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"Mistress? It's morning. Time to wake up!"

An annoyingly cool breeze washes over my bare legs as the covers are pulled off me, finishing up the process of waking me that the bothersome, elated voice of my head maid had started. After struggling to open even one eye, I'm immediately forced to shield it with my arm, being greeted with the sight of the aforementioned maid opening the one large window in my bedroom to air the room, the morning sun shining in brightly; not the most welcome thing to wake up to if you're a vampire.

"Sakuya..? Ugh..." My head still clouded by the dreams I was roused from so abruptly, I force myself into a sitting position, slowly feeling the strength return to my limbs. I'm bad with mornings. Eventually, my other eye lazily pops up again, recovering my perception of distance. What a large, empty room this is... Not that I mind, really, but I suppose it gets a little lonely from time to time. You do get used to such feelings over the course of some five hundred years, of course.
"Wha-..." I can't resist an oncoming yawn. "...Why'd you wake me up so early? I don't recall giving you any such orders..."

"Ah, but isn't it a beautiful morning outside, milady? The scent of early Autumn rides upon the air, making one truly appreciate the brightness of the sun for what little longer we will have it for..."

What utter nonsense.

"Sunny weather isn't bad weather? I think you've forgotten who you're speaking to; age catching up with you already?" I stretch myself tiredly and scratch my head; my hair is a complete mess, as is usual for when I wake up. Luckily, it's not particularly long, so brushing it isn't a particularly major chore; I still tend to let Sakuya handle that, though, because she's good with her hands. Speaking of her, my somewhat venomous remark seems to have failed to reach her, that carefree smile still lingering on her face as she turns from the window and walks over to my rather oversized bed.

I meet her jovial expression with a sleep-deprived glare, before throwing up my arms, as is routine for my mornings. Sakuya would always get me out of my cute little nightshirt, which I wore mostly for my own pleasure than any other reason - sometimes I just wish a handsome young vampire hunter would spontaneously appear in my bedroom in the middle of the night, in a puff of magic. Where was I? Oh, right; the first part of my morning ritual was for Sakuya to help me get dressed. It simply isn't proper for a lady of noble blood to dress herself, surely you understand; besides, it's far too much of a complex process with some articles of clothing, depending on my mood for the day.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Hurry up already, I'm getting cold." Nodding obediently, and still wearing that warm smile, she slides the nightshirt over my head, taking her sweet time with it; I shake my head in mild frustration once she successfully removes it, leaving me wearing nothing but my undergarments.
"Does the window absolutely -have- to be open while I'm practically naked? Honestly... Sometimes you're such an airhead, not thinking things through at all, you-..."
Suddenly, Sakuya leans awfully close, resting her weight on her arms, on the bed and to my sides.
"Wait, what are you-..."

And then, she kisses me. On the lips. It takes me a good few seconds to recover from the initial shock and pull away from her, leaving her staring at me with that obscene smile of hers, those blue eyes suddenly feeling as if they're defiling my body.

"Wha wha... What the hell!? Do you think!? You're doing!?!?" I can feel my blood begin to boil; mostly from being absolutely furious over the maid's abrupt audacity, but I have to admit a small part of it was the feeling of the awkward blush spreading across my cheeks. I can't help but cover myself up with my hands as best as I can, suddenly feeling rather violated. The nerve of this woman!

She hops into the bed, moving closer and closer even as I recoil away from her; she grabs onto my wrist, holding me in place until she climbs on top of me, pinning me down under her weight and still gazing with those vulgar eyes of hers. And then she leans down and forces another kiss on me, which I try to avoid without success. It seems that whatever direction I twist my face in, her lips are there to meet mine... That damned control over time of hers. I resist for as long as I can, but the sudden sensation of her hand gently grazing the skin of my stomach provokes a light gasp out of me, allowing her to seize the opportunity and coil her tongue around mine like some sort of constrictor serpent.

It is only out of affection towards this mere human, who has served me with unquestioning loyalty over many years, that I suppress the reflexive urge to bite down as hard as I can; or to rip her in half. Normally, I would not endure such an outrageous assault from a puny mortal such as herself, but... This is Sakuya. Many times I have sat in my room, drinking tea in the moonlight shining through my window and thinking back to that fateful day she came to the mansion. Thinking back to the times we've spent together, how helpful she has been, how she single-handedly took over management of the mansion's affairs...

