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File 125201266287.jpg - (315.22KB , 998x1500 , Sanae_sode_008.jpg ) [iqdb]
2752 No. 2752
Some cosplay cocktease sets by our beloved heru3, collected here for ease of download. Please feel free to use the thread for other touhou cosplay sets as well if you have any.
東方恋蓮録 摩亜屈

No. 2766
The greatest tease ever. Thank you kind Anon, for sharing this delicious suffering~
No. 2767
File 125243281625.jpg - (225.58KB , 800x1200 , t010.jpg ) [iqdb]
Non-porn, I'm afraid, finding touhou cosplay sets is pretty damn difficult, porn or no.
No. 2768
File 125249576327.jpg - (644.33KB , 826x1234 , 076.jpg ) [iqdb]
A bit plain looking 'player there, but eh, there's not that much to choose from.
No. 2770
File 125250032920.jpg - (837.57KB , 1800x1200 , 012.jpg ) [iqdb]
Three sets, one short video, lots of delicious sideboob.

Now, for future uploads, I've still got two picture sets to go, the problem is, they both include pretty large video files. Should I upload the videos themselves in a separate torrent (potentially along with a couple of other full length videos), or rar the videos up with the picture sets and split them up so that megaupload accepts them?
No. 2771
I vote for putting them on megaupload instead of a torrent, if it isn't too much extra work.
No. 2772
File 125251698315.jpg - (675.26KB , 681x1024 , s-DSC_2882.jpg ) [iqdb]
Allright then. Oh, and apparently there wasn't any need to worry after all, MU accepts files up to 1024MB (while remaining downloadable for all), and both of these were under that limit, most excellent.

Reimu set, two galleries, one video. Flandre set by the same group uploading next.
No. 2773
File 125252807129.jpg - (620.47KB , 681x1024 , s-DSC_1092.jpg ) [iqdb]
Allright, now I've blown my wad, hope someone else finds something postworthy.

Also, would there be interest if I started posting doujinshi packs, sorted by the group that made them. The way the shit's posted on the other board is fine for people who have been around for a while and know all the shit already and only look for new stuff, but newlings might find readily organised packs more useful. In addition, should I hunt down some cosplay video torrents, just to get it all in one place?
No. 2787

I would appreciate more organization, if you're willing to do it.

There is interest!
No. 2788

I think those two should have been torrented. And the movies definetly needs to be separated from the pictures. It's just too easy for it to be corrupted and having to download such a big file again is no joking.

Also, first time I've fapped to a chubby woman. Shows how obssessed with Touhou one can be. She should have cosplayed as Letty
No. 2789

Yeah, that might be good. I support this idea.
No. 2791
Roger that, first uploading the picture sets, then to figure out how to make a torrent. Also, if you can point me to a tracker that I could use, that'd be nice. Also, should I include in the same torrent a couple other touhou cosplay videos, after all, any modern client can pick what you want to download, so it should hardly be a problem, and would save me a metric fuckton of upkeep trouble.
No. 2792
>then to figure out how to make a torrent.

Torrent clients usually have an option for that. At least BitComet does.
>Also, if you can point me to a tracker that I could use, that'd be nice

I dunno...maybe TT, or some of the more known sites?
>Also, should I include in the same torrent a couple other touhou cosplay videos, after all, any modern client can pick what you want to download, so it should hardly be a problem, and would save me a metric fuckton of upkeep trouble.

Sounds good.
No. 2793
TT is not a tracker, it's just a torrent library. All of the torrents on TT are tracked by another site, typically nyaatorrents or scarywater for anime fansubs.
I'd recommend using the Nyaatorrents public tracker. The information for it is on the nyaatorrents page.

Please do not use BitComet to make a torrent. Or, if you do, at least disable that goddamn padding file bullshit they do.
I think uTorrent can create torrents. I use MakeTorrent myself, a small program just for making torrents.

>Also, should I include in the same torrent a couple other touhou cosplay videos, after all, any modern client can pick what you want to download, so it should hardly be a problem, and would save me a metric fuckton of upkeep trouble.
I believe you just answered your own question there.
No. 2794
File 125276519686.jpg - (1.24MB , 1362x1024 , ひよひよくらぶ.jpg ) [iqdb]


NOTE: these do NOT include the videos.

Don't worry, I use utorrent by default, might as well see if it's as good for making torrents as it's handling them.

Oh by the way, if any of the links go dead, please leave a message in this thread so I can reupload it.
No. 2795
File 125279191933.jpg - (436.85KB , 1500x1000 , 059.jpg ) [iqdb]
One gallery, two omake videos.
No. 2796

Nyaa torrents might be a good tracker, but be sure to register with them so that you can manage the torrent, and be sure to upload it to the non-worksafe section of their site:

Nyaatorrents Help Manual:
No. 2849
This one's down.
No. 2859
/r/ing upload to mediafire, if it's not too much of a hassle.
Megaupload works like shit for any country east of france.
No. 2860
Unfortunately mediafire is out, it has max file size of 100MB for nonpaying uploaders. Also, I live east of france and I have no problems with it. (Not to say you wouldn't have problems with it, just that the definition you gave for people having problems with it was a bit wonky.) Anyways, reuploading those two downed packs now, though since they were the only links that were down, I have some doubts that a reuploaded packs would work too long either. I wonder, did someone report them, or were the packs just so big that MU flagged them as suspicious and checked them out?

On an entirely different subject, sorry for not having made the torrent I promised, three reasons for that. 1) I've been hellishly busy for the last few weeks. 2) I've been searching for new materials to upload, and have found a metric fuckton of it, more on that later. 3) I've been rethinking the idea of putting all the videos in one torrent, there are certain problems with that. a) Some of the stuff already has a torrent, (or perhaps many of them, I'll try to dig out as many as I can) thus uploading a mass torrent that includes those files would pointlessly increase my seeding requirements. b) A mass torrent is an administrative nightmare from another perspective, whenever new material would become available, I'd have to upload a new torrent, which means that not only would the old torrent be obsolete from MY point of view, but it would still draw peers away from the new torrent.

