ParuEnd?
Yeah, that time we were captured by Parsee looked really fun.
Komachi would've escaped eventually, but there probably would've been a chance for a Parsee end of some sort.

Don't be too sad, though. There may yet be more Parsee.
30215 Here. Oh I'm not sad I rather liked the Koishi stuff and Koishi end but just was curious what was planed and all
Hey, guys. Thought you might like to know I'm working on the next update.

I'm also thinking of starting a Twitter account to give status updates and recommendations and such. Would anyone find that useful?

Wow. I'm looking forward to it already. As for a twitter account, I dunno... what do other people think?
Looking forwards to updates.

I don't do this Twitter thing and would instantly forget about it. It's not useful at all to me
I've got a twitter thing so I'd dig it.
I have twitter but am never ever on...
What about tumblr? That could always be an option
Alright, I think I'll hold off on the Twitter idea for now.

Update's coming along. It's going to be a record-setter.
File 137713002251.jpg - (133.78KB, 850x580 , plusbackwingsandcock.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Make her cum until she begs you to stop.
-[x] Keep her as a futa.

Well, if you're going to help her, you might as well do all you can. She is pretty cute, and you do understand her pain; deep in the late hours of a grueling triple-shift, your pussy would start to ache so hard for release that you couldn't think straight. Fortunately, a lot of the souls you ferried didn't mind having one last fling with a busty shinigami.

Koa's still nuzzling your breasts with a perverted smile on her face, so you push her back a few inches to give yourself some breathing room.

"Surrounded by sex but helpless to join in, huh? That must've been really frustrating. You can take it out on me, if you want." You give her a kind smile and stroke her hair as you speak.

Koa's eyes light up with excitement, and her naughty grin changes to an ecstatic smile. "Oh, really?! Thank you, thank you, thank you~!" Koa overpowers the hand that's holding her back and wraps her arms back around you, nearly crushing you with her amorous grip as her two sets of wings flutter happily. She's about a head shorter than you, so it's easy for her to bury her face in your cleavage and tickle it with her soft hair. At the same time, a rubbery tail with a hard, flat tip coils around the lower part of your leg and gently pulls it towards her. The hard pressure against your thigh grows more insistent and starts to slide up and down as Koa holds your leg in place, and small moans start to leak out from between your breasts. You decide to try and move things along before she dry-humps herself to orgasm.

"So, you wanna head in there and do it?"

Koa relaxes her grip a bit and glances back over her shoulder. "Mm, we probably shouldn't. it's kind of a mess in there right now."

You guess it would be, if the librarian's assistant has been sealed away for so long. Curious as to how bad it is, you glance through the open doorway, and?

Huh. it's been a while since you've seen one, but you're pretty/i] sure that libraries don't keep books in the floor and ceiling. You're also sure that bookshelves don't generally spiral in on themselves or change their dimensions as you watch. How are those books up there even staying in the shelves? And why's everything constantly rearranging itself? it's making your head hurt even more than a normal library would. Must be caused by the same thing that's screwing up the rest of the mansion.

?" Yeah, it is a mess. Do you know why that's happening?"

Koa considers it for about a quarter of a second. "Not really, but it probably has something to do with Sakuya. She uses her powers to make the library bigger, so she could probably do something like that too. Anyway, c'mon!" Koakuma breaks her hug and yanks you after her as she practically skips down the hallway.

A few rotating corridors and sideways staircases later, you find yourself in a posh guest room, similar to the one you woke up in. The d?cor is pretty much the same, but the bed in this room is a queen-size with rich scarlet sheets, and the lighting comes from a dozen softly-burning candles that Koa sets off with a snap of her fingers. Was this place designed specifically as a tryst-room?

Well, there's no time to wonder about that one. Koa practically skips over to the bed and sits down on the side, eagerly patting the spot next to her. As you head over, you can see her closely watching every aspect of your movements: your slow, confident saunter, the relaxed smile on your face, the gentle swaying of your twintails, and the subtle bounce of your unbound breasts. Especially that last part.

Reaching the bed, you sit down and scoot close to Koa. She covers your hand with one of hers; her milky-white skin really contrasts with the slight tan you get from work, and her fingers are long and graceful with immaculately-kept crimson nails. Her skin is really soft too, the kind of softness that comes from a life of easy work and daily treatments with lotion. You'll admit to being a bit jealous. The two of you lace your fingers together, then lean together for a kiss with half-closed eyes.

Koa's lips are delightfully soft and moist, with just enough strength to hold their shape against your own. As soon as you feel their touch, a warm, nimble tongue darts into your mouth. it's unusually long and flexible, too; she manages to wrap it around yours for a second, but it's so wet with saliva that you easily slip out of her grasp. Still, no corner of your mouth is safe from her probing reach, especially once Koa puts her other hand on the back of your head and wraps her tail around your waist to pull you even closer.

As you keep it up, your body start to feel a bit warm as a sweet, musky scent enters your nose. That must be her succubus pheromones, designed to drive her partner crazy with arousal. Of course, that's nothing for you to worry about, since you're planning to fuck her senseless already. Your mouth does feel strangely sensitive, though, and you start to squeeze her hand a bit and echo her quiet moans as her tongue swirls and writhes around your own.

You're blushing almost as hard as Koa when you finally break the kiss. Her tongue was really wet, so there's a good bit of saliva for you to swallow. it's a good deal warmer and more slippery than most girls?; that probably makes eating a bit difficult, but you're sure it lets her give amazing blowjobs. Glancing down, you see that the bulge between her legs has become extremely visible, straining mightily against the tight fabric of her skirt. If it weren't black already, you're sure you would see a sizable wet spot to match the fragrance that's leaking from her crotch.

You scoot over behind Koa and lean onto her, letting your breasts squish out against her back as you reach under her wings and shoulders to grab her breasts. they're a little more than hand-filling, but not on the same size-level as yours or Meiling?s. Their warmth and texture are excellent, though, with a good balance between firmness and softness that makes them especially fun to grope. You give them a few long, powerful squeezes, teasing the small, sensitive nipples through her clothes as the softness bulges out between your fingers. In response, you feel her tail work its way into your robe and wrap around one of your thighs, putting the pointy tip in just the right position to tease your slit. You both let out a few happy moans as you toy with each other, but your growing arousal soon draws your hands down to the buttons on her vest.

"Hey, what's it like having sex with Patchouli?" you ask, hoping to make some conversation. You don't read many books, though, so sex might be the only thing you have in common.

"Mmm?" Koa leans back into your embrace, making her clothes easier to reach while using your breasts as a comfortable back-pillow. "it's pretty nice. She has a [i]great
body with all kinds of fun enchantments, but she tires out really quickly. I usually have to do most of the work, which is still nice when it's with someone like her. Except for when her asthma isn't bothering her. Then we do all kinds of reeeally fun stuff."

Discarding the vest, you move on to Koa's dress shirt. it's almost halfway unbuttoned already, so that doesn't take much longer to unbutton and untuck from her skirt? once you stop groping her clothed breasts, that is. She kicks off her shoes and unzips her skirt in the meantime, as eager to move on as you are.

"Yeah? What's your favorite thing to do to her?"

"Well, her breasts are about as big as yours, so those are tons of fun to play with and cover in cum, but the best thing about her is her pussy. She's really skilled with elemental magic, so she can enchant it a bunch of different ways to make it feel really good. That's really tiring for her, though, so she hardly ever does more than one at a time."

There goes the shirt. Under that, she's wearing lacy bra with strange, intricate sigils and hearts embroidered along the edges. You could kind of see it through her white shirt, but you guess someone like her wouldn't mind that. Her skirt's fallen to the ground as well, revealing her matching garter belt and panties as well. Glancing over her shoulder, you see the swollen pink tip of her cock poking out over the rim of her panties and leaking a steady stream of precum.

"Wow, that sounds amazing. I hope I don't bore you compared something like that."

"Oh, I don't think that'll be a problem~"

As lovely as Koa's underwear is, you're sure she'd rather have it out of the way. You grab the straps on her bra to take it off, but find yourself unsure of what to do. You haven't had to deal with these things since Miyuki from accounting stopped wearing them a decade ago. You know it had something to do with pushing the straps together and unhooking something inside, but it takes you a minute of fiddling and experimenting with your distance-sense to get it off. You probably could've done it faster, but Koa's quiet snickering and the pointy tail rubbing your clit weren't helping you concentrate. Her sizable breasts jiggle slightly as they're freed from their confinement, but gravity doesn't have much of an impact on them. They seem just as light and perky as they did when they were squeezed in by her shirt and vest.

You've done all you can back here, so you plant a few kisses on Koa's warm neck before unwinding her tail and crossing back to her front. She's smiling broadly now, extremely proud of her mostly-naked body. You offer to take off her panties, but she waves you back and stands up to do it herself.

She works her thumbs into the sides and spreads her fingers, letting her dark red nails catch the candlelight as she slides the soft fabric downwards. At the same time, she bends over a little more than she needs to keep her balance, making her breasts hang down and sway invitingly as she strips herself. Her long, firm, stocking-clad legs step up out of the panties in a pair of smooth, practiced movements. Once they're both free, she straightens up and carelessly tosses them onto her pile of discarded clothes before sitting on the bed and putting her breasts and cock on full display. Now that you get a good look, her succubus-cock is?

Actually, it's surprisingly average. A little over six inches, and no thicker than Reisen's or Yamame?s. There's nothing unusual about her hairless balls, either. You guess she is a bit out of her element when it comes to cocks, though, and it seems to have plenty of energy to make up for its unspectacular size.

There's no doubt that this girl's a succubus. People like Yukari and Eirin can fiddle with their bodies to make them seem perfect, but Koa was a flawless piece of work from the start. Running a few quick distance checks, you confirm that her sizes and proportions all precisely match the ideals your male coworkers always talk about. Not only that, her skin is pale and free of even the smallest impurities, while her lips and nipples are a bright, luscious pink. The only thing that seems a bit off about her is her size, but that's to be expected if she's only a little devil. She'll probably grow as tall as you someday if she gets enough nourishment. The pheromones seem even stronger now that she's naked; you can clearly smell them even when you're a good few feet away from her.

She certainly looks calm and seductive at first glance, but her cheeks are a bit too flushed and her chest is heaving a bit too much for her to be fully composed. Under that decadent exterior, you can tell she's desperate to get laid.

You step forward and bend down a little to kiss Koa's upturned lips. The tongueplay starts out the same as before, but then Koa manages to suck your tongue into her mouth and trap it between her teeth. For the next minute, you're helpless to resist her while she gently grinds her teeth back and forth and teases every inch with her own soft, flexible tongue. Your eyes lock with hers, and her seductive succubus gaze seems to clash with your drug-induced eyebeams as you suck on each other's soft lips. You can just feel her nipples grazing against your breasts as your heads twist and turn, and she reaches up to support them from below and squeeze them through your robe. Your nipples have grown hard enough to make you tremble a little as her palms twist against them.

Eventually, enough saliva builds up that you're able to break away from Koa's mouth. She smirks a little as the two of you catch your breath, but you smirk right back. You'll be sure remember that bit of teasing while you're servicing her.

You drop down to your knees between Koa's legs, where her penis eagerly awaits you. It stands just inches away from your face, throbbing continuously as it sticks straight up in the air. Now that her panties aren't there to soak up the precum, a small stream of the fluid's running right down the middle vein and dripping from her scrotum. The smell is really intense down here; every breath sends a little pulse of warmth through your body, quickly intensifying your blush and making your mouth water.

Time to get started. You reach up and dab your index finger in Koa's fountain of precum, giving her urethra a quick rub before pulling back. Her cock jiggles slightly in response, and she lets out a quiet purr just from that tiny amount of stimulation. She really is full to bursting.

You coat the rest of your fingertips in the fluid and start to spread it around her cock, frequently dipping into the stream that runs down the middle. With a bit of careful positioning, you're able to tease her with the tips of your nails while your smooth fingertips slide all over the sensitive skin. Your fingers occasionally stop to give her a gentle squeeze, but you don't try anything more forceful than that; there's no telling how easily she'll cum in this state, and you want her to enjoy this.

Soon, her cock and balls are slick and shiny with two coats of precum. You bring up your other hand and carefully close it around her scrotum, massaging her balls with the palm of that hand while the one you've been using closes around her shaft. Small bubbles and lewd noises squish put between your fingers as you tighten your grip, forcing the head of her cock to swell up a little.

Finally, you start to carefully pump her shaft. Your hand's completely frictionless after all that preparation, so it just slides halfway up and down her hot length, grazing over the crown with each--


You instinctively close an eye and turn your head just as a spurt of hot cum hits your face. Once you process that she's cumming already, a different instinct makes you face her again, tilting your head back while opening your mouth. A second shot covers the other side of your face, and a third trails over your chin and your outstretched tongue.

Scooting a little closer, you partially tug open the sides of your robe, revealing plenty of cleavage for Koa to stain with the next two shots. She grabs her cock and strokes out the last of her load, sending the final spurts onto your forehead and straight into your mouth.

Once Koa's moaning dies down, you open your eyes to see her squeezing her cock and panting heavily. You put a hand to your mouth and swallow her sperm with a subtle flourish and a loud gulp; the gooey load is really thick and fragrant, like it's just jam-packed with arousal. You can kind of smell it inside you even as it slowly makes its way to your stomach. Certainly tasty, but not perfectly-balanced like Orin's was.

? Shoot, you really can't get that taste out of your mind. You quickly shake your head to drive the thought away, then remove your hand from your mouth and smile up at Koa.

"Mm, that's good. You're really backed up, huh?"

Koa smiles nervously through her afterglow. "Y-yeah. I haven't done it in more than a week, so?"

Poor thing. You'd probably feel just as frustrated.

"No problem. Just keep cumming ?til you can't even think."

Koa's gotten hard again already, even as the last of her previous load still leaks from her cock. You stop the flow with your tongue and trace it up to the source, then close your lips around her tip and suck the rest out with a small kiss. From there, it's easy to slide your moist lips forward and start bobbing your head on her shaft.

"Ah! Ko-Komachi?"

Wow, those pheromones taste delicious. You slide your tongue all her shaft as you suck on it, savoring the musky taste and scent that fill your mouth. By lowering yourself and turning your head up a little, you're able to stare up into Koa's eyes while you service her. She's just able to see you over the curve of her breasts, and you're sure she can see your cleavage bouncing under her cock as well.

There isn't anything to occupy your hands, so they end up sneaking between your legs to tease your pussy. You moan shamelessly around Koa's cock as you stroke your clit and run a finger up and down your slit; you don't want to make yourself cum, but the heat between your legs is getting so strong that you can't help yourself.

As your own arousal grows, you get more and more forceful with Koa's penis. Soon, you're taking the whole length into your mouth once a second, with your lips pursed tight enough to trace every contour and your tongue pressed flat against the sensitive underside. The soft tip constantly scrapes over the roof of your mouth, barely entering your throat every time your lips reach the base of her shaft. Thanks to all the pheromones that've soaked into your mouth, the feeling of her smooth, throbbing length sliding over your tongue shoots little sparks of excitement all through you.

Your eyes are fairly glazed over right now, but you do notice Koa clutching the sides of the bed as she quivers and moans with pleasure. Her feet brush against your sides as she twitches and curls her toes, and she seems to have lost the ability to close her mouth.

"Kohhh? Koma? Komachii!"

Koa cries out again as a thick stream of cum explodes into your throat. You pull your head back so you can savor the salty, musky taste, but the stuff's so thick that you can't swallow it fast enough to keep up with her powerful spurts. It would be possible to swallow everything with a clever application of your powers, but that won't be necessary. Instead, you let the next few shots pool in your mouth while tug your robe off your breasts. As soon as they're free, you pull off Koa's cock and lean back to take the rest of her load on the freshly-exposed part of your chest. She makes sure to splatter both of your hard nipples with thick shots of sperm, forcing you to purr quietly while you work on swallowing your mouthful of hot, fragrant seed.

You finally get most of it down as Koa's ejaculation subsides. Instead of swallowing the last few bits lingering around your gums, you open your mouth and stick out your tongue, letting the mixture of sperm and saliva drizzle enticingly into the space between your breasts. Koa's cock stirs again at the sight, and she puts on a perverted smile as you stare up lustfully into her eyes and pant as loudly as you can. You don't need to do much acting; the throbbing heat between your legs is getting harder to bear by the second.

"Can't you swallow it all?" she teases.

"Not when you keep cumming so much. You got my breasts all dirty, and you haven't even used them yet~? You push up your tits from underneath and start to massage them, working Koa's sticky cum into your skin. Her tail swishes back and forth behind her as she catches her breath and enjoys the show; in moments, her cock's rock-hard and throbbing again.

"Sorry. Why don't you let me take care of that for you?"

Koa jumps to her feet and sashays over to you, her cock bouncing hypnotically while her tail twitches eagerly behind her. You stick out your tongue a bit as you heft up your sticky, shining rack and deposit it into Koa's hands. She gives your breasts a forceful squeeze as soon as soon as she touches them, forcing you to moan loudly as smooth fingers and long nails dig deep into the soft, sensitive flesh.

She spends a minute teasing your breasts with quick squeezes and pinches, sufficiently entranced to momentarily forget about her own arousal. Her tail comes out to join in as well, the spade-shaped tip tracing deft circles around your nipples. Still, it doesn't take long for her to let go and put a hand on her own cock, and you hold out your breasts as she slides her slick cock in between them. Your cleavage easily swallows up Koa's modest length, and you feel the tip kiss your chest as her hips touch your nipples. You can clearly feel the heat of her cock, along with a subtle pressure as it throbs between your breasts.

Koa's at least as impatient as you are, so it doesn't take long for her to start fucking your breasts with quick, passionate thrusts. Your rack is pretty sticky and hard to move around in at first, but Koa's abundant precum soon gives her all the lubrication she needs. A deliciously naughty squishing sound fills the air as she plunges away at you, nicely complementing her delighted moans. You can see her trembling in pleasure, and her mouth hangs open blissfully; all the saliva from your blowjob must have boosted her sensitivity, so you're sure she can feel the soft, warm pressure of your breasts in exquisite detail.

Breasts as big as yours have room for two pairs of hands. You hold them firmly near the base and keep them squeezed tightly around Koa's cock she does the same at the tips, forcing you to moan constantly as her thumbnails dance incessantly around your nipples. The pheromones are starting to take effect on your breasts too, turning them hot and throbbing with pleasure and giving you a little shock each time Koa's cock fills the space between them. They feel like they're bursting with milk, but her teasing fingers and tail aren't enough to coax it out. Your pussy's begging for attention now, but with your hands occupied all you can do is just twist your hips to try and keep the aching at bay.

Eventually, you decide to hurry things along and finish this yourself so she can put something inside you. You start to gently push your breasts into Koa's waist while she thrusts, gradually forcing her backwards until she drops back onto the bed. With a small few careful movements, you're able to reorient her cock so the precum-soaked tip pops out near your mouth. You give it a sloppy kiss and press your wrists into the right place to give her cock a nice, tight squeeze, then grab your breasts and start stroking her as fast as you can.

"Can Patchouli go as fast as this?" you ask smugly.

Koa shakes her head as she moans breathlessly. "Naaah?Haah?Ah--Ah--Ahhn!?

You feel her cock clench and tremble between your breasts, moments before another huge load erupts from between them. This time, you lean your head back and close your eyes, letting her cum arc up into the air and splatter down all over your face and breasts. After the first few high-pressure shots have passed, you wrap your lips around the glans and swallow just enough to re-coat your mouth in her gooey, sticky sperm. The rest of it dribbles back out of your mouth to pool in your cleavage, and you forcefully suck out the last stubborn drops before releasing her.

You've gotten quite messy after all that. Globs and strings of sperm cover everything from your hair to the undersides of your breasts. With so much cum on your face and in your stomach, there's no escape from her sweet, delicious scent, and your body shivering uncontrollably while your pussy drips with desire.

Koa smiles happily as she surveys her handiwork. Her cock doesn't perk up immediately this time, but you can tell it's far from exhausted. "So good..."she sighs.

"Hey, we're just gettin? started. Lemme get naked for you now."

Your robe's most of the way off already, having fallen away from your shoulders while you were busy with that titfuck. All that's left to do is stand up, untie the sash, and let it fall from your waist to fully expose yourself.

In contrast to your thoroughly-stained upper half, your lower body is still fresh and pristine, aside from the highly-visible smears of juice on your thighs. You put your hands together behind your head and give her a proud, blushing smile as you push out your cum-coated chest.

Koa's eyes go straight for your pussy, of course. She was probably able to smell your arousal already, but her eyes widen and glimmer at the sight of your bare, needy slit. It must be one of the most beautiful things she can imagine right now.

Sliding off the bed, Koa crawls over to you and kneels down between your legs, openly salivating as she gets a nice, close look at your pussy. You find yourself blushing even harder at the attention, and you spread your soaked lips with two fingers so she can see deep inside the pussy she'll be ravishing.

You let out a little gasp as Koa's soft lips touch your slit. She purses them and gives you a quick, messy kiss, smearing your juices all over her mouth and cheeks before moving up to your swollen clit. Her tongue moves in careful little circles around the bump, teasing the sides with its warm, slick surface, and then moves her mouth forward to suck on it forcefully. You clench your thighs and cry out her name in response, and before you know it she's gone back and slipped her tongue into her pussy.

Koa's full, pink lips form a tight seal around your slit to catch any juices you leak out while she probes around your slippery walls. She manages to find a few really sensitive spots, and you nearly scream with pleasure when her nimble tongue presses right into them. One of her hands rests on your thigh for support, and you can see the other one steadily stroking her cock.

"Mmm! You're really good, Koa?" You let out a happy sigh and press her head in a little further, teasing the roots of her headwings while she eats you out. You're pretty sure you met a succubus who was sensitive to that once. Her luscious moans echo inside you while her expert tongue thrusts into you, nearly forcing you to double over whenever it strikes a sweet spot.

While the pleasure shoots through your lower body in sharp, irregular spasms, your head swims in the lingering scent of Koa's three loads of sperm. Even though Koa's tongue feels amazing, you're getting so horny that you keep clutching her head harder and urging her to go even faster?

"Ahhn!" Your body can't hold out against that kind of tongueplay forever. A powerful orgasm thunders over you, forcing you cry out wildly and crush Koa's head between your thighs as your own juices spurt into her mouth and cover her lips. At the same time, you see her eyes squeeze shut as her own body clenches up; without even thinking, you bring your legs together to catch the load that shoots out of her cock, staining everything from your knees to your feet with her sperm. Her hot stuff feels deliciously gooey as it drips down your legs and gets between your toes, adding another layer of pleasure to the strong tremors that rattle your body.

When the pleasure subsides a minute later, you and Koa simply stare at each other for a moment. With your head swimming in pheromones like this, it feels like your switch is jammed into the ?on? position. It'll take a lot more than one of those orgasms to satisfy you now, and it looks like Koa has plenty more cum for you as well.

You make your way back to the bed and drop down onto the center, sighing in relief as your unsteady legs get a break. Then you stretch your arms out towards Koa, making sure to squish your breasts in between them and spread your legs a bit.

That's too much for her to resist. She practically dives right onto you, and you feel her hot cock slam into your pussy as her head lands between your breasts. The sudden shock of pleasure forces you to cry out and squeeze your arms around her back, mashing her head even deeper into your cleavage.

Koa's whole body is luxuriously warm and soft, from her long legs to her plump butt to her smooth, sculpted back. She lets out a little moan when you rub the base of her tail, forcing it to twitch cutely in response. The only non-decadent part of her is the leathery wings sprouting from beneath her shoulderblades. they're not as much fun to stroke as her soft, smooth skin, but their stylish curves still add to the exoticism of her amazing body.

The hard cock stuck inside you feels pretty nice too. Her penis is far from the biggest you've had, but it's certainly big enough to get the job done. You can feel her hot length throbbing powerfully against your walls and smearing your cervix with precum, just raring to fuck you silly and explode inside you.

The height difference between the two of you puts your breasts in easy reach of Koa's mouth. Her moist lips close around the tip of one of your breasts, kissing the areola while her tongue swirls rapidly around your nipple. Your milk spurts out almost as soon as her lips touch you, drawing out a surprised sound as her eyes go wide with surprise and delight. Without a word, she switches from teasing to sucking as hard as she can, drawing out your milk in thick, satisfying bursts. Your breasts got really sensitive during the titfuck, so they just light up with pleasure each time your milk shoots out. Koa doesn't need to tell you it's delicious; her steady purring and passionate sucking tell you all you need to know about that.

At the same time, Koa grinds her hips back and forth against yours, keeping the heat going strong in your pussy as her cock twists around inside you. As wonderful as it feels getting milked right now, there's no substitute for getting plowed by a nice, hard cock. You end up whining a little as Koa starts on your other breast, wanting something that feels even better.

You're sure Koa would love to take her time with your breasts, but she's just as needy as you are. After just a few seconds of drinking, she lifts her head and gives you a wide, shameless smile, dribbling milk from the corner of her mouth.

"You want it that bad~?" she asks, making you tremble with a slow, careful thrust.

You don't need to exaggerate your enthusiasm as you nod back. "I want it so much! Fuck me as hard as you can!"