I would be lost without her.

I'm short of breath by the time she chooses to remove herself from my mouth, a thin string of mixed saliva connecting my panting lips to her wicked smirk.
"S-... Sakuya! This is... This is highly inappropriate! This is unforgivable, it's-..."

"Does my lady not enjoy it?" She tilts her head to the side, quizically; not even waiting for an answer, the woman merely lowers her head down to my neck, resuming her process of peppering my small body with countless kisses. She isn't even holding my wrists anymore, yet I can't bring myself to struggle any more than flailing at her in an ineffectual manner. A soft, amused giggle rises up to my left ear, before that warm, moist feeling returns to the skin of my neck, sending shivers running down my spine.
"Sakuya... stop. Just... just stop. This is..." I'm interrupted by my own surprised squeak as she suddenly sucks on my neck, the addition of the feeling of her teeth lightly nibbling on me making me tremble.

"Oh my... I seem to have left a mark..." She raises her gaze to meet mine, a completely relaxed expression on her face; this just makes me feel all the less comfortable with the situation.
"How unusual for a human to leave a mark on the neck of a vampire... no?"

"You... Who the hell do you think you are? Have you forgotten who I am? Have you forgotten your place? Do I need to have you disciplined!? Why, I-..." Casually ignoring my protests, she unhooks my bra with one smooth movement, faster than the blink of an eye; I couldn't even tell if she cheated and used her time stopping powers there or not. Now I lay there wearing naught but a teeny-tiny pair of panties, my bare chest uncovered for this maid with a lustful gaze.

"NO! Meiling! Patchy!!!" I try to scamper out from under her, but my strength fails me; partially because of the fear of hurting Sakuya that I mentioned earlier, partially because of the sunlight shining into the room - had she planned it this way all along? And partially... because her touch seems to drain the strength right out of my limbs. Certainly, I had been touched in such a manner before in my five centuries of life experience... I had never gone all the way, though, nor had I ever been touched like this by a -woman-.

"There's no use in crying... Mistress Patchouli cannot hear you from here. And I've sent Meiling away on an errand. It's just you and me, milady..." Having said that, she leaned in once more, licking a stray tear off the side of my face, leaving a warm wet spot on my cheek.
"...salty. I'd always wondered what the mistress tastes like..." An unnerving chuckle is uttered, and I am once again left looking at a silvery head of hair descending down my shivering body.
"W-why are you d-doing this... AH!"
Once again, I am interrupted mid-sentence by Sakuya's unrelenting assault on my body, the sensation of her tongue circling one of my nipples being far too much for me in such a stressful situation; I can't help but yelp out, which only seems to encourage her further; her gentle, delicate fingers tend to my other nipple, while she sucks the one she was enjoying at the time into her mouth. I simply writhe and squirm helplessly - yes, helplessly! An immortal, unaging vampire, the great Scarlet Devil herself, rendered helpless by a mere human! I am putty in her hands, and she knows it. And abuses it. Sakuya... Why are you doing this? Have you always looked at me this way? All these years of helping me get dressed and undressed, helping me bathe, taking care of me... Has it always been like this? Has it been building up in you over the years, and finally become too much to keep inside any longer?

I can't ask her, because I can barely breathe; while she's been helping herself to the joys of my petite chest, her free hand had been caressing the insides of my thighs, making me quake with... fear. I feel scared, afraid of this woman. This is not the Sakuya I know. This is...
"S-Sakuya... Sakuya... please... I'm begging you, don't do this, just stop..."
She doesn't stop. A stray finger grazes the front of my panties ever-so-slightly, then continues by gently, teasingly - I'd go as far as to say 'tauntingly' - rubbing against me, occasionally pressing the fabric just a tiny bit between my lower lips...
"I'll... I'll give you a day off from work! No... two days! Ah..! N-no... Take the whole weekend off, every week from now on, I, I... Ahh, no, don't... P-please... I'll give you a vacation, you can, you can go to the village and and and... and do this sort of thing with whoever you want to, just... just stop, please, I... I don't want this..."