As for the new stuff I mentioned: there is a catch (as always), it's not available on either share or perfect dark, and after googling a bit for torrents, I can, with some minor confidence say that it's not available via those either. Now, I CAN point some rich, interested anon towards a few japanese webstores that sell the stuff, and even give direct links to the goods in question. The question is, should I compile a list of the goods I've found so far and link to them in hopes of someone actually buying and sharing them?
No. 2861
The general policy all fileshare services have is "if it gets reported, we delete it, and not otherwise". They won't ever go out of their way to delete anything, due to the massive amount of content they get (and thus the massive amount of work it'd be to screen), plus they don't actually gain anything by deleting any of their files - unless it gets reported. And again, since checking their files is a pain, everything that gets flagged just seems to get taken down immediately. Even the "Your file will be deleted after so and so days/month" doesn't seem to be absolute. I uploaded some CDs to mu years ago, without an account, and only gave the link out to a few people; still works fine.

Putting lots of stuff into a torrent is usually preferable. Even if some of it already has a torrent. Torrents are suited for large releases, and individual files can be deselected in almost every client. Just don't do something stupid like rar'ing the entire set. Just take everything and shove it into one torrent, that's usually the best way.
No. 2862
File 125468614457.jpg - (573.19KB , 681x1024 , s-DSC_1127.jpg ) [iqdb]
紅魔館吸血鬼譚 REUPLOAD
For the lazy record, this one includes the videos, whereas >>2794 links don't. Uploaded to replace >>2773.

I'll leave the other one uploading overnight.
No. 2864
File 125471373973.jpg - (710.38KB , 1024x681 , s-DSC_3068.jpg ) [iqdb]
Again, video included, replaces >>2772.
No. 2865
Recommended, great set, the occasional nipple slips is in insta-gasm.
No. 2866

Like these sets, only wish I can find the rest of her sets (Hiyo Nishizuku). I don't know heads or tails how to use Share and such.
No. 2868
File 125493973230.jpg - (1.54MB , 2000x1212 , gallery.jpg ) [iqdb]
Your fish is my dinner. These are the ones that I could trawl off share.

[ひよひよくらぶ(丹雫ひよ)] Erotic Meer 2nd
[ひよひよくらぶ(丹雫ひよ)] Erotic Meer Campbell☆
[ひよひよくらぶ(丹雫ひよ)] 中古じゃないもんっ!
[ひよひよくらぶ(丹雫ひよ)] 丹雫ひよメイドシリーズ第四弾/キャンディメイド
[ひよひよくらぶ(丹雫ひよ)] 丹雫ひよ第八弾 ダブル魔法少女すぺしゃる☆
[ひよひよくらぶ(丹雫ひよ)] 少女忍者発育帳
[ひよひよくらぶ(丹雫ひよ)] 丹雫ひよ写真集Vol.1
[ひよひよくらぶ(丹雫ひよ)] 丹雫ひよ写真集Vol.2
[ひよひよくらぶ(丹雫ひよ)] 丹雫ひよ写真集Vol.5
[ひよひよくらぶ(丹雫ひよ)] 丹雫ひよ写真集Vol.6

This is not, however, everything out there by this circle. Few potential hits:

Potential, because I couldn't be arsed to throughly check all of them, that means that some of them may already be included in what I uploaded, due to misnamed uploads on share and so on. Also, links broken for obvious reasons.
No. 2906
Reimu and flandre with videos are down again I'm afraid. May I humbly ask for a re-upload?
No. 2907
Ehh, how the hell precisely those get deleted every time? Fuck that shit, I'll upload just the videos this time... Does someone keep reporting precisely those two links, or do they get caught in some automatic filter?
No. 2908
If you reupload the exact same file, it's possible it's being tripped by an automatic filter. I'd imagine the filter would be by file contents but not filename, though. If you are re-uploading the exact same file, try extracting the contents and repacking them, maybe at a different compression level. If not, then it's some troll reporting download links; there's certainly been a lot of that going on in /jp/ at least. The only thing I know of to prevent that from happening is to simply not share them in the first place, but that's obviously not useful.
No. 2910
No, the stuff is normally unpacked on my hd, I only pack them for uploads, but, considering the packing algorithm is unlikely in include random factors I think the same data packed with the same program at the same settings will yield an identical pack.
No. 2913
File 125558929647.jpg - (464.51KB , 800x601 , stuff.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ひよひよくらぶ(丹雫ひよ)] 霊夢箱詰!
[ひよひよくらぶ(丹雫ひよ)] 紅魔館吸血鬼譚
ONLY VIDEOS INCLUDED, the image packs can be downloaded from >>2794
No. 3065
was wondering where I could find more? I found a blog site for her but I think it's just a blog and does not have any links to dl or n e thing :( And I love her stuff too!!!! lol

Hopefully someone knows where to get more of her stuff :P Hiyo Nisizuku I mean :P
No. 3066
File 125765852070.jpg - (53.80KB , 615x639 , 1256879893018.jpg ) [iqdb]
Get the fuck out.
No. 3067
File 125767596588.jpg - (219.49KB , 974x1040 , 125653777548.jpg ) [iqdb]
Whats happening here?
No. 3071
yea i was wondering the same thing...where else could you find more things from her? :O having the hardest time. found some on torrents but that's it :S
No. 3072
sup >>3065.

>As for the new stuff I mentioned: there is a catch (as always), it's not available on either share or perfect dark, and after googling a bit for torrents, I can, with some minor confidence say that it's not available via those either. Now, I CAN point some rich, interested anon towards a few japanese webstores that sell the stuff, and even give direct links to the goods in question. The question is, should I compile a list of the goods I've found so far and link to them in hopes of someone actually buying and sharing them?
It's fairly safe to assume that if it's not in here, it's not anywhere unless you're willing to pay. If you are, follow the links in >>2868, figure out how to buy them and actually get the item, and then upload them for everyone else.

> :O
> :S
> :P
>n e

Stop that.
No. 3077
hrmm...doesn't seem to expensive actually...i'll consider it. Though in the mean time I'm going to dig around some more.
No. 3078
how does one use Share? I have got an English version and for th emost part set everything up but can't seem to find any nodes or w.e....ugh it's pretty confusing. Anyone mind lending me a hand? Thanks in advance.
No. 3079
try >>2473
No. 3080
grrrr still not able to connect to anything. Bah...just hope some kind soul out there will torrent it or upload it.
No. 3081
Upload what, precisely? Also, do not that share will not work if your internet connection is NATted.
No. 3082
did you define at least one of each kind of folder (cache, upload, download)?
No. 3086
hrmm...honestly I don't think so...don't think I defined it and unsure how at this point but I shall try to find some guides or something.