"Mm!" Koa smiles eagerly and pulls back to the tip, but she doesn't plunge her cock right back in. Instead?

Well, succubi are designed to please men, but girls can enjoy their muscle control just as well. Koa carefully maneuvers her hips as she slides her length into you, making the tip of her cock graze over a bunch of your most sensitive spots before it fills you up completely and delicately kisses your cervix. She tries that a bunch of times and quickly comes up with three or four different patterns, each of which forces you to twitch and moan and spurt some milk from a single leisurely thrust. Her perverted mind quickly memorizes them all, letting her hips cycle through them automatically while she turns her attention to your breasts.

Your head starts to go with fuzzy pleasure as Koa starts fucking you in earnest, but you can still focus enough to lift up your breasts and press the tips together. Taking the hint, Koa wraps her lips and tongue around both of them and drinks deeply, still churning you up with brisk, steady strokes. Her hands come up to squeeze your breasts in time with her sucking, prompting you to clutch the sheets with your own as you tremble under her attention. Your breasts don't do much to stifle her own moaning, which only lets up whenever she swallows her latest mouthful of milk. Your own voice comes out incessantly, spiking in pitch whenever she strikes at your womb or playfully bites your nipples. Her thrusting and milking grow more urgent and powerful as time passes, turning your body hotter and hotter with pleasure.

You can't see Koa's breasts from here, but a pair of warm splatters on your stomach tell you she's started lactating herself. You'd love to find out what her milk tastes like, but she's too entranced with your breasts to let go of them, and her cock has you moaning so hard that you can't ask her to do anything. Your thoughts are coming slowly now, having to squeeze around the pleasure that's filling your mind.

Eventually, Koa decides on her own that she's had enough to drink. She draws herself up and moves her hands from your hips, then focuses all her attention on her hips. Her thrusts suddenly speed up considerably without losing any of their finesse, making her cock dance between all of your most sensitive places while it hammers away at your insides. Her perky breasts jiggle and spurt in time with her fierce movements, covering your whole upper body with little drops of warm milk.

"K-Koa! So good!"

Your pheromone-soaked pussy is shuddering with delight as Koa's cock works it over, but you can't just ignore that lovely rack of hers. Using all the strength you can muster, you force yourself to sit up and lower your head a bit so you can kiss the tip of one of Koa's bouncing breasts. Her milk comes out sweet and silky smooth, much easier to swallow than her sperm was. You tighten your lips and suck out few mouthfuls while she pushes out her chest and moans happily at the attention, but then the mounting pleasure between your legs forces you to let go and cry out.

Koa's pretty close to the edge too, no longer able to hold herself up. You barely manage to keep yourself propped up as she falls onto you, wrapping her arms around your back for extra leverage. Her firm breasts sink a few inches into yours, firmly connecting your nipples together and forcing them to grind and squirt against each other as she ravages your pussy. Between the constant, milky friction in your nipples and the searing pleasure between your legs, you reach a screaming orgasm in no time.

"Koaaa!" Your whole body clenches up tight as you fall back and go over the edge, and your pussy tightens up until you can feel every little detail of Koa's cock. Including how it starts to pulse and throb inside you, firing her biggest load yet straight into your womb as she falls into your arms. Her own cries come out a moment later, somewhat muffled by your cushiony breasts. The spurts of hot cum feel delightful inside you, coming one after another and soaking your shuddering insides. Some of it leaks out the bottom of your pussy, but most of her load forms a hot, thick pool in your womb. Even if you can't get pregnant, there's just something satisfying about having someone cum deep inside you like that.

Both of your orgasms eventually fade away, but Koa just stays right where she is. You content yourself with kissing the top of her head and stroking her leathery black wings while she recovers her strength with deep, husky breaths. Much to your satisfaction, you feel her cock hardening inside you at the same time.

You give Koa a deep kiss as soon as she raises her head. She's too dazed to coordinate a proper tongue-attack, so you just lazily rub your tongues together and suck on each other's mouths. Her saliva is thick with the flavor of your juices and milk, which mixes in nicely with the lingering tastes of milk and cum that have soaked into your tongue. Her eyes seem slightly glazed over after so many orgasms, but they're still fairly lively. Just how you want it.

You break the kiss and pull your head back, letting a long string of various fluids stretch out between your tongues. "Not worn out already, are you?" you ask sweetly. "There's plenty more space in my womb, you know~"

"K-Komachi!" From the way Koa widens her eyes and perks up her tail like at that, you'd think that was the most romantic thing she's ever heard. Suddenly filled with new life, Koa pushes herself upright and drags you to the edge of the bed, carefully putting her feet back on the floor while her hands rest on your hips. "I'm not done yet! I won't stop until you're full to the very brim!"

With that, Koa jerks her waist back and slams into you once again.

You cry out and go limp as Koa resumes her thrusting. She's able to put more force behind her movements in this position, forcing your breasts to bounce each time her cock pounds into your depths. Her technique hasn't gotten any worse, of course; in fact, she's able to refine it more and more as she spends more time inside you. You've never had anyone figure out how to please you so efficiently in such a short amount of time.

Koa spends a minute just mercilessly churning you up, but then her thrusts slow down a little as she lets go of your waist. She carefully pulls up one your legs until the thigh rests on your stomach, then grabs you by the ankle and lifts your foot up to her mouth. With the pleasure slowing down your thoughts, you barely realize what's going on before--

"Hiih!" Your body shudders uncontrollably as Koa's tongue trails sensually up your sole, forcing you to give her cock a brief but powerful squeeze. Having sex is one thing, but getting tickled at the same time is--


--Getting tickled and having her pinch your clit at the same time is something else entirely. Koa lets out an impish chuckle at your reaction and steps up her efforts in all three places.

Koa's hot, slippery tongue playfully worships your foot, licking up the cum she got on it before before and coiling around your toes one at a time. After she's licked off everything from your heel to the tips of your toenails, she moves on to kissing your foot all over and sucking on your toes. You can't help twitching and shuddering as she plays with your sensitive foot, forcing your toes to alternate between curling up and spreading out as she teases it in different places.

Meanwhile, a couple of fingers are all she needs to torture your swollen clit. She mostly sticks to stroking it in circles with one finger, but her long nails are always ready to give you a sharp scratch or pinch when you least expect it. Just her normal stroking feels great, and anything more intense makes your pussy clench up hard enough to briefly hold her cock in place while a shock of pleasure shoots through you.

Your pussy feels wonderful too, of course, with Koa's skilled thrusting steadily building you up to another orgasm. Her other teasing keeps making you clench up, though, and her cock feels even better when your pussy's wrapped tightly around it as it moves. it's a mess down there thanks to the cum already inside you and your overflowing juices, so you feel little streams of various fluids trickling out and running down your thigh while Koa stirs you up. The squishy, slippery noises that accompany her movements are almost as lewd as your sultry moans and cries and screams.

it's a bit embarrassing to be toyed with like this, but you'll have the last laugh. A delicate little devil like Koa won't be able to outlast you in the long run. You accept the small flush of humiliation that comes with a position like this and worry only about enjoying yourself as Koa has her way with you.

Having your breasts bounce around so much is starting to feel uncomfortable. Your hands don't have anything to do besides clutch the rapidly-dirtying sheets, so you grab ahold of your tits and bring them up to your mouth. Most of the mess that covers them is your own milk, but Koa also stained them with some of her own, and there's a fair amount of cum mixed in as well. You stick your tongue and start to clean them off, purring appreciatively between moans as the flavors mix together on your tongue. Your fingers and mouth twitch constantly from her sharp tickling and pinching and thrusting, making it a matter of luck as well as muscle control.

You do manage to lick up a fair amount of milk and sperm, but the shiny saliva you leave behind isn't much cleaner, and your breasts won't stop leaking while Koa's fucking you like this. The heat and pleasure inside you have nearly reached their breaking point, so you just drop your breasts and throw your head back to moan as a particularly strong wave of pleasure washes over you. That one was probably caused by Koa kissing your big toe, but the fingernail she jabbed into your clit felt really good too. And it's always a good time to moan when she's doing such wonderful things to your pussy?

Koa's brow is furrowed in concentration, even as a river of moans pours from her mouth. Her body's trembling nearly as much as yours, and you see a smeared trail of milk running down from her breasts all the way to her thighs. She must be doing everything she can to hold it in, not wanting to cum until she's brought you to orgasm with her.

What a good girl.

Soon, she crosses the point of no return. Her pulls her hand away from your clit, closing her arms in a deathgrip around your leg and pressing her breasts right up against your calf. Using your leg as a lever, she scales back her technique to just focus on hammering your hot, tight pussy. The two of you give in all the way to the pleasure, letting your voices pour into the mansion's bizarre echo-chamber as you go over the edge.

Koa's the first one to cum, shoving her cock right up against your cervix and moaning your name as she fires out another huge load of sperm. Her first few shots are so strong that some of it actually splashes out of your pussy, and the cum-jet going off inside you sends you over the edge as well. Every part of you clenches up once again as bolts of ecstasy shoot through you, centered around the throbbing cock buried in your pussy. The hot pool in your womb grows a good deal larger, but a lot of Koa's sperm leaks out of you as well, splitting into small streams that trickle down past your asshole and soak into the bed.

After a delightful minute of quivering and writing in pleasure, you finally slump back onto the bed. Your insides are thoroughly soaked with cum now, and the amount in your womb is certainly impressive?

? But there's just a liitle more space.

Neither one of you is happy about that.

Koa nearly fell to her knees while she was cumming inside you, but her lust for your body gives her the strength to stand once again. Now, she releases your leg and rolls you over without leaving your pussy, forcing her cum to slosh around inside you as you turn. You end up lying flat on the soft bed, partially cushioned by your breasts while your arms lie out in front of you. Your feet touch the floor, but you'd rather not trust them to hold you up right now.

"Your pussy feels so good, Komachi?" Koa's hands dig deep into your plush ass and push her away from you, then tug sharply a moment later to slam her length back in. She needs a moment to reconfigure her thrusting now that you're flipped over, but soon she's fucking you and pushing your buttons faster than ever. You settle into a thick haze of pleasure once again, watching a pair of dark spots grow on the sheets near your nipples while you moan in a shameless, lustful voice.

But that's not all she's capable of. Suddenly, you cry out in surprise as your clit's struck by something flat and hard. Your body's reaction gives Koa a nice squeeze, prompting her to smack you there again and again while she forcefully kneads your ass. Around the fifth strike or so, you finally realize she's lashing you with her tail.

"Y-your tail feels good, Koa?"

"Mm, doesn't it? But that's not all it can do?" A moment later, Koa forces out a high-pitched squeal from you as the tip of her tail jabs into your clit. Her nails were fairly sharp, but this has an actual point. Direct jabs are a little too painful, though, so she goes back to playfully smacking your clit while she ravages your pussy, letting just a bit of sharpness come through in the impact. It comes from a different angle and hits a slightly different location, so every whack feels just different enough to keep you guessing.

The stimulation on your clit makes your pussy even more sensitive, so your whole lower body's on fire with pleasure right now. To spread the love a little, Koa leans over you and grabs your breasts, hungrily squeezing and scratching at the softness as her long tongue trails up your neck. Her fingers soon find their way to your nipples and start to roughly milk you, alternating between her soft fingertips and her hard, pointy nails.

Ahh, it all feels so good! A hard cock pounding away at you with impeccable precision, a naughty tail teasing your extra-sensitive clit, and a pair of skilled hands making your milk squirt out and stain the bed. Even her mouth makes you shiver in pleasure as she kisses up the back of your neck and nibbles on your ear. Your eyes roll up a bit to match your rising moans; this kind treatment would feel wonderful from anyone, but when your head's swimming in the scent of Koa's musk and pheromones?

"I love your cock so much, Koakuma! Fuck me harder! Harder!"

Your mind's completely blank. All you can do is lean on your arms and buck back against Koa's lovely cock, entrusting yourself completely to her skills. Giving in like this feels so good~

"Komachiii!" Koa plunges into one last time, tugging back on both of your nipples and striking your clit with the edge of her tail at the same time. That flawless burst of pleasure sends you over the edge alongside her, making your senses explode with pleasure from your fourth orgasm in twenty minutes. You unconsciously stick your ass up so that Koa's cum flows down into you, and use your powers to stretch out your womb as well. Some of Koa's sperm splashes back out of you, but most of it pours out into your, forcing your belly to expand as more and more of her seemingly-endless sperm shoots out. The two of you moan blissfully through at least a minute of convulsions and cumshots, not aware of anything but each other. When her load finally runs out, you feel deliciously full and heavy, with her sperm still swirling and sloshing around inside you.

Koa rolls off of you and collapses on the bed while you carefully turn over and lower yourself down, laying a hand on your slightly-swollen belly as Koa's cum just pours out of you. These sheets will probably never be clean again.

it's easy to see that Koa's worn herself out: her chest heaves powerfully with each labored breath, her eyes are halfway closed, there's a visible sheen of sweat on her body, and her limbs are completely still. Her cock's grown quite soft, but it's not completely limp.

That won't do. You'll just lie still for a minute or five to catch your breath?

?" Eh?" Koa's woken from her daze as your fingers wrap around her slippery shaft. You look over to her and smile lustfully as you nonchalantly pump it back to full strength.

"Can't you give me a little more, Koa? It feels so good having you inside me?" You pout with your milk-stained lips and make your eyes as wide and innocent as you can manage. Which isn't much, when you're blushing so hard with arousal and there's so much dried sperm on your face. Not to mention the state that the rest of your body's in.

Koa can hardly say no to a face like that, and the two of you share a kiss while you get her up to full size again.

Enough of Koa's sperm has poured out to get your womb back to normal size, but there's still plenty more inside you. It leaks down your thighs in thick trails as you get up and straddle her waist, using your powers to stretch your asshole wide open. Koa's eyes widen when she sees you line her up with your unused hole.

"Ah, we're gonna do it in there, too?"

"Doesn't Patchouli let you?"

Koa's hesitance is all the answer you need. You give her a slutty, blushing smirk and drop down onto her, moaning a little as she fills you up.

"Mm! T-tight?"

Ahh, that's nice. Your asshole isn't soaked with sperm like your pussy, so you can still clearly feel Koa's cock against your hot, tight walls. With all the juices and sperm coating her shaft, it shouldn't be too hard for you to move. You aren't quite as sensitive here as in your pussy, but you're turned on enough that you won't have any problem cumming with enough stimulation.

"Oh? That's not tight. This is tight." With that, you reduce the distance between her cock and your walls to zero. Her cock was stretching you a little already, but now you asshole molds itself perfectly onto Koa's penis, wrapping around her length down to the tiniest little vein.

"Oh! That?s? That's good?"

Now you start reducing the diameter of your hole, making the walls close in and squeeze down on Koa's cock.

"Haaahn!" Koa's mouth falls open while her eyes open wide, and a little teardrop forms in one of her eyes. Inside you, her cock leaks out a nice blob of precum.

You tighten just a little bit more, immensely enjoying her reaction. "It doesn't hurt, does it?"

"N-no? It feels good?"

Now to show her one of your favorite tricks. You make a small part of your hole even tighter, so much that it nearly cuts off the circulation and forces the part of her cock above it to swell up inside you. Then, with some advanced manipulation, you're able to slowly ?move? that tight spot up and down her length so it feels like your walls are stroking her. There's something especially perverted about doing it with your ass; it's kind of like the sensation you get when you pull out a nice, thick string of anal beads.

And then, you start riding her.


it's hard to move smoothly when you're squeezed so tightly around a cock like this, and your hips are pretty tired out already, so you use your powers to cheat a little. By increasing and decreasing the distance between the rim of your asshole and the base of Koa's cock, you're able to piston your hips up and down along her slippery length. Koa can't believe how good it feels, and you love how she scrapes against your sensitive walls like this. As good as she's feeling already, Koa can't help playing with her own sensitive breasts as she writhes beneath you, plugging her mouth with one milky nipple while she squeezes out long squirts of milk from the other.

Stroking and riding her at the same time gets hard to manage after a while, though. Instead, you switch to just having two tight spots along her length, so that her sensitive cock's forced through three extremely tight spaces each time you drop down onto her: one at your entrance, one halfway along her shaft, and one right below her glans. That's the pattern you follow for the better part of the next three pleasure-filled minutes, but sometimes you switch to holding her cock inside you and quickly stroking it with your walls.

Even though she's practically melting with pleasure, her cock's so tired out that it takes a lot of punishment to coax out another orgasm. But you promised you'd get rid of as much stress as you could, so she'll just have to bear it~

Not that you're doing much better. The intense tightness in your asshole is taking its toll on you as well, leaving you with your mouth hanging open and your tongue hanging out as you pant and moan breathlessly. Your breasts bounce and jiggle constantly thanks to your rapid movements, getting milk all over the bed and Koa's lovely body while the cum in your pussy continues to flow out onto her stomach.

"Komachi, I'm--I'm--!" Koa's voice gives way to a lovely, high-pitched moan as her resistance finally gives out. You loosen your hole back to normal so the cum can flow through her cock, and slam down one last time to bring yourself over the edge.

The squeeze Koa's cock gets is completely natural this time, and it feels much better for both of you than the ones you gave her with your powers. Your pussy clenches up powerfully at the same time, forcing out a thick spurt of cum onto her stomach as you shudder and moan in delight. Koa can't replace it at the moment, but her cock's happy to fill your quivering ass with streams of hot, thick sperm while she writhes and squeals with pleasure beneath you.

You'd be happy to just ride it out and collapse onto your lover, but now's your time to strike. Pushing yourself upright again, you squeeze your anus shut, trapping Koa's cock inside you and forcing it to stiffen again from the constriction. Then, you start to milk her with your insides, slowly squeezing your way from the base to the tip before starting over again from the root.

At the same time, you reach back and find Koa's tingling scrotum between her legs. it's small enough for you to grab with one hand, and you squeeze and knead it as you work on milking her dry. You're not sure if that actually helps, but it might convince her to let out a little more. Your treatment is enough to prolong Koa's orgasm, keeping her trapped in a state of ecstasy while you milk out all the sperm you can. Your asshole wrings out another small shot, and another, and another?

"K-Komachi, I can't?" Koa trembles helplessly as you squeeze out a pitiful drop of cum.


"I can't cum anymore? P-please, let me? stop?"

You stopped cumming a while ago, so you're happy to comply. Her soft, utterly defeated cock slaps onto her waist as you release her.

Heh. Looks like you just out-fucked a succubus. Of course, you had the advantage there. If you'd been the one with the penis, Koa probably could've worn you out in half that time.

You're splattered with cum from head to toe, it's pouring out from both your holes, and you've swallowed enough that your stomach feels pleasantly full as well. Koa got smeared up a good bit herself, with all the grinding and rubbing against you she did. For some reason, it just feels natural for her body to be coated with shiny sperm and milk like that.

A little mess doesn't bother you right now, so you wrap your arms around your gooey companion and breathe out a long, happy sigh.

You lose track of things for a while after that. All of your exertion is rewarded with a nice, long afterglow, so you just settle into a happy sex-induced stupor. You probably fall asleep at some point, but you wake up to the same feeling of Koa's lithe frame nestled against you. Most of the milk and sperm and sweat on your skin have dried off, but you only need to tilt your hips a bit to feel Koa's cum slosh around inside you.

Koa's still pretty out of it, so you start to idly brush your hands through her hair. There's a few patches where it's sticky with some fluid or other, but most of it is delightfully soft and silky. Bringing a few strands to your nose, you find that it smells like? sex, mostly, but there's an exotic perfume mixed in there as well. Kind of sweet and spicy, like the luxurious part of a lively market in a far-off land.

Koa's eyes flutter open a minute later, and she gives you a long, leisurely kiss as soon as she sets her eyes on you. You feel a subtle stirring in the cock pressed against your thigh, but she seems too tired to act on it.

"Feel better now?" you ask.

Koa smiles timidly. "Yeah, that feels a lot better. But? there's kind of an itch deep in my pussy that only a cock can scratch, you know? it's been so long since I had a real one?"

Wow, all that and she still isn't completely satisfied. If you don't keep an eye on this girl, she might end up tearing through every fairy maid this place has. They'd probably enjoy it, of course, but you doubt that something like that would earn you any Remilia Points.

"Um? I'm sorry for the trouble, Komachi. I only just met you, but you had to go and do all that for me. Can I clean you up as thanks? Oh, and we have a little salon here, so I could do some other things for you, too. I am Patchouli's personal stylist, after all." Koa starts out unusually nervous, but some of her characteristic excitement returns as she describes all the various treatments she's learned.

Well, you can hardly continue your quest in this state. And you have to admit you're a bit jealous of her sleek, shiny hair and her long, perfectly-shaped, richly-colored nails. Not to mention that tail and those wonderful pheromones; you're sure you could have all sorts of fun with those. There isn't much in the way of beauty parlors back home, so it might not hurt to get a bit of pampering while you have the chance?

Pick everything that sounds good. There'll be a bath no matter what.
[ ] Shampoo.
-[ ] Maybe you'll try letting your hair down.
--[ ] And get some extensions put in.
[ ] Manicure/pedicure.
-[ ] Want a color other than scarlet?
[ ] Massage.
-[ ] Soapy.
-[ ] Traditional.
[ ] A bit of succubus power??
File 137713405330.png - (287.30KB, 600x1000 , waht.png) [iqdb]
oh wow, all that everything

[x] Shampoo.
-[x] Maybe you'll try letting your hair down.
--[x] And get some extensions put in.
[x] Massage.
-[x] Soapy.
[x] A bit of succubus power?"

Can we do this, but in reverse? And, y'know, long hair instead of short.
[x] Shampoo.
-[x] Maybe you'll try letting your hair down.
--[x] And get some extensions put in.
[x] Massage.
-[x] Soapy.

Not sure if my boner is ready for This Komachi + a bit of succubus power.
[x] Shampoo.
-[x] Maybe you'll try letting your hair down.
--[x] And get some extensions put in.
[X] Manicure/pedicure.
-[X]Ruby red's fine.
[x] Massage.
-[x] Soapy.
[x] A bit of succubus power??
[x] Shampoo.
[X] Manicure/pedicure.
-[X]Ruby red's fine.
[x] Massage.
-[x] Soapy.
[x] A bit of succubus power??
[x] Shampoo.
-[x] Maybe you'll try letting your hair down.
[X] Manicure/pedicure.
-[X]Ruby red's fine.
[x] Massage.
-[x] Soapy.
[x] A bit of succubus power?"

I can't help but feel like longer hair wouldn't be that sexy on Komachi.
[x] Shampoo.
-[x] Maybe you'll try letting your hair down.
[X] Manicure/pedicure.
-[X]Ruby red's fine.
[x] Massage.
-[x] Soapy.
[x] A bit of succubus power??
[x] Shampoo.
-[x] Maybe you'll try letting your hair down.
--[x] And get some extensions put in.
[x] Massage.
-[x] Soapy.
[x] A bit of succubus power?"

Long hair is always sexy to me. No exceptions.
I wonder if a little too much Succubus power might lead to KoaEnd
Becoming a succubus was always Komachi's true calling.

But what will Eiki think?
You know what? I thin Koa deserves her own ending.
Who cares, Eiki is a bitch in this story.
[x] Shampoo.
-[x] Maybe you'll try letting your hair down.
--[x] And get some extensions put in.
[x] Massage.
-[x] Soapy.
[x] A bit of succubus power?"

Hell yes, that was spectacular. More Koa is always needed! I love you in a deep, totally platonic manner, BSD.

(I'd still have your kids, though.)
As of now not much at all considering how fracked up her mind is due to Yukari and Byakuren's fucking up

Damn straight Koa end gonna be fun! Although wouldn't that also tie into more a SDM end due Komachi's relationship with Meiling... and Koa's with Patchouli. I smell foursomes!
It's hard not to, with the amount of bodily fluids being exchanged.
[x] Shampoo.
-[x] Maybe you'll try letting your hair down.
--[x] And get some extensions put in.
[X] Manicure/pedicure.
-[X]Ruby red's fine.
[x] Massage.
-[x] Soapy.
[x] A bit of succubus power??
Alright, think I'll close votes now. Winning combination is longhair Komachi, a ruby-red manicure and pedicure, a soapy massage, and succubus power.

Glad to see Koa's well-received. Are there any other ends people are interested in?
We haven't met Patchy yet, but I can't really see her and Komachi hitting it off at all. She might be frustrated by her libido distracting her from her books, but she's got Koakuma to handle that, if we can sort something out there.

Remi and Flan are even more doubtful. It depends how they're written, of course, but to me they seem more the slow-burning gradual romance types than Komachi's JIZZ FOR THE JIZZ GOD, DICKS FOR THE DICK THRONE style.

Sakuya is a maybe, combine her non-Euclidean spacetime hax with our tentacle husbando to take over the entire mansion? I dunno.

Just to clear something up, we ARE going to introduce Koa to our boyfriend, right? She's itchin' for a dickin' and we're in a position to provide. Fake being a futa by having a tentacle come out of Komachi's pussy?
I'd like an enslaved by Remilia end, if the story heads in that direction. Dem eyes.
Don't really care about bad ends, tbh.

Well Koa end isn't a bad end I think.