She actually does stop for the briefest of moments; her streak of kisses had descended all the way down to my navel, and past it... A dangerous territory. I've been hunted by crazy religious fanatics brandishing stakes and silver weapons, yet I've never felt this terrified in my entire life - and that's a lot of life to speak of, as I'm sure you can imagine. The look on her face turns somewhat somber for this moment.

"But... The one I want to do such things to, is my mistress. I have eyes only for the mistress, and the mistress alone..."

"S-Sakuya... Don't be an idiot..." I start grabbing at straws, my mind completely turned upside down.
"I-I'm just a kid, you know! What are you, a p-pedophile?"

This only serves to make her grin wider.
"Well, maybe I am... But, milady, you are far older than I. And I love you both for the cuteness of your body, and what beauty lies inside of you..."
As if making some sort of sadistic pun, the moment she utters the word 'inside', I feel something prodding at my... my... Oh, oh no. No no no...

Too late. With her free hand, she covers my mouth to muffle my scream, my claws digging into the bedsheets as her finger shamelessly explores my insides, soon joined by another. I'm sobbing uncontrollably, unable to keep my eyes open any longer, unable to watch this... To watch this person I trusted, this person I loved like a best friend, like a mother, like an elder sister... To watch this person doing this to me, and me being subconciously unable to stop her. I feel so weak right now... This feeling of weakness, I can't remember the last time I experienced anything like it.

She removes the hand from my mouth once I seem to calm down just a little; well, 'calm' is a poor word to use for the current situation, more like move on from panicked screams to silentlyly panting and squeaking in resignation, as those delicate, skillful fingers - ironically, they are one of many reasons why I hired her in the first place - continue probing me, stretching me, sending electric jolts across my entire body. I can't help but cling to her when she releases her grip, quietly yelping into her ear whenever she chooses to surge deeper... This feeling, it is completely different from when I do it to myself. To have someone else have their way with your body, it's... It's something I can't even describe, this being the first time I've had another person touch me there, not to mention going as far as to p-p-pleasure me.


Why do I use such a word to refer to this? This is... This is wrong, I should not like this, but... Sakuya's touch, it's always been so gentle, so... so warm. It's funny, in a morbid way, how I never noticed it until just now. These hands... They are the hands I would wish my lover to have. They know every inch of my body, they know exactly where to touch me, how my curves flow, even where my sensitive spots are.

"Does it feel good, milady?" That disgustingly soothing, calm, loving voice, cooing at me from right next to my ear, her warm breath blowing against me, making my body temperature rise another degree or two... I must be bright red by now. I remain silent in a stubborn fit of adamance, hiding my face in her hair, still clinging to her for dear life; granted, the fact that my panties are soaking wet by now betray my true feelings, not to speak of my sweat-covered body pressing against her uniform. Her hair... has it always smelled this nice? I catch myself taking a deeper whiff of it before I even notice what I'm doing, and nearly weep from the shame. She's caught me in her trap, and there's no way out. The predator of the night has become the prey.

"Good... Then, if you would excuse me for a moment, milady." She pulls back, climbing off me; I find it difficult to let go, nearly holding her down on top of me. Why? Why do I feel like this... Is this something I really want? Sakuya... Do I want Sakuya? Do I want her to do this to me? ...Or, to do this -with- me? She starts undoing her uniform, slowly removing it piece by piece, layer by layer, until she's left wearing nothing more than her underwear - the black, sexy kind. I can't think of any other way to describe it, which is also humiliating in its own way. Not that I don't already feel like all of my charisma has been shattered into a million pieces...

