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This is a one shot I've been tossing around in my head for a good, long while and couldn't help but actually get around to it this time. Basically I'm taking the bad end in RiG and making it into something else. If you have to guess what I'm doing, take a look at where this is posted and my track record.


Lost and alone in the Forest of Magic was not where Reina wanted to be, especially since it was close to nightfall and there were all manners of creatures in the forest that would make short work of her if they spotted her. Thus, she made the decision to look for shelter before things got that bad and to wait it out until morning.

Her choice of hiding place was a hole in the ground at the base of a tree. It was a relatively tight fit and could be passed over easily if someone, or something, wasn't actively looking for her, though to be on the safe side she had chosen to grab some of the surrounding leaves to help camouflage her hiding spot. After gathering what she hoped was enough, she worked her way into the hole feet-first and placed the pile of leaves over the top. Content with her improvised cover, she got comfortable and prepared to wait out the night.

Of course, she could have worked her way in further, but there was no telling what else was down in that hole with her, nor was there any way to tell whether or not it suddenly dropped into a cavern or some such nonsense. The woodworker began to worry as she thought about what could have made this hole, but tried to calm herself quickly. If she didn't tempt fate, she might just-

Give a high-pitched cry as something snaked around her ankle in a sluggish and almost lazy way. Reina tried to yank her ankle out of the thing's grasp, but to no avail. She looked back and saw that a vine had started to wind its way around her leg, deliberately going underneath her pants for some peculiar reason. Not that she was contemplating that reason at the time. She was just a little busy firing a burst of danmaku down the hole in an attempt to hurt it bad enough to let her go while using her free arm and leg to scramble out of its reach.

The plant didn't even seem to notice this as the one vine that was winding around Reina's leg had reached her silken panties. The tip had noticed the sudden shift from smooth skin to smooth silk, and rubbed around to feel where the skin was so that it could feel more of it at once. It reached up to the top of the undergarments and touched more skin, but felt that the obstruction was unacceptable. It retreated until it got to the original point at which the woodworker's skin became covered in silk, and pushed down a little, earning it another shrill cry from its prey as it worked its way under her panties.

The woodworker was sporting a bright blush from having her ass prodded like that, and felt that blush spread as it continued to wind around her, intentionally squeezing her rear and wrapping around her waist multiple times so she couldn't get away. Her hands were on the rim of the hole, and she was attempting to pull herself up to no avail. Whatever this plant thing was, its lazy grip was stronger than her desperate attempts to free herself. She whipped her head downward as she felt the same vine push its way into her bra, wrapping itself around her right breast and squeezing it gently. She didn't want to think about it, but she had guessed at the nature of this thing and dread was settling into her stomach like a lead weight. It wasn't going to eat her, she thought, it was going to use her like a toy.

The vine made one last lazy wrap around the breast it had found, and used its tip to prod the nipple. Satisfied that it had found a female, it squeezed every last bit of flesh it had wrapped around once, then sent out more of its vines to play with her until she stopped resisting and it could mate with her proper.

Reina gave out a small squeak as she was squeezed, and looked down the hole. Her eyes widened, her pupils dilated, and her breath caught in her throat. No fewer than a dozen more vines were slowly working their way toward her, and the one that was restraining her showed no signs of letting her go. In fact, that one vine was starting to squeeze and knead the breast it had wrapped around. While the woodworker would never admit it, it did feel rather nice. The problem was that she didn't want to be a sex slave for this thing! She kept struggling as much as she could, even as a second vine wrapped around her free leg and began to slip under her clothes as the first had. She then felt her shoes come off her feet, then her socks, exposing her feet to the perverted vines. Two more, one to each foot, began to rub and play with the exposed feet, finding all the most sensitive spots to play with. Her blush had reached the point where she was surprised that she had not set the plant on fire out of sheer embarrassment, and found that the tips of the vines were starting to tickle her feet in an attempt to make her let go of her handhold. She put everything she had into kicking her legs around to make them stop, but this too was pointless. The vines were long and her movement range was too restricted.

Of course, the plant was merely distracting the woodworker from noticing the second vine that had snaked its way around her body, making a point of gripping sensitive spots without going right for her naughty bits. It was rewarded with a sudden gasp from the girl as the second vine wrapped around the previously unmolested breast, and began to squeeze both of the warm, soft mounds simultaneously using undulating motions. Granted, she wasn't producing any milk, but it would serve to pacify her a little and help make fear give way to arousal. She was still struggling, so the plant merely sent two of its vines to slip under her shirt and wind around her arms. The tips of these vines opened up, revealing a number of smaller, wet feelers underneath that wound around the woodworker's fingers, getting her hands slick to the point where she was starting to slip. More vines made a deliberately slow attempt to remove her pants without her being too aware of it, and since it was largely separated from her skin it was rather easy to do so. The denim jeans slid down the hole, lost to the plant until such time as it gave them back. Her panties, which should have been tricky, were also easy to remove as the two vines had stretched the article of clothing out far enough to where the woodworker was not aware of it. At least, not while she was distracted by it playing with her hands, feet, and breasts.