And as for the upload I meant more stuff pertaining to Hiyo Nis(h)izuku.

Thanks for your help so far!
No. 3087
okayyyyy...I just defined the folders...I saw some action finally. The upload folder was checked for files, etc. But I still can't search for anything...like nothing's coming up. sigh...so complicated. and i THINK i'm NATed...not sure...but I have no trouble with torrents though.
No. 3391
Please reupload
No. 3400
AGAIN?! Fuck that, someone is obviously reporting just those videos for lulz.
No. 3424
Welcome to free folehosting sites.
No. 3578
File 125892005029.jpg - (473.60KB , 998x1500 , Reimu_tag_Studio1__019.jpg ) [iqdb]
[Heru3] 東方恋蓮録 真駆参
Finally it's out. I got an error when I tried the link, but I'm not certain if my computer's not just fucking up something again. Drop me a note if you get it too and I'll reupload it.
No. 3580
"The file is not available right now" bullshit, doesn't work.
I need my dose of my beloved Heru3 ;__;

btw, what does the file include?
No. 3585
File 125893888665.jpg - (454.62KB , 998x1500 , Reimu_gakuen_020.jpg ) [iqdb]
[Heru3] 東方恋蓮録 真駆参
New try.
It has the other set by heru3 released in c76. You know, the one people have been trying to hunt down for months but nobody uploaded to intertubes till now.
No. 3595
Works, thank you kind anon.
No. 3678
File 125931044763.jpg - (466.63KB , 1000x1500 , Sanae_055.jpg ) [iqdb]
東方恋蓮録 摩亜屈 REUPLOAD
Just some thread upkeep.
No. 3883
wonder if anyone has any more nishizuku hiyo
No. 3942
i don't suppose anyone could re-up 紅魔館吸血鬼譚 (the video) as the link is broken
No. 3960
Reuploading, but it'll take a while, for some reason the speed is shit-slow. Also, grab it quick before some retarded dipshit goes and reports it again.
No. 3969
File 126047398466.jpg - (577.74KB , 681x1024 , s-DSC_3160.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ひよひよくらぶ(丹雫ひよ)] 霊夢箱詰!
[ひよひよくらぶ(丹雫ひよ)] 紅魔館吸血鬼譚
ONLY VIDEOS INCLUDED, the image packs can be downloaded from >>2794

Now doubly reuploaded! This may, or may not work, and could well die quick like it's predecessors so grab it while it's live.
No. 3985
File 126056533531.jpg - (280.78KB , 1000x750 , 1260522030712.jpg ) [iqdb]
heru3's Sakuya cosplay this C77.
No. 3986
Oh fuck yeah, hardon from just the thumbnails. I'm going to enjoy 2010.
No. 4053
If I saved image macros, I'd be spaming DOWANT.JPG.
No. 4106

And not a pad in sight *stabbed*

Predictable jokes aside I'm looking forward to this set...
No. 4116
I'm a bit worried that there'll be a bit too much padding in the sets.
Sorry sorry sorry sorry. It just had to be done.
No. 4162
I wonder if its been spotted yet.
No. 4163
Not yet on either Perfect Dark or Share. The last set took quite a few months to get uploaded so I wouldn't be rolling in my pants just yet if I were you.
No. 4180

I believe this is what you fellows have been waiting for.


InB4 rapidshit, yeah, I know. Not my link, though, found it on /jp/, so not my fault.
No. 4181
You are without equal.
No. 4182
No. 4183

Someone please re-upload it to MU or mediafire
Rapidscheisser is slow as fuck, 200mb at 3kb/s is going to take forever...
No. 4184
File 126295424383.jpg - (103.44KB , 330x450 , reaction patchy 1260601514576.jpg ) [iqdb]

Shit I hit reply instead of upload like a newfag.

Anyways as I was going to say. much appreciated anon.
No. 4185
File 126298453318.jpg - (670.94KB , 1500x1000 , 449.jpg ) [iqdb]
東方恋蓮録 MK-Ⅳ
Backuploaded to MU just for kicks.
No. 4213
I have to say, although she is not exactly the prettiest woman i ever seen (or actually, not even in the top 10)
It's hypnotizing
No. 4214
Hate to break your illusion, but I think that's photoshop at work there.
No. 4216
Not really
heru3 is famous for not shooping his pics (in b4 "his?", heru3 is the photographer)
This is probably why he and lynfried are so popular.
No. 4314

Oh? so heru3 is the Cameraman, and the girl was the model, no wonder...
-i always thought that this woman is ZUN's girlfriend.
No. 4321
File 126350248478.png - (282.48KB , 600x450 , 1255821954735.png ) [iqdb]
Nah, this is his girlfriend. ZUN is da man.
No. 4337
Wait what? Yukari?

Oh shit. No wonder, unlimited Beer from a gap.
No. 4345
Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?

Five individual folders.
No. 4395
File 126373427171.jpg - (137.53KB , 460x690 , harddick090725113557_515x343.jpg ) [iqdb]
This Happened, thanks Anon
No. 4409
You are now all aware to the fact that she's over 30, and has a kid.
No. 4411

That makes it even better.
No. 4416
File 126385042268.jpg - (1.91MB , 3872x2592 , 4227686321_6e46857b0f_resaved.jpg ) [iqdb]
Not to rain on your parade, but Heru3 does touch them up for the photo sets, just like all the other kameko/cosplayer circles do. Here's a hirez image from C77 of her public cosplay for comparison. Note that Japanese cosplay photoshop rarely involves changing body shapes or clonestamping birthmarks and other minor features out of existence. They play with light to lessen shadows, and this in turn makes the cosplayer's skin look smooth and glowing.
No. 4417
Definitely a MILF.
No. 4421
No. 4428
None, it's just /jp/ having fun making up a life story for her. The only thing she reveals about her private life is that she's from Hiroshima.