Sakuya... She's beautiful. I have no idea how I've never noticed this before - she looks so different without her uniform on! I've always known she had an impressive pair of legs on her, but the rest of her body would not disappoint, either. Beneath her generous curves and feminine figure you could see faint traces of strong, athletic muscles, and her breasts certainly did look smaller when she was wearing the uniform... And to think, what sorts of rumors there have been circulating amongst the other residents of the mansion in regards to her bust size. It makes me envious, really. She doesn't quite stop there; with a motion just as smooth as before, she removes the bra, exposing her naked chest to me.
I must look pretty damn idiotic right now, just staring at her with wide eyes and a gaping mouth; she quickly abuses my vulnerable state, pouncing back onto me and proceeding to pin me down with yet another passionate kiss. I can't help but return it, this time, our tongues like dancers in love. Her breasts are so soft, squished against my own chest... I can feel her heartbeat, so calm and rhythmic even in a situation like this. She's so... so damn perfect, I can't stand it. I can't stand it! I simply wrap my arms and legs around her tightly, holding on as long as she'll let me; this time, when she pulls back, we're both out of breath. Even Sakuya's face is beginning to look somewhat flushed at this point, her bosom rising and falling steadily with her breathing as she sits back upright. I feel so small when she looks down at me like that, yet her eyes feel so warm now, so... So full of love.

This -is- my Sakuya.

"My lady..."
I just nod, in a dreamy haze. This is just a dream, right? I wouldn't suddenly be feeling so happy over something like this, if it were real. She slowly pulls off my now-drenched panties, putting them aside and leaving me as naked as the day I was born. What now, I wonder? She doesn't have a man's... Gungnir between her legs... so how can... what will we...


Without even a word, she simply moves down the length of my body while facing sideways, liberally applying gentle kisses along the way, each one sending a surge of warmth into me, making my breathing heavier, my... my desire stronger. I want her to do this. I want this. I wa-...
The sensation is something completely new. Is she... is she using her tongue!? In such a place? I, I... I tremble all over, overwhelmed after not even ten seconds. The feeling, the... the pleasure. It's something else entirely, when compared to her fingers, or my own. She's... she's just too damn good. This can't be her first time, right? Or am I just this sensitive because I'm a stupid little virgin? I don't know, I don't know! But it feels too good...

I... I want to make Sakuya feel good too. As I move myself closer, inch by inch, she seems to notice, lifting one leg above me and leaving me staring right between her legs, at those black panties I could've never imagined that she wore. Or did she wear them today as a 'special' occasion? I decide not to waste time overthinking such trivial matters, carefully slipping my fingers between the undergarment and her skin and sliding them downwards with grim determination. She looks... so much more mature than me, down there, compared to my childlike, hairless privates. I mean, I've seen her naked before, but never from this close to such a... such a part of her. Her scent is so strong! Vampires in particular having an exceptionally strong sense of smell, it nearly knocked me out right there - it's intoxicating. I want to... I want to know what she tastes like.

Of course, I have no idea what I'm doing, so I just improvise... I shift my focus back down to my own lower body, noting that I haven't even been noticing myself constantly quaking and twitching from the pleasure, the sensation at a level I could never have imagined - just how is she doing it!? Based on ssense of feeling alone, I try to mimic her actions, at first utterly terrified of ruining the moment with my inexperience. So... this is the taste of a woman. Not at all unpleasant, I must say. Sakuya utters a soothing 'Mmm.' sound from between my legs, sending vibrations running through my most sensitive areas and prompting me to pull back and gasp for air for just a moment. Good thing I did, too - what happens next would probably knock me out cold otherwise. Simultaneously groping my buttocks, she presses her lips together around a certain something just above my slit, sucking lightly.

I felt like my crotch exploded, there. Losing control of all muscle functions, I tensed up to an impossible degree, arcing my back involuntarily and tearing into the mattress with my claws, my throat straining to scream out in pleasure, yet I couldn't make a noise. This feeling, what was it? It was unlike anything I had ever felt before - it felt like enlightenment, as if I had reached heaven despite my cursed blood. I lay there, desperately trying to catch my breath while Sakuya rotates herself to face me once again, cheeks flushed and a gentle, reassuring smile on her lips.

"W-... what was that..?"

"Did it feel good, milady?"


"Then, let me show you one more time..." Even though I've barely recovered just yet, she moves over me again, this time placing one leg over mine, lifting my other leg and sliding hers underneath; before I can ask her what she's doing, she slides herself closer, causing our privates to rub together. I tense up again - she begins rhythmically rubbing against me, reigniting the waves of pleasure I had just experienced, bringing me closer again... Closer to what? I don't know, but I'm hoping it's the same feeling I experienced just a moment ago. I can do little else to be an active partner at this stage, other than clinging to the bedsheets and moaning quietly; I try to force my eyes open, to look at Sakuya, to take in her magnificent figure, to see those loving eyes looking back at me, to feel our souls connect like this. Why am I crying? I'm so happy right now, I shouldn't be crying...