Although wouldn't Koa end kinda tie into Patchy End due to Koa's relationship with Patchouli? And I think the Fairies might have wore out the tentacle monster. Not even Tentabro has infinite endurance

But yea Really no interest in Remilia end as of now, and I have feel it's gonna be a Remilia who really is unlikeable (Maybe more unlikeable than Orin).

And Flandre End I don't see happening because Pretty much Flandre is Yukari's pet so it'll be a BAD END as we're likely caught/enslaved by Yukari as we lose our mind as punishment for meddling....

Still on Ends:
I rather enjoyed Yamame End and Koishi End.

Disliked Orin End and kinda am really meh about Mokou End (Mostly because it felt really forgettable)

Part of me wonders what Parsee End would have been
A non bad end Flandre End would probably be Komachi probably acting like a mother to her which could be Cute end
She has the milk for it, even with four of a kind.
>posting a link directly from twitter
You should probably remove that, like, right now, dude.

Would you mind explaining why?
Linking directly from a social media site to pornographic content on a small imageboard with a highly-focussed community just seems like a bad idea to me.
The BSD Twitter feed is live at https://twitter.com/AlcatrazBSD .

[x] Shampoo.
-[x] Maybe you'll try letting your hair down.
--[x] And get some extensions put in.
[x] Manicure/pedicure.
-[x] Ruby red's fine.
[x] Massage.
-[x] Soapy.
[x] A bit of succubus power?"

Koa's still rambling about tentacle-wraps and other bizarre treatments when you cut her off with a soft kiss.

"A bit of spa time sounds nice, Koa.?

"Hm? Ah!" Koa busts out a delighted grin. "Alright! I'll make you so beautiful that you'll corrupt anyone who sees you!"

The ever-eager succubus gives you a forceful kiss of her own, pressing hard enough with her lips to make your head sink into the pillow. Then she slides down your body and onto her feet at the end of the bed, lightly trailing her nails along your skin as she draws herself back. Once she's all the way off of you, you crawl to the side of the bed and carefully get off. You've had a good amount of time to recover from all the sex, so your legs only shake a little when they're forced to bear your weight.

Koa watches very closely as you stand up and have a delightful moan-filled stretch. The countless stains on your breasts catch the candlelight, and a bit of her cum gets squeezed from your holes as your lower muscles contract. A quick glance shows that Koa's almost drooling, so a little encore seems in order. You work your way through a number of poses that show off your best features: pushing out your chest with your arms above your head, bending over to stick out your ass while you touch your toes, and putting your hands on a chair and arching your back inwards. All the while, you delight her ears with a steady stream of rich, deep moans.

it's not very surprising when she finally runs up and grabs your breasts. You chuckle a bit and lower your head to kiss her, letting her tongue chase yours all over your mouths. She satisfies herself with a few deep squeezes and gives your nipples a quick pinch as she breaks the kiss.

"Can't keep your hands off me?" you tease.

Koa grins. "I don't know who could, Komachi."

Then you start getting ready to move on. You'd get your clothes all dirty if you put them on now, so the two of you decide to just head out naked. With how eerie and quiet the mansion is, you probably won't run into anyone. You both gather up your clothes and accessories in messy bundles, and Koa leads the way out.

The room you were in just vanishes into the wall as soon as you close the door. The walls, floor, and ceiling outside are all covered with carpeting now; the hallway you're in slowly rotates as you walk down it, occasionally dumping you onto a wall that's become the new floor. You just start flying after the second or third time that happens.

Koa's too excited to be concerned about the literally twisting passages. The opportunity to work on you has her in her own little world, and she hums cheerily herself as she steps around upside-down chandeliers and inconveniently-placed busts of Remilia without a second thought. it's easy to get separated in this place, so you use your powers to make sure she doesn't stray more than a few yards from you.

At one point, you're pretty sure you hear some echoes of your sex with Koa, but distorted so that you both sound like men. Something else is bouncing around the walls, too:

?" fetching. See that she doesn't leave?"

?" be done, Mistress."

?" rethink my plans for tonight?"

Strange, and possibly important. Both voices are rich baritones, but the words sound like the kinds of things Remilia and Sakuya might say. You should probably be careful the next time you see them.

"Ah, here we are!" Koa opens a door on the ceiling and flies up through it. As soon as you follow her through, gravity suddenly changes its mind and drops you sideways onto a marble wall/floor before you can reorient yourself.

This is getting pretty tiresome.

Pushing yourself up from the floor(?), you find yourself in a luxurious salon that's about the size of your cabin. The walls and floor are made from pink and white marble with gold trim, and a regal golden chandelier hangs from the ceiling. The far end of the room holds a smooth ebon tub, while a padded red chair surrounded by sinks and mirrors and cosmetics dominates the rest. Koa's already dropped her clothes in a basket and hurried on to start the water; you set your outfit and baubles down in another basket and prop your scythe against a corner before heading after her.

The tub's already begun to fill with steaming water. Koa enhances it with a bunch of pink liquid, which causes a thick film of sweet-smelling bubbles to spread over the top. Nodding in satisfaction at the water, she stands up and saunters over to a nearby closet, swinging her hips and tail for your enjoyment. "So, what do you want me to do?" she asks over her shoulder. You're pretty sure she doesn't have to bend over that much to get what she's after.

There's nowhere to sit over here, so you lean against the wall opposite her and cross your arms under your breasts. "Well, that bath looks really good, and I think I'd like to get my nails done. Might be nice to try something different with my hair, too."

"Sure, sure! Do you have any styles in mind?" Koa returns and sets out an inflatable mattress next to the tub, along with a shiny bronze bucket covered in bat-themed designs. There's no sponge to be seen. The mattress starts to inflate itself when she touches a small sigil; it must use some sort of automated air magic.

"Hmm. Well, I haven't worn it long in a while. Any way you could make that happen?"

"Of course! Miss Remilia likes to have long hair too sometimes, so we have some color-changing extensions that'll work."

The tub's about halfway full now, so Koa shuts off the water and scoops up some water in her bucket. While the mattress finishes inflating, she squeezes some goopy liquid into the bucket from a small bottle and mixes it around with one hand.

"What's the mat for?" you ask. Usually you use a stool for this part.

Koa grins at your question. "Ah, that's for my special massage technique! Patchouli doesn't like it, but I'm sure you will. Just lie down there and I'll take care of everything~"

Ooh, that sounds like fun. You follow Koa's instructions to lie face-down on the mattress. it's remarkably smooth, and you sink in a few inches as it takes on your weight. Seems like it can take plenty more before you'd crush it. Once you're settled, you propping yourself up on your arms to watch as Koa prepares herself.

First, she gathers up every strand of her long, silky hair and puts it into a tight bun behind her head. Judging by how deftly she handles it all without even looking, she's had plenty of practice with this. You're treated to a clear view of her nicely-contoured back as the hair's pulled away; the curves of her waist, stomach, and ass are exciting without being excessive, accentuated by the long, curvy wings that spread out from the middle of her back. You can just glimpse the sides of her breasts from behind, as well. Everything's amazingly pale, and you don't see a single mark anywhere on her.

Once her hair's taken care of, Koa picks up her bucket and starts to pour it out over her chest. The stream of warm water runs smoothly around and between her breasts before trailing down her firm stomach and the whole length of her legs. A few seconds later, she sets down the mostly-empty bucket and starts to lather herself up. You're treated to plenty of sumptuous moans as she massages the soapy water into her smooth, pale skin. Her perky tits get a full half-minute of attention, as does her rock-hard cock. Once she's given that a dozen slow squeezes and pumps, she turns around and bends over to lather up her long, shapely legs. As pale and curvy as they are, they have to compete for attention with the sight of her juicy pink snatch and her small, delicate asshole, as well as the black tail that sways about hypnotically in the air. You can feel yourself getting a bit moist between your legs as you stare.

Pretty soon, Koa's covered almost everything but her wings with shiny, soapy liquid. She looks down at you with an eager smile, mirroring your own excitement.

"Now, I'll show you my people's way of washing. Hope you enjoy it~!"

Koa lies down on top of you and wraps her hands around your waist, giving you a tight squeeze as she presses her lithe, voluptuous form into your back. You clearly feel her hard nipples poking into you, and her cock nestles itself quite comfortably against your ass. The heat from her coating of water quickly soaks into your skin, and the suds on her body make a small squishing sound as they're compressed between the two of you.

Without loosening her grip, Koa starts to slide her slippery body over your back, filling your ears with long, lustful moans all the while. Her soft breasts and firm stomach rub over every inch of skin from your shoulders to the small of your back, while her cock prods at your ass from every angle. Her movements seem a little too smooth and frictionless for someone who's just covered in soap; that stuff she mixed in must be a lubricant of some sort. She usually moves in slow clockwise circles, but sometimes she switches to a vigorous back-and-forth motion that lets her thrust between your cheeks and grind her cock against your asshole. Other times, she sways from side to side while kissing your neck or nibbling your ears. Even if she isn't stimulating you directly, the sensation her vigorous rubbing is so erotic that you can't help blushing and purring a little.

After a few minutes of that, she sits up and turns around to give you a second scrubbing with her round yet squishy butt. Her hands dig into your own cheeks for support, putting her index fingers in a good position to prod and stroke your holes while she works. You let out a few quiet moans as she gently tugs on your asshole and traces a nail up and down your slit, still moaning deeply and sliding her fabulous ass all over your back.

From there, she slides right onto one of your thighs and pulls your lower leg straight up, fitting it snugly between her breasts. Then she tightens her grip all over and starts to work your leg with her entire body. Your thigh gets a forceful scrubbing from her crotch and legs, while her stomach and breasts writhe over the rest of your leg. Her hands get to work on scrubbing your foot, slowly massaging it with her fingertips while her nails tickle the most sensitive parts. The mixture of stimulations has you both laughing and moaning; your toes spread out and twitch in midair until Koa starts to suck on them, gently bobbing her head on each one as she licks off every bit of dried sperm.

In this position, Koa's able to grind her clit against your thigh while her cock rubs against your calf. You tense up your muscles there to heighten her pleasure, and she responds by bringing her tail down to play with your slit while she works. She turns the wide tip sideways and fits in as much as she can, then drags it up and down to make the edges scrape incessantly against your soaked, sensitive walls. The sharp pleasure makes you tremble all over, your low moans mixing in with Koa's higher-pitched ones and the constant squishing and squelching of your soapy bodies. By the time she's through with both of your legs, you're both blushing and panting with excitement.

"Now, let me take care of your front, Komachi!" Koa stands up for a moment to let you move. You turn over eagerly to give her access, putting your arms above your head and smiling up at her. The soap on her body's been worked into a thick froth, nearly covering her smooth skin with bubbly white suds.

Koa starts by straddling your chest. Her slippery hands slide all around your breasts, getting them nice and sudsy before she squeezes them together. Then she brings up her soapy cock and starts using it to clean the space between them with slow, sensual thrusts. The tip keeps poking out near your face, but licking it while it's all soapy would be a poor idea. You can feel her hard, hot cock throbbing eagerly as it slips back and forth between your breasts. which get more and more sensitive as her pheromones soak in along with the water. Her hands stay hard at work in the meanwhile, sliding all over your rack without letting up the pressure as they scrub you off and massage in the soap.

The lovely smile on her face makes it clear she's enjoying herself, so you decide to have some fun her body too. Reaching up and around her busy arms, you close your hands tightly around Koa's own soapy breasts. She lets out a little surprised moan when you first squeeze down on the firm, hand-filling mounds, but she soon pushes out her chest a little and tries to return her attention to you. From then on, you match her squeeze for squeeze, flicking your thumbs over her hard, slippery nipples while she pinches and prods at yours. The two of you exchange dozens of affectionate moans, thoroughly enamored with each other's bodies.

Koa's really into it now, but she manages to stop her thrusting and leave your breasts before she cums. For the next part of her service, she puts one of your arms between her breasts and slides up and down to stroke you clean. Even though it's just your arm, it feels nice to have her perky tits closed tight around it. Her tail comes back to play with your pussy some more, but this time it focuses purely on your clit. She mostly just rubs flat tip over it in tight, pleasurable circles, but the point's always ready to give you a tiny little jab and make your whole body twitch with pleasure. She's happy to just smirk at your reactions at first, but she soon rinses off your fingers and closes her mouth around one instead. You don't know what it's like to have a cock, but the way she sucks and bobs her head and flutters her tongue around it while servicing your arm is still enough to make you sweat.

After both of your arms are thoroughly clean, Koa pours the rest of the bucket out over herself and mounts your waist, pressing her hot, throbbing length against your slit. You think for a moment that she'll be using it to clean out your pussy, but that doesn't turn out to be the case. Instead, she lowers her chest and starts cleaning your stomach with a steady circular scrubbing. Her slippery legs entangle with yours as well, rapidly curling and squeezing all around them as she slides around on top of you.

Her penis isn't entirely left out, though. After every dozen or so reps with her chest, she pushes herself forward more and forcefully rubs her hard cock against your clit. You're really sensitive there after everything she did with her tail, so the quick, forceful rubbing is enough to make you to grip the mattress and cry out loudly while she grins down at you. Your reaction only makes Koa more eager, and she makes sure to push her hips down and really grind it against you whenever she can. Just as it gets to be too much to bear, she drops back and changes to something different.

Those aren't the only two motions she has. Sometimes, she switches to sliding back and forth across your chest while her dexterous feet stroke your legs. The slippery, squishy friction and the scratching from her hard nipples aren't all you have to deal with, though; she also rinses off your nipples and starts to drink from them while she works. You're aroused enough that your milk almost sprays into her mouth, and she eagerly draws it out milk in long, pleasurable spurts. She switches constantly between your breasts as she slips around on top of you, never lingering on a single one for more than a couple seconds. She'll switch to another technique just as you're getting used to the warm, tingling pleasure in your breasts, and switch back again when the hot throbbing in your tortured clit is too much to bear. Your milk leaks out constantly even when she isn't drinking it, so the suds around your breasts end up getting a bit milky.

She's been servicing you for at least fifteen minutes now. You're tingling all over from the sustained friction of her washing, and she's probably rubbed her pheromones into every inch of your body. You're both flushed and moaning loudly now, and it's pretty clear you both want to cum.

Koa finally ends her massage a minute later, dismounting you and drawing herself up to her knees at your side. You're both covered in soap now, and the pure white suds on your bodies accentuate the flushed skin underneath.

You push yourself upright with a bit of effort and give her a quick kiss. Koa sucks happily on your lips for a moment, then puts a pair of fingers under your neck and gently pushes you away

"That was amazing, Koa."

"Thanks, Komachi! I'm glad you liked it. There's only one more place to clean now?"

Koa traces her fingers between your breasts as she speaks. They spend a moment meandering around your stomach before sliding down between your legs and curving up to enter your pussy. You greet the insertion with a gentle purr, which turns to a loud, happy moan as she quickly thrusts her way up to full speed.

After so much teasing, that direct stimulation feels heavenly. Her fingers can easily exploit every one of the weak spots she found with her cock, and the long nails scratching deeper in add a sharp second layer of stimulation. Thanks to those, she's just able to tickle your cervix when she pushes her fingers all the way into you. She moves fast enough that her nails seem to strike at random, making the deepest parts of your pussy quiver with pleasure and anticipation while her long fingers play the rest of it like an instrument.

You won't just take that lying down, though. In response, you wrap a hand around Koa's cock and start stroking her with equally-forceful pumps. Thanks to the mixture of soap and precum that's covered her shaft, your hand slides back and forth with ease no matter how tightly you squeeze her. There's no need to get fancy when she's this slippery and this close to the edge; a simple up-and-down motion with your whole hand sends her straight to whatever she calls heaven.

You meet Koa's lips for a lustful kiss, and the two of you moan wildly around each other's tongues while you do your best to please each other. In seconds, Koa starts to buck into your hand, while you can't keep yourself from grinding onto her nimble fingers. Koa works a third finger to intensify the pleasure even further, forcing your mind to go completely blank. You just moan and pump away at her with all the strength you have, and--

"Mmmm!" The two of you cum together. You fall back onto the mat and arch your back as the pleasure shoots through you, forcing a few more spurts of old cum from your pussy as you cry out and convulse on the mat. Your hand stays wrapped around Koa's length, though, and you feel it pulse and throb powerfully in your grip as it lets out shot after shot of thick, fragrant sperm. Her load splatters onto the floor a few feet away, where neither of you could care less about it.

Koa drops down next to you when her load finally dries up. You give her an approving smile, which she meets with an affectionate kiss. Seems you're shaping up to be a great playmate for her.

There's better things to do than lounge around on the mattress, though. Now that you've had a deep, thorough cleaning, you can finally move on to the tub.

it's only large enough for one person to lie down in, so you get in first. A quick check with your toe reveals that the water's still quite warm, and you let out an amazed sigh as you step in and lie down. The temperature's just perfect, and there's some nice, flowery oils mixed in with the bubbly water that covers everything but your head. The only way it could be nicer is if--

"There's room for me too, right?"

-- if you had a nice succubus to keep you company. Koa steps into the water facing you and nestles into your body, submerging everything but her head and her wings. Her firmer breasts sink slightly into yours, and she hooks her calves under your knees to make your legs twine together. You pull her in really close, and the two of you share a long, leisurely kiss. You've figured out her tongueplay pretty well by now, so you're able to kiss her to a standstill while the warm feeling of relaxation flows through your body.

Eventually, you grow too lethargic to keep up the kiss, and Koa switches to resting her head on your shoulder. You feel a bit of stirring in her cock thanks to all the saliva she swallowed, but she doesn't seem to be in the mood right now. Even though she's a succubus, her sex drive is much more reasonable now that she isn't all backed up with sperm.

"Ahh, so heavenly?"

"Mm." This tub is a lot more cramped than a normal bath, but the water's quality is amazing, and it's quite intimate with Koa lying on top of you. "Do you get to do this every day?"

Koa shakes her head. "Not like this. The library's bath isn't nearly as nice? and you're not always here to cuddle with." Koa tightens her grip and purrs happily as she nuzzles your cheek.

You don't feel like keeping up the conversation, so you just put your arms around her and hold her close, savoring the feeling of her firm, sexy body pressing into you. Down under the water, her tail coils loosely around one of your legs.

It'll be a while before you can let go of this.

"There, all done!" Koa smiles in satisfaction as she screws the cap back onto her nail polish bottle.

You nod in approval as you look down at your still-wet red nails. She's clipped and filed them down to make them equally long and uniformly round, and painted them with a coat of the mansion's own Scarlet Devil nail polish. It usually smells pretty bad while it's wet, but this seems to be pleasantly rose-scented instead. it's enchanted to self-propagate, too; cracks and chips heal on their own, and it spreads as your nails grow so they're always fully coated. You can still break it up with nail polish remover, though. Very convenient, and probably really expensive.

"Remi won't mind that you used her personal stuff, will she?" you ask.

Koa waves her hand dismissively. "Oh, don't worry about it. I think she'd agree it was put to good use." She sets the bottle on a rack next to a row of similar ones of different colors. She's still naked, as are you.

"Now, it'll take a few minutes to dry, so you'll need to stay still?" Koa turns around and steps in quite close to you. She gives one of your breasts a squeeze and climbs onto the chair, holding her tail high in the air as she leans forward to kiss you.

?" No matter what~"

She gives you a mischievous smirk. You don't mind what she's up to, so you just respond with a chuckle. You can always distance-push her away if you want.

Koa seems quite pleased to have you as her captive. She lowers her head and claims your lips again while her hands go straight for your chest. She spreads out her fingers and sets them down on the surface, then gradually applies some pressure to make them sink deeper and deeper into your soft, squishy breasts. Once her fingers are barely visible, she tightens them and starts to knead you with long, powerful squeezes, sliding her hands around a few inches each time. She must feel like they're in heaven, with the way they're surrounded on all sides by the softest part of your body.

Meanwhile, you let her catch your tongue between her teeth, where she's able to lick and suck and nibble it to her heart's content. She's eager to swallow your deep, sultry moans, so much that she starts to speed up her hands and grind her palms into your nipples to make you groan even harder. The milk inside them's begging to spurt out, but it's stuck inside you until she decides to use her mouth. The two of you stare deep into each other's eyes while she kisses you, exchanging expressions of sultry desire.

Minutes later, Koa breaks the kiss and moves her head down to your flushed, throbbing breasts. Her wet, heavy breaths soak your nipples in heat before she brings out her long, dripping tongue to tease them. She traces it in slow, mincing circles around your areolae and flicks it back and forth across each one, making you gasp and moan from the stimulation. By the time she finally moves on to using her lips, you're already leaking a good amount from both nipples.

It feels completely different when she's actually sucking, though. A thick spurt of milk shoots out as soon as her soft lips close around your nipple, and she eagerly gulps it down while working for more. She sucks without stopping in long, forceful pulls until her mouth is almost full, then swallows it all before switching to your other nipples and starting over again. The breast she isn't using gets the full attention of one of her hands, which keeps it aroused with a flurry of squeezes and pinches until her delightful mouth returns.

Meanwhile, her free hand gently teases your slit with a simple up-and-down stroking. Her nails just barely catch your clit at the end of each stroke, sending a little tremor through your body that squirts some extra milk onto her tongue. As your juices run out to coat her fingers, she decides to slide her fingers into you. Rather than thrust like before, she just slides them around inside of you, traveling between sensitive spots and scratching constantly at your walls. Her thumbnail rubs back and forth over your clit in the meantime, just forceful enough that your walls are always twitching around her skilled fingers. The sensations have your fingers and toes twitching while your voice spills out in a moaning mess, but you won't move just because of this.


"Mmm?" Koa looks up to you with a playful smile, leaking milk from the corner of her mouth. You put on a nice pout for her.

"If you're gonna molest me like this, you should at least go all the way..."

Koa chuckles quietly. "Okay, if you insist~!" With that, she spreads you wide with both thumbs and slides her cock all the way into you. Your hands tighten around the arms of the chair as her cock slides past your labia, and you stare into her eyes and match her long moan with an identical one as she fills you up inch by inch. When her hips finally touch yours, you clench up tightly to give her whole length a nice squeeze.

"Feels good inside you, Komachi?"

"Mm! Your cock's great too, Koa?"

Koa slides her hands down to your thighs and starts to slowly pull back her hips. The movement is agonizingly slow, giving you plenty of time to feel every little vein and curve on her cock as it drifts out of you. You're tempted to use your powers to force her cock out and back in, but she's enjoying herself too much for you to ruin her fun like that.

The teasing's as hard on Koa as it is on you, of course. Her next thrust is twice as fast, and the one after is twice that. Your voices grow proportionately louder with each one. Soon, she's reached a brisk but steady pace; her hips trace a new path of pleasure along your walls each time she enters you, and each thrust ends with a delicate kiss to your cervix. Your breasts continue to leak as you shudder and moan, but she's focused solely on your pussy right now.

Koa blushes and smiles wide in contentment as she fucks you. Her breasts jiggle a bit with each thrust, and her long hair sways sensually in time with her motions. Her quiet moans mix in nicely with the steady squishing sound between your legs. The look in her eyes is? you wouldn't call it ?love," but it might be as close as a succubus gets. More like a really deep affection.

"Oh, Komachi?"

You part your lips invitingly, and Koa leans forward to claim them. Her hands find your breasts again and grab them for leverage, letting her thrust a little harder while she squeezes them. Small spurts of milk cover her hands, forced out by both her groping and her cock.

You keep up the kiss until you're forced to break away and moan, and she switches to kissing up and down your neck while her cock churns you up relentlessly. You don't have any time to catch your breath at the speed she's using, so every thrust just piles onto the last ones and drives you closer and closer to cumming.

"Mmmn? Koa, I'm gonna?"

Koa wordlessly speeds up her hips, expertly bringing you over the edge with five quick and powerful thrusts. You squeal with delight and tighten up like a vise to make her cum with you, and your shuddering walls stay wrapped tightly around her as her cock throbs and shoots out a nice, thick load of sperm. You still had some left in you from before, so she's able to refill your almost completely. The cum that doesn't make it in leaks out past her cock and pools on the chair once she pulls out.

The two of you exchange a pair of satisfied smiles as your orgasms wind down.

"Geez, and you just cleaned me too."

Koa traces a little heart over your womb. "You like to be full of cum, though, don't you?"

"Heh. You got me there."

After another kiss, Koa uses a few tissues to wipe off your breasts and stop the flow from between your legs.

"Now, I'll work on your hair while those finish drying. You said you wanted it longer, right?" Koa pulls a lever on your chair to make it recline backwards until you're almost lying flat. Your head comes to a stop over a wide marble sink.

"Yeah. Seems like a nice change of pace."

Koa tries to picture that in her head, and seems pleased with what she comes up with. "Hmm, I think it would be! We have some nice extensions that'll work great for you."

She pulls out a small hose and turns the knob on the faucet, shooting a forceful spray of hot water onto your head. She takes her time getting your hair nice and wet, holding the hose close enough that it kind of feels like the water's massaging you. Then, she shuts off the water and starts to treat your hair with some flowery shampoo. You find yourself purring quietly as her fingers press into your scalp, working away tense spots you didn't realize were there.

"Didn't think that would feel so good, Koa?"

Koa chuckles quietly. "Patchouli says the same thing. Just relax and let me take care of you~"


"Wow! You look amazing, Komachi!"