Even her Japanese fans are reduced to speculating about whether the photographer is her boyfriend or not. They know just as little as we do.
No. 4430
File 126386934723.jpg - (91.22KB , 400x552 , 2900091400056_0_l.jpg ) [iqdb]

Does this exist in digital form yet?
No. 4440
HOLY SHIT! This is awesome!
But its not heru3. So who?
No. 4444
Yuka & Eirin, battle-babe style!
No. 4478
Holy shit, I really want this.
No. 4541
Share is the place to get stuff! Sadly a lot of her things aren't there :( She has a good amount...like 10 but lol most of them are on here already...UGH...n e one know n e share databases? i only know of sharedb.info >.>
No. 4548
There is also http://hashdb.com/.

Who do you mean by ``her''? Lenfried?

Well, share doesn't really have more of her than was already posted here.
It doesnt have >>4430 or >>4444 either.

A batch torrent of all the stuff here would make things really easier instead of one dead MU link after another.
No. 4552
wow thanks man!!! I'll check that out =D Thanks a heap!
No. 4553
hrmm...been trying to get this:
(コスプレ) [ひよひよくらぶ(丹雫ひよ)] ひよくら (ROM版)#C77.zip

and it's not working lol ><
No. 4575
I'm downloading this and a few more from C77 now.

Check http://uguu.org/share/
No. 4588
File 126434352028.jpg - (207.97KB , 1197x1800 , Clipboard01.jpg ) [iqdb]
Some of this stuff is blatantly pornographic.

Like (コスプレ) [ひよひよくらぶ(丹雫ひよ)] 着衣性交 (ROM版)#C77.zip
No. 4589

Can you put that on megaupload or something? I've never been able to get share working no matter what I try.
No. 4590
I don't have the bandwidth for uploading any of these sets, also, most of them are shitty anyways.
No. 4634

No. 4641

Marry me.
No. 4659

Heh, I'm not worthy. I just rezipped what I downloaded, so the folder names are all fucked up cause my computer doesn't handle Japanese fonts.
No. 4700

Same here. I had a hard time even deleting them.
No. 4869
No. 4877

As far as I can tell, neither have been found yet.
No. 4915
when you said to check http://uguu.org/share/

what did you mean? lol I went to the site but there's where I went in the first place to find out how to use share :P I couldn't find a db there...unless i overlooked soemthing.
No. 4918
hrmm...strange...and frustrating...n e one know why share ex2 doesn't work for me n e more? It used to work flawlessly but now it isn't able to find any of the triggers :( And I'm not sure why! ><
No. 4919
hrmm...i wonder if n e one will be kind enough to upload the other new releases from hiyo to megaupload i can't for the life of me get share to work lol and i followed exactly what my friend told me and followed the guide too!!! stupid pc
No. 4921
We aren't going to help you if you're retarded.
No. 4954
lol someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.
No. 4955
No, that's really the reason no one is helping you. Compare the posts you've made to others in the thread.

Capitalize your sentences properly.
Stop the 'lol' and emoticons crap.
Don't write "n e" or other such shit.
Write more coherent sentences. Don't just ramble.

At least then you won't look retarded.
No. 4960
I've been wondering what that "n e" was.
No. 5014
File 126693818149.jpg - (935.51KB , 1200x800 , 20960.jpg ) [iqdb]
Somehow again >>No.2752東方恋蓮録 摩亜屈 zip file please
No. 5015
Unless you really want a zip file instead of rar, in which case I tell you to get a better data compression/uncompression utility.
No. 5019
File 12669762168.jpg - (446.01KB , 1000x1500 , 345.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sorry was overlooked.
Thank you for letting me know
Able to successfully download.
No. 5071
Okay so I got share to work for the most part but it isn't able to find any of the hash or items I pasted in from DBs like hashdb and what not. I have nodes and the like because I see activity but alas, it isn't able to find or even connect to the triggers.

Anyone know why and can shed some light on this manner? Thanks in advance! Great thread!!
No. 5077
First of all, you do not connect to triggers. Second, have you tried searching for something wildly popular that is bound to get results, like 東方?
No. 5106
You mean as in the cluster words or trigger? I've only ever tried searching for Hiyo's stuff. For clusters I just tried to use the most common themes like: AV, DVDISO, amd 無修正. I even used her name (in jp) as a cluster word. Trigger wise I just go to those db sites I mentioned.

Thanks again.
No. 5107
For triggers, I usually use a configuration where I put the search targets name, for example in this case ひよひよくらぶ or 丹雫ひよ as the trigger, then remove the checkbox from "delete matching query triggers" and check the one for "add to db only", that way you seed your database pretty quickly for search results.

As for clusters, try コスプレ and 写真集, for cosplay and photo collections respectively.

Also, don't bother with the specific ids for the files you're searching, often you can find stuff better just by their name. Sure, you can get a ton of unrelated shit if you search for very common terms, but luckily you can often filter the stuff you want by their filesize, so just order the search results list by that. With a bit of practice you can easily distinquish good results from bad. And you don't have to worry about getting no hits if the specific file you want is no longer available for whatever reason.
No. 5111

Hey wow that's very descriptive! Thank you! I'll give it a try in a bit. Yea I've used her name or whatever as a cluster. Yea specific IDs worked like a charm the first time I got Share working but then it kind of died off and now I can barely even find results with her name as a trigger. But I shall give your recommendations a go. Thanks again. I'll let you know how things go!
No. 5112
File 126739794888.jpg - (50.45KB , 720x480 , Touhou M Yorushou - Haku Reimu no M_avi.jpg ) [iqdb]
Forbidden in Australia
No. 5121
Holy yes!
/r/ Anything about this!
No. 5126
File 126747117471.jpg - (157.69KB , 933x1400 , Clipboard01.jpg ) [iqdb]
Does anyone have the name of this set?