It happens again, but this time I can feel Sakuya tense up along with me, mere moments after I have my... my. Were those my first orgasms? I've never successfully given myself one, though you could probably imagine that I've tried it at least a few times over the course of five hundred years. And today, this morning, my precious maid came to make sweet love to me like this... She lies down beside me, and I immediately throw my arms around her, nuzzling into her bosom as we both lay there, panting from the experience and basking in the afterglow. Assembling what strength I had left in me, I lean up towards her with my lips parted; she notices and allows me the pleasure of another loving kiss. It seems to last for a small eternity.

'...I love you, Sakuya.' is what I want to say to her right now. And yet, even after making sweet, passionate love with my maid, my stubborn and childish side is quickly regaining its influence. As we look into one another's eyes, I can see my blissful smile corrupt itself into a wicked grin in my reflection in her pupils.

"You are -so- fired."

With a heartful chuckle, she ruffles my hair, making me turn bright red once again.

"I love you too, Remilia."

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Wow not a bad little story, I can't quite say it's near Patchwork's level, but it's not really that bad at all.

And Sakuya on top is an interesting change.
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No Jin having fun with Flandre....
No. 2803
Well err...that was an interesting post.
Take it easy and get well soon man.
No. 2804
>>Wow not a bad little story, I can't quite say it's near Patchwork's level, but it's not really that bad at all.


It was a good dry run.
No. 2805
Good stuff.
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Late to the party, but that was definitely enjoyable.
+Sakuya on top
I /should/ feel bad for reading it, bu-ut...write more? That was actually sort of sweet.
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Even later to the party, but I heartily approve. Nice work.
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"...You filthy, disgusting pervert."

These harsh words are the first thing you hear as you regain consciousness, your senses dull at first, a hazy pain in the back of your head jolting your eyes open before it slowly fades; at first, all you see is a blur, before you make out the image of the person speaking to you, standing before you and looking down at your sitting form.

Your sitting, bound form.

You can't move your limbs. At all. There is no slack in your bindings, your body fixed in a rigid position, completely immobilized; you even find yourself unable to move your head, neither sideways nor up and down. Furthermore, you are also unable to speak - your mouth has been gagged. Able only to moan incoherently in a confused manner, you turn your eyes upward to meet the cold gaze of Satori Komeiji, desperately trying to recall what events could possibly have landed you in this situation.

Oh, that's right... You were having tea with the girl - why you were having tea with Satori in the Palace of the Earth Spirits is a long story, unimportant for now - discussing random things, having a casual, friendly chat. You were surprised to find that she was speaking with you normally; from what you had heard of her, you had assumed she'd do something creepy, such as responding to your thoughts and not giving you a chance to speak. Furthermore, despite all the rumors you had heard, she turned out to be quite the friendly type, and a generous hostess. Unfortunately for you, this was exactly the reason that lead you to forget who exactly you were dealing with; your mind wandered for just a moment, thinking on just how lovely the girl looks... and then, before you even noticed, it went a little further than that.

Her grip on the cup in her hand had loosened in shock, nearly letting it fall, spilling a bit of tea on the table as she stared at you with a wide-eyed grimace.
"...You... That does it. I had turned a blind eye when you were thinking indecent thoughts about my pets, but to do such things to ME in your head, when I can see it all..!"
As she ran out of words, tongue-tied by fury and outrage, the last thing you remember is the sight of that third eye of hers glaring at you intently for a brief moment, before all went black.


And here you are now. Swallowing nervously, the realization that you've pissed off a powerful youkai, the head of the Chireiden, dawns upon you, instantly coating your body in cold sweat and making you painfully aware of your bladder. You really hadn't planned on being brutally tortured and killed today. At least the position you've been bound in isn't too uncomfortable... Your eyes wide with terror, you stare up at the pink-haired mistress of the palace, awaiting your inevitable fate as she glares down at you.