The two of you are standing in front of a full-length mirror. You have to say, you're inclined to agree with Koa. Your body's all clean and nicely perfumed after the bath, but it's your new hair that draws all the attention. Your bangs haven't changed, but your twintails have been replaced by a head of long, sleek, slightly-wavy hair. Koa couldn't find a use for your baubles, so you'll just keep them in your robe. The extensions are enchanted to mimic the hair they're attached to, so it all looks completely natural. A few locks come down your front over your shoulders, but the rest just flows all the way down to your ass. it's all smooth and silky-soft, enough to tickle you a little as it brushes against your skin. You pull a bit to your front and run your fingers through it, admiring the soft texture as your hair flows between them. The extensions meld into your sense of touch, too, so you can feel the smooth motion with both your hair and your fingers.

Your nails are a couple shades darker than your hair, close to black when they don't catch the light and a deep, classy scarlet when they do. They do seem a bit too classy for someone like you, but you'll probably get used to them. You don't mind prettying yourself up once in a while, especially if you keep meeting cute girls like this. All in all, Koa's done a great job.

? But, you might like her to do even more.

"Hey, Koa."


"Succubi can change other girls? bodies, right?"

Koa nods. "Mhm! We can't get pregnant, so we turn other girls into succubi instead. It only transforms them completely if the succubus is really strong and the girl is really lewd, though. But even if it just makes them a bit more perverse, they'll still get people aroused and easy to feed on.?

?" So, what do you think would happen if you tried that on me?"

"Eh?" Ooh, Koa didn't see that coming. Her tail goes rigid behind her, and she blushes visibly as she tries to process the idea. "W-well, I'm not especially powerful, but we do have good compatibility, and your body seems like it would be really receptive, so? um?" She's looking your reflection up and down and blushing even harder now. "I? dunno. Do you want to? find out?"

You grin. "Sure, sounds fun."

Koa makes a face like her birthday came early. "O-okay! Um, then, you can just lie down on the mat here, and I'll?"

You seem calm in comparison as you saunter over and lay yourself out, but your heart's beating pretty fast too. You've never heard of a shinigami doing something like this before. The thought just popped into your head a few minutes ago, and you'll admit to being nervous at the thought of having a succubus change you. But at the same time, the thought of having powers like hers is just so exciting that you can't talk yourself out of it. Besides, she's only a little devil, so she won't change you too much, right? And you can probably get the changes exorcised if you don't like them.

Koa kneels you once you're settled. She puts her hands over your breasts and womb, the two lewdest parts of your body. You can feel the sweat on her palms as she holds them against your skin.

"Are you ready, Komachi?"

You take a few calming breaths. "Yeah. Don't hold back, alright?"

Koa's hair tickles your ass a bit as she nods. "Okay, here goes!"

She draws in a long, deep breath that seems to take a whole minute, and then?


Something intensely hot shoots into you like a bolt of lightning. It circles briefly around your heart before splitting up and blasting into every corner of your body, forcing you to cry out in shock and surprise. More waves of heat surge in from Koa's hands, intensifying the sensation as your whole body starts to throb powerfully. Your cries quickly change to a ceaseless stream of moans as you fill up with unbearable heat. You can feel it everywhere, but it's most pronounced in your most sensitive places: your breasts, your pussy, your ass? it's in your head too, making your mind feel all hot and scrambled. Vivid memories of sex well up, so strong you can almost feel them: Youmu furiously pounding your asshole, a crazed Reisen ravaging your pussy, Okuu filling up your throat, and dozens of others blur past one after another.

In seconds, you're forced into a powerful orgasm. Your shuddering convulsions of pleasure only feed the furious throbbing that has you in its grip. You can feel your body changing with each pulse of ecstasy, but your mind is helpless to react. All you can think of is sex; of riding Eiki's all-powerful Rod, letting Orin fuck you like a bitch in heat, being surrounded and filled by huge, powerful cocks?

So good?

So good?






"K---chi? Komachi?"

Wow, that was weird. It feels like your body got squeezed through a tube while you came over and over and over again. After a while, you couldn't even comprehend how good it felt, and then you passed out.

You're all sweaty now, too. And it feels like your womb's completely empty. Didn't Koa fill it back up just a little while ago?

"Can you hear me, Komachi?"

Oh, right. You crack open your eyes and squint at the light. Slowly, you make out the sight of a still-naked Koakuma standing over you with a worried look on her face. About? three feet above you. Powers still work. She smiles with relief when you make eye contact.

"Ah, you're awake! I've never used so much power before, so I was worried I might have overdone it."

"Did? Did it work?" Hmm, your voice seems a bit different. Deeper, maybe? Not by much.

"Uh?" Koa glances over you. ?" Yeah, it did! Come on, the mirror's over here."

Koa takes your hand and pulls you up. As your arm enters your view, you note that your skin seems lighter than before. Your nails are about half an inch longer as well, but still completely covered by the ruby-red polish. That seems to be working as advertised.

You have some trouble with your footing when you make it all the way up. There's the fact you just came yourself unconscious, of course, but it feels like your balance is a bit different from before. Koa keeps an arm around you as she leads you back to the mirror, simultaneously concerned and excited. As you limp along, you notice an odd sweetness in the air that seems to follow you around. Pheromones, maybe?

Alright, here you are. Let's take a look. Seems you're?

Hmm. Well, you don't look all that different. Your body does have a more pronounced hourglass figure, and you seem to have lost a few pounds from less desirable places. Also notable is the black tail hanging between your legs, about a foot long with a spade-shaped tip like Koa?s. You can kind of clumsily swish it around, but nothing fancier than that. Your breasts are the same perfect size as before, but they feel just a little bit softer when you squeeze them. A little more sensitive, too.

Your tan's completely gone too, leaving you as pale as your succubus friend. Actually, with your new tail and long hair, you could almost pass for her older sister. Your faces are pretty different aside from eye color, though, and you don't have any wings.

"Do you? like it?" Koa lets go of you so you can turn around and see your back. Your backside doesn't seem much different, aside from a few enhancements to your curves here and there. The main difference is your tail. It just kind of fades into your body near the end of your spine.

You turn back to Koa and smile. "Yeah, I like it. Does this make me a succubus now?"

Koa sighs with relief before shaking her head. "No, I wasn't able to go that far." You detect a bit of regret in her voice. "I don't think you're just a shinigami either, though."

So, a shinigami demi-succubus? You're alright with that. This new tail seems fun, and you aren't complaining about your little appearance boost.

Hmm. Speaking of which, you're feeling pretty? Well, it's a lot like feeling horny, but a little more intense in a way you've never felt before. You kind of feel hungry for sex. And sperm. Thick, creamy, delicious sperm, straight from a nice, hard cock?


"Buh?" You shake yourself back to reality. At least, you try to. Now that you've noticed it, this feeling is really hard to ignore. Your thoughts keep turning back to how you'll take care of it?

[ ] You have a lovely succubus to play with~
[ ] Koa hasn't been introduced to your pet~
[ ] You can get all the sperm you want from the maids~
[X] You have a lovely succubus to play with~
[X] Koa hasn't been introduced to your pet~

By the way if we keep going could there get to be a Succubus/Koa End?
[x] You have a lovely succubus to play with~
[x] Koa hasn't been introduced to your pet~
Can't get pregnant, eh? We'll see about that.
[x] You can get all the sperm you want from the maids~
[x] Koa hasn't been introduced to your pet~

Tentacle time with Koa!
[X] You have a lovely succubus to play with~
[X] Koa hasn't been introduced to your pet~
[x] You have a lovely succubus to play with~
[x] You can get all the sperm you want from the maids~
[x] You have a lovely succubus to play with~
[x] Koa hasn't been introduced to your pet~
Can't get pregnant, eh? We'll see about that.

Also, could someone link me to threads 1-4 of this?

Sorry, I haven't been very good about that. You can head over to the Story List and ctrl+f "Komachi" to find all the past threads.

But that can be annoying, so here's the links.
Thread 1: >>/at/15116
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>Story List
[x] Koa hasn't been introduced to your pet~
[X] You have a lovely succubus to play with~
[X] Koa hasn't been introduced to your pet~

Don't think I've voted here yet, but if I have, it'll be on the same IP.
Closing votes. Looks like the winning choice is for tentacle-assisted Koasex, unless you all meant something different.
It's what I mean. Always how I envisioned it being done
Only as a oneshot. It's pretty clear that this Komachi is hopelessly in love with Eiki.
Dunno where you get that, I get the impression she can make a harem (mokou, Yamame for starters), though if she's in love with anyone, it'd be Meiling.
[x] You have a lovely succubus to play with~
[x] Koa hasn't been introduced to your pet~

Koa seems a bit concerned, tilting her head at you as she speaks. "Ah, you spaced out for a moment. Are you feelin-Wah!"

You jump forward and glomp your lovely companion, nearly knocking her over as she yelps and flails her arms in surprise. You slip your hands around her sides and slide them down to her ass, trailing your nails and fingertips along her warm, silky skin the whole way. Her butt's fairly big but still nice and firm, with just enough give for some top-class groping. You don't mind if you do~

"Ahh? Komachi?"

Meanwhile, you pull her in really close and stare hungrily into her eyes, unconsciously licking your lips. Your breasts are large and soft enough to nearly envelop her smaller, firmer pair, and your skin's now sensitive enough to feel every inch of her firm but squishy cleavage and her hardening nipples. Her cock got a bit stiff while she was staring at your new body, and it hardens even further as you crush it against your smooth stomach.

She's really cute, and just bursting with lewdness. And you can almost smell her thick, delicious cum, just begging to shoot out and fill you?


She's a bit shorter than you, so you have to lower your head to kiss her. You can feel her heart beating faster against your breasts as your tongues swirl and coil around each other, both of them dripping with sweet saliva. It feels like your tongue is a little longer now, and you think you can control it better too. "Coiling? is actually a pretty accurate way to describe what you're doing with it.

Your eye-powers seemed to cancel Koa's out before, but now it's like she shrinks a little when you look her in the eyes. Maybe you have some succubus-vision backing up whatever boost you got from Eirin's pills? Whatever the case, the little succubus quickly turns to putty in your hands, purring quietly into your mouth as you work her over. You go after her body with everything you have, kissing, groping, and grinding all at once. You'd also like to coil your new tail around her thigh like she did to you earlier, but it just kind of flails around whenever you try to move it. Must take practice.

Ah, well. Even without any tail-teasing, it only takes a little bit to get Koa fully aroused. When you break the kiss and step away, she's flushed through and panting quietly with a lewd smile on her face, and her cock's hard enough to break a stone. Blushing fairly hard yourself, you put your hands on your hips and lean forward a little, letting your large, round breasts hang down seductively.

"Wanna try out my new body, Koa? You're the one who made it this way, so you deserve get the first round~? Your voice sounds oddly rich when you say that, like it's just dripping with delicious honey. Your eyes tingle a bit at the same time, and Koa's arousal suddenly ratchets itself up by another notch.

"Y? Yes! Please!" Koa firmly grabs your arm, her nails digging into your skin a little as she leads you back to the bath-mat. As you stumble after her, you unfocus your eyes and reach out with your mind. You're sure Koa could please you by herself, but you've had plenty of normal sex with her already. Maybe your pet can spice things up~

Koa lays you out on the mat and takes a moment to appreciate you, her cock twitching eagerly as she drinks in the sight of your body. You smile and put on a little show for her, groping your super-soft breasts, spreading your long legs to show her your pussy, and purring seductively in your new extra-rich voice. The display has her trembling, torn between jumping you and watching it for longer. She's so fixated on you that she doesn't notice the rifts opening up behind her, or the white tentacles worming out of them, until?

"Ah?!" Koa jumps and whips her head around when a soft, slippery tentacle brushes her thigh. A bunch more slide onto her almost immediately, gently winding around her arms and legs as she glances all over her body. She could break free if she wanted, but she seems more surprised than frightened.

"I-is this? yours, Komachi??" She finally looks over to you, and you smile right back.

"Mhm! Just a little pet I picked up. he's really clever, and really eager to please~"

As you say that, a few tentacles coil around Koa's sizable breasts and give them a gentle squeeze. Another one comes up and starts to rub between her legs, while a couple of slippery, tongue-like lengths emerge from new rifts to lick all over her cock. The rest all massage her as they tighten their grip, getting a feel for every inch of her quivering body.

"Ah! Mm? Mmm? Miss Patchouli keeps a few of these locked up in her books, but she never lets me play with them~"

Koa relaxes in the tentacles? grip, moaning and purring as they play with her. Her lascivious form writhes and shudders in a strangely fluid way, and you feel your own lust rising at the sight. it's getting harder and harder to keep your eyes from just gluing themselves to her cock.

Of course, your pet wants a taste of your body as well; an equal number of rifts open up all around you, and you freely offer yourself up to them. You sense a faint feeling of surprise when the tentacles touch your body; seems they're just now discovering what Koa did to you. They quickly lift you up and pull you spread-eagle, then set about pinpointing and feeling out every little change to your figure. No matter where they touch you, you're able to feel their slick, soft texture in fine detail as they stroke your smooth, pale succubus-skin. Your new tail turns out to be really sensitive; a single tentacle coils around it and quickly strokes up and down, and you can't keep yourself from laughing and moaning at the same time.

The deep massage feels really good, especially now that a feeler-covered rubbing is rubbing against your slit, but you still want to get your fill of Koa's cum. Drink down a nice, big load of that thick, creamy white stuff, let the smell fog up your head ?til you can't even think, and then make her fill up your womb as well?

Koa's been lifted a few inches off the ground. Your pet hasn't started fucking her yet, but her cock and pussy are both getting a vigorous stroking that has her panting breathlessly. The tentacles stay wrapped around you as you get up and crawl over, not stopping their lewd stroking and squeezing for even a second. Part of you wants to just collapse here and let them have their way with you, but your hunger for Koa's sperm is even stronger.

It feels like ages, but you finally reach where your companion's suspended in the air, moaning and purring in delight while your pet's tentacles tease every inch of her lewd form. As you approach, the three tongue-tentacles withdraw from Koa's slick, throbbing length. They did a wonderful job of getting her ready~

"Don't forget about me, Koa?"

You close your eyes and start to tease her cock with little kisses. As you flick your tongue against her tip, you pick up an odd mixture of her precum and the tentacles? slime. They both taste pretty good, and the sample just makes you even hungrier~

"Nn! P-please?"

Reaching up with a tentacle-wrapped arm, you brush a bit of your long hair out of the way and wrap your lips around her cock.


Mmm. You don't know if it's the pheromones or your own arousal or what, but Koa's penis tastes delicious. You take her in until she reaches your throat, then wind your tongue around her length and give her a nice, long suck.


"Hmm, seems you can suck a bit harder than before now. You put that ability to good use as you smoothly bob your head, stroking her with both your warm, slippery tongue and your soft, juicy lips. Your saliva quickly covers her shaft, feeling a bit more slippery than it used to. You steadily speed up your movements, the lovely taste spurring you to milk her harder and harder.

A blowjob from you must feel great on its own, but Koa has the tentacles keep teasing the rest of her body, too. The ones groping her breasts have little feeler-covered tips that play with her nipples, and the one rubbing her pussy hasn't let up at all while you've been sucking her off. You also notice a few playing with her her tail, which seems to be just as sensitive as yours.

At the same time, you're receiving plenty of attention from at least a dozen different tentacles. A pair of tentacles with cup-tips have started to gently milk your breasts, a new tentacle's constantly prodding and stroking your clit alongside the one that's scrubbing against your pussy. You insides are aching for attention, though and the hard cock plunging into your mouth is only making you more aware of how you want something to stir you up inside. Your pet has a thick, bumpy tentacle ready to drive you crazy at a moment's notice, but you decline its offer for now. The thing you want to cum from is?

"K-Komachiii!" Koa's cock doesn't last long in your mouth, and soon she's spraying out a fresh load of delicious succubus-cum. You let out a deep moan as soon as it touches your tongue, and some newly-acquired instinct forces you to start sucking as hard as you can while your whole body trembles. Her seed is too thick to swallow easily, but you relish the taste and texture as it coats your tongue and your throat. Koa just moans and shudders the whole time, the tentacles pulling her body into a strange, contorted position.

"Haahh? Ahh? S-so good?"

She all but faints in their grasp when she's done, leaving you in a similar daze as you gulp down the last of her semen. You were already in love with the taste, but it wasn't this incredible the last time. You might have cum a little just from swallowing it.

Koa seems to be spent after that, her eyelids fluttering as the tentacles slowly continue their groping, but you won't let her rest just yet. Crawling back to the mattress, you lie on your back, spread your legs, and use the tips of your nails to stretch your pussy wide open.

"Hey, don't fall asleep now! You still need to cum in here, Koakuma~"

Koa's eyes immediately glue themselves to your soaked, twitching hole, and her cock practically springs back upright at the sight. It probably helps that you fed her a whole bunch of aphrodisiacs.

Sensing your desires, the tentacles move Koa closer and set her down on top of you. Your milkers retract with a little pop, leaving your nipples swollen and sensitive and almost pouring milk over your chest. Koa's breasts squish down on top of them as she wraps her arms around you, adding a wonderful slipperiness to the delicious mix of softness and heat from her body.

"Komachi? I wanna cum inside you, Komachii?"

Your walls are twitching hungrily with anticipation. Koa takes a second to scoot back and line herself up, then slams into you with everything she has.


And that's more than enough to push you over the edge. Your pussy clenches up and shudders with mind-numbing pleasure, which feels even more intense than usual. it's hard to perceive anything through the storm of sheer delight, but you eventually notice your pussy squeezing and milking Koa's cock in a strangely purposeful way. Your walls crush the base of her penis and then squeeze their way up her length, like they're trying to squeeze out her sperm as efficiently as possible?

Koa just came, though, so she manages to endure it. Her own panting makes it clear she's loving it, though.

"Th-that feels so good, Komachi!" Not able to hold herself back, Koa starts bucking her hips before your orgasm's over.

"H-hey-! Haaahn!" You blank out again when she starts pounding into you, and the pleasure only gets a little more manageable when your first orgasm finishes. Your pussy's a lot tighter and more sensitive than it was before; it's like you could describe Koa's cock in perfect detail just from how it feels inside you. At the same time, though, you don't feel yourself rocketing towards a second climax the way you'd expect. Your boost in sensitivity must have come with a matching boost to endurance. With enough time, you could probably get used to this level of pleasure?

"Komachi! Komachi! Komachi!"

? But there's no way you'll do that now, with Koa's splendid cock hammering away at your insides. The changes to your body seem to have messed up her precise technique, but she's still making you feel incredible. All you can do is squeeze her tight and hold on for the ride, spraying your milk all over her tits while your fingers and toes curl up. Your pet is still doing its best to please you too, still squeezing and stroking whatever bits of exposed skin it can get at. A few have managed to wind around your breasts, and you can feel them sucking on a couple of your toes as well.

"it's so good, Komachi? I'm gonna--Heeeh!?" Suddenly, Koa's wild thrusting comes to a stop. The tentacles don't let up one bit, though, so it's hard to focus your eyes and look to your companion.

Aha, it finally decided to penetrate her. Koa has two tentacles plugging up her holes: a spiky one to twist and wriggle around in her cute, firm butt, and a nice, thick one to stretch the walls of her greedy pussy.

"Aah? Th-theese are?" Koa knows very well what they are, but she can't believe it. it's really been a long time since she got a proper fucking, huh? You take a second to catch your breath, then smile warmly up at her.

"they're not real ones, but I hope you like ?em."

"Ohhh?" Koa pulls her hips back, as far as she can, her eyes almost roll back with pleasure as she impales herself on the slick tentacles.

"Nnnngh!" And then she pushes back forwards, and trembles just as much when your drenched, piping-hot pussy swallows her whole throbbing cock. On top of your improved texture and tightness, she's also got a thick coating of your aphrodisiac saliva making her extra-sensitive. Just a single, steady thrust is enough to make her arms give out under her, dropping her head into your milky, pillowy breasts.

That doesn't stop her from moving, though; she just tightens her grip and goes back to thrusting as hard as she can, letting her wild moans vibrate over your sensitive nipples as she gulps down your fresh milk. The tentacles don't even have to do anything with how ferociously Koa's moving, and you can just lie there and let her eager cock savage your insides. The tentacles lavish attention on her as well, stroking every curve and squeezing every squeezable bit and treating her tail to the same stroking they're giving you. There's no way she could last another minute with pleasure assaulting her on all sides like that. But you have a trick up your sleeve~

"Koa?" Lifting Koa's head with your hands, you pull your head up and lock your soft lips onto hers. With her face so close to you, there's nowhere for her to look but into your deep red eyes. No matter how much pleasure's overloading her brain, she won't be able to cum as long as you maintain eye contact.

The two of you spent a wonderful minute or two like that, just embrace and kissing and staring into each other's eyes. Koa's gaze is soft and submissive, holding that same affection as before alongside a newfound awe. You're not sure you would call this ?lovemaking," not when you're both so frenzied with lust and getting played with by tentacles. Right now, neither of you cares about anything but the pleasure.

"Mmm? Mmmm?. Mm! Mmpuaah!"

The second you finally break the kiss, both you and Koa go over the edge in spectacular fashion. Your deep, lustful moans twines together with Koa's more girlish cries, and a shocking pleasure crackles all through you. Your pussy flattens itself around Koa's cock and starts that same deliberate milking, which she's all too happy to answer by letting out every drop she has. Judging by the small bulges traveling through her ass- and pussy-tentacles, she's got another two loads pumping into her.

On top of the magnified pleasure, you feel a kind of satisfaction from having your womb filled with Koa's thick sperm. It feels like you've succeeded at sex, and now you can take it easy.

The two of you have nearly screamed yourselves hoarse by the time you collapse back onto the mat, with Koa dropping onto you a moment later. Then, a languid satisfaction suddenly overcomes you. It feels like you just got fucked, had a deep massage, ate a great meal all at once. Your succubus friend seems quite satisfied as well, and you feel a warm trickle run onto you from her holes as the tentacles withdraw.

"How was that, Koa?" you ask quietly. "Did my pet take good care of you?"

Koa nods into your breasts. "Mm, it felt great? but it's not quite the same as the real thing, you know? I don't wanna be selfish, but?"

You give her a soft kiss on the forehead. "Don't worry, Koa. We'll find you a nice cock soon enough~"


You're feeling a lot more level-headed after a quick nap and one of those ?showers? that Westerners take. All of the cum inside you was gone when you woke up; either your pet went and consumed it for some reason, or your womb can digest it somehow.

Now you're in the library, searching for Koakuma's master. it's kind of a mess in here, to put it lightly. Not because Koa is bad at her job or anything, but rather?

Well, the ambient magic and Sakuya's malfunctioning powers don't get along very well. Bookshelves float nonchalantly through the air while turning themselves inside-out, the chains on the hanging lamps twist into constantly-shifting centagrams, and the floor has an unpleasant way of dropping off at ninety-degree angles. You'd probably end up in a literal domain of madness if you headed towards the center; just sensing the insanity over there is enough to make you shudder.

Fortunately, there's no need to go there. Koa says that Patchouli will be at the library's edge, so you're sticking to the undulating walls as best you can. About fifteen minutes into your search, her wings perk up like little antennas.

"Ah, she's still in her secret study nook! I found her in after she grew her cock, and I don't think she's left since she sealed me."

Ooh, impressive. "Figure that out with your familiar powers?"

Koa nods. "And the smell, too."

The smell..." Oh, something does smell good. You can only pick it up faintly, but it's probably as subtle as a visit from Lily Black for a full succubus like her.

Koa hurries further ahead, nearly going out of sight as the library twists and warps around her, but you use your powers like a long cable to connect the two of you. Pretty soon, she stops in front of an unremarkable bookcase.

"Ah, here we go! This one's actually a secret door. We just need to pull out one of these books.?

Oh? Hmm. Now that you take a closer look, your powers don't work on this bookcase like they do on all the rest. It must be magically sealed in place.

"Only one of them works, though. The rest are probably traps."

"Traps? What kind?"

Koa grins. "The kind that would keep a succubus busy~"

Hmm. They all seem the same to you, and Koa's not offering any help. Guess you'll just pick one?

[ ] The Discriminating Magician's Guide to Pudding
[ ] Penumbra
[ ] Ninety-Nine Uses for the Common Bean Sprout
[x] The Discriminating Magician's Guide to Pudding
oh my goodness yes
[X] The Discriminating Magician's Guide to Pudding

At first you had my curiosity, now you have my attention.
[x] Penumbra

This one must be a trap.
[x] Penumbra
[X] The Discriminating Magician's Guide to Pudding
Alright, calling it for pudding.
Way too late to make a difference, but the names were probably hints as to the nature of the trap. The Discriminating Magician's Guide to Pudding: Penumbra: even knows who the hell that is is cool enough to put her in the story.
-- Ninety-Nine Uses for the Common Bean Sprout: Patchouli's nickname in Japan is (or means?) "Bean sprout".
File 138752511662.jpg - (60.79KB, 480x480 , christmas pudding.jpg) [iqdb]
did bsd died?
No, he's just busy with real life.