No. 5127

I have the English name if that helps at all.
Mizuki Akira - Hatsune Miku cosplay (Vocaloid 2) (C75)

I tried what you suggested and it's a no go. Share finds nodes and all but the triggers and hashes don't seem to be working at all. Finds nothing in the queries.
No. 5128
Try taking a screenshot of the Nodes tab and posting it. Wait a few minutes so the connections start up.
No. 5129
No Reimu?
No. 5131
File 126757496344.jpg - (571.47KB , 1000x1500 , 170.jpg ) [iqdb]

No name but I have uploaded a set that look similar...



first is the movie/html run stuff second are the actual photos.
No. 5133
File 12675751397.jpg - (342.06KB , 1500x1000 , 075.jpg ) [iqdb]

Uploading this sister set too atm
No. 5134

Here we go


Happy fapping
No. 5142
File 12676021927.jpg - (71.16KB , 1249x741 , nodesTab.jpg ) [iqdb]

Here's a screenshot of the nodes tab after I waited a while.

Thanks! I hope you're able to help solve this problem.
No. 5145
File 126762355149.png - (69.92KB , 1123x690 , share.png ) [iqdb]
You're obviously connected to nodes. That's a good sign. What are you using for clusters though? I'm not seeing any of the Japanese words in >>5107 in any of the nodes you're connected to (I am bad at matching Japanese words, though). Did you remember to check five of them?

You also have no queries set, although you said that none were returning results. Even if you're not seeing anything, you shouldn't close them. That, or perhaps you just misunderstood was a query is and never set one in the first place. Copy and paste '東方' into the "Keyword" field at the top. You should get a ton of results. Leave it running for a bit. If you want to be doubly sure, add a trigger for '東方'; check 'Enable' and 'Add to DB only', uncheck the other two.

That's all I can think of. Unless you're doing something wrong, it should be working.
No. 5148
File 126763818293.jpg - (342.86KB , 1000x1500 , 022.jpg ) [iqdb]
Ah, her. I found it on g e-hentai.

I also got some of her other sets from share, including this one:


No. 5150
File 126764644427.jpg - (92.94KB , 1256x742 , clusters.jpg ) [iqdb]

Queries? How do you set queries? I just thought they were the results...didn't know that you could set soemthing there.

These are the cluster words I'm using at the moment. Strangely enough, the ones I did NOT check off, are in the nodes for some reason.

As well, I just added the keyword 東方 at the top and it gave me like 15 results or something. Most have the status "DB" while 2 are "remote". Not entirely sure what that means but I assume it's working then? I just added the word 東方 as a trigger as well and it didn't seem to change anything.

Thanks again!
No. 5151
ah sorry for double post. Only thing is, after I found the queries (I know what you're talking about now I think) I added it to download but it's not downloading. It's been sitting there for a good 30mins already. No clue why. Share worked perfectly before then all of a sudden it stopped working one day.
No. 5153
File 126765575966.png - (30.22KB , 1123x690 , share2.png ) [iqdb]
>Strangely enough, the ones I did NOT check off, are in the nodes for some reason.
You can only have 5 clusters at a time. You're also limited to 255 characters, but you won't exceed that. That is what the checkmarks are for; any cluster unset is NOT SET, and therefore has no effect on anything. You're allowed to add unchecked ones just for convenience. I.e. I'm going to add and check "例大祭7" soon and uncheck "C77". If I'm looking for something other than touhou, I'll uncheck "東方" and add in whatever I'm looking for, plus stuff like DVDISO, AV, 一般コミック, whatever.

>Queries? How do you set queries? I just thought they were the results...didn't know that you could set soemthing there.
Type something into the text field next to the text "Keywords:". Press enter. That creates a query. When you get key information from the nodes, a query is used to list all of the hashes you have stored that match the query. So a query for "東方" will match all the touhou stuff. I have one for "東方 C77" to match all the touhou stuff from C77 (from a single ID, but that isn't shown in the tab). If you're expecting lots of results, it's usually better to do a query than a trigger and to just manually examine the results. Doubly so if you're after something likely to get a lot of fakes, like the newest Touhou or Umineko game.

>I added it to download but it's not downloading. It's been sitting there for a good 30mins already.
See pic. The first item on the download tab is actively downloading. The blue bar over the grey shows which pieces are done. The grey shows which pieces are found (in this case, all of them). The number in the middle is percent downloaded.
The second entry has every piece found, but it's not downloading. Currently it's waiting for someone to be available for uploading. The fraction in the middle shows the total number of pieces found, i.e. all of them.
The third has no pieces found, so there's nothing to download. Hence the darker background color. Fraction again shows pieces found, this time none of them.

Share divides files into pieces, much like BitTorrent. Pieces are always 1 megabyte, except the last one which is smaller. You obviously can't download anything until the pieces are found, and there's no real way to find pieces faster other than maybe changing your clusters. If nothing is downloading because nothing is found, it might just be a dead file. It happens. A lot. Or, maybe you actually have a serious problem and disconnected from all your nodes. Check the nodes tab. If not, just leave it running for a day or two. Share fucking sucks at keeping files alive, so you very well might not ever get anything.

>ah sorry for double post.
This isn't a forum. Your options are double post and delete the old post. Doing the latter is typically more annoying than double posting, so don't apologize.
No. 5156
File 126766762547.jpg - (47.18KB , 468x702 , 42201__468x_hakurei-reimu-naked-cosplay-2.jpg ) [iqdb]
Any idea which set is this from?
No. 5157
lenfried's c74 set
No. 5159

No links so far I presume.
No. 5160
No. 5161
swore I posted the mediafire links here, but feh

No. 5162
Thank you.
No. 5186
File 126775690737.jpg - (89.19KB , 427x640 , lenfried05.jpg ) [iqdb]
Anyone know what set this is from?
No. 5199
Lenfried again:
No. 5200
File 126782934043.jpg - (129.22KB , 535x800 , c4345928e229565844f49b649f62025378c5fc67-700.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh, wow.
No. 5201

Has this been released anywhere yet?
No. 5205
File 126784223312.jpg - (427.82KB , 1250x1125 , sample_mk5.jpg ) [iqdb]
Breaking News!
No. 5210

Upcoming set?
No. 5213


場所   博麗神社例大祭 2010年3月14日
No. 5227
Holy shit. I can die happy.

hm this is a bit out there, but has anyone seen any utsuho sets? any at all?
No. 5230
ahhh that's a load of information to digest. Thank you so much!!

I do have the ones I WANT checked but the one I do NOT have checked/set are being shown/showing up in the nodes tab for some reason.