Reina's face was scrunched up as she tried to block out what she was feeling, but the sensations were hard to deny. It was playing with her breasts in a gentle way, gradually working her up over a period of time, and it was working. Her nipples were fully erect after what must have been fifteen minutes of constant groping, and it did distract her from just about everything else. Making one last attempt to pull herself up and out, she managed to lift herself out of the hole just enough to knock her leaf cover aside, and couldn't help but notice that some of those leaves had hit bare flesh when they shouldn't have. She looked back again only to see that everything below her waist had been pulled off, giving her a very good view of just how bound up her body actually was. She also couldn't help but notice that one vine was rising up to her head, and turned away so that she wouldn't be quite as easy a mark as she might have been otherwise. Of course, the problem she had been having the entire time up until now was proving to be even more bothersome than before as it wrapped around her neck, but at the very least it wasn't trying to snap her neck or suffocate her. It was simply making it harder for her to move her head. The tip rose up to her mouth and split open, revealing a wet tongue-like protrusion. Reina closed her mouth as tight as she could, but it was content to just lick her face for now.

The plant put a little more effort into making one of its victim's hands slip, and succeeded in very short order, making the girl open her mouth in shock and making her drop back down its hole a little. That was all the opening it needed to stick one of its its tasters inside her mouth, and found that it was quite pleasant inside there. She was trying to chew the appendage to bits, but her human-level strength proved to be insufficient to even bother it. It simply set about exploring her mouth, tasting her, and rubbing tongues with her. She didn't stop trying to resist even then, but her attempts were growing more and more feeble. It was slowly working the girl's shirt off as well, undoing each button slowly just as it did for her pants, and carefully removed the garment when it was sure she had closed her eyes and let herself sink into the pleasure a little. The only article left was her bra, and that one actually would be tricky to remove. It was a back-clasp, and on top of that the vines groping her breasts to arouse her were pushing it outward without giving it enough support from the back. There were no vines back there yet, and it wasn't quite ready to try removing the undergarment.

Reina might still be feeling fear by this point, but she had to admit the siren song of pleasure was getting hard to resist. It wasn't being rough with her, nor was it drugging her or breaking her by having sex with her until she lost her mind. It was gentle, patient, and working her up to the point where she might have given it permission to go further if it hadn't stuck its tongue down her throat. Even that wasn't so terrible at this point though, and her earlier attempts to bite clean through it were replaced by a much gentler nibbling, and she was even starting to play with the tongue in her mouth with earnest. Her loins were practically burning with arousal by now, and she hoped that the plant would notice and relieve her of this need, or not notice, give up, and let her go.

The plant had indeed noticed the slow dripping of lady cum and sent another taster vine up to get a feel for the girl's state of arousal. It gave a cautious lick and found that her womanhood was indeed delicious and moist, and the whole plant shuddered with anticipation.

Reina felt the lick and moaned, finally having enough of the foreplay. She reached around to unclasp her bra, feeling the article slip off her body and disappear into the darkness below. She didn't even care that she had let go completely to do so, nor that she herself was slowly slipping into the darkness. She felt the tips of the vines open up into wet little suckers and clamp down on her nipples, milking her vigorously despite the fact that she had no milk to give. A similar vine attached itself to her clit while a tongue buried itself inside her pussy to lick her. One more started to lick her anus, but it wasn't diving inside her just yet. She didn't know why, nor did she care. She merely watched as the opening of the hole grow smaller and smaller until she couldn't see it at all.


Reina Roots found herself hugging something warm, wet, and smelling of sex. She felt that her arms had each been sucked into some kind of soft hole, soft as her own pussy no doubt. Her legs had gotten a similar treatment, while her breasts had been swallowed up to the base and were being sucked by something similar. The act was relaxing, and she snuggled up to the mass a little more as she felt it use numerous tongue-like tentacles to hold her close to it. Her waist was similarly engulfed, and she felt something push into her ass and begin to suck, while a vine protruded out around mouth level. She sucked on the protrusion and was rewarded by a thick, sweet cream that seemed to hit every craving at once. She thrust her hips a little to let the plant know she was still horny, and moaned as a thick vine filled her completely and started to move. She knew she had given up and the thought made her burn with shame, but she held onto the hope that she would be rescued... Her thoughts blanked out for a moment as the plant cummed inside her. Eventually♪


The next day, Reimu, Marisa, and Yuuka had gathered at Reina's house to figure out why she seemed to have gone missing. The flower youkai had found it especially strange that her 'little flower' made no effort to contact her, and felt her mouth tilt into a small frown as she looked for the woodworker's book. Of course, the thieving witch had to find it first.