Pretty much >>34313. I've been working on my CPA license, and gotten distracted by other short projects. I want to keep at this for a while once I get back to it, so I'm trying to clear my plate first.
File 139639934519.jpg - (154.53KB, 850x601 , new waifu.jpg) [iqdb]
Hey, guys.??Just wanted to drop you a line, let you know what's going on.

To be honest, I'm starting to lose interest in Touhou. I've been dealing with the same bunch of characters for nearly three years now, and it's really just gotten kind of stale.

However, that doesn't mean I've given up writing. Kantai Collection's really caught my interest lately. With all its deep and well-designed characters, it has a lot more potential than Touhou ever did. I've started writing a new series in that setting; if you're interested, you can find the first update at http://www.pixiv.net/novel/show.php?id=3629346 .

Take it easy, everyone. Hopefully, I'll see you around.
Damn, you got me. I was even starting to get all sentimental.
>42 minutes late
better luck next year
I was suspicious the moment you said Kancolle had deep and well-designed characters.

It's still the 1st where I am. What time zone is the site on?
10/10 Made my heart stop til I remembered what day it is.
>> With all its deep and well-designed characters

Sorry, too obvious.
Speaking of Kancolle, whatever happened to that tankgirl story connected with that Eientei Soviet soldier story? IIRC, the tankgirl story also had some shipgirls in it as well.
I think it ended as it was just a side story, though the shorts and characters become hilarious in hindsight in wake of that.

>>With all its deep and well-designed characters

great for laughs
Touhou is well-known for its deep and well-designed characters.
Well there's certainly more side material to flesh its characters out compared to Kancolle, IIRC.
Well some of them were well designed ships and most were rather deep.

Which is to say at sunk and at the bottom of the Pacific
File 139730172666.jpg - (16.89KB, 210x240 , CARLOS.jpg) [iqdb]
Will you at least update your Paizuri techniques one on occasion?
I'm working on a couple of one-shots now. Might work on this afterwards.
Now if Tsurupettan would update Mind the Gap, I could die happy.
[x] The Discriminating Magician's Guide to Pudding

You guess you'll go with? this one. It has ?Magician? in the title, so that could be good, right? If it's not, you'll just beat up whatever comes out and try again.

The book in question is a bright sky blue, with the title written in shining gold characters down the spine. it's not enormous like some of these tomes, but it's still bigger than you'd expect from a simple pudding-almanac. Not that you know anything about magical pudding; maybe it has a rich and distinguished history that stretches back thousands of years.

You carefully pull the volume out, careful not to damage your freshly-manicured nails in the process. It seems like Koa's must get in the way of her work here, but she must've found some way around that. The book's heavy enough that you need to hold it with both hands, and can sense some sort of magical power humming within.

"Maybe you should you be the one doing this?" you ask.

Koa waves a hand dismissively, her tail flicking back and forth behind her. "Nah, it's fine~ Go ahead and open it!"

Well, no time like the present. You open the book right in the middle, and catch a brief glimpse of some long, convoluted essay about ?pudding farming? just before the text is suddenly covered by a brilliant purple sigil. Before you can figure out whether it's a magic circle or a magic square, it erupts with a blinding white light that forces you to drop the book.


The burst of light is brief, but it takes a while longer for your eyes to recover. Those hanging lanterns don't generate a whole lot of light, so a flash like that was enough to screw your vision right up the butt.

"Ooh, it was that book!" Koa exclaims.

When the spots finally fade from your vision, you see a new figure standing before you. It looks like a girl, but girls aren't usually this blue, or melty, or transparent. They tend to wear clothes, too. Which means this could only be?

"A slimegirl?"

"Yep! She's really horny, too~"

Wow, you've only heard about these. She looks a lot like a curvy, well-endowed human girl with long, flowing hair, except that her whole body's made out of viscous blue slime. Past her knees, her human form just kind of melts into a big pool of the stuff. You do see some redness on her cheeks, and her strange blue eyes seem to be running all over your body. She licks her slime-lips with her slime-tongue, and pushes out her large chest as she reaches out for you.

It is pretty tempting, seeing her flaunt herself like that. On another day, you'd love to give that body of hers a try, but you'll be here all month if you have sex with every creature that pops out from these books. Now, your coins and scythe would probably pass through it, but? hey!

Suddenly, you notice Koa undoing your sash from behind. She quickly strips it away and pulls off your whole robe in an impressive show of strength, suddenly leaving you naked before the horny slime.

"Hey, what was that for?" you complain over your shoulder.

"Well, it'd just dissolve your clothes anyway?"

"That's not what I-wah!"

Just then, the slimegirl lunges across the floor and glomps you with a squishy, jelloey hug. She's surprisingly cool to the touch, unlike most things you hug, and her arms meld together as they lock around your waist. The chill bites into your nipples as your breasts dock up against her extra-spongy pair; even if you're softer than before, her slime-breasts flatten and puff out at the slightest bit of pressure. Seems like they're smaller, too. She pouts and puffs out a slime-cheek, then grows her chest until it's a match for yours.

"Wow, you can even make monstergirls jealous~? Koa comments.

Then, the slimegirl's skin seems to dissolve, and you start to just sink into her body. She spreads over and molds onto your figure, covering every inch of your front in that cool, squishy material. Then it starts to massage you too, treating you to gentle waves of pressure and wriggling gently as it rubs up, down, back, and forth across your soft, sensitive skin.

That feels pretty good on its own, but she has your clit and nipples to use as well. The chill of her slime gets them rock-hard in seconds, and your eyes shoot open when she give a sharp tug on each. Her cold, squishy slime is nothing like a mouth, but the suction is still tight and slippery, enough to make your milk start flowing out. She alternates between sucking and vibrating, making shocks of pleasure shoot all through your body.

"Nnn?!" Soon, you're forced to open your mouth to moan, and that lets her kiss you. The slimegirl mashes her mouth onto yours, probing into your mouth with a long, cool, slippery tongue that tastes faintly of blueberries. Your own tongue goes after it on instinct, but her body doesn't play by the usual rules; your tongue just gets caught inside hers, and she starts to massage it like the rest of your body. More of her slime pours into your mouth, and you could swear her eyes shape themselves into hearts as the mass forms into a long, prehensile slime-tentacle that starts to fuck your throat.

"Gmm! Mmgh!?

Meanwhile, the slime continues to surround you. it's enveloped your breasts completely now, and she's taking full advantage of it. The slime compresses, and rubs all over your breasts like a half-dozen skilled hands, while she keeps twisting and sucking and vibrating your nipples. it's even got ahold of your tail; that little appendage is surprisingly sensitive, and the coating of swirling, wriggling slime is making your whole body tremble.

While you thrash and moan with increasing ferocity in the slimegirl's rubbery grip, you can just see Koa cheering you on out of the corner of your eye.

"Don't worry, it'll go away once it's exhausted. Do your best, Komachi!"

In less than a minute, she's covered everything except your head. You float inside the girl's cool, lewd body a few inches off the ground, twitching and shuddering as you're attacked from all angles. There's rubbing, squeezing, vibration, suction? It keeps changing, too, and different parts of your body. You can't even keep up with everything she's doing to you! Her slime is still thrusting hungrily into your mouth, and her deeply-blushing face is just inches away from your own.

All that fades to the background, though, when the slime stretches both your ass and pussy wide open. You have just enough time to glance down before she forces her way into both. One mass of squishy slime pours in and stretches your pussy to the limit, while another winds its way nearly a foot deep into your asshole. The viscous stuff fills you in a way that cocks and tentacles can't manage, seeping into the tiniest crevices between your folds. Instead of thrusting, it starts to wriggle around and vibrate inside you, giving every ridge and crevice an individual treatment. A tug on your clit is all it takes to make you clench up around her, clamping down on the slime with both holes until it feels like you're squeezing it back out.

"Ahh, looks like it went inside you. She can still do more, though~"

Huh? it's got you covered inside and out, what more could it - agh, your womb! The slime flows right in through your cervix, gradually filling and stretching it even more thoroughly than your tentacles can. Your mouth's still full of slime, though, so your ear-splitting shriek only comes out as a deep moan.

it's? aah, it's vibrating all over! You're so full, and it keeps lurching around, twisting and vibrating and thrusting in all of your holes? And her slime's being so rough with the rest of your body, it's like Koa's massage times twenty? you can't? you're gonna?!


Your vision bursts into white, and your body convulses in the slimegirl's grip. The slime in your mouth absorbs all your moans, but your uncontrollable trembling is clear to see.. She lets you writhe around inside her, but you don't come close to escaping, and her body continues to hold and massage you as the pleasure courses through your body.

Y-you? You can't even think like this?


"Mmgh! Gfhh? Fhmmm?"

Komachi's eyes roll up in her head, and her delicious cries weaken to a bunch of frail moans. The slimegirl's violating her so thoroughly, and you can see every bit of it~! There's so much inside her, her belly's stretched out a little. Her breasts and ass get squeezed and tossed around like she's being groped by invisible hands, and white jets of milk shoot out from her nipples and swirl away into the slime's dark body.

If you squat down in front of her, you can see right into Komachi's holes. The slime has them both spread wide open, so you can see all the way to her twitching cervix and deep into her ass. Her soft, wet, clingy succubus-walls are twitching like crazy, stuffed and stretched and covered with slime the way they are.

it's too erotic a sight to pass up. Slipping off your skirt, you pull your cock out of your panties and start to stroke it. That show of hers got you harder than Patchouli's emeralds, and it hasn't ended yet! The slimegirl's still having her way with Komachi, massaging every inch of that dynamite body. She didn't even need to use her aphrodisiacs!

it's hard not to go all-out and cum immediately. You manage to limit yourself to one hand, which you wrap around your hard, slick length and pump up and down. Her body's a feast for the eyes: there's the trembling of her wide-open holes, the thick streams of milk that pour from her nipples, even the twitching of her toes? Komachi probably can't even see you masturbating, with how crazy she's going?

Uwaah? Komachi, you're so lewd~!

Masturbating isn't enough, when Komachi's getting violated so hard in front of you. That slimegirl's plugging all of her holes, though. How inconsiderate! If you can't fuck Komachi, you'll just have to make do with this girl instead~

The slimegirl's all wrapped around Komachi, but it still has a roughly human shape, including a nice, round bubble-butt that's pointed right out towards you. You take off your clothes as fast as you can, every second feeling like an excruciating eternity when you're listening to Komachi's mindless wails of pleasure. Finally, your hard cock pops free, throbbing and full of fresh cum.

You walk up and gently rest your hands on the slimegirl's butt, holding her hard enough to get a good grip but softly enough to not break into her. She doesn't have a pussy to spread, so you just shove your cock right into her.


That one actually comes from Komachi. The slimegirl tenses up when your cock suddenly plunges into her, and her voluptuous captive feels the sudden stiffness all over, inside and out. The slime doesn't actually have a voice, but she shock on the second face that forms on the back of her head.

As soon as the surprise passes, though, it's right back to business. The cool jelly around your hot cock suddenly reforms, molding itself into a proper pussy-shape. Unlike a normal pussy, though, it's able to shift and reshape around you, and the constant flowing around your sensitive shaft and tip make up for the lack of tightness. You take a second to appreciate the feeling, shivering as the cool slime teases your back vein and glans, before you start to thrust in earnest.

"Ah! Ah!"

She can't make any sounds of her own, and Komachi's noises get lost in the slime, so you're the only one who can actually moan. This one is cool, and slippery, and alive. Whenever you pause your movements, the slime creeps back behind your glans and around your frenulum, molding onto it the same way it's molded onto Komachi's most sensitive places. And, just like it's making Komachi lose her mind, it tightens, swirls, rubs, and vibrates all over your cock as well. She tries to get at your pussy too, that lewd girl, but you start pumping again and throw it off whenever she gets close.

Ah, it feels so good~ Nothing like Komachi's pussy, though. You'll need to fuck her again after this. Then you'll have sex with more book-monsters, then fuck her some more, then open some more books, take a nap? Oh, but you do have to get her to Mistress Patchouli eventually. She still needs to be punished for sealing you, after all.

Oh, but you can't look too far ahead. For now, you have a perfectly fine slimegirl to cum inside. She moans silently and opens her mouth, grinning and blushing harder than ever. You lean in confidently and kiss her on the lips, letting her fill your mouth and envelop your tongue. As you make out with it, you can see Komachi's ahegao on the other side. You can just hear the redhead's moans, too, and it looks like she's about to cum again! How many times has it been, now? You forgot to count, not that it - Nnn!

The slimegirl's speeding up for you, too. Every second, her slime-pussy changes around you, going from tight to rubbery to soft and back. Feeling something like that, and seeing Komachi's eyes go wide and glassy with pleasure? you can't hold back!

"MMmmm!" A wonderful wave of pleasure washes over your cock, and you clench up and let loose inside the slimegirl. She does her part to milk both you and Komachi dry, treating your cock to endless waves of tight, swirling suction while Komachi writhes and shudder through her own orgasm. Your cum spurts out in shot after shot, the white mixing with the slimegirl's dark blue? and with Komachi's milk, too~

The slimegirl's satisfied after that, her mouth hanging open with a look of pure bliss. The book's seals take hold over her weakened body, drawing her back towards her prison. Her body recedes from around Komachi?s, finally freeing it to the warm library air. She winks at you both as she drains away into her book, which snaps shut with a loud, squishy splap.

It must be sad, being bound to a book; like how you were when Patchouli sealed you, but for much longer than a week. Which reminds you, you still need to get your revenge for that. You didn't mind not being allowed to leave the library, since she let you fuck her so often, but she has another thing coming if she thinks she can just lock you up when the mansion is filled with cocks! Even a proud magician like her will be a slave to your body after six rounds or so, and then you'll make her get on her knees and apologize if she ever wants you to wring her out again~

Meanwhile, Komachi's still lying naked on the floor, mouth hanging open and limbs twitching and breasts still spurting out milk. Seems she still has to get used to her new sensitivity.

"Ngh?" The transformation gave her a nice boost to her stamina, too. It only takes a few minutes for her mind to reboot, and she quickly shakes her head and blinks herself back to consciousness. "Wow, that was? really somethin??"

"It looked like you really enjoyed it, Komachi. I hope you won't be leaving me for a slimegirl~"

She chuckles and gives you a dangerously charming smile, laced with seductive drugs and magic. She could make any girl fall for her with a smile like that. "Nah. I want a girl who's good to cuddle with.."

"Anyway, I guess we gotta? try again, huh?" Komachi finds her robe and groggily starts to dress herself. She won't be keeping it on for long, though. This whole shelf is filled with lewd monsters to play with! Usually, Mistress Patchouli breaks up your fun and makes you get back to work when you open one? but now that she's not paying attention, you won't let this chance slip away!

Now, you think you'll pick? this one! Ooh, you can't wait to see what's inside?



An affirmative flash blinks off of the book, which closes up and floats back into place. The bookshelf starts to rise off the ground, grinding quietly against its neighbors.

"Oh, you found it. Good goin?, Koa!"

Koa hasn't moved. She's still standing there with her cock out, staring down at where the book was in her hand. Eventually, she snaps out of it, putting on a lovely smile and tilting her head. "Mm-hm! Of course I did!"

The bookshelf quickly rises out of the way, shedding a curtain of dust the whole way up. It completes its ascent with a ponderous clonk, revealing a? really messy study. Books, widgets, whoozenannies, and thingamabobbers clutter the floors and furniture, mostly papered over with scrawled, incomprehensible notes. The air is clouded with an eight-colored rainbow of fogs, and it smells strangely of garlic. All that's missing is a pile of empty cups and plates. A large desk sits against the right-side wall, covered in precarious stacks of tomes, catalogues, and almanacs.

Hunched over a chair is a purple-haired woman. From the way Koa tenses up beside you, you're sure this the fabled Patchouli Knowledge. Her long hair flows out from under a poofy hat like Remilia?s, and she's wearing a set of striped pajamas that hint at some fascinating curves. She doesn't seem to notice you, though, buried nose-deep in a book as she is.

Following Koa's gaze, you see a very impressive bulge in the magician's pajamas. it's throbbing and leaving a small wet spot on her clothes, and you can just smell how backed-up she is. Her balls are packed to bursting with thick, musky, raw, delicious cum... You shiver from head to toe at the thought of squeezing it out, filling up your hungry womb and spraying it all over your curvy figure. Your mouth feels dry, your pussy is wet already? and you're only part-succubus. Off to your side?

"Patchouliii!" Koa spreads her arms and both sets of wings, and leaps at her mistress.

That gets the woman's attention. Amethyst eyes flick up right past you, straight to the horny succubus leaping towards her. You see them widen for a sliver of a second, before they switch over to narrow.

"You." Patchouli raises a single pale finger towards the demoness. A little sigil appears and spins around the tip of a long fingernail, and Koa suddenly freezes in midair. The succubus groans with disappointment, trying and failing to struggle against her confinement.

"Someone set you free." Patchouli's eyes glide lazily downwards, settling onto you. She stares for longer than you'd expect, and you think you see a little reaction from her bulge? but she's not about to ask you out. She pushes herself upright in her seat and brings her other hand to bear, crackling with a rainbow of magical bolts. "I am in no mood to be interrupted. Leave now, or I will-"

"Wait! Wait! I'm here to help!" You wave your arms in front of you.

Patchouli arches a purple eyebrow, her gaze not flinching at all.. ?Help?"

"Yeah. I'm just trying to? fix all this. With Sakuya, and Remilia, and?" You gesture at the magician's eye-catching bulge. ?" And stuff. Meiling sent me!"

Patchouli's look softens a bit, but she doesn't lower her hand. Her eyes go back to undressing you, too.

?" I will listen. However, this is an affair of the utmost delicacy, and she?" Patchouli gestures at the suspended succubus. ?? is likely to interrupt. If you wish to help me, then allow me to seal my ill-mannered familiar first."

Koakuma's eyes go wide at that, and she lets out a squeal of panic. You guess she's not keen on getting shoved into another door.

"Wait, seal her? She doesn't mean any harm, she's just horny."

"Yes, and that is precisely the issue. She cannot hope to control herself in this sort of situation. At best, she is an annoyance; at worst, a killer." A few more sigils pop up around her finger, and they start to spin and change colors in vaguely impossible ways.

"You're the horny one, Patchy!" Koakuma shouts. "You can never think straight when you get like that! Just let me wring you out, it'll feel really good~"

"You know what the consequences of that would be."

"I'll be carefulllll!" Koa whines.

Well, you're no expert, but you bet it's pretty hard to derive magical equations with an erection the size of a book. Some sex would probably do her good, and maybe help her lighten up too; pointing a half-dozen spells at you didn't make a very good first impression.

Then again, didn't Koa say something about Patchouli saying sex would kill her? Koa said she'd be careful, though?

If you're going to do something, you'd better choose quick; that smell is making it harder and harder to think, and that seal looks like it's almost spun up?

[ ] Let Patchouli seal Koa, and take care of her yourself.
[ ] Help out Koa, and play with Patchouli's cock together~
[ ] Write-in.
[x] Help out Koa, and play with Patchouli's cock together~

Koa's given Komachi some very nice perks, it'd be mean to betray her, that and 2 girls are better than one, among other things.
[x] Help out Koa, and play with Patchouli's cock together~

Well...she did say she would be carfulllll. Hopefully those superfluous "l"s indicate a higher level of careful than one might expect from the more common single l version.
[x] Help out Koa, and play with Patchouli's cock together~
-[x] Koa's a demon, right? Can't Patchy just form a contract that forbids Koa from draining her life or whatver?

Oh god yes it's back.
[x] Help out Koa, and play with Patchouli's cock together~

Oh my~

I can't believe this updated! Welcome back, BSD. Porn has missed you.

[x] Help out Koa, and play with Patchouli's cock together~
-[x] Koa's a demon, right? Can't Patchy just form a contract that forbids Koa from draining her life or whatever?

I wonder if we can get Succubus end~
[x] Help out Koa, and play with Patchouli's cock together~

Potentially kill Patchy? Sure, why not.
Well we just Need Patchy's cock in us and not in Koa.

We'll be fine
File 141773684276.jpg - (311.28KB, 850x1200 , koavictory.jpg) [iqdb]
Closing votes. Koa's side wins.
Well Koa is pretty best girl. Aside from KomaTits, anyway.
pls don't kill patchy
Koishi is always and forever best girl. She's probably following us right now, because I can't remember where she actually is and that's generally a good assumption when dealing with Koishi.
Whoa, Christmas came early. And so did I.
2 girls 1 patche. Wait, that doesn't work, does it?
2 Girls 1 Komachi

Works just as well
2 futa one Komachi to be exact.
File 142250358467.jpg - (279.67KB, 850x1189 , half-erect.jpg) [iqdb]
Just a heads-up, this is only half the scene.


[x] Help out Koa, and play with Patchouli's cock together~

Well, let's see. On one side, you've a lovely, lusty succubus who's given you one amazing orgasm after another, shared her powers with you, and can't help but hunger for her master's cock. On the other hand, you have a grumpy, horny magician who is ignoring her massive erection in favor of training dangerous magicks on both you and your friend.

You might be in need of Patchouli's help, but you think you know which side you're on.

"Sorry, Patchy. I can't just let you seal her."

Patchouli's expression darkens again, growing even harder and thicker than before. Seems you've lost the benefit of the doubt. Her mouth is a thin, foreboding line, and her purple eyes glow with an eerie, inhuman power.

"Then, I shall be forced to remove you as well." The bolts on her hand flash and crackle, changing from their rainbow holding pattern to a dull, pulsing, somehow-threatening brown. She's about to let something nasty off the chain?

But you're one step ahead. With a little smirk and a flick of your wrist, you send the magician flying right out of her chair and towards the wall behind her. She probably isn't too frail, if your guesses about her figure are right, but there's no need to be rough. You let her hit the wall hard enough to break her concentration, but not hard enough to hurt. A startled, memetic noise accompanies the impact. Koakuma drops to the ground with a thump and a cute little squeak of her own, and the spell that Patchouli had been preparing fizzles into a clump of dust.

Much to Patchouli's surprise, she doesn't drop from the wall. Furrowing her brow, she glances to her limbs and tries to struggle. She's trapped against it spread-eagle, held in place by your signature distance-bondage. The position does a good job of pushing out her healthy round breasts, and her loose, thin clothing outlines them quite nicely. Her grunting and shaking is enough to make them shake and jiggle quite a bit~ And the same goes for her long, thick cock. You can kind of hear it throbbing, like you're listening to her heartbeat. It seems to be louder now that she's vulnerable?

Too bad for her, she can't move an inch right now. Her eyes flick back to you, narrowed and suspicious. Then, she looks a little more closely at your robe, and recognition dawns on her pale face. ?" A shinigami," she says passively.

"That's right. Don't have a spell to counter distance control, huh?"

"Even if she does, she won't be able to cast it if she can't stop moaning~? Koa says, striding right past you. Her tail's swishing back and forth excitedly, but she struts and sways her hips and pushes out her chest with all the confidence of a top-class seductress. Stopping right in front of the magician, she puts a finger to her chin and runs a long, soft finger straight up the tempting bulge. "You're not getting away from me this time, Mistress..."

You fold your hands behind your neck and step forward, showing off your own assets as well. "Sorry, but I just can't get anything done when you've got something like that stickin? up between your legs. Looks like you could use a bit of milking, too. Just sit back and enjoy, alright? We'll have a nice talk once Koa and I take care of this?"

"You fool! She--"

Koa silences her with a finger to the lips, and more importantly, a squeeze to the tip of that massive cock. Patchouli's voice seizes in her throat as a small tremor shakes her body. When Koa's hands come away, you see a dark stain of precum on Patchouli's pajamas. The finger that was on Patchouli's lips goes to Koa's mouth, and she playfully licks off the bit of saliva that stains it.

"Now, let's get you out of those clothes." Koakuma raises and opens a hand; a small orb of red forms in her palm, then blasts out in a shockwave that hammers Patchouli's body. To your surprise, the magician's clothes then explode into little scraps of fabric, denuding her instantly.

"Wow, you can do that?"

"Well, it's more fun to take them off by hand, but she's not being cooperative."

"I woulda thought a magician's clothes could resist it."

"Oh, that would mean she doesn't like it~"

Not surprisingly, your eyes dart straight to Patchouli's cock. it's? really massive, in the same league as Okuu's or Yuugi?s. Not the longest you've encountered, but formidable indeed. it's just shy of reaching into her massive cleavage, and thick enough that you could only just wrap your hand around it. She's already leaking precum like crazy; rather than a single stream, there's three or four shining, delicious trails running down her thick, pale shaft as it bounces lightly in the air.

it's such an amazing sight, you briefly forget that the cock's attached to a curvy, voluptuous woman. You've heard that magicians have spells that keep them from needing to eat, but it looks like Patchouli has taken it a step further than that. Her legs are graced by healthy curves at the calf and thigh, her hips are wide and sturdy with a plump ass behind them, her stomach looks soft and inviting without ruining her smooth hourglass figure? and then there's those huge breasts. You thought Meiling was the bustiest woman at the mansion, but this woman has her beat by about a size. They aren't as perky as Meiling?s, with her pink nipples pointing more down than out, but that makes them look heavier in exchange, and they're still round enough to curve out past her sides.