Anyway I think it's to do with what you said about Share sucking at keeping files alive cause a lot of them are just super slow or barely downloading. But I'll keep trying and switching up clusters and using different keywords like C77 and what not.

Thanks so much so far for your help! It's shown me a lot. Now I know I can search for items other than using hash (which I thought was the only way before).

Thanks again!
No. 5256
No. 5257
woooah no shitting?
No. 5264
Already like, 10:30 14/03 in Japan ...

*loads up Share*
No. 5265
Don't burst out of your pants, if things don't go as planned it may be a couple of months before the set hits the inter webs.
No. 5269
still good to hope for it right?
No. 5291
File 126867190951.jpg - (72.74KB , 400x277 , t5_01.jpg ) [iqdb]
Does anyone have this? I think it's the same model as in >>2795
No. 5293
File 126869018067.jpg - (404.98KB , 1500x1000 , 058.jpg ) [iqdb]

yes, its on share
No. 5305
I can't run share, so that doesn't help much. Can I bother someone to put it up on rapidshare or mediafire?
No. 5311
Meiling uploaded this on /jp/, thought I'd share it with you guys. Link to the new Lenfried set is below.

No. 5312
File 126873900657.jpg - (553.68KB , 1200x1800 , meid_001.jpg ) [iqdb]
So I herd u leik Lenfried?

No. 5313


I uploaded it for nothing then. ;_;
No. 5314

Okay, that made me laugh a bit, though I am sorry I beat you to the punch. I guess everyone else can use whichever they prefer, or something.

...Still, I lol'd.
No. 5315
Yeah, it'd be useful as a backup.
No. 5317
Anyone, please? ;_;
No. 5328

If you can give me the name of it, I'll go look for you.
No. 5329
It's u.ta.ka.ta, that's all I can make out on the box
No. 5330
^and Akira Mizuki is the model.
No. 5331
コスプレ写真集 [MIZUKI AKIRA] utakata.zip  12,386,552 3f44c7770765b3887be80498e7248599dd53856f
No. 5332
File 126892465171.jpg - (271.21KB , 1200x1800 , Clipboard01.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh and (コスプレ) [LOSE・LOSE(モデル・MIZUKI AKIRA)] SO BLUE (files)#C74.rar just finished for me too.
No. 5333
Thanks, now if this could get uploaded to rapidshare or whatevershare I'd be set.
No. 5334
mmm yea that set is quite hot. I found it on share and am trying to download it now. Err...actually I didn't find it...I just pasted it in as a trigger but it hasn't found anything yet.

Alas, queries don't work all the time sadly. And nowadays hashes don't work either; for me anyway.
No. 5335
I'm actually uploading it as we speak.
No. 5336
Here you go.

No. 5337
Once again I appreciate it, but megaporn is blocked where I live so rapidshare or mediafire would be good.

Sorry for being such a faggoty leech here, but I don't have much in the way of options
No. 5338
No. 5339
No. 5350
Does anyone have the password for this?
No. 5352

I'm the guy who uploaded it, and I don't recall assigning a password to it.

So, there shouldn't be one.
No. 5353
File 126916808778.jpg - (632.39KB , 1152x1728 , sakuya 025.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ヘイ、たたかってるぜ!] プライベートスクウェア
Sakuya. One video included.
No. 5374
Oh my God, I'm happy now. Thank you.
No. 5380
If you want other cosplay sets than Touhou then search for 2djgame/2djcomiket and Cosplay on torrent trackers. Or if you're able to navigate a Chinese language site, go straight to 2djgame's site to find their old packs. What can be found on trackers in the west is not everything 2dj has released.
No. 5383
Oh man, that site looks useful, I guess I'll just have to add learning chinese to my summer schedule.
No. 5387
Apparently, JDownloader can't download stuff from mediafire because it thinks it needs a password. My bad.
No. 5389
My Computer is bein retarted since doesn't support the characters but what are the other uploads below shooting stars from?
No. 5390
other than Hiyohiyo I mean
*dumbass move*
No. 5395
In order:
Hiyohiyo club
Hei, tatakatteru ze!
Mia Ringo
Also, if you can't see the characters, try fiddling with View -> Character encoding (try switching autodetect for japanese on) in Firefox, and if you don't use firefox, fuck off.
No. 5396
File 126933991020.jpg - (87.89KB , 600x900 , ln090505c.jpg ) [iqdb]
It might be lenfried the loveliness in this.
We may write only her article.
No. 5407
File 126949198091.jpg - (26.27KB , 320x220 , touhou_dvd.jpg ) [iqdb]
She's not bad. Speaking of, has anyone seen this? The title's 東方食込娘
No. 5408
It's the other set by the same circle as >>5353 . It wasn't available on share when I searched for their stuff, but that's not surprising as it was released 10.3.2010, cosplay stuff usually takes a bit of time to get uploaded, if it does get uploaded at all.
No. 5423
I'd wager most sets never reach share since there's a huge amount of them. But if anybody wants titles and cosplayer names for share searches then this blog tries to list as much as possible of what cosplayers have released:

No. 5814
Definitely need that [SO BLUE]
Does anyone have it?
No. 5885
No. 5889
fap fap fap
No. 5908
File 127213335167.jpg - (177.51KB , 742x494 , [You Planning] [DCL-02] Cosplay Idol wo Kudoite Go.jpg ) [iqdb]
Couple of cosplay JAV covers. Haven't located the files on the web. Might be on Share.

