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If anybody has these and can post a download--(Working Download)--for them, that would be great.


>(C78) [Sakura no Fumoto] Marugoto Hitorijime Rumia!
The download for it is deleted though, anybody want to put up another would be really really loved
>[がいなもん] 日常性活
Same problem as above
>(C80) [方円軒] はたての敏腕取材録
Same problem


Why don't you go look for these yourself?
>I have, I did, I couldn't find


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If you don't have a 4shared account, register in order to download these. I see you have a thing for a certain type of character, heh. I haven't seen the others that I'm missing, and I usually try to download every H doujin that gets uploaded here, so it seems unlikely to be out there. Still, you might get lucky. If there other requests, I'll check what I got.

[Little☆Hamlet × Nymphet (Lu☆cky)] Kichiku Ou Reimu - Touhou Koumakyou Kouryakubon -Koumakan Hen-

[Nymphet] Flan-chan de Asobou

[Sakura no Fumoto] Marugoto Rumia Hitorijime!

[がいなもん] 日常性活

[方円軒] はたての敏腕取材録
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>If there other requests, I'll check what I got

This thread is about to explode.
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Sure, I can post my wishlist. Let's all post our wishlists.

This Yousei Allergen (best circle name) book.
All of Shinsei Fountain's full color stuff and compilations, especially
This mediocre Daiyousei futa book I've wanted for ages.

That's the stuff that immediately comes to mind.
I doubt it.
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I found a translated version of [方円軒] はたての敏腕取材録 from LWB on sadpanda. I'm pretty sure I have it at home too and can upload it when I get back if you need it.

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Hm, three strikes on these. However, I do have a hard copy of Shinsei Fountain's 9 Team doujin, but I really don't want to take it apart, and besides I don't have a scanner... Theoretically I could take photos but the quality would be pretty bad.
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Thanks for the offer (Sort of?), but I'm not that desperate. I wouldn't want to take it apart either if I owned it.
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I'd like to know if anyone happens to know where to find this one:

Other stuff by the same circle would be great too.
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Does anyone have >>22069 that they could reupload somewhere?
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>>26958 That was fast. You are my hero. Thanks.