A couple locks of dark purple hair rest on the sides of her breasts, tracing the expansive curve, and a few strands even disappear in her massive cleavage. There's a nice, healthy sheen to her hair, which reflects the glimmering candlelight as it frames her pouting face. A golden crescent hairclip adorns her hair on the left side near the top, even more brilliant than that. By contrast, her eyes are a darker violet, and smoldering with a mixture of anger and arousal. Her eyelids are narrowed, and she's forced her lips into a frown, which is really at odds with the blush on her face and the frantic throbbing of her cock.

"If you allow this creature to mate with me, you will-"

"I keep saying, I'll be careful~! I wouldn't deny myself a cock like yours?"

Oh. While you were busy just admiring Patchouli, Koa was admiring Patchouli and stripping off her clothes. Blouse, skirt, bra, and panties all lie on the floor, leaving her with just the garter belt and stockings. You do a bit of a double-take when you look between her curvy thighs and notice she's missing her cock. She did say she could get rid of it if she wanted? and she probably doesn't want it in the way when she enjoys her mistress. There's a huge, blushing smile on her face, her wings are all spread wide, and she brings a hand to her face and licks the tips of her nails as she stalks forward.

Luckily for you, it's easy to catch up. A couple quick tugs send your robe to the floor, revealing your own body for Patchouli's viewing pleasure. You feel a little tingle of satisfaction when her eyes dart away from the rapidly-advancing succubus to look you over, not able to resist the call of your huge yet perky breasts, curvy hips, and pale, soft legs.

But if you don't hurry, Koa might hog all the magician for herself. You take a few quick, bouncy steps forward, flicking your tail around for the heck of it, and reach your prey just in time for the two of you to embrace her.

Patchouli looked like she was preparing a well-reasoned argument for why you should back off, but Koa seals those words away with a hungry, sloppy kiss. You and she quickly settle into place, each docking one breast with Patchouli. Your breast and hers both squash and puff out when they meet, but yours seems to flatten just a bit less. Even after your transformation softened your rack, Patchouli's is still squishier, huh? Koa's breast flattens a bit too, but it clearly sinks a little into Patchouli's huge tit, not even close to matching up with the magician's size. Next to the two of you, Koa's definitely the smallest. it's easy to forget how she's still well above average.

Patchouli feels nice and soft and warm as you press gently into her. Her whole lewd body is trembling with excitement, and you can just feel her rapid heartbeat through her bare breast. There's more than that to enjoy, though. Koa releases Patchouli's lips with a loud, lewd pop, and you dive right in to claim the magician's mouth for yourself. Her purple eyes stare back in bewilderment, through an ever-thickening shroud of lust. She still seems conflicted, but it's probably easy to decide what you want when one and a half succubi are pressing themselves into you. Now, you slide your new, lengthened tongue into Patchouli's mouth, and have your first taste of the magician~

Geez, but it's hard to taste anything besides Koa's saliva. Then again, Patchouli's mouth mostly just tastes like fancy tea besides that. If she doesn't have to eat, that would make sense. Patchouli moans weakly and rubs against the two of you as you probe around, slipping right past her soft tongue's vain attempts to push you back. Koakuma stays involved too, licking and kissing Patchouli's blushing cheek until you pass the woman's mouth back to her.

Meanwhile, you trail a hand down Patchouli's stomach, finding it soft to the touch but not completely squishy. You don't have to travel far before you find the soft tip of her cock, even more swollen than it looked and just as drenched with precum. Koa's already hard at work pumping the hefty length, squeezing dominantly but not painfully with one hand and sliding it up and down.

Koa's got the shaft to herself, and her possessive grip and the moans of excitement she's feeding to Patchouli suggest that she isn't too keen on sharing. The shining, swollen tip is still nice and unguarded, though, so you claim that for yourself. You make sure to dig one of your nails into the slick frenulum, and lay the rest along the edge of the crown. Just by squeezing gently and shifting your fingers around ever-so-slightly, you can get her hissing from the stimulation as her precum coats your fingertips. Of course, Koa's stroking probably helps too, not to mention how the two of you are slowly massaging her body.

The next time it's your turn to kiss her, you stare into her eyes with a bit of smugness. Her tongue's been completely overwhelmed, not to mention coated with aphrodisiacs, so she can't resist at all as you hold it between your lips and suck gently.

"Mmmm?" you purr inquisitively, delicately scratching her glans.

"Nnn?!" She squints a bit in resistance, but you feel a sharp tremor in her body, which strikes her hard nipple right over yours. That makes her twitch again, and Koa's nipple gets the stimulation this time. Seeing how sensitive her master is, she chuckles and tries to repeat the action. Her tit sinks even further into Patchouli's as she corners that nipple, and proceeds to grind them ceaselessly together.

Which is all pretty neat, and it makes Patchouli moan and tremble even more, but it wasn't actually what you were trying to do. You draw her attention away from the succubus with mischievous noise and a swift flick of your tongue over hers.

"Hmm-hm!" Then, you drop your hand straight down, pressing her tip right into your palm and squeezing it from every direction at once. The pressure from your smooth, warm hand is enough to make Patchouli squeal and arch her back, mashing herself even more onto you and Koa's soft, sexy bodies. Shame you can't breastfeed her in this position, or she'd just be coating you both with milk?

Actually, that gives you an idea. It might not work with how long it's been, but you figure it's worth a try. Koa whines impatiently at you for hogging Patchouli's mouth, but you ignore her for now as you reach out for your pet. Hopefully it's not too tired after doing you and Koa. But that was a long time ago by now, right?

You go into a bit of a? holding pattern, just keeping your fingers closed tight around Patchouli's throbbing tip and slowly twisting your hand back and forth. It takes a while to wrangle with the thing, convincing it that it's not time for a tentacle gangbang, it can't fuck the redhead out front, and it definitely can't impregnate you now. You swear, Koa's easier to keep on a leash than that thing is.

Speaking of which, she's gone to licking the magician again, even nibbling on her ear as she speeds up her stroking. The slick, messy sounds of her handjob are nearly as loud as Patchouli's moans, and they keep coming faster and faster. The flow of slippery precum into your palm keeps getting stronger, too. You'd better get this done fast, or Patchouli won't hold out long enough.

Finally sealing your negotiations, you release the magician's lips. Koa's ready to pounce like a six-legged demon lynx from the outlands of Higan, but you stop her just in time.

"Hang on. I think someone else oughta get a turn."

A little rift opens before the panting magician, and a white tentacle comes peeking out. it's unusually hesitant at first, maybe because of all the magic packed into this room, but it soon finds its target between Patchouli's full, parted lips? and thrusts right in.


Patchouli has enough sense left to widen her eyes and shake her head, but not enough to bite down on the tentacle or keep from swallowing what it starts to pump into her mouth. You can't blame her, though. You've been told it's irresistible~

Both of you slow down your grinding and stroking at the sight. Koa's especially curious, tilting her head and staring intently at the tentacle until sees a trail of white crawl down the magician's cheek.

"Hmmm? Oh! Komachi, is that??"

"Yep. He was holding on to what he drank from me, just in case. The fairies really loved it; wonder what Patchouli will think?"

"Ooh, then these are going to?" There's a quiet peeling sound as Koa draws back, allowing Patchouli's squished breast to reinflate. It doesn't stay unmolested for long; using the hand that's not pumping Patchouli's cock, Koa grabs a large, confident handful and digs in. You've felt firsthand the kind of treatment those hands can give: equal parts powerful squeezing, nimble stroking, and torturous scratching. Even without two hands on her cock, she'd have a tough time dealing with that.

You back off as well and grab Patchouli's other tit for yourself. Your hands aren't quite as fast as Koa?s, but let nobody say you aren't a master groper. You start by carefully lifting it from below, letting its impressive weight pool in your hand, and then start to gently knead it. It doesn't take much pressure to dig your fingers in, so you press with the flat of your hand instead and slide it all over the large, sensitive surface of her breast, constantly rubbing her nipple beneath your palm or between your fingers. Whenever it pleases you, you can just close your hand a little and immerse it in that warm, bountiful, luxurious flesh.

Patchouli doesn't know what the two of you are talking about, but you're sure a smart woman like her can guess. The anticipation alone threatens to push her over the edge, and her cock suddenly clenches up in your hand; luckily, Koa's saw it coming, and her tail wraps tight around Patchouli's shaft to stop the orgasm in its tracks.

"Wow, I didn't expect you to stop an orgasm."

You see some support for that in Koa's longing gaze, and the way her tail fidgets just a bit. But, she shakes her head and looks back up to you. "I think it'll be worth the wait."

"Mmmgh? Gmmm?"

While you and Koa each grope Patchouli with one hand, you take turns sliding your hand down the purple-haired beauty's dripping cock. If it weren't for Koa's tail, even that would probably be enough to make her cum. She just clenches up over and over again at your silky touch, trapped agonizingly close to orgasm. You savor the cock's helpless twitches as you slide your hand down her hot shaft, slow enough that you feel the contours of every last vein on her cock. This proud, powerful woman's totally under your control now, isn't she?

You and Koa each help yourselves to a breast, pressing your lips into the soft, pillowy flesh. Patchouli's nipples are nice and hard after the treatment you've given them, so it's easy for you to tighten your lips around one and start sucking. You don't have to do it for long; just as the tentacle runs out of milk, Patchouli's groans shoot up to shriek-level, and a burst of warm, creamy liquid coats your tongue.

Sheesh, how can it be this sweet? Or this rich. You could practically make pudding with this. There's a whole lot of it, too. As soon as you swallow one spurt of milk, two more take its place. You don't just passively drink it, though; your succubus-tongue dives right into the spray of milk and keeps working her over, relentlessly flicking over her nipple or coiling around it while you squeeze her with your lips.

"Ahh! S-so? hot?"

Patchouli's fresh milk distracts you for a while, but there's no forgetting the precum-soaked, diamond-hard length that your hand's still gliding over. Patchouli's smell is already making your body ache for sex, and now this amazing taste is making you even hornier. Her first load will make for an even better drink, you bet. Koa doesn't need to be told twice.

"You're going to cum for us now, Patchouli~? Koa says, her lips stained with milk.

You back away from Patchouli, leaving the milk to flow down her breasts. Koa unwraps her tail, gets down on her knees, and plants a hard, sloppy kiss on the tip of Patchouli's cock. The smack of her lips is so loud that you can almost see a heart pop out of her lips.


You actually see her eyes roll up as her cock and balls both clench visibly. Koa closes her eyes, rolls out her tongue, and raises her hands palms-up, far enough forward that you can see her cleavage between her arms. It seems like she's onto something, so you mimic the pose before Patchouli lets loose. Just before your eyes shut, you see the explosive start to her orgasm: a thick gout of cum erupts from her length, and two jets of hot milk squirt from her breasts as she tilts her head up and wails.

Without anyone holding it, her cock bounces and twitches wildly with each shot. Even you and Koa's voluptuous bodies can't catch it all. Hot, heavy spurts of cum strike your body at random, landing on your face one second and your stomach the next. They all start to trickle down immediately, leaving warm trails on your sensitive skin. A few shots land in your hands, pooling into a nice treat for you to enjoy when she's done You're lucky enough to get some right in your mouth, too, and swallow it as an appetizer.

it's really high-class cum, of course. Piping-hot and fresh from the source, it's thick enough to stick to your throat, with a mild but persistent saltiness that lingers on the tongue. Even inside your mouth, you can detect that wonderful, musky smell, which assails you from outside as well as she coats you.

While you're savoring the aftertaste, Patchouli's throaty moans fade to an exhausted panting. That's your cue to open your eyes. Her naked, sweaty, milky body catches your eye for a moment, but your attention is drawn to the small pool of cum in your hands. Before it gets cold, you press your hands to you lips and let it pour into your mouth, flooding your tongue with a warm, delicious meal that'll take a good while to swallow~ Only about half of it makes it in, and you're forced to lick the rest off your hands and lips? but that's fine with you. Your tail flicks up involuntarily at the taste, and you feel a strange, primal satisfaction as you coax it into your stomach one swallow at a time.

"Haah? Mmmm?"

Wow, but that's nothing like how the full succubus is acting. Koa's just trembling from head to toe, wings and tail twitching as well. She draws her tongue up a long, pale finger to clean off a thick wad of cum, sucking the last bit off the tip of her nail. Then, she closes her eyes and puts a hand to her throat, and swallows with a loud, messy gulp. A deep moan follows right on its heels, and you glimpse a small spurt of liquid from her pussy. There's plenty more on her, so she'll be busy for a while.

Finally, you think to look back at the source of all that delicious seed. Patchouli's still safely stuck to the wall, just barely able to keep her head from lolling to one side. Her heaving breasts are both leaking liberally, even without either of you sucking on them. Meanwhile, her huge, gleaming cock is still rock-hard and ready for another round of milking, even as the rest of her body slumps in sexy defeat.

Phew? This is what the two of you are capable of, huh?

Not only that, but you can tell she's got plenty of cum left in her.
You know, I'm kinda glad that's only half. I think getting much more than that all at once would have done me in.
Meets your usual standards. I'd probably give the update a 5 or 6/10, but only grading on a curve of all of your stuff. The tentacle bit with a nice thing, and otherwise, it's your standard (very) good quality.

Sometimes it's difficult to get jazzed about consistent quality since you get used to it, as a reader. But it's worth acknowledging that you're doing professional-quality work (IMO) with a lot of your stuff I've seen.

Quite looking forward to the conclusion.
Man I hope we get to see some paizuri between Koa and Komachi's tits!

And also, another high quality piece from you BSD. Keep it up.

It would be really amazing if we could just cross those last few inches and get Patchy's cock in her own cleavage, then have her titfuck the head while Koa and Komachi go to town on the shaft and balls
Well that Succubus underground gave Koishi a boost to breast size... who says Koakuma can't give Patchouli a boost to cock size

We should just go ahead and put a little taste of the succubus lifestyle into Patchy, see if we can't get her addicted/used to using her own tits to pleasure herself.
Why do I see Succubus End being Patchouli and Komachi being Succubi along with Koakuma
Will the Succubus end be able to save Gensokyo from Yukari and Byakuren's plots? Because from what Komachi said here, http://www.touhou-project.com/at/res/26277.html#27211, it sounds like the two have fucked up inadvertantly pretty badly with what they've done to Eiki.
Well Overwhelm Eiki with succubus capability and well you'd have a lot of firepower with Patchouli as part of the party. And if you get Patchouli on the team you might get the SDM on the party so I figure that'd be a good deal extra bang
Well with Orin End we didn't save the day. Although I think that was the second bad end we had
Komachi turning fully into a succubus might give her the power she needs to tame Eiki's dick.
If not, heading down to Makai and bothering Shinki could be fun. She could probably help Komachi be the best semen demon ever.
File 14234440058.jpg - (246.85KB, 850x1203 , before patchouli.jpg) [iqdb]
Well, Patchouli's cock is ready for more, and so are you, but Koa is still totally absorbed in licking off Patchouli's cum. Her manicured hands glide all over her body, wiping up the creamy white stains and carrying them to her full, cherry-red lips. When the time comes to clean off her chest, she doesn't hesitate to lift a healthy breast to her mouth and lick it off with that long, slippery tongue?

Which gives you an idea. Patchouli's already lactating, so the two of you ought to join her.

Koa drops one perky breast and starts to bring up the other, but you interrupt her halfway through. Pressing your breasts together from the sides, you force both of your nipples between her moist, semen-stained lips. The huge, squishy mounds are quite a bit different from what she was expecting, and her eyes flick open in surprise. She doesn't miss a beat, though; her lips tighten around your nipples as she plants her hands on the floor between her legs as she starts to suck.

"Mmm, that's good?"

You let out a low, throaty moan when your milk starts to flow. You're not backed up at all after what that slimegirl did, so it just leaks out in a steady stream, filling your breasts with a warm, pleasant tingling while her suction rolls over the sensitive tips in waves. Koa's tail sways back and forth behind her, and she gives her plump ass a little shake as well while she stares lustfully up into your eyes. A pleased moan makes her lips vibrate around your sensitive nipples, briefly doubling your flow of milk as you bring a hand to your mouth.

Half a minute later, the succubus pulls back with a wet pop, leaving a few white-tinged strings of saliva between your breasts and her mouth before she sensually licks her lips. Glancing down, you see that she's started lactating already, with bright white trails reaching halfway down her curvy waist. She smiles, winks, and squeezes out a bit more with her hands.

"Thanks, Komachi~"

There's still some more cum on her body, though, and she doesn't seem keen on letting it dry. You leave her to it for now, and turn back to your lovely captive.

Patchouli's body didn't need any time to recover, but her mind has almost found its way out of a pleasure-soaked haze. Almost. Her eyes are still hazy and cloudy with tears while her cheeks flush a bright red, and her mouth hangs open to accommodate her hot, horny panting. Her breasts still haven't stopped leaking that thick, creamy milk, and her cock looks even harder than before, standing straight up and pulsing with arousal. Fresh, winding trails cut through the dully-gleaming coat of dried precum, and her seductive musk is stronger than ever with the aroma of thick semen stirred in.

Her purple eyes nearly focus on you as you draw in close. She closes her mouth and tries to gather the breath to speak, but you force it all out with a casual bit of stroking. All you have to do is draw a fingernail up her length, and she grits her teeth and groans~

"Relax, we're not done yet," you purr, gently scratching her frenulum. "Next, we're gonna treat you to some breast-love?"

Stepping in closer, you press into Patchouli once again. Her squishy, milky breasts dock messily with yours, flattening a bit under the pressure, while her hot, hard cock pushes into your stomach. You kiss her on the lips one more time, then release her bonds. The magician drops from the wall and into your arms, heavy enough to make you stumble back. You're a big, strong woman, though, so you hold her long enough to carry her back to her chair and plop her down.

Getting a proper seat seems to be a relief for her, as she sinks down with a little sigh. Before she gets too comfortable, though, you have to get her positioned. You put her arms on either side of the chair's back, and spread those soft, warm legs to line up with the chair's wooden supports. Then, with a snap of your manicured fingers, you seal her body in place. She grunts again as her limbs snap to the wood and her back shoots upright, forcing her to show much better posture than you saw when you first came in.

"Not comfortable? I bet you won't even notice a few seconds from now," you say as you kneel down. Leaving behind Patchouli's aroused, indignant face, you let her huge cock fill your vision. it's so big, so thick, so powerful. And yet, so vulnerable.

You grab your breasts and lift them up, lightly squeezing the pillowy mounds from below. They feel warm and heavy in your hands, and a little trickle of milk tickles your fingers. You stick out your tongue seductively and squeeze out an extra bit of milk, then scoot straight forward.

A throbbing heat pours into your chest as your breasts start to mash onto Patchouli's cock. Then your nipples reach her stomach, the hardened points tingling as they dig into the magician's soft skin.You can't really hug her when she's stuck to the chair, so you grab the sides of that instead and force yourself forward. Your arms sink into your tits a bit and help to keep them in place, directing their softness towards the singular task of smothering Patchouli's length. With a little more pressure, your soft breasts go from simply cushioning that rock-hard length to molding onto it, covering every millimeter in heavenly, custom-fitted softness. She's covered with precum from base to tip, and the fluid quickly smears onto your chest, lubricating you almost instantly. You feel her twitching a lot more than before, trying to adjust to a pleasure that keeps building and building as you advance?

"How's that feel, Patchouli~?"

"Nnngh? Mmm?!" Patchouli furrows her brow, grunting and panting in equal measure, trying to resist the pleasure? but as you press more and more, her resolve gets weaker and weaker, making her breathe faster and faster until she finally lets out a moan, accompanied by little spurts of milk and precum. You can't help a little chuckle at that; you knew she'd crack once you buried her length~

Not her entire length, though. Your huge tits get most of it, of course, but a few inches go unmolested, including that delicious-looking head. It doesn't bother you too much; Okuu was even bigger than this, and your breasts still drove her crazy.

"Oh, there's still some left! That won't do?"

Looks like it bothers someone else, though. You look up, and Patchouli turns her head, to see Koa standing behind the chair. She promptly leans onto it, cradling Patchouli's head with her milky breasts. Reaching around, she seizes both of the magician's tits, squeezing hard enough that her fingers sink in and force out a few spurts of milk. "Can you unstick her, Komachi?"

?" Ah, I gotcha." You wink and weaken your powers a bit, freeing Patchouli's upper arms and upper back. Then, Koakuma pushes her master from behind, forcing Patchouli to lean forward a bit. The puzzled magician suddenly moans in realization as Koa fits the tips of Patchouli's breasts around the last remaining bit of cock, burying it completely between two top-tier chests.

"Not bad, Koa!" You smile up at your blushing partner, who promptly returns it. Then, she lowers her head a bit, kissing and nibbling Patchouli's ear through a curtain of silky hair before she starts to whisper.

"There's no hiding how much you want it, Patchouli. I can smell how much you've got backed up in there~? She forces Patchouli to moan with a sharp pinch to both nipples. "And the best part's still to come~"

Koa's got the tip this time, so you just work your magic on the shaft. If you point your nipples inward and give your breasts a squeeze with your arms, you can pour out all the lubrication you need. You can't really squeeze from the sides like this, but you can easily control how much pressure you're using to crush Patchouli's length into her stomach. At the same time, you slide up and down an inch or two, just enough to stroke her with your smooth, squishy skin. It isn't the most intense titfuck you've given, but Koa is there to make up for that.

You've released part of Patchouli's body, but her arms and legs are still held in place, so there isn't much she can do as her body is just used like this. Koa keeps her fingers centered around Patchouli's nipples, squeezing and pinching and rolling them with abandon. She also rubs them against the swollen tip of Patchouli's cock, teasing three of the most sensitive spots on her body at once. Or, she can push down to smother Patchouli's cock completely, burying the tip soft flesh while her hard nipples dig into your own plushy breasts.

Hot streams of milk trickle over your breasts and into your cleavage as Patchouli hisses and moans, her tongue hanging out of her mouth. Koa seems to know all the magician's weaknesses, switching between techniques to hit her with whatever will feel the best. Meanwhile, you just keep pressing and grinding into her length, relentlessly massaging it with your huge, slick tits. Between two sets of breasts and Koa's skillful hands, you're not sure how much longer Patchouli will last?

"Hey, Koa," you ask, casually shifting up and down with a slow, deliberate pressure. "If you keep that up, she'll blow her load any minute. Why don't you come down here with me?"

"Mm, you're right. I guess Patchouli can't last very long after all, huh~?" She plants a teasing kiss on the back of Patchouli's head, giving her nipples a farewell tug. Patchouli moans again, and her cock throbs hard enough to force your breasts back a bit. "Make some room for me down there? if you can."

Koa releases her grip on Patchouli's breasts, and you pull back for a bit so you can scoot over to the side. For a second or two, Patchouli's cock goes unmolested? and it twitches so rapidly you almost feel sorry for it. Then your voluptuous partner kneels down across from you, bringing her perky, milky chest to bear. You and Koa look up and purr seductively as you dock your chests, locking Patchouli's penis away in a pillowy cage~

Your breasts take a bit more effort to manage now. Rather than puffing out against Patchouli's waist, they're now squishing together with Koa's smaller, firmer chest. Like before, the tip of Patchouli's cock still pokes out above your cleavage. There's a little more visible on Koa's side, but not much.

Koa's eager to make up for lost time, immediately grabbing her firm tits and sliding them up and down over Patchouli's cock and your slippery chest. You decide not to follow her lead just yet, instead giving Koa something to brace herself against while she enjoys herself. You can't stay completely motionless, though, so you grab the undersides of your breasts and slowly rub them around, just fast enough to give your half of Patchouli's cock plenty of stimulation.

Once that's squared away, the two of you can focus on that gleaming, swollen tip. At first, you just open your mouths and bathe her in your hot, wet succubus-breath as your tongues hang out seductively. Then, you reach out and start to trace your long tongues around the most sensitive parts of her tip. Koa teases the frenulum while you lick back and forth over the crown, both of you staring up with smoldering looks.

"Ahhh?. ahh?"

Patchouli's just totally dazed, blushing and staring back with glassy eyes while deep moans pour out from her mouth. But that won't do. If she isn't wailing in pleasure, you aren't doing it right!

Koa seems to reach the same conclusion, so the two of you lean in and press your lips together around Patchouli's glans. She moans a lot louder at that, and starts to shake her hips involuntarily beneath you. Her tip's all coated with precum and milk and saliva, and you race with the succubus to lick up as much as you can - first from the glans itself, and then from each other's tongues. You both have to lick around Patchouli's tip to reach each other? which is all according to plan, of course. Both your lips and hers are sealed tight around the swollen, sensitive head, both sucking and licking in different rhythms.


Ah, that's more like it. Now to really pour on the pleasure~ Folding your arms up, you press them together around your breasts. That gives you a bit more stability, and lets you start to slide your chest up and down for a proper titfuck. Leaning forward and using Koa's breasts for support, you smush firmly against Patchouli's rock-hard cock as you slowly, deliberately stroke it. You sway back and forth, too, so she alternates between being held between your breasts, getting pressed into a softness, and being scratched by a hard, milky nipple.

it's quite a difference from what your partner is doing. Koa moans and strokes at twice your speed, holding her breasts with her hands rather than her arms. Thanks to that, she moves with enough precision to strike her nipples over yours on every pass. You both moan and squirt a bit whenever that happens, and Koa always looks pleased at your reaction. In fact, you start to feel the hard, flat tip of her tail sneaking between your legs, teasing your aching pussy with gentle strokes.

