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what happened, guys?


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No. 2641
And it's already back.
No. 2642
The board rolled back for a bit, but it's back now. Still getting ravaged by 503-tan, though.
No. 2643

We need some Rule 34 on 503-tan. In the giving role rather than the receiving, naturally.
No. 2644
I requested that on /t-h/


ps All images that refuse to load are now 404 errors.
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File 124827997070.jpg - (24.41KB , 485x388 , OS.jpg ) [iqdb]
On the subject, what the hell happened to WoG?
No. 2647
No idea.

Is there a source for this?
No. 2648
It's actually a shop I did on a doujin panel. The original text reads "Youmu sit up"

I forget which doujin though, but since it's translated it's likely in the translated doujin thread.
No. 2649
File 124828697677.jpg - (241.35KB , 1107x1600 , 023.jpg ) [iqdb]

No. 2652
down again
No. 2653
and back. is iiichan being attacked or something? or are they just out of funds at bill collection time?
No. 2654
I have no idea. I think it's because school's out.
No. 2660
Everything before page 3 on /t-h/ appears to load everything fine.

After that though, say hello to 404 and 503-tan.
No. 2685
503-tan seems to have returned.
No. 2687
With a vengeance.

I can't even get on the damn board at most times.
No. 2711
WoG was taken down.
No. 2713

No. 2716

>People were still downloading there? I only took it down because, I know I was never going to work on it ever again. I did back-up the site before removing everything.
>If you still haven't found it then here...
No. 2736
They done went and did it again! Now where am I going to get C76 doijins?
No. 2738
No, it seems to be working. Although there haven't been any C76 doujins save for two.
No. 2739
File 125048018186.jpg - (149.15KB , 495x688 , 1248003544573.jpg ) [iqdb]
It hasn't even been a week. Hang on for a bit more.

Personally, I'm most looking forward to Fancy Girl's Equipment. That one will probably be a while since it's an anthology. Also hoping for rendevous, Maidenhood, and Please Teach Me.
No. 3565
It seems to be back up now.
No. 3577
Still banned from there. Even after 6 months still not unbanned. /at/ is better anyway.
No. 3584

How'd you manage to get banned?
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Source thread while the site is down again.
No. 9135
Fucking dreamhost
No. 9277
File 129290376255.jpg - (235.52KB , 666x932 , C79hyoushi_2.jpg ) [iqdb]
Any of this guy's stuff exist in 'digital form'?


pic is coming at c79
No. 10954
File 129875627416.jpg - (662.48KB , 1250x1805 , 2d45451.jpg ) [iqdb]
No. 10966
No. 11060

It's finally back
No. 11118
Posting now enabled.
No. 11127
And I thought it was dead because no one could find it again.
No. 11800
File 130062750542.jpg - (259.25KB , 1122x1125 , 1300577310495.jpg ) [iqdb]
Source? Preferably without macro text.
No. 11803

Here. Some guro in later pages though. No crime goes unpunished.
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