Then she kneels down to your level, her narrowed eyes - all three of them - still staring right into yours, a mild frown lingering on her lips.
"Such an insult... Such indecency. You men are all the same, aren't you? Only thinking with your genitals... The only thing on your mind being when the next time you get laid is. Undressing me with your eyes like that, in plain view, I have no words..."

Please don't kill me, please don't kill me, please don't kill me, is the only thing rocketing through your mind right now. Your panicked breathing becomes more rapid, heavier, the gag in your mouth impeding your oxygen intake as your nose alone can't quite keep up.

And then, she smirks at you.
"...I suppose I should be flattered, though. That was a rather... generous image you had imagined, there."


"...Show it to me, again."


"Show it to me again or I'll kill you right here and now. I want to see it."

So, wait. She won't kill you if you picture her naked?
...Hell, you can do that. You can definitely do that. Warding off the fear for your life as best as you can, you focus your gaze upon her body yet again, hesitantly at first, yet gaining confidence as your mind makes one article of clothing disappear after another, each one widening the amused, smug smirk on her face, until she's left wearing nothing but panties and a bra in your head.

"Don't stop there. Keep going."

You swallow, your throat feeling awfully dry for a moment; is she serious? Well... If she insists, then why the hell not? Closing your eyes for a moment, you make her underwear vanish from your mind as well, leaving her completely in the nude. You hear Satori clapping her hands excitedly, chuckling to herself before speaking, her voice sweet as honey.

"My my... What an interesting imagination you have. I wonder, though... Would the real thing disappoint you? Or please you? I wonder, I wonder..."

Wait what?

"Do you... want to see?"


"Then, keep your eyes closed for just a bit longer..." You can hear a mild sound of shuffling cloth, your eyelids twitching impatiently, your mind still a confused blur over what's happening. Hell, what -is- happening? From a casual chat, to a life-threatening experience, to Satori... stripping for you?
"Mmm... You can open your eyes now."

You do, eagerly; and you're not disappointed in the slightest. She's in nothing but her underwear, somewhat different from what you had pictured - a fairly simple, modest little bra, and a not-too-skimpy-but-still-cute pair of side-tie panties.
"Surprised? I must say, your vision of what I could've been wearing under my clothes was... interesting. Perhaps I -should- try new things..." She winks and sticks her tongue out at you; you swear that her third eye also winked at you just now, and are unsure whether you should be creeped out by that or not. Actually, you know what? You're too busy taking in the hotness standing before you.
"Well then... Do you want to see more? Or would you prefer to keep to your fantasies?"

What a stupid question.

She grins deviously, her arms reaching back to undo her bra, which she promptly tosses to the side to where the rest of her clothes are, revealing to you her bare chest. She's... a lot more flat than you had imagined at first (You gather up all of your willpower not to think about this). Not that there's anything wrong with that, mind you; despite her youthful appearance, her shapely hips and thighs, as well as the proportions of the rest of her body quickly kill off any suspicions that this might make you some sort of creepy pedophile. Despite her clothes being more suitable for a child, her body is anything but.

"What do you think?"

You think you're in love.

"Don't think such ridiculous things. Keep in mind that you're still bound and gagged." Giggling softly, she figures you've had enough time to stare at those delicious-looking pink nipples of hers (don't think about it, don't think about it), and proceeds to casually, slowly, teasingly, tauntingly slip off her panties. Your eyeballs threaten to bulge out of their sockets as you take in her nude form, softly whining from the torture of being unable to move your head, to view her at different angles, to truly see all of her... Ah, but she can read your mind, can she not? As if to answer your prayers, she twirls around in place for a moment, allowing you to catch just the briefest glimpse of a magnificent ass. Your pants are becoming painfully tight, but you force yourself not to turn your attention to it. No, no, must stare at delicious naked Satori while you still can.

She's not going to kill you after this anyway, is she?

"Well, then... Liking what you see? You're drooling a little, you silly boy. Thinking even naughtier thoughts now, are we?" Heavens, no, you wouldn't dare think of running your tongue along her smooth, pale skin, running your hands along her curves, suckling lovingly on those-...
Well, fuck.
Oh, she's laughing. That's not a bad sign, is it? Regardless of whether or not it is, you can't tear your eyes off her. Resting her body weight on one leg, she places a hand on her hip, tilting her head at you in an amused manner. The pose almost seems... seductive.