"I found it! ...And for the record, I totally didn't do this!" Marisa held the book by one of its dry corners, and one quick look at the book showed why. A strange mix of clear and white fluid was dripping out of the book, and had clearly been doing so for a while if the severity of the soaked pages were anything to go by. The smell was off too.

"Just what is that?" Reimu took a finger and wiped it through the substance, sucking on it after doing so. "Weird. Kinda bitter, kinda sweet. Not bad, not good, somewhere in between."

"Reimu, you don't even know what this stuff is. You sure it's a smart idea to just eat it?" Marisa sweated a little at her friend's recklessness. She was genuinely worried, but it might very well be an overreaction.

"If the substance originated from the book, why don't we open it up? Surely it would tell us what happened to our beloved woodworker." Yuuka calmly snatched the book away from Marisa without any sort of care as to what the substance was. Though in the flower youkai's case she knew precisely what this was. She laid the book out on the table and flipped it open, going right to the first of the cum-soaked pages.

Marisa and Reimu blushed at the elaborate, full-color pictures of Reina's predicament, while Yuuka raised an eyebrow for a moment before sighing and facepalming.

"You know what's got her then?" Reimu tore her eyes away from the book's contents long enough to ask Yuuka a question.

"Yes, I do. I'll go get her and bring her back home, but I'm going to clean her up and nurse her back to normal. With the way you two are drooling over those pictures, I'd expect the two of you to jump her loins the moment you found her." The flower youkai marched toward the door swiftly, opened it, stepped outside and almost completely shut it, but not before she got the last word in. "And try not to make a mess while I'm gone, will you~?" With that, she shut the door in its entirety, escaping the angry retorts before they could happen.


It was a relatively short walk out to the correct tree in the Forest of Magic. Yuuka's memory of which plants were where was impeccable, so finding the right tree was no big deal. Getting to the plant underneath so she could retrieve Reina from her fate? That might have been tricky or risky for someone else. Yuuka, however, chose a more direct approach. She placed her right foot against the base of the tree, judged where it would fall...

Then put so much force into the kick that the tree fell over, root ball and all, in one strike. She looked into the hole she made and spoke in a sickly sweet tone that promised a painful death if whatever she was speaking to did not comply. "I believe you have someone of mine. Would you be so kind as to give her back~?"

The plant used its vines to lift a cum-soaked, drooling Reina out of the hole so that Yuuka could take her, then retreated as fast as it could. "Thank you~" Said the flower youkai. "But don't think you're off the hook~" Yuuka proceeded to carry her little flower back home, and the plant that fucked said little flower shuddered.


One week was how long it took for Reina to fully recover. The first few days had her so aroused and sex-addled that Yuuka had to keep her confined to the house personally so that she wouldn't go right back to the plant that did her in so thoroughly. The next few days after that were keeping people away from Reina's book, which seemed to have the peculiar knack of recording the woodworker's sexual acts with such realistic detail that it was starting to be regarded as a good source of fap material in Reina's circle of friends. After that, Reina had returned to normal and kept her book on her, making sure to clean it up so she didn't smell like sex all the time. She walked up to her table and found a note from Yuuka.

'Dear Reina,

My apologies for disappearing without saying goodbye this morning, but I've been away from my flowers for far too long and felt that I really should get around to checking up on them before Elly comes up to me and says that someone ruined some of them just to get me away from you long enough to do unscrupulous things to you.

I did make a point of... 'educating' the plant that raped you on proper protocol regarding when and where to have sex with you, and felt that it learned enough to where I could safely relocate it to your house in a discreet location so that you may make use of it whenever you wish, and only when you wish. My little flower needs some stress relief every now and again, and I'd rather you do it with one of my plants than some man in the village.

Was it too bold of me to do so? Let me know if it is and I'll put it back.

Love, Yuuka~'

Reina tapped her fingers on the table as she read the note. Her face burned red as she thought about the fact that Yuuka had moved that plant to her house and that she thought the woodworker would be ruined for other men! ...Except, she had to admit that she might just be. No man, human or youkai, could do for her what that plant did. Plus, it made a good first impression sex-wise by being gentle and making sure she's well taken care of and satisfied whenever she felt the urge overtake her. Blushing and sighing, she folded up the note and made a mental note to go pay a visit to the plant later tonight when she's unlikely to be worried about of disturbed.
I'm surprised no-one ever commented on this. I thought it was a pretty decent one-shot.

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