[You Planning] [DCL-02] Cosplay Idol wo Kudoite Gouinni Hameru Part II (Miko & Touhou)

In Japanese: [DCL-02] コスプレモデルを口説いて強引にハメる! PART II
No. 5909
File 12721337935.jpg - (191.02KB , 734x494 , [You Planning] [DCU-02] Cosplayer Urabaito 2 (Touh.jpg ) [iqdb]
[You Planning] [DCU-02] Cosplayer Urabaito vol.2 (Touhou & Ikkitousen & Otoboku)

In Japanese: [DCU-02] コスプレイヤー裏バイトVol.2
No. 5918
umm...but it isn't Touhou.
No. 5920
I've got that one, I'll upload it once I get off my lazy ass and figure out how to make those damn torrents.
No. 5921
Thanks! Will eagerly await the day.
No. 6069
Just wondering, could you put it on Megaupload? I think they accept files up to 1 gigabyte nowadays. If the file is larger than a gig you can zip and split with almost any compression program.
No. 6074
Technically I suppose I could, though I am somewhat hesitant to do it, but what the hell.
No. 6081
File 127325209842.jpg - (141.36KB , 734x494 , ydcu_02.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ユープランニング] コスプレイヤー裏バイトvol.2 早崎れおん
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Total 2,66GB. I did something funky when encoding this and the size ended up considerably over average. Oops. And I didn't really have the patience to do it over again. Luckily a file this small is no problem for todays internet users. I didn't go for the maximum file size allowed on MU since there's more of a chance for a download error the larger the file is.
No. 6084
File 127326603158.jpg - (180.43KB , 800x533 , h_288ozvc05pl.jpg ) [iqdb]
Part 1
Part 2
1,48GB, bit over one hour of video, Sakuya and bad acting. Very much so. What did you expect?
No. 6086
File 127326919957.jpg - (198.41KB , 560x420 , 6674GOODS_IMAGE_MAINApp.jpg ) [iqdb]
[コスプレぱんぱんぱん] コスプレイヤーズセックス! 東方巫女れ●む
about 800MB, Reimu content, bit under half an hour of it too. Rar'd it up to provide easy transfer error checking, perfectly aware that video rarely contracts when archived.
No. 6088
Too cheap for hair dye?
No. 6091
Can someone who downloaded them confirm if the videos work at all.
No. 6092

Downloading >>6086 now, but shitty connection leaves 54% remaining with 50 minutes left. I'll report back when it's done.
No. 6093

Okay, that one works. I'll download the others some other time and test them then. Need sleep, for now.
No. 6094
By the way, for the people who are dead tired of manually downloading stuff off this thread, get JDownloader, a magnificient piece of open source software. http://jdownloader.org/

It will save you a LOT of hassle, just copy a link the the clipboard and it'll automatically pick it up, evaluate the file's availability and allows you to queue lots of stuff. Also, it works with just about all the major and a bunch of the minor download sites, and can even handle captchas to some degree, and when it can't it discreetly pops up a dialog asking you to input the thing. A pure work of genius.
No. 6110
>I did something funky when encoding this and the size ended up considerably over average. Oops.
It pads the files with a little extra info as a failsafe against corruption so it's nothing to worry about. Thank you for sharing!
No. 6138
File 12736375083.jpg - (190.26KB , 799x1200 , 1273632918818.jpg ) [iqdb]
I know this isn't touhou related, but it is lenfried related, so I figured I might be able to get some help here. Currently looking for a set she took part in, but apparently was not something made by heru3, as I can't find it on his website (though it may be right under my nose, my lack of skill in the japanese language has made this search annoying). The only information I have really is this; 新世紀GPXサイバーフォーミュラ - SUGO Campaign Girl. Google leads me to believe that this is what series or whatever it's based on, followed by the character. Pic related, sample from the set I found on /jp/.
No. 6140
File 127367035634.jpg - (59.13KB , 400x600 , 582544.jpg ) [iqdb]
The thing of these series quite found is difficult.
I want the uploader to improve by all means when there is having it.
No. 6141
File 127367223428.jpg - (218.79KB , 799x1200 , Lenfried 1263869010290.jpg ) [iqdb]
It was Heru3's first set. No longer available and selling for over 50000 yen at auctions.
No. 6142

Ugh, damn it. Finding this is going to be alot harder than I had hoped. With any luck, someone somewhere uploaded it. Anyway, thanks. I have more to go on now.
No. 6146
was surpised anyone was gonna find it o__o
thanks doods!
No. 6154
Hiyo Nishizuku is awesome, anyone know where to download more videos of her?
No. 6164

Looked around, found this; http://cgrascal.wordpress.com/category/cosplay-gravure/

Don't know if she's done more or not, but there's alot of her stuff here.
No. 6186
File 127400268678.jpg - (99.03KB , 1280x776 , Share.jpg ) [iqdb]

I see these during a search, but I don't know if it's this set in question ...
No. 6189
never know till you try
No. 6199
Considering those are from the anime, no.
No. 6275
Couple of Touhou amateur cosplay porn JAVs from コスプレぱんぱん that I spotted on dl.getchu

No. 6332
コスプレぱんぱん = Hiyo Nishizuku
No. 6402

Reimu vid.
No. 6414
Any particular reason you wanted to reupload >>6086 ?
No. 6418

Because of this.

No. 6458
Please upload コスプレイヤーズセックス!咲夜でぱんっ!
it is the コスプレぱんぱん 2nd touhou movie
No. 6482
File 127545301942.jpg - (210.49KB , 560x420 , 8384GOODS_IMAGE_MAINApp.jpg ) [iqdb]
[コスプレぱんぱん] コスプレイヤーズセックス!咲夜でぱんっ!
No. 6484
Thanks a lot!!!
No. 6542
Cheers mate.
No. 6755
File 127719518239.jpg - (45.80KB , 535x800 , 9d3a24b87ecc0fb9b86a37f91a2785906985f376-700.jpg ) [iqdb]
Bumping this thread to spill more info.

From what i searched, >>6138, >>6140, and >>6141

has got something to do with these:


If that would help the search.

IF the collection is already out for share, DO WANT

btw the pic is from lenfried's cure profile.
No. 6778
with enough info think it'll come around soon.
No. 6795
File 127737126484.jpg - (129.87KB , 874x600 , 47_1_42.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 6798
Mizuki Akira
(Sakuya, Meiling, and Marisa)
No. 6804
Updated the index, reuploaded the hiyo hyo club material AGAIN.

東方恋蓮録 摩亜屈
東方恋蓮録 真駆参
東方恋蓮録 MK-Ⅳ
東方恋蓮録 MK-Ⅴ


Shooting Star's:


http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8F22CPM4L (Images only)
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ZO6K6PZY (Images only)

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=UUI61ZD5 (Videos only of the two Hiyohiyo club's Touhou sets.)

コスプレイヤーズセックス! 東方巫女れ●む
[コスプレぱんぱん] コスプレイヤーズセックス!咲夜でぱんっ!