"I see." Well, yes, of course she'd see, it's not like you can shield your mind from her or anything...
"...Humor me. Show me what else you'd like to do to me, in your mind."


"Seriously." She sits down on the ground before you, onto her clothes, crossing her legs - which, unfortunately, blocks your view. God damn it!
"I'm waiting. You don't want me to get bored, now do you?" Her voice is somewhere between teasing and threatening... Which, paradoxically, only serves to arouse you even further. She holds up a hand, wriggling her fingers before your face, a smug smile on hers.
"Let's just say that this is your filthy, perverted hand... What would you do to me? How, exactly would you violate my body..?"

You would gently lay her down on the ground, your hands running up her sides to give her petite chest a loving squeeze, wandering off to get a feel for the rest of her body before returning to her small breasts; you would massage her, gently toying with her nipples, licking them, kissing them, suckling on them...

"...Mmn... Do keep going."

Your eyes rocket open, the pictures in your mind almost seeming to have transferred into reality for a second or two - Satori is lying down in front of you, oh so very close to you, legs spread - you can see everything. Her hands are occupied with groping herself, rubbing her breasts and pinching her nipples, as if she were mimicing your fantasies... Oh. That's exactly what she's doing, isn't it!? She opens one eye, sending a seductive grin your way, gasping softly as she resumes fondling her own chest, her face lightly flushed.

"Mmm... And what else, I wonder?"

You've got to make this good. You picture her in your mind - in your arms, softly gasping as your mouth joins one of your hands in handling her breasts, playing with those soft pink nipples of hers, while the other snakes its way lower, down her body, along her smooth stomach, lower, lower...


Lower... Ah, there... You try to imagine her warmth, the moist feeling of her lower lips, your fingers teasing her, rubbing her, taking just long enough for her to want it...

"Mmh... Go on already..."

Your finger would slide into her, slowly and gently at first, exploring her insides, gradually sliding back out after a while, before returning paired with a second finger, beginning to move in and out of her, picking up the pace over time, your other hand still at work on her breasts, and-...

"Mm-ahh... That's pretty good..."

You open your eyes again and holy shit she's fingering herself right in front of you Jesus Christ. Her scent fills your nose, and your mind runs wild with excitement, your eyes treated to an up-close-and-personal view of her middle and ring fingers sliding into her, all the way to the knuckle, as she moans and plays with her breast, eyes closed and head hanged back, her body writhing before you. In your head, you add a third finger, only to see her do the same; you feel like you're about to have a heart attack over how incredibly hot this is.

"You've... Ahh! ...You've got a pretty strong... mmn... imagination, don't you..."

Oh hell yes.

"I wonder... A-ahn~... What else could you think of?"

You picture lifting her body in your arms, turning her around and setting her down on all fours. Still mimicing your thoughts, she grins and assumes the position, that wonderful ass of hers pointed right at you.

"Ahaha... Like this?" The tone of her voice is so playful, it's as if she were having the time of her life. Hell, despite the torture of having your dick stuck in those increasingly tight pants of yours, so are you. Of course, in your mind, you've already stripped, gotten behind her, placed your hands on her hips, and...

"Aaahh~!" With a newfound vigor, she slips her fingers into herself yet again as you enter her from behind in your head, slowly driving your full length into her (no mental size exaggerations, naturally), before sliding back out almost all the way, promptly starting to repeat the motion at a steady pace. Her fingers emulate your penis, surging in and out of her before your very eyes, wet and sticky with her fluids, spreading her lips... God damn, you'd just love to break free and bury your face in there right now. Her body arcs wildly, her head hangs back as she moans and gasps, her legs tremble.

"M-more... You can be more rough with me..."

On cue, your mental personification proceeds to pound away at her at full-force, picking up speed, the girl before you only able to emit high-pitched gasping noises, short on breath, her body quivering all over, until...