Neither one of you neglects the tip, either. With the two of you both moving, you have to constantly shift your heads around to keep them connected around Patchouli's cock. Sometimes you can only lick it, and sometimes you manage get it all to yourself for some quality attention.

"Haah! Mmm? Nnnahh?"

With all those different vectors of pleasure, you bet no two moments feel the same for the lucky magician. Especially not with all the aphrodisiacs you've pumped into her. Whenever Koa's hogging the tip, Patchouli's soft, warm breast makes a good second choice for suckling. Her flow of milk seems to increase as the pleasure builds, growing from a trickle to a steady flow to strong, intermittent spurts, strong enough that you manage to catch a few on your tongue from a few inches away. Those deep, throaty moans grow stronger to match, until she's crying out and thrashing against her bonds, as the two of you rub and lick and grind and smother her cock with lewd, blissful softness.


At last, a second load erupts from Patchouli's cock, just as you've passed the tip away. The first blast goes straight into Koa's mouth, and you see the redhead's eyes roll up at the sudden rush of warm, salty flavor. That lets you drink the second and third shots yourself, nearly filling your mouth before Koa takes it back and sucks out even more

"Mmm! Gmmph? Nnn?"

A few spurts after that, her cock stops shooting and starts pumping out the rest of her load, sending waves of cum streaming down into the valleys of cleavage that surround it. Koa happily dives into the mess, pressing her breasts a little harder into yours as she licks off anything that has even a hint of cum on it.

"Mmmm? mmm? So tasty?"

The blushing, hazy-eyed succubus is noticeably more forceful than before. Her tongue sinks deep into your breast whenever she licks you, and she's much louder and sloppier, punctuating the kissing and sucking with plenty of eager moans. You have to close an eye and pant a little as her warm tongue works you over. Patchouli's cock stays upright between your chests, still coated in fluid and smelling delicious. While Koa stays around the base, you take your time cleaning off the exposed part of Patchouli's length with long, slow caresses of your tongue.

"Tastes so good, smells so good? I want it inside me, too?!" Suddenly, Koa swallows and raises her head. Her cum-smeared blush seems to have doubled in intensity. "I can't wait any longer!"

You're suddenly pushed onto your back, but Koa doesn't leap and mount you. Instead, her attention focuses squarely on her master. Patchouli's hazy eyes widen as a strange, hot pulse runs through the room, and she tries one more time to get away before Koa seizes her. You release your distance-bondage just in time, allowing Koa to heft the heavy magician right out of her chair and all but slam her onto the floor. Her tail rises up and curls like a scorpion?s, and both sets of wings spread wide as she gets on all fours on top of her.

The air suddenly seems strangely sweet and thick, enough that you feel yourself blushing and dripping more than just a few seconds ago. One of your hands goes between your legs, and a finger slips into your pussy before you know it. You're hungry for some cum down here, too? makes you kinda jealous.

"Haaah? Haaah? Patchouli?" Leaning over her master and licking her face, Koa grabs Patchouli's length and aims it up, pressing the tip right up to her soaked pink lips. Despite the two orgasms she's endured, Patchouli finds the strength to shake her head.

"No? you can't?"

"Mmmmmm~!" Koa's pussy just devours it as she drops her hips, swallowing everything from tip to base. it's a wonder Patchouli doesn't cum right then, as Koa throws back her head and squeals in pleasure.

"Ahh, Patchouli's cock! A real, thick, cum-stuffed cock?" A wide, lewd, panting smile takes over Koa's face, and she purrs with joy as she just twists her hips back and forth, enjoying how it feels inside of her. Every movement forces little groans and twitches from Patchouli, who turns her head to look at you.

"Sh-she's? You?! Ahhhn!"

But, her voice dissolves into moans as Koa starts to ride her. it's some of the most forceful sex you've ever seen; Koa tenses her legs and raises her ass up and forward to slide the whole length out, then hammers back down with enough force to make herself tighten up around every inch. She claims those huge, pillowy breasts as well, pinching out thick streams of milk while her long fingers knead deep and fast. You add a second finger to your pussy and try to replicate that groping on your breast, moaning openly now as your own body throbs with pleasure.

"Ohhh? So good? so good?!"

Her tail even gets on it, too, brushing Patchouli's balls aside to thrust into her pussy. That adds a whole extra layer of pleasure, which overwhelms the magician's crumbling defenses even more. Her entire body seizes up with every thrust, and you can just imagine how it makes her cock throb and stretch Koa's tight, sensitive walls?

The succubus throws her head back and squeals happily, her long hair bouncing and waving as streams of milk shoot from her breasts. Every part of her sexy, sweaty body seems to be devoted to the task of wringing out Patchouli's cum. You haven't seen anyone enjoy sex that much since the time you found out Meiling has a mating season. There's no telling how long Koa's waited for this. You feel like you'll cum just watching?

But, you know? it doesn't look like she's being careful. Patchouli really looks scared, when she isn't trembling and moaning helplessly, and Koa's hornier than you've ever seen her. You can't risk losing Patchouli like this? and neither can Koa.

"Nnngh!" Patchouli groans as she reaches the end of her rope. Koa slams back down and twists back and forth, filling the air with squelching sounds as her walls squeeze and writhe. Her tongue comes out, and she stares blissfully up at the ceiling with a dreamy smile.

"Ahh, here it comes, here it comes~! ... Eh?"

"Sorry, girl." Hooking your arms under Koa?s, you push with your legs and pull the succubus right off with a messy pop. it's not easy; even with all those juices, she was really glued to that cock. She throws an arm out towards Patchouli's huge, shining length as it pops out from inside her and slaps back onto her waist.

"Wha? What are you doing? I was so close! I was so clooose!" she whines, not playfully.

"Sorry, it just didn't seem like--"

"I was waiting for that for days! No, a week! No, years! I've been so hungry, so, so, hungry, and you snatched it right away from me!? Koa breaks out of your grip and whirls around. She? looks a bit different. Her lips are twisted into a snarl, she's panting with more than just arousal, and her twitching red eyes are burning with? yeah, that's anger.

"Who do you think you are?!" she shrieks, her nails morphing into claws as she pounces. it's so vicious, you almost forget you have distance powers. Luckily, your body reacts on instinct, and you stop her hand inches from you face. You start to hurl her like you did Patchouli, but then she looks right into your eyes, there's another one of those hot pulses, and you just completely lose your grip on your powers as pure arousal floods through you.

Your vision goes blurry as you're nearly forced to cum. If you didn't have those eye-pills, you'd probably be writhing on the floor right now. Instead, you shake the fog away, just barely managing to remember what you're doing. It seems you're on the floor now, with Koakuma stepping over you towards her prey.

H-hold it!" You throw out your hand and manage to snatch an ankle. She stops in her tracks and looks down with narrowed eyes; from this angle, she's surprisingly imperious, her perfectly feminine body highlighted by the library's eerie shadows. You almost release her automatically out of pure submission, but grit your teeth and hold on, even as her eyes flash with another sex-charged glare.

?I will not be denied my--?


Another voice pierces through the air. Koa has just enough time to glance back you before she's struck by a fizzling purple bolt of magic. The jolt alone knocks her back a few steps, enveloping her body in a thin coating of violet. She recovers a couple seconds later, and promptly gasps in horror.

"No! No! Not now! Not now! Not nowwwwww!"

Her naked figure grows blurry in the magic's grip, and dissolves into a shrieking haze. It rises up and shoots into one of the room's many open books, which snaps shut and nearly bursts into flame before several seals hem it in. There's a ping and a flash of light, and then it all falls silent. Behind you, you hear a heavy panting.

"I? warned you," a strangely dispassionate voice says.

You glance back to see Patchouli slump onto the floor. She looks to be both tired and aroused, milky breasts heaving and huge cock throbbing with every labored breath. At the same time, you can hear a massive relief in her voice. Forcing yourself up onto your shaky limbs, you crawl over to her side. She regards you, but says nothing.


"Was she? really going to??" You trail off, and Patchouli heaves out a few more breaths before responding.

"Haah? Yes. Had you acted? a second later, I would no longer be with you."

? Shoot.

Patchouli breathes out again, this time with a sigh mixed in. Then, to your surprise, she reaches up and grabs your wrist. Next thing you know, you're face-up on the floor, with a sweaty, milky, very healthy magician weighing you down. Her curves dock up with yours, and your milky breasts mash together. Patchouli seems a little more collected now, able to breathe just through her nose as she plants her hands on either side of you and slides back. She's? Is she really?

"Uh, Patchouli?"

"Your aphrodisiacs are quite potent. The least you could do is help me finish."

"Oh? Ah, well, I gue-- Ohhh!"

Not looking for an answer, Patchouli thrusts straight into you. Your eyes open wide, and you cry out as you're forced to take her whole length at once. After all that sex and teasing, not to mention whatever Koakuma did to you, your body's just aching for this. Your pussy stretches easily to take that huge, hard cock of hers, with a surge of pleasure that renders you speechless.

Driven by her own lust and frustration, Patchouli just starts to pound into you. Her thrusts aren't too smooth, but they carry a lot of momentum, sending her cock hammering into your deepest, most sensitive places as your walls shudder and coil around her. There's no resisting her right now, not when she's weighing you down and your mind's all fuzzy and your body is yearning for this very act. You did just fucked her without permission too, though, didn't you? it's probably best to just? go along with it...

"Hahh? Hahh?" Patchouli's face stays blank aside from the blush, though her mouth hangs open to moan and there's a little spark of excitement in her eyes. Her breasts squish and grind into yours with every thrust, your hard nipples meeting and spraying over each other. "That's... good..." she manages to pant.

You tremble and arch your back beneath her as her cock scrapes over your sensitive walls, the swollen tip you teased so much now pressing against your womb and ready to blow. Soon, you give into the pleasure completely.

"Ahh...! C-cum inside me, Patchouli!"

"Nnngh!" Squeezing her eyes shut, she grits her teeth and lets loose with a full-body tremor. Her thick cock clenches hard inside you, the tip pressing right into your cervix to pour out a whole river of hot, thick cum. It feels like there's even more than before? and your pussy is delighted to receive it, catapulting you into an orgasm of your own. Now it's your turn to ahegao, eyes rolling up and mouth falling open as hot, fresh milk spurts from your breasts. Patchouli doesn't move at all, just stuffing your hungry womb with shot after shot of her seed, and every fresh swell of the stuff sends another quake through your body as your stomach expands just a bit. She definitely didn't cum this much last time? was she holding back before? Or maybe she's giving it her all now that she's safe.

When she's finished, the magician collapses onto you, weighing your body down with hers and forcing some of her cum to splash back out. Her breathing's a lot more ragged than yours.

"It does feel good? to let it out."


"I must thank you for saving me, Komachi."

"Ah, well, I knew I had to--"

"However, you deserve much of the blame, as well. If not for you, I would not have been in danger in the first place."

?" Oh."

it's been a little while since before. The two of you are clothed again, sitting at a table in Patchouli's study. You miiight have fucked her a bit more in the shower.

"As such, your deeds cancel each other out, and we are on no different terms than we started with. Now, when we first met, you said you were here to ?fix all this.?"

"Uh, yeah, that's right."

You'd probably have some tea here normally, but the resident tea-maker is? indisposed. Poor girl. You'll have to get her free at some point, once she's had time to cool down. Her book sits alone on a nearby stool; it might be twitching and groaning at the edges of your perception, or you might just be imagining things.

"Well, perhaps we may be help each other. As it happens, I have a? vested interest in ?fixing all this? as well. So, allow me to ask: how exactly did you find your way here?" Patchouli's voice doesn't sound as suspicious this time, but it seems like she really has to try to make it that way.

"Ah, well, I'm an old friend of Meiling?s. She's worried about Sakuya and everyone else, so she asked me to look into it. I found Remilia, and got her to take me here, but then I got a bit sidetracked with Koa." Suddenly self-conscious, you pull your robe a bit tighter. "Sorry about that."

Patchouli nods, ignoring your apology. "Yes, that makes sense. Remilia would be the only one here capable of breaking that seal. By force, I assume."

"Yeah, made a pretty big mess."

"More importantly: if you entered the mansion at Meiling's request, then you likely have but a vague idea of what is occurring. Is there anything you wish to know?"

Oh, hey, looks like you're finally onto something. You'll have to ask about what's happening here, but is there anything else?

[ ] Why was Patchouli holed up in here, anyway?
[ ] Remilia said that she's fond of Patchouli. Is there some history there?
[ ] Does Patchouli know anything about the broader incident, or this Byakuren lady?
[ ] Did Patchouli really screw Koa every night?
[ ] Is there any way you can make it up to Patchouli?
[ ] Write-in.

Might limit it to the top three.
[x] Remilia said that she's fond of Patchouli. Is there some history there?
[x] Does Patchouli know anything about the broader incident, or this Byakuren lady?
[x] Is there any way you can make it up to Patchouli?

Well that escalated sort of badly.
[X] Does Patchouli know anything about the broader incident, or this Byakuren lady?
[X] Is there any way you can make it up to Patchouli?
[X] Can Koakuma and Patchouli increase your succubus powers? If Koa can take you down that easy, you don't stand a chance against Eiki.
[x] Remilia said that she's fond of Patchouli. Is there some history there?
[x] Does Patchouli know anything about the broader incident, or this Byakuren lady?
[x] Is there any way you can make it up to Patchouli?
[x] Remilia said that she's fond of Patchouli. Is there some history there?
[x] Does Patchouli know anything about the broader incident, or this Byakuren lady?
[x] Is there any way you can make it up to Patchouli?

Yea that kinda escalated quickly... and to a bad path.
[x] Does Patchouli know anything about the broader incident, or this Byakuren lady?
[x] Did Patchouli really screw Koa every night?
[x] Is there any way you can make it up to Patchouli?
Closing votes. Winners are Remilia, the incident, and sloppy makeups.
[x] Is there any way you can make it up to Patchouli?
[x] Does Patchouli know anything about the broader incident, or this Byakuren lady?
[x] Remilia said she's fond of Patchouli. Is there some history there?

An info-dump would certainly be welcome, but first you need to address that situation with Koa. You'd be pretty steamed if someone almost killed you like that, even if it did involve mind-blowing sex. Patchouli doesn't show much emotion except when she's balls-deep inside you, but you get the feeling she's about as steamed as you'd expect.

"Well, before we get to that, is there any way I can make it up to you for what, uh, happened?" you ask, sheepishly rubbing the back of your neck.

"Hmm." Patchouli doesn't bother putting a finger to her lips or anything, instead just boring into you with those amethyst eyes. You might see a little sparkle somewhere inside them, but the light here isn't that good. "Well, I am deserving of further recompense after such an? experience. However, I doubt that a manual laborer such as yourself would be of much use in my studies." She pauses to look you over again, the same way she did when you first met her. "Indeed, it could be that your sexual skills are your only asset."

"Hey!" You're good in a fight, too! And you have distance powers, and money, and you can row a boat if you have to. But there's no fighting to be had, no boats to row, and no need for money, and the last thing this Escher-space needs is more fooling around with space-time?

"Not only that, but I have been forced to seal my source of sexual release. If you wish to help me?"

? Is she really going to?"

"You shall service my body whenever I ask."



"Didn't think you'd be so, uh, forward."

Patchouli brushes some hair to the side, somehow looking both a bit smug while half-awake. "Recall that I chose a succubus as my familiar."

"Well. Should I get started right away, "Mistress??"

"I am sure you can determine that on your own."

? Hm. You didn't even bother checking after all that, but? yep, she's horny again. Her bored face and languid eyes don't show it, but she's breathing faster than normal and blushing just a bit. If you focus, you can sense the first throbs of a fresh erection, too. Sitting across from a rack like yours probably helps with that~

But, what do you do for her? You've fucked her a couple times already, and you wouldn't mind doing it again, but it'd be kind of hard to listen go through a bunch of exposition while you're riding her cock. Well, you wouldn't be surprised if she could, but you wouldn't remember anything afterwards? Oh, here's an idea!

"Alright, just a sec." You lean back in the chair and look up at the distant, vaulted ceiling, reaching out to get in touch with your pet.

You've been pretty demanding on the poor thing lately. Though, you don't really know if it can get tired, or if it even has anything else to do. For all you know, it could be an upstanding member of its tentacle monster society, while you're some mistress that keeps calling it away from its tentacle-dimension-chamber-of-commerce meetings.

In any case, it's willing to go another round, but it wants you to take part too. Patchouli didn't say anything about that, so?

"Okay. How's this?" you ask with a smile, as a rift opens up between the magician's clothes and her back. Patchouli widens her eyes and bolts upright as a mass of warm tentacles touches her skin, briefly outlining her huge chest beneath her pajamas.

"Ah?! Ahh, ohh... Hmmm?" She sounds a bit satisfied at the end, closing her eyes and softening her posture a little. Her clothes are pretty baggy, but you see them shifting around a little as the tentacles spread across her body and start to caress her all over. A separate batch does the same for you, reaching around your stomach and trailing down your limbs. it's a little creepy at first, but they're nice and warm and coated with some kind of soothing massage oil. You quickly get used to their embrace. A bunch wrap haphazardly around your breasts and start to massage them, others work your shoulders and knead your ass, and they even coil lightly over your fingers and toes.

"Now, then? you say you know about what's goin? on in here, but what about the incident in general? Some spell's made these dicks rise up all over Gensokyo."

Patchouli nods at that, pausing for a little purr halfway through. She tries to play it off as a ?hmm," but you can tell. "It is a formidable work of magic. I have been attempting to devise a counterspell, but? this type of magic is outside of my expertise."

Wow, Patchouli has all these books and she still can't bust it? Magic is a heck of a thing. "Well, it seems like it was created by someone named Byakuren. Do you know anything about her?"

Patchouli sits back to think, or at least tries to. She keeps twitching and shivering in her seat, and you're sure that disrupts her concentration. You're forced to mewl and groan a few times too, whenever your tentacles squeeze especially hard. they're starting to tease your nipples now, and just lightly brushing over your clit?

"Only a little. She is the chief priestess of the Myouren Temple, and a magician specializing in body-modifying magic. If anyone could create such a spell, it would be her."

"Wait, a magician youkai runs a temple?" And there's a whole school of magic for that?

"We were surprised to learn that as well. She claims to be a devout Buddhist, encouraging youkai to abandon their violent ways, though her teachings diverge considerably from my own readings.. She visited the mansion once on a ?mission of mercy," hoping to find new converts, but Remilia turned her away before we could so much as have tea. She is not the sort to take orders from anyone?"

Slowly but surely, Patchouli's erection is growing stronger. Raising one of your legs beneath the table, you gently press a foot into Patchouli's crotch. She's hard again, alright, and so hot you can feel it through two layers of clothing. A few tentacles retreat to the base of her cock, tightening a little around the base so it swells even more.

"Well, if she did it, do you think she could un-do it?"

"Oh, you wish to lift the spell? Surprising."

"Hey, now." You press hard into her swollen cock with your foot, and she seizes up with a satisfying moan. "I really need to un-cock my boss, alright?"

"Y-your ?boss?" the Yama?" Patchouli asks. You're not sure if she stutters out of arousal, or fear.

"Yeah, the spell got her too. Really screwed things up at Higan."

Patchouli takes a deep breath, giving you a moment to notice the blush that's developed on her pale skin. As her chest heaves slowly upwards, you glimpse the outlines of a half-dozen tentacles all molesting her breasts and nipples. They leave small, dark stains on her clothing as they work her over, disappearing from view whenever they sink into her pillowy flesh. "That is a most reckless course of action. Yukari must be quite devoted to this scheme."

"Yeah, I thought the same. Any idea what she might be after?"

"Well... As you know, nearly every youkai in Gensokyo is female. One can never be sure if Yukari has a motive for her actions, but for something of this scale? she must desire something that a woman does not possess."

Something a futa's got over a girl, huh? You trail your foot down Patchouli's thick length, and find her balls beneath her pajamas. It seems those are covered in tentacles too, getting a slow, deliberate massage. When she loses her patience and rams this thing into you, she'll have plenty of cum at the ready~ ?That's an easy one."

"Indeed," she says, wincing a little at the teasing pressure from your toes. "But as to what she could do with it?" She drums her fingers on the table for a moment. "Semen could be said to contain a being's essence, the very source of its life. It could serve as a potent source of power for a ritual of some sort? but it would not be anything that I have studied."

That could be more serious than your standard-issue fooling-around. If Yukari's taking the stuff from every youkai in Gensokyo, and Eiki on top of that? well, you'll feel safer once you find out the particulars. Preferably from a prostrated gap youkai.

"Well, I promised Meiling I'd fix things here before I deal with that. Did this magic get Remilia too?"

Patchouli snorts and shakes her head. "No, it most certainly did not. The mistress, as you may know, has the power to control fate itself. Long ago, she decreed that she would remain a young and beautiful girl all her life; thus, the spell suffered an exceedingly unlikely malfunction that left her unaffected. Besides, she would never permit something like that to mar her body?" You wait for a bit, but Patchouli's sentence remains stubbornly trailed-off.

"Seems you've known her for a long time. When I met her earlier, she said she ?cares? about you."

"Ah? Then she is not too far gone. If you can believe it, we were once companions? and lovers."

"The two of you?" you ask, raising an eyebrow.

"Things were different back then. My health was not so frail, and I did not need these enchantments to maintain my figure. I was a student not of magic, but of science, as we searched for the Impaler's lost treasure."

"Huh." You wonder if she was so stuffy back then, too. Also, that doesn't quite line up with the courtly stories Remilia told you. If she'd said something about being a scantily-clad tomb raider, you're pretty sure you would have noticed.

"But? as the mistress grew in power, her needs became greater than what the scholars of the day could provide. I was forced to abandon the society of scholars and reclaim my birthright, and use magic to build and safeguard our home."

"So, you'd rather be in a university library than this one?"

Patchouli pauses to consider it, but shakes her head. "I believe I made the proper choice, even if the mistress... does not visit me so often. In Gensokyo, at least, sicence and magic are not so different, and I have found other who share my craft.

"Right, gotcha.?

The conversation starts to run out there, and neither one of you moves to renew it. That's partly because you don't know each other too well, and partly because you're both getting full-body tentacle massages. As soon as you stop focusing on the conversation, a wealth of sensations crowds in to grab your attention.

Patchouli feels the same way, too.The faint pulsing you felt from her erection before is like a second heartbeat now, loud enough that you can hardly hear her low moans. You can't just sit here when you're so turned on, and that hard cock is so close. Even after you take your foot away, you can still sense its throbbing, and smell the thick, salty cum being coaxed out from her balls? Before you know it, you've slipped under the table, your tentacles staying snug around you as you dive straight into a cloud of her musk. Kneeling beneath Patchouli's soft, thick legs, you dig into her pajamas and swiftly free that magnificent cock. Patchouli snaps out of her own daze at that, suddenly resuming her lecture.

? ? Ah. There is still more to explain, Komachi. Will you still be able to listen?"

"Yeah, don't worry," you say. Your breathy words warm the magician's cock, and a moan follows right behind them as a few thin tentacles dig into your pussy. You're not sure if you'll actually listen once you get your mouth on that delicious length, but you can't stop now. Your eyes flutter closed as you wrap your juicy lips around the tip, and the tentacles on your clit and nipples all squeeze at once.

Mm, it's all flavored with tentacle-juice, too. Is that stuff getting tastier, or is it just you? You lower your head straight to the base to clean it all off, lowering your head a bit so she can fit nicely into your throat. A bit of sucking while you're there makes her groan and tremble helplessly, and you savor her reaction before pulling back. Then, you brush aside some hair and tighten your lips for a slow, steady sucking, swirling and coiling your tongue around the tip while you stroke the top half of her cock with your plush lips.

"W-well, returning to the mistress. You likely did not have a chance to notice, but? she has an extremely powerful semen fetish."

"Hmmm?" you ask, letting your question vibrate through Patchouli's hot, thick shaft. You're not sure what she means by that; if you're giving someone a blowjob while they you about an ex-girlfriend, does that mean you have one too?

"The sight or smell alone arouses her, to an almost painful degree. The taste can easily bring her to orgasm, and if someone were to release inside her? Ngh." Patchouli's cock clenches in your mouth, forcing your lips apart as she lets out a little spurt of precum. The chair creaks beneath her as she shifts back and squeezes the seat, nearly losing it right then. You decide not to drive her over, though, just holding her in your mouth and teasing her with a few swipes of your warm, wet tongue.

"Ahh? In any case, it is a source of great embarrassment for her. For an aristocrat like her to have such a base fascination is?Is! Mmm? W-well, you know?"

"Mm-hm." You try putting your hands on Patchouli's soft thighs, only to find that your pet has already claimed them. It pulls back, but you decide to plant your hands on the floor instead. Feeling them there also brings your attention back to the warm, slow massage your body's still getting, and the two long, thin tentacles still probing around inside you.

"Previously, it was manageable. She kept a stable of virile young men, and teased them to the edge of orgasm before dismissing them. The mere prospect of being coated in their seed gave her all the excitement she needed. But now, with her fairies copulating furiously, and her oldest friend? also afflicted?"