コスプレイヤー裏バイトvol.2 早崎れおん
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Part 1
Part 2
No. 6805

We still don't know the exact filename of that set, in Japanese (hiragana? katakana? kanji?). I don't know if the bits of information I posted in >>6755 is sufficient enough.
No. 6811
This is a very good Thread.
No. 6854
Basically what those pages say is that the Cyber Formula set was a limited edition bonus set that you would get if you bought one specific individual set from each of the three cosplayers. In other words buy all three sets and you get the bonus GPX set. It can't be bought separately which probably explains why it hasn't appeared on Japanese P2P.
No. 6877
Could you guys please NOT POST LINKS TO THE COSPLAYER'S WEBSITES HERE, when people follow those links directly instead of copypasting, the owners of the websites can trivially check where the users came from, and can follow them back here. At least break the fucking links if you have to post them.

And no, this is NOT theoretical, at least one thread like this on the old t-h board has been deleted because of this. It can happen, and it WILL happen.
No. 6884
Take it easy.

Does anybody have more of her?
She is ulicle.web.fc2.com

Couldn't quite find anything on share.
No. 6896
Did anyone find this yet?
No. 6898
No. 7061
File 127903047463.jpg - (200.88KB , 1200x799 , 543335.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 7062
File 127903058373.jpg - (175.85KB , 799x1200 , 543336.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 7067
File 127908983521.jpg - (43.47KB , 535x800 , 1278840577749.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hells yeah!
No. 7080
File 127929434284.jpg - (145.56KB , 1200x799 , 592915.jpg ) [iqdb]
Found a few more
No. 7081
File 127929436971.jpg - (178.63KB , 1200x799 , 592916.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 7082
File 127929439311.jpg - (30.59KB , 400x600 , 617777.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 7083
File 127930623047.jpg - (290.71KB , 1200x900 , sample.jpg ) [iqdb]
guys check this out!
No. 7085

My... GOD!! DO WANT!
No. 7093
File 127941029849.jpg - (224.78KB , 500x750 , 86922106e8c47c833f582977d39a5600.jpg ) [iqdb]
Diaper ruins it for me, so I'm in no hurry to get this set.
No. 7098
Yes, because one part out of 8 (if the collage is anything to go by) makes the entire set worthless. Not having touhou content on the other hand is a bit of a disappointment.
No. 7106
I never said that. I just said I'm not head over heals for this set. And I'm glad she's moving away from Touhou. She's not fitting for some of the characters she plays as
No. 7119
So a few days ago maybe, someone uploaded the new lenfried sets on /jp/. However, not only was it on a completely shit tier file host, but it was also passworded. Guy in another lenfried thread posted the password for it at the end of the threads life. Upon discovering that it actually worked, I decided to rearchive it into a single file and put it on a more civilized host.


Enjoy. Also, the original came with an autorun and some html files, but I extracted the pictures and not them before deleting. Then again, I'm not sure why you would even want the html files.
No. 7120
With cosplay image sets, they're almost always useless, but with some doujin CG sets they actually contain some story which may be nice to preserve.
No. 7122

actually, there's no story. it's more or less the same like shitty thumbnail gallery that links to the jpg file themselves, not to a html that contain a pic and story/description.
No. 7123
Like I said, almost always useless, I would have been surprised if the miscellaneous crap actually had something useful.
No. 7127

No. 7132

A few pics of that event.
No. 7133

No. 7139

Damn! These are some interesting cosplays... There should be some english tutorials on how to purchase from the site.
No. 7161
No. 7231

東方仮装界01 裏
No. 7377
File 128196926112.jpg - (69.79KB , 400x566 , 2900077000089_0_l.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 7380
unrelated to touhou but as anyone gotten to work on getting this one?
No. 7391
File 128204377091.jpg - (510.84KB , 1200x1800 , pannyu-1178.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 7403

No. 7411
File 128215728933.jpg - (147.39KB , 1300x870 , RM33.jpg ) [iqdb]
[HERESY] 東方蜜淫靡録
No. 7412
File 128215731985.jpg - (534.48KB , 708x1064 , 098-DSC_5732.jpg ) [iqdb]
[まにゅフェス党(花兎まにゅ)] 東方無乳魔柔
No. 7413
File 12821573598.jpg - (0.96MB , 1600x1200 , -005.jpg ) [iqdb]
[まにゅフェス党(花兎まにゅ)] 東方無妄魔卿
Will be posting a new thread and the updated index soon as this is maxed out.
No. 7430
Does anyone happen to have this set?
No. 7485
File 128254856333.jpg - (150.07KB , 280x397 , 38854-main.jpg ) [iqdb]
Someone have this set?
No. 7516

Seconded; MIZUKI AKIRA has some pretty neat stuff under the LOSE LOSE circle.

No. 7851
File 128352942633.jpg - (15.99KB , 211x300 , 17974_240.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 7897

Here are a few batch torrents of C78 cosplay sets.

Some nice stuff in there.
No. 10019
Does anyone have this in direct download?
No. 10071
can anyone upload the reimu and scarlet sets by her?
No. 10131
File 129615549091.jpg - (172.55KB , 800x549 , 57_1_03.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 10132
File 129615641160.jpg - (148.19KB , 874x600 , 48_1_43.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 10133
File 129615668427.jpg - (130.89KB , 874x600 , 45_1_23.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 10134
File 129615692083.jpg - (106.69KB , 874x600 , 43_1_03.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 10135
File 129615748179.jpg - (136.59KB , 800x549 , 21_1_41.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 10792
File 12983169099.jpg - (655.78KB , 1200x1800 , 1298203880450.jpg ) [iqdb]
This is Lenfied, amirite? Which set?

Also, I think I've seen this somewhere in this thread, but does anyone have the actual video that they can upload a link to?
No. 11541
No. 11558
talk about devotion, if you look at 244 you can see that she's wearing pads<3
my hero
No. 12091
File 130149194683.jpg - (267.38KB , 1200x1800 , PLT_024.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 13826
File 13057659109.jpg - (412.82KB , 1250x1125 , sample.jpg ) [iqdb]
Requesting this seemingly new Lenfried set.

リバイバル 東方恋蓮録 iirc.