One long, louder moan escapes her lips, the strength disappearing from her arm and legs as she drops to her stomach, flat on the ground, her clothes under her pussy completely soaked; in your mind, you promptly follow up by climaxing, yourself, emptying yourself into her, filling her up with your hot seed.

...Hell, you almost creamed your pants there, for real.

"M-more," she gasps, catching her breath, still shivering from the ordeal, "can you think of anything more..?"

She wants more? Then more she'll have... You picture yourself moving in front of her, gently running your fingers through her hair, looking her in the face as she lifts her head, greeting you with a warm smile, and you present yourself to her. Grinning eagerly, she grasps your shaft, giving it a few long, smooth strokes, before pressing the tip to her lips... and past them, into her mouth. You keep your hand on her head, as she begins to suck on it lightly, slowly bobbing her head back and forth, her tongue running circles around you, lapping up the mix of your love juices and her own.

Opening one eye, you see Satori remove the fingers from her pussy... Only to bring them to her face - her head turned sideways so you can see what she's doing - sliding them into her mouth and licking them clean, starting to suck on them as her other hand moves back down between her legs instead; her fingers in place of your penis, she resumes masturbating in front of you, soft moans escaping her yet again. In your mind, you pull out for a moment, and she gives your shaft a lick along the full length, before sliding it back into her mouth; in reality, she does this to her fingers, and equally hot sight. Still reeling from her last orgasm, it doesn't take her long to cum yet again, legs folding into the air and her body trembling before you, a long moan muffled by the fingers as you shoot a second load into her mouth in your mind. As if emulating sperm, a string of saliva forms between her lips and fingertips as she pulls them out, looking to you with a sly grin and narrowed eyes. Slowly, she gets up on her knees, crawling closer to you, still breathing heavily as she stares you right in the eyes.

"Hmm hmm hmm... Well, I definitely enjoyed that... But what do I do with you now, I wonder? Do I kill you anyway, you filthy pervert?"
You'd rather not have that.
"Or do I throw you to my pets, to do with as they please?"
Having seen her 'pets', you're not quite sure whether this was supposed to sound threatening or sexy; you force yourself not to think this out loud.
"Or... Should I release you and see if you're as good in practice as you are in your head? Hmmm~? I wonder, I wonder..."

You wonder, too.
No. 3368
Nice little short, but you must write the follow to this some time.
No. 3369
That was truly a *sunglasses* mindfuck.
No. 3370
Honestly I never really thought Satori was that hot, until now that is. Great stuff.
No. 3372

That might not be as sexy as you'd think, since they might kill and eat you.

[x] Release you so you can prove yourself as good in reality as you are in your head.
No. 3374
Or just eat you, if you know what I mean.

Rather, I think that after nearly tugging his arms out of their sockets from fighting over him, they'd then begin trying to one-up each other, not giving any notice to his pain as they brutally use him as a hump-cushion, finally crushing him under their feet as they initiate a danmaku duel, leaving him naked and bruised on the cold ground below.

Warm, pulsing bullets grazing his battered cock.
No. 3375
[x] Release you so you can prove yourself as good in reality as you are in your head.

Oh we can prove ourselves alright, we can prove it and so much more.
No. 3376
[x] Release you so you can prove yourself as good in reality as you are in your head.
No. 3378
Okay, you have a point there. Another Satori scene, this time for real, sounds like like fun. And besides, we can go and play with her pets afterwards too, they are probably as perverted as their master.

[x] Release you so you can prove yourself as good in reality as you are in your head.
No. 3379
Creepy pedo.
No. 3486
I lol'd

[x] Release you so you can prove yourself as good in reality as you are in your head.
No. 3525
Another Satori scene would be fantastic. Satorin has never been so hot.
No. 3529
"You just blew my mind."
No. 5536

I wish I had saved all those reaction images right now, as there is no way I can quite tell you through words how hard you just made me facepalm.
No. 5555
please tell me someone saved it
No. 5588
saved what?
No. 5615
urk. I started reading LAF, and every time I see that there's a post that's been deleted, I get a little depressed since it means I probably missed out on an interesting read. This is a Taisa thread, so that sort of doubles any potential interest in it.

No. 5639
The deleted post was a necro-bump request for more Satori. You didn't miss anything.