What, is she going to explode?

"She desires nothing more than to be inundated thoroughly with her servants? seed. The thought must consume her night and day, but she is a strong woman. She will refuse to indulge herself. However, she may arrange to have it done to a surrogate, and masturbate furiously to the display. To that end, she seems to have set her sights on her beautiful chief maid?"

"Hmmm?" You slow down at that, and narrow your eyes. it's kinda hard to show suspicion while you're sucking someone off, though. Patchouli leans back in the chair and puts a hand on your head, allowing herself to pant a little as she guides your head up and down. She seems to like it a bit deeper than you were doing, thrusting her tip nearly to the back of your throat. Even then, there's still a few inches left for the saliva and precum to trickle over.

"Shortly after? her desires were ignited?" What, she's still talking? ?" She placed Sakuya under hypnosis so that she would not resist the proposition, but the act has not yet been consummated. Remilia has likely spent the last few days wrestling with her desires... but she will cave, in the end, and have all thirteen of her servants defile Sakuya with the semen they've been saving up for years. The effects of an orgy that severe on the maid's sanity could be? permanent."

Meiling wouldn't like it one bit. You make some noises like you want to talk, and they vibrate through the magician's hot, thick shaft. She grunts in frustration, but eventually lets you pull off. You're nice enough to do it slowly, keeping your wet lips wrapped around her the whole way up.

"Well! Mmm? I can't let something like that happen. Wha-what can I do about it?" you stutter, interrupted by a few bursts of pleasure from your tentacles. There's another two in your ass now, slowly stretching it and grinding together with the ones in your pussy... As soon as you're finished, you go down on her again, stroking thrythmically with both your hand and your lips.

"Well, you may have intervened already. Aside from Sakuya and the mistress's sister, you are the only non-futanari in the mansion. Remilia is likely hesitant to sacrifice her precious chief maid for her sexual desires... and she always did prefer fuller figures. It may be she has already decided to use you, and merely needs a reason. Then, if you can force her to accept her desires... perhaps things will return to normal.?

"Mm-hmm!" You pull off her cock for good this time, and the tentacles take over soon after. "So, I just need to volunteer?"

"I ask you to think like a normal woman, just for a moment. Something like that would surely arouse Remilia's suspicion."

Dang, she's right.

"However, if you were to commit some transgression, she would leap at the chance to punish you."

"Ahh, I gotcha. So, I just need to break some vases? Graffiti the walls?" Rising up to your feet, you bend over for a kiss. Your breasts dock with hers, both webbed in tentacles beneath their clothing. Your robe's naturally resistant to moisture, but Patchouli's pajamas are almost soaked through with tentacle-juices.

"Mmm? Mm?" Patchouli gets pretty into it, grabbing your head with one hand and driving her tongue past your lips. Yours is longer and more dexterous, but she's able to hold you off by carefully licking at the tip and not letting you lure her in too deep. The tentacles go wild on both of you while she does, making your eyes roll up a little while you moan into each other's mouths. Your mind's pretty hazy by the time she pulls away, leaving you just able to process her words. "You may return to thinking like a half-succubus. The most effective action would be one that allows you to? demonstrate your abilities."

"Uh-huh, got it," you mutter.

Now, with that explained?" Patchouli levers herself out of her chair, and finally pushes you back onto the table. You eagerly spread your legs for her, and tentacles that'd been teasing your holes pull out and spread them both. The thin, slippery tendrils that had been teasing her cock pull back and wrap around the base again, making her already-imposing shaft even bigger as she prepares to ravish you.

"Mmm? Which one you takin? this time, Patchy?" There's still some cum leaking out of your pussy from the last time she used it, coating the rim of your asshole as it trickles down. Patchouli seems to have had enough of filling your womb, though, because she tilts her shaft down a little and takes aim right at your ass.


You grunt a little as your pet stretches you further, and switch over to a strained groan when Patchouli starts to force her way in. The tentacles did a good job loosening you, though; it barely hurts at all as the magician screws her soft, slick tip into you, and you're already moaning in pleasure by the time she's on her second inch.

With your saliva and a fresh coat of tentacle-juice on her shaft, Patchouli doesn't have any trouble stuffing your ass with her long, thick, hard cock. Your ass seems more flexible, too, stretching easily to accommodate her swollen, aching girth. You're no less sensitive than before, though; every bit that enters you feels better than the last, filling you up and throbbing with a delicious heat against your tight, needy walls.

Patchouli trails her eyes up to yours as the last of her cock squeezes into you. She manages to look kind of detached at first, but a quick flex below your waist makes her double over and moan. You wouldn't be surprised if your pet shoved a little something into her, too.

"Good enough for you, mistress?" you ask, playfully bucking your hips back onto her. She nearly falls right onto you when you clamp down on her again, but those legs of hers are sturdy.

"Haah? You would not do well? to underestimate me." Patchouli takes a deep breath, then grabs the sides of your robe and violently pulls it open. Normally, your breasts would bounce a little as they're freed, but they're held in by a net of warm, slippery tentacles this time. Patchouli seems a bit displeased to see them; until they can finish untangling themselves from your breasts, all she can do is pinch your nipples.

"Agh!" And when she does, bolts of lightning tear through your breasts. Those tentacles that were playing with them must've been covered in aphrodisiacs. Patchouli spreads her fingers and digs in as soon as your breasts are uncovered, squeezing hard enough to give her leverage for thrusting. A tidal wave of pleasure rolls through your ass, temporarily overwhelming your thoughts as you cry out, but you never lose track of the sensations in your breasts. The squeezing and kneading is good on its own, but she also rubs her palms in little circles as she does it, constantly stimulating your nipples.

The groping fills your attention while she's pulling out, and then another one of those huge thrusts wrecks your concentration again. Every thrust comes faster than the last, too. Between her cock and her hands, you barely even notice the tentacles as they massage the rest of your body and tease your clit and labia.

"Oh! Ohh?That's good, Patchouli~"

"Nngh? Ahh? Mmm?" You figured Patchouli must be in control of herself if she's making you feel this good, but a look at her face tells you otherwise. Her mouth is hanging open, letting moans pass out freely, while she ravishes your body and the tentacles ravish hers. Her cock's already twitching and throbbing like she's halfway to orgasm, and you can just see some shining trails of juice on the exposed parts of her thighs.

But, that doesn't mean she's at her limit of her ability. After the next thrust, she lifts one of your legs and turns you right over, searing your ass with pleasure in the process. You feel her breasts squish against your back as she leans in, putting one soft, commanding hand on your hips while the other claims a breast. She changes from full thrusts to short, quick movements, speeding the friction up to a hot, mind-numbing blur. Even though it's so fast, you can feel her thick shaft scraping over your walls in such incredible detail?

You bury your head in your arms and moan wildly, squishing your breasts against the table as the pleasure ceaselessly wracks your body. Patchouli's fingers dig into your ass now, possessively squeezing the two plump mounds, and your asshole clings gently to her slick shaft as it pounds into you again and again. Your hands clamp down on the table's edge, the and you the waves of pleasure building up beneath something greater.


The tentacles release their grip on Patchouli as she goes over the edge, leaving her free to blast a hot, thick load deep inside you. it's easily enough to make you cum too, the pleasure nearly doubling as your ass and pussy violently contract. A rush of hot juice and semen spurts from your pussy, though it's nothing compared to the shots of cum that Patchouli lets out while you crush her from every side. Every powerful throb of her cock stretches your walls and draws out fresh, loud moans.

The tentacles stay on your body the whole time, insistently stroking and prodding and squeezing. You barely have a chance to gasp in a breath while you're cumming, the pleasure staying red-hot right up until you start to feel Patchouli's cum leak out around her slowly-softening cock. Your pet retreats soon afterwards, finally giving you a chance to catch your breath.

You're not in any hurry to get up, though, and you stay bent over for a while to enjoy your afterglow. Your asshole throbs pleasantly after that vigorous fucking, and When you're good and ready, you push yourself back up and put your robe in order.

"So? Just gotta do something sexy she'd rather I didn't, right? Maybe I'll go fuck one of those precious guys of hers you mentioned."

Patchouli's already dressed and sitting back at the table, her hands folded over the spot where your moaning face was not a minute earlier. She curtly nods her approval. "Perhaps you should find something to eat first. It sounds like you have not done so since before you met my familiar."


"Hey, you're right. I don't feel too hungry, though. Maybe I can just run on semen now?"

"I suspect that you can, but normal food will work just as well. If I were you, I would not pass up this opportunity. Once Remilia has you in her grasp, you may never have a chance to eat anything else."


[ ] Be Reisen.
[ ] Be Okuu.
[ ] Be Nue.
[x] Be Okuu.
[x] Be Reisen.
[x] Be Reisen.
[x] Be Reisen.
[x] Be Okuu.

Curious about her and Kasen.
[x] Be Nue.
Because shitting against the stream is wise.
[X] Be Okuu.
Atomic Love between Hellravens and Hermits!
[x] Be Reisen.

Nurses are hot.
[x] Be Nue.
[X] Be Reisen.
I'd like to know what Eirin's been doing to her in the meantime
Closing votes. Reisen wins.
[x] Be Reisen.

Ahh, the Princess really is beautiful~ That long, voluminous, night-dark hair flows down her svelte body and gleams in any kind of light, while her skin is so soft and pale that it glows with the moon's radiance all on its own. it's even better when she's half-undressed like this, letting her delicate breasts and cute pink nipples peek out from behind her yukata. Her chestnut eyes are soft and submissive while her eyebrows slant down with indignance... and her full, plush, moist pink lips are wrapped nice and tight around your hot, throbbing cock~

"Mmm? hm?"

A fresh coat of saliva gleams on your shaft as her lips slowly draw up, clinging to every vein on your rock-hard shaft as she reveals it inch by inch. She keeps her eyes aimed near yours the whole time, just avoiding eye contact while she quietly mewls and purrs to herself. Her mouth is so warm and wet on the inside, and she sucks in gentle waves that make you throb harder and harder, almost pouring your precum over her tongue~

She pulls all the way back to your tip before she starts to slide back down. Then, you feel the softness of her skin as her slick lips rub you down, and your body relaxes more and more as the heat of her mouth envelopes your cock. You've fantasized about this ever since you got your penis, and it's such a wonderful treatment?


But after ten minutes, even this has gotten a bit old. The moment you stop lavishing descriptions on the Princess, you go back to struggling against the bindings that hold you to Eirin's examination chair. There's even a leather belt restraining your waist, so you can't just thrust right into Kaguya's throat. At this rate, it'll take you forever to cum in the Princess's mouth! You don't bother to hide your grunting and groaning as you twist in the chair, hoping someone else will notice.

"I'm afraid you'll need to do more than that, Princess," Eirin says, her voice commanding yet playful. She's been leaning against a wall and watching the whole time, her arms crossed under her heavy chest. A human might think she's just impassively observing, but a youkai like you can see the small points tenting her dress, make out the outlines of her legs pressed together beneath the skirt, and smell a hint of her rich, musky excitement from across the room. "If you make her too frustrated, she could very well break free and ravish you to her heart's content?"

"Mmmm!" Kaguya widens her amber eyes wide and acts as frightened as she can, but her technique doesn't change at all. More importantly, the smell of her own arousal gets about twice as strong just at the suggestion. She'd like that, wouldn't she? To have a horny super-powered rape machine fuck her silly, and leave her quivering and mindless on the floor. She wants it, you want it, so why can't you just--

?" Right after I give you this." Between a thumb and forefinger, Eirin holds up a short, blue bullet-shaped object. "You can't always just lie back and enjoy it. A proper princess must know how to entertain any sort of guest."

For a moment, Kaguya stops completely, contemplating what Eirin just threatened. You pause too, trying to figure it out through the fuzzy excitement that's clouded your mind? Then, you remember the plans for an ?orgasm-preventing suppository? you glanced over while you were pounding Eirin the other night. You wouldn't have noticed if she hadn't gotten her milk all over them.

"Hmgh!" Suddenly, the princess drives her head downward, taking you right to the base and tightening harder than ever. You throw back your head and moan, and stay stuck that way as she starts to pump her head up and down. At first, the quick, wet stroking from her tight lips and soft tongue feels incredible... but then her saliva runs out, and it starts to feel more like you're being stroked by a rubber band.

"Ahh! P-princess, stop it! You need to? keep your lips wet when you do that!"

It takes her a few more passes to process what you said, and you think at first that she's panicking too listen. But then, she finally hesitates, and pulls back to your tip with a small nod. You get a chance to catch your breath, but you can hardly breathe in past the excitement you feel. She? the Princess listened to you!

"A-also, if you? maybe? stroked me with your hair, it would feel better?" you mumble.

Kaguya's only just started to obey your last suggestion, though. You'd only felt her tongue graze your shaft before, but now she closes her eyes, presses it into your tip, and swirls its soft, wet surface around with careful, toe-curling precision; she was planning to use just that to moisten her lips, but she ends up staining them with precum as well~

"Mmm! Y-yes, that's better?"

The pleasure occupies you enough that the silky, ticklish touch of her hair catches you by surprise. Refocusing your eyes, you see that she's gathered a single lock in her hand and wrapped it around the base of your shaft. Her warm, smooth fingers keep it in place, and you feel mingles with soft skin behind her hair as she lightly twists her hand and glides it up and down.


"Just? Just like that, Princess?"

She starts to bob her head again, keeping her tongue pressed against the bottom of your shaft and flicking it around every time she pulls up. At the same time, her hand keeps stroking and twisting back and forth; she constantly varies the pressure she applies to your base, making your tip more or less sensitive to her tongue as it swells and relaxes.

"Ah! Ahh? that's good, that's really good~"

Your orgasm's definitely building now, but now this feels so good that you want to hold it off! You clench up everything below your waist, hoping to stave off the pleasure just a little. Kaguya feels you twitch in her mouth, though, and sucks long and hard in response. Dreamily, you notice a precisely-rounded fingernail sliding up your slit before - ahh, before thrusts it right into you!


One - no, two fingers! Your walls wrap tight around the long, slender digits, making you feel every inch of her lustrous skin as she probes into you. You try relaxing your body to soften your grip, but then your cock gets even more sensitive? and her fingers get even more room to play with you.

"Very good, Princess, very good. Keep that up and she'll cum in no time."

"Mhm, mhm..."

She attacks your pussy mercilessly, thrusting, scratching, and twisting around? all while her hot, tight mouth pistons up and down your shaft in time with her luxurious hand and hair. The haughty, triumphant moans that spill out around your shaft are just icing on the cake. There's just... no way you can resist! You're panting, clutching the armrests and grinding at the restraints, trying to hold on and enjoy it for just a bit longer? but you can't take too much of it before your mouth falls open and your eyes roll up. If she wants you to cum so much, she can have it~


A surge of heat tears through your cock as you erupt into her mouth, filling it to the brim and painting her lips white in seconds. You expect her to pull off in the face of something like that, but she doesn't. Keeping her mouth firmly squeezed around your pulsing erection, she lowers her eyelids and grunts messily with the exertion of trying to swallow it all. Surprisingly, she's almost able to keep up with you, shot after shot? but seeing her struggle like that just makes you more excited~ More and more of the thick stuff spurts out over her tongue, and the trails leaking down her chin and splashing back from her mouth drip down to stain her small, bare breasts.


Her moans drop lower and lower, until she's groaning with deep, lusty satisfaction. it's so amazing, you don't even notice when you stop shooting. You feel aftershocks of pleasure just watching Kaguya gulp down your hot, thick semen again and again, knowing that your salty, sticky seed will settle in her stomach and flavor her meals for the rest of the day. It takes her almost a minute to gulp down everything you gave her; there are tears in the corners of her eyes, and she furrows her brow like it's such an insult to deal with this, but the juice is practically pouring out between her legs. And Eirin?s, for that matter!

"Mmgh? Gmm? Ngh! Hahh? Ah." Kaguya finally clears out her mouth, and wipes off her defiled lips and flushed cheeks with one hand. A moment later, an idea strikes her. She settles her posture and bows before you, her hair pooling on the floor all around her; your eyes settle on the lock that's stained and matted with your juices before you turn them back to her head.

"Haah? T-thank you for, that most thoughtful gift, Reisen. I am truly'mmm? truly unworthy of such profound generosity."

Ah? If? if the Princess herself thanks you like that?!

"Oh, my."

When Kaguya rises up, she comes head-to-head with a fresh, throbbing erection, still coated with cum~

You shudder in anticipation from seeing her eyes light up with excitement, but it looks like you won't get another round with her. Eirin, your master and lover, crosses the room with sharp, echoing steps and kneels down next to the dark-haired beauty. Even as she turns her head to address the Princess, she grasps your length in a pale, soft hand and starts unbuttoning her dress with the other.

"You've done well for now, Princess. I'm very pleased with your progress. Now, allow me to show you a thing or two..."



A sharp, clear, elegant voice unsheathes itself behind you. You turn around to look, and - whoa, that's a knife at your neck. The chief maid who's holding it doesn't look any less dangerous, her red eyes glowing like an oni's lantern.

?" Can I finish first?" you ask, with a little smirk. You were reeally close to cumming, though this does admittedly kill the mood.

"Absolutely not." Letting her pocketwatch watch hang from her wrist, Sakuya pulls out a pair of gleaming handcuffs. She hooks an open hoop around one of your wrists, pulling it off the chest of the guy you were riding. This dungeon is a succubus's dream; Remi keeps her studs asleep when she's not using them, so the place is just filled with one hard, backed-up, defenseless cock after another. The moment you smelled them, you could hardly think at all~ And even now, you're only half-focused on the cold steel at your neck, and still half-focused on the hot, thick length that just barely fits in your pussy.

?This is the Mistress's private reserve. Merely intruding is strictly forbidden, let alone? copulating with its inhabitants." The cuff locks shut with a crisp, clear click, gently but insistently squeezing you. Then, Sakuya grabs the other end and pulls it across your back, locking up your other wrist in the same way. You try to test the handcuffs as subtly as you can; they're tight, pretty comfortable, and clearly well-made. Nothing you can't escape from once everyone's backs are turned.

"Now you will come with me. The Mistress must know of this immediately." Sakuya wraps an arm around your curvy waist and pulls you right off the guy's cock, which slips from your pussy with a wet, messy pop and slaps back onto his waist. You feel so empty, so frustrated when it's gone? But, you'll get all you can handle soon enough, you're sure. Sakuya doesn't even mention your clothes as she leads you naked out of the cell, streams of juice still gleaming on your thighs.

Sakuya stays silent as she marches you back up through the stairs, and you're hesitant to say anything when that knife's still so close to you. You could use your powers to push the knife away a bit, but you don't have any counter to her time-stopping; she was willing to threaten Meiling before, so who knows what she might do to you if you resist.

The air's just cold enough to keep your nipples erect, and your heavy breasts jiggle and sway with almost every step. She'd be parading you like a trophy, if anyone were actually watching. The mansion's just as desolate as when you first came in, and the sound of her heels echoes off into the hallways? non-Euclidean depths. The architecture seems to happily obey her, though, far-off tangles of madness reassembling into neat, orderly halls and stairways as you approach them. Soon, you reach a large, imposing, cross-and-bat-covered door with its own devoted foyer. Sakuya walks you up the steps leading to it, and the door rattles and groans open on its own. You feel the knife shift a bit just before it does, though; maybe Sakuya stopped time and hit a button somewhere to make the door seem self-opening.

In any case, it leads to an appropriately massive throne room, with the Mistress herself reclining at its apex. This place has a throne room? Of course it does, what are you saying. You're led up the long scarlet carpet, and Sakuya finally removes the blade from your neck as she throws you to your knees. Remilia sets down a glass of dark red stuff and imperiously regards you, keeping one leg crossed over the other. She has her black wings spread, and the scarlet curtains behind her are thrown open to show the full moon gleaming over a pitch-black lake through a full wall of windows. She knows how to set the scene, but? she's still pretty small, and still wearing that frilly pink outfit. Just? hard to take her seriously. Still, you make sure to turn your eyes away as she rests her chin in one hand and smirks down at you.

"My, and here I thought it was simply another horny fairy who'd found her way to my basement. To think that my dear guest was the one helping herself to my men!"

"A most serious transgression, Mistress. I knew she was not to be trusted," Sakuya says.

"Hmm? you seem to have changed from the last time I saw you?" Bending forward from her chair, Remilia reaches down and cups one of your breasts, sinking her nails in with a gentle squeeze. You don't look her in the eyes, but you still feel her glance over your lightened skin, lengthened hair, and newly-added tail. "For the better, I'd say. And you were quite easy on the eyes already?"

That's a good sign. Guess Patchouli was right. Remilia straightens back up and shifts around a bit, crossing the bottom leg over the one that had been on top.

"Those men were my private reserve. I have kept them there for years or decades, allowing them to ripen until the day when I? when Sakuya?" There's an awkward pause. ?" No matter. In any case, it is inexcusable to tamper with them. Now, what do you have to say for yourself?"

"Uh? I'm very sorry! I'll do whatever you want, Miss Scarlet." You can't get your arms in front to do the position properly, but you still bow down far enough to squish your breasts against the carpet.

Man, asking for punishment is really weird after all the millennia you've spend trying to weasel out of it.

"Hm! Your contrition comes easily. However, I have already determined your penance. It shall be? appropriate to your crime." Alright, so far so good. Just gotta wait for her to bring the guys out, and?

"But first!" Remilia sweeps her hand down and grabs your chin, kneeling down and opening her eyes wide. Your gaze just falls into those slit, pure-black pupils, and the scarlet of her irises seems to expand outward and fill your whole vision with a pulsing, irresistible authority. When she speaks again, her girlish voice booms with a deity's power.

"You shall not disobey me? or Sakuya."


Komachi's nude form shudders from head to toe as she accepts her new owner's command. it's satisfying to see that whore put in her place.

"Acknowledge me as your Mistress."

Komachi raises her head. There's a faint blush on her smiling face, and her red eyes look somewhat redder, and slightly distorted. It is? uncomfortably familiar. "Yes, mistress."

The Mistress turns to you. Unlike the shinigami, you look into her eyes without fear. She already owns your body and soul, after all; there is no greater control she could exert. This is the way it should be. ?I have decided. Komachi shall take your place tonight, Sakuya. It shall take some time to set up; You may prepare her as you see fit while I see to the rest."

At Remilia's words, you feel a pang of resentment. Remilia had said that only you could perform that that duty! But at the same time, there is a sense of? relief, and a feeling that - this is how it should be. A foolish, passing thought.

"Please, Mistress. Do not sully yourself with the dungeon's damp air."

"No, no. I shall greet them personally tonight. They will finally be receiving their long-awaited release, after all." The Mistress blushes a bit as she speaks, and brings an exquisite hand to her cheek.

"Very well." So, the Mistress has offered you a choice. You shall make the most of this opportunity. Still on her knees, the shinigami looks up at you with a mixture of apprehension and excitement. She acted like she was somehow in control of this situation, but she has become little more than the Mistress's thrall now. She must learn her place? and understand just how fortunate she is to have taken an honor meant for you.

[ ] She has certainly stuffed her womb full more times than she can count. You shall show her your dominance by squeezing those massive breasts dry.
[ ] The rope-walk is a classic tool for training. She will learn to subordinate her pleasure to her master's wishes.
[ ] Write-in.
[X] She has certainly stuffed her womb full more times than she can count. You shall show her your dominance by squeezing those massive breasts dry.
[x] Write-in.
She's satisfied herself plenty on your mistresses possessions. Pay her back and prepare her for your mistress by constantly bringing her to the edge of orgasm without letting her cum.
[X] She has certainly stuffed her womb full more times than she can count. You shall show her your dominance by squeezing those massive breasts dry.
[x] Soon her body shall be a work of art, painted according to the Mistress' direction, but for now she is a blank canvas; this shall change. Coat her flesh with lewd inscriptions and erotic designs, black ink to contrast with the thralls' own white. And if not permanent, at least enduring; can't have it running during the show.
[x] More Reisen
[x] The rope-walk is a classic tool for training. She will learn to subordinate her pleasure to her master's wishes.

Sounds fun.
[x] She has certainly stuffed her womb full more times than she can count. You shall show her your dominance by squeezing those massive breasts dry.

This sounds fun.
[x] The rope-walk is a classic tool for training. She will learn to subordinate her pleasure to her master's wishes.
[X] She has certainly stuffed her womb full more times than she can count. You shall show her your dominance by squeezing those massive breasts dry.
[X] She has certainly stuffed her womb full more times than she can count. You shall show her your dominance by squeezing those massive breasts dry.
[x] The rope-walk is a classic tool for training. She will learn to subordinate her pleasure to her master's wishes.
[x] The rope-walk is a classic tool for training. She will learn to subordinate her pleasure to her master's wishes.
[x] She has certainly stuffed her womb full more times than she can count. You shall show her your dominance by squeezing those massive breasts dry.
Drain her boobs!
[X] This wretched beast should be punished like a beast. Fetch the riding crop from the stables. Make her learn just what manner of beast she is before you let loose the masses on her.

Fetching horse saddle/milker and cow bell/dog collar, optional.
Closing votes, milking wins. Heading overseas now, so don't hold your breath.

Interesting diversity of choices